2×07 “Make Me Believe Again”

2×07 “Make Me Believe Again”
Written by: Kelly Zollo and Chris Coleman
Warning: Episode contains language, graphic sexual content and situations.
Theme Song: Do Better- Chris Brown ft. Brandy

The limo pulled up to The Fraiser Pub and Jackson looked over at Dani grinning widely. He was in a fitted blue Tom Ford suit with a pink and blue Cavalli tie. Leaning down he kissed Dani belly as he rubbed her cheek. “He little guy and little girl today you are going to meet all of mommy and daddy’s friends and family. This is your first big party and I think you should both be celebrated every damn day you are with us. So I got mommy something really special today. To match her beautiful engagement ring.” Jackson looked up with a wide box that housed a stunning pale blue and pink diamond necklace. He would indulge her because right now this was a celebration. He was declaring his claim on DGI today and it was starting here when he secured the contracts with Atticus for Ilsa De Cruces. To revolutionize that Island and turn it into an entirely clean energy paradise would show DGI new direction. Atticus would be here and Dani knew his plan. He was going to secure this right now and sort of ambush him during business. Not only that but having Natasha in play meant he could also offer 75% to 25% percent ratio. Meaning over a third of Ilsa De Cruces would be clean energy while the last one fourth would be provided by SandStar. Tonight was about celebration and he would celebrate when he presented this to Atticus and he agreed.

“I got this for you and I have this.” Holding up his watch which housed the same pink and blue diamonds. “Today we begin baby girl and I know one thing you look ravishing. When you drop those babies honey I promise the things I’m going to do to you. The sexual pleasure and torture you’re going to endure.” He slipped his hand in her dress seeing she was wet. The sex between them was still fucking wonderful pregnant or not but Jackson wasn’t going to do any kinky things until after the babies were born. He’d tease her biting her nipples and slightly choking her but he wouldn’t do anything dramatic because he knew the wait would be worth it. The toys and pleasure he was going to give her after the doctor gave the okay. Slowly kissing her neck. “We better stop because we are here. I could go around the block a few times though if you don’t mind.” He teased sensually as he kissed her lips softly. Pulling his hands out of her wetness he licked his fingers clean. “You taste delicious.”

Dani had let Val design her dress for the shower and she could truly say that she had outdone herself she always thought it was silly to overpay for clothing. The pink chiffon was perfect with the blue silk woven into the knee length dress and was perfect for the end of summer. She was also looking forward to tonight doting on the twins and celebrating them coming hopefully sooner rather than later. She knew that a lot was riding on tonight Jackson was going to present their plans to Atticus for the clean energy first real test Isla Del Cruces was the first and best place to try it and then they could bring it to the states starting with the Scottswood district in Atlas Falls. They had people working around the clock on the new solar panels that were being kept under lock and key at DGI. SandStar had provided the sand for the silicone, DGI was providing the charging the coils in Atlas Falls. They still had to pick a location for the plant to build the panels but had agreed that could wait till after the twins came and she could travel more. She looked at the necklace it was so beautiful and gorgeous and it matched his watch perfectly.

“It’s gorgeous thank you. I’m so excited for tonight everything is perfect so far.” She said looking at him as she took the box from him and leaned back in the seat when he leaned in and spoke of other things to her. She wouldn’t lie the sex was off the charts still but she missed all the other things they used to do and she knew he did too. They’d agreed when he came back certain things weren’t practical with her body and the pregnancy so they could wait. She felt his hand going along her thighs and couldn’t help the gasp that came out when his fingers slithered into her and her hand went to his pants to stroke him in return. “We have to go inside people are waiting. The things I want you to do to me at the moment.” She managed to get out when he pulled their lips apart and watched him licking her off his hand, even though she desperately wanted him to finish what he had started.

Jackson playfully squeezed Dani’s ass as he leaned in letting his tongue explore her mouth. “Alright I’ll play nicely but that doesn’t mean that I’m having any of that talking back. When daddy wants it daddy gets it and you’ll understand that tonight after this shower. Now let’s get inside, the driver let us out please.” Jackson watched her adjust herself as he did the same. When the door opened and he saw the blue and pink carpet he truly smiled. Merci had once again outdone herself and The Pub looked absolutely beautiful. Lauren’s redecorations after the rioters damaged the place had updated it. However tonight it was only for Atlas Falls main families and friends. Tonight they were here to celebrate the twins and the future of the Devonshire’s. Standing to the side he saw a photographer begin to take pictures. Taking Dani’s hand he helped her out. Holding onto her he walked a patient walk with his fiancee. She was slower these days but she was carrying two so it was to be expected.

