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2022 Sep 26

3×16 “Between Us” released!

3×16 “Between Us”
Written by: Chris Coleman, Kristi Clark, Scott Andrews and Kelly Zollo
Guest Starring: Grant Johnson (George Clooney), Nancy Johnson (Laura Dern) and Penny Louvers (Sharon Leal)
Episode contains graphic language and sex

The plane ride had been exhausting after her encounter with Jackson she had went back to her office, stares and all from his secretary and she owned that walk back. She had called Grant about their dinner meeting, made sure the staff had their suitcases prepared and called the hotel to make sure their reservation was complete the hotel staff assuring her they would have privacy for the weekend. Once on the plane though she had started to play with ideas for her maid of honor speech only to eventually try to fall sleep praying the entire staff of the Devonshire private jet didn’t see her half naked underneath her skirt. Wet as hell still and she had went as far as to pull up a blanket while she finally slept feeling Jackson ogling her the entire time too which didn’t help. Five hours later when they landed and got in the car that Grant had sent for them she took in the sights of Big Sky, Montana seeing her mother texts that the twins were fine before she felt completely at ease. Once they pulled up to lodge resort and they made their way inside to the massive semi secluded suite with a private balcony she took in the sight of the mountains and fresh air. Leaving her suitcase on the bed taking out her Ralph Lauren high neck black dress for the evening letting the wrinkles start to get out before she headed into the bathroom taking off the clothes from the office along with the chains and jumping in the shower afterwards wrapping herself into a robe. It was hard to tell where Jackson’s head was at after their encounter which made it almost even more nerve wracking in a good way.

Walking back out to the room she saw the suitcase still open and him just sitting there in one of the chairs staring at her while she went to get the rest of her outfit ready. Rummaging through her suitcase she frowned; they were on the packing list she had gone over the entire list a few days ago, like she had packed them she remembered doing it. Her bras were there, pants, shirts, a few dresses but where the fuck were her underwear? Throwing the packing cube into the suitcase she went to the second bag and did the same seeing him grinning at her which only irritated her he could be helping. “This is not funny, seriously I think I left a bag at home with my underwear and we’re supposed to be downstairs in like under an hour.” Dani said shooting daggers at him while she rummaged through the second bag pretty sure she looked like a crazy person before she tossed everything back into it. Picking up her phone and scrolling through the packing list on her phone to make sure she had actually checked it off, which she did. He still hadn’t moved from that damn chair to help her like he was almost fucking smug about it and then it dawned on her while she looked at him walking over to him. “Where are they Jackson?” When she simply looked at him that slight darkness in his eyes she leaned into him. “Give them back.”

Jackson had been on the plane ride and knew that they had to close that damn deal. He’d also been in the cloud since that office meeting. He had to make Dani see and his hunger was rampant at this point. She teased him now it was his turn. She had shown disobedience and he’d messed up but soon she’d know that. They’d get over Dru’s manipulations but right now he had to have her. It was an insatiable feeling just seeing her handling business turned him on. He fought off plenty of hardons on the plane. Soon he’d use the corporate jet and have no staff and they’d fuck all over the plane. They needed this and they needed this get away. Seeing Montana with his wife made him see how lucky he truly was. He had two beautiful children and an amazing woman to call his very own. That meant so much to him. Once checked into the resort he immediately went for her luggage and unzipped her bag pulling out her panties. Taking a deep sniff he hadn’t had her sweetness in so long. Tonight he was going to make her remember never to tease him. Never to make him wait on what he wanted.

When she came out with her robe on and her hair dripping wet. Damn it, how did she do that? Just walking around he was stiff as a rock. He picked up his glass of scotch and took a deep gulp as he stared at her, starting to panic. He wanted to laugh. Instead a smirk etched on his mouth. “You mean these?” He said twirling her panties on his finger. As he stood up he looked into her eyes as he bit the bottom of his lip. “Come here.” He growled as he looked at her. Bending over he unzipped a bag that was already inside of the room and pulled out a wooden paddle. Placing her panties inside of the bag and zipping it back up. “You thought you could just come into my office and you honestly thought you were the boss. Someone was messing with you but does that give you the right to mess with my head? Huh Dani? You have to be punished and I think we have enough time for your first punishment. Are you ready?”

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2022 Aug 19

3×15 “Who Are You?” Released!

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2022 Aug 16

Mid Season 3 Interview

Now that season 3 is midway through its run were going to sit down with the writers behind Blissful to get some scoop on that big death, Dimitri’s murder wrap up, Skye's OD, the Summit party, new alliances and...
2022 Jul 24

3x14 "All The Rest Written by: Chris Coleman, Kristi Clark, Scott Andrews and Kelly Zollo Guest Starring: Maura West (Camille Devonshire) Warning: Episode may contain language, sexual situations and violence. Theme Song: Shadow Of The Day- Linkin Park [embed][/embed]...
2022 Jun 19

3×13 “All The Rest” released!

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