1×09 “Black Widow”

Episode 1xo9 “Black Widow”
Written by: Chirs Coleman/Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode contains language, sexual situations and content
Guest Staring: Kelly Rutherford (Tess Blisston),  Gabriel Macht (Anderson Kincaid), Tom Ellis (Lex Hessington)

Kendrick looked over the lawn of the Atlas Falls cemetery he figured it would rain today as he looks over at Money’s mother who is with the reverend going over the last details of the ceremony. The small crowd ha long past gone and though he knows Money deserves better than to be in the very back of the cemetery for him it is all his mother would allow. He had offered to pay for the expenses as best he could but she had refused a prideful thing. He had made sure the coffin had been upgraded at the home something he insisted upon. This life was hard and Money knew that when he signed up to work for Ronan.

He and Money had been best friends since they were toddlers their mothers made ends meet together, their fathers both absent from their lives. They looked out for each other and their respective families, there was no one he trusted more than Money and now he was gone, thanks to Thor Luciano. Ronan had promised him retribution but he had yet to actually act upon that he was too focused on cosying up to the blonde bitch at the resort. Brooke Kincaid was becoming more and more of a liability to the organization the more time his boss spent with her. His mind floated back to the grave as he hand went to Money’s mother’s shoulder as the reverend finished the prayer.

His eyes scanned the cemetery just to make sure that no one else was there to threaten the day, everyone in the organization had been on alert since the shootings. His eyes landed on the black town car as it approached and he saw Ronan get out his arm still in the sling. He saw no other cars as Ronan approached the ceremony and his boss leaned down to place a kiss on Money’s mother’s forehead. He saw Ronan move to stand by her and was grateful that the little bitch didn’t accompany him she was not of their world. She didn’t belong here and now that she was a part of it, he had every intention of telling her that.

The reverend ended the sermon and he saw Ivan walking Money’s mother away leaving him to stare at the coffin with Ronan standing next to him. “I am surprised the upper crust society bitch didn’t come with you. She’s not from our world.”

Ronan had come to pay his respects Money was a valuable member of his organization and had been loyal to him since he had been initiated. Money had been Kendrick’s best friend and confidante they were inseparable. Kendrick was hurting he could tell of course it was just a front at the end of the day in order to cover his grief. He knew Kendrick didn’t trust Brooke and Brooke didn’t trust Kendrick that would be a bigger problem than was necessary at the end of everything. He couldn’t have them at odds with each other.

“Watch yourself Kendrick. Brooke will be respected at the end of the day she has earned it. You have earned your place as my right hand. You will show Brooke the respect she deserves you respected my mother did you not?” Ronan asked seeing Moneys mother being loaded into a waiting car and then Ivan waiting at his town car. Money would have liked the service, but it was also an opportune time for Thor to strike if he wanted too. “Are we clear on Brooke or do I need to make another example?”

Kendrick knew he had to play a part now there was no denying that the men couldn’t take another example being made of them. It would set everyone off kilter so he knew he had to be more careful about Brooke watch his mouth a bit better and keep an eye on her from a distance. He nodded his head at his boss, knowing that for now he had no options.

“Understood. I want to talk to you about Yasmine. That shit that you and Philip were talking about, if I do this for Brooke I want something in return. You agreed to let Yasmine strip and sell to help her mother. I owe them I promised them I would look out for them, she has other things going for her man.” Kendrick said knowing it was a huge move and questioning Ronan was normally frown upon but in this case he was negating on something he and Yasmine agreed upon. “Have one of Philip’s other bitches sell the drugs let her go.”

“Yasmine made a deal with me you know how vital she is to the trade inside of Philip’s club. I know that you have a personal connection to Yasmine because of Gina but this is just business. I need her at the club.” Ronan said seeing the dissatisfaction pass over Kendrick’s face at his answer, if he were to let someone like Yasmine go it would be perceived as a weakness at the moment. With Thor breathing down his neck, the shootings and what happened with Benny he had to keep a sense of control. “You trust Yasmine therefore I trust her I wouldn’t trust one of Philip’s other whores to do what she does.”

Kenrick’s mouth twitched for a moment wanting to shoot off a reply to him only to see Thor’s car approaching. He reached for his gun seeing it pull to a stop at the curb and then watched as the son of a bitch began to walk towards them. He had killed Money, he had nearly killed Ronan and he looked at his boss for direction. Ronan motioned for him to holster his weapon and take a step back. Kendrick looked at the rest of the guards and took that as a cue before he obeyed silently cursing Brooke as he did so she had made them so weak.

Ronan turned his attention to the car when it pulled up seeing the cops a few block away had been watching the funeral looking for anything to tie him to the crime, his brother had balls showing up. He motioned for his men to stand down neither he or Thor would be that stupid at the moment knowing they were being watched like prey. He knew Kendrick was angry at him for the Yasmine deal but he had to do what was in the best interests of the business. Philip’s other girls would rather snort his product than actually sell it. He eyed Thor as he came to the grave the tension between them lingering.

“Hello little brother. I bet you never thought you would see me again now did you?” Ronan said his eyes dark as he stared Thor up and then down. He wondered what this would be like how Thor would be scared now he had thought he was dead. “Next time send someone else. Or better how about we end this foolishness here. I did not kill your mother but you my dear boy have made a grave error.”

Since the shooting and the breakup Thor had honestly been a mess. Why did he have to lose to Ronan? Cassie walked away and she wasn’t answering his call. The weekend was miserable without being able to talk to his woman. Hell she wasn’t his woman if she couldn’t handle his lifestyle. He sat back as he looked at Kendrick twitching to shoot him. Do it bitch and he’d have this place lit up like Christmas time. He wasn’t playing with either of them. Maybe it was rage or blindness or jealousy but Ronan had been handed everything. Never had he had to work for the legacy that he received at their father’s death. As he nodded his head at Kendrick to let him know that he saw his rage.

“Did I? The only error I made was not calling this meeting earlier. I contacted the Giovanni family, the O’Connor family, and the Stavridis clan. They all will be in town very soon to solve our little problem. I’m calling into question can you handle your position if a low level general like me could shoot you. Then what does that say about the cartel? Kendrick you have to be questioning the same thing. How did I infiltrate your organization. Well your boss is obviously preoccupied. How is dear Brooke, I did see her in Vogue. Damn she looked good enough to eat.” Thor knew he had made a power play and Ronan was incapable of touching him into the meeting.

“You missed so you did. Make a mistake that is you let me live. I’ve already been in contact with the O’Connors you forget my connection to them goes deeper than yours I’ve known them longer.” Ronan said watching his brother as he spoke he did know the O’Connors better his father knew them for years before he was born. At one point he had been promised to Robert’s daughter until everyone learned she had a mind of her own. “The O’Connors don’t like to travel this far north to clean up messes and they know right now it is not necessary. So sadly for you they will not be in attendance.”

“Kendrick knows his place unlike you he knows what and where he belongs and how to move up carefully. Brooke is fine, how is dear Cassie? You see a little birdy told me that she kicked you to the curb and has been at the club. Then again they also saw her leave with a certain detective the other night.” Ronan said looking at Thor he wanted to play hard ball he could do it, Philip had told him about the breakup about Cassie leaving the Jon Harrison. He saw the anger in Thor’s eyes the jealousy. “Now you see I can threaten the only person in your life that cares about you as well so how about we leave both ladies out of this. What do you want?”

“I worry that your ties would blind you. I assure you the O’Connor’s are coming I spoke with Kevin first and when I get through to Kelly we are going to get you dethroned. Sometimes you believe this to be a game a chess match between us. This isn’t a game it’s survival and something sadly you managed to do.” Thor snapped as his heart felt the crushing feeling of Cassie’s betrayal seeped in. They were lovers in school. They were soulmates and it was so defeating to see how she walked away. No matter who he was with Cassie but evidently as that movie said the odds weren’t in their favor. “I had to leave Cassie alone and if she is with Jon so be it. She knew what I needed from her and she was weak.”

Thor cracked his knuckles as his eyes lowered as he looked at Ronan. “Did you kill her? I never wanted to be this. I never was supposed to be this but these were the hands I was dealt. I’m asking you man to man today if this was my mistake then I’ll lose my life but you will too. Honestly Ronan? I know you hate me but that was low. This was low even for you because I never asked to come into this world and I never asked to be our father’s son. I wanted so much to be you growing up but you never cared. So twenty-seven years of resentment is built up in me so if shooting you finally got your attention. Then so be it, I wanted a brother but you are ungrateful and you’re too good for me. I will show you big brother. You’ll see doing me dirty was the big flaw in your plan. And if I die tonight please lord don’t let me be the only one. I’m here as a clear sign that I don’t fear you all.” He spat on Money grave.

“I will spray and spray until I get answers and the streets won’t ever and I mean ever be the same. I’m not playing Ronan this is war right? Well you were raised with daddy and I’m here. I’m right here.” Thor leaned back feeling Ronan thirst to swing. “Hit me.”

“Cassie left you not the other way around.” Ronan said holding back a laugh at the matter his men had informed him of that and more than that Philip had been implementable in letting him know. There was something about that information that filled him with joy that Cassie was gone it was petty and he knew that but it was what he needed. “A cop I can’t wait till she starts running her mouth around.”

“I never laid a hand on your mother she was Steven’s lover I knew that much but killing her would have done no good. I know it would have been the last thing our father would have wanted. I wouldn’t of killed Steven he was good for business unlike the new soon to be mayor. I never wanted our father to have an affair and child out of wedlock you have no idea what that did to my mother over the years knowing you were out there.” Ronan said watching him and then watching the end of the street as the men in black suits got out of the SUV, Feds. Once he saw Thor spit on the grave his hand shot out to hold Kendrick back not today and not here. “No you see unlike you I don’t mix my shit up when the Feds are down the street. Kendrick walk to the car now.”

Kendrick felt his entire body shaking as he watched Thor disrespect Money’s grave, he lunged and then was horrified when Ronan stopped him. He wanted to scream and yell do anything other than stand there only this time he couldn’t he saw the car down the block. Fuck they were being watched, he looked Thor dead in his eyes. “You are lucky the Feds are here. I’d watch your fucking back from now on.” Taking a step back he walked to the waiting town car leaving the brothers to work their final moments out.

Thor laughed as he saw Kendrick back down. “Good doggy Ronan you’ve trained your bitch well.” When he threatened him he knew that was real. “Sad part is I felt bad for you kid because of what happened to my friend Gina. Yeah I knew Gina.” He taunted Kendrick. “I’m watching my back but I’ll be survive because you didn’t watch her’s. You a fool and you want the crown do I sense a little tension?” He laughed looking at Ronan giving him a deadly stare. “No blood will spill tonight or tomorrow or the day after that. I will keep killing and fucking up your money until you give me my legacy. So either way I have a reason to hate you. You never cared at all and I’m going to show you.”

Thor raised his hands up and wiggled his fingers as a goodbye to Kendrick and his big brother. “Well I may have just waged war for nothing but how can you explain your vehicle at the scene of the Kincaid mansion. Now don’t lie is that now the car Money used to drive? You have no idea how thorough I am. I’m not a fool.” He unfolded a picture throwing it at Ronan. “Lies Kendrick and he got your boy killed because of lies look at that car. I’m not a fool and I asked you to tell the truth but you couldn’t you lying son of a bitch.”

Ronan watched Kendrick walk towards the town car and then looked at Thor and the picture he handed him the car was a match with Money’s plates. His mind was racing he never sent Money to see Steven and Carla that night. He never gave the order to do such a thing his father would have never wanted Carla dead. Regardless of their past his father loved Carla she was Thor’s mother there was a code. He refused to put up with Thor’s games anymore in front of the Feds and walked to the town car getting inside he looked at Kendrick in the mirror.

“Drive.” Ronan said leaning his head back in the seat he had bigger things to worry about like who the fuck was trying to frame him for murder. Not only that but it had to be someone he trusted. Which meant everyone was suspect even the man in his mirror that swore his life to protect him.

Thor saw his people opening the door as he slid inside. “Jacobi please contact the O’Connors and tell them that if they miss this meeting. I guarantee that I’ll have the others vote against keeping Ronan in power. This is my chance and I assure you that I’m not missing it.” He leaned back in his limo and swore he’d make his brother pay.

“Turn on my music.” The classical storm swept him away as he relaxed and focused on what was ahead the biggest take down. The last fight very much like Cain and Abel one would be on top the other would be on the bottom.


“So are you going to just ignore me all day?” Jackson asked as he walked through the conference room. Pacing back and forth he couldn’t sit down. Hell he couldn’t even think straight around Dani. “Ever since you caught me the other day you won’t answer my calls. Dani I’m sorry it was a momentary moment of weakness. Yes I had the drugs it was when I first got back but I need you to hear me. When I’m high I’ve never been with you. My drug usage wasn’t your fault.” He paused so she could feel his words. “It wasn’t your fault. I’m sick Dani and sometimes when Chauncey says things it hits me. The love you give me, makes me feel like I can breathe.” He said knowing his father was coming into the room soon. “All my life I’ve been second to him. So many times I saw myself as much more of a failure to him. He says things and it triggers me. I need to learn what I can do with you.”

As he sat down he grabbed her hand forcing her to look at him. “I know I fucked up by using. It won’t happen again Dani. If I need to go to rehab, whatever I need to do to prove to you I’m done. I’m done Dani and I know I screwed up but you are it. I can’t function without you and if you could just see that I’m sorry. How sorry I truly am for hurting and disappointing you. I’ve been sober for five days now Dani. I’m so sorry you hear me? I’m not Lex! I’m not and I’m not letting you go so just can you help me like you have? Can you just please say something to me?” Jackson said with his heart on his sleeve.

Dani rubbed her temple for a bit the wedding press was a mess she was behind on work and she’d hoped to avoid Jackson until she got the memo about this meeting from Lowell she had been successful. At work she’d put on a front, she gave up answering Zach’s calls and her parents the last few days. She refused to answer Jackson’s calls even if she wanted too. That was the saddest part she still loved him which made it worse. She went to work, she went home, cried about how stupid she had been. When crying herself to sleep didn’t work she did the next best thing drink until it was numb enough to dull her to the world. She was spiraling it felt like Pittsburgh all over again only worse. She was still angry at him, angry didn’t describe what she felt it was a rage at him for using her for making her believe he loved her when it was never real.

“I have a lot of work to do.” Dani said as she pulled her hand back from him she didn’t care if it hurt him. He’d lost that right five days ago when he lied to her and used her, when he broke her heart and crumbled it into a thousand pieces. Her hands shaking as she looked at him. She knew tears were threatening to fall and she bit them back she refused to let him attempt to dry them. “You’re sorry for which part using me? Lying to me? Did it ever matter to you or do you take all your conquests to the fucking stable to tie them up and make them believe you actually give a shit? I’m just curious about what number I was.” She paused for a moment taking a breath as she saw Lowell walking down the hallway. She looked at her boss as he entered the room. “Lowell.”

“Natasha Hassan Co-Chair of Bluestar Oil and Ahmed Hassan the sheik himself has requested a meeting in Egypt. I’m very proud of you. This has wall street talking, not only that but the energy crisis is a major world issue. Not only that but revolutionizing energy by controlling the oil we have in the world. Well that’s brilliant Jackson I’m very proud of you two. Dani I was thinking of something.” He noticed the ice between the lovebirds. They were once so happy what had Jackson done? Either way Lowell wasn’t worried, his son’s idea was going to be major for DGI. “Dani you are no longer DGI’s publicist you are now an executive of Jackson’s new energy division of DGI. You will hold the spot until you train your replacement Zerick. He will also consult on Chauncey arms division. Are you two ready for the big leagues?  Good job. I’ve never been prouder than today than I am of now you now Jackson. You are showing why I thought you were going to run DGI. Chauncey always beat you but you always were more tactical in war. Congrats you two it’s your turn.”

