2015 Sep 23

Episode 1×04 “Pretty Bird” released!

Scarlett Nichols went over her stock options in the folder at the kitchen table one of the things she had learned from her father, they had gotten rich off them at DGI and she refused to let that slip or stop her lifestyle. Her fingers tapped against the table as she checked her watch soon enough it would be time to go and look at what she needed. For now though she was content to make sure that her money was safe and so far it was DGI was up in stock for the quarter and she had a healthy deposit in her account. Moving her long brown hair over her shoulder she picked up the bellini from the kitchen table and took a drink a celebration everything was going according to how she needed it too. She thought about calling to find out where Mason was but knew better he was out they had an arrangement. She looked at her sparkling engagement ring in the sunlight, of course she and Mason hadn’t set a date yet but they would need to before Tony started to ask questions.

Tony was becoming more and more of a problem to her plans and her future, Tony Delacroix wanted her and Mason to set a date and well she wasn’t the girl to just marry and share. Mason and she were good friends or she liked to think they were friends she had been his cover for years so that Mason could avoid the truth to his father. Honestly for her however she was bored with playing the dutiful fiance to Tony unless there was something in it for her. The other problem she was running into was Dante Gonzales, Zach Fraiser’s other lover who in her mind was overstaying his welcome or not for long. Honestly Dante couldn’t do what she could for Zach provide for her female urges that Zach desperately craved if he could Zach wouldn’t still be sneaking around her with when the mood or the time suited him. She also liked the fact Zach was a cop, Zach could get her out of trouble if the time ever came and she needed it and Zach cared about her. Not that Mason didn’t but it was a very different situation with her and Zach versus her and Mason. She went to take another sip of her bellini when her condo doorbell rang it was a little after noon and she moved from the kitchen to the door seeing a flower delivery service on the other side.

“Delivery for Ms. Nichols.” The portly man said handing her the flowers along with a wrapped box as she signed for them.

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