About Kelly Zollo

about kellyKelly is originally from Ely, NV where her parents are still living. She has a brother Sean in Washington. A sister Shannon who resides in Fernley, NV with her husband and daughter. She also has another brother, Joseph who resides in Salt Lake. She began her writing career at the age of 16, when she and her two high school friends planned a series called Ripples In The Water. In 2004 the series would actually debut on screens, as the now shelved mob drama Dangerous Tides (2004-2006). Her writing continued in various RPG groups and in 2006 she met Chris Coleman in a RPG ran by a mutual friend, they are very good friends and have written together for many years.

Kelly married her high school sweetheart Dan Zollo in 2005 after five years of dating and graduating with her Bachelors in Paralegal Studies one of many small degrees and certifications she has. In 2006, she retired from the web series community to continue school and focus on her new marriage and family. In 2010, she returned to the community with her new serial West Lake (2010-2012). In March of 2011 she revealed that the couple were expecting their first child. On November 1, 2011 she announced the birth of their son Patrick Stuart Zollo. In June of 2012, she announced the cancellation of West Lake due to her personal life and time commitments. She is currently the co-creator, producer and writer of Blissful along with Chris Coleman.

Kelly is the children’s director at her church in Salt Lake City, UT. She, her husband and Patrick reside in the suburb of Draper with their retriever named Cooper. She is also going back to school for a degree in special education and works full time at her son’s school during the school year as special education kindergarten aide. Her son, Patrick has vision processing disorder and she prefers to not be a huge presence on social media and instead focuses on writing as her outlet. Her hobbies include: diamond painting, biking, knitting, cooking, paper crafting, website design, pickleball, writing and spending time with her family. She is also a published NA author of the West Lake series books, Venice Kelly.

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