1×01 “Happy Birthday to You” Pilot

Episode 1xo1 “Happy Birthday to You”
Written by: Chirs Coleman/Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode contains language, sexual situations and content
Guest starring: Anderson Kincaid (Gabriel Macht)

The bass from Iggy Azalea “Black Widow” boomed through the walls as she looked into mirror. How did she fucking get here? She was supposed to be dancing for the New York ballet company. A year ago Diamond was born. It wasn’t something she liked doing. Having men shove one dollar bills in her g-string wasn’t exactly where she thought she’d be. Yasmine Kohl brushed her long black hair from her face. Placing on her mask, to then look in the full length mirror she smirked. There she was. Diamond was here and tonight she was hoping for a thousand dollars at least. A few more months of this shit and her mom would be out of treatment. She saw Mercedes and the Russian talking across the room. Mercedes had gotten the crowd amped for her. Which was something she appreciated the more live the crowd, the more money she got.

Slowly accessing the room Club XES was packed. There was her boy. She hadn’t seen him in months. When Jackson Devonshire called her and said he needed some Molly. Folding her arms she rolled her eyes at Mercedes. All these bitches were the same. To be honest the all were mad Ronan and Kendrick showed her favor. She came to dance and make this money. Blowing a kiss at Eddie the DJ he waved at her and she knew it was time. Beyonce “Partition” started to play as she walked up the stage. Yasmine wasn’t ready but Diamond was. The mix of Partition quickly started to boom through the speakers of the club.

“Ok fellas ya’ll know we keep the baddest bitches on the East Coast! Are your ready for the Diamond in the rough? Ladies and gents I present Diamond.”

Yasmine was gone. Diamond was here and it wasn’t slowing her down. At this moment she moved like she was the last woman on earth. Stooping down she started to twerk her ass cheeks. Jumping up she grabbed the pole and swirled on it letting the men get a taste of her skills. Slowly bent over and made her ass jiggle playfully. Yasmine felt the money being thrown at her but she acted as if it wasn’t anything. Swiftly the beat changed and before she knew it Nicki Minaj “Lookin Ass” was on the speakers. She quickly started to match the ferocity of Nicki by dancing rougher. She removed her bra and just as spun around to reveal herself the music transformed again to Beyonce “Rocket”. Slowing it down she took to the pole again and slid down letting the men get a glimpse of her goodies. One more song Yasmine thought. Diamond could go at least three more but she had money to make. Doing some more pole work the mix ended with Miguel “Pussy Is Mine” she killed it and when she looked up money covered the stage.

Walking to the back to change her attire she saw Mercedes and the Russians looking pissed. Fuck them bitches. It was all about the money. Quickly she unlocked her locker, then unzipped her bag which had her drugs inside. This wasn’t something she liked poisoning the black community started in the eighties and it hadn’t stopped. Hell now every race had a drug of choice. But Molly seemed to be what everybody was on right now. Stuffing the pills in her bra, she ran directly into Jackson.

“Sup baby?” Jackson said playfully hugging Diamond. He had no clue what her real name was or what she looked like underneath that mask. All he knew was Diamond fucking worked a pole like no other. “You got it?”

“You got my money?” Yasmine said playfully as she held out her hand. She saw Jackson digging into his pocket. “White people.” Rolling her eyes once again with a flirty smile. “Boy you know I don’t do business in the public let’s go into the back.” She took Jackson’s hand and stuck her tongue out at Mercedes and the Russian. As the went into the private room she quickly got to work giving him a lap dance and discreetly placing the pills in Jackson shirt. He tipped her but gave her five hundred dollars. Yeah a couple of months more of this shit and she was out of Atlas Falls. Once done and Jackson was worked up, she got up.

“Diamond.” He called out.

“What boy?” Yasmine said preparing to walk out.

“This is our business and no one elses understood?” Jackson said as he adjusted his pants to hide his boner. He’d fuck her senseless if only she knew.

“Have I ever put you on blast before Mr. Devonshire?” She asked smiling. “This is our little secret.” With that Diamond walked away and as she was passing VIP one of her regulars grabbed her hand. “What’s up big man? How you doing you want a table dance don’t you?”

Rory knew better than to ask what his brother had wanted with the beautiful stripper when she walked out of the back room. It likely meant no good his parents were gullible or at least his mother anyway. What could he say his brothers along with others in the circle came to the club all the time they were prized possessions to someone like Philip they kept him in business. He’d been coming for a few weeks and had become a regular to see her stage name Diamond real name unknown, he’d find out soon enough hell if she wanted and if he knew Jackson hadn’t tapped her he would. He took a sigh and smiled at her warmly.

“You know I do. I’ll pay you double what my brother did.” Rory said watching her eyes behind her mask for a moment. He liked the private rooms and he wasn’t stupid he liked Philip’s policy too if everyone was safe and had a good time bring it.

“Boy I’m not that girl.” She said seeing the disappointment in his face. Watching Jackson with the Russians she shook her hand. “Now them bitches, well Jackson better use two condoms for those girls. That’s four condoms Rory if you can’t do the math.” Yasmine teased as she slowly rocked her hips until she landed on his lap. Throwing her head back she let her hair cascade down his face. Swinging her hair around her back arched to the beat of a Janet Jackson song. When the beat flipped to a Madonna song Elsa was coming up. Madonna was always in that bitchs’ set.

“So why you don’t act like all the other rich kids?” She asked looking at her body blowing his mind. Biting her plump bottom lip. She giggled at his amazement of her body slithering all over him. “Don’t get me wrong it’s refreshing to see some of ya’ll don’t think money buys any and everything you want. You different though which is good because I can’t deal with another one of ya’ll trying to sleep with me because you’re rich. I’m not that girl Rory, this temporary in a couple of months you going to see me in New York. Dancing for a real company.” This was crazy she was talking to a trick like he was a friend. At the end of the day she was just her to get his money. Not befriend him. “I’ll shut up because you don’t want my life story while I’m shaking my ass.”

“I never said you were.” Rory mumbled he was always saying the wrong things with her. He’d just seen money change hands obviously that meant drugs now that she had all but confirmed that to him. “I don’t think my brother is that desperate no offense to your friends sweetheart.” Christ she had a nice ass and he bit his lip he would be a gentlemen this time no funny business or at least that was what he was telling himself.

“I don’t know it’s just money at the end of the day maybe I haven’t found something worth throwing my money at yet. We’re not all glorious cheating husbands and bastards you know some of us just like a good time or like to get to know a girl. New York huh? That is a long plane ride Philly is closer hell Pittsburgh is closer.” Rory watched her body snake up and then down and closed his eyes imagining her and him quickly shaking his head. He reminded himself to stay focused. “Why dancing? There is no harm in talking I promise it’s not like I’ll go out and spill your secrets.”

“Dancing is the only time I felt free.” She said honestly. “I’ve waited for so damn long to finally be free of the shit in this town. To be honest most people here see you as less than a human being if you don’t come for your family or one of them other rich ones. That wasn’t my lot in life, I’m from the hood but I won’t in the hood forever you know? Even now when I dance I feel a sense of freedom that I only get when I’m on stage.” Yasmine stood up and sat on Rory lap with her legs wrapping around his waist. Throwing her head back as if she was riding him like a prized bronco.

“Why you looking at me like that?” She said playfully as she watched him staring into her eyes. The moment it got a little too intense she turned away. When she saw Philip Montgomery walking past her for the second time she got it. It was time for her to move around. “Yo Rory, I’m going tell you the truth whatever you thinking in that head. Stop it we from two different worlds and your family would never let you be with me. I gotta go work the room, you stay for my second dance alright?” Standing up she smirked seeing his erection having the power she did over men was enticing.

“Because I think you’re…” Rory said watching her boss Philip pass by them for the second time, asshole. It wasn’t that he knew Philip well or anything but the guy ran a strip club didn’t exactly scream a set of standards or anything like that. Rory focused in on her again and her body which was driving him crazy, he was a male it wasn’t like he could stop it and she was practically spread for him. Now granted if he had shoved a bit more money at her and Philip thought they were hooking up it would be different but she wasn’t that girl.

“Sure I’ll stay for the second set you’ll be back won’t you?” Rory asked watching her pull back and suppressing a groan she was killing him. He was half tempted to just close the entire club down for the night he would pay Philip a handsome sum to have that done. Even if it meant to get her alone and take off the mask and get her real name.

“You know I gotta save my favorite guy a dance, I’ll be back Rory.” She said swiftly turning back around. Yasmine sauntered off wondering if how much longer she’d be stuck in Atlas Falls. How much longer she’d have to be a stripper or even worse a drug dealer? How hypocritical of her hating the dealers who got her mother hooked on drugs. When she was hooking someone else on them? Yasmine looked back at Rory.

“Get that out of your head girl, men like Rory Devonshire marry debutants you don’t stand a chance.” Philip said watching Rory and Yasmine watching each other. “You’re a fuck that’s all Diamond.”

Yasmine nodded her head as she walked toward the stage. Round two it was time to change her costume and get more money. The more money the sooner she was free. Free of drugs, free of cancer that was killing her mom, and free of being under someone like Philip.


Pulling off her white leather gloves Brenda Kincaid stood proudly at all her husband and she accomplished. The legacy that they’d succeeded to build gave her chills. Steven was late as usual but what did she expect from the mayor? Looking around where was he? Anderson Michael Kincaid needed to get here. Her eldest and most beloved son, had been in Chicago most of his adult life. Running away from his legacy considering Hunter was too far up the Devonshire’s ass to see straight. She wasn’t sure he’d be able to take the mantle. As for Brooke well she was her beloved daughter. The special child she thought she wouldn’t have after her last birth. Well Brooke would marry someone rich and secure their future with her womb just like she did. Brooke came after her last boy Hunter who seemed to be a disappointment more and more. She wouldn’t let Hunter know she saw through his act he was hurt about the affair. If Max said jump he’d say off which bridge. Brenda just wasn’t up for the antics of her daughter-in-law. With the ugly media blitz now surrounding Mr. Devonshire and his newest acquisition of a child. She was sure Max would be in a particularly foul mood. When she turned around she saw Hunter and Max appearing. They were a striking couple but Hunter would never be deserving after all she gave up for him. He failed her.

“Hunter, Maximilla you both look incredible today we announce your father plans for reelection, I can’t wait until Atlas Falls hears some of what we have in store. You know he’s thinking of tearing down those disgusting project homes across the tracks. I think that I haven’t been over there since we first moved into the city and I was lost.” Brenda giggled as she folded her arms. “Tell me is Anderson coming because Brooke should be here soon. It would mean a lot on your father’s birthday to have you all here on the day he announces his plans.” Brenda said primly as she turned. “Carnations are you serious? I wouldn’t caught dead with those flowers here. Now remove all those flowers before I get angry.” She said running her hand over her white dress.

“If you don’t have enough gardenias then I suggest you find them or I swear next time you plan another party it’ll be for my great grandchildren.”  Turning around she walked to Hunter to adjust his hair. Then started to pick lint off his coat. “My God Max don’t you fix him before you two go outside?”

Max knew she had to attend this dreadful dinner for her father in law the incumbent mayor of Atlas Falls but dear God she wanted to leave. She was cordial at best to her mother in law when she could be though she often imagined stabbing the insufferable woman in her sleep. Hunter was his father’s pride and joy and the sooner Brenda saw that the better for all of them. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes at her and put on a good face for Hunter.

“Where else would he be, Steven has to get elected doesn’t he again it’s not a done deal from what I heard. He’s down about five points in the polls to Walter Fraiser. Is Anderson coming I can’t seem to remember honey is he? Can he be bothered this time? I thought carnations it reminded me of rotting flesh.” Max said mumbling the last sentence she had picked the carnations on purpose watching Brenda lose her poise was always worth it. She bit her tongue at the grandchild comment before she couldn’t help it. “Don’t you have one to spoil already in Wyatt?”

Hunter knew it was going to be hostile from the moment they walked in he and Max had lived separate lives for a few months now and he liked it that way. In fact it gave him time to plan his next move should his father not run it would be easy for him to make a move for mayor or city council. It also gave him time to find real evidence of Max’s infidelity with Philip a few photos of a few kisses didn’t prove anything and he had learned over the last few months his wife was good very good. She had covered her tracks very well it didn’t help that if she did mess up it could easily be explained away in the press thanks to Simon or Lowell’s team he had to play his cards right.

“Hello mother I can’t remember if Anderson is coming or not we haven’t spoken in a few months and Max was the one to talk to him last. It is so unlike dad to miss his big day I am sure he will be here shortly. Where is Brooke is she running late?” Hunter offered looking around the room for his sister and watching the staff scramble for the removal of the flowers. Say what he would about his wife Max always was fun to watch around his mother. “Max wouldn’t want to ruin her figure this young mother only certain women are born for that you should know.”

“Darling with Max’s breeding well, I doubt she’d gain a pound.” Making a subtle dig at Jackie’s very known eating disorder years ago. Not even sure Max got her jab because she wasn’t even born. Always getting one over on the little girl was always. It would take years before Max could ever be in competition. The mountain looked beautiful today the weather was perfect for skiing. “Plus Max isn’t the type of girl to have a baby dear. She barely takes care of herself I mean so reliant on her parents. A child now would be a mess.” She’d kill the bitch before she bore a Kincaid heir. “I was referring to the fact children would with everything going on.” Brenda paused and clutched her pearls seeing Anderson finally arrive walking in the doors. “Oh my.” Rushing over to Anderson she took in her handsome eldest boy.

“Andy.” She said smiling. “Oh how are you? Where is Wyatt, I told you to bring him.” Brenda said completely ignoring Hunter and Max now. Taking his arm she passed Max and Hunter. “Come sit darling you must tell me about Chicago! Are you still working for the Governor? Oh tell me everything.” Brenda clapped happily. “Bartender my son would like a rum on the rocks. The Cuban import not the other stuff and I’ll have a gin and tonic.”

“Mom are you sure you should be drinking today?” Anderson asked letting go of her hand. He quickly approached Max and Hunter seeing that his mother hadn’t changed. It was always the same in Atlas Falls. The rich spite each other and the poor try to figure out how to make it. The middle class were stuck in the class warfare going on between them. He really didn’t want to deal with his mother drunk or even worse angry and drunk. Anderson kissed Max’s cheek and smiled at Hunter. He’d always been protective over Hunter due to how Brenda treated him. His father loved Hunter but his mother he’d never gotten it. Hugging his baby brother he smiled pulling him close.

“So is she drinking more?” He questioned looking at them both as he pulled back. “You look good Hunt, not good as me but you look good bro.”

“Well how rude.” Brenda said taking her drink. Watching them interact she felt slighted because she liked to drink. So what? Alcohol brought out the truest form of her. “Wyatt dear where is my grandson?”

“Home mom he has the chicken pox which is funny that a fifteen year old is getting them.” He laughed. “Wyatt sends his love to aunt Max and told me to tell Maddie to Skype him soon. As for you mother? What can I say Wyatt is fine, I’m fine, Cara is fine and everything is the same. I’m doing well.”

“I have to say that I find that to be a load of bull.” Brenda said stirring her drink. “You look handsome as ever but you are miserable. It’s all over your face and if you let me introduce you to a good woman then well.”

“Well what mother please don’t start.” Anderson said rolling eyes.

“Please don’t.” Brooke said leaning against the doorway. “Anybody want to give me some love?”

“Thank God.” Max mumbled when Brooke appeared not that she even liked Brooke she tolerated her but anything was better than Brenda drunk.

“It’s good to see you too Anderson.” Hunter said hugging his brother and watching the staff supply his mother with a drink.

He supposed it was early he went to say more when instead he heard his sister’s voice in the doorway. She had been on holiday for a few weeks courtesy of his father for her college graduation present. He walked to her and engulfed her in a bear hug she looked older and more mature now and he was sure he and Anderson would be batting men away. Despite all the tension between him and his mother, his sister Brooke was something that bonded them all.

