1×07 “Where You Belong”

Episode 1xo7 “Where You Belong”
Written by: Chirs Coleman/Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode contains language, sexual situations and content
Guest starring: Patricia Nichols (Megan Fellows), Richard Greer (Gideon Morrison), Money Ross (Anthony Mackie)

Ophelia walked around the room with Tony it felt like old times and she wanted to shake her head at that, they weren’t together. If anything they were now just a team with their son, Tony had slipped the gun into her purse when they reached the party. Even though they had insisted on talking to Jamal tomorrow about it seeing him at the party she knew it had to be tonight. Of course there would be no scene when they did but it had to be done. Her son was into something that was worrying the entire family.

“Tony I see Mason with Selina. It has to be tonight. I don’t care if we are at Jackie’s function what if Jamal goes home and sees that we took the gun? What if it causes him to spiral even more?” Ophelia said looking at her ex husband seeing the hesitation on his face. Her eyes pleaded with him to not worry about pretenses for the evening this was bigger than some charity function. “Please Tony perhaps if we all talk to him tonight we can get to the bottom of this.

Tony lifted the champagne glass to his lips watching the room making sure his staff was doing what they were supposed to refilling drinks and passing out the food his mind however was elsewhere.with the gun that was in Ophelia’s purse. Jamal had a gun and he had no idea what his son was doing with one how had he overlooked so much? Had he been so consumed with the wedding making sure that Selina and Chauncey sealed the deal finally after the years of back and forth. Mason was doing his own thing had they let Jamal slip through their fingers with the fighting? Her words brought him back to the here and now.

“Unfortunately I think you are right we can’t wait till the morning something is going on with Jamal. Everyone is here tonight so we can all talk to him without trying to round everyone up tomorrow. I am sure Jackie will not mind if use one of her more private rooms here at the club for a few moments.” Tony said looking at her and seeing the pleading in her eyes they could take it privately to one of the rooms in the club Jackie wouldn’t mind and no one needed to be none the wiser. That was another perk of being friends with the Devonshire family. “Remember Ophelia this is about Jamal not you and Selina. Let’s go.”

Mason had watched Simon walking the room and talking to Lowell and Jackie before he watched whatever Lowell had said to Walter. What was Simon doing for him now? He could tell Simon looked uncomfortable with whatever it was and he wanted to go comfort him but then remembered he couldn’t. He had seen Scarlett arrive and then politely leave and that made sense the picture she had received were upsetting her. He rubbed his temple and looked at his sister who was studying Braden shit they were a mess the two of them. He saw his father approach and was actually glad.

“Dad it’s good to see you Selina and I were just talking.” Mason said looking at his sister to remind her this was about Jamal not her and Ophelia. Looking at his former stepmother he saw the worry on her face as well, it was about Jamal. He felt for her in truth she was the only mother he remembered. “It’s about Jamal isn’t it?”

“Yes Ophelia and I wanted to speak to you both and him.” Tony said looking between his two children. Mason looked like him in his youth and Selina was striking resemblance to her mother.

“I know you hate me Selina but for tonight please. Jamal is into something I should have listened to you when you came to me.” Ophelia said looking at Selina she was willing to put it aside for tonight if it meant they could find out what was going on with Jamal.

“I’m not judging if you came to me about Maddie I’d roll my eyes also. I just don’t know what’s going on with him.” Selina said looking in her brother wondering who read their mind. As she touched Ophelia arm. “Listen we don’t like each other but tonight we are united together to find out exactly what’s going on with him. He’s your son I know that and out of respect of our family I came to you. Unfortunately I didn’t come at you the best.”

Jamal saw his family huddled in a circle. That meant no good for him to be honest all he wanted to do was go find Yasmine. If that girl opened her mouth he was dead. Flashes of Benny being shot played out in his mind. His heart skipped a beat as he touched Rachel shoulder. “Hey I have to go, but I swear I’ll be back tonight. I just have to go handle some things at the studio.” He kissed Rachel’s cheek lightly as he walked away. That girl was a fucking cutie and she was sweet. As he was walking to his family members Brooke blurred past him. Jamal instinctively shot Brenda a dirty look. Ever since they were kids Brooke, Rory, and himself were inseparable. No doubt that was Brenda fault. As he approached his siblings and parents.

“Really? Why ya’ll gotta be the black folk in a corner?” He teased trying to break the ice of no doubt another Selina and mother battle royal fight. When nobody laughed he rolled his his eyes. Running his hand down his face. “What the hell I do now?”

Selina looked at Mason almost stepping back to let his parents handle this. “I’m not sure but are you guilty of something. Jamal you look bad, you like you stressing and it’s me being nosey it’s me being concerned. Ophelia knows something she has distraught look on her face.” Selina yelped as Mason pinched her. “I mean she concerned and your damn mother she has a right to be.”

“Your mother and I need to speak to you in private. You and Mason too.”  Tony said motioning to the wait staff to get a room. He pulled Ophelia to him close as he saw Mason nod his head. It had to be done and they had to find out what was going on with Jamal. When the room was ready he motioned them into it and then turned to his youngest his voice full of anger. “Who are you running with?”

Mason watched his father’s anger as he closed the door behind them and an uneasy feeling sank into his stomach, running with? He looked at Selina and then over at Ophelia who was shaking as she pulled out a 9mm handgun from her purse to lay down on one of the empty tables in the room. His face paled as he looked at his brother and then at Selina seeing her own shock on her face.

“What the fuck Jamal? You told me you were in some shit I thought that meant at the recording stuff what in the hell do you need a gun for?” Mason felt his hands shaking as he looked at his baby brother what was going on?

Ophelia’s hand was still shaking as she looked at her only child and felt the tears in her eyes he would know she had snooped in his condo now. It was a violation of trust but it had to be done it was the only way to find out what was going on. She for the first time when she looked at Selina saw understanding mother to mother, Selina with Maddie her with Jamal. Her foot tapped against the floor in the silence for a bit as she watched the shock register on Jamal’s face.

“Well? Answer your father. Why and for what reason could you possibly have to want a gun let alone have one?” Ophelia said wanting to at least hear Jamal out before she jumped to any more conclusions.

Selina heart sank as the gun being pulled out of Ophelia purse. What in the hell would Jamal need with a gun. A light headed feeling waved over her. She hated guns but her father took her to the range and she was licensed at eighteen. Touching Jamal’s shoulder. “Baby bro what’s the matter why do you need this.” Selina walked to the table and saw the serial number removed. “Jamal this gun has no serial number!”

Jamal walked to Selina taking his gun back as he wiped their fingerprints off with his shirt. Slowly stepping back. Who gave them the fucking right? How dare they invade his privacy. He exhaled as he looked at them all. Shaking his head he bit his lip trying not to cry. His eyes were watering looking at them all. Shaking his head they were never was supposed to know all of this. They were never were supposed to fucking see this part of his meteoric rise in the music industry. His street credit would allow him access in quickly.

“Man I don’t.” He paused not being able to say something still in shock. “Who the hell I’m running with isn’t none of ya’ll business. I’m doing fine and ya’ll tripping. I got a gun so what? Damn man! See this is why I don’t tell none of you shit. Ya’ll act like I’m stupid.” Jamal tried to not answer any question. “None of you love me.” He screamed knowing what cards to play at this moment.

Tony looked at Selina in horror when she pointed out the gun had no serial number, why would he buy a gun with no serial number? It wasn’t like he had a criminal record or anything like that so why the secrecy, he saw Ophelia trembling and put his hand on her shoulder to calm her. He saw Mason go to Selina and shook his head. “You have an unlicensed firearm are you insane? Why would you need an illegal gun if you aren’t in trouble? We all love you that is why we are coming to you.”

“Right now you are acting stupid. Do you know how much trouble that gun could get you into with the police? What if someone other than dad and Ophelia had found it? You told me it was nothing to worry about!” Mason said finally losing his temper with his younger brother was he insane? Legal ramifications be damned this was bad, really bad when you bought an illegal gun it meant bad things. “I would think this is something to worry about. It became our business when you are hiding secrets and pushing us away.”

Ophelia looked at her son fighting back tears with Tony where had they gone wrong as parents? Did they not give Jamal what he needed, when he said they didn’t love him that hurt. She loved him more than he could ever know he was her son, her only child. Taking a few steps towards him she was shocked when he stepped back. Yes she found the gun and invaded his privacy but she was worried about him.

“Jamal just tell me what is going on. I’m your mother we want to help you. We can’t help you unless you can tell us why you need that gun. Why not get a legal gun? Why is there no serial number?” Ophelia pleaded looking at him pleading with him to answer her and the rest of them. The hurt on everyone’s faces almost too much to bear are she looked around the room. “We all love you we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t, I had no other choice you wouldn’t tell us what is going on.”

“Stop it didn’t I don’t want to be around any of you. You would have never fucking knew I had a gun if you didn’t invade my privacy.” His eyes locked in on his mother with a darkness he’d never shown. “All ya’ll up in my business and I didn’t ask none of you for your concern. Stop worrying about me I’m fine so all ya’ll concern isn’t needed. I’m fine so leave me alone.” Jamal barked. “I got something to handle.” Jamal said turning around toward the door.

Selina sped to the door using all her strength to slam the door closed. “Answer us damnit!” She screamed looking at her a baby brother. “God Jamal that isn’t what we expected from you we care.”

“Selina get the fuck back I swear to God!” Jamal screamed his eyes wild. “I need to find that girl before I’m dead so let me go all of you.”

“Or you’ll what do you hear yourself right now?” Tony asked horrified as he made his way to the door and his two children. His hands were shaking watching Jamal transform into someone he barely recognized right in front of him and it frightened him to his very being. “Who do you have to go save?”

Mason was still in shock looking at his brother grab the gun as if he was in some bad horror movie, watched his sister block the door. His eyes caught Ophelia’s and she looked like she was about to bawl. Cautiously he took a step towards Jamal surely he wouldn’t actually use the gun in his possession.

“We all just want to talk Jamal. Please tell us what his really going on and then you can leave.” Mason said using his lawyer side if he had to bargaining was something he did every day in court. If it meant making Jamal listen he would do the same. “ Come on man lets sit down and talk this out.”

Ophelia watched him hate her and as a mother it sliced right through her and she felt the tears coming her baby was gone to whatever the devil had taken to in him. It wasn’t drugs or she prayed it wasn’t but this was so unlike him, this violent side that he was showing. She longed for him in that moment to be the man that she had watched growing up over the years independent, strong, kind hearted not this man she didn’t even recognize. She watched Tony plead and knew that it may be a lost cause Devin may have to be called along with the police.

“Please Jamal don’t do this to us.” Ophelia said quietly pleading with him stepping cautiously towards him as she watched Tony, Selina and Mason all pleading with him as well. Even if they maybe all knew it was a lost cause, her eyes met her sons. “Please whatever the devil has you in we can get out, but it has to be together not with you running of with an illegal firearm.”

Jamal broke when he saw his mother crying as his lips started to quiver. “Please!” He said looking at them all. “Please just let me go man. I’m sorry I’m disappointing you all I’m sorry!” He said as he pushed past them and opened the door. “I swear to God if ya’ll ever pull this again none of you will see me again.” Jamal declared as he rushed away this was over. Now he had to find Yasmine to shut her up. To get her to see why he was doing this.

Looking at all their shocked faces he shook his head. “Please leave this alone or you all will be the death of me.” Jamal said with a seriousness that covered the room in silence. He turned around and stormed through the party rushing away.

Selina instinctively looked at Mason and the tears pouring down Ophelia’s face. “I will be calling Devin and Miranda and Jon but Jamal is into into something very wrong with my little brother and I don’t like it.” Looking at Ophelia she shook her head slightly. “We will get to the bottom of this.” She touched Ophelia’s shoulder as she exhaled looking at her clearly disappointed father. “Daddy we will help him.”

Ophelia watched her son walk away and her lip trembled in fear watching him turn his back on his family. Her hands were shaking and she felt like she was going to be sick, what was Jamal into. She heard Selina mention calling Devin and nodded her head before walking away to the ladies room, she had to pull herself together. Had to pray that Jamal would come to his senses before he didn’t make any more choices that endangered him.

Tony watched his son walk away still in shock he was numb to everything at the moment who was the man in front of them? He looked at Selina and nodded his head agreeing with her it was time to call Devin. He watched Ophelia storm off obviously upset and he couldn’t help it he was worried about her wanted her to know it would all be alright. “Thank you Devin’s inbox may be full then. I need to go find Ophelia.” Pulling Selina to him for a hug he went ahead and exited hoping to speak to Ophelia to calm her.

Mason watched Jamal storm away concerned still like his sister was and at least he knew that Devin would have a full inbox. It wasn’t like they were super close to their cousin but when it alarmed all of them enough to be concerned he hoped that Devin would take it seriously. Something was wrong with Jamal he was hiding something that much was clear. Pulling Selina to him in a hug he squeezed her just a bit.

“Devin will look into it. I see Simon hopefully I can steal him for a few minutes too in order to talk about Jamal. Call me once you talk to Devin and I’ll send the papers to DGI as soon as I draw them up for Maddie.” Mason said pulling back and then making his way across the room.

Selina watched her father chasing behind Ophelia again sent a chill down her spine. Was it selfish? Yes however all she could think about her father reuniting with that woman. Not to mention Jamal had proven how unstable he truly was. Slowly tracing her hands over her dress she swiftly rushed away needing air from it all.


Scarlett had waited until she heard Zach’s badge number go out to go down to the Scottswood neighborhood for a breaking and entering. She knew it would take him a few hours maybe more and decided to make her move, making sure to use the number that her mother had given her. She had taken her car and made sure to park it the required few blocks away and then took one of her afternoon hats to put on. Dante had to listen to reason, she made sure to stay out of the security system when she sent a text again and waited till she got the reply. Making her way to the condo she knocked she would only use the key if needed. She waited a few moments until she heard the footsteps.

“Zach it’s me open up I know you are in there we need to talk.” Scarlett lied hoping that would be enough to lure Dante to open the door. Dante knew Zach swung both ways it wasn’t like it was a secret or anything waiting a few moment she continued. “You know I’d hate to have to call your new fiance and let him know all about the ways you’ve fucked me. Open up we have to talk.”

“What did you say?” Dante said walking up to the house clearly shocked. He had two bottles of wine, ice cream, and a box of Zach’s favorite cereal in his arms. Did she just open her mouth and state that she was fucking his fiance? Zach had been called away and Dante wanted everything perfect for the morning. It was one of their many rituals eating ice-cream and cereal. Dante shook his head, Zach wouldn’t betray him like that. Not with this society tart. Brushing past Scarlett he unlocked the door. As he placed down the groceries. The maid Magda walked past them as he turned around. “Magda I have it you can go home my dear.”

Magda smiled and exited the house as she picked up her bags. Dante turned around and shook his head. “I was wondering when it was going to happen. I was wondering who was going to try to rain on my happiness. Listen I heard that you used to suck a lot of dick for attention. Too bad my fiance’s isn’t one that’s been in your mouth. I’m not going to deal with this because I’m floating on a untouchable high. But whatever this is I don’t care. I don’t because he chose me and I’m gonna rip his ass apart if he touched you but Scarlett get away from my condo.” Dante said laying down the law quickly.

Scarlett waited till the maid was gone before she even reacted to his little rant taking out a few of the photos and shoving them into Dante’s chest. Pictures didn’t lie they never did and he would learn his place hers was at the top of society with who she deemed she wanted. She watched his face as it fell as reality began to set in with him, before stepping into the condo they had a lot to discuss. It would be gin of course with him leaving town, it was clear that Zach clearly preferred them both still, a laugh escaped her lips as she looked at the groceries they would not be needing them tonight.

“I see that the cat has got your tongue if you want more I would be happy to send them to you, but you already knew about them didn’t you? I know it was you and so I thought it was time I stopped by so that we could have a little chat. You are going to pack your bags call off this joke of an engagement and leave town.” Scarlett said looking at Dante as she spoke she could remain calm while they discussed the particulars and if push came to shove she could pull out something better, the baby. Dante was supposed to be Catholic he would never want to intrude on that. “As you can tell Zach’s clearly been in my mouth, in my pussy and if you really want to know the bed you been sharing with him.”

Dante felt as if he had been stabbed in his heart twice. Men would be men his abuela would say that over and over to his mother. The fact that Zach cheated hurt but seeing it was another thing. He felt sick. What was she talking about? Someone else knew about the affair and his engagement was a joke. He shook his head throwing the pictures in her face. “Get the fuck out of my condo bitch! Get out I mean it because me and my fiance have some things to speak about. When he get’s into the house thank-you homewrecker you got your ten seconds of fame bye senorita!”

Dante turned to around opening the door. “This is desperate to ruin someone happiness honey you are pathetic. I swear to God and you should be ashamed of yourself. Both of you should my God Mason deserves so much better than you.” He said as he folded his arms as he watched Scarlett face tickled. “Bitch get out!” He snatched her by her arm. “I don’t want you here do I need to call the police?”

“Desperate? I’m desperate have you looked at my bank account lately? No you are the one that had to loan and take money from Jackie Devonshire. I could have anyone I wanted and well at the moment I want Zach and clearly he wants me too that must burn doesn’t it?” Scarlett said looking at him thrilled with the turn of events that were taking place before her eyes watching Dante break made her all sorts of excited. In fact it made a huge smile spread on her face in victory she didn’t have to reveal the very best part just yet. “Is he still your fiance? Yet you say I’m pathetic?”

“The police? Good let’s call the police shall we I’d love to tell them all about the fact that you have been stalking and spying on me. You know the photographer you hired does he work for your little clothing line? Tell me his name.” Scarlett said looking at him with a smirk until he went and grabbed her, her eyes got dark as she looked at him and before she knew it her hand flew to his face. She let it collide as hard as she could no one laid hands on her least of all some dressmaker who had no idea who in the hell he was messing with. “Not so pathetic now am I bitch?”

In his life Dante had fought for so much so losing wasn’t an option. As he rubbed his cheek he felt the sting on his cheek. As he looked at Scarlett as he backhanded her quickly back. His hand stung from the slap. Grabbing his hand he looked at her shocked face a sinister smirk appeared on his face. “Nobody has whooped your ass have they? You are a virus I swear to God you poison.” He stormed out toward the stairs with a vicious look in his eyes.

“You are so psycho.” Dante snarled looking at her as he stormed up the stairs. “I am going to call the police now. You are going to leave now, and I don’t have time for this. I have to scrub my fiance from the rabies that you more than likely have given him. I have to throttle him because once again I’m looking stupid. Are you stupid do you think that I am going to leave the love of my life? Go away. And just so you know I’m not following you maybe you’ve met your match. Someone as evil as you.”

Scarlett followed him up the stairs her face still stinging from the slap. He had a lot of nerve to even touch her back of he thought this was over he had another thing coming. He thought he could please Zach that he could give Zach what Zach wanted the truth was he couldn’t. She looked at him with a scowl on her face seeing him approaching the balcony railing reminding herself she had to be calm. He was the one liking desperate and psycho she held all the cards.

“Psycho? Oh Dante the only one who is that right now is you thinking you still have a chance with Zach. You see I haven’t told you the very best part once I tell him about this encounter how you slapped the mother of his child well you’ll be kicked to the curb.” Scarlett said a snarl appearing on her face as she looked at him. She watched the shock on his face let her words register before she repeated it. “You didn’t mishear me I’m pregnant it’s Zach’s you’ll be replaced. You see I can give him what you can’t.”

“You are lying! Get out of my house bitch! Magda!” He screamed remembering he sent her home. “That is it whatever demon spawn you are carrying chica it won’t be in my home. You see no matter how you say it Mason is also fucking you also you aren’t a virgin how do we even know it’s Zach’s child.” Pulling out his cellphone he waved it at Scarlett as he frowned. Dialing the police he called the authorities so that she could leave.

“If you don’t get that then let me spell it out your child is mine. I swear to God if you are pregnant me and my husband will raise your child. Deep down you know he’s not bisexual.” Dante seethed as he did the air quotes on the word bisexual. “He proposed to me and whomever is after you it seems you deserve it. The society princess coming at the gay man for his man. That’s a story I’m sure I could sell I mean didn’t your sister die and she was the prettier version of you?” One thing you learned in Atlas Falls high society was the tea and Dante placed his hand on his hip. He worked at the blue bloods gossip all the time just a lowly dressmaker. Diego still didn’t know what their grandfather and father did. He knew however and that’s why he was wrapped up Ronan’s shit. They were grooming Diego to be a FBI agent. To eventually drop a bomb on his brother’s life. One thing he believed marrying into the Fraiser family they’d help him. So many secrets he knew and all he needed was to tell Zach and Braden together.

“Girl if you don’t get your bony ass out my house.” Dante hissed nastily as he pointed to the door. “I swear Scarlett if you don’t leave the police will be here so fast your head will spin.”

“My child is never going to be your child Dante my lawyers would be all over that do you not know who my parents are? I know that Zach gets off just fine while he is inside of me. As for Mason and I we have an arrangement are you really that dumb? Then again we’ve managed to fool Tony too for years.” Scarlett said watching Dante was amusing the fact he thought that she would disappear and he would raise her child was more amusing. Her parents had a good lawyer, if not she could afford to hire one if she needed too. “He proposed because I haven’t told him about the baby yet if he knew there would be no proposal you know how traditional his family is. You will shut your mouth about my sister.”

Scarlett took a few steps towards him snatching the phone out of his hands and tossing it over the railing he still wasn’t getting it she was having Zach’s baby. She saw his face contort in shock and she waited a moment before she let out a laugh at him still trying to hold onto his now bleak future. She was the one with all the cards and he could go back to wherever he crawled out of as far as she was concerned. She was soon right in his face and leaned in to look him in the eyes menace passing over her face.

“Let’s see who has all the cards when Zach comes home shall we? I’m dying to show him the sonogram but since you seem to not believe me here it is.” Scarlett handing him the photo watched his face fall and a sick smile spread on her face. The conception date Dante had been in Paris the entire week, Mason had been out of town. “Can you not do the math?”