Jackson’s heart stopped his father was proud of him. Bliss and Dani had been fundamental in helping him with this approach. He looked at Dani’s shocked face. She was now an executive and would be working with him even more. Something she clearly couldn’t stomach. She had let go of his hand and he grabbed it instantly. They weren’t over and yes he used her but he needed help, especially Dani’s. Her hand was trembling as he looked at her fighting back tears clearly happy and hurt all at once. Jackson ruined what would be a perfect time for Dani to excel at DGI. She was brilliant and deserved this but he fucked it up.

“Father I was also going to ask you about next year my Energy Summit. It’s a grand ball are scientist and world leaders are invited to a grand ball and a weekend full of inventive young talent trying to save our earth.” Jackson said looking at Dani. He hadn’t even shared that with her. He saw her shock at the idea and the innovation of it all. “We accept and I assure you both I won’t let you down. I’m done with drugs and I’m done with being the mistake dad. I swear to you I love you both. You’ve given me this shot and you’ve given me your heart. I’m sorry if I mess up along the way. I will mess up but I’m trying to fight through all my demons and some days they will win but knowing that I’m making you proud and I have you.”

Lowell saw true love and it was something else going on. Her body wasn’t happy it was tension but she was with him. He sensed anger but love she wasn’t going anywhere. “I love it Jackson. I love you are thinking on a global level what this acquisition will do for DGI. Dani ideas more come on. I need something the Energy Summit and what else? What’s next on the agenda.”

Jackson looked at Dani and squeezed her hand. Leaning in he whispered. “I love you and this isn’t a game please baby just let’s talk after this. Get through it.”

Dani watched him take her hand back and wanted to scream at him more than that she didn’t know what to feel everything was so jumbled at the moment. At least where she and Jackson were concerned. She loved him and she hated him all at once, she couldn’t trust him as far as she could throw him now. DGI though she was alright with work, work allowed her to focus on that and not other aspects of her life an executive was a lucrative offer and it was better than the offer from her father. She would rather die than go to work with him or back to work for Charles. She could be civil at work and she reminded herself that the energy division was something they were both passionate about. Jackson had worked his ass off on the project and as much as she hated him at the moment she didn’t have it in her heart to throw him under the bus, she forced a smile and her hand stopped trembling.

“I don’t know what to say an executive position is amazing thank you. The energy division is good for business. I’m just overwhelmed I wasn’t expecting this I was expecting the division to get up and running. The next step would be getting Charles Hessington on board in order to transport the oil, getting city council here to approve it. Once Charles signs and it has his backing my father will have no option but to approve it, since he ran on a job making platform. Paperwork is already under way to close that deal. Are you expecting me to go to Egypt as well then?” Dani asked she looked at Lowell as she spoke she may of now been working under Jackson but Lowell was who she reported too. She didn’t know Zerick all that well and for her Zerick didn’t deserve a publicist position she tapped her free fingers on the wood of the table. “I also want to suggest someone other than Zerick as your head of publicity. Talia deserves that position way more than some newcomer.”

“Everything I have said in my reports to you has been true Jackson is applying himself he is a better person now. He isn’t using. You have my word.” Dani said looking at Lowell, and yes she lied she didn’t like it but if it meant Lowell would go away and leave them alone so she could leave she would. More than that she did it so Lowell wouldn’t take it away from him he had worked so hard because she loved him that much believed in him that much.

“Jackson you are making Chauncey very nervous don’t forget that.” He winked at his son. “I have to go meet Max in a meeting tell me you’re both ready for this. You know what I was being selfish, I don’t want to lose Talia but you’re right Dani. I like her Jackson she will keep you all in line when I’m gone. Maybe even bring a little integrity in here not too much my dear after all this is business.” Lowell walked to Jackson and shook his sons hand beaming. As he leaned down and kissed Dani’s cheek. “You’re welcome but you all earned it. Make the Hessington deal happen and yes Dani, you’re going to Egypt with him.” Lowell walked out briskly.

Jackson saw Dani honestly repulsed by him. “Stop it God I’m not different. I’m a liar and I’m a stupid, fucking dummy but that doesn’t mean I lied about our love. You’re saving me and that’s true Dani but I have demons and they haven’t just left. I lied about using but I didn’t lie about you and you remain and always will be it for me. You’re mine and whatever I have to do. I’ll go through withdrawal with you. I will sit in it to prove to you I want you and to get better. This opportunity wasn’t my idea. This idea was all dads and you heard him. You are making me better do you hear me?”

He touched her face as he turned her chair around. “I love you! I love you and I won’t stop because I’m a addict and please don’t give up with me. Do you hear me? I love you Dani?”

“You don’t get it. I don’t want you to do it for me. I want you to do it because you have to want too. I would have done anything for you I still would even now because I want this for you. I let my guard down with you. I let you in, I gave myself to you and you hurt me worse than Lex ever did. I have never been enough for anyone not Lex, not my own father and I thought you were different. You made me believe in this in us, in the thought that what we had was special and real. Only now I know it wasn’t.” Dani said finally looking at him it had to be he wanted to change himself for himself not her. It would never work if it was for her and she knew that she wasn’t that dumb hell look at Tamara. Yes she loved him and naively believed because she thought he loved her that he was honest with her. Pushing her chair back she wiped at her eyes realizing she was crying. “I was just the girl you fucked after you used or before you used just like all the others.”

She didn’t care if he saw her cry now maybe he would get it he broke her heart. Actions always spoke louder than words. “I love you you have no idea how much but I can’t be with you right now. I can’t watch you use me and lie to me. I can’t watch you destroy yourself and us while you pick your drugs over a life with me. I can’t be the girl you fuck while getting high on the side. I just can’t.” She took a few breaths before gathering her things off the table and putting on her coat. “I have to go talk to Talia before I head home. I left my grandmothers necklace at your place I’d like it back.” Leaving it at that she looked at him before walking out the door wiping the tears. If he loved her, he would put in the effort and own up to what he promised he’d quit for himself too. If he didn’t she knew it was never real for him.

Jackson let out gasp as he slammed his hand on the table and quickly flipped it over. Then threw the chair against the wall. Letting out a harrowing scream as he punched the wall he screamed again. Standing there with his chest heaving as he slowly fell to his knees crying looking at Simon. His shocked expression and the blood dripping down his hands. He’d hurt the best thing that ever happened to him. He’d hurt his soulmate. Looking at Simon he bit his lip slowly walking to his friend.

“I fucked this place up make it look perfect by the end of the day. Give everybody who saw and heard this a bonus not to see this. Simon I fucked up. I fucked up so badly and I don’t think I’ll ever get her back if I don’t do something. Simon I slipped up and she caught me man.” Jackson said with a tear slipping down his face. “I didn’t mean to hurt her. This is fucking killing me Simon!”

Simon had been down the hallway when he saw and heard the exchange take place he now understood what it meant to see a woman scorned, but not only that he hoped Jackson saw it. Really saw it this time, drugs weren’t how he was meant to live out his life. He didn’t say anything to Dani as she stormed past him and did the smart thing and moved out of her way. He watched Jackson see the reality of his choices as he flipped the table and threw the chair, he let him get it out in a healthy way. He knew the damage control he would need to do and nodded his head hopefully Lowell hadn’t of heard it wouldn’t be the first time he had to pay off staff to keep quiet.

“I think the best thing for you to do right now is decide who you want to be. The guy that needs the drugs or the guy that wants something more? I believe you when you say you didn’t mean to hurt her. She’s angry right now, but I also saw that she loves you too. It might be wise to show her you love her and you want to change opposed to just telling her. You could do it tomorrow before the wedding take her somewhere show her you want to change away from work, away from people just you two.” Simon said not sure what else to say to him he had tried to get Jackson to quit for years they all had and maybe this time would be different. He pulled his friend to him in a quick embrace before pulling back. “I’ll take care of this go get yourself together and I’ll see you at Chauncey’s bachelor party.”


Brenda was wearing a white suite as the cameras flashed against her skin. This was what she had to do. Hunter was ready and if Walter just thought he’d win this election without a fight she wasn’t allowing it. Screw Lauren she knew how to get his attention. Make a splash as the grieving embarrassed widow this would be good. Today was her day to she knew it and her influence had to mean something. Her power had to be grasped somehow and she wasn’t done with Atlas Falls at all. Her eyes were hawk like as she saw the major reporters in town then it struck her. Hunter was a pawn. He was a chess move against Walter but not to be used just yet. As she slowly walked to the podium her heart skipped a beat as she looked around.

“So many friends in this room. So many faces that I love and need to say so many things too. Where do I begin? I lost my soulmate and the man made my heart skip a beat. No matter what he did he gave me three beautiful children. He was my soulmate and was political heavyweight and that’s what he’ll be remembered for. Today I want to announce the legacy of the Kincaid family isn’t doing helping the community. We are going to go even even more hard to help Atlas Falls. I’d love to say that Hunter was ready but he isn’t. After years of waiting this is my time to show the this community that I’m not just a face. I was an important force behind my husband.” Brenda paused as the silence showed her resilience. As she strategically lowered her head as the tears fell down her eyes. When she was younger drama was her favorite class and this was all calculated.

“Today I’m announcing my bid for mayor of Atlas Falls. I will be continuing my husband’s legacy and throughout the turmoil and adversity I’m strong from the top to bottom. I will give Atlas Falls back it’s respect and I’ll be giving the Kincaid name a clean slate. I’m going to be the mayor. Atlas Falls needs not a friend of the people. We don’t need a everyman we need a leader and I’m it!” She riled ferociously as the camera flickered against her and the hoots and hollering were roaring. “Don’t mistake my tears as weakness see them as anger today I’m angry that someone could brazenly kill our mayor! I’m mad that Atlas Falls is being taken over by the corrupt and senseless. I won’t stand for it any longer and I’ll do what my husband couldn’t I’ll tear down Scottswood. I’ll demolish that sore spot on Atlas Falls forever.” More applause and a slew of questions slammed at her. “I will be holding another press conference with my manager as we will be using my husband’s donations today is the beginning of a new reign. Let what a man couldn’t do a woman will. I will make it safe it Atlas Falls and today I’m waging a war against the drug dealers, the gangbangers, mobsters, the pariahs of society. I’m here and I’m crying for you because I’m going to bring you to my knees.” Brenda ferocity was electric.

As she walked around she looked at them all in her eyes it showed the steel reserve. “I will always ask you do you want an everyman or do you want someone who will tear the walls down? Who will fight for not just the everyman but everybody. The high, the middle, and the lower class. I’m here for you all. I’m the woman for Atlas Falls believe that.” Brenda turned and walked off the stage feeling the energy of her performance.

“Get me the best staffers from not only my husband’s campaign and Charles Hessington call him up. I want his endorsement.” Standing tall she placed on her Dior sunglasses as she walked out right inside of her limo. Grabbing a bottle of Armand de Brignac she popped the cork and smiled as she poured herself a glass. “To you Steven you are to be thanked for unleashing me to my fullest potential.” Arriving at Steven’s old campaign headquarters she walked too see Walter.

Walter had heard that Brenda had an announcement to make and came in order to see what the fuss was all about he thought it would be Hunter she would announce to run. Only this time it was her and he looked at the crowd they were of course in love with her Brenda always had a presence about her but he also saw disconcerted voters when she mentioned tearing down the Scottswood neighborhood. It may of been on the wrong side of the tracks but it was also near a part of town that wanted to reinvent itself and be a part of the community. He ran on that platform makings sure he worked together with people to make sure that happened, create jobs there to take away from the crime and the drugs. Looking at her on stage he made his way to the back, he never expected her to run against him. His win at this point was all but guaranteed. He had to chuckle at her insisting to get Charles to back her he had already vetted for him not to mention the mess he knew Brenda’s family had made with Charles.

“I see you are still trying to tear down the people in this city actually wanting to make a change. Go ahead and call Charles then again we both know that bridge was long burned a year ago. Then again do you really want to talk about that, he already vetted for me and you know that.” Walter said watching her take a sip of her champagne, he saw Rachel Morrison enter and raised his eyebrow so that was who she hired to be her manager. He watched Rachel leave for a moment before he clapped. “Quite the show Brenda I half expected you to have Hunter up there for the announcement. I suppose this makes us for now at least enemies though you were crying in my bar a few days ago begging me back.”

“Begging you or seeing just how weak you still are for me? Make no mistake emotion and ego isn’t in this Walter don’t be so full of yourself to think that I want to win your election.” Brenda slowly looked at him with a wicked smile. “I want to demolish you in this election. My votes could be turn to Steven’s with sympathy and women voters. Don’t underestimate women who want change. People are looking at me as the new Madonna a loving mother who wants to put the gangbangers and crooks away. I will get Charles vote my ties to my family will eventually come out Walter no hiding that I come from half of trash. Rachel is doing a morning interview. Oh and I’m going to be on Good Morning America  My speech has been shared as of now 900 times in forty-five minutes the women and everyone just ate me up. I taste delicious don’t I?”

Rachel was good and this was calculated how Walter got wind of it she had no clue. She thought she had time to sort of to care how he would feel. Slowly sipping her champagne sitting on the desk. She laughed loud looking at him. “Game on bitches and I’m not playing for sport I’m playing for keeps. Wait until the debate I’m going to serve the people of Scottswood a revolutionary vision of what their future will be. Implementing what other countries did to combat poverty in a inner city well that’s damn well brilliant.” Brenda slowly walked to Walter placing her hand on his chest. “Either way I plan getting what I want.” And that was a chance at getting a place at the big boys table and power beyond her wildest dream.

“Weak? I turned you down Brenda like I told you I have a lot on my plate. My numbers are good you are beyond late in the game I’ve been running unopposed since the night Steven died. As for Charles I’m pretty sure my friendship over the years is more important to him than your call, he never cared for Steven or his policies.” Walter said at least this time it would be a fun race not that Steven was a bad opponent but there was something more at stake running against her. He had forced her out of his life all those years ago he had no problem doing it again. “Women votes are not what I am afraid of. You do realize my wife and my daughter both helped my platform it isn’t like either of them think I’m sexist. You are a lot of talk Brenda and nice things and trust me people don’t forget that.”

“No I think voters will see you for what you are a high society princess with a drinking problem or do we not want to talk about that? Steven kept that out of his campaign over the years but I know you pretty well don’t I? As for the Scottswood area you want to tear it down and displace families from their heritage and their legacy.” Walter looked at her darkly for a moment wanting her to know he would do what it took spill secrets if he had too. He watched her take a sip of her champagne. “You remember what that was like don’t you destroying families? Back out Brenda.”

“Don’t threaten me when I have the ace of spades in my hand. I’m willing to play you threaten my linage and my bloodline. Oh my dear you haven’t seen what I will uproot in your life. My past is a burden but nothing that the voters won’t look past. Alcohol is my favor and my drinking problem is just that a problem that I will erase and eviscerate you if you try to expose my demons. Oh Walt I have two demons on you so you want to go to war with my past and my play with my future? If I lose it will not mean the end it will mean a lesson. The enemy in me is one you don’t want win or lose I have Rachel and the media spin I will do oh Walter. The things I will do to you.” Brenda hissed slow walking around him like a hawk with prey.

She quivered as she looked at at him his superior attitude to her. Who did he think he was? Did Walter Frasier think he was better than her? That infuriated her to no end as she walked to him slapping him. “Get out and don’t you ever grace my door again. This is war and I will ruin you earnest image that you’ve created. You the grand martyr think that you can judge me. You are a joke and I sure hope you’re ready because Jackie knows our little secret but she knows it all. And I’m digging and poking and prodding at her so she can unleash on me. I will do it soon and it’s an illusion. Everything I’ve been selling the world and you come here smug and arrogant thinking you will ruin me.” She exhaled exhausted with tears falling from me.