The driver opened the door for them and he heard a thunderous cheer and he couldn’t help but laugh seeing all the love around the room. He saw family and people he grew up with surrounding him. On the other half were people he didn’t know so well but he felt their happiness and love. It was a good feeling and looking over at his parents so happy and full. That meant something to him because seeing his father looking healthy. He was dying and he was in a room full of people acting as if nothing was the matter. That choked him up and he saw how long he had to live with that act. Pulling himself together quickly Jackson wiped an escaped tear away and walked up to the table for them with the throne seats. As he sat down he saw Yasmine and Khalil approaching them with a gift first. Merci had made it like they were the King and Queen of the night. It was theatrics such as people spitting fire outside and live magic. He smiled at Yasmine but honestly gritted his teeth at Khalil for no other reason than that girl belonged with his brother. He saw them together and he’d never seen Rory like that.

Yasmine came up to Jackson and Dani clapping for them. As she walked over to Dani she kissed her cheek and did the same with Jackson. Stepping back Khalil passed her two golden gift bags. She looked over at Khalil and he was grinning ear to ear too. “I’m so happy for you two. Like seriously Jackson you look good and Dani honey you glowing baby.” She said with a bright smile. “We got you guys these exclusive Jordan’s your baby gotta have dope kicks and I think every kid deserves a pair of fly ass shoes. I have some good other stuff to go with the shoes and some fly baby shades. They going to be the most fly little babies around. Right along with their parents, we got the same Jordan’s for mom and dad. But Jackson Khalil heard you are a huge Michael Jordan fan. Well, Michael came to see my baby play today and he got the shoebox signed along with a few other swaggy items.” Yasmine was so proud of Khalil and even that punk Xavier. He was wild but he came through and MJ was in the building. Also when y’all come to the studio for the babies first dance lessons y’all going to be looking fly too.” She clapped her hands and looked at Dani and Jackson.

“Oh, you two will be getting an invitation in the mail for my party that’s going to be in the Montgomery mansion. It’s for my scholarship.” She knew that Dani and Jackson were in for a shock and she wanted to prepare them but tonight wasn’t for that. “Anyway, we are very happy for you yay! Turn up girl you about to be a mommy!” Yasmine said as the DJ played a new Drake song and she started to dance. Grabbing Dani’s hands she made her get up and dance with her. Until she heard people clapping and Yasmine was guiding her how to do the dance with her. Looking back she saw Rory, Jamal, Brooke, Val, and Atticus all smiling but she felt Rory eyes on her. She knew he was watching and it felt him. Why was it so hard to be around his ass? Looking back Yasmine saw a redhead with blazing red lips walk up to them in the crowd. When she saw the redhead kiss Rory on the lips she felt like someone punched her in the gut.

Jackson looked at Khalil and extended his hand. “Thank-you I love Michael! LeBron who? Love LeBron but at the end of the day, Michael Jordan changed the game. I respect this.” As they shook hands he saw Aspen Sinclair sprawled out over Rory. He watched Yasmine and Dani dancing and that threw Yasmine. She stopped dancing for a second. That amused him he remembered these games of being young. She threw away Rory but didn’t want anyone to have him from the look of her face. “You know I went to your college I hear you and this Xavier kid are going to kill it this year.”

Khalil looked at Jackson and shook his hand he was going to be polite to him it mattered a lot to Yasmine that they go to this shower. He guessed that had to do with the kidnapping and how tied she and Dani were because of that experience. As long as he didn’t have to deal a ton with Rory while they were there he could be cool about it. “Yeah man, it’s cool,” Khalil said as he nodded his head at Jackson and nearly rolled his eyes at Rory staring at Yasmine. “Listen to thanks for the invite I’m going to go grab Yas.” He said sitting down his cup and then walking to where Yasmine and Dani were and placing a kiss on Yasmine’s mouth as he pulled her off the dance floor and to one of the games Merci had sat up.

Dani wasn’t sure if she was blushing or not when they came in hopefully that was covered by being winded from walking so much. The pub was gorgeous Merci and her mother had outdone themselves. The twins where kicking up a storm when they had finally sat down that or Braxton Hicks she had smiled at Khalil and Yasmine when they had brought up the gift and then joined her friend on the dance floor for a little bit glad for the reprieve when Khalil drug her away as she took a breath and then took Jackson’s hand placing it on her stomach. “They like the music help us all.” She teased lightly as she saw Bliss and Hunter approach them. She wrapped her arms around Bliss. “I’m so glad you came he hasn’t tried anything else has he?”

