2×21 “The New Mrs. Kincaid”

2×21 “The New Mrs. Kincaid”
Written by: Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Guest Starring: Don Johnson (Charles Hessington), Sophia Bush (Whitney Hessington-Walker), Stephen Amell (Ryan Walker), Michael Trevino (Lex Hessington)
Warning: Episode contains violence, language and sexual situations
Theme Song: Florence and the Machine “Never Let Me Go

Jon looked over at Skye and after them coming to understanding that he deserved to see this kid up close. He deserved for Skye to introduce him to their son. Which was something he never thought he wanted until this very moment. He never wanted something so much that he couldn’t have. This boy was bonded to these people but the animal in Jon was starting to roar. Earlier in the evening Jon saw that raging against Skye would be dumb. She was sensitive, that wasn’t the plan. He truly wanted to hurt her and everyone involved but Skye wouldn’t help him. He laid out his plan to get Miles back. They had to look like a couple in love and if he had to play that with Skye well he would. He knew this was an uphill fight against the Hessington’s but he would fight for his child. He’d move heaven and earth for Miles and didn’t even know him. He never felt so much longing and love all at once as he looked over at Skye. In his life he never wanted to hit a woman so badly but Skye today made him understand how someone could squeeze the life out of someone else in rage. He was enraged and she thought he was using drugs again. His fury and mind was working faster than it ever had. Moments like this his abuse of pills felt like he needed it. He needed to pop a pill to ease his nerves. All decisions right now was to get Miles.

“Was it a hard delivery?” Jon asked, looking at the road almost at the Kincaid mansion. “Were you alright? Tell me about how he came into the world? Skye I know you were on drugs but you know my family is huge on family. Why didn’t you give him to Miranda or my mom? I know you didn’t know but after you did. You knew back then because Lowell right? You said earlier that Lowell thought Miles was his grandson. So you knew back then after the DNA test against Jackson and we could have I don’t know talked to them. I guess I understand your motives but I wish you would have let me know you know. I think that was really selfish and shitty to do to me or Jackson. I can admit Skye I have more history with you but I wasn’t trying to dismiss you I was dismissing that time in my life. I was in a bad place, and what we had represented that. Now I know we at least gave something beautiful in that darkness.”

Skye had packed her things almost like she was in some sort of haze after what they did back at the condo she was pretty sure it wasn’t love or hate for her and it was emotions that she didn’t want to deal with. The way he just rolled off of her as he was done and quietly demanded that she take him to see Miles. She had packed slowly not even sure why she was going with Jon maybe because she’d somehow always felt safe with him as a cop and a good man, a man that she had hurt so deeply. They had barely spoken on the drive over to the Kincaid mansion and instead she looked out the window at the snow on the ground and closed her eyes. What in the hell was she doing? Charles had warned her that if she ever showed her face up around him again she would regret it but even he couldn’t of been that dumb to try and take a shot at Jon after the Kendrick trial. The thought alone sent a slight shiver down her spine she hadn’t told Jon about the day she signed and instead she looked over at him when he asked about the birth. She had been clean then and she knew up till that point there had been concern over Miles’s birth one that Whitney had watched over like a hawk before she had bedded Ryan and begun to hate Whitney they had actually had common ground for a while.

“It was hard he came two months early, the doctors said it was a combination of the drugs. I had an epidural and they told me I could hold him for a few minutes, I didn’t. I was clean the entire time I was pregnant from the moment I found out and I know you don’t believe that but it’s true it was part of my agreement with them. I honored that for him and me too. He spent time in the NICU and I got an apartment close to them and found a steady job.” Skye said quietly looking over at him she had agreed to that part not holding Miles when she signed the adoption agreement. It had killed her but once Miles was out or her body she knew it was over and it wasn’t because Whitney or Ryan were bad people they were good parents. She had been confused at the time and had tried to back out Merci had told her that Jon was out of the VA and doing okay and she thought about showing up and telling both him and Jackson. Charles had put a stop to it and even now she was not going to tell Jon, Charles reach went far beyond the mayor’s office in Atlas Falls and if he wanted he could end her life, Merci and Jon if she told what happened. “Jon we talked about this your family they all hate me. Lowell called me last year told me he knew my secret so I came. He paid me money to try and seduce Jackson and then told me that Miles was not his grandson so that was when I really knew deep down that he was yours.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there with you.” Jon said quietly as he pulled into the Kincaid mansion flashing his badge at the guard they let him through. “I find that excuse to be repugnant and furthermore if you continue to lie to me. Skye I’ve fucked you, made love to you, and been around you to know that when you lie to me. You can’t look me in the fucking face so I don’t know I told you no more lies and I feel like something isn’t registering. You see you would have at least come back to town and milked you being pregnant for all it was worth why Skye? Maybe Whitney or Ryan can tell me what the fuck happened back then. How did a Harrison become a Hessington without my knowledge and how didn’t they not know? I mean they are the fucking Hessington’s they have more money than God because of his wife’s death.” He saw Skye’s shock about him knowing something about the Hessington’s. “I knew Whitney for a long time and I mean we’ve hooked up as you know. What’s funny is did I think that she would have my child never. Yet here she is Skye with my child. My fucking son is with the guy who did Dani so badly she almost had a mental breakdown. She miscarried a baby and Greer exposed all of that including if you weren’t listening that Charles isn’t a good person. He wanted Dani to stay with Lex after all he did to her.” Shaking his head as he smirked.

As Jon got out the car he saw Lex standing at the doorway and he almost wanted to punch the guys teeth out. Walking to the other side of the car he snatched Skye’s hand and walked up the long steps to the door. He hadn’t been here since he told Brenda what Gideon had done and how he killed Carla and Steven. Huffing he saw Lex standing in front of the door. “Move, I am here to see Ryan and Whitney. I don’t have time for your legal mumbo jumbo. I just want to ask them a few questions about why they adopted a child without the father’s knowledge. Let alone why some people I fucking consider friends wouldn’t at least say hey we think we adopted your child?” He said snapping at Lex. “So move or I’ll move you.”

Lex had sulked most of the party he had tried to escape to New York and realized it wasn’t possible when his father instead had made him close his private practice and he was black balled having to retreat back as summoned. He still had license to practice in New York it was just now under Julian O’Sullivan’s law firm which oversaw all his father’s legal issues as well. Everyone was talking about Brooke’s engagement to Atticus or talking about Dani’s wedding to Jackson Devonshire. He hated Jackson there was no other way to put how he felt about it other than that, he had fucked up he knew that but he didn’t expect it to hurt like this watching her move on have children with another man and marry him in a few days. He’d put on a good smile and not say a word at the wedding and he had excused himself to some fresh air and a drink outside as he saw Jon Harrison pulling up with Skye Morgan. He hated Jon too for other reasons partly because he knew Jon wanted Dani back when they were together and he was paranoid about it part of the reason he cheated with Maggie to begin with. Then because of his nephew, and as they walked up he repeated that in his head. His nephew he didn’t care what DNA said Miles was his nephew and he saw Whitney and Ryan had noticed Jon and Skye’s arrival through the window as had his father who was holding Miles and laughing.

“I don’t think so Jon you place your hands on me I’ll make a call so fucking quick you’ll be back on administrative leave as fast as your head can spin. Now I’m going to kindly and politely ask you both to leave as you have no legal standing here. You want to do this go file some papers and I can assure you they won’t get you anywhere when it comes to me. I’ve hated your pompous ass for years seeing how you looked at Dani while I was with her, I was never blind to that and since I’m no longer with Dani I don’t have to pretend to like you anymore.” Lex said as he looked at Skye she knew better than to come here, he had made that clear so many times to her over the years and so had his father. His father had tactics, sometimes he did things that he knew his siblings would disagree with but as he was always reminded it was for the good of the family and as the eldest he was responsible to make sure it stayed that way he heard the door open and saw his sister staring at her one time lover Ryan behind her. “Whit I was just telling Jon he needed to go, her too.”

Skye stayed silent as Jon went off on her she was not going to go further with everything that happened looking back she knew Charles had manipulated her, Lex was complacent but it was still in her mind seeing Miles thrive the best decision for him. She actually had no clue if Ryan or Whitney knew what really happened that day the only people that had been in the room were Charles coldly handing her the papers and threatening to expose her past, Lex giving him the side eye on it has the family attorney and she shook her head shaking the memories away. Lying to him would be hard but she knew she could do it as an actress she was going to play the biggest role she could with Jon to ensure that everyone involved stayed safe she looked him in the eyes. “I’m telling you the truth I signed the papers it was messy and ugly. I had no desire to come back here and hurt you by fucking up your life further.” She said quietly as he grabbed her hand and pulled her from the car and stayed silent as Lex spelled it out for Jon. She saw Whitney glare at her and Charles holding Miles and she pulled her hand away from Jon this was all so fucked up.

“Legal standing? Let’s see the legal standing when I go to the courts and report she gave up my son without my knowledge? How about I sue for custody? I heard her say it was nothing I could do but I could make enough noise that Miles will know I’m his biological father. Ironclad papers right Lex? I was on administrative leave before and I came back one more time won’t bother me.” He saw Whitney and Ryan now at the doorway looking shocked and the look Ryan gave Skye sent a chill down his spine. The horror and fear chiseled into Whitney’s face made him feel like she was actually sorry for what she did to him. Shaking his head as he looked at her. “You knew this entire time didn’t you? You knew who Miles was and you just pathetically went along with it. When I was screwing her Ryan she didn’t want kids the first time. What did you do to her? Oh that’s right you needed something to humanize you so it was a baby. Both of you used my son to make a political statement and I can’t look at you with anything but disgust. Don’t feel badly it wasn’t Skye who told me.  She didn’t have enough courage for that.” He looked over at her as he walked to his son and Charles.

“I held him already and I didn’t know but now I know. So I’m going to ask to spend a couple of minutes with my son or else you don’t have to worry about anything Lex because you’ll be on your ass and not waking up anytime soon. So I’m asking a simple question to you all can I spend a few moments with my son? Tell me no and I assure you reelection will be the last of your worry Charles. I’m not afraid of you. You might have your kids spooked oh Dani told me Lex about your nightmares how you used to call out Charles name in your sleep. I know shit about you all or have you all forgotten? What if I put out our affair Whitney? Huh? Now let me see my son and let me spend a few fucking moments with him. Or I swear you’ll all regret it more than you will soon enough. I’ll sell my soul to get him back in my life.”

Ryan watched Lex snarling as he looked at Whitney and wondered exactly what they should do. “We never meant to hurt anyone. We just saw an opportunity to be parents in our face and now we have a son and that isn’t changing Jon. I’m so sorry that you got the short end of this stick but Jon we paid this woman for our child. We compensated her in rehab, hospital bills, and she got a lump sum of money. Not only that but Skye came crawling back into my bed. So we can go tit for tat on what the judge would think of all this. We are a family and the only family that Miles knows. If you don’t understand that then you aren’t ready to be a parent.” He declared seeing Jon getting even more emotional.

“You! You! You! You!” Jon said pointing at Charles, Skye, Whitney, and Ryan. “You all made the choice for me! You all took my choices away from me if I could be a father! You knew that this kid wasn’t Jackson’s and the fact that you adopted my child shows that you are more toxic than I ever thought Whitney. Don’t be sorry honey be better than all these rich sons of bitches.  You don’t know how to do that though Whitney. You are just like those spoiled rich girls you claim to hate, Max and Cassie. Bitch you just as bad. And you! Since your soldiers didn’t march you stole my child?” Shaking his head in disgust. “And you.” He turned to Skye. “You took money from them? For our child?”

“Moira please take the children into the library.” Charles said handing off Miles to her and seeing Whitney do the same with his granddaughter Morgan.

“Of course she did, did you think she magically showed up suddenly clean and sober ready to give birth? Skye was compensated fairly for her time and for the adoption in hospital bills, a cushy apartment, rehab and a monthly income. She has taken various payments over the last few years when she’s run out of funds for herself.” Lex snarled and seeing the color drain on Skye’s face was worth it as their security team approached and he waved them off. “So like I said find a damn good lawyer and I’ll see you in court. Who are you going to turn to the Fraiser’s and the pull they have in this town now?”

Whitney looked at Jon and saw Ryan and Lex go to bat for Miles and her heart melted that was her family and she looked at Jon she had been dreading that day since the ice cream shop. She knew Dani didn’t say anything she had swore to her that she wouldn’t. They’d had an affair it wasn’t something she was proud about but when she returned to Atlas Falls to visit her best friend it happened again. It was the same night Ryan slept with Max Devonshire again and she felt dirty afterward knowing Jon had feelings for her best friend. It was something she still didn’t know not that Dani would care now she was completely in love with Jackson and the family they had. She had no clue about Jon till she visited and she got suspicious after wine and ended up back in Jon’s bed for a night or two and he let it slip he had been sleeping with Skye around then, something she never even mentioned to them originally. There had been so many lies from her first it was Jackson’s then it was some random man she slept with as an escort and the last was Jon and Ryan and her brushed it off. They didn’t know how to trust anything Skye said over the years when it came to Miles and if she never had visited she would have never even confirmed her story with Jon himself.

“I’m sorry Jon I truly am but we are Miles’s parents. We actually believed he was Jackson’s son he was the only name she gave us originally at the adoption. She told us it was maybe you when she ran out of funds and wanted more money later and she lied so many times after the last few years it was hard to keep up. I didn’t even really suspect you until we came that weekend to visit Dani after she and Lex broke things off. Miles stayed home with my father. Ryan and I had a fight I sought you out for comfort we were drinking and slept together you told me you had been fucking Skye around the time Miles was conceived, confirming part of what she told us was true. So I took your wine glass and we had a test ran. None of this was done to hurt you on my part or Ryan’s but I’m not going to hand my son over to you. She gave me and Ryan something that I was told I could never have and I am not going to apologize for that.” She finished looking at Jon at one time she and Skye had bonded before Miles came and before she started to sleep with Ryan and she would always be grateful to Skye for that part giving her a son she loved.

Skye did feel guilty for sleeping with Ryan and she knew the look on her face gave that away, it was a mistake a terrible mistake she made. She was an addict there was no hiding that and Jon knew that she took their money to survive.“Yes.” She managed to say looking at him and shaking her head. She had not mentioned Jon at the time because she honestly did think her baby was Jackson’s he was more careless about protection sometimes. Jon had always been careful about it and even then when she came to beg for money left and right she had lied about who maybe the father was she finally offered up Jon’s name the last and final time to them. “I told you we shouldn’t have come here.”

Shaking his head as he looked at Skye’s patheticness. She was just sad as a person and human. She took money from them and he smirked as he looked at Charles, and Lex. “This isn’t over. That boy is my son just as much as he is yours. My opportunity was stolen from me and I swear I’ll spend my life. Whatever amount of life that is left on this earth letting him know that I fought and wanted him. You all can look at me like I’m a monster for coming here but you all the only monsters I see. Hell this entire city is full of you. People who don’t care about other people. You step on who you want because you have nothing good inside of any of you. You will taint my son with money and materialistic notions.” Jon said as he looked at Skye. “Get in the car, let’s go.”

“How much life do you think you have son?” Charles said, puffing on his pipe as he looked at the boy. “I’ve seen altruistic people like you all my life. I’m better because I’m poor.” He laughed as he slowly strolled to his children and Ryan. “You were a junkie just like her. Could you raise a child when you were going through the combat sweats of being a war soldier. You are a spoke on a wheel that I turn. I fund the police, I make your salary and I will never let you take my grandson. I warned you Skye, you never listened though. Do I have a semblance of sympathy for you? Absolutely I’m not heartless Jon, however you will not come to where my family is resting its head and disturb us again. If so you won’t be a cop, you will be in jail for harassment and I will make sure to bury every fucking Harrison in the county of Atlas. Now scurry on and continue to hate the rich because you’re poor.”

“Charles that’s enough, Jon please he may have not said it in the best way but please don’t come back here. This isn’t an open adoption, you don’t have a son.” Ryan said walking to Whitney wrapping his arms around her.

Jon listened to Charles threaten him and saw Skye tensing up as he looked at her face. She was afraid and her hands were trembling. “I have a son he’s in that mansion and when I do come back it’ll be with court documents. Believe this Mr. Hessington I don’t care how much money you have and if that was a threat I’ve killed more men than you’d care to know. I was in the trenches and sand dunes that were tougher and more scary than an old governor who is  past his prime. It’s an exclusive list Mr. Hessington my kill-list that is don’t get on my list. Trust me I always win.” Turning around he looked at Skye as they got in the car. “Anything else they can tell me about you? I mean I should tell the lawyer everything so they can’t use anything against us.”

Skye stood there frozen for a moment looking at them all they should have never come here in her mind she knew that and she didn’t even realize she was shaking and she barely felt Jon drag her back to the car. Once inside she looked at him and screamed at him hitting him over and over again. She was so angry at herself and him for dragging her here and the way he looked at her like trash judging her for escorting. It was enough for her to break her. She felt him reach out to comfort her or whatever in the hell he thought he was going to do and shoved him as hard as she could against his side of the car. “I told you not to come here.” Skye spat at him unable to control it any longer as she started to sob leaning against the window dreading her past mistakes colliding with her new ones.

Jon helped Skye into the car as he looked at her bawling he felt his stomach clutched. He held her tightly as he looked at her. “We are going to get our son back. Do you hear me?” Jon said as he wiped her tears away. As he got into the car and pulled out speeding away seeing the Hessington’s all watching them leave. As he rode down the street he felt his stomach clutched up as tears began to fall down his face also. Clicking on the radio the haunting voice of Sarah McLachlan ‘In the arms of a Angel’ played on the radio and he just wept along Skye and Sarah’s voice took them away.


Merci yawned as she rolled over and touched Devin’s chest it was only days to her biggest event ever. Jackson and Dani wedding they’d rolled out all expenses and the carriage was going to be elaborate. The twins getting those little adorable Victorian car seats she found. She had Dani’s veil arriving today from Milan and some last minute decorations to transform the Devonshire mansion from Christmas wonderland to wedding eleganza. She perkily hopped up slipping on her slippers and walked to her closet figuring she’d wear her 90’s inspired plaid pink and white two blazer and skirt. Her lime green shirt with white lace thigh length stockings. Looking in the mirror she walked into her bathroom and saw all her mannequins heads with wigs on them. She had all colors and styles due to the fact she was growing her hair out. She didn’t want any breakage and she wanted a healthy head of hair. Plus this would change her look at any time. Last year she dyed her hair blonde and it broke her hair off which is why now she had a short Hallie Berry cut. It was styled so cute she was tempted to start wearing this as her style for now. She however liked the wigs for now. Plus Devin had names of famous black women for each of her wigs. Brandy her braided wig would do today.

Taking a quick shower she came out and saw Devin looking strangely serious. She walked around and kissed his lips playfully when he responded slowly she rolled her eyes. “What’s the matter? You’ve been all up in your feeling since we’ve been back from your parents. We spent three great days in California and you even showed me your dream house and now what? You have this stank look on your face and you aren’t showing me love when we all know Merci deserves love.” Once she saw him soften to her she slinked on top of him. As her hand glided down his chest. “Tell me what’s the matter.” Merci smiled as she kissed his neck and saw he still was stern but breaking. “What did I do? God you’re being an ass.”

Devin wasn’t sure he should be up in this mess but when Miranda texted him a few minutes ago he raised an eyebrow or two. He had always been a bit wary of Skye and her intentions for Jon but on the other hand Jon was a denier when it came to his past with Skye. Had he of looked past his crush with Dani he would have probably seen that Skye was there and the person he really did like and he would have supported that. What always worried him about that relationship though was how Skye floated around on Jon with someone he hated in Jackson and tried to play them against each other, how she was using drugs and in turn getting his friend and partner hooked on popping pills up and down to keep up and hide from the war. The text though was something that he wasn’t sure that he wanted to answer or ask Merci but he was still Jon’s best friend. If he wanted Jon to know the truth he had to find out what that was and it seemed like Merci could confirm those rumors to him. It meant that he could then tell Jon the truth if it was true and part of him wondered why Miranda didn’t just ask Merci. The more the thought about it the more he was conflicted and he looked at Merci, this had been occupying him for a while.

“Why did Skye really come back to Atlas Falls after those few years away? All of the sudden she just pops back up into everyone’s life.” Devin said looking at her trying to read her reactions when he said it and he saw her stiffen up. They had a great time in California with his sister and his parents over the holidays and they had returned home early that morning as he had a shift the next day and didn’t want to be jet lagged. He had found it even stranger when they stumbled inside the condo that Skye was no where to be found in the second bedroom it was almost as if a ghost was at Merci’s place now. So he had asked a few friends in text and no one had seen her leave either by car or by airplane and their contact with Ronan’s organization said she hadn’t been seen since a fight with Jon at the hospital with Thor. “Miranda said that she and Quinn overheard you talking a few weeks ago about this child she was supposed to have had. Two of the officers at the hospital said that Jon and her got into some shouting match. So what in the hell is going on?”

Merci heart was pounding and Skye hadn’t talked to her since they’d come back. Her things were gone and she called Thor earlier in the evening. He told her the cat was out of the bag and it seemed like Devin’s spidey senses were tingling. It wasn’t her place to tell him. Hell it wasn’t any of their business but she also knew that it was all coming out. She wondered if her friend had run away from everything again. As she sat on the edge of the bed she lowered her head. “It wasn’t my place to tell Jon. I told her numerous times to tell the truth but she was scared you know? Skye has always flown too close to the sun if it was drugs or relationships. She went after guys that were out of her league and we were garbage to so many people. The sluts of the town and nobody wanted us at one point. We were just dirty orphans alone and desperate for someone to love us. She came back into town to break up Jackson and Dani. That’s what Lowell paid her to do and Skye didn’t want to do it because she was in love with Jon. She talks about that time like I wasn’t even there. I watched from afar because I was um dating this guy who was horrible to me mentally. Well I wasn’t paying attention and she started to escort.” She bit down her lip. “By the time I looked up again she was gone.” Merci wiped her eyes. “I’m praying she isn’t gone right now.”