At that moment Dante heart sank it was true he was out of town when that happened. It was a trip to see Val in Paris and he met Brooke Kincaid the face of new fashion. Biting his lip his eyes watered as he looked at her. What could he say? She had a trump card as he looked at the sonogram. God Zach why would he propose? Why would he do this? Why wouldn’t he tell him? He did the same thing that Lex did to Dani except this was worse. A child was involved as he bit down on his lip.

“Fine you win now get out chica before I unleash so much rage.” Tears stained his face. “Now bitch.” Dante grabbed her arm and began to pull her to the staircase. “You won’t leave I’ll make you. Get out of my house now! I swear you can have him because worth me he deserves whatever hell you are going to put him through you bitch.”

Scarlett didn’t know why but it pleased her to watch his crumbling face Veronica had always told her she had a darkness in her. It was what made them exact opposites of each other in many ways, she was much more like their mother. Cold calculating, always willing to do what had to be done, she saw Dante start to drag her arm to the staircase and pulled back from him who did he think he was? She tried to tug her am free however when that didn’t work, she turned pushing him backwards with all her might. She watched his back hit the railing and then as if it was happening in slow motion she watched his arms reach for the railing. Saw the horror on his face as his fingers started to slip human nature said she should help him. Instead she took a few more steps back and watched as his fingers let go and his body fell to the tile below with a loud thud.

Scarlett waited a few moments for her brain to catch up to the events was he dead? Was her problem over with? Her hands were shaking as she made her way down the steps looking at Dante splayed out on the floor, his legs underneath him, his breathing heavy. His eyes still darted around the room she was careful not to touch anything as she moved around the room, fingerprints were not something she would leave behind. His hand still clutched the sonogram picture, she would be needing that back. She walked to him glaring at him as he held onto the sonogram as she noticed the rest of his body wouldn’t move.

“Give it back Dante.” Scarlett said her voice cold as she stared at him. His eyes went to her purse and a smile played on her lips. “Give it back and I’ll call an ambulance that is what you want isn’t it?”

All Dante could do was gasp he could barely think straight. It was pain all over as his eyes started to blur. It was true what they said you knew when you were going to die. Something in him felt at peace but he had so much to do. It wasn’t his time not yet. He gasped deeply as he tried to say something tried to do something. He dropped the sonogram as he gasped deeply. Finally able to says something.

“Fuck you.” He used all the last of his strength to grab her ankle sinking his nails into her skin. Squeezing with the last of he had to see blood or tissue or something to give someone a clue. This bitch was going to pay. Yanking her down to the ground he heard a thud. “I hope that baby is dead!” Dragging his body to the phone that she threw over the banister. This bitch was going to pay if he survived. She would go to jail for attempted murder. He would make sure of it. “Ahhh!” He cried as his leg were broken and mangled . Dante started to weep as his bloody left hand reached for the phone. Thank God it still worked as he tried to press 911. The blood from his body dragged all over the house as he turned around onto his back. Where was she? Where was was Scarlett. “Please.” His coarse voice called out. “Please leave!” He was looking around as tears soaked his face and he pressed 911.

Scarlett had been willing to call the ambulance all it would take would be him cooperating and then he had the audacity to grab her ankle and dig his nails into her. She tried to free herself only he managed to trip her up and she fell down. He then spoke about the baby and watched him crawl for the phone her mind raced, pulling herself up she didn’t care if he had broken her skin or not or drew blood. She stepped back watching him plea saw him reach for the phone and attempt to dial. She stepped closer to him, pressing the end of her high heel as hard as she could into his neck. She kicked the phone away from his hand watched him struggle for air against her shoe and pressed harder his body was already weakened from the fall she knew that much as she looked down on him. She watched his chest rise and fall, his hand went limp still outstretched for the phone and his body finally stilled.

She heard the operator asking what the emergency was going to the floor and her purse she took out her scarf leaning down to press end on the call making sure to not leave her finger prints. She knew she had little time to gather everything the radio in her purse was already giving away the address to the emergency and she knew 911 would be calling back as well. Her ankle was sore as she moved around his body back to the sonogram picture that now had blood smears on it. Her hand was shaking and she felt the tears slip down her face, it was never supposed to happen like this she came to talk. She walked to the door still having the scarf in her hand, pulling out her phone she sent a text.

Leaving now.

She waited a few moments till the message came back, safe. Putting the scarf over her hair she left the house the same way she came knowing security footage would not show her. Placing a hand on her belly she rubbed it. “I did it all for you.”


Braden watched his sister leave the party, he had of course been dancing with Talia but he couldn’t take his eyes off Selina. Watching his sister hold her ground with her heart did something to him reminded him what he always told her you had to fight for it when you really wanted it. It wasn’t that he didn’t want Talia, she was a nice girl but she was not Selina Delacroix nor would she ever be. He had seen Selina reenter the party and then leave to the courtyard and decided it was time to stop ignoring it as Talia assured him she had some people to say hello to as well. Walking out to the courtyard he saw her the moonlight reflecting on her, she looked upset.

“Everything alright?” Braden asked as he slowly approached her he knew it was pointless she would never leave Maddie but he had to make one last try. They deserved that between them another chance and he didn’t know if he could take it if she said no again. Taking off his coat he wrapped it around her shoulders and turned her around to look at him, she looked like she was going to cry. “Hey what’s going on? Is something wrong with Maddie? Did Chauncey hurt you again? Is Mason hurt?”

Selina’s eyes were glazed thinking about Jamal. What was going on with her little brother? Where was Chauncey? Where was he when she truly needing someone to hold onto? Someone to comfort her? He was off doing God knows what with God knows who. How could she spend forever with that man? She would never but like a knight in shining armor here he was. Braden seeked her out it was almost primal and definitely scary. When she was at need most was when he appeared. It was a undying and never failed her. One thing scared her however, she didn’t know how to tell him how devious she was about to be. Braden was one of the last good guys and she didn’t want him involved.

“I don’t want to talk about it with you if you’re DA Fraiser but if I’m talking to the man who loved me. Jamal is scaring hell out of me right now. I don’t know what to do Braden he has a gun and I don’t know why? He won’t say why or what he’s into. It’s scary and I’m scared of what’s happening to him or who is after him.” Selina blurted out as she exhaled and tears ran down her face. In her mind Atlas Falls had forever been a city known for it’s local attractions not this constant mob violence and gang activity. So this new wave of violence alarmed her. “I’m just scared for Dylan and Maddie who are about to be teens in this world that’s so screwed up.” She grabbed his hands and looked him in the eyes. “I feel stupid saying this but please don’t give up. Just hold out for a little while longer. Wait for me and I will be there when you need me because you are always there when I need you.” Selina released his hands, then touched his smooth face. “Just wait.”

“Tonight lets pretend that I’m not a DA and that you aren’t about to marry Chauncey I’m just me and you are just you. I’ll always be here for you Selina that doesn’t change even if you marry the bastard.” Braden said looking at her when she spoke about Jamal and knew that she was hurting because of it despite her past with Ophelia she loved her baby brother. “Why would Jamal need a gun? I thought he was doing well in school? I haven;t heard about him running in the wrong crowd if that is what you are asking Jon and Devin are pretty good about passing names at the office.”

Her declaration to wait for him threw her he wanted to wait, he wanted to be that guy for her but he also couldn’t stop his life for her either they had agreed that wasn’t fair. He had loved her most of his entire life had planned a future with her and it all fell apart. Lucy was going to prison everything that happened with Lex and his sister. The timing was off it was always off with them but looking at her he was reminded that love took work. Hard work every day of the week, the year of a lifetime something that his parents had taught him. He held her hands in his felt her breath on his skin and he wanted to say he would wait so badly, but he couldn’t be the other man he wouldn’t do that to either of them.

“Selina you are marrying him what do you want me to do about it? I’ve begged and I’ve pleaded I should have fought harder when everything was crumbling in my family. Are you going to marry him go through with it? If you are you know my answer..” Braden said looking at her and leaning his forehead into hers to kiss it softly. “I can’t be that guy. Tell me you won’t marry him and that changes things tell me you’ll march back inside right now and call it off.”

“Braden do you trust me? Do you?” Selina asked with a burning passion. “I need you to trust what I’m saying. You hear me? I’m going to do something in two weeks that will change everything. If you are patient then you will get what we both have been wanting. I just want you to need me. The past is just that the past, Braden we are about to get what we want. Do you hear me? I am about to give you everything. So please don’t ask me what I’m about to do just trust me. Can you trust me enough to wait on me?”

Selina touched his face slowly as she looked into his eyes. “I just want to get everything I wanted. A daughter, a family and a man who loves me unconditionally. I swear to you I’m not going to marry Chauncey.” She said deeply as she looked into his eyes. “But I am going to be a mother to Maddie. Do you hear me?” Selina voice cracked as tears started to fall down her face. “Chauncey has hurt me for the last damn time and I will retain my child. I’m Maddie’s mother the Jensen’s and I love that girl and to Chauncey she’s a pawn and piece to a puzzle to be Lowell’s successor whenever that man dies. And if I know Lowell like I do that’ll be never. That man isn’t going down without a fight. He will always rise and that’s scary and if Chauncey is emulating that I can’t raise Maddie like that.” Biting her lip she nuzzled against that perfect spot between his shoulder and head. “Jamal is scaring me and I’m about to do something that will and could ruin my father’s and Lowell’s friendship. He doesn’t need anymore disappointment after today.”

“Of course I trust you Selina it’s just that was supposed to be us up there saying I do to our friends and family. You said yes to him, him of all people knowing I still loved you I just couldn’t marry you then.” Braden said looking at her and watching her talk about her family and their dreams. Maddie was Chauncey’s daughter he wasn’t that familiar with family law but he knew enough that whatever she was doing it was for the best he didn’t know given his position. Chauncey would never just willingly give over Maddie to her. “I can’t wait forever Selina that isn’t fair to us both. I want to wait I’ve loved you since we were college kids that were crazy about one another.”

“What if he won’t give you what you want? For some reason the lawyer in me isn’t seeing Chauncey just giving you his daughter not to mention Lowell. The only thing either of them have ever cared about is power and greed. What happens when Chauncey says no? And I don’t want to know what you are planning I have a feeling that would compromise my position with the office and the bar.” Braden said watching her fight for Maddie for what she felt was owed to her in some way it was something he could never fix the void that Gloria had left on her. He had wanted to before he found out about Dylan but by then it was almost too late. “I know you love Maddie I know you want that. I need to know if Chauncey says no you won’t marry him. I can make a few calls see if anyone knows anything with Jamal. If he is in trouble I want to help.”

“Trust me when I’m saying that we aren’t over. No way and for what I have planned I’m knowing I’m putting a bullseye on my back. At DGI I will be a pariah but am I willing to do that for my daughter? Yes I am and legally I will be Maddie’s mother and that’s all you have to know. Just show up okay. Show up and wait on me because at my wedding I’m going to show Chauncey something he’ll never and I mean ever forget.” Selina said touching his chest as her eyes watered as she lowered her heads and a sob came out of her lips. Jamal was crushing her heart and the more she thought about it. Jamal was in so much danger and trouble to have an untraceable gun.

“He has an illegal gun Braden and I’m holding all these cards close to my chest God I’ve become sucked up in this mess with the Devonshires. You have no idea how freeing this will be so all I’m saying.” She stopped to clean her face with her hands. “That you have to wait because we both know she ain’t got nothing on me.” Selina stepped back trying to regain her composure and think she couldn’t just blurt out all her plans it was too risky. Nor would she give him time to try to talk her out of it. “No Braden I won’t say that here so maybe we should meet for lunch or maybe even dessert tonight.” Selina wanted to be in a man who valued her arms. She wanted to give her body to Braden tonight. “I have a awful sweet tooth and it’s aching for something.” Opening her purse she pulled out a card to Everest Resort. “I’ll be waiting.” Selina started to walk away.

“You’ve worked hard at DGI and I don’t want you throwing that away due to something that you feel you need to do with Chauncey. Christ just call off the wedding it’s not that hard, your father and Lowell will get over it. Maddie will always be your daughter.” Braden said looking at her wondering what she was planning it involved Maddie that much true he was worried about the rest. Legally his mind raced it wasn’t like Selina had any real claim to her and it wasn’t like Chauncey would just hand her over either he and Lowell didn’t play like that. He pulled her to him when she cried about Jamal. “We both know how Chauncey can be.”

“Where did he get a damned illegal gun? Talia is a nice person I brought her as my date we’ve been hanging out a lot. Dani set us up and she’s friends with her. Talia will never be you just like Tamara will never be you. I’m not in love with Talia.” Braden said looking at her about Jamal his heart sank that was so unlike Jamal to want an illegal firearm. In truth Talia was funny and smart, she was also really good friends with his sister and he didn’t want that to cause a strain if something didn’t work out right. Selina pleading for him to wait though tore him apart inside he wanted too, wanted to so badly. He couldn’t be that guy tonight not in the way she deserved he was not a Lex or a Chauncey and technically she was still engaged, he took the card from her and looked at it before watching her start to walk away. He followed her walking in front of her and stopping her. “You want me to be that guy? You’d hate this in the morning Selina the guilt would eat us both alive we’re not those people. Don’t tempt me to be that person or to make you that person ”

“Would I hate myself? Or would I be doing what I’ve wanted to do? Braden this engagement is a sham. It’s a joke and everyone sees it but me. Until now it took a stunning blonde who he can’t keep his eyes off. It took me crying for the last time but Braden I’m ready for us. You’re being noble and I love that about you. I just refuse to continue like this. Lonely so if you want leave me lonely again for another night when I need you. I need you Braden please stop turning me away. Please don’t continue to hurt me because now I need you. Don’t be like Chauncey and one night won’t kill us. So if you want me and you truly need me like always say then you will be in my hotel room tonight. I’m leaving him and I’m leaving the pain of what he does to me behind. I won’t feel worthless anymore more.” Selina said passionately as she folded her arms.

“So either we can keep this silent for now and enjoy each other in ways we have both longed for or you could stay with Talia. Stay with her but I’m begging you don’t leave me alone tonight. Don’t let me cry myself to sleep, please I’m telling you everything you want to hear. I need you, I love you, I want to be with you but have to be patient. What I’m planning is going to change things for you, me, Maddie, and Dylan please just come with me tonight. Don’t make me sleep alone again.” She asked as her voice cracked. “I’ve never felt this vulnerable with anyone and if you can just please come with me. I’ll explain everything.”

Braden was torn as she pleaded with him to give into what they both wanted, how could he deny the love of his life? Deny his heart, even though he knew it was wrong to do so, he was here with Talia on a date he was seeing Talia. She was still technically engaged to Chauncey if he did this he knew he was no better than Lex or Chauncey. He also knew he was tired of denying his heart he had been doing it for years on and off and wasn’t that what love was all about? Wasn’t that what he kept telling others around him? He always sacrificed for his parents, for his job for his sister and Dylan it was alright to be selfish for once right? They’d hurt each other enough over the past few years he’d give her that much his brain was still coming to terms with him wanting to say yes to the offer.

“You aren’t worthless Selina and Chauncey is a damned moron always has been. I know he’s hurt you he always does and maybe I hurt you worse with Tamara.” Braden said carefully his voice tight as he looked at her pleading with him to come over. He could drop Talia off at home, then go to the resort it wasn’t like he and Talia were serious in the way he and Selina ever had been. They had fun, they were friends but he was not in love with her. He twirled the key in his hand for a bit playing with it for a moment he exhaled. “What time? I need to at least drop Talia off and let her know we can’t see each other anymore in the way she deserves.”

“Give me a hour and I’ll be there.” Selina said kissing his lips as she felt so breathless. “Thank-you for loving me and being here what I’m about to do will change everything but we will be together for once and happy.” She walked away hoping that Chauncey hadn’t spotted her with him. Or hell even Simon because it was clear Chauncey was still insecure about Braden. She knew she couldn’t hide anymore it was time to work this room and get to Lake Everest. As she turned around she saw Chauncey approaching Greer with the Hernandez family.

“Ms. Nguyen those floral arrangements for the wedding I want something a little more dramatic.” She said to the town’s florist. “I need dark and where is Merci I have a couple of changes to the wedding. I want it to be legendary to this town. My mother’s and father’s was too bad.” She paused looking as lost as ever then raised her head with a smile. “I have upstaged them.”


Dani supposed this was that moment in their relationship where they laid all their cards out on the table. She’d tell him about Lex, tell him she was in love with him, he’d look at her and leave find someone better. She knew what she felt with him she loved him not like she had Lex, no this was entirely different. It consumed her down to her soul in a way Lex never touched. She loved everything about him the way he smiled at her or smirked. The way his hands and lips moved on her when he moved inside of her. How her heart raced when they were together how happy he made her. Walking up to the stables. Opening up the door she saw Jackson standing inside waiting for her and closed the door quietly behind her.

“Why did you ignore me all night? You said you were going to talk to your parents you never came back. Is that all I am to you still some secret that you get to fuck? I can’t be that anymore because I’m in love with you. I know you said you didn’t want that but it happened. I’m not sorry it did.” Dani said quietly looking at him trying to gauge what he was thinking if he felt the same way about her. If he didn’t she hoped he’d just tell her that get the embarrassment over he could move to the next notch. “No one’s ever made me feel this way so happy, cared for, no ones ever wanted me the way you do in bed not even my ass of an ex Lex.”

Jackson paced always so caged, a cat in heat. She never just let them talk because she was concerned with losing him. It was cute but it was also fear. After tonight there would be no more fear. No woman had made him unleash all of his darkest desires until Dani. It was something inside of her that made him know she was the one. It was not fair she didn’t let him say it first. It was the moment Chauncey attacked him. That he knew. He knew that she was the one and for all purposes his soulmate. No woman had taken on so much for him. It was ironic in many ways he was slowing down on drugs because she was a new high. Lowering his head he knew they had to talk but tonight would be special.

“I guess you can say I like to think alone sometimes. Yeah I said was coming back but that Lex thing your mom said. You know for a moment I thought that was my out to run for the hills. Then Chauncey appeared and he showed me that I’m better with you. So if you could shut the hell up and let me say I love you it would have been a little more romantic than the way you said it. But just so know I love you too. You’re mine in every way you hear me. Now I could give a fuck about Lex but tell me? I want to know what happened to you because I have to know,  I need to know everything. Understood never let me get caught off guard like that again.” He barked back as he smiled at her. “I love you Dani and I don’t care who knows you got that? You’re mine.” Jackson walked to her with a thirst and wrapped her in his arms deeply kissing her. Resisting the urge to go all the way just yet. He had to hear but she was melting in his arms. She was enraptured but that wasn’t just right now.

“Hey Lex remember?” He smiled at her playfully. “I have to know Dani it shocked you so it’s something?”

Dani watched him pace back and forth and then he pulled the rug out from under her, he loved her, she knew Lex was something they should talk about. Even if it was in the past it was part of her and in truth she did know most of his and that wasn’t fair. She honestly hadn’t expected romance when coming knowing he had planned something though made her smile. It felt like maybe she could take off her running shoes with him, he loved her she wasn’t crazy. Him telling her she was his did something to her it always did from that first night, she wanted to be his in every way he wanted. Her arms wrapped around him eagerly kissing him feeling her body react to him, feeling herself throbbing for his touch then he asked about Lex.

“I met him through Whitney Hessington, her father Charles is my godfather after your dad cut out my dad they became friends. The only time I ever made my dad proud was when I started to see Lex that should have been an indicator you know? But I went along with it to please him in some weird way to try earn his approval finally. We dated for a few years, moved in together he worked for his father, is a lawyer steady dependable. On paper he was perfect.” Dani said looking at Jackson honestly Lex wasn’t something she liked to be reminded about and she tried not to tense up as she spoke. When Jackson refused to let her go she relaxed. “So when he asked me to marry him I went along with it.”

“We weren’t engaged long a few months I walked in on him with an intern at his sister’s wedding. He told me I wasn’t pleasing him enough in bed. As he put it I was boring in the sack. That he needed her to fill those needs, I would be his trophy wife. Apparently it had been going on over a year. I walked out and gave my maid of honor speech thirty minutes later. I called it off and a few days later came home, my father disowned me. My parents have it in their heads that I’m going to take him back. I haven’t spoken to or seen him in over a year.” Dani said watching his face as she spoke he didn’t need to know the rest, how much of a fucking mess it all was. She had been pushing him away when they were in bed punishing him for Lex and she knew that wasn’t fair when all she wanted to do was give herself to him. “Our first night you asked me why I didn’t look at you. I didn’t want to disappoint you like I did him. That’s why I don’t look at you.”

“I want tonight you to look me in my eyes do you understand. Don’t ever stop looking me in the eyes because you could never disappoint me.” Jackson said pulling out a carving knife in his pocket. He took Dani’s hand and walked to the stables wood and sat down on one of the hay blocks. “Lex huh? If I ever see that guy I might kill him. You see he was never man enough to see what he had. I do Dani, to hear you love me man that knocks me out. I never thought I was deserving of being loved. Chauncey stole a girl named Esme from me. When I went on the bender and pretended to be homeless. Well I was because I refused to return to my family. He screwed her and I was trying back then but she wasn’t right for me. I’m not happy that Lex hurt you but I’m glad it’s giving me this opportunity.” Jackson had been working on their names in a heart. “I always wanted to bring someone here. To talk to see me. I was screwed up man and I still am. Dani I have a lot of flaws I was high and I shouldn’t have been. I’m controlling it now with you. That’s what you are doing to me.” Jackson declared looking at his girlfriend.

“Dani tonight since we said I love you.” Jackson finished blowing on it. “I admitted to my brother you are it for me. And now I’m saying you are my soulmate can I make my pain your pleasure.” He leaned in and kissed her lip as he bit it playfully with a darkness in his eyes. “I have so many toys prepared tonight. I’ve done so much in anticipation of tonight. Please don’t make me beg but I want a word. One word that means stop that I’m giving or doing too much to you. Oh Dani what I’m going to do to you.” He breathed heavily as Jackson unbuttoned his shirt. “What’s your word Dani and are you ready?”

