1×08 “The Hills”

Episode 1xo8 “The Hills”
Written by: Chirs Coleman/Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode contains language, sexual situations and content
Guest Staring: Robyn Wright (Tess Blisston)

Yasmine yawned as she looked looked at Rory who had drool running down his mouth. She eased out of his bed and saw the view out of the condo. A gasp let out her lips this was amazing. When she looked on the couch it was a assortment of girl clothes out. Picking up Rory’s shirt she started to button it up. Pulling her long silky black hair into a ponytail she smiled. Picking up the Prada dress, the Calvin Klein midriff, BCBG jeans, Louboutin heels were covering the floor. Gasping she couldn’t believe he did this so fast. Who did this? How did he do this? She started to laugh as she felt the excitement flowing all over her. Was this hers? Nobody had taken so much time to care about her. Covering her mouth she almost started to cry. It wasn’t as if this happened every week. What made it scarier was that she knew he cared already. She knew he’d move heaven and hell to make her happy.

Walking into the bedroom she jumped on the bed waking him up instantly. “Rory what is all that stuff? Is it mine? Did you do this for me?” She asked as she flopped down on the kingsized bed. “I know those shoes aren’t mine. Rory baby!” Yasmine said screaming never seeing so much expensive stuff at one time. Now Kendrick had always done for her and Regina but this was almost excessive. “I can’t accept that it’s too much baby. Those shoes are worth my week salary boo. Oh my God you are so sweet.” She leaned in and kissed him. “You don’t have to spoil me I’m not some materialistic princess.”

Rory was pretty sure the week had passed by in a whirlwind of work and indulging with Yasmine and now that it was the weekend again he was happy that he had it to relax. Last night after she had went to sleep he had called in a few favors to his sister who knew some designers he wanted to do something nice for Yasmine. He had learned the way to most women’s hearts was through gifts or at least the girls in his past had, he also wanted to spoil her a bit he had been working so much at DGI that their schedules had been all over the place too. He smiled at her when she jumped on the bed and laughed and rubbed his eyes looking at her, he could get used to this her in his condo.

“I know I don’t have to get you anything but I wanted too. Besides Max has all these designer friends and she owes me a favor.” Rory said sitting up in bed as he looked at her and then looked at the clock. They had stayed up late the night before and he was glad for the weekend. Rubbing a hand over his face he smiled. “If you don’t want them say so I just thought you deserved to be spoiled a bit. They’re gifts Yasmine that is all, so what are the plans today? We could hang out here go the mansion if you are really brave give my parents a heart attack. I know you mentioned that you wanted to see your mom this weekend too.”

She’d avoided the club like a plague to be honest as she pulled her knees to her chest. Her mother was something that scarred her. How many times did she think about going to see her mother? Trisha was a addict and the reason she was in this predicament in the first place. Parts of her was infuriated at her mother. The truth was that she loved that woman with every fiber of who she was. Slowly touching the silk Rory’s shirt, Yasmine looked deeply in Rory’s beautiful eyes.

“I know you’re going to be mad when I say this. I need to handle the club situation Rory, I’m more than willing to move away from the club. I’m just not sure they are going to let me. These people Rory aren’t in the business world they are in the street and only know the street.” Yasmine cleared her voice as she looked at his eyes burning into her. “If I walk away it would be on their terms or a body bag. I just don’t know if that’s going to happen as badly as both of us want it. I gotta tell you something.” She was about to admit that she was selling too Jackson as her head lowered. “I don’t deserve you.”

Rory sat up in bed as she spoke about the club and he couldn’t help but lock down his jaw at her desire to let her handle the club. Frankly he still didn’t like that she was working there, when she should have been focused on her schooling and getting her mom out of rehab. He had the money to cover whatever she owed the people she was dancing for and he could loan it to her, though he would never consider that a loan. Surely they had to be reasonable about it, she could give them the money she owed and be done with it. Push came to shove maybe he could have Max talk to Philip about it, letting Yasmine out of whatever she was involved in.

“I’ve already told you to tell me how much you owe I can go to the bank and get you the cash. You simply give them the cash and walk out I’ll even go with you. Between letting creeps feel you up and the drugs Yasmine you deserve better for yourself. I know you don’t think that but come on is that what you want to be doing for the rest of your life?” Rory asked looking at her not wanting to start a fight over her and the club but wanting her to see her options. Money solved problems he had the money to fix her problems taking a breath he spoke. “What else do you want to tell me?”

“Nothing, it’s nothing Rory.” She said touching his stubble that had started to grow in. Ever since they’d been holed up in this condo she was happy. Yasmine fell back in the bed wondering what she could do. She could drop that money and Ronan might not let her go. A piece of her wanted to do just that but what would happen to her mother? What would happen to her? He was vicious when after someone. Smacking her her lips she laid her head back wondering how to broach this with Rory. Not to mention the entire Jamal situation and the entire Jackson issue.

“Don’t you think I know I’m better than dancing on a pole? I am but Rory this is people I care about will be hurt. Are you not getting that? Kendrick? He’d kill him to prove a point to me, right hand or not Rory I sell the most drugs out of any other runner. I’m valuable as is.” She was about to say Jamal but she bit her tongue. “My mom would be dead before I opened my mouth. I have to broach this subject very delicately. This isn’t some job you just quit and it’s all over you get that? This is the mob Rory, and they won’t let me out without something to replace my money. That few grand isn’t the bigger picture it’s what I can do when I’m selling.”

Rory saw her pull back and he knew something more was on her mind but he also didn’t want to fight with her about it. She would eventually have to leave the club and with his connections in town perhaps is was possible Ronan could see logic. He had to have someone else that could be doing his dirty work for him that he didn’t need to prey on Yasmine to do it. He sat up in bed and ran a hand over his hair. If his parents were ever to accept her he knew the club had to over and behind her no matter how he felt. Otherwise he knew how this would go he would be the family outcast and reject this time.

“Ronan runs a business right there has to be something that I can offer him that is more lucrative than what you do for him. He could have anyone selling his shit it doesn’t have to be you and if you are close to being done he should honor that. As for Kendrick if he cared about you so much he wouldn’t be letting you strip and sell in the first place.” Rory said softly he hadn’t met Kendrick but he had heard about him around town and from Yasmine since they got together. He could tell he hit a soft spot by the look on her face family or not Kendrick should have looked out for her better. “We have to find a solution Yasmine. Let me help you.”

Yasmine eyes watered as she looked at him. God Rory was her heart, no matter what she said he was swinging back. Biting her lip he was feeling her and she knew that he wasn’t letting her leave without a resolution. The Devonshire’s would never accept a stripper as a future wife of one of their scions. Lowering her head as she looked at him. To be honest a piece of her was scared. What if she gives up the life and she’s something to do? Yasmine felt his sincerity but she couldn’t help but wonder if his family would crush them. Flipping her hair back she nodded her head.
“This is crazy but I’m going to trust you.” Wiping the corners of her eyes afraid to show him how fucking scared she was. Yasmine crawled under Rory looking him in the eyes. Naturally she exhaled sensually. “Rory can you get me the money? I’m going to go to the club and pay them. I’m going to tell them I’m out.” And then it flashed in Yasmine’s head. The messages he had been sending her were dire. Jamal secret weighed on her heart over the week she’d learned about Brooke, Jamal, and mostly all the Devonshire’s except Lowell he seemed like a big mystery. Yasmine looked up histories and read up on the Devonshires history and Rory’s truths. “I just move my ma and I’m going to need like that guy you say that’s shady as hell? Simon? My momma going to be who they threaten. I know the game.”

“I want you to trust me Yasmine. I can get you the money today we keep some on hand just tell me the amount.” Rory said folding her up into his arms as she laid back into him on the bed. In truth he wanted to get a handle on her situation before his father did he could only imagine what his parents would think or worse what his father would do if they found out and exposed it to the other members of the family. “Do it as soon as you can Yasmine. My parents they won’t accept this I know that is something you don’t want to hear but for them image is everything. My father would drag you through the mud and the press if it meant you went away he’s done it before.”

Rory ran his fingers down her back to soothe her as he spoke, his father had done it to anyone that his siblings brought around that he didn’t approve of. Max’s teacher Mr. Collins. Esme then again Esme had been screwing both his brothers at the same time. He was fairly certain that his parents got rid of the more salacious of Chauncey’s affairs as well over the years you couldn’t have Selina finding out and ruining their golden boys chances at DGI. When she brought up Simon he took a breath.

“Simon is a barracuda I have to warn you now he is loyal to us kids but above all else he is loyal to my father more. Let me drop you off at the hospital today to see your mother if she needs to be moved we move her.” Rory said knowing that getting in bed with Simon behind his father’s back could be his and their undoing.

“I guess that I can do that.” Yasmine said falling into his arms, as she joined his fingers inside hers. Looking directly into his eyes as she looked at him. “I have issues so many issues and you keep finding a way to love me. I don’t deserve you Rory you know that right?” As she laid her head on his shoulder she just enjoyed this. “Don’t hurt me and don’t leave me. Promise me you won’t be like everyone else. Promise me that you won’t leave me like Gina, my mom, my dad, Khalil and everyone else.”

Yasmine knew he would but she had to hear that. She had to hear that Rory was here for her no matter what.

“I won’t.” Rory said smiling at her and their hands. Loving her was easy probably the easiest thing he ever had done in a relationship but she made it easy. Her past was something they would have to overcome together. He settled back into bed content to stay there for a little longer till they had to start their day.


Miranda woke up alone in the bed the light shining in through her window she could hear the faint laughter downstairs and smiled. She had needed the last few days off from the club, she and Devin had needed that unwind time to reconnect. She still smiled about Merci Dubois attempting to pick him up at the fundraiser last week. Stretching in bed she looked over at the last family picture between her, KC and Quinn and wondered if it was maybe time to remove it at least from the bedroom. She stood up and made her way to the shower deciding to give Devin and Quinn some more time together that morning. Twenty minutes later and walking down the stairs she smiled at Devin and her daughter in the kitchen.

“Momma, Devin is making pancakes he said you needed to sleep in.” Quinn said looking at her mother. Still in a pair of Frozen pajamas and her hair a mess from sleeping.

“Did he?” Miranda said looking at Quinn and then up at Devin a sparkle in her eyes at him.

Devin smiled at Miranda as he stirred the batter in the bowl they had overcome their differences about the fight and things were good for them again. They had spent an amazing few days together where they were able to unwind, get Miranda’s mind off the case spoil Quin and he and Miranda had finally made love again. When he awoke that morning he wanted to give her the chance to sleep in she was exhausted and worried. He was worried too about her working at the club and he knew that they needed to talk about it. Handing Miranda a cup of coffee as she took a seat next to Quinn he smiled at her.

“I did. I figured that you needed the extra rest and besides it gave me and munchkin here some time to hang out. She requested chocolate chip and whip cream. You look beautiful.” Devin said looking at them both and smiling back at Miranda. Quinn went back to her juice and jumped off the stool.

“I’m going to go watch Sofia okay mommy?” Quinn asked looking at her mother for approval.

Miranda nodded her head as Quinn scurried into the living room, looking around the townhome it had been her and Quinn’s new start when they moved back home when KC had been killed. Of course David had offered her to live with him, her parents had offered and so had Jon but she wanted a new start for her and Quinn. The townhouse had been the right price, the financing had come through and now it was their home. There were still reminders of KC such as family pictures and what not but it wasn’t like the house in Washington that had all their memories.

She took a sip of her coffee enjoying the flavor as it hit her tongue and she thanked God for the Keurig before looking at the clock it was late, Devin had let her sleep in way too late. She heard the sounds of the TV filter into the kitchen as Devin went about getting the griddle plugged into the wall. Scooting off her chair to go to the other side of the counter she picked up the ladle and poured the batter onto the skillet.

“I can’t let you do all the work I’m pretty sure I would lose mommy points. You shouldn’t of let me sleep in that late.” Miranda told him with a smile.

Devin looked at her raising his eyebrows at her, he liked cooking breakfast for them and playfully handed her the spatula. “You could never lose mommy points. You needed the sleep after last night and besides it was nice to have you sleeping without jerking awake for once. I wanted to talk to you about the club.”

Miranda knew he was right the club was dangerous and he had given her a workout the night before but it was also true her nightmares had been catching up with her. Inside the club she was constantly watched and sometimes she felt like she was in a state of paranoia but she also left the club there. Or she thought she had the last few weeks she had disturbing dreams about Ronan finding out who she was, that he took her from Quinn and worse hurt Quinn, her parents, her brother and Devin. She had woken with sweat pouring down her face when they would happen to the point she would sneak into Quinn’s room just to make sure that it was just a dream.

“I’m fine. I told Jon that and now I’m telling you. I can handle this besides what is Gideon going to do put you, Jon or Zach into a wig and send you undercover? No one has my test scores and the other women on the force no one wanted this job. I have it under control, you know how important this is to me.” Miranda said flipping the pancakes over while she watched Devin drinking his coffee.

“You say you’re fine Miranda but I was inside of the club I saw the men looking at you, they put their hands all over you, you can’t be who you are out here in there. Even when I came into the room that day you were partially scared thank God we sold it. No I haven’t talked to Jon or your dad about it.” Devin said watching her take off the first batch of pancakes into a stack and then watched her pour the next. His hand gripped the mug not wanting to fight with her about her career that was something that they had agreed about. “I’m not trying to control you or anything like that but I am worried for you and Quinn.”

“I love you Miranda you know that I don’t want this job to get to you to the point you aren’t sleeping at night and it has been lately. I know losing KC was hard for you and hard for Quinn but you don’t have to sacrifice for him to be brought to justice someone else could be doing this.” Devin said choosing his words carefully as the cartoon noise filtered into the kitchen. Miranda had that look on her face her brow was crunching in that way to show she was irritated it was the same thing Jon did. “Think about Quinn is all I am saying. Gideon could send someone else in you said Yasmine has shut down a lot since the party she may not even be workable anymore.”

“You know I’d venture you and Jon were in on this together to talk me out of it, none of you think I can do it. I don’t ask you why you don’t quit working homicide with Jon. I don’t question your choices at the job or anything like that but you guys are always riding me.” Miranda said watching the pancakes and keeping her voice even. She picked up her coffee and took a drink the reminder about KC hurt. KC had been killed in cold blood while he was home in Atlas Falls working undercover when he turned down a desk job to work the Madden case. “KC would want him behind bars for what he did to our family if I can do that I’m going to Devin.”

“Yasmine is still flippable she has just been all over the place since the ball.” She flipped the pancakes over and stared Devin down over the counter he was such a guy half the time. They wouldn’t even be having this conversation if she had a normal job. If she had went to something safe at the department like the lab or something like that. It was something that she and KC had fought about too not that their marriage was perfect after Quinn was born he wanted her to stay home. “Zach has good eyes on me inside the club.”

“Zach has been a wreck since finding Dante’s body lying in a pool of blood inside his condo. I am not trying to tell you what to do Miranda but I’m worried about your safety while you are inside the club Gideon gave Zach the week off and you know Jon and I don’t mind being your backup. I also don’t trust Yasmine as far as I can throw her.” Devin said looking at her it was horrible what Zach had walked in on and he knew he was beyond tore up about it. He had requested for the time off from the case and they had all filled in to let that happen. “I know you think she is a sweet girl on the wrong side of things but think about all the people she deals too, the lives she is destroying. Between Zach being out and the mob shit that went down in the Scottswood area I just want you to be careful.”

Miranda took the pancakes off the griddle her hand shaking a bit when he brought up Zach, her partner was destroyed about Dante and had been leaning on her and his family a lot. The last few days had been a blur for him, she knew what it was like first hand to have the love of your life ripped away from you. She poured the last of the batter on as her mind went to Zach sitting inside the police station to ask for the time off, Gideon had been so accommodating and understanding. She shook her head focusing back in on Yasmine and what Devin was saying about the case.