Merci took off her wig because she was getting hot and emotional. “She had a baby and she kept it from me too. I didn’t know until last year but I knew that Jon had a child out there. Yeah I did know but it wasn’t until I found out who she gave the kid up to. She can talk her hard shit but the night that she told me I held her in my arms and she wept because he made her do it.” She shook her head frustrated at this. “Devin, your best friend has a son and his name is Miles Hessington. He’s beautiful and smart and taken care of. I’m sorry I knew this and I didn’t tell you but it’s not my secret to tell you know?”

He had taken out his phone pretending to hold it and pressed record on the app the moment she started to speak about everything. The information she said though kinda horrified him if he was honest with himself it showed him that Skye was still manipulating the playing board and Merci was enabling that. Merci had played similar games last year with him and Miranda when if she would have just stopped they would have fell apart on their own without her trying to seduce him and him almost giving in. He looked at her, not sure if she even saw that in that moment he was mentally playing cop with her, listening to her confession and trying to dissect it and make sense of it. Skye had a past in Atlas Falls he got that there was a reason in middle and high school she had the nickname Slippery Skye or Slithering Skye she was talked about in the locker room a lot in high school and he was pretty sure that carried over into college too. Merci’s name had come up back then too but never by him or any of his friends frankly it would have been frowned on by most of them to dare to get with someone in her position back then, things were different now of course he loved her but he was also cautious in this moment. If she could lie to him about this like Skye could lie to everyone too what else was Merci capable of.

“So Skye came back into town on the eve of Chauncey and Selina’s wedding I know that much to try and break up Jackson and Dani and you didn’t think that was something you may of wanted to mention to me or Jon? She then tells you about the fact that she had Jon’s kid and knowing I literally work with him every day as partners, I dated his sister you didn’t think it was something you could at least warn me about?” Devin said looking at her and wondering other questions like who was the one that supposedly forced Skye’s hand about the adoption did she and Merci really think Jon Harrison would have turned his back on a pregnant Skye back in the day? She didn’t even try to contact him about any of it not a phone call or a text, hell a telegram seeing how she latched onto Jon back in the day and even when he broke up with Cassie briefly it seemed to odd. “Is there anything else I should know about her sudden arrival back in town and your connection to it any more lies?” He said taking a pause as he thought over what she had said and then went back into police mode with it. “Are we all sure that Miles is even Jon’s if she was escorting and who are you talking about made her do all this shit?” Devin said looking at her wondering if he was being to harsh on her or not.

Merci shook her head as she threw a pillow at Devin frustrated at how he was questioning her. She’d been in a few cop cars in her day. Her life had been transformed and she was getting irritated with him how he was in full blown cop mode. Not only that he was being an asshole to her and not being sympathetic to her friend at all. “I didn’t know I was fucking being interrogated. I was telling you this as my boyfriend and you’re fucking recording me? Put it on grave you bastard.” She said jumping off the bed. “Get out! You don’t understand what the fuck she has been through. You know they fucking threatened her to give up her baby?” Merci hissed at him knowing she had said to much but she wasn’t done with Devin Thompson yet. “You have no idea what I’ve had to do to survive and the fact you seem to think everything is so black and fucking white shows what a privileged life you led. Not all of us have our mommies and daddies to provide we got everything we had by hustling. One man after another. Skye hooked so I could go to design school. Did you know that? Skye was fucking men so I could have a fucking future! I was robbing people so I could eat! Yet you seem to think you can judge us by what we did in our past? Fuck you!” She screamed at him knowing what she said and didn’t care. “I sick of pretending that I’m this waif or stray that you have fixed up. No mothefucker I pulled myself up by my bootstraps.”

She looked at him knowing she was unleashing but didn’t care any longer. “Why would I tell you anything when you were too pussy to speak to me? Or do we have to recount all the times you told me you couldn’t be around me because your dick got hard.” Merci saw that she was shocking him with her language and how rough she was getting. This wasn’t the sweet girl who went to California with him. This was the orphan that had to sleep on a concrete bed. “So I was supposed to say hey my sister and the only person I’ve had in my corner for my entire life. I was supposed to tell you that she had baby with the guy who just shot my ex-boyfriend? Yeah that sounds like something I’d do.” She said rhetorically as she stormed to the drawer of clothes. “Get your shit and get fuck out of my house.” He’d never made her feel so ugly before than right now. The way he talked to her and the way he looked at her. Devin was disgusted with her now and she didn’t want to disappoint him but she wasn’t going to pretend that she wasn’t going to ride for Skye. “Go!” She said wiping her eyes frustrated with herself. Picking up her phone she texted Skye.

Bitch CALL ME ASAP or else I’m calling your aunt….

Merci looked up and saw Devin’s shock on his face. She wiped her eyes. “You never made me feel badly for who I was but right now you have. So go!”

Devin knew he was wrong to record them but it was simply a pure cop thing he was used too and he felt guilty about it the moment she started to unleash on him. He had to do a double take when she went into detail about Skye’s time as an escort to put her through school and no he didn’t understand what that was like, he was privileged that he had sound people around him. One of the main reasons his parents eventually left Scottswood on a handout from his uncle was to avoid him growing up there and getting sucked into the street life. “I’m trying to understand and make sense of all of this Merci for you and Skye. Who threatened her to give the baby up?” Devin said wondering if she even heard him as she was screaming and yelling at him probably not and he pressed stop on the recording or now it was at least something to go on. Something was very wrong with Skye’s story that was the only thing he knew and then he had a slew of other questions he wanted to ask and realized maybe this wasn’t the best way to go about it honestly he hadn’t ever been good at dating it was easy with Miranda because she as so upfront and came from the same beat he did at the station, he carried shit with him from cases. “Wait you were robbing people?” Devin said staring at her wide eyed and he wondered if he should ask her to clarify like currently or in the past?

“I don’t know maybe because we were supposed to be in a relationship with each other and that requires honesty? I was in a committed relationship and yes I was attracted to you but I certainly wasn’t going to use you like some asshole that is not who I am or how I was raised to be you should know that by now.” Devin said looking at her and he meant it he didn’t act on his attraction to her out of respect for her and Miranda until he decided what he wanted and by the time he did Miranda had for him that she wasn’t really ready. He got angry when she threw Kendrick up in his face like some martyr for her to cling to this secret with Skye that shit would haunt Jon for the rest of his career it would have him too it stung that she looked down on his career still it was a part of who it as and he felt the sting of tears pushing them back. “I expect the woman I’m dating and took home to meet my parents because I’m in love with her and want to be serious with her to be honest with me. Jon did what he had to do that day to bring Yasmine and Dani home safe to people that cared about them, none of us wanted Kendrick dead. If some asshole held you hostage, any one of us would have done the same to bring you home safe.” Devin said looking at her if she thought he was just going to quit being a cop when they dated she was wrong. He went to the closet to get his duffel bag throwing it on the bed he could swear she was close to bawling as he started to pack his stuff.

“I was eighteen and had nothing. They just throw you away once you turn eighteen. It’s known and I was scared.” She wiped her eyes as she looked up at him. “I didn’t want you to see me like this. I didn’t want to be so raw and exposed in front of you. I never was an escort okay? I met this girl named Maggie. She was the same age as us but she was tough. Maggie knew how to survive and she taught us. One day I was making out with this rich guy and the next thing I knew he fell out on top of me. I thought he had a heart attack but then in came Maggie and Skye and we took everything. I was young and stupid and reckless but I don’t.” Merci paused as she took deep breaths with tears pouring down her face. A tremble escaped her parted lips as she began to speak again. “I don’t want you to know that. I was scared that you’d look at me like I was a monster or a horrible person. You think you are ready to know me but you don’t know what it’s like for a girl like me. Miranda and your cousins they have it all. You had it all. You had parents who wanted you. Nobody wanted me Devin.” She said lowering her head in between her legs. She felt him getting closer to her. “No it’s fine.” Not wanting to be touched or consoled about her past.

Merci raised her head from between her knees as she bit down on her lip. “I clawed my way from that lifestyle. I’m not perfect by a long shot and I don’t pretend to be. But can you understand why I didn’t tell you? She is my sister and more than a friend or sibling she’s all I got. If you leave like I’m telling you to do. She’ll be here. She’s always been here for me. So ya’ll can look us as the whores that Jackson had a threesomes with. Or the girls that the boys wrote all those lies about on the wall. But I’ve moved past that. I didn’t mean I’m not grateful that a pregnant woman and a young girl are alive. But do you expect me to just admit all my past misdeeds to you and I can’t express my grief sometimes about someone I cared about dying without you screaming he saved them. I get it, he did save them but he crushed another family in the process. So yeah I didn’t open my mouth because Skye is my concern just like Jon is yours. Do you get that? This isn’t just some friendship, this is my sister. My girl and I weren’t going to betray her even for the man I love.”

Devin looked at her and stepped back she clearly didn’t want to be comforted and touched and he would respect that when it came to Merci. He looked down at his feet as she talked it was in her past and it wouldn’t be the first time someone on the law enforcement side got tangled up with someone with a criminal past. “I need honesty, Merci I’m not like the assholes in your past that are going to judge you or look at you differently but you have to stop hiding things from me about this shit. I’m not them and you’re not Miranda and the longer you hold on to not letting anyone in the longer you will push me away.” Devin said finishing with his duffel as he looked at her zipping it up. “I love my job helping people when they need it and I’m sorry if you’ve been mistreated by a cop before, Skye too hell anyone. I need someone that can support my career and the shit I have to see and deal with everyday seeing kids shot up in a gang feud, rape victims, armed robbery I could make an entire list. You like to think my life was perfect I was tempted once to join Kendrick’s gang I made a different choice to the point we had to leave Scottswood.” He finished grabbing his bag.

“Right now how about we hit pause for a day or two not goodbye just pause until we see where all this shit lands. I don’t want to be in the middle of it anymore than you do Merci when it comes to Skye and Jon. Skye’s your family and Jon is mine and we either have to figure out how we’re going to navigate that together or apart.” Devin said looking at her and grabbing his wallet and keys off the nightstand. He wasn’t doing this to hurt her and he really hoped she saw it that way, they both really needed to think about what they both wanted and how they were going to navigate it and as much as they wanted to put blinders on Skye’s secret had set off a bomb for a lot of people including them. “I’m sorry I was recording you. It was wrong of me I went into detective mode and I would have never shared that recording with anyone other than myself. For the record you aren’t trash or anything else that you may think you are, your past doesn’t define who you are today and I’m sorry if a man never told you that until now.” Devin finished leaning down and kissing her forehead before he walked out the front door closing it behind him and closing his eyes cooler heads needed to prevail here and he really hoped they did.

Merci nodded as she watched the best thing that ever happened to her walk out of her life. As she buried her hands into her face she began to cry. When her phone vibrated she walked to the nightstand and picked up her phone and saw it was Jackie’s and Dani’s group text. She quickly stood up and walked to the bathroom to finish getting ready and prepare for the biggest event of her life. The wedding of the century as the papers were calling it. As she turned on the cold water and splashed it on her face. As she slumped down onto the floor and began to cry uncontrollably as she wrapped her arms around herself. She will be by herself again but this time it wasn’t for anything she had done. Her sister had ripped the love of her life out of her hands.


Miranda looked over at KC and he had already told her how stupid it was to hide this huge secret from her brother but on the other hand he forgave her for it too. So when Devin had texted her back to confirm a few things for her on the Merci front it felt kinda weird. It wasn’t like she was Merci’s biggest fan and it wasn’t Merci’s secret to tell either and then her brain began to wonder about why it was such a big secret. The only way to get to the bottom of it in her mind was to come over and talk to Devin about it. It wasn’t like her brother was some idiot that would have been incapable of raising a kid, he after all helped her raise Quinn and her parents would have helped too. KC had warned her though after they changed and ate dinner smiling at each other the entire time and catching coy looks from David and Talia that her brother was going to take her betrayal hard and she understood that. She should have gone and told Jon but she really was trying to figure it all out before she did call it the detective in her, heck in their entire family. She knew Merci wasn’t there; his text to her had made it clear knocking on the door she saw Devin open it and it almost looked like he was pissed at her.

“Don’t look at me like that, okay I was looking out for Jon.” Miranda said looking at him and motioning KC to come inside with her. She knew it was a shitty excuse when she said it but part of it was very much so true she really did want the full story and that was the difference between her and Cassie she wanted the whole story. A lot of it wasn’t adding up for her which seemed to be throwing all her feelings off about Skye and the why’s of what was going on. “Listen you can be mad at me too if you want I already know Jon is going to be but what exactly did Merci say?”

Devin was so tired of being dragged into this entire thing with Miranda and Jon he loved them both Miranda as a friend and Jon was one of his best friends and he thought of him like a brother. He also though didn’t want to lose Merci either but what she had said was really bugging him. Charles made sure that Ryan and Whitney got Miles when she wouldn’t go into very much more detail and that was when it had turned ugly with them with him storming out after she discovered that he was recording her on audio. It was a dirty police tactic one he was so used to using on suspects that he felt bad about treating her like that as a suspect in some weird case he was making. He looked at Miranda and then at KC and wondered if he knew what he was being dragged into or not. If he had to guess he’d be stuck in the middle now too as a father he would get Jon’s side and as a husband he’d be on his wife’s side. He opened the door wider as she walked in and tried to explain it away he was mad at her for dragging him into this mess.

“Honestly Miranda I’m tired of getting drug into the mess with you and Jon every time something blow up between you and you know this is going to blow up. You two are tight you’re siblings so I don’t think you’re trying to be malicious about it though.” Devin said looking at her and then at KC who was still staring at him crossing his arms like he was in charge or something like that and he had to wonder how much Miranda had told him. “Ok I do think you are right something is off here about this entire story Skye is feeding everyone and I can’t seem to place my finger on it quite yet just like you can’t. KC how much do you know before I tell Miranda what she is asking or do I need to stat from what Merci said was the beginning.”

“I know that my wife was wrong.” KC said looking at Devin and Miranda. “I know that our best friend has a son and that Skye kept the boy from him. I know that much and I furthermore think that this is insane that we have found Jon yet. He’s somewhere in this town and now that Skye’s missing any guesses who are together? If I were to find out that I had a kid in this town well I’d move heaven and hell to get to them. So how many guesses that Jon is making a beeline for his kid with the Hessington’s.” KC said looking at them both as it registered on their faces how bad this could get. “He’d kill them to get to his child and I hate to say it but everything feels off about this. I mean if I were to give up my child and move away to restart my own life why would I just I don’t know come back? I mean she had everything she ever wanted and came back here to unearth this.” KC asked, looking at them with an inquisitive look. “I want to know more so come on Devin tell me what’s up.”

KC folded his arms again as he exhaled. “Look I wanted to talk to you both at the same time anyway. I think we’ve buried the hatchet but I can’t help but to feel tension between us. Look I don’t want any beef. You are Miranda’s friend and Jon’s best friend and Braden’s best friend. You really tried to replace me huh.” He mumbled underneath his breath. “But I get that they all had to move on and I am not trying to push you out of all my friend’s lives. I’m appreciative of you being there for them to be honest. So once again can we stop the dirty stares because most of the people you love, I love and that means we are on the same side.”

Devin looked at KC and he was actually glad that they were going to bury the hatchet everything was complicated since he had returned home and into everyone’s life too and he nodded his head at him. Like KC it was the same questions that no doubt he and Miranda were asking if he was a betting man. He would say Jon was with Skye. “I think we can all safely assume that Jon is likely with Skye, a patrol at the hospital saw Jon leave and then she left. Her stuff was gone from Merci’s place and she hasn’t left town I put out some feelers on different patrols and a guy at airport security.” Devin said pausing for a moment as he wondered if his relationship with Merci was going to recover or not people had fights all the time right? When KC mentioned he was starring at him with dirty looks he felt guilty for it, they had beef over Miranda and how KC lost his shit over stuff when he came home. “I’m trying man old habits die hard and I’m still trying to reconcile you being alive.” Devin said looking at them both. “Merci said something about Skye escorting back in Pittsburgh maybe KC could reach out and find out for who. Then she went off about some shit she got sucked into and made a comment about them making her give up Miles. Merci kept insisting that Skye really had no idea about him being Jon’s till recently.”

Miranda looked at Devin as she took in what she was saying honestly she didn’t know what to believe when it came to whether Skye really knew who Miles’s father was recently or not. She had judged her pretty harshly and she already knew if her brother found out that would probably push a rift between them more. “You think that Jon took her back to his place? Shouldn’t he be livid with her? Pushing my personal feelings aside for her though maybe we should give her the benefit of the doubt about who she really thought Miles’s father was. Let’s look past how she came back to town she confessed to me about why she came back originally when Lowell hired her up until now. She really maybe was telling the truth which kinda makes me a bitch but then that begs the question who was threatening her and why? I doubt Jon’s going to be thrilled I knew and didn’t say anything maybe even lash out at you both so my last question would be how do we want to handle this?” Miranda said looking at her husband and at Devin wondering if they should take this all to Jon or if this is something that maybe they could handle themselves. “Let him and Skye do whatever they’re going to do now and not touch it with a ten foot pole and involve him? Or maybe this is something we can figure out till we have all the facts and then go to them both?”

“Did you legitimately ask two cops what the hell we are going to do? We are going to figure out what happened all thaw years ago.” He looked at Devin who for the first time smiled at him. “Look it’s our job to help him through this because we all know Jon. He likes the macabre and he can get pretty dark. Finding out his chance to raise his first born has been snatched from him, when that guy has been talking about kids since I knew him. Well it must feel like the ground has been snatched from underneath him. Not only that his relationship with Cassie is over considering that she knew and kept it from him also. Jon is so going to dump that bitch.” KC looked at Miranda who had a shocked expression on her face. “I dated Cassie once or twice and she isn’t a nice person. This was while I was a senior and you all were freshmen. I was shocked like a mother when I found out Jon was with her. I thought maybe she changed her spots but a cat like her doesn’t do that. Miranda how about this? Me and Devin head to Pittsburgh see what we can find out all we can, considering it’s a few hours away we can be home first thing in the morning. Plus it gives Devin and I plausible deniability that we had nothing to do with this shit.” He looked at his wife knowing she understood what he was saying. As KC walked up to Miranda he touched her face.

“You gotta see your brother.” Licking his lips he leaned in and kissed her. “It’s not going to be pretty nor is it going to be fun. He’s going to be pissed but I also don’t think he won’t listen.” KC looked at Devin. “So roadtrip? You down or do you and Merci have something you need to do.”

Devin shook his head he could text Merci on the way there this was important not only to Jon but to Skye too her sister. “Road trip it is. Miranda go talk to your brother.” Devin said seeing her nod at them and walk out after giving her husband a kiss. “Jon’s going to lay into her but she can handle her own.”


Maddie and her grandmother had just finished skating on the lake as she looked over at her. “Grams?” She called as they were walking back to the estate. “Look if this comes out badly I’m sorry but I think it’s crazy that grandpa is dying and he isn’t in his home. I don’t know my great-aunt Katie but what if it was just another affair or something? I mean he denied it over and over again.” Maddie knew she might be stepping out of line but she didn’t care at this moment. “I miss grandpa and I hate to see you look like this. You guys think I’m two still, I’m fifteen and January 28th I’m turning sixteen. I know what’s going on and I think I should have some say or something. I mean grandpa is a good guy even though he may have done something horrible with aunt Katie. I don’t believe my grandfather is a rapist like everyone is saying at school. Him being with Tess is just making him look worse. I just want my family back. I want to come home and see my grandfather and I don’t want to hear you crying anymore. I think you forget my room is right by yours.” She said, looking at her grandmother who seemed shocked at how much this was all affecting her. Maddie looked down and fiddled with her Burberry boots. “Grams I just miss him.”

They walked inside of the mansion and she removed her jacket as she helped her remove her jacket. “I’m sorry if I over talked you or was rude. I didn’t mean it, I just miss him so much.” Walking to the refrigerator she pulled out milk, cream, chocolate, and marshmallows and began to make hot chocolate like they did every Christmas since she was born. Except it was normally her grandfather and grandmother together. Flicking her nails she looked at her grandmother who seemed to be struggling on what to say. “Please dad still treats me like a toddler, don’t do that. Talk to me like you and aunt Max were earlier. I may or may not eavesdrop on the entire conversation but that’s Devonshire trait. You should be excited I’m getting well versed in espionage.”

Jackie had watched her family she saw the laughter of Max with Sebastian as he chased her through the snow. Rory enticed Aspen into a snowball fight that ended in them rolling around wet and soggy, she held Donovan in her arms Lauren had Jolene. Natasha was of course being fawned over by everyone now that she had announced she was pregnant and she beamed Chauncey was truly changing. She had watched as Maddie and Dylan slid across the ice on their skates. Watched as Jackson danced with Dani in the stables, the light shining on them like they were the only two people in the world and closed her eyes. Her husband should be here for it. It was full yet heartbroken at the same time and eventually everyone had started to leave and it hit her hard as she watched Maddie on the ice and she had gotten up and joined her. Rather undignified and clumsy like at first and by the time they were done and sitting she felt younger than she had in years, her youth was gone and all that she had now as wisdom and she listened to Maddie as she talked. Talked about things that she thought she knew and wondered how she would break this to her, she was not going to stay married to Lowell. By the time they had made it back to the house for warm cups of cocoa she was cold and tired of fighting her new reality.

“You want things to stay the same Maddie but they are not. It is changing everyday your uncle is getting married in a few days. Your father is having a baby with Natasha, your sister or brother and your grandfather and I are getting a divorce. You may not understand that or the reasons that it is happening and you may still be clinging to the fact he is a hero in this story but I assure you he is not. There are some things that I can’t forgive anymore: his indiscretion with Tess again and my nephew being those two things.” Jackie said looking at her fiery granddaughter who was free to speak her mind most of the time and it was true that Chauncey did handle her still like a child that was not the young woman she was now. She saw a lot of her son in her granddaughter but she also saw the good in Logan too, and although she had only met Logan a handful of times she knew that her son had loved his first wife very much. “I won’t feed you a lie that all this is going to be okay Madeline you are old enough to know it is going to change. You can’t stop it and your grandfather can’t either. He had his choice and turned to Tess and I am tired of always trying to fix things between us, no more.”