“I curse you to me forever. You will never love anything as much as you me. I will forever take from you forever and forever and I you will always need me now leave Walter. I curse you to always need me and I hate me and want me. I will win and lose and I win you get it? I’ve set the deck I will always be the winner. Now go!” She hissed as she walked to the door. “I will take down Scottswood and that will bring so much more to that community I have a plan. I have a vision and win or lose I’ve stacked the deck.” Brenda said ominously holding her head up.

“It wasn’t a threat Brenda I’ve worked too hard and too long getting this seat, period. I’ve sacrificed for this seat after Lowell shut me out of DGI and tried to ruin my life. I earned this seat.” Walter said looking at her, her threats weren’t what they should have been years ago should the truth ever come out he knew he and Lauren would handle it together. It was over thirty years ago his daughter already hated him but he knew Braden would be more understanding. Walking to the door he looked at her eyeing her up and down. “Do at least try to keep up if you can I won’t grace this and you can stay the hell away from the pub and me and Lauren.”

He let out laugh on his way out the door waving at her staff on the way out, she was always a bit of a firecracker only this time she had picked the wrong opponent. He had every intention of winning the mayoral seat and if it meant he had to play dirty to achieve that then he would. His own life be damned he let people like Lowell and Steven step over himself and his family for far too long. No more, no he made that clear when he and Charles agreed it was the year to run after all the work and Brenda was not getting this no matter the cost.

Brenda waved her hand at Walter these men were puppets and everyone were all her puppets. Spinning on her wheel never wanting to escape because they needed something from her. She turned to Rachel and smirked as she looked at nodding to the door. She walked to Rachel leaning in with a wicked smirk.

“Young lady you are brilliant and I want you to keep digging in DGI you understand? You are onto something. And I will shake the foundation of this boys club. It’s time for a woman to hand these boys their balls on a platter. We all love Rory he’s a lovely boy but when we pin Lowell we pin Atlas Falls. He’s the power and right now I don’t spare feelings in war. Quickly little bird you won’t be making friends running my campaign.” Brenda hissed as she passed her envelope and it was money. “Move exponentially my dear games on bitches.”


Hunter walked up the front steps of the mansion luckily his face had returned to normal after his fight with Philip, they had got their hits in. He had then spent the last few days going over how to best handle Max ever since the party things had just been more tense between them. She was being even more difficult than before but he had taken Jackson’s advice and began to watch his back. That didn’t mean that he had stopped not speaking or thinking about Bliss it was quite the opposite, ever since she had called him the same night he got into his fight with Philip. She had been so upset and informed him for now she couldn’t do whatever was going on between them. It was better for the both of them this way no one could gossip and if the chose to gossip it was easily concealed as friendship. It also meant that he had time to end his marriage to Max officially hopefully Mason would be able to dig up what he needed by the bachelor party for Chauncey tonight. He smiled as Dominique opened the door to the estate and pointed him to the wing, according to Max’s secretary at DGI she had been staying in her old room at the estate on and off over the last few months. She wasn’t smart enough to leave anything at their house with Philip but he had gotten smarter in the last few weeks.

Walking up the stairs he entered Max’s room he opened the door she wasn’t here, pulling out his phone he opened the app looking at her location of course she would be at Philip’s club. Walking to the closet he looked at the clothes very much so a Devonshire thing, the jewelry case was next and he made sure to take photos of a new necklace that was there one he was sure was not given to him by either him or Lowell. He heard footsteps at the door and turned around to see Bliss in the doorway a towel wrapped around her body. “Well don’t you look like you’ve just enjoyed yourself in the pool or the sauna? How are you? You called so upset a few days ago did something happen with your mother?”

Bliss was in the sauna and tanning bed she felt the glow on her skin as she leaned against the wall. She bit her lip as she opened her towel and then closed it teasing him with her blood red La Pearla bikini. As she walked into her sister’s room touching the mementos of the Devonshire crowned princess. That was until she came into the picture. She’d gotten a text from Dani telling her what Lowell was doing. This was a monumental moment for Jackson she hoped he didn’t screw it up. As she dropped her towel and slowly slinked to the huge bed as she laid out with a seductive expression on her face.

“Must we talk about my mother when I haven’t seen you in so long. Don’t you miss me?” She said playfully with a almost wounded expression. Her eyes showed the lust that she felt in this moment. Also the danger of seducing Hunter was becoming part of the thrill. Bliss wanted a good reputation but screw it this was about something she wanted more. She wanted a man who cherished her. After her ex-lover she swore that she’d only be with a man who wanted to love her. “She is obviously with him. He’s so dark and brooding. So bad, but yet so good, irresistible in a way I get it. My sister has a thing for the twisty ones but here’s the thing I’ve done the dark and twisty thing once or twice. Call me a sucker for a gentleman in a sexy suit.”

Each word dripped with a exhale of sex. Running her hands through her hair slicked back showing nothing but her stunning face. She openly spread her legs slowly as she smirked. It was a game and dance she always seemed to be choose. Men wanted her it was something since puberty she knew. They were thirsty and one caught her and he broke her. Never again would she be in a man’s web they were in her’s. However this wasn’t all about that. She genuinely cared. She wanted Hunter and this was starting to be painful. Bliss couldn’t stop thinking what she was going to do to him.

“Honestly I could care less about foreplay anymore. You are mine Hunter and we both know it.” She purred as Bliss played with with the strap on her bikini. “I always thought she was a star you know. Knowing the true Max behind the billions and porcelain smile she’s a despicable creature.” Tilting her head she smirked at him. “How bad are you willing to get? How bad are you going to be with me today? Give yourself to me because this energy and our synergy is something you can’t deny. So why in the hell are we fighting what’s so natural for us? She’s fucking you over so why not fuck her over? Screw it she did it first. I missed you so much Hunter.” Finally unfastening her top but quickly catching it with her left hand so he still didn’t get to see anything.

“No I suppose we don’t. I have missed you I just know that we also needed the time apart. I had to get my affairs in order with Max make sure my lawyer was on top of everything. It has been killing me to stay away.” Looking at her leaning against the wall in her bikini seeing her flash it to him while she looked fuckable with the sweat on her skin and the light tan. Jesus she looked good and not only that it had been months since he had been with a woman. He watched her walk to the bed and lay down on it and he looked at her licking his bottom lip before biting it. “I am happy to hear that I am sexy in this suit it is supposed to be a turn on for some women.”

Walking to the bed he ran his hand up her leg watching her face as he did so, it had been so long he was a good husband he had been faithful to his wife. The problem was Max was all about fucking him over repeatedly on and off over the years, there had been Philip and then rumors of another fling that he never caught. Looking at her sister though lying in her bed there was something so primal about wanting to fuck Bliss in that bed as payback he was sure Max had been crasser if not worse with her affair with Philip. He leaned down to kiss her lips playfully as his hands ran down her body tugging the bikini away and to the floor.

“No need for modesty now is there? Like you said we may be past the foreplay stage and the only thing I have been hoping to do to you the last few months has been this.” Hunter leaned down and kissed her, tilting her head back as his hands moved her bikini thong to the side. He let his fingers slide over her slit for a bit as he deepened the kiss finally pressing two of his fingers inside of her heat. “Is this what you want?”

Bliss threw her head back as she wrapped her arms around Hunter kissing him with just as much passion. The teasing was enough and she’d driven him to breaking point and she enjoyed this. This was what she wanted the primal urges that he had. The urge to be with her. He missed her, he wanted her and she wanted him. This was electric feeling as she lost her breath with him teasing her tight wetness. Bliss exhaled and released a seductive giggle looking Hunter in his eyes. Her heart was skipping she’d thought of being with someone after him. Holding her breath she leaned up kissing Hunter hungrily as she unbuckling his pants she touched his hard cock. She knew she was ready to mark him as hers forever. Lowering her tongue into his mouth she sucked on his lip playfully.

“That’s not what I want.” Bliss used her feet too pull down his pants and silk underwear. “I want the real thing.” She removed his pants and she looked inside of his eyes. “I want you inside of me baby. I want to feel you. Hunter fuck me.” Bliss pleaded in a baby doll coo. Her entire body trembling in anticipation from the sexual experience of fucking Max bed. “I love you Hunter.”

Hunter looked down at her as she kissed him and couldn’t help the smile that he gave her in return even though he knew it was wrong it felt very right as well. He had to look at her when she reached her hand down and freed him from his pants and let out a groan when she touched him and his hips bucked against her touch it had been so long since he had been with a woman. Burying his head into her shoulder to compose himself he heard her words she loved him, he knew that at this moment he felt the same he had fallen in love with Bliss over the last few months. He took a few calming breaths as his fingers brushed over her heat again and knew that he wasn’t going to outlast this he needed to be with her too.

“I don’t know when it happened or how but I fell in love with you too. You showed me that when you love someone you stick by them, you are there for them at their lowest points and at their best points.” Hunter said looking at her and stroking her face, ripping off her string bikini he positioned himself between her legs and then slowly pushed inside of her heat moaning as he did so. He pulled out lost in the sensation and then dived back in slowly hoping that he was driving her just as crazy as she was making him, she felt so tight and so right. “Is this alright?” Hunter asked as his hips moved repeating the action as he leaned down to kiss her and then playfully bit her earlobe.

Bliss couldn’t believe it. After so long she’d found it after so much disasters and her last love. Her heart will ache for what that man did to her. Nobody knew behind so much plastic was a toxic abusive twisted romance. Tears formed in her eyes as he didn’t just pierce her body but her soul. She knew this wasn’t just sex this was a moment that they’d remember forever. The moment that there bond went to the next level. As she released tears in the middle of a erotic exhale after he released her lips and devoured her earlobes. She cried out in pleasure it had been so long since a man had taken a piece of her body. Bliss quivered as she clenched down on his penis it felt so good inside of her. A man who respected and understood her.

“Yes Hunter!” She said a passionately. The truth was she had made her mind up that she was with him. Bliss needed Hunter and didn’t want to give him up. Knowing that his heart was hers and that this wasn’t a game. They were making love she was lost in insecurities of what would happen after until he hit her spot. Another cry escaped her lips as she started to shiver again as she knew they’d be going for a round two or three or four. “God Hunter!” Bliss nails clawed into his back.

Hunter kept moving inside of her, he was too lost in it to stop now it felt right to be inside of her, it felt different, it felt real. He knew he wasn’t going to last that long it had been so long for him and he only hoped she was on something, with Max he knew. Max didn’t want children and right now he knew it wasn’t the time for he and Bliss either. He saw her crying and slowed his pace, before wiping away her tears and leaning down to kiss her again. Someone had hurt her but it wasn’t the time or the place to find out who, he felt her tightening down on him and increased his pace pulling nearly out to thrust back inside of her.

“Bliss.” Hunter managed to get out feeling her body coiling again, he could tell she was right on the edge with him ready to ride this out to the end. He leaned down trailing kisses along her neck to her breasts taking a nipple into his mouth to tug on it. Placing his hands on her hips he continued to fuck her at a steady pace wanting to send her over the edge first. “I’m going to cum soon. Jesus.”

She clawed into his back as she clenched down on Hunter as she felt the heat and energy shift into the middle of their bodies. Bliss slowly started to cry out in pleasure as she saw him releasing wrapping her arms around his neck she tongue kissed him deeply. As moans and cries of pleasure escaped her lips. When she finally released she knew her body was quivering and the painfulness of what she’d been through was over.

Panting feverishly she rolled on top of Hunter and wanted him to just hold her all day and them to stay in the bed all day. “That was intense and amazing and perfect and I missed and we said I love. Oh my God I’m in love again and with someone so amazing.” Bliss bit her bottom lip laughing as she touched his chest.

“Pardon me.” Maddie said looking at Hunter and Bliss in bed. “I just wanted to borrow that killer jacket aunt Max wore I didn’t mean to. Why are you two oh shit.” Maddie fiddled with her ponytail. “I gotta go.” She stormed out of the bedroom.

“Maddie wait!” She screamed as she looked Hunter. “I gotta silence her.”

Hunter looked into her eyes feeling her clench down on him and groaned feeling himself pour into her. Hunter her nails mark his back as his hips kept thrusting releasing again he moaned feeling her mouth crash into his. He let their bodies continue to move making sure to get every shiver out of her and himself before smiling against her ear as he moved some hair from her face.

“That was wow. Amazing and perfect.” Hunter said letting her roll them over as his arms wrapped around her. He closed his eyes only for them to fly open when he heard Maddie’s voice and looked at her shocked face from the bed. Shit he never wanted this to embarrass them both. He let her limb off of him as he reached for his pants slipping them on. “Go get her. Shit I’m going to be late we can talk tomorrow for sure at the wedding.”

Bliss grabbed a robe and a silk shirt off Max closet door and rushed off as she hurried down the hall. “Maddie!” She screamed as she looked for her niece as she bit down on her bottom lip. God this couldn’t get out. Rushing to Maddie’s room. “We need to talk.” Seeing Maddie with tears in her eyes. “You have a very big secret and I need you to keep it.”

Maddie wiped her eyes as she look at Bliss. “What do I get?” Placing her hand on her hip. “I want a lot to keep you and Hunter hooking up a secret my newly found slutty aunt.”

“You got it you little brat.” Bliss said clearing her throat. This little wench was blackmailing her.

“I’ll be in contact ta.” Maddie walked to her door opening it.

“I can’t wait.” Bliss said walking out seeing Hunter walking down the stairs. Shaking her head this was and could be horrible for him.


Greer swirled the martini glass in her fingers as she looked at bartender. It had been a long time since she had been in this town. She remembered the first time her father snuck her into America let alone Atlas Falls. Her little brother Declan begged to go and she remembered Kendra crying and holding her baby sister Lark. They went to this beautiful house and her father argued with whom she’d come know as Lauren Fraiser. Gritting her teeth she knew she shouldn’t be thinking about the past. However they all betrayed her daddy and her father deserved his place in society. Walter wasn’t so innocent either in many other sins and no matter what she did this was revenge. As she slowly sipped her martini which was apple flavored she wondered where was Chauncey. What he was doing still marrying Selina that was some odd joke. Greer knew she’d worked her magic on him. As she narrowed her eyes at Lauren and Walter’s daughter a laugh escaped her lips.

Poor birdy looked like she was lost as she picked up her glass slowly she targeted her prey. As she slowly moved her hair from her face she looked at Dani she placed her drink down. “Oh you don’t know me but I’ve met your mother. My name is Greer Westwood and you’re Danielle. Tell me you’ve met my husband? How is he fitting in? Working at DGI is new for him and I’m worried but so much gossip is swirling rumor has you will be at the wives table soon. How excited are you about to be a Devonshire?”

Dani looked at her phone on the counter ignoring Jackson’s call she was pretty sure she had lost her damn mind at this point to end up here. A call to Whitney to confirm that Lex was still in town, she had officially lost it. Sitting at the bar on her third glass of bourbon debating her next move. She wanted to know why with Lex what had she done that was so wrong and so bad that led him to Maggie. That he abandoned her, lied to her face, made a fool out of her and cheated on her for over a year. She was pretty sure she was pathetic at this point, not that she had learned her lesson with him. It was now a repeat with Jackson the lies, the betrayal much worse she actually loved him. Enough that for a moment she considered answering, going back to him something she never once considered with Lex. Jackson seemed sincere earlier, then again so had Lex when he told her to stay with him too. Lifting the glass to her lips as she took a drink she looked over at the blonde at the bar, Zerick’s wife. She’d seen her in passing at DGI a few times.

“I’ve seen you at work in Zerick’s office, he’s not here. I suppose he’s getting along fine he works a lot with Chauncey and on Jackson’s energy division.” Dani said placing the glass on the counter she let out a bitter laugh. The wives table, how stupid had she been to buy into his bullshit with that idea. Sure they talked about it sometimes a future together, after they made love when they spent time together. When she thought it was real she wanted that with him. She knew better now she was one of the many women he bedded nothing more nothing less. “Yeah that’s not happening anytime soon. What can I do for you?”

