2×22 “Unleash the Kraken”

2×22 “Unleash the Kraken”
Written by: Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Guest Starring: Gillian Anderson (Amanda Whitfield), Sophia Bush (Whitney Walker) and Stephen Amell (Ryan Walker)
Warning: Episode may contain violence, sexual situations and language.
Theme Song: Summer Walker “CPR”/ One Republic “Apologize”

Brooke fluffed her hair down her back as she laid out on the couch. No that was horrible. She quickly got up and ran to the desk and laid on it. No that was slutty. She hopped off the desk and rushed to the bed and jumped inside of it. Shaking her head no she looked at the lingerie that Val sent over. Shimmying out her thong and bra she picked up the one piece zip up corset look. Quickly placing it on and zipping it up she grabbed her lace stockings and black red bottom stilettos. Flaring out her hair and grabbing her pink lipgloss. Blotting her lips she quickly applied mascara and looked around the hotel suite she knew how she wanted to look. Walking to the balcony she opened it and then ran back into the master bedroom. She pulled out a robe with feathers around the wrist and the bottom. Smiling, she looked in the mirror and knew this was what she wanted. After all they’d been through so much and she wanted what Hunter and Bliss have. That was inspirational and she truly felt like she had to do more to make Atticus know she wanted him so much. It was only a few hours until Jackson and Dani’s rehearsal dinner but she wasn’t going to waste those hours. Hearing the keycard slide through the slot she turned around grinning from ear to ear. As she turned around to see Atticus standing there with his mouth hanging open with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“I thought that we could enjoy dessert before dinner.” She opened her robe and it showed her unique lingerie as she walked to the table and platters of dessert surrounded them. Grabbing the whipped cream in a can she shook it up spraying a little on her left breast. Taking her right finger she swiped the cream off of herself, licking it seductively. “It’s infused with rum and it’s delicious but I’m sure you can taste it yourself. I missed you so much and you’ve been working so harda as the king regent now and I want to give you something that you won’t forget about what’s at home waiting on you every night.” Brooke purred as she picked up a strawberry and dipped it in the chocolate syrup on the platter. Feeding it to Atticus she seductively licked the side of his lips as she leaned in for a full kiss. “I have champagne, are you thirsty?”

Atticus had just come from the consulate as he dropped his father off to return home to the island his brother was still in the hospital where he belonged and as soon as he was good enough for travel he would be extradited to New York to face rape charges. There as no security detail on him now, no one in Isla Del Cruces to save him from the reality of what he had done, no one but Amanda who his father and promptly fired once he learned she as still representing his brother legally. He had made calls to various allies to make sure they would not harbor his brother if he were to escape the police they had agreed and then he had ran some numbers about the energy solar panels. Isla Del Cruces would simply be the Europe hub for DGI panels in fact if he ran the numbers right they could open a plant in two to three years creating a ton of jobs inside the country and power to Europe. It was a risk and after discussing it with his father one he was going to tell Jackson the crown had agreed too, it was what was best for the country. Once done there he had made his way to Tiffany’s and picked out a stunning diamond pendant for Brooke and some roses on the way back to the hotel suite. She was sacrificing so much for them and he was glad they were moving forward as a couple for them and his soon to be queen. She was sacrificing everything for his reign, her career that she had worked hard for, she would eventually come to live with the royal family on the island and more walking in though he saw in her outfit and lost it, she was so fucking gorgeous.

He placed the flowers down on one of the tables in the room and looked around at the desserts that she had ordered and couldn’t help the grin that came out. He did admire a woman that could rock the leather look and Brooke was by far fucking gorgeous in it and he had to take a breath when she put that cream on herself and then licked it off and he licked his lips at her before walking forward to her hand and the extended strawberry and taking it from her in one bite. Her lips reached for his and engulfed hers with his own as he gripped her hips pulling her too him when she mentioned champagne he pulled back. “I think I could use a drink.” He said looking at her and sitting her on the edge of the table and running his hands up her bare thighs and seeing she was wearing nothing underneath. He looked at her blowing on her heat watching her squirm. “Pour me a glass would you?” He asked before he lowered his head and began to slowly drink her juices as he did so.

Brooke grabbed the bottle and poured him a glass as he began to eat her out. She threw her head back with the champagne spilling on the floor. As she grabbed his head she became enthralled with his tongue as she bucked against his mouth. Using her hand she raised his head up to look at her. Brooke poured champagne from the bottle into his mouth as she laughed. Seeing him get wet and let loose which was rare these days. It was fun as she grabbed the caramel and poured it on his tongue and all over her thighs as she watched him begin to feast on her body. She moaned as he physically became more wild as she grabbed the champagne flute and sipped the drink. In a state of bliss her eyes rolled in the back of her head. Nothing beat the feeling that he was giving her and this would be forever. That made her so happy just thinking of that.

Brooke brought his head up and kissed his caramel covered lips as she grabbed the whipped cream spraying it on his neck. Leaning in she licked it off with one swipe of her tongue. Brooke then in a swift motion she helped him out of his jacket and ripped open his shirt revealing his bare chest. She sprayed whipped cream all down his chest and began to lick it off feverishly. Using her hand she caressed his throbbing cock and squeezed it through his trousers. Unbuckling his belt while tongue kissing him she let his pants fall and pulled off his briefs. Spraying the cream all over his hard cock she opened her mouth and deep throated him swallowing all the cream.

Atticus had been so set on pleasing her making sure that his tongue explored every nook and cranny of her sweet tender body. He was intent on driving her insane then paused as he saw that she had poured the carmel sauce on her thighs and he let the sweet tang of it and mixed it in with her juices as his hands spread her legs even more and the flavors rolled through his senses. He was happy to obliged her into another world as his tongue licked and flicked pulling back he nibbled on her clit letting the sauce finally dissolve as he moved up her thighs hearing her moan and was close to adding in a finger or two for her to pull his head up and pour some champagne in his mouth. He saw her smile and leaned in to kiss her and then went back to her center intent on making her scream only she pulled him up again. Instead he saw her put the whip cream on his neck and lick it off and let her rip his very designer shirt open shaking his arms to let it fall to the floor. He watched her anxiously as she undid the button on his pants and dropped her her knees, he didn’t remember her being so bold before now and she engulfed him cream and all and he let out a moan as she did so.

He rocked his hips into her mouth feeling her encase him and he wanted to be gentle for her, not wanting to hurt her as he did so. He picked up the champagne taking a sip as she continued to suck him off and closed his eyes letting her hot mouth do it’s work. He felt himself swelling and began to thrust harder lowering his hand to her jaw to rub it slightly. “Relax.” He told her seeing her do it. He managed to push all the way he stopped feeling himself almost burst and pulled out of her before picking her up on the table and grabbing some chocolate pouring it on her breasts and then he began to nibble it off bit by bit. Letting it tongue and mouth suck and tease picking up a strawberry and running it over her nipples as he did seeing her shiver he fed it to her before he pressed three fingers back in her heat. “What do you want Brooke?” Atticus asked seeing her laying there as he picked up a raspberry repeating the action on her breasts while stroking her at the same time.

Brooke gasped as he began fingering her again. She started shivering as he nibbled on her nipples. He knew she wanted him inside of her. She was crying and moaning in pleasure as she grabbed the tablecloth scrunching it up in a fit of pleasure. “I want you to fuck me.” She said in her most commanding voice. Love was what she was after and they had it in spades. A mistake she made earlier in the year wouldn’t change that. For the first time in a long time she felt no longer bad about it because she closed that chapter of her life. Ronan had lost his soul and she was no longer responsible for finding it. She was responsible for her happiness and she was drunk off how Atticus made her feel. He loved her and adored her body as she grabbed some of the chocolate sauce and dipped her hand in it. As she dragged it over his face she leaned in and licked it off his face. As her lips dragged to his hungrily feasting on his tongue. This was the most intense they’d ever been and she knew it for some reason she knew he knew it too. This was passion she didn’t know he could show or just didn’t give him a chance to show it once. She said she wanted love and it was here the entire time.

Atticus had spread her legs as she grabbed the strawberry syrup and poured it all over them. His body tingled and hissed at the coldness attaching on his skin. Then she grabbed the chocolate syrup doing the same thing. Love wasn’t routine sometimes it was messy and they had a mess between them at one point but she was accepting of his and she prayed he accepted hers. She gasped feeling him filling her up as she wrapped her sticky and sweet body over him as she arched her back. She could feel him all the way inside of her and it was a feeling she didn’t understand. She’d had sex with Atticus before but this time felt different it was a commitment from them that felt different. Ever since that fight she saw him in a different light. He saw her shit and she saw that he knew that she was still reeling. Now she was on solid ground and fucking the man she was in love with. A prince and she was going to be a fucking princess. Who would have thought it? “God Atticus.” She cried out as she buried her head in his shoulder and licked it passionately tasting chocolate and strawberry syrup all over of them.

Atticus had been content to continue to tease her a bit more with various fruits and those other treats that she had put on the table but when she told him to fuck her all bets were off, his goal was suddenly one to make her scream his name. He released his hand licking her juices from his fingers as he leaned in to kiss her scooting on the table so he had complete access to what he wanted and then spread her legs getting view that was truly out of this work for him and he let out a groan as he plunged into her feeling the syrup hit his skin at the same time. He didn’t bother to ask about wearing a condom he had no intention of wearing one once they were married and he was crowned king, it was his duty to have more children to carry on the crown and he let out a groan at the action of feeling his flesh meet hers, gripping her hips and he began a nice and steady pace not wanting either of them to come too fast or quick.

He felt her hands wrap around his neck and felt her body press against his covered in variety of sauces and quickened his pace looking into her eyes as he did so before leaning in and kissing her. His hands traveling down her sides to brush her breasts and nipples feeling her shiver at his touch, it was certainly most undignified to be doing this like this with her and his father would have a stroke if he knew. The thought thrilled him though and he pulled out of her gently seeing her begging him before gently bending her over the table and mourning her from behind. “Fuck Brooke.” He said gasping at the action she was even tighter from his position and he reached to the front feeding her a banana and watching as she sucked it as he began to fuck her harder at the action. He leaned down to her earlobe groaning as he did so. “Don’t bite it Brooke, imagine I’m there and here at the same time. Making love to you just like I am right now.” He encouraged her nearly at his peak and he saw she was too and his other hand snaked to her clit as he began to stroke it carefully never breaking a rhythm with his hips.

Brooke gasped as she started to shiver uncontrollably feeling him inside of her swelling and pounding her body profusely. She couldn’t help but to begin to cry out in pleasure her entire body shivering as she began to powerfully leak all over his cock. Looking down she saw the creamy sticky substance dripping out of her as she felt him explode inside of her. She started to shake again because he was tickling her clit as she began to cry out in passion again. “Atticus!” She screamed his name over and over again in pleasure as he collapsed on top of her she wrapped her arms around him. They laid kissed and she laughed looking at the mess the maids were going to have to be tipped even more. “I have a second part of this a sensual showered and I have some imported oils and things from Ilsa De Cruces you maybe missing.” She said touching his sticky chest.

“I love you so much Atticus.” She said softly as she ran her hands through his hair. “Come on we can’t be late. We are here to represent a better and new image for Ilsa De Cruces.” Brooke knew that him being engaged to a American supermodel and the press of them reuniting was good publicity for the Island. Not only that it would help the nation get favorable love and Atticus was her great love because in a couple months she’d be a princess. Not only that but they’d be together forever. “I’m sorry for how I was acting earlier in the year.”

Atticus kept plowing her feeling her juices running down his leg and feeling himself swelling the moment she squeezed him he came groaning as he did so still playing with her clita as she came and shook again he did as well slamming their hips into the table. He pumped into her slowly making sure his seeds reached all the way inside the sooner she had a baby the sooner he would have an heir and he leaned down to kiss her. Pulling out once he was soft and turning her to he kissed her gently and pulled back smiling at her as he carried her into the shower as he looked at the clock. An hour later and another round he was dressed in his suit and saw her in the bedroom getting ready as well when the knock on the door came and his staff came in to speak.

“Amanda is here sir.” The man said and he nodded his head at him shocked for a moment before he saw Brooke emerge and wrapped her in his arms. “What can I do for you Amanda you are no longer employed by the crown and the future queen and I do need to head to a party.”

“As the king regent I am asking for something that you might not immediately agree with.” She said as she looked at him. Bowing to Atticus she looked at him as she raised her head. “I’m asking for you to provide sanctuary to your brother and let him stand trial in his home country not America. Someone has already tried to kill him and if you have sovereignty then it’s only right that you would let Dimitri face crimes in his home not here. He is refusing to work with the authorities and has sworn me to secrecy on who shot him. I do understand your brother never showed you an ounce of kindness but if you have a drop inside of you. Then you will help me get your brother out of Atlas Falls and back to our home.” Amanda declared as she looked at him desperate to do something. “Protect the bloodline, protect your brother.”

Atticus looked at her like she had damned near lost her mind his brother was a fucking monster, strike that he wasn’t even his brother anymore and he felt Brooke looking at her with such disgust he did the same. He took a few steps to her and without even laying a hand on her raised his voice. “Get the fuck up and get the hell out. My brother is no longer a citizen of Isla Del Cruces and anyone in the state covering or aiding him is a traitor to the crown. He is a monster that will face the American justice system here for everything he is done and if I have my way he’ll be then extradited back home and to every other country to stand trial for his crimes!” He didn’t even realize he was screaming at her until the security team came in and looked between them all and his hands were shaking in rage at her, being his brother’s lackey. “You dare bring this request to me and your future Queen? You heard me right Amanda I said Queen and this time not your or Dimitri will stop it. Get out of my sight now.”

Amanda bowed to Atticus and stormed away knowing if she stayed she’d be disobeying a direct order from her king. Her entire face was flushed. She couldn’t go back to Dimitri empty handed and appealing to his brother’s love was her last move. Going to tell him to leave America and somehow pray that Atticus didn’t find him. “Yes my king.” She rushed away as she ran out of the hallway. Holding her breath she pulled out her phone wondering how to get away from Dimitri. He would kill her if she didn’t figure out how to help him. They were lovers but she wasn’t crazy he’d kill in a heartbeat. He was determined to get Fox and get out of America and honestly she knew she wasn’t a second thought But she had to save Dimitri because when she did he’d know why she stood by him all these years. With him still in the hospital she knew he hired some men to help him get out and away from the police. She wasn’t sure what to do next. Amanda rushed down the hall. She had to figure it out or she was as good as dead. That’s when she thought of it a way out.

Brooke watched Amanda scurry away and clapped her hands for the guards to leave. She had on a robe and she wasn’t sure why that bitch would come here. How dare she and the gull of Dimitri to send her. “That was Dimitri begging in his own way and I know that this is for the best of Isla De Cruces and the future.” She grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom and their bathroom. “We aren’t going to let this mess up our night. I don’t get to have fun and show off my bae so I’m needing for you to change your face. We are not going to be having a bad night Atticus and don’t let Dimitri shit get in your head baby.” Picking up her makeup brush she began to apply highlighter on her cheeks as she looked at him smiling. “I love you.”


Jon had taken off the rest of the week stating a family emergency. Merci had gotten Skye earlier in the night no doubt to comfort her and she hadn’t come back yet. He spoke to Skye horribly and he also knew he was out of line with Miranda. The way he lashed out was justified. There he goes justifying their misdeeds to him and how was he to get over what Miranda did. Hell Skye gave up his son without a second thought. As he picked up the bottle of vodka and guzzled it out the burning nearly made him puke. He however shook his head and pounded his chest forcing it down. He hadn’t talked to Cassie but he knew she knew it was over. How could she tell him that she loved him and that coward hadn’t faced him. He took another swig of the vodka as the brights from someone’s lights pulled into the driveway. He wasn’t going to answer the door. Skye had a key and he wasn’t in the mood for his parents to tell him he was wrong. They of course were going to take Miranda’s side especially his father. His father was going to say he was being unreasonable. He was going to tell them one time to stay out of it and if they didn’t he’d cut them off right now. That’s how he felt fuck everyone. As he heard someone approaching the door he walked to the kitchen and pulled out the beers he’d gotten earlier in the night. He hated the Fraiser’s right now but they had the best brew in the Pennsylvania and he wasn’t going to fuck up his wasted night on a vendetta.

When he heard someone knocking at the door he rolled his eyes. Looking outside he finally saw it was Devin. Scratching his head he shook his head. “Nobody’s home.” Jon yelled at the constant knocking as he flopped on the couch he rolled his eyes. Fuck he gave Devin his spare key earlier in the year and the bastard was being respectful. He could just open the door. “Devin I really just want to be alone man. Just leave me alone no doubt you’ve talked to Miranda. If you are here to talk for her fuck her. I’m going to drink and enjoy my home to myself. I think Skye’s staying with Merci tonight because I hurt her. I didn’t try to Devin.” He said sliding down the wall. “I didn’t man. She just was right there looking happy I was screaming at my sister. Then I looked at her and said what the fuck this is your fault. All of this is her fault and she wants to be the victim now that I’m upset. I deserve to be fucking upset Devin. Why did do this to me Devin?” He asked his friend as he opened the door. Jon fell into Devin’s arms as he began to cry and for the first time he couldn’t stop. He couldn’t stop wailing for so many different reasons. Jon gripped Devin as if he let go everything wouldn’t be okay and for the first time he felt comfort from someone. “Everyone keeps talking about I was on drugs so I don’t deserve my child because I did drugs? I was a veteran who couldn’t stop seeing the people I killed.”

Devin was glad when Merci had called him and they had talked his roadtrip with KC had turned up more questions than answers for them. What they could gather was that Skye was escorting at that time, some contacts had seen her on the streets and he couldn’t wrap his brain around that pregnant and hooking meaning she had to have felt desperate for money and alone. The problem was that no one wanted to talk about who she was escorting for or who her clientele were but he and KC agreed that Jon had a right to feel the way he did and the trip had let him understand Skye’s psyche too about all of it which allowed him and Merci to hopefully work through their shit. She told him that he was still her date to the rehearsal dinner meaning he would like to think they were going to work their shit out. He had arrived at Jon’s after talking to Miranda about what happened and knew that rift was going to take awhile to overcome. It then he decided was up to him to come talk to Jon to make sure that he wasn’t going to do something stupid, drunk or insane with the situation until everyone had time to decide what to do about it. He knocked on the door a few times and when Jon told him to go away and then unleashed what happened he decided to use his spare key and come inside finding his friend on the floor he bent down to help him only for instead Jon to grab into him and start sobbing. He honestly didn’t know what to say to him but to be a good friend and listen to him when it came to everything with Miles. When he wasn’t sobbing so bad that is when he saw all the empty bottles in the room and took the beer from Jon’s hands seeing him glare at him.