Maddie grabbed her hot chocolate and looked at her grandmother as she narrowed her eyes. “Things are changing but my grandfather will never stop being the hero in this story. I love him and everyone can pretend that this is the best damn Christmas ever but I know differently. I know who is supposed to be here and it’s my grandfather.” She said wiping her eyes as she looked at her grandmother as she saw Lauren standing there looking horrified. “Great now we are a happy family right? No, I don’t care about my uncle’s wedding! I don’t care that he’s not on drugs anymore I want my damn grandfather.” She stormed out of the the kitchen leaving her hot chocolate on the counter.

Lauren bounced Jolene in her arms as he looked at Jackie’s saddened expression. “She’s a teenager honey. She doesn’t understand the intricacies of being an adult and I want you to understand that. Dani and I had plenty of drag out fights at that age. I know Selina is a mother figure to her but Chauncey hasn’t had her around due to that Dimitri thing. She might feel alone right now and from what Dylan says she was really close to Lowell. This is a lot of change and she’s taking it hard.” She said softly as she placed Jolene in the portable crib. Her granddaughter was sleepy after Donovan woke them up earlier in the night. As she sat down by Jackie she took the hot coco and poured some in Jackie’s cup. Then opened her purse and pulled out a bourbon from the Fraiser Pub. “Now that we’ve done the angsty teenager thing let’s drink and be merry.” Pouring the bourbon in each of their cups she smiled as she got up and walked to the foyer bringing back a huge bouquet of flowers. “To Jacqueline, thank you for trusting me with your case. Julian O’Sullivan.” She placed the white roses down and looked at her suspiciously. “Jackie! Who is Julian O’Sullivan and why is he sending you the biggest bouquet of flowers I’ve ever seen?”

Lauren looked at her friend and sipped the hot chocolate. “Cheers to one of my oldest girlfriends. Someone who I thought I lost but this year and young love brought my best friend back. I know we used spar because our husband’s didn’t get along but I’m glad that our mutual respect won out. Not only that Maddie smart mouth ass might have been right about one thing. We are family now Jackie. I’m here for you, and I want you to know that because I’m your grandma-in-law. We are a team and those two.” She said pointing to Jackson and Dani. “They are so in love and so happy. We did good.” Lauren said, raising her glass.

Jackie was still in shock as Maddie spoke to her and stormed out and she turned to Lauren who finally put JJ back in the crib they had so many portable cribs in the mansion. She knew her granddaughter was close to Lowell there was no denying that she was the first grandchild but to be deliberately obtuse about Lowell hurt. Everyone was trying to move on from what he had done in their own ways and this Christmas and the upcoming wedding was the way she saw that they were going to do it. She smiled at Lauren as she took out some bourbon and poured it in her glass and before she could get up to follow Lauren out she had come back in with  a massive bouquet and for a small second she hoped and prayed it was from Lowell and instead shock registered when Lauren read the note attached. Julian O’Sullivan that had flirted with her shamelessly in the office and made her feel something she didn’t think that she could in this mess a small sense of normalcy, a lingering ray of hope that it could all be over and the nightmare would turn into a beautiful sunrise for her and her children. She took the flowers from Lauren looking at them and her old friend grinning ear to ear at her and she for the first time in months laughed.

“You may remember him from back in the day at one point he was Lowell’s lawyer used to work with Jeremiah he’s handing my divorce along with Mason and Lex Hessington. He talks with the most dashing Irish accent something that you and Walter would approve of and give me hell for. I should have reached out after what Lowell pulled with you and Walter I had no idea Lauren you have to believe that ” Jackie said looking over at Lauren and now her closest ally and friend they had barely spoken about that day at the party all those years ago. She cleared her throat she had chosen a side all those years ago when she stayed after Lowell betrayed everyone and wondered if the price she paid was worth it. “I was a terrible friend to you especially after what happened with Victoria, that day in the park where you were so broken and I watched my son with your daughter, I should have reached out. Now they gave us them and maybe we can help steer that.” Jackie said wondering if Lauren was following her in that regard, they had both been betrayed so much by a spouse and maybe they could spare their children that by helping them along the way.

Lauren nodded as she looked at Jackie reaching out. “You were young and I think Lowell has apologized to Walter about the same thing. Time brings perspective and I think that we all made mistakes.” She paused getting a chill wondering if Jeremiah was alive still. He along with that bitch Gloria sabotaged everything. Lowell’s pride kept him from fixing his mistake years ago when the truth about Gloria came out. People might have made a martyr out of her because of cancer but she was a horrible person to be honest. “I’m just glad we’ve made it and now we can impose our wisdom on them.” She said, taking her best friend’s hand. When she mentioned Victoria it was still like a bullet to her heart. After Victoria’s death Walter and she finally broke. It was the last straw the finally ruined their marriage and even though it had been years it felt like a bullet pierced her heart. Especially remembering how loving Walter was at that time. If Victoria would have lived she fully knew that they would have repaired their relationship. “You know that day I was so empty. I felt like the world had swallowed me whole and then I looked up and saw Jackson and Dani playing with each other. It was that picture that made me feel again. For some reason I just looked at them and the innocence of them made me forget that my daughter drowned in Lake Everest and never was seen again.” Lauren said bitterly as she wiped away a single tear that slid down her face.

“I’m fine and I kinda do remember he used to tag behind Gloria back then. I would love to see you happy again Jackie. Look at me did I think Randall Sinclair and I would fall into a relationship after I divorced my husband? No I didn’t but here we go and I never thought I’d leave Walter. How has the times changed because I can’t see myself so unhappy and I know Lowell and you are just breaking up. But when your heart isn’t hurting as badly go see this man and see what could happen. You hear me? You deserve more than to continue to be hurt by Lowell and I deserved more than Walter. These men hurt us so deeply but we have to rise above because we are the mothers and the women. I say go find the treasure with the leprechaun.”

Jackie didn’t know the pain of burying a child and she really hoped she never lived to see that day, it was one of the reasons she didn’t push Lauren to much when her son started to see Dani. Lauren knew that pain first hand and she wanted to believe in fate that led their children together, well that and Jon Harrison putting and end to Kendrick. “Looking back to last year I understood your reservations Dani is your only daughter, Max was mine for a long time but I never told you you have a kind heart to look past my son’s mistakes. You didn’t try to poison her against him and you and Walter could have easily done that. If you had I don’t know if we would have had the twins here and I will always be grateful for that.” Jackie said reaching out and taking Lauren’s hand in hers and giving it a good squeeze in understanding. She took a breath and played with the mug of hot chocolate in front of her. “I think we should do something for Victoria you tell me what you want to do and I can help you arrange it, it is the least we can do.” Taking a sip of the liquid it was warm on her tongue she swallowed.

“As for Julian I’m not even divorced yet Lauren I can’t just very well go out and start pursuing a relationship with him what would my kids think? Lowell hasn’t even signed the papers though I will say I think Julian was being more than fair in what I was asking for. As for you what about Harvey LeClerq?” Jackie said admiring the roses on the table and she looked over at Lauren who smiled at her back. Julian was attractive there was no denying that but her heart still belonged to Lowell Devonshire even when she knew that he had picked Tess over her in Tess’s house and her heart ached a bit and she felt the sadness creeping back into her. “You’ve navigated the divorce with Walter better than I probably will with Lowell honestly. I heard Blythe lost her damn mind when she found out at DGI it was quite the talk. How did your children handle it? I know that seems so weird to ask Lauren but mine aren’t taking the news well at all. Most are pretending for my sake now it’s not exactly the same thing as what is going on with Lowell. Walter doesn’t have those demons but mine are so broken right now Lauren.”

“Jackson seemed to be what my girl needed.” She said smiling at Jackie. “After she lost the baby with Lex, Dani was so lost. She was hurting and always working at DGI. It was one night when Talia and Simon took her out I swear I saw her come back to life and for that I thank your son more than he’ll ever know. My daughters were so special to me not to say Braden isn’t because you understand the bond between a boy and his mother. It’s just those girls Dani and Victoria were ways I thought to fix my marriage. Dani didn’t but somehow Victoria was. Walter wasn’t a bastard and all of the sudden it was like he saw all the mistakes and tried to start to fix things. We became happy honestly we were a cute family at that time you know? I can still remember Walter making his pancakes and Irish cream syrup and us giving it to Victoria solid food. She was so pretty Jackie oh she had red hair and this flaming green eyes and Dani and Braden had hazel eyes but hers were green like my mothers and Walter’s grandmother’s. She would coo when I sang to her and tried to sing too. Oh Victoria.” She said exhaling she looked at Rory through the window. “I always thought if Jackson and Dani didn’t make it then fate would have brought Victoria and Rory together. I knew our kids would be entangled, are you kidding me? We forbid them from talking to each other.” She laughed, wiping her eyes. “I was thinking of a charity ball for her, something grand and beautiful. I want the town to be dressed in beautiful gowns and tuxedos and masks to celebrate her life.”

Lauren finished her annual cry every Christmas since Victoria died she brought her a gift. She’d cry and place the gift in the attic. This year she brought her a small golden necklace and it would go in the attic of her cabin. Which was so crowded now that Dru was staying until she helped her get a place more suitable. The poor kid lost it all. “I think Braden and Dani were happy that Randall and I have a connection and that’s what it’s about. They will be happy that you are finding your happiness again. So don’t worry about it and I’m not saying that you have to jump into bed with him Jackie. I’m saying you’re free honey. You are no longer tied to Lowell because he’s finally done it. He’s made a choice and I think the sooner you come to terms with Lowell making that choice the sooner you’ll be free to feel free. Plus if Julian is half as handsome as I remember honey he must be a stone cold fox now.” Lauren giggled as she thought about Harvey. “ A couple of days ago I got a call and I swore it was him. I know he was with Freya and we fell apart and it hurts because I was going to take Braden and run. Oh I was ready to love and be loved but I lost it all because I stayed in a marriage and relationship that wasn’t mine. Brenda should have his been his wife but that didn’t happen either. It’s complicated how I feel on the past but I know Randall is my future and unfortunately I’m not looking back at Walter or Harvey.” Maybe she was saying that because Harvey wasn’t in Atlas Falls but she was content with Randall.

Jackie listened to Lauren and her heart ached for her friend to know that she was still grieving the child that drowned in a way. They had come a long way over the last year from Lauren storming in and fighting with her about their children, to hiding it from their husbands and going into grandmother hood again with her best friend was a blessing. That didn’t even take into account that Lauren was who she had taken to California to see Katie, it was Lauren who had held her hand and encouraged her to do the right thing when it came to her nephew. “A charity ball it is then,” Jackie said seeing it was late and she still had so much she needed to get done for the rehearsal dinner and last minute wedding plans. She didn’t want to take up anymore of Lauren’s evening surely she wanted to head home to her own house. “It’s just hard Lauren I’ve been tied to Lowell for over forty years and starting over sounds so scary but I’m not going to let it bring me down. Not when this should be a happy time for both of our families to not dwell on the past anymore. You are of course welcome to stay but let me walk you out so you and Randall can have the rest of the evening to yourselves.” Jackie said making sure JJ was still asleep as she walked Lauren to the front door giving her a hug and watching Jackson and Dani doing the same before she drove off. Wondering if Lauren was right if the ache inside of her heart at Lowell Devonshire and his betrayal of choosing Tess would ever be numb enough for her to move on.


Selina placed the last box down as she looked around and her condo was complete. The smell of soulfood was permeating through the kitchen. She had begun cooking earlier in the evening because everyone was coming over. It was a new start for the Delacroix family. Her eyes traced the room as she felt butterflies floating in her belly. Hearing about someone shooting Dimitri and him claiming to have no memory of who the shooter was. That was scary but she wished she could send the shooter a bouquet of roses. She wished he was dead and one day she prayed it would happen soon. Merci had come through with the rushing of the decor but everything looked chic and polished. Slowly touching her white leather and cream suede sofa she felt like everything was going to go good. Looking at her reflection for the first time the revenge woman she’d been the past year was gone and she saw Selina. She was building herself up and hopefully this new position at DGI would change everything for the better. Rushing to the kitchen, Selina began opening the oven and pulled out the baked macaroni and cheese. She had candied yams out the stove warming, fried buttermilk chicken,smoked ribs, pork tamales, greens with smoked turkey necks, and for desert peach cobbler, tres leche cake, and a banana pudding cheesecake. She still looked a mess but the apartment was together. She had on a sports bra, a loose Donna Karen tank-top, yoga pants, and a pair of Yezzy sneakers. Her hair had a scarf wrapped around it and she heard the doorbell. She told him to come early so she could get ready and watch the food. The truth was the Mexican dishes were to honor Ophelia who had been amazing to her and always loved her even when it was hard to do.

As she strolled to the door she looked in the mirror and saw the scarf on her head and snatched it off. One thing Gloria Delacroix didn’t play was a man was never to see you with that damn scarf on your head. She remembered that. Quickly shaking her hair trying to make it looks like she wasn’t running around like a madwoman. Cooking was something she was good at due to her father but something she liked to do never. When she opened the door she smiled at Eli and couldn’t help but feel those butterflies float up. She hadn’t felt that in a long time. Wanted and she saw it in his eyes he was intrigued and so was she. Selina could smell him right there standing outside the door. His cologne was powerful and commanding as his eyes. His chocolate skin seemed to glow underneath the bright lights of the hallways. She saw him holding a bottle of wine and she told his ass not to bring a thing. “I told you that you couldn’t come up until the apartment was ready and it’s ready.” She said moving out his way so he could enter. “So I swear I said don’t bring a damn thing. Didn’t I say that? Yeah I said that.” Selina said seeing him sit. “Can I get you anything if you don’t like Erykah Badu you can turn it off. She’s my cleaning and working music.”

Elliot was trying to be nice to her ever since she moved into the building and they started to run into each other more and more and he backed up his words he was doing community outreach there too. He had even talked to the man he considered to be his mentor about a possible run in a few months as district attorney, something he had never really considered before he met her. Or before he came to Atlas Falls he had always been about civil justice and wanting to help those from the hoods who couldn’t help themselves and what better way to do that running. It would mean outing her current ex husband from the position and that was something he was looking forward too Braden was a formidable opponent in court. For now he wouldn’t tell her of his plans, they had been hanging out and he had helped her move in along with the rest of her family she had even asked him to attend her father’s nuptials to his former wife Ophelia when they remarried. He didn’t consider it quite a date or anything and it had been a bit awkward but he learned a few things too. Tony had actually grown up in Scottswood, he and his wife Gloria had moved out about a year before everything went public with DGI his sister remained there for  a few more years. In his mind his family had been lucky that Devin didn’t turn to the streets.

“Nah she’s fine. I know you did but I figured I’d take a chance on the wine.” Elliot said handing her the wine and looking around the place was starting to look like her and he smiled. She was beautiful and smart and he had to raise his eyebrow a bit when he spotted the scarf on the side honestly he thought women wearing the scarf was quite gorgeous, sexy and bold but he was not going to tell her that, at least not yet. The smells were amazing too and he could sense the southern comfort food that was cooking and he then smelled that hint of Mexican too, it was very nontraditional and maybe he needed that standing up he walked to the kitchen. “It’s getting a little late everyone will be here in a bit, go ahead and get changed and shower if you need too. Thanks for inviting me.”

“No problem. I’m fairly sure Jamal and Val will be here any moment and Zach and Mason are coming from his parents house so they’ll be here any moment. As for my parents.” She paused as it finally hit her. She just called Ophelia her mother. Selina smiled brightly at the thought and finished the statement. “I hope they are on the way.” She walked up the stairs to her bedroom closing the door as she quickly walked to her closet. Pulling out a breathtaking Atelier Versace white and black gown. The bodice was black leather and the rest was lace and silk layered making a epic train. She wanted to show her family she was back and she knew a bold dress like this was Selina. The sad part was Dimitri had started to even change how she dressed. Stepping into the shower it took her all of ten minutes to shower. Once done she dried off and lathered in her expensive rose lotion. Then she began her makeup which she’d gotten down to a science. This time she chose a pink and nude lip instead of her usual dark crimson or red. Her mother said black women looked majestic with red lips. Instead of her normal bouncing wrap she chose to wear it wet and curly. Wearing her mother’s diamond teardrop earrings she was complete. She didn’t want a lot of jewelry but she did choose to slip on a foot bracelet. Selina optioned out of heels she was in her house and she wanted to feel free.

As she walked down the stairs she cleared her throat and saw Elliot looking at her like she was some mystical creature. She wasn’t, she was just a woman. As she walked down the stairs she saw him standing up as if she had taken his breath away. “Stop.” She said playfully slapping his shoulder. “So I cleaned up nice. Elliot a couple of months ago I was a broken flower that wouldn’t bloom anymore. I just want to thank-you and my family tonight for showing me that I could bloom again. Now let me see this wine, oh it’s from Sebastian vineyard. Max wouldn’t stop raving about him or the wine.” She said pouring herself a glass as she walked to the kitchen stirring up the food and making sure nothing burned. Turning around Elliot was right there. “Shit.” She said laughing as she looked at him getting the potatoes out of the oven and on the stove. “I was going to have you try some of these sweet potatoes.” She scooped a little out of the pan as she fed them to Elliot. “Are they good to slap your momma? Missing anything?” They were so close that their bodies were touching. “You’ve been really sweet to me. So I thought you should eat something sweet.” Selina said flirting once again feeling like herself.

Elliot watched her leave the kitchen and stared at all the pots and pans that was not his forte when it came to cooking, he lived on take out and his ex wife was the one that did most of the domestic stuff. It looked simple enough though and he watched the oven like a man starved just to make sure that nothing burnt while she was in the shower wondering what in the heck he was doing here. She was completely different than what he thought he wanted when he came to Atlas Falls he was chasing fame and fortune and fighting the good fight, suddenly now he was rethinking those priorities. He had bought a condo, opened up his own firm near the Scottswood district and couldn’t get Selina Delacroix out of his head and this was after he had said some vile ass shit to her brother. He’d always been selfish for the most part when it came to what he wanted in life to rise up above the filth that seemed to oppress him and consume his childhood. At this point he wasn’t even sure if he did win he would get voted in as district attorney if he ran. When he heard the water upstairs turn off he washed his hands in the sink and dried them spinning to look at her coming down the stairs where he literally was at a loss for words.

The black and white dress clung to her every curve just right, the slit coming up just enough to leave his imagination running wild and now he thought he was severely under dressed. He saw a pot boiling on the stove and didn’t even turn it off as he watched her walk down the stairs he was not used to seeing her like this, her wardrobe had been so conservative since they had met. It was likely due to her time with Dimitri and his blood boiled at that and he saw her turn off the pot and reach into the oven and grab the sweet potatoes out. His mouth was watering over her and not the food he knew that much and his heart was racing so fast in his chest he wasn’t even sure what to say when she lifted the spoon to him and fed him and he swallowed. “It tastes amazingly sweet. I’d like to think that is not the only sweet thing in the kitchen that I would like to taste.” He said leaning in close to her and licking his lips,  looking in her eyes and he almost kissed her and he would have if the front door didn’t open and he saw Tony walk in with Ophelia. “I mean it’s amazing and you have an amazing teacher I would like to think who taught you to cook. My momma would definitely approve.”

Selina turned around and saw Tony and Ophelia walking in and she smiled at Ophelia little dance when she saw them almost kiss. Father looked concerned but she was taking it easy with Eli and getting to know him but it was something comfortable with him. She walked to her father and hugged him kissing and leaning over to kiss his cheek. “I got everyone gifts and I know we exchanged over y’all house yesterday but I got some more stuff to say thank you for and I can’t wait for Val to come in. She slayed my dress for the wedding you guys want any appetizers for a drink?” Turning around she saw Eli bringing out the bottle of wine. She walked up and took it from him. As she took his hand and leading him to the table to sit with her parents. Pouring them all glasses of wine as she looked at her father’s happy smile. “What are you smiling at?”

“You mi hija.” Ophelia said taking a sip of the wine. “Oh this is good Sebastian sent everyone bottles of wine in the hospital for Lowell. Max has finally found a good one that can handle her.” Tapping her nail on the glass. “Do I smell tamales?” She said smiling at Selina as she felt the welcoming presence of her. For years they’d struggled but ever since the abuse of Dimitri it seemed like Selina had let go of her baggage. It was refreshing to see her light and having fun. She could tell Tony was happy but he also was concerned about Elliot. “Basta para que tengamos que apoyarla en el futuro.” She whispered to Tony. “So Elliot, where is your family and tell me how to you like our city?” That didn’t mean she couldn’t question him.

Tony watched Elliot cautiously as he entered the room he was still cautious about any man coming around his daughter after Dimitri. Especially the man that called his son a coon and a slew of other things for defending Jon Harrison in court. “Just you smiling and looking like the woman that I have come to love as my daughter over the years. The dress suits you.” Tony said taking the wine glass from her and taking a sip, it was good wine and he agreed with Ophelia as he took her hand in his. Seeing how close Selina was growing with Ophelia had cast some brightness in his darkness the last few weeks even if it came over twenty years later than it should have. “Yes I would like to know about where you are from Elliot where is your family?” Tony said and he saw Elliot take the glass still completely lost in his daughter’s eyes and slightly smiled.

Elliot wasn’t sure how long he had stayed there looking at Selina taking in her beauty from every angle that the dim kitchen light was giving him. He realized he was staring as he saw her parents looking at him and he took a drink from his glass. “My brother is up in New York he is in his third year of residency still undeclared about what he wants to do. My ex wife is in Chicago with our son. I pick him up next week for a few days. My mother died a few years ago and I never knew my father.” Elliot said looking at them both and seeing they were a bit shocked that he had a child he shrugged it was amicable and he was a good father to his son. “There is not bad blood between me and my ex if that is what you are worried about. As for Atlas Falls I’m adjusting pretty good I’m actually thinking about.” He paused as the door opened and Mason came in with Zach and he shuffled his feet.