“I was just being conversationalist my dear no need to bite my head off. So testy I would hate to see you on a good day. I’m going to continue to be pleasant but you on the other hand so bitter.” Greer said tapping her nails against the oak finish. “I heard some gossip from your parents care to elaborate? You work for the man who stole your financial family stability that makes you a traitor no? I only ask because you American’s are so hard to trust. I see so much loyalty in you and your poor father. How he must feel to know his daughter betrayed him. I like your parents but in this case have you thought how wrong you are.” Greer said knowing how haughty and completely out of line she was. This would be fun as she sipped her drink.

“Aw tell me all about it Jackson hurt you sadly you banked on the wrong Devonshire. I’ve been doing my research love and Jackson breaks hearts. You are vacant in the eyes now dear and how fast it happened.” Greer said stabbing Dani intentionally in the heart. “He must of become bored have you seen his ex lovers? My God those girls are glamorous. Oh they look like models like myself. You my dear you are cute but you have to spruce yourself up. I mean look at you. You look so defeated don’t mind my piss and vinegar it’s a Brit thing.” Greer had a lethal smirk to show she knew exactly what she was doing.

“I work for Lowell because frankly I’m fucking good at what I do, seeing how I’ve never made the man that helped conceive me ever proud of me. I doubt he cares all that much about me unless it benefits him. Then again if you were so close to my parents you would know that.” Dani said glaring at her as she downed the rest of her drink and then motioned for the bartender for refill. She watched his body language as he scanned permission in the crowd before pouring her a drink, so Lex was watching. In truth the only time her father ever acted interested was when she was with Lex. When it benefited him to be a part of her life. “You like my daddy so much have him adopt you.”

However when the bitch mentioned shit about her and Jackson she saw red, she was angry and upset she thought he cared. She’d still bet on him any day of the week over his siblings even if he hurt her, he had it all at his fingertips. Looking at the time she knew Jackson would be here for Chauncey’s stupid bachelor party, great just great. That was if he wasn’t here already who knew maybe he was looking for another companion at this point the club was a good place to pick someone up, obviously she wasn’t enough for him just like she hadn’t been for Lex. Taking the glass and downing it she slipped off the stool she was pretty sure the room was spinning a bit as she looked at Greer. She had seen her flirting with Chauncey at the office, saw Chauncey looking at her back who in the hell was she to ever judge her and her choice of bed partners.

“I may be mediocre but at least I’m fucking faithful. I’d still bet on him over his asshole of a brother any day any time. How does your husband feel when you make eyes at a soon to be married man with Chauncey or is that something that they teach skanks like you in Europe?” Dani bit back watching the bartender take the glass off the counter.

Greer at one point had almost loved Zerick it wasn’t until a couple years ago she saw that they couldn’t be. At times her dear husband would vanish and never say a word. She knew one thing that her husband was made out of steel and he was cold. She never got what he got out of this. Why his revenge against Lowell was so deep and that always had bothered her and Kendra. Seeing the little mouse gaining courage made her feel delicious. She had fangs and she knew that she’d hurt her with Jackson comments.

“I bet only on winners my dear and you aren’t that. You are basic and treacherous and honestly I see you. I see you for what you are a mess that Jackson caught onto how basic you truly are. Did he throw you away? Or did he do something? Chauncey is my friend and if you are insinuating that it’s anything more than a friendship it goes to show how basic you are. You can’t even see what’s in your face for real.” Greer watched her seeing her phone glowing. “Oh I hear you’re quite unforgettable I ran into the most interesting man earlier today. He told me all about you. Matter fact he asked me to find you and it’s so ironic do you know Lex? Well I told him to meet me here and oh there he is Lex!” Greer looked at Dani eyes seeing she was drunk.

“Dani I’m here to destroy you all but you won’t remember I said that.” She said with her natural French accent coming out. “Oh Lex over here, Dani is over here.”

Call her what you want a non winner or basic hell a fucking mess but she was a fighter when push came to shove. No a mess was after everything with Lex happened. It was all so raw at the moment everything that had happened since she caught Jackson using. Her head was spinning as she grabbed the counter for support she knew she couldn’t drive home. Her hand was shaking as she reached for her phone seeing Greer grinning at her and scanned the room for Lex feeling her resolve waning she could not talk to him about everything. She closed her eyes to stop the room from spinning, before opening them to focus in on Greer again.

“I know what I saw friendship my ass. Chauncey likes his women I would know do you know how many affairs I’ve covered up? I am sure you’ll be the next one.” Dani said looking at her. Her phone kept ringing and she didn’t bother looking at it anymore she knew she should have the bartender call Zach at this point and her lip trembled what had she and Lex discussed? “Go bother someone else you bitch.” Dani said not even hearing the last part of Greer talking. As her head was pounding. No one knew everything with her and Lex except Zach. Hell she hadn’t even told Jackson yet though she was going to before it all went to hell.

Lex smoothly walked through the crowd behind him was Ryan Walker. Tonight was a true celebration. He was of course invited his father was the governor and Ryan’s father played golf with Lowell regularly it was a given he’d be here. However when this busybody British beauty all but arranged to get Dani to see him he was elated. Ravishing beauty she was absolutely stunning her eyes had fear and confusion as Lex approached her. Slowly invading her personal space as touched her hair.

“You’re shivering my dear. I have a lot to say about you. You are so stunning and so funny afraid about what I will do? You left me remember? How harsh of you to just ban me from seeing you. You’ve been naughty so bad screwing a Devonshire. The rich and restless god aren’t you bored of him already? I was wondering Dani.” Leaning in he whispered in her ear. “I will never be satisfied with how you left me. You are so disappointing because maybe we could have salvaged this. Now you fucking Jackson? God that junkie Dani you are a joke now. I would never take you back. You hear me but God could I fuck you one last time?” Lex boldly declared. “Show you how I can improve on you as a lover.”

Greer had stepped to the back seeing Dani turn into a puddle around this man. Dismantling the team was the job this week. Zerick was supposed to find a weakness on Talia and she was breaking Dani right now. Slowly strutting down the stairs she saw Chauncey’s entourage entering. Sucking her teeth she saw her dress and it didn’t scream break all vows. Greer slowly placed her sunglasses as she dialed Renards. “Prada that sheer dress and I’ll pay double to express it to the Hotel LaGordia the penthouse. Thank-you please.” Greer placed her sunglasses on and walked away knowing she’s dismantle the Devonshire cronies they’d crumble too. Simon was next. Sadly Dani thought her ugly breakup with Lex wasn’t news. Not only was it but she heard how arrogant and spoiled brat. He was petulant and filthy rich.

Greer saw Dani cowering as she was being harassed by Lex. How uninvited it all looked their horrible reunion. “Goodnight Dani.”

Dani flinched the moment he touched her hair, never again not if they were the last people on the face of the planet. She gripped her phone in her hand, her fingers trembling for it to open all she had to do was tell the damn thing to call Zach. He’d come for her take her home. Lex take her back as if, no it was the other way around she left him.

“For the record I left your ass not the other way around and that junkie is twice the man you ever will be.” Dani said her voice low as she gripped the counter, pushing Lex away for good measure as the room was still spinning. Her legs felt like they couldn’t move and she knew she could barely walk. “Get off me.”

Bliss was looking for Hunter they had to talk about Maddie. She knew and this wasn’t some secret it was the real deal. If this was exposed then it could ruin his case against Max. As she walked to see Dani with the incomparable Lex Hessington. She knew him from running in the same circles. Europe wasn’t that big. “Lex I think you should leave.”

“How is Dimitri? Bliss how is the ambassador?” Lex said as he folded his arms. He was young and Bliss was quite the trophy when he lived in England and went Cambridge Academy for a year.

“Shut up, come on Dani.” Bliss said walking the girl away from him. “Are you okay?”

“I’ll tell Dimi how you are you doing.” Lex smiling a Devonshire had a secret.and he knew it. “Congrats Chauncey.” Picking up a bottle of champagne.

“I just want to go home.” Dani said leaning on Bliss as her friend led her out of the club she didn’t focus on who saw her from work, she was too numb. Once Bliss led her to the waiting car and they got inside she pulled her legs to her chest and leaned her head against the window, they were right she was a fucking mess. She felt the tears slip out. “All my life I was waiting you know for that right guy, that guy that would be there. That would love me, that would say I was enough and I thought with your brother that he was it. The one but who was I kidding you know? Life’s not a fairy tale I’m well aware I’m mediocre at best.”

“Sweetie drugs aren’t the biggest obstacle between you and Jackson. We are wired to be destructive. Oh Dani man up sweetie he doesn’t get it he doesn’t know any better but this time might be the right one. So if you are going to be pitiful and let some other bitch get the man you loved into being a man. Well you aren’t the woman I thought you were. You are stunning and don’t let that pig who saw he had you knock you down. Lex saw me at a low point and thinks he knows something. I don’t like him he’s a ass and disgusting.” Bliss said as she knew she cracked her knuckles.

Bliss looked at Dani as she huffed. “We are complex and from what I am we are messes. I’m saying you made him fall in love with you and bitch you are a ten. Come on Dani isn’t your two’s love worth the fight and so what fairytales aren’t real. Who wants perfect when in love anyway?”


Zerick looked around the park it was a nice day perfect for a run and Greer was doing what she needed at DGI starting the plant. They only had a few more days until the wedding and the mission was clear to make sure Chauncey did not marry Selina. They had been getting close with the soon to be mayor and the Kincaid family as well another strategic step in the plan make your enemies of our enemies your friends or at least as close to friends as the game would allow. It helped that Walter was distracted as he put it to him earlier with family dealings that allowed him to get closer and do what he needed to get done, find the information that  he needed. He didn’t find what he needed at Walter’s home or office meaning it had to be at DGI or at the Devonshire mansion.

He had plenty of time and Greer was going to go out to the bachelor party that night. The final hook nearly give Chauncey what he wanted to pull back, the real fun would be the day of the wedding. He opted for a run and into his third mile he noticed Talia Rose sitting on a bench in the park, it was after work and with the wedding coming up no doubt DGI would be focusing in on that. He looked at he with a smile as she was on her phone texting and then took a seat next to her. He tried to pry and see what she was texting only to see her glare at him and he had to laugh.

“Don’t worry I’m not looking to steal DGI secrets. In fact I am happy to run into you, even at DGI you have been giving me the cold shoulder. I thought we were going to be friends and obviously Lowell trusts me which means you should too.” Zerick said taking a few breaths as he looked at her. He folded his arms for a bit on the bench. “So the big bad boss man let you off for the rest of the evening then I take it?”

Talia glared at him suspiciously biting her lip as her eyes narrowed slightly as she moved back aghast at Zerick. He wasn’t charming as everyone said it was so clear to her he was slick as a oil can. Rolling her eyes she had her Carrie Bradshaw pumps. These were no ordinary shoes these shoes made her feel like Carrie and like Carrie she wanted that all consuming romance. The funny part ever since Dani started hitting Jackson and that turned into a thing, and Simon with his mysterious lover and she was with Braden sort of. Except their romances wasn’t so all consuming.  He was so disconnected and she was a girl to wait around her Giuseppe gold leaf heels wouldn’t allow it. She smirked running her hands down her dress. Slowly tilting her head, Talia bit her bottom lip to restrain the epic read she wanted to give this guy.

“First off I’m a like family to the Devonshire’s. Lowell is my father dear friend and I’m absolutely invited to tonight’s festivities. Maybe you meet him maybe not but my father will see what I do. You aren’t some British gent you’re trouble, you and that va va voom blonde bombshell. People say I’m like a psychic or it’s just that I have a great bullshit radar, and I see you are not here for our interest. What makes me afraid is big bad boss is letting you in.Then again that maybe as the old adage says keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. I hope the latter is in effect and Lowell thwarts whatever you are up too handsome.” As she start to walk away but Carrie so wouldn’t at this moment! She choose to lean in closer. “You aren’t my friend and we won’t be friends Mr. Westwood you have to prove yourself at DGI and I haven’t seen you do anything special. I know you’re here to seize oil companies for Jackson but I just don’t think that’s it. A big corporate raider in this climate as successful as you are. That’s determination and I how ironic you are here now working with DGI with some ironic sob story. I don’t buy it.”

“My wife and I fell on hard times in Europe we had to get out so a move to DGI seemed logical given everything that had happened.  I began to run through a list of names and companies I had a mutual acquaintance that knew that Lowell was looking into having a corporate raider so I applied no harm or foul in that. Greer has certain tastes that need to be upheld and well no one in Europe was hiring.” Zerick said looking at her knowing he would have to be careful around her. She was smart which was a good and a bad thing for them in the long run. It meant she could catch onto them. “Lowell trusts me I am about to close most of his contracts for his new division and start working with Chauncey.”

Zerick watched her start to walk away with a curious expression on his face she was bewildering and fascinating all at once. He still didn’t quite get the fashion thing but different women had different quirks, Greer liked power and the thrill it gave her. Other women liked other things as well but Talia’s fascination with the littler things amused him. “We could be very good friends Talia but you refuse to let that happen. I have only been at the company a short time these types of deals take time to make and acquire you know that. I do have to wonder what in the world I have done that has so greatly offended you? I see that you are still out at night with no one but your co-workers so I know you have other friends. Give me a chance Talia we could be quite the team.”

“Team?” Talia balked at the suggestion. “Listen you’re slick, you’re slick as a oilcan and I have you number. I don’t know what you’re after Zerick but you’re after something. I’ve seen your type all my life handsome, and calculating. God gave us all free will and I know how you work. For some reason everyone believes you so I’ll be civil but when you show yourself I’m going to be there to eat you alive and stop whatever you are doing. You work to make everyone comfortable. I’m not though, I don’t like new people and as the song goes no new friends.” Talia placed her hands her on hip as she looked at him. “My thoughts on Lowell trusting you is the old man is slipping but as I said when he does get a whiff of your stench I assure you he’s going to inflame you.”

As Talia stared into his eyes she couldn’t help but notice how attractive he truly was. God did they chisel this guy out of stone? Where the hell did they build them and the mystery behind his eyes.  Too bad he was married after all because it was fun dragging him. As she adjusted her jacket looking deeply into his eyes she laughed a little. This white Chanel tutu dress was fabulous. “Why is a grown man begging to be my friend? You act like you care and want to know me? You never will and after all I’m invested in stomping out trash.” Talia couldn’t wait to see Simon they were on convert from now on. “Matter fact Zerick.” She stepped to him touching his chest. “Show me you are after all human. Show me you are a person and give you a friendship because if you are for DGI good I support you. Prove me wrong and you’ll have a friendship sadly I hope you just as notorious as I think you are. You are trouble and sometimes secrets aren’t safe in DGI they always have a way of unearthing.”

“I like to have friends at work Talia I find that helps work go better when you are not fighting the people you are supposed to be working with. Are you always this so off put by the men that Lowell hires or is it just me because I am from Europe?” Zerick asked amused she was intriguing but more than that he couldn’t have her snooping. Not that he and Greer didn’t have an airtight background they did, but there was always that chance that with enough digging Talia could discover the truth.He rose from the bench as he saw Braden approaching them, well this just got interesting. “DA Fraiser. Zerick Westwood I work at DGI with Ms. Rose.” Zerick said extending his hand to the other man.

Braden had left work after a long day in court it had been two weeks since he and Selina spent that night in the hotel room at the resort and two weeks later he was back where he started with her. She had left him again to go back to Chauncey and he was baffled, he also had begun to push Talia away. Walking out of the courthouse though he had spotted her in the park and made his way to her. He wanted her to go to the wedding with him, he wanted to take a date he couldn’t show up as single he would look like an idiot. She was talking to a handsome man that he recognized from the fundraiser and the papers as Zerick Westwood. Some rich European tycoon that had been hired at DGI.

