2015 Aug 16

Episode 1×02 “You’re My Little Secret”

Episode 1xo2 “You’re My Little Secret”
Written by: Chirs Coleman/Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode contains language, sexual situations
Guest starring: Cara Kincaid (Charlize Theron) and Anderson Kincaid (Gabriel Macht)

Atlas Falls Recreation Center


Kendrick looked around the gym at the local kids coming out for his annual charity basketball game his idea of giving back to a community that had been plagued with the poverty and the snubbing of the rich. Of course he didn’t tell anyone that the prize money was drug money or that Ronan had ran it clean for him, but he knew that people knew. He had watched these kids grow up on the streets and ever since Ronan’s father had taken him on when he saved Ronan’s life years ago he wanted to do the same. He smiled as the boys ran up and down the court bouncing the basketball against the varnished floors. He saw Yasmine enter the gym and waved to her as she made her way over to him.

“I’m glad you came how is your mother? I’ve been meaning to stop by but Ronan has been working me extra hard. Philip isn’t harassing you at the club is he?” Kendrick said watching her and then looking at the floor again the boys were having a ball. He felt a need to look after her always had since Gina died. “If he is hassling you I want you to tell me or Ronan.”

“Ronan don’t scare me big bro!” Yasmine said placing one hand on her hip as she smiled at Kendrick. Then she playfully grabbed his shoulder. “This is getting bigger and bigger every year. Gina would be so proud of you taking the money she hated and returning it to the community. I remember when you brought her a Gucci bag and she came home and she strutted around the house with that bag.” Yasmine eyes got big and filled with tears as she folded her arms. “Oh shit I didn’t mean any disrespect that wasn’t your fault Kendrick. Whoever killed my sister it wasn’t your fault. You hear me?”

Yasmine wiped her eyes it was Gina who thought of this. It was Gina who told Kendrick look out for the community and it looks out for you. It was also Gina who almost broke up Kendrick when their mom got hooked on the yayo that Kendrick was pushing. As a family unit they’d been through so damn much. “You know you’re my brother right? My niece or nephew was inside of Gina you my blood now.”

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