“Look at you all gorgeously tan. You have to tell us all about it I am sure mother would love to hear about your trip.” Hunter said hoping that would be enough of a persuasion and a distraction from the never ending search for the precious woman for his mother’s dear Andy.

“Spain this time of year is absolutely stunning, I also love Argentina I have to thank father because honestly the trip was so lush. I stayed in that villa on the coast God. It was a dream actually.” She took Hunter hand as she looked at Max. “I heard a saying and it really made me think of you. Through the pain you learn the most.” The way she said it was more so referring to Max. Just because she wasn’t around that didn’t mean she wasn’t protective over Hunter. After all Max was beautiful but she was hollow.

Anderson grabbed Brooke also hugging her tightly. “My God you’re a woman now and it seems I’ve missed it. I regret that and I’ll rectify that situation.” Biting his bottom lip he looked at his mother who was approaching them all.

“Well if you came around more Anderson, then you’d see your sister developing into a stunning woman.” Brenda touched Brooke’s hair and smiled. “Oh my dear you are beautiful reminds me of me when I met Steven. My three children, my beautiful children. Photographer I need a photo of the three of them now.” She slowly looked at Max as her eyes cut deeper into the girl. “Max how is the family doing? Your mother must be crushed to find out Lowell’s lover produced another heir. I wouldn’t know what to do if Steven was in the situation.”

“My mother would handle it I am sure with as much poise and grace as she could you’d probably drown yourself in some more gin and tonics.” Max snarled smiling as sweetly as she could for her in laws. Honestly they were all still adjusting to the news some better than others. She herself was avoiding it no one was stealing her daddy out from under her no one. “I’m sure you can ask them themselves when they arrive.”

Hunter put a hand on his wifes back where were Lowell and Jackie when you needed them pretty soon they wouldn’t make it to dinner. He watched the staff bring in more booze and almost smiled at Max’s comment almost. Despite his mother being a bitch she was still after all still his mother. Instead he tried to steer the conversation again back to something else.

“I’m just glad you are back so what are the plans?” Hunter asked beaming at his little sister he was very proud of her for graduation and was looking forward to seeing what happened now that she was going to branch out.

Brooke felt the tension rising. “Well I have something to tell all of you. I’m staying for a while.” She folded her arms as she looked at Max. “My mother might drink but she isn’t a liar.” Annoyed with her casting those nasty stones at her. “I mean Bliss isn’t that her name has been all over the media saying Lowell hid her. Not the other way around so poise and grace you’ve never had that.”

Anderson quickly stepped in the middle of Brooke and Max. “Hey were all family here so I suggest we stop throwing pot shots and actually talk.” He rolled his eyes as he looked at Brooke pleading to calm down. This is why he left he was always the mediator between his family.

“No she always has a biting words to say about everybody but her stanky ass.” Brooke said folding her arms. “I mean we all know.”

“Brooke Francesca Kincaid enough.” Brenda raised her hand, knowing Hunter would lose his leverage against his trashy ass wife. Ever since she hired the private detective she’d been counting down the days to her being exposed. “Max Devonshire isn’t a threat believe that. She can throw as many jabs but we all know your family is full of messes. Rory is painfully awkward, Chauncey hasn’t risen to the potential Lowell thought, and is Jackson even out of rehab? Little girl I am society of Atlas Falls and my son chose to marry you. Don’t make me turn a wedding into a funeral.” Brenda said with a keen menace in her voice.

Hunter shot both his mother and sister a dirty look not to rock this boat with him and Max at least not yet. He was grateful when Anderson stepped in and he saw the staff bringing out the appetizers.

“Good the appetizers are here.” Hunter said leading Max away from his mother and siblings right now he had the upper hand and he needed it to say that way for a little while longer.


Jackie pressed her wrap around her shoulders as she looked up the stairs they would be late for Steven’s birthday party if Lowell didn’t hurry. In truth she needed the distraction the news had broke a few weeks ago when a blonde woman appeared in town and at DGI and she had wanted it not to be true. Lowell didn’t even have to confirm it to her she could tell by looking at the girl what was done was done and resentment had set in. A dangerous thing for a woman of her status in society Lowell had hidden his secret love child from her for years, from their children and now she just came and took her children’s birthright over her dead body.

She had tried to rationalize it over the last few days accept it wipe it off was there more secret love children out there? She had only knew of Tess thanks to Gloria but she had thought nothing of it or her dismissal from DGI until now. She heard the door open and the maid speaking fast at whomever had entered. She checked the time on the clock again as she smiled seeing Selina coming down the stairs ready to head to dinner and now it was just up to Lowell and Chauncey. They had always supported Steven for mayor and that tradition would continue despite what the polls said.

“You look stunning Selina. Dominique send whoever it is away we have a party to attend to.” Jackie said turning the corner and staring at the young blonde before her up and down. What was she doing here did Lowell summon her? “Can I help you?”

“Thank-you Jackie.” Selina said as Maddie skipped down the stairs bouncing.When she looked at the young woman, as she eyed her with a staunch dislike. This girl who went in front of the press exposing who she was to the world. “You’re Bliss correct? You aren’t welcome here and at the end of the day if you ever darken this door I’ll assure you my daughter won’t be seeing me acting like a lady. Jackie we are in the library come on Maddie.” Selina cut her eyes at Bliss one last time.

“Bye Madeline, by the way I’m your aunt Bliss. You’ll be seeing more of me.” Bliss said waving her fingers as she rolled her eyes at Selina. “I used to dream about what this place looked like. Wow father’s home looks like a castle it’s absolutely stunning. I’m here to speak with my father because he wasn’t at the office nor was he at our spot. You know I’ve spent every other Christmas in Atlas Falls? When he was rushing off to do work, he was seeing his daughter. Then he’d leave and leave me alone with Marcella my nanny. For all exclusive purposes my life was reduced to secrecy because of you.”

Bliss slowly walked around and touched the ivory banister as she became enraged. She never wanted for anything but a family. Her mother was off shopping and sleeping with every European she could get her hands on. Lowell was off pretending to be loyal to Jackie. Slowly spinning around she marveled at her families luxuries. “I’m bitter, I’m angry, and here to get what’s mine. Now you’ve kept me from my legacy long enough it’s time for me to get my due.” Pointing her index finger in Jackie face. “I’m going to warn you once and one time only. Stay out of my way. Now that we’ve gotten that clear is there any questions or concerns about my life you want to know? I’m a open book, read me and I’ll tell you the real story of your life.”

Jackie watched Selina go into the other room with Maddie and then looked at Bliss up and down she thought she was special. The audacity was enough to make a small chuckle escape her lips looking back over the years she should have seen the signs. It wasn’t like she or Lowell hadn’t both had pasts in town they both had but she had assumed he would at least have the decency to not knock up his former secretary. She wasn’t even sure how the children were taking it if anything they all seemed to be walking around in a cloud the past few days.

“What is owed to you? You really think it would be that easy that I’d just open the doors to my home to you. If you really think about it no I think Lowell hid you out of shame I could be wrong my dear but maybe we both should ask him.” Jackie said eying the girl up and town she could see Tess in her the leggy blonde that used to work for Lowell. She had considered a divorce for a few months back then before Lowell swore it was over. “The only thing I want is you out of this house we have a birthday party to attend too.”

Bliss instantly took in note that they would be at the the Kincaid fundraiser. “Shame? He hid me because of you, you spiteful shrew.” She said nastily as she slowly looked around. “You really don’t get it do you? Lowell was afraid of losing his children not you. You weren’t important in his choice, it was all about his children. The thought of you raising them alone revolted him and we know fathers history with his parents.” Clearly about to rub salt in a wound.

“Grandmother Helena and Grandfather William divorce truly did something to him psychologically and we all know that don’t we Jackie?” Her voice was dripping with venom. “The funniest thing is I’m the only grandchild that has spent time with our grandfather. I have things under my sleeve such as a reunion you couldn’t do. I am going to get my place you bitch if I have remove each of your children from the picture to get it. One thing about that lowly assistant as you called her, she knew how to ensure our future as Devonshire’s. I’m beloved by my very wealthy grandfather. Soon enough Jackie I’m going to be here and I’ll have everything. But you just sit back and enjoy the ride because what I have in store well. You’re going to never forget me again nor will Atlas Falls.” Bliss tucked her purse under her arm. “Now enjoy your fundraiser.”

“Your place is not at this table if you thought it was then you should have looked harder let’s see how important are you exactly. My oldest son has the keys at the moment I doubt you can undo that. That would require you to be something or someone of importance at the table and playing field wouldn’t it?” Jackie spat back her eyes hard at the young woman before her it stung to know that Bliss had seen William something none of her other children ever had done she saw Chauncey and Lowell emerge on the staircase and let out a sneer looking at Lowell. “Your other spawn would like to see you apparently. I would assume in your secret meeting with her you did tell her about the dinner tonight for Steven. Unless in the midst of all your lies that failed to escape you.”

Chauncey had been upstairs on a conference call with his father for a deal in Amsterdam that they were closing before he joined Madeline and Selina for hugs. He had went and changed into his suit for the dinner with the Kincaids. Steven’s birthday party had been something they had been going to for years more so the last few years. He eyed the blonde up and down before him and realized she was Bliss his half sister and his mother looked mad as rockets he wasn’t that insecure about Bliss he had gotten all the business sense from his father. He looked at his mothers outburst and could tell it was starting to take its toll on her the entire secret love child intruding on their family, he kissed his mother’s cheeks.

“Mother I take it Selina is inside the other room. You must be Bliss.” Chauncey said watching the interactions between his parents. His siblings had avoided home left and right since the entire scandal had broke and he got why watching them crack was putting the entire house on edge he cut his eyes at Bliss. “I would assume that you have arrived to stake your claim.”

“As for staking my claim on the family, it’s what I deserve. I’m focusing on my own life and what I deserve. I’m absolutely sure that none of you understand the fact that I’ve never had this. This life that you all seem too eager to blow. I mean one of my brothers is a drug user and utter failure. So I’m here to get what’s oh so rightfully mine.” Bliss spat at Chauncey.

Lowell stood with a satisfied smirk on his face. One thing Bliss did have was Tess’s moxy she was here and refused to be ignored. Folding his arms as he walked down the stairs looking at Jackie face which was flushed. As he leaned in to kiss his wife face she swiftly turned her cheek. Lowell laughed in her face almost daring her to speak to him out of line. Slowly he moved toward Bliss and kissed her cheek. “Tell me Bliss why so bold today? Your little stunt was cute but I just don’t think that we all care. I don’t care that you want a family. How dare you.”

“How dare me?” Bliss said with a roar that was similar to her mothers. “I have spent my entire life trying and trying to be good enough for you. I’ve spent my life trying to be the daughter who deserved to be by your side. Trust me and believe me Max will fail and I’ll be here to take her spot. I deserve this, I deserve to be a Devonshire damnit!” She screamed as she watched Maddie and Selina walk out.

“Chauncey, we need to leave Maddie is getting restless. So if this is over.” Selina said cutting into the conversation. “My daughter doesn’t even have the tantrums you do Bliss. My God you look flushed.”

“Shut up bitch this is between the family.” Bliss said spitefully.

“And if you disrespect my Goddaughter again I assure you won’t be welcomed in our home. Bliss we will discuss this very soon. Tonight we attend a party and tomorrow we’ll figure out everything else.” Lowell snapped.

“Yes please we are needing to get to the party one you obviously aren’t invited too don’t think Steven would appreciate you just showing up. Should you ever speak to my fiance like that again I’ll assure you I’ll turn on you so fast your entire world would spin.” Chauncey said pulling Selina close while the staff handed them their coats to leave for the party. He watched his mother put on her long gloves and motioned to his father they would meet him in the car.

“We really should get going darling Brenda will hate that we are late.” Jackie said her eyes shooting daggers at both her husband and Bliss. She stretched out her hands as the staff put on her coat if Bliss though that she would take Max’s place she would learn her daughter was queen bee. “Tell me did you invite her as well Lowell or can we leave her behind?”

“Tell your fiance to stay out of my business. God don’t worry your Selina won’t be harmed.” Bliss smiled seeing them all up in arms. “This is going to be fun very fun. You didn’t want me here, now am. I’m here and I’m not leaving so all of you including sweet Maddie get used to it.” She stormed away forcefully as she slammed the door cracking the glass. Bliss turned around and smiled knowing she’d made her voice known. “Open my door God Mike! Keep up if I’m storming out I want my door open ugh.” Bliss rolled her eyes viciously as she slide inside of her car.

Selina rolled her eyes as she helped Maddie into her coat. “That girl is trouble.”

“Charming isn’t she?” Lowell said looking at his wife. “The affair ended years ago Jackie I don’t want you to be concerned. Yes I lied but it was for best now put on a pretty smile and let’s go.” Lowell barked letting her know what just happened wasn’t under discussion. “Marsha please have this window replaced by the time we come home. I don’t want Jackson seeing any cracks. You know how crazy he is about crack.” He saw Jackie’s cold hard glance. She hated when he put down their failure and her favorite. “What?”

“No she’s trash just like Tess was all those years ago. Why should I be concerned? I walk you lose everything.  I always put on a pretty smile Lowell especially for Brenda.” Jackie spat glowering at her husband as her oldest son looked horrified. The crack remark filled her with fury that was low even for her husband. “Please fix the window Marsha.”

Chauncey held open the door for them and held Selina close while his parents exited the house. “Well I doubt Brenda will be the only one hitting the bottle this evening.”


Walking through the sweaty cloud of bodies and smoke following Simon and Talia was not her idea of fun for the evening. She honestly didn’t get it half the people were naked on poles probably naked on the dance floor and in the private rooms above. Shaking your ass for money was something Dani would never understand and the only reason she had agreed to go was because she was tired of being called uptight and frigid at work. She wasn’t she was just tired of getting her heart ripped out and trampled on. By the time they made their way to the bar she ordered the hardest thing she could. She turned her head around to Simon when she finally realized he was speaking to her.

“Hey I’m going to go find us a booth alright? I think Talia went to the bathroom she should be back.” Simon said looking at Dani as he spoke and then looking around the club for Mason he had said they could see each other tonight at the club. It wasn’t like it was his idea to invite Dani along nope that was all Talia. It wasn’t a bad idea per say how was she supposed to run public relations on the company and the club if she had never been. “You going to be okay? I know this isn’t your thing or place.”

Dani looked at him knowing he probably meant well shrugged and waved him off it wasn’t like she was twelve. Plus being raised around a local bar and eatery she knew how to handle herself. Taking a sigh she closed her eyes and took a sip of her drink she could do it relax in Miranda’s words maybe have a hot one night stand go home and get back to work. Opening them she saw a guy staring at her he looked about barely eighteen.

“No. Don’t even ask.” Dani said watching him walk away defeated as she checked her phone the club was a better option than her father’s political dinner party no thanks. She’d take sweaty naked bodies over his constant look of betrayal and disappointment any day of the week.

“Dani, I don’t believe you actually came but I swear to God if anyone spills anything on these shoes, well it won’t be pretty.” Grabbing her friends arm she smirked. “Rory is here OMG who knew the nerd of the family actually came to a strip club.” As she looked around Talia soaked in the ambiance of Club XES. It was just enough trash to not be too upscale and just enough class not to be embarrassed to be inside. “So did you see him? Oh please bitch save me the whole I don’t want to see him thing. Jon Harrison is a delicious scoop of sex and soldier boy needs some ass. After all you’ve kept him waiting for so long.” Teasing playfully as Simon escorted them to their booth.

“Simon you know he doesn’t deserve you. Why hold onto something that you know that you can’t keep? Oh Dani keep up honey. Simon has a mysterious lover and refuses to tell everyone who he is. I was thinking the nerd from accounting but that’s absolutely a no seeing how he’s about to burst with that stripper in his lap. So who is it Simon?” Talia said as the waiter arrived with their drinks. “I ordered us all the Tahiti Punch and it has imported fruit from Tahiti. Now that we’ve spoken of fruits who is he Simon.” She said playfully throwing nuts at him. “You know who is sexy though Dani? Braden your brother and cousin are sex on a stick. Literally like sex on a stick.”

