2023 Feb 03

3×18 “The Reason” released!

3×18 The Reason
Written by: Kristi Clark, Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Guest Starring: Jeremiah Beecher (Ernie Hudson), Gloria Beecher (Angela Basset) and Roya Adonis (Shohreh Aghdashloo)
Warning: Episode may contain graphic violence, sex and other themes.
Theme Song: The Reason- Calum Scott and Leona Lewis

Mason entered his old bedroom while he saw Selina rush off to talk to the caterer and he wondered if maybe he was being a little too dismissive about everything with their mother. Maybe it was something that he could look into, maybe read the diaries if it meant she would get off his back about it. He couldn’t help the grin that came out watching Hunter with Jackson in the room getting ready for his wedding. Two of his best friends from childhood would stand by his side while he married Zach Fraiser of all people. Whoever would have thought that he would be marrying Zach of all the eligible men in Atlas Falls, he then heard the door open and smiled at his little brother Jamal too when he came in. He looked at his watch little brother was cutting it close on his day, he saw Hunter had furrowed his brow for a minute at his phone and wondered how that meeting with Max went. Probably not the best judging by how quickly Hunter moved on to getting his shoes on. He then looked over at Jackson and wondered if he had told Dani about earlier at the office or not, the security staff had gotten wind of it and he had covered for the commotion. If Julian asked or if Lex said anything he would tell his boss about Zach’s suspicion that Lex had put that spyware on Dani’s phone.

“You’re cutting it close Jamal please tell me you weren’t out there causing more drama on my day cause we know today is about just love. I’m really glad ya’ll are here though I never thought that Zach would be my one you know? I mean after years with Simon and then what went down I never thought Zach and I.” Mason said grinning at them all as he went to his dresser and looked at the matching groomsmen gifts that he had gotten made. The flasks with a set of Cuban cigars for each of them seemed to fit the theme and who didn’t want a drink or two on the special occasion? He actually wondered what Zach was getting his party since it was so different with Dani and Kelsey in it then again he didn’t see either opposed to a flask if he went that way. “I also wanted to say thanks to all of you for pitching in to get this done last minute. For you Jamal making sure Willow was booked. To you Jackson making sure everything was set with Dani as maid of honor and Hunter you have been amazing with Bliss helping with the fine details with Merci, so thanks again. It means the world to Zach and I.”

Jackson knuckles were still red but today wasn’t about him and he knew that for a fact. He watched Jamal saunter into the room. He had heard from Hunter and Bliss that Belle and Jamal were going together. He lowered his head because if it got messy between them it could push Selina even further out. His mother had called saying that they had to keep Selina due to this situation with Tess. Placing the box down he smirked as he looked at Mason. “Well Cubans, how the hell did you get these? Remember when Tony and dad let us all smoke these? I always knew you would find your happiness because you’re a good person Mason. What I find is ironic that two of the richest guys ended up with Fraiser’s. I am happy you get to be yourself and you get to do what you want. I know your father is proud of you and I appreciate this man congratulations and thank-you for earlier I might of um. Nevermind that doesn’t matter where the hell is the champagne?” Jackson said, clapping his hands together. “Come on, this is a celebration of my cousin-in-law and my best friend getting married. We are here to celebrate and Hunter you look like someone kicked your puppy, Jamal you are floating but hurt Belle and I’ll kick your little ass.” Pulling him underneath his arm. He heard Hunter popping the champagne as he started to fill up the flutes and pass them around.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Jackson said as he paused looking at his knuckles. He’d never feel badly for that but putting Mason in that position on his wedding day. Guilt started to rack at him as he touched his shoulder. “I don’t want to get emotional but Hunter, Mason, and I have been thick as thieves since we were in diapers. We are best friends and I can’t say I’m prouder of any man in this room. You knew how Tony would be proud of the man you are and have become.” He paused as he faced his boys from childhood. “I’m who knew our snot nosed asses would be married and having kids of our own?” He smiled looking at Hunter. “Although only one of us has married a set of sisters?” Jackson could only laugh at his family, others could not “Come on Hunter even you have to admit that one was funny and I’m only warming up.” Pointing his fingers at Mason.

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2022 Dec 26

3×17 “What Is Mine” released!

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2022 Sep 26

3×16 “Between Us” released!

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2022 Aug 19

3×15 “Who Are You?” Released!

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2022 Aug 16

Mid Season 3 Interview

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