Bliss shook her head and leaned in telling Dani not to talk about Dimitri. Hunter was already on edge enough he was ready to kill him. She really didn’t need him to flip out and honestly she wasn’t ready her damn self to face what happened. He cornered her and she let him just abuse her all over again. Why couldn’t she fucking fight back? Why couldn’t she just shoot him and get her son away from that monster of a man? Everyone but Selina knew that Dimitri was scum and she walked to her brother and kissed his cheek. He looked so well and honestly that’s all they all wanted for Jackson. Even Chauncey who had that jealous look but he was honestly proud of Jackson. In her opinion, that’s where their feud stemmed from mutual admiration of each other. Jackson loved that Chauncey was so on top of his legacy while Chauncey resented Jackson lack of responsibility. Now roles were reversing and she wasn’t sure Chauncey liked it but Jackson was starting to emerge the front-runner. Well, other than Hunter and her she was going to work on a plan to get her name thrown in the ring soon.

“I’m so happy for you both yay!” She bit her lip as she saw Jackson looking at her. “I am happy. Look you two this isn’t the time to deal with Dimitri. We are here to celebrate my beautiful niece and nephew. I am determined to have a kid soon so our babies can grow up together.” She teased seeing Hunter’s eyes light up. “He’s baby crazy ever since he met Fox. I think it’s amazing to see him just as in love with my son as I am. He’s ours already with no adoption or anything. We are already a family you know.” She turned to take a picture with the couple. As she took Hunter hand. “We got you two something. This is family passes where if you two need a day or some time alone. We all step in everyone in the family has a page where they have to do something when you call on us. They all agreed even Chauncey which shocked me but we are happy to give you these family coupons.”

Jackson smiled at his little sister she had really stepped up and had made a place in the family. Over the summer somehow Max and Bliss became much more close. It was possible that the shooting had changed Max perception on Bliss which made him happy. Max seemed to be at peace no longer being the only girl and Bliss was taking an active role becoming the voice of reason in chaotic situations in the family. He appreciated how much they had worked at their relationship and it made him want to do the same with Chauncey. “Hunt man it’s cool we’ll get Fox away from Dimitri and into your home. That’s a promise brother.” Even though it was still a little strange he went from sister to sister, Bliss fit Hunter much more than Max. Max had a devious streak while Bliss was far more docile and sweet. “I think he’s coming home sooner than we all think. Dad isn’t going to die letting Dimitri have Fox in his custody.”

Hunter looked at them both and nodded his head at Jackson he didn’t think that Lowell would let Dimitri leave the country with Fox again without a fight. He had also decided that tonight he didn’t want to talk about what happened with Dimitri it was a happy time and yes he did want a child after being around Fox. “We’re really happy for you both and glad we could come. I know Lowell wouldn’t let that happen we’re just trying to play it smart at the moment.” Hunter said seeing Max and Sebastian approach them and he toasted to Max. “Max, Sebastian.”

Max had led Sebastian through the crowd when she had seen her brother and Dani arrive the entire family was so excited for them to come and she and Sebastian had their gift with all the other ones. She told him he didn’t have to get the twins a gift too but he had instead and she hugged Jackson then Dani and grabbed Bliss’s hand to squeeze it. “The whole place looks, great guys, I told you Merci is the best at party planning. Sebastian and I got them something with the other gifts. Bliss and I looked up the coupon idea together it was so fun doing funding that. I’m so excited everything going ok with them?”

Dani hugged Max and then nodded her head at Sebastian who was fitting in really well with the family. She was glad that it was nice to see Max smile after everything with Hunter and Philip. When she asked about the twins she nodded her head. “Ophelia thinks so she’s just doing precautionary stuff now. Honestly, I have no idea how people with one do this, I think I’m running out of room. But they’re both good thanks. I told my mom about the wine she said that you guys should set up a meeting for later.” She finished wanting to include Sebastian more and hoping he felt welcome.