“She’s not a bad person.” Miranda said quietly she hated that Yasmine was dealing when she felt the girl could be doing anything else. Right now however she had to let her keep dealing so they could catch the men she was dealing too and get more in deep with Ronan’s organization. “Let me handle and work Yasmine. Quinn breakfast.” Miranda said placing the plate of pancakes down on the counter.

“I trust you Miranda but I also know.” Devin said stopping when his phone rang he looked at the caller ID. It was Tony why in the hell was his uncle calling him. “Tony?” Devin waited a few moments before looking up at Miranda. “Wait what? Sure I can stop by and tomorrow for sure. Send me the info and I can see what I can find I’ll call Gideon and let him know too.”

“What is it?” Miranda asked looking into the living room and seeing Quinn staring out the window across the street.

“Something about Jamal being in trouble no one has heard from him since last week but he was still taking money out of his account. Listen babe I gotta go in and look into this after breakfast alright?” Devin asked getting plates out of the cabinets and sitting them onto the granite countertop.

Miranda nodded her head at Devin before going to the window. “Sweetie breakfast.”

Quinn turned and looked at her mother a smile on her face before she nodded her head and ran into the kitchen. Miranda looked out the window nothing out of the ordinary that she could see. She pulled her robe closer around her as she got a slight chill. She was being paranoid she had been beyond careful at the club, her resume and cover story was solid as a rock. She never took the same way twice before she came home and if she did it was never a pattern. She closed the curtain she was just on edge with everything that had happened with Yasmine. That horrific shooting in the Scottswood neighborhood and Dante’s death. She was safe, Quinn was safe and Ronan Madden wouldn’t know what hit him when she brought him in for the murder of her husband, drug trafficking and anything else she could pin on him. Quinn’s laughter in the kitchen made her get up from the couch without a final glance out the window.

He stood outside the house watching the curtains close and his eyes teared up as the wind blew against his skin. Folding his arms he whistled the Frozen theme song as he turned back. Looking at the house he felt his stomach clenching at what he’d seen. Soon revenge would be his as he walked through the street humming that song that Quinn loved so much. She loved Elsa but that was their little secret. He’d be seeing Quinn and Miranda very soon.

“Let it go.” He hummed to himself pulling his cap down over his head.


Bliss slowly looked around this room as she slowly took in the fact this would have been her room. Slowly touching the marble and oak wood canopy which was stunning. Her eyes were focused in on the beautiful lace pillows with a shocked expression. It had been years since she had seen the pillow. She was six when her mother snatched it away and mailed it back to her father. He kept them all these years. It was one of the first gifts she had gotten from her daddy. Her cellphone rang which stirred her out of her slumber. As she pulled her phone out she saw the name she had been avoiding. Holding the phone to her ear she huffed. She guessed she couldn’t avoid it. After all her mother was the one who gave her birth. Rubbing her temples she flopped onto the bed, as she laid back.

“Tess what do you want?” Bliss said as she curled up next to her designer pillows with her name on it. “Mom are you here?”

Opening the curtains in her Parisian villa with a beautiful moonlight shined down on the night. Paris had become her home as she slowly paced back and forth looking at Atlas Falls News Gazette. Slamming the paper down she looked at a picture of Bliss and slowly walked down the hallway. As she picked up a vase and threw it across the room screaming loudly.

Rolling her eyes Bliss knew what this meant her mother was disappointed with her. Why no doubt because of that picture of her and Jackie in the newspaper. “Mother.”

“Have you become one of Jacqueline’s children?” She asked not even speaking. “I’ve been looking at this picture for over a week. How dare you! You know she is the reason Lowell and I aren’t together to this day! The reason you.”

“Grew up with nannies as my mother?” Bliss seethed back hearing her signature acidic tone but the husk in her voice made it sound like velvet.

“Watch your mouth Bliss, I’ll cut your tongue out sweetie remember you did get your attitude from me. Matter of fact you got everything from me!” Tess snarled as she paced back and forth. “Bliss you love me. Don’t you, all I ask is you don’t forget your mother. You don’t know how those people operate and I do. They stole your chance at being a Devonshire and don’t you forget it while you bask in Jackie’s grace.”

Bliss rolled her eyes. No way was Jackie her mentor nor a friend to her. The woman detested her as she folded her arms as she cradled the phone in her ear. “I’m not Jackie’s puppet mother believe it is the other way around. I have them all where I want them.”

“Jacqueline is tricky don’t let her ethereal mother earth vibe fool you. She will stab you in the back also just ask Lauren. You think my moral scale is off kilter my dear you have no idea of what she is capable of. You started a war don’t think they won’t shoot back understood?”

“No, I didn’t you and Jackie are in war and I’m not with my siblings except the insecure sister. I’m content.”

“Are you sure because.” Tess stated as she heard the line drop.

Before she could say anything she hung up on Tess seeing Jackie at her doorway. Holding her stomach lightly she rolled her eyes. “Are you eavesdropping on me and my mother’s conversation? Listen Jackie I’m only here at my father’s request. I will be getting my condo back and you won’t have to deal with Lowell’s bastard but you will have to deal with me at DGI.” She picked up her phone seeing her mother calling back. “So what do you want?”

Jackie had an engaging week adjusting to having Bliss in the mansion and also working the charity to it’s fullest. She had also been distressed to hear about Dante who she had given money to for his business murdered in cold blood. She had been walking the mansion for some of the morning but she also wanted to see Bliss. It was the weekend and she wanted to make sure the staff was treating her well she was going to at least try on her word. Lowell was making an effort at DGI with the energy even announcing the division in the news and trying with Jackson. She had heard Bliss’s phone ring and she had listened to her conversation with Tess which surprised her. She had assumed that Tess was involved in Bliss’s life.

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop I actually came to make sure you had everything that you needed with the room and that the staff is treating you well. Your father had some business he had to attend to and I know he hasn’t been very welcoming just yet DGI is in a transitional phase as you know.” Jackie said walking into the room looking at her and then taking a seat on the settee in the room. She hoped the room was to Bliss’s tastes she hardly knew the girl but the pillows and the bedding had been flown in from Paris. “I didn’t realize things between you and Tess were so strained. I had always thought…it doesn’t matter now.”

Bliss felt embarrassed as she looked a Jackie she saw the instant pity in her eyes. This was what she didn’t need or want. She shook her head biting her lip refusing to get all emotional. Her mother was a parasitic virus on her life. Growing up she wasn’t involved in her life and she never paid attention to her. Rolling her neck as she walked past the woman as she looked at Jackie.

“My mother and my relationship isn’t any of your business, Jackie. What you assume I had wasn’t anything because you never tried to see my point of view. Maybe I needed a family did that ever cross your small mind? My mother spent her life being a fashionable doll and doyenne in Europe. Having a bastard child who she tortured with that fact? My mother is a very mean woman as you know and I won’t sit here and have a sweet bonding moment. She was intense and I’m not here to cry on your shoulder. My mother raised me and I love her so if you want to tell my father that she was some monster. Do your worst she’s hard and always has been.” Bliss felt broken saying it defending Tess at this moment trying to keep it together. At this point she was embarrassed and alone. “Just go.” Her voice cracked as she felt herself about to slip. Tears were threatening to be released. “Get out!”

“No it’s not any of my business I had assumed, which was wrong of me. Then again your father didn’t give me much of a chance to do anything other than assume. Honestly I wasn’t even aware of your existence till you came to town. He always had some trip he had to go to in Europe, he always had to split holidays, missing out on things that were going on here with our children.” Jackie said her tone was harsh even though she didn’t mean for it to be the resentment was something that had taken a hold of her over the last few weeks. Lowell had missed out on a lot over the years with their children to fly around the world to placate his daughter with Tess. “Your mother was always cold, even when she was working for Lowell so her lack of…compassion to you doesn’t surprise me. She always wanted what she couldn’t have much like you with Hunter.”

Jackie paused for a moment as she let her words register with Bliss for a moment before she continued. “I actually came to see that the staff was treating you well. That they were accommodating your needs you see it looks better for you to be at the mansion for a bit with the wedding coming up. Making sure you are a part of the family then again I would assume the PR team at work has went over that with you. Chauncey’s wedding to Selina is valuable to the company, a good business deal it solidifies my eldest son as finally settling down to take the reigns of the company. Selina gets a position that most women dream about a title at DGI and a place here in the family. So you see my dear for now you won’t be going back to your condo.”

Bliss folded her arms so now Jackie was ready to attack her? At a vulnerable time. Only she could judge her for her mother’s sins, it was truly sad that she resented her so much. “You know what I saw with you over the years? This glamorous mother bear who was everything I ever wanted. A loving mother but to see your image so soiled is sad. You hate me for being born and you think because Max has Hunter she has some magical claim over his life? No dear, step-monster that isn’t how this goes. Max is a virus on this family and I can’t help but to laugh. You are painting that cheating bitch as a victim to me. However we both know this isn’t a retread of what happened. You spawned a hateful evil little princess who can’t take her own medicine. I am giving Hunter a reason to feel again. You know you did love him as a son in law right? Well he’s miserable and embarrassed at your daughter’s behalf and nothing and I mean nothing will fix that.”

Bliss was aghast at what Jackie was saying. “I’ve never had a mother and bitch you won’t start trying to be it. You are miserable because I’m breathing well Jacqueline get over it. Your daughter slutted around first and rather I’m taking her leftover or not I’m happy. None of you are stopping it so just deal with it. And Chauncey is unraveling honey, we can all see he’s intimidated by Jackson, or me, or Max, or Rory or anybody who threatens the fact he’s not amazing he’s intimidated by them.” Bliss looked at Jackie. “I thought I told you to get out this is all fake remember, go away.”

“Well then we must have been watching each other looking over our shoulder at each other haven’t we? You think because you had a lovely outing in society that you automatically deserve a place at DGI. In this family, my my your delusions are even worse than your mother’s. Then again she thought that she could replace me that she had your father’s heart that was her mistake.” Jackie said looking at Bliss before looking out her window at the estate sacrifices that was what she told herself over the years. She knew Max and Hunter were doomed from the start Max was looking for a way to please them. “I actually care quite a bit about Hunter. I think he is a good man he has a good heart.”

“Max has always been the more complicated of the twins. Jackson has his problems with drugs, women but Max has always felt she has to play with the boys if you will. I won’t see you come in and taint what could be a reconciliation or a quiet divorce on the eve of the biggest wedding this town has seen in years. You think Hunter loves you?” Jackie said turning her attention back to Bliss as she looked at her sadly. She wanted to laugh at her Hunter was playing a game because he was tired of being played. “You haven’t figured it out yet Hunter and Max were paired for a reason political power. Chauncey and Selina paired because Selina helps the company run. My children make sacrifices for their name for this company. Tell me will you do the same?”

“Look at how swell that’s got you Jackie? Let’s go down memory lane Chauncey who is a chronic cheater? Everyone knows he’s not faithful to Selina. That’s just by me getting that chatty cute assistant Talia drunk. By me being a Devonshire I got that information. So you set these doomed marriages happen. You are worse than not having a mother you’re a useless mother.” Bliss seethed nastily as she walked around her slowly walking to her vanity snottily pulling out the chair. “Oh that’s the way you tell the story. That my mother was delusional when I heard that wasn’t the argument. The argument was about Rory you simple bitch. You were so close to being replaced but how troubling for you to know if he wasn’t here you wouldn’t be.”

Bliss started to reapply her eyeliner due to her eyes watering. As she looked at Jackie in the mirror. “Oh I hit a nerve your silence means I hit a nerve. So you were behind this atrocious marriage? You care about your daughter and you love her. Yet you saw that it wasn’t going to work and you still paired her for your own ill gotten gain. You must feel so good about yourself. You must just love that you ruined your shiny princess. Me however I’m pleasantly happy knowing how miserable this is for her. Now what is your snarky reply to that? That you’ve destroyed your very own daughter.” Bliss tilted her head and smiled playfully.

“How swell it has got me is a multi billion dollar company that my children will inherit and run. Do you think Selina is blind to Chauncey’s flaws? She made a choice much like Hunter did when he married Max. Rory was unexpected you were just unwanted by your father by your mother clearly.” Jackie said eyeing her husband’s child as she circled her in the room. She saw the hurt in Bliss’s eyes at that statement hoping it hurt. She had wanted to say that for years as she wondered where Tess went, why Lowell had sent his whore away. “The truth hurts sometimes doesn’t it?”

“Have you ever had to sacrifice for your name Bliss? My children know what they have to do for the company to have their place do you? Of course not.” Sacrifice it was what Lowell had been doing for years, his deals to make sure they stayed on the top. Along the way the children adapted or she always thought they did. “You may think I have destroyed Max but I assure you I made her stronger and Hunter is obviously not as noble as we all thought if he is willing to bed the harlot of a sister at the first whim of trouble. I have a feeling you’d enjoy that though being the leftover that you are knowing he had your sister first.”

“Get out you miserable old bitch before I claw you to pieces.” Bliss said finally standing up and facing Jackie. Walking up so close it was barely any space between them. As she smirked the pain of Jackie words were eating at her. “I was unwanted but the truth was I’m here. I’m here and I’m going to take ahold of anything I want including Hunter or Max’s life. Bliss Kincaid has such a sweet ring to it. And when I’m done exposing that bitch you’re going to gag. Gag on the fact that none of your prize pupils are ready. I’ve lived a life your brats haven’t. I was beaten down to be built up to snatch everything from those heirs. Honestly it must be hard to look at me. Knowing how much of a failure you have to be as a parent to try me? The conceptual image of the bastard being the only one capable of doing this.” Taking a breath she stepped back and raised her hands.

“My ex was a very dangerous man. Has Simon dug deep into my past? Has he really I think the fixer needs fixing. You read some file on me and thought that was what she was. I’m my mother times a thousand and I have my father’s undeniable drive and hunger. When I’m done spinning the wheels all off your children will fall. I’m calculating and I’m broken so I have no problem breaking everything in wake. I wasn’t wanted but I’m here. I’m here and I’m going to ruin your life. I’m going to do what every vengeful scorned child would. I’m going to get retribution by turning all the wheels, and while they are running laps I’ll be getting DGI which is my legacy too. Now get the hell out or I rip you apart.” Bliss said placing her hands on her hips. Jackie wasn’t moving rushing to the mantle.  She picked up a egg that was no doubt thousands of dollars. “Out!”

“Your anger is showing Bliss these walls are so very thin sometimes. You’re here now when you fall from society and you will I hope you are sent back to the miserable existence you were living in Europe. You’d have to best our PR team to out Max and I can assure you both of them are loyal to the cause of this company and this family. You have yet to prove yourself to your father keep chasing after Hunter see if that gets you where you need to be.” Jackie said looking back at Bliss for a moment with a laugh in her voice before stepping towards the doorway. Bliss would learn she had to if she wanted to fit in with the rest of the family. “Your dress for the wedding is inside your closet I would expect you to not make a scene on my eldests wedding day. Please try it on and make sure it fits so I can send it to Dante’s assistant.”

Jackie took a few steps towards the doorway pausing for a moment Lowell wanted her here, he would soon see that it was a mistake. “I’ll have Simon dig deeper I assure you he is very good at his job in the meanwhile do try to at least keep your legs closed. Afterall like mother like daughter they say.” Leaving it at that Jackie shut the door behind her a small smirk on her lips, a hint of sadness creeped into her as well. She shot a look to some of the staff that were in the hallway before walking away from the bedroom wondering who had exactly won round one. At the moment it didn’t feel like a win if anything she felt like Tess Blisston all those years ago and she hated that.