“I understand.” Dani said nodding her head at him about watching him, she wanted to tonight. She wanted to take every moment in as she sat next to him. She watched him carve their names into a piece of wood and she was pretty sure in that moment he could ask her to do anything and she would. She listened to him let him get out what she was pretty sure she had ruined earlier when she burst in. She was certain she hated Esme and Chauncey for hurting him like they had despised them with everything inside of her. She’d hated people before like her father, Tamara and Lex but it was different the thought of someone hurting him made her sick. “I don’t want someone who is perfect Jackson. I want you all of you, I love you. You do deserve to be loved, you’ve made mistakes we both have. I would never do what she did to you.”

“l will beg if you want, plead I just need to feel, to see you tonight you all of you.” Dani looked at him when he leaned in to kiss her and bit her lip letting out a small moan, she’d wanted him since the party. With no panties she could feel herself dripping aching for him to be inside her, however he wanted her. Anything to cement what they had said, what they felt for one another. She looked at him her eyes burning into his before she leaned over and kissed him, letting her hands remove his shirt from his shoulders. She watched it fall to the ground and ran her fingers down his chest scratching lightly stopping to undo his belt seeing the lust in his eyes. “Red that seems agreeable like a stop sign. Make me yours.”

Jackson had brought a pillow top California king bed in the stables delivered with his evil genius little brother. This was destined to be a night she’d always remember. Dani had been begging and it was time to take her. It was something that he loved about how new she was to this. It was time to train her. Jackson swiftly grabbed her hand stopping her from unbuckling his pants as he shook his head darkly. He walked to her back undoing the zipper on her dress, letting it pool to her feet, His fingers traced her back before undoing the bra clasp and then looked at her naked body that was aching fer him. He pulled out a crop from the stable. Then removed his pants. “Dani do you believe pain is pleasure? Dani do you see this?” Jackson used his tongue to wet the tip of the crop before teasing her. “Can you take this. Take off your shoes.” Leading her to the bed that was covered in silks and pillows.

Laying her down he laid on top of her kissing her lightly as he licked her neck. Biting her ear playfully as he kissed her again. “Turn around.” When she was laying on her belly. He spread her legs and started to eat her from the back to the front exploring everything with his tongue. Then he quickly pulled out the crop spanking Dani’s perfect ass. “You ask for this dick you never just take unless it’s a holiday understood Dani?” He growled sensually as he kissed her ass. Then spanked her again. Three quick repetitive lashes seeing it grow pink and her pussy still gushing. “Do you like it?” He asked slipping his fingers inside of her warmth. Tasting her sweetness in his mouth at the same time.

Dani watched him undress her she watched him lick the crop and wasn’t even sure why it turned her on so much when it moved on her skin, but it did. He laid her down on the bed she didn’t know what to say to the bed, her lips eagerly went to his while he kissed her. Pinning her with his weight and let out a moan when he bit her ear. She nodded her head at him and rolled over, she tilted her head to the side to watch him as he spread her legs. She had closed her eyes in the past but she watched him feast on her, felt his tongue glide into her, over her seam suck on her clit and she trembled letting out a moan whimpering when he stopped. She wasn’t sure what to think when the crop it hit her ass but she moaned. It should have hurt but the sting only seemed to set her on fire more.

She watched him spank her instructing her to ask for him. She nodded her head at him, when he began pressing his lips over her ass she bit her lip. Her body was on fire as the crop traced her skin and when he hit her again she was unable to stop the soft cry and moan or the fact that she was shamelessly drenched for him. Her hips thrust back into his hand when she felt his fingers shove into her and his mouth move over her looking at him over her shoulder. “Yes…fuck.” Dani managed to moan out, as his fingers began moving inside of her. She gasped her hips bucking against him, as he fucked her with his fingers and his mouth looking into his eyes wildly. Her hands fisted the sheets. “Don’t stop.”

Just then Jackson stopped as he smirked seeing her getting even wetter from his spanking. She was turned on by him. He stood his manhood on rock hard as he watched her lying there catching her breath. Picking up the silk strings connected to the wood of four different diagonal pillars. He turned Dani around and slowly wrapped the silk around her wrists lifting her now tied arms over her head. Moving down her body to her ankles he spread her and then tied them at opposite ends. He pulled out nipple clamps to seduce his woman even more. Placing them on her nipples as he slid his finger inside of her.

Jackson turned the clamps to add pressure to her nipples as his eyes grew darker the pain and pleasure was sending her toward a orgasm. He stopped as he leaned in and kissed her lips. “You want this dick?” He asked as he slid two fingers inside of her. “Dani tell me if you want this dick or not?” Jackson said taking his fingers out and lubricating his penis with her juices. Sucking on his fingers he tasted her sweetness. She was so fucking sexy. “Say it.” He growled at her as he felt himself leaking precum himself. He was ready and more than anything he wanted her to be ready.

Dani was pretty sure the strangled sigh that came from her when he stopped was something that had not happened before he was driving her crazy. When he finally stood up and she saw him so hard for her she had to catch her breath, he was beautiful. She’d give anything to wrap her mouth around him, watch him squirm as she let him roll her over and watched the silk ties tie her wrists above the bed, she raised her eyebrow at him when he tied her legs as well. They were soft so they didn’t hurt and then she felt the metal clamps hit her nipples, they were cold. When he turned them she writhed the sting going straight to her already swollen pussy as his finger moved again and she clenched around his finger. She bit back the cry, her hips moved into his hand she felt her orgasm close.

“Jackson.” Dani managed to whisper out when he stopped and leaned down over her to kiss her, his eyes burning into hers. She let out a moan when he slid his fingers back into her, yes she wanted his dick there shoving into her so badly. Her legs were restless against the ties wanting them free to wrap around him pull him into her. She watched him take his fingers out, watched him move them on his dick and then lick them clean. Looking up at him eagerly her breathing was still ragged her entire body was shaking desperate for him. “I need to feel your dick inside me. Please fuck me already.”

Jackson wrapped a silk scarf around her neck as he finally laid down on top of her. “I want to do so much but I’m hungry sink into that tight pussy of yours. We have so much to explore. I want to taste every crevice of your body but it was enough for now. I will take it up a notch next time understood?” He unstrapped her legs and then slowly found himself digging into her tightness groaning as he did so. Jackson was sure of one thing she could handle all his darkest desires. So he’d quickly satisfy her body but next time it would be about him and what he wanted. Seeing her beg did something to him. As he started with a slow place as his hips rotated, lifting her hips up to let her legs wrap around his waist. Giving her what she wanted his thick dick inside of her tightness.

“God Dani.” He growled as he held her arms down he started to thrash and punish her tight pretty pussy. Releasing her arms, he untied them as he felt her body starting to clench down. He knew that although he’d just entered her she was damn near ready to burst. Pulling out of her he turned her around, hauling her hips up so she was in the air and pulling the silk scarf around her neck. Jackson entered her from behind and began plowing her pussy as hard as he could. “Fuck Dani throw that ass!” Still pulling her to slam into his hardness placing his hand on her waist.

Dani looked up at him as he spoke not even really sure what to say to him she was emotionally overwhelmed no one had ever done what he had to her, never wanted her like this. She felt herself throb in anticipation as she felt his hands undo her legs, she looked at him as he plunged into her and couldn’t help the moan that came out. Her hands were still pinned above her while he moved in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around him. “You feel so good fuck.” She moaned out while she looked at him. She wanted him to see that she needed him, that she loved him her hips pressed into his as he found a rhythm for them. He growled and said her name and she felt her orgasm near again, he pulled out released her hands and she whimpered when he turned her over.

It wasn’t fair that he was putting it off in her mind and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could last. She felt him shove into her from behind and rose her hips up to him throwing them back as hard as she could. She felt the scarf tighten gently around her neck and made sure to turn her head to look at him over her shoulder, watching him fuck her she moaned again. She was close and her hips jerked violently into his, her hands clutched the sheets. Feeling her body starting to cave she concentrated on pleasing him wanting to make sure she came when he told her too. The clamps still on her breasts were sending her into overdrive. Her clit was burning, all it would take would be him stroking her there and she would shatter for him. “Let me come for you, please Jackson. I want to show you, come with you….” She managed to get out her voice trailing off while they continued to move.

Jackson kept plowing rapidly as he looked at his woman’s beautiful stunning face. He was about to explode and her body was shivering under him. Wrapping the silk scarf tighter he pounded her until he released two powerful explosions inside of her. Before he knew it he was covered in her fluids hearing her moan and feeling her body clench around him. She had released exactly at the same time. He kept fucking her not yet soft from him coming. He released again for the third time groaning,  feeling her clench again and collapsed on her back. His hips moved slowing into hers while she milked him, holding her from their lovemaking. Sweat pouring off his forehead he finally felt himself softening he waited until he was completely soft to exit her body.

Rolling off her he smiled as he saw she was still spinning from the orgasm, he removed the clamps from her nipples. Slowly moving hair from her sweaty face. “You’re beautiful.” He said looking at her passionately. “I love you.” He said smiling at her leaning in and kissing her lips. “That was amazing better than what I even imagined. You’re perfect Dani don’t think anything less of yourself. That was perfect.”

Dani felt the goosebumps on her skin as he continued to move and she felt her orgasm rip through her while she stared up at him. She let out a gasping cry feeling herself clench on him, as he released and moaned her body shaking. Her hips plowed back into his, feeling him push into her more and release again. He kept moving and she felt the second waves overtake her as her body shook again with another orgasm as she felt him jerk into her a third time. His body laid on hers and she felt his heart pounding on her back while he held her, feeling herself pumping him while he moved slowly emptying himself into her. She groaned when he finally pulled out soft and limp rolling onto her side to face him. She watched him remove the clamps and move the hair out of her face and she looked at him softly while he told her she was beautiful and he loved her. Her lips sought his eagerly when he kissed her.

“I love you too.” She said quietly, she moved closer to him pressing her body to his. She kissed him again, softly unlike what they had just done she felt his arms wrap around her. She pulled back biting on his lip as his hands traced her skin she looked down seeing the pink still on her ass. Smiling at him her fingers played on his chest lightly. “I want to do that again. Preferably after we’ve both recuperated. I am dying to know how in the hell you got this bed in here though.”

“I won’t tell all my secrets.” He laughed playfully. “Let’s just say I’ve been planning this moment for a while.” Jackson laughed as he cradled her body to his. “You are so perfect you know that? You make me a better man baby. Now let’s just say Rory knows that his brother and his one day sister-in-law are freaks.” He laughed kissing her forehead. Jackson rolled over as he looked Dani. “You hungry I packed some food just in case. The stables were my hide out when I was a kid. I’m glad I get to enjoy it with you.”


Rory let Yasmine curl into him on the limo ride back to his neighborhood he wasn’t sure what she was afraid of with him. He knew who she was but that wasn’t the life she had to be stuck in, hell she was going to school to get away from the stripping right? His parents were beyond rude to her and that just showed him what he already knew they were stuck in their snobbish ways. Yasmine wasn’t trash the neighborhood she lived in though even gave him goosebumps when they pulled up. His driver looked cautiously at them in the rearview mirror before he rolled up the divider. He heard the sirens and the blast of screeching tires who in the world could sleep in all that noise. He looked Yasmine as she started to get ready to leave and stopped her putting his hand over hers wanting to reassure her.

“I am sorry about my parents. I had hoped they would be better behaved with you. No one needs to know who you are inside the club in my family or otherwise. It’s not that I’m ashamed or anything but it’s not their business and I would never judge you for it.” Rory said wanting her to understand that he wanted this a real relationship with her he had since he saw her in the club the first time. It wasn’t how exotic she looked, or the way she moved it was that he was genuinely interested in someone different. He cared about her more than he ever did Val or the others. “You don’t have to stay here tonight.”

“Where else would I stay Rory?” She said shaking her head. Yasmine tried not to show it but she felt stupid as hell at that party. Even when she saw Lowell was testing her. He wanted her to crack and show her ass. To prove just how ghetto she truly was. Why were those people so damn rude? Then the gut punch of the night was Jamal. The cutie pie drug dealer was some sort of double life having son of bitch. That boy didn’t even know what the fuck he was up against. Unlike her Jamal didn’t belong in this shit. This wasn’t his life and he definitely wasn’t about this life. Her teeth gritted as she flipped her hair looking at Rory.

“Tonight was a lot to take in and I think I’m just overwhelmed.” Yasmine said trying to say something. How was she going to get this boy out of this shit? Her heart sunk as she looked at him. The strange thing it was fluttering all at the same time. “You really like me and I’m not that girl. Those beautiful and perfect girls? Why do you want me? I’m from this look around Rory this is what I know. I can duck bullets and I don’t cute face fool you I can kick your ass.” She sniffled as she looked at him. “I really like you but I’m so scared my life and this life isn’t for you or type. That Brooke girl, Ronan dirty for that. That man shady and this life we living is shady as fuck. I may never get away from Philip’s club.” Yasmine said lowering her head. “And selling drugs.” Tears flowed down her face.

“You will never know my pain Rory. The struggle I feel because my momma won’t stop smoking rock. After my sister died I had to help her get off so I went to Ronan and Philip. It was a mistake but I dance to pay back for my mother’s rehab. So Rory are you sure this is what you want boo?” Yasmine exhaled wiping a single tear that fell. Still holding in her composure.

“Go with me to my condo at least there I know you’ll be safe. Do you think if I wanted someone else I would have taken you as my date? I didn’t ask someone else to be my date I asked you and if I had known your name at the club I would have asked you then too.” Rory said looking at her she was pushing him away because she felt he wanted a girl with money it was never about that for him. Maybe his parents but he was not going to live his life for them any longer not that he ever really did. He saw her raise her eyebrow at him about his condo nothing had to happen if she didn’t’ want it too. “You can stay in the guest bedroom. Look outside Yasmine this is not safe for you to stay here.”

“I want you because ever since I walked into the club a few months ago and saw you you’re all I think about and it wasn’t because of the way your ass looks, or how I’ve imagined making love to you. You have passion inside of you, a sassy mouth that isn’t afraid to speak her mind you’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I don’t want those girls and I’m fairly certain you could beat my ass.” Rory said looking at her wanting her to know that he meant it he wanted her to date her, see her take her to his bed. She was always talking about her life, that was what it was life it happened. When she mentioned the selling the drugs he wasn’t sure how to feel about it, it was her life but he didn’t approve. “I would if you would let me in. Walk out of the club I will give you the money that you need to get out of the club and out of the drugs. I’ll pay for your mom’s treatment.”

Leaning into her face he stroked her cheek wiping away her tear as he moved a strand of hair behind her ear. He was pretty certain no one had ever really just taken the burden off her shoulders. Moving to her her his lips captured his own softly wanting to make sure she wanted this too if she told him to stop he would. “I’ve never been more sure of anything I want you Yasmine.”

“Rory.” She said softly looking leaning into his lips. Yasmine couldn’t help it she slammed the limo door. As she climbed on top of him and brought her head up. “Listen it seems you don’t care about all the shit that I’m going through. Rory I’ve paid off my moms treatment by dancing and have enough money to go to school. I’m a resourceful chic and don’t forget it I probably could be in the boardroom one day like boom.” She said as the driver rolled down the partition. “Yo to Rory’s condo and roll it up perv trying to get a show.” The divider swiftly rose up. Yasmine laughed as she pulled him by his tie and kissed him again. “I wanted you from the first time I saw you. Mercedes was saying you were money but I saw you and thought you were the most handsome guy I’d ever seen.” Yasmine said honestly blushing.

“Oh my God what am I doing? This is crazy did you see how your parents reacted?” She played with the buttons on his shirt and finally unbuttoned him. Kissing his neck and she knew she was ready. They’d talked for months just never crossed the boundaries of getting to know one and another. Yet here she was in a limo going back to Rory’s mansion. Well the Devonshire family mansion. “You are so nice to me, you truly care don’t you? Look not many guys want what’s up here.” She pointed to her head. “They all want what’s between my legs but you liked up here first so I don’t have a problem giving you what’s between my legs.”

Rory watched her amused as she slammed the limo door and rolled up the divider all in one motion before sitting on his lap. Honestly he did care about the shit she was going through that was part of the reason he wanted her back with him he could take care of her. He could ease some of her worries help her, trying to be a gentleman however when she crawled into his lap was proving difficult when he felt himself harden for her. He had thought about this over the months what it would feel like to be this close to her. He kissed her back before resting his hands on her hips as she spoke about Mercedes and some of the other girls at the club. The only reason he went to the club was so that he could see her.

“I’m rich Yasmine I can’t change that but it’s not all about the money for all of us no matter what the media likes to represent. My parents are just mad they can’t control everything, trust me they try I now they say we’re the next Kennedys and everything but we’re normal too and have normal problems.” Rory said softly as he looked at her, he knew if his parents ever found out what she did at the club it could be bad very bad hell it could be worse than anything any of his siblings ever did. Sure Max was having an affair with Philip, Jackson was with Dani Fraiser, Chauncey had whatever flavor he had but none of them wanted to date a stripper that was harmful but he didn’t care. He felt his hips pressed upwards to her and looked at her moving some hair from her face he wanted her to be sure. “Only if you want to do this here in the backseat. Everything else is so screwed up right now at home but you feel right.”

Yasmine nodded her head knowing that this was what she wanted. At one point she believed Jamal to be a better fit. Now it was true what they said imitation was the sincerest form of flattery. He wasn’t a thug but a rich boy who was playing a game. A very dangerous game. Right now she was focus on Rory because honestly she wanted him. Leaning in she kissed him slowly letting her tongue into his mouth. Pulling back she pulled up her dress showing her Victoria Secret lingerie a matching pink set that made her feel so sexy.

Laying her hand onto his bare chest. “Trust me pa I’m ready.” Yasmine giggled as she kissed his neck. “You smell good.” She said wondering what that scent as because ever since their first meeting she’d been smelling his cologne. She felt his hardness on her and she smiled. “Do you have protection? I just don’t want no babies and girls around my way usually have two by now. Dancing preggo isn’t exactly what they call beautiful.”

Rory had to think for a moment if he had protection he was pretty responsible for the most part, releasing her hip for a moment he reached into his wallet to be sure. He saw the condom inside and silently thanked God it was in there. He had wanted their first time to be more romantic but if this was what she wanted he wasn’t going to say no to it tonight. She had stood up to his parents that was a first for any girl he had brought around them, she had held herself together in the face of everything including the judgement of high society. Her lingerie was something that he appreciated as he took out the condom to hand it to her. He moved some hair from her face before he kissed her again.

“I’m glad you like it.” Rory said about his cologne smiling, he wanted her to feel comfortable and his hand went to the back of her bra finding the clasp. He watched the strap fall from her shoulders and looked at her gorgeous breasts inside the delicate lace bra. Leaning his lips down he gently sucked on her nipple through the fabric. His other hand traced her panties feeling her starting to get soaked for him. “I’ve wanted you for so long Yasmine. I dreamed about it, it’s haunted me for months. Tell me what you want tonight.”

“No you tell me what you want to do to me.” She purred softly. As his teeth grazed her nipples she released a intoxicating exhale becoming more and more breathless by the second. Her hands grabbed his buckle on his pants she unfastened it removing it with one pull. When his eyes widened she laughed. “What I’m a stripper.” Yasmine tease kissing his neck playfully for some reason she felt so light with Rory. Sometimes it felt like he was the only person she could truly express herself with.

“I want you to taste how wet I am.” She said as she got off of his lap. Seeing his print through his pants she knew it was on. The rumors about the Devonshire’s having that dope dick must be true. Yasmine saw how Cat and that brunette bitch fought over Jackson at Club XES. Spreading her legs she slowly started to play with herself. Taking out her two fingers she spread it on his lips and kissed him. “You want a taste.”

“I want to lift your dress up slide that condom on and make you scream so loud the driver doesn’t know whether to pull over or keep on driving. I want to fuck you so bad Yasmine you have no idea how bad.” Rory said honestly looking at her body so close to him, so soft and warm. He had thought about this a lot over the last few months how he was going to make her feel so good with him inside of her. How he was going to prove to her that not every guy that walked into the club was an asshole. “Let me do that to you.” He said watched her rip off his belt and felt himself get even harder.

He watched her get off his lap and in the cramped car watched her remove her panties he watched her fingers trace down her body and moved his dick out of his pants. He watched her spread her lips and then watched her begin to fuck pussy with her fingers he was pretty sure he’d never been so turned on in his entire life. When she removed them onto his lips he let out a moan and kissed her back. He didn’t give her much of a response as he dropped to his knees in the limo, yanking off her panties. He moved his tongue up her seam seeing her face he slowly began to suck her juices. He gently spread her legs, letting his tongue lick and tease her he heard her moan

“You taste so fucking good.” Rory said looking up at her before moving his tongue back inside her warmth to continue his assault on her pussy.

Yasmine wrapped her legs around Rory’s neck letting the him taste her body. She couldn’t help but to quiver. He was skilled in eating pussy she couldn’t help but scream out as she gripped the leather of the seat. Letting out another moan she rolled her hips as he she cried out. Rory was feasting on her body and she couldn’t handle it. She wanted to show him that she wanted him just as bad. Raising his head up she wiped his lips and kissed him. “Rory lay back.” Pulling off his pants she saw his penis poking out at her. She wrapped her hand around it and started to jack him off. Then she lowered her head and slow sucking him off.

Throwing her long jet black hair back. Yasmine continued to bob on his thickness until she stopped. She wanted to feel those lips on her throbbing clit. She laid Rory back then she laid on top of her boyfriend. Then she tooted her ass up as she sucked his stiff dick. Yasmine felt Rory flicking his tongue on her hot pussy. “God Rory!” She said gasping as she slurped back down on him. Honestly she was ready for even more but foreplay was fun for now.