“You wanted me to come and I came besides it gives me time to think about that entire mess Lowell assigned me. I don’t mean the Bliss part the press eats that shit up it makes the family interesting again.” Dani managed to huff out honestly she was glad now for the distraction she didn’t even know when Jackson would be back in town. Lowell made it very clear when he came back she was to clean up his image for the sake of the company easier said than done. Or in her case she saw it kinda as a challenge years ago she had thought the moon rose and set on Jackson Devonshire every girl did. “Can we not discuss which of my relatives you both think is hot or sex on a stick?”

“Some things should be that private right Simon? I doubt anyone wants their dirty laundry or clean laundry spilled without them wanting it to be spilt.” Dani said following them to the booth, she was definitely showering after their night out. She watched Simon look away and laugh and then looked over at Talia honestly she hadn’t spoken to Jon yet or really seen Jon they had both been busy and while Jon was good looking she wasn’t quite as sure about it as Talia and Miranda were. Smiling at Talia she took a sip of the drink.  “He is single you know my brother.”

“I think I agree with Dani who by the way is very good at her job somethings are left private. Even if we would prefer them not to be there is a time and a place for all of them to come out. As for sex on a stick. I think you are both just jealous that neither of you are having sex though in your case Dani it might do wonders. Where is the dangerous and wild side? What didn’t think that Lowell wouldn’t do research on you before he hired you?” Simon said relaxing into the booth and chuckled as Talia threw the peanuts.

He couldn’t help it as Dani’s mouth fell open in horror at his suggestion and Talia was laughing away next to her. He saw Jackson turn around and look at them making his way to their table and he smiled at his friend.  He wasn’t surprised the club was the first place that Jackson did come fresh out of rehab but he got why things were in chaos at home and everyone knew it. Lowell and Jackie had been tense ever since Bliss had revealed herself. He glanced around for Mason again and finally let out a breath as he saw him enter with Scarlett draped all over him.

“A gentlemen never kisses and tells.” Simon finally relented taking a sip of his drink and leaning back on the seat.

“Bullshit.” Talia said looking at them. “If I ever tapped some hot mysterious ass, I would tell you both. But that’s the life of a girl like me. So with that being said Dani, your brother is on my radar. Anyways speaking of sex on a stick. My God Jackson always looks like he’s about to bend someone over a table.” She said eying Dani as she laughed. “Look if I wasn’t raised with them I’d be trying to get with Jackson however you two. Aren’t your parents like in a blood feud or something?”

“You call a blood feud, I call it pettiness that Dani and myself were never involved in.” Jackson slid into the booth hugging Talia and then giving Simon dap. “To be the honest when I was younger Dani intrigued me. The way she avoided me but would stare was an interesting combination. So tell me now that we are up front and you know all about my family? Am I worth the intrigue of your fantasies in high school? Honestly I can’t say if you’re worth mine a little too uptight.” Jackson said playfully as he nudged Simon. “Plus I heard what you two both were saying? Why Dani sex is healthy and I’m looking for as much as I can get. After being locked away for six months I had to sneak and get it. So many nurses so little time but I’m absolutely enthralled in the options that I could please that itch if you’d like?”

Simon watched the entire encounter intrigued Jackson sliding in across from him and sitting right by Dani Fraiser everyone knew that Walter and Lowell hated each other it wasn’t a secret. He watched the body language and even if Dani wanted to deny it she was curious. He picked up his drink watching the entire exchange and then out of the corner of his eye saw Mason down to the dance floor and Scarlett was out of sight. He had to smirk when Jackson nudged him they were in a strip club and if anyone could show Dani a good time well it was his friend.

“I’m glad you’re home Jackson you look good. As much as living the past of high school is intriguing I have someone I need to go see. Care to join me Talia?” Simon said holding out his hand to his friend if it meant Dani wasn’t an uptight bitch anymore or blew some steam off he’d cart Talia off.

Dani looked at Jackson as he slid into the booth and it did feel like high school all over again the flutters that crush. Only this time she was treading on dangerous ground. It wasn’t like she could just sleep with Jackson and be done with it she worked for his father she’d see him around afterwards. Years later he still had those sad eyes and she reached for her drink to break from trying not to stare at him. She wanted to glare at Simon for attempting to steal Talia that wasn’t fair.

“I call it two men that got consumed with pride and greed.” Dani managed to mutter out about their fathers looking at her buzzing phone ignoring her mother’s text she wasn’t about to be caught dead at her father’s event. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy sex, she did and yes she had heard stories about Jackson and now sitting next to him she was intrigued she looked at Jackson when she spoke. “Who says I’m not curious? Men are often all talk I doubt you’d fulfill all of my fantasies.”

“No I want to see if she’s going to!” Talia said as Simon dragged her off. Great now they were stuck on the dance floor missing the fun. “For a queen you aren’t nosy at all. Hell for a fixer you aren’t!” She said being pulled further away from the action.

“You don’t even know what pleasure I can give to you. I have preferences but most women couldn’t handle it.” He leaned into Dani’s ear. “Matter of fact you couldn’t handle what I do to women. I tie them up and have my way with them. Can you submit to me and give me your body. No not you you’ve always been too innocent. You can’t give me all that so I find you.” Jackson pulled back. “Boring. It’s hard to find a woman who is into what I want. So it’s not that I can’t fulfill your fantasies its more so can you give me what I want?” Jackson asked as he looked at Dani.

“Or are you going to be the good little princess that Max always said you were?” Knowing he was pushing her buttons seeing how Max and her friends picked on Dani for being so innocent.

The words preferences and tied should have set off her radar that it was an incredibly bad idea instead she swore her body was already starting to get turned on when he was speaking and she looked at him. He was so full of himself thinking he knew anything about her that his sister knew anything about her. She wasn’t boring ok maybe she was but she wasn’t about ready to let him embarrass her. Her phone buzzed again it was a bad idea all around her jaw tightened a bit taking a drink. It was one night setting the glass down she leaned into him looking him dead in the eyes.

“Good thing I’m not afraid then isn’t it?” Dani managed to get out before crashing her lips onto his.

“Have you been a good girl or a bad one?” He whispered as he pulled back from her lips. “I think you’ve been waiting and begging to unleash that bad girl.” Jackson said as he looked into her eyes. “You are really beautiful you know that. I can’t wait to make you scream so how about we get out of here and I show you what you’ve wanted since we were kids.” Letting the fat side of his tongue trace her neck he started in on her ear nibbling. “It’s been so long since I’ve had something as tender as you.”

Jackson slid out of the booth and extended his hand. “Shall we or are you going to sit here all day with that starry eyed look on your face?”

Dani wasn’t even sure what was going through her mind at this stage in the evening it was a bad idea. One she had flirted with on and off for years the illusion of Jackson Devonshire the mystery of Jackson. She could tell the man had moves and she fidgeted in the seat a bit wondering if she had bit off more than she could chew. When he pulled back and out of the booth she stared for a moment at him before grabbing her bag and taking his hand.

“How does he do that?” Talia said looking at Simon as she passed him a twenty. “How did you know? She’s dropping the panties already? You go Dani!” She cheered as she looked at him. “Shut up, just shut up.”

“He has moves. Their fathers hate each other it’s a point score for each of them and besides they looked at each other a lot in high school.” Simon said grinning at her and taking her money before sauntering off with a smile in the club.


Young Jeezy was booming through the speakers of Jamal’s car. His father had no idea what it was like for black people. Hell he hadn’t been black in years. Between kissing Lowell’s ass and cooking for everyone else Jamal just didn’t see it. Where this man who was once a respected cook in the streets of Atlas Falls was now kissing everyone else ass. It made him disgusted and furthermore he wanted more. Hell and his mother was so cultured that he didn’t know she was from Mexico. Most kids would fucking enjoyed this shit being a rich brat. He just didn’t get into. He loved the streets and had been since the first time he heard rap. It was just like country shit Mason listened to, it was about the story. He was enthralled with the struggles that his culture and people loved. For as long as he remembered he was told how to dress, which school to attend, and who he should hang around. If his mom saw him wearing the True Religion jeans, a Polo sweater, and Polo boots. He looked the part and today was the first day of his life. Ever since he met Kendrick he couldn’t believe his luck. He needed a connect in Atlas Falls University, and his dealer had got popped off. So here he was now the boy from Philly. Or so Kendrick thought. How many black men’s name was Jamal? Give him a bogus ass last name and Kendrick slowly took him underneath his wing.

The life of a heir was boring this was what he needed. Jamal needed a thrill and wanted to feel the danger of what was real. As he looked out the window Kendrick’s 87 Chevy came into the parking lot. He’d learned to be one step ahead of the game, and Kendrick was always five minutes early. He turned off his SVU and jumped out letting the asphalt crunch against his boots. It was his time to shine. Not from his daddy bank account but making this money.

“Yo!” Jamal said instantly pulling Kendrick into a hug. “You ready to see some asses shaking and talk about this money? Cuz bro my pockets hurting honestly.” Using all the lingo he knew, he tried as hard as possible to not sound proper. Something that would be a dead giveaway.

Kendrick had been sent to the club by his boss who never traveled down to the club unless it was important in many ways people thought he was in charge, the police thought he was even in charge. One day he would be Ronan had already promised him that with no heir in sight he was ready he had been working his way up for years he was Ronan’s right hand man. He had grew up in Atlas Falls straight up down the road dropped out of high school and now as a God among the community the rich never went to but to slum well they did like the club. They especially liked the club they came in droves to the dirty club that Philip Montgomery had opened. He stepped out of the Chevy as he met Jamal knocking their hands together and looked at the man he was training. Tonight was his first night as a true inside man counting Ronan’s money.

“Yo.” Kendrick said looking at the snow on the ground and seeing the club was already packed that was a good thing the club made money. It was also the place they could push drugs through the strippers more importantly Yasmine who had the best clients and could sell the fastest. “You came to learn then I take it? The asses are yours, the money is yours as long as you respect the hand it comes from.”

“I’m never forgetting bro, you know as I say I’ll never bite the hands that feeds me.” Jamal said barking showing his loyalties. “I’m down for you Kendrick, I’m here to learn how you get this paper, how you should be on top.” After all he’d seen Kendrick do so much and while Ronan the cartel head hadn’t done shit. If Kendrick hadn’t slipped up he knew he wasn’t supposed to know that shit. “I mean you out here selling this shit man.”

As they walked into the club he was amazed to be immediately taken through the back. Ass and titties everywhere and all eyes were on them. They were going into Philip’s office he felt like he belonged over here. Looking at a sexy ass blond girl he grinned from ear to ear. “What’s good.” He felt Kendrick yanking him he rolled his eyes. “Man I’m just doing what any red blooded man would. I want get my jimmy wet.” He laughed seeing Kendrick smiling he knew he was in. “So tell me where is Yasmine? That damn girl too fine and question when Philip get down with Ronan? This shit tight.” The Montgomery family wasn’t new to Atlas Falls but they hadn’t been around. So Jamal knew his identity was protected.

Kendrick often weighed what he was doing selling the drugs, running the drugs, acts against the other cartels and those that betrayed Ronan he knew better though. A man didn’t get in his position easily, it took years and a grit that you had to have. In his eyes Ronan had become weak over the last few years often at time playing more politician between the families rather than make a move or ascend to power one day he would. If Ronan didn’t there was talk among the capos if his boss wasn’t careful he may one day find himself ousted from his title the men were already anxious to see someone like him in that position someone that actually came from the streets. That knew the people that they all wanted to protect or provide for someone that wasn’t afraid to do what was necessary. Jamal was a bit of firecracker in his mind the perfect model that he could mold much like Ronan did to him all those years ago.

“She is probably working. Ah yes over there.” Kendrick bit out in truth he never wanted Gina’s sister involved with the club and he had to even restrain himself when Ronan had looked her over and selected her as prime real estate. He watched Gina’s sister pleasing a customer with a lap dance and had to remind himself she had made her own bed with Ronan now and he knew if it was up to him or Philip she was never leaving. “Philip has always been loyal since Ronan provided at least half of his dancers he knows better than to use the office when we are here. Are you sure you are ready for this?”

“Hell yeah bro.”  Jamal opened the door and his heart stopped as he saw butt naked women counting what had to be millions. Pittsburgh was miles away and Atlas Falls was always known as the better of the two cities. Now he was seeing what had two be at least forty millions. “These kids be flipping for this shit man. So is this all from the drugs or is this from the cartel shit in general? I mean I was selling that little shit on campus make me feel little.” Jamal watched the girls counting and they smiled at him. He was in. This was amazing her mother might have turned her back on her roots but he hadn’t. His abuelo would be proud. “Man my grandfather used to run that shit in Mexico real talk.”

Jamal walked around as knowing everything he did was being watched by Kendrick. “Yo let me say this, I don’t know what her debt is but I’m going to buy her back. That girl going to be mine. Matter fact I don’t want her dancing on them lames. She need to be exclusive only for ballers or some shit. I’m suggest that to Philip pull rank or something man whatever you got to do but can we get her up in here?”

Kendrick looked around the room ushering the various people out of the room Jamal asked a lot of questions that was one thing that he observed. He supposed that in his training he had prepared him for this which meant letting him inside a bit more. He had already cleared that with Ronan a few weeks ago, he had vouched for Jamal. If Jamal was pushing product then he deserved to know where it came from for various reasons. Mainly so he could watch his back if something did go wrong. He stopped Money inside the doorway. “Money fetch Yasmine for me.”

Kendrick watched Money leave before moving the rug back on the floor to expose the floorboards before lifting them to Ronan’s private safe. He began to look at the stacks that had already been counted making sure to take his invisible pen and notepad from his jacket writing down various amounts. “Florida is where most of it comes from, though some is out of Chicago too.Others are from various businesses for protection and the labor unions. Payments are made after a drop off and Ronan likes things kept to at least twice a week, over that the FEDS and police start asking questions.”

“Understood.” He’d die before snitching, Jamal wasn’t a snitch. This was his world and his mother was a fucking liar. His dad was acting white bread with Lowell playing golf. He knew what it was and what he had to do. Fuck taking his dad money that shit was fake. This was the real world, making this money. Jamal bit his lip and nodded his head as he stopped talking taking it all in. “So if I’m working under you and selling the drugs I’m doing drops right.” Jamal said finally catching on.
All this money would be in his hands. This job was dangerous for anyone but he wasn’t sure he was up for it. Then he thought about. “Florida we ever going there? Man I’d love to see the honey’s in Florida. Damn I bet they bad as hell! Chi-Town is wild I’ve been quite a few times! No seriously man I’m willing to work for you. So when I do my first run?”

Yasmine sauntered into the room as she watched Money shaking his head from her peripheral vision. A seductive smile was on her face as she looked at Jamal and Kendrick. She loved to be in her dancing closed around Kendrick because he always looked like he was going to vomit. That was her brother. She loved him and the Atlas Falls Projects loved him. He took care of the people. “Every day is payday so why ya’ll fucking with my money?” Yasmine said with her hand on her hip.”

“Slow down ma.” Jamal said walking up with a smile on his face. “Old head I gotta shoot my shot so please let me.” He wrapped his arms around Yasmine as he walked to the other side of the room. Looking into her dark eyes he melted. She was so fucking fine and he couldn’t help but bite his lip. “Shorty no lie a girl like you wife material up in here taking off your clothes.”

“Don’t you dare boy you don’t know me and you don’t know my life so I suggest you start talking to me with some respect. I’m like Kendrick so you don’t have to talk hard to me If you’re trying to talk to me.” Yasmine said pushing back.

Jamal was instantly caught off guard at her reading his mind. She was quick on her feet and maybe he wasn’t as fast. “Man but I’m saying I’m about to be making moves with Kendrick and I just want you to know. One day whatever got your talented, smart, and funny ass up in here I’m getting you out.”

Yasmine couldn’t help but blush he noticed she wasn’t like Mercedes and the Russians. “Boy I gotta go.”