“Braden Fraiser, pleasure to meet you. I was hoping to speak with Talia in private.” Braden said shaking the other man’s hand in his own as he looked at Talia hoping she said yes.

“Well then I would hate to intrude. Ms. Rose I will see you tomorrow at the wedding and we can further this conversation.” Zerick offered them both a warm smile as he looked at the text messages. Yes they had to be careful careful didn’t begin to describe what they needed to be at this point.

“I was wondering if you’d like to go with me to the wedding. I haven’t been acting myself the last few weeks with Dante dying and everything I have been distracted. I’d really like to take you make up the last few weeks to you.” Braden said looking at Talia once Zerick had left. It was as honest as he could be with her he couldn’t tell her about his night with Selina and he had tossed Talia the moment he thought Selina was leaving Chauncey.

Talia watched Zerick exit and Braden appear it was a smooth change and she flipped her hair. “I’m not sure I want to be going anywhere with you Braden.” She folded her arms as she shook her head. “Tragedy is tragedy and I understand what i don’t get is you continuously placing me on the back burner. I’m not a toy Fraiser and nor shall I be played like one. No I won’t be going to the wedding with you. You will be going with me so whatever is going on I can feel it out. I don’t know what’s up with you guys in Atlas Falls. I’m loyal, smart, sexy head to toe and I can’t seem to catch someone’s attention.”

Some guys had Spiderman, Superman, Hugh Hefner and some rapper or athlete. Talia had Carrie Bradshaw and if this was her New York and she loved herself enough to know. “If you don’t want me someone does you and I both know that. Don’t ice me out again Braden.”

“Very well I pick you up at your place. Thank you Talia I promise this date will be different.” Braden said leaning in he kissed her cheek before pulling back with a smile and walking away. He had a lovely suit to pull out and a date to make perfect.


Devin walked up the steps of his uncle’s estate, he tried to not let the neighborhood get to him it was his mother’s choice to not accept the help that Tony would offer over the years. Not that he could complain he grew up in a decent neighborhood and his parents worked hard. Knocking on the door he waited a few moments until he say his uncle open the door. He stepped inside seeing Ophelia in the living room and followed him inside he had done his work over the last few days. Jamal was in some deep shit and now he really only had two options to help his cousin out let it play out or risk Miranda’s undercover investigation and arrest him. Meaning there would be more pressure on Yasmine.

“Tony.” Devin said walking into the room while his uncle went into the kitchen coming out with a tray of what looked like assorted flavored water and tea. Ophelia looked like a wreck on the couch. “Ophelia.”

Ophelia had taken the afternoon off from the hospital she was worried about Jamal ever since Tony had called her a few days ago. Thank God he was alive. She still remembered the call the night of the ball he sounded so scared and dead inside. She had tried calling him since then only to get voicemail which she left. As a mother she was so worried about him about what he was doing and the secrets that he was keeping.

“Thank you Devin you have no idea how much this means.” Ophelia said as she looked over to Tony and the drinks. Her hands were shaking from the stress and the nerves. She felt herself relax as Tony reached over and took her hand. She then offered him a faint smile.  They had been talking a lot over the last few days about Jamal and everything. “Tony said you have some information for us.”

Devin nodded his head as he looked at his uncle. “I do but I don’t think you are going to want to hear it.”

Tony felt his leg tapping on the floor of the living room as he reached for a water lifting it to his lips and taking a drink. His mind had been a mess the last few days with the last minute wedding preparations underway, Devin investigating his own son and now the news he dreaded. It had to be bad for Devin to take a pause before telling them. He felt in some ways this was his fault that his coddling of Jamal had led to this acting out. Had the divorce between he and Ophelia led to that much of destruction in his own son. The way Jamal had talked the night at the ball, the things he said had been weighing on him.

“It’s okay Devin we need to know please just tell us what is going on.” Tony said waiting for Devin to answer when he didn’t right away Tony slammed his hand down on the coffee table before folding his hands and putting his head on them. He knew it was bad when Devin looked at him and then rubbed the back of his neck. “Please just tell us what is going on.”

“Jamal has been steadily taking money out of his account for the last six months mainly cash. He’s also been at a club owned by Philip Montgomery. Our sketch artist a the station was able to get this put together from a dealer inside the club.” Devin said showing them a sketch that Miranda was able to give when she finally spotted Jamal at the club a few days ago. He watched their shocked faces. “He’s running drugs with a stripper inside the club the problem is that right now we really can’t make a move. I talked to Gideon about it in private, there is a lot riding on this case.”

“This is preposterous Jamal would never do this. Why would he do this he has everything that he needs?” Ophelia said horror on her face as she looked at the police sketch that Devin put in front of them it wa strikingly accurate. Her lip quivered a bit as she forced the tears back where had she gone wrong. She had seen drugs destroy Jackie as a mother over the years with Jackson why would Jamal get involved in that? Get involved in something he knew could destroy families, the Devonshire family was like a second family to her and Jamal. “There has to be some mistake.”

“I’m afraid it’s not. We have an officer undercover that was able to give us a description. Jamal also called me and left me a message the problem is his message directly contradicts what the officer is saying they have witnessed. Do either of you know if Jamal is friends with Yasmine Kohl?” Devin asked looking between them. At the moment he was getting conflicting information between Miranda and Jamal’s story and right now he trusted Miranda’s over his cousin. “I ask because when Jamal called to leave me a message he mentioned her name, she is a stripper at the club.”

“Yasmine attended the fundraiser with Rory I remember the name Lowell mentioned her when we met for lunch the other day. Do you think she pulled Jamal into something? Like Ophelia says this is so unlike him, when he was at the fundraiser he mentioned someone coming after him. He was very scared, he lashed out at us, Selina and Mason.” Tony said looking at the sketch picture as an uneasy feeling settled in his stomach. The reality that Jamal was in deep with some illegal activity began to set him something was going on. “I would assume you can’t tell us more about your investigation. Just tell me how bad it is Devin, how deep is Jamal in.”

“You can’t be seriously believing this Tony.” Ophelia said with a shake of her head as she looked back at Devin. She refused to believe this nonsense Jamal was a good boy he wouldn’t be involved in a strip club or drugs. “You would say anything to get back at your uncle for your mother.”

Devin placed the glass of water he was reaching for down on the tray as he looked at Ophelia and then over at Tony. So this was what this was about his mother and Tony? He didn’t know the specifics over what had gone down over the last few years but he knew they weren’t close. If anything his uncle was hardly around sure they met for a few holidays when he was growing up but that was it. Devin straightened his back as he looked at them both.

“I can assure you the information we have inside of Philip’s club is good. The officer has seen Jamal handing cash and drugs between himself and Kendrick Watkins. He’s also been spotted doing the same with Yasmine.” Pulling out a surveillance picture that showed Kendrick with Ronan he placed the photo down letting them digest what he was saying Jamal was in trouble with some really bad people. He folded his hands in his lap as he looked at them. “Kendrick is Ronan’s right hand man, as you know Ronan is rumored to be the head of the cartel here in Atlas Falls. The Madden operation is known for money laundering, drug trafficking and other offenses. The problem I have right now is that if I act now and bring Jamal in it could get very bad very fast for our inside officer. On the flip side if I don’t bring him in I think he could so something even more stupid and drag himself in more. I can assure you both at the moment this has nothing to do with what did or didn’t happen with you and my mother all those years ago.”

Tony was pretty sure his stomach was twisting and turning as Devin’s words began to sink in and he looked at the photo on the table. His ex-wife’s face turned from pessimistic to shock and he knew it was beginning to sink in this wasn’t a game. He had hoped when he called Devin that Jamal was into gambling, that someone was just getting a rise out of him but this dealing drugs for the mob? Jamal’s ambitions had always been music and a career in music how did he get so far off track with those goals to instead do this. Ophelia’s words broke him out of his thoughts when she spoke.

“You have to do something Devin.” Ophelia said as she looked at him and then back at his nephew.

“It would help if I could take a look here at the house in his old room, just to see if there is anything else that I have missed. You guys are going to have to give me some time I need to talk to Gideon about bringing him in, once he is in I’m going to need him here on house arrest or at the jail. I can talk to Braden about cutting a deal with him and the Feds.” Devin said knowing his uncle’s heart was breaking and Ophelia’s as well. This was why he got out of the shit he was in with Kendrick in high school thanks to his father and the intervention he held with his friends and his family. “Jamal is facing some really heavy charges the sooner I can gather what we need on the case and get him out the better.”

Tony rubbed Ophelia’s back he nodded his head at Devin as the words began to sink in charges, jail time. Things he never expected to hear about his youngest son, Jamal was supposed to graduate soon and then he wanted to start his own label. How was he going to do do that when he could possibly have a criminal record. He could tell that the news had devastated Ophelia.

“Anything you need.” Tony finally managed to say as he watched Devin pick back up the water and take a drink. He waited a few moments. “I know we have never been close but thank you for looking into this.”

Ophelia stared at the picture of Kendrick on the table the words finally began to sink in and hit home the mob, drug dealing. She felt like at that moment she didn’t even know who her son was let alone who he was running with.She wiped at her eyes as she felt her lip quiver reality set in her baby could be dead or worse if this went the wrong way. She saw Devin reach other and hand her a Kleenex from the box and took it from him dabbing her eyes, this was so hard.

“He has his condo downtown but I already looked through that a few weeks ago I couldn’t find anything. He has his bedroom here but I’m not sure when the last time he was in it or used it was.” Ophelia said softly looking at Devin and then taking a breath feeling herself trying to calm herself. “I know he will be at the wedding he wouldn’t want to miss Selina’s day though it hardly seems good to arrest him then either.”

“Once I look at the room see if there is anything in there and make a few calls I can get a date together. You know I wouldn’t do anything to wreck Selina’s day but the sooner we get Jamal out the better it will be for everyone involved.” Devin said getting up from the sofa as he made his way out of the living room and up the stairs his heart was breaking for them as parents. No one wanted to hear their straight a kid, pillar of upper crust society son was a closet drug dealer. Shaking his head he walked up the stairs leaving them to digest the news, he had a job to do and hopefully he could get Jamal off the streets before he did something he couldn’t take back.


Chauncey stared at his reflection in the mirror as he pressed the razor against his skin looking at the tuxedo hanging in the closet behind him. Most men should be excited about the wedding marrying the woman that had helped him raise his daughter but for him it was feeling like another day at the office. Learning Selina had fucked Braden days ago bothered him to no end, he supposed he shouldn’t be upset at the news he had after all been unfaithful to her for years and it wasn’t like his eyes had been on her recently. Rinsing off the last of his subtle he dried his face before looking at the time on his watch. He was supposed to be at the Club soon something Rory had planned months ago, in his words every soon to be married man needed that. It wasn’t that he didn’t love half naked women on poles or a naked woman in the back of some seedy club he did. It also meant he had asked Rory to change the venue to Vertigo instead the last thing he needed was an uproar the night before the wedding. He saw Selina enter the bedroom with a file in her hand no doubt those defense contracts they had been working on.

“Is everything ready for tomorrow? My father and my mother have put so much work into everything not to mention Merci. I am sure the resort looks lovely. Are those the contracts that I need to sign?” Chauncey said going into the closet as he looked through his shirts picking out a silk one to put it on. Looking at her as he buttoned it up he could tell she was thinking about something. “I would like to think that after tomorrow we can maintain this. We are good for each other Selina you are what me and Maddie need. My father has it in his head that Jackson is who will lead DGI you and I know differently he can never be what he needs to be in order to run the company.”

“That’s exactly what it is.” Selina said smiling at him. Removing her white trench coat she flung it on the arm chair. She walked into the closet acting casual know word had to get back to him about her tryst with Braden. It was karmic that he was feeling the sting like she had so many times. The embarrassment and shame knowing your spouse cheated. As she slowly removed her blouse and skirt she nodded as if she was listen to him though her nerves were shot. This was the moment if Chauncey read these documents the it was over. Her eyes focused in on his excitement to see her in this state. She wanted to get him comfortable as possible. Slowly walking to the robe so he could get a shot of her backside. He once loved and worshipped her body. Now he barely looked but she had been working out she’d look fabulous on that wedding day.

“Jackson seems to be excelling which should have you worried.” Selina said walking behind the sheer silhouette where she changed her clothes. Unfastening her bra and slipping out of her panties Selina. Emerging in a silk and lace kimono style robe with her hair pinned up. “Chauncey our marriage is solid are you worried about Jackson? Honestly? I’m committed I got a bug out of my system. You know my nerves aren’t bad. I’m actually at peace with this now. You should scratch whatever itch you have now.” Selina said with a perfect smile. “Let’s handle business and maybe I’ll let you give me a message in my bubble bath before my bachelorette party.” The game was on she watched him thumbing the file. Inside it had Maddie’s joint custody papers. Something that she knew the have if she was leaving Chauncey this was the absolute start of her and Braden future.

Chauncey looked at her as she handed him the file and then went to undress. An itch to scratch somehow he saw that as something that was not going to happen with he and Greer. He wanted Greer for more than that she would eventually leave her husband for him it was a win for him and her. Looking through the folder he saw the contracts were in order and then went to the tabs reaching for a pen on the nightstand. He knew she had her party tonight as well perhaps they both could enjoy their nights out before their wedding.

“Jackson was excelling in case you didn’t hear it he’s lost his biggest cheerleader. He’ll be back to the drugs soon. I just want the wedding to go smoothly tomorrow.” Chauncey said signing on the lines that required his signature. He watched her continue to get ready for her bath and handed the contracts back to her he had to get going or he would be late to his own party leaning in he kissed her temple. “We don’t need to worry about him excelling is all I am saying. As for the itch you know I only have eyes for you.” Chauncey lied with ease rubbing her shoulders to loosen the tension in her body. “Tomorrow can be our fresh start we both want this.”

Selina felt lost for one moment as she looked at Chauncey. He was signing the papers a huge sigh of relief released. As she took the files and placed them in his briefcase. “The holidays are coming up. I really want to see you and me have that fresh start. Sometimes I think what my life would be without Maddie. I love her so much and the fact you choose me to be her mother. Wow Chauncey I love your forever for that. I just think that sometimes a fresh start isn’t a enough. What I’m looking for is a new beginning. God I can’t think of the last time I did something for myself like this. This is the woman I think my mother would be proud of.” She said as she turned on the bathwater.

Walking to the fresh rose petals she place the pink flowers inside of water. Then poured oils and bubbles inside of the water. Slowly placing her foot in the water to test the temperature. Walking to Chauncey she kissed him to ease his nerves. Dropping her robe she broke free from his embrace. Walking to the water she let the warmth made her want to laugh. He thought this was all going to be alright. That she’d somehow come to the conclusion that they were going to be in love. Selina stepped inside water dipping her head underneath. Looking at her fiance she touched the bubbles turning them on. “I want you to have fun tonight. Could you tell Rupert to bring me a bottle of champagne I feel like celebrating our wedding.”

Chauncey looked at her as she started to get into the bathtub she was still gorgeous but it was something different about her. He didn’t crave her like he did Greer with Greer it was primal a need to have her whereas Selina it felt stagnant. Not that stagnant was a bad thing he had that with Logan as well, she was pregnant and it was expected that they get married. He loved Logan as the mother of his children he loved Selina as a friend that loved him and his daughter. He went to his nightstand grabbing his watch to put it on before looking at her in the tub again. He still couldn’t believe that Braden had fucked her though he knew he had no right to be, he knew she did it to show him she could give just as well as he could. Braden could never give her the money, wealth or the power he had in many ways he was even beneath her.

“Of course. It’s just me and a few of the guys Rory arranged this he says it is some right of passage I promise to be on my best behavior.” Chauncey said sitting in the edge of the tub watching her relax in truth tomorrow needed to go smoothly he knew that much. Their marriage would finally prove to his father he could retire and pass the reins off to him. He could quit dabbling in his siblings. “I will tell him to send a bottle up do you need anything else then before I head out?”