Watching her scream while she clutched the leather seat of the limo turned him on so fucking much. His fingers spread her to give him more access how could she be this fucking wet? His mind went to helping his brother earlier and knew he may need to ask for pointers later was Yasmine into that? Instead his tongue went back to her and she stopped him. Kissing him and telling him to lay down he did thankful that the limo could accommodate them both. He watched her lower her head over him and then her hot mouth was wrapped around him he let out a groan as his hand fisted her hair. Her mouth was gorgeous on him as she moved and he watched her ass bent and imagined his lips there at the same time.

When she stopped he nodded his head at her and laid all the way back. His hands slid up her ass when she laid down over him, he spread her legs a bit as her mouth went back over him. “Fuck Yasmine.” Rory managed to get out, unable to stop himself he lowered his mouth right over her clit. Rubbing back and forth with his tongue he had wanted to fuck her but tasting her like this if this was what she wanted was fine for now too. He saw her throw her hips into his mouth and he grunted feeling himself hitting the back of her throat. He pressed two fingers into her pussy to go with his tongue intent on driving her just as crazy as she was him.

Yasmine felt weak his tongue was magic and something about the way he moved it over her clit she quivered. She felt herself damn near releasing in his mouth. Her entire time she tried to stay focus on bobbing on his thick dick. A vein ran down his shaft Yasmine let her tongue rush down it. She tasted the smooth taste of his precum ozzing down her throat. She bobbed letting out a moan as he started to shake a little. She knew she was driving him crazy but it was time to feel him inside of her.

Pulling her head up she swung her legs over him as she ripped off the condom wrapper with her teeth. Slowly using her mouth to place the condom on with her mouth. Raising her head up she looked at his dick twitching. It needed her body and she needed Rory. Straddling him she lowered her body onto him and gasped at the girth. Riding him with the beat of the song playing low in the background. “Yes Rory.” Forgetting she called out as she laid her hands on his chest.

Rory had been looking forward to that moment where they both exploded he was beyond close feeling her mouth still moving on him and she was the same. Until she stopped and he watched her move around to open up the condom and put it on. He let her straddle him and helped her hips guide down onto him, he felt himself moan out she was so tight and he had to wonder how long it had been for her. Obviously she wasn’t a virgin, but she was so tight, he let her hips guide on him felt her fingers dig into his chest and moaned again.

He raised his lips up to kiss her deeply, his hands gripping her hips while they moved he liked the pace and before he knew it he was shoving his hips harder and upwards into her. Trying to push into her as deep as he could reach it had been so long since he had been with a woman. “Fuck you’re so tight.” Rory moaned into her ear hoping that he wasn’t hurting her. His hands ran up her back to move the hair out of her face. He stroked it gently before kissing her lips. “Yasmine.” He managed to mumble his tongue colliding with hers. He was close but wanted to make sure she was too. He had dreamed about this so long.

The passion between them was exploding. Each touch she felt against her skin felt like he was pressing right against her clit. She knew she was getting close as she moaned through the kiss, exhaling as she threw her head back wildly. To be honest she felt like she was about to speak in tongues. Yasmine knew she was close to exploding. Her body started to shake vicious as she rolled her hips passionately.

“Rory I’m about to cum!” She cried out as she look into his eyes. The next thing she knew she was flooding the seats with her hotness. Releasing a howl as she squeezed her muscles around him so that he could feel her tightness. Looking into his eyes Yasmine knew he was close. “Fuck let it go Rory!” She cried out scratching his back as she released another orgasm not knowing what was happening. Nobody had made her body feel like this as she looked into his eyes she laid her head on his shoulder. The limo was spinning round and round.

Rory felt her explode and thrust his hips upward he couldn’t help the smile on his lips, hearing her scream his name was better in real life than it ever was in his fantasies. He kept thrusting and finally when she climaxed again, digging his nails into his back. He felt himself explode into her with a jerk it was the one time in his life he hated the rubber separating them. He groaned shoving her hips down on him while they both shook riding out their climax, and he felt himself jerk again. It was responsible to wear one he knew that but he didn’t want anything between them either.

Rory waited for a few moments his breathing slow while they both calmed down laying in the limo he wasn’t even sure what to say. He had never thought about not wearing a condom with a girl, but he wanted that with Yasmine. He moved some hair out of her face smiling at her before leaning into her lips kissing them softly. “I’ve waiting a long time for that. You make me do things Yasmine. I’m crazy for you.” Rory said he pressed the intercom to the limo. “Drive around for a bit when you get to the condo will you?” Rory turned off the intercom and pulled her body to his. “We’ll figure everything out about your mom and the club I promise Yasmine.”

“I’m sticky.” She said laughing. “All I want to do is make love to you all night and shower and make love again. I am leaving my neighborhood for the night I don’t want to think about all of that.” Yasmine said knowing she was flying high in the mood. Grabbing two glasses. “To the start of a very beautiful night. To cognac and conversations.” Pouring them a drink as the toasted with the glass.


Hunter looked at the faces around the room trying to keep his eyes on Bliss as she moved, he was enthralled by her watching her every move. She fit right in as Lowell’s daughter even if she didn’t think she did, the way she moved. The way the room moved and looked at her Lowell’s enigma it was something that made him smile. He had sat through the fundraiser silently with Max a forced interaction that was to appease board members, he was tired of the charade. That had not been a lie to Jackson earlier he was tired of pretending with Max. He wanted he and Max to be over, move on and be happy with other people not to stay and be miserable. He had made his way towards the bar when he saw his sister breeze out of the room. His eyes landed on his mother wondering what had caused it this time. He picked up his scotch as she approached.

“Mother, what do I owe the honor? I see that Brooke left.” Hunter asked looking at her they had never been that close he was always the mediator. His father had taken the most interest in him while Brenda for whatever reason seemed to favor his siblings more. She had also been begging him to run for mayor it was not happening. “If this is about the election and running in dad’s place you know my answer to that I have no desire to be the next mayor of Atlas Falls.”

“Screw the election Hunter did you not just see who your sister was just doing the cha-cha with?” Balked Brenda as she looked at her middle boy. “You are so handsome, do you know that? You look so much like your father.” Trailing off Brenda came back to reality considering the major problem they had now. If her beloved Brooke was now considering being with Ronan. A man so vile that it made her skin crawl. Slowly tapping her nail on her glass making a ghastly face at the thought. “She was engaged to a prince and now engaging with the prince of the east coast mob. I just want you to know you have to help me. If Andy was here he’d help but you have help me.” Brenda said slowly sitting down as she looked at Hunter.

“I wasn’t a good mother too you. You were perfect don’t get me wrong I just was angry Hunter at your father. Then Brooke came and it was all better and I don’t know where we messed up and fell apart all I know is I’m sorry. I know that doesn’t mean a lot to you. I’m sorry though that I was too drunk to make your lacrosse games and I was too preoccupied to see you at the polo club. Oh baby you are so special but you are reminder also Hunter of the ugliest time in my life. How I didn’t get a happy ending but I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. My special little boy.” Brenda wiped her eyes. “I should leave you are um busy and I’ll handle Brooke you have fun tonight.” Her eyes drifted over to Walter Fraiser. “Don’t waste your life with someone who doesn’t love you all the way. Let your love be all encompassing for whomever they are.”

“The election has always mattered. I saw her with Ronan Madden.” Hunter said quietly he had seen and he wasn’t happy about it he knew the rumors about Ronan. Rumors he was sure were true but had yet to be proven by law enforcement. He supposed he looked like his father while his siblings took more after their mother, being reminded of his father even now after he was gone hurt. It also hardened his resolve to not end up like his parents with Max, he had watched his parents drift apart over the years, watched them stay and hate each other. “Atticus hurt her mother what did you expect? She has assured me that she and Ronan are just friends. I can’t tell her what to do.”

Hunter looked at her knowing she had tried while they were growing up but now her kids were older, making their own decisions like Brooke. He always suspected that on some level his mother took what was happening with his father out on him, to hear it verbally though made him really look at her. By the time Brooke was born he knew his place was his father would come to his sporting events and his mother would dote on her and Anderson. He grew up to resent it sometimes but as of late he had been reflecting on it more than anything he saw her getting up to go from the table. Knowing that right now she like him was worried about Brooke he put a hand on her shoulder to stop her from leaving.

“I don’t think you should handle Brooke. I can use my connections at city hall if we need too. Have you thought about calling the police dad and Gideon were friends surely he can do something. I don’t like it like you do, but you can’t very well lock her in a room either.” Hunter said looking at his mother he was on her side on this Ronan was dangerous and he feared for Brooke.

“Oh my.” She said standing up shaking her head looking at the doorway and how Brooke charged away. “I just want her happy again and I know it’s wrong to assume that he is absolutely wrong for her. She’s in her early twenties and that man damn near forty. He has twenty years on her not to mention how women he’s ran through. God can’t do this she can’t be like me. Don’t fall for the wrong one.” Her heart clenched as she thought about Walter and Steven. The loves of her life but she was right to move forward with Steven and not Walter. “She’s falling for someone who isn’t right for her and I’ve done that Hunter. You’ve done that and I think we both know how it ends. Hell look at you and Max. I thought she loved you and out of all my children you were the one I was most jealous of. Young and handsome and in love.” Wiping her eyes as she looked at him.

“I never saw it but we have a lot in common. Hunter were lovers and not fighters but if she is breaking your heart but you aren’t…” She paused as she looked at him. “You aren’t your father and if she is making you unhappy baby. I just want you to be happy and move forward with your life. Please do that okay? She isn’t worth the money or the tears. Just go be happy promise me that. I’ll handle Brooke and Ronan if I need you I’ll call.” Walking to Hunter she touched his face softly. “You look so much like your father.”

“I know you want her happy. Ronan is not ideal it will pass maybe this is a phase for her.” Hunter said wanting to make sure that his mother didn’t cause a scene just yet. They were at the children’s function so to speak and honestly they didn’t need a scandal tonight. Looking around the room for Brooke he didn’t see her and that was something that worried him. He wasn’t sure what his mother began talking about when she spoke about love and choosing the one too love. She had loved his father in some weird way hadn’t she they had been happy at one time. He and Max had been happy in college for a little bit, it was comfortable and familiar and at the time he fell into a pattern with her and the Devonshire’s. “Max and I never should have got married.”

“We weren’t ready mom, you and dad wanted that wedding so bad. Lowell and Jackie wanted it, it seemed right on paper. I went with it to please you and dad and now look at me years later you’re right about that we are a lot alike. I won’t be you and dad thought with Max mom I know you don’t want to hear that.” Hunter said quietly looking at her, he was going to divorce Max hopefully they could reach an amicable divorce settlement if not it would be ugly. She could end up with some of the resort if she really wanted to push it. He saw Max enter and make her way to Bliss and saw his mother watch too. “I’m in love with Bliss. I know you don’t like her but you don’t know her, if you’d give her a chance you’d see mom. She’s smart and funny, she’s trying her damndest to not do what Max is to me with Philip. Brooke needs to be happy for a little bit after what happened with Atticus have the police follow her or get a security team. Let her get Ronan out of her system.”

Brenda heard her son’s voice and he’d never sounded like that with Max. It was something that brought a true fear to her heart. Love was scary but Max was even scarier when hurt. One thing she had to see was Devonshire women were her son’s weakness. At one point it was Max now he got to be hero to Bliss. Shaking her head she wondered what it would feel like to be replaced by your very own sister. As she raised her hand she looked at her middle son. Shaking her head knowing it was futile to argue about this She however saw nothing but distrust and scandalous end from this love affair with Bliss.

“I sometimes feel like our souls were so connected we wanted so much of the same thing. Look baby I’m worried about that girl. I know you think she’s charming but I see another Devonshire to hurt you. You have to listen to me when I say she could be a wonderful follow up however she’s never going to be wife material. You were once married to her sister. Where can you two go? You’re the one who has always kept our family together. Hunter I’m worried about you and I guess I don’t like her because of Tess and Lowell and Max and it’s mess you can’t love her dear. You don’t know her, she’s a stranger and I don’t want you to be hurt by one those girls again. You think she’s different don’t you? You think she won’t hurt you but the way this town is she won’t try to but it’s cursed here baby please find decent girl who won’t betray and send you another long road of misery.” Brenda got up and kissed his cheek.

“I’m going home and no I’m not drunk. I just need some alone time, Hunter I should have never forced you into that marriage. For that I’m so sorry. I’ve made mistakes with you but you hold such a special place in my heart. I resented you because you couldn’t bring the love back in my marriage. But I see you are the best parts of myself and your father.”

Hunter knew she didn’t approve of Bliss it was all over her face but it wasn’t her choice hadn’t she and his father picked Max and look how that turned out? He honestly felt a connection to Bliss that he didn’t with Max a kindred spirit, she understood him wanted the things he wanted passion and fire in a relationship. It wasn’t that he wasn’t friends with Max he was he always would be given his relationship with her brother but he didn’t feel passion with her like he did Bliss. It felt right with Bliss and he didn’t know how else to describe it other than that. In truth no he didn’t’ know everything about Bliss but he wasn’t sure if that really mattered either people were together for years without knowing everything about each other.

“Don’t be worried about me and Bliss or how Max will be involved I can handle Max mother. I can’t stay with Max anymore.” Hunter said her words sinking in yes they would look bad in the press, this time. The tabloid would be all over the scandal he wasn’t sure if Lowell would ever accept it. They would drag both of them in the mud and he envied that Max had DGI behind her to clean up her mess and affair with Philip at his expense of happiness. “Bliss is different she won’t hurt me like Max has, she’s not like that. I’ll make sure to check on Brooke have a good evening mother.”

Hunter leaned in and kissed her cheek as he got up from the table not sure what else to do about him and Bliss. Not sure how much longer he wanted to wait with her either, if Max could screw Philip why hadn’t he acted yet? He knew deep down he should act but his mother’s words were h


Jamal walked down Martin Luther King Drive. He’d been too the club, Yasmine house, and even told Rachel to call her ass. It was a lot going on but her finding out was something that was making his heart pound. She could expose everything and he wasn’t about to lose just yet. He had to silence her because he knew exactly how. Pulling out his phone he texted her quickly.

If u say anything to Kendrick, Rory, or anyone I assure your experience in high society will be over. I’ll tell Lowell and Jackie so fast that Rory will be shipped to DGI International. Try me Yasmine now we will meet tomorrow.

Jamal looked up and saw Money standing on the corner. A couple of fiends had copped from him and he didn’t know if he should approach him or just let him go. The truth was he wasn’t sure why he did this now. For street credit? For the thrill? For a reason to feel like a man? This was becoming more and more stressful and it was slowly draining his relationship with his family. Sometimes he didn’t know what to feel about what he’d gotten himself in. At times it was actually rewarding. Not the selling drugs but being known for Jamal and not being a Delacroix. More and more he was becoming lost in this lifestyle. The truth was he couldn’t comprehend why everyone was fighting over. Was it the streets? The drugs? The honor? Jamal just didn’t understand it was becoming clear as hell that he was out of his element.

Money had a blunt between his already purple lips. He’d been smoking weed since he was twelve. Taking a deep toke of the weed he saw youngblood walking up on the block. One thing he always noticed was Jamal never looked like he belonged here. The boy wasn’t soft or nothing but he just didn’t have the edge of the street. Shit he didn’t have that fuck it attitude that he and his boys did. He cared about shit and that got you killed on these streets. It was irritating that Kendrick and Ronan once again passed up him and Ivan for this snot nose little college boy. He wasn’t hating though one day he’d get to shine and flex with the big boys.

“Aye Jamal come on and hit this blunt this shit fire! Pineapple kush!” He said smirking knowing Jamal had turned down the drugs. “Come on with your baby lungs ass.” Money looked back at him. They quickly pulled each other into what Money called brother embrace. “Man youngblood I hear you out here making that money.”

Jamal smiled taking the blunt needing something to calm his nerves. “Man I’m trying but I’m really trying to slap skins with Yasmine. You seen shorty at?”

“Boy Kendrick going to kill you ass.” Money said shaking his head. Yasmine was off limits to hustlers and Kendrick had made that clear to him and Ivan. Everyone knew the fucking rules and he was still trying to break them. Shaking his head truly feeling bad for the boy. “Have you heard about Kendrick baby bro Khalil? He almost killed that boy over Yasmine and that’s his blood. Kendrick holds Yasmine close to his heart man you better stop.”

“Fuck all that noise I need to find her.” Jamal said noticing two all black SUV’s slowly creeping up the street. “Yo is that Ivan?” He said dropping the blunt as the windows opened and men in all black with automatics leaned out windows. “Money run!” The sound of gunfire echoed in his ear. As they jetted down the street neither of them slowing down but the cars were on there asses. Who would be so brazen to shoot at one of Ronan’s generals? Jamal turned around swiftly shooting at the window of the SUV and it slammed into a wall immediately sending the front passenger out the window. He saw a man slumped over in the car and his hands shook. All he could do was stand there in the middle of the sidewalk shaking. The other SUV spun around the corner and bullets were flying everywhere.

“Get your simple ass down!” Money screamed as one of the passengers continued to bust at them. The bullets were flying and Jamal was standing there. “Jamal” He screamed as ran to him yanking him down. “Are you trying to get us killed.” He saw the tears in Jamal’s eyes. “Mal you can’t stand here and lose it I know it’s fucked up. I was fucked up when I killed someone.”

“I didn’t kill him. He’s not dead I’m not a murderer.” He cried as he dropped the gun. “I’m rich man shit this is too much.”

“What you mean boy grab that gun or we dead boy it’s time to man up. This what you want! This our life Jamal! This what we do and it’s time to be a man. This is what asked boy now let’s get it.” Money thrived on this shit. He loved gun play and this was no different. Then what he said dawned on him. “You rich?” Money popped up shooting one of the guys then stooping behind the trash can that he pushed Jamal down at. “You rich? Jamal what that mean?”

“My dad owns one of the biggest restaurants on the east coast and my mom had money also. I’m not from Philly, I’m from Atlas Falls. I was groomed to be a businessman not a drug dealer.” Jamal said picking up his gun knowing he’d have to shoot his way out with Money.

“Boy you fucking fool we try to get out of the hood, you want to be in it?” Money saw two SUV’s in his peripheral vision now turning the corner. They were trapped. “Come on!” He said running down the alley way.

Jamal did as Money said completely in shock. He started to climb the fence as he looked back he saw them pulling out a body in the first SUV he jumped over. As he saw Money climbing  the fence as he looked at Thor Luciano step out with a machine gun. Money was still climbing as Thor aim at Money who was moving as fast as he could. Jamal ran down the alley way knowing his truck was around the corner. “Hurry up Money!”

Thor smiled as he aimed at Money with his goons all behind him. “Bye Money.” A rain of bullets poured through that fence. “Find Ronan and kill him, it’s a new day.”

Money body jerked as he fell to the ground. He felt the blood gushing out his body laying there he felt the stinging running through his body. If he survived he’d be a legend. No more being a minor man. Then he saw the multiple gunshots the sirens were getting closer. He coughed up blood. Where was that pussy ass nigga Jamal? Where did he go?

Just then Jamal swerved down the alley way with his truck. Tears were pouring down his face. “Kendrick!” He said hysterically into his Iphone. When he saw Money laying on the ground he screamed wildly. Jamal rushed to him as he tried to put pressure on his wounds while cradling the phone against his ear. “Fuck why aren’t you answering.” He slid his phone into his back pocket. “Money don’t die! You saved me man!” He cried as he leaned in with all his strength to pick up Money. Jamal dragged him to the truck and laid him across his backseat. Jumping into the SUV he looked down at the blood covering his clothes and on his hands. His lip quivered as he sped out of the alley making a quick left he got off King Drive and sped deeper into Scottswood.

“Kendrick!” He said he saw him standing on a corner with Ivan. “Kendrick! It’s Money he bleeding!” Jamal said turning around wiping his eyes and the blood smeared on his face. Turning around he looked at Money. “Don’t die man you saved me. I need someone talk too about this shit please Money.” He grabbed his hand.

Money gasped as he looked at Jamal. “Get out of this.” He coughed up blood as he saw Kendrick and Ivan rushing to the truck. “Madboiz.” Money released one last gasp as he closed his eyes.

Jamal understood what he was saying as he nodded. “Madboiz for life.” It was what they called Ronan’s gang members.

Kendrick had been talking to Ivan about a run when Jamal’s truck came to a screeching halt at the corner and the door flew open. His eyes landed on Money in the backseat soaked in his own blood, his eyes grew wide. He held Money’s hand they had grown up two apartments down from each other, they got initiated at the same time. He didn’t know how this had happened who in the hell would attack them on Ronan’s turf no one was that dumb he had begged Ronan to add more men but the little blonde bitch was distracting him. He pressed the jacket into Money’s wounds.

“Ivan call the doctor, fuck!” Kendrick screamed at Ivan his eyes wild full of grief. He saw Ivan shaking his head that there was no answer he punched the back of the seat. He felt Money’s hand go limp and cold. He bit back the bitter tears. “Madboiz.”

His eyes stung with tears but he couldn’t cry now he had to be strong what was he going to tell Money’s mother, his two brothers and sister the family Money was looking out for? He closed his eyes knowing this was what they had choose to calm himself as he looked at Jamal, who looked shaken to his core. Jamal knew what the life entailed but they were all careful and no one would do this, hell not even Thor was that stupid was he? His hands were shaking as he reached up and closed Money’s eyes watching the realization sink into Jamal’s face.

“Get out of the SUV give me the keys Jamal. Ivan help me with the body, afterwards I need to drive the car to the cleaners.” Kendrick said his voice wavering, cracking trying to be a leader and grieve at the same time. He watched Ivan and another member remove Money’s body his eyes met Jamal’s “Who in the fuck did this?”

“Thor.” He said softly looking at his boss. “Thor shot him up with like six other guys. Ronan, Kendrick they looking for Ronan! I saw him kill him. They just shot him up and we was almost safe.” Jamal face was shocked and he didn’t know what else to say or do. He slumped out of the car and watched Kendrick and Ivan take Money body. “Whatever his family needs I got him. I swear I got him.” He was trembling as he looked at his phone it flashed Mom.