Jamal grabbed her pulling her close as he leaned down whispering in her ear. “Don’t get it wet for nobody but me baby. I want you Yasmine.” He let his face brush against hers as his lips softly touched hers. “But baby I want you to want me too but that’ll come then I’m going to get you out.”

“Bye Jamal.” Yasmine said instantly shocked at how she felt. That was electric he was so cute and he wanted to help. Kendrick trusted him so maybe her luck was turning around. Rory Devonshire was her friend and Jamal looked like something interesting, at least until New York.

“I’m see you boo.” Jamal said walking back to Kendrick. “She wants me.”

Kendrick watched the exchange and he would die before he let a street hustler take care of Yasmine Gina’s sister deserved better. Gina wanted her out of the life and he swore that at the end of it all she would have that and not at the expense of Jamal. He shot her a look when the two of them got too close and he was relieved when she stepped slightly back. He didn’t want to embarrass her or Jamal.

“I would assume some of your more upper crusted friends have stopped in this week? I can maybe push Ronan back another day Yasmine. Jamal you’ll keep your hands off her unless she tells you to, do you understand?” Kendrick asked looking at them both. Yes Yasmine was stripping but she damn sure wasn’t a whore she started turning tricks he and Philip would be coming to blows.

“I have to get back to work.” Yasmine said looking at Jamal with a smirk. “Oh Kendrick momma said come see her.” She switched away as she walked to the door. Turning around she looked at Kendrick. “He not a customer he’s a friend Kendrick and honestly very charming. We’ve met before he don’t talk all hard all the time. He’s cool.” She smiling at Jamal then leaving.

“Kendrick that girl is going to be my wife one day.” Jamal said confidently. “Back to this money though.” He said looking at his mentor. “I’m ready what do I have to do?”

Kendrick watched her walk out of the office he could give Ronan at least one more day before Yasmine had to pay off her amount and get her cut. She was currently one of the best runners that Ronan had beautiful a smart thinker, quick on her feet and she pushed the drugs where they needed them to go into Atlas Falls elite and upper and middle class. Jamal he knew was trying to make an impression with her stating that he would marry her one day he doubted that very much Yasmine had bigger dreams once her debt was settled with Ronan. She wanted out of Atlas Falls and wanted to go to New York to finish school for dance. He made a note to stop in and see Trisha as soon as he was able.

“Start counting it if you have to use the cash counter inside the safe over in the corner of the room tell me the totals. After it has all been added we go through and make our cuts. I will deliver the book to Ronan later this evening and he will double and triple check the numbers.” Kendrick said getting back to business he had little time to worry about his personal life while on the job if he made a mistake Ronan depending on his mood could be forgiving or not. Passing Jamal some of the cash he got to work. “Your first test will be after this you’ll have a few weeks to push product on the campus at the college after that maybe you can sit in on a real meeting.”

Jamal had heard that Yasmine was a runner and wanted to get closer to her. Hell who wouldn’t? She was stunning and that body was from God himself. As he thought about it soon enough he’d be running with Yasmine and being in meetings with Ronan. The man himself and he knew that he was ready. He quickly started counting speaking nothing else. He was in and it was his time to show everyone what type of man he was.


Ophelia walked into the dining hall after finishing up her shift at the hospital checking on her patients even though she and Tony were divorced she still remained a part of society. She was a respected doctor and friends with Brenda and Steven. Walking through the doors she handed her coat to the staff and gave Brenda a quick peck on the cheek. Steven’s birthday party was something they had all been celebrating for years together she was sure Tony was in the back whipping up something in the kitchen. Things had been good between them lately cordial they were doing the best that they could given the divorce a few years ago. A divorce that she knew that she had caused with David.

“Brenda the place looks amazing as always and Anderson is here, you must be thrilled. How are Cara and Wyatt?” Ophelia said beaming at her friend and watching as the other guests began arriving. She spotted Lowell with Jackie, Chauncey and Selina and she only hoped her former stepdaughter and she could get along for the evening it was after all Steven’s birthday. “Brooke is here too you must be so proud to have all of your children home.”

“Anderson and Cara are truly doing amazing. Wyatt is so big wait to you see my boy. He’s going to break hearts and two years away from high school All-American of course. That school in Chicago is amazing.” Brenda said swiftly as she sipped a glass of champagne. Her eyes shooting daggers at Max and then she touched her chest looking at her friend Ophelia. She looked stunning as always, she smiled warmly at the thought of all her children here. As she exhaled softly as she started to speak again.

“Brooke is so beautiful and vivacious I’m amazed at the woman she’s becoming. I’m sure you understand. Everytime I see Jamal I just smile. You and Tony were good together and that little bitch Selina came between you. She’s grown now you two get it together.” Brenda said smoothly taking another sip. “Out of all my children I worry about Hunter the most oh when the time is right I’ll show the world what type of harlot that Maximilla Devonshire is. It takes control Ophelia to not run across a room and rip the person apart who stole your happiness. I’m watching someone steal my child’s happiness because he was foolish enough to fall for a Devonshire.” Brenda hissed with a looked at Lowell and Jackie walking in. Chauncey and Selina made her want to vomit. That spoiled little witch Selina had always worked a nerve. Plus poor little Chauncey was nothing but a puppet but Max messed with her family.

“It’s time to school the Devonshire’s and put our problem children those little girls. In their places.” Brenda said with wave at them all from afar.

“Brooke looks stunning as always. Jamal is doing well or at least as well as can be expected finally in his last year at school at least. I do wish he would be home more often I worry about him in the dorms since he could always stay at the house and he and Tony always seem to be at odds lately.” Ophelia said smiling at Brenda as she looked around the room at Hunter nd Max catching the look at Brenda had shot honestly most of the Devonshire’s drove her insane. Jackie had never warmed up to her and her children for the most part minus Rory left much to be desired in her opinion. “Oh do tell what she has done now? Lowell assured that was locked in with that silly prenup they signed.”

Watching Selina arrive with Chauncey Ophelia took a steady drink of her champagne she was in no mood to deal with her former step-daughters antics this evening. This was a party for Steven’s birthday afterall not for them to shoot daggers at one another or insults. She felt her back stiffen a little as Chauncey and Selina approached them for a formal introduction and she spoke. “Hello Chauncey, Selina.”

Selina took a deep breath as Chauncey lead her Ophelia and Brenda. For years these old hags were always jealous of her.Brenda hated a young woman of her age broke into the all boys club and along with Jackie demanded power. Ophelia was a doctor but never deserved her father. She was trash and to make matter worse she never knew that woman. It was always as if she was hiding behind this perfect facade. She’d never really seen Ophelia and Selina was confident that Jamal suffering because of it.

“Hello, Ophelia and Brenda you two look beautiful. Now that we are here Ophelia I would like to speak to you about a few things alone.” Selina said as she let go of Chauncey arm.

Brenda smirked seeing Selina on good behavior she wasn’t showing her signature fangs. “Chauncey since you are here please tell your mother that we will have to discuss a fundraiser for next year already. I know that this year with Steven running it’s going to be even fantastical.” As she looked at the crackling tension between Selina and Ophelia the two women despised each other and it felt.

“I want to do something out of the box to expose everything that I need.” It would take time to get exactly what she wanted. “I heard Walter is running a shame he’s embarrassing himself like this.”

“I will pass it along Ms.Kincaid and quite right on Walter a huge embarrassment heck even his own family can’t show up to half his events or fundraisers. Plus I doubt it would sit very well with DGI if Walter did get elected we are counting on Steven’s votes on a few upcoming projects.” Chauncey said with disdain watching Selina’s face she never approved of him speaking out against Braden’s family. He however had never liked the current district attorney hadn’t since college and he hardly got what Selina saw in him to begin with.

“What do we have to discuss Selina that can’t be said in front of Brenda?” Ophelia said watching Selina and Chauncey for a moment. She didn’t comment on politics Steven was a good friend of hers but people in Atlas Falls respected Walter Fraiser they always had.

“Fine if you want to do this is public we can. My sorority sister was at Club XES and she said she saw Jamal there with a large quantity of marijuana. So I think it’s time we discuss that weed is a gateway drug to Jamal.” Selina said sarcastically as she looked at Brenda and Chauncey with a satisfied smirk on her face. “I think it’s been time for us to all discuss what to do with Jamal, he’s acting more and more irresponsible and he can’t keep embarrassing father.”

“My Selina your father must have taught you better manners than that.” Brenda said trying to not throttle the little witch. That was just plain rude and she couldn’t believe she was doing this. “May I remind you that this is a fundraiser also and dinner? Please Ophelia deal with this there is a private room in the back. Selina please mind your manners and Chauncey, I saw Lowell signalling earlier it’s the Governor Albert Crane, go.” Brenda said knowing that Ophelia needed to unleash on Selina and she would let her.

“Your sorority sister is mistaken Jamal has been in classes and furthermore I’m shocked that your friends hang out at that titty bar. Jamal doesn’t need your help Selina he never has in fact I’m surprised you even have time to bother to ask about him since you are planning your wedding.” Ophelia shot her lips upturned a bit at her watching Chauncey and Brenda looking uncomfortable out of the corner of her eyes. She didn’t need a private room for this not at all it was long overdue. “In between deciding on chiffon or satin now you want to ask how Jamal is? I find the entire thing laughable if I’m being honest. We don’t need a room Brenda.”

Chauncey stood back watching Ophelia stand her ground with Selina and he felt the tension in their small group. Ophelia had always been a bitch where Selina was concerned and when it came to Jamal the gloves were often off with the ladies. “Come on Selina I am sure your father would love to hear all about her parenting skills.”

“Watch yourself Chauncey I’d hate to stand here and knock your own.” Ophelia said taking a sip of her champagne.

“It’s quite sad to see you not listening to a warning. It’s a nightclub also so it’s not that shocking that my brother is failing in the wind. You are not my mothers replacement, you still being around is a mistake. Listen to me you horrible bitch my brother is in danger and you have no idea what to do. I can’t wait to tell my father I warned you and Jamal needs us.” Selina said stepping into Ophelia’s face.

“You will never be my mother do you understand me? You are a disgrace.” Selina hissed.

Brenda stepped between the women. “Selina please leave us, you aren’t here to do this. Trust me you don’t want to do this here.” She raised her hand. “Please move along and stop embarrassing your father.”

“No I won’t ever be your mother Selina you all but ruined that the moment your father and I began a relationship blaming me for the cruelness of the world. Then when I was pregnant with Jamal you began to act out as if you were being replaced believe me no one can replace you. Your fathers spoiled, rotten bitch of a daughter that thinks she knows everything. You ruined my marriage to your father.” Ophelia hissed at Selina with venom as she looked at Brenda’s shocked face. She took another sip of her drink swirling her champagne in her glass. “As for Jamal like I said he’s my son not yours and he doesn’t need you to play mother or parent to him. You already have a child to do that with so I suggest you go do it.”

Chauncey made sure that his grip was firm on Selina’s shoulder while he watched Ophelia go for the jugular with her. Apparently there was not going to be a cease fire or the need for a private room with the two women. It was no secret that after Logan’s death Selina had stepped up to the plate where Madeline was concerned even though at the time they had been back and forth. He never thought of it as Selina compensating for Gloria.

“Lets go Selina this is a birthday party.” Chauncey managed to get out hoping to at least attempt to not make a scene.

Brenda watched Ophelia put Selina back in her place and she felt the temperature rising in Selina. Her eyes were so dark as she looked at Ophelia. “Please Selina this isn’t the time or the place to discuss such matters.”

“Oh Brenda shut up!” Selina said looking at the other woman. “I will tell you this you hag you didn’t deserve to have my brother. He doesn’t deserve to be a weapon in your constant game to ensnare my father. You are a joke you must understand that you will never have my father again. I will see to it, do you understand me. My mother won’t be replaced by you slut. You slept with David and ruined your own marriage or have you forgotten? Don’t blame me on your own nasty desires. You more than likely still lust after him? He is handsome but so young guess my father wasn’t good enough for you. You see nobody has forgotten how you made a fool of him and proved me right.” Selina hissed as she looked at Brenda.

“Stay out of family business.” She felt Chauncey trying to get her away. No not now she was going to stand her ground and wasn’t going to back down. “I suggest you heed the warning stay away from my daddy.”

Ophelia saw Chauncey holding her back and she wanted to laugh at him she was not afraid of Selina and she hadn’t been in years. When she brought up David that hurt yes she had make a mistake with David a mistake that in many ways Tony and Selina had pushed her too. She was always at odds with Selina at home Tony was always taking her side, she needed someone to lean on it had been a horrible mistake. She took a step forward and leaned into Selina’s ear.

“You know what do your worst little girl your father still has eyes for me deny that all you want. Just like you still have eyes for Braden Fraiser even though you are supposively in love and planning a wedding. I guess we’re not too different after all in that regard.” Ophelia said pulling back and then waving her hand at Brenda as she walked away from the group.


“Manquell can you take a picture of me?” She said to one of the resort managers who had worked there forever. Brooke stood in the window with a glass of red wine in one hand and the beautiful eclipsing beauty of the mountains and slopes. “Thanks.” She said looking at the picture she quickly put it on Instagram. It felt funny to be here after all this time. None of her friends were here. Harper Nichols was in New York modeling. She told her to hit up Scarlett Nichols to hang with while in town. Rory wasn’t really her type of guy dopey and boring. Her mother would die if she hooked up with Jamal. Her and Ophelia would plan their kids name. She just was well bored. Atlas Falls represented everything she hated, and everything she didn’t want to be. It was a fake sense of community when nobody wished anything all harm to each other. As she walked into the crowd she looked for Anderson maybe leaving back to Chicago was a good idea.

When her phone buzzed she saw some people liked her photo she smiled. It was Xavier from Paris who she thought was so cute. Her mother liked him a lot and as she looked up she walked right into a guy. “Damnit.” Her red wine covered his white shirt and was on his jacket. “I’m so sorry I was just in my phone and I just I’m sorry. I actually have the keys to the boutique, I can get you a shirt so you don’t have to walk around like that. Oh my God this is so embarrassing no doubt my mom is going to say something.” When she looked at him her heart all of the sudden beat faster. He was hot and he was a older guy and more than likely married but he was damn hot.

Ronan had the staff take his coat at the front door and left his detail there as well, no one was dumb enough to make a move on him at the mayor’s birthday party. It was something that he and Steven had discussed right after he got the unions on board with his business a happy union was good for business and the city and if those wanted protection there was a price to be paid. He liked Steven for the most part minus that he had a very bad habit of cheating on Brenda with any stripper at the club that was willing to spread her legs not to mention his other irritation he was always late paying. Walking into the resort he had turned the corner to head into the dining room to feel a small frame knock against his own and he looked at the red stain on his shirt, the irony wasn’t lost on him.

“It’s quite alright. I can have one of my men deliver me another shirt I wouldn’t want to trouble you.” Ronan said smoothly looking at the blonde in front of him she had her mother’s features but a bit of her father’s eyes. Brooke Kincaid he made it a point to know who was and wasn’t at a party that he had attended but he didn’t expect this a young beautiful vivacious woman. “I would expect your mother to say something clutching her pearls.”

“My mother always has a drink in her hand, so she won’t be able to judge me.” Brooke said looking at him and secretly wishing they were in Barcelona or Italy. He was exactly the type of guy she’d take home for a fun night. For a long time Brooke contended with her male peers. They weren’t interesting and she honestly she saw them as little boys who want to be grown men. Everyone knew her ex-boyfriend was Atticus Kavanaugh a royal from Europe. He was that type of little boy wanting to be a grown man. She had fun bouncing from country to country but she wanted to stay home. At least for a little bit while she licked her wounds.

“No you aren’t inconveniencing me at all. My name is Brooke Kincaid my family owns this resort and as I said, let’s get you a shirt. I won’t take no for an answer. My mom hates my outfit I have to change anyway so why not get you a shirt? So let’s go? I didn’t catch your name.” She said starting to walk toward the boutique. “Come on sir I don’t have all day. Wait you knew who I was already because you knew she’d be all blah you’re drinking. Should I know you?” Brooke said making the words sound like much more.