Jackson entered the Devonshire mansion with Dani on his arm. They’d been basically inseparable since the night in the stables. One of the best things about her was how she made him feel. He truly knew that Dani had his back she was truly becoming his rock. As they strolled through the garden he knew that he had to tell her sometime. Every day he lied to her the worse it would be. Drugs were still a major part of his life, he just didn’t know if he was ready to let them go. Where would he retreat to if life got too hard? His eyes narrowed as he kissed her hand. The greenhouse was stunning it looked just as beautiful as he’d always remembered. He smiled as memories of Max and him tearing through here chasing after Chauncey. Chauncey wasn’t always a ass he had memories of him taking care of him. Mitch Williams was a bully and Chauncey was suspended for kicking that fat bastards ass.

As he looked at Dani he felt the instant connection between them. He pulled her hand to his and kissed it softly. So much of their time together had been about their respective families. “You know, I’m worried about you. Zach is like your brother even more than Braden. You two are only a few months apart, I know what it’s like to have a deep connection to someone like that. How are you dealing with losing Dante? He was a major part of your guys world the last few years.” Dani had been double booked between constantly checking on Zach and working at DGI they had only seen each other at night. “I thought you’d love the fresh air and peace beautiful. I just thought having you come here and getting away on our off day was peaceful.”

Dani had been glad to have the day off and her phone taken away when she woke up that morning in his arms. The week had been long and tiring between work on the oil project, helping with the PR for the wedding, juggling some of the London divisions PR and finally helping Zach with Dante she was exhausted. She spent her nights with him and it felt like they had gotten closer since the fundraiser, closer in ways she hadn’t been with another man before. More than that Jackson had really been there through it all and even if it was a few small moments at work and nights with him he let her feel like everything was going to be okay again. Her mother had backed off about them dating, her dad was still not talking to her which didn’t surprise her but for once that all didn’t matter. She smiled over at him as they walked nodding her head at him, her free hand tracing the petals on the roses they were beautiful.

“I’m just tired your dad’s having me work overtime with the whole wedding stuff and helping out with some of the London stuff. Zach’s handling it the best he can it’s awful what happened. Dante was like another brother in a long line of men like brothers and he was my friend I’ll miss him.” Dani said looking at him enjoying the fresh air they’d talked a little about Lex over the last week enough that he knew she stayed with Zach and Dante when she came home. She leaned up and kissed him softly. “This was a great idea no phone, some fresh air a nice walk perfect. So did you get a chance to look over the last copy of the contract I have to send to Charles? It’s the only way to bypass my father Charles signs off on it, my dad will get on board along with city council and we’re in the clear to get the sheikh started.”

“The scary part is if this happens then dad is going to be so proud? Charles will accept because I have a meeting with him.” Jackson said looking at her shocked face. “The Governor happens to be working with Anderson Kincaid. I called Hunter and he got me a meeting with Charles.” He laughed looking at Dani’s shocked face. “I’m also looking to run into um Lex, we need to have a couple of words. I want him to know what he gave up, and what I have.” Jackson wondered what she was thinking when he told her about the upcoming meeting with Charles Hessington. The oil project was something he was determined about.

“Tell me if meeting Charles and Lex is out of line. I just think that he needs to know you’re off limits. Call me jealous but the guy was engaged to my dream girl.” Jackson said as he stooped down and pulled out a rose from the garden. He handed it to her as he bit his lip. “I don’t want you to truly overwork yourself you know this is really stressful. All of this and Zach is on the edge. I know you want to protect him but Dani I just want to tell you. That with me you can be exhausted and you can be tired of being everyone’s rock. Hell you could cry if you need too ok?”

Dani wasn’t honestly sure how she felt about him meeting with Charles and Lex, she got why Jackson was jealous of Lex but he had no reason to be. It was never right with Lex and they stayed together longer than they should have looking back. She loved the Hessington family they were much like Jon’s family and at one point she was supposed to be a part of them. She was used to being overworked. She loved Jackson in a way she hadn’t with Lex she saw a real future with him without a list of expectations around it without the lie she had lived with Lex for that last year they were together. She smiled at him when he leaned down and grabbed the rose only to see Chauncey approaching them out of the corner of her eye.

“Good I was hoping to see you.” Chauncey said looking between them as he approached it was the time to pounce. Set Jackson off kilter he had all the ammunition he needed Cat, Esme, Skye the way his brother ran through women and the drugs. Not to mention his brother’s own words from the fundraiser and their talk. He saw Jackson looking at him as he turned his attention to Dani. “Selina keeps changing the flowers on me. So which one sells us more to the press and fans, the roses or the gardenias?”

Dani looked at Chauncey and then at Jackson seeing the tension radiating off Jackson from Chauncey’s interruption. She shrugged it was Selina’s day she was the bride to be. “It’s her day let her pick whatever flowers she wants it’s not like the press gives a rat’s ass about flowers.”

“My mother’s garden is lovely isn’t it? You think you’re the only girl he’s ever taken here? I’m pretty sure he fucked Skye here at some point. You think you’re different? That you’re special? Then again that was after one of his benders, there are two things my baby brother likes his cocaine and a nice piece of ass for him to tie up and stake his claim on when he’s coming down. He likes his drugs Dani more than anything including you. If you don’t believe me how about you ask Esme and Skye. Then again if Cat was alive you could ask her too.” Chauncey said looking directly at Jackson as he spoke before looking back at Dani. He had heard about Selina visiting the resort with her brother and since he couldn’t exactly go down to the DA’s office this would have to do for now instead going after Braden’s sister. “You’re not if you want to know how did he put it the other day at the fundraiser with you he can be what he needs to be with our father wasn’t it? I wanted to let you know ahead of it time it’s all a game to him, a nice charade a way for him to get our daddy’s approval and fucking you was just his way to do it. Isn’t that right Jackson?”

Jackson’s face was flushed as he looked at Chauncey. Who in the hell did he think he was? He truly loved this woman as he bit the bottom of his lip looking at Dani. She was shocked at his abrasiveness and how truly cold he was. Chauncey was cut throat in the boardroom but to his own blood it was a hard pill to swallow. He was so sick of having to defend himself against this man. Cat was gone and he threw her in his face. Jackson’s stomach churned feeling the rage of the entire thing. He looked at Dani and hearing Esme and Skye’s name. She didn’t know his past and God why didn’t he just leave him alone. He felt like a kid around Chauncey. His tears were pushed back but only because he was enraged.

“Get the fuck away from me Chauncey. Do you hear me? Get away from us and if you come near Dani and it’s not about business, I’ll break your neck.” He snatched up Chauncey. “I hate you.” Jackson flung Chauncey into the ground. “You are beneath me you son of a bitch. You screwed Esme and the only reason you didn’t fuck Skye is because she has a shrivel of loyalty. Chauncey you can go to hell you hear me!” Jackson snatched Dani’s hand. “If it isn’t about business Chauncey go away. Don’t call me, stay away from me!” He growled passionately. “Ruin me, but don’t try to make the one woman I’ve loved scared of what I feel. You don’t know me. You don’t know me!”

Lowell was walking down the stairs after seeing Jackie exiting Bliss room. That was a ugly spat. He was starting to wonder if his family was falling apart. Bliss was smart but she was becoming a major wedge between Jackie and himself. “What is going on?” Lowell snapped looking at them all.

“Ask him!” Jackson said looking at his brother with a catlike grin.

Dani didn’t know what to say to Chauncey but it made her uncomfortable they hadn’t really talked about Jackson’s past with the drugs she knew he fucked around on other women. She hadn’t seen him use anything around her since they had been together, she really believed that he had changed that he was applying himself. She looked at Lowell and then back at Jackson still unsure, he was raging and angry she’d never seen him so angry before like he could snap.

She looked at Jackson hoping to convince him to drop it they could leave talk about it and calm him down. “Let’s just go okay? We can go back to the guest house.”

“Ask me? How about we all ask him when the last time he had a hit was?” Chauncey said pushing himself off up the ground as he stared at his brother and then at his father. His brother’s hands were shaking and then looking at his father he sneered. “You honestly want to stand there and tell me you think he isn’t using again? She must be good at her job if she’s even got you spoon feeding his little act.”

“That’s none of your fucking business! Have I showed up high? Have I been high once since I arrived back in Atlas Falls?” Jackson knew it was a lie he however couldn’t let all of them know it. He was a junkie but he wasn’t a dumb junkie. He’d left those days in the past. When the stress was too much he’d use. It was all under control and Dani was making his urges better. He still had the shakes. He’d lied and told Dani it was still after effects of his many drugs he did. Touching Dani’s hand he looked at his brother. “You’re jealous of me for once I have something you don’t. I have happiness and you’ll never be happy.”

Lowell looked at Jackson and saw his son’s hurt about Chauncey’s words. “Chauncey enough he’s right do you get off on hurting him? Jackson is proving himself so I want you off his back. You are harassing him and nobody likes a bully.” Lowell barked as he looked at his son. “And if I find you using again I trust you, I’ll banish you to London forever.”

“When he dopes up and wrecks your life don’t come crying to me or our father.” Chauncey said looking at Dani and then at his brother seeing the damage had been done his brother was dying to score. Looking at his father one last time he walked away.

Dani watched Chauncey walk away and then watched Lowell cast a final glance at them before he left too. She watched Jackson next to her he was still so angry and obviously hurt from what Chauncey had said. She bit her lip for a bit before she looked at him and then spoke. “Do you want to talk about it? We can go somewhere talk about it. I don’t believe him, he’s an ass we both know that. You’re not that person anymore.”


“No I just want to be alone Dani. Can I get a moment matter of fact I’m going to go upstairs to my old room.” Jackson stormed past his father and shot his distraught mother a dark look as he slammed his childhood door. Jackson quickly went into his closet as he threw shoe boxes onto the ground. He knew it was here. Quickly finding his stash. He pulled out a needle, a syringe, and the cocaine out. Quickly kicking off his shoes and socks he wanted high, he’d show him. Jackson hands shook as he looked at the door. Tears started to fall down his face he didn’t want to do this. He really didn’t. He was shaking feverishly but he needed it. He needed to do this to relax his mind.

“I’m sorry Dani, I’m so so sorry.” He cried as he pulled a lighter out of the old shoebox. Biting down on his spoon he used the lighter to turn his drugs into liquid. He used the syringe and pulled out the drugs out of the spoon. Shooting up between his feet he quickly felt the drugs through his body immediately. Falling back into the bed he felt like everything was spinning. When he opened his eyes he saw Dani’s shocked face. “Dani wait.” He slurred trying to get up.

Dani watched him walk away shutting her out wasn’t going to help anything. She debated about just leaving after a few minutes before she climbed the stairs and waited outside the closed door. She waited for what seemed like an eternity before she opened it and walked to the bed seeing him laying on the bed, the needle on the floor, it then hit her he had shot up. It felt like her world stopped she thought walking in on Lex fucking Maggie was the worst thing that could ever happen to her. This hurt way worse than that she risked everything for him, put her ass and her job on the line for him, fell for everything he told her and for what? So he could lie to her use her as his little toy when he felt like it? She felt sick as she looked at him. She shook her head at him when he told her to wait before taking a few steps back. When he finally managed to stand and reached for her she shoved him back fighting back a sob as she felt the tears falling on her face.

“Don’t touch me, don’t you dare fucking touch me right now.” She finally managed to get out hoping it hurt him like he had her. In that moment he had already destroyed her just like Lex did, not that he would care high if he did even at all. Turning around she opened the door and walked out. Casting a glance at Bliss on her way out before walking down the stairs and out of the house wiping her eyes trying to pull herself together.

Bliss quickly walked to the door and saw Jackson stumbling and she couldn’t breathe. Her first big success was turning the failure and that was turning Jackson into a success. Bliss huffed closing the door quickly walking to her brother and for the first time felt sisterly. She slapped the shit out of him. She’d seen that dazed look except her ex’s poison was alcohol. She grabbed Jackson and shook him. “You’re wasting it. You’re wasting you.” Pushing him into the shower.

“Dani saw me didn’t she?” He asked Bliss as he huffed. There was so much he knew ruined her. This was disgusting but this was what he had to do. Chauncey was right he was a junkie and he had to prove him right? “Why do I keep doing this to myself?” He asked Chauncey was always in his mind and soul. “I want to die, Bliss why can’t I be good enough for my brother to love me? Why can’t I be good enough for my father to love me?” Jackson cried as he slid down the wall in the shower.

Bliss was startled by his words. For the first time ever she saw what it was like Devonshire. The pressure that he was no doubt feeling. Jackson was scaring her and she didn’t know what to do. Turning on the water she saw him turn it cold. Looking back to see if Jackie was on her way. She locked the door and dialed a number that she thought she’d never call. “Max it’s Bliss please call me as soon as possible. It’s about Jackson.” Hanging up she watched Jackson rock back and forth in the cold water.


Scarlett stared out the window to her condo it had been a week and her hand gripped the metal railing on the balcony, she took a deep breath no one had called her yet. She glanced down at her leg and lifted her pant leg to see the scratches on her ankle the bastard had gotten her skin. Meaning she would have to come up with a good cover story about the encounter with Dante, she was going to met her mother over lunch to discuss things further. Her mother after all had commissioned Dante to design some of her clothes for the season. Together they would come up with a plan and explanation. Taking a deep breath of the air she walked back into the condo and went to the TV turning it on.

The news went over various things DGI opening up an energy division before going to coverage of the fundraiser and showing a picture of Bliss on the television screen calling her DGI’s newest princess. Scarlett wanted to roll her eyes for a bit at that and then the news went to the shooting that occurred in the Scottswood neighborhood, the break in along with the rape of a young girl. The calls that Zach had went to that night she listened on as the anchors talked about the violence in the city and how the police were still looking into Ronan in connection to the crimes. She made a mental note to make sure her name wasn’t associated with her dealer anymore. Going to the kitchen she stopped when the story came on filtering into the kitchen.

“Dante Gonzales the up and coming fashion designer that was recently linked to Jacqueline Devonshire as in investor was found inside his condo as well. According to new sources and the police department his death has been listed as a homicide and will be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. For more we will cut to Mark who is at the police department for an official statement from Gideon Morrison.”

Scarlett walked back into the living room as the camera cut from the studio to the handsome younger news anchor that held up his microphone.

“That is right Sierra we are just now waiting for him to come out and give a statement.” Mark said smiling at the camera that panned up to the podium and Gideon Morrison.

“Last week Dante Gonzales was found not conscious and not breathing by one of our own when he returned home from a call. Zach Fraiser was returning home after answering a call protecting the people of Atlas Falls, and going to his fiance for a quiet evening in. At the time he followed procedure and called 911 for assistance on the matter. After all attempts to revive Mr. Gonzales failed he was declared dead at St. Christopher’s Memorial.” Gideon said pausing for a moment to collect his thoughts as he moved some papers in front of him. “Upon further inspection by staff at the hospital Mr. Gonzales’s body was then turned over to the county medical examiner to determine cause of death. As of nine o’clock this morning I can say that they have ruled Mr. Gonzales’s death a homicide. We will be opening up an investigation into the matter.”

Scarlett felt her heart racing as her hand began to shake looking at the TV screen, no this was not supposed to happen like this. Her mind raced further as the news filter on to the question and answering section of the interview. She couldn’t listen all she could think about was how stupid she had been going to Dante’s with her dress still on and him grabbing her ankle and scratching her. A rookie mistake that could cost her everything she had worked for. She placed her hand on her stomach despite her fall Ophelia had assured her everything was fine with the baby, she even heard its heartbeat again. That was the moment that she knew that she had to stick to her story.

Rubbing her temple though she wasn’t really sure what that story was going to be just yet. Her alibi needed to be rock solid which was why she was meeting with her mother later today to make sure it was solid. Picking up the remote she turned off the TV deciding that a nap was in order before meeting her mother, she could fight off this headache and then wake up refreshed. She hadn’t been sleeping well since that day with Dante which was reasonable she also knew however she was strong she could move on from it. Now was not the time for weakness. Picking up her phone when she saw it buzz she read the text from Mason.

I have to work late tonight probably won’t be home for a while.