“Momma I gotta go.” He huffed as he forced back tears. “I love you.” He hung up his phone as he put his fist up to his head beating his head.


Max watched the room flock and flaunt over her sister, it should have been a great evening for their family and DGI if it wasn’t so laughable. Her sister was the bastard child of her father’s mistress, in town to take her place and at that Max had to sneer as she took a sip of her champagne on what planet did Bliss think she could ever possibly be her? She was still pissed about her little stunt at DGI earlier in the day and she didn’t like the way either Hunter or Philip had seemed so taken with her. She didn’t lose and her sister would know that after tonight. She watched Hunter watching Bliss across the room, they were in for a rude awakening. Yes she was in love with Philip but she was not going to just lay down and watch her husband and her sister start an affair, no she’d torture them both. Walking to Bliss as she saw her about to leave she stepped in front of her.

“Going somewhere are we? Don’t you have to stay and pretend a bit longer? Earn daddy’s love and affection? After all this little show tonight was for you to welcome you into the family.” Max sipped her drink for a moment saw Bliss’s eyes dart around the room looking for Hunter or maybe her twin. Honestly Jackson taking Bliss’s side on his project burned at her they were always a team and it felt like Bliss trying to take everything from her. “Jackson left already, he won’t save you like he did at the board meeting and you know what quit his project. I’m so sick of you trying to take my life first Hunter and now my brother. Or were you looking for Hunter to come in on his white horse? He won’t appearances and what not.”

Bliss smiled at Ben and Daphne Nguyen as she walked away only to be stopped by her sister in her tracks. Shaking her head she wanted to laugh at how insecure and bitter she truly was. It must of been quite sad that Philip wanted her and so did Hunter. Her twin needed her for the oil and their father saw so much more potential. As she tilted her head to her sister signalling her to walk and talk with her. The truth was she didn’t want a  confrontation on her coronation so to speak. As she slowly turned to Max and shook her head.

“You look stunning big sister the fresh fuck marks all over your neck says otherwise though. I have the same dress in blue.” She raised her hand at the bartender to bring her a drink as she looked at Max. “What do you want from me? Fine you can have your twin back but let’s ruin his chance of ever making our father proud? Are you that selfish? He’s doing good and I’m not trying to take that from him. So that you could feel like you are winning. God are beyond what people say you’re unbelievable. And my biggest question would be if you can screw around on Hunter with Philip doesn’t he have the right to do the same thing with me? Hunter wants me and I want him and I get whatever I want. Thus your life this used to be you didn’t it? Hobnobbing with the all of daddy’s friends but you tainted because you’re a whore who can’t keep her legs closed. So Max whatever I did to be graced with your presence  I apologize for it and go back to rolling your eyes at me across the room.”

Max would have slapped her had they not been at the party yes Philip had gotten a little rough but that was how she liked it, she had made sure to look presentable when she came in. Her dress was something she had picked out weeks ago and she made a mental not to call in a new order of fresh clothes just in case Bliss wanted another repeat of stealing her clothes now too. She paused when Bliss pointed out the logic in Jackson, he was going so good right now he wasn’t high all the time, he was trying. It had taken years for him to actually want that even when he went on his bender before his last stint in rehab she’d never seen him trying so hard. If she told Bliss to pull out she would be beyond selfish, Jackson could self destruct again he would spin and spiral throw everything away. She sipped her drink putting away her pride for that at least she didn’t want to see Jackson full on back on drugs again.

“Fine you can stay on the oil project. You don’t know what it is like to see him on a bender, high all the time wrecking the good things that come into his life.” Max said quietly it was eerily calm how Bliss seemed to want to help Jackson. Hunter though was an entirely different ballgame, he was still very much so hers and she looked down at her wedding ring. She glared at her sister watched Bliss’s face the satisfaction on it that Hunter wanted her too. “Hunter is mine Bliss and he’s far too noble to fuck you while still married to me I at least married right into that. You want Hunter? Please you want to take him from me, what happens once that happens a big wedding for you both? Please I’ll have you both drug through the mud so fast your head will spin those new friends you’re making will disappear. The look on our father’s face alone when he realizes like mother like daughter with you will be more than worth it. You do not want to start a war with me.”

“War? You’ve never had war honey. People cower to Maximilla Devonshire because of your constant beratement of them. I however see exactly who you are you are a spoiled princess who has no idea what’s coming for her. Have ever asked yourself what have I done to people? How you tortured Dani and her friends, how you and your clique ran around bullying people, and how you seduced Hunter into your web I have no idea. However I see you for who and what you are. A weak little girl who is intimidated by her baby sister. I’m another in the long line of people and things that you want to break because aren’t getting your way. It took another person who the same blood coursing through my veins. I’m not afraid of you at all.” Bliss said as she placed her hands on her hips.

“I for one am not scared of war. You see when I was eighteen I had a guy who pounded on my face constantly. Now father has no clue about this but I’m not a pretty princess little like you Max. I take a licking and keeps on ticking. If want war I assure I’ll win because I got kicked so many times. I fall and I get back up so if you think your threats are going hurt me bitch think again. I’m not what you think and I have waited years to get here so don’t try to ruin it Max or I swear to you I’ll ruin you.” Her eyes watered as she wiped her face. “I won’t give up on Hunter because honestly he and I have something you and him never had. I found a friend and someone who I care about. Someone who is going to give something I’ve never had. A who loves me unconditionally. I’m sorry its my time now.”

“I’ve squashed better than you over the years you see that red headed little bitch at that table. Her name is Cassie Montgomery you want to play with me you might want to ask her for some tips. I don’t think you’ve played in my league if you did you would know that I play for keeps and right now I’m keeping my husband.” Max said staring at Bliss yes she had bullied Dani in school but honestly the girl was tougher for it now. She didn’t know if she was intimidated by Bliss but she knew one thing was she wasn’t about to back down and let her win everything her father, part of DGI and Hunter. “You should be afraid I can have Simon dig on you, you’ve met Simon right? He’s good at digging up dirt even your pretty image and well with you being a Devonshire you have to have a few skeletons in your closet.”

“You haven’t taken my licking yet Bliss and do you really want too? The things I could tell the press once I have Simon dig enough hell I could tell about your past lover. I see it now Devonshire Heiress a doormat, Homewrecker moves onto sister’s husband.” Max said viciously looking at the hurt on her sister’s face, she knew it was wrong that abuse was something to hurt someone with but seeing Bliss’s hurt was enough. She watched her mother across the room with her father and then looked back at Bliss. “Loves you? You think Hunter loves you, you’ve what hung out the last few months? He’s shown an interest in you and you think he’s in love with you? The only reason Hunter is entertaining you is because he knows it grates under my skin, don’t forget that little sister. Besides once you have him all he’ll be is a leftover that I’ve already had is that what you want for yourself.”

“How sad you are. Philip must truly have some amazing sex because you’re really delusional right now.” The bartender brought her the drink and Max a fresh glass of champagne. “I don’t think that’s it all, I think for once Hunter found a woman who sees his value and furthermore we have so much in common. It’s understandable you’ve never lost but what I’m going to do to Hunter and with him will make everyone forget about that sham marriage. I thought this was going to be a challenge but wow it’s so easy.” Bliss said looking at Cassie and waved at the redhead. “I think I might befriend her and find out all your dirty little tricks. You keep saying you’re a such a badass prove it. Show me because right now I see a spoiled little girl who is by far outmatched.” Twirling her glass between her fingers. She took a sip of the vodka and tonic.

“Matter fact let’s see.” Bliss threw her drink right in Max face. “Oops my bad. Matter fact you don’t get ruin my night. I get to fuck up yours. He loves me and it’s eating at you matter fact I see the steam simmering off your skin. You thought he was going to sit around didn’t you. You vain little princess I’m eat alive. I’ve survived so many things that you haven’t honey. My best girl win.” Bliss walked away humming ‘One Way Or Another’ as she looked back. “Oh don’t worry I hate that  dress sent it back you look exquisitely tacky.”

Max watched her fuming as she spoke about everything who in the hell was she? Her entire body was shaking in rage and she watched Bliss twirl her drink in her hands, speaking about being unmatched she had tried to contain herself and had nearly slapped her sister. Only to be stunned when Bliss tossed her drink into her face, her face was in shock as she heard the gasps from the small crowd. Her mother had reached them at that point and without even thinking her hand came out as hard as it could against Bliss’s face.

“You bitch!” Max hissed as she tried to lunge at Bliss only for her mother to stop her and she looked around the horrified faced around the room. The investor stared at her, her father was shaking his head at her when Bliss had thrown her drink. “Let go of me.” Max hissed at her mother.

Jackie had saw the two girls talking and knew that it would be bad and she had one gift for Bliss she had promised Lowell. They had a truce he tried with Jackson, she would let Bliss move in he had kept his word it had been work but he had allowed their son to be happy. She had done some research on Bliss learned about her tastes from Simon and had the room decorated according to those tastes. She had seen the drink thrown and Max knew how important tonight was for DGI and their standing. She glared at Bliss letting her know it wasn’t over holding Max back.

“I am sure you can go use the restroom to clean up. Max go now.” Jackie said warning her only daughter to not test her tonight it was not going to happen. She saw Max break free from her grip glare at Bliss and make her way to the bathroom. Her eyes cut to Bliss. “Don’t think I didn’t see you toss that drink my dear, it will be dealt with. I’m still trying to figure out what it is you want. But since I love your father and we had an agreement I came to give you this.” Jackie said holding out the key and handing it to Bliss. “You are to move in first thing in the morning.”

“I want the world Jackie.” She said waving at Max. “I want the world to adore me and love me and I want her to know I’m her biggest and best obstacle. I want you to know that tonight was a success. Tonight was my big outing and everyone loves me. I charmed and snaked my way into this family and now it’s time to stake my claim.”

“The world will tell you if it’s ready for you not the other way around. Stay out of Max’s way, stay out of her marriage to Hunter you see I had hoped you weren’t your mother. I guess you are more alike than you than you thought she had no problems fucking a married man either.” Jackie said looking at Bliss, years later she still hated Tess. Now even worse and she knew she was getting personal in her jabs but she had hoped for better with Bliss. “I will see you tomorrow at the mansion. I have guests I need to attend too.” She stepped away watching Bliss with the key before she walked across the room.

That little dig Jackie threw at her actually stung as she wrapped her mink around her shoulders. Bliss slowly walked across the room with dark look in her eyes. There was a honest truth on what she was saying, Hunter wasn’t her’s just yet. Soon enough she’d have him without any interference on her part. They weren’t taking this too far at all and when she was done spinning the media in their love story. “I am my mother’s daughter.” Taking a sip of champagne watching Hunter seductively across the room.


Walter opened up the door to the house the ride back at been made in silence from the party that they had cut out early of course, the embarrassment was not something he wanted to deal with. It made his entire campaign look silly his daughter was sleeping with Lowell’s son. Lauren of course had been silent in the car ride home and that was when he knew, she had known for weeks her silence all but confirmed it. Tossing the keys in the entryway of the hallway he moved towards the living room before pouring himself a vodka on the rocks. He hadn’t pushed his only daughter to be that stupid had he? She just needed more time that was what he had been telling Charles and Lex over the last few months. Hell both of them were coming to town in a few weeks for his election party he had hoped to get her to speak to Lex then. Putting the glass to his lips he caught Lauren’s stare.

“Oh what would you prefer I do celebrate the news that our daughter is fucking Lowell’s son? You should have told me so I could have put an end to this foolishness but no instead you hid this from me. You and Jackie what in the hell did you both think to accomplish?” Walter said his anger at Lauren showing at her and the situation as a whole while he drank. He didn’t know what his wife had been thinking the plan was always Dani was supposed to go back to Pittsburgh and to Lex. ”You’d rather see her with Lowell’s drug addicted son than Lex? At least with Lex we’d know she wouldn’t end up like one of Jackson’s many whores.”

“Yet you’d rather her with Lex who made her.” Lauren paused looking at Walter. “We know what Lex did to her and I’m not about to sit here and condemn her for moving on. Do I want her with Jackson absolutely not but my child’s happiness comes before what I want. Or have you forgotten that’s how you parent?” Lauren slammed her purse down on the table as she turned to her husband. “I have went through so much with you, Braden, and our daughter Danielle. I won’t be silenced anymore you hear me? I won’t be! I let you scream and berate her before when Lex broke her heart. I won’t and I mean I won’t let you interfere with this! If she’s happy dammit am I am for her.”

Lauren looked at her husband and shook her head. “Do I mean anything to you? Or am I just an accessory in a long line of your revenge against Lowell. First you’re mayor then you’re going eradicate Lowell from Atlas Falls. I know what this is. I know what you want and its not the best for our children but your pride. You can’t handle her with Jackson because once again you lose. You lose to Lowell who one ups you again about something that was in your face for weeks now! You pay attention to everyone but your daughter doesn’t deserve your love and doesn’t deserve to be loved. No matter what you say you.” She picked up a glass and tossed it across the room. Her chest heaving as she leaned against the countertop. “You won’t ruin this for her because I already tried and they are in love. It’s their eyes and I hate it but I will let her fall and rise on her own.”

“Lex made a mistake, he is sorry for it you know that he’s told you that yet you refuse to let him talk to her, she refuses his calls. She always does this Lauren and you always take her side. You say I favor Braden but her you’d walk through fire for her if it meant she didn’t have to learn the harsh realities of this world.” Walter said looking back at his wife, years later their daughter was still the contention between them. Yes he had yelled at her when she came home after what happened with Lex and he had been angry with her for not staying, instead she came home to go to work for DGI. “So what I want for her doesn’t matter? What I know both Charles and Lex still want with her doesn’t matter?”

Walter said watching the glass fly across the room he believed that Lex was sorry for what happened yet Lauren’s words cut at him more. She was always more than accessory she was the most forgiving woman he knew and yes they had stayed together over the years, she was vital the Pub’s success. There was a long list on why Jackson was not good enough for their daughter starting with it being he was Lowell’s son. Next was the drugs the using, the buying, the next was the fact Cat Scottson overdosed trying to keep up with the poor boy. It didn’t end there Jackson went from woman to woman having multiple partners, Dani couldn’t handle a grief stricken affair with Lex and the intern.

“Need I remind you that the boy because I won’t call him a man is a known drug user? What happens when he offers her some? You want her to end up like Cat Scottson? What happens when she catches him fucking around on her this time?” Walter said meeting Lauren’s eyes with his own. He had seen Dani’s eyes he knew, he saw Jackson’s eyes but even they knew sometimes love wasn’t enough. “Try harder Lauren. I won’t see her end up lying dead in the morgue, I won’t let Lowell or his son take her.”

“Oh God Catherine was drug using girl already. Dani has never and will never do drugs! Have faith in the child we raised. I have faith in her and in our parenting. That boy has been to rehab after rehab and we both know he would have relapsed by now. Hell this town is wondering when not if. We know Jackson’s history and if it’s a fling so be it but let her be happy. He’s a man and a broken one ever thought why they click?” Lauren covered her mouth as she looked at her husband shaking her head.

“I let you favor Braden for years and look Jackson he’s been the blacksheep for years. They are broken and putting each other back together and I accept it. If he’s bring our daughter back to life again I’m happy. I was scared because of you! I couldn’t smile that she was smiling! You have no idea the feelings that she has! How she doesn’t believe you love her but you stand here and condemn her because you can’t man up and deal with Lowell! Damn Walter I won’t! I won’t let you spin her into darkness again or at least not hurt her in this way.” Wiping her eyes she sat down. “Love me enough to hate him less.”

Walter looked at her and the now empty glass in his hand no Dani was never one to do drugs thank God for that they had been pretty good about that with both their kids. It was true the media was always asking when the next relapse would be for Jackson but he never would have thought he pushed her to this. He didn’t know how to connect with Dani, he never did but he certainly never wanted her chasing after a drug addict for love hadn’t she learned anything watching Tamara with Braden. She was happy he couldn’t deny that to Lauren but at what cost their family? Her reputation?

“You should have told me before that asshole came up to me and showed me these. I told her they were using her and I was right hell I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson started to fuck her to get back at me for his daddy.” Walter said taking out the photo and tossing it on the table watching Lauren’s face. Lowell would hurt their daughter even if Jackson wouldn’t or maybe he would, maybe he was in on the video. “They have a fucking video and he wants me to approve the casino deal. A deal you know would bring Ronan deeper into Atlas Falls as he wants a partnership stake. What would you have me do sacrifice Atlas Falls and it’s safety from the mob for what? Her to continue her affair with Lowell Devonshire’s son?”

“I’m asking to love your daughter more than you hate Lowell. That’s what I’m asking because pictures or not Jackie won’t let Lowell bash her favorite. You hear me? So you are going to do is call his bluff make him see you aren’t who were almost thirty odd years ago. You still are intimidated by these people you still want to please them. Fuck them and stand up for our daughter damnit. Stand up for her! Love her she deserves it doesn’t she? God I know you were going to leave with her.” She said turning around grabbing a kitchen towel.

Picking up the glass she looked at him in his eyes. “I love you but I know. I know if I didn’t have Dani you wouldn’t be here. I know you resent her and me and everything. But she is your daughter and the worst part is that I try to act like I don’t get why she’s so insecure. You pushed her to the Devonshire now you’re mad? Get it together because I won’t continue to be second and won’t let you berate and abuse my daughter anymore.”

“I love her I just want what it best for her and the Devonshire’s are not nor will they ever be that. What if it’s not a bluff Lauren? How do you know Jackie even supports this? Lowell could show these to the press, there would be a story about it and as good at public relations as Dani is, I don’t think she can even justify this or dig her way out of it.” Walter said his own voice rising at her as the words she said hit him. He loved Dani didn’t he? He had tried showing it in his own way over the years being reminded of those years ago hurt him to the very core. “He stole DGI from us Lauren. He destroys people.”

“I told you I didn’t want more children. We worked through her Lauren.” Walter said they rarely discussed this and years later it still hurt, in truth he got why Lex cheated on his daughter. He wanted his daughter to be like her mother forgive a man for a mistake. Even though he knew deep down Dani wouldn’t her stubbornness was something he was certain she got from him, his hands clenched for a moment as the ugly past was brought to the surface. Had he pushed Dani to them or was Lauren not seeing clearly because of what happened between them? “Are you so dead set against her with Lex because of what happened with you and I? Or do you really think she’ll be happier with Jackson.”

“You worked through it.” Lauren said looking at him with hurt in her eyes. “Women forgive but we never forget.” Dumping the glass in the trash can she looked it as a metaphor of her life. As she moved her long dark hair from her face. “Drugs or not she’s happy. Either way I’m happy for our daughter after he made her feel like shit. Or does she have to remind you that he told her she wasn’t good enough in every way. My daughter won’t be like me. I assure you that and she won’t stay in a unhappy situation. You won’t dictate her happiness anymore and I won’t either. So stay out of it Walter. Do you understand?”

She walked to the fridge and opened the freezer pulling out a pint of rocky road. “I’m going to take a bath and enjoy this. I don’t think that I’ll be able to sleep with you tonight. If you think Lex is a better option than Jackson. Have fun on the couch Walter goodnight.” Lauren stormed away with an aggression as she made it upstairs she caught a glimpse of herself. Years had done her justice she was still beautiful but what did Brenda Kincaid have over her? For years she’d been second to a ghost. However now she was resurrected and alive. “Please God don’t let that woman take my husband.”


Cassie was bored out of her mind and once again Thor was nowhere to be found. She had sat at the table trying her best to ignore the handsome and devilish John Harrison as best as she could that evening. She had rolled her eyes when her brother appeared late and smelled of sex that should have been her. Thor was off taking care of business when he should have been by her side for the charity function that was part of the last piece of her mother she had. Her mother had insisted on the auction and charity function before her suicide. Her and Thor were in a rut again it was clear, the mob was coming before her again the chemistry was still there that wasn’t the problem. The problem was he was missing things that mattered to her picking up her champagne she looked at Jon who unlike that night at the club wasn’t drunk hell she could say that he maybe even wasn’t still looking around the room anymore. She had noticed that, moving down a few seats she tossed the place card for Thor out of the way.

“Ah much better. You and I haven’t even got to talk tonight and now that you’re not drunk and attempting to take me home detective you could at least entertain me for bit. Since my date has decided that he’d rather be off for the evening.” Cassie said looking at the small smile appearing on his face. She wasn’t embarrassed about him kissing her, it had intrigued her and she had hardly thought about anything else since it happened. She had other lovers both Thor and she had but something about the handsome cop was doing her in. “So do tell who you have been looking for all night? A handsome man like yourself could surely have scored a date for the evening.”

“Well I don’t think any of the girls would interest me like you.” He flirted back playfully as he sat down by Cassie. “Cassandra Montgomery the stunning daughter of ex-executive Forbes Montgomery and Audrey Chandler. Audrey would go onto marry Forbes and have Philip and Cassandra. You see I do my research.” He said smirking as he looked at her. “Your mother was a opera singer and my mom played opera as if it was going out of style.”Jon smiled as he picked up his champagne glass taking a sip. “I don’t get many off days so I wasn’t indulging and could you keep it down. People knowing I was pissed about Dani really hurt my brooding tough guy look.” He fiddled with his hands a little as he looked at her. “I have to say Cassie how could he let a girl like you wait? He must be a fool because I find you absolutely alluring.”

Jon saw people were starting to leave but it would be a shame if nobody asked Cassie to dance. “I’m sorry about the kiss that night Cassie I heard you’re dating someone else. I do apologize about that. I pride myself on being something of a gentleman so I will ask again. Shall we dance? Without the kiss although I wouldn’t mind giving you a smooch.” He looked up and swore he saw a girl who looked like Skye. When he looked up again she wasn’t there. “Sorry thought it wasn’t all that bad. I’m just saying I think I got under your skin.” Standing up he extended his hand and bowed down. “My I have this dance Cass?”