“I hate to love Atlas Falls you know? I’m on fire here. Seriously I truly am, you have no idea how much I dance when I’m overseas or away from here. This town suffocating.” She said briskly grabbing his hand and pulling him to the boutique.

“So she does, I don’t think anyone would dare publicly judge the Kincaid’s. Most of them are far more concerned with taking the time to do it behind your backs. Or at least that is the whispers I often hear on the streets.” Ronan said watching her intrigued she was young. Well beyond ten years if not more his junior and she was Steven’s daughter a bad combination to be thinking about much less considering. She had a warmness about her that he couldn’t help but notice as she opened up the boutique and wouldn’t take a firm no from him as an answer.

“Ronan Madden a business associate of your fathers and Lowell. I knew who you were because I had already seen Hunter and Anderson so that leaves you your father has a picture of you inside his office at city hall.” Ronan said watching her look through the drawers for him a new shirt he wondered how often Steven had taken his mistresses here for a change of clothes and had to smile a bit. The dirt he had on Steven could eventually bury him if he wanted it to but at the moment he liked where he had him in a position to swing things his way as mayor. “I will say a picture hardly does you justice.”

She wanted to pick out a white shirt for him. Ronan Madden he was handsome and had this air of mystery about himself. He knew her and he was an associate of his father. A father who never ever paid attention to his daughter. Brooke never got her dear old dad’s attention and she knew he loved her but Anderson and Hunter were his priorities. Walking into the back she snatched some dress off the rack. Walking to the fitting room clicking on the light, went into the booth and began to change.

“To be honest pictures never do anyone justice it’s a moment. I would like to think I’m a little more alluring in person than in a picture. Plus I’ve grown up a little now.” Quickly getting out of her jeans and sweater and into a designer dress. Swiftly pulling her hair up she walked out seeing Ronan buttoning his new shirt. Using a clip Brooke pinned her hair up as she grabbed her cute clutch. It worked with both jeans or dress thank God for Birkin. Slipping on a pair of Jimmy Choo heels she walked to Ronan. She had put on Chanel No.5 which she knew drove men crazy it was a proven fact. “Do you dance Mr. Madden? One dance please entertain the girl who just left Europe and is now in the city that secretly never truly sleeps.” Brooke put her finger to her lip. “Shh.” She whispered.

“Uh oh.” Brooke teased. “I mean daddy would hate for me to talk about the escalating drug trade and bubbling tension on an entire side of Atlas Falls. Yet here I am forced to smile and be demure because I’m a girl when this pony show makes me sick.”

“No they often don’t pictures I mean they never do women justice. Too much fake lighting if you ask me.” Ronan said watching her walk into the changing room and then around the boutique while he stripped off his jacket and ruined shirt. In truth he had come to the dinner because despite his pleasantries with Steven he was behind on many promises that were keeping him in business. He did the buttons on his shirt and adjusted his cuffs while he looked at her with a smile. “Your secret is safe with me but you are right Atlas Falls hardly sleeps at night and if they do they only do it inside the nicer parts of town.”

“Tell me does the increasing activity frighten you behind your throne at daddy’s side? Your father has done good things for this town his job is important unless you are saying otherwise perhaps my vote should be cast to his competitor?” Ronan asked holding out his hand for hers, it was a simple dance he supposed there was no harm in that.

“To be honest no I want my father out of this shit.” Slipping on a pair of heels.”I feel crazy saying this because of how much security is our family but I fear what Atlas Falls has in store. New York, California, Philly, Chicago and so many American cities are in the middle violent and economical hardships. I don’t like my father in the middle of that that doesn’t mean he isn’t the best candidate. Idealism of a Walter Fraiser is funny you know? Somehow he thinks he knows enough of how this works. My father has been running this for years.”  Brooke twirled into his arms as as she smiled.

“The throne is safe and I’m sure that you’ve picked the right candidate. So tell me where is you lovely wife. I mean a man as handsome as you are has to be married or with someone? That’s sort of apparent you’re charming and have a suave thing going.” Brooke said playfully slapping his chest as she danced with him. They were in private dancing who was this guy? “I mean you even smell perfect where is the wedding ring?”

“Yes America is a changing economy and a class all on its own, Atlas Falls has always been in those types of situations just not on the national scale it is now used too. Your father is a smart man who has been running this town for the last decade people like tradition, they like what they know.” Ronan said wrapping her into his arms for a slow dance as they swayed to what he assumed was the lobby entrances classical notes. He had made note that Walter would be bad for business the man had all but said as much campaigning on family values and morals, whereas Steven was different he knew when to get his hands dirty.

“If myself, Lowell and others have any say in the matter that will be what happens your fathers throne secured for another four years. Unmarried often times marriages aren’t meant to last in the line of work I’m involved in. What about yourself no husband I see and well if there is someone he is beyond stupid to let you out of his sight.” Ronan said watching her as they swayed he knew better than to get attached he never did. People died when you got too attached he had learned that the hard way years ago when his father had told him so after his mother had died.

“I was engaged last summer.” She said softly laying her head on his chest. “Atticus Fabrice Nicholas Kavanaugh a royal from Paris who l was in love with. He slept with this other girl who was just a whore. I was insulted here I am making a fool of myself and here he was being unfaithful. Well I’ve traveled ever since our breakup and been in every European tabloid. I was rumored to date Justin Bieber once swear it.” Brooke laughed knowing she was talking too much.

“I’m not looking for love anymore it’s actually pointless you know? I gave my all and my mother boy was she over the moon. I was shocked all she cared about was he was rich. I am not that type of girl who wants to marry for a legacy or fortune. I want it to be real you know? When we broke up I don’t know who was more excited. Look at me giving you a real life look at what it’s like to be a Princess of Atlas Falls. It was just ironic I was going to be marry a Prince in real life. You however it’s sad you don’t have a woman to make you happy. You don’t look like you smile enough.”

“His loss.” Ronan said she was nervous it was showing in her laugh she had probably never been this close to someone so much older and when one of his men tapped on the glass he nodded his head. Twirling her around in his arms before placing a gentle kiss on her cheek looking at her and holding out his hand to escort her back inside the party . “Very much so his loss. We should probably head inside perhaps your mothers drinking will at least be enough to break a smile or two.”

“Go ahead I have to write off this merchandise.” Brooke said breaking their connection with her letting go. “Sorry just I should do this oh Ronan you’re a good dancer.” She said folding up her sweater and her jeans. “I hope that we get to dance again somehow.”


“So you came?” Philip said looking at Max Devonshire. Dear God she was beautiful she truly was a goddess. He walked to her as his lips slowly sucked on her neck. “Damn I’ve missed you.” His hands slowly ran down the side of her body. She had the most amazing body. “I bet Hunter pissed you off today that’s why you’re here? Max when are you going to leave him?” He asked scooping her up in his arms as he walked back to the bed laying her down. He rolled up her skirt as he looked into her eyes.

“I’m not a second fiddle motherfucker Max.” Philip declared boldly trying to make her see that he wanted her and only her. “Let me tell you what I want. I want to walk into any room in this fucking city and everyone to know you’re mine. That this pussy is mine that nobody else and I mean nobody can touch you like this.” He buried his head between Max legs. “Tell me you’re mine! Say my fucking name.” Philip roared as he looked into her eyes while his tongue danced on her clit.

Max had gotten the hell out of dodge at least for an hour or two after Steven had called to inform the party he would be late to his own party thus sending Brenda into a fit. It meant that she had an hour or two to kill and had snuck off after appetizers to head to the hotel. One thing she could say was that she and Philip had been smart about things so far using hotels around the city never once did they meet at his place Hunter was smart like that. Once she entered the suite she smiled at Philip when he approached her and ran his hands up the side of her dress reaching her lips up to his for a needed kiss. She had missed him too more so rather than not over the last few weeks but she had a part to play at home with Hunter.

“I missed you too. You know why I can’t just leave him. It’s that damn prenup that my father made us sign. Not only that with the election coming up if things were to go bad it would be bad for DGI.” Max said softly looking at Philip as she spoke in truth she didn’t want to leave Hunter at least not right at this moment.

The election was critical to upcoming projects at DGI and having a messy public divorce would ruin that. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he lead her to the bed and then lifted her skirt. She supposed she was still hanging around for the sex which in her mind was electric and fantastic but she also knew to be smart Hunter would know if she wasn’t just as willing at home. She closed her eyes at his touch and drifted off to a place where neither of them had to think about work, their very different paths and she didn’t have to think about her husband. Throwing her head back on the bed she raised her hips into his mouth letting out a moan.

“Philip…” Max managed to breathe out feeling his tongue over her center, feeling it darting inside her walls.

Philip tongue flickered inside of Max as he looked into her eyes. They both knew it that Mr. Kincaid wasn’t hitting the right spots. He didn’t make Max hot like this. The way she just reacted to his body gave him a chill. His mind was on pleasing Hunter’s wife. Showing her what a man was supposed to do. How he was supposed to give it to a woman like Max. When he unbuckled his pants he slid down his trousers and silk briefs. When she was was wet enough he raised her legs up. Then he pushed into her hot walls knowing how juicy Max was. God he loved her body and just looking down he almost came. He wanted a kid with Max. He wanted her badly just like he wanted someone years ago.

Feeling her wrapping around his cock Philip moaned as he started to punish her pretty little pussy. He wanted Max to remember that her body, her mind, and everything they wanted was in their hands. “Yes Max.” Philip started to throw his hips inside of her so that she could feel everything. He knew Max was fucking loving being fucked like this. The Kincaid boy didn’t know what he had. He didn’t know that she was perfect. “Fuck me Max.” He growled at her.

Max had to say the sex was hot not that she and Hunter weren’t but Hunter had easily lost interest in her over the last few years they had gotten mundane was a good word for it. They weren’t like this with each other hot and wild heck Philip hardly bothered with stripping her down half the time. The way she liked it clothes a rumpled and hot mess and her body trembling under a man’s touch. Her hands had long left the bed digging into his shoulders and she moaned against his ear while she felt him slide inside of her. Her hips pushed against his for leverage a bit and she cried out again.

When he told her to fuck him she threw her hips into his at the action at the sensations that ran through her veins it was primal with him. Looking up at him she arched her back scooting her legs up to rest on his hips while they moved. Her hand raked down his back scratching and leaving marks. Her lips went to his as she kissed him trying to drown out her cries.

Philip knew she was close she always started to roll her eyes. He was getting close, Philip felt her body shivering on. Gripping her hips he started to thrash inside of her. Making her feel each stroke as he looked deeply inside her eyes. Leaning in he kissed her neck as he nibbled her lip.

As he rolled his hips inside of her putting his hands behind his head. Philip knew that he was doing things to drive her crazy. As he laid his weight down on top of her he wrapped his arms around her small body. “Fuck!” He roared as his strokes went from fast to slower and deeper knowing they were both getting close. “Tell me you like this.” Philip said passionately kissing her before she could speak. “Tell me.” He moaned biting her neck playfully.

Max could feel the pressure building between them if they had more time they’d probably be a bit slower but she didn’t have the luxury at the moment, sneaking away from the party had been risky enough. She was close this time much like the last times they had been together he always seemed to know just what she needed and how to push her fast to that point. Her lips tugged against his ear when he shifted his weight down on her and she could feel her hands scratching while her teeth bit back.

“I like it.” Max breathed out against his ear her hips moving against his while she spread her legs just a bit more for him. She felt him hammering into her and moaned against his ear Hunter was never this wild with her. Her hands went to his hips digging her nails inside his skin feeling his hands on her while he moved slower. “Philip I’m going too…” She managed to moan out as she felt her body shake.

Philip started to explode as he shivered wildly collapsing on top of Max as his kisses nuzzled against her neck. Folding up in her arms as he looked into her eyes. “You give me an amazing workout. “ As he slowly touched her shoulder and kissed her lips. “Aztec Springs, Nevada. We need to go for the weekend we’d have an amazing time. It’s like a mini Vegas but in the Hampton’s.” Philip rolled out the bed.

“Shower and round two?” He asked playfully smiling at her. “Or are you scared to be late back to that party?”

Max moaned into his ear while she came around him shaking and shivering while he exploded into her filling her completely. She was still shaking a bit and coming down from her orgasm when he kissed her neck causing her to shiver again. She let out a content sigh at the encounter and then he began to ask for a weekend away. She couldn’t jet off when the election was so close missing out would send a message to the Kincaid’s that something was off.

“I can’t run away Philip you know that and why should we make this more than it is? With my fathers deal for the projects, the pending casino not to mention my father in laws election I have to stay after.” Max said looking up at him and placing a kiss against his lips for reassurance on the matter before pulling back.

She lowered her skirt on her dress getting off the bed and walking to the bathroom where she wet a washcloth and cleaned herself seeing him still in bed. She couldn’t stay for a shower with traffic she would already be hitting the tail end of the party raising suspicion. She already had to ditch that damn investigator that Hunter had hired, she and Philip were a fling one that she was enjoying at the moment. Walked back to the bed placing another small kiss on his lips as she grabbed her clutch.

“I’ll text you when we can meet again from the phone. Right now I have to be dutiful daughter in law.” Max said softly before she turned to the hotel room door and walked out a satisfied smile on her face.


Bliss had changed wearing a silk jumpsuit from Stella McCartney and a lush chinchilla gray, white, and black fur. Slowly she lurked around watching Lowell and Jackie walking around it was nauseating. Stopping for a second she saw Chauncey and Selina walking through the party and became enraged. He was acting as if she still wasn’t important. Why wasn’t she invited to this party.? Did he not understand what and why she was here? She wanted someone to notice just for a second she was here. She wasn’t just a kid he saw on the holidays when he should have been with his family. Bliss was something special and she wanted her due. She wanted everyone to see she was due for her time to be loved. To be seen as a true Devonshire. Stepping back she took a deep breath in, letting in the fear of never being loved.

“If you don’t let me in, I’ll come in on my own.” Bliss was just about to charge into the party when she saw him. He was tall and very handsome with these puppy eyes. Playing with her fishtail braid, Bliss knew it was fate. Listening in he was looking for her. The sister she’d never be apparently, the one she wanted to hurt most. The bitch ran her mouth in the papers saying she was the only Devonshire daughter. “Pardon me.”

“I was just going up to see Manquell Ruiz the man who rents out these beautiful suites is it still possible to speak with him.” Twirling the end of her braid in her fingers. Bliss smiled at him playfully knowing he knew who she was.

Hunter had listened as the waitstaff had come into the party to let his mother know that his father was going to be late and then all hell had broken lose. His mother of course had went for a another drink or two while the rest of the party began to make small talk. A fight had broken out between Selina and Ophelia and the next thing he knew Max had disappeared from the party. He had wondered if she was meeting him and had made the move to call the investigator that he had hired to find out and it seemed like Max had given even him the slip. Hanging up the phone irritated with himself for entertaining things with Max this long and for his parents insisting he stay in the marriage at least till the election was over he turned around to see the blonde before him. Bliss Devonshire. Lowell’s secret love child everyone in town knew who she was it wasn’t a secret anymore the press and the media had made sure about that.

“You are fine Bliss correct?” Hunter asked waving his hand off at Manquell that she was alright to be let into the party it would of course piss off his mother which was always a plus where he was concerned. He eyed her up and down she looked like her half siblings but he could also tell that she really was one of her own as well probably from her mothers side. “Manquell I have it from here. What can the resort do for you.”

“I just want to look into a room no doubt I heard it’s between here and Hotel LaGordia. I hear their suites are stunning.” Bliss said laying her hand across his chest as she smiled. “I was thinking with the winter still here I want to see the snow. I love the beautiful natural scenes when I was in boarding school I was living in the Alps. The mountains were stunning and I want to see that again, I guess call me nostalgic.” Bliss looked at him, and smiled sexily as she turned to him.