“What the fuck dude? This is not how you solve your problems, you know that man. You have every right to be pissed at your sister, at Skye, at Cassie, at the Hessington’s, hell at Dani too even if it was tacky in anger what you said. No one is saying you don’t but drinking your life away it not going to help anything.” Devin said making sure the bottle of beer was out of his reach on the plus side he didn’t see bottles of open pain killers around this time. He sat the bottle down on the coffee table and went and got the trash can out of the kitchen cleaning up the bottles as he went, Jon had been drinking a lot and he took a breath he had every right to drink. He saw Jon glaring at him and wondered if he was even sober enough to actually stop him from cleaning up the mess he was living in. “You want to be mad and scream man do that, but as your friend and partner I am not going to stand by and watching you drink your life away. People do love you and care about you if we didn’t we wouldn’t have hatched a plan to find out what the fuck happened back then and I wouldn’t have taken a last minute road trip with KC to try and figure it out.” Devin finished running a hand over his head as he looked at him.

Jon looked at Devin who was clearly trying to help him. He nodded while listening to his friends words. “Why did everyone betray me Devin? I’m a good guy. I do the right thing and everyone I loved and trusted turned their backs on me. I said it to Miranda. I expect the worst out of Skye but to have my sister, an ex-lover, and my best friend or so I thought. I was bitter about Jackson with Dani I can admit that. But that’s like me keeping one of the twins from her you know? If someone took one of those babies from her I’d hunt them down. Hell if I wasn’t on suspension I would have went with Zach to try and find his kid. I’ve always shown love to the Fraiser’s and the family why?” He asked, shaking his head as he thought about Cassie. “My fiance quote on quote.” Doing the quote sign now as he looked at Devin. “She knew for months. She knew for fucking months and said nothing to me. That selfish bitch and she knew I’d leave her. Then I just messed up Devin, I slept with Skye. I didn’t mean to it just happened Devin I was so mad at her and I was so pissed. Then she kept crying and I started crying and next thing I knew.” He lowered his head. “I threw her away because Cassie looked better on paper.”

He finally said it and knew that saying it meant he wasn’t as good as he thought he was. “I didn’t want everyone to talk about me in the locker room. Or to have to explain to my family why in the world that I’m with Skye. I don’t know how to feel about her. She brought my child into the world and then took him away from me. I am so lost on how to feel after all this. How am I supposed to trust Skye? How am I supposed to trust anyone ever again?” Jon spoke from his heart as he looked at his best friends. “You are the only person who was blindsided by this, everyone else has betrayed me and I want to know why? Why was I so easy to cross huh? Is it because I’m nice? I’m the nice guy huh?” Fuck that no more good guy Devin was dressed for the reherersal dinner. “I need to be sobered up. I have to get ready for this dinner.” Jon said, stumbling up from the floor.

“No one should have kept it from you Jon. Miranda especially” Devin said looking at his friend as he spoke that was the truth there was nothing more he could say about it, no one should have lied no matter what their reasons were. He couldn’t justify it and he wasn’t going to make excuses for it even if that meant that he did see why they did and understood their reasoning. “I don’t know how to make this better for you that Miles was ripped from you the way he was but KC and I agreed we’re going to find out the truth about how it happened. But this drinking your life away is not how you handle this shit and you know that, hell you didn’t even fall like that when Kendrick happened. I also may have given you shit about Skye but Jesus Jon you’re not an asshole that goes out trying to intentionally hurt a woman either, but she lied to you. You have every right to feel conflicted and upset at her right now.” Devin finished eying him on the floor he could barely stand and he did mean that about Skye, he wasn’t proud of how he judged her or treated her but that didn’t’ neglect what she did to Jon. He threw some more trash in the can as he thought over what Jon had asked before he took a sigh and spoke again.

“I honestly don’t know how you go about trusting a woman like Skye again and if anyone would have said shit about it I would have knocked them into next week for you. On one hand I want to ring her neck for you but on the other I know that is not my place. You care about her Jon even when it was bad for you the first time you just didn’t want to admit it and I don’t know nothing is sitting right at the moment with KC and I about any of it.” Devin said he was not lost on the irony that KC and he had relented on their mutual distrust of each other to confide and try and solve the mystery of how Miles was adopted and got caught up with the Hessington’s for Jon. “I can’t make excuses for why but I know at the very least from talking to Miranda she really did feel awful about lying to you. She’s a cop and she wanted the whole story. The rest that is something you’re going to have to ask them yourself when you are sober.” Devin said going to him and helping him to his feet. “You’re fucking drunk and in no condition to drive let alone show up to a rehearsal dinner at the moment. I can have Merci make an excuse to why you aren’t there with your date.” Devin said, steadying Jon on his feet as he looked at the stairs. “Which room do you want me to put you in like can you even walk up those?” He asked.

Jon stumbled to the couch. “I’m fine right here.” He said as he looked at Devin. “You’re right I shouldn’t be driving.” He listened to Devin speak from Miranda’s point of view and he knew she was only trying to do what was right. However he wasn’t here for that shit not tonight. He had been hurt by almost everyone he loved as he looked at Miranda and KC picture on the wall. “Cassie knew for so long and just kept silent and I was just a trophy for her. Something to hold onto because she knew Devin. I loved that girl and she hasn’t even called me. She hasn’t even said a word. I don’t think you know how this feels. I don’t think that you imagine how this feels to be played by so many people. To have a huge secret just looming over you and having Philip Montgomery be the one to lead me to the truth. No that hurts.” Jon bawled up on the couch and closed his eyes.

“Go get your girl back, she isn’t that bad Devin. She just is caught up in Skye’s shit and honestly who isn’t at the moment.” Jon chuckled hiccuping as he pulled a pillow to him. “Devin just lock up. I’m going to sleep. I just want to rest, man honestly.” Jon knew he wasn’t going to sleep but the darkness was a comfort for him. “I keep asking myself what should I have done differently to make them trust me or love me enough not to hide this from me. I love Skye.” He finally said it out loud. “I love her so much sometimes it hurts but her choices have made it so hard to trust her and how can we go anywhere when all this space is between us. Skye is a liar and everyone close to me was no good to me. I try to believe that this is a bad dream but it’s my life and I just want to be alone Devin.”

Devin wasn’t sure that leaving Jon alone was the best thing but seeing him sway back and forth he eventually set him on the couch going into the kitchen. He reached into the cabinet and grabbed some ice in a cup filling it with water and then looked for some Tylenol seeing a full bottle he took two out. Taking the rest and putting the bottle in his pocket he took out his phone to text Merci. Jon is in bad shape he’s not coming he’ll stay home and sleep it off, which is probably best for everyone. He placed the phone back in is pocket as he went to the end table of the couch placing the water and the medicine down.

“Stay here and sleep it off Jon. We’ll figure all this shit out I promise.” Devin said as he grabbed the old blanket off the couch and wrapped it around him not sure what he should say about how Jon confused how he felt about Skye. “Look at us in love with the orphans from Atlas Falls who knew right?” He managed to get out before walking to the front door and shutting it behind him locking it.

Jon threw the blanket off of him grabbing his phone and immediately begun to text someone. I need to see you, I’m going to be at Jackson and Dani’s rehearsal dinner. Please meet me there. Devin was so right he wasn’t fit to drive but he wasn’t going to miss a party not tonight. Not when he had so much to say and no longer did he need ambiguity to say what he was going to say. Jon had to let it out and tonight was the perfect place to let everyone know that they didn’t just get to hurt him. Jon stumbled to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Coffee, red bull, and a shower would get him sober enough to let out to everyone how he felt.


Ronan was inside the mansion going over the shooting and the bomb inside his head over and over again, he had to figure out who attacked them and who put his brother in the hospital. Not to mention he felt the cops were closing in on them all and that was something he was trying to figure out how to skirt. Unfortunately that meant that his business arrangement was null and void for now in the sunshine state. It meant that product was frozen and he couldn’t move it like he wanted, it meant that everything that has father had worked for was at stake. He was worried about Thor his little feud with Gia was becoming dangerous and something that was going to cost them an ally when it seemed like they had none. He heard the doors open and saw Raven enter watched as she spoke to the guards and poured himself a drink and then poured one for her. This meeting was simple he wanted to legally make sure that Thor was safe it anything happened, he wanted to look out for his little brother. He had let Brooke go, Skye had left his brother and Cassie was back sniffing around meaning he wanted Thor protected.

“Raven I need an update on what you know about the hit I’ve reached out no one is talking and the police are being oddly quiet about it meaning something is going to go down. I’ve had to sever ties with the oranges for now they’re not in season which as you know can cause an impact in business from here on out.” Ronan said looking at her and realizing he had raised his voice at her one his most trusted friends and advisors it was something he didn’t mean the stress of the business was eating at him the last few weeks. Thor getting shot had shook him, his brother had been shot before grazed even but watching him bleed out with bullet holes that David Rhodes said barely missed his heart and lungs had unnerved him. “Sorry it’s just been a lot with Thor getting shot and having the police still breathing down my neck watching every move we make. Someone tried to kill me here in this house and tried to kill Thor and I want to know why and who it was I don’t care about the cost.” Ronan finished taking a sip of his drink as he looked at her wondering if she was on the Gia hate train too that Thor was on or not.

Raven walked to the espresso machine and poured herself a cup of coffee as she looked at him. As she walked to the couch sitting down across from Ronan. “From what I’ve heard from the street these were hitmen Ronan. They were hired from New York and I’m tracing the money. Oranges are always in season Ronan and maybe it’s time for you to squeeze some juice out of them. You need all the friends you can get, someone is after you and I can’t help but feel your brother might be onto something. Gia’s family and the Madden’s didn’t get along. Hell her path is directly linked to yours Ronan and I don’t believe in fate okay. The woman is a black widow and death is following her. Boy ain’t no pussy in the world worth your legacy. My father protected your father. He was his right hand in a time where blacks weren’t Italian mobsters’ right hand. Your father put me through school to say this to you. Boy don’t let no woman fuck up your crown. You run the east coast and now all of the sudden the Feds and some mysterious hitmen from New York are after you come on.” She flipped her hair as she looked at her old friend.

“My next question is do you think Thor is truly made for this life. We know Carla didn’t raise him to be a mobster and didn’t think that he wasn’t going to be at all. You really want that boy in this? We were bread in this shit. This is our lives but Thor was sent to Atlas Falls Preparatory Academy and he was also a business major. Maybe he shouldn’t be directly in the fray Ronan. Your baby brother and don’t forget you gave up Brooke because you didn’t want her in the lifestyle. I think I should go to Florida and go and try to get some orange juice if you don’t mind. We got a favor to ask and if you let me I’m going to find out what everyone has on you and who is doing this.” Raven said calmly.

Ronan twirled his drink before downing it seeing looking her reject his drink and watched as she made her coffee and rejected his drink and it pained him. Not quite sure why it did but at least he knew where she stood now on Gia and he almost scoffed at her, who in the hell was she or Thor to judge who the fuck he shared a bed with? Thor was out fucking the ex addict that took some of his product in her nose and he almost laughed if Thor only knew how connected he was to Skye he’d roll over and spit her out. “I have friends which is why I asked you to come here and gather your thoughts. Gia is not capable of betraying me Raven, you barely know her and what she offers the business is something that I can’t afford to lose. She allows me to travel through her territory and well her husband as we speak should be out of commission. I need a partner on paper and well you also know that I need a partner in my bed too. Brooke made her choice or shall I say I made it for her. Would you prefer I fuck girls from the club instead? Though I have to admit I met quite the red head the other day with Yalena at the same time.” Ronan said seeing the disgust on her face as he spoke he knew she wouldn’t approve but he was not committed to Brooke anymore meaning he could fuck all the people he wanted. “Now that I know you hate her too I would advise you that you could be out of a job if you go against this.”

Ronan said looking at her face he couldn’t afford to be weak right now and he felt something with Gia power and danger not to mention she blew his fucking brains out in the sack so for now she would still warm his bed. Either his brother and Raven could get on board with this or they could not it was up to them he could always find legal counsel elsewhere if he needed. “I want Thor to be out of the business if you want me to be honest about it. My father never wanted him to be a part of it and it was a huge reason that Carla made him go to college and get a degree. He’s reckless at times and trusts too many people in powerful positions who could cause trouble for me down the road like Hunter Kincaid. Walter Fraiser our dear mayor gets a hint of this he is going to be bring those annoying ass detectives back in our orbit like Jon Harrison and Devin Thompson and I’d like to avoid that. It’s better for business if Thor is no longer involved in that side perhaps you can put out a few feelers or I can at DGI with our mutual business partner Lowell to inquire for him.” Ronan finished as he got up from his chair and looked out at the skyline of the city before turning back to her and seeing Gia’s limo pull up outside.

Raven looked at him and felt a sting of how he was speaking to her. If he didn’t see the coalition then that was his choice but he asked her opinion. “You asked me if I thought that it was a connection between your recent troubles and what’s going on in your personal life? Well I do but I can’t stop you and nor am I trying to. Ronan you are a grown man and stubborn but whatever happens isn’t on me it’s on you. I feel for you because if she is playing you and you do get done in then Ronan you won’t recover. She’s never left a man the same and if you don’t believe me then Thor had me look up her past. You didn’t trust her in the beginning and Thor wanted this partnership but how can I believe and trust in anything this woman says when she has betrayed and fucked her way to the top. Read about your lover and the red head maybe would be better if she isn’t out to destroy you.” She said exasperatedly at the conversation. “Your choices are yours and yours alone to make. I know nobody is perfect but you have a duty to yourself and your brother to find out if she is a snake and I’m going to Florida to call in that favor from years ago.” When Raven got Kevin off for capital murder charges for killing a man who kidnapped Kelly’s little sister twin. Finding out it was another O’Connor was shocking to say the least but how it went down was horrible. Kevin stopped a monster and the government was trying to lock him away off that.

“Let me go to Cape Kenitrich and find out a little more on Gia and if it all pans out then I will apologize to not just you but Gia. Ronan Kelly owes me and not you but she’ll pay her debts. She might have to stop selling oranges to you but for me she’ll have to deliver something along the lines of who is after you.” Raven said as she reached over. “You have been like a brother to me all our lives and I won’t let you or Thor get wrapped up in this. Do you understand me? My job is to stop all people who come after you two. That was Richard Madden’s request of me and I went to law school to do it. I am your lawyer and my team will find out what’s going on and if Gia’s behind your trouble at least let me do that.” Raven said as she reached out to Ronan.”We are family and I don’t like nobody messing with my family you hear me.”

Ronan hated to admit when Raven was right was he being naive to what was going on with Gia when it came to everything? On the other hand Gia understood the business and part of who he was in ways his other lovers could not. He had thought about if he could do that to Raven really do that to her, pull a Benny Ruzzio but knew deep down it would break his rules fucking O’Connor’s and their rules, rules his father never had and it was something he contended with daily. “Fine pay a visit to the sunshine state and see if anything turns up and put this entire thing that you and Thor have with Gia to rest. I doubt someone will like you showing up unexpectedly but then again maybe you’re there for other reasons too.” Ronan said Kelly hated unexpected visitors but she seemed to make exceptions for him and his organization, especially Raven and he had to wonder if it was because Kevin fucked her years ago or not. “Just watch your back with him Raven you know who he is fully loyal too.” He saw the door open and looked at Gia when she entered.

“Gia I don’t believe you have met my lawyer Raven Simone. Raven, Gia Cappelletti.” Ronan said pouring Gia a drink as he looked between the two of them. Gia looked stunning as usual and he was tempted to bark at Raven to leave shut the door so he could bend her over the couch right there, he had missed her while she tended to things in New York hopefully ridding her husband on his deathbed finally. He walked towards her handing her a drink before he leaned in taking her lips in his own and kissing her pulling her body to him he pulled back to look at Raven who looked disgusted and then back at Gia. “I take it your business trip to New York was successful and we won’t have anything else to stand in our way?”

“I am finally a widow.” Gia said looking at Ronan. “If that’s what you are asking then you finally have me to yourself.” This was what he wanted and hearing this bitch was going to Florida for what reason? Why didn’t they trust her? Yes she was infiltrating the organization it was for revenge at first but she was starting to enjoy running things with Ronan. They could truly be a power couple and the fear she was seeing in New York meant her power was finally being shown. She didn’t want to lose the respect she seemed to garner by being with Ronan Madden. His last name carried them most power and she was enthralled with that. As she sat down looking at Raven and her eyes narrowed. “I hate to be rude Raven but I haven’t seen my man for a few days and I would like to enjoy his presence. Plus I have a gift to give him.” Gia said looking at Raven and then walking to Ronan kissing him passionately in front of Raven.

“I’ll be leaving.” Raven grabbed her briefcase. “I have a few contacts in Florida other than our usual tap. I have a favor to call from Canada, Italy, New York, Spain and all the other places I love.” Knowing she was shooting bullets at Gia and letting her know she wasn’t going to play nice until she figured out if Ronan was safe in her hands. “Remember your man is my best friend and I’m his lawyer and I look out for him. I hope you enjoy your Christmas Ms. Falcone or Cappelletti or whatever your name is.” Raven walked out not speaking to Ronan because his little head had him lost and she wasn’t having it.


Cassie had gotten the text from Jon about joining him for the rehearsal dinner and had decided that she would do just that dressed in a green Zuhair Murad cocktail dress. It was clear that he had went back to Skye. Some might like to call it a glutton for chasing a man but she wanted to see what Jon truly felt for Skye and her though she already knew the answer, deep down he was still in love with Skye. Not to mention showing up at the dinner would cause some insight that she could use here at MontCorp later she was ready to do what needed to be done. The difference between her brother and her was simple Jon was a means to an end and his friendship with Dani was her way into DGI to find out what they were planning, Miles was simply an inconvenience to that plan. She understood Jon’s plight and his need to want to know his son but she also knew the Governor was not simply going to hand him over to him either not even her father had that kind of pull to make that happen. Philip was fucking Max but never crossed that line with her and as she applied her nude lipstick to look in the mirror she knew that was the difference he as soft on Max and the Devonshire’s she never would be after everything that Lowell had put her mother through over the years. Coming down the stairs she saw Philip rolling out still trying to keep his false injury ruse going.