“Ah ha so you did do your homework when you left the other night I was wondering if you would even remember my name, My mother loved the opera she had a lovely voice and when she met my father it was fate or as she put it love at first sight. A silly notion.” Cassie said smiling at him she liked the banter he offered while they talked and it didn’t hurt that she found him highly attractive. Looking at him she picked up the drink so Dani Fraiser was the girl he was trying to forget that amused her. “I have to say chasing DGI’s publicist and Jackson’s latest catch seems so odd for someone like you. He’s in a business meeting truth be told I’m getting bored waiting.”

“No need to apologize about the kiss but the manners are something more men should have, you were hurting Jon and very drunk. It’s wasn’t my first drunken kiss from someone in the club looking to forget a heartache. A dance would be quite lovely.” Cassie said looking at him at least this time he was sober and not tripping over his feet. She stood and held out her hand and lead him to the dance floor and a small smile spread on her face. “The kiss intrigued me I’m not easily persuaded but you detective are something that intrigues me and I wouldn’t object to another kiss perhaps more. As for the boyfriend call it a phase or a cycle at the moment I’m beginning to wonder when that cycle should end or if it should. So do tell what you would recommend for that fix? How would you solve that case?”

“To be honest this isn’t my first dance with getting uped by that junkie.” Jon said bitterly thinking about Skye going back and forth between them. It stung that out of all men it was Jackson. As he led Cassie to the dance floor he wondered if he was just chasing a fantasy with Dani. To be honest she was damaged and flawed as him. In some ways Cassie wasn’t yes she had some issues and apparently he was in luck. Thor her boyfriend was messing up. That was something that he liked to hear as wrapped his arms around her waist for the slow dance. Jon couldn’t help but to pull her into him. It was clear that she needed that feeling of a man in her arms.

“I would check out the scene and figure out the clues around it. See if anything stands out of the ordinary you know. Then when find a clue I’ll investigate it and see what it could mean to the case. Finally I’d use that clue to close out on what really is going on inside of you.” Jon said dipping Cassie dramatically and pulling her up to him. She wasn’t expecting it. “To be honest cycles and chains are meant to be broken. Now I don’t want to be the cause of your breakup with Mr. Luciano the boy is dangerous and he is reckless. Understand this someone so beautiful as you are well you shouldn’t be in danger. My only question is how have I missed you all this time. Considering I have been thinking about you I don’t believe we had just a drunk kiss.” Jon said with his charm and boyish qualities on full display with a toothy grin.

“Such a shame if you ask me, then again I don’t think you’d fit with her. No offense but she needs someone with a little more edge than I think you could offer.” Cassie said looking at the handsome detective she was good at reading chemistry it was part of what made her a good boss at the club. She could tell if a girl was uncomfortable with a client, if they wanted a client, if the chemistry was right it made for very profitable nights. Just by tonight she hadn’t once seen Dani glance in Jon’s direction the poor guy. “I would advise you detective to quit chasing someone that doesn’t want you, it never ends well. Unrequited love is not a pleasant thing to have with someone.”

Cassie wasn’t speaking from experience but she had seen it enough in her personal life her brother being the latest victim with Max. Philip was in love with her and all Max wanted to do was play her silly games putting Philip in the crosshairs. She had to smile when he dipped her for the dance and mentioned him not wanting to be the cause of her cycle with Thor ending. Honestly at this rate it would be Thor’s doing not Jon Harrison’s, Thor as of late had been more and more power hungry. Putting the business in front of their relationship, she got why his mother had died he was grieving. It felt like tonight however was the final straw.

“I’m not that complex of a woman I would like the man I am seeing to be here with me on the night that honored my mother, he is not. Should Mr. Luciano and I’s cycle end I can assure you on your honor it wouldn’t have to do with you.” Cassie said why couldn’t Thor be like this all the time charming, handsome and a gentlemen. “So you’ve been thinking about me then have you? I would assume it has to be better than chasing a ghost?”

“What makes you think I was talking about Dani?” He asked looking at Cassandra. “I honestly want to take you out. However you are taken so that is a problem. Listen beautiful I’m not trying to take you away from your man, I’m trying to show you that possibly you can be something special in my life. I hate to say it kid but you don’t look to happy. I just don’t think that Thor Luciano is a good type of guy. You’re too lovely to be stressed.” He noticed that everyone was watching them dance. It must of been sexy type of dance. Whatever it was it was clear they were feeling each other. “I guess I was flattering myself to assume I would be the reason you and Thor would end.”

He stopped as the music ended. People clapped as he took her hand and lead her to the bar. “I want a drink, will you escort me?” Jon wrapped his arm around hers. As he pulled out her chair he smiled at her beautiful curly red hair. Touching her cheek slowly smiling at her. “I just don’t know what to say to you to get you to see possibly you want more.” Jon said folding his arms. “Cassie I want to show you that a guy shouldn’t leave you here all alone.”

“You mentioned her and besides I saw you glancing around the room. I’ve always been observant detective my mother told me one day it would lead me to trouble. You’d have to pick me up at the club which doesn’t scream your type of establishment. You know it takes a lot of courage to strip, a fearlessness if you will I know some people in this town look down on it. It is quite empowering in reality.” Cassie said looking at him at the moment Thor wasn’t here Jon was not the other way around. Had Thor of come she wasn’t sure how the evening would have went. Despite the drugs in the club not all her strippers did coke or drugs most of them were quite clean. “Thor and I are a very complicated system at the moment.”

Cassie lost herself in the dance smiling at him while they moved and she grinned when the people around them clapped Jon Harrison was a smooth dancer. She had to wonder if he got it from his mother or if some other woman had taught him how, regardless it was nice to feel what she was especially on tonight. “I’ll escort you at least to the table. You intrigue me.” Cassie said and then she saw one of Thor’s men enter the ballroom and knew for Jon’s safety their evening had to come to a close. She leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Another time detective and perhaps another place. Do stop by the club again I quite enjoy unwrapping your puzzle.” Rising from her chair she looked back at Jon one last time before she walked out with the security guard Thor had a lot of explaining to do.

“You’re the puzzle my dear.” He kissed her hand as he saw Byron one of Thor’s goons he was well associated with Carla Luciano. “I don’t understand why you continued to go down a cycle of confusion. I for one think you deserve so much better beautiful.” Jon adjusted his coat as he turned around and pulled out a card. “If you’re ever in any trouble, I tend to save girls in distress. Call it my white knight complex. For some reason I assume I might need saving from you but I can’t wait to find out.” Dani wasn’t his so to be honest wallowing in self doubt wouldn’t help him. He loathed that he waited so long but now it was time to move forward.


Chauncey walked around the room after seeing his brother leave and also Rory leave overall the evening had yet to be a complete disaster though he was disappointed he had hoped to make a scene. An angry and upset Jackson was far more interesting than attempted straight and narrow Jackson. He had looked around for Selina for a little bit before deciding that they were going to spend the next few decades together. His eyes instead sought after Greer in the crowd there was something about her that he wanted. It had to be the European in her that intrigued him the most, how she was so open to new things. Not to mention bedding his father’s new employee wife would be worth it in the end, surely she couldn’t be happy with Zerick. The man was not right for her no she needed something a little less proper, she needed something more dangerous. Grabbing two glasses of champagne he swiftly made his way to her in the crowd.

“Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez I do hate to interrupt but my mother sent me over to fetch the lovely Ms. Westwood for a private tour.” Chauncey said looking at the elderly head of the hospital board and his wife. The lie was easy enough and one he knew both of them would by his mother was always showing off the country club for exclusive members. Plus with her making the rounds it was something that would be expected. “Shall we my dear?”

“My husband wouldn’t like this Mr. Devonshire.” Greer said looking at him playfully as she strutted walking with Chauncey as she eyed him cautiously. “Tell me what are thinking about doing to me on this tour of  the country club?” Sensually she spoke slowly as she took a glass of champagne pressing it to her lips. “Oh Mr. Devonshire I’m sorry I think we’ve gotten off to a crazy start. Yes I’m psychically attracted to you but I also find your father visually appealing a man with all that power. No one should have all of that power. However I’m very happy with my husband so what is it that you want. Gossip has been buzzing in my ear about your family. My new friends the Fraiser finally told me what pulling a Fraiser was. You know how your father betrayed Walter?” Greer said stopping seeing his clearly shocked face.

“Why Mr. Devonshire cat got your tongue. I won’t be leaving my husband nor will I be lurking around this country club with you. I was hurting and I wanted attention but this is done. Now if you don’t mind I’ll be leaving.” Greer knew exactly what she was doing. She’d watched him all night sending him looks and now she was being cold as ice. “I won’t let you or Lowell take or betray my husband. I have MBA in business and I’m not afraid to use it. I’m a smart girl and if thing happens to Zerick I assure you I will bring down the reign down on you personally.” Leaning against the wall her body sprawled out in a dress that was barely covering her body. “Now may I leave before my husband find us and beat out your blue blood.”

“I’m not worried about your husband my dear you see if I wanted I’d have him gone. Not in the ground of course but overseas I am sure my father has something he could be doing for DGI overseas. I think our footing was just fine.” Chauncey said looking at her darkly she was the one that wanted the game. She was already a part of it she had after all let him have a taste earlier she was interested. She intrigued him too not like his others, no she was very different. “My father is a little old for you not to mention my mother wouldn’t have it. The power do you crave it? Some women do more than others don’t trust anything the Fraisers say they’re just bitter that my father was smarter than Walter.”

“You are quite the creature but have it your way we can stay here pretend to be civilized in conversation. Or I could show you the country club something my mother prides herself on and then you could win her over.” Chauncey said looking at her over his own glass admiring her fight. His others had been so easy a little too easy when the pursuit was on Greer was work. He eyed Zerick across the room with investors. “He isn’t even paying attention to you he’s off investing. I like you Greer you are like something I have never had that intrigues me. Admit it your curiosity is killing you. What it would be like to be with me shall we go find out?”

“Fine but I want you to know one thing. Just because you get to disrespect Ms. Delacroix that doesn’t mean I’ll be disrespecting my husband.” As she shook her head. “On second thought winning over your mother, Chauncey I could two fucks about her. You know attracted me to Zerick? He was his own man and he didn’t need his father’s or mother’s approval. What I find comical is that you think I’m attracted to mediocrity. Zerick is a made man with his own business and power. You are a boy still living off his daddy name.” She slowly approached him touching his chest. As she flipped her hair looking at him. “Money is only one part of the equation, I need a man who isn’t depending on his father’s wealth.”

Greer slowly started to walk with him as she looked into his eyes. “Zerick was self made and at least I know he has something other than daddy’s name. Listen I’m attracted to men who move and shake things. Your girth of what’s between your legs isn’t what impresses me, power impresses me. So tell me do you want me or do you want a momentary night. You see if you keep resting on your father’s laurels then I’ll never give what we both know you want. If you want me show me. Show me that I’m a man for a boy.”

“I did promise to be on my best behavior tonight so at the moment no I have no intention of disrespecting Selina in public at the very least. You know you keep talking on and on about your husband but I’d like to know more about you. Why do you stay home when you could be in the board room playing with him. Does he not want you there such a shame?” Chauncey said taking a glass of champagne for them both as he began to escort her out of the main ballroom. He saw his mother’s stare and instead softly placed his hand on Greer’s back to guide her. “The club was built in the late 1920’s my mother’s ancestors have been running it for generations. Every exclusive.”

“My father will soon retire he can’t very well leave DGI to anyone else in the family. Jackson isn’t cut out for it. Max is too focused on the fashion and luxury. Rory no one wants DGI to become the next Facebook or some other social media outlet. I’m the one that looks after the finances for the company that has been running it behind the scenes for a few years.” Chauncey said leading her up the stairs to one of the many club rooms, he figured they could start at the billiards and make their way down. Once they were inside he let his fingers trail on her back seeing her face fill with the same lust it had at the house. “So tell me did you wear the dress for him or me? I haven’t decided just yet I couldn’t take my eyes off you the entire night.”

There it was the first bit of entail information she needed. Max was running their luxury goods division. Rory was doing the technology side which was delicious. Rumors had been running rampant that Jackson had the energy division of DGI. She’d slowly pulled it out of him without trying. “I just don’t want to leave Zerick for the wrong man.” She looked at the ancient art around the room and beautiful imagery. “I feel like a 20’s movie siren in here. Take my picture, make me famous Mr. Devonshire.” She spun around it was beautiful actually.

Turning around he was right there. Greer laid her hands on his chest as she shook her head. “My father was a smart man. Dangerous but smart and he did terrible things to get to the top. I learned how to fence from him and I learned that life isn’t fair. I collect swords and my love of fencing is what got me in college. Full ride scholarship us Brits take swords as a art and a sport.  My mother died in birth with me it was tragic but it taught me that life isn’t all good. As for my brain how do you know that I’m not already doing something in a boardroom. And this dress you haven’t impressed me enough Chauncey to . You haven’t made me want you bad enough. So this was all for Zerick.” Her voice was breathy as she looked at him into his eyes. “You want me don’t you? Maybe I wore it for you both.” As she tilted her neck back playfully as she watched him in amazement of her body. “Your mouth is saying you are going to be faithful to Selina but.” Greer rubbed his throbbing penis through his slacks. “Your cock is a whole nother thing.”

Chauncey smiled at her when she spun around the room knowing the room would impress her of course it was off limits to normal guests but she wasn’t that. He took out his phone taking a picture of her in the dim lighting watching the dress hug all of her curves. He felt his body reacting he had fantasies about her while lying next to Selina had ever since he met her and watched her fucking swim naked for weeks on end. When she spoke about her father he listened he needed to know everything about her, he took in the information fencing, a father probably like his own. Her mother gone in childbirth hit him, his daughter had the same fate. Jackson had been right about Logan they weren’t together long about a year and a half, Maddie was never planned but he had loved Logan in his own way. She had been the only woman he was ever faithful too.

“I’m sorry to hear about your mother that had to be hard..” Chauncey said looking at her while her hands were on his chest, feeling her body reacting to his. He’d had women before but not like this. As much as she was protesting that she didn’t want him her body was giving her away. His hands ran up her sides he pressed his cock into her touch. Returning the favor to her over her fabric on her dress his thumbs brushed her nipples and he watched as they hardened. “Your body lies Greer you want me. Tell me are you wet?” Chauncey asked her softly his hands running over her hips and caressing her pussy through the fabric of her dress. “Would you like me to find out?”

Greer’s cell phone rang as she pulled back. “That could be my husband looking for me and wouldn’t you like to keep him waiting.” She slowly opened her purse she saw it was her husband. “I have to leave Chauncey.” She said picking up her purse and sitting down. Quickly pulling out her compact adjusting her makeup. Then she spread her legs to show him that she wasn’t wearing her panties.  “I have to go my love but you have my number and my address when you step up maybe I let you in. Goodnight Chauncey.” Waving her hand at him.

“Oh Chauncey one more thing. I wore for you but you didn’t take it. You let me in your head and I thought you were the one. Maybe it’s Jackson he is delicious in that poor me way.” Greer said walking away knowing Chauncey would follow now. One thing she studied was the Devonshire’s she knew that the bad blood between Chauncey and Jackson would motivate him.

Chauncey looked at her as his mouth went dry when she answered her phone was she blowing him off? His jaw ticked watching her look at her phone and then take a seat to check her makeup, women rarely said no to him. He watched her legs uncross giving him a full view of her gorgeous pussy, he saw the faint glimmer on it. She wanted him her body was telling her, he was stepping it up that had been the entire point of the tour. To get her alone show her that he could be Zerick too, he could command a room and run meetings hell he was basically near running DGI. He watched her leave the comment about Jackson digging under his skin, there is no way a woman like her would be interested in someone like his brother over him. Then again there was Esme between them. Walking to the door he quickly shut it before she could leave.

“Your husband can wait a few more minutes I am sure he has some rounds to make before you leave. What do you want Greer? You say you don’t want to be my mistress but then again you have no problems staying with your husband.” Chauncey said looking at her amused he tisked his finger to her a bit, placing his hand over hers he stroked her wrist. He saw her look of half hatred and half amusement and stepped closer pinning her to the door. His hands went to her waist. “I am no one’s mister Greer either you can accept that or you can’t as for my brother I doubt he’d be into sharing and I don’t lose.”

“I doubt your brother could handle maybe in another time and place I would of had him around my finger. You know what’s so fun about our dance I’m leading and I love to lead. However your little display of brute strength doesn’t leave me lascivious, it makes wonder if you can replace my husband. Chauncey you want me but you don’t know how to get me yet. Power I’m attracted to power and right now being, Lowell’s heir isn’t enough. I want the man in charge if you want my body, if you want my mind, and if you want everything that my pussy can do you’ll gain control. I won’t leave Zerick for the heir I want the damn CEO!” Greer snatched her arms away from Chauncey throwing her hair over her shoulder. Then resting her chin on it.

“I’m not a golddigger far from it my dear.” She laughed in a haughty tone. “I just am not attracted to a meek or weak man. Your father is well into his sixties and you still aren’t in control?” Greer poised a question she knew had been in his head. “You deserve it and you better hurry because far as what Zerick says Rory, Max, Bliss and even pathetic little Jackson is in the running now. You are failing Chauncey and if you want this prove it. Take the bull by his horns and take DGI from Lowell. Until then don’t come to me because what other reason would I want a boy when I have a man? Now if you could excuse me.”

“No Jackson’s more interested in…nevermind. You won’t lead for long Greer I’ll prove it to you sooner or later you will see I’m not behind my father at all. If anything he should be paying more attention to me and my ideas for DGI.” Chauncey said a sneer appearing on his face she was quite the chase and he could feel the adrenaline pumping as he spoke. She was really quite the catch when it came right down to it brainy not afraid of a challenge. THe knock on the door had him shaking off his thoughts. “Yes?” He barked.

“Mr. Devonshire the party is winding down.” He heard Kyle on the other side his private security and knew their time was up.

“Saved by a knock on a door. Until next time Mrs. Westwood.” Chauncey said slowly moving into her he let his lips glided softly over her own, feeling her body react to his and he knew it was game on. Now it would be a test of wills. His hands gripped her hips sliding up her sides to thumb over her nipples feeling them harden again as he pulled back and looked at her flushed face. “You might want to reapply your lipstick.”

Greer pulled back slapping Chauncey as hard as she could. “I told you don’t touch me.” She said still reeling from the kiss. Touching her lip she opened the door smiling as she stormed passing Kyle with a look daring him to say anything. Opening her purse she started to reapply her lipstick without looking. As she turned around she saw Chauncey adjusting his pants as he spoke with Kyle. Walking out she pulled out her phone as she made sure she was in the clear. “I’m in daddy, I assure you when I’m done with Selina she’ll be done with him also. I have to go find Zerick and get out of here.” Greer hung up as she unfastened her bracelet dropping it off wrist and on the ground. “I’ll be seeing you very soon.”


The wind was howling for a summer night it wasn’t hot at all. Laying her shawl down on the ground. Brooke sat down at her father’s grave and smiled. “You should have seen her daddy she had fangs. I swear sometimes I wonder how I am related to that woman. You know the only person who stayed with me was Ronan. We talk on the phone all the time and I heard he was bad news. I happen to think he’s my salvation right now.” The wind ripped through her hair as it blew against her skin. “Daddy she’s impossible sometimes I think I truly hate her. Then she says something and I see why at one time you loved her. I’m confused and angry because I really like him. She just seems to piss on everyone’s happiness because she’s miserable.” Laying her head on the beautiful marble tombstone. “Daddy I wish you were here. I wish I could see you right now.” Tears drops falling on his the top of his grave. Her eyes were blurry as she saw a figure approaching her.

“Please leave me alone I just want some time with my father. If are paparazzi I swear I will sue you so that your grandchild paying mine royalties.” She wiped her eyes as she looked at Ronan approaching her. “Tell me you didn’t hear that.” Brooke flipped her long her hair as she stood up. “You know um found out about your job weeks ago. It doesn’t scare me or deter me. Ronan you make me feel so special and I can’t think of a guy who has done that ever. Atticus was engaged to me and he didn’t make me feel like you. Don’t listen to my mom Ronan you are everything I want and need.” Exhaling she touched his chest. “I should um tell you that I want to go home because I’m so confused on life right now. I want my daddy he would tell me something funny and give me hug. Then I’d know what to do about everything. I got job in New York coming up maybe we can go together as a date.”

Ronan had wanted to leave Brooke alone for the night after he left the party and quickly met with Kendrick but he quickly found something about how they were interrupted had bothered him. The look on her face when her mother had told her what he did was something he knew that he had to try and explain to her. Very few women could actually handle his life he knew that the strippers and women at the club he had been with knew that as well. After meeting with Kendrick he drove around heading to the cemetery when he had gotten the call that Brooke was there. He had overheard her at Steven’s grave she sounded so broken and beat down, being with him would only cause her more misery.

“I did hear. You were close to your father there is nothing wrong with coming to visit him when you need to talk. I try and get here sometimes to visit my parents. I wanted to tell you about things a few weeks ago. Honestly you can’t know everything about what I do, I can only tell you what I know won’t put you in harm’s way.” Ronan said looking at her he placed his hands in his pockets as she spoke. The chemistry between them was something he hadn’t of expected to develop over the last few months but it had. He didn’t know how to approach it until now. “I tried to tell myself that you couldn’t handle it. I’ve honestly never felt this way about a woman until I met you normally it has been one night stands and women of a lesser caliber. I can never tell you everything I do Brooke that has to be clear if we agree to explore this. When does your job start?”

“In a couple of days.” She said excited that he was even contemplating it. Brooke walked to him and wrapped her arms around Ronan as she laid her head on his chest. “I’m not asking for your business. I’m asking for the man behind it. I just want you to hold me just like this for the entire night.” Brooke had absolutely heard the stories about Ronan’s womanizing ways. A girl wasn’t dumb you researched the guy she was looking to be with. She knew he cared and through the good and bad he’d be here for her. “My dad was a great guy and you might have known the skevy asshole but he wasn’t always like that. He was passionate about us and wanted nothing more than to love us all. We had some beautiful moments together and no he’s gone.”

