2022 Jan 22

Interview with Kristi Clark!

Over the years we’ve rebooted, and you’ve heard Kelly and my ideas and thought processes on the series. We however have three new writers joining the series. As our co-writers I want you guys to absolutely get to know them! First up Krist! Since joining our series Kristi has quickly become a fan favorite for her portrayal of mobstress Gia Falcone. Taking over the role of Maddie Devonshire, Harvey LeClerq, Lex Hessington, and more to come as the story progresses! Kristi is in my opinion one of the most talented writers when it comes to dialog. Crisp and always focused in character you never quite know what’s coming. Let’s catch up to one of Blissful newest Big Three, Kristi!

Hi Kristi, how are you? Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Hi! I like to think I’m pretty laid back and I def don’t take life too seriously. I love reading, mostly crime fiction, comic books, history and science but I read a little of everything. I also love the water; swimming, kayaking, jet skiing.

Where did your love of soaps start from and can you tell me how it dovetails into your writing. 

I was 12 and I was at a friend’s house. Her mom was watching either GH or AMC – my memory fails me on that part now but I think it was GH – and I just loved it from the start. I can’t articulate what it was that drew me in but I was hooked immediately. I quickly started watching all the AMC soaps and I was an AMC snob forever which makes me sad now thinking about the fun I missed out on with other shows but I couldn’t have watched them all any way. Maybe I was a weird kid but I also loved Shakespeare from a fairly young age and he might have written the OG soap operas. I hope that after watching soaps for so long I’ve developed an unconscious appreciation for the vicissitudes of life and love which drives my writing. Fortunately, my own life has been more of a straight line which I’m ok with. 🙂

How did joining Blissful come about? Who are some of your favorite characters and romances on the canvas?

Somehow Chris tempted me with Gia and next thing I knew I was fully invested. I took on a few more characters and now you’ll see me writing for a few more characters. Hope you enjoy reading!

Oh no, this is so hard! Favorite characters:

Philip – my favorite thing about Philip is that he comes off as spoiled and entitled, even whiny sometimes but he always delivers and does it so well. Philip has such heart but he’s not a pushover.

Brenda – she’s a walking disaster and I can’t get enough of her.

Selina – she’s just a badass and I love seeing her come back stronger from everything she endured in season 2.

Walter – ugh, I LOVE to hate Walter. He’s just the worst and I would revolt if Walter ever left canvas. He can’t leave.

Favorite couples, past: Chauncey & Greer, Jon & Cassie

Favorite couples, current: Simon & Ivan, Braden & Tamara

When writing Gia what drives you? You have such vigor and fire when writing to her. How do you make your characters so distinct? 

With Gia specifically, I suppose it’s just my love for a villain. I’ve always loved villains, even as a kid. I always thought it was more interesting to explore what happens in the grey areas. As far as making them distinct, I wish I could live a million lives and explore everything the world has to offer so I suppose I allow myself to really imagine a character with objective curiosity.

What do you want for your future in Blissful? Also will we be seeing any of your own created characters on canvas? 

I love being a part of Blissful. I’m a huge fan of Kelly and Chris and I’m happy to keep doing what I’m doing. So, for the future, just exploring these characters and getting to know them better. I haven’t given any thought to creating my own character, lol. Who knows what the future holds but for now, I’d say doubtful.

Anything else you want to tell Blissful fans?

I hope you enjoy the ride with us!


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