Selina smiled as she shook her head no letting the bubbles go over her legs. He didn’t have a passion for her. It was clear Braden would be in the water right now. He was marrying her supposedly and they are soulmates and he wasn’t in love with her. Hell only thing she knew he loved was Maddie. Her eyes washed away tears slid down her face. “I want you to remember tomorrow and feel it. I want to leave you with this feeling that doesn’t go away.” With that she concentrated on cleaning her body using Egyptian body wash.

She closed her eyes as she smiled knowing that Chauncey had become her footstool and come tomorrow he’d be underneath her. The water feeling like silk as the tedious thoughts of how she was going to tell Chauncey he wasn’t marrying her. How he’d never touch her again. How she’d remove her daughter at the right moment. Everything was thought out and so meticulous. Rupert there butler entered as he popped the cork of champagne. Holding out her hand Selina took the glass of ice cold champagne. Taking a sip she looked at Rupert. “You’re coming with me. I get the divorce I’ll double your salary to clear out my closet and ship it to the address in that safe. In that house Maddie will have a new wardrobe I fully expect her room to be looking amazing Rupert. Finally clear out everything on Cadmus on me and Mr. Devonshire’s computer. It’s insurance Rupert he won’t disrespect either of us ever again.”

“Yes Ms. Delacroix.” Rupert smiled he knew Selina wasn’t going with that son of bitch Chauncey Devonshire. “I’ll copy and delete the files you want.” Rupert walked away.

“Oh Rupert leave the bottle closer it’s a freedom celebration!” Her bachelorette party was going to be divine but she would love her wedding. Her revenge would be so sweet as Rupert returned with the champagne, strawberries, and fresh cream. Dunking a strawberry into the cream and then gulping down the champagne. “Pour yourself a glass Rup this is a celebration!” Beyonce’s ‘Run The World’ started to blare through the speakers. Selina smiled she officially had Chauncey balls in her vicegrip. “Oh and get the glam squad on the way.” She texted Maddie to come to her bathroom. “You’re going to be so confused kid but I love you. Your daddy loves you but I had to be apart of your life. I love you.” She whispered going under the water again.


Walking through the resort the preparation for the wedding event of the year. How everyone collective breath were taken for the love affair of Chauncey and Selina. She wanted to barf the man was a womanizing pig and everyone knew it. It was a shame because Selina was brilliant and beautiful woman. She never understood how women got sucked up in men like that. She loved Ronan but she would be damned if his life overtook her own. Her eyes narrowed as she watched the breaking news on her mother running for office. Brooke cringed hearing her saying she wanted to take on the mobsters and criminals. As in her boyfriend. She had some damn nerve she never cared about the little people. That drove her around and tucked her children in why she drank. This bitch Brooke thought as she clapped her hands together.

“Let’s continue mom’s surprise announcement doesn’t stop the show.” Brooke touched her stomach she felt ill. Her mother was a narcissistic monster and she would stop at nothing for the greater good of her. His eyes flashed into her head as she calmed her breathing. She saw Scooter who was a bellhop and was delivering food to Ronan’s suite. Rushing over to the elevator she smiled at the bright eyed girl. “I’ll take this up to the room.” Slipping her a fifty and winking at her.  As she entered the elevator she felt the stress releasing when it opened her heart sank.

“How did you get up here?” Brooke said looking at Kendrick pointing a gun at her mother along with Ivan and two other goons.

Brenda was almost insulted her daughter thought she didn’t know she was harboring a local mobster. It was cute she did the bad boy thing and all but Brooke could be a princess. She could be a royal princess with diamonds and tiaras and things most girls dreamed of. Brenda gasped as she demanded to see Ronan and these thugs pulled out weapons. Her eyes were red from almost crying.

“If you ignorant bastards don’t place your gun downs I’ll have you all arrested! I’m running for mayor for fucking pete sakes!” Brenda barked looked at them all. “I know all of your faces and I could make your life very difficult!”

“I’m her daughter and my life is difficult trust me you don’t want Brenda Kincaid problems.” The boys lowered their weapons but Kendrick kept his gun raised. “I said lower your fucking gun to my mother!”

Brenda smiled as Kendrick did what her daughter said. Well at least she had some authority around here. “I won’t forget this and who does he think he is you’re delivering him food? Brooke I raised you to be better than this! I hate you being a mob moll! And how dare you try to turn my daughter into that!” Brenda slapped Ronan with all her might. “I’ll kill you with my bare hands this ends now and you leave now!”

Kendrick wanted to roll his eyes at Brooke as she barked orders and only lowered his weapon when his boss waved his hand to tell him too. Thankfully Roman was back on his feet now meaning he backed off relinquished the power. Something he was certain now that he had been craving Ronan was becoming too weak in his mind he ushered himself and the men out when Ronan waved his hand to leave them alone. This blonde bitch and her mother were going to get their boss killed if not worse with no heir it would leave him in charge.

Ronan had been got over some legitimate paperwork for the casino as Brenda entered the room and he shot his men a look. Unfortunately for her she would have to learn the same way her husband did. He looked at Kendrick to lower his gun and knew he needed to reinforce respect to Brooke it had been a struggle between them he had hoped otherwise. He had to smirk at Brenda he secrets that he knew that could destroy the last of her good families name. He wanted to roll his eyes at her but refrained for now Brooke had made her choice which he knew for someone like Brenda had to be upsetting. He felt her hand collide with his face and costly stared at her.

“Touch me again Mrs. Kincaid and I assure you no matter how much I love or care about your daughter they won’t find your body. I’ll listen to your little rants out of respect but I’ve been nothing but respectful to your family. You become mayor elect you’ll learn that your husband did.” Ronan said coldly as he stared at her and then he looked at Brooke wanting her to understand. Her mother disrespected him again she would have to face the consequences. “Ends nothing ends till I say it does, when I say it does and it should be up to Brooke shouldn’t it at the end of the day? Then again I’m sure you’d want her with someone like Steven a philandering asshole?”

Brenda tried to not let his words cut at her so deeply that she wanted scream. Would Brooke honestly just let her be talked to like this by this trash. As she ran her hands over her dress she knew what he meant. Or some of the dirty details Steven had gotten himself in. Men thought threats and arms were what scared her? No it was the cunning that they’d mess with sacred things such as her daughter. Disrespectful but she’d get the disgusting vermin that was Ronan away from Brooke but this wasn’t the time. They were in love and she was coming off as the big bad. Slow walking to Brooke and touching her blonde curls and then shedding a tear.

“It’s never too late to change Brooke. You deserve this happiness you are feeling but not with him. He’s a death bringer only thing he brings to your life will be tears and misery. I warn you.” Brenda looked at Brooke and touched her face. “God you are beautiful kid. Please keep my daughter safe in your madness and confusion. I swear if she’s hurt I’ll kill you I’ll kill you.’

“Mom, you’re overreacting.” Brooke said seeing how seriously worried she was.

“Castles built of blood eventually spill the most blood. Baby you can’t be his Queen you’ll lose at this.” Brenda turned and walked away.

“Mom!” She said looking at Ronan as she walked into her boyfriend’s arms. “The look in her eyes scared me babe she’s really worried and that jackass riled her up! He had a gun to her and that’s supposed to make her trust this.”

Ronan looked at Brenda as she left the room her words he knew could be true down the line but right now he had no intention of letting anything happen to Brooke. He had already called for the extra security needed and that was why he had the men outside the room there. For her safety and his nothing more or less and Kendrick he knew was following orders the men were on edge with Thor. He got that Brooke was concerned but she also had to understand that the steps he took were for her safety and wellbeing too. He walked to the tray and smiled at the food she had been taking good care of him and the food at the resort was adequate.

“You know I would do anything to keep you safe after what Thor did it is a necessity something that for now I have to have. Kendrick was following my orders and the list that I gave him of acceptable visitors to the suite.” Ronan said looking at her seeing that she was concerned just as much about her mother. He ran his hand over his face for a moment before leaning down to kiss her forehead. “I have to be harsh Brooke and there has to be rules if not Thor could strike again the men are already restless.” Pulling back he pulled out a chair for her at the table and then sat down across from her. “Tomorrow will be a public outing for us, it will keep you safer from Thor even he isn’t that dumb to target you again when your mother is running for election.”

Taking his hands as she slowly she lead him to the couch as she looked into his eyes. As she nodded thinking it would be foolish for Thor to try it. However he didn’t kind of come off to rational after he did appear at Money’s grave today. As she ran her hands through her hair she cuddled up underneath Ronan as she looked at him. This wasn’t the first time she dated someone her parents disapproved of. This however was genuine love affair and she couldn’t walk away if she wanted to. As she nuzzled up against him looking deeply into his eyes.

“I’m not worried, I’ve heard that Atticus and the St. Royale citizens revolt was horrible. I’m not scared of you guys life. I don’t get it but that’s not my place you know. You could be a star business man but you are choosing to be a mobster. Ronan this is dangerous and I just want to know if this is what you want to do. I can’t imagine this is what you want forever. What about children you know? I know you were raised in the mob but is that what you want for your baby?” Brooke asked curiously.

Ronan followed her to the couch and sat down, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her to him. He knew that once his enemies knew of him and Brooke she was at risk but it also had to be done. It was an election year no one went after you with connections in an election year it was like a chess game. Making sure those you wanted in office made it, making sure your enemies became your friends. He kissed her forehead as he nodded his head at her.

“Of course I want this with you. He business is family run and operated it is my legacy. When I have children and if I do it would pass onto them. It’s tradition it’s a way to honor my family.” Ronan said he has not thought of children right now he knew it was dangerous to have one with Thor breathing down his neck. His parents had done a good job with him and the business he could do the same. “Children are a way off Brooke I have no plans to have a child anytime soon. I am right now I’m enjoying the now with you.”

“Right no children are coming anytime soon. Plus I’m a model and we haven’t even had sex so no kids right now.” Brooke said thinking about the future though. As she touched her rosary around her neck as she smiled at Ronan. “Oh I have a fashion shoot in Cape Kenitrich they are doing a tropical thing for this designer from there. I am doing to the shoot and a fashion show. So last time you didn’t come with me so I’m wanting to ask can we go together this time?” Brooke said kissing him before he could deny.

“You need a vacation after all the shooting and slapping and murder. I have an appointment with Sean O’Connor himself. Oh my God he designed this like mermaid dress.” Looking at his face she saw something shift. “What? I’m doing this big huge show and you looked kind of bummed about it.”

Ronan stiffened at the mention of Cape Kentirich and the modeling, a front much like his other businesses. One that at the moment would prove useful he could squeeze in a meeting with the cartel while he was there. He nodded his head at her he would have Kendrick arrange the travel arrangements.  “I think a few days in Cape Kenitrich after the wedding is more than fine. I’m looking forward to it, sunny weather and the works while we are there. I’ll have Kendrick arrange it.”


Greer returned to club Vertigo with a floor length red Calvin Klein dress on. Her hair pulled up a seductive bun that showed off the teardrop diamond necklace on her neck. The smell of lavender radiated off her skin. It was something her father told her drove men crazy she always had been fond of vanilla scents. The side boob was just enough and the Jessica Rabbit effect that she loved. Opening her purse no sign of Dani but she saw Lex who waved at her. The moron didn’t know he’d been used. This was a more upscale event from the look of things and she wanted to see if her husband would bother to attend. As she slowly unzipped her purse she saw Chauncey enter with Rory and Hunter. The boys seemed ready for a night of partying. She used Lex as a chance to cause some mischief and make sure Chauncey was her’s for a moment. Decadence and she was selling sex tonight. She needed him begging for her even more so tonight. If he married Selina she was going to assure that their marriage would crumble.

As she opened her purse she pulled out a compact of makeup too stop that shine. Perfect she checked in her bag and slowly walked down the spiral staircase and saw him. “Wow you are a vision. Look at you about to be a married man. I came here to say congrats and goodbye. I’m leaving to London this weekend and I’m not coming back for a while. I had to be jealous, seeing you marrying her and I’m dying to be with you. I don’t do jealous but Chauncey ever since we touched I can’t get you out of my mind.” She said looking around. “I shouldn’t be here.”

Chauncey had thought about a lot on the way over to the club about everything that he and Selina had together and what they were doing the only thing he could come up with was that it wasn’t something he was excited about. Perhaps that was a good thing tonight having this last night of freedom with Rory to explore get what he wanted out did he even know anymore? Entering the club he saw Hunter and Rory walk away it wasn’t like he was good friends with Hunter or anything like that but he wanted the time to think. Rory had disappeared into the crowd too and he wasn’t sure what that was about Rory had been in a mood for a while. Then he spotted her the lovely Mrs. Westwood she would be hard to miss in the crowd in that lovely sheer red number that she was wearing and Selina had told him to enjoy himself. He slowly approached her as he could hear the music blaring.

“I think it is the other way around my dear you are the vision how ever does he let you out of the house like that? You and Zerick have RSVP’d already it would be a shame for you to just abandon him after the wedding he is taking on so much for my father.” Chauncey said taking a few steps towards her he leaned in and brushed his fingers over her cheek. He moved a stray hair from her face inhaling the lavender on her skin they had been playing quite the game over the last few months. “I have to marry Selina and we reaching an understanding tonight. Dance with me Greer I’d hate for you to leave so soon without at least that, I have been thinking about you too but you already knew that.”

“You’re trying to compromise at the fact that you’re marrying her.” Greer said with a hint of natural jealousy. As she walked to the middle of the floor women in the cakes all popped out and started to dance. Go-go dancers in cakes how original Rory. As she pressed her body against his she bit her lip seductively pouting. Greer felt herself floating as they spun around on the dance floor. As she spun out of his arm and was pulled directly into his arms. Her eyes narrowed knowing that Chauncey was that they were in the middle of their dancefloor. As she slowly wrapper arm around his neck. Sticking her leg out as they began to tango. Her eyes fixated on him.

Greer wasn’t a fool she knew that they were making a spectacle of this dance. They were making love through their clothes. As she touched his chest as she snaked her body on his. “You have no idea how badly I want you. I don’t like being the other woman. I like being the only woman. I guarantee I’m ready for us considering Zerick has been spending time at work and I got word from Europe about a woman named Esme.” Greer said playing the game perfectly trying to dig under his skin. “I mean if he thought that I’d not figure this out. I mean that kid that woman has. That little boy he’s sending money as if he’s his son. That woman was pregnant when she arrived in Europe how tacky huh?”

Chauncey knew that he should be paying attention to the dancers in the cakes after all Rory had went through the trouble to book them. Instead his eyes pierced Greer’s as he pulled her body to his as the music began. He knew that people were staring at them, she was a gorgeous woman and everyone wanted a Devonshire, he however only wanted her. He twirled her to the music as it began and her leg looped around his, perhaps they just needed this dance. Tomorrow was a new day and if he couldn’t convince her that she wanted him tonight there was always tomorrow. When he heard about Zerick’s wandering eye at business and then the bit about Esme he was taken aback. Esme had left surely she would have told him if she was pregnant and what business did Zerick have with her now?

“All is fair in business Greer and seeing how I don’t see you leaving your husband I have to marry Selina. I care deeply for Selina she has helped me raise Maddie it is an arrangement that works for us.” Chauncey said pulling her body to his so she could feel his body already ready for her and he pressed his hips against hers through her dress. His hands lowered to her waist and he could swear he felt her exhale, she wanted him too. He spun her out and then back to him seductively as they continued to dance. “Esme is a name I haven’t heard in over a year then again she was a little whore who liked to spread her legs. Care to share why Zerick is so interested in her and her child or should I venture to guess? You want this Greer just give into it I’ve been patient.”