Brooke refused to cry in such a beautiful moment. Slowly touching the stubble on his face she saw stress in his eyes. “Promise me something when you are with me you won’t think about your business. I want Ronan and all of you and I don’t want you to be thinking about the other side of your life. Treat me as if this is our last night forever.” Holding the lapels of his jacket she looked at her father’s grave. “I don’t want to be at the house tonight can I go with you. Trust me I’m not saying let’s hookup. I mean I just want you to hold me and talk like we always do.” Brooke wasn’t sure she was ready to give her body to him. To be honest she wasn’t ready for it because Atticus scarred her. The media thought they were golden and he hurt her so much. “Let’s go.”

“I can swing a couple of days out of my schedule. Besides I have some associates in New York that I need to catch up with as well.” Ronan said wrapping his arms around her they didn’t have to rush into a physical relationship just yet and he had no desire to pressure her into one. He had researched on Brooke over the past few weeks knew she had been engaged to a prince and it ended badly. She had told him that the bastard had cheated on her. “Your father frequented the club a lot Brooke I don’t think he was honorable I had a business relationship with him but I know what does go on in my clubs too. Unfortunately I do not think the new mayor will be as accommodating as your father was.”

Ronan wanted to promise that to her but the problem was if they did this her safety would be his top priority at the moment that is how it had to be. Therefore he would be thinking about business when he was with her. He saw how Brenda treated her and she was more than welcome to stay at his house for the evening wherever she would like. “I can promise that I will enjoy our time together. If you need to stay with me this evening you are welcome to. We can stop and get a bag for you if you’d like no pressure. We can go back to the house open a bottle of wine and simply talk if that is what you want to do.” Ronan said smiling at her to reassure her. He noticed a sedan rolling through the graveyard and knew perhaps it could be trouble. Then again people came to see their loved ones all the time. “I would be lying if I said I haven’t thought about it Brooke. It is something that has been haunting me at night but only when you are ready.”

Brooke couldn’t help but wonder if the lovemaking would be more passionate with Ronan versus a younger man. It had ran through her mind but she wasn’t a easy girl. She’d always been so protective over her body and who she gave it too. Thinking about it her Chanel dress was at the cleaners she could send one of her employees at the Resort to pick it up. “I don’t need a bag you know what I can wear one of your shirts or sweaters.” Slowly she leaned up and kissed him again. This time showing she wasn’t scared to feel him as they were glistening. It seemed like they were in the moon all alone. The the horns of a sedan and black SUV went off. They were just blowing the horn in the middle of the cemetery.That’s when she heard the first bullets it was Ronan’s town car. They shot it completely up along with his driver and bodyguard.

Then she heard a loud pop hit a tree right by them. Brooke  looked into Ronan’s eyes as she screamed figuring out that people were shooting at them. The next thing she knew she was on the ground and Ronan was covering her. “Please don’t leave me Ronan.” She whispered as bullets continued to whiz past them. “Ronan what’s going on? Who would do this? Oh my God.” She cried as she saw a bullet hit her father’s grave.

Ronan had been wanting to say more to her do more to her while they kissed and honestly hadn’t been sure he could control himself when they did. He had a split second to make the decision as he heard the horn and without thought pushed himself in front of her as the crackling of gunfire broke out. He felt the two bullets pierce him one in the shoulder and the other on his side. The sting was unbearable as he heard Brooke screaming, he laid still for a few moments until he heard return gunfire and Kendrick’s voice behind the tree. He tried to move only to feel the blood rushing out of his side, he felt two strong arms roll him over and looked at Brooke who had blood on her clothes. His hands flew to her body and he let out a sigh when he realized nothing had hit her.

“The men…is she alright?” Ronan asked his breathing hard as he watched Kendrick applying pressure to his wound he then looked back at Brooke she look frightened at what had happened. He could swear he saw Kendrick scowling at Brooke and wanted to say more but his shoulder was stinging and his side was burning. He could feel the bullet lodged into his shoulder. “Call the doctor take me to a safehouse. Let whoever did this think they succeeded but I think we both know who this was.”

Kendrick and Ivan had been a few minutes away when the shots had rung out and he saw his boss push the debutante bitch to the ground, was he mad? He followed orders as Ivan checked the security detail and he went to assist his boss, he was both relieved and annoyed to find him alive. His eyes burned into Brooke’s had she not come into Ronan’s life Money would still be alive and his boss wouldn’t be risking his entire operation for her ass. He applied pressure to the wound looking at Ivan.

“Call the doctor.” Kendrick barked as he looked at the blood on Brooke he saw Ronan’s concern for her safety and bit his tongue. The longer they stayed out in the open the more at risk they all were Thor could send his men back. “The safehouse is a good hour away.” Kendrick saw Brooke looking at them and nearly rolled his eyes. “Yes?”

“I’m going with him!” She said instantly as she looked into the darkness into his eye. Touching his face she as she touched his shoulder. “I’m not leaving him, so I’m going do you hear me? I’m not leaving you at all. You haven’t left me and I’m going anywhere. That’s my final answer so let’s get in the car or something!”  Brooke declared as she wiped her face and his blood smeared on her cheek. “You saved me.” She whispered as she kissed him again. “I’m falling in love with you Ronan and I’m not leaving.”

Ivan and Chris quickly helped up Ronan and started to rush him to the car.

Brooke looked at Kendrick. “You don’t like me for your boss huh? That’s fine we love him so we will be civil to each other.” She walked behind Ivan, Ronan and Chris. “He’s going to be fine right?”

Kendrick didn’t have the time or the energy to fight with her about how she didn’t fit into their world, how out of her element she was as his boss’s lover. His only concern was for Ronan and getting them out of the open. He helped Ivan and Chris load Ronan into the SUV and wanted to object to her going only for Ronan to reach out for her. He wondered if the debutante bitch knew this wasn’t a game for those that lived this life.

“Kendrick the doctor is going to meet us. I’ll text him the address.” Chris said looking around the cemetery and then over at Ivan. Kendrick nodded his head as he saw Ronan’s eyes getting heavy from the loss of blood as he gripped Brooke’s hand.

Ronan could barely walk as the men picked him up and he heard Brooke’s words in love with him, he went to say it back only to feel his throat thick and saw some blood come up instead. He heard the cursing as the men shoved him into the car. Brooke’s face had gone white as a sheet he never wanted to involve her in his business that was why he had put so much distance between them. He felt the cushion on his back and let out a groan, it hurt to keep his eyes open and his hand reached out for Brooke’s.

“The safe house isn’t safe Thor would know….” Ronan managed to mumble out seeing Brooke and Kendrick staring each other down before he could say anything back his eyelids drifted off knowing Kendrick would figure something out.

“No I don’t like you at all. Don’t pretend to be in his world bitch you aren’t about this life.” Kendrick said his voice low as he leaned into Brooke’s ear. “Let’s see how tough and loyal you really are, your old lady has that huge estate doesn’t she? The police wouldn’t dare to look for him at the former first lady’s address. Ivan drive to the Kincaid estate.”

“That’s exactly what I was going to say.” She said looking at Kendrick with a disgusted look. Ronan was out cold he was breathing. “Yes Ivan please take me to my home and call the doctor to the estate take the backroads we will go into the.” Brooke froze shaking her head. “No forget my mansion the mountains would be safer no doubt take me to the resort and then tomorrow we can move him. And trust me he’ll hear what you just called me you pion.” Her eyes flashed a ferocity that she had never exhibited.


Thor walked into his apartment slowly walking through with a cold look on his face. His father acknowledged him and it was fine. He’d just ended the Madden legacy and when he called Cape Kentirich and the other cartel members. He was the new don of the east coast and the families would all know it come tomorrow morning. His bullet hit him dead in the chest. He was praying when he went to hell he’d see his brother to personal kill him all over. Thor wasn’t a fool he benefited from his brother death. Even though he wasn’t a heir in his father will he’d get everything Ronan had. Strange thing was he was hurting for shooting Ronan. Ever since he was a child he wanted Ronan to be apart of his life and honestly wanted a brother. The screams of Brooke echoed throughout his ears as he slammed his ears. She was devastated poor thing lost her lover and father in a short amount of time.

When he saw Cassie sitting on the couch he knew she was pissed. So what he didn’t come to some to the stupid charity event. “Cass, listen tonight something happened and I want you to be the first to know. Money you know that hired help at your brother’s club, I killed him tonight. Ronan umm was also attacked tonight and I think he’s dead. I was also involved in that. I want you to know our lives will never be the same after tonight. I get all the laundromats, dry cleaners, and car washes owed to me. I am taking over Ronan’s spot in the cartel and I will be the new east coast kingpin.” He lowered his head wondering what Cassie would think of a man who killed his own blood brother. “It was me or him Cassie and I picked us.”

Cassie had went for a drive after the fundraiser confused about the state of her relationship with Thor honestly spending time with Jon made her think about what she wanted. Did she wanted to play second to the business for the rest of her life and on and off and never get out of this cycle. Him not showing up to her mother’s memorial fundraiser tonight hurt it beyond hurt he knew how close she was to her mother how much tonight mattered to her. She had walked past security with her key Thor’s men knew her well and then settled on the couch to wait for him. She knew he was still grieving his mother and was still angry at Ronan but her blood ran cold as he spoke.

“So let me get this straight you skipped my fundraiser event with me as your date the one night I needed you by my side, the event that my mother painstakingly put together the last year of her life so you could go out and murder people?” Cassie asked horrified at his answer at least she had one at this point, she wasn’t stupid he was in the mafia but never had he been so candid about what he did. If he killed people he certainly never had told her until now and now that she knew she wondered if she even wanted to know. “Who the fuck are you right now? Ronan? Your own flesh and blood your brother? I don’t want that to live under the scrutiny of the FBI and the police, you don’t want that with me. I told you that I can’t be an accomplice to this.”

“I skipped it so that I wouldn’t have to deal with Ronan anymore. He killed my fucking mother or did you hate her so much you are blind to that?” He screamed back flipping over the glass table. The glass shattered all over the room. “Don’t you fucking forget he isn’t innocent Cassie and yeah I know it was for your mother! What about me? Huh what about the fact that I had to do what I needed to sleep and you seem to never get it. My mother was all I had and I didn’t have a family and if you could think about it. Just sit back and think about it. If you knew why Audrey hung herself would you just be forgiving?” Thor barked back as he looked at Cassie’s shocked expression. Was she that blind to his new occupation or could Cassie only handle one person in her life connected to the mob.

“If this was Philip and someone slayed Forbes and he did this to him. You scream honesty and that broke us up last time. So I’m telling you it now. Feign ignorance like every other woman in history. I’m not asking you to be involved, I’m asking not I’m telling you what our lives will be going forward. Now say if you want to leave now because going forward my life won’t be the same you get it?” He said walking through the glass to Cassie. “I just want you to know you’re the most good important thing to me Cassie but if it’s over, tell me now.” He asked looking at her.

Cassie looked at him like he had lost his damn fucking mind when he flipped the table over. She never liked Carla, Carla was a selfish bitch in her opinion grooming and training Thor chasing after Michael Madden. She also didn’t really believe that Ronan killed her either other than territory he really had nothing to gain with her death the moment he mentioned her mother’s suicide however all bets were off she glared at him when he took a few more steps to her and her hand collided as hard as it could against his face how dare he. How dare he talk about her mother so callously on her night.

“How dare you. You dare want to talk about my mother’s suicide and dare compare to to cold blooded murder? I am sorry your mother died I am and if I could take that from you I would. But fuck you I don’t even know who you are right now.” Cassie said her hand coming back shaking as she stared at him. She was tired of it the cycle and looking at him now she was wondering why she had stayed this long. Tonight was about her mother for God’s sake. She never wanted the club involved in the mob and Philip assured her it would be legit until he started to run the drugs. “Your life? What about mine or do you not even think about that? He won’t come after you and I know this because he warned Philip about it and I assured Philip you weren’t that dumb. No he’ll come after me and my club. The cops don’t even think Ronan did it.”

“Cops don’t think at all now do they? Or they would know your brother is letting Ronan sell drugs out of both of your club?” He barked back at Cassie as his eyes looked at her. “He’s dead Cassie and I need you to listen to that. He’s dead and he isn’t coming back. Do you understand because I’m not going to say it again. You know what if you can’t handle it say it now. Say it you want another fucking reason to walk away. That’s fine beautiful but don’t come crawling back you hear me? This time it’s done if you walk away because a thousand girls would want to be in your place, hell if I recall your friend all wanted me but you got me. So if you don’t know me let me explain.” Thor said as he walked to her.

“Carla Luciano’s only son, and the second born to Michael Madden. Never got a father and my only brother threatened me to the point I felt I needed to strike before he did. This is the life I inherited and if you can’t handle it just walk away like everyone else in my life. I don’t need you if you’re going to nag me about my professional business. The leave Cassie because I did what I had to. This war will not be over and if you want I’ll move forward.” He snapped as he flopped down the chair.

“You are so beyond full of yourself. You were never the man that went along with murder on Ronan you told me that was one of your precious rules. You don’t go after your family or is Ronan not really that even though you share a father.” Cassie spat back at him him when he went on the rampage of Ronan and the mob. Cassie stood her ground with him he wanted her to walk away she would she would bow down to him. A thousand other girls would want him all they wanted she was not his doormat. “Then do it go to them I am not beneath you I never have been.”

“When you end up all alone at the end of the day don’t call me Thor you’ve pushed everyone away that really cared for you, me included. Do you want to end up like your mother alone and miserable chasing after something that was never yours?” Cassie said pulling her purse to her body as she fished out her key to his condo as she handed him the key, he was so immature at the moment. It was never about them, it was always him and the business and she always sacrificed no more. “Here you want this to be done it is take your damn key back and deliver my things to my condo. I refuse to see the man I have cared about for over ten years plot to murder people for pride and greed.”

“I’m telling you because I love you so if I didn’t say what went down you’d be pissed. I can’t win with you Cassie. Either you want honesty or you want to not know about what I’m doing. Either way I come out the loser so Cassie what do you want? Lies or the truth I mean I am only trying to keep it a hundred percent real. You know what you figure it out I’m going to my mother’s house for the night while you figure this all out. I don’t want to disappoint you any further.” Thor walked to the door and without a second word opened it and slammed it.

Cassie watched him storm out and played with the key on her hand what in the hell was she even doing with a man that killed people. Sure her father a devil in the boardroom and business but what had she and Philip done? In truth out was a there’ll they had both been seeking him with Veronica’s death and her with wanting to feel a part of Thor’s’ world. She tapped her foot for a moment before throwing the key down on the coffee table and walking. Sadly to the door she could have her things went later. Tonight she’d rather go home open a good bottle of wine look at the club numbers and wonder if she had thrown everything away. Then again new doors could always open and she smiled at that thrilling about how Jon Harrison had stepped into the role of perfect man when Thor was not there.


Zerick had made his rounds at the party while he and Greer separated for appearances of course the more people talked about potential strife the better things would go with Chauncey later. Of course that wasn’t the case at all there was no strife between them just a well calculated plan and he smiled seeing her descending the stairs with Chauncey looking enchanted. It was exactly what they wanted him lusting after her and not focusing in on what he was really doing, throwing away his place at DGI along with Selina Delacroix. Greer would wrap him around her finger they only had a short period of time before the wedding still but he was sure Greer could do it. He finally spotted Lowell and Jackie making their last rounds and knew now it was his turn to up the ante and play his part.

“Leaving so soon? I will say Greer and I have had a lovely time this evening this is such a great charity that you both have been running. Quite the memorial to Audrey Montgomery and her cause.” Zerick said looking at his new boss he did see Jackie look away at his comment were the rumors true had Lowell in fact went after Forbes’s wife years ago? It was no secret that he had an affair with Tess Blisston but there had been rumors for years that Lowell had many mistresses and Jackie had only caught Tess. “I did hear quite the rumor tonight from Lauren and Walter. I was wondering if my legal team could take another look at our contract. With me attempting this take over for you I just want to make sure Greer and I are protected of course.”

Lowell frowned his contracts were known to have legal loopholes that would getaway so many other of his rivals and foes over the years. This boy was whip smart and he liked it. He truly reminded him of his nephew Rainer. Nodding his head with a smile on his face he folded his arms. If this boy had any sense he’d double check any contract he got from him.

“No doubt you heard when I took Walter’s stock. It’s called pulling a Fraiser it was years ago and my friend Walter thought he was going to be apart of something more. I saw an opportunity and seized. Now tell me wouldn’t you do the same? I don’t believe that for one moment a man of your power would let Walter retain DGI. Now I did something that wasn’t good, but I also did it for my family and what I wanted for our future. I have you know Walter has had a good career as a bar owner and I for one don’t cry over spilled milk. Mr. Westwood I recruited you I assure you that you’re safe please have your lawyer go through my contract with a fine tooth comb.” Wrapping his arm around Jackie. “My wife and I have no regrets with leaving Walter in the trash.” He’d ushered out many great and bigger men.

“I did hear that story honestly I feel for the man having your legacy ripped from you, having a software you developed that is still DGI’s top performer of the year out of your reach. Then to have your own daughter go to work there I can see why he is still so bitter. Regardless I would like to double check the contracts and perhaps a position as mayor will serve him well in other ways the people of Atlas Falls certainly seem to take to him as their new leader.” Zerick said watching Lowell as he spoke yes Lowell had no problem with it but Jackie’s face was different she held remorse. He knew he was hitting nerves in the most easy waves. “Greer and I have just been paranoid since Europe as I am sure you both know.”

Jackie had left Bliss and made her way back to Lowell luckily for them Walter and Lauren had left for the evening now that Walter knew she wasn’t even sure what to think. Lauren had assured her there could be trouble and she didn’t know what Lowell had told Walter about the photo but it was enough to have Walter looking ready to kill her husband and her son. “What happened with Walter was unfortunate but he should have read better.” Jackie offered to them both wrapping her arm around Lowell’s she smiled as she saw Talia approaching them. “Have you met Lowell’s assistant yet Mr. Westwood? Talia is the woman that keeps the schedule and the ship running.”

“No he hasn’t.” Talia said looking over the handsome man. “I was coming over here to actually meet him, due to Lowell keeping me in the office all the time I haven’t met our newest acquisition.” She teased Zerick the look in his eyes were so intense but it was a subtle hurt behind it. Ever since she was a kid she’d been able to see stuff behind the eyes. “I also would need to meet with you to set up your clearance and get you your ID badge.” Talia said folding her arms noticing the glances between Selina and Braden. “Matter of fact I have a temporary one in the car Mr. Westwood would you like to have it?”

“Let Talia show you around the club Zerick I am sure you’ll love it. I don’t see Greer around no doubt charming him.” Lowell looked at Jackie then he focused that he’d literally have to destroy Walter if he ever interfered with his business again. “I assure you that you’re in the best hands in Atlas Falls. I’ll speak with the very bitter Mr. Fraiser. Now yes we are profiting off what he created but he also didn’t do good business. It was my business model that made DGI a success we both created on that program he just figured it out. I want you to feel protected Zerick come by my office Simon and I’ll explain everything. Jacqueline shall we? We actually need to speak in private, Talia show Mr. Westwood the best of the club will you?”

“Of course you’ll have me working while I’m not at work. No doubt boss man if you continue bossing me around I’m going on twenty-four hour retainer.” Talia took Zerick hand. “Come on I can give you, your temporary pass into the building.” Talia said rolling her eyes. “I’m on a date doing you a favor so let’s go pretty boy.”

“Very well Mr. Devonshire I think that is agreeable. Have a lovely evening Mrs Devonshire the party was quite lovely.” Zerick said looking back at them before heading off into the crowd with Talia.

“Likewise Mr. Westwood.” Jackie said before looking at Lowell. She took a breath looking at her husband. “Need I remind you I have honored our agreement. I have allowed Bliss to move in I will try with her.  You will not ruin this for Jackson find another way to deal with Walter.”

Zerick looked over his shoulder at them as he followed Talia through the crowd he knew exactly where Greer was that was the beauty of it. Greer was doing what needed to get done in order to make sure they had Chauncey wrapped around her finger. Talia was stunning he would give her that much he had noticed her at DGI the few times they had been there. He followed her through the room knowing they had planted the seeds they needed tonight.

“You went to Carnegie Mellon very impressive Ms. Rose you were near the top of your class. I do have to say you look lovely this evening.” Zerick said smiling at her Talia had brains behind her and beauty he admired that about women. Honestly Talia could be doing so much more at DGI than being an assistant that would come down the line DGI was having more and more females moving up in the company. “So spill the truth how is he really to work for you know Lowell better than anyone else in the office.”

“Lowell is a ornery old bastard.” She said looking at him. “However he is my ornery old bastard and I wouldn’t work for him if he was any different. Listen I don’t like to pretend to be here for the Devonshire’s if you aren’t. Are you here for them or are you another corporate raider looking to find cracks in the uncrackable. The Devonshire’s are like family and yes I attended Carnegie Mellon, but a better question is how do you know that?” Talia said turning to him. “To be honest I don’t like new people especially new people who appear just when we need them. Lowell had done dirt to everyone but he’s done me and millions of people good. So if you’re one of them people who want to sniff out drama sniff somewhere else.” She said fiercely as she folded her arms.

“And secondly thank-you I tried to do this whole futuristic makeup look which wasn’t working so I did a simple finish. Nothing to it and this dress is vintage God finally someone asked about it. Well you didn’t but I have to tell someone that this is original DVF vintage wrap dress it’s amazing isn’t it? And you don’t know who DVF is. I ramble so don’t mind me my mind is a hundred places. Like why my date mouth can’t stop wagging at that oversized barbie Selina.” Talia said looking at Zerick he was incredibly handsome it was something so debonair about him. “You got the whole brit James Bond thing going it’s cute. Of course the story of my life a handsome guy like you, is married to a supermodel who happens to have a business degree.” Showing that everyone was doing their research on the Westwoods.