Mason and Zach had left the most awkward party with Zach’s family earlier he wasn’t sure how he he was supposed to feel about Greer but he was not giving back the gift. He and Zach deserved a romantic getaway together and they were going to take it. He saw his sister looking gorgeous and he could tell even Zach agreed the dress suit her way more than what Dimitri was having her wear. Then he saw Elliot there and almost tensed he had went after his relationship with Zach at the courtroom and made his feelings known. He put on a smile he was going to do this for this sister suck it up and be a bigger man when it came to Elliot. “Dad, Ophelia…mom.” He said shaking his head he was happy for them he just had to remember to call her mom again which was weird. “What did we miss other than my sis looking fierce as hell in that dress?”

“Or my bomb ass entrance.” Jamal said walking in with Val on his arm. “I don’t think it’s words to express how fly my older sister looks and how fly my entire family is.” He looked at everyone quickly hugging his mother, brother, father, and sister. Looking at Elliot his entire face became flushed. He didn’t like how he grilled him or how he tried to play his brother. He learned last year that you didn’t have to be one type of black or another as long as you embraced your black side. As long as you embrace who you are. Looking at brother he pushed him and then punched Zach in the arm. “So you guys do know that its a priest outside which is strange.”

“Surprise.” Ophelia said looking at everyone. “We wanted our family to be here when we reunited. So we thought that what better way to celebrate us being remarried than remarry with all you in attendance.” She said, looking at them all excited faces. “Selina I would like you to be my maid of honor and you can be my bridesmaid Val. Now you boys have to fight over who is the best man but I want our family to be together and tonight to be the start.” She said looking at each of them. “It’s our wedding day again.” She hugged Selina. “You are the best daughter a mother could want. I know we’ve had our ups and downs but you were my first child. Before Jamal you and Mason were so special to me. Seeing become this woman who is so strong, so amazing and powerful. Mason you are the strongest man I’ve ever known to have to hide yourself and all your beauty but to not be afraid. To be bold and amazing as you have been and my only child that came from body. Jamal you are the future of this family and your brazen drive makes me feel like anything is possible. You all make me feel so happy and I’m happy we are here. I keep saying happy because I am.”

Selina wiped her eyes excited as she looked at Ophelia completely excited at the fact that her father was remarrying her. “And you were the best mom to a damn monster.” She laughed hugging Ophelia as she looked at her. “I absolutely will be your maid of honor. I do understand that you’re here show me up! I thought I was going to have the best dress. Do you wanna borrow something upstairs or I’ll get you some flowers what do we need.” She turned to look at Eli. “Well

“Calm down sweetie we have everything.” Ophelia said smiling at Tony and taking in her family. “Wedding first and feast next.”

“As long as I don’t have to bead anything I can help.” Val said smiling at Ophelia and then seeing Jamal laugh at her. It was true if she never had to look at another bead for a few weeks she’d be on cloud nine.

Mason hadn’t seen the priest in the hall when they arrived obviously he had arrived after Jamal and Val, he saw Selina smiling and actually happy about it and he smiled too. It felt like after years they were going to be a family again, he never treated Ophelia as bad as his sister did, but he was certain that raising two children hat were not your own had to of been hard.  “I think you look fine like you are.” Mason said beaming at them both and seeing Elliot not sure what to do with himself. “Well go let the poor man in.”

Elliot stood there in a little shock at the impromptu wedding that he was now going to be a part of people in Atlas Falls had the weirdest way of celebrating the holidays. He walked to the door and let the priest in and he saw Val rushing around to try and help with the impromptu wedding. He saw Selina beaming and went to her standing next to her. “If this is more of a family thing I can totally leave just let me take some food with me so I don’t starve.”

“No you’re here bro so obviously my sister wanted you here.” Jamal nodded at Selina. “And if you got my sister out here looking fly again and not sad you aight with me coon.” He smiled and everyone in the room looked at each other. It was Selina first but the tension immediately broke when she burst out laughing. Everyone in the room laughed because the exact word Elliot used against Mason now had been used to break all the ice in the room. “Calm down man this the first Christmas vow renew wedding thing we had ever. So it’s new for us too.” He patted Elliot on the shoulder.

Ophelia and Tony held hands as the priest began in a sweet service where they signed their marriage certificate and they together said their vows together.They kissed and were once again married around their family. Ophelia held Tony’s hand as she kissed him again. “We are a real family now!” She screamed as she clapped and hugged her children and Tony did the same. The priest left and as the family began to eat and everyone began to mingle. Ophelia watched Mason, Selina and Elliot talking and eating. Zach, Val, Tony and Jamal were laughing and eating dessert first and she felt whole it felt like family.


Sebastian looked around their condo and felt like he was ready to vomit. His legs were wobbly and his face was flushed. He’d always been a smooth man and never seemed nervous about anything due to his obviously jovial demeanor. He disarmed a lot of people with his darkness that actually lived underneath the surface. He was scorned by love and at one point in life he thought he wasn’t going to love again. After his relationship with Gia he locked himself away and knew that it was for the best that he stayed away from anyone. Moving forward was the best for everyone, especially for himself. Turning around and somehow he ran into Max and somehow he became enraptured in her. He wouldn’t settle for some basic love story but he didn’t have to worry about that because nothing about Max was basic. Just getting her to say she was in love hell falling in love was a journey. But that was enough for him because once she admitted it they were both wasted on each other. Intoxicated on the love that the other could give them. As he slowly walked down the hallway he looked around and thought if all the golden balloons were too much. Shaking his head he disagreed with himself it may have been too little. Max was extravagant and the white rose painted gold and all the white rose petals everywhere might have been much. But he wanted to have a huge wedding to celebrate. He’d caught thee Max Devonshire.

As he heard her keys in the door Sebastian bit down on his lips. Rushing to the living room he grabbed the huge golden balloon and popped the cork of champagne. When he saw her expression he knew he’d done it correctly. “Mi Amor.” He said smiling at her as he looked at her marveling at all he had set up and done. “I have my mother’s famous huevos rancheros casserole I made from scratch. I got two imported bottles from the vineyard and I also called a friend. His name is Isaac. He’s an amazing jeweler but it’s somewhere in one of these balloons so you must pop them to find all of your gifts. This one is the last one and I’d look carefully if I were you. I’ve hidden a Tiffany’s diamond bracelet in one, a Cartier diamond necklace, a sparkling pair of Chanel earrings in another balloon, and so much more. But this one is the last understand the rules, Mi Amor?” Sebastian asked as he saw her removing her coat and smiling at him. “Once you find your jewels and other gifts then you come to me. I’ll enjoy this champagne and you going crazy.” Picking up the letter opener which was sharp as any knife. “Begin at your own risk. You may get glitterbombed.”

Max had stayed at the mansion about an hour after Sebastian had finished teaching her to Samba, she played with her nephew for a bit and then spent a little time with the twins. The party had wound down and she helped her mother see everyone out they all went back to their lives and they had a heart to heart. She hadn’t really talked to her mom about the pending divorce from her father and she wanted to make sure that her mother was alright. She could tell the strong front was starting to break for her mother though and the only shining spot coming up was the wedding. It wasn’t a huge family secret that her twin was her mother’s favorite boy and as the only girl till recently she was the favorite girl. Everyone was moving on with their lives engaged or married, dating people in their standing and she looked at the text message from Aspen on her phone. She assured her to stay on task she could announce her pregnancy at the wedding and it would remove the hood rat from her younger brother’s claws. Opening the door to the best condo unit she could afford she saw the balloons and Sebastian standing around them. She was taken in by the extravagance of it all, he knew her all to well something that Hunter seemed to not understand and well Phillip didn’t have for a time.

The smell of casserole was something that hit her nose, she had grown accustomed to Spanish cuisine while she was in Spain with Sebastian. Her palette was a little more expensive than that so it as different in a good way for her. They had eaten at her mother’s party but she could always eat more she was not a girl that starved herself and for a moment it reminded her of Veronica and Cat who both did that off an on in their youth. “You certainly know the way to a girl’s heart or at least a Devonshire girl’s one.” Max said picking up the letter opener and waving it at him teasingly she did so love her jewelry, so did Bliss and her mother, heck Natasha did too. Other women in their family not so much that was something he figured they would have to adjust to if they were going to marry into the family. “You may want to stand back while I go on my hunt then I’d hate to poke your eye out.” Max said as she began popping the balloons left and right watching the items fall on the ground and she picked them up beaming at him only the best for her it seemed. There was glitter flying as she did so and she looked around at him smiling at her he was very good to her and that frightened her. She normally was not a good person when it came to men call it part of her DNA she was like her father in that regard she and Chauncey both. “You certainly know how to spoil me no wonder my entire family is wrapped up in your charms.” Max said holding the jewelry in her hand as she leaned up and kissed him before stepping back and grinning at him, “Can I pop this one then?”

His little elves had done wonderfully making this a wonderland and no she was at the main attraction. Sebastian nodded his head as he saw Max popping the last balloon and out fell a small box. He stooped down and then slid on one knee. “You’ve poured your heart out to me. It took a long time because I think some of these other guys in this town stunted your growth. You were always a wild untamable and I don’t want to tame you. I don’t want to change you Maximilla Devonshire because you are perfect to me. Matter fact Mi Amor you all I’ve ever wanted to have. Someone who loves me for me and I think that you are all I’ve ever needed. Now I’m not assuming that our road will be easy. Matter fact I know you so I know it won’t be. That wasn’t a diss but life has a way of trying us. This isn’t puppy love or butterflies because I’ve relocated my entire life to be with you. You are that special to me.” He saw her eyes watering. “Anything you want is yours as long as I am breathing.”

Sebastian took a deep breath and felt his stomach dropping. “Max what I am asking you is simple. Join me on this journey called life Mi Amor and I’ll make you the happiest woman on earth. If I told you that our life can be filled with so much more than just this. Will you make me the happiest man on earth and will you marry me Maximilla?” He asked as he looked at her shaking hand. “Marry me and let me fill this condo up with happiness.”

Looking at Sebastian when he popped the last balloon and it fell to reveal the small box that also had a ring inside it took her breath away. Her life had for most of it following along with her parents or Hunter’s their life plan for them and last year when she and Hunter started their divorce it felt for the first time she was figuring out what she wanted. Hunter wanted a family to stay home and make babies to carry on his family name. Philip wanted a good fuck and to play games with Scarlett Nichols because he was still hung up on Veronica so that meant she needed to figure out what she wanted. Spain had allowed her to see the culture and one day in the city she had stumbled into the man before her who was charming and funny and a catch in the sheets. She didn’t expect it to be more than a fling and she’d had flings before with people like Philip and Ryan, as well as a few others it wasn’t like she was proud of it or maybe she was she didn’t know anymore. It was all fun and games or so she liked to tell herself but she was bored with it as well, then Sebastian and walked into her life and literally turned it upside down. She let his words he was speaking register in her mind and wondered if it was too soon for them. She had just secured the casino deal and they were just now breaking ground.

She continued to stare at him not sure if she should say yes or no when it came his proposal she was considering everything, call it selfish of her if he wanted. Everyone else around her was getting engaged or married for the first time she felt like maybe he could be the real one, the one that did take her heart away and let her be her complete self too. Everyone in her family seemed to genuinely like and respect Sebastian as well, which was something other than Hunter didn’t really happen with. She was happy with him and she really did love him and maybe that was all two people really needed looking at her twin and now Bliss, how strong those relationships are. He had given up Spain for her his life in Spain and she had seen some legal paperwork to apply for a more permanent visa and even a US citizens handbook in the study and she suddenly found herself nodding her head at him and felt tears slipping down her face she was not normally this emotional though. She pushed it back as her hand was shaking as he slipped the ring on her finger it was because of the wedding coming up she was sure of it, that was the only reason seeing her twin so happy. “Of course.” Max said looking at him and wrapping her arms around his neck as she kissed him.

Sebastian saw she was shaking from the excitement from the moment. As he kissed her deeply he picked her up in his arms. “I’m going to make every moment of our lives perfect. You didn’t have to love me but you did. You didn’t have to care about me but you did. For whatever reason you have given me room to breathe again. To live my life to be the best man I can be and for that Max you will get the best out of me every damn day.” He kissed her lips. “What have I done to deserve you, I don’t know but I will indulge every desire you have. I’m going to give you the best life. Understand that this mean you are now about to be apart of a spanish family which means my grandmother will always try to feed you. My brother is a shameless flirt and my sisters are unique.” He laughed thinking about how his sisters and Max would interact. They’d more than likely clash because much like Max they were always overly protective. “Martina and Valeria are very protective over their big brother and Gio loves to flirt with anyone I have. Don’t worry about that though he’s just a shameless flirt.”

Sebastian flopped down on the couch as he kissed her again. “I can’t wait for you to meet them all. They are excited to visit me here and California. I’m excited for what’s next. I know you aren’t ready for children or anything but I can see one or two running around. I’m just saying down the road a baby wouldn’t be bad. I mean your family is trying to rebuild and a baby could be fun for us. Can you imagine a little boy who could learn to samba or a little girl who you could slather all the designer clothes on her.” He teased looking at her rolling her eyes. “I love you Max.”

Max was happy as she kissed him for the first time in years she was actually happy as she kissed him and she starred at the gorgeous ring on her finger. This man had literally captivated her and her family and maybe it was time that she settled down, and she almost cringed at that term and wondered if this is how her father felt married to her mother. Restless yet at the same time happy and she almost tensed as he mentioned a baby she was not having a baby, she was simply sick with a cold and at that she pulled back. Resting her hands on his chest and she mean to say more only for her phone to buzz and she read the text and her eyes got wide holding up a finger she looked at him as she answered. “Simon what is wrong? We are supposed to be breaking ground in a month how in the hell did the county planner mess this up? I can’t hear you it’s too loud where you are let me move to the back room I get better reception there.” She looked over her shoulder at Sebastian and mouthed sorry as she walked down the hall her hips swaying as she went.


Bliss was shocked when the messenger subpoenaed her to be at court on January fifth for custody of Fox. She knew she needed to call Mason and Lex because he was still trying to snatch her son. Bliss knew it was going to be a fight but she would rather die than let him have her son. She refused it and as she walked up to Hunter and she grabbed him away from Brooke and Atticus. “Pardon me.” She said softly as she walked with him and showed him the papers that the messenger just gave her. “He won’t stop. I swear if I had a gun I’d shoot him dead. Hunter if I get the wrong judge he’ll think I abandoned Fox and what if he says I’m unfit or something. Like what if he believes me and thinks I’m unfit for leaving Fox with him. Oh my God I didn’t think of that. What if I’m unfit because I left my son with a monster?” She asked as she touched Hunter. “I knew he wouldn’t hurt his son. Fox was his first born and he was the love of his life because he was a vain monster. He disarmed all my fight and before I knew it I was submissive but I knew if I didn’t run I’d be dead.” She knew the fear was pumping in her blood.

Sitting on the steps she looked at him. “What are we going to do? How can I make this stop. I just want my son and my life away from Dimitri. I want you, Fox and I to be a family together and he never has to worry about anything.” She admitted as she grabbed his hand. “I will kill Dimitri first before I ever let him have my son. I have spent my life in fear and I won’t lose my boy again that’s a promise.” Looking at Atticus and Brooke playing with Fox, Miles, and Morgan she clutched her pendant. “I think I want to go to Europe. My mother had this beautiful cabin in the Swiss Alps. We could go until he stops looking for me and you. We could hire a hitman.” She was half joking and half speaking the truth. “I just wish he was gone and had no more power over me or our son. You love Fox as if he was your own and I can’t lose the family we have now. It’s perfect and one day we will have our own child. We will be even more perfect. I just need you Hunter and my son. I don’t care about the money or the CEO position. I just need you two.” She leaned into Hunter and hugged him, closing her eyes.

Hunter had arranged everything inside and he had to wonder if he was fucking crazy or not as he did, they were going to get married. He saw no sense in waiting and he didn’t want a huge ass wedding nor did she not to mention Dimitri breathing down their neck. If they married he could legally keep her and Fox here in the states in a long drawn out custody battle for years to come she was a US citizen and so was he, that meant that technically her son was too. It wasn’t just legally though for him he really loved her with all his heart and soul, he loved her son too they had wormed their way into his heart and he wasn’t about to let some rapist prince take that away from him. “No judge is going to think you are unfit Bliss. You had to leave a dangerous and unstable man for your own life. A judge is going to see that between your testimony and the other women that have stepped forward they are going to see that. I promise.” Hunter said looking at the worry and anxiety on her face and hoping what he was about to do was going to help ease that and her mind about all of it.

He held her when she hugged him frightened and scared and pulled back looking her in the eyes and wiping her tears away. “Good thing you’re with me then and I have a complete fool proof plan lined up to rid Dimitri from you forever. Close your eyes.” He said helping her up from the steps and watching as she did so, taking his hand in hers he walked her through his parents estate passing a portrait of his father on the wall wondering if he would be proud of him. When he made it to the piano room and saw that everything was set. In garland green and rich burgundy to the chairs his mother had helped pull in. He saw that even the table up front with the unity candles that Brooke helped him pick out was ready. “Open them.” He said seeing her look at the chairs lined up hsi side and hers a small intimate ceremony. He saw that she was about to cry again and he got choked up too. “Let’s do it, get married right now tonight legally. I’m not going to let you or Fox go and we aren’t going to run away from him either. This is what I want Bliss a life with you and Fox, everything else doesn’t matter to me.” Hunter said looking at her and hoping he wasn’t reading the entire situation wrong about getting married.

Bliss covered her mouth as she looked at Hunter and around the room. She looked up and saw her father sitting in his wheelchair. The room was beautiful in greens and burgundy colors. Her body was shaking because a piece of her didn’t feel like she deserved all this. A piece of her still heard Dimitri in her head saying that she wasn’t good enough and nobody would love her. As she bit down on her bottom lip and turned to Hunter and kissed him passionately. “Yes.” She said nodding her head. “Yes I will marry you right now and right here. I have to sometimes force out the bad thoughts. That I’m not worthy of your love but I’ve been worthy of your love and you and Fox. I love you unconditionally and I want you to know that you made me better. That you made me whole and make me feel alive. You let me know men aren’t heartless and you’ve shown me that I can’t live without you.” She leaned in and kissed him so deeply again as she began to feel breathless. When she saw Tess rolling in with Lowell and Belle. She looked at Hunter and was shocked that he invited her father. She began to cry a little more.

“You called them?” She said rolling her eyes at Belle. “Even her?” Bliss laughed as she grabbed the lapels on his jacket. “How did I get so lucky that you are my soon to be husband?” She said as she approached her mother and hugged her tightly as Lowell grabbed her hand. “Daddy, you’re going to get to walk me down the aisle and I know you can’t walk but you’re here and I’m so thankful. I’m so thankful that you didn’t hold my anger against me and you’re here.” She said with her lip quivering as she looked at Hunter as she looked over at Brooke with garment bags from Val. “What’s that?”

“Well my brother is determined to marry you and I think that you should be stunning as you always are. So I had Val whip you up something my dear.” Brooke said smiling as she looked at Belle who was staring at her. “I think you, your mother and Belle should go upstairs and get ready. We have a little more to finish. I have a tux for Fox so I’ll go get him ready.”

“Momma.” Bliss said as she looked at Tess.

Tess smiled as she looked at her daughter. “Come on us girls have to get you ready. Hunter thought that we’d want to be together today. I think it’s very honorable of that young man to call me. I know he has history with Jackie and for him to want me at your wedding. I am grateful Bliss and Belle was welcomed.” She turned to see her daughter chatting it up with Connor. “She is having a rough time and I know she’s a lot but my dear you were a lot once upon a time. It’s our genetics. Look at what you brought to Atlas Falls a baby and deranged prince. I bring two bastards beautiful strong willed daughters. She brings drama but you are my daughters and I know I haven’t been the best mother.” Tess wiped her eyes as she grabbed Bliss hands. “But I’m here and I want to give you all my love. My girls.” She turned to her daughter and kissed her forehead. “Come, Belle we are going to get your sister ready. We have a few minutes before the we start.”

Brenda watched Tess briskly pass her as she was going up the stairs with her daughters. She looked at Hunter who seemed to be avoiding her as she walked up to him with a smile on her face. Touching his rich chocolate hair she looked him in his eyes. “You may hate me because I’ve always been not the best to you. I have found that it’s hard to be anything more than truthful today. I want to tell you so much but it’s so much to tell. So I’ll start by saying this, I had another daughter in another lifetime. Her name was Kendall Fraiser and she was my little girl that I always wanted before Brooke. Then I talked to Gloria and Lowell and I knew. I knew my baby didn’t stand a chance in this world with these people. So I gave her up and I thought she’d have a great life. When she turned eighteen she died in a car crash. She’s gone and just like that she was gone. Now I don’t expect you to forgive me but things weren’t always good between your father and I. He wasn’t always the guy you believe him to be. Now Hunter you can hate me but you are fifty percent me. Half of you is me and you’re mine. You’re mine and I have never been so proud of you as I am today. I know your father would be. I love you.”

Hunter was so glad when he saw Bliss was on the same page he was he of course wanted to marry her and quickly but he also didn’t want to step on the upcoming wedding of his best friend either. Not to mention he honestly didn’t know how any of the other Devonshire’s would have reacted to be at the wedding especially if they knew that Lowell would be there. He had invited him out of courtesy to Bliss, he hadn’t been at her first wedding to Dimitri and that was something he didn’t want her to regret this time for their wedding. He had no idea how Brooke had managed to wrangle Val into getting a dress here or on time but he trusted his sister’s tastes not to mention he had sent her a video of Bliss’s closet to check and see what she thought was best for her style. He had picked out the tuxedo quietly and discretely when Jackson had his final fitting for his the other day and he had arranged Fox to have a matching one. When his mother started to talk about the child she had with Walter though he honestly didn’t want to hear it or about her or anything like that.

“I am grateful that you helped me arrange this today for Bliss, Fox and I so that she can put Dimitri behind her and we can all move forward as a family. I want to give her and Fox the world on a silver platter because they deserve it. I want to be the husband and father that dad was to me, Brooke and Anderson.” Hunter said looking at her and meaning every word unlike Brooke he was not ready to forgive his mother for her affair or for giving away their sister. If he had to guess Walter’s kids felt the same seeing how they all scowled at the news when it was mentioned or brought up in casual conversation, she wasn’t a factor in their lives and he had to wonder why his mother was so insistent that she now be. “But honestly mother I don’t want to hear about Kendall the girl that you gave away that was Walter’s spawn. The child that you had with another man that you cheated on my father with.”

