2022 Jun 19

3×13 “All The Rest” released!

3×13 “All The Rest”
Written by: Chris Coleman, Krsti Clark, Scott Andrews and Kelly Zollo
Theme Song: Leave Out All The Rest- Linkin Park
Warning: Episode may contain violence language, graphic sex and sexual situations


Merci paced back and forth, her eyes laser focused on Jon. He was the reason she broke. A piece of her knew Jon wasn’t the only problem at bay. Skye had given up and just threw in the towel. She just said she might want a new life in London or New York and here she was doing the sugar bugger again. She was infuriated and she was beyond livid at them both. Skye knew they were all they had and she just gave up that wasn’t acceptable and it wasn’t what she wanted. It wasn’t what she needed at all. Right now she needed her sister healthy and happy because she was happy. Merci wasn’t a kid and knew that wasn’t how life worked. That wasn’t how things happened. When someone was up, someone else had to be down. Yet it was jarring to see Skye who was doing so good the last few years fall from grace in such a way. Two ambulances arrived at the Devonshire mansion when they were rushing out of the estate and she saw them loading Lowell. Tonight was cursed. Hell maybe it was the mansion everytime they had an event there all hell broke loose. She silently prayed that Lowell would be okay because Jackie and he had been good to her. From orphan to party planner of the rich and influential. It was them who brought her that title and she appreciated it.

Looking at Devin she saw Jon’s head between his legs. He was suffering but he did deserve so much more. She wanted the pain to absorb him and take him away. She was sick of the wounded veteran bit he played. My brain is so fried that I can be awful to so many people. No that wasn’t how that worked and it wouldn’t be any longer. “I hate him.” She said so loudly it startled her. “He is sitting over there Devin and acting like he’s the victim. He pushed her and he kept pushing until she broke. Now she could be dead. The only person I have in my corner could be gone. No offense Devin but I have you but it isn’t the same. She grew up with me, she protected me, I protected her and we are family blood or not. We are all we have and she’s been through too much. She’s been through so much that it literally may have killed her. You may have killed her.” She said as Devin slowly pulled her toward the vending machines. “No don’t try and stop me from saying it Devin he hurt her! He has hurt so many people in validation of his opinion. He never considered that Skye couldn’t handle this. He never thought of anyone but him and his man pain. I’m so sick of him and I’m sorry that your best friend is acting like he has a soul all of the sudden but I saw what he did to her. He broke her and no matter what he says he’s at fault. He’s at fault right along with her.” She could feel Devin wrapping his arms around her as she exhaled. “I can’t lose her. I can’t lose my sister.”

Devin looked at Merci and his heart did go out to her and to Jon and hell even the Hessington’s at the moment. It seemed like hours since the ambulance had arrived at the estate to load Skye and then another to load Lowell when in reality it hadn’t been that long. He looked down at her as he held her before looking over at Jon who was just about still as ghost white as Skye had been, likely in shock and horror at what happened. He understood Merci’s anger at Jon and at the situation but Skye was also an adult who fed into what happened. It wasn’t like Jon had been the Jon everyone knew and loved in months. He didn’t blame either one of them for what happened, if anything he was sad and devastated for them both. For what happened and what would happen now from what he understood Skye had thrown years of sobriety away clearly in an attempted overdose. When she started to tell and scream he simply gently pulled her away and down the hall towards the vending machines. Everyone else was silent in the waiting room waiting to see what Skye’s status was Merci being riled up wouldn’t help that at all.

“I get wanting to protect your sister, she is your family, I get it I do. I’d rip someone’s head off if they dared to hurt Rochelle or my parents. But I also know that people are fucking human too and make huge mistakes, your sister is pretty high on that list and so is Jon in this entire mess. You’re not going to lose her but you need to just stop lashing out at Jon like that too, he knows he fucked up okay he’s owned that.” Devin said looking at her and wanting her to see reason when it came to Skye and Jon both of them had made mistakes and they needed to figure this out either together or apart. Jon hadn’t interrupted when he and Merci were at odds and it felt wrong to do that to him when he was in this position interject themselves into the ins and outs of their relationship. “Listen Jon could have handled it better when he found out about Miles no one is debating that or arguing that with you but don’t you think tonight he has had enough? I think all of them regret what happened with Skye and until we hear from one of the doctors the best thing that we can do is wait it out, I know that is not what you want to hear right now but that is all anyone has right now hope.” Devin finished seeing Jon still upset Whitney and Ryan sitting stoically by him in the chair. “Besides in some weird fucked up way you are all family right now.”

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