“You know dear brother the entire I can’t walk thing is getting kind of old in fact I’m surprised that red head you seem to have around hasn’t opened her big mouth and told everyone. How tragic it would be if Max, Bliss and Hunter would learn the truth that you can walk and you threatening them all year was more of a ploy, a rather pathetic one I might add.” Cassie said as she fluffed her hair in the mirror and turned to look at Philip, at one time they were close. They still were in her mind a sibling bond like that went deep but it was also her time to shine at MontCorp that was clear when Forbes had unleashed on them the other day confessing he hated them both Philip especially. “Did you want something I have what I feel is going to be a rather eventful party to get too.” Cassie finished looking at him as she waved for the staff to get her coat and bag.

“I just wanted to tell you it was only a matter of time Cass.” Philip said looking at her. “I mean my stunt has a purpose and at that wedding that’s the event you want to attend. I’m going to make it quite a show for the entire Devonshire and Kincaid families. So don’t you worry about my act it’s going just as planned. As for my red head that’s also not your business but since you must insist Dru has her own problems. Well you wouldn’t tell them because you want to hurt them. You hate all those people and always have. Well Bliss maybe not but she’s a bitch just like Max and Hunter totally did you horrible if I remember correctly. I’m going to hurt them but you are so wrong if you think you’re just coming back to MontCorp and taking my spot. I don’t give a fuck what he said. I deserve my spot just like you. I’m going to get it too even if I have to kill to have what’s mine. I love you Cass and I always will be but Jon Harrison wasn’t it. He wasn’t what you want or deserve and I think you know deep down you and he weren’t real. You wanted to be good just like me and Max. I’m just cracking the illusion open.” He rolled closer to his sister.

“They’ll never accept you or us. We are Montgomery’s and Yasmine will find out soon too. We aren’t beloved or the favored Atlas Falls family. You’re not the damsel in the story Cassie you’re the villain and if you’re going to see Jon in your green. Mom used to say with your alabaster skin green would always make you look good. You don’t get it Cassie you’ve showed your fangs girl. They won’t love you anymore. You not their friend and maybe you’ll see now I’m all you have. Yasmine and we will have to protect each other and when the day comes Xiomara and Jauquin. The Devonshire’s are fucked up but they close ranks and I did just that by fucking up your relationship.” Philip said unapologetically as he looked at her enraged. “Be mad, speak your peace.”

Cassie pursed her lips at him when he started to talk about they why’s when he was telling Jon about Miles and Skye and her blood boiled that he had stepped on her game. A sick game that she had played looking back having Miles just in his reach to never have him while she had Jon wrapped around her pussy to do her father’s bidding. “Well you just severed the one thing we have with the police department and father’s various activities he’ll be so glad to know that you failed him yet again. I had everything under control I had Jon under my spell, I had his sister playing my game and I had Skye on the run and now well you’ve ruined that. You want to know why father hates you so much? You’re too fucking weak to play a long con to fragile sometimes.” Cassie said selling the story more for herself rather than anything else, she had no idea how long that would have lasted until Jon got tired with it but Miles had been the family key to a lifelong police connection something that had died when Gideon was killed and exposed.

“I hate the Devonshire’s I always will yet you and Yasmine think you can fuck them and just forget what he did to our mother it’s actually quite sad when you think about it? Or do you know remember Lowell fucking her at that party when you were eight and seeing it running to me, seeing father go after her heartbroken at the betrayal? Do you not remember her doing it again at your sweet sixteen and then slitting her wrists a week later?” Cassie said looking at him wanting him to remember what it was like for them what their mother had put them through with Lowell. Her hands were shaking as she spoke she had tried to be good with Jon tried to push her hatred aside for the Devonshire’s and every other person in town that knew he fucked their mother and turned a blind eye. Tried to be with someone good like Jon and honestly it was suffocating her by the time that Miles dropped in her lap thanks to her father and she knew what she had to do and did it. “I’m coming for my piece of the pie dear brother and that means your spot on the list for MontCorp and I’ll burn everything in my wake if I have to to make sure they all burn in hell along the way.”

Philip bit his lip as he felt horrible hearing his sister call him weak and as she recounted all of his past memories of the pain he closed his eyes. He knew that now that Cassie was declaring she wanted MontCorp that he’d never see him. He’d never love him the way that he needed and his mother was a devastating force in his life. She just detached from her life with Cassie and him. As he looked at her and his lips quivered as he shook his head. “You get your piece of the pie but remember our father only feeds himself. I know you are mad at me for what I did but no need to get so ugly. You remember when father didn’t show up for you it was me. I beat Hunter and I chastised Max. As for who I fuck that’s my business I cared about Max but it was a fantasy and you can spin yarn to say you were with Jon for access to the police but it was your flesh that wanted him. You weren’t after Jon because of some secret connection to the police don’t lie to me.” He yelled as he looked at her standing up as he walked to her throwing the blanket into his wheelchair.

Approaching his sister he looked at him. “He hates me because I’ll be better than him and I’m going to take down the Devonshire’s. You don’t forget it was those times you almost got with Jackson didn’t he bed you or tried to? You aren’t immune to his wrath. You think our father will finally love you. You will finally be his pride and joy but we both know he’s never satisfied. He’ll always declare you’re not good enough so go ahead and try to get your slice and I’ll watch as he crosses you out and that you are another toy for him to play with. Although it might take him longer for him to bore of you since you are his prodigy and I’m his replacement. I’m more lethal, and I play a long con but you just wait and see what I do to them. I haven’t forgotten Audrey but you seem to have. You forgot what our father did to her so enjoy your time on the top before he destroys you too. I can’t wait to see you in the office sis. Oh I hope Thor is fine after all he’s done for you. He literally trifled with trash and fell for it for you. It must kill him that like father you are his unrequited love. You put on a show that you are tough but I see you Cassie. I see you destroying others because you can’t find love just like me. You hide it better but you are just as damaged and I can’t wait to see him poisoning you. I can’t wait to see the venom you spread so if I have unleashed you then that’s fine. Even if it’s at me dear sister but don’t forget the real villain of the story we promised each other as children to hurt him. To get what we wanted and I haven’t forgotten protecting you from our abusive mother. Nor have I forgotten what we are after now go enjoy your evening.” Philip opened the door. “Have a good evening.”

Cassie looked at him and knew he was right there was no other way around it  when it came to her motivations they were and had been entirely selfish when it came to Jon and Miles. She was not going to wallow in it though she was going to own it, she had lost sight of what was important to her after Kendrick’s power trip she was no one’s kept waiting woman and that is what she felt like she would be with Jon and taking care of his bastard child. “I haven’t forgotten that he only feeds himself but unlike you I’m not going to wallow I’m going to show him he can hand me the fucking pie. Just like I did when I sold off the paper to that bitch to get rid of her at MontCorp. I wanted to feel what it was like to be fucked by someone good does that make you feel better? I learned a few things along the way Jon Harrison was never going to really love me for me, he loved the idea of me.” Cassie said as she put her coat on fluffing her hair again and picking up her clutch from the table and looking at her lips she barely recognized the girl in the mirror now, no she was now the bloom she was supposed to be with herself Forbes Montgomery and Audrey Malatov’s daughter in the flesh.

“I could have had Jackson in my bed and I thought about it a few times but then decided I’d rather die than subject myself to Devonshire drugged up cock not to mention he liked women who snorted shit too. He’ll love me way more than he will with you or Yasmine I’ve at least kept our line clean without Devonshire on it and you’re stupid if you think he will let Yasmine have a happy ending with Rory.” Cassie spat in truth she had heard about Jackson and tried a few times but always backed out, wasn’t really her thing especially when she and Thor began to fuck in college. She walked to the door letting her hips sway as she did as she leaned up to her brother’s ear. “You see deep down I know you loved Max whether or not you ever want to admit that is up to you dear brother.” She pulled back smoothing his wrinkles in his shirt something their mother used to do. He saw the disgust on his face and laughed. “You just awakened the bitch that was lying dormant when you decided to tell Jon and I’m going to make it my life’s mission so that you never get MontCorp.” She finished kissing his cheek and walking to the door closing it behind her.

Philip smiled at his sister and looked her in the eyes. At least something had been awakened in her because his next moves were going to be crucial. Philip looked upstairs at his father sitting at the banister grinning seeing them at war. Or what Forbes thought was war. Right now Cassie was mad at him but she was wrong about one thing. He knew how to play the long game and he knew how to make sure that they were taken care of. He wasn’t going to be a failure. His idea for a new club was only the tip of the iceberg. Forbes thought he had his two children at war but what he had done was show his hand. He wanted them at war to push each other to be better and if Cassie wanted to fight for a while he’d oblige her. What he wasn’t going to do was take his eye off the prize. He was going to get rid of his father first and soon DGI.

Cassie had walked down the stairs a new attitude embracing her she was going to take her birthright and then revel in it when it was all hers. She felt her phone buzz in her pocket as she got inside her Mercedes Benz and looked at the text. She had a party to get to and apparently a very lively party it was going to be indeed. Smiling she punched the car into drive and felt the tires slip as she sped off.


Jackson lathered Dani’s back as he kissed her shoulder blade. Using the loofa he rinsed her back off and pulled her to his arms. “We really need to get a nanny Dani. Look I know you don’t want to miss a thing but you are a vital part of my team Dani and I don’t expect to lose you. Now as badly as it hurts I think that you are in love with the idea of us somehow raising our kids at work.” He laughed and saw she wasn’t giggling so he tickled her as he saw her sadness in missing moments with the twins. Even though he didn’t want to show emotions about having a nanny he truly didn’t want one but he felt it was needed.”We are running a billion dollar company Dani and if I become CEO then all my choices are analyzed and scrutinized for the better or worse. I guess I never had to think about this but Dani we need to make sure DGI is secure. I’m still nervous about Forbes and even when dad dies he’s not going to stop so I mean we have to do something together. My brothers and sisters, that is because if we don’t he’s going to take DGI from us by destroying it.” He knew after the honeymoon with the kids his time was going to become limited.

“I want to make sure we have time with the kids but I don’t want your ambition or mine to leave. We aren’t those people that let our kids consume us and I want them to see us conquer the world while raising them to be amazing kids. You know what I mean? I didn’t have that and you didn’t either. Dad was always working and never had time for me or any of us. Chauncey forced him to look at him by being the best and I rebelled by being the worst. I did some horrible shit between Esme and Skye. I just want to be a better father and role model and in the beginning right now I can do that by becoming CEO and being an amazing father but to do that I need you and right now our kids would distract you. I promise we will always have time for them and I’m not passing them off. It’s extra help and that Dru girl seems good with the kids. Your mom vouches for her and I think why not? She’s sweet and I think she has a horrible taste in men. But  my brother-cousin even seems to be less of a douche around her so maybe we hire someone like that. Someone we can trust you know? I trust Lauren and if she thinks Dru is a fit, why don’t we try it out when we come back?”

Dani had been enjoying the bath. It was nice downtime before the rehearsal dinner, just them in a bath. The wedding was in a few days and she was already wondering how their return would work after the honeymoon she wanted to still work and she had seen Dru’s application and it looked spotless. She had laughed when he tickled her; she knew he was trying to do the right thing. “I don’t want us to give up everything that we envisioned at DGI Jackson I just don’t want us to be my parents either or yours. My dad was never around for me growing up. He always had something to he had to do at the bar or a function he needed to go to for Charles. Leaving my mom to run the Pub not to mention he fucked around on my mom. They were toxic to each other and I don’t want us to do that. ” She said looking up at him and touching his face gently kissing him softly as she turned around feeling him react to her body she kept barely out of reach.

“You win I relent we give it a trial run. When we get back we can reevaluate every few months. I want to run DGI energy with you. I want to make DGI successful for you and me, for JJ and Donovan too. We still have no idea who your father has his eyes on for CEO. Now that we have that out of the way. Why have you been trying to send Simon to my dress fittings?” Dani said leaning in to kiss him, teasing him gliding her hands on his thighs and feeling him shiver. She pulled back moving to the other side of the tub seeing him gleaming at her and her foot rubbed him leaning back on the rub. “I’m not telling you and neither is he or my mother or Val. I did get you something for after the wedding. I think I’d like to move on from those soft things you’ve been using and you did tell me to open up my mind more.” She’d searched high and low for it and when she found the custom wooden paddle online she couldn’t help but discretely order it for him. She only hoped none of the staff opened it when it came and they didn’t raise an eyebrow or a two at it.

“Oh you have a surprise for me?” He said looking at her. “You want me to get hard. I have some plans to make you scream.” Jackson smiled when she gave in feeling completely in love with how she was willing to sacrifice her want to stay home to work with him. Licking his lips he kissed her hand as he smirked at her. “I can’t believe that we’re here after all this. About to marry each other and fully having happiness. I hate to bring this up but I nearly lost you and our kids. That changed me and I wanted to do better and I can’t help but be grateful for all that. I know that sounds ignorant but I don’t know if we’d be this happy after all this. I want us to have disagreements and understand that we won’t be perfect as this but remember this moment. This promise to ourselves that we will not go to bed mad or upset before the sun goes down. I love you and I want you to always tell me if I am disappointing you.”

Jackson wrapped his arms around her, turning her around he began to get hard. As he kissed her neck and then began to squeeze her pillow soft titties. “I love you so much and I think we can slip a quickie in what do you think.” He started to insert the tip inside of her. As he pushed inside of her a little teasing her seeing her face as he pulled out using the force of the water to aim into her hips. “You want daddy’s dick.” He grabbed her throat and squeezed her neck and smiled. Sticking his tongue into her mouth as he choked her at the same time pushing deeper inside.

Dani had been happy to entice him just a little in the game they were playing but she did agree with his assessment of how they wanted their marriage to go. She wanted them to be honest with each other and disagree at times but always be willing to listen and compromise when they needed. When he quickly spun her around though she let out a shriek of laughter and then looked up at him when he kissed her neck and felt his hands squeeze her breasts and shivered when he placed his hand on her neck. Her lips eagerly embraced his and she let out a moan as he began to torture her teasing her, inching in and out. She gripped the edge of the tub and went to nod her head at him only to hear a knock on the bathroom door. She felt him release her neck and they both froze mid near making love.

“Dani, Jackson, Whitney and Ryan Hessington are downstairs they said it can’t wait till after the dinner. I told them I would let you know you shouldn’t keep them waiting.” Jackie said through the other side of the door and grinning a bit still unsure of what the Governor’s daughter and son in law needed that couldn’t wait another hour till the party. She heard the splash of the water in the tub and then smiled before turning to walk down the hall.

Dani waited a few moments her heart beating in her chest rapidly at the pressure of him half in and half out as she heard Jackie’s footsteps leave the hall and looked up at him smiling. Before leaning in, kissing him pulling back away and giving the best pouting face she could at him she could tell he was just as frustrated at the interruption as she was. “Your parents have impeccable timing with us and this is why we can not live here all the time. Come on maybe I’ll let you finish later.” Dani said teasing him before kissing him one more time and getting out of the water and drying. Smiling at him and wondering what in the hell Whitney and Ryan wanted to talk about before going into the bedroom. She had picked out her dress a few weeks ago more like Val had helped her pick it out she had debated about white or gold to go with their scheme and Val told her to be bold.

So she had decided on the black dress with a side slit and gold embellished birds and branches dress instead from some designer named Naeem Khan or at least she thought that was his name. The only skin showing being the leg which was part of the fun for her big day. She dressed slowly flirting with Jackson as she did moving out of his reach playfully while she did her light makeup and refreshed her soft curls. She couldn’t wait to marry him she knew that much start their life together have his last name. Eventually her problem came to the zipper and she moved her hair to the side. “Zip me up soon to be husband please,” She saw him grin at her in the mirror tracing her bare back before he zipped it and she turned to him adjusting his tie seeing him still pissed they were interrupted. Leaning up she wrapped her hands around his neck. “Think of it this way you get to unwrap me later and for the rest of our lives. Shall we go see what my maid of honor decided to interrupt us about?”

Jackson adjusted his Tom Ford suit as he looked in the mirror slicking his hair back. Picking up his cufflinks he held out his arms as Dani placed them on for him. “My parents or your damn friends? You know for the record I can’t stand Charles Hessington or Ryan Walker or Whitney.” He paused seeing her pout knowing that Whitney was her best friend he couldn’t be discriminatory but he would have loved if Yasmine, Talia, Miranda or hell even Simon was her maid of honor. It wasn’t a secret that Whitney was the biggest cheerleader of Lex and Dani. Now all of the sudden she was accepting of them? That didn’t seem right in the world of the rich and privileged and he wasn’t one to believe she was so happy Dani wasn’t still love sick over Lex. “I just don’t trust them but I know you love them so I’m going to leave it alone. If you love them I’ll tolerate them.” Jackson took her hand and saw her smirking. “I’m not jealous of him, trust me Lex could never do the things I can to you but I just don’t trust the smarmy son of a bitch.”

As they walked down the staircase he saw Whitney and Ryan looking every bit the model couple. He wondered if that’s why Charles favored them more than Lex. The optics and he hated to admit it but it worked. “Ryan and Whitney, we weren’t expecting to see either of you considering we are going to the rehearsal dinner, maybe we should ride together? Have your limo meet us at The Rawlings so you can get home. I’m sure mother has left by now so how are you both?”

Whitney never liked the Devonshire’s but to be fair plenty of people hated her family. She did know that Dani had to know this information before the rehearsal dinner. She noticed Ryan walking off to tell the limo driver. She nodded her head waiting for a moment to let him return. Once her husband was by her side she grabbed his hand. “Dani, we came here to tell you Jon came to the mansion yesterday at Christmas and he found out that we aren’t Miles’ biological parents and I’m sure he has unraveled everything. I just want you to be aware and I know you are close to him. He was talking crazy Dani about getting lawyers to take Miles away from us. He was livid and my father had to hide Miles from his words. I don’t blame him, Dani but he’s my son.” She walked her friend feeling horrible she was about to break down and cry on her shoulder. “Miles is mine.” Hugging Dani she buried her head on her shoulder crying.