“So will you show me a private suite? I want to see what I’d be look at every morning and bathrooms are very important to me. I love a big tub might have a handsome man like you inside. I need a large closet considering I have a expensive collection of couture. I also need security with the media. I don’t have to tell you we are family after all. You’re Hunter Kincaid my brother-in-law and a very handsome catch. Where is my stunning older so much older sister.” Bliss asked with her hands on her hip.

“I can show you a room or at least I can sneak away for a few at least no one will miss us. If you haven’t already noticed my mother is on the fifth round. The snow is breathtaking if that is what you are thinking of having an amazing view to look at when you wake and go to sleep.” Hunter said smiling at her holding out his arm for her to take while the toured the private suites. It was an out for him to not have to deal with his mother at the moment or her soon to be drunken stupor. That was what Anderson was around for to save their mother not him.

“Right this way I think we have a few still open or at least normally we do most people don’t rent out the entire suite during the winter it’s still a bit too cold. Not welcome at the mansion quite yet then I take it?” Hunter said while he took the main key card from the front desk making his way to the elevator with her. His lips curved up a bit at Bliss she was bold telling him about who she was Max’s sister and if he didn’t have a whole lot riding on his soon to be divorce with Max he would take her as payback. Max was already insecure about her. “Out at the moment. So tell me how has it been so far I have to say you at least came out in style when you did it publicly you should have been there to see Lowell’s shocked face.”

Bliss slipped her fur over her shoulders slinking out of the ballroom and walking across the courtyard with Hunter into the elevators. “So tell me I know that I’m not off to a good start with princess Max. She was always so special, the only daughter however that was a lie also. The first lie was she is special, you can polish glass but it’s still not a diamond.” Her hands dangled with diamond hand jewelry. Touching Hunter’s tie on his neck, she pulled him to her a little.

The thought of her fathers’ shock and disappointment gave her both glee and anguish. Never did she want to see Lowell hurt after all she adored the man. Somehow her eyes glistened with tears but Bliss caught herself. It wasn’t time for tears it was time for conquering. Her mother had trained her for this day, for her to walk in and own it. She was owning it for a woman who barely returned her phone calls. The only time Tess talked to her was when grandfather Cecil Blisston was in town. She wanted the money his death would bring.

Getting close to Hunter she curled a lock of his hair.”My father nor this town know what I have in store. I’m going to lay a pain over all their lives for not knowing or caring about me.” Close enough to kiss it was too soon but she knew how to play it. Pushing him away she looked around and smiled it would be perfect.Tear Max and Hunter apart. “How did she end up with you? And when can I see you again? She’s neglecting you isn’t she?” Bliss reading into the longing in his eyes. Plus she overheard his phone call earlier.

“I would like to think that she is more along the lines of cubic zirconia at the moment. Not that her breeding is anything less than stellar as I am sure you know she does have a good pedigree. Max puts on a front always has.” Hunter said watching her pull him to her by his tie. He had to admit it she was bold for Max’s little sister very few women would attempt what she was at the moment replacing Max in any way shape or form. He arched his eyebrow at her warning she had big shoes to fill if that was the case.

“We dated in college it made sense for us to get married afterward it was the talk of the city in fact the state. You do realise there was over five hundred guest in attendance it was the perfect storybook wedding something I have a feeling Selina is attempting to perhaps out do. What about some mysterious lover waiting in the wind?” Hunter asked she was divine and if he stared long enough he could see himself in bed with her. He smiled if only she was a few years earlier but now it almost seemed a forbidden tease Max was out having her fun while he was shackled. His father had warned him not to follow in Max’s footsteps at least until a divorce had started.

“Lovers in the winds? Any men that I’ve been with are gone and old news.” She slowly spinning her clutch around her hand smirking. “Lovers is such a dirty word, I like to say paramores. My grandfather you’ve heard of him Cecil Blisston that’s where I got my name from. Well he’d roll over in his grave to hear I have lovers. My father and grandfather didn’t get along he felt I wasn’t a secret. He also breaded with his beloved and only daughter Tess Washington of the historic West Lake Washington clan. Give me a break.”

Bliss looked at him watching her body and she smirked. “Stop staring Mr. Kincaid it’s not becoming, however I can tell you that you aren’t the guy. You are a stunningly handsome, but you read the good son. The devoted son who stayed in Atlas Falls when opportunity knocked you ran. You come of as someone who enjoys Max’s games because without her.” She leaned in and smirked. “You don’t don’t know who you are. So shall we get this tour started. I don’t want to focus on Maximilla much longer.”

“Why should lovers be a dirty word? It’s human nature after all Bliss yes Cecil I’ve heard about him he probably would be. Quite the ghastly history your mother has isn’t it then? I can see why your father would hire her and fall for her rumor was she was very lovely in fact some even say she outdid Jackie. But you didn’t hear that from me.” Hunter said his eyes dancing with hers for a bit and obliged to her request to stop. It was a terrible bad idea but a man could fantasize could he not? He was sure while Max was in bed later he’d be in the shower relieving himself to her memory.

“No I suppose I’m not I’m quite loyal in that regard. My parents would be highly disappointed in me and it’s not something I aspire to do. You are right lets not talk about Max though I find you far more interesting at the moment.” Hunter said watching the elevator numbers tick off to the top floor of the resort he would show her the presidential suite first and then go from there. She certainly hadn’t skipped that part the ambiance and the wealth that came with her name when the elevator stopped at the top he held out his hand. “Shall we then?”

Bliss took his hand and slowly walking toward the show suite. When she looked around the decor full of warm colors it relaxed her. As she slowly walked to the show suite she smiled taking it all in. It was beautiful and somewhere she could see herself staying year around. Slowly touching the couch’s plush leather she turned to him.

“My mother gave her all to a man.” She said softly drifting away. “She is still stunning and has one of the most enigmatic smiles. My mother taught me how to wrap a man around your finger with a glance. She also was way too busy to deal with a daughter. Think about it she traveled around the world, then she became involved in the art scene. My parents weren’t ideal but whose is?” Bliss moved her bang from her face. “My mother history isn’t something I’d like to talk about. I think I’d rather talk about.” Bliss touched the cold glass. “You know I’ve had a long life.” As her mink slinked off her shoulder. “Do tell me since you’ve heard so much about me can I know a secret of yours. My mother past isn’t a secret but I feed off of them.”

Hunter watched her walk around the room taking it in, it was the best the resort had to offer decorated by his mother herself. He often wondered why they even bothered with the resort when his father was mayor he supposed that it was sentimental belonging to his mother’s family for generations. When Bliss began talking about her own mother he felt his heart melting a bit at her story and feel sorry for her to be left alone. He had his parents around but he hardly counted his own relationship with his mother good there was a distance and a coldness with them.

“I’m sorry you had to grow up like that with nannies that must have been very hard, I know you told the papers that Lowell visited you when he could. Did you ever ask him to take you here with him?” Hunter asked looking at her moving a bang from her face. She was beautiful and he was curious damn he was so curious about her and that was a dangerous and bad idea. “Sure what do you want to know?”

Bliss coquettishly turned her head letting her head rest on her chin. She wondered why he brought up Tess. She wasn’t a horrible person but she didn’t pay attention. After her grandfather banished her to Europe, Tess rarely came back to see her. Not only that the verbal abuse and her little comments. Well it lead to a bad spell in her life which she hadn’t forgotten. “Where can I sign I want this as my place.” She said honestly wrapping her arms around herself.

“Nannies were my mothers and you are very correct on my sixteenth birthday I threw a fit. Lowell had to be at some little league game for Rory who sucked by the way.” She finally turned around to look at him watching her. She walked up to him as she bit her bottom lip. “Well I demanded that day for him to tell Jackie. He said he would and I didn’t hear for him for almost a year. I waited and waited and nobody showed up. I had even packed my stuff and I didn’t press it when he finally appeared on the doorsteps with custom couture. I just opened my door and cried later because tears wouldn’t solve what I’ve been through. And look at me complaining again that’s boring. I just have had so much so why be sad for being a poor little rich girl? As for you, I want to know one thing. Only one thing, what do you want from me.”

“I can have Manquell draw up the paperwork as soon as possible if you like it.” Hunter said smoothly when she said that she wanted the place.

He watched her turn away again at the mention of Tess her mother and he wondered if that was a defense mechanism or not. Talking about her childhood was upsetting to her that much was very clear and to him it made a ton of sense why she was here to feel like she belonged to have a family. Jackie was someone he always respected but he hated that Lowell’s lies had hurt so many in his own family it reminded him to much of his own, how his father was always doing the same to to his mother. He looked at her when she asked him what he wanted and felt himself wanting to say her but stopped what was wrong with him? Instead he took the more cautious answer.

“Right now I want to be free of Max and not have everything taken from me due to a ridiculous prenup that neither of us should have signed. I want to be happy and I’d very much so like you to join me at dinner.” Hunter said looking at her his eyes meeting hers again for a brief moment.

“Then feed into what you want. She clearly is because if was feeding you with what you need. Then she would be here with you.” Bliss slowly touched his face. “I’m starved and I think dinner would be absolutely be wonderful.” Letting her canary yellow diamond bracelets slide down her wrist, she took his hand. “Oh Hunter I really was hoping you would have told me you wanted me. Considering I find you to be very intriguing and we all know where this is going with Max. I guess two Devonshires is too much for you. Come on we have a party to attend to.”

Hunter watched her reach out and touch his face and nearly pulled her to him to kiss her but stopped that was a jackass move even for him. Bliss didn’t deserve to be used in some war he had going on with her sister. He stepped back from her to get the elevator before he lost all sense in his head and drug his lips along that pretty mouth of hers. He got the elevator for them.

“No right now I don’t think I could handle two of you.” Hunter said looking at her and reaching his hand out to remove some hair from her face. “Very much so too much to handle I think even if I would be denying you.”


Steven Kincaid finished the last of his gin and tonic from the maple desk inside his office going over the poll numbers it was bad very bad. Walter was up five points. It meant that the city was restless that the city wanted change and it also meant that he could soon be ousted. He looked at his watch and then picked up his cellphone he had no desire to go make nice with Brenda and their various friends at the resort but he did want a lady for the evening. In truth he felt shackled to Brenda and well they hadn’t touched each other in years and a man had needs making the call to Club XES he was a little shocked when instead of Philip’s voice on the other end he was greeted by Kendrick.

“I was hoping to speak to Philip he is normally good about sending me a girl or two for the evening.” Steven said evenly into the phone. He never liked Kendrick the man gave him the chills and he had a fake persona about him when in fact he was nothing more than a street criminal.

“Philip is out at the moment but I am glad you called you’re late Steven and you owe Ronan a lot of money in fact according to the books at least twenty grand. You’ve been cut off from the services here at the club until you have paid your debt.” Kendrick said annoyed as he finished counting the money and then looked out over the lights of the club. Soon it would all be his one day all he had to do was keep doing what Ronan said.

“You have to be mistaken Ronan and I settled that debt when I sent the union representatives to him for protection you low life check again. I have done everything that he has ever asked of me including keeping a certain DA and police department off his back should he want to keep it that way I demand that you send over what I have requested.” Steven shot back into the phone lowering his voice just in case there were ears listening.

“I just did mayor you are still in the book and I would love for you to speak to Ronan himself but he is at the party that your wife is throwing for you. You’ve gotten too careless with the girls here what is it now up to at least three times a week? Quite the debt should you were to call I am to inform you that you must get Lowell to take on Ronan as a partner in the casino my boss would be forever in debt to you and perhaps this matter of your debt and services could be swayed.” Kendrick said waving at Jamal as he shut the door behind him he took out his gun laying it on the desk at the mention of DA Fraiser and the cops. One of the many problems over the last year had been that wanker coming down hard on the crew no matter what Steven tried to do to avoid it. “You apparently haven’t done that great of a job with the the DA we at least know that much don’t we if you did Money wouldn’t of had to spend the last few months in lock up.”

“If you and your criminal boss hadn’t of sent Money down to somewhere where you know that I had no power or control over things your friend would have never been arrested. I can’t just let your associates walk whenever they do a crime, Ronan understood this when we came to an agreement.” Steven bit out slamming his hand down on the desk at the insolence that Kendrick spoke to him with he thought he was tough shit due to who Ronan was. He was nothing a low life thug who had gotten lucky when he got into the Madden crime family at a young age nothing more.

“Be as that may I can’t help you mayor in fact I’ll let you take up the matter with Ronan while you are at dinner. For the record Yalena is looking mighty fine tonight and I may just have to take her back to my house and show her a good time.” Kendrick said rolling his eyes and ending the phone call twirling the gun around the desk for a few moments. He waited a few beats before he picked up the club telephone and called down to the floor. “Send Yalena up please.”

Steven leaned back in his char infuriated at the respect or lack there of that Kendrick was showing him he looked at the time. Brenda’s party was still in full swing and now that he had been cut off well he’d at least have to make an appearance. He could do that show up for an hour or two and then head out he could easily have his assistant claim that he was needed somewhere enough time to sneak out of that dreadful shaking hands and pretending to be happy party that Brenda insisted that they throw every year. Looking down at his phone he scrolled through the numbers pausing at one he hadn’t used in a few months his lips up curled into a smile as he pressed dial waiting for the voice to pick up on the other end.

“Can you meet tonight?” Steven asked turning on the nightly news in his office to read through the numbers once again while he fixed himself a second drink knowing he was going to need it.


“So tell me you’ve always wanted to see this place.” He said playfully as he wrapped his arm around Dani’s shoulder. Jackson didn’t believe he had Dani Fraiser in the gatehouse and it was fun to think about it. His dad would fucking flip if he ever found out and the thought of her dad wasn’t the best thought. Jackson clicked on the pool lights thus illuminating the darkness throughout the house. He took off his jacket as he walked to the kitchen. Grabbing a water bottle he handed it to Dani. “I got to see if I have any rubbers if not you’re on the pill right?” He asked walking into the bathroom.

Jackson dug into his pocket and dumped a little of the powdery white substance on the bathroom counter top. Diving nose first he sniffed up the coke and wiped his nose. Damn it felt good to get this rush again. Not like a woman like Dani would see him as something to get out of his system. Not to mention his father, he fucking told him to wait until next year to fuck up. He just assumed he would so why not prove him true? Jackson blinked a few times as the rush of the drug flowed through his veins.

Removing his t-shirt and taking off his belt. He stopped as he looked at it not tonight. Damn he wanted to show Dani’s smart ass who was boss. Jackson was sure she wouldn’t be into the pain and pleasure he was and set the belt down. Walking to the kitchen vanilla sex could be pleasurable but he already wanted to teach her. Teach her how much she didn’t know about her body. Jackson walked behind her silently and stooped down. As he kissed her neck. “You are so sexy.”

Dani nodded her head at him while he led her into the gatehouse she had never seen the gatehouse. She’d been in the mansion a few times for work but not for leisure. She honestly didn’t like condoms and it wasn’t like she was irresponsible she was on the pill and got checked at least every few months. The guys she’d been with had been the same no condoms. She still couldn’t believe she was going to go through with this to just prove she could do it, as she watched him enter the bathroom. She made her way into the kitchen putting her bag on the counter and clutching the bottle of water it was one night.

“I’m on the pill I haven’t been with anyone in almost a year.” Dani managed to get out focusing in on what he said earlier while his lips a ran on her skin. Turning around she finally looked at him her eyes running down his face to his bare chest the shirt didn’t do him justice. She reached out and ran her fingers over his skin. Slowly she closed the small gap between them till her body was pressed against his. He had a glint in his eye and she wasn’t sure what it was but it did send her heart racing a little bit. Reaching up she placed her lips on his again and unlike at the club let her tongue finally taste him.

“No kissing yet.” Jackson commanded it was powerful and authoritative letting her know that this was his show. That he wanted to show her that he was the boss right now. After all this was just a game but tonight he’d change that. Dani’s body would be craving him after tonight. He slowly kissed the nape of her neck and smirked boyishly as he removed her jacket. Revealing a banging figure hiding beneath that damn pantsuit. He slowly kissed each button on her shirt unbuttoning it with his teeth. Until she stood before him in her bra. He slowly licked her belly button. As he unbuttoned her pants he watched her shivering beneath him.