Sebastian watched them all interact it was a beautiful family event. He smiled as he leaned in wrapping his arms around Max. Then quickly clapping his hands together excited about the opportunity to expand into Atlas Falls. He’d done his research one of America’s fastest financial growing cities. It was transforming and to get his wine and a vineyard out here would be utterly amazing. As he saw the other laughing with him he looked at Max. “This is wonderful news since after my business trip I plan on staying in America. I want to branch my vineyards out and this establishment looks like the place to do it. Along with Jamal’s Vertigo.” Nodding his head at Dani she was a lady and had so much class you couldn’t help but respect her. “I was also thinking we should all have dinner just the kids. No older folks just us letting our hair down after the bambinos are born.”

Jackson nodded and really enjoyed Sebastian energy he was always so happy and fun. “Man I’m down I think a night out would be perfect just all of us. That sounds like a plan something at Max’s nice new place.” He teased looking at his sister because he’d yet to be to this new home she bought upon her return. The love nest as Bliss called it and Rory was saying he’d never seen their sister so what’s the word? At peace? It was true his other half had found another half to complete her or something like that right now. She was satisfied and he felt it. “So it’s settled our first night out without the twins will be a party with our siblings. Let’s just hope Chauncey doesn’t bring Natasha.” Jackson snickered as he looked at Max and her death glare to be nice and play nice.

Bliss just shook her head as he watched them start to approach them. Chauncey was really something else. Nobody put him in a corner apparently. You find out he’s scheming to take over the company and then he tries to upstage everything legitimate happiness by staging an impromptu relationship with this socially awkward woman. Bliss chopped her on merit, not principal she wasn’t worth the shade honestly but deserved what would be coming her way. She was a business partner desperate not to lose control and Natasha it showed badly. “I think she’s a stunning woman but God does she have to be so slimy with him? Bad enough he was with Greer now another one? Why does he attract that type?”

“Logan wasn’t that type at all but shut-up because they’re here,” Jackson said smiling at his brother and his fiance. “Hey Chauncey, and my Natasha you look stunning tonight.”

Natasha moved her hand through her hair and smiled at Jackson and Dani. Even though they ushered this deal in under false circumstances, they were happy and honestly that’s all she wanted. She wanted the house and picket fence and eventually, she’d have it with Chauncey. If Greer left him alone then the love would build and grow that’s all they needed was time. Soon he’d see she was the perfect Queen to be with his King. “Your gift is on the table and we also participated in the coupons. Anyway, we are happy for you both.”

Chauncey had decided to be on his best behavior when it came to the party tonight mainly for Maddie he had gone with her to pick out a gift for the twins and agreed for her he would try. He couldn’t help it that Natasha would be coming tonight they were going to get married as soon as his brother did if anything but to secure his place at DGI and her place with SandStar. He was still on the outs from the rest of his siblings if tonight went well he could maybe get back on everyone’s good side. He wanted to get back into at least his parents’ good graces and this was a step to do that, he wanted to be back at DGI since he had politely been removed since his father’s illness as punishment for his almost take over. He nodded his head at Jackson in greeting and knew that Natasha was also trying her best for them and their image.

“The party looks really nice. I hope you both enjoy the gifts we picked out.” Chauncey said not wanting to step on anyone’s toes and seeing his parents looking at him. The pub did look very nice for the evening and this was a celebration for his future niece and nephew and for that he knew that he had to be at least a gentlemen tonight to both Dani and his brother. “I wanted to say thanks for talking to Maddie the other day we had a very lively conversation when she came home.” That was the truth it was the first time that Maddie and he had actually talked about Logan and his daughter opened up to him about certain things even if Natasha was not a happy subject for Maddie to discuss with him. “I would think that perhaps we should all make our way to the actual festivities wouldn’t you both agree?”

They were all standing together for a brief photo, as Jackson quickly pecked Dani on the cheek and they caught them smiling as he looked at Chauncey. “Your daughter is turning out to be more like Logan than any of us thought, and I think that’s the type of heart we need.” He stated as he took a deep breath. “Maddie wants us to be like the Fraiser’s and Harrison’s. We were out on the water at Lake Everest. She wants the Devonshire’s to have stuff like that. She wants a full family with dad she’s really shaken I can tell honestly. Not to mention you know who.”

Bliss looked over at Sebastian. “So you are staying longer that’s wonderful. I hope we can get a Devonshire blend of the wine maybe named Max.” She teased as she looked at Max and wrapped her arms around Hunter. They all began to walk deeper passing Brenda, Brooke, and Atticus, Val, and Jamal. She stopped Dani at the create your own cupcake hosted by TJ’s. She stopped and smiled. “I demanded Merci get you cotton candy icing because I remember how you devoured that cotton candy at the beginning of pregnancy sweetie. They are delicious.”

