2022 Apr 25

3×11 “Wheels Keep On Turning” released!

3×11 “Wheels Keep On Turning”
Written by: Chris Coleman, Kristi Clark and Kelly Zollo
Theme Song: Nothing Else Matters- Metallica
Warning: Episode may contain violence language and sexual situations.

Jackson was upstairs in his father’s study pacing back and forth reciting this stupid speech in his head again and again. All he could do was think about what Dru and Lex said earlier. It made him uneasy. They were truly plotting against him and he couldn’t even tell his wife which made it all the more stressful. He knew who he could go to but he was afraid that both of them would take it too far. Zerick would more than likely throttle Dru for playing with his emotions while Chauncey would use his cunning to destroy Lex somehow but that would make them direct rivals to the Hessington’s. That would mean political favors and moves would be off the board for DGI. He didn’t know which way to go and for a brief moment he wondered if the pressure of the job was too much. For a brief second he wanted to snort a line off a leggy stripper and forget about all his issues. As his phone vibrated he saw a picture of the twins and he covered his mouth. God what was he saying? He knew if he ever used again it was a deal-breaker for Dani and him. Jackson knew Simon or someone would come through with what he needed to rid Dru of them so he just had to be patient and wait. Not fear that they’d ruin his life because he hadn’t cheated. Should he have told Dani immediately absolutely but for some reason the words just wouldn’t leave his mouth. Exhaling, he felt someone behind him and jumped when he saw it was Dani.

“I don’t mean to be rude when I say this but where in the hell have you been? Dani we are about to be CEO’s of DGI. Dad isn’t just leaving the company to me it’s yours as well. We are a team and if you can’t be here by my side I need to know. He’s banking on our love being what makes DGI stronger in a new generation. So I don’t know what’s going on babe but I need you here with me. I have so much anxiety about this and I already don’t think I’m good enough.” Jackson said finally letting it out. “I’m a junkie with big dreams and I just don’t know if I’m enough to make this company what my father has. The pressure is immense and I just want you right here. By my side because I can’t do this without you so tell me where you were? For the last week it’s like you’ve been walking in a waking slumber and Dani I need you at a hundred.”

Dani had followed Jackson in the crowd after their conversation with Atticus and Brooke and then had gotten distracted by the press. Asking who designed her dress, what she thought of the development of Dru at the event and where she saw DGI going. The absolute most annoying however was the insulation that with a body like that, that Jackson was sleeping with their nanny too. She didn’t expect better from fucking Page 6 and whatever other gossips rag wanted to do and her eyes cut across the room at Greer bitch better not be incintivizing it. It wasn’t like Greer hadn’t spread that article about her brother and had no problem being in on Jackie’s arrest either. After that she had bumped into her mother and Randall assured her mother her lateness was simply a mix up of time and communication. She simply shook a few more hands before leaving the ballroom to head up the staircase and look at the room not seeing Jackson there meaning he was inside Lowell’s office. Her mind was still wandering about the entire incident with her phone earlier the meeting and the time she had scheduled with Grant, wondering how she got it so wrong. She had opened the door to the office watching him pace and then stare off into the window and came up behind him to gently touch his shoulder seeing him jump like he had seen a ghost.

His concern and tone threw her completely off guard though clearly he was stressed the hell out about everything and she knew this was her fuck up to own. “I’m sorry, okay I thought I had the start time right in my phone. I was at the office clearing up the last of the contract with Grant. Before that I was speaking with Lex about the fundraiser and finishing up an email to your mom about it. I really did think I had more time when you asked if I was ready to go. I don’t know how I got it so screwed up and I’m sorry. I’m sorry about missing dinner the other day. I’m right here.” Dani said looking at him she got it everything was heightened now she knew what Lowell was going to be announcing him as CEO and she’d literally never do anything to jeopardize that at least not intentionally. She had thought over the last week and shook her head. She had no idea what was going on but telling him she thought she was going crazy wasn’t an option not till she was certain that was what was happening. “Maybe my cellphone is having issues. I can have someone look at it.” She looked at him and saw that doubt all over his face and placed her hands on the side of his face to make him look at her. “You can do this. I know you can.”

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