2022 May 18

3×12 Heavy Is The Crown released!

3×11 “Heavy Is The Crown”
Written by: Chris Coleman, Kristi Clark and Kelly Zollo
Theme Song: Heavy Is The Crown- Daughtry
Warning: Episode may contain violence language, graphic sex and sexual situations.

Gia lingered in a dark corner at the edge of the elaborately manicured gardens of the Devonshire estate. The entire place was sparkling and twinkling so it was fortunate she found this little spot where she could hide from prying eyes. From this vantage point she had an unobstructed view of Max who was chatting with Sebastian and her decrepit father. Ronan was inside the mansion living out his fantasy of being accepted into high society. He would never be like the Devonshires of the world. They’d take his money and use his connections and pretend to like him but they’d never see him as a legitimate denizen of their world. Max got everything she wanted while Gia was stuck in this ménage à plus de trios with Ronan who fancied himself as some sort of gentleman gangster. She’d left Hector inside with him, lest he take that little barmaid off to a secluded spot and fuck her brains out. She’d seen the way he looked at her in that dress. The one that left nothing to the imagination. That kiss she blew him. So much for being discreet. Hector hated babysitting Ronan and it’s what he deserved for questioning her authority previously. Changing their plans like she had brought out the whiny little bitch in Hector. For that reason she’d volunteered to give up Sebastian, temporarily, as a show of good faith because Hector thought he was a distraction. Now Ronan was making her look like a fool. They’d been so good together in the beginning then he’d broken her heart when he rejected her. She wanted to hurt him in return, but all in good time.

Right now, she was enjoying the view of Sebastian’s firm ass in that well tailored tux. She never said she wouldn’t admire him from afar. He always did fill out a tux in all the right places. She imagined taking his clothes off. Piece by piece. Running her hands then her tongue over his hard chest and those abs. His pants, dropping to floor and exposing that sexy Apollo’s belt. Sebastian wouldn’t have said the things to her that Ronan did. He wouldn’t have fucked every whore in town. But now he was infatuated with Max. She watched as Sebastian pushed the old man out of the courtyard, leaving Max behind. Out of habit, Gia moved stealthily but Max also appeared to be lost in thought and didn’t seem to see her. “Hello, Max,” Gia broke the silence as she came to stand before the other woman. She regarded Max’s swollen stomach. Pregnant with her lover’s child. Max was a man stealer but Gia couldn’t do anything about it at the moment with her promise to Hector. “I’d say lovely to see you again but it’s not really. Hector tells me the casino is coming along according to plan,” Gia said, making the point that she was now firmly established inside the casino. It still rankled her that Max had pointed that out and Ronan played dumb until she’d demanded to be included. Ronan was playing games with the wrong person. “Remember when you said Ronan was freezing me out? Turns out it was just a little misunderstanding. I would be there if I could, naturally, but I have so many irons in the fire and with this baby,” she said lovingly stroking her stomach and she smiled. “Well, I’m not taking any chances. Make no mistake though, if Hector’s there, I’m there. I know he can be a little much sometimes but he is unwavering loyal. Whatever he sees, I see. And lately, he sees you working some very long hours. I don’t think that’s good for the baby, Max.”

Max and her father had left the study inside the mansion and she pushed him through the party to look for Sebastian where she  did the best thing told him she had a moment earlier in the evening and would like to move on. He didn’t look thrilled with that answer but it was the only one that she could offer him and she was pretty sure that her father had wanted to irrupt in some weird advice session between her and Sebastian. Only for that to be thwarted when Sebastian offered to take her father for a walk when Madelien had appeared out of the blue. She had smiled happily at the distraction a little too happily if she was honest. She needed a moment to collect her thoughts and feelings, she had come to terms with her father’s impending death now more than ever and she steadied her breathing to not burst into tears all over again at it. Then there was the pesky other bit Sebastian wanting them to move onto a fucking farm and live out some farmer fantasy with the baby. She would have to find a way to navigate that she didn’t want to be married at the moment but she also didn’t want Sebastian with another woman too, besides she already felt like all his attention was already on their unborn son. So was the rest of her family and she heard the bushes rustle behind her wondering if it was one of her siblings instead she starred at Gia Falcone the woman that had kidnapped Sebastian for Jackson’s entire wedding that week, bitch had a lot fo fucking nerve.

“I didn’t realize that Ronan brought trash with him tonight, but I mean between yourself and apparently my brother’s nanny his options are pretty bleak after Brooke dumped him. If you are looking to kidnap myself or Sebastian tonight you really should rethink your strategy y mother upgraded cameras in the house and we do have a full security detail in place. The casino is coming along swimmingly without your involvement of course it’s so nice to work with Ronan I’m not sure what use you would be one it.” Max said looking at the other woman almost like she was bored with her. Was the show with her pregnant belly supposed to make her feel guilty for working and having a career? That was fine if that is what Gia Falcone aspired to be a baby maker for one of the most dangerous men in the east coast and Atlas Falls but she had her own plans that didn’t involve staying home ad being a doting mother, that was what a full time nanny was for. Her child would be provided for and cared for, of course she would love it as well but she was going to forge her own way even if that meant taking a step like Rory and starting separate from DGI as a whole, Sebastian could sit back and play house if he wanted. “I have a feeling Ronan doesn’t want you near the casino. It’s where the real people play and work. What is it that you do again other than pop up to stalk Sebastian every now and again?” She thought about Hector spying on her and almost laughed that it was none of Gia’s business what she did or how long she worked or the state of her pregnancy was concerned. “Your concern is so sweet but I assure you the baby I am carrying is totally healthy not that is any of your concern or that of your little leech. Sebastian is so excited for our son to be born. I wonder if Ronan feels the same way, I mean you are birthing the demon spawn.”

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