“No problem to my handsome son.” She said touching his face as she looked at him. “You’ve always idolized your father which has brought strain to my relationship with you. Hunter you have a skewed vision of the past. Nothing is what you think it is and if you think you’re going to ignore my relationship when your father was found with a mobstress in my bed dead. You have a very selective memory on who should be the bad guy. However I don’t even see Steven as that. I see him as a human and a person who had been warped. No need to argue this is your day but remember I’m here still and I am your mother not a pedestal in your memory.” Brenda walked away from him to find Brooke who was changing Fox. She had to see her adorable grandchild looking at Walter from across the room she winked at him. “Where is martini?” She asked a maid who scurried away. “Brookie.”

Upstairs Bliss had Belle to zip up her stunning mermaid gown with a burgundy velvet bow that matched Hunter’s tux. Her mother was pretty amazing with her hair, something she never used to do when she was a child. Watching Tess and Belle bicker and Belle get ready made her uncomfortable considering how much she disliked the girl. She however knew if she didn’t invite Belle to be apart of her wedding party she’d never hear the end of it from Tess. So she asked her and Brooke to be her bridesmaids. She’d called Max over and over but her phone was going to voicemail. She truly wanted Max as her maid of honor but she might have been busy or something. This was all impromptu but she was excited. “I think I’m ready.” Bliss said looking up at Tess.

“No darling you aren’t you’ve forgotten this.” Tess walked to a box with a huge with a bow on it. She handed it to Bliss and smiled at her daughter.

Bliss quickly unwrapped the bow and pulled out a diamond tiara veil. She gasped remembering that it was her grandmother’s and tradition for a woman to have it. She requested it for her wedding to Dimitri but he refused it. Now she’d get to wear it. Bliss tried to not cry because her grandmother wasn’t here. As her mother placed the tiara veil onto her head. “Thank-you mother.” She was glad to divorce him and glad it was finally over when she first arrived at Atlas Falls.

Belle walked to the mirror where she looked at Bliss and Tess. She touched her veil and smiled. “I have a lot to learn about our family traditions no doubt but I happen to think you always look stunning. I used to try to emulate my makeup to look like you. Well chop chop we have a wedding to attend plus I have to go show all of them what they are missing.” Belle said as Tess and Bliss both looked at her. “Not show them too much. Not more than you of course.” She said cheekily as she took a chocolate truffle off the silver platter biting it with a smirk.

“No stunts Belle.” Bliss said exasperatedly as she stood looking at them. “But you are right I’m ready.”

Hunter had taken Fox’s hand as he led him to the opposite room that the girls were in where he found Anderson waiting for him. He had thought about calling Mason and Jackson but had opted to just have his brother stand up for him instead. Mason was with Zach enjoying his first Christmas out and proud and had texted him a picture of Tony and Ophelia renewing their vows, he wasn’t going to take away from that. As for Jackson he was a new father and getting himself married in a few days and was probably focused on that and he didn’t want to take away from that with him. So instead he saw Anderson in his tuxedo and went and helped Fox out of his Christmas outfit and put on the tux, he let his nephew Wyatt help him too. He changed slowly taking in this moment with his crisp blue shirt, evergreen jacket and cranberry velvet pants finishing off the look with a matching cranberry bow tie. It was so different than when he and Max got married, which was an upscale production if he was honest and he wondered if it was the same for Bliss. Turning to Fox he beamed at him before looking at his soon to be new son in the eyes.

“I have the most important job for you Fox. I need you to hold onto these for your mom and stand up with me. When it is time you get to help me light a candle with her would you like that?” Hunter asked seeing his son’s eyes light up and he saw Anderson smile at him and touch his shoulder as he handed him the velvet box that had their wedding bands in it.

“Okay daddy.” Fox said taking the box and nodding his head at him.

“Perfect now let’s go see your momma and see if she looks even more gorgeous as the day I laid eyes on her then.” Hunter said taking his hand in his as they exited the room to head back into the room and wait for Bliss.


Sebastian didn’t expect his engagement party to be interrupted after getting engaged. Call it the curse of being with a powerful woman but Max had to handle something in the casino which broke ground soon. He was irritated but she promised to be back soon. He thought it was a perfect time to research acquiring some land on the outskirts of Atlas Falls and transforming it into a vineyard. As he walked to the back of the condo to his office. He had been researching a  small farm that belonged to the Thorpe family previously but now it was empty. If he had it his way he would be building Max a lavish home styled in a Spanish villa on that land. Not only that he had plans for those fields that were once gold to revitalize them and make two vineyards one in Atlas Falls and one in California. He was plotting to make a life here and he saw his fiance tense up and almost physically revolt at children. She however didn’t see what he did. Even when Max fought it she became a gooey sticky mess with Fox, JJ, Maddie, and Dononvan. She was fiercely protective over her nieces and nephews and spoiled them rotten. Without her seeing it she was becoming enticed by that biological clock. She didn’t see it but Max wanted that type of love right along with the passion they had. His job was not to lose the passion and make her see that they could have a family. It wouldn’t be hard, he was all passion.

He clicked on the computer trying to find a way to reach out to the Thorpe family. When he heard a knock at his door. Sebastian stood up placing down his glass of wine and walked to the door. Opening it he wondered if Maddie who was quite upset had come to visit Max. Sebastian almost vomited when he saw who it was. Gia Falcone a woman who always placed a damn lump in this throat. She was so striking to look at but all and all Gia was poison. He wondered what would make her come here. What would make her think that this was acceptable. Her even barging into his life like this and trying to get him into her shenanigans. It was asinine and after all who did she think he was? A fool she was in deeper than ever before and he wanted nothing to do with it. “I’m not sure why you’re here but Gia you have to go. My fiance is going to be home soon and I don’t want to have to explain to her anything of this. So please leave.”

Gia knew that she had one thing she bad to do Thor was getting too close to Ronan again and she was going to put a stop to it. However before she did she paid off a certain city council man that had gotten in a little too deep inside with Ronan to make a certain casino plan have a halt to it. She would not be ignored and Sebastian was going to stop ignoring her orders and what she wanted from him, he thought his life was so perfect with Max? No one got a happy ending in their life. A life he had signed up for years ago and she looked down at her phone before knocking on the door everything was in place. Once he opened and started to spout off about her leaving and him being out of the business though she shook her head at him he really had bought into his little fantasy with Max Devonshire.  When he said fiance she braced herself to not pale at the word not on her watch if she had anything to say about it. She walked right past him into the condo smelling the casserole with her nose and turned towards him.

“I would say congratulations but seeing how I can’t stand that bitch I won’t, she’s too selfish for a man like you Seb and it is such a shame that you don’t see that. Seeing how you keep ignoring my calls I thought I would pay you nice house visit. You are owned by me Sebastian or do I need t remind you of that?” Gia said looking at him pointedly as she spoke, she owned him and part of his vineyard had since his family got involved in the trade from Spain where they hid the drugs in the bottom of the wine crates and barrels. He simply just didn’t get to walk away to make the rules that wasn’t how this worked and he was a fool if he thought it worked that way. “I talked to your brother and he told me that you planned on staying in America color me shocked at that declaration but I see this as win for our partnership. Gio wasn’t agreeable so I am coming to you with this because this is still  part of our agreement. My supply chain needs to remain in tact and you need your wine to reach the states if you ever expect it to take off and after that horrible fire that happened to one of your vines I would hate to have a few more pop up. Or maybe I could hurt you where you really would feel it the most?”

Seb listened to her speak negatively about Max and he shook his head as he looked at Gia. “I assure you I have people checking each crate and I have hired round the clock security. I’m not playing your game Gia. I want you to understand me clearly when I say this you are not my lover and the only reason I ever did this was because I was in love with you. Or so I thought. You never cared or loved me. I was nothing but a ploy for you. Gia I would never do that again and I would never open up a partnership with someone who has lived their life as you. You’ll kill me before you love me and that’s criminal. Your heart is black but I have question for you does Ronan know why you are truly here? Ningún Ronan no sabe por qué estás aquí. Podría decírselo ya que me estás amenazando. ¿Ya que crees que soy tuya y haré lo que tú digas? No, no creo que quieras eso. Para que Ronan descubra que lo odias.” He spoke in spanish to let her know bitterly letting her face contort in rage. “Get the fuck out Gia and yes I’m staying in America. I’m staying with my fiance, a woman who loves me more than you ever did. Ah don’t look so sad. I know who you are because I loved you and you betrayed me. You left me. So no more of your drug games and revenge chica you are dismissed as they say in America.”

Sebastian walked to the door and opened it and looked at her. “Get the fuck out of my life Gia go ruin Ronan. If anybody in this town deserves your malice and your ugliness it’s him. You see he is what I like to call a harbinger he brings death but never dies. It’s magic trick you mobsters have pulled off for generations. But you are the same as the grim reaper rides your back killing everyone around you and you live. You live to see the blood but when you die you will burn because you are evil to your bones. Go Gia because I will not do it anymore my familia if you come after them. I will tell everyone what you really want Gia. What you really want from Ronan and Thor its the thing that poisoned the world revenge. You want revenge and I can sit back and watch you burn him from a far because you will let me. If you want your poison you so desperately crave.”

Gia watched his little display before her and looked past him to the men sneaking in through the windows in the kitchen he was the one that would feel her wrath. No one got out of business with her not even her one time Spanish lover that thought that he just got to call it quits. Her father was the one that helped his families starving vineyard by putting the money upfront to make it an international label, the drugs they ran helped secure them millions of dollars in revenue with her finest and richest clients when it came to wanting that steady supply of cocaine at their parties. The wine simply went hand in hand and when he was old enough he took over the books to make sure it stayed that way, they had a good thing going on. “You’re still that wild eyed boy that likes to ignore that his family got rich and has the lifestyle they do thanks to what my father arranged with yours. Remember who gave you and your siblings their fancy elite education, all the riches that you ever wanted was begotten of the back of your father getting in bed with mine.” Her anger getting the better of her as she pointed her finger in his face waving it at him he would pay and so would Max. “You want to threaten me?”

“Maybe I’ll make a call to customs and immigration it would be such a shame if your little part of all this was exposed what about the FCC you did after all put some of your business assets in Max’s name recently. I’d hate for them to go digging into the finances of the vineyard and her precious little DGI I bet there are quite a few skeletons no one wants to open there now is there?” Gia said as he opened the door finally and she saw his eyes go wide as the men were standing outside with guns ready. Max’s security team had followed her to the casino and any that were left had been taken care of long before he answered the door. No one threatened to walk from her or her family business and if they did, well there was ways she could go about making sure they stayed were they were supposed too. “Now you can either pick up the phone and use the balls that Max has stolen from you to call back in the shipment back in Spain or I’ll make you one way or another Sebastian I own you. You may not be in my bed anymore I have someone so much bigger for that now but you won’t mess up this trade for me.” Gia said spitefully forcing him to make a choice and wondering which choice that would be.

“You bitter bitch. I won’t put my family in the middle of this anymore I fell into your trap and I won’t be apart of it anymore. Now are you going to kill me? Do it? Do it! Shoot me Gia! I don’t want them to do it. I want you! Give her your gun! Give your fucking gun and if she is the boss I want the boss to kill me because I refuse. What my father set up with yours wasn’t my destiny and I won’t do it any longer. You see Gia the only person who took my balls was you. You snatched them away and expect me to bow at your feet chica it doesn’t work this way. You either kill me where I stand or get the fuck out of my house. I won’t smuggle your cociania anymore. I won’t be weak anymore because you don’t scare me. You think that you’re the only one who understands family? Huh? My family worked in the crops and fought years to be at the top and did my father do something to push us further with yours yes. Yes he did but I don’t have to do it and I’m telling you no Gia. Your clients, you, Ronan, and everything you stand for I’m no criminal. I’m not and I won’t be forced to be one now to me it looks like we are at a standstill. Are you going to calm down and see that it’s over and I don’t want any parts of you? Or are you going to make me call Ronan or Thor and tell them the truth about why you are here? I know you Gia and I know what your black heart wants to hurt everyone.”

Sebastian stood tall as he looked at her in the eyes. “I said no and I mean no. I won’t allow it anymore. I haven’t trafficked for you in almost six months so it’s over. It’s done and I’m done with you so leave my fucking home. Please have some dignity because if you are so happy with Ronan why come here? Huh? I know why, Gia because you can’t be happy. You are lying to yourself and everyone. You are pretending because you know for a fact you’re cursed. You won’t have happiness or fulfillment even if you kill Ronan. You will still be empty because your heart carries nothing but malice and hate. You need to leave because Max will be home soon and your men need to leave. I’m not playing Gia, this is over. I free you because Ronan is smart and cunning.” Sebastian leaned in and kissed both of her cheeks. “I mark you with the kiss of death my dear you will die by the sword you raise at everyone. Get out.”

Gia once cared about him but going against her in type business was not something she could afford to tolerate she couldn’t afford to be seen as weak. It was the reason there were whispers of her being a black widow and this would be one of those times her husband was being promptly disposed of at the moment another stroke and the empire was hers after laying her back to secure it, it was all hers. Ronan Madden would pay eventually for betraying her family and now Sebastian would pay for betraying her as he talked about her taking the gun and doing it herself she walked to Antonio and held out her hand for his gun. She watched with glee as he put it in her hand seeing him take out the magazine something that Sebastian didn’t see with his obstructed view. Walking over to him as one of her men searched his pockets taking his cell phone she looked at him backhanding him for pure pleasure as she watched his face jump back and fall forward. “You want me to put a bullet in you? I maybe I’ll do your precious Mi Amor Max next.” She said pointing gun at his forehead and seeing him quake in fear she pulled the trigger.

Her men laughed and she saw that Sebastian was shaking she could have put a bullet in him if she really wanted but right now she needed him alive. She bent down lowering herself to see his eyes which still held fear and she wasn’t sure if it was for himself or Max. “I need you alive for now you will do as I say Sebastian and if you do, you and Max will survive it is up to you. Should I send men to her?” When he simply shook his head in compliance she leaned in kissing him on the lips seeing his disgust and the blood on his lips coated hers. “Well then it is settled walk like the good boy I know you can be. Take him to my safehouse make sure everything is in place nothing out of course we don’t want to have his precious little thing worried.” She said pulling back and watching as her men led him outside the condo and towards the back elevators closing the door behind her she made sure that she had his phone. He would make the call one way or another he would make the call.

“Gia.” Sebastian called out to her. “Did you ever love me? Or was I just a means to the end?” He asked as he looked at her. “Just as I thought. You are evil and I assure you that God sees all. He knows all and he will get my revenge.” Sebastian said as he walked out cradling his face which had a drop of blood falling down it. “I pray for you to get what you’ve given to so many people.”


Yasmine stood in Dani’s old brownstone and walked through it feeling certain that her studio apartment wasn’t going to cut it any longer. She loved it as a place to sleep and crash but Dani was right it was a young woman’s home. That made her feel like that this was the place to buy from Dani and settle down right now. She had texted Rory to meet her here after he was done with Christmas celebrations. What Cassie said rang true in her mind and she walked around the empty house and smiled. It was hers and just like that she was officially out of Scottswood. She had been staying at the mansion but that wasn’t hers and Dani’s offer was too good to pass up. Literally she sold it to her for half of the market value and said Merry Christmas. Dani texted her and said she hoped Rory and she got back together. She chuckled, she just wanted for them to be sisters, Dani was so corny. Wearing a white and beige Lynx fur coat her father had bought her for Christmas. Underneath was a blush color Chanel tube dress with an attaching harness bellario jacket. She wore thigh length blush color Fendi boots, and accessories with pink pearl earrings, a variety of pink, silver, and white pearl necklaces, and a pearl bracelet.

Pacing back and forth she paused and took a selfie right in front of her new living room window. Looking at it she saw Rory’s car pulling up and quickly posted the picture. Turning around she looked in the mirror her face was beaten and her hair was slicked back wet and perfect on her shoulders. It had already started to grow back but she missed her long luscious hair and was vowing not to chop it off anytime soon again. Placing a little lipgloss on her lips she was ready to see him. When she heard a knock at the door she walked to it and opened it and smiled. “Welcome to my house.” She said, clapping looking at him. “So Dani sold it to me at half the market price and she let me keep a lot of the furniture. I’m going to have to liven it up because Dani’s swag isn’t mine but this is my house, what do you think?”

Rory had went from Tess’s to his mother’s with Aspen in tow, he liked Aspen and he was trying really hard to be the man that she deserved but seeing his father with Tess made him remember everything that happened the year before. Sure Aspen was pleasing him in bed and he in hers but there was something that he was missing it was almost like he was going through the motions and not living. He didn’t want to continue that route but he also really didn’t know what to do either Aspen had really stuck by his side when everything happened with his dad and Max even offered her an internship under her at DGI. He had dropped Aspen off at her place and was about to settle in on his computer food for some work when Yasmine called. Honestly he had no idea Dani was selling her old house to Yasmine and he almost didn’t answer when she had texted him. It would have been easy to do that ignore the text from her and continue on with his new normal with Aspen but something nagged on the back of his mind what if he answered? He felt excited though as he drove over to Yasmine’s new place though and almost turned back around, what would his family think of this? Instead he walked to the door and smiled when he saw her.

She was still the most beautiful women he ever laid eyes on even covered in an expensive Lynx coat that was clearly covering whatever she was wearing underneath. She had cut all her hair and he was sad about it he actually really though the long hair was beautiful on her with the way it fell and swayed when she walked or swung on that pole. As much as he hated to admit it her being Forbes’ daughter had changed her and that showed in her new appearance and her clothes, she had money now and she was clearly enjoying having it. “It’s for sure not your style.” Rory said looking around it was way too modern was a good word for it clean and cut lines, what he would expect from Dani Fraiser, he expected a little more color from someone like Yasmine who liked to live on the edge. “Um thanks for texting I know we haven’t been able to really talk since the hospital and your party that Belle kinda ruined.” Rory said looking at her and realizing how attractive she was in that outfit he couldn’t help it as he bit his bottom lip he wanted nothing more than to just have her in his arms again. “So where’s Khalil?” He finally finished wondering if she was still with him or not and why she called him over opposed to her boyfriend.

Yasmine rolled her eyes at Rory as she leaned against the wall. Her fur sliding off of her shoulders as she smirked at him. “Where is Aspen?” She asked shooting the shit it right back. She didn’t call him here for that since neither had made moves to end shit with their significant other; she wasn’t calling him for an epic world ending romance. Letting the fur fall to the floor her bedazzled talon nails touched her body as she played with her pearl necklace. She walked up to Rory as she looked at him in the eyes. Licking her lips she just wanted to lay with him all night and make love. The intensity of how he just looked at her as she approached him wrapping her hands around his head. “I don’t want to talk about him, do you want to talk about her? Nah I don’t think you want to talk about her.” She leaned up and kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth as she grabbed Rory by the buckle of his pants. “Come here.” Yasmine said purring as she grabbed the remote to the speaker pressing play. Jhene Aiko began to play her haunting voice echoing through the speakers. Still holding him by his pants buckle she pushed him the couch and climbed on top of him and kissed Rory’s neck.

Using her hand she placed his hands on her ass as she heard him moan. She kissed him happy that she listened to Cassie because after tonight he’d be begging to come back. Slowly rolling her hips against his crotch her lips dragged against his neck. Sucking on his neck she ran her hands down his chest. “So you missed me?” Her voice purred as she looked at him. “I missed you so much Rory.” Arching her back and making a perfect line throwing her head back as she looked at him in his eyes. “Don’t be afraid to say you’ve missed my body because I’ve missed yours.”

Rory wasn’t sure how to react when she brought up Aspen’s name and he went to say something only for her fur coat to fall on the floor and he took her entire body in. He felt himself get hard as she walked towards him and leaning up to kiss him he hungrily took her mouth back with his, there was a pull with Yasmine. He didn’t know how long they stayed like that her mouth devouring his, his hands roaming her shoulders and her sides, feeling her shiver to his touch before she pulled back and grabbed him by his belt buckle to lead him to couch. His body froze wondering what in the hell he was doing cheating on Aspen with Yasmine and she climbed on his lap placing, he was painfully hard and when she reached for his hands to place them on her ass he let out a moan. He’d dreamed of this moment when they would be reunited together when she would forgive him fully for all the shit that happened with Tess. His dreams though paled in comparison to this moment.

“I missed you.” Rory said looking at her arching her body back as his hands gripped her ass he couldn’t help it as he leaned in his lips pressing against her neck. She still smelled like lavender and orange blossom on a summer morning and the scent was intoxicating. His hands traveled over her ass and began to roll her skirt up seeing the thong exposed he lets his fingers brush the fabric seeing her shiver at the action he felt her heat through the fabric and bit her neck playfully. “You’re wearing far too much.” He said as his hands raised to her jacket and brushed it off her shoulders exposing the pink dress on her and his hands went to her breasts seeing her eyes widen as his mouth lowered tracing a line from her neck and down to the exposed skin on her dress he let his lips wander there at the peak of her breasts and his hand went back to her thong. Brushing his fingers gently over the fabric with just some slight pressure. “Tell me what you want Yasmine.” He said against her skin as his teeth lowered the fabric on her dress to expose one of her breasts in a lace bra before taking a nipple it in his mouth through the fabric.

His breath on her skin made her shiver. Yasmine didn’t know what she wanted him to do first? Did she want him to eat her out? Or did she want the dick right now? She felt conflicted but knew she needed to feel him inside of her. As he pressed against her body she could feel his fingers inside of her heart. Or at least that’s how it felt as he touched her. Rory and she always had a connection but this felt primal. Skin to skin, hand on body, and her body beginning to build a slow grind on top of her. His right hand was firmly on her waist. She wasn’t about the kissing and hugging right now after all she was fucking. They were about to unleash months of pent up sexual desire and she wanted it. Khalil was an afterthought and that was okay because honestly with her buying this house. She wanted something differently from him. She wanted to be free and honestly maybe able to be young. She’d always been with Khalil and then the intensity of her and Rory. She just wanted to have fun and right now maybe being single was a part of that. Instead of wondering who she should be with she could have her cake and eat it too.