Brenda walked up to Bliss and Dani before Brooke to sort of curve her animosity. At the end of the day, she was here for a show. She had been invited no doubt a formality because she was the ex-first lady of Atlas Falls. Now she had no intention of showing up until Brooke dragged her out saying she might meet a man. That was funny she wasn’t looking for a man she was looking for the man. The one man who changed her life. Where was Walter? As she approached Dani her eyes saw a subtle resentment. “I wasn’t going to attend I thought how else can I extend an olive branch to your family. Than literally blessing a new generation with something. These are gold plated rattles I got them for them with Baby Devonshire inscribed inside. You can place their name inside of them when they are born.”

Jackson looked over at Atticus and walked to the man shaking his hand. “It’s good to have you, prince. I hope you are enjoying the party.” Jackson took a swig of his beer. “I would like to talk to you a little later one on one. I have some ideas that could revolutionize Ilsa De Cruces. Along with that make you Prince Harry to Dimitri’s Prince William. I am a second born brother man I know all about the hate.” He eyed Chauncey and wondered if he was listening to him. Turning his attention to Dani he walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her. Eating her cupcake as people hooted and howled.

“That’s how Y’all got them twins,” Jamal said smirking as he dapped up with Rory and saw Aspen on his arm. Jamal nodded at Jackson and picked up his beer. She looked like candy it was crazy Aspen was hot and it wasn’t like regular hot it was like damn girl what’s up hot. He pulled Val close and smirked he was happy where he was at though. It was funny how Yasmine kept looking over here now that Aspen was all over Rory. “So what you get your nephew and niece man? Don’t say a download to that app.”

Rory had looked at his brother and Dani as he walked in the door with Aspen as his date, and tried to ignore that Yasmine was there with Khalil the best he could. He understood why she was there given she was friends with Dani but he despised Khalil and had waited till they were both far away from Jackson and Dani till he and Aspen made their way over. He couldn’t help the smirk that came out to his brother at Jamal’s statement as well as he nodded his head holding up his beer and tapping it against Jackson’s. “Nope, not a version of the app nursery monitors at least five that way whatever you guys are doing at that big ass house you’re building you can still keep an eye on them too. Like Jamal said we know how those two were conceived.” Rory said and he couldn’t help the smirk that Jamal gave him in agreement. It was fun to tease Jackson and see him bristle just a little on the other hand he knew his brother and Dani were freaks that way.

“Very nice to meet you as well Brooke was so excited to get an invite to this occasion she tells me that you and Hunter have been friends for years so I appreciate that extension,” Atticus said shaking Jackson’s hand and then mulling over his words about the island. He did know all about being second but that’s neither here nor there the country was in chaos no doubt due to the rebels and possibly his brother. “I would like to sit down and discuss your offer when you have the time of course.” He pulled Brooke to him as he decorated his own cupcake and looked over at Brenda she had a lot of nerve in his mind and he could tell the very polite Dani was bottling in an urge to unleash on her. He almost went to move her away only to stop when Walter Fraiser joined them.

“You look lovely glowing thank you for changing your mind and inviting me. Brenda was just going to show Brooke another game wasn’t she?” Walter said throwing Brenda a cautious look before he leaned in and kissed his daughter’s cheek. The last-minute invite had been appreciated and he held out his hand to Jackson and watched his daughter burn a hole into Brenda and looked around the pub motioning Lauren over to join them. His daughter looked stunning and yes he was excited about the twins but knew one nice appearance from him meant nothing if he pushed Brenda too hard on her right now.

Dani gritted her teeth at Brenda and knew the only reason she was even there was that she was Hunter’s mother, frankly, she didn’t want her there. Her mother didn’t deserve to have her there and she placed the frosting on the cupcake drowning out Jamal and Rory while she, Max and Bliss looked at the decorations. She had seen Brenda almost move to speak again and was grateful when her father approached them instead and she saw him offer a peace offering to Jackson. “We’re both really glad you came aren’t we?”

Jackson nodded as he watched his parents approaching them from across the room he felt his stomach tighten. Would his father be on his best behavior or would this be another fight? Walter and Lowell weren’t known to mince words. He heard they called a truce earlier in the night but he’d see how this went. “Of course we are Walter, you are Dani’s father and belong here.” He patted Walter back and saw him looking at his hand like he had the plague. “Alright, we aren’t at touching yet.” He smiled at Dani and saw Walter begrudgingly cracking a smile.