Of course Mason would have to work, she let out a laugh at that more than likely he was off with Simon in their merry go round of a fake relationship. Mason would never have the balls to come out he’d lose his father’s precious favor, hell he could be disowned. So instead he kept it secret on the side while Tony thought he was happily engaged to her and she couldn’t wait to rock his world and be done with him. The beauty of the baby was that Mason would have no choice but to come out, she could be free of him and the fake life she was living with him and move onto Zach now that Dante was out of the way.

That alone should have put a bit of a peep into her step but instead her mind was running with how she would tell her story. Dante had broken her skin that meant that the police would have evidence of the altercation obviously they discovered that the fall was not an accident. She took a moment to calm down reminding herself that she had to remain calm for the baby, on the upside the police had no DNA to match it to in their system. The security cameras had been taken care of by their mutual friend. She made a mental note to get rid of the scarf from that night. Walking to the medicine cabinet she opened it looking for some Tylenol to ease her headache.

Scarlett took out the glass filling it with water before putting the pills in her mouth and drinking the water from the glass. For now everything would need to wait till after her nap where she could think out a plan. Walking to the master bedroom she laid on her side looking at the clock before closing her eyes everything would work out when she awoke. The plan would be where it needed to be and death or no death no one would see this coming. Opening her eyes a few hours later she saw the smoke billowing into her bedroom and heard the shouting inside the house. What in the hell had happened?


Sitting up in the bed she covered her mouth realizing that the condo was on fire or at least part of it was. Grabbing the edge of the bed her eyes shot around the room and looked as the door burst open and Mason came into the room. Walking towards him she collapsed in his arms as the smoke alarm kept beeping. Mason led her out of the bedroom, her eyes finally adjusted to the kitchen area where massive black burns lined the stove and up the wall. Her eyes went around frantically for what had happened seeing the fire extinguisher on the floor. She wasn’t cooking anything when she went to bed a few hours ago, hell she rarely cooked.

“Hey what happened? I came home and the stove shooting up flames up the wall.” Mason said walking to the sliding glass door and opening it to let in the air.

“I fell asleep. I had a headache and I wanted to lay down for a bit.” Scarlett said feeling the air hit her lungs as her head started to clear. She hadn’t left anything in the stove when she went to lay down. She took in the scene again her empty glass by the sink. “I didn’t realize that I left something in the stove.”

Mason watched her voice wander off as she looked around the room, she was lucky he came home when he did he had noticed the smoke under the door. Reached into the pantry and put the fire out without having to call the fire department. From what he could tell the damage was minimal nothing that either of their bank accounts couldn’t fix. She was normally not this careless and walking to the stove and putting on a mitt he saw the remains of what looked like a burnt pan and dish inside.

“Well next time at least set a timer whatever was in here is fully gone.” Mason said taking out his phone and texting some contractors he knew so they could come over and look at the damage later. She still looked shaken and he walked to her rubbing her shoulders. “Shake it off it was an accident.”

Scarlett looked at him and then around the condo how had someone got in here? Did someone see her with Dante the other night? She shook it off she was careful beyond careful she and her mother had set everything up her alibi was rock solid she heard her phone vibrating in the bedroom and walked back down the hallway. Picking up the phone she glanced at the unknown text.

Even the evil of the world has to burned out and exterminated. Luckily for you your double life came to save you just in time. Next time you may want to change your security code until later.

Scarlett stared at the screen her hand shaking at the message as she heard Mason’s footsteps behind her, Locking the screen she turned around to look at him.

“It’s my mother I’m late to go meet with her.” Scarlett said looking at Mason keeping her voice even.

“Go ahead and go I’ll have some guys come by and look at the damage to get a quote. I have been thinking we need to talk Scarlett.” Mason said quietly seeing the fire had freaked her out. She could have died or worse and he didn’t need her going off the rails at him. It was time for them to end this charade. “We can talk when you get back.”

“Ok.” Scarlett said looking at him knowing what the talk would be about he was going to end it with her. Which was fine with her or at least not just no she would do that on her terms when she told him about the baby with Zach. Grabbing her purse and slipping on her coat she walked past him and out the door. Once outside she leaned against the wall pulling out her phone and calling her mother. “Mom we have a problem.”


Hunter stood from the table shaking a few hands of others from the office and old associates of his father’s. He was actually looking forward to the weekend to be able to talk to his sister and he had finally made a decision with Bliss. Mason had assured him that with the cheating with Max and the slight proof the private investigator he hired had found it was enough to uphold the prenup, Max wanted to go for blood she would be in for a fight. All he was waiting for was the paperwork from Mason to begin what he hoped would be an uncontested divorce he could then be a free man. Free to move on with his life to actually date Bliss, take her to bed like he wanted without the cloud of Max or the scandal that would come with it. He also had every intention of having a real heart to heart with Brooke. Their mother was right about Ronan he was dangerous the police were still looking for him in connection with a shooting the week before. He had to let out a chuckle at Philip exiting the bar of the hotel didn’t he have a club to run?

“I’m surprised they let you in here don’t you have a hole you can crawl back into? I used to think this hotel had some class but then they let the likes of you into it.” Hunter said looking at the man that was screwing his wife in some ways it finally felt good to put a name and a face together. He saw the bartender move to the other end of the counter and he couldn’t help but go in again at Philip. “So has she moved in yet it must quite boring for her that huge house of ours alone. You really think Max is going to give all this up for you? For your little club?”

Philip strutted into The Rawlings as if he owned it. Today marked a momentous moment in his life. Today he spoke with his father and they were going to make some major moves soon. His father wanted to return home. This was major news as he folded his arms seeing Hunter immediately attack him he laughed.  The guy just didn’t get it but he’d school him very soon. His little empire was already crumbling. Everyone knew the Devonshire’s and the Fraiser’s were rising. Now and forever his family was tainted with Steven’s death. Soon the snobs wouldn’t be able to laugh at the Montgomery’s anymore. Nothing would stop them as he pulled out a chair.

“What makes you think all I’ll have was a little club? My club is profitable and it makes a lot of money. Enough to keep her expensive shoe habit in tact. You think that you know me, matter of fact Hunter you think that you’re better than me? Neither you or Atlas Falls have a idea what’s in store. Unlike you I wasn’t given a silver spoon and I worked hard at everything I’ve had. I didn’t just crawl out of the hole, I drug myself out of it. You are so pressed about me fucking Max but we both can talk like men. You want Bliss, and I want Max so let’s talk like men about this. Stop holding Max hostage and go fuck her sister.” Philip said looking at Hunter amused.

“I know that you have nothing to really offer Max that she would really want and you obviously haven’t been paying attention to history no one gets to be a Devonshire unless Lowell and Jackie want them too. You really think they’d want Forbes son at their table for dinner? For family gatherings? You are more delusional than I thought.” Hunter said his tone clipped as he motioned for a refill on his drink to the bartender. What Philip was saying was the truth he was done with Max but right now he didn’t need to know that. “One for my friend whatever he is drinking.”

“Oh don’t look so sad or amused Philip we both know how this will play out in the long run. She’ll string you along dangling a carrot in front of you. Making you promises of a divorce but she won’t you see if there is anything that Max and her siblings hate more it is to disappoint their parents.” Hunter smiled at him somewhere in between a sneer and a laugh. His fingers drummed on the counter before he took a sip of his scotch on the rocks. “As for Bliss seeing how we’ve decided to not do what you and Max are I don’t see how that is any of your business. You see unlike you and Max I have something called self control at least until…well you don’t need to know more now do you?”

“Who said I wanted to be a Devonshire? I might want her to be a Montgomery you are a joke Kincaid.” He said with a snide voice. “Well they are lapping up the fact that Dani Fraiser is sucking off Jackson.” Philip nodded at Hunter drink. As he watched the waitress returned with a glass of scotch. “Why are you determined to stop this if you want Bliss it’s like you two are so greedy about the Devonshire money neither of you wants happiness?” Philip crossed his leg as he lowered his head. “I have spent years in the Devonshire shadow. Lowell wrote my father off after a scandalous ordeal with my mother. I truly feel like it lead to her suicide. Darkness beseeches my family now. Look at my father drooling in a nursing home and my sister dating a mobster. Now I’m happy, truly happy and I have something that Lowell can’t take away nor will you. I worked hard and long to get something underneath my name. You were spoonfed gold and now you judge me? Your father was an active participant in the very club you turn your nose down at.” Philip said folding his arms.

“The sky is falling, I don’t know you hate me but let’s be honest and be real? You aren’t the good boy? You lust after Bliss and then you judge Max because she was bold enough to do it first. To speak the truth you two aren’t ever and will never be compatible. So let her go and be a man and take control over your situation much like I have. I am going to be with Max and there is nothing you can do about it. So do it big with Bliss before she becomes so bored with you?” Philip said downing his scotch.

“Everyone wants to be a Devonshire or a Kincaid Philip, everyone. You’d be lying to yourself if you thought otherwise. Honestly I can stop it if I wanted too, you see I have attorneys lined up if Max really wants to drag this out I will drag it out and embarrass you both in the process.” Hunter said taking a drink of his own scotch it had to burn that Jackson wasn’t in the club anymore that he found a woman that wasn’t shaking her ass on a pole that had to hurt Philip’s business. Instead he bit his tongue about his friend while he glared at the man that was sleeping with his wife. “Your father was a failure at DGI the moment his wife went to Lowell’s bed or so the rumors are perhaps you could tell if that was the truth? Seems that your mother had a problem like you do now.”

“Yes let’s be honest shall we? You run a lowdown club that my father went to service his needs because my mother would rather die than sleep with him over the years. You really think that news is surprising to anyone after he was found dead in bed with Carla Luciano?” Hunter said leaning into Philip’s ear as they goaded each other in truth as soon as Mason found something in the prenup he was done. He’d have Mason file the paperwork and he could start to become free of the chain around his neck with Max. He knew at the end of it he would also still have Bliss. “I’m going to Philip and at the end of it all I’ll have both her and Max begging out of the palm of my hand while you are sitting alone in your little club with the whores on the poles. Like I said name is everything in this town.”

“Tsk tsk Hunter.” He said looking at him with a calm rage. Nobody talked about his mother and the truth was it was nobody’s business why she took her life. A guarded family secret and the truth was nobody knew why his mother chose to kill herself. “Alone? She can’t stay away from men. I’m in her blood and she’s in mine you see we something you may know very little about Mr. Kincaid because of all of us must want to be you. No I don’t because if I had Max when I wanted her years ago, I would have never gotten Veronica. You remember her your old friend who died. I wasn’t too poor to tag along then. You are a hypocrite and worse you are a joke. You think Max and Bliss are going to fall into your arms? That they are going to be begging you. Do they look like the type of women to beg. Hunter you’ve been around the Devonshire’s your whole life and you think they are going to beg. Or be in the palm of your hand. You must don’t know the women as much as you think?”

Philip stood up, as he adjusted his jacket. “I’m self made boy, you wish you had my drive and style.” He laughed lightly folding his arms looking at Hunter. “Since we are talking about mothers let’s truly think on Brenda? The woman who has lusted after another man your parents entire marriage?” Seeing Hunter face he knew he didn’t know about what everyone else did. “Oh you don’t know poor Hunter at least I know what everyone thinks happened to my mother.”

Hunter didn’t give him much of an out he had enough of his lip and his tongue and before he knew it his fist flew as hard as it could into Philip’s face. Having the entire bar area gasping as the bartender ran from behind to break them up. He didn’t give him a chance as he threw a second and third punch into Philip’s ribcage. His mother despite her many flaws was grieving and had been since his father died and the rumors he had heard were just that rumors growing up. He felt the bartender pull him back and snarled at Philip as his hands went to his shirt collar.

“Your trash Philip you always have been that hasn’t changed over the years. No matter how much you try to fit in Veronica was slumming when she was with you. Trust me she and her friends couldn’t wait to brag about it when you weren’t around.” He stopped for a moment before he leaned in. “You ever talk about my mother after what you helped my father do to her I will kill you.”

Holding his face, and bent over from the brief attacks. he held his face he looked at Hunter as if he’d lost his mind. When he was sixteen he took boxing lessons and before he knew it he quickly did a two piece on that boy. The first blow was a uppercut then a quick punch to Hunter face. The bartender ran at him to grab him and he punched him out cold. He wasn’t a man a man wouldn’t have snuck and hit him. A true man would have stood with all his might and tried to kill him.

“You bitch.” He growled at Hunter. “Everyone knows Brenda was a whore. Just ask Lauren if you don’t believe me. Know your history you vapid idiot. I know why mother mother slit her wrist and sank to the bottom of our tub. Do you know who your mother was fucking on your dad? Oh I hit a nerve then just ask Walter.” Philip stepped back ready for more and without notice he speared Hunter to the ground with four furious swings he he tried to kill him.  “I swear you’re going to die today no divorce needed.” He pressed the weight of his arm into his neck.

“Back off.” Mason said pulling Philip back and stepping between them. He then pushed Hunter back from attacking Philip again as he saw security moving in. He hadn’t caught all of it but enough to know they were fighting over Max and Bliss. He didn’t know Bliss well but he knew Hunter was dying to be rid of his toxic marriage to Max. When his friend lunged again be pushed him back. “Not today save it for court.”

Hunter knew Mason was right as he looked at him and then at Philip. The entire bar area and hotel staff was now looking at them. He waved off security as his hands went to his face and he felt the blood on his lips. It wasn’t true his mother would never have an affair with Walter of all people. She was far to clash for that and besides his father would have never stayed with her if she did.

“Mason move.” Hunter said adjusting his shirt and ready to pounce again. When Mason didn’t move he knew it was over for now both of them gave as good as tray got. He could ask tell by the court statement Mason had found something. “I have an appointment I need to get too Mason I will call you. You just stay the hell away from my wife.” Hunter said disgusted as he shot Philip one final glance before walking out.

Mason watched him go before turning his attention to Philip. “Get the hell out of here before I let security toss your ass out.”

Waving his fingers at Mason as if he was scared. “I’m sure I’ll be thrown out of better. Goodnight Mase but you remember that when I get him back.” Philip spat on the ground letting him know that this was nowhere over. “Goodnight Mason.”


Tony looked at the clock the restaurant was set to open but he had requested the room for private for a but while he and Selina talked. Devin was looking into Jamal as they spoke and hopefully he could find out where he was hiding and if he was in trouble. The lunch was meant to do two things with Selina find out what was going on with her and Chauncey and also to find out if Jamal had contacted her. Ophelia had thrown herself into work and he had thrown himself into decoding Jamal’s habits with the money trail. Most of it had been cash that was taken out and he hoped turning the records over to Devin could shed more light on the gun. He saw his daughter walk in and reached to her in a hug.

“Thank you so much for coming I know the wedding is coming up and with Jamal going off the radar I wanted to make sure you were alright. I turned everything over to Devin this morning I wanted you and Mason to know first.” Tony said looking at her and helping her into her chair. She looked like she had barely slept and he could tell something was bothering her normally she was always put together perhaps DGI was hard as well. “Is there anything going on at work on top of everything else? I know Lowell has been riding you and Chauncey hard but once the wedding is over it will get better I promise.”

Selina leaned in and kissed her father cheek as he pulled out a seat for her. They were supposed to meet at the Rawlings. However he had some emergency at La Callie. She’d eaten the best foods since she was a little girl and today she was going to ask him to go over the menu. To be honest she knew dinner would never be served at her wedding but it was a front. Today she felt the need to figure out what was truly going on with her little brother. Selina ran her hand over butter soft leather jacket as she removed it taking a seat. Twirling her clunky and gaudy engagement. It was Jackie’s and she even figured how badly it hurt. Slowly moving her long slinky hair from her face.