“You’re naughty.” He said deeply taking in her sweet aroma. Sliding his hands between her thighs he saw how wet she was and smiled. “And ready.” Jackson stood to his feet and swept her up in his arms. Carrying her into the master bedroom, he laid her out in the sprawling king sized bed. He saw her panties were lace and ripped them off as he spread her legs. Jackson unbuttoned his pants as he looked into her eyes slipping two fingers into her hot and soaking wet pussy. “Does this feel good?” He hissed as he kissed her neck. His free hand reaching behind her to take off her bra tossing it to the ground beside them.

Dani looked at him when he pulled back not sure what she was even doing at this point but she liked the command like a forbidden thing that she couldn’t quite figure out. She watched him remove her jacket and then looked at him as he removed her shirt slowly anticipation building in her. She was pretty sure when he said the words she was naughty she nearly melted into a pool then and there and it was all but confirmed when he ran his tongue on her stomach. He touched her and she gripped the edge of the counter she wasn’t that out of it was she? She let him pick her up and carry her to the bed and watched as he ripped off her panties leaving her near bare naked for him. She watched him unbuckle his pants and nearly reached out to help him but stopped when he instead sunk his fingers into her. Her eyes locked on his for a moment before she let out a moan.

“Yes.” Dani managed to get out her breath shaky feeling his lips on her neck again. She felt exposed with him when he took off her bra and she hardly thought it was fair he was still nearly fully dressed. She let her hips rise a bit into his hand while he began to fuck her with his fingers, her own fingers digging into his shoulders.

Jackson had so many dark desires swirling through his head. As he looked into her beautiful eyes he smiled. Quickly slipping off his pants Jackson leaned down to kiss her. He broke rule number one. Not since Skye had he really been into kissing. They were lovers and it was fun but nothing special. Hell Skye leaving him for her dreams to act was a joke. The girl wasn’t a good liar. As his mind spun a web of the past he shook himself out of the slumber.

Pulling out his fingers Jackson tasted how sweet Dani tasted and for some reason it sent him into a frenzy. Jackson plunged into her tightness and was soon lost in it. Being high and having sex was such a rush. He swiftly started to roll his hips inside of her. Something about her felt like home. It was like her body was responding to every touch. Rotating his hips he would thrust the moment his hips swiveled. It was a technique a much older woman taught him before they broke off. Hell she was the reason he used drugs. It was like a suction feeling as he growled. “Damn Dani.” He said feeling the room spinning in a entire new way.

Dani stared up at him watching him look at her and could feel her skin flush beneath her at his every touch with his hand. She watched him remove his pants finally and let out a sigh. He leaned down and she reacted her mouth battling against his in what was a searing kiss. He pulled back to remove his fingers and she let out a groan of frustration at him and then she watched him taste her and felt herself get wetter. She was glad when she watched him plunge into her, she threw her head back crying out. Gasping while her body adjusted to his and the rush of what they were doing.

Her hips lifted into his while he moved she’d had a few lovers before but he was different completely different. Sure they were good but not this good, not this complete not filling her this much. She pushed her hips against his trying to pull him in deeper feeling him hitting her exactly in the right spot. Her hands went to his back raking her nails down it watching the satisfaction on his face. Her lips went up to his again pressing searching eagerly against his before she bit his lip pulling back. “Jackson, please don’t stop. More…” She managed to gasp out.

Jackson some how felt like he knew what she wanted. Her body was amazing who knew this was underneath all those cardigans she used to wear in high school. Jackson couldn’t help it he grabbed a handful of her breasts tweaking the nipples. At first he was soft and then he couldn’t help it he became a little enthralled. Still long stroking he kissed her again. “You like pain?” He asked as he knew she was going to take the pleasure right along with the pain. He knew in this moment they were having sex but it felt more intimate. Like he knew exactly what to do to her body.

Squeezing her nipples until they turned a bright red then slowly suckling on both of her perky breast. That was a trick to stop the stinging. As tight as she was he wondered if this was her first time. That had to be the drugs because he knew she had been with someone. However it was becoming clear that he would want more. Seeing her reaction to him twisting her nipples she was in heaven. “Damn I want to do more to you…but I won’t stop, say you’re mine.”

Dani fought against him for control realizing that it was easier if she just gave it over to his movements. When his hand traveled down to her breasts and squeezed she felt herself squeeze on him, that felt so divine. When he asked if she liked pain she was intrigued and the only answer she could give him was a nod of her head and groan when he squeezed her nipples and then took them into his mouth. She moaned, she supposed that was the answer she could give him she liked it.

“So do it.” Dani said looking up at him not even sure why she said it to him and then he had to ask about being his. She blocked that out men had lied to her about it before she reminded herself this was just one night, she wasn’t going to get attached. She didn’t want to ruin the moment but if it meant he’d finish what they started at the bar and in this bed then she’d tell him what he wanted to hear. “Yours.” Dani managed to whisper into his ear.

He whispered in her ear, so that she could feel his breath on her body. “Not yet.” As he swiftly rolled her over so that Dani was on top. “For now ride me.” He commanded knowing she wasn’t ready for what he was into. Hell most women weren’t but Skye enjoyed some of his more darker desires. However Skye couldn’t submit to a man either. So that was one reason they couldn’t work at all.

Watching her beautiful body snake on him as she rode him. He grabbed her breasts which returned to their natural color. He pinched them until they turned red again. He wanted the pleasure and pain and he needed her. “Dani slow down I’m going to.” He felt her bucking on him. Her body was telling her secrets she’d never been free sexually or free at all. Jackson could tell he was already blowing her mind. Biting his lip, he smirked sexually seeing she was close. “Yeah slow just like that.” She also wasn’t very experienced sexually something he caught by her obvious shock when he wanted her to ride him.

Dani was thrown for a loop when he rolled them over and she bit her lip at him she rarely got to do this and she shook her head at that she wasn’t going to think about Pittsburgh anymore. She wasted two years of her life on a man to find him in bed with another woman at her best friends wedding. She moved on him slowly a bit disappointed she had been looking forward to being tied instead. She let her hips rock on him watched him touch her, her mouth open when he did the nipple thing again and focused in on that. She barely heard him speaking to her when she realized she was close to coming undone for him and then slowed her hips while he helped her. She leaned forward a bit to take him in at a new angle and moved slowly being sure to not look at him if she was disappointing him she’d rather not see it.

She didn’t say anything else to him while she moved, she let her fingers trace his neck and his chest, she let her lips press against his neck trailing along it. She raised herself onto her knees just slightly to spread herself a bit wider for him and felt herself clenching on him and even if she wanted to she couldn’t stop it this time. He was filling her with every thrust and every stroke and she wanted more than one night. She grabbed the headboard feeling her legs tremble. She leaned into his ear gasping as she came, shaking and shivering over him. “Jackson.” She moaned out still too afraid to look at him to see disappointment all over his face.

Why wasn’t she looking at him in his eyes? Why couldn’t she face him? Had he done too much? Was all this too much for her? He just didn’t want to be shut out of this moment. He was close and so was she. When he heard her moan his name Jackson knew he wanted her more than one night. “Look at me!” He growled as he smiled at her looking deeply into her eyes feeling her clench on him. Jackson burst inside of her. He felt three powerful shots inside of her as he held her body feeling her melting into his arms while he continued to move in her.

Jackson’s face held confusion this was supposed to be fucking but here he was holding her when they both finally stopped. This wasn’t normal and actually he felt odd. Most girls would be in the bathroom by now preparing to leave. However he was alright with her staying the night. “Hey? That was intense right? I’m spinning and it might be from the.” He stopped himself as he looked at the publicist of his father’s company. “Drinks but I’m feeling amazing with you. Why weren’t you looking at me? I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. Did I do something wrong?”

She tried not to look at him and then he made her in those final moments as he smiled at her, while he plowed into her shaking body. She let out a content moan looking deeply into his own eyes feeling him release in her. Her body melted into what felt like soft butter around him while he held her fucking her till they were both exhausted afterwards. She saw the confusion on his face about everything and she wasn’t even sure what to think herself about it. When he spoke she looked up at him figuring she owed him an answer.

“No you didn’t I’m fine. It was the drinks that’s all.” Dani said the lie slipping out easier than she would have liked, he didn’t need to know about Lex or how she swore that was the last time. He looked like he was worried he had hurt her she scooted up on the bed to look at him kissing him gently before pulling back. “It was amazing and you did nothing wrong.” Laying back down on him she traced her fingers on his skin memorizing the lines reminding herself even if she wanted it to not stop it was just one night. Closing her eyes for a few hours of sleep to rest before she left she let him hold her feeling his fingers tracing her skin as she drifted off to sleep.

Jackson waited until Dani was completely asleep. He slid out of bed and walked to the bathroom. Turning on the water he filled a glass to the top. Then stooped down underneath the cabinet and pulled out his vial of coke. Twisting the top off he sprinkled it on his hand and took a deep sniff. Walking out of the bathroom and into the bedroom he quickly slid in bed. Jackson placed the water on his night stand. Euphoria was all he felt as he held onto Dani and drifted away.


Steven reminded himself that he only had to make an appearance for an hour or two at most as he handed his coat to the staff and looked around the room for Brenda. He spotted her with Anderson in the corner drink in hand some things never changed. He spotted Lowell on the other end of the room and he began to make his way over to him when instead the food was brought out. He let out a sigh when he spotted Brenda walking to the table and hearing her clink a spoon against the glass signaling the beginning of dinner. He went to the head of the table kissing her cheek to keep appearances as the guests took their places.

“Lovely party my dear. I am sorry about being late I had business at the office.” Steven said looking at his wife. He shook Anderson’s hand as he took a seat and then noticed Hunter sitting alone an empty seat at the table next to him. His son would be free of Max he would see to that he refused to have Hunter end up like him miserable with someone that didn’t love him. “Lowell, Jackie lovely to see you I see that not everyone could make it.”

“Business always seems to overtake responsibility. My dear husband but Andy flew all the way in from Chicago to be here. The least you could do is be on time.” Brenda purposely nagged as she swirled her drink. “Why yes Maximilla you mean? You can say the girls name she was here earlier but more and more I find her away from my son and doing.” She paused for dramatic effect picking up her tea glass sipping it. “Work for DGI my Lowell what do you have that girl doing.”

“Something more than you can do so don’t you worry your pretty little head about it Brenda, oh Steven she’s been.” Lowell made the drinking sign to show Brenda was intoxicated. “Think whatever you want but Max could be the CEO one day. However Steven I was thinking about your fundraiser this year a masquerade gala. I read a book where the former lady of the manor was murdered on her old mansion steps at a event like that.”

“Your daughter I am sure Max is securing deals like you did back in the day didn’t you acquire that first energy contract after banging your dear secretary Tess was it?” Steven bit out watching the horror pass on Jackie and Lowell’s and watching Hunter smirk out of the corner of his eye. He picked up the wine and motioned to the staff to cut Brenda off at least for dinner. “From what I hear the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree where your kids are concerned does it?”

Jackie watched the exchange and picked up her fork full of the lovely salad that Tony had made stopping halfway through as Steven all but schooled her husband. She looked at Max’s empty seat across from her and her heart sank she had found out about Philip months ago and Max had swore her to secrecy. What was she supposed to do ruin Hunter’s life? Ruin Max’s she saw Bliss watching them all from the foyer and her eyes glared as she hissed at Lowell.  “She’s here did you really invite her to this?”

“Tess’s family gave me that contract because I was the best, however Steven your name is what you’ve rested on for years. Don’t start old man because everyone here knows your secrets.” Leaning into Brenda he smirked widely. “My Steven how is that club God what’s it called XES? Yes that’s it and I believe you frequent it. Now Brenda you should keep that icy demeanor you’ve always had.”

“Go to hell Devonshire.” Brenda said seething through her teeth. “Tragic your slutty daughter isn’t here but as Jackie pointed out there’s your replacement bastard. You see you aren’t the only one who can be curt Lowell.” She said taking a bite of her salad. Looking at Steven her eyes shot daggers at him. Placing her fork down she couldn’t eat her nails tapped on the table. “Hookers? Or is it a stripper now? My God no wonder why I haven’t touched you in a year. You get your rocks off Steven do what you must but I suggest you do it with a little more tact. My God don’t be as sloppy as him.”

“Touche Ms. Kincaid.” Lowell said looking at Jackie. “I had no idea Bliss would be here but you and Selina did inform her or it no? Or maybe you just talk to much.” Lowell said leaning back irritated at the entire mess.

“My secrets Lowell? My secrets you want to talk about my secrets? Whatever will you do if I lose the election and you have to face off against Walter? Where will you turn too? Who will make sure that your pretty image is still in tact around town?” Steven retorted that was one thing he had learned he had enough dirt on Lowell to bury him if needed and if he wanted to play dirty well two could do that. He watched the rest of the table go silent as Brenda went on about the club and the girls. “If you weren’t such a frigid bitch maybe I wouldn’t have to frequent a club now would I?”

“I bet you didn’t she just magically appeared much like she did at the house earlier. You know all your lies Lowell they’re hard to keep straight now.” Jackie said glaring at Lowell and then lowering her eyes when she saw Chauncey and Selina staring at her mouths agape. She picked up her wine and took a drink as she placed it back down. “Don’t worry Brenda I am sure Steven has been careful about procreating unlike others at this table.”

“Please Jackie don’t patronize me, I’m far more certain that I’d be dealing with more than a bastard. STDs, hopeless nights of waiting up for you, and your penchant for trashy little girls. My God Steven just leave. You don’t want to be here. All you want is to be with whomever the whore is. Go let me do all the work as always. Whatever secrets you’re refraining from telling its stupid because maybe we could have protected our son from that viper Max. That little girl believes she’s more than my son. That my son isn’t good enough for her. That’s the joke of it all that slut thinks she’s better than Hunter. He’s far too weak to admit it but I know he’s dying and I won’t let her drown him. Now either you leave Steven or I’m going to make the biggest scene you’ve ever seen.” Brenda wiped her eye as a single tear slid down her face. “Go I can’t look at you. I’m disgusted.”

Lowell had been around Brenda to know she wasn’t playing. He leaned back knowing Steven would break. Nothing like a Brenda Kincaid fit that wouldn’t get any man to run. Brenda was a force and the way she ran Steven she was clearly the brains. As he leaned forward looking at Steven. “Understand this I’ve vested in you because you bend every rule I need to be bent. However if you are getting some type soul then remember what we’ve all done Mr. Kincaid if I burn you do too.”

“I’ll go Brenda and maybe you can get it through your head I don’t want one of these every year.” Steven said waving off the staff who stood shocked inside the resort with the main dish about to be served. He picked up his drink taking a long sip from it and then looked at Lowell. “Well then you better hope those five points aren’t the defining moment in this town’s history shouldn’t you? Excuse me everyone I think I’ll call it a night. Hunter your mother is right she’s not worth it. Brooke I will see you at home later. Anderson it is lovely of you to come.” Leaving the table he stormed out of the dining hall.

Jackie picked up her glass to take another drink as she watched Steven get up briskly from the table the election was heavy on her husband’s mind. It was on much of the towns mind that was very clear no one had come this close to beating Steven in years. When Brenda went off on Max again she shot Hunter a sympathetic look at his horrified face. Brenda was sloshed like always and when she had too much she always unleashed.

“If you wouldn’t of pushed for Hunter and Max to get engaged all those years ago to push your son to be something he is not they wouldn’t be where they are now. It was you Brenda who is always pushing Hunter to fill Andersons’ shoes and now I see why no one can stand you, your own husband can’t. No wonder Anderson ran off to Chicago the moment he graduated.” Jackie finally bit back no one was insulting her daughter when Max wasn’t there to defend herself.