Jackson looked over at Ryan with a death stare how dare they fuck up his rehearsal dinner with whatever this is. “Wait Jon is the father of Miles as in your kid? Wow Harrison has a kid and that’s some fucked up irony you guys adopted him. Wait how would you guys then who is the mom because Nichole Fitzgearld isn’t pregnant she’s my friend on Facebook and RePlay.” Looking at all their faces they all knew it wasn’t Nichole. “Jon isn’t exactly a playboy I mean it was Nichole, he liked my wife, went to Iraq and wrote a lot of letters to my wife, came home and it was Skye.” He paused as he looked at all of them. “No fucking way you guys adopted Skye and Jon’s kid?”

Dani let him have his feelings about Whitney but she picked Whitney because they promised long ago they were best friends no matter what and that included Lex. Not only that she was Miles and Morgan’s godmother something she took seriously just like she did Quinn. He had nothing to worry about when it came to Lex he was in the past period and she would spend the rest of their marriage proving it to him if she had too. Jackson owned her heart, body and soul when she made it to the foyer and Whitney and Ryan were there she knew it was important. When Whitney started speaking about Miles though her heart ached for them Miranda had already let her know that Jon was mad and had told her what Skye did with Lowell. Miles was not her secret to tell and she looked at Jackson this was important she’d rather they know now and not be thrown for a loop. She hugged Whitney back and looked at Ryan.

Ryan shuffled his feet realizing that Jackson was out of the loop not that he blamed Dani Whitney had asked her not to say anything and as a courtesy to everyone involved she had agreed. He didn’t particularly care for Jackson if he knew he fucked his sister it would be bad but Whitney was Dani’s best friend. “Listen it’s long and complicated we just wanted to give you a heads up. It’s your rehearsal dinner and we may never have gotten along but coming here to be respectful to you guys to tell you was the right thing to do.” He said rubbing Whitney’s back and seeing Dani glare at him and he shook his head wondering how Jackson was going to react to it all.

“Skye left town pregnant after she was with you and Jon.” Dani said seeing it register on his face and he was already doing the calculations she could tell. She said looking at him hoping he knew she did it to protect him from what she learned his father had pulled with Skye. “He’s not yours Whitney ran a DNA test last year and if he was I would have told you as soon as I knew but he’s not. Skye knows he’s not either thanks to your dad. She was high and didn’t know who the father was, she lied to Ryan and Whitney about it for years and told them different names.” Dani said looking at Jackson and seeing it register that his dad knew and before he could even ask she looked him dead in the eyes. He looked so pissed off at the moment not about Miles but about everything involving his dad’s involvement in Skye coming back. “ It wasn’t my place to tell him.”

“Your dad knew and paid her to come back to town hanging it over her head like a carrot. He paid her fifty grand to try and seduce you to break us up last year. She kept coming onto you and calling and texting you, you were honest to me for all of it. She offered you drugs at your mom’s party and fucking kissed you, you said no and I kicked her ass in the bathroom after.” She could tell he was pissed but not at her at his father. She was too when Miranda had told her what Skye said and put the pieces together but he was so hurt about Zerick and what happened, about his father dying and she’d do anything to take that hurt and pain away for him. “It didn’t work we got through it you didn’t play her games and I trusted you with it. You’ve been going through a lot with everything with him being sick. I didn’t want you to be angry at him over this, nothing came of it.”

Jackson looked at Whitney, Ryan, and finally Dani. He shook his head and chuckled as he took Dani’s hand and kissed it lightly. “I am ready to attend our rehearsal dinner.” He said through a fake smile. “Shall we go everyone because if we discuss this any further I might burst a blood vessel. My father was out of line but overbearing fathers and domineering ones I guess all four of us know about that now don’t we?” For the first time since his father was diagnosed he felt his entire body and spirit getting elated that he was dying. Soon he’d only have his mother and that was a comfort that was so painful.


The sun was setting on The Pointe restaurant and it was freezing outside but the entire place looked mellow and beautiful. The dim candles glowed and shined against coppers of the room. Filled with English roses the room smelled so sweet and she slowly strolled around the room and touched a wrapped box. Her daughter would love it, inside was a handkerchief that was her great-grandmother’s. All the women in the family and all her daughters would have had it. She slowly fluffed her hair looking in the mirror she smirked. Lauren still had it and this dress made her feel like it. Jackie had taken her to Renards and shopping a week or so ago. It was where she saw this sophisticated Carolina Herrerra white and silver cocktail dress. Her hair was pinned up into a soft bun and she had a silk shawl that surrounded her body. As she saw Randall walking inside of The Pointe which was shut down tonight for the rehearsal dinner. Stepping up she walked to him and smiled at him. He was so handsome and made her feel so happy and alive. After all Walter had done she was free to be happy. Not only Walter but Harvey who had disappointed her so much. She didn’t mean to fall in love with Harvey but once they were it never seemed to be the right time.

“I’m so glad you’re here. Merci has truly outdone herself this place looks even more beautiful don’t you agree? Everyone should be arriving momentarily and I can get you a glass of champagne. Randall I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you coming. I may have done something ghastly. So I know Lowell will be here with Tess they have sent their rsvp’s. So I may have invited my dear friend Jackie a date for the night. I know it sounds bad but I remember how it felt to see Brenda and Walter out it stung.” She confessed as she looked at him. “So if Tess would be here then I made sure Jackie wouldn’t be alone. I remembered seeing Walter’s face when we first started dating and it hurt him also so if Jackie can get a semblance of relief from that. Then that’s what it’s going to be.”

Randall had been happy to come as her plus one to the event and his mind was on making Lauren happy at the wedding he could wait to start his research on the book till after this time was over for her family. There was no sense in his mind bringing that night up to Lauren and starting to dig on the eve of her eldest daughter’s wedding to Jackson Devonshire it could wait till after. He smiled at her brightly and agreed if this was going to be a precursor to the wedding everyone in town would be talking about it. He had wore his best navy suit for the event and saw Lauren’s eyes light up at the sparkle and glamor of the event how often was it that one’s daughter got married? He was looking forward to that one day walking Aspen down the isle throwing her a party like this to support her marriage to a man and her future. He listened to her talk about Jackie and was glad that she wasn’t going to let her suffer or be embarrassed by Lowell bringing his current and former mistress as his date.

“You are quite the woman Ms. Cummings and I do have to say you looking out for Jackie is what she needs right now she needs friends in her corner. I know she is probably trying to keep things afloat for her children and her nephew but Lowell going back to that woman that caused her so much pain had to have hurt her very badly. Granted you and I have just got through divorces but neither of us were married to the most powerful man in town.” Randall said picking up a glass of champagne from a passing waiter as he looked around the room so many faces where there and he knew a few. One of them being Walter and he pulled her closer to him watching the other man fume. Served him right for treating Lauren like shit over the years and he grinned as he saw her look at Walter too. “He’s jealous that he couldn’t bring Brenda to rub it in. Shall we mingle I think I saw Braden enter was Tamara going to come? I know things have been hard on her since what happened and you have opened up your home to them too. A full house for you Lauren.”

“Dru, Dylan, Tamara, and Braden.They are going to find a house soon and I know that but having them all in my house is making me feel so happy. Dru was the surprise but that kid has had a hard upbringing. I don’t mean to gossip but when she came to the house she was in tears and she broke down telling me how she’s running away from her family. God that’s sad you know that girl’s father was a domineering monster. He had all these other kids and refused to take care of her. Then her mother favored her other kids and Dru had to fight her entire life. She’s dsylexic and had to fight for the little money she had. She waitressed and from the way she sounded that girl probably did more than that. She really is helping Dylan because he can still to this day get frustrated reading but she just jumped in. It’s that patience I saw that I recommended her for the job with Jackson and Dani. She deserves that salary you know.” Lauren took his hand and saw Tamara and Braden looking happy. Ever since she moved in she seemed more at peace.

“Hello lovely you are glowing my dear. My grandchild does you good.” She said laughing, hugging and kissing Tamara’s cheek. “So I’ve had a radical idea. You all can live with me forever and I can help raise my grandbaby and Tamara is saying hell no.” Lauren said laughing she looked at Tamara and shook her head. “Have you two met? Tamara this is the man that brought back my smile, Randall Sinclair and this is my exquisite soon to be daughter-in-law Tamara Wright.” Lauren coughed playfully. “Frasier.”

Braden had made sure that Tamara wanted to still go to the party and when she said yes he was honestly glad it gave them a sense of normalcy when it came to what Dimitri did and she was a fighter. He saw Dylan walking off to talk to Maddie and then turned his attention back on his mother, Randall and Tamara. The Devonshrie’s had went all out but if he knew his sister the wedding would be a mix of both her and Jackson as it should be. When his mother mentioned staying with her forever he almost choked on his drink that was not going to happen while he loved staying there for a little bit he was going to find them something else soon. He’d already called a relator to list the house for him the cameras had been found and turned over to NY for Tamara’s rape case and with Dimitri at the hostpail under lock and key for his recovery from the shooting he felt they could move forward. He was so excited about the baby and he knew Tarmara was too and he pulled her too him.

“I was not upstagging my little sister and her big day but yeah as soon as this wedding is over you get to start to plan the next one. Probably won’t be as fancy as this is but we both agreed we want to get married for real this time.” Braden said smiling at his mother and then at Tamara wanting her to feel welcome in the family. They seemed to have warmed up to her with everything and they were moving forward as a family but he Knew Dimitri’s reign on Tamara’s life would not be over till he saw justice done. “Professor Sinclair I do have to say I love that my mother at least smiles with you lately it has been a long time since we have seen that with her. Too long in fact.” He finished smiling at Randall.

Randal looked at Braden and was glad to be involved in the conversation surprisingly Lauren’s children and Aspen had both been receptive of things between him and Lauren. “I am happy to put a smile on her face she has been through so much and I enjoy her company quite a bit. I do hear that you are up for re-election next year as district attorney from what I have been hearing you should be a shoe in for the position. Who would have guessed the student who slept through half the term could end a courts argument like you do most of the time. “ Randall teased as he looked at Tamara warmly. “Are you both hoping for a boy or girl this time?”

“You didn’t sleep through his class! Oh no!” She said, slapping Braden’s arm. “We were paying all that tuition and you were sleeping!” Lauren laughed as she looked at her son. “At least you passed but I think Randall should make you retake his class just in case. Or even better Dylan can tell you about his class because Randall is starting a job at AFPA.” She said proudly looking at him as she placed her hand on his chest. “He does make me smile doesn’t he.”

“Yes he does.” Tamara said smiling seeing Lauren like this. She wasn’t ever like this with Walter. Seeing her so giddy made her feel happy also felt angry that Walter kept this woman so down that she wasn’t herself. It was like night and day but Tamara wasn’t a fool. She understood how a man could break your spirit because even though she was an addict, years ago she was broken when Braden left her at the altar. As she grabbed Braden’s hand she looked at him. “Oh I had a dream also.” She saw Braden roll his eyes. “I said Dylan was a girl the entire pregnancy last time and I got a grandson so my dream tells me it’s a boy.”

Randall looked at them and he was quite happy they had been able to overcome what happened to her with that ordeal with Dimitri, or perhaps overcome was the wrong word. Beginning to heal was probably the better word that he was going for when it came to what they were going through as a family and a couple. “Well perhaps one day your son will retire and teach law at the school one day. I do look forward to teaching your son the next semester I start after my current project is over with.” Randall said before seeing Aspen enter with Rory. “Now I would love to let you two enjoy the rest of your evening  I am going to steal your mother and go say hello to my daughter.” He said brightly as he guided Lauren gently away.

Braden watched them go with a small smile on his face he agreed with Tamara it was lovely to see his mother thriving after her divorce and living life again. He saw his mother walk off with Randall to see Aspen and Rory and pulled Tamara close to him. He glad that she came with him and that she wasn’t holed up in the house after what Dimitri had done. He stopped though when he turned and saw Selina enter not that he was in love with her or anything anymore but she was radiant in her dress. It looked like she knew who she was again after Dimitri and he gripped Tamara’s hand in his as they headed off to see her he had an apology tour to do with Tamara by his side.


Jon strolled into The Rawlings into The Pointe Bar and his stomach growled from liquor pains. As he looked into the bar he shook his head at the excess. When Dani used to talk to him about getting married to even Lex it wasn’t this pretentious. As he stumbled through the party that’s when he spotted her. Miranda standing there laughing with KC and then he saw Cassie approaching them and stepped back toward the terrace. He watched them for a moment and then grabbed a champagne flute. Why was he hiding? He was the victim and they knew and didn’t tell him. He sipped the champagne and dropped it on the floor and kept walking. It was disgusting. “Bartender a beer!” He called out over the smooth sounds of the violinist playing. That’s when Devin and Merci who were on the second floor of the bar noticed him. Good for Devin not letting all their shit get in the way of his relationship. As he looked at Cassie, Miranda and KC he smiled waving at them. “Hey.” He said loudly then turned and waved at the bride and groom. As the bartender and staff rushed to clean up the glass and give him a beer.

“So what are you two conspiring?” He saw KC cringing as he looked at Cassie. “This is all about you right now. I invited you here to witness my um rebirth. I see your engagement ring is off because you know. You know that I’m done with you. You venomous shrew you kept me locked in this eternal game of cat and mouse. Maybe you would be happy enough with me to have a child. I have done all I can do to make the unlovable Cassandra Montgomery to feel loved. You are toxic and Miranda you even consorting with her is against everything we were raised against. You are becoming more and more pathetic dear sister. But you are the most vile creature I’ve seen.” He said with a low whisper. “I was thinking all about Dani and Skye real women when I was sleeping with you. You are the most unlovable bitch on earth but your father is Satan incarnate so what did what we expect?” Jon seethed and he looked at KC stepping forward.

“Jon man you are drunk, maybe you should go home. You are hurt and brother I believe you should be rectified in your rage. But how you are talking and how you are treating your family and friends it’s disgusting and I want you to feel all that rage and get your kid back but not try to hurt everyone in your path. What you did to Skye that was so ugly man and you just need to live and breathe in this moment possibly alone.” KC was serious and it was rare he was serious but he would knock Jon on is ass if he kept talking to his wife like that. “Now I’ve told you watch your mouth Jon to Miranda that’s my first and only warning.”

“Woah what are you going to do are you going to kill me and fake my death?” Jon spat back at KC as he looked at Cassie who steel like expression masked hurt. He knew that he wasn’t here to fight. He could see Devin and Mercil making a beeline to him. “You crushed me, you were supposed to love me and supposed to fucking support me but all you did was selfish and cruel. Your heartless Cassie and you are a monster. I can be cruel but KC you can’t pretend to not see monsters. They both betrayed me and they don’t get off the hook because you and Devin and Merci and everyone here knew! Everyone!” He screamed as he looked at Devin and Merci finally making there way to him. “Everyone here knew and all of you lied to me!” He reached out to Devin to steady him. “You are relinquished of your duties. You don’t have to babysit or clean up after me this is my last night drunk. I promise everyone but it’s the only time I’ll have the balls to do what I need to. Tell you all how I feel oh mercy mercy mercy Merci.” He turned to her.

“The incomparable and victorious winner in all of this. You took you party girl aesthetic and turned it into a career on Merci. You are the most prized possession of Skye’s. She and you call each other sisters yet you somehow let your sister make the choice we all know she regrets. You are a failure and I am telling you to step it up because she needed you and you weren’t there. You were planning this. You were being the grande dames and the masters of the plantation little Aunt Jemmia planning the mister and misses parties. You shuck and jive for their money after she paid your way through design school. I have a question for you and Miranda: are you your brother’s keeper? What about you Merci, are you your sister’s keeper?”

Cassie had been surprised at how easy it was to get into the party but then again she and Jon had been on the guest list for a few weeks and he didn’t feel the need to take her off. When she had arrived she had gotten stares from the Devonshire family especially Lowell and she made sure to hold his gaze, she would never forgive him what he had done to her mother. She was her mother’s daughter and she had every intention of seeing DGI burn to the ground and Lowell in pain for the last of his days if she had too. She had spotted Miranda who had promptly told her that they couldn’t even be around each other and she knew it was a risk she had taken when she hid Miles though she didn’t expect Jon to show up like he was drunk and clearly causing a scene at the event. KC looked like he was going to punch his lights out when he went after Miranda, instead it then turned to ranting at her and Merci and she swore she had never seen Devin so worked up before. She raised the glass to her lips taking a drink as she looked at Jon.

“I knew the moment you chased the whore down that you weren’t coming back Jon I was never naive to the fact that you’ve never gotten over Skye. You want to pretend you did but did you really, you went out and fucked her as soon as we took a break I knew the moment I found out about Miles you’d run back.” Cassie spat back as she looked at Jon and then around at the room and people who all looked disgusted with her and she shrugged them off she had been nice for far too long. She looked at Jon and then at Merci. “You’re clearly drunk but by all means continue to make a fool of yourself and everyone in the room.” Cassie finished looking at him and shaking her head as she looked at Merci. “You know for a party planner haven’t they all ended in disaster? I’ll tell my father to not hire you again.” Cassie said as she saw Devin glare at her.

Devin was too shocked he had left Jon at home to sleep it off and yet here he was not sleeping anything off instead ranting and raving at a party that really was about other people. Everyone in their circle knew that Miles was Jon’s but this was not the time or the place to do it. He also shot him daggers as he glared at him for the Merci digs they had just decided to work through shit and here he was fucking dragging her. “KC and Cassie are right you’re fucking drunk you need to go home take a shower and sleep it off. No one is debating that you aren’t the fucking victim here and you’re lashing out but you really do need to head home. Let me walk you out okay you can sleep it off in your truck. I mean it rethink this shit before I decide to make you rethink it.” Devin said clearly pissed at Jon and how he was behaving at the moment.

“I’m here to celebrate.” Jon said turning around looking at his Dani and shaking his head. “No I have to celebrate Dani and Jackson, Devin.” He pushed Devin away. “Oh don’t threaten me. I’m done after I eat I’m done. Man I’m done.”