“I’m here to make sure DGI turns a profit on the business that Lowell wants to scoop up and resell or acquire. I can assure you I have honorable intentions when it comes to DGI. I know about Carnegie Mellon because I like to know who is who in the office. Much like I know you and Dani Fraiser roomed together in college with congressmen Hessington’s daughter Whitney.” Zerick said offering her a smile he had done his research we’ll he and Greer had and it wasn’t a lie. Though his intentions were less honorable he had done his research to exploit weaknesses. “I’m simply trying to make a friend we can be that couldn’t we Ms. Rose?”

He followed her out of the doors of the club and into the parking lot. He had caught the DA looking at Ms. Delacroix and knew that bodes well for him and Greer. Talia didn’t need to know that but if he could help her distance herself he would. He looked at her with an amused smile as she went on about her dress and makeup. “And your shoes are those vintage as well or are they from the new line? Like I said I did my research you have a thing for shoes and Greer loves to inform me of the latest lines.” Zerick said taking off his coat seeing her shiver he placed it around her shoulders looking at the cars in the parking lot. “Which one is yours?”

Clicking the alarm the BMW sports car beeped a little. Walking to the car she looked at him. “Well isn’t that surprise a guy who knows shoes. It’s Friday night and I’m here doing business and my damn date is more interested in his ex-girlfriend than me. Not to mention I’m now doing work. What did I do to deserve this Carrie?” She looked at him with a smile. “As in Carrie Bradshaw the best fictional character ever. You know every girl is looking for her Mr. Big and sadly my ex-roomie brother who is incredibly dreamy isn’t it. All I ever want is someone to love me.” Talia said sadly as she leaned in her car. She dug into the glovebox passing him a temporary pass into DGI.

“I will need this back it’s my spare and tomorrow you have a meeting with Mr. Devonshire first thing in the morning then you’ll be meeting with the executives also known as the Devonshire kiddies. As for these they were a birthday gift from Max she ordered them from Milan and yes I have a shoe fetish. It’s my way of compensating the fact I don’t have a man. I thought Braden was over the pretties girl in the world. Selina is stunning and God her skin is ridiculous but I have to get in. I think it’s time to tell Mr. Fraiser I’m ready to go. Anyway I’m babbling again but the fact of the matter is you aren’t my friend and we more than likely won’t speak anymore. Nice convo but you don’t inspire my inspiration so I’m going to do what I normally do on a Friday night. Exercise bike, red velvet ice cream, and Sex & The City.”

“Thank you Ms. Rose DGI surely has to value you.” Zerick said taking the pass from her and studying her. She was a wild card he knew that much and she was under appreciated which could be used to their advantage. When she mentioned they couldn’t be friends he knew for him anyway it was going to be a challenge one he enjoyed. “I should let you go inside and get back to your date then shouldn’t I? I will see you tomorrow at DGI. We could be friends if you’d let us Talia.”


Braden had done the polite thing dropping Talia off at her place telling her that he still wasn’t sure about them. It was the truth though they had been out a few times since the baseball game and lunch with Tamara and David, he wasn’t in love with her. He knew the stages he’d been through it with Selina and as much as he wanted to ignore the room key she had given him he couldn’t. He had always been pulled to Selina even in college. Now sitting in the hotel lobby looking at the roses that he had picked at his parents house and tied with the nearest thing he could find, he ran his hands through his hair. How in the hell did he and Selina get here, where they had to sneak around to be together while she was engaged? The roses had been his last minute touch after dropping off Talia, he picked them from his parent’s garden. He was quickly becoming someone he didn’t know in a span of the last two hours, he did know he wanted to be here he needed to be here. The door to the lobby opened and he smiled at Selina as she came in, she had a fire in her eyes and he had to wonder what it was she done.

“You came for a moment I wasn’t sure if you were really going to normally one of us would be running. I almost thought about not coming thank you for letting me at least tell Talia that it wasn’t right for us right now.” Braden said quietly looking at her, he wanted Selina to let him back in tell him what she was planning. Even if she thought it would hurt him, he looked at the roses in his hand and seeing her face light up melted him. “I remember that you loved my mother’s roses I wanted this to be right Selina. Like it was our first time in college you are special, worthy you always have been.”

Selina slowly walked to the elevator never once saying a word. No matter the hour it was about them. She was open to Braden and even though he had told Talia, it didn’t mean that little girl would stop. It didn’t matter to Selina to be honest no matter how far they were apart it was about them. They always found their way back to each other. Tonight was a celebration and she honestly knew that he had her back. When he saw what she was planning on doing he’d never leave her again. Brushing her hand against his she took it and slowly walked into the elevator. Selina kissed him passionately as she pulled back she smiled.

“I’ll get to be in your mother’s garden a lot now. I remember the stories she told about my mother. They were all friends once and it’s sad to see them now. I hate how my life has turned out concerning my relationships. I got with Chauncey after you and that was the biggest mistake but I’m glad because honestly Braden I have Maddie now. I have a daughter and you know how badly I want kids. Tonight isn’t about my child or yours it’s about us. Can you hold me? Can you make love to me? Will you just make love to me tonight?” She begged softly. As the elevator chimed she walked off and directly to her room. Inside was a chilling bottle of vodka.

“Make yourself at home.” She said as she walked to the bedroom of her suite in the hotel. Instantly dropping her dress she walked into the bathroom, and slipped into a silk camisole. It was asian print and made in China with antique lace.

“She misses you coming to the house. I think despite everything that happened my mother at least respected you rmom.” Braden said handing her the flowers as they rode the elevator up to her room. He looked up at the security cameras truly Chauncey or Lowell could find out about this and he wondered if Selina even cared now. He nodded his head at the relationships part they had been doing the back and forth for years now and yes she had gone to Chauncey almost as soon as she saw an opening. “There was so much going on back then I could have been better not pushed you to call everything off.”

Braden took off his tie as they entered the bedroom and she asked him to hold her and make love to her, he was not this guy that came to a hotel room for a clandestine affair. Under normal circumstances he was not this guy but when it came to Selina he’d crawl for fire for her. Selina always tilted his world on an axis in what he could only often describe as a tailspin, a good tailspin but a tailspin none the less. He watched the dress fall to floor took in the beauty of her mocha colored skin and knew there was no turning back now. He watched her place the slip on and wanted to laugh a bit at her modesty.

“I think I am.” Braden said walking a few steps towards her, he leaned his head down and kissed her. Using his hands to pull her body to his, let his fingers explore her skin again remembering the way she tasted. “How the man turns down you I will never comprehend that.” He said softly wanting her to know Chauncey was a dumb as a bag of bricks in his book.

The truth was she wanted to leave clues of what she was planning. One thing she knew was Chauncey was going to investigate if she was cheating. She wanted him to see what she was doing. She hoped he felt the burning desire that she was feeling. It was hard to look into Braden eyes she knew he was compromising his morals. She felt a rush of adrenaline and she hated how selfish she was being. As she touched his face she truly didn’t want to talk about Chauncey. “Be quiet, I don’t want to think about him. I just want to think about us.”  Slowly straddling Braden she kissed him passionately. The wait was over because she hadn’t touched Chauncey since their engagement a few months ago. Jackie and she caught him in bed with some skank in a motel room.

Slowly kissing his neck she wanted to taste him as her tongue traced to his ear. That spot back behind his neck. She slowly sucked a love mark on his neck. Dragging her lips back to his she took a deep kiss in. Her slip raised as she sat on him pushing him back on the bed. Her thong was visible and she felt Braden stiffening under her her hotness. “I want you so badly.” Laying her hand on his chest as she touched his chest. Slowly unbuttoning the buttons to his crisp Versace shirt. “I love you and I haven’t stopped.”

Braden decided he had enough talking at that point too when she kissed him, he didn’t want to think about what they were doing and how wrong it was. Instead he focused on her beautiful skin, how the silk molded to it how her eyes burned into his. It was like the last year didn’t matter anymore when it came to them everything faded into the back of his head. He leaned his head back to give her access while she crawled onto his lap and his hands went to her hair moving it out of the way while he kissed her neck. His hands moved down her back to her thong feeling the heat between her thighs, his body reacted. Being this close to her again after not having her for so long was intoxicating.

His hands moved on her ass as she undid his shirt and his pants and he lifted his hips eagerly into her heat. His hands slipped into her thong helping her out of it before he softly rolled her over on the bed bunching the slip around her waist. He kissed his way down her neck, over the silk of the chemise and taking a nipple into his mouth for a soft bite hearing her moan. He moved his lips further on her stomach and stopped as he spread her thighs. “Selina.” He murmured tracing her pussy with his finger before he lowered his mouth softly over her letting his tongue and mouth be filled with her scent and juices.

Selina threw her head back she was a prisoner to him. No matter what she did no man made her wet like this. No man made her body shiver with just the touch. She exhaled as she ran her hands through Braden’s hair she arched her back so his tongue could reach her clit. The moment his tongue flicked over it she cried out in passion. Nothing could feel better than finally having a moment with Braden. She was so lonely without him and seeing him worship her pussy she knew Chauncey would never love her like this. The sex between them was always so passionless it didn’t have the lust, desire, or hunger as this moment.

Stretching her arms out she clutched her silk sheets as she cried out looking deeply into his eyes. Her chest heaved as she completely removed her slip camisole which was restricting her breast. Slowly she stroked her nipples pinching them as she let her hands run up her face. Selina cried out feeling his tongue twirling inside of her hot pussy. Her lips swollen from him eating her body as if she’s a desert. “Yes Braden!” She heard his phone going off however she knew he wasn’t leaving anywhere.

Braden took his time feasting other making sure she knew she was gorgeous. Looking at her touching her nipples he felt himself getting harder. He wanted to do more to her but at the moment he wanted to be inside of her more. He wanted them to be one again after so long apart he wanted to make love to her like he always did. Rising up he landed down over her placing himself at her entrance. He trusted her and he doubted that Chauncey was actually sleeping with her. Instead without rolling anything on he slowly pushed into her.

“Selina…God.” Braden said feeling her muscles tense around him pulling him into her. In the background be heard his phone ringing it could wait he’s waited almost a year for this. Pulling his hips back he plunged into her slowly again wanting her to feel how much he loved her wanted to cherish this moment. His hips found a steady rhythm as his hands dug her hips into the bed. “I love you.” He said into her ear while he moved.

Selina knew at this point he was he was lost into her body she started to shake at the thought of what he doing. They were so in sync with each other that he made her lose control. She cried out as his girth pushed through all she could do as is scream out loud. Wrapping her arms around him as his hips pushed deeper and deeper inside of her. She couldn’t help but to feel a sense of right. This was right and it felt right. Her entire body quivered as she looked at him.

“Yes Braden!” She felt him so deeply inside of her. All she could do was cry in pleasure. Clenching her muscles down as he drew back. The look inside of his eyes said it all. He loved her and she loved him. “I love you too.” Selina cried out shivering feeling him rubbing against her clit. She was gasping loudly as her nails pushed into his back as she clawed down it like he liked. “I love you so much.”

Braden knew as much as he wanted this moment to last he was quickly fading her hips were rocking against his own. He felt himself filling and pushed harder into her, her nails raking his back unleashing an urge to make her cry out inside of him. He buried his lips into her neck sucking and nibbling her ear and then but it softly. He spread her legs with his hands a bit getting better access to her clit and pussy. He continued to move feeling himself close.

He leaned down to her breast taking a nipple into his mouth his tongue flicking it just right. His fingers moved between them and circled over her bud and he felt her clench around him. His hips shoved into her roughly. “Fuck.” Braden said continuing to move inside of her while she shook and then he felt his body tense while he came inside of her groaning as he did so. His hips kept moving while he shrank inside if her. He held her afterwards his head spinning.

Selina cried out as he exploded inside her at the same time she came. Her entire body felt like she was spinning around and around. The orgasm was the most powerful one she had. Panting she felt like she was going on a whirlwind. Rolling over she laid her head on his chest. “I love you so much Braden and soon we will be together. I promise you me all of me.”


Zach felt so weak as he got off the elevator with cereal and ice-cream. It was their treat and after tonight he needed a treat. There was a breaking and entering in Scottswood where they’d found a mother overdosed. Then the burglar raped the woman’s two daughter. If he ever had children he’d assure that they were safe. Then the robber raped the two daughters. Finally after being beaten, raped, and assaulted the girl crawled through dirt to call the police. God knows he wasn’t sure if he could do this job. Sometimes the grueling realities of what happened in the world haunted him. He remembered Lucy saying he had too big of a heart to be a cop. Placing his keys in the door he walked in and instantly saw a bag on the floor. That was odd because Dante always had an OCD thing about everything. He had the cleanest house he’d ever seen. When he saw the melted ice cream on the floor, he turned directly into the kitchen. Picking up the bag he knew it had to be a fashion emergency or something like that. As he walked out the kitchen and looked directly at Dante’s mangled body.

How could he not see it? “Very funny sir.” He said folding his arms. “Don’t try to pop up now zombie boy.” Zach was always a practical joker. “Dante stop playing I just dealt with a double rape and a OD, I’m not in the mood.” Zach leaned down and touched the warm blood coming out of his head. “Dante this isn’t funny.” He declared as he shook his shoulders. “Dante?” Checking his pulse he started to panic as he saw his boyfriend wasn’t breathing. “Dante!” Screaming as he looked deeply into his eyes. “No, no, no baby what’s wrong talk to me.” He screamed as he started CPR. Pulling out his cellphone. “I have an emergency please get to to 78 Austin the condos please my boyfriend isn’t breathing. I’m an officer this is Zach Fraiser hurry Jessica.” He declared looking at his boyfriend.

As he started CPR on Dante as he looked at his body not moving. “God please no! I’m sorry please don’t take him from me. I know what I was doing with Scarlett was wrong.” He pulled his body to him as he cried knowing that Dante was gone. His tears were flowing as he kissed Dante’s head. He knew he was contaminating a murder scene. Zach truly didn’t care. “Shhh I love you and I always will Dante. Do you hear me baby?”  Asking as he looked at his boyfriend. “Don’t leave me Dante please.” His hands were so cold and his eyes were gone. The life he’d always felt from Dante was gone all that remained was a shell. Rushing to pull out his phone he heard the sirens storming closer.

“Please Jessica hurry!” He knew it wasn’t Jessica on the other line. When the operator asked what happened he flipped. “Does it fucking look like I know? I just got here just get an ambulance to this fucking address. Dante help is coming.” He dropped his phone wondering if he could do something else. People heart stopped all the time. Taking off his jacket Zack rolled it under Dante’s head. Zach hand was shaking as he saw Dante’s phone across the room.

What happened? Had someone targeted Dante because of him? Slowly he texted Dani and he put their secret code. It was Lucy’s birthday which told them something major was happening. As he saw the EMT’s rushed into the condo and immediately went to work on Dante as they rushed through the house. They were screaming what happened to him as the chaos made him start to shake viciously. Tears started to flow down his face. “Please save him.”

“Officer Fraiser let’s go, you can ride with us.” Janet one of the paramedics said touching Zach’s arm. She knew the Fraiser family this was a horrible blow to the family. “Come on Zach!” Rushing as they went to the elevator.

Zach texted Dani again then he said forget it calling her instead. “Please answer.” He said screaming fuck loudly when he got her voicemail. As he watched them immediately go to work on Dante trying to resuscitate his boyfriend. As he closed his eyes he finally texted his uncle Walter. “Please call me as soon as possible something happened to Dante.” He hung up trying to get through to Braden now. Nobody was answering and his heart was pounding furiously. As he watched them continue to work on Zach. “Please listen to me save him Janet!”


It was the longest five minutes to St. Christopher’s Memorial Hospital. As they rushed Dante out of the ambulance, Zach ran his hands through his hair. “David!” He called looking at him.

“Please save him! Please God save my boyfriend!” He declared as people watched his fantic face. Slowly pulling his knees to himself Zach started to weep alone in the hospital.

The clock ticked and ticked as he looked up an hour had passed. When he looked up he saw Janet, nurse Karen, Dr. Rhodes, and a slew of people he was raised with. “No!” He screamed looking at them. “No!” He was a cop he knew what it meant that everyone was here. “Please go back! Try something else! Do something David! I’ll Kelsey! I’ll call my sister she’s a neurologist she’ll fix this.” His hands were shaking so badly he dropped his phone. As he picked it up again it fell once again.

Janet walked to Zach. “We can go by Lauren’s okay calm down.” She said soothingly. “He’s with the Angels.” Janet said trying to hug him.

“No!” He screamed push Janet back. “I have to see him! No he’s not gone we just got engaged.” Zach said choking on his grief he couldn’t get another word out. “David please say something!”

David Rhodes never liked giving a family member this news he had been on the other side four years ago when he, his parents and Miranda had gathered in the waiting room. There was nothing that they could do for Dante Gonzales he had tried to revive him he would have guessed that he had been dead at least for a few hours. They had called the time of death and walked to Zach Fraiser his heart ached, this was unpleasant news for anyone. He looked at Janet and then saw Dani making her way down the hall towards them with Jackson Devonshire.

“We tried everything we could Zach I am so sorry for your loss. I’ve went ahead and sent the request over to the county medical examiner given the trauma that Dante suffered I want to do an autopsy to make sure.” David said looking at Zach seeing the young man breaking down even further. He paused for a moment. “There was nothing you could have done the trauma to his head alone, he was gone long before you got there. Again I am so sorry.” David said stepping back as the rest of the staff moved away to give the family time to grieve.

Dani rushed through the hospital she hadn’t asked Jackson where he got clothes for her from when she checked her phone and told him she needed to head to the hospital. He had seen she was upset and got dressed having his driver take them. Walking down the hallway though she tried to block out Pittsburgh as she looked at Zach’s face she knew. Dante was gone the messages had been blurred Dante in a pool of blood, a lot of cursing and pleading. She nodded at David as she approached and did the only thing she could think of hugged him like Zach had always done when her world fell apart.

“It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.” Dani said wrapping her arms around her cousin holding him as she felt him crying. Dante was her friend too and she felt the sting of tears behind her eyes. She had stayed with them when she came home. Who had helped her pick out her wardrobe when she went to work at DGI and made her feel beautiful again Dante had. She felt Jackson touch her shoulder and wasn’t even sure what to say to him really, he had been so supportive tonight she saw her parents approaching down the hallway. “Brock texted me he’s on his way alright and so are your parents.”

Zach collapsed onto the floor out of stress from it all. It seemed like everything around him was moving in slow motion. He tried to breathe but the air restricted out of his body. Gasping he let out a primal roar as fell into a puddle. He saw Janet and others crying as he screamed shaking his head. “No he’s not gone! Where is Dante!” Zach screamed loudly as he held onto Dani’s leg. “I was betraying him all this time. I cheated Dani! I’m horrible and he’s gone. If I would have known I wouldn’t have left him. Oh my God he’s gone!” He cried shaking his head with tears falling down his face.

Jackson helped Zach up feeling that scream to the pit of his stomach. If anything would have happened to Dani he would feel the same way. God this was horrible they were just celebrating their engagement now he was burying his fiance. Jackson saw Dani was starting to lose it so he held Zach and hugged him tightly as he let Dani stroke his back. “Hey it’s going to be alright you hear me?”

Lauren and Walter walked in pajamas shocked at what Dani had said. The text message shook her to the core. She rushed to Zach knowing his parents had a drive down from Sea Port. It was a town over and Brock would be here very soon. She was shocked when she saw Jackson holding and hugging Zach. Turning her head at Walter she wanted to say does this boy look like he’s here to hurt Dani? “I love you so much baby come here.” Lauren said touching Jackson’s shoulder. “Take care of my daughter I fought for you.” She said softly looking at Zach. “Oh baby I’m so sorry, you know we loved him as our own! Oh Zach please stop crying.”

“I can’t breathe.” He said looking at his uncle Walter. “What are you doing here? What is he doing here? Isn’t he the one who called me a faggot when I came out? If I’m such a disappointment why are you here? Aren’t I hurting your big mayoral campaign? Get out you hated him! Get out!” Zach said as he shook his head. “I don’t want to see your disapproving face! I hate you! Dani hates you! Hell Braden hates you! Enjoy being the mayor while your family continues to hate you!” Zach once again crumbled inside of Lauren’s arm.

“Zach please calm down we love you baby.” Lauren said as she started to cry. “You just have to hold on right now this all is so raw please calm down.” Watching Jackson comfort her crying daughter she looked at Walter. “He doesn’t mean it.” She said mouthing it to Walter. “Stay.”

Walter had been on the couch when Lauren had barreled down the stairs still in his robe and slippers he walked to his nephew. He knew Zach was grieving at the moment he made sure to not look at Jackson he had yet to earn a place here in his mind. What he saw in Zach however was something he knew first hand a level of true love, his nephew loved Dante Gonzales and tonight it wasn’t about an election or votes. It was about his nephew grieving he nodded his head at Lauren he would stay at least until his brother and Helen could arrive. Dani ignored him and he resigned himself to a seat in the waiting room.

“It’ll be okay Zach it’ll be okay.” Dani said rubbing her cousins back the reality was it wasn’t going to be ok. Dante was gone he wasn’t coming back and she knew Zach carried so much guilt from Scarlett. She knew Zach loved Dante and she never approved of what he did with Scarlett but it was his choice. He had to figure out who he was and who he wanted. She let her mother take over for her and she felt Jackson hold her and she cried. She watched Zach lash out at her father and then looked up at Jackson if he wanted to go now would be a good time before he witnessed the mess that was her entire family. “You don’t have to stay.”

Jackson held Dani closer as he looked at Walter. He wanted to speak to him and say something but he kept silent. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Zach pushed Lauren off of him. “Get off of me!” He screamed as he stepped back. “Dante is gone and nobody or nothing will bring him back. Leave me alone all of you.” Zach declared as she saw Brock and his parents jumping out of Brock’s charger. Zach walked past them with tears falling down his face.

Lauren rushed to Brock. “Please go get him.” She said looking at her nephew.

Zach stood in front of the hospital trying to hail a cab. He didn’t want to be around anyone. All he wanted was Dante. “Brock let me go I don’t want to be here so just let me go!” A cab pulled in front of him as he looked back he saw everyone behind him. “Just drive and don’t stop until I tell you.”