2022 Jan 22

Interview with Scott Andrews!

In websoaps we’ve seen some of the most talented writers come and go. Blissful has been lucky enough to snag one of the most gifted. Scott has always had a bold thought process when it comes to websoaps. With him joining he’ll bring a distinct voice to the characters of Max Devonshire, David Rhodes, and Whitney Hessington. With his series on sabbatical he’s joined the Blissful writers room and team. Bringing on his very own following to the series Kelly and I are very lucky to have him. We are here to catch up with Scott and get to know the mind behind Liberty City and what has prompted his transition to Blissful writer’s team.

Hey Scott, how are you? Can you please tell us a little about you?

I am doing quite well, thank you. I am 29 years of age, gay and live in New England. I have a strong love of music and the arts, especially soap operas, and am someone who genuinely wears their heart on their sleeve.

Can you tell me where your love of drama/soaps began and how it dovetails into your writing process. 

It began when I was young; my mom watched the CBS soap operas and, during the summer months, would watch my older cousins. I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV, so during the early morning and mid-day, I would watch her soaps with her. I always loved the rich storytelling and writing on these soaps, and was always hooked on watching them with her, and learning about the antics of those in Genoa City, Los Angeles, Oakdale and Springfield. It was a bonding moment for us as I was growing up.

As the sole writer of your own series Liberty City, what is different for you writing a series with other writers?

I think it comes down to the collaborative process. With LIBERTY CITY, they’re all my ideas and my ideas alone, as well as my own voice. With BLISSFUL there are other voices, ideas and points of view coming into play, and I think it’s about seeing how others’ might see a scene play out, or how someone interprets how you bring forth a character, and how that might just impact how you present the character via your own writing.

How did you get recruited for the Blissful writing team? Who are some of your favorite characters and romances on the Blissful canvas? 

I’ve known Kelly for, gosh, over ten years, so when she came up with the concept of BLISSFUL and what both she and Chris were pursuing, I was intrigued by the concept of dual writers, and the process in how they wrote an episode. And, of course, I kept prodding for the chance to possibly dip my toe in and guest-write a character. Of course, when both Kelly and Chris opened the door to begin writing with them, I just knew I had to take a chance to jump at the opportunity to do something new and exciting, and dip my toes into the wonders of Atlas Falls, and the very complex, dynamic residents that reside there.

My favourite characters are, of course, three of the ones I’ve chosen. I also love the pairings of Jackson & Dani, Jackie & Lowell, and Hunter & his two current pairings: Max & Bliss, though we know who he genuinely should end up with!

You’ve picked Max, David, and Whitney tell me your choice to take on these characters and what do you plan to bring to them that may haven’t been there prior to your taking on the characters?

Well, firstly, both Kelly and Chris have done a wonderful job writing the characters of David, Max and Whitney, and to be able to have my own chance at developing those characters is a complete honour for me. Max, for me, is that juicy character I think any writer dreams of writing, mainly because she is such the opposite of me and my own upbringing. David’s backstory and determination in pursuing his career in medicine, as well as his position as Chief of Staff and the weight that must bring to him, being in control of St. Christopher’s, and that angle I believe is just fun. Whitney is just juicy in her backstory and the development brought to her character thus far. She’s got some complications in her actions, and I love how complex she overall is.

What I hope to bring to these three characters is, of course, the foundation created by Kelly and Chris, but to also expand upon those foundations and maybe bring new facets of their personalities that maybe hadn’t been thought of prior. And, of course, maybe take some risks that may or may not pay-off well, but that’s what we do as writers, right? Take risks.

Anything else you want to say to the Blissful fans?

Just, thank you for welcoming into the BLISS family. I hope you enjoy what I bring to the canvas, and welcome any constructive criticism you may or may not have. Let’s have some fun, and thank you for continuing to read BLISSFUL with us all! It means so much.

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