Lowell looked at his children all surrounding the cupcake bar and he smirked. They all had a childlike look and it was almost like when it was one of their birthdays years ago. He pulled the emotions back and cleared his throat clapping his hands. “Congrats my boy and beautiful Dani you two make the Devonshire look wonderful. The relationship and the optics at such a trying time. I appreciate you two doing what we need.” He touched Jackson’s shoulder and then uncharacteristically he couldn’t help it he pulled his son into a hug. Then let go swiftly wiping his eyes and touching Dani’s shoulder and kissing her cheek. “Walter we are connected eternally I assure you that you aren’t forgotten, old man. I promise that.” He said looking at Jackie shocked expression.

Bliss grabbed Max hand as she watched daddy and Jackson hugging briefly it was a moment she was happy for. It made her feel all warm inside as she looked over at Hunter and winked at him. “Max, I hope that you plan on locking down that Spanish handsome man because I think he’s absolutely charming.” Bliss was at the karaoke machine with Quinn, Dylan, and Maddie. “He’s adorable with kids and I think he has it bad for you my dear. But that was so special wasn’t it?”

“Couture coming through move!” Talia said demanding the attention of all the Devonshire’s. “I got this outfit custom from France and a designer who works for McQueen now pre and post-suicide. So this is amazing like seriously I feel like fashion is what these babies are missing! So I made Simon and myself pooled our funds together and get them custom pieces baby couture is so cute and I got a Victorian baby stroller because I know Whitney sent that big box over there. Yeah, I’m petty but we’ve been friends since college and Miranda and I fit so much better than Whitney. Anyway, Simon is bummed out and won’t tell me why maybe you can pry it out of him. You are so much better at that than me. Am I taking over the conversation again because honestly, I don’t know when I do that? I don’t because I’m so sad about my boo Zerick is a real jerk. I brought up Zerick oh shit.” Talia said covering her mouth handing Max the bag.

Jon looked at Talia as he held Cassie’s hand. “That was a lot of talking God.” He said almost out of breath himself. “I just came to tell you that the Fraiser’s are ready to play some of those games. Dani and your goddaughter is more than ready for you to open up some of these gifts although I see you’re busy with cupcakes so I’ll tell her to come over here to interrogate you. See after last weekend I’ve taken to calling her investigator Quinn.”

“And I’d say that’s exactly the name the child should have. She was smarter than all of us.” Lauren said walking up as she looked Jackson and Dani. Leaning in kissing her daughter and hugging Jackson. Walking up kissing Jackie and Lowell cheeks she turned to everyone. “Games, we have to play games because I think that’s the first part of this baby shower and Merci is running a tight ship.”

Dani looked at her father and then at Jackson at least they hadn’t killed each other yet, she hugged her mother and then looked over at Lowell and Jackie. She knew things were tense between Jackson and Lowell at the moment especially given the Zerick rumor but she was glad a cease-fire had been called for the evening. She hugged Talia when she asked about Whitney, who was unfortunately laid up at home with a really bad stomach bug along with Ryan and Miles so they had sent a gift instead. She smiled at Jon and Cassie and had to laugh at the Quinn comment and nodded at her mother. “Whit and the whole lot of them got that nasty stomach bug that is going around. I know you were looking to bug her about fashion week. If I find or see Simon I’ll grill it out of him.” Dani said teasing Talia.

“Thanks for letting me feel included Jon over here is trying to twist my arm into happy ever after. I’m just not as willing yet.” Cassie said looking at Dani and casting a teasing glance at Jon who was ever the romantic. She had got the new couple baby blankets she didn’t know what else to get them it wasn’t like they didn’t have money up to their eyeballs. She and Jon had picked them out and even included the name of the shop so they could get the name embroidered on them afterward. “Are you guys really going to not tell anyone their names till after? Readers want to know just saying.”

“I hope not but my son as I have learned since he came home is sticking to his guns on this. Even though his father and I are incredibly proud of what he has achieved and the lovely woman he chose to share all this with.” Jackie said looking at them both it was a grandparent right to know the names and she and Lauren had been trying to pry it out of them for weeks to no avail. How was she supposed to tell the family overseas what to inscribe the gifts unless they knew the names? Plus it took her mind off of Zerick and the alarming stories he was telling the news and she smiled at Lauren nodding her head. “Give us a hint.”