“Well I plan on doing a new project outside of helping Chauncey. I have a radical idea that will I feel put me in a higher running. I just hope Lowell calms down he’s been cracking the whip on us all. Matter fact this is my first off day this week.” She looked at Lena who appeared with their signature wine glasses, and poured a glass of red wine. Taking a sip of the liquid she exhaled. “How did you know daddy? Did you just wake up and know she was perfect for you? That she was sweet and kind and smart? I just wish I had my momma still you know? Or one of my aunts or someone who could guide me. Work is easy dad it’s love.”

Tony had one of his best his sous chefs call in in sick so he had to pick up the slack at the restaurant  help out until the next shift came in. He had to cancel his date with Selina at the Rawlings and reschedule them at La Caille where he could do both check on her and watch to make sure everything ran smooth. He had been going over the dinner menu for the wedding in his head all morning wanting to make sure it was perfect for his only daughter and it was a good distraction while Devin looked up the funds for him to find out what was going on with Jamal. If anything his nephew was resourceful a good cop that could discover the truth for them.

“A new project could be a good thing for you. Lowell has been working you all overtime he’s been quite busy. I am glad we were able to get together face to face before the wedding. I want it to be perfect for you and Chauncey Selina.” Tony said pouring his own glass of wine as he took a sip and Lena went off to get the first course for taste testing for the wedding they had to narrow down the meat selections in order for him to make the order. When she asked about her own mother he smiled fondly, he remembered his wedding to Gloria like it was yesterday how happy they were. He even remembered his wedding to Ophelia as well. He wanted to point out that Ophelia had tried to be there for her when they were married but shut his mouth. “I knew it was in the way your mother made me feel. Happy, carefree like I couldn’t even breathe without her in my life. She was there with DGI when I had dreams of this she told me to chase them, I want you to have that with Chauncey. Does Chauncey not make you feel that way?”

“No he doesn’t.” She spoke honestly as she looked her father. “It feels like this what I’m supposed to be doing. Not what I want to because he isn’t what I want. He’s egotistical and arrogant yet I still have a lot of love for that man. He’s given me my first child. I love Maddie as if I gave birth to her myself. I truly do. I just don’t know what to do. I feel like this is overwhelming me. Like my life is some press release that will make everything in our company perfectly good. My heart is hurting and I’m scared that this is the wrong move. Daddy I’ve spent a my life being with a man who I know doesn’t treat me the way I deserve. I don’t know what to do. I don’t feel anything but obligation to Chauncey not love. Not love at all, it hurts because I’m so scared that I’m making a mistake.” Running her hands through her hair Selina felt like she was going crazy.

Selina wiped her eyes which tears almost fell but her pride wouldn’t allow it. As the first entrees were brought for her to try. She wasn’t hungry and didn’t want to eat. “Please the Japanese steak thinly cut with the arugula salad first course.” As she saw the concern on her father’s face she bit her lip. “Don’t worry it’s nerves, I’m so nervous daddy about everything. Jamal, my wedding, being the legal mom of Maddie. That’s only thing keeping me running is Maddie. I love her so much.” Chugging her drink down she placed down the glass. “This is brutal you know, I don’t want to worry you. I should leave. I’m sorry daddy.”

“I am sure it is just nerves Selina you and Chauncey have been through so much together. When Logan died not to mention what Braden did to you with Tamara you found your place. Perhaps the honeymoon will rekindle what you used to love about Chauncey.” Tony said not sure he agreed with her assessment of it was just nerves. He wanted her to be happy that was all and if Maddie and Chauncey made her happy. “I just want you to be happy you know that right? It is your day whatever you decide.”

Tony paused for a moment to take a sip of his own wine as he waved off the other courses. They had to talk about Ophelia and the wedding and Jamal. She would not be happy about Ophelia but Jamal was a mutual concern for them all. “I called Devin this morning he is look into your brother finances to see if he can trace the gun. He’ll be stopping by later to give me the results have you heard from Jamal at all since last week? Where are you placing Ophelia at the reception I thought she could join me at my table.”

“Ophelia isn’t welcome at my wedding father we just got into a brawl a couple of weeks ago.” She said as she thought about his face. Slowly pouring another glass of wine. “Ophelia hates me and I hate her so why have her there? That woman is a joke father and if you think I’m going to sit here and pretend? I’m not pretending anymore. She isn’t invited to the wedding. No I think that she’d be amazing outside in the rain where she has always belonged. Ophelia was a grand failure for you and look at Jamal the best thing she did is in danger. She failed him too I warned her.” Selina voice was defensive ever since Ophelia came into their life it was strife.

“Jamal needs us and she let this slip through her fingers. I warned her daddy that something was seriously wrong. Those goons that he was hanging with. I just think we need to get him.” This had to put an end to it. After all she was told Jamal was hanging with the wrong people. “Whatever this is it’s dangerous enough for him to think he needs a gun.” Selina said passionately. “You can’t think that epic failure that she is, Ophelia is invited to my wedding? Never that bitch won’t rain on my parade with her presence.” Selina knew she was being a brat. She knew she was being childish. She knew it hurt her father but she wasn’t backing down. He had to hear about their brawl. Ophelia and her were never going to see eye to eye.

Tony knew that this could be a losing battle with Ophelia but banning her would not look good especially since his other children were involved in the wedding. He knew about the brawl that they had gotten into at the dress shop but he also knew that heads would always butt their as well. “Yes you may hate each other but this is also a time when we all need to bond together for your brother as well Selina how will he feel when he shows up to the wedding to learn his mother was not invited?” Tony said lifting his glass from the table as he looked at his daughter he bit his tongue he couldn’t call Ophelia a complete mistake if he did that meant he wouldn’t have Jamal.

“Jamal need all of us including his mother, yes you warned her but had someone of come to you about Maddie would you have listened as well? As parents we make mistakes we want to believe in the best in our children. She should have never gotten into it with you at the dress shop but how would you have reacted if someone said the same thing about Maddie?” Tony said looking at Selina for a moment, as the staff brought out the appetizers to the table so they could narrow that down as well. He knew what Jamal was into was dangerous that was why he called Devin to find out where he got the gun to trace it. “Your cousin should have the information we need on the gun by tomorrow. Please reconsider your stance on Ophelia at the wedding if not for me for your brother.”

“Fine father, the escargot and scallions.” She said to the waiter as she waved off the food. “Ophelia isn’t banned but if she get’s in my way I scorch the earth with her. I hate her father and she knows how I feel. Dad she tried to replace mom and you can be happy dad but she isn’t the one. She didn’t like me or Mason I don’t care what she says and I’m done dad. I can’t believe it you miss her. You want her back and I just want you move on God! She isn’t the one after mom she purposely got pregnant to latch her way into our family. I sympathize with my brother to have mother like that. I’m not breaking worst enemy or not I’m checking Maddie now call me overprotective or wrong but I was concerned.” Selina said lowering her head.

“Now where is my little brother? Where is he? I don’t know and I’m crushed but you are wondering if that bitch can be your date. Fine bring her I don’t care. I’m out of here I swear to God!” Selina grabbed her purse and stood feeling angry and riled up. “I miss my mother and I just want you to miss her or act like you miss her. I just want to smell her perfume. I miss my mom and I’m not sure if marrying Chauncey is biggest mistake of my life.”

“She won’t be in the way and she is not my date.” Tony said looking at his daughter. Her outbursts had always been bad when he and Ophelia were together they had gotten worse over the years as well. His face fell flat when she all but accused Ophelia of trapping him with Jamal. She was young back then and she had no clue what it was like to grieve like he had. Throwing his napkins onto the table he stood.

“I loved your mother and losing her to the most horrible disease nearly destroyed me. Ophelia was there and she was a wonderful shoulder to lean on but don’t you dare accuse me or her of breaking vows to your mother.” Tony said looking at her the holding news had to stop at some point and he was tired of being in the middle. He knew she was obviously worried about Jamal and about marrying Chauncey. “I will call you as soon as I have something from Devin. You have to decide. You want to marry Chauncey or not but whatever you choose you are my daughter and I will always want what is best for you.”

Selina sat back and was wrapped up in all her emotions. She croaked out an apology as she saw the anger searing through her father. She walked away and rushing out. Ophelia rubbed such an ugly spot in her memory. It was too soon in her mind but her father had been dealing with her after her mother dying. As she walked out of the door of La Callie she touched her mother’s beautiful diamond pendant. Exhaling she felt the weight of everything on her chest. Wiping her eyes her town car pulled up. Putting on her sunglasses she entered the car as the driver opened the door.

“Ms. Selina she insisted.” Ben said.

“Who insisted?” Selina said getting in seeing Merci. “God Merci this isn’t the time.”

“Then when is to the soon to be Ms. Devonshire and I don’t stalk clients usually for my parties they stalk me. Now I’m in high demand after Jackie ShangRi La soiree so I suggest you get it together. Your rehearsal dinner girl we have to talk. It’s like you don’t care.”

“I don’t but do me a favor give it a darker theme like a last dinner.” Selina said leaning back.

“Oh I get it the Kim and Kanye type affair ohh I got some many ideas. Pardon Ben take me to Wilshire. Isn’t it horrible about Dante. I have a idea, I’ll pull double duty and help you with your wardrobe. God he was amazing.” Merci said softly. “Renards isn’t going to be the same he ran that place.”

“Tragic isn’t it how something could be taken from you like that.” She snapped her fingers. Selina planned on taking everything from Chauncey with a snap.


Zach was mortified when the medical examiners as they told him Dante’s family had claimed his body. Dante hadn’t heard from his mother in six year since he came out. Who made this happen? He wanted to talk to Ted Carlson some more because Ted’s daughter was caught drinking underaged once. He owed him and that fat bastard was just hanging his head. Nobody called him? Nobody said the love of his life was mourning him and needed to find his peace with this. Truthfully he’d secretly gone through dark thoughts. Cheating on Dante was the biggest mistake of his life. Biting his lip he looked at the door and gasped almost feeling cheated. He just proposed. He just gave his all too that man and knowing he was doing his worst to him. Lowering his head he bit his lip, Zach felt stupid he was calling the funeral parlors and trying to find a priest who loved everyone of God’s children.

As he turned around he saw his best friend Miranda who had been undercover. He felt sick to his stomach. He rushed outside as the vodka flushed out of his body. Zach wiped his mouth on his leather sleeve. His eyes look at his friend who seemed so scared for this. Holding his head up he knew something was up. “Nobody fucking called me when the family picked up my fiance body. It’s 2015 and that disrespectful shit still happens? Am I being sensitive? Am I? Or is something going on which Ted fat ass won’t tell me!” He kicked the door. “Miranda you know?”

Miranda walked through the halls of the city morgue the all too familiar walk that she had experienced in Washington when she had seen KC laying on a table. There had been no one with her at the time, just a lonely walk the neighbor in their condo had watched Quinn. When she had gotten the call from Zach she knew that she had to be there but she was also wondering why he hadn’t of called his cousin. She knew that Dani had been checking on Zach all the time and maybe that was why to in order to give her a break even though she knew her best friend would have dropped everything to be there for Zach. She looked at the pain in his eyes from being shut out of the arrangements.

“You know how it works the body goes to the next of kin, you and Dante had just gotten engaged you weren’t legally married. I think right now you are hurting, you lost the man you love I know how that feels and I know right now it feels like it won’t get better, it will.” Miranda said looking at Zach he had been drinking which didn’t surprise her he was grieving. She let him finish before she walked to him and hugged him. “Did you call Dani, tell me you didn’t drive over here like this. Have you heard from anyone in Dante’s family. I can march down there and demand Ted tell us who it was that picked up the body if you want.”

“I want to know! They haven’t spoken with him in years I thought. Dante only talked to his brother Diego who was coming to the wedding. He didn’t talk about this but who did this!” Zach nodded as he rushed back into the morgue. As he rushed back into Ted’s office and grabbed him by his shirt. “This is disrespectful. I’d be patient if I had the time but if this was a female laying in the morgue you’d give it to a grieving officer.” Playing the gay card he wasn’t above it but this was what he had to do.

“Zach man the feds came in here and got him. It was Diego Gonzalez! His brother was the FBI!” He screamed. “Get him off me Miranda!”

“Why didn’t you say that? Why didn’t you just tell me Ted? Huh? You wanted to see me tortured? Or do I have to be the crazy gay? Huh? Do I have to be the crazy gay? Huh? Do I have to do that? I am just as much as a man as you Ted? I heard the comments you’ve made. When I turn a cheek. You think that this is funny? Huh? You think that I’m funny? I should beat your ass until I feel better. Did you know my brother taught me how to box when I came out? I will kick your ass.”

Miranda had followed him back inside before taking out her phone and texting Dani to just let her know what was going on and then sending Brock a text as well. It wasn’t safe for Zach to be alone right now she had no plans of leaving anytime soon but she couldn’t be there all night either. She would have to eventually go home to Quinn tonight walking into the office she barely had time to react before she saw Zach throw poor Ted against the wall he had lost his mind. Ted was just doing his job, most everyone liked Ted. She went to Zach and used all her force to get him off of Ted.

“You need to calm the fuck down do you hear yourself right now? Everyone knows you were with Dante we aren’t stupid we all know you loved and cared about him. But we all are cops and public servants too that signed up to follow the law.” Miranda said looking at Ted to get lost as she saw him leave the office and then finally released Zach knowing he was being torn apart over this. “I have some contacts from when KC was at the bureau let me make a few damn phone calls before you go around trying to kill people. Devin and Jon will solve this case and we will find who did this to Dante but you have to step back and grieve.”

Zach saw Ted scampering away and he lowered his head he felt like shit. How could he just do that to someone he’d always considered a ass. Screaming at that man, calling him out his name, and blatantly disrespecting the job he’d been asked to do. He just slumped down and slid to the ground. Looking at Miranda he gasped a little as his heart started to beat wildly. He felt like the world had stopped and never would spin again.

“How am I supposed to be happy? How am I supposed to breathe Miranda? He’s gone?” KC death struck them all like a ton a bricks. He remembered watching June and Richard Harrison watching Quinn. Then he and Dani washing up and helping Miranda. He felt numb and he wasn’t sure he’d feel again. He wasn’t sure that he’d open his heart fully and purely again. “I hurt him and I lied. I lied so much the truth was fiction to me. How am I supposed to just move on? How am I to move on?”

Miranda watched Ted go and then turned her attention back to Zach as he slunk down on the wall. Losing KC has been one of the hardest things she had ever done her family and her friends were there for her. It was different though she had Quinn to think about she couldn’t just crawl into a hole and bury herself there she leaned against the wall for a moment before she sank down beside him. She didn’t know the details about what happened and Dani refused to tell her family code more than likely. As much as she was friends with them both, Zach and Dani had a close bond more like brother and sister than cousins.

“I remember the first week when KC was gone you and Dani flew out to DC along with my parents. It hurt Zach and some days are better than others. Dani drug my ass out of bed. You in turn handled the arrangements with my parents and helped with Quinn. I can tell you it does get easier, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss KC every day.” Miranda said looking over at him what she could tell him was that it would get better if she had stayed and wallowed she wouldn’t of met Devin. She had to move on, push forward and look at all the good things she had in her life still her family and most importantly Quinn. “I had to realize that my life wasn’t over when he died and it took time Zach and that is completely normal. I loved KC and thought I’d never feel that way again and then Devin came back into my life. You can’t just stop believing in that.”

Zach leaned in and hugged Miranda as he looked into her eyes. She’d supported him in high school when he first came out. Back then she had a crush on him but she always loved him. Something that he knew. There friendship was intense and he cared deeply about Miranda and Quinn. They were family and he just missed his fiance. His lashing out was extreme after all Ted was just doing his job. He nodded as he looked at Miranda.

“Can you take me home? I just truly don’t want to be here. I just want to sleep I’m so tired man.” He touched Miranda shoulder as he kissed her cheek. “I’m never going to love again. It hurts too much. I don’t want to feel again. I don’t want to ever love this deeply again.” Zach told Miranda as he walked out of the building.

“Sure let’s get you home.” Miranda said letting Zach hug her as long as he needed.