“Hey Cassie?” Merci called out to Cassie. “Bitch you are going to keep Skye’s name out of your mouth or I’m going to make you. Matter of fact Jon already ruined it so why not.” Merci drew back and punched her with all her might. “Keep Skye’s name out of your mouth you toxic rich bitch!” The cameras were flashing. So she ruined one of her parties so what. When she heard a few people cheering and she smiled. “Get out Cassie or get out of my sight. You have nobody here in your corner. The one person who tethered you to these people is gone off the edge and if one of you grown men doesn’t get him from further interrupting my party I’ll make all of your lives hell. He won’t embarrass Skye or Miles any further being a hot mess. Now truth be told we all know Whitney and Ryan aren’t bad parents. So we know that baby is safe but what about the women being fucking trafficked from Scottswood or forced into shitty situations. Now do me a favor and get y’all boy under control. And bitch I wish you would try to fight me.” Merci stormed away her hood side didn’t come out but when it did she acted up. Skye wasn’t the fighter between them she could keep her own but she was known back in the day for her hands. Bitches stopped messing with Skye when they linked up. No more bullying her sister and calling her a whore. She was dating a fucking cop she wished they would come for her.


Rory had left Yasmine’s early that morning while she as asleep the night before playing out in his mind, the couch, the wall the fucking bed it was all a huge blurr to him and one when he rolled into his condo and didn’t find Aspen there he regretted. No the sex or anything like that sex with Yasmine was fucking explosive and mind blowing but the cheating he was falling back into old habits that he was sure he had broken, that Tess had broken in him. He’d cheated on Val when they were dating with some model in Europe, he cheated on Yasmine with a woman old enough to be his own mother and recently he cheated on Aspen with Yasmine. He had finally reached her by text to confirm that she was still going to his plus one for the wedding rehearsal dinner and guilt ate at him as he went about hit day. Checking RePlays’s number and answering a few emails, nothing was working though and as he had changed into his suit for the evening and went and picked her up, Yasmine was still on his mind. He helped her into the car and let the smooth music linger between them as he helped her out of the car and into La Callie for the dinner.

“So where were you last night? I remember dropping you off and heading home and you ignored my calls most of the day, is everything okay between us?” Rory said the lies slipping out of his mouth to cover where he was and his own guilt. What if she knew where he was? What if she had caught him when he was pretty sure Khalil was on the road for a few more days for a road game and no one else could have known he was at Yasmine’s. He had been so careful parking a few blocks down the street not to mention it was Christmas no one cared enough to look out their windows, but he was paranoid now about Aspen finding out what he did. “I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and everything you have done for me since everything happened with my dad. If I haven’t been great about showing you that I am sorry and I promise to do better okay?” Rory said as they entered the room which was of course decked out to the nines thanks to Merci DuBois and he had to grin if this was a preview of the actual wedding people would be playing catch up to the social event of the season.

Stepping out the car in a Lamb skin and mink fur coat she looked every bit of the ice princess. Her eyes were painted a dark and blue to contrast her gold satin mini Saint Laurent bow dress. Walking in her breath was taken away it looked like something from a fantasy movie right now she felt as if she stepped through the looking glass. Taking her coat off and handing it to the coat check she looked at him and shook her head. Aspen painted a fake smile on her face. Her crimson lips showed how shook she was about hooking up with Lex whatever his last name was. She felt horrible but at the same time why should she? He was fucking Yasmine so she was enjoying mind blowing sex with someone else. As she moved her feathered bangs from her eyes. “Promises are for people who believe in them Rory.” Aspen said looking at him almost disgusted because she thought he was better than Lowell, Chauncey, and Jackson but he was just like them. At least Chauncey and Jackson got their shit together but he was cheating and being the asshat that everyone knew was in his genetic makeup.

“I don’t know Rory are we alright? I’ve felt like you’ve been distant since Belle appeared in town. Like you’ve been slipping away but I don’t think this is the time to have that conversation. I have been loyal and you’ve tested my heart. I can remember back when things were good between us and it seems so long ago. I guess you enjoy this, you know hurting girls because it seems to be your pattern. So it’s my turn.” She dropped his hand knowing she was about to cause a scene so she stopped. “We should find your brother and sister. After an hour we’ll leave, maybe we can discuss what’s next because I hate to say it but I won’t be placed in second position in your life. If that’s what you want I’ll stay out of your way and I can’t help but wonder if you know that I feel you love her more than me. Or want her or whatever this is.” Aspen said, smiling at a waiter as she picked up a champagne glass. As he walked away from earshot her lips quivered. “Belle revealed it that you two have been lurking around and God knows what else has happened. Have you cheated on me Rory?” She prayed he wouldn’t lie and maybe they could fix everything.

Rory looked over at her when she started to speak about everything and felt like honest to God shit how in the hell did his dad do this to Tess and his mother for years on end? It was one night he spent with Yasmine and he couldn’t stop replaying how wrong it was how many times he fucked her while Aspen was at home. He knew everything had been off since Belle had told Aspen that she saw him kissing and she had that huge fight with her and then things went to shit. He wanted to do the right thing with both of them but he didn’t know what that was when it came Yasmine and Aspen he cared about them both and it wasn’t like Yasmine had broke things off with Khalil either. “You can believe in them with me Aspen I promise.” Rory said the lie slipping out so easily it almost made him throw up. Yasmine was a Montgomery there was no way his family was ever going to accept her in his life even if he wanted too and then it wasn’t like she had went out there and declared her undying love for him either. He shuffled his feet for a bit as he looked at her taking her hand in his.

“I want this to work Aspen Belle coming into town the way she did and then blurting out that she saw me and Yasmine was not the way for that to come out. Listen I kissed Yasmine but it was more for a goodbye and spur of the moment thing, I haven’t even been alone with her since then I swear.” Rory said hoping she bought it he hoped she did and he hated lying to her but he also didn’t want to tell her the truth either because he couldn’t even explain why he did it, he knew it was wrong. Yasmine had called him and he went there and gave her his body, cheating on the girl in front of him he could have said no and he could have stopped it but he didn’t. “I’ve been distant lately with my father being sick and everything that happened with Zerick. My mom losing her mind over the divorce or better acting like isn’t not affecting her. I’ve been a shitty boyfriend the last few months and I’m really sorry for that alright? I want to make it up to you tonight here at the dinner and at the wedding I only want you as my date.” Rory said pleading with her and wondering how long he would be able to keep all the lies straight as he saw his brother and the soon to be bride approaching them. “Please Aspen don’t give up on me.” He said quietly.

Seeing him lie to her face she couldn’t help to feel even worse at this moment. She asked him plain and simple and he couldn’t be honest. Raising her hand she wiped her eyes turning away from Jackson and Dani to show them how hurt she was. As Aspen spun back around she chuckled to Dani and Jackson. “OMG you two look James Bond and one of his bad ass bond girls only better! You better have that Angelina Jolie thigh out girl! American royalty like seriously! You two do know like the world is watching your wedding and this is over the damn top. It’s like Paris meets Alice In Wonderland. I mean you fucking fire breathers outside who does that.” She grabbed Rory arm and held it tightly as she looked at him she gave him a half smile. “Rory and I were just talking about new beginnings and this is the ultimate new beginning don’t you agree?” Aspen said as she grabbed a champagne flute and passed out the flutes to each of them.

“Okay toast to the future because Jackson and Dani you teach me and Rory on how to be better. How not to be faithless sometimes faith is all you have and you walk out on it and you sometimes are rewarded greatly like you two. I hope Rory and I can follow in your path. You two are a inspiration to not only us but everyone here. Love can overcome all obstacles even a stripper. Cheers.” She drank her drink dropping Rory’s arm.

Jackson thought Aspen’s energy was endearing but when she finished her toast he brought the champagne glass up to his lips and drank. He saw Rory turn twelve shades redder and he couldn’t help but to chuckle so the prince was having some trouble in his palace. “Strippers? I do recall my brother dating my friend Yasmine but she isn’t a stripper and as far as I know Rory is very devoted to you Aspen or I think?”

The car ride over to the rehearsal dinner had been awkwardly silent and once Ryan and Whitney had left the limo she had reached for Jackson’s hand in hers scared he was mad at her, relieved when instead he squeezed it back so much pain about Lowell on his face. She could tell he was pissed and they sat there for a few moments till he had calmed down before they had entered the party. When they had bumped into Rory and Aspen she smiled at them both and raised an eyebrow at her toast and strippers and nearly choked when Jackson had Yasmine’s back she did too. “No strippers, just the godmother to the twins and a close friend, she’ll be at the wedding. You look very nice Aspen and we agreed as long as you make Rory happy that should be something we all smile about isn’t that right?” Dani said looking at Jackson and ribbing him while she drank and looked at Rory.

Rory had almost dropped his glass out of nerves when Aspen brought up Yasmine like she did and wondered if she knew that is where he had spent his night. He saw Jackson and then Dani speak up for her though and even felt more guilty for it they clearly adored Yasmine and were trying to be nice for Aspen’s sake. He wrapped his hand around Aspen’s waist before leaning in and kissing her biting her lip when he pulled back. “She does make me very happy though I haven’t been good at showing her that lately thanks to the app. Aspen is still my plus one for the wedding isn’t Yasmine bring that basketball star?” He said throwing the shade back and looking at his brother changing the subject back to wedding talk. “So where is the honeymoon the island?”

“We are going to Isla De Cruces as guest of Atticus and Brooke. We will be staying in the castle and everything. Plus with the finalization it gives me a little time to explore the country that will be revolutionized by DGI. I might actually buy some real estate there because Fox will eventually want to see his uncle the king resides and I can remember before my parents got really distant we’d go to Hawaii every year and I want to create that for Donovan and JJ childhood you know? Rory you remember the year he actually went down the waterslide? It was incredible to see Lowell Devonshire actually fearful of a water slide.” He saw he was reminiscing and he felt the sting again. His father kept betraying him and it felt like he was getting stabbed in his heart over and over again. “Um but you two make a beautiful couple. You know that don’t you Aspen.”

“If only we can be as legendary as you two. I mean it’s national news you are getting married maybe because Dani used to be engaged to the governor’s son or something? Either way you two are totes couple goals. Like you have the most adorable twins, you have the most epic love story and you two trust each other. That’s major to me in my opinion trust is all you have in a relationship and once it’s broken you have nothing left but pain and regret.” Aspen said looking at Rory as she touched his lips wiping off her lipstick. “Can I ask you two something because we can trust them. We’ve been having a rocky patch because of Yasmine.” She looked at Rory’s shocked expression. “Give us some advice.”

Dani could tell talking about Lowell was making Jackson upset and she rubbed his back through the suit. They didn’t have to talk about it till he was ready but she knew it was another knife to him what he did with Skye. When Aspen brought up that her and Rory were having problems she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say did Rory actually love Aspen? Did Aspen actually love Rory? She supposed that was the difference to her, she and Jackson worked on shit because they were that committed to each other, loved each other and the twins that deeply. It didn’t mean it was easy all the time and they had arguments like her choice in maid of honor but always made a way to a middle ground. “I think you have to commit yourselves and work on it every day. You have to move on from the past to a future or it doesn’t work. You are right we do trust each other but it’s because we work on that trust to get to that place.” Dani said pausing not sure what trouble they were having with Yasmine. “We also love each other and decided we didn’t and don’t want to just lose that either and we were going to fight to keep it.” Dani had encouraged Yasmine not to give up Rory and had wondered why she did after the party and she only hoped Jackson drug them away from the clearly awkward conversation about Yasmine.

Rory shuffled his feet as Aspen brought up shit between them and Yasmine honestly he had no idea she was still so pissy about it. Then again he was reminded that he had spent the night before fucking Yasmine’s till the sun came up and felt guilty for it now. He did remember his father’s fear of the water slide and at some point he knew he and all his siblings would wonder if their parents were going to make it or not. Isla Del Cruces was a small island in the Mediterranean with gorgeous views and water perfect for a honeymoon. He wondered at times when he would be ready for marriage and all that  When Dani spoke about her advice to them he even felt more quilty it wasn’t like he was that committed to Aspen that was apparently clear. “Thanks for the advice maybe we need to focus on that more the future rather than past. You know if you guys want some romantic travel tips on the island let me know when Val and I visited Brooke there we explored a lot.” It was a surreal experience and the first time he had two women at once looking out at the water in his hotel room with Val. “Maybe Aspen and I should visit too once Brooke and Atticus marry it could be fun.”

“I think that would be amazing because all I see is us in the sun having actual fun. We used to have so much fun Rory.” Aspen said sensually rubbing the newly formed stubble on Rory’s face. Leaning in she kissed as she looked at Jackson and Dani. “I’m sorry my insecurities sometimes rampant and I have no doubt about you. I’m being a brat at such a beautiful event I’m sorry and I hope I didn’t dim the mood.” She said playing nice knowing that Max said it would feel like this. It wouldn’t feel like this when she won Rory from Yasmine. She had a hard time keeping hope alive. She’d never feel like Jackson and Dani with Rory but she knew one thing, he’d suffer. He wanted to play with her emotions then he wouldn’t get his happy ending. Instead she’d get to be a Devonshire and open the door to everything she could ever want forever. She led Rory to their table casting a glance back at the bride and groom as she did so.


Natasha walked into the party with a form fitting custom bedazzled catsuit in Swarovski crystals covering her body suit head to toe. With a silk yellow train attached from her hip she felt regal. Her long hair was pinned up in a traditional asian hair pendant. Her face looked like a golden goddess and she looked at Chauncey speaking with Anderson Kincaid and Charles Hessington. For a brief moment her eyes linked with Chauncey and she nodded at him making political allies. Smart moves against Jackson who possibly secured the Ilsa De Cruces deal. Eventually moving to the states and if need be Charles and Anderson were the people to stop it. As she moved through the room she saw people’s breath literally be taken from her look and the illusion of nudity on her. As she floated to her target she saw him speaking to his brother but he’d make time for her at this moment. His date hadn’t arrived which would make this much easier to explain without Greer breathing down his throat. Approaching Brock Fraiser she stepped into the conversation between the three siblings. Kelsey, Zach and Brock stood before her as she cleared her throat. She noticed all three of them checking her out she almost laughed at how shocked they were with her look tonight.

“May I have a moment of your time Mr. Fraiser alone. Pardon me if I’m intruding on the terrace is fine.” Natasha didn’t wait for a response she started to walk away no longer looking at any of them she walked outside knowing that Brock was following her and she closed the doors behind her when she saw him outside. “I’ve always loved the cold. When I was little I used to fantasize about what snow felt like. I grew up in Egypt and it’s been my life goal to make my father happy and make him proud. I feel like that you and I are similar and like you I was dragged into this world but I want to warn you of something. Chauncey and Greer aren’t over and if you are really falling for her guard your heart. She will break it and disappoint you. I’m fair enough and I’ve known her since we were adolescents and I know what she will do to you. She will rip apart your heart and leave you so broken that you’ll regret loving. I’ve seen a wake of men and the first one to escape was Zerick because he loved her with his eyes wide open. He saw the monster before him and he didn’t fall for it but if you think you have some sort of I don’t know exemption to her wrath well Brock you are sadly mistaken.”

Brock didn’t know when Greer would get there they had been talking on and off it had been awkward since Christmas and the luke warm reception that his siblings had given her. His mother had actually really warmed to her and his dad was skeptical but polite. He didn’t know how his cousin would react to Greer coming as his plus one but when he had broached it with her she said as long as Greer didn’t cause a scene and stayed out of her way they could get along for the night. For now though he was talking to Kelsey and Zach who had both semi apologized and he watched as Natasha made her way through the crowd to him, she was actually very gorgeous and had turned a few heads and he was intrigued most Muslim women wouldn’t dare to do what she was doing. When she spoke about needing to speak to him and seeing his siblings tease him with awkward stares he followed her into the terrace and watched as she shut the doors. He could see Chauncey out of the corner of his eyes looking at them through the glass and saw the crowd clapping at his cousin and Jackson he had missed something.

“Ms. Hassan I am sure the cold of Atlas Falls will not damper your sunshine I would agree that I’m a man that would like to make my father happy at times and other times I drive him up a wall. You weren’t the only one dragged into this atmosphere of the rich and the opulent, my cousin is marrying into it. But from what I know you actually have a lot at stake when it comes to your fortune.” Brock said looking at her honestly he thought it was archaic that she even had to marry for her own families money. It was barbaric and not something he agreed with to devalue a woman like that and just instead use her money and virginity as a bargaining chip when it came to their worth. He looked down at the ground and then back up at her looking at those curves in the fabric and she had some of the most deep golden eyes he’d seen in a while. “For what it is worth I do think you can do better than Chauncey and I know for a fact my cousin had a huge hand in your current predicament. As for Greer and I, I’m pretty good at putting out fires and so far I’ve managed to put out the fires she has lit in my life.” Brock said looking at her and then gently leading her to be closer to one of the heating lamps outside she looked pale. “You’re ice cold are you alright?” He said looking at her holding her hand to help her with her balance.

“I’m fine.” She said taking her hand back looking at him sternly. “Are you blind are willfully foolish? I just explained to you that Chauncey is still actively pursuing your lover. Now Greer is secure in her relationship with you right now but she will bore of you eventually. This is her pattern she has a trail of broken men behind her and I’m telling you Mr. Fraiser you’re next. I don’t like to say I told you so but if you stay I’ll have no choice but to rub it in your face when she destroys you. My relationship with Chauncey is also none of your concern and I didn’t ask you for your opinion on it. Considering your family played me once before. I won’t allow it anymore though fool me once never twice.” Waving her perfectly manicured index finger in his face.
“You have been dragged into quite the mess and your heart right now is saying go for it but I advise you go with your gut and use an organ that hasn’t let you down. Everyone in your family hates her, don’t disregard that.” The wind blew against her skin and she shivered as she reached out to Brock and touched his hands. “I’m telling you this because sometimes the game has to be played on an even playing field if you choose to play then the consequences are on you.”

Natasha looked at him sympathetically as she licked her lips as she touched her belly. “My fate is sealed but don’t believe for one second I don’t have a plan. I’m not a trophy wife nor am I’m here to play fair. SandStar is mine and my birthright no barbaric old thinking is going to prevent it from being mine. Women in my world don’t do what I have and I have often broken society norms so I’m going to do you one other favor. Never let your guard down with her. I did and my life has never been the same. I was the top girl in school and here she comes and everything changed. I had to fight for what I wanted and she taught me that but what I also know she is has given me the lessons of snakes. She is venomous and I am afraid that you have already been bitten. But the cure is in your grasped get the hell away because you aren’t equipped for what us three have for you. I’m horrible, he’s horrible, and she’s the worst. Think of what I’m saying to you as a warning before your life is upheaved.”