“I want to feel you inside of me.” She moaned through tongue kisses. For a moment they were lost in that kiss. It was as if she couldn’t move because Rory was here and he was loving her body right now. He was showing her physically that he couldn’t get enough of her. Unbuckling his pants hungrily. Yasmine began to laugh as she couldn’t get his pants undone for a moment. Rory was laughing also as they began to kiss again. She moved the thong to the side and raised her hips and slowly lowered herself on top of Rory. Slowly she began to ride Rory as she gasped at his girth as she tongue kissed him through their moans.

Rory had been in the mood to do some foreplay with her when she said she wanted him buried inside of her he froze pure lust over coming him as he nodded his head at her. He watched her undo the buckle on his pants and the button and laughed with her when she began to struggle with it. He had reached towards the back of his pants for his wallet and the condom that was there only to see her raise her hips and then lower herself onto him. “Fuck.” He managed to get out trying to gather his thoughts as her body viced him in her tight channel. He was so close to coming and he took a few deep breaths wanting to make sure it didn’t happen, he hadn’t even asked if she was on something and she had been so scared before to fuck raw with him. Her tongue moved inside of his and he hungrily accepted it placing his hands on her ass as she moved and he let out a groan at the action.

He leaned back on the couch giving her better access as one hand moved to take off her bra tossing it to the ground and his lips went to her breasts taking a nipple in his mouth and biting. He watched her ride him watched her ass slide up and down as he repeated the action seeing her shiver at it and hearing her moan it was enough to drive him insane as he picked her up off of the couch. Laying her down on the floor, never breaking from her body he rose on his knees pulling out and then slamming back into her body. He wanted her to know who was fucking her in this moment it wasn’t Khalil Watkins it was him. Leaning down he repeated the action as he kissed her neck. “You feel so fucking good Yas.” He said hammering her pussy as he thrust his hips inside of her, using his free hand he raised her ass up a bit as he did it again feeling himself hitting her very back and moaned in her ear. Seeing her shiver he rolled over letting her back on top again.

Yasmine continued to throw her ass up and down. Her time as a stripper had paid off because she was making him squirm underneath her. She just wanted to feel him so deeply and this was it. They’d reconnected and for one brief moment she wasn’t worried about Aspen or Khalil it was all about her and Rory. This was exactly what she needed and what Cassie was talking about. The feeling of being young and having options. That was what she needed options. Not cutting Khalil off and not cutting Rory off. Why should she have to? As she began to wind on him this time rotating her hips as if she was a snake or an Island princess. As she began to wrap her arms around his neck as she started to cry out feeling getting even more girthier.

As she threw her head back and she began to cry out as she began to slowly tongue kiss him. Yasmine felt her body getting closer she could tell he was holding back. “You too baby.” She whispered in his ear. Then she let out a long passionate cry as he hit her clit. Moans began to roll out of her mouth as she began to lose control and started to shake and buck wildly as she started to shiver. Yasmine cried out as she fell on top of him. As she exhaled unsure of if it was just their bodies missing each other or if she was still madly in love with Rory. Just holding onto Rory she laid her head on his shoulder. “We have all night to do everything you want to do to me.”

Rory kept his hips in rhythm with hers watching her snake up and down on him honestly Aspen was such a distant memory in his mind at the moment and all that mattered was him and Yasmine. Mentally he knew cheating was wrong so very wrong but on the other hand he was drawn to Yasmine Kohl, he refused to acknowledge her as a Montgomery he think it felt more natural that way for him. If he thought about her being Forbes daughter honestly it made him want to recoil and push her away so blocking out that part of her was what was driving him this time. When he felt her shiver though finally and starting to climax he couldn’t help it as he let out  a moan at the action and watched as she came undone by his movements and he felt himself swelling. He continued to move in her and finally felt himself explode inside of her letting out a gasp as he did so as his hips thrust into hers as he bucked.

“That was amazing.” He managed to mumble out when she collapsed on his chest not sure what else he was supposed to say to her when the world stopped spinning. It wasn’t like he could bring up Khalil or Aspen at the moment nor did he want too. Instead he let her lay on him as his mind swirled left and right about what int he fuck he was doing back in her bed. Especially after promising his father moments ago that he was going to be and do better than eh had with his mother and Tess that he was not going to repeat that cycle with Yasmine and Aspen.

Aspen was looking for Yasmine to speak to her and try to warn her to stay away. When she saw that she was on RePlay not even an hour ago. She bought a house? She had Ari Lennox on her Replay playing New Apartment. She was such a cliche fake woke bitch. Looking at the house she became irritated when she figured out who sold her the house. Dani Fraiser, her best friend who seemed to not care for her. That was it she had to talk to Yasmine and at least warn the bitch to stay away from her. She grabbed her purse and got into her Telsa and began to drive down the road. Dani Fraiser had a great location. Damn that ghetto trash was moving up and now she was leaving on their side and not where she belonged in Scottswood. When she pulled up she saw Rory’s car sitting outside. As she walked up to the window she saw the curtains open and she saw Yasmine and Rory making love. She gasped as she fell back on her butt.  She hopped up and ran back to her car and drove off.


Mason was so happy to see his sister starting to put her life beach together after Dimitri and sure he was skeptical of a brother like Elliot but he did try to see his side. If anything life had taught him that life was too short for the shit of grudges they had went after each other in court over Kendrick. As for as he knew now though that was under the bridge even if Zach had stared him down at his father and Ophelia’s civil wedding and earlier in the night. Fraiser’s were stubborn like that and he knew that despite everything it came from a good place in Zach he was protective. They had said their goodbyes and Zach went in for his shift something he was still trying to adjust too the life of actually dating a police officer they didn’t get holidays off and sometimes if they did it was only half of them. Jamal had then pulled him aside and asked him to speak to Ivan about Simon and at first he balked at the idea, but when he listened to Jamal explain everything he had relented. Simon had been his first love and lover for years and he was the one that had lied to him and led him on and as much as Simon could be a snake at times for Lowell and to everyone else he didn’t deserve that again.

Walking into the club he saw a few associates that he knew shaking a few hands as he saw Ivan step out on the stage with the DJ Willow that was in residence too and he crossed his arms wanting to watch. Rap wasn’t really his thing but he did listen to it in his younger days, he never had the pull that Jamal seemed to have to that life. He could clearly see that Ivan was a talented rapper mixing in rhythm and unique lyrics and he saw the crowd was clearly in love with him he had to wonder though about the other side. Ivan was clearly gay, even on stage he could almost tell if you were gay, he had that aura about him that most straight people who didn’t know or care to see coudd just pass it off. When the set was over he made his way to the back where the artists were and was simply let in on the list that Jamal had put him on. He finally found Ivan inside a room in the back clearly coming off his performance on stage and saw him glare at him and he put his hands up in peace.

“I’m here to talk to you. Jamal thought that you could use someone to talk to about your predicament at the moment.” Mason could swear that he saw Ivan glare at him and shut the door behind him; he didn’t get to that to him. He was honestly here to talk to him and help him with this entire fucked up situation he had put Jamal in and now what he was doing to Simon by lying and everything else. Ivan was clearly scared to come out he got that but he knew first hand that keeping it bottled inside and living a lie was actually worse than just coming out for most people both mentally, physically and spiritually.  “I’m not here to fight you so if you’re packing or whatever it is you like to call it on the streets and seeing how your ass threw my brother off a building and could have killed him and he and Rory lied to save your ass you at least owe it to him to hear me out.”

Ivan had just given the performance of his life. The energy in the room was electric and he knew that they felt his rhymes. The way the crowd knew the words before he could even spit them out of his mouth. It was a euphoric experience that not many people got. Hearing someone scream your name was intoxicating. As he walked backstage people patted him on the back and commented about the performance. Which he was becoming more comfortable with. It was fun and he truly felt hyped thinking about it again. When he walked to his phone he saw Simon texted him a Christmas picture with his family. He looked delightfully bored but he also saw Simon was trying to forgive him for the mishap with Rory. He didn’t know what else to do or say because he knew he was taking Simon for granted. He was about to call Simon when Mason entered. He couldn’t help but to chuckle when he said he was packing.  “Unless you’re talking about these nine inches between my legs I’m not packing anything.” Ivan stood up and walked to his bar and poured them both some Grey-Goose vodka. “Drink with me I just had the best show of my life.”

“You’re here so talk but listen I ain’t trying to hear all that come out shit. Look I just started to pop in music Mason. You black you know how ethnic people look at homosexuality. Didn’t your dad disown you or some shit? Man bro my father beat me nearly to death and tried to kill the boy I kissed. You can say that coming out is good but being in the open with who I am isn’t doing shit for me. Maybe if I was a ghostwriter or some shit but I’m the face of your brother record label. Right now it isn’t the time and I do love Simon ok. I get what you put him through but I’m not you. I’m not going to just throw my homie away and some of your shit got me stressing. Yeah I said it you got him not ready to trust my word. Trust is all we got between us other than bomb ass sex and love. I actually love him because he rides with me.” Gulping down the straight liquor. “What’s your problem with me and Simon. Everytime you see me you’re all pissy and looking your nose down at me. Is it because I finally did something you couldn’t? I got Simon to know I would ride with him until I die.”

Mason knew that Ivan was good looking but he was fully committed to Zach not to mention he raised an eyebrow at the nine inch comment. He used to be that guy that tried to joke around about his dick pretend to be manly and all that shit hell he even got it hard for Scarlett and a few others back in the day to prove he was a man but he was never satisfied. He took the vodka from him and took a slow sip. It wasn’t his favorite drink but one drink wouldn’t hurt. “My dad did come at me and you know what I did. I cut him out until he groveled at my feet and respected my decisions. Simon was there for it, you see a girl that was severely unhinged decided that she was going to out us publicly and it hurt my relationship with him, I was ashamed I used to be you Ivan.” He paused seeing Ivan almost roll his eyes at him and he tried to let it roll off him he was going to dish out a hard reality to him. Simon didn’t fully trust him because they weren’t out yet.

“Did you ever think that coming out would be something that is actually good for our community Atlas Falls is very liberal and you would have Jamal and the label behind you. I didn’t just throw Simon away I was forced to give him up that was my mistake and when I didn’t stand by him he left. There is no trust between you two at the moment and if you think there is you have no idea about the man you are fucking.” Mason said looking at Ivan dead in the eyes sex could bring a couple together he got that with both Simon and Zach but it was also just one aspect of a relationship to him. In their community men lied so much as often as they changed a condom if you were lucky enough to find a partner that actually was faithful and not hiding some secret it was a damn miracle. “I lied about who I was for years with Simon I think I would know more than you do how he feels about that, he placates you in bed because he is hoping to change you and hanging onto a hope you will actually come out and be with him. He rides with you now because once again he’s stuck in a relationship that isn’t really real and I can guarantee you it is killing him inside he’s just too polite to tell you that.” Mason said starring Ivan down as he took a sip from his glass. “I glare at you because you’re hurting him without even realizing it or owning up it. I at least owned it in the end.”

Ivan sat silently as Mason unleashed on him in the most polite way. He truly cared about Simon he thought as he stood up. “You don’t know our relationship.” He said chugging down the rest of the vodka. “I don’t know what you want from me. I am trying so damn hard to figure this out. Did you want to be gay Mason? All my life I had to fight for my manhood and I never had shit man. I’m not making excuses but I can’t come out Mason. That’s not my life man. I don’t want to be riding around waving a rainbow flag. I’m not that dude why everybody gotta be out of the closet? I can be discreet with my life. I know I’m angry but I’m an okay man. Tell Jamal you talked to me man. You don’t know me and to be honest you don’t know me or my life. Why I choose to stay in the closet is my business and I don’t appreciate this little ambush or whatever this is.” Ivan said looking at Mason beginning to get pissed. Then he caught himself stopping as he bit down on his lip.

“I think this conversation is pretty much over because you saying Simon doesn’t get who I am. I know that he does and he knows why I can’t come out.” He lied remembering how Simon basically begged him to come out. Ivan felt a pressure on his chest that he’d never felt before. It was like something clawing to come out of him. His lips quivered as he nodded his head a little to the beat of the chaotic noise that he’d become addicted to. Music helped him shut out so much pain in his life and so many secrets. “Lemme tell you a story Mason since you got all the answers. A long time ago was a little boy who was soft, he was young and had a big heart. Man he was sensitive and kind and wanted to sing and bring joy to people. Then one Christmas he flew to New York with this papa and his whole family. He met cousins, aunts, abuela, grandpa, and my uncle.” Ivan’s eyes drifted off as he said uncle. “The boy’s uncle he’s the villain of the story you see he stole the boys innocence. Then somehow when the boy told his family they blamed him. He became an outcast and his father never looked at him the same. He was tainted and unlovable to his family except his mami. Mason you have no idea what you are asking of me bro. It goes deeper than the music for me. It’s the shame that I would bring to my momma and my father just said tonight that he was proud of me. He spoke to me for the first time in almost twelve years. I’m machismo. I live it and have to breathe it because if I come out. Man you have no idea. Nah bro when I was caught kissing my first boy I was beat senseless Mason, have you ever been beaten so badly that you can’t recognize your own face? Then when I’m halfway healed he sent me to Atlas Falls bro.” Ivan’s had tears falling down his face. Standing up emotions pouring out of him he walked to his duffel bag and pulled out a bag of the greenest and white weed. Quickly rolling up and firing up the blunt he blew a cloud of smoke as Mason was silent in horror.

“Guess who I was fucking living with? The villain in the story Mason. He sent with the motherfucker who molested me. So one night after he’d acted like nothing happened I went to bed and guess what this mothefucker tried to do? Yeah he tried it again and I almost froze bro. I nearly pissed myself from fear but I ran away and got away. I ran right into Money and he was my heart Mason that was my first love. You hear about that Bonnie and Clyde shit but you know it until you live that shit. When the shoot out with Thor happened and Jamal was in the line of fire Money saved him. Then Thor’s boys who are now Ronan’s boys!” He said getting mad taking deep puffs of the weed. “it’s crazy right now everybody is playing for the same side and it’s all good but Money is gone.” Looking at him he doubled down. “But if it’s any consolation I came back to my uncle’s house and beat his ass with Money. Then we sold drugs out of his shit and he was too scared to ever try me again.”

“I know enough to know that Simon is not going to keep playing games with you he will tire of it and eventually find some other dude to bring home. Who swings the way he does out and free of some fake persona he’s held onto with you.“ Mason said, there was a few times that happened with him with Simon and looking back it hurt like hell. Mason knew at least two things were two that most people could agree on rapists and pedophiles both belonged six feet under no matter who they were for the pain they inflicted on their victims. Ivan’s reluctance to actually come out made sense now as he had been shamed into his sexuality by someone taking advantage of him as a child. He’s seen victims before he studied this in law school too and was so angry at Ivan’s family for putting him through that to have him go back to his abuser and then blame him for the abuse. He wasn’t going to mourn Money or anything like that he led a life of gang violence and he was still in shock that Jamal was out running the streets involved in gang drug dealings and shootings. “I’m not telling you this to hurt you Ivan I’m telling you this to protect you.” He paused not sure how he was going to approach the next part of what he wanted to say.

“Your family treated you wrong you were a little kid that was taken advantage of by someone you were supposed to trust and I can’t imagine the pain you are feeling right now with that weight on your chest. You’re a proud person I can see that about you but have you even told Simon any of this?” Mason said gently looking at him he didn’t know what it was like to lose a life partner or your first love. Simon was still breathing and it wasn’t like he was in love with Scarlett when she skipped town with Zach’s son in her stomach, he knew people who had lost someone like that. His father when he grieved his mother for a few years before he met Ophelia, Zach and how he grieved for Diego which was still raw and fresh almost two years later. “I am sorry for everything you have been through and the fact you seemed to pull yourself up out of what you were in even now Jamal won’t allow the gangs here an agreement he made with Lowell and Ronan. You’re still grieving Money and it that is the case you need to be a fair to Simon, be honest about your past with him and that you aren’t ready for what he is with you.” Mason finished downing the rest of his vodka letting it hit his throat.

“I’m not grieving Money, Mason I know I want Simon it’s just I’m explaining to you who I am and why I won’t come out. It’s over he’s dead and I moved forward. It’s just I don’t want to be in the closet and if Simon throws me away at least we had a great run. It’s not the first time I’ve been considered trash and thrown in it. I’m appreciate your advice and if you don’t mind I’m getting high and I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I’m about to go to my place shower and sleep so I need to lock up this room. Jamal gets annoyed when the VIP room is open so love bro for the conversation but this is a waste of my time. I don’t get lasting love man I get that intense shit that burns hot and fast. So if this is it this is it. That’s all I deserve I guess you know?” Putting out the small blunt he looked at Mason who was shocked at how he was speaking. “What man you know some people don’t get that shit you and Zach have. You should hold onto it because you never know when it will get snatched away. Shit happens every day Mason and if you got that type of love. Hold on.”

Ivan zipped up his bag and grabbed the keys to lock up. “I got a show in New York tomorrow and Simon is supposed to be meeting me there. Maybe I’ll tell him what I told you. Maybe he could see why this shit is so scary for me. Jamal was a deer in headlights in the streets we should have known that boy wasn’t hood. But hey he’s a good guy and I understand why he deserves to be celebrated. So maybe I should end it so he can move on and find what he needs. It’s not him, it’s me. Thanks Mason.”

Mason saw Ivan shut down and he actually felt sorry for him until he confronted his past  he would forever be running from what he was feeling with Simon and what they were. He honestly felt that it was for Ivan the first time he had talked about his pain when it came to what happened to him something that was very real and affecting him still to this day. He respected Ivan’s wishes as he exited the room that was not that big of an asshole to not leave when asked. He placed his hands in his pockets as he walked out to head home to Zach, he didn’t know how Simon would take his meddling if he was honest. He just felt as a man that had hurt Simon he wanted to help Ivan not to the same and he wondered if he had accomplished that or if he had drove a wedge between them instead on his way out.


Using his cane Lowell stood looking at Tess and Belle walking Bliss down the stairs and his heart swelled looking at his daughter as he smiled. He had been on the phone with Brenda earlier in the night and had spoken with his physical therapist. If he was up for it and had the strength they told him it was fine to walk Bliss down the aisle and that was exactly what he planned on doing. As Brooke stepped forth to help Bliss at the bottom of the stairs he felt the air leave his body because she was breathtaking. His daughter who he had abandoned and the guilt of what both Bliss and Belle had to go through now ate at him. He blamed himself for Tess even thinking keeping Belle from him was smart. Not only that but Bliss thinking marrying some prince was smart after he was already abusive to her. That only made him see how flawed he was as a father. As his daughter approached him he lifted her veil and kissed her cheek. “You look so beautiful Bliss.” He had tears in his eyes. “I want to tell you how sorry I am. I should have brought you to your siblings a long time ago. I also should have been a better father.”

Bliss lips quivered hearing Lowell apologize for not being there for her. She wanted to say they had all the time to figure out how to fix the past hurt. However she and he knew time wasn’t on their side. As she fixed her father’s tie a little she nodded. “You are here now and you have helped me with Fox that’s all I can ask father.” She lied knowing she could ask him to fix his marriage and not leave Jackie for her mother. Someone who had lied and manipulated her way into this family. It was her birthright but not Tess’ to have an entry into the Devonshire’s. “I know that walking is challenging for you right now thank-you for this.”

“Well let’s do this.” Lowell used his cane to tap on the door twice. As Anderson took Belle’s arm and Whitney walked down the aisle first with little Morgan in her arms throwing flowers. Taking a seat by Ryan and the rest of the Hessington’s. Then Atticus, Brooke, and Fox walked down the aisle while he held a burgundy velvet pillow with the wedding rings. As Anderson and Belle walked down the aisle of roses Lowell turned to his daughter placing her veil down. “Are you ready?”

Bliss nodded as she began to walk with her father and the soft melodies of Florence Welch echoed throughout the hallways. As she turned to her father and smiled at her mother taking pictures with Brenda. She exhaled as she felt overwhelmed with emotions. Turning to her father who lifted her veil and kissed her cheek. As he sat down by her mother and she took a deep gulp look at Hunter. “You look look so handsome and wow Fox is adorable. You did all this?” She said looking at him. “I love you.”

Hunter had been waiting patiently with Fox at the makeshift alter where the officiant stood, also known as Charles Hessington. Which was odd in and of itself but it wasn’t like he was religious and he was sure Bliss wasn’t either so they needed someone to perform the ceremony. He wasn’t sure why he was so nervous in that moment not about marrying Bliss, that wasn’t it he was more nervous about not being a good enough father for Fox about failing at the entire concept. Bliss at least had years of parenting underneath her belt before she left Fox and he had nothing, before he met Bliss he was a huge dreamer. Even when he was with Max and he wanted children he knew she didn’t so he never really thought it was a real option honestly and then one night after his father died he had met Bliss at the resort bar and fell instantly and hard for her. He didn’t care that she didn’t tell him about Fox right away but the moment she did he was certain he wanted nothing more than to be with her and Fox for the rest of their lives. He watched as Fox made his way to him and reached for his hand as the music started and the door opened a final time and he stared at the woman he loved.

She looked stunning and his breath was taken away looking at her in the white dress with the matching burgundy bow, his sister had done well she was literally breathtaking. He watched as she took every step hoping to sear this into his memory for the rest of his life and he was grateful that he had asked Lowell to come. Watching him struggle to walk Bliss down the isle was heartbreaking but at the same time his heart swelled because despite everything he did believe that Lowell loved all his children. By the time Bliss reached him he felt Anderson ribbing him to actually breathe and he let out a breath smiling at her. “I have my ways  and we agreed that we both wanted to get married so I thought why wait especially with the new year coming up. I wanted to give you the surprise wedding of your dreams Bliss because I love you and Fox.” Hunter said touching the side of her face and seeing all the pictures everyone was taking, he looked at her wanting to make sure she didn’t want anyone else here before they began. “You ready to make me the happiest man and do this to become my wife for the rest of our lives?”