She had thought Zach was cute when they were younger but now they were just friends. Once she learned that Zach was into both men and women she knew it had to be just that. KC still hurt it hadn’t gone away and it had been years. She also knew it was also because of Quinn regardless of what happened between Zach and Diego, she knew it would take Zach time. Walking out of the morgue she led Zach back to her car content with giving him a ride home for the evening. She didn’t want Zach to be alone but she also knew it would take time and right now he was just lashing out.


Ronan could feel his head on the pillow and should swear that he heard the sound of a cart being wheeled somewhere in the distance. Opening his eyes he looked around he was still at the resort and his eyes adjusted against the sunlight. He sat up in the bed a little bit wincing as the pain shot through his side and he looked down the the bandage on his rib cage. The doctor had stitched him up and thankfully both bullets were a through and through. His left shoulder was still in a sling something that he would have to wear at least for the next month but he was alive. He had always been a skeptic about death or near death till it happened to him, your life did flash before your eyes. He saw Brooke sitting in the room with Kendrick leaning on the wall. He had overheard some of their exchanges and for now he would remind Kendrick of his place later, though he understood his concern Kendrick had been watching his ass for over ten years. He waved him off as he saw Brooke finally notice he was awake.

“They didn’t hurt you did they? I should have had more protection that night.” Ronan said his body still stiff from the week in bed he was taking his medication which did ease the pain but it also had left his groggy until today. Life was far too short and he knew that he loved Brooke, something he never thought was possible given his life and profession but he knew they had to be careful as well. Thor was out for blood now, blood he learned his brother was more than willing to shed. “Don’t tell me you skipped your job in New York. I was in good hands while I was here.”

“I had to postpone it.” She touched his scar from that hack doctor. Brooke wanted to call David or Ophelia over to help him. Kendrick however stopped her and even snatched her cellphone. He got a slap for touching her. Huffing she sat on the bed as she touched his stubble. Running her hands through her hair as she looked at him. Licking her lips softly she shook her head at him. “You scared me so much this week. I just found you don’t dare get to go leave me okay? I’m fine actually even though I detest your personal guard, he’s great at his job.” Brooke got up and walked to the bathroom.

Returning with a bowl of hot water, shaving cream, a towel, and a razor. Turning to look at Kendrick she eyed him as she placed down the items. “I think you can leave now Kendrick my unless you want to watch me shave and kiss on your boss?” When she heard the door close she shook her head. “He gives me the creeps.” Dipping the towel in the water she wiped his face. Then she sprayed the shaving cream on his face and blended it in his skin. Then she took the straight blade razor and shaved his cheek. “We had a date remember, I’m holding you too it. I’m not scared of this I think I proved it to everyone.”

“I wish you didn’t Brooke the job was important to you. I will make it up to you as soon as I am able to travel, we can go see New York you call who you were supposed to shoot with and I will make sure they take you on to make it up. Any date you want we will do I am so sorry to have involved you like this Thor will pay.” Ronan said watching her look at the scar the doctor had done well given the harsh circumstances and it wasn’t his first scar left behind by an opposing organization. He knew things were tense between her and Kendrick but he hoped they could also find a middle ground with each other. Kendrick had been beyond loyal over the past ten years and more since college. “It will take a lot more other than my idiot of a brother trying to kill me than to take me away from you. I should have not let my guard down for the evening.”

He watched her go to the bathroom and come out with the things needed for his shave and could only imagine he looked like hell it wasn’t like he had been able to get out of bed and do it himself. He shot Kendrick a look when Brooke snapped at him to leave to let him know it was alright. “He may but he is one of my closest friends and confidants he has been with the family since I was in college, he has saved my life on more than one occasion. For now we have to make sure he thinks that I am gone no one can know I am here Brooke do you understand? I also wanted to tell you I had been ready to when the shots rang out I’m in love with you Brooke and I will do anything to make sure you are safe and this world never touches you again.”

Brooke listened to him go on and on about his loyalty to Kendrick. If she was boss of her company and Val acted like this then she’d fire her. It was an underlay of jealousy with Kendrick she felt it and maybe that’s why he hated her so. As she began to work on the other side of his face. Her eyes were glowing at his handsome face coming to life. He was handsome even shot up. It was something enigmatic about him. As she heard his words she knew it was true. The scary part was she was in love also. Placing the razor down ever since they had their first meeting she’d be enamored. Holding her bottom lip with her teeth she looked at him.

“You don’t know how scared I was. I’ve been awake since this happened. I sleep for a few moments and I was awake just to see if you are breathing. I’m scared because I gave up on it. Atticus hurt me so badly and I just.” She choose to climb in the bed with Ronan because at this moment she needed to be by him. Brooke laid her head on his shoulder. “I just am so scared that I am falling for you and I’m scared that you are invincible as I thought. You were teflon a week ago but I can’t lose you so please fix whatever this war is. I don’t care about Thor or the mob only you. If you have do something bad to fix this then do because I can’t lose you. I love you too.”

“I never meant to scare you my enemies are dangerous Brooke. This won’t be the first or the last attempt. Atticus was a fool to let a woman like you go.” Ronan said looking at her seeing the fear in her eyes she looked work down like she had hardly slept. He had done that to her with his negligence of not having enough security on her when he should. A mistake he would not repeat in the future if he could help it. She mattered to him period and his organization would soon know that. She also had a presence about her a strength he saw in her youth. “Did your mother approve of him this prince? I think my mother would have liked you.”

“I’ve never wanted this before it was and is dangerous I promised myself I would never risk that. Losing a woman or wife to this life like my father did. Like others before me have you are a target to many now. Ronan said pulling her close to him and wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Many people thought the mob was glamorous it was in certain aspects the money, the power in others it was a curse of death and destruction in its wake a good boss knew the balance. Something his father had taught him early on. “Thor is angry he has a right to be he lost his mother to this. The things I will have to do Brooke you can never know it all I want you to know that. Anything I do is for your own good do you understand?”

Brooke nodded her head getting the feelings one of those knuckleheads outsides would be accompanying her more often. Exhaling she touched his chest knowing that whatever she didn’t know was for the best. Brooke didn’t want to get that deep in Ronan’s business and she wasn’t trying too. How could she not love him though? He was a rock her rock and she wasn’t going to sleep unless he handled Thor. He could be angry all he wanted but the fact was she knew Ronan didn’t kill her father and Carla. He was lashing out at the wrong person and to that effect she assumed his life was on the line. Slowly watching his face talking about the dangers and his life. She listened and soaked it in.

“I don’t care, I love you.” She whispered kissing his lip. “Whatever I have to do I’ll do it. I’m a good resource to have no? Look I’ve kept you in hiding and as far as everyone know you haven’t been seen since the hit. Thor is waiting for word you are gone but you aren’t and I can’t wait for this to be over.” Brooke rubbed his chest as he brought up Atticus. “She loved him, he was a royal and a prince and I’d be damned if she still isn’t hell bent on making her a princess.” Brooke shook her head as she looked at Ronan. “He hurt me so badly and she was so not cute. The girl was trashy but he wanted me to accept it. He hurt me and wasn’t sorry I was the first person to break the royal prince heart.”

Ronan knew that she was strong but she was also young and though she said she didn’t care. He knew better deep down she would in the long run she would want honesty and transparency. There was only so long that she would tolerate that let alone live with it how own his own mother could hardly stand it. His parents were not a perfect couple they had problems like anyone in the business did. His father had tried his best over the years with her and sometimes that was not enough.

“A prince among us mortals and your mother would want you with that. Your mother is the type of woman who gets her way then I take it? I am very glad that you instead came back here.” Ronan said looking at her and rubbing her back he could feel the pain medication taking over again. His eyelids began to get heavy as he looked at her soon be would be back to sleep to let his body heal more hopefully by tomorrow he would be able to get up and move around. “He was never good enough for you Brooke. Close your eyes and try to get some sleep I’m not dying or leaving  anytime soon.”

Brooke closed her eyes and felt comfort seeping over. As long as she was with Ronan he was safe. She didn’t want him to be alone. He brought happiness into her loneliness. Truthfully without him pursuing her she would have ended up with Atticus. Her mother constant struggle for power and control. She wasn’t empty and cold anymore for once she knew where she was going. She knew a man loved her deeply and richly.

“My job is going to have me going out tomorrow, I can’t put it off any longer. I think that you should be safe still here.” She whispered softly. “I know this may sound selfish but I want it all. I want it all with us.”


Walter turned off the news inside his office at the pub the dinner rush wouldn’t start for a few more hours at the very least but his mind was on other things. Not even the election and winning his coveted seat in the election was on his mind he was supposed to got to city hall today in about an hour. If anything his mind had been more cluttered with family matters in the last week, his nephew was spiraling. Lauren was still barely speaking to him and his daughter had began to bring Jackson around which irritated him to no avail. They were grieving the death of Dante who had been a part of their family for so long. He still didn’t approve of the lifestyle choice but still Dante was family. Just as much as the Hessington or the Harrison children were. When the office door opened he didn’t look up from his paperwork.

“I’ll be out in a few Lauren I know what time it is. I know we are supposed to be at city hall and then are driving down to see Helen and Brandon.” Walter looked up and glanced at Brenda inside of his office he was taken by surprise. She never came to the pub she hadn’t in years and knowing that Lauren was still bristling and furious with him for the past even made this more uncomfortable. “What can I do for you Brenda?”

Brenda walked in with a full black mink on dragging against the Pub’s floor. She slowly removed it as she revealed a crimson red and lace dress. Her gloves were leather and she knew exactly what she was doing. She’d heard every once and awhile Walter ran The Fraiser Pub. Call it intuition or just a purely knowing someone for years. She knew Walt wouldn’t be around his family, he was awkward in situations like this. Brenda was alone and she couldn’t seem to find where to go. To be honest it was as if she knew where to go. It was the person she’d always confided in. She had lost him years ago to Anderson but she didn’t take it back. Having her son and moving forward was the best thing to happen to her.

“A girl can’t come in for a drink?” She said looking at her ex-flame. He was still handsome in that rugged way. He didn’t have that polished look as Steven had as mayor and the election. “I’m bored and lonely. My daughter won’t answer my calls, Anderson and Cara are expecting another child but they aren’t here, and Hunter I’ve hidden so much from him. Our ties are broken so I’m alone.” Reaching over she touched his hand and felt the electricity simmering through. “I’m alone and you need a makeover. If you are going to win flannels and jeans aren’t mayor material. You need to be looked at more serious. I have all these things of Steven’s and I just think maybe you can’t afford those suits but they shouldn’t go to waste.” Seeing his eyes wouldn’t even look at her. “This was foolish.” Brenda wondering if she just seemed desperate. “I’m sorry.”

“You haven’t come in here in years.” Walter said his voice croaking as he looked at her why did she have to pick now to come back, when he was so vulnerable. When his family was near what he always wanted them to be a pillar in society. When his nephew was grieving after walking into his home to find the person he loved the most dead on the floor in a pool of blood. Despite his problems with Lauren over the years he would be a mess just as much as his nephew was if it had been her, or any of his children. “Now is not the best time Brenda I have a lot on my mind here and with what my nephew is going through.”

Walter knew it sounded harsh after he said it when he was unable to look her in the eye afterwards she was just trying to be helpful. Honestly part of what was appealing about him was he was your average man that was finally getting a position of power after years of being shut out of a company he should own. He had thought over the campaign since day one and with a few points of impact and poll numbers that is what people liked about him. “I didn’t mean it like that Brenda. We still fight over you if you must know and having Lauren mad at me, my daughter not speaking to me, my nephew is tearing his life apart and grieving. Honestly it would feel odd to wear Steven’s dead things. I did want to tell you that Braden is looking into Ronan Madden I saw Brooke with him I wanted to give you a heads up.”

Brenda laughed with a coldly as she shook her head. Slowly walking around the pub she touched the oak where their names were once carved. Looking at the beautiful bar that she was once so familiar with. “It hasn’t changed you know the pretty girl always falls for the wrong guy. I’m quite aware of my daughter’s taste in men. It’s like history repeating itself no? Don’t think Walt? You were so unavailable when I first had you. You were my weakness and I’m scared that I cursed Brooke with my sins. Didn’t we deserve better? You deserved better or so I thought.” Her heels dragged against the ground as turned around facing them. “I died a little inside every day wondering what our lives could have been. Walter don’t you wonder?”

Knowing what she was doing Brenda leaned on the pool table and let out a gasp. “Oh my God.” She cried as she felt so in control in the moment. As much as she loved Steven he was never the love of her life. That place was left for Walter. “I’m spiraling and here I am reaching for you. You need comfort and so do I. Oh Walter don’t you want to go back in time? Don’t want to spend one night with me? I’m so alone.” She purred as she looked at him knowing he could never let her cry for long. One thing he was, was an everyman but he was a man. “I miss you so much Walter. Please.”

Walter knew having her here would be problematic but he didn’t have the heart to kick her out either he watched her walk to the bar. Yes their names had been carved at one point until he vowed to get rid of them with the last remodel in which they sanded and refinished. “No I suppose it hasn’t but Ronan is dangerous Brenda you have to know that Braden is working closely with the feds on the matter and will be coordinating with the police. I don’t want anything to happen to Brooke should things go wrong.” He took a breath at her statement about them they were cursed when they started. “Lauren has stood by me through everything Brenda.”

He had wondered over the years what if he would be a liar to think he had not, but it was just that a fantasy what they had done to Lauren and Steven was wrong. Despite what they felt for each other they had made commitments to other people he had a son with Lauren she had Anderson with Steven. Lauren had been right he had been planning to leave her and then Dani came, he watched her break down and begin to cry. His heart softened he wasn’t a complete asshole when it came to Brenda and moved to her embracing her into a hug as she cried.

“You will get through this Brenda you are strong, stronger than people give you credit for. You are not alone you still have your children even if they seem far away.” Walter said rubbing his hand down her back, it felt nice to hold her again but he knew he couldn’t go back there. Not when he was so close to being mayor and not when he knew Lauren would leave him this time.

Brenda nuzzled into that spot in the nape of his neck that was built for her. Walter touching her after all these years felt good. It was electric in fact especially knowing all what she did. Lauren was always a loser. Soon it would all be revealed and she’d reclaim her place in power. Slowly pulling herself back she looked at Walter she shook her head. “This is wrong, I’m so sorry that I lost our.” Brenda paused knowing the lies that were rolling off her tongue. She wasn’t sorry nor was she going to apologize for what she truly did. She made she had a trump card against Lauren years later and it was still ready to be played. Not just him but the entire Fraiser family that shunned her for Lauren. She took it from them all but that wasn’t ready. Jackie wasn’t going to take it from her either. That bitch threatened her and she knew why Kathleen never would come back to Atlas Falls.

“I’m leaving, I’m just lonely and how desperate of me.” She rushed away from him picking up her mink. “I just wanted you to do that. I know I shouldn’t be here. Trust me I just want to be with someone. It was wrong to expect it to be you.” Brenda slipped on her fur. “I’ll call my driver and wait outside. I’m so embarrassed.” One thing Brenda knew was Walter couldn’t accept a damsel in distress running away. A trait he’d passed on to Braden. “I saw Braden on TV you know I’ve had a soft spot for that kid. He looks so good I know you must be proud.”

Walter watched her walk away and placed his hands on his hips for a moment debating his options, she was in distress and lonely. He had shared a lot over the years with Brenda and Lauren had been correct the other night had she not told him about Dani he would have left her. It had all been a mess, years ago when tensions were high and he lost his way his duty had to be to Lauren, Braden and his unborn daughter though at the end of the day. Her husband had just died and even though at this moment there was no lingering feelings between them he also knew she shouldn’t be alone at the moment either. He took a breath before he walked out after her making sure that there were no prying eyes.