Greer walked into the party in a black chain-mesh McQueen classic plunging gown to her belly button. Her back was out and she had a large tulle jacket that was covered in the same chain mesh. As she strutted through she saw Kelsey, and Zach waving at her which she almost ignored. Instead she waved showing her bracelet off. As she turned she noticed Kelsey looking outside on The Pointe deck and she gasped seeing Natasha standing with her man. Who did this bitch think she was? No doubt spreading all hate and being unpleasant as possible she gritted her teeth as she charged to the terrace when she stopped in her tracks because Chauncey stood before her. As if he was what she wanted to deal with right now. It was absolutely just like him. She heard someone whispering about her outfit it must of outdone the bride. Where was Dani so she congratulate the bitch? She’d tamed the worst Devonshire. She wouldn’t touch Jackson; he was far too rough around the edges for her taste. Chauncey looked impeccable as always but his eyes were Natasha and Brock’s conversation.

“I’m sorry but you’ve caught me at the absolute worst time. Move Chauncey so I can take off Saudi Barbie’s head.” Greer declared as she looked at him amused at her fury. “You think this is funny? She is no doubt spilling all type of dirt of my past in boarding school and what makes this even more amusing is she hated me because I was better. I was better than her and that’s what she was and still is scared of. You know RePlay has a nifty little feature that if you pay ten more bucks you can see who has been viewing your page. Blame Rory but I have to ask if you and Natasha are so happy why are you watching me? I mean it has to hurt your blushing beautiful soon to be bride right? I did hear that you two are engaged but you can’t stop looking at me. I know you want me Chauncey but sadly I don’t want you. Now get out of my way so I can tell this bitch one time and one time only stay away from Brock and keep her nosy nose out of my relationship.”

Chauncey had moved from Charles and Atticus who had confirmed that the deal was all but done with Isla Del Cruces meaning that the energy division would soon be the talk of the company. Honesty that bugged the shit out of him but at the same time he and Jackson were trying to mend fences but he was irritated and then he looked around the party trying to spot Natasha. Instead his eyes landed on the terrace and went to the window as he watched Brock Fraiser take her hand and lead her to a seat his blood boiling, he’d never liked any of the Fraiser’s Braden or Brock or their pompous father but watching Brock comfort Natasha sent his blood boiling. He was going to be a father soon, she was carrying his child and yet here she was talking with the man that was fucking his ex. He grabbed a second glass of champagne from the waiters not even turning when the DJ had announced his brother and Dani’s arrival. His eyes could probably burn a hole through the glass and then he heard voice turning around to take Greer LeClerq in. She looked positively stunning in that dress that was showing off that perfect body of hers and he couldn’t help but lick his lips at her. He had been stalking her page wanting to know about everything she was doing, and he leaned in kissing her cheek, staying a tad longer than he wanted to smell her perfume.

“You look quite stunning Greer a man would be a fool to not follow your social media and want to make sure that the other man in your life is treating you good. From the looks of it he is off talking to my fiance. If Brock is such the upstanding man that everyone things he is he won’t take any of that Natasha says to his heart when it comes to you. Or are you afraid of the truth deep down that you are jealous and know deep down you and he will never fit.” Chauncey said looking at her and pulling back, he could swear that he heard her heartbeat in her neck when he pulled back and gleamed at her. Yes Natasha was his fiance and she was pregnant but he still wanted Greer and that was the simple truth of the matter he saw his mother looking at him across the room and knew better than to disrupt this event or the wedding his eyes went to her wrist and about threw up. “How utterly tacky if I must say so myself do we not pay our first responders a decent salary enough to at least spring for something with a little more bling? If you were my woman Greer you would be dripping in diamonds, rubies and anything else to your heart’s content.” He finished as he saw Brock open the door to the balcony and escorting Natasha back inside.

Brock had listened to Natasha speak about Greer and what she was saying, he kept a mental note of it in the back of his mind. When she touched her belly though it dawned on him that she was likely pregnant and he honestly felt happy for her. “Congratulations are in order I suppose then between your engagement and the way you’re touching your belly I can only assume. Not to mention your hands are freezing and you looked about ready to faint.” Brock said smiling at her when she asked if he was blind or foolish and he shook his head no at her. He like to think he was neither and thought over his next words to her wisely. “I’m not worried about Chauncey and Greer and neither should you be. I like to help and take care of people I was extending kindness to you based on your condition. Call it the firefighter training in me. I know what my cousin did she was quite proud of it.” Brock said he didn’t get the whole corporate backstabbing thing that his cousin did but he understood her motivations were her children, protecting what was hers no matter the cost unfortunately that meant making an enemy of the woman next to him. “I do appreciate your concern about Greer and thank you for letting me know.” He said seeing her about to be sick again he reached in to his pocket and pulled out a peppermint handing it to her. “Suck on it it’ll help with the nausea.” He said watching her take it.

His eyes then went back inside to the party as he heard music start to play and they announced that dancing first, appetizers and then dinner would start. He saw Chauncey starring at them and helped Natasha up as he then watched as Chauncey leaned in a little too close for comfort for his tastes and he could swear that he saw Greer look back at him. Walking to the doors of the balcony he opened them back up seeing Chauncey take a step back and he swore Greer almost jumped out of her skin. “There you are I was just talking about you with Natasha I’m so glad you could come and you look radiant.” Brock said giving Chauncey the best most polite fuck you face he could as he leaned in kissing Greer’s lips and pulling back letting his fingers trace her bare skin hoping Chauncey was getting a rise and then pulled back. He was looked at Natasha and wondered if she was going to do the same stake her claim on Chauncey publicly to let both of them know that they were off limits to each other from now on. “Natasha wasn’t feeling well because of the pregnancy. I was simply making sure she was alright. Mint is good for morning sickness and so is ginger.” He finished brightly as he got a glass of champagne and took a drink and he waited wanting to see Greer’s reaction more than anything to the news.

For the first time since they broke up over a year ago she felt that lingering tinge of resentment and pain eating at her. She was always attractive and beautiful but to get her pregnant and just disregard how she felt about Natasha. That stung immediately. Greer saw Chauncey’s face when Brock said that Natasha was pregnant and she felt crushed. He wasn’t ready for her to hear that and she was fully committed to Brock. No more silly little flirty conversations leading for hope. The truth was Chauncey was a young man when he had Maddie and he had a great love story with Maddie’s mother but that was deader than Logan’s body in the grave. Maddie would always be his eldest but she somehow thought he wouldn’t do this to her. He wouldn’t be having a baby with her. The one woman who she hated more than anything in life. She felt the air seeping from her body. Steadying herself she walked to Natasha and kissed both of her cheeks and grabbed her hands. “Congratulations once again you take my leftovers and make an entire entree. I’m so happy for you Natasha because I honestly can say two people couldn’t deserve each other more.” Stepping back she grabbed Brock arm and laid her head on his shoulder seeing Chauncey grimace right in front of Brock made her uneasy. To be fair if Brock knocked his head back into next week it wouldn’t be a problem for her. Grabbing a flute of champagne she looked at Natasha. “Can’t have any and I know how much you love champagne this must suck your body changing and eventually that beautiful outfit just won’t fit like you don’t in Atlas Falls.” She snarled knowing she was discrediting her to Brock. Natasha schemes hadn’t evolved after years.

Greer paused as she turned to look at Brock and knew how to turn the screws to Chauncey and Natasha even more. “Since you are pregnant Natasha I think that tomorrow’s papers should read DGI scion is having his second born. I’ll spin perfectly.” Everyone looked confused and she smirked. “Well in a series of fortunate events LeClerq Media has acquired the Atlas Falls Chronicles so you did just tell the press a very hot tip. No doubt the media will love to see how competitive you two must be to get knocked up right after Jackson and Dani or that’s how my reporters will slant it. Considering I’m the press but the funny part is the news station was up for sale so local news will be LeClerq Media also.” She turned to Brock and saw his shocked expression. “Well any words for me.” Greer opened her purse and pulled out her phone turning on her phone’s recorder. “I don’t want to misquote you, please speak to me Natasha I don’t want to miss a thing.” Understanding that her being pregnant before her marriage would and could negate her inheritance. Extending the phone to Chauncey and Natasha.

Slapping her hand away from them sending the phone flying. “You wouldn’t! You witch!” Natasha seethed as she almost lunged at Greer. Chauncey immediately grabbed her body. “Greer if you print my pregnancy LeClerq Media will be mine before your family even has any claim to a penny of that fledgling startup. I’ll burn it and trust me I have the capital. I’ll sue your family so long that your grandspawns will be litigation. I’ll destroy whatever fake empire you are trying to build before you have the energy to wreak whatever havoc against Chauncey or me!” Natasha said knowing she was making a scene but she had to make it clear. “I want you to stay away from my fiance is that understood? You should stay away from this man because honestly he’s too good for you. You are a pathetic excuse for a human and to show your face here after what you did to Dani. It’s reprehensible your gull is disgusting.” Natasha spewed at Greer as she calmed down.

“Finally you were attacking and barking at me like a foaming ravenous bitch with rabies.” Watching Chauncey step in front of Natasha as Greer walked to get her phone. Stooping down, throwing her huge tulle coat dramatically, picking up her phone, seeing a crack. “Well we’ve enjoyed our conversation. Chauncey please keep lurking on all social media and Natasha you shall remain eternally bitter. Brock.” She said turning to her boyfriend. “Let’s go.”

Chauncey was amused at Greer’s reaction it confirmed for him that she still thought of him as hers even after all her attempts to claim otherwise. The truth was she could try to move on from him and what they had but she was in his veins and he was in hers. He of course would be proper husband to Natasha as needed when they were out and love their child, but she also knew that he had a tendency to like to fuck around it was something they had agreed too. “I think you’re just upset Greer that she has what you really wanted with me. While you are stuck with a man that can never give you what you really want. Be careful moving into that three bedroom shack from you suite will be quite the revelation.” Chauncey said pausing for a moment seeing Greer’s face as he placed his hand on Natasha’s back. “Shall we go say hello to my brother and soon to be sister in law to remind them to look over their shoulder?” Chauncey said escorting Natasha away.

Brock watched the entire exchange and was pretty sure his face had given some of it away Greer was hurt by Natasha being pregnant. It wasn’t like he was a complete idiot but maybe this was the hard break she needed with Chauncey. He tried no to be jealous of the idea that she was still a little hung up on Chauncey but Natasha had made good points too his family possibly never would accept him with Greer that was just a reality. When he had seen Natasha slap the phone away and he saw it shatter on the ground he saw himself and Chauncey hoping that it wasn’t that big of a distraction. “Yes let’s. I think they’re going to start serving food in a few.” Brock said, leading Greer way from Chauncey and Natasha as he looked at her. “I know you don’t like her and I don’t blame you but for tonight can we at least try to be civil to both her and my cousin? I want this to work you know?” Brock said looking at her and hoping she agreed.

“Civil is all I can be, Dani and I aren’t best friends and nor will we ever be that. I do hope you aren’t offended at my shock. They were being spiteful, throwing their pregnancy in my face. Chauncey and I were talking about children last year.” Greer looked at him sadly. “I want what Dani has to be honest. This entire party loves her and I want that. I want to be that girl and maybe one day I will be and maybe I’ll have a child one day. Right now I’m selfish and I have you. My strapping and amazing man.” She leaned in and kissed Brock opening her eyes watching Chauncey still looking at her as Natasha spoke with Dani and Jackson. She still got him. Both of them.best behavior tonight.


Lowell used a white cane and had Tess on his arm as he looked at the party and his breath was taken away. This was something that he imagined for Max but his daughter was so much like him he was afraid he’d scarred her. His inability to love might have hurt his daughter much more than she or he would admit. Even her relationship with that teacher was a clear indication that she had issues. He didn’t know how everyone would react to him bringing Tess but she insisted and he understood. Lowell had two great loves in his life Jackie and Tess. With Audrey being a toy to use against Forbes. He toyed with each of their lives and since Tess was taking care of him at the end she wanted to be seen. The guilt of having Jackie take care of him while he died physically and mentally was still sharp as ever was too much. The burden was something she didn’t sign up for and after all he did then Lowell deserved to pay. He didn’t deserve to have the woman he viewed as his soulmate by his side at the end. It was heartbreaking and he knew Tess deserve her time in the sun. Many people didn’t get why he forgave her after Rory and her slept together. Well that was her lashing out after years of being stuck in his rules and stipulations.

As he walked through barely able to stand but pushing through to his seat. He wouldn’t use a wheelchair at the wedding or here. If it killed him he would walk and as bad as his body ached and his mobility was limited he knew he had to do it for Jackson. The son that never got the true attention and affection he deserved. Jackson was a pupil and prodigy the child he should have been focused on but chose to push him too far. This meant that he turned to other things, drugs and women mainly. Looking at him now though showed him that he failed Jackson as a father. He should have pushed him in different ways, not a petty competition with his brother. This forced them to hate each other and spread a relationship that made them toxic to each other. Esme, Selina, Skye, Greer and so many other women all had fallen because they couldn’t figure out how to love because he wasn’t a role model. As he made it to the seats he saw his children’s eyes. Chauncey feigned a fake sign of disgust, Max was pissed, Rory was shocked at how bold he was, Bliss was approaching them with Hunter, and Belle was out with Connor Hessington. Something he was watching closely people didn’t know but Charles was a snake. He knew it and Charles knew that he couldn’t pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. “Beautiful isn’t it?”

Tess watched everyone looking at her in YSL exclusive custom gown that sparkled and twinkled against the amusing colors of wonderland. Why Jackie, how exquisite she couldn’t wait for Belle to get married, none of the small ceremony that Bliss just pulled. Belle would be lavish and grand just like her mother’s other weddings. Slowly fluffing her hair she looked at Lowell helping him take a seat as she noticed the Devonshire brats taking mental images that would haunt them in therapy for years to come. She licked her lips as her daughter and son-in-law approached leaning in she kissed his cheeks and then hers. “It certainly is my beloved it can’t believe Jackie and Lauren pulled this off. It looks like something out of a high fashion magazine when I do know she hasn’t ever been a couture girl.” She said watching Lowell stare at Jackie and feeling the sting of the situation. After all these years and now helping change him and do for him he still couldn’t pay attention to her. He still couldn’t love her enough to just be in the moment with her. To love her more than he loved Jackie for one moment he couldn’t pretend. His eyes told a story of longing and missed opportunity.

“Bliss why don’t you sit down. Instead of glaring at me like some monster. You treat me as if I have killed your puppy. I’m Fox’s grandmother not Jackie! I deserve to have my time with him and I deserve to be respected as your mother dammit. I’m sick of you always glaring at me and judging me. She can fake like she loves you or she cares but Bliss you are her greatest hurt. Never forget that your conception. Your birth is what haunts her more than anything else. Your birthright! You know she didn’t want you around your siblings she knew about you everyone in Europe knew about you. She can fake and pretend but I know the truth Jackie hates you Bliss because you are my child.” Tess ranted as she looked at Lowell with his head down. “Don’t you shame me you invented party scenes or shall we not forget how you fired Walter, Forbes, Pierre and Harvey!”

“Enough mother!” Bliss snapped at her. “This isn’t the time or place for a dramatic reenactment of why you are the victim all the time. You are disgusting wearing a dress twenty years too young for you, and if I ever have a daughter you will never taint her the way you tainted me and Belle. You think flaunting a great surgeon and taking a dying man in is love that’s desperate. I’m so sorry you think that everyone is jealous of you. When nobody cares that you have finally gotten a man who clearly has given up. So I tried to be nice about it at my wedding but I won’t any longer get up and get out mom. You aren’t wanted or welcomed because you have done unthinkable things to my siblings. You bedded my little brother and this is the woman you choose. Instead of fighting dad? Figuring out your shit! I’m so sick of all of the men in my life hurting me! If it wasn’t for my husband I wouldn’t believe in love or truth. You have a oath a vow to uphold dad. You are doing the wrong thing by just throwing away a marriage and do I consent to this? No I don’t because you both are better than this. Mom you are so independent and fierce when you want to be but you turn into this doormat for him. And dad say you aren’t just using her because she will always be there to show you undying love. Her love for you is unwavering and you are using that and it’s all toxic. So please go this isn’t the time or the place.” Bliss said as she looked at them both. “Dad feel free to stay but mom please show some class.”

Tess listened to her daughter snap at her and she felt her heartbreak. “I thought you’d be happy knowing how long I suffered loving your father.”

“I know you need to leave. Jackson and Dani don’t want you here. They don’t want you at the wedding and they don’t want you to be a part of this wedding. This isn’t for you and I’m sorry that you feel like because you are with him that you can just move on. These have been your choices and your moves. Maybe if you had one iota of class and one drop of humanity in how another woman was feeling you might be welcomed in their lives but right now nobody sees anything but pain and sadness when they look at you. Go mom.” Bliss declared sternly.

“I’m not going anywhere because Lowell my fiance asked me to stay.” She said looking at her daughter. “Now if you have a problem you can mosey on off and go stare with the rest of the town. I am right now where I belong with my man who I love and he loves me. You are a spoiled little girl who has been kicked maybe one too many times in the head to understand the gravity of what this is. This is love and years in the making but I assure it’s my time little girl and you or all the dirty looks or vile words won’t take it away from me. I’m sorry that Dimitri beat you but you should be glowing. Oh darling you are a bride and newly wed no need to rain on my parade. Love is all you should be showing. I guess the fear of losing Fox to that psycho is too much to handle and you have to lash out at someone.” Tess said shaking her head.

With all his might Lowell slammed his hand into the table causing silence between Bliss and Tess. “No more verbal sparring and no more insulting our daughter about her sick relationship with that man! That man! That man who violated so many women I care about! Bliss and Selina! I will not hear about him anymore. Are we clear Tess? He isn’t to be used for an insult the only good thing Dimitri has ever done is he gave the world my grandson and I won’t hear his name any longer are we clear?” Lowell roared at Tess. “I’m not playing I’ll leave you in a heartbeat. You will not shame her for the abuse we understood. I should have protected my daughter and protected my children. I have to keep them safe after I am gone and what I have done for Belle and Bliss hasn’t been enough and my other children have gotten so little of me. I’m sorry Bliss but I will not have you angrily disrespect what she escaped and overcame.” Lowell stopped himself from unleashing anymore. “I need some air.” He finished before moving away from Tess to get some air.


