About The Series

In April of 2011, Chris Coleman came up with the idea to redo a RPG he had, while on vacation with her family he pitched the idea to Kelly Zollo. After a lot of talking, bios being written and re-written it was decided that the project would be completely redone from the original RPG. The original RPG was scrapped and the two began making the new project something unique a co-written and produced webseries. In June each made the announcement official and work began on the pilot episode, series bible and character bible.

In July after talking to Scott Andrews of Liberty City, Kelly Zollo contacted Katy Henderson of Hello Purple Designs to design a WordPress theme around a banner that she had created. Two weeks later the theme was complete and construction on the site began. Currently the site will be up and running by the pilot premiere in a few weeks. There are plans to include a series opening credit video, as well as promo videos in the future. The first episode “Home” premiered on  9.30.12.

The series has taken a small hiatus on and off as various life events for both authors happened and they began talking about adding more staff to the serial. In February of this year talks were started with two more writers for the series and as of 07.10.12 Ashley Stoddard producer and writer for Valley of Angels joined the writing team. Her characters will start debuting in episode 14 of the series and she took over the roles of fan favorites Hunter and Rory on the series. It was decided in January 2015 that the series would undergo a complete reboot and a relaunch was set for May/June of 2015.

The series is written in a RPG format style where all writers, write for certain characters in various scenes, no one person is in charge. All episodes are written in Google Drive and then fine combed and edited.

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