“This coming from the woman who is dealing with a bastard? Please all my children adjusted to life very well. I can’t really say the same about you. Let’s go down the list the sullen and boring Chauncey, the drug addict that is Jackson, the whore that is Max, the slightly retarded Rory. Now the fame whore that is Bliss who isn’t yours but isn’t it ironic the woman who you hate most bore Lowell’s bastard.” She knew she was going to get a rise out of Jackie now. “This party is done!” Brenda screamed as her words echoed through the resort.

Brooke looked at Hunter as Anderson grabbed her hand. She lowered her head knowing Jackie hit a nasty plain in Brenda. “Please mom stop.”

“Get out! We are rich why do we do these dumb fundraiser?” Brenda asked as Anderson lead her out. “This is my resort!” She looked at Anderson. “Why doesn’t he love me?” She asked knowing that she had caused a spectacle.

“Lowell, Jackie.” Hunter said apologetically watching the scene unfold with his father and Lowell. His mother and his father and finally his father walking out. He rose from his seat as other party goers did the same dinner was all but ruined and his mother was not in the mood to entertain guests.

He went to help Brooke out of her chair and squeezed her shoulders for having to witness what she just did. Another mess of a dinner thrown by his mother who couldn’t put down the bottle long enough to stay sober for one party. He watched Anderson lead her out of the room and was at least thankful for that. He turned and saw Max in the doorway and wanted to laugh always the last to the party.

“I see you are late.” Hunter managed to get out catching a side eye from Lowell and Jackie.

Max had arrived back at the dinner and was near fuming when she saw Bliss inside the dining hall at the bar didn’t the bitch know it was a private event. Her sister in the flesh someone that she would be riding from town and her father’s affections as soon as she saw fit. Which she only hoped was sooner rather than later she looked at her brother and Selina who looked stunned and she realized Brenda probably caused a scene.

“So what did I miss?” Max asked.

“My arrival.” Bliss said holding a champagne flute in her hand. “Big sis that hair screams just been screwed you can do better than that.”

“Is she really related to us?” Maddie asked exhausted.

Selina smirked at Chauncey as she looked at Maddie. “Stay out of grown folks business.” She watched Maddie rolling her eyes. She tried not to laugh. “She’s your daughter.” Selina teased mouthing it to Chauncey.

Her eyes cut at Maddie as she slowly walked around her big sister in person. Skin was flawless and she was dressed in Givenchy. Her shoes were exclusive Louboutins and she was rocking a Birkin on her arm. She was flaunting her money but what was underneath. “Tell me Brooke before you leave. How often does Hunter work at the resort?”

“Please I’ve had enough drama.” Brooke said walking away. “Max you hate me and that’s fine but don’t hurt him. He doesn’t deserve it.” Brooke walked off as she caught Ronan’s eye. “Sorry my momma isn’t normally a drinker.” They walked out together with a group of people.

Letting her tongue on her teeth she smiled. “I mean you don’t want him right?” Bliss asked.

“I see they let the trash in.” Max said watching her little sister with an intrigue was she serious? She supposed her hair was a bit mused but she had been careful this time no one was the wiser she could blame it on the window being down in her car. She shot eyes at Brooke with a smirk she had nerve and she avoided Hunter’s eyes. “Don’t you have somewhere to be like crawling back out of the hole you came out of?”

“Bitch I don’t crawl but you will. You will fall on the sword because everyone knows you’re a cheating whore. Brenda drunkenly exposed to everyone. You’re a hypocrite and messy liar. But I get it you lost appreciation for who was down there and a girl like me could use a guy like him. You can wish, you can hope, and you can pray but I’m here and whatever hole I’ve I came out of will be your trappings. You will never get a moment’s happiness as long as I’m breathing.” Grabbing her mink and her Birkin clutch.

“Be careful daddy won’t love you anymore now that I’m here. Just look at Jackson and Chauncey one of them has to be the loser sadly it’s your twin. I’m you but so much smarter I will be getting my due.” She mused as she said winking at Maddie walking away.


Rachel wasn’t dressed for a dinner party in the least as she took off her heavy winter coat stepping into the resort. She would rather be inside her one bedroom one bath with the latest episode of America’s Next Top Model on opposed to running an errand for her boss. Chauncey was demanding she knew that much who else would call her in the dead of night to deliver something to a party for his teenage daughter? Not that she disliked Madeline or anything but the girl could wait in her opinion till she got home to get the brand new gorgeous Jimmy Choos in the box tucked under her arm. She was still trying to learn her way around DGI her cover was still in tact the paper had given her wonderful references but she was constantly looking over her shoulder it seemed like. She had vowed when she came back to town though to find out what was making Trisha Kohl and a few others from the neighborhood where Yasmine lived so sick.

The doctors couldn’t figure it out, where the cancer had come from how unpredictable it was when it came to that side of town. Her parents she was sure were at home and even as police commissioner her father Gideon Morris had told her there was nothing he could do. Her old boss at the paper thought she was barking up a wrong tree and assigned her other projects and she had quit a few months ago. Deciding if she wanted to get to the truth she would start where the bread crumbs had started when she looked through the archives and a man named Pierre LeClerq stood out. Pierre had disappeared from town almost as soon as the housing project in that neighborhood had went up over twenty years ago and she wanted answers leading her to DGI and Pierre’s former associate Lowell. Turning the corner she felt her footing slip as she landing in the lobby looking up at the young man she had bumped into.

“Sorry I didn’t see you there.” Rachel mumbled as she tried to get her footing only to stop when she realized her shoes had no traction from the snow outside. She looked over and almost screamed at the shoes out of the box on the floor before scrambling to pick them up when she noticed his hand held out to help her up. “Thanks.”

Gone was the baggy jeans and sweatshirts as if he’d be caught dead in his street clothes. In a Ralph Lauren suit he looked every bit of the yuppie his parents wanted him to be. “You’re fine.” He said with a double entendre. Tonight he had to play nice in front of his parents. No cursing, make sure your pants are above your ass, and most of all be prepared for the myriad of questions coming. What was he doing with his life. None of these old ass white people business he thought as a slick smile breezed across his face.

“You’re welcome.” He said looking at the girl. “I know you right you’re the one always on the news with Hunter. He’s actually my Godbrother and looks out for me. I told him to introduce us but I’d rather, speak to you myself. My name is Jamal Delacroix and you are the very fine Rachel? Didn’t catch the last name but you are a beauty. But can I ask do you always carry shoes with you?”

“Um thanks?” Rachel said finally getting her footing as she smiled up at the man who helped her up he was handsome. She looked at him brushing off her pants as she grabbed the shoes from the ground grateful for the fact that her shoes weren’t ruined. “Thank God these are alright my ass would have been toast. I’ve seen you around the office you’re Tony’s son. I’m Rachel Chauncey’s assistant Hunter got me the job after the news station didn’t work out.”

“You’re here for the dinner I take it? They’re for Maddie apparently when a girl needs Jimmy Choos she needs Jimmy Choos though frankly spending the money on heels like that is kinda a stupid point if you ask me.” Rachel said looking at him while she inspected the shoes again for damage. She grabbed her purse from the floor and made sure she was presentable. ”So how bad is the dinner going so far?”

Jamal turned around and smoothly fixed her hair in her face. She was adorable and had this twinkle in her eye. As he adjusted her coat and snatched the shoebox from her. “Put these on. You’re my date for tonight and as for Maddie.” Watching her dancing with flats on so she wanted height. We all wanted to be grown before there time. Plus his niece wasn’t wearing no damn Jimmy Choos. Maddie had two years before high school and he wasn’t going. If he had to be up at the school every day he would. Jamal had always been protective of her. He knew that story all too well as he looked into Rachel’s shock. “What? Don’t you want to attend or are you scared to be seen in those shoes. I’ll buy her another pair now let’s go.”

As if he was the prince from Cinderella he placed the shoe on her foot.  “Listen I really forgot about this event, my parents are inside sucking up to these people. So I’m going to ask a major favor if you don’t mind? Can you go inside with me and say we were on a date. Then maybe afterwards we could go on a real one.” Jamal said looking up at Rachel smiling expression. “Plus if Talia heard you say that she’d shoot you. The girl has more shoes than rent, seriously I’ve seen her splurge all her money on shoes.”

Rachel was pretty sure attending a stuffy dinner party was not her ideal evening out but she was semi dressed for it in her dress that she had on from work still. She smiled at him as he removed the hair from her face and help her adjust her coat. He was charming and she reminded herself she didn’t have time for a romance she was at DGI for one reason to find out about Trisha for Yasmine. She hadn’t ate dinner yet though and when her stomach let out a growl she laughed.

“Actually dinner would be good. I’m not even sure they’re going to fit.” Rachel said when she saw him slip the pair of shoes on her foot realizing that they were expensive. She wanted to object remind him that they were Maddie’s that she could lose her job but instead refrained. She handed her coat to the man at the desk and nodded her head at Jamal. “I’ll tell you what you cover the cost of my shoes let me keep my job I’ll cover for you. Afterwards if you really want a date sure. So are they even making it to the next course?”

“Deal cutie.” He said smiling as he watched Anderson escort his Godmother out of the party. Hunter instantly went into savior mode, cleaning up his mother’s ugly words. It was clear he was the rock why Brenda didn’t see that bugged him. Hell why none of them saw Hunter was the future of the family was beyond him. As he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Before he knew it he saw his mother horning in on them. He huffed as saw her and his father approaching smelling blood.

“Hola mamá Raquel mi cita para la tarde y por favor no sea extraño que ella es linda.” He said as he kissed her cheek. Then turned to his father. “What’s up pops this is Rachel, however I think that you all know her. She works directly with Hunter. Anyway mom why did you let Brenda get that way.” Thinking about what he said he shook his head. “You couldn’t have stopped it.”

Rachel walked into the dining room with him and smiled warmly at his mother Ophelia was a respected doctor and she knew who she was. She put on her best smile. “Hello Dr. Delacroix.”

“Jamal you are late. Where in heavens have you been and I see you at least brought a date. And english at least please” Ophelia said beaming at her son while she walked out of the dinner. It was ruined and she desperately wanted to reach out and help Brenda who was being comforted by Anderson. “You guys just missed the tail end of things I am afraid.’

“Ma, don’t whine I mean look at this party it isn’t exactly where a twenty something would want to be.” Jamal said rolling his eyes as he took Rachel hand. “Actually Rachel has gotten us tickets to the symphony, which she’s heading the renovations.” He heard Hunter talking about it and it was good lie to get them gone. “So with that being said mother I would like to leave but I only came to make my rounds.” He said kissing her cheek.

Leaning into Rachel ear he whispered in her ear. “Just agree and we’ll actually go somewhere fun. I need to get out of here I’m suffocating.” Jamal said playfully smiling at his mother.

“I’m not whining I am just glad you came. Nonsense Brooke is here. I should probably go check on Brenda though. I have been meaning to ask about school is everything going ok?”  Ophelia asked Selina’s warning from before still echoing in the back of her mind. She did smile at the symphony tickets. “How is the project going?”

“Good actually Mrs. Delacroix Hunter is really enthusiastic about it and I;ve been doing a lot of research for it. One he has a contractor lined up everything should start from there. The town has missed the music it provides.” Rachel said smiling at Jamal’s mother and willing to play the charade a bit more. “Jamal was just telling me he is really enjoying this last semester aren’t you?”

“Schools fine mom.” He said smiling. “The best part is I’ll be having a business degree and maybe I could follow Selina’s footsteps as a DGI executive.” Jamal said becoming more and more annoyed. He left Kendrick for this shit and yes Brooke was here she was texting him telling him how much of a mess this shit was. That was when Jamal spotted Ronan talking to Brooke. He couldn’t stay a moment longer because if he spotted him everything was over.

“Brooke and I have a lunch set for tomorrow, Mama we have to go.” He took Rachel hand as he kissed her cheek. “Come on I need to get the hell out of here.”

Rachel offered his mother a wave as Jamal led them out of the party and she looked down at her shoes damn rich people.


Taking off her heels the moment Brenda walked into the mansion she looked at Anderson, Hunter, and Brooke all together. They were getting her home safely. Once again her drinking had made her cause quite the scene. She’d be on the phone apologizing all week. Slipping off her earrings and jewelry. She placed it on the foyer desk with a sullen and dark expression her face. She looked at her three kids as tears slid down her face.

“You three are the best of me and him. I know that because for years I’ve spent wishing for a second chance of my youth. Through the end of it all, I can just be content with our legacy. Look at my family you are all so beautiful and smart. I just wish I could make you see.” She looked at them all. “What a monster he is.” She slowly walked into the study and grabbed a canister of brandy. “I put my faith in your father for over thirty years I stood back and let his political ambitions control me. I stood around being a wife when I wanted to be in a boardroom or on that very podium your father stood on. Watching your own light be turned off hurts so badly but its a silent pain. I put my faith in him and his dream and his legacy and his everything. I get paid back with hookers and lies and secrets. I’m not perfect hell I’ve done some things that you all carry still but I love you. And the sad part is a piece of me still loves him so much.” Holding the glass to her chest she smiled at Hunter. “You scare me. You’re the most like me. You have all my emotions and his stoic nature. I love you and I don’t want anything but the best for you Hunter.” She said stumbling to the stairs as she looked at Brooke who was crying on the couch.

“Dry up those tears honey come tomorrow we’ll be okay, facades and shows my dear. I die and he get’s to be the mayor.” Taking a deep gulp of her brandy. Slowly making her way up the staircase she saw the kids all holding a clearly upset Brooke. Walking down the hall she slowly hummed a old song as she opened the door. “You need to talk to Brooke she’s is very upset with you.” There was so much blood. Her egyptian silks were covered in blood. Her eyes focused in on the blood dripping down his fingers.

Standing there she gulped down the rest of her drink. Slowly walking to Steven and she knew, taking the ring off his cold hands. She sniffled finally taking in that another woman was in bed with him. The fake red hair it was none other than Carla.

Brenda dropped her glass as the sound of it shattering echoed throughout the house. Her eyes immediately filled with tears as she slowly turned around. Where were the security? What had happened? Her heart somehow started to ache with a pain and emptiness she’d never felt. Stepping back Brenda stepped on a piece of glass. His blood was all over her hands and skirt. Slowly walking back down that long hallway her eyes seemed even more glossed over. As she walked down the stairs she didn’t even wince at the pain. The blood dripped on the floor and she had to scrub that blood out of the floor. It was all over the floor.

“Stop crying.” She said looking at them all emotional. The room was spinning from the alcohol and what she just saw.

“Mom he’s not up there with someone. Look at her. Your foot.” Anderson asked looking so disgusted with his father. “You know someone has to put him in his place.”

“Stop Anderson may I see your phone? I think mine is in the car.” When Hunter handed her his phone, she looked at him and wiped her eyes. Steven’s blood smeared across her face. Pressing 911 she knew that nothing would ever be the same. “Hello, please send an ambulance for two bodies. It’s for mayor Steven Kincaid he’s dead with a gunshot wound to the head. The redhead with the bad blonde dye job is his lover Carla. I walked upstairs and I don’t know if they are alive but I didn’t see any movement. Not only that it was so much blood upstairs. I just think I shouldn’t go back up there. Thank you please hurry.” Brenda hung up placing the phone down on the table.

“None of you are going upstairs so stop looking up there. I was so awful today and looking what happened him. Who would do this? Who would do this to him? To us? I hate him but I didn’t want him be gone. I wanted him to better God.” She watched Hunter and Brooke holding each other and her eyes was watering. It was a blur as Anderson let the ambulance arrived and she watched the people swiftly run upstairs. Another EMT arrived and quickly went to work on her foot. As she looked at the EMT talking to Anderson who fell to his knees.

Brenda leaned her head back sinking her body into the plush couch closing her eyes hearing people talking around her. Brooke’s scream for her daddy was harrowing, Anderson had to hold her back from rushing upstairs. She slowly walked to the bar stooping down she found her Percocets and popped two. They were for anxiety and relaxed her as her hand shook pouring another drink. “I just wanted to apologize and say so many things. I wish I would have have been more. I just want to say goodnight.”


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