Jackie had so far enjoyed most of her evening when it came to the rehearsal dinner friends and family were mingling, The Miles secret that she had overheard at the mansion was shocking however due to the lengths that Skye had went to over the years and the lies she had told and she actually respected Whitney giving Jackson and Dani the heads up that Jon knew the truth. She had however been livid when it was reveal that her soon to be ex-husband had paid Skye to try and seduce Jackson going as far to as her even suggesting he relapse in bed with her with drugs, while at her party a year before. In her mind there was no sense in getting angry at it, it was in the past but she could tell it had pissed her son off and he had every right to feel that way. Jon had showed up and she was watching him like a hawk but he hadn’t even muttered a word so far and she had sat down with the glass of champagne at her seat smiling at Lauren and then had been hit hard when Lowell entered with Tess. It stung so much more than she thought it would.

She had never made the rehearsal dinner off limits for Tess but thinking about it now maybe she should have. She watched as the entire room seemed to freeze at his entrance with Tess on his arm and tried to steele herself for the stares that then went to her, she wasn’t sure why he brought her and if it was going to be to get a rise out of her she refused to give him the satisfaction this was not about them. This was an event for their son and soon to be daughter in law, not them and their pending divorce. She turned in her seat instead as Blythe passed her and told her the room looked lovely and her mind tried to not focus on the staring that people were doing. Taking a sip of her champagne she let the liquid hit her lips, she would never be so disrespectful the way he was at the moment flaunting a new catch in her face but the truth was that it was something looking back she knew he had done. He had taken Audrey to a few functions when she had been pregnant few times. She turned her head when she heard Max’s voice and turned to smile at her. “Yes Max?”

Max had gotten the text from Sebastian the night before that he had to fly to Spain for an emergency with the family vineyard and she of course was a little thrown by it. He had assured her that he would be back in time for the wedding though and to not alarm her family or the bride or the groom. One of the things that she did appreciate about her fiance was that he was always so respectful towards her brother and the rest of her family. She also had not told anyone that he had proposed when she had texted him back about it and asked if she wanted to wait till he was back she knew she did. It would have been awkward to explain why he had flown off in the middle of the night while she was at city hall trying to get the last of the casino done and she hated she missed a goodbye from him. She pushed the thoughts aside though about her engagement and her man troubles when her father had arrived with Tess Blisston draped all over him and she could swear everyone of her siblings had shot him daggers, her eyes had scanned the room for her mother and she made her way over to her.

Her mother was regal always had been but to do this to her was low of her father she hadn’t even been that daring to throw Philip in Hunter’s face. As far as she knew Chauney hadn’t even done that shit with Selina and she watched her mother’s sad and angry eyes as she walked over to her table. She was going to push her own engagement news aside and make her mother not sit there and be idle any longer and lick her wounds while her father embarrassed her again. “Don’t do this mother, don’t sit here and sip a glass of champagne while he brings her into the room and flaunts her in your face. How many years are you going to sit here and just let him do this to you and to us?” Max asked seeing her mother look at her almost as if she was being to harsh and she waved her hand at her. If none of her siblings were going to do it she was, Tess was a virus in their father’s life and had haunted their mother long enough in her mind. “Do you want me to tell you to sit here and sulk for another few years while he drags you back in? Haven’t you had enough of that over the last thirty years?” Max said taking a glass of champagne and taking it off a tray wondering when dinner would actually start at this rate.

“It would hardly be appropriate for me to.” Jackie said looking at her daughter and trying to make an excuse for Lowell in her head, she had been doing to for so long it had become second nature. Almost like taking a breath of air to breathe it all came so easy to her to just lie and wash it away, their children were grown now. She reached for a the glass on the table again taking another sip and met Tess’s eyes across the room no one wanted her there and it was clear you could cut the tension with a knife. “You all do not have to worry about me Max I am fine. Besides shouldn’t you be with Sebastian enjoying his company tonight and being happy for your brother’s wedding? I really do wish you all would stop fretting about me.” Jackie said lying to herself the last few weeks and wanting to send Max on her way to stew a bit longer. Her eyes scanned the room seeing Lauren smile at her raising her glass and she returned the gesture nearly to drop it when she was Jullian O’Sullivan walking in the room.

Jackie wasn’t sure how to react as she moved some hair behind her ear. What in the world was he doing here she was certain that he was not on the guest list for the wedding and she most certainly did not add a plus one to the menu. She saw Lowell watching him distracted from talking to Walter for a bit, Tess looking snidely at her and then back at Julian as he handed his coat the coat check. A man hadn’t looked at her like he was on his way to their table in a very long time and she was suddenly very aware that in her blue Caroline Herrera silk dress was something that she didn’t expect to wear around a man she had been going for the more mother of the groom look. She stood up from her chair when Julian approached her and Max and saw Max staring at him, her jaw nearly on the floor, music was playing of course and some couples were already enjoying the dancing a bit. “Julian this is such a surprise I don’t remember sending you an invitation.” Jackie stammered seeing him look at her and then at Max and she quickly remembered her society manners. “I’m sorry that was terribly impolite, Julian O’Sullivan my daughter Maxamilla. Max my attorney in the divorce Julian.”

“What a stunning name for an even more stunning young woman. Maxamilla you remind me of your mother when she was a young woman. I do have to say if you are as beautiful as your mother when you’re her age one of these young men are going to be very lucky.” He reached for Max’s hand and kissed it. Turning to Jackie he stared at her and smirked as her dress matched his handkerchief he would have to thank Lauren for the wear blue tip. She stood before him and he wondered what Lowell Devonshire was thinking. This woman was vital and by far one of the most beautiful women  he’d ever seen in his life. Her smile and the way she just looked heavenly even without trying. It was something very ethereal about Jacqueline. “Jackie, well I got a call from Lauren earlier in the evening and she asked me what I was doing. I told her absolutely nothing and she invited me here to escort you for a dance. She said that you would need a dance and I believed her.” Julian picked up Jackie’s hand and kissed it as he looked at Max. “Now I hate to interrupt but I came here to dance. If you don’t mind I’d humbly like to take your mother for a dance.” Seeing Max move out of their way Julian smiled at her and walked her to the dance floor.

“Now I don’t hope you think this is our first date. Considering my divorce I know you aren’t ready for that but I do hope we can use this time to better get acquainted and when you know me and are ready I’m here. You see Jacqueline I’m sure you haven’t had a man show you are the beautiful enthralling mystery that I believe you to be.” He said as the music and lighting in the room seemed to shift into a dark hues and the spotlight shifted from couple to couple. “I was taught how to tango in Argentina when I stayed there after my divorce. Would you like a quick lesson?” He spun her into his arms as he looked into her eyes and noticed the spotlight was on them. Then he quickly spun her away from him dragging her back. “Follow my lead.”

“I had meant to thank you for the flowers over Christmas they were lovely.” Jackie said quietly not sure what else to say to him she had been so shocked that he was even there. She barely had time to react to him when he pulled her hand gently to dance and she nearly protested she was still a married woman. She shot a look at Lauren who honestly looked so damn pleased with herself when Julian mentioned that Lauren had invited him for a dance. She was so focused on him as they went to the dance floor she had barely had time to digest what was happening. Before she knew it they were on the dance floor and she was in his arms, she was certain that people were staring as the song started to play. It had been years since she and Lowell had danced and she felt that her feet were almost like rubber when she heard the beat come on though she was transferred back to her youth and nodded her head at him.

The music started to play and she let herself be swept up in the moment scared that she wouldn’t remember the steps to the tango music when it started. She kept her attention on Julian as he spun her around the room, afraid if she looked out at the faces she would see judgement from society hurt on her children’s faces and she had no idea what she would see in Lowell’s eyes. She was allowed to live or so she would like to think after all he had coldly chose Tess that day at her mansion and was no showing her off everywhere they went including here tonight. She tried not to think about it too much as Julian spun her around and she smiled at him graciously when he did the same to her. By the time the music has stopped she was aware that she was pulled close to him bent over in a dramatic pose and people had politely clapped, she was winded but it was the first time in years she had done something to bold as that, when he picked hr up she looked at him. “Thank you I had no idea that Lauren invited you and you are welcome to stay if you would like for the dinner.”

“Well I am starved, I am getting quite tired of takeout alone. One thing we can do if you don’t mind on one of our dates is maybe I can fly in my good friend Emerald and we can get a private lesson.” Julian said seeing her impressed as she kept up and he smiled because this was the vibrant woman he looked around the room he saw so many looks. Some people were literally cheering which he found endearing they weren’t clapping for him they were clapping for Jackie overcoming years of hurt to be happy. When he saw Lowell Devonshire’s face he could have sworn he saw him cursing him. “Ey lass I think we’ve hurt a few feelings. I however don’t care considering he’s hurt yours for years. Now your children are another story. My children aren’t here and I have one daughter and two sons. I think they are happy and painfully figuring out their mommy and daddy aren’t together and that realization is jarring at first but I can tell you that pain subsides. Jackie I’ve been alone a long time. I have waited for someone like you and I don’t mind waiting longer. Take your time because I’m no rebound, I’m the next chapter.”

Julian looked at Lowell Devonshire how did he let his beautiful family fall apart like this. Seeing how Jackson looked made him smile as the young man nodded at him but Chauncey’s face of apprehension was to be expected as was Rory’s shocked expression. Not only that but he enjoyed Lauren Fraiser immensely the way she hooted howled made him smile. “Jackie I do want to tell you that sharing your son’s moment with me is very special and I do thank you for that. You have a beautiful family and as I see your relationship with even Bliss is endearing she’s seen supporting you more than her parents. It shows your character and who you are. I hate that you are going through this so publicly but I am here to help you navigate as a friend now but I do hope when your heart isn’t heavy you’ll let me repair it.” Pulling out her chair and sitting her down and then sitting beside her at the large table. “So tell me where did you learn to dance like that?”

Jackie looked at him and smiled her children were still looking at them and she felt odd. She wasn’t sure how to decipher the looks she was getting from them as Julian led her back to her seat  “I took a few lessons back in the day for another wedding.” She said softly the memory coming to her. Lowell had splurged at the time for private lessons for their wedding before DGI had taken off. He was a terrible dancer and had wanted to impress her and her parents. “Truthfully I don’t know when the last time was that I had such a good time on the dance floor.” She finished taking a sip of her wine on the table as her eyes met Lowell’s before she looked away. She didn’t care to see it more do afraid she would break into a puddle of tears and embarrass their son tonight. “So tell me more about your children you seem to already know mine.” She said finding that topic safe for now for her.

“Kyle, Greyson, and Chloe are my children.” Julian stated proudly. “Kyle is in Europe and is a classically trained ballerina and dances at the Paris Opera House. He just recently called off his engagement to a doctor named Xunji. It took a long time to accept Kyle was gay but my son is a strong man and one of the most talented dancers I’ve ever seen. Greyson is tough and wants nothing to do with my wealth or legacy. He’s smart and is currently working in Hollywood as a struggling writer but a writer. While my darling daughter Chloe is from my second marriage with Blair. She’s fiery and over protective of me. I raised her because she refused to be apart from me. She’s a daddy’s girl and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Currently she lives in New York but she frequents my condo here in Atlas Falls. Somehow she stays in Page 6 because of her choice of men. She’s dated all sorts of celebrities and I don’t like it but Chloe and Blair love the scene. They love the flashy life.” He looked at Jackie and smiled. “What I love about my daughter is she has her own life but always makes time for me. My boys may have a different perspective of me due to their mother’s death and how our marriage ended. Like any family we have our issues but they love each other and they all love me and I love them.” Julian looked at her and smiled. “Your resilience tonight will be what the town remembers tonight are we clear?”

Jackie looked at him lost in the conversation as she saw Lowell watching them across the room part of her was satisfied and part of her was still so lost. She raised her glass to Julian’s focusing on the here and the now her son was getting married in a few days, she would soon be divorced. Her heart ached at the thought but for tonight she was going to enjoy the companionship of another man. She was going to relish in the fact that it was his turn to see what he had done to her over the years.n his sister but he saves the best for Cassie saying nobody could love a Montgomery.


Mason has been preparing his toast for a few weeks honestly he was proud as hell of Jackson and the man that he had transformed himself into since he came home. It felt like everyone got their friend back, got a son back and he got an amazing woman out of it he knew that he wanted what Jackson had with Dani with Zach now. At first he had thought it was Simon but his life with Simon had been so clouded by deceit and lies on his part he knew that wasn’t possible but with Zach he knew that wasn’t true. He had been out when he had met Zach about ready to kill himself and Zach had slowly picked up all pieces in his shattered life and he smiled as he looked over at him. Whitney had just finished her speech as maid of honor and while the Hessington’s weren’t his favorite people he could genuinely see that Whitney was Dani’s friend like he was Jackson’s in it how she talked about Dani’s heartbreak and past colliding with a man that made her complete he had to smile. He rose from his seat tapping his wine glass and looked around the room so far the night had been drama free and cleared his throat.

“Beautiful speech Whitney and I thank you for turning the floor over to me. Who would have thought we would all be here for this wedding in this town? So I’d like to take everyone back to over forty years ago when two friends made a pact to start a business. Those friends fell out and had families of their own their kids knew it was forbidden to even think about it.” Mason said with a smile at Jackson and Dani, seeing Zach look at him wondering where his speech was going. “Now one of those kids just so happened to be my best friend growing up, man I mean we did everything together with Hunter Kincaid. We snuck out of school, drank under age, checked out girls regular kid stuff, including his future wife that we gave him shit for and then he took a wrong turn. Now, I’m not saying that to hurt him today but somewhere he decided he wasn’t enough for anyone. He relished in being fun and outgoing hiding behind random sex with lots of women and drugs. In and out of rehab for years, partying the works and then he overdosed and after one more stint in rehab, he came home and according to him a chance encounter at a certain club on a certain night changed his entire world.” Mason paused seeing Jackson look at Dani and smiled at them.

“Now me being the good friend I was I was skeptical as shit you know but then I started to see a change in him. He cared about things again, he wanted to experience life fully again, he wanted to get his life on track, when we would talk he was constantly talking about her. Even when he fucked up a few times she stayed, when everyone else abandoned ship over the years when it got tough she stayed and it blew his mind. That is when I knew, Jackson Devonshire was no longer a rowdy drug addicted boy that I knew but a man completely in love with Dani Fraiser.” Mason paused seeing them look at him Jackson tearing up at the speech and he grinned he was not done yet. He looked over at Zach a twinkle in his eyes he wanted that with him what his best friend had. “Even when he thought he lost her he put aside his past selfishness to be there for her and show her what they had was worth fighting for. Then came the biggest shock of all to me he asked her to marry him and found out she was pregnant. I again had to wonder if he was ready for it. Looking around today though I have no doubts, he was more than ready for it.”

“Jackson you have showed me what I want to be as a man now, to be true to my real self, to be a good partner to the person I love, to want to have a family and it all happened when you finally gave into what you wanted way back in high school your father’s enemy’s daughter and quit trying to please your father and instead please yourself.. It took you a while to get there but I’m honored to be your best man on your big day to the woman you love with your entire heart and being. I can’t wait to watch you grow in your marriage to her and be the father I know you are already to the twins, to be the man you were born to be. And to you Dani thank you for not quitting on him for being the woman who loved him enough and fully to complete you too. You’ve shown me that is what love is to not quit on people who need you, to fight for it even when it’s hard or scary and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. To the bride and the groom.” Mason finished holding back his own tears as the crowd clapped and he lifted his glass taking a drink before reaching over and hugging his best friend and the bride before sitting back down.

Kelsey was passed the microphone and she stood up looking at Willow and her family sitting with the Devonshire’s. It was shocking and jarring a little to be honest she was shaken to her core by how two people’s love had ended a life long feud. “I always looked up to my big cousin. She was just so effortlessly cool you know? You always have that cousin that is so amazing that you just hope to be like them. Dani always was a first you know? She was the first one to have a big career in my eyes. She was the first one to really stake her own claim in what it was to be a Fraiser woman. She was my inspiration.” Kelsey covered her mouth as she spoke wiping her eyes. “Lucy and I used to wonder what she was doing in Pittsburgh and who she was meeting and before I came back home I said I was going to be just like Dani and leave Atlas Falls. But I came home because Atlas Falls is home to my family and when I did she was another first in my eyes. The first one of us to be pregnant and engaged. Oh my God to see my face when I found out it was with Jackson.” The crowd chuckled as did she. “Jackson Devonshire was a legend and still is in many ways girls always wanted to party and be around him. So to see him transform from that to this is quite a feat.”

Kelsey saw everyone smiling and knew she was doing good. “Jackson was a nervous mess during the delivery. He was antsy and always up in the nurses business. But I never saw a father so determined to make his children’s entrance into the world so peaceful and loving. He wanted Dani comfortable and fed her ice chips whenever she wanted. My big cousin found unconditional love and I can’t bare to think of what it’s like not to follow in her footsteps. To not have the love that these two share is unthinkable. So I’d like to toast to the groom and the bride but most of all I’d like to toast to those babies I helped deliver. To Jolene and Donovan because they’re true proof that love can overcome anything.” Kelsey said as she heard everyone raising their glasses again.

Jon stood up and walked to Kelsey and completely snatched the microphone from her. “That’s great Kelsey and everyone is pumped! Whoo! To Dani and Jackson!” He screamed again into the microphone and it echoed through the speakers. “I have a story about Dani and Jackson? Y’all want to hear how I saved her life and those twins and a drug running stripper? Nah not good enough or how about the one where Jackson had hidden drugs in Dani house? Or the one where he just came back from rehab last year and everyone’s acting like he’s fucking Christ walking on water because he stopped freebasing coke last year or this year depending on which rehab stint we are talking here am I right Mason?” Jon strolled to Jackson and Dani and paused looking at Lowell, Tess, Jackie, Julian, Walter, Brock, Bliss, Hunter, and finally his eyes hit Braden. “No, the story I am going to tell is even more tragic. You see because of Lowell Devonshire’s inability to keep it in his pants his bastard daughter came into town with a virus that spread like wildfire through Atlas Falls. I like to call that Dimitri Kavanaugh.” He said into the microphone.