“My girl is following a tradition which is surprising,” Walter said seeing Lowell and Jackie looking at him and he had to admire that Dani had convinced Jackson to agree to the long-standing Fraiser and Cummings tradition that only the parents knew the names in order to surprise the rest of the family after. It was something that both he and Lauren’s family had done for generations and his daughter keeping some of her roots for Jackson Devonshire made him beam with pride at her he was still adjusting to his reality. That she was, in fact, going to marry him meaning he and Lowell had to start to get along. “You both remember when Lauren was pregnant with Braden no one knew the name till after, same with Dani and Vicky.” He finished saying her deceased daughter’s name out loud a hush fell over the small group, he spotted his sister and brother in law arriving and looked at Lauren. “Helen and Brandon are here, excuse me.” He finished hugging his daughter before walking away to greet them.

Lauren saw his soul for a flash of a second. When he brought up Victoria and called her Vicky she almost started to cry. He didn’t bring her up and for the longest, it was a silence on her loss and what it did to their family. Slowly running her hands through her hair she walked up to Dani and grabbing her hands. Seeing Braden standing back silent about Victoria and Dani face showed she was in pain about it. “I feel like she’s right here with us and I think that’s all we’ll always have an angel with us.” Wrapping her arm into a bow with Jackson and holding her daughters with the other.

Lowell watched Walter scamper off as a hush waved over them all. Hearing about Victoria made him gulp. She’d be about Rory’s age now and it was a horrible time in the town. Watching Walter and Lauren go through that from afar and want to reach out. Wanting to say something but with so many hateful words between them all, what could you say? He wasn’t sure they ever quite recovered seeing the silence the name Victoria brought over the room was like a scythe hanging over the Fraiser’s. Hell who was he to judge because everyone was tipping around Zerick’s name because of his caddish behavior. In the past, he had many mistresses and was a noted womanizer. Drugs and sex was his indulgence and he had them at abundance but rape was nothing he participated in. He never took what was given to him. Hell Kathleen had a crush on him but he never let that line be crossed. How did she get it in her head that he raped her was beyond him? Lowell just wanted to celebrate the twins birth. “This is a great night I think we can get a hint. I am thinking for the boy Laurence or Lana for the girl William is a strong boy name or maybe Winnifred.” He said knowing the hip and trendy youth would never go for those names. “Maybe if my eldest daughter will give me a grandchild I’d be happy.” Lowell teased seeing Max staring at Sebastian. He seemed to ground her which made him happy.

“The only hint is that were paying respect to our families.” He leaned in and kissed both Lauren and Dani. “Alright mom let’s go play some games and Rory get you and that cute ass redhead and let’s all go have some fun. I think we are about to guess our baby names. That’s the first game station and in The Pub’s funhouse of baby games.” Jackson said winking at Dani. “I love you.” He said whispering kissing her lips as he walked to the first station.


Dani sat in the chair surrounded by most of the party and before them was a giant spinning wheel and she couldn’t help the laugh that came out when she saw Jackson spin it and it landed on a ridiculous category for the twin names. Famous people in history so far the night had been amazing fun and if she had any reservations about the wedding they had subsided she knew Merci would do a good job to make it amazing. The game was so far a hoot to watch people guess the crazy names and she took a sip of her drink and took a bite of her cupcake. June Harrison had outdone herself that or she just appreciated sweet and delectable things more now. She heard Jackson say something completely ridiculous for the names and then moved to get up out of her seat smiling at him as he came forward to help her out of the seat and she smiled at him. As she stepped up to the wheel and spun it and made a sour face at the category, named after rock bands of the eighties. She smiled at Merci this was some of the most fun she had in ages not only that the names were completely ridiculous that had been said so far.

“Joan Jett and Axl Rose for the win of course.” She said managing to try and keep a straight face at Jackson before they burst into laughter and so did most of the family and friends that were there too. Everything was so beautiful and she could feel the tears stinging her eyes before wiping them stupid hormones in all the drama that had been unleashed since they had been at the DGI party it felt like this was for once a calmer time for at least the Devonshire’s something positive for them to think about and celebrate other than Zerick’s wild and outrageous accusations. “I say we invite the grandparents up next.” She said playfully as she saw her mom, Jackie, Walter, and Lowell start to make their way up only for the door to the pub to open and to see Greer walk-in leaning into Jackson. “Who in the hell invited her?”

