2015 Aug 02

Episode Pilot “Happy Birthday to You” released!

Episode 1xo1 “Happy Birthday to You”
Written by: Chirs Coleman/Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode contains language, sexual situations and content
Guest starring: Anderson Kincaid (Gabriel Macht)

Club XES
The Locker Rooms

The bass from Iggy Azalea “Black Widow” boomed through the walls as she looked into mirror. How did she fucking get here? She was supposed to be dancing for the New York ballet company. A year ago Diamond was born. It wasn’t something she liked doing. Having men shove one dollar bills in her g-string wasn’t exactly where she thought she’d be. Yasmine Kohl brushed her long black hair from her face. Placing on her mask, to then look in the full length mirror she smirked. There she was. Diamond was here and tonight she was hoping for a thousand dollars at least. A few more months of this shit and her mom would be out of treatment. She saw Mercedes and the Russian talking across the room. Mercedes had gotten the crowd amped for her. Which was something she appreciated the more live the crowd, the more money she got.

Slowly accessing the room Club XES was packed. There was her boy. She hadn’t seen him in months. When Jackson Devonshire called her and said he needed some Molly. Folding her arms she rolled her eyes at Mercedes. All these bitches were the same. To be honest the all were mad Ronan and Kendrick showed her favor. She came to dance and make this money. Blowing a kiss at Eddie the DJ he waved at her and she knew it was time. Beyonce “Partition” started to play as she walked up the stage. Yasmine wasn’t ready but Diamond was. The mix of Partition quickly started to boom through the speakers of the club.

“Ok fellas ya’ll know we keep the baddest bitches on the East Coast! Are your ready for the Diamond in the rough? Ladies and gents I present Diamond.”


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