2022 Jul 24

3×14 “All The Rest
Written by: Chris Coleman, Kristi Clark, Scott Andrews and Kelly Zollo
Guest Starring: Maura West (Camille Devonshire)
Warning: Episode may contain language, sexual situations and violence.
Theme Song: Shadow Of The Day- Linkin Park


Merci had set up the rehab in New York and then she was going to help Skye with her apartment wherever she wanted to go. It has been tense these last few days with Jon and Skye’s official breakup. Skye told her how he poured out his heart and begged for a second no third no maybe fourth chance. It was understandable but she wasn’t heartless. The man pleaded for a shot and she chose her sanity and sobriety. That was commendable after all Skye hadn’t made the smartest choice when it came to men or relationships. Devin had been by Jon side and he had been here for her. She even brought them food at the station yesterday she saw he needed someone after that rejection. Call her softening but she was absolutely hating what was happening all of the sudden. The way Skye looked when she told her what Jon said to her. She wasn’t over it in fact she saw the love still painfully etched into her face. Adjusting the duffel bag on her shoulder she looked at Devin. “Are you positive I packed all her goodies and toiletries? I got her all the snacks for the road trip and those rehab places never have good product. My sis doesn’t have to look like she is in rehab. We’re fab bitches you know. She’s a week sober and I think she looks good what about you?” It was really sweet of Devin to take such a interest and care into us. I know we are a different combo but she really likes you for me. She tells me that all the time.”

As she got off the elevator Merci looked at Devin and smiled at him brightly. “This is going to be good for her you know? She’s finally going to get a chance to find herself and get some clarity. She was gallivanting in Europe with Esme? I hate to say it but if you think Skye is a hot mess you ain’t seen a mess until you see Esme. She’s two times the trouble and ever since Skye came back she hasn’t been the same. It’s strange but I swear when I talk to Esme she’s hiding something. Either way my sis is about to get the help she needs and that’s all we all want right?” Looking at him she stared at her diamond ring. “Devin, can I tell you something? I’ve been thinking about this long and hard but I can’t get married until she feels comfortable coming back here. Would you consider a wedding somewhere else? What about California with Rochelle?” Merci stared at her watch she had enough time to get Skye heading off and head to the church for Lowell’s services. “I don’t believe he’s really gone. Lowell really did a number on the city.”

Devin had stayed out of it for the most part the last weekend he didn’t want to pick a side and neither did Merci. He listened when Jon needed an ear to lean on and tried to support Merci with her sister too. It was commendable in his mind that Jon was trying to make it right with Skye. It just seemed maybe Skye didn’t get it or she did and just needed space on it all. Not to mention that he knew what Skey really needed was a rehab so she didn’t go off the rails and snort an entire bag of bad coke again. Jon had been so focused on that leading a new mystery it wasn’t Ronan product it was different and he actually wondered if it was Gia Falcones product regardless Skye had refused to say where she had gotten the bag. He’d spent the week helping Merci pack up Skyes’ apartment and get her things from Jon’s house it was sobering in a way for his friend he thought. Jon often looked like someone had killed his dog now and as his friend he was glad that he was leaning on him and Miranda through this entire thing with Skye. On the elevator ride up he checked a few messages and then looked over at Merci as they got off and she asked if she packed everything.

“Yes you packed everything hence why you printed the list and I checked it off while we packed everything. I think it’s a good thing that you are going to drive up with her and drop her off to get help Merci and taking a bit of time off work for you to do it, I don’t want you to worry about the rest you have some events coming up but Skye is your priority and i completely support that.” Devin said he knew that she had Zach and Mason’s wedding coming up and then the casino opening too but he wanted her to focus on her sister, that was her priority and people could understand that. When she brought up their wedding he had to take a moment to think about it Jon was going to be his best man that wasn’t even a question and while he wasn’t tied to the idea of a wedding in Atlas Falls as his family was spread out Rochelle was in California his parents were road tripping the entire US a destination wedding may just be what they needed. Away from the drama of Atlas Falls away from the craziness of it all and it was a way to hopefully respect their prospective maid of honor and best man without all the baggage. “Honestly a destination wedding may just be the ticket we all need. I know you don’t care for Jon but he’s my partner, has my back and is my best man you know? It avoiding the shitshow of their past here gets us down the aisle I am down for whatever you want to do.”

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