2021 Dec 30

3×06 “Glad to See You” released!

3×06 “Glad To See You”
Written by:
Chris Coleman, Kristi Clark, Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode contains language, graphic sex and adult content
Theme Song: Nice To Meet You- Nail Horan


Belle flounced into DGI. This office was nice and all but she hated the decor and paint. Whenever she had her own business pink, blacks, purples, and lots of neutrals. She couldn’t wait to have her own office and do something? Like owning a luxurious art gallery or building a Devonshire princess brand. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardasian West had built brands off being rich and she was ready to follow in their footsteps. Being an influencer could be another way of rebranding the family image after her father’s disastrous mistakes. She knew exactly who to talk to about this but first she had to call a truce. No more games and tricks so her big brother Rory was her first step. He’d stepped out of the shadow and short of a reality show she wanted to figure out how to do that. Turning her jetset lifestyle and wealth into even more wealth. As she walked into DGI’s electronic division. She walked past his secretary not even paying attention to the girl or whatever she was saying.

Opening his door she saw him shooting a miniature basketball into the hoop. She turned her head at the girl who looked shocked at Belle. “Oh go on.” Belle shooed her away exhausted and exasperated with her. “You wouldn’t even question if Max, Chauncey, Zerick or any of the others came in here. So go on. I’m talking to my big brother.” She saw him ending his call. Looking down in her skin tight Calvin Klien white A-line couture gown she was wearing as a summer dress. “Now I don’t do this easily Rory but you and I are around the same age and I hate we are so distant. I do know that it’s my fault and partially yours.” She saw his face and he looked like he wasn’t getting it. “Rory can you all say honestly your hearts were open to another sibling. I was the final nail in your parents marriage. Do I agree with my mummy and daddy marrying so soon after he divorced Jackie? No, I don’t it all feels strange and living with him is even more strange. He’s ice cold to her and I shouldn’t be putting you in this. I just wanted to say sorry and I really want to start over. Not for any games but because I’m here and I want what Bliss has. You all love her and I love her and I want to have my family also. He loves me so much and I want you all to remember why you love our father. He’s dying Rory and I’m so scared and alone and I have no one to talk to about this because I don’t trust my mummy and my sisters hate me. You all hate me.” Belle covered her mouth unsure where all the emotions were coming from. Tears soaked her hand as she turned around.

Belle couldn’t believe she exploded like this as she turned away from her brother. She wasn’t able to love David openly and he just seemed ashamed of her. And she just couldn’t take it anymore. Nothing was going right and she just hated how Connor dismissed her at the wedding. Shaking her head she felt a hand on her shoulder and a tissue in her face. “Thank-you but you truly don’t have to be nice. I deserve it. I was a little abrasive when I arrived. Slightly confrontational and I don’t know if I’m done with that but Rory I don’t want to fight with you. I need someone my age to talk about being a damn Devonshire. Isabelle Devonshire now he legally changed my name without my permission.”

Rory had went into work early that morning, he had skirted around Aspen the night before after seeing Aspen with Jayden Bradshaw he and pretended to work on the living room. Aspen had went to bed where he Googled for the bastard that was with Yasmine and became even more discouraged. Jayden was everything that someone like Yasmine deserved even if he thought he had a little too much of an ego at the hospital, rumor was he was gunning for David’s job. An investor in Berlin had called about his next idea RePlay was going well but he wanted to maybe dip his hands into crypto currency and trading. DGI had sold shares in their own company before but if they started their own crypto currency that meant they could be regulated, he wasn’t sure that was what he wanted to have done at the company. It was also something that he would have to discuss with his siblings to make sure they were all in agreement. They would have to become a bank or at least part of the company would have to be. He had been shooting hoops into the small basketball hoop in his office when his doors were swung open and his secretary was frantically trying to get his annoying younger sister out. He looked at his secretary letting her know that she could go. He let George know he would have to get back to him and thank him for his time as he listened to Belle ramble on before he handed her a tissue and sat down beside her.

“We don’t hate you Belle, or at least I don’t it’s just the way you were conceived the deception around it all. He told everyone that he was done with Tess and lied about it to have you. Granted he didn’t know about you thanks to your mother but the way it all looked. Yeah Bliss came to town but we knew about her, the papers constantly talked about her, we knew she was out there. You hurt worse because we thought it was done that him hurting our mother was done. I know that’s not fair to you, worst of all was father covering for that monster.” Rory finished looking at her and trying to be sympathetic even though he felt stuck between his loyalties to his dying father and the mother that raised him. Honestly he remembered when the news had broke the look of disgust on Jackson’s face and Bliss’s. Chauncey and Max seemed to have shrug it off and he was just numb to it all. “I didn’t know that he legally changed your name that sucks you should have had a say in it. He does shit like that so you should just enjoy it while you can. I can listen as your big brother but I’m never going to be on her side if that is what you want. Not only did she do some horrible shit to my mother, she seduced me. I don’t have the warm fuzzies for her Belle. I don’t have beef with you, you were just snotty and entitled, reminds me a bit of some of us when we were younger.”

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