“You have been very patient Mr. Devonshire.” She said slowly pulling away as she started to walk off the dance floor noticing they were making quite the statement on the floor and she was done. “I don’t know what Zerick would want with Esme she’s a lying skank who I can’t stand. She’s stolen so much from me apparently my husband and I want to be everything to him. I wanted our marriage to work but I can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep being his wife when it’s in his favor. I love him but won’t be used by him anymore.” Greer knew it wasn’t time the seduction had to prolong it a little longer as if she wasn’t sure. To make this a true conflict as she slowly grabbed a flute of champagne. Slowly walking toward the back and a private room she spotted earlier. She opened the door and turned when she saw Chauncey.

As primal as if felt it was natural feeling. Chauncey would embrace her naughty side and it was something that she enjoyed with him. Zerick didn’t like how bad she was. Even as her partner he couldn’t trust her because how good she was. Jumping into his arms she kissed Chauncey. She knew this was much more than a infatuation. She enjoyed him and it was bad that she really was liking his company. Greer threw her hair back as she pulled her lips back. “Chauncey please don’t do this. I can’t.” She pleaded as she tried to pull away letting one of her straps fall. Greer grabbed his buckle knowing she was going to have to stop him before it was impossible to stop either of them. She leaned in and kissed him feverishly. “Chauncey.” She exhaled between a kiss.

Chauncey followed her off the dance floor knowing that it could get back around to Selina and for once not caring if it did. He wanted Greer and she wanted him what was the harm it was his last night of freedom? Esme running the same circles as Zerick and her though did intrigue him surely she could have come to him with it all. Then again she did like to spread her legs to whomever would give her the biggest pay out at the end of the day. Chauncey wrapped her into his arms shutting the door behind them to ensure it was private. He let his lips glide over hers intimately, his tongue exploring the inside of her mouth and let out a groan. She was intoxicating and his hands eagerly traveled down the sheer fabric of her dress. His thumbs lightly stroking over her nipples feeling her body react to the action.

“Yes you can. You want too Greer if you didn’t you wouldn’t of put on this little number and come to my bachelor party.” Chauncey said whispering in her ear he took her earlobe between his teeth biting it softly as his hands brushed against her thighs. She was wet for him he could feel the warmth through her dress and he pressed his hips into hers feeling her legs slightly spread apart for him. “I want you Greer and I always get what I want. You just said it yourself you can’t be with your husband anymore I can give you what you need.”

This was the moment. Greer pulled away as she shook her head touching her lip. Even with Zerick when they had some real passion they hadn’t kissed like that. Hell none of her other relationships ever gave her this much intensity. As she adjusted her dress looking at her bun in her hair. It looked a mess they were going to set Atlas Falls on fire from the intensity. Slowly she unfastened her hair letting it all fall down golden hair turn to him.

“No I can’t do this here. I can’t, look I want you but this has to be right it has to be correct and done absolutely right. Zerick is more dangerous than you’ll ever know. I’ve seen his disaster and his destruction. I just want to make sure this us is properly over. I’ll see you later.” She rushed out of the room and her eyes were watered. Dramatically making sure to catch eye contact with Rory and Jackson as she exited the club pulling out her phone and dialing Zerick. “Zerick the phase is in effect call her talk to her.”

Chauncey watched her pull back annoyed at the interruption between them and her unwillingness to give into what was obviously happening to them. He took a few breaths willing his body to calm down he couldn’t very well walk out of the room with a raging hard on that the tabloids could catch. She would be his one way or another that was something that he wasn’t going to back down on, she intrigued him and frustrated him all at once. Once he had calmed down enough he left the room looking into the club and seeing his brothers he didn’t bother to approach them his mind was much more cluttered. Wanting to make sure that Ms. Westwood was his and his soon.


“Can you both get off of me?” Jackson said looking at Hunter and Mason. “Look I made a mistake I used again and it was stupid but I’m not hooked guys. It was Chauncey and what he said. You know how I get Mase if he’s going to call me the worst I’m going to behave like the worst.” He thought back on Max and Bliss pulling him out of the shower and helping him get dressed. “I’m embarrassed and to make matters worse she’s heartbroken and disappointed in me. Man I swear if I could somehow show her I’m sorry.” He walked around as he saw Lex, Ryan and Anderson Kincaid all talking. “I heard she was here and that son of a bitch approached her. I should break every tooth in his mouth all he did was make it worse on me.”

Looking at Lex he was perfect in that presidential manner. The guy looked like something out of a movie. As he folded his arms he looked at his best friends. “Help me guys I need to get her back. I need my girl back because I’ve never felt in love like this man. I’ve never felt true love like this and I can’t lose her or it. Now can you two both help me? I’ll do anything, hell if she asks me to go back to rehab I’m gone. I’m desperate man I just want her because guys I think she’s the one?”

Hunter had arrived and knew his brother was here with Lex and Ryan and then looked over at Jackson he’d honestly never seen him like this. He shot Mason a look as Mason took a sip of his beer, so Jackson had used. He wondered if that was what Bliss had called him last week when she was upset, had he been so self absorbed he didn’t notice he had thought it was about her mother. He watched Lex with his brother, he hadn’t or he didn’t know Lex that well but according to Anderson he was Charles’s son and was known to be less than stellar when it came to the ladies. Not to mention word had traveled in the club about him harassing Dani.

“I know things ended badly for her and Lex, I asked Anderson about it. He didn’t say much other than it wasn’t something Charles was up to discuss with him. I had really hoped that you kicked it this time the drugs. I won’t lecture you about the drugs but shit look at how you’ve treated other women while on them.” Hunter said running his hand through his hair he didn’t know how to bring the next part up to Jackson what was he supposed to say I’m leaving your sister for your other sister? He paused taking a sip of his drink. “If you want my advice seduce her back let her know she is it, show her that. What are her plans for the wedding was she coming?”

Mason nodded his head at Hunter watching as Lex walked through the club and looking over at Jackson he only prayed the asshole stayed away. He had just had to break up Hunter from beating Philip last week and gauging from Jackson’s face he was serious about knocking the other man’s teeth out. Simon had told him what was going on, he and Simon were still trying to figure out what in the hell they were doing he had a decision he had to make and looking at his phone buzz with Scarlett’s number he ignored it. She was getting more and more needy lately. He looked at his friends and saw Jackson still had barely even touched his drink.

“I think Hunter has a point romance her back. I can’t say I’m happy to hear that you used it’s a slip up Jackson and then you have that huge business deal at work pending. Your dad would flip his shit if you had to leave before that was done.” Mason said knowing that the energy stuff was big news Lowell had just announced it gave Jackson control of it at DGI and then he took a breath drugs were always a sore spot between them all. No one liked that Jackson was so heavy into the scene they all hated it. His eyes watched Lex who was staring at them. “For what I can vouch for hell don’t end up like me I’m trapped to some woman I don’t love.  Don’t be like your sister and Hunter continue on some destructive path no offense Hunter. You want Dani fight for her at least you have that choice.”

“None taken. Max and I should have never married we’re both miserable. You’re supposed to smile when you’re in love, laugh together, want to make love we don’t have that. And the sooner you get the paperwork done the sooner Max and I can both move on.” Hunter said looking at Jackson listening to them both. “You told me she was worth it Jackson show her that. That’s probably all she wants to know she wasn’t like all the other women you’ve fucked around with. I saw the way she looks at you.” He paused knowing he wanted to say more it was the same way he looked at Bliss or how Bliss looked at him. “As for Mason tell his ass to dump Scarlett already he won’t listen to me.”

Jackson smiled all he needed was this. His boys all together well all but Simon. Where was Simon? He exhaled as he thought about what they were saying. He’d wooed Dani and everyone under these false pretenses. He all but never thought he’d be over drugs. Esme, Chauncey, his father, and now Dani disappointed faces. He’d hurt everyone that was close to him once or twice and it was effective that he had to stop. Somehow some way he had to stop self destructing his own life. As he held touched Mason shoulder.

“Dump Scarlett it’s not like she’s helping you be a better man. Remember how she isn’t Ronnie she was the sweetheart. Veronica was absolutely stunning person now if you got her. I would have said Mase you’re in good hands. My addiction and relapse isn’t going to stop my career moves man. I’m not going to relapse it was a one time thing.” As he folded his arms he looked at Mason and Hunter. “Come on man I don’t know how we let Hunter marry Max. Come on Mason we’ve all been friends for years and we all saw the writing on the wall. You two were perfect on paper and a truce between dad and Steven. Keeping the blood off the floor guys man just get the divorce over.” He pushed Hunter’s shoulder. “And you come on she sucks man Scarlett is evil void of couture.”

“I can’t just dump Scarlett it’s complicated. I need her right now. We let Hunter marry Max because your sister and parents were pushing for it. Now that they have and she’s fucking Philip she and Hunter can both move on.” Mason said as he looked between his two friends wondering if they knew. He and Simon had been careful and he needed Scarlett his father could never find out.They had to get married it was for the good of everyone involved his father would get off his back Scarlett would get what she wanted at DGI with the money it was a win win. He saw Lex still watching them and then turned his attention to his drink taking a sip. “I say you get sneaky on this one make her talk to you or listen. On the other hand unless you’re really done I don’t think Dani going to stay with you.”

Hunter looked between his friends and smiled before playfully shoving Jackson back. He bit his lip for a bit as he looked at them both. “I want to be happy without Max again and I know you aren’t going to want to hear this but I want that with Bliss. We can’t pick and choose the one that comes into our life you know? I agree with Mason it’s dirty but I think you might be out of options on this one. Dani doesn’t scream give you the time of day at the moment unless she’s forced too. Find out where Bliss dropped her off at or hell arrange her to take her somewhere.” Hunter said looking at Jackson he was in agreement with Mason sometimes you had to bring out the big guns. He stiffened a bit as his brother, Lex and Ryan finally approached them and he took Anderson’s hand. “Brother how is Cara? Mom is going to be so glad you came to town for the wedding.”

“The wedding.” Jackson said looking at Hunter and Mason and smiling. “She’s drinking and when she drinks she’s out cold. Wherever Bliss took her she’s safe but that son of a bitch.” Looking at Lex he couldn’t help but want to pound his face in. Jackson couldn’t help it was like to a moth to a flame. Yes he betrayed Dani with his addiction and he knew it was a major screwup. However he saw Lex kept staring at him. “Remember Titus Matthews?” The first day they went to Cambridge Academy they were bullied by Titus Matthews until he punched him dead in the face. Jackson promised Dani something and it was no pressure right now. But the wedding he had a plan.

Titus Matthews was brought up for a reason it was the Spring Fling and he was sneaking off with some girl. He saw Mason and Titus kissing he was sure they saw him but it was never spoken of.

Lex saw Jackson approaching him as he bit down on his lip looking at Ryan and Anderson. Who did this junkie think he was? Did he have the audacity to actually think he was going to approach or confront him. This was a private party and it was a waste of time to avoid it so he’d belittle this insolent right now. His face scowled as he saw Ryan removing his jacket. “Why hello Mason, and Hunter quite a bold statement your mother put on.” Completely ignoring Jackson.

As Jackson immediately grabbed Lex by his jacket. He knew his boys had his back and he wasn’t scared to kick Lex ass. “You know what you prick if you ever come near her again I’ll kill you with my bare hands.” Shoving Lex into Anderson.

Lex wasn’t a bitch and immediately charged at Jackson as he quickly tried to swing full force at the junkie. He couldn’t help it how did he get the woman he loved. The woman he shouldn’t have lost in the first place. “She still wants me!”

Jackson shift slowly as the punch landed in his stomach snatching the wind from his body. He quickly jabbed Lex dead in the face. When he heard the thud of Lex hitting the floor he exhaled. Looking at Ryan he wished he would try it as he gasped a little. “When he wakes up tell that bitch any time any place.”

Anderson shook his head. “Real mature Jackson.” He stooped down looking to see if Lex was alright.


Devin shook his head as he left Jamal’s old room at the estate a dead end he didn’t expect a huge clue or anything like that. Unfortunately for Jamal it meant he had to make a few calls to Gideon and also Braden. For now there was no way out for Jamal but jail if he let him keep dealing it could end badly for everyone involved including Miranda. Jamal could pick up on the investigation, they still needed to have Yasmine connected to Ronan and with the shooting that took place recently he had to wonder if Jamal was involved. He matched some eye witness testimony, rounding the stairs he spotted Merci on her way out the door no doubt from discussing the wedding menu with his uncle.

“So did you figure it out then? The food that is?” Devin said offering her a warm smile as he got his jacket from the staff. It was nice seeing her again she was fun and there was no harm in having female friends. “In all seriousness I hope the wedding is going to be amazing. Then again if it is anything like the fundraiser I am sure you won’t disappoint.”

“This wedding is Cleopatra meets Adonis. It’s perfection and my biggest event to date and I’m so into it. It’s beautiful with the harps and exotic animals the jungle meets egyptian motif is epic. I mean Selina is going to really be stunning tomorrow your cousin and all. I caught the shade though. You aren’t paid like them which is okay. I mean after all who are? Selina mom was rich also right?” Merci said looking at Devin. “I mean you guys are the black Devonshire’s you had to expect me to ask why are you not paid.” She laughed slowly as she spun around looking at Devin playfully.

“Listen I don’t expect a true response I just think that I’m going to kill this and I just got a call that made me very happy.” Merci couldn’t believe her best friend was coming for a visit. She needed major girl time and not only that a night at Vertigo wouldn’t be bad for old time sake. “And as for the food the menu is complete as of now. Tony has confirmed everything but I want to talk about you.” Merci bounced to Devin seductively. As she looked into his dazzling eyes she knew her’s were said to be just as spellbinding. “So tell me why am I always catching you alone. I don’t usually play nice after catching a guy like you alone twice.”

“I am sure Selina has made sure everything is perfect for tomorrow. Money wasn’t an issue growing up my parents did alright.” Devin said knowing that for his mom it was a little different and he wasn’t sure what it was but he knew it was a sore spot. He was raised to leave hard work equaled your money and success not the other way around. He had good friends and a good family which was enough. “Money causes more problems than it is worth if you want my opinion on it. Just take a look at my cousin she is miserable and everyone knows it but she stays with someone for their name and their money. If that is what it brings thanks but no thanks.”

“Miranda is working tonight that is why I’m alone a lot of the time. I am sure you can play nice where that is concerned.” Devin said looking at her she was very beautiful and he knew that. He also knew when a woman was flirting with him and he knew he had to let her down easy. She could pursue all she wanted if she continued Miranda was likely to beat the shit out of her. Not that Miranda had to worry about that with him he would never do that to her. “I’m not like other guys Merci and I don’t play the entire drag two women across each other. Big plans for the night then?”

“Oh huge plans.” She leaned in as stepped back spinning around. “Fine, I’m nobodies hooker. I sleep with men who want me. Sadly you want me but you live by morals. It’s cute if it wasn’t real. You see what we honestly feel is a primal desire. Selina let me go primal on her wedding and if you aren’t here well you’re nobody. The list full of diplomats from St. Royale are even coming you know that girl Brooke was engaged to is said to be coming. You know they say St. Royale is has oil all over the place.” As she slowly moved her hair from her face at Devin. Touching the diamonds on her wrist she smirked.

“She’s working that’s nice but I’m here and I keep seeing you alone. Eventually those morals you are holding on will buckle. You’ll need someone to hold and you’ll need someone for you to feel needed by.” Looking at the mansion she smiled. “I’m glad you didn’t get raised in all this. Those eyes and that smile. Man that’s killer, I should be leaving Devin busy and all. Oh if I don’t see you after the holiday’s have a great holiday season. Sadly I feel like it’ll be you and your hand. When it could be me in sexy lingerie.”

“I will never understand what is so bad about being the good guy. I love Miranda Merci I’ve been with her a really long time even if I wanted you I’d still have to break things off with her before we even did anything it wouldn’t be right. Call it morals or whatever you want. I consider it being raised right and having some manners.” Devin said looking at her of course she was beautiful and sexy he wasn’t that dumb but he also wondered if it was because of her past too. Not having a family while her and Skye bonded they couldn’t understand anything else. He would venture to guess that is why Jon fell for Skye too. “I know the Devonshire’s requested some extra security some of the cops are working it. High profile people and all that diplomats and politicians.”