“If you are ready to make me the happiest woman on earth.” Bliss said as tears started to fall down her face as she looked at Hunter and the room full of loving faces. She grabbed hold of Hunter’s hands steadying herself. This was overwhelming in the best way possible. As she looked at her father sitting down in the wheelchair she smiled at him and her mother. It was strange and comforting all at once to see them together. Selfishly she appreciated that she had her father to herself at this moment. Her wedding she’d always remember him walking her down the aisle. She lowered her head as she took a deep breath as she looked up at her soon to be husband. Bliss knew nobody was perfect but to her nobody was more of a hero than him. Hunter loved her and her son and that meant everything to her. She squeezed her hand as she turned and looked at Charles and nodded.

“I don’t want anything between us ever because you are my soulmate Hunter.” Bliss knew she had to breathe because this was a lot to handle. Everyone was here to support them and supported their love story. She was caught off guard by him but now she couldn’t see her life without him. He made her feel like life was worth living and she was so full on love at this moment. “I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Charles waited till they had a moment to each other and as their families took some pictures. He then looked between the two when Hunter asked if he knew an officiant he was happy to sit in and take over, he had been certified for a few years. It was all so very sudden and while he was worried about Jon’s arrival earlier in the evening he was happy to stand in for Hunter Kincaid and Bliss Devonshire. He knew in the long run that should he show some compassion to both families with this gesture it would do well from here on out. “Well then shall we begin?” Charles said with a smile as he looked out at the crowd. “Dearly beloved we are gathered here to join these two souls together as one before each other, God and in legal matrimony. Now before we begin is there anyone here who thinks that these two shall not be wed?” He said looking around and when he saw no objections he looked between Hunter and Bliss. “I understand from the groom you have chosen to say your own vows. Take each other’s hands and we’ll start with Hunter.”

Hunter looked at Charles and wished he and prepped a little more how many words could he put into how he felt and how much he loved her and Fox? Plus when Charles had asked if anyone objected he almost felt like jumping thinking Dimitri would burst in only he exhaled when no one said a word. He had been discrete about everything from the arrangements to even doing it after they left the Devonshire estate, to sending Anderson down to pick up the wedding liscence to a friend at the office vowing not to mark it on the registry until the next day to avoid Dimitri’s spies. He took her hand in his exhaling as he did so and smiling at her. Nothing could come between them at this very moment and certainly not some demented price rapist that haunted her in her sleep and preyed on his own son.

“I remember the day you walked into my life it was at the ski resort and I had just been jilted by your sister at my father’s annual birthday dinner. You were sitting at the bar she didn’t show and yet you were there and you let me talk to you, and you listened. I remember what you wore that jumpsuit with that mink fur and we just talked for hours. The more time I spent with you from there on out the more I was intrigued by the woman that you were strong, independent, gentle and kind. I knew a few weeks later I wanted to marry you and filed for a divorce. We didn’t have the most traditional beginning which I needed after my father died I needed something else.” Hunter said pausing for a moment to collect himself. “The first time we made love you cried and I didn’t understand why until you told me around this time last year that you had a past one that you were afraid would tear us apart and I was braced for anything and you told me about Fox. About how you were a survivor to a man that hurt you so deeply and harshly I can’t even repeat what he did to you or our son. At that moment I knew that the choice I made next would define the rest of our lives so I chose you and that included all of you including Fox.”

He paused realizing his eyes were welling with tears he couldn’t even remember getting this emotional with Max at their wedding. He saw his mother and his siblings with tears in their eyes too and saw the same in Tess an Belle. “I promise from this day forward to give you the life you have deserved for all your life. To be by your side and Fox’s no matter what happens between us. To fight for you and Fox even if it means that I do it with my last dying breath as a man. I promise to be the husband that you deserve this time, to never hurt you both in the ways he did. To make sure that you never have to feel like you have to run away from love ever again and heal the depths of the brokenness that he left you with. To love you with every breath of my being even when we may disagree along the way after all you may have your father’s temper in you that I have seen first hand. I don’t care how long that takes or the costs associated with it but that is what I promise to you and Fox.” He finished seeing Charles nod at him.

“Bliss your turn.” Charles said looking at her.

Bliss exhaled as her lips quivered listening to Hunter as she touched his face. “Tell me how I got so lucky? I didn’t know how to erase every memory and pain until I met you. You have a great memory because I don’t remember what you were wearing.” She laughed and heard everyone laughing. She wiped Hunter’s tears from his face and was happy to see him smile. “I wasn’t breathing a year ago. I was scared and alone but when you loved me and I found the love that we have. I knew I was going to be okay. You are the rock that centers me in every storm. I can’t help but feel light and like I can float away when I am in your presence. I want you to be mine forever and I see our future. So many kids and Fox being an amazing man because you have been his influence and you are his father. You are the father that I know my son deserves and I didn’t think I could love you anymore but when you loved him. I was done because I knew I would die for this. I would die to protect what we have because when I’m with you I am alive and someone made me feel so dead but your love and your compassion and your heart saved me. You loved me back to life.” Bliss said, weeping almost unable to continue.

Looking at Hunter in the eyes she saw him and just as she said she was centered. “I promise to be loyal, loving and understanding. I will always honor you first and love you in the darkest and brightest days. I will try to compromise when I don’t think I am wrong and I will love you forever. I will protect your heart as if it’s mine and I will give you everything that you want.” She said looking at him exhaling. “You are my eternity and I thank-you for saving me and our son.” Blowing out she looked at Fox who was wondering why mommy was crying. “I’m okay, I’m happy Foxy.”

“The rings please young man.” Charles said smiling as Fox gave him the pillow and he took off the rings and handed them to each of them he gave them a nod of his head as he watched Hunter place the ring on Bliss’s finger and Bliss place the ring on Hunter’s. He paused and looked at the table next to them. “Now I’m going to go ahead and light the two side candles here on the table your new husband’s idea of course.” Charles said as he lit both candles and saw more pictures being taken. “The two pillars of course symbolize your separate lives together once you hold them together to join on the large though it blends both your hearts and your family as one. Hunter take the one on the right, Bliss the one on the left with Fox just like that be careful of the wax. Now together move them forward.” Charles said and he saw Brenda crying in the corner of his eyes and Lowell too and he saw the flame lit together and saw Fox clap in excitement.

“With the power invested in me by the state of Pennsylvania I now declare you Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Kincaid, you may now kiss your bride.” Charles said as he signed the wedding certificate on the table.


Jon placed the last of Skye’s clothes in his spare room. He wasn’t sure if she wanted to share a bed with him or not. Placing towels on her bed he heard the shower running and he felt unsure of what to feel. After all this wasn’t all on Skye, he was doing drugs and pretty bad at that period. As he walked to the fridge he opened it and nothing was inside but beer. He picked up his phone and dialed La Callie ordering the blooming onion, sweet potato french fries, the gourmet hot wings, a bottle of wine. His mom had called him five times, he’d officially missed Christmas dinner and he wasn’t planning on being around Miranda. They weren’t on the same team on the take down of Ronan and they didn’t have to speak to each other. Grabbing a beer he sat down on the couch and he was steaming. Who else knew? Skye said Merci and Thor but did Dani? Did KC? Who else knew he had a child? Devin? He was dating Merci did he know? As he chugged his beer when he heard the motor to Miranda’s 1967 black Impala. She really had some nerve coming her ass over here. Standing up he walked to the door and opened it before she even got out of the car. Flopping back down on the couch he took another gulp of his beer as he walked to the fridge pulling out the rest of his six pack.

As he popped the top on the glass bottle he saw Miranda approaching his door. “So you didn’t bring KC. Did he know? No KC didn’t know because he can’t hold water. You kept this to yourself.” Biting his lip he looked up at Miranda and gave her a twisted smile. “I keep coming up to this logic in my head. If I knew about KC would I have told you? Then it hits me I would have ran to you and Quinn. I would have done anything to tell you. If it would have been my dying words you would have known. Skye told me you um.” He paused chuckling as he took another drink. “You confronted her and you just thought you know what I’ll let a known fucking liar continue to lie to Jon. If you would have never found out then Skye would still be lying but I come to expect that from her. She’s a liar but you my sister who lives on her virtues. Who is supposed to be my right hand and supposedly looks up to me lied to me. You avoided me for days and I wondered what did I do to Miranda?” He laughed looking at her. “Get fuck out my house Miranda. I don’t want to see you but before you go please give me a comprehensive list on who knows that Miles is my son other than you. So I can know if I need to cut my mother, father, and anyone who knew out of my life. I mean it you’re dead to me Miranda. I would never do this to you and if this situation was reversed. I’m done. I don’t have a sister! Get the fuck out.” He heard something drop and Skye came out in an oversized sweatshirt. “Dinner is on the way Skye and Miranda won’t bother you anymore okay. She’s just leaving.”

Miranda had drove around town for the last hour just to make sure that she was calm when she arrived at Jon’s house and had texted Dani to confirm that she knew. She wasn’t even mad about it when Dani told her it was not her secret to tell Jon and she understood why she had picked Whitney over her as maid of honor at that moment. Everything was so screwed up with this entire situation with Miles and she gripped her hands on the wheel when she saw her brother throw up the door in rage before getting out and heading up the stairs. When he ranted at her she let him and her heart broke when he told her that she was dead to him and to get out she was his sister a bond that she didn’t think could ever be broken. But looking at her brother right now with so much hate and anger on his face he was so broken in that moment so betrayed and she had done that to him. She folded her hands as he spoke and she refused to leave. He wanted to toss her out he’d have to physically do it and she wasn’t some woman that couldn’t fight back.

“Mom and dad don’t know okay. Cassie came to me a few months ago with some creepy ass note she received with Miles’s picture circled asking who didn’t belong there. I wasn’t even sure if it was true or not then and I wanted to have all the facts before I just dumped this in your lap. You have every right to be pissed as hell at me but I was doing it to protect you from her again. Devin literally found out like a few hours ago when Merci told him and I came clean and told KC because I don’t want to lie to my husband. If you want someone to blame, blame her for lying to your ass years ago and Cassie for dragging me into this.” Miranda said pointing at Skye and seeing Jon note even react to it almost as if he was going to take up for her over it. She ran her hand through her hair and almost lost her shit when Skye looked smug as shit at her before turning back to Jon. “When I saw him in person at the ice cream shop I knew he looks just like you did as a kid. Dani knows Whitney told her right before what happened with Tamara and it wasn’t her secret to tell you. It was Skye’s you wanna know why I confronted her lying ass? Because I wanted her to tell you for it to come from her mouth to tell you what she did, not mine, not Devin’s, not KC, not Dani, nor Merci and not anyone else. You’re my brother and I wanted to make sure her toxic ass wasn’t hooking her claws into you again sorry if that means I’m a bitch and you feel that way.”

Jon looked at Miranda and shook his head. She was going to make this harder on him after she betrayed him? “I asked you to leave now I’d hate to call the police on you Miranda.” He chuckled as he swigged his beer. “What did you think was going to happen Miranda? That I was going to say I forgive you? That what you did was alright? No, I won’t absolve you with my kind words. My love that I give to all you so fucking freely!” He screamed, throwing the beer bottle at the wall. He saw Miranda and Skye jump at the roar in his voice and glass shattering on the wall. “Dani knows? That’s so funny that she knows and didn’t tell me. I thought we were so close but it makes sense you know. You’ve known her since she was a child and yet you aren’t her maid of honor. You know after Tamara’s rape she came to me and begged if Dimitri didn’t get locked up that I could help make him disappear. For over thirty years our family has loved and lifted up the Fraiser’s. Our father Richard fucking Harrison befriended Walter after Lowell threw him away like the piece of trash of human he is. No more of me being subservient or being the designated killer. That bitch had the nerve to ask me that when she knew. She knew I had fucking son I hate her too now. Maybe I should’ve let Kendrick pop her hell it would stop the betrayal I feel right now. That would have been two less Devonshire’s the world would have been way better. I wish I would have never would have saved her.” He said with the coldest look in his eyes as he looked at Miranda.

“You hate her don’t you Miranda? You hate Skye because she got your brother to do drugs is that what you think? I let you think that. I saw so many bodies in my sleep that I needed a pill to make them all disappear. I have seen death and dance with her all night long. I have fought in hundred degree weather to protect the freedom of the country. I served and I did it with honor. I came home to a family that would do me like this. You want to blame Skye? You blame her for fucking giving away Miles but not for me. I’ve let her take the fall for way too long. I wasn’t a junkie but I was on my way Miranda.” He saw the hurt on her face. “Oh you can’t handle your brother being a junkie. Don’t worry I’m not your brother get out Miranda. I’m done with you. If this isn’t about work I don’t care. Don’t call me when Quinn misses me, you tell her! Tell her why she won’t have an uncle, why I won’t be attending family functions because I can’t look at you without getting sick.” He screamed at Miranda. “I just said I know she’s a liar! I know she’s a fucking mess but you! You are my fucking sister I expect more!” He screamed again balling up his fist. “I would have killed him for Braden and Dani. I would snapped Dimitri’s smug neck for raping Tamara, for hurting Bliss, for doing all those terrible things to Selina and all those women. I would sleep like a baby knowing I took out that sick fuck. I hope her friendship with Whitney was more important than me. I will never forgive you or Dani or anyone who knew including her. She just happens to be far more useful right now.” Jon walked up to Skye and kissed her neck. “Don’t look like that Miranda. Her claws have already been in my back and I’ve already been inside of her. Maybe we can work on another baby we already know we make such beautiful ones don’t we Skye?”

Miranda didn’t know what she expected but it wasn’t this, him spewing out hateful things to her and saying awful things like Kendrick should have shot Dani and let the twins die, either. She got that he was fucking pissed at the moment but he was being hateful and that was not her brother, period he wasn’t a hateful person. She was shocked at what Dani had asked him to do more shocked that he had said yes to it. “You want to be pissed at me fine, be pissed at me I was doing what I thought was right I wanted the full story about Miles. I wanted to know if she knew when she gave him up. I wanted answers before I came to you with this. You want to be pissed at Dani be pissed at her but I can’t believe you’s say something so vile saying that Kendrick should have killed her and her kids. Maybe she was right to pick Jackson after all you want to be honest that’s why you’re pissed at her she picked him. I’m not going to make excuses for her, she had her reasons for not telling you after Tamara’s rape likely because that is what she was worried about Tamra and not Skye’s secret love child you had with her.” Miranda said with tears in her eyes he was being beyond cruel and she shook her head at him.

She watched him go over and kiss Skye and honestly felt ill and from the looks of it Skye looked like she was going to scream too and she wondered if this was her brother spiraling or not. For the first time in years she actually felt bad for Skye Morgan. The whole family had blamed Skye for the pill popping and what happened looking back those were Jon’s issues to work out and she had been wrong to blame it all on Skye. “I used to blame her for it, and it was wrong of me those are your issues to work through hence why when I found you both in piles of vomit you went to the VA. Or do you want to forget about that I was the one that found you and her. I was the one that was concerned that you were going to die after getting into a fist fight with Jackson, to then chase her down and fuck her and pop some pills? I found you I was the one that made the call to save you and her, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t let Quinn around you right now so I won’t have to tell her.” Miranda said looking at him like was fucking crazy and not in a good kind of crazy way more like an unhinged crazy like snapping crazy. She looked her brother dead in his eyes as she spoke. “This is not who you are. So I get it you’re angry and pissed but this person who you are right now is not who you are.” She finished looking at him and then at Skye. “You don’t have to stay here while he is being like this.”

Skye had taken a shower after they had returned to the house and locked herself in the bathroom and had showered through so many tears she didn’t know if she had any left. She had never felt as low or as trashy as she did right at that moment and she almost called up someone to bring her something to take the edge off. She had heard the fridge open and watched from the stairs as Jon started drinking and wondered if she should get dressed, call Merci to come pick her up and leave. Instead she had stayed quiet and watched as Miranda pulled up and then she watched Jon unleash on his sister and it should have given her years of satisfaction and it did for a few minutes. It felt nice to have him see her for the bitch she was to her and then he began spouting off some vile shit and when he came and told his sister she was useful and about how they had fucked a few hours ago, she felt physically ill. That was all it was to him now a good fuck that was apparently clear and he still had it wrapped around his head that he was going to march over and get Miles on a whim. She shook her head no at Miranda and she didn’t even know why she did none of it was making sense.

“It’s fine.” Skye said it was the only thing she could think of as she pulled away from Jon’s grasp putting space between them and how dirty she now felt at what he said. That she was useful for him sexually, when most men did that at least she was getting paid and this hurt way worse than that did. She wrapped her arms around herself and moved back when Jon reached for her again shaking her head at him. “I told him I’d stay here.” She finished looking at Miranda’s exhausted face.

“This is who you all made me.” Jon said quietly as he saw Skye literally recoil from him and Miranda’s horrified expression. “You’re my sister and no matter what I thought I could trust you all. You all keep hurting me and I’m supposed to be okay with it? Skye used me don’t look too innocent over there. You used me because Jackson hated me and you knew he’d come to you once he heard you were with me. Dani played with my heart like a cat with a dead mouse. You think this is about her not choosing me? No it’s deeper than that Miranda. You all are my family or I thought you were.” Jon shook his head knowing he was wrong for what he was saying. Knowing how cold he was being but he couldn’t stop himself. “I don’t care what you think of me Miranda. You keep saying this isn’t who I am. You made me like this. You were the final straw sis. I thought you’d have my back no matter what. You keep making these fucked up excuses for why you didn’t even come to me with your suspicions. I maybe saying some things I’ll regret but its making me feel good right now. I can’t go pop a pill to make me forget so I’m going to scream! I’m going to yell and say the nastiest things that come to my mind. If I get hurt you all the way you have hurt me.” Jon said as he looked at her. “I love you but right now I hate you. Get out.” Jon said walking to the door and opening it.

“Miranda if you don’t leave I swear to God I’ll throw your ass out. I don’t care what you think of me. I don’t care if you think I’m not being nice or saying mean things. Nobody cared that I had a son. Skye didn’t care that he was mine! You didn’t care to tell me! Dani that bitch asked me to murder someone! She didn’t tell me but had the gall to ask me to kill someone for her. I made my career off going after Ronan after he hurt you and Quinn. Do you remember that? When you couldn’t crawl out of bed because KC was gone.I changed Quinn! I fed Quinn! I was there for you! Why couldn’t you do the same? Why is nobody here for me! Why don’t you all love me the way I love you. Get out and I don’t want you to come by. I don’t want you to speak to me. I don’t want you in my life anymore Miranda.” Jon’s legs were shaking as tears burned in his eyes. “You broke me sis. I don’t have anything left for you or anyone else but Miles. I’m done saving the world when the world doesn’t hold out it’s hands to save me.”

Miranda thought about making him kick her out mainly because she would love to see him try she’d fight him every step of the way. She wasn’t Skye’s friend or anything like that but honestly she felt bad for her and how her brother was treating her because he wasn’t raised that way. She hoped he thought long and hard about the hateful things he said about someone he used to really care about she may not of agreed with Dani picking Jackson or being with him but she was a mother just like she was and she would do anything for Quinn or her family. Dani was there just like Zach and her brother were when KC died and she glared at him. “I remember where you were when I couldn’t be there with Quinn you were with my best friend and Zach helping me get my shit together. A friend that also supported you in the VA because she wanted to help you too and the fact you’d say something so vile that her children should have died is fucking gross. No matter what did or didn’t happen with you two.” Miranda said looking at him and shaking her head at him. Walking sadly to the door she turned around and looked at him. “I do hope one day you can forgive me you want to see mom and dad and everyone else text KC to let me know Quinn and I won’t be there while you do. For the record no matter what she did to you she deserves to be treated with some decency and our dad would be ashamed how you just spoke to her.” Miranda said looking at Skye and then at her brother before slamming the door on the way out.

Skye looked at Miranda like the world had crashed and burned around her was the woman actually showing an ounce of compassion towards her? She didn’t know how to feel about that honestly girls normally didn’t show her that and she looked at the living room and saw horror, sadness, anger and a slew of other emotions on Jon’s face. She realized her eyes were watering at everything that Jon had said and the way he was being and she shook her head at him when he went to reach out for her backing away and wiping at her eyes. “No one has ever made me feel as worthless and as dirty as you just did. At least when a man used to speak to me like I was getting paid for it but with you?” She said pausing seeing the look on his face not sure how to decipher it or if she even wanted to. “I don’t even know who you are right now.” She finished turning on her heel as the tears streamed down her face and she went back up the stairs and closed the door to the guest room locking it behind her.

Jon sat in silence as he looked at the door and gritted his teeth. He knew he went to far with what he said about Dani and her children. Not that she was a bitch that he shouldn’t have saved her. He didn’t regret it at all but at the same time the grief that woman had brought in his life. Then his sister he knew he had just hurt her but he found it hard to give a fuck. Nobody seemed to care about Jon. Nobody seemed to give a damn about how he must have been feeling. It was cruel and he was sick of everyone putting him second. Dani just left him and then married a man he hated since he was a teen. He saved her life and tried his hardest to support her. Then she said it wasn’t her secret to tell. Imagine if he said the Fraiser’s weren’t their responsibility and he didn’t care? He wouldn’t be ready to hunt down Dimitri like the animal he is and kill him if need be. They were quick to use his training but couldn’t open her mouth. Watching Skye say she didn’t know who he was he scoffed the woman who hid a child and legally let his son get adopted. That was rich coming from her, considering how he acted he understood he made her feel cheap. Well she made him feel even emptier than he already was. Jon got up and grabbed his keys and walked out no longer able to stomach even being around anyone. All he needed was a bottle of Jack Daniels and some country western tunes. Starting his old pickup truck up Jon drove away and actually for the first time in a long time. He wasn’t sure where he was going in life or the road.


