2023 Oct 28

3×22 “Behind the Curtain” released!

“3×22 “Behind the Curtain”
Written by:
Chris Coleman, Kristi Clark and Kelly Zollo
Episode may contain language, violence and sex.
Theme Song:
Red Hands- Walk Off the Earth

Dani had tried her best to unwind from the night before and her outburst, from Jackson stating he needed to head back to some weekend rehab retreat, the night before she didn’t think either of them slept well. So they decided a day at home with the twins was in order. They took them to the park and spent some time together, watching them toddle in the grass and she had been a little shocked at the text about a meeting at DGI before the casino opening. She had no idea why Natasha decided to call one with a company called BA Energy. She had gotten the twins settled with Dylan in the playroom, they really didn’t need Dru to watch them; her nephew was more than capable. She had noticed that Jackson had gotten uneasy about the mere mention of Dru which wasn’t that odd they were replacing her and tired of her antics. She’d sent in her recommendation to Jackie that morning, a lovely older woman from Sweden that was married wanting to work a few more years for her retirement. She felt Jackson doing the zipper on her gown and smiled at him putting the last of the mascara on her lashes. It was a subtle dress. It wasn’t her night that had been the Summit, it was Max and Bliss’s night.

“There was no way I was going to be able to do that little clasp in the back. I sent that application for Alice back to your mom. I think she’s going to be a good fit, much better than Dru. Do you have any idea what this entire thing with DGI is about? I thought things were okay with Natasha and we seemed to have all been working together pretty well. She has a lot of nerve first accusing Maddie of throwing coffee on her and then this stunt right on the night of the opening.” Looking at her reflection in the mirror she felt put together after her explosion the night before maybe it was the fact that Jackson had just held her most of it. But it felt like things were going to at least look up for them going forward they could overcome what was going on with her sister regarding Randall’s book. They could figure out everything with him and she only hoped that meant that Mason was onto a damned lead when it came to Lowell’s will. Maybe they needed to hire a private investigator they could certainly afford one, She honestly didn’t think Maddie had thrown the coffee. Was she a teenager yes but never had she seen her resort to throwing things on people. She finished applying her deep red lip before turning around wrapping her hands around Jackson’s neck kissing him gently on the lips before pulling back. “Thank you for last night. I know I was a mess. You look a million miles away are you alright?”

Jackson had been thinking about his father and the choices he made. Was that all he was bad choices? A night ago he was in bed with Dru Price another notch on her disgusting bedpost and now he wasn’t sober anymore. Things had shifted in a couple of hours and his life wasn’t the same. He tried to pretend and he tried to act like everything was normal but he knew it wasn’t. In fact it was eating him alive, Jackson and Dani never had lies between them. However, seeing Dani breaking down over Victoria and how her life had been since her death. Then knowing that he was a liar and that his promises meant nothing made him sick to his stomach. He watched Dani playing with the twins and he just pretended to be busy with business when he was trying to contemplate his morality. Who was he as a man? What was next for them? Whatever the situation he would have to fix this. His soul was honestly aching and that wasn’t what he wanted. In fact he wanted to numb this dulling of his humanity. What type of man kept this type of secret? Was this how Lowell felt between Tess and his mother? Those questions haunted him.

“You were a mess? What about me? I’m always a mess, I mean I’m a junkie.” He said lowering his head. “You have been through a hell of a lot Dani and your family has taken you for granted. We all have taken you for granted.” He said, wrapping his arms around her. “I promise I won’t anymore you hear me?” Jackson whispered in her ear. He laughed thinking about Maddie tossing some expensive latte on Natasha. “I can see my niece tossing a drink on someone but I also think she’d do it with a lot more flare. Unfortunately for all of us she was always on dad’s knee listening and absorbing his flare. It’s like he put a little of himself inside of that kid because she’d hire someone to whoop Natasha’s ass before breaking a nail. I just don’t see it happening that way but I’m not her father and if Chauncey thinks she’s out of control well. I can’t stop him but this meeting with BA Energy is bullshit and I don’t know what Natasha is doing but tonight we are going to stop that harpy in her tracks because we are a team.” Or at least they were in his mind or were once before he ruined his own life.

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2023 May 03

3×21 “Mother Knows Best” released!

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2023 Mar 25

3×20 “Where Did You Go?” released!

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2023 Feb 23

3×19 “Pocketful of Sunshine” released!

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2023 Feb 03

3×18 “The Reason” released!

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