“For what it is worth there are days that I wonder Brenda but we both know that it was another time for us both. I had duty to Lauren at the time and to my son, had our situation have been different I may of chosen differently Brenda. But it wasn’t I couldn’t abandon my pregnant wife even if it would have made me happy at the time.” Walter said looking up to see her eyes, he took a breath knowing that his next words would have hurt her even if hearing what he just said hurt as well. “It was nice seeing you again Brenda.”

Brenda turned around and touched the scruff on his face. Letting her hand clasp his face in her hands. “Oh how foolish were we when we were younger? We couldn’t be happy and I assure you I buried our past so far nobody will ever dig up our affair.” She offhandedly let her hand drag down his chest. “It would have made us happier. It would have made us in believe in love again. Instead we both became stuck in a loveless marriage. Don’t you miss the passion? Don’t you miss making love to me? Like I miss making love to you?”

As she slowly leaned in and kissed him. “Don’t let me go. Don’t let me be alone my dear.” She said as tears stained Walter shirt. “I have been trying to let go but you are pulling me in. You are grabbing me in places I can’t stay away from. Walter this was simple life you lead was supposed to be mine. Happy or heartbroken how have you just moved on from me? From us?”

Walter was shocked when she leaned in and kissed him tot he point after a few seconds he pulled back was she losing it. They had been over for years, he was about to be instated as mayor of Atlas Falls. He would finally have his revenge on Lowell, and he didn’t know if they would have had happy ever after, his life with Lauren was far from perfect but it wasn’t sorrow like Brenda’s had been with Steven. He missed Brenda in his life as a friend but they couldn’t be lovers again too much had happened.

“You should leave we’re opening soon. You wanted different things Brenda and so did I we took different paths you with Anderson I married Lauren.” Walter said finally looking up at the doorway to see Lauren staring at them and he only hoped she hadn’t of seen the kiss. He wasn’t that man anymore he hadn’t been in years, he had learned from his mistakes. “Lauren, Brenda was just on her way out.”

“Just leaving.” She touched the side of her lips as she looked at Walter and Lauren one last time. “Spiderwebs? We all walk into them but getting stuck in them. Well that’s always another story. We were stuck Walt and don’t you forget that.”

“Get out!” Lauren seethed as she looked at Walter. “And so it begins. How long before I get a call that you’re not coming home? How long before all the lies start? How long before she has my life. You remember this it was me and you who built all of this.” Lauren snapped her finger. “And just as fast I’ll set your political career ablaze.” She snatched a towel and started to clean the counter.


Jon walked into Club XES as the smell of marijuana hit his nostrils. He wasn’t here to be police but God this was hard to believe. The lack of care that people had nowadays just breaking laws in the public. He felt like the next generation of kids would grow up not knowing that this was once wrong. The excess in XES was enough to drive him wild. As he saw her sitting alone nursing a drink he couldn’t help it. When he got her text he felt his heart skipping a beat a little. Cassie was fascinating to him not only was she asking for his company. She was acting like they didn’t have this obvious thing going. This wasn’t a friendship he ever felt before. It was burning between them. He wanted to touch her and for once he didn’t care if he was wrong. He could see her body wrapped around his.

Walking to her he sat down and took her drink taking her deep sip. “That’s good what is that?” He said playfully showing his boyish charm. “I wrote Dani every day when I was away. I was too scared to send them and maybe things would be different. Have you ever stopped to think what would happened. Everyone is chatting that Thor is bragging he may have took out Ronan. Now truth be told Ronan if he was dead it would be announced already. Off the record I don’t think he’s dead he’s playing Godfather with the big boys I hope he’s ready.” Jon said looking at her. “I just don’t want you in the crossfire.”

Cassie had spent the week working and she and Thor had not spoken she figured that was for the best as he had returned her things back to her. The cycle they were on was draining her and she had been thinking a lot over their relationship if you could even call it that. They were lovers in bed together and had been for years but a relationship required both of them to really want it and she wanted it more than Thor did. She had pulled in a long eight hour day and was sitting sipping her godmother alone at the bar making sure that Philip’s shit with Ronan was not there for the night. They finally had some high rollers in when instead she saw Jon Harrison walk in, she tried to avoid him she knew they had some sort of spark and she was now free to act on that if she wanted.

“It’s called a godmother my mother was fond of them and I insisted that the club be able to make them.” She raised her eyebrow at him for a moment before she looked at the bartender signaling him to go away. She took another sip of her drink the rim was still warm from his lips and she closed her legs a little at the anticipation. Jon would be something new for her an adventure. “Her loss if you ask me she seems a little how do I put it a mess half the time? I think life is sometimes as I have learned early on far to short to wonder about the what if’s what fun is it living in the past? If you are here to ask for information on Thor you would and should know we aren’t together his business with Ronan is just that his business.”

Those words sent a chill down his spine. They weren’t together and this meant tonight he wanted to spoil her. Jon leaned in and slowly let his lips brush against Cassie’s ear. “That’s good to hear because woah you look so beautiful tonight. You smell so good and I’m wondering why you are here? I know it’s your brother and yours joint but kid you deserve so much more. You deserve to get out of here. So if you don’t mind can I take you to my favorite place in Atlas Falls? I mean I only show this to very special people and it’s not cold tonight so let’s go.” Jon played with a loose curl that framed her face perfectly.

Taking her hand so they could leave the club he smiled. “Don’t look so worried you are with an officer of the law. I don’t bite unless you like a bite.” Jon led her out of the club towards his car opening her door and then ran on the other side of the car. “I can’t pretend that I’m not happy you and Thor are over. Dani was something so special and not only that, she was perfection in my eyes. Until I saw that I don’t want perfect. Or my idea of perfection, I actually wanted to find me.”

Cassie looked at the bartender when Jon leaned in and started to shamelessly flirt with her she was a free woman now and it was about time that she had lived a little.  She liked the way his lips moved against her ear, maybe it was because she was lonely at the moment. Thor had been a good lover there wasn’t a denial in that but shouldn’t there be this between two people? A type of chemistry that she didn’t feel with Thor, she watched Jon move some hair out of her face and looked at him. Her mother had always told her that was what life was all about experiences. She let him led the way to the car and had to smile at the classic lines of it Thor had a love for pretty things but he always seemed to miss the more finer aged things.

“I’m not worried I am just very curious to know where you’re taking me? I wouldn’t have pegged you for a romantic then again you do have a certain amount of charm about you.” Cassie said watching him get in the car as she looked around the crowded parking lot it was a good night for business. She also made a double check to make sure that Thor hadn’t of put someone on her. He had a bit of a possessive streak sometimes with her and the last thing she wanted was Jon caught in his crosshairs. “We could agree to a truce if you want you don’t ask more about Thor and I could quit pestering you about Dani Fraiser. I doubt either of us want to relive wasted moments.”


“Agreed no more of them.” He said as they drove to Everest Point the trek seemed to make the hills and city look even more amazing. Jon knew this off road path like the back of his hand. When he first came back from Iraq he was gone. Something felt all too painful as he thought about those days. He would stay up all night and when he felt near levels to crash he’d run. Jon would run so much that he felt like he’d die. So many times he was a afraid to sleep because of what he would see. This trail actually was where he thought about jumping but it also saved him. When Skye left him for Jackson and now Dani well it was a trend. Jon looked at this intriguing and beautiful woman.

“I’ve been thinking about you. I really want to show you this.” As he parked you could see all of Atlas Falls. “That’s my parents cabin over there but this is my getaway. I love to hide out here and watch life. I grew up here and I think I can ask you something?” Jon leaned in and kissed her cheek letting his lips kiss her neck. “I only want to talk about you. Matter fact if you don’t think I’m serious let me show you.” Placing his hand between Cassie thigh. “I want to show you all of me. That means let me cook for you after we fuck all night. I like to talk in the middle but damnit I am romantic. And if you let me I’ll show you romance.”

Cassie looked at him for a bit as she felt a smirk playing on her lips at him agreeing to drop their past for the evening in truth she didn’t want to talk about Thor tonight. It was complicated always had been with Thor they would get on these toxic cycles together this time felt final in a way it hadn’t before. Looking at him as he put the car into park at the pointe the city was stunning from this view and it was unlike anything she had seen from her condo. It wasn’t like she was an outdoor type person the most she ever did was ski occasionally.

“It’s beautiful. I’ve honestly never been up here we didn’t exactly go outdoors most of the time my mother preferred society as did my father. I know some families own cabin’s up here.” Cassie said looking at him feeling her heart race when his lips touched her cheek for a moment and then spread her legs a bit encouraging him to go further. It had been so long since she has been with someone new. Her hand traced his face for a bit before she leaned in and kissed him. “Less talking detective.”

Jon with a seductive smile shook his head. Quickly unbuckling her seat belt as he turned her face to his and kissing her again. Jon got out of the car and then walked to the other side of the door. Then he opened it and picked Cassie up and knew she wasn’t used to this. He somehow felt good giving it to her for the first time. “I promise from this part on no more talking. Just moans and deep exhales.” Carrying her to the cabin as he opened the door, still holding her in his arms. He walked into the dimly candle lit cabin. “I hope you don’t mind I’ve been anticipating this and I want to give you all you want.”

Jon carried her upstairs as he laid her in the bed. As Jon spread her legs before looking into her eyes. Sex had always been fun to him but he didn’t do it often. This was something so sacred to Jon to give his body to someone. That was what he taught, after all once you have sex with someone your souls are connected. As he lowered his head and tasted her sweet nectar. She was so sweet and tasty. His tongue started to work feverishly on her clit.

Cassie was glad that he stopped the talking as he led her into the house and she let him carry her up the stairs. It was lit meaning he had been planning this, mentally she checked a list he was cocky that much was sure what if she would have said no? She watched him lay her on the bed and stared up at him when he lifted her skirt and then spread her legs. She tilted her head back and closed the eyes letting the sensation roll over her body. Was this what it was supposed to feel like with someone?

She arched her back as he found that little spot inside of her even more and she felt herself let out a moan, he did know his way around a woman’s body. Her hands left the bed to tangle in his hair while her body shivered. Eventually she made him stop by tugging his head away and dragging his body up to hers. She waited a moment before she pressed her lips to his eagerly and her hands undid the button on his pants, tugging them and his underwear off. “Make me forget Jon.”

Jon wasn’t going to stop now. He could tell that his tongue was working magic over her swollen pussy lips. Cassie was dripping and he knew that this was his time. For some reason he knew exactly what her body needed. Maybe because that was exactly what his body needed. Hell he wasn’t sure. He was five seconds away from diving into her hotness. As Jon looked into his eyes. Her juices still dripping he leaned down and kissed her feverishly. Quickly positioning himself between her legs he exhaled passionately.

Sliding into her juiciness he couldn’t believe how tight Cassie was. It was almost like she was a virgin. Something inside of him lost it. He immediately started to plow inside of her. Throwing long and meaningful long strokes inside of her. Rolling his hips getting a constant rhythm Jon knew he was hitting her just right. He heard that sometimes the bodies connect something deeper. For the first time it wasn’t just about this moment. Jon was always a romantic he saw something more. Leaning in he whispered in her ear. “Does it feel good?”

Cassie wasn’t able to speak or protest as he slid inside of her thank God for and IUD he felt like he belonged there when he began to move. Her hands worked on his shirt to rip it over his head and toss it on the floor beside them, her lips went back to his. Licking and biting his tongue while their bodies collided into each other. She wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him in deeper while she opened her eyes and gazed into his eyes. She nodded her head at him when he asked if it felt good.

“You feel amazing. Please don’t stop.” Cassie said she never pleaded with sex but for once she wanted this to feel someone take care of her. With Thor it was wild and passionate but it wasn’t tender or anything more and for once she wanted that change, maybe she needed that from someone. She arched her back feeling her body shaking against his and raked her nails down his back feeling the few scars there. He had seen battle in different ways than Thor had more honorable ones.

Jon was very insecure about his scars. Hell who wouldn’t be his back was a shrine to the time he was in Iraq. It was a constant reminder of the countless beating he had to take. Lt. Warren Myers told him to survive and that’s what he did. He let them beat him. He watched as they dragged Warren off and beat him to death after making him say these disgusting lies. He was a hero and he told the authorities such. His family to a purple heart of valor. Closing his eyes he hadn’t felt this intimate with anyone since Skye. The darkness that surrounded them was impenetrable to be honest. She was on drugs and he was so lost in the war he couldn’t see her abuse. However something was different about this. Skye and he connected physically but Cassie their bodies were one. They both felt in home inside of the other. He just fit inside of her.

Jon started to go wild as felt his shaft swelling and getting thicker by the moment. The passion was intense and the sweat dripping off of him on to her. He saw one single bead dropped onto her neck. He leaned in almost vampiristic and sucked a love mark on her neck as he beat her perfect pussy mercilessly. The tightness gripping around his dick he couldn’t breathe. “I’m about to burst fuck Cassie!” He screamed throwing his hips harder inside of her.

Cassie saw him stare off for a moment while he moved and decided the next best thing would be to throw her hips back into his. Feeling him swell inside of her, she couldn’t help the moans that came out with the small gasps. She watched him close his eyes and she wanted to know why, she had never wanted to know why with a man before until now she normally didn’t care to know about the demons. She knew Thors because of the years they had been on and off but it was never like this with someone else.

When he opened his eyes back up, her nails dug into his ass feeling her body starting to shake as he told her he was going to cum she was already there. “God!” Cassie said feeling herself clench up around him, feeling her pussy lock around him and then she felt him pouring into her. She kept moving her hips desperate for the contact that he was giving her through her climax. Her nails she was pretty sure may of left marks as she felt him still cuming inside of her.

Jon could feel the tension between them building into a climax. He kept going until he couldn’t breathe. The quick strokes took him to a place of bliss as he felt himself swelling to the point of shooting two powerful shots of his children inside of Cassie. Jon buried his head inside of her shoulder. It was the first time he’d had sex with someone passionately since Skye. He laid inside of her as he finally rolled off her.

“Can we talk now?” He said smirking. “I know you’re fresh out a relationship and you might not be looking for a relationship. That’s good because I’m not either and I want you to be a friend. You know? A friend and a lover?” He said smiling as he played with a few strings of hair that were curly due to the sweat. “So is that cool with you?”

Cassie let him ride her through the climax and then she let him talk for a moment intimacy her biggest setback with any relationship. Jon was saying he didn’t want that but his eyes said different he was a different guy than what she was used to in the past. He would want that a picket fence with a family and two kids. She rolled over to look at him stroking his face for a moment. “Sure jet let me go freshen up.”

Cassie got off the bed seeing him lying there before she walked into the bathroom and locked the door. She leaned on the counter for a bit taking a few deep breaths the problem was she could see that with someone like Jon. She could never see a future like that with Thor which made what she was feeling at the moment even more confusing. Had she been blind for the last few years chasing a dream with Thor that he would never want back with her? She turned the faucet on for a bit hoping that the excursion had exhausted him enough so they didn’t have to talk, she could leave quietly in the middle of the night.


Trisha sat in the garden at the rehabilitation center finishing her final stretches from her yoga class going over that morning’s journal that she had written. Today the pain was on the low end progress given her years when the pain was so bad that all she wanted was the drugs to numb her body from the pain. It was a burden she had always carried and eventually the pain overtook her life and made her turn to the only thing that helped the drugs, a stupid choice. Ever since she had come here though they had been helping her cope to be able to deal with it channel it homeopathically, teaching her to clear her mind and soul. The last blood transfusion a few weeks ago had helped and she could say she was feeling better than she had in years thank God. It was family visiting day and she knew better than to expect Yasmine to come. When she saw her daughter walking to her however she was overcome with emotion as she bit her lip the tears forming in her eyes.

“Baby girl.” Trisha managed to get out as she looked at her daughter and tentatively got up from her seat. She wasn’t sure how Yasmine would be today and instead she leaned in for an awkward hug noticing the expensive clothes on her body, Yasmine had found someone. Men in their world like that hardly lasted she had been young and foolish once to think that they would. “I wasn’t expecting you today. I must look like a mess.”