Pierre knew after his chat with Tess that he had to stick his head out for her at the very least to help her along with what they both wanted at DGI. Meaning he was going into the lion’s den and he would be sure to leave it just as he came into it alive and with no bounty on his head. MontCorp was bleak against the backdrop of the night sky in Atlas Falls it was like walking up to something straight out of a an old world noir movie. He walked through the lobby and towards the elevator making sure to select the top floor and once there he saw Forbes’s guards around him, his old partner and friend was anything but paranoid. He saw Forbes looking out over a miniature of Atlas Falls clearly trying to find the best moves to block Lowell from the next DGI voyage that they were going to do. He saw the casino out of the corner of his eyes, the new site for the energy panels in the Scottswood neighborhood too and he approached slowly surely Forbes had to know he was on his way up. Once he stepped foot in the building it was a simple call that would have been made while he was on the elevator. He saw him eyeing the media building and finally spoke.

“I think you need more players on your board. You’ve currently only got your disabled son and your daughter into play. You used to have more pieces in Zerick and Greer, I warned you about Zerick Jackie would sway him you said it wouldn’t happen and now it has.” Pierre said almost laughing at him and wondering why he was here sulking in the dark and he wondered if he knew that his time was almost up. Eventually the truth was going to come out if it hadn’t yet that he and Tess had lied about Zerick’s paternity, Lowell was many things but a fool was not one of them. He wanted to make sure his insurance policy was still in place with Tess though and that was why he was here to make sure it stayed in place. “I am sure you have every intention to want to feed me to the fishes or the wolves but I actually think we can help each other one last time Forbes.” Pierre finished waiting for Forbes to make up his mind on his fate.

“I have pieces you don’t even see on the board, Pierre.” He said looking at his old comrade. “What I think is gall is you are coming here today of all days. This day Audrey first tried to kill herself you remember right? I shouldn’t have to tell you that but I assume you are going to understand what I am saying when I say I don’t like how you stole my daughter’s newspaper from her. Nor do I enjoy that I am seeing your face here. So cut the pleasantries Pierre what are you here for? You sold your stake at MontCorp back with Greer’s proxy being given back to us. So why do you come lurking into my home? Your family, how are they? Has Harvey been doing well? I heard about Freya so unfortunate a stunning beauty and regal. I remember how she comforted you after Aggie’s death. Greer is nothing like Agnes; she was ahead of her time, and a world classier. I have to wonder how one whores their own daughter out and then believe they are doing something altruistic to get their revenge. I have waged wars so I don’t have time for some game spit it out. Before I attack you. Pierre your daughter came to my house and stole from me that won’t be forgiven.”

Forbes looked at him. “This isn’t about you. Then who? You wouldn’t be here after I just declared war on your satan’s spawn. So why are you here? Who do you want to make a deal for because I need a favor since we are being friendly. An eye for an eye correct old friend?” He said looking at Pierre with contempt. “Let’s barter an equal exchange no? You tell me what I want to know and I’ll tell you if I can help you. You see my time is very limited the shareholders won’t like to see me on top after my greatest scandal gets out there. So I think having a favor from you is like having one devil having another one’s horns don’t you think?”

“Yes well we all know that Audrey was a bit off her rocker over the years too bad she didn’t complete it on the first attempt and only made it official years later. Rumor had it that she found out something so heinous when Philip and Cassie were in high school that not even she could live with about you. I’ve always wondered what exactly that could have been.” Pierre said Audrey’s suicide was something that made news all the way to him in his last few years of his prison sentence, not even Harvey knew what had happened. There were rumors of course that Audrey had Lowell’s spawn inside of her and was ready to leave Forbes for him. Another that she had a few lines to many that the Madden’s had given her, however it was bloody and gory from what Harvey had told him She had went to take a bath slitting her wrists in the tub and letting it fill Forbes and Cassie and found her with a simple note left behind with her sister’s name on it. “It must have pained you a great deal Forbes and I have been there when I learned that Aggie died mid-flight bringing Greer into the world as I was led away in handcuffs thanks to you, Lowell, Walter and Gloria I was beyond devastated. Need I remind you that you came to me with Zerick and wanted him and Greer to start the con of the century when it came to infiltrating DGI and I agreed as did Greer. You had what you wanted DGI is in near shambles and Lowell near his death bed. Harvey is fine.” He finished as he picked up a mini-figure before placing it down again.

“A little birdie of mine that I seemed to happen to enjoy the company of her bed from time to time has informed me that she and her dear brother are coming into town for her dear nephews wedding to Dani Fraiser. Now I don’t need to tell you what you may already suspect Tess is a fine actress when it comes to this entire sham that you have arranged, expect for when her loose lips talk in front of Jackie or her brat in front of Zerick.” Pierre said looking at him and seeing if he was following along yet he paid good money for that house maid to tell him what was going on in Tess’s house and as much as Forbes thought they were going to get away with it, Tess would be the downfall if the truth came out. Tess and her tender heart for Lowell that gave her away along with her mixed rage towards Jackie over the years. “Let’s just say that we both know that you are on borrowed time with this secret with Zerick and when it explodes which it will, someone needs to fall on the sword. Sometimes the king on the board has to be taken to protect the queen, and let’s face it it’s not like you’re going to walk in and seduce Lowell to the point of marrying him and securing his fortune.”

Forbes looked at Pierre and nodded knowing that he was asking him to take the fall and let Tess skate. Which was a plan to have someone he could control on the inside. The problem before with Tess was that she wouldn’t listen but if she didn’t want her perfect life ruined she would this time. She’d do what both Pierre and he needed but the catch he wanted something. “Tell me I heard a rumor years ago when you were in jail did you know Harvey was taking over all your assets? Not only that he took your daughter from you that had to sting. Yes I asked for Greer’s assistance because unfortunately the darling girl is just Chauncey’s type but if all is to be believed you resent your brother is jealous of him even. He’s always been the LeClerq that was the threat where’s Harvey I’m sick of playing with the underling.” Forbes spat back knowing Pierre was digging into something that he had no business. “I suggest you tread very carefully if Tess doesn’t give me what I want I’ll expose that bitch so fast her head will spin.”

Forbes looked at him. “DGI is on the upswing the fucking app and new record label is generating money for them. Money that Lowell is funneling into Jackson and Chauncey and let’s not forget that casino. No they are in shambles not until that company is buried and my little adventure with Dimitri did MontCorp no favors. I need my return immediately for my silence. Have Greer print up some glowing press for MontCorp or else I can’t say the queen will meet the guillotine much faster. Off with her head.” Forbes snatched the figurine from Pierre and placed it down. “I have a plan to finally destroy them all. Lowell be damned, dying or not. I want DGI and that company to burn after what he did to us. Now you can help Tess but be warned she isn’t Agnes. She’s much more duplicitous and she’ll never love you more than she loves him. She had two hidden children and tell me what woman does that but a one in love? Careful not to give your heart to that one Pierre or maybe you should make it easier to eventually take you out.”

“I asked Harvey to take over my assets and be there for Greer there is no rumor to that as my brother he sacrificed a lot for that to happen. Greer was raised by him till my release where I took back over and have tried my best to rid her of Harvey’s gentler qualities.” Pierre said looking at him his brother had sacrificed a lot including his true love in Lauren to take Aggie and escape the arrest warrant for her and stayed gone. His brother never loved Freya like he did Lauren and Harvey was always quick to remind him that he sacrificed for him so he was owed a place, he resented Freya over the years. Told him numerous times that he should have been Dani’s father and he was quick o remind him that he wasn’t something they fought over. Harvey had affairs with other women. Regardless of that his brother was an exemplary parents when it came to his boys, his daughter not so much. “Trust me when I say this you want to deal with me instead of Harvey we both know his weak spot in this town is still here with Randall Sinclair.”

“DGI is currently on an upswing, key word there currently. Tess is to close to closing the deal and I can guarantee you that Lowell will sign those divorce papers. His biggest downfall so far has been just quitting on Jackie which is what we wanted not to mention how he has been ostracized by all of his children but Belle. That can play on a man’s mind Forbes when the walls close and he need someone to whisper in his ear.” Pierre said as Forbes took the figure from and he watched as he placed it back down. He was not a man that thought with his cock that was never his downfall he of course admired Tess and cared for her but he knew as long as Lowell was alive no other man stood a chance. “Tess will do as we have always planned she hates that Lowell has passed over her children so much since they were born she will do anything to ensure that Jackie’s brats don’t get their hands on that company in the long run. Meaning while she is busy trying to reign in the roost with Bliss who is smitten with Hunter and the handful that is Belle that she doesn’t know how to handle. You and I can quietly come in and take what we want. Also don’t discredit Greer in this, Chauncey may be set to marry Natasha now but he will chase her eventually.” Pierre finished looking at him.

“Deal.” Forbes said looking at Pierre. “I have to speak with my soon to be ex-wife Angelica Montgomery now if you don’t excuse me. You have your answer I will keep Tess out of the blast but the moment that Tess doesn’t hold up her end of the bargain I’ll end her. Now get out I need to think about how much money I’m about to lose by divorcing this bitch.” Forbes said as he folded his hands. “Good-day Pierre.”


Aspen walked into Club Olympus which was unusually crowded for a Christmas night. She unfastened her leather trench coat and unveiled a form fitting black lace Prada jumpsuit. Waving her hand to the bartender she was completely flushed in the face. “A whiskey and lemon tonic water please.” She ordered looking at him. “Make it Fraiser whiskey it’s my favorite.” She said as she ran her hands through her hair slamming her tiny fist onto the oak bar. He was just fucking her and she didn’t get it. She just didn’t understand his infatuation with Yasmine Montgomery. That girl was ghetto and trashy but maybe that was what he liked. She couldn’t be that and couldn’t compete with that. When the bartender returned with her drink she immediately downed it and then opened her clutch bag. Pulling out her phone she texted Max questioning what she should do? What if Rory said he would raise this fake baby and not be with her? She was so sure that this would work but now the doubts. If they were reconnecting sexually then it was only a matter of time before he wanted to be with her for the long term. She shook those thoughts out of her head. Rory was hers and for years she had been second to the skinny bitches of Atlas Falls. Now she was perfect and he still didn’t want her.

When she looked up she saw an older guy staring at her and they locked eyes. She looked away, his dark hair and eyes were intense. As she gulped down her drink. “Another one please.” As the bartender looked at her she snapped her fingers at him. “I’m Ubering home scouts honor.” She said as the bartender went off to make her drink before she knew it the man was sitting down beside her. “I don’t want or need any company so thank-you but I’d like to be alone and this isn’t what I was exactly looking for. However this has been the worst Christmas ever. Sorry I’m no fun because I just caught my cheating lying boyfriend with his skanky ex. She’s perfect and I hate it. I hate it because she isn’t perfect but everyone treats this bitch like she’s gold when she tarnished copper.”

Lex had left the Kincaid mansion after Jon Harrison had left honestly he was all out of fake Christmas cheer he could handle. He need a break from his father and had drove by the Devonshire estate to catch a glimpse and he did at her with Jackson. Everything was so fucked up since she left, the things he had to step up and do because in his father’s words it was best for the family. He thought he would have more time to win her back but looking at her with Jackson seeing it first hand, hurt and he simply drove down the road after a few seconds to then head to the Rawlings and book a room for a night. Jon showing up was something that he had prepared for legally over the years every time Skye would pop up with a new story and a new claim he was prepared and he had warned his sister to keep her legs closed the second time with Jon. No one ever fucking listened to him when it mattered he warned them if they ran a test it proceed duplicity which depending on a judge could go either way. Now it meant he had to pour more hours into protecting his nephew. He had got his hotel room key and made his way upstairs to turn on the evening news and of course they were covering the upcoming wedding on Access Hollywood and he turned it off as quickly as it was on. He then made his way down to the bar where he saw her, red head in designer clothes. Honestly brunettes lately had been his poison but maybe he was in the mood for something new.

“I’ll have what she is.” He said smiling at the bartender and raising the drink to his lips to take a sip and sat it down, he had tasted it every year since he was twenty and he shared a glass with his father and Walter. He closed his eyes at the memories he’d tasted it on her lips the first time two years later when he finally made a move and he shook his head, looking at her. “What exactly were you looking for then? Tall, dark, mysterious and handsome? You ex sounds like a lot of men I know.” He said softly and refrained from saying the last part like me instead he swirled the whiskey in his glass watching the amber trace the sides the lemon turning color as it absorbed. “How old are you? If I had to guess barely out of college meaning why in the hell are you so hung up on a guy that is out worshiping his ex that in your words is tarnished copper? Shouldn’t you be more into living at the moment?” Lex asked one of the reason he cheated he came to realize over the years was that he wasn’t ready to get married to be that committed. He proposed out of obligation to his mother’s memory and because his dad wanted him too. “Sorry none of my business apparently as you don’t want to talk about it.”

“Worshiping?” Aspen rolled her eyes as she looked at him rolling her eyes. “You’re almost too self aware for my taste. Any man that knows that they are tall, dark and mysterious is dangerous.” Biting her nail she looked at him with a cautious eye. “I’m twenty-two fresh Harvard drop out and complete fool. I don’t believe I left school to come back here and deal with this.” Was Rory worth all this what type of dignity would she have after all of this was said and done? She had to wonder if she got Rory like this was it even worth it at all?  “Sorry I’m going to school here next semester and I’m feeling pitiful right now but you are right. No man deserves all this energy and I’m here and he’s there with her. And I’m here with you, my name is Aspen. Don’t ask me why my parents named me that it’s a long and complex story but it’s my name and it fits.” She looked at him as she swirled her drink.

“So tell me tall, dark and mysterious what’s your story? No man that looks like you is sitting at a bar. Who is she? Who broke your heart that you are slyly scoping out every beautiful woman in the room and trying to figure out which is most vulnerable so you can have them for the night.” Aspen sparked back as she looked at him. “You come off way too strong sir and your game is old. How old are you?” She said playfully teasing him back. “How about we wipe the slate clean, tall, dark and mysterious. No more talk of a boyfriend and you won’t come off slick as an oil can.”

Lex studied her and was relieved when she confirmed she was of age unlike some other guys he knew he always made sure about that. His family literally had avoided scandal for decades because they were all careful about who they went to bed with and when, the only time that failed was his relationship with Dani which had shamed him and put his father in a dangerous position one that they were able to overcome. His father had almost lost the election as the scandal that he had been in bed with Maggie Thorpe had come out and that she was an escort for Carla Luciano, had they dug deeper Lex shook his head at the thought as he looked at Aspen. “Lex, short for Lexington.” He said taking another sip of his whiskey as he watched her she was cute he would give her that and maybe this was what he needed something young and somewhat innocent to take to his bed and just forget what had happened with Jon and what was going to happen in a few days. “I won’t ask your namesake if you won’t ask mine.” He teased leaning back.

“A woman I was foolish enough to fuck my life up with by cheating on her and then waste time not trying to win her back and make it right with her. Someone that is moving on with her life leaving me to wallow in past mistakes. Something that I am thinking I should rectify.” Lex said not sure if Aspen was going to be at the wedding or not and honestly he didn’t even know how he was going to do it, but he would in his sister’s words Dani was going to marry Jackson and he couldn’t stop it now. He had seen it in her eyes at the Devonshire estate she never in all their years together looked at him like she did Jackson not to mention it was the first time he had seen her children it was over, he knew it and it was best that he tried to moved on now. “Old enough to know that I’ve been around the block a few times enough to know how to please someone in bed. Perhaps though you aren’t in the mood forget what you saw?” Lex said leaning in and letting his hand brush her bare arm and seeing her shiver he took out his spare key card. “Nah I don’t think you are.” He finished setting his glass down and walking back towards the elevator seeing if she would follow or not was part of the game.

Aspen sat for a moment and picked up her glass finishing her second drink. Placing it down she looked at Lex walking away and her eyes glowed darkly. Standing up she grabbed her clutch and her trench coat. As she walked to the elevator no longer in the mood to be Rory’s doormat. Secrets and sin seemed to swallow him but that must have been a Devonshire trait. All of his words and promises were insincere and she wasn’t in the mood to be alone tonight. She had nobody to turn to because Max wasn’t answering and here was this sexy ass man wanting her. Just her and nobody else. She felt like any man would want her. Aspen was brilliant, funny, and was rich as fuck. She didn’t want him for his money and all she wanted was for Rory to love her. But she wasn’t about to keep getting her heart broken and letting Rory reassemble it. She wasn’t a toy to be placed on a shelf for Rory to play with and tonight she was going to show it. Licking her lips she walked to the bathroom but had the spare key card he gave her. She smiled knowing that this game was becoming thrilling. Rory was fucking that street rat then she was going to have her own fling.

As she applied a combination of lipstick and lip gloss on her lips and sprayed a light mist of perfume on herself. She walked out of the bathroom and saw he was gone so she walked to the elevator and pressed the button for the twentieth floor. The Rawlings was more expensive each floor and when you got to the twentieth it was for the filthy rich. Who were you Lex? She thought as she pressed the stop button and quickly thought of something risky. Throwing her trench coat on the camera and she removed her silk and lace jumpsuit. Revealing nothing underneath she grabbed her coat and slipped it on. Pressing the start button she stuffed her jumpsuit into the clutch. Stepping off the elevator Aspen felt empowered it was her first one night stand after all. Why wouldn’t she feel powerful because Rory was about to pay for hurting and betraying her. She was going to make him miserable and let his sister help him. She found room 2015 and stuck the key into the door. The dim lights made the ambiance seem sexier. “Ahem.” She saw him shirtless drinking looking outside on the balcony. “I came to see if you can truly please me. I’m very particular because tonight I’m not looking for just any sex. I want my mind to be blown and I don’t want to do it just once but all night until the morning. Can you accommodate what I want?” Aspen dropped her purse playing with her leather and sharkskin trench coat tie at her waist. Open the lapels of her jacket she showed she was nude underneath. “Those are my terms.”

Lex had returned to the room and poured himself a gin and tonic from the bar to wipe the hint of whiskey from his pallet, taken off his shirt and stared at the skyline of Atlas Falls, in the words of his brother he drank to much now. It wasn’t normally like that only when certain things set him off like Jon Harrison showing up and venturing into his past that did and he shook his head at his phone, he wasn’t going to another fucking sappy ass wedding. It was bad enough that he was required too for appearances to Dani’s wedding but he’d stomach it like the good son he was or else he knew his father’s wrath was something he didn’t want to wreck on his life. People tended to get hurt when his father got involved and he rolled his shoulders trying to relieve some of that stress he did need to figure out how to handle Jon Harrison now.  They couldn’t use regular tactics he was too much an Atlas Falls town treasure, veteran and overall round good guy and that worried him. When he heard the door room open though he had to smirk into the dark and turned around to look at her flaming red hair that he could see in the light and when she opened up her coat to reveal nothing underneath he knew that this was what he needed.

He sat his drink down on the mini bar as he made his way to her he didn’t have to tell her who he was what his last name was, he never had to know he was the son of the most powerful man in the state and he didn’t have to pour his entire heart out to her or lament over his ex. He walked to her branding his head down to her ear and placing a kiss there as his hands moved to the coat letting it spill on the floor by her feet and he had to wonder what suddenly had gotten into her, he had been looking forward to peeling off that jumpsuit she was wearing. “I think I can accommodate that for the evening.” He said looking at her as his hand lowered down her body seeing her shiver and he let his finger brush over her nipples, her skin was smooth like porcelain and he let his belt loose letting his own pants spill on the floor before kicking them aside as he picked her up by her thighs pressing her hard against the wall as he sunk into her not even bothering with a condom or he was too drunk to actually care or not. He watched her face as he did so seeing her squirm at his size and leaned in to her ear as he began to move in and out of her tightness.

Aspen gasped as he entered her and she cried out in passion. As she began to shiver passionately in his arms. As she caught the rhythm and and quickly locked eyes with him and hungrily kissed him. She felt him pushing into her and she arched her back slightly and every inch of him entered her body. Rory was just as girthy but this guy seemed longer and it felt different. It was a intensity in his eyes and she didn’t know how to handle it because the sex was already more intense than she was used to. Aspen began to claw at his back as her nails took hold and she used her stomach muscles to clench down tighter as he slide in and out of her hotness. She threw her head back as she felt him moving as he was fucking her. Was he holding her in midair and ramming her? This was much more thrilling than she thought it would be. Before she knew it they were on the hotel couch and she was on her back. He placed her legs on his neck and dived in again.

She began to cry out her cries of passion began to echo throughout the room. Aspen had never been fucked so savagely this was different than the Harvard boys and Rory. Lex was an expert not say Rory wasn’t experienced but this was different. She felt herself relinquishing to him as her body finally stopped being so rigid and felt herself screaming out in pleasure. He was hurting her in the best way possible she felt herself beginning to leak as she was getting wetter. The sound of him sloshing inside of her body was turning her on even more. “Fuck me! Fuck me Lex!” Aspen screamed out.

Lex had been fucking a long time since he was sixteen and over the years he had learned how to please a woman or at least he liked to think he did. From the moment he entered her though he could tell she was not as experienced as he was which was fine, tonight it was just a simple fuck for him to relieve some much needed stress in his life. She clawed his back and he let out a moan before he moved her off the wall and towards the bed where he laid her down and continued to move inside of her when he felt her tighten though he pulled out. Moving her legs up and around his neck to slam back into her. Her cries driving him in his desire to please to please her and he was intent on that. He felt her shivering and her juices flowing coating his cock and closed his eyes leaning back to hit her fully.

She was soon shaking and moaning and he felt her clench on him as her orgasm came. It only drove him more mad and fucked her through every single time she clenched before he felt himself swelling and he let out a growl when he came thrusting his hips fully and deeply as he could go. He let her body milk him seeing her writhing in pleasure on the bed and once he was fully soft he pulled himself from her seeing his seed in her thighs. He had given up protection after everything that happened with him and Dani. He had been robbed of his child by God and his selfish choices.  “Can I get you anything? Another drink perhaps?” He said smirking at her body still shaking as he went to the bathroom to get a wash cloth cleaning himself and then handing one to her too.

She rolled off the couch and she looked at him and shook her head. Taking the towel she walked into the bathroom as she washed herself up quickly taking the robe and quickly returned as she looked at him. “A drink would be nice.” She said as she walked up to Lex. As she lowered to her knees taking his drink. Sipping the drink she looked into his eyes. “You can give me some more cock.” Sticking her tongue out Aspen licking the head of his penis. “I said all night long.”