Town History

History and Information of Atlas Falls

Atlas Falls, PA is located in the fictional county of Briar, PA the town was founded in 1763 by English protestants. Located about two and half hours north east of Pittsburgh. Currently the population of Atlas Falls is about 620,000 as of 2012 but it is still growing. Making it is an ideal city for growth and economy. The main industries in the area consist of banking, steel manufacturing, communications, medical research, real estate investments, farming, horses, breweries, distilleries, wine making and recreational activities.

The city is divided into many districts throughout the city such as the upper crust neighborhoods of Maplepton Hills, Oquirrh Hills and Sunset Groove. You also have your middle class neighborhoods such as Brookeside, Fairmont Square and Northridge. Over the years crime has seeped into the city and other neighborhoods such as Scottswood, Crogan, Riverwalk and Hillcrest. Despite it’s very diverse background and cultures many come to Atlas Falls for the American dream. The city is home to many bars, eateries, an active nightlife, custom dress and designer shops.

The city houses many parks, a botanical garden, zoo, aquarium, a children’s museum and other great landmarks that attract people old and young. One of the top and most popular attractions is its vast outdoor lifestyle with a massive resort in Everest Ski Resort about a thirty minute drive north of the city. It is home to Everest Ski Resort and Lodge. The vast area is also home to Lake Everest where many partake in boating, sailing, fishing, swimming and other activities. Other outdoor attractions are horse ranches and hiking trails. Atlas Falls is also home to the Atlas Falls Riverhawks (baseball), the Atlas Falls Grizzlies (hockey), Atlas Falls Titans (soccer), Atlas Falls Belles (women’s soccer) and the Atlas Falls Ravens (basketball).


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