“Right now she is working extra hours I can’t tell you more I’d love for you to meet her that is if you could keep your claws in. You know what I think I think this mean girl thing you and Skye put on it’s a front. It’s a fear that you both have so you project, you lash out and in the process push those away that really care about you.” Devin said looking at her and then offering her a soft smile.She had spunk and if it had been another time and maybe another place before he and Miranda started to see each other maybe he could see himself with someone like her free spirited. “I am sure you would be able to rock out a sexy Santa outfit. Are you staying in the city for the holidays then? You can’t be working all the time through all the holiday.”

“I guess I can’t stand holidays after all I don’t have a huge family like others. So no sexy santa outfit it’s blah to me honestly.” Slowly walking down the stairs. As she folded her arms thinking about her past. Her friendship with Skye was the only thing she truly cared about. Touching her purse she looked at her hand she was shaking. “Christmas for kids like me didn’t come okay. I didn’t get gifts and warm chocolate and all that pc stuff. I got underwear and not even the good kind. I was a foster kid Devin so holidays are just like every other day it’s a day. So I’m gotta get to the airport to pick up somethings for the wedding.” She said softly as she looked at him.

“As for the morals thing it’s not a big issue. I’m not a girl who sits around one day hoping for a guy to be here for her. Oh Devin don’t be like that, you’re a lover and sadly I’m a fighter we don’t mix. You’re a good guy and I’m a girl who happens to crush after the worse guys imaginable. C’est la vie and all that good stuff. See you tomorrow Devin.”

Devin hadn’t really thought about it like that growing up without family he always had somewhere to go for the holidays. His mom always decorated the house his sister helped, the Harrison’s would come over it was family and extended family. He opened up the door for her to his uncle’s house watching her movements he knew it was a sore spot and he felt bad for that. The only thing he had been trying to do was send her a compliment, seeing some ice on the steps he held out his hand to her looking down at her heels.

“Let me help you down. l’m sorry for bringing the holidays up. Besides those heels look like if you get the snow and ice just right you are going to go tumbling. I would hate to wreck my cousins day if the news story read wedding planner nearly plummets and breaks her legs while upstanding cop watches.” Devin said hoping she took the gesture as a peace offering plus it was true. Those heels looked like she could fall they probably oy didn’t have any traction on them. “Promise after this it is how you put it c’est la vie?

“It’s fine.” She adjusted his scarf wrapping it around his neck. As she folded her arms in front of him. “My past is a part of me. I’m a orphan and I can’t change that. It’s another day Devin it’s not something magical. You are a good guy you know that? Not many guys would be absolutely see that I twinged with me being absolutely uncomfortable. You know? That’s what I mean I pick the wrong guys even when he’s a good guy. Listen you’re too fine to be alone. Now when whatever is really going on with you and Matilda is over call me. I don’t like to wait long Mr. Officer but at the end of the day I know when I’ve caught someone’s eye and I’m sure I have yours.” Standing on her tippy-toes in her heels she kissed his cheek and let her lips drag to his lips. It was so swift she was sure it shocked him.

As she walked away to his car she clicked the alarm and slammed the door. Speeding off Merci looked at her phone and sent a text message.

You better be on the plane bitch I can’t wait to see you! Oh I have something to tell you I have entrance in Selina’s tomorrow… You already know.

Merci saw a green light and thought about all the handbags and shit they were going to get from this one. In some ways she was worried after all she had gone legit. However she was low on money and really didn’t expect the check from the job until next week. She was close to eviction and rent was due. A girl had to do what a girl had to do.

Devin braced himself on the front steps as she leaned up and kissed his cheek and then her lips slid down to his. He didn’t kiss her back and then he saw her pull away and walk towards her car, she was different he would give her that. But he also felt bad for her not having family and then the holidays it had to be hard. He shuffled his feet for a bit as he pulled out his phone seeing Miranda had texted him about the wedding. Thank heavens he didn’t have to go to this dreadful wedding alone now he texted her back before placing the phone against his ear.

“Gideon I need to come in and talk to you.” Devin said knowing that for now the wedding had to wait he had to get the arrest warrant for his cousin filed.


Rory looked around the club Chauncey had disappeared. Jackson was with Hunter and Mason in deep conversation and that was giving him time to think about the last few days. Yasmine had started to go back to work at the club and he felt stalkerish as he followed her there hiding in the shadows waiting to see her deal to his brother. He had told her about the bachelor party and she was still staying with him at his condo and he didn’t really know how he felt about all of that. He had hoped she would just confess to the act, given that Dani and his brother were at odds he knew what Jamal had told him was true. How could he trust Yasmine now when she kept something like this from him? More than that he was disappointed in his brother he really thought Jackson was trying to change this time. He had defended him to his father and their brother, shaking his head and taking a sip of his whiskey and lime he spotted Jamal in the crowd. Moving from the counter he finally came face to face with his friend.

“I’m surprised you even came. Don’t you have to be out somewhere pretending that you are something you’re not? The saddest thing about this Jamal is that if you had been real with Yasmine from the get go maybe she would have picked you. That must burn you doesn’t it?” Rory asked eyeing his once best friend he knew Yasmine better than Jamal did and his little secret was something he knew would never get his friend a shot with her. Yes he was mad she kept the fact she was dealing to Jackson a secret but he wasn’t about to give up on them either couples had problems all the time. “You know the fact that she had the choice between your fake thug act and me and she still chose me.”

“Angry are we Rory? Mad that Yasmine might be still invested in me? Your girl still want the crown jewels but she’s a stripper so that shouldn’t surprise anyone.” Jamal snapped back feeling immediately attacked. He wasn’t going to come to this shit especially when his cousin sniffing in his business. That was some bullshit. Jamal knew he was in deep if Devin had found out something. It was all from his parents never having no chill. Cracking his knuckles he looked at Rory and smirked. “If you don’t get the fuck out my face then I’m show you how real it got in the streets for this fake thug.”

Jamal saw Mason from the corner of his eye. His shock in seeing him he knew he had to talk to his brother. This was spinning way too fast out of hand. He didn’t know how to stop it. Jamal was pulled into this deep. He’d seen bodies and people dying. “You’ll never understand what I did so don’t act like you do. It might be fake but we both see we’ve found the realest things in our lives. Yasmine is pretty real right bro? She fucked you yet? You not special Rory she a bobblehead stripper whose job it is to fill your head up with sweet fairytales. All your boyscout intuition didn’t tell your goofy ass that.”

“Angry? No I know Yasmine isn’t invested in you hell I think you barely bleep on her radar. I don’t think Yasmine is after my money. You know what is so funny is that you and my dad still think that, when I know deep down money really doesn’t matter to her.” Rory said a hint of anger in his voice at Jamal. He didn’t see what the big deal was so Yasmine didn’t have money it wasn’t like every single woman that didn’t have it wanted him or their family for their name. Some did he wasn’t saying they hadn’t had their share in the past but Yasmine was not like those girls he knew that.

Rory knew they were supposed to be here to celebrate Chauncey’s wedding but even that felt fake everyone knew the only reason they were getting married was because it made DGI look good. How many times had Chauncey screwed around on poor Selina to turn the other way hell it wasn’t like he probably wasn’t doing it right now. Selina was close he thought of her like extended family and he hoped that at some point Selina said enough, he loved Chauncey too but he knew his brother wasn’t ready to just settle down. “I don’t have to understand you Jamal or what you went through all I do know is that you are fake as hell. Yasmine cares about that you know honesty. Frankly whether or not we have taken our relationship to that level isn’t your business. Then again if she did it would be something she still gave to me over you.”

“You win you got a ho so what?” Jamal stepped in Rory face. “I don’t like you judging me. Do you have a problem bro? You’ve always hated on me and this will make me infamous. Finally I’ve done something you haven’t and I’m out of Rory’s shadow. Look at Rory he’s creating a app father says, look at Rory he’s already working at DGI why aren’t you into it? Fuck you!” Jamal screamed over the music and he pushed Rory.

“All y’all think I’m fake I’ll show you how fake I am.” He said flipping a chair over. Gulping a little as he looked at him. “Y’all looking for me? You looking for me Devin? Dad? Mason! I’m right here so whatever anybody want to know? I got answers a lot of them? Where you at aye Jackson I haven’t seen you in the club lately bro I know need to reup?” Jamal felt avenged for always having to walk in Rory shadow. “I’m taking it Rory! I’m taking whatever I want and junkie brother down too. So since you keep trying me I’ll keep pulling your card Rory. I don’t care about Yasmine. I’m get that one day because you a Devonshire you motherfuckers bound to fuck up.” Jamal seethed as he looked at Mason shocked face.

Rory was too pissed to say anything back to Jamal the moment he called Yasmine a ho and before he knew it he lunged at Jamal tackling him to the floor as patrons scrambled in the club to clear the floor. His right fist collided as hard as it could against Jamal’s face and something happened that he didn’t know how to describe it felt good. He repeated the action as he felt Jamal fighting back when his fist collided with his body. He ignored the stinging sensation as he punched him again only to feel himself being dragged off Jamal and he looked at his brother.

“You ever call Yasmine a ho again I’ll do a lot more than knock you on your ass. And you stay the fuck away from Philip’s stupid ass club and quit having my girlfriend deal to you.” Rory said his chest huffing as he stared at Jackson he didn’t know what to say. He was beyond disappointed in him and he was angry that he and Yasmine kept his using a secret from him. “I know alright. Hell I went to bat for you against dad, Max went to bat for you. Dani went to bat for you yet you always just think about yourself.”

Mason had ran to his brother the same time Jackson did what in the hell was going on with Jamal and Rory, sure they all horsed around as kids but this? A full on fist fight in the middle of a club? It was so out of character for them to be fighting and he let Jackson grab Rory as he grabbed Jamal. His brother was strong and he thought he had a hand on him only to be stopped when Jamal lunged and he stepped forward and he let Hunter lead them out of the club to the alleyway. He watched Rory’s rage at Jamal and then saw him unleash on Jackson.

“Jamal calm the fuck down. On the eve of Selina’s wedding?” Mason said knowing the last thing their sister needed was Jamal acting up or worse ruining what she had planned with Chauncey. Selina had a plan and when she set her mind well it was something she was determined about. He shot Jackson a look of sympathy he knew Jackson knew he fucked up, the man was obviously tore up about it. “So do either of you want to to explain?”

“I don’t have to explain shit. He’s trying to wife a whore who stripping in Philip club!” He screamed at Rory knowing he’d piss off by saying it. “You know what this was a waste of time Mason get me the fuck out of here before I kill this little boy.” Jamal walked around with Rory. “You over here breaking bread with these people they don’t care about us.” He charged away from his brother as he frustrated looking at him. “Fuck that junkie and fuck that bitch ass boy! He’s so special fuck him and all ya’ll can kiss my ass!” He snapped punching the wall. “I’m fuck Rory up! I’m hurt him!”

Mason looked at Hunter and then at Jackson and Rory as his brother shoved him off and looked at Jamal wanting him to trust him in the very least tonight he needed to be safe and he would with him. “Walk away Jamal you can sleep on my couch tonight. We’ll figure this shit out in the morning. You’re not going to hurt anyone and neither is he is that understood? You two have been best friends since birth when did that change huh?”

Hunter looked between Mason and Jamal and then at Rory and Jackson before opening the door to the club. “I’ll be inside you two should talk.”

Rory slammed his fist into the brick wall as he watched Jamal and Mason. He then turned his attention to Jackson his chest heaving. He was angry at the entire situation with his brother and Yasmine and he knew that he and Yasmine had to talk about it. He also knew he had to quit covering for Jackson at some point. He loved his brother, he wanted to see him completely clean and see him how he was before he learned the truth.

“I really care about Yasmine and she wants out of this life she is sucked into. I mean it stay the hell away from the club and quit calling or texting Yasmine or showing up to have her give you whatever it is you think you need or I swear to God I’ll tell dad. Dani may be willing to lie for you with dad I’m not anymore.” Rory seethed stepping back from his brother his eyes dead serious he cast a final look at Mason and Jamal before shoving his hands in his pockets as he kicked some trash on the ground. Turning around and walking back into the club he wanted to go home and try to figure out how in the hell he and Yasmine could overcome this.

“You are losing it for this girl.” He seethed at his little brother. “Yasmine was my drug dealer and friend before I even knew you were interested in her. Listen I haven’t copped from Yasmine in weeks dude calm down. I’m not even using now so calm down okay. What is going on with you and Jamal you two have been best friends since you were in diapers. What the hell is going on man.” He touched his baby brother shoulders. “I love you okay are you good? I like Yas she’s a sweet girl.” Jackson folded his arms as he looked at Rory. “Hey it’s cool man.”

Jamal looked at Rory and Jackson talking as he looked at his ex-best-friend. “Mason I’m in over my head you all don’t understand. I was trying to do something bigger than myself. To see if I wasn’t just a dumb trust fund. I tried man to be something other than the Delacroix. I want to be more of my own man. Mason I’ve been selling drugs since this year started and I know it’s stupid but I wanted to live the life. I wanted to see what its like and everything is now all messed up. I’ve screwed up everything. I tried to see what it was to be in the streets. To no to be me and not be secondary to you and Selina and Rory. To be taken as Jamal man I just have always been in someone’s shadow and this will make me my own man. In a stupid way I’ve just gotten myself in so deep though.” Jamal exhaled as he walked swiftly to Vertigo’s balcony.

He felt Mason on his heels as he turned around he saw his brother. Tears were falling down Jamal’s face. “Mason I’ve seen people be killed before me. And Rory just think is a game!” The darkness echoed throughout Vertigo as the music was off by now. “He thinks he’s going to just buy Yasmine out we are all in a cycle and he thinks because he’s a Devonshire he’s safe. Ronan aint letting either of us go.” He growled looking at his brother. “So yeah I fucked up for the love of music and I can’t stop writing songs now. I’m inspired man but I might be dead or in jail because ya’ll wouldn’t mind your business. I been trying to handle this shit alone, I dug myself in and I’ll dig myself out.”

Jackson heard Jamal scream at Rory and he held his brother tighter. “Listen ignore him and look at me. It’s hard to do the right thing in life and everything isn’t black and white. Nothing in life is easy and you should know getting Yasmine out isn’t about money at all. I’m going to help you because whatever is going on with Jamal it’s serious.” Jackson had talked with Mason and gossip around the office was Jamal was living quite the colorful life.

Rory didn’t bother with a response as he walked away from his brother casting a glance at Jamal and Mason. He had way too much on his mind at the moment with everything, including the drugs, Jamal’s apparent double life and knowing Yasmine had been keeping secrets from him. Shoving his hands in his pockets he walked out of the club ready to head home so he could figure everything out.

Mason stood in shock as he looked at Jamal knowing that his brother was in over his head and then it all made sense the illegal gun, the way he lashed out at his family. He looked at Jackson as Rory left and knew the smart thing to do for now was to take Jamal home until they figured this shit out. Rubbing Jamal’s shoulder’s he spoke. “You’re staying with me tonight end of discussion we can figure this shit out in the morning.” Mason said moving his brother to the exit he cast a glance back at Jackson and Hunter. For now at least till the wedding was over it had to be this way them all keeping an eye out on Jamal for the greater good.

Jamal followed Mason out to his car and exhaled trying to breathe as he got inside he placed his head against the cold glass. Tears streamed down his face as he closed his eyes. “Mason I’m dead.” He said in a whisper as he finally opened his eyes and wiped his eyes. “I don’t want to die or go to jail but you all have put me in danger in so much danger.” As he closed his eyes and felt the engine start up and them pull off.