“Ma you look beautiful.” She leaned in and kissed her mother’s cheek. As she fiddled with her thumbs, Yasmine just wasn’t sure what she was to do. They hadn’t talked in almost a year face to face. Now all of the sudden it was this moment where they knew they’d have to face it. Then she leaned in and wiped a tear threatening to drip down her mother’s face. “Ma you still the prettiest woman in the world to me. You know that look at you doing yoga? I used to try and make you do that all the time.”

Yasmine heart sank looking at how good she was doing amazing. Her mother would have to move. This could be a trigger. Hell anything could be a trigger. Yasmine eyes swelled as she looked at her momma and started to cry. She’d put her life on the line. Her whole life everyone said she was a dancer and now she was doing the lowest form of dance. As she bit down on her bottom lip as she touched her mom hand. She’d gotten word from the next clinic, she could come immediately. Yasmine knew she would have too.

“Ma we gotta go. You have to leave here and I gotta put you in the hospital under great-grandma name. I’m not about to tell you what’s going on because I’m good. I swear it Ma, because I got a good man. The type of man you wanted for me but I have to break free of some old ties first. Ma, I’m dating Rory Devonshire! A Devonshire I know you think I’m crazy but I’m telling the truth. These shoes cost more than hell I don’t know! They Louboutins, rose gold bracelets and he cares and I know he’s falling in love with me. Ma I have to hide you, just for a little bit.”

Trisha reminded herself that the hug though awkward was a start as she stared at her daughter, she looked like she had just rolled into money. The shoes and the jewelry, she was happy for her of course she was but her blood ran cold at the mention of Lowell Devonshire’s son. Men like Lowell’s son didn’t keep people like them and she tried to block that memory out of her head, she had been so careful over the years with it. She hadn’t asked how Yasmine had afforded her rehab treatment but she knew it was bad if she was having her move to another clinic under a different name.

“They helpin me here, my therapist says it’ll just be another month or two. The pain is under control the best they can get it, the exercises that they are teaching me the techniques I’m doing so much better.” Trisha fiddled with her hands for a bit she had taught her girls not to depend on men Gina had paid the price for that. Her hands unclenched as she used a breathing technique for a moment knowing she had to push those thoughts back. “What are you into baby? Kendrick said he would keep an eye on you that boy knows how I feel about who he runs with. As for Rory, like father like son they say those people will spit you out don’t trust him he isn’t from our world.”

“Ma, stop tripping I was making some runs with Kendrick and this cat name Ronan. I didn’t go looking in the car and ask no questions. So you trying to say you staying here Ma? Look I see they helpin you and I see you looking good but I’m in some deep shit.” She said trying to not curse. “I have to move you he knows you are here a mob boss and I don’t want no static for my stupidity.” Yasmine lowered her head she was honestly tired of lying to her mother. Since she was a child she was a dancer. “Ma I can’t lie anymore to you I was dancing at Club XES, and I was making some runs and I had to make sure you were healthy! Gina is gone and I did it without no man’s help. I didn’t get sucked into Kendrick shit! I dance and made enough money to buy your debt off, buy your stay here and make money so you got a new place to go to when you get out. Ma I did that! I just am ready to leave and dance again. Not dance for others pleasure but my art.”

Yasmine felt dirty and almost weak after revealing what she had done. “I don’t want you to worry because Rory is burying my debt to Ronan. I’m done Ma okay? I just don’t want you to be in here okay? Ronan is ruthless and now that it’s a mob war momma it’s scary okay? I want you safe so can you just do this for me?” She asked slowly fiddling with her jewelry Rory gave her. “You don’t know him Ma, he aint after sex and I know he loves me because he knows I’m a stripper. He knows it and don’t give a damn.”

“They’ve been amazing here I’m dealing with my addiction Yasmine I have it under control they say I can be out in a few weeks. I can return home to the apartment I know you took out money to pay for this and I swear it is working this time.” Trisha said looking at her daughter for a moment wanting her to know she was clean and she was going to stay clean. She bit her lip about Ronan everyone knew who Ronan was and what he did. Kendrick promised her that her little girls wouldn’t get caught up in his shit. “Yasmine my God why would you do that? I warned you about getting mixed up with him! After what happened with your sister. Kendrick was supposed to look out for you.”

Trisha hung her head as the news sunk in and fought back the tears stripping and selling herself for men on a stage and pole was not what she intended for the daughter she wanted to send to Juilliard. It would be hard for her to leave she knew that men like Ronan wouldn’t just let her go not to mention Philip, she blocked the thoughts out Yasmien could never know. “If your daddy only knew.” She managed to whisper looking at her daughter hoping she hadn’t caught it. She paused for a moment as she looked at the jewelry fancy gifts from a boyfriend never equalled love she knew that. “So what he has money he throws at you and he buys you pretty things? He’s a Devonshire Yasmine that is what they do. Has he told his parents about you? His friends?”

“One of his friends already knows and he introduced me to Lowell and Jackie at a charity event.” One thing Yasmine had always wanted to know was who was her father. Unlike Gina who had a medium complexion her skin was fair and as her grandma said she was yellow. Yasmine always thought she was mixed with something else. Hell her mother was on drugs so who was she to ask her who her father was. She felt like it would be a mute conversation. When she heard her momma bringing up her daddy. Yasmine heart skipped as her mother look on her face was horror and shame. Tears welled up in her eyes. “I’m ashamed and proud at the same time. I feel like I did it for you Ma!”

Yasmine heart thumped as a lump formed in her throat. “I’m a stripper but I’m in school. I’ve saved money you aint going to Scottswood. You hear me? You’re never going back to the hood Ma! I know you are disappointed in me. I am proud of what I accomplished but not the way I had to do it. I sold pieces of myself that I won’t get back. I’m not a hoe or nothing straight up but Ma, I did what Gina would have. It’s about family remember?”

“One friend out of how many? How were they did the treat you like you belonged in their world with their son? Or were they cold and distant did they treat you like they knew what you were and where you came from?” Trisha said looking at her daughter and the hope in her eyes she was young and she would learn just like she had all those years ago men like the Devonshire’s did leave their trust funds for women like her. Or their wives or girlfriends no they were just the dirty things they kept hidden. “I told your sister that running with Kendrick when he went into what he was doing with Ronan was bad news and no here we are again.”

“Scottswood is home. I don’t know anywhere else Yasmine you were born there and raised there. Where else are we going to do to your fancy new boyfriend’s house? Over to the mansion to plan your future with their son?” Trisha paused for a moment realizing the bitterness was starting to seep into their conversation she took a few deep breaths in order to calm herself and then she looked at the clock it was time for her appointment with the therapist, standing from the bench she pressed her toes into the ground through her shoe. “I have therapy Yasmine, you can come if you want. My shrink says it could be good for us.”

Hearing how upset her relationship with Rory made her she knew for a fact this was a mistake. People like her mother didn’t get it wasn’t all about class warfare. It was about so much more. She felt it coming in the air it seemed that she wasn’t going to please her momma. As she stood up she knew that she had made a fatal flaw. She had opened up to her and saw nothing but hurt on her face. Picking up her Chanel purse strap the cold metal ice her out. Life wasn’t fair, how couldn’t her mother see why she was doing this? Why she choose to lose her self respect for her mother’s own good.

“Nah I got moves to make Ma.” Yasmine said looking at her mother as bitterness seeped out of her tone. Gina raised her while she was doing drugs and she had the audacity to ever judge her? “You know my dream was to get you away from the drugs and the violence of Scottswood. Yeah its all we know but don’t we deserve to know more? I’m in school and quitting stripping soon. I’m not going to stay and if you choose to that’s on you. I’m free.” With that Yasmine walked away with anger. “Have my mother packed up tomorrow she’s leaving this place. Understand and set it up she is to have everything in that next place. Don’t skip any expense.”


Rory adjusted his coat as he rounded the corner back to the condo, he had just come from meeting with Simon. Simon had assured him that he would have the money by the end of the day for him, he knew eventually the news would get back to his father but it was just money. They had plenty of it, he only hoped that Yasmine had a good visit with her mother. It was the only way he knew for her to pay her way out and if that didn’t work he’d have to take other measures. He knew that Ronan was dangerous and he had no respect for Kendrick, but Ronan had to know the payout he was giving was beyond generous he could find someone else to pimp out his drugs. He could find someone else to ruin their life not Yasmine. He had long term plans for them and that didn’t include her selling herself on a pole and running drugs. He bumped into someone wearing a hoodie and was shocked to see it was Jamal.

“Jamal? Where in the hell have you been? Your parents have been worried sick about you I am pretty sure your dad may of contacted your cousin.” Rory said Jamal looked like he hadn’t slept in days and he was wondering why he was so near his condo. If he was in trouble he wished his friend would just tell him so that he could get some help. “You really need to call your parents or Mason or Selina to let them know you are alive.”

Jamal was going to his condo just to sleep. He’d become used to going through the service entrance, due to hiding out. He remembered when he and Rory got their condos as he looked at his old friend. It took all of his instinct not to slam his old friend against the wall and demand Yasmine’s location. Kendrick and Philip both had been looking for her. This was starting to become a crazy game that she and him were playing. Just like this wasn’t his world, Yasmine better damn sure understand whatever charity Rory is doing he’ll get bored. It was the Devonshire way. Or maybe it was just pure jealousy. Either way Yasmine couldn’t open her mouth about them just yet.

He’d been running back and forth with Kendrick duck and dodging going to the resort. If Brooke saw him it would be over also. As Jamal looked slowly at Rory. “I don’t care tell them all to mind their fucking business.” Jamal barked as he knew how to push his old friend button. “So you still in the stripclub chasing that bitch huh?”

Rory watched his friend with caution Jamal was upsetting a lot of people like his parents that cared about him, his siblings were worried sick about him. Sure they could all mind their fucking business but that wasn’t how either of their families worked. He had no idea why Jamal was so upset and shit faced over Yasmine it wasn’t like Jamal paid any attention to his girlfriend or that they ran in the same crowd. Looking at him he clenched his fists frankly speaking trash about Yasmine pissed him off to no avail, she was going to get out of the club and he had assured Yasmine that no one had to know who she was outside of it. The club could be behind them both, they could move forward together.

“I don’t know what shit you are into but your parents are fucking worried sick. You’re a real piece of work you sneak around all the damn fucking time. It’s not my business but what in the hell you’ve never been like this we used to talk about everything we were best friends.” Rory seethed looking at him as he unclenched his fists. He’d never thought about hurting someone over a girl before friend or not but Jamal was looking to get a few hits in. “I don’t think it’s any of your fucking business why I’m in the club and that woman because I won’t degrade her or call her a bitch like you and treat her as less of anything other than the woman I’m dating has a name. It’s Yasmine so watch your fucking mouth.”

“You think you know your girl huh? I’m watching my mouth big man.” Jamal felt the jealousy in a way he’d never felt it before. Honestly Yasmine was the type of girl he always wanted and thought she’d be his. How could of all people no game having ass Rory get her? He let that fine as Val slip through his fingers. Well she did cheat with him and that’s why she ran off to Italy last year. Hell Rory still didn’t know that but he thought it was some random guy. Rory wasn’t that interested either though he was having fun. It was college but it seemed Rory had a thing about going after women Jamal had his eye on. Now call it coincidence but Jamal knew Rory was doing this on purpose.

“Man I’m going through something scary and if I tell you Rory you promise you won’t tell a soul.” Jamal said knowing that he had to make a strategic move before Yasmine did all the narrative. He had to make this sound good. “Rory I’ve been living two lives. I work hard as a student in the day and at night I was drug into the underworld. I met this guy Kendrick he’s Yasmine’s friend he tricked me into selling drugs and I’ve seen some shit Rory. I’m trying to protect them from the fact that I know where people bodies are buried. God I’m in deep and I can’t get out and they are just going to get me killed.” He said speaking half truths it sounded wonderful. “I just do want Yasmine to meet my family. Or reveal this to them.”

“I think what I do with Yasmine is my business. Your mouth at this rate is liable to get you in trouble you do know your dad called your cousin right?” Rory said looking at Jamal and still wondering what in the hell was going on. Why in the world would he need to watch his mouth about Yasmine the point of Simon was to get on her stripping before anyone else did. He looked at his friend honestly concerned again. He wasn’t sure what it was jealous that he was dating Yasmine, something else. “She has a past Jamal most women do. How long do you think it will be before Devin gets to the bottom of whatever you are doing?”

“Yasmine would tell me if she knew you if she knew you why would she lie about it at the fundraiser? So let me get this straight you’re selling dope on the street too or did you just turn them down according to her this Kendrick guy is bad news.” Rory said pausing for a moment at what Jamal was telling him. Why would she keep this from him that she knew Jamal was in trouble? Why would she not tell him that? She knew how worried he was about Jamal. “If this is all true why not just go to Devin and tell him get this criminal off the streets and do us all a favor?”

“I don’t know why your girl hasn’t told you that she’s a drug dealer and your big brother one of her best clients?” Jamal said knowing he was salting a already open wound. The one thing he hated was how Rory always looked so innocent. He was always the good one. Even when they were little, he’d never get punished. Rory mischievous behavior was welcomed but because he was the biracial black boy he had to be better. He wasn’t expected to act out or be a dick. Well they were wrong. As a Delacroix he was allotted the same chances as Rory. His latest stunt was crazy but he knew that he wasn’t going to lose. Not anytime soon because he’d made Yasmine to be the liar. Now all he had to do is sit back and wait on her to contact him.

“Go to the police and get my whole family killed? Man you don’t know shit about the streets do you? You’re so smart that I didn’t think of that Rory?” His sarcasm was dripping. “If I go to the police I’ll end up putting my family directly in Kendrick aim. Trust me Rory you have no idea what you are dealing with. I do considering you are all booed up with Yas you should. You should know once you’re in it’s blood in and blood out. I’ve seen things and so has she we aint going a damn place.” He lowered his head sadly. “Rory I saw someone die man. It can’t get that image out of my mind.”

“She told me she deals. You’re lying Jackson is clean.” Rory said looking at Jamal his brother was trying to change his life. He was applying himself at DGI he hadn’t seen him high all the time why in the hell would Yasmine keep this from him if it was true. He had seen his brother with Yasmine at the club that night and suddenly he felt sick how long did she keep selling to him? He didn’t want it to be true if it was it meant that Jackson had been playing everyone including him, Max and Dani people who had his back. He shook his head at Jamal. “I hope to God Devin finds out what in the hell you are doing and he sets your ass straight. I have to go.”

Rory looked at him he had a lot to think about as he waved down his driver Yasmine was dealing to his brother, she had lied to him. He got that she had secrets that what she did was dangerous but this was beyond out of line, Jackson was his brother his own flesh and blood. His brother was a mess and she knew how close he was with Jackson how proud of him he was at the moment. He bundled his coat casting a final glance at Jamal as he got in the car he and Yasmine needed to talk that much was clear as his driver shut the door behind him. ‘DGI.”

Jamal sat back and watch Rory leave in a huff as he folded his arms and smiled with a proud glint. Yasmine wasn’t for a guy like him or Rory. There was a fire inside of her that was untamed but Rory wouldn’t be the guy who tamed her. That wouldn’t be what would happen. Yasmine was about to lose whatever this was with Rory and Jamal knew that she’d come to him. As he walked into the back entrance of the condo. He pulled out his phone. Devin was on his trail and if he didn’t get his nosy ass cousin off his ass he’d end up exposed.

“Yo Dev it’s me I heard you’re looking inside of my world. Bro you didn’t have to snoop just ask me. I’ll tell you everything. Have you ever heard of someone named Kendrick? Or Yasmine? Well cuz I got something real interesting and informative about both of them.” Jamal hung up and finally figured out how he was going to get out of this. How he was going walk away with his cred, his new girl Yasmine, and successful future in the music game.