2015 Sep 06

Episode 1×03 “By Darkest Day” released!

Episode 1xo3 “By Darkest Day”
Written by: Chirs Coleman/Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode contains language, violence, sexual situations and content
Guest starring: Anderson Kincaid (Gabriel Macht)

Kincaid Estate
Master bedroom and hallway

“That’s it guys get every single thing of his out of here. Now that I have my bedroom back and let’s hurry I have a funeral to attend.” She watched a steady as group of butlers and staff talking all of Steven’s belongs out of the house. Brenda knew that she’d have to fight twice as hard now. The fact that Hunter nor Anderson would be taking on their legacy now. She expected this from Hunter but Anderson not coming back home, she was dying to take a crack at Walter. It had been years since they’d been alone together. Tomorrow she’d report to him informing him that no Kincaid’s would be opposing him. Once again Hunter had a chance to prove he wasn’t a complete failure. It hurt her very much that when she reached out for him he closed her down, once again he hurt her deeply. Her entire life he’d been a reminder of her screw ups.

“Jessie please you take a few of Steven’s shirts and these cufflinks you always favored them.” She said smiling at their young chef who adored Steven’s fashion. The fashion she picked out for her husband. The political campaign she helped create and the power she lusted for was gone. Over the week Ophelia had been a rock for her. It was hard when reporters attacked Steven. At one time she did love him deeply. Her mind raced with thoughts of the past when he saw her daughter rushing upstairs. “Brooke sweetie you have to get those rollers in your hair. We only have a few hours until the funeral.”

Brooke snatched her father’s cufflinks and shirts Jessie’s hand. She looked frantic as she saw her mother for the callous bitch she was. How dare she not ask her children before hand? What type of person did this? She wanted some of her father’s belongs and here she was giving it away to servants and the staff. Brooke eyes flushed with tears as she spun around watching her father’s belongs be packed up. His life being thrown in boxes for Goodwill or the Salvation Army and the rest going into these people hands. She wouldn’t let her just box up her father’s memory.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Brooke growled at her mother. “He hasn’t even been in the grave yet and you’re ridding yourself of his things. Did you ask Hunter or Anderson if they wanted anything or are you just happy he’s dead? I won’t let you just glance over his his legacy. How dare you on the day of his funeral just throw him away! I’m not putting rollers in my hair because I’m not going anywhere with you! You are sick to just box him away. Just throwing him away are you drunk?”

Brenda walked to her daughter waving off her staff members trying to get her to see she wasn’t the enemy. She saw her daughter jump as she immediately went to work in her hair. Then looked at her daughter in shock, the look of hatred from Hunter she was used to. However Brooke had been sympathetic to her. “You have no idea how much I miss your father. Not his power but him. Sometimes seeing things of someone you lost it can kill you and deeply hurt you. I’m lonely now and I don’t have anyone to argue with anymore. I don’t have the urge to be creative or even go outside.”

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