2023 Feb 23

3×19 “Pocketful of Sunshine” released!

3×19 “Pocket Full of Sunshine”
Written by: Chris Coleman, Kristi Clark and Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode may contain graphic violence and sex.
Guest Staring: Norma-Jean Price (Helen Hunt), Kelly O’Connor (Rachel Weiss), Kevin Nixon (Michael Vartan)
Theme Song: Slipped Away-Avril Lavigne

Mason gripped the steering wheel of their BMW X7, something that he had made the request of early he wasn’t going to just sit in something like a Toyota. Their honeymoon had been fantastic the first few days they had spent in the hotel room of course making love and enjoying the beach by the middle though Zach had found the address. They loaded up the car and headed down south from Miami towards their next destination. It totally veered off the beaten path he had planned and not the posh remodeled hotel he had booked but it was another part of the state they got to explore. Zach had convinced him that the small little B&B for a night or two would be fine until they returned to the posh hotel; it seemed like something Zach would settle on. Zach has been on his phone getting the address they needed from Diego and he wondered what exactly the FBI had turned up on Dru Price if that was even her real name at this point. After what Zach had told him happened at the reception he was leaning more towards a double team with Dru and his co-worker too but proving it would be the hard part.

“So Diego is sure this is where we need to go right? I mean have you seen where we are story had been a poor me, hard childhood.” Mason said stopping at the light and taking s left through what reminded him of one of the subdivisions back in Atlas Falls cars lining the streets, not a single trailer park or worse ghetto in sight. He’s driven through that side of Atlas Falls before, not the most pleasant and Dru had told Lauren she grew up poor this neighborhood was anything but that if anything it was for sure something that seemed more like his cousin Devin, Jon or even Zach’s upbringing hardly the dramatic story Dru had painted. “Didn’t she tell your aunt she grew up poor and destitute? I get people keep up appearances but this for sure doesn’t look anything like the Scottswood neighborhood or anything around it? Also how do you want to play this you be bad cop I be good cop? I know Diego said to go with insurance investigators so that could still apply.”

Zach had enjoyed their honeymoon. After arriving in Miami he found clues that Scarlett may have escaped to Cuba but she was also smart. That meant he was right Scarlett was more than likely at Patricia grandparent’s compound. That would be a mission that Jon, Diego, KC, Miranda and a few others would have to take with him. To infiltrate Cuba and get his son almost seemed impossible. He needed to protect Kieran in the fray of getting in. He had a lot to think about as he looked over and nodded at Mason. Smirking at him, was he asking if the FBI agent info was correct? Dru grew up on Cape Kentrich, Florida. If intel was correct he’d figure out exactly who Dru Price was once and for all. His cousin who died, Kendall Richardson was her best friend. Well in this case he would look up Dru Price’s family. This led them directly to Norma-Jean Price, a lowly maid who worked in the kitchen of the resort town. They were driving deeper past Fort Lauderdale now and he knew they were close to the city. He felt uneasy but Dru had shown her hand. She was jealous and furious with his family and he hadn’t gotten too much sleep knowing the twins were being taken care of by a sociopath.

“I think Dru has some serious explaining to do. I’m not going to pretend to know what her plans are. I have been sure of one thing since the wedding baby this bitch is after Dani.” He picked up Mason’s free hand and kissed it. “I refuse to let this bitch win and if she’s going after the Fraiser’s well this is your first lesson on how far we go for ours. You are a Fraiser now you know that right they’ll ride for you like this as well. We are hardcore but we are appreciated when it matters.” He said seeing the GPS telling them they were close. As the headed down a dirt road and finally ended up at a few rows of trailer park homes. All that glamor and beauty and this was where Dru was raised? No wonder she was bitter at Dani. He sat up looking at Mason and smiled. “Follow my lead and we’ll get to the bottom of this okay? I’m going to find out who this bitch is once and for all.” Getting out of the car he walked to the third trailer knocking as he looked at Mason. His husband had this strange gleam on his face. When a woman with curlers in her hair and looked like she’d seen her better years answered the door with a cigarette hanging from her lips and pink lipstick. She was a sight but Zach exhaled. “Hello I’m Zachary Fraiser and I’m sorry to disturb you but I’m looking for Norma Jean Price.”

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2023 Feb 03

3×18 “The Reason” released!

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2022 Dec 26

3×17 “What Is Mine” released!

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2022 Sep 26

3×16 “Between Us” released!

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2022 Aug 19

3×15 “Who Are You?” Released!

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