2024 Jan 06

3×23 “See You Again” released!

3×23 “See You Again”
Written by: Chris Coleman, Kristi Clark and Kelly Zollo
Episode may contain language, violence and sex.
Theme Song:
See You Again- Whiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth


Dani had parked the car, the drive over being filled with silence. Her mind was still racing a million miles a minute trying to decide what she did and didn’t believe anymore. She wanted to believe Jackson but she found the bag in his coat in their closet. How did it get there if it wasn’t his? What reason would their housekeeper have to put it there or the dry cleaner? Combined that with everything he said the night before none of it was making sense or sitting right with her at all and she didn’t know what to do. It wouldn’t be fair to just walk out on him after everything they had gone through but the drugs were a hard no for her, it should be a hard no for him now. It wasn’t just about them anymore they had two children to think about and as she got out of the car and shut the door seeing him do the same she stared at him wondering what they would do. She was not his mother or any of the other women in his life that he thought that he could just lie to and she’d stand there and take it she wasn’t anyone’s doormat. She made that promise to herself a long time ago, she’d never do that again with anyone. She felt her watch buzz and looked at the message from her brother. What was so urgent he needed to talk to her about? She ignored it with everything going on with her and Jackson. The last thing she needed was to deal with more shit from her family.

The ride up the elevator was again made in silence what should have been them presenting themselves as this unbreakable couple and front seemed too large and looming. Who in the hell called a meeting at this hour on the same night as the casino? All of it made her uneasy but she wasn’t ready to let apparently Natasha get the best of them seeing how she was the one who set the meeting. Did that mean that Chauncey was up to something too? He knew what Lowell had wanted and when the elevator finally did stop she reluctantly took Jackson’s hand in hers. “For now until we get home later and work this out we need to be what your dad wanted us to be as the couple in charge of this company. I’m mad Jackson beyond mad. I don’t know what to think anymore. It was in your coat. But I know a meeting like this means something is happening. We need to keep things the way they have been,” Dani managed to get out her eyes ahead, keeping up appearances at least for now had to be done and walking into the conference room she was surprised to see Selina, Elliot and Mason in there. “Would anyone like to tell us what is going on?”

Mason had hung up the phone with Zach on his way into DGI, the cryptic text coming in from Tess herself saying that DGI would need legal representation at this meeting, he had no idea what side she was hoping he would represent. If it was her she would quickly learn otherwise on the plus side it meant that Jackson would be there and he could give him a head’s up about Dru. Let him know that their trip to Miami was successful to the point that they had proof that Dru wasn’t who she said she was, meaning if Zach was right she had been gunning for her family since she came home. It would make sense with all the strange coincidences that had happened to Dru walking into that cushy job at the Pub, getting close to Lauren. If he had to guess that meant that Dru was behind that entire incident with Tamara in which Braden had to resign. There was also the reveal of that photo with Steven with Hunter and Anderson, the Kincaid’s had enemies but that seemed personal. The last thing was Dru’s attachment and getting to be the nanny of the twins, and her recent run-ins with Walter and Brenda, something was up. He had gotten into the conference room a few minutes before Dani and Jackson had and was equally confused as to why Selina was in there waiting too.

“Hey I was just about to ask Selina about it, all I know is that I got a text from Tess about DGI needing some representation about this. My guess is Natasha is going to try and strong arm someone out of the SandStar deal.” Mason said leaning down to hug his sister and then turning to Jackson and Dani hugging both and leaning into Jackson’s ear. “I need to talk to you in private as soon as this is over about Dru.” He finished pulling back and then looking at Elliot scrolling on his phone and Selina doing the same. Why was Elliot there? It wasn’t like he had anything to do with DGI and he knew his sister was having tension at the company too but he didn’t think she’d want to turn against his best friend even if she thought Chauncey deserved to be CEO over Jackson. “Before anyone says anything else I want to add that Selina isn’t on Tess’s side. I don’t think anyone really is at this point.” Mason said, looking at his sister and then back at Jackson and Dani. He, like the rest, was not sure why Tess or Natasha had called his meeting on the eve of the casino opening. He’d much rather be there with his husband than playing games with Tess.

Jackson shifted in his shoes uneasy for the entire first time in his marriage. He knew who had done this. It was clear. This woman was some sort of wild wildebeest who had played everyone. Now she had all the ammunition she needed to make him feel like he was going to lose. Dru was going to get run out of town. She was done. It was over and she had once again struck his marriage. He didn’t know how to prove his innocence after all he did that stupid night. How did all that happen? He was so shook and heartbroken that this shit wasn’t needed at all. Whatever scheme Natasha or Tess were planning would be thwarted. “I want you to ensure and lock down every board member on our side Mason. I want everyone to know Dani and I are the CEO, not that bitch and whenever she arrives we will break her. Whatever this is. We are the rightful winners. We won and I’m winning in my marriage. She believes me and I’m asking her to keep believing in me. That’s all I’m going to say as for all the deceit running rampant, I don’t doubt Selina is on our side Mase. I in fact think she might not be satisfied but she will always be our ally in whatever coup Tess is up to and now my bitch of a sister-in-law is doing.” Jackson said antsy to get to the party.

If he could get to Dru maybe he could minimize the damage she was going to do. What had Dani and he done to this woman? She had made a fortune just being the twin’s nanny. All they had done for Dru she had stooped this low; there was no telling what she would do now. How could he ensure that his wife’s heart wouldn’t break and he would not lose everything. The twins were flashing in his head echoing in his heart crying out to somehow fix this. She had plotted this perfectly. As he cleared his throat he picked up the portfolios and his stomach dropped. Contracts for SandStar. What was that witch Natasha up to? The pit of his stomach clenched wondering if Chauncey knew? Was it him behind this? Did he just want DGI? Could he trust his brother with the truth about Dru? He had so many things running through mind that it happened so easily. He thought about a bump of coke or a pill. Either would cut the edge he was feeling and he hadn’t craved drugs in a long time. Rubbing his stubble he saw Mason looking concerned. “I’m good and we will fix DGI.”

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