“Well the story isn’t over ladies and gents. It’s just getting started because a few years prior to Dimitri Kavanaugh’s entrance a war veteran returned from Iraq and he was absolutely fucked up. He killed a kid and it was an accident but he was torn to pieces. He thought he was going to be with Dani who he wrote every fucking day while in Iraq. But she was quickly and I do mean quickly was with Lex Hessington. Let’s give it up for Lex?” Jon paused and turned around looking around the room. “Oh I forgot I’m not the only one not here for this fake ass union. Well at that time I happened to be sleeping with a young lady that Jackson happened to be sleeping with also. Her name is Skye everyone she has entered the chat. Well this is when it gets interesting because she had a kid. Yup his name is Miles Hessington and his biological mother is Skye Morgan. Skye and I had a kid but Lowell knew that because he ran a DNA test on him ladies and gents but let’s fast forward it back into a few weeks ago. Tamara Wright went on an unfortunate business trip and I have to say she should have never trusted Montgomery right Lowell? She was raped by Dimitri Kavanaugh and at that time I found out my best friend who I’ve saved her life and her kids life and helped her get to this point with the love of her life. Stole from me, stabbed me in my heart and just left me for dead.”

Jon looked around in the silence and shock. “Yeah Dani didn’t you ask me to kill Dimitri if the law didn’t get him when you knew your fucking best friend bought my son like a designer bag? Yeah Skye was paid for my kid. You are despicable and I hope Jackson reigns down the misery that Lowell has given Jackie. Jackie everybody in here has to know how does it feel to be rejected by a cripple? I mean the man can’t even walk and is saying he doesn’t want you. I mean he’s literally parading his whore in your face. Tess you are a whore and everyone knows it you are reprehensible and I think the room can admit Jackie’s better off right? But inquiring minds want to know how low you really must feel. You see we should toast to genetics because I feel like it’s ninety-nine point ninety nine chance that Jackson will fuck up and you all will be toasting to this fraudulent wedding. You know the Fraiser’s are always seen as noble but man you guys are cutthroat. You lie and bend the truth at your own whims just like the Devonshire’s and Montgomery’s and all the other rich people. You were destined to be just like them Kelsey you were saying she was so cool no she was incandescent and unattainable. Much like me and Zach you’re shunned now because you like cat and he loves the sausage. You aren’t loved as much as the rest of them but you’ll always be a consolation prize never quite straight enough to be loved enough isn’t that right Walter? Walter is the moral center of the Fraiser’s when he doesn’t have a moral bone in his body. Didn’t you knock up Brenda on Lauren? Or even worse haven’t you treated your daughter like shit because you didn’t want Dani? Those are Dani’s words not mine Walter. She knows you never wanted her; she heard you yelling at your wife Lauren plenty of times. You wanted to leave Lauren and here she comes with another series of unfortunate babies that Walter didn’t want. You wanted your kid with Brenda though didn’t you? And what happened to Victoria?” Jon laughed as he saw KC and Devin approaching. Braden standing up from the table and Tamara literally crying. Instead of getting dragged off Jon ran around the table with the microphone. “I told you I would stop. I’m sorry guys I couldn’t help myself. I’m mean are we going to act like Lauren didn’t drive off a bridge or something and an entire Fraiser baby went missing? I mean was it purposely Lauren and that’s why you play heartbroken momma so well? Or at least that’s what Dani used to think. But to the groom and bride cheers and all that good stuff.”

Dani had to shake her head and laugh along with the rest of the guests and Jackson when the toasts had started and then to her horror Jon had taken the microphone. She had barely even saw him in the room and her eyes darted to Merci who was fuming at Jon and then her mouth dropped open when Jon started ranting and raving. She knew he was pissed about Miles like she couldn’t blame him but to bring up shit that was in the past for them and to imply she was with Lex over it hurt. Worse was him bringing up shit with her and Jackson and Kendrick at the party when they had worked so hard to overcome it as a couple. She saw Tamara shaking at her table with Braden when he then told the entire room she asked him to kill Dimitri. She wasn’t sure how Jackson would react but she’d fucking do it again in a heartbeat for Selina, Bliss and Tamara and Dimitri’s other victims. Her parents though looked fucking horrified at she felt sick as Jon went on.

When he had mentioned though the shit about her homelife shit that she shared in private to her closest friends and Jackson she was so fucking angry. This was supposed to be her wedding rehearsal to start her life and she didn’t need her entire family’s shit thrown around town especially shit about the issues she had with her father. Not to mention her poor mother it was no secret that on her side there was a history of losing it, her poor fucking aunt Rosamund had a habit of suicide, depression and other issues and eventually was diagnosed with bi polar disorder and so had her grandfather on that side. When she was younger she had thought that about the crash the night her sister died because she was young and her parents marriage had been falling apart. Her entire body was shaking in a mix of rage at Jon and her voice was barely above a whisper. “How fucking dare you bring up Victoria.” Her eyes said shooting daggers at Jon not even sure what in the hell she was supposed to do.

“No you selfish bitch how dare you keep my son from me and continue this lie.” He spat back at Dani seeing everyone shocked as Braden and Jackson got up. He wanted to fight Jackson more than Braden but he knew neither were going to let him keep disrespecting Dani. “You are dead to me Dani.” He spewed at her viciously.

Braden had enough and stood up from his seat glaring at Jon and looking at his sister who’s entire rehearsal was going up in fucking flames. He’d deal with the shit about Miles later he was still confused on the what’s and the fucking hows with it, Tamara looked shocked as shit about Dimtiri but he would do it again in a heartbeat. He knew it was wrong and he didn’t fucking care the monster had raped her and there was nothing he could do about it and he felt helpless in that moment and desperate. Now he realized though that moment had come back to his sister to bite her in the ass and he nodded his head as he saw KC and Devin start to circle as well as Brock to end this shit show before it got worse.


“Jon stop it!” KC screamed at him as he saw Jon still dodging everyone. He played football in highschool and still had those moves. He was a damn good quarterback and the way he was evading Braden, Devin and himself. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic seeing Jackson and Dani horrified faces. Not only that the looks Ryan and Whitney were getting were bad. He felt horrible for all involved but Jon wasn’’t making this better it was way worse. Seeing Miranda he saw how horrified she was that this was happening. “Jon come on man this isn’t the way to handle your grief!” KC signalled Devin to go on the other side with Braden and finally he would trap him in the middle. “Buddy calm down and drop the microphone. Please.”

Jon saw them preparing to charge him. He instead rushed to the table running and jumping on it food flying everywhere. He kicked it at Devin and Braden then turned to KC. “They want me off the microphone and want my toast to end but I have so much to say. So now the upper class fucking are friends with the Fraisers? Huh? No I’m telling you Braden you were my brother! I would kill for you and you just used me. You all used my love especially you Dani and Cassie. You are no different than Greer! You aren’t better than her you’re just like her didn’t you steal Natasha’s company from her? You think people don’t talk huh Dani?” Jon said as he felt KC snatching him off of the table as he fell off the floor. Jon screamed as he wiggled in KC’s arm and went into a private room in the back. When he saw Braden, Dani, Whitney, Merci, Jackson, Ryan, and Brock all come to the back. “What now everyone is mad at me? Huh? I am only speaking the truth.”

KC looked at Jon and shook his head. “You are out of fucking line Jon. I don’t believe you man this is too much and I’m sorry I don’t feel badly for you because you’re being such a dick I forget you’re the victim in this mess.” KC snapped at him looking at Devin. “Get him before I strangle him. I’m sorry Dani that this is happening.” He walked to Miranda and held her seeing how upset she was.

Devin had helped drag his ass into the back and a separate room he was clearly drunk. Cassie had crawled out earlier, who in the hell knew where Skye was and none of what Jon said was wrong and he looked at Braden. “He’s drunk but not wrong and you all know it. Did you really prop your sister to ask to murder for hire bro?” He said appalled at the thought and when Braden simply didn’t answer verbally he confirmed it. He turned to Dani and shook his head. “Maybe Jon’s right you are like a cat with a mouse sometimes. You knew he was into you and went out and bagged Jackson anyway maybe you should have fucked him first got the weird shit out of the way. The moment you knew about Miles you should have spoke up.” He knew it was risky taking Jon’s side but it was such a fucked up situation and he saw Jackson enraged at Jon. “I’ll take him home. Don’t look so pissy Devonshire you can’t share all the women.” Devin finished looking at them all.

Jon heart swelled as Devin took his side. He felt horrible seeing Braden shake his head. “You all knew that I’d die for you. Fuck them Devin! Fuck you Jackson! I don’t care that you are mad! You’re mad you know how many times we had to drag your drunk ass, your high ass out the clubs or throw you in ambulances so you didn’t OD because if you did we knew we were fired. You inconsiderate prick. I don’t care I ruined your precious party you all ruined my trust in people. So I guess we’re even. I’m sick of it getting the short end of the stick. We are family right? Huh? But you’re marrying the girls brother who tortured you Dani. Max was horrible to you and so you get to play happy ending. Fuck that and fuck you.”

Jackson had enough of Jon’s ranting and ravings. “Get out you pathetic drunk. I hope Whitney and Ryan keep Miles because honestly you don’t deserve him. You aren’t fit to be a father throwing a temper tantrum like a fucking child.” Stepped up and quickly punched Jon in the stomach and before he knew it Jon was on top of him punching his face. Jackson jabbed knocking him in the nose and forcefully kicked Jon in the gut. “You will never and I mean never get Miles back! Fuck you Harrison!”

Jon stepped back and vomited on the floor due to kick in the stomach and stumbled on the floor. As he laid on the floor laughing at the entire thing. “Braden I think you are wrong about what I would do for you. I think you need to be worried all of you what I can do to all of you. I’ve seen your darkest parts and I’m not afraid to use them.”

“You sonofabitch get out of here!” Jackson roared as KC and Braden held him back. “Get this drunk mess out of my fucking party. You are pathetic Harrison! The Devonshire’s will help keep Miles away from you I vow it. You are done! Do you hear me Harrison! You’re done! You and that skanky bitch Skye! Yeah I heard she tried to fucking ruin my relationship but are lashing out at her? She gave up a kid that she didn’t know if it was mine or yours man. Be mad at her not us. Get him out of here Devin before I call the police commissioner and explain one of her cops just ruined my fucking rehearsal dinner.”

Dani was horrified at the entire thing and looked at Jon so full of hurt at him and then at Devin. She knew she should have handled it better looking back on everything with Jon but she wasn’t going to apologize for falling in love with Jackson. She saw Jackson rush Jon though and screamed. “Jackson!” She felt Ryan pull her out of the way as she watched them fight and then saw her brother and KC drag him off. She looked at Jon horrified at him and she meant every word when she said it. “I will never forgive you for this I’ll always be grateful for what you did last year. But this is Skye’s fucking mess to clean up not mine or anyone else’s and I’ll do whatever I have to to make sure Miles is happy with parents that love him and put him first now get the hell out.” Her hand was shaking in a rage she had never felt before as she stood in front of Jackson pushing him back he was not going to do this entertain Jon while drunk on their night.

Braden looked at Jon on the floor and even if he wanted to be mad at Dani he couldn’t not with how Jon was being and he watched as Jackson and Jon hit each other on the floor until he and KC lunged and pulled Jackson off. He wasn’t even sure he could be mad at Devin though he wanted to fucking hit him too for the shit he said about his sister. Instead he saw Dani shoving Jackson away from Jon so he didn’t lunge again and Devin and Brock helping Jon up. “Get him the fuck out.”

Jon stumbled off pushing Brock off of him and letting KC and Devin walk him out. “Why didn’t anyone love me enough to tell me the truth.”


Jackson looked at Dani drinking a glass of champagne as Dani iced his hand. Looking down on all of the drama going on he wasn’t here for it. Everyone was frazzled wondering if they’d even finish dinner. He wasn’t going to fault Dani or Braden for wanting Dimitri dead but why would they go to Jon? His family had ways to make people disappear if need be. The truth of the matter was he felt like that Dani had someone else to turn to instead of him and that stung but he also knew she didn’t trust him with the darkness of the world. Drugs and shady shit went hand and hand last year and Dani would always fear him slipping back. He wasn’t into drugs to be honest she was a natural high along with his kids. As he took the ice off his hand. “We might as well go out there and dance. I mean we can salvage this and have a party like remove the food and just dance. Let’s celebrate us and the kids you know. Fuck what Jon said that guy is fucked up because his son isn’t with him. Now I feel sorry for him but that’s not our baggage and we aren’t taking it on. You didn’t lead Jon on. Jon believed this fantasy of what you and he could be and then when he couldn’t have you he threw a fit. Now he tries to ruin tonight and he won’t okay.” Jackson wrapped his arms around her.

“I can see it all in your face you’re second guessing everything. Don’t trip Dani, Jon is in pain and I know he was a shitty asshole. But you and I deserve to have a happy ending. I’m am so grateful for you and you can’t let all that drama come between us. Right now it’s crazy and I know that you didn’t expect Jon to do that but we are going back out there and celebrating us. Bliss has a psycho after her, Max is working so much I barely see her, Chauncey and I are bonding but he’s not in love with Natasha, Rory is lost in life and in love because we both know he still loves Yasmine and Belle that kid don’t get me started on Belle. I am saying this is our party and nobody is changing that. Let’s go move those tables and enjoy the craziness we haven’t exactly had a normal relationship why start now?” Jackson said smiling at her. “I love you.”

Dani had been icing his hand for the last half hour most of the guests had quietly made an excuse to leave and there was only close family left the last thing she expected was a fist fight. She knew that she owed Jackson an explanation about asking Jon for Braden looking back it was stupid and dangerous but her brother was desperate and she wanted to help. She instead while she iced his hand she drank some champagne wishing it was something stronger to take the edge off. “When you saw us in the hospital that is when I asked, Braden was so angry at what Dimitri did and he just fucking lost it and I wanted to help him. It was his idea to ask Jon but he couldn’t do it as DA and I think he asked Jon because we both knew that Jon killed before. It was stupid and he was just so scared and he’s my brother, I felt sick after. I could have handled it better with him and you.” Dani said looking at him and taking a sip of her drink looking at him she was the one who caused all the tension.

“I am second guessing everything and I know I shouldn’t but Dimitri is in the hospital and I’m scared he’ll get out and go after Tamara or Bliss again. Your dad is a fucking asshole and I want to be pissed at him about Skye but then he’s sick too. Maybe I don’t know it would be just easier if it was us and the kids at the courthouse with a judge you know?” Dani said looking at him when he wrapped his around her and she felt better about it. She rubbed his hands in hers she saw Kelsey go to the sound system with her date to look over music stuff. Zach was already telling the rest to start to clear out the tables if there was anything the Fraiser’s could do well it was drink and have a good time. “We still could do it you know elope say screw this whole big entire wedding we could do it tomorrow morning. You are right we haven’t exactly had normal till the twins came. Even now you keep me on my toes. So what do you say elopement or not?” She said looking up at him and smiling wondering if they should or not.

“Are you out of your damn mind. We are getting married for those very reasons Danielle Grace Fraiser.” He lifted up her chin. “Look Dimitri has terrorized both of our families, people didn’t seem to mind that. Who would? I mean Jon was out of line exposing your personal family information and I can say the same for me. I shouldn’t have stooped to his level but he wasn’t going to keep talking about you. I love you too much to hear that shit and it’s a shame that we seem to have bad luck right now with all this drama. But I think this is a sign to push through and show them all they are wrong. Baby it wasn’t your place but let me say this I understand your loyalty to Whitney but I thought you would have Jon back also.” He spoke from the heart and knew that it might be controversial but if that kid was his he’d had a fighting chance to get him back. Jon had none and his father knowing about this was just as harmful. It was horrible he just kept this a secret and Jon as a father deserved to be a part of this.

“Look I am not eloping with you. I will see you in that custom fancy ass wedding dress, a lot of frill and everyone who loves us standing with us. Dani I don’t want that, I want you to get your dream wedding and I want that to be what you planned with Merci. Do you hear me? Your mother and my mother have put their souls into this and I want us to celebrate and give everyone a damn good night. My father has promised Tess won’t attend the wedding, and I just want us to have our day and I know that it’s hard for you to understand. But this is about my rebirth into a new man and showing everyone. Including that jerk Jon Harrison that I’m better than my best. My past isn’t all me and I want everyone to know that. I want everyone to see that at this wedding you’ve changed me and you made me into the monster I am now.” He laughed as he grabbed Dani. “Marry me in this big fluffy ass wedding you wanted I may ask. Okay mom and Lauren wanted it more but it’s kinda the same thing.”

“Whitney asked me not to say anything her and Ryan have been through a lot to have a baby and Morgan is literally a miracle. I didn’t want to be put in the middle and I don’t think Whitney meant to put me there either. I know you don’t like her or trust her family. I just didn’t know how to have her back or Jon’s at the same time.” Dani said looking up at him when he made her look at him. She didn’t tell him about their struggle to actually conceive and one of the reasons why she was so close was because she dried those tears at every miscarriage Whitney had. Maybe he was right they deserved this and so did the kids, hell their families in general maybe this was a way to forget Dimitri’s reign of terror on both sides. “I didn’t know how to balance both.” She finished hearing Willow start some music up.

“So you really want to just stand up in front of everyone so they all know I’m tied to you. Fancy dress, frills and all still?” She asked smiling when he pulled her to him and felt his hips swaying with hers to the music. When he mentioned that he was proud to marry her and show off who he was she agreed, honestly she was ready for that too to marry him in front of the whole town. To show that he had picked her and changed her entire world made her a better woman and gave her the two most beautiful children out of it. “I suppose it would be a shame to not show off my dress that Val has worked on for months. You know what I like most? How you’ve changed so much and overcame so much for me and the kids. But you’re still that monster behind closed doors that gets my heart racing.” Dani said teasing him leaning up to kiss him pulling back. Biting his lower lip as she did. “So you going to pull me out on the floor for practice at the wedding or take me home to finish what you started in the tub monster?”

Jackson looked at Dani as he took her hand leading her to the door and then walked down the stairs he stayed in that room they wouldn’t come out. “Everyone let’s stop relishing in the drama and let’s start partying because we’re getting married bitches!” Jackson grabbed Dani throwing her back and kissing her playfully. As the room cheered at them. Jackson looked around at Hunter and Bliss dancing, Chauncey and Natasha celebrating, Kelsey, Zach, Mason with Willow in the DJ booth, his mother dancing with Julian who he didn’t know but he was happy to see her smile, and everyone was celebrating. This was his happiness and this was what he wanted a wedding to remember with the woman he loved.