Jackson watched Greer entering with Devin and two uniformed officers. His face scrunched up as he watched her walking in with a confetti balloon popping it as she approached them. “I don’t know I wanted to get to hip-hop baby names before we got to our first fight of the night. God, she is looking especially smug. What is she up too?” He questioned looking at over at Merci’s face who was shocked. Not a good sign. “What do you want Greer? We invited friends and family no trolls.” He said standing up.

Greer looked over at Devin and the cops and she smiled looking at them. Moving her luscious blonde hair she smirked placing her hand on her hip. Unfastening her fur coat she revealed a white dress that was painted on. “Well, I wasn’t invited to the social event of the year. So I came for one reason and that’s revenge and to show Dani you made a major mistake.” She held the needle in her hand she popped another balloon. The confetti fell as glitter exploded all over her. “Well Dani since you are so connected to the law, Braden can you tell me what it’s called when someone physically places their hands on someone unprovoked? I didn’t touch you sweetie but trust me if you weren’t knocked up I would have torn you to pieces. Devin do your job because I think that this is going to be delicious to watch.” Walking to a waiter she grabbed a champagne glass. “Dani question how does giving birth to those Devonshire spawns in jail sound? That’s where you are going because you assaulted me my dear and I have no problem sending you to jail. Now Devin do your job and get rid of the princess.”

She saw people whispering and looking shocked at what she was about to do. “Let this be a warning to you all. I am beyond petty and I have no problem using the law to my advantage. I have no problem using you all because you all thought it was so cute when she hit me. You all cheered her on and now who is laughing?” Walking up to Dani and Jackson at their throne. “The Queen is being beheaded because honestly, you thought that I was going to just forgive it. No dear nobody is off limits to what I have planned to understand that. So, Jackson, you are going to do something you thought you’d never do. Go bail that bitch out.” Greer turned around and clapped her hands. As she popped another balloon.

Jackson almost jumped up and strangled this annoying vain bitch. Instantly he felt Hunter and Rory arms around him. “You have to be kidding me. You leaked her medical records Greer and you are going to have her arrested? No, you are kidding right, Devin? It’s my fiance’s baby shower and she has been waiting for this for months? Are you serious Devin?”

Devin had been a little threw when the warrant had come into the station he had been on his way to the party and saw Braden step forward and he handed him the paperwork. These people were his friends and his family and he felt Jon shooting daggers at him not to mention the entire Fraiser family. Merci was glaring at him too and he honestly felt like crap doing this. Dani looked like she was going to explode and he watched as Miranda stepped forward and put her hand on her shoulder to tell her to remain calm. This would all be resolved at the station Braden would make a call and drop the charges but this bitch Greer was insane if she thought that he was going to throw a pregnant woman in a jail cell. “I’m really sorry.” He said walking to them and looking at Dani. “I don’t want to handcuff you come with me to the station.”

Dani looked at Greer and felt her hand shaking as she glared at her and then looked at her brother and knew it was serious when she saw him pull out his phone and make a call. She knew why she was doing this to humiliate her and embarrass her and if that was what she was aiming for everyone knew what a piece of trash she was now. She felt Miranda place her hand on her shoulder and felt Jackson grip her hand to stop it from shaking as she watched her pop the balloons and do her little show. When Devin approached her and told her she had to go with him she glared at Greer as she got up from the seat. “This is not over you bitch.” She said and she saw Greer looking at Devin to cuff her. “He’s not going too I’m going willingly.”

Brock watched Greer come into the pub with Devin and the officers and looked at her horrified as she went to his cousin and was going to have her arrested. That was low period and if she still thought that they would be going on any sort of a date after this she was sorely mistaken. He shook his head at her as he walked up to Devin looking at his cousin’s horrified face and he only hoped that Devin wasn’t going to throw cuffs on her due to Greer’s tantrum there was no need for it. Dani was going to go willingly and Braden would get her out in an hour maybe two tops and he saw his aunt glaring daggers at Greer she knew what was good for her she would be out the door as soon as this entire ordeal was over with. He saw Jackson helping her up and walked to Greer glaring at her and he meant every word when it came out of his mouth.

“You’re a cold-hearted bitch I thought after our talk the other day that you’d I don’t know, show human decency. I won’t be making our arrangement on Friday so don’t bother showing up.” He said fuming at her as he watched his cousin walking with Devin to the door and saw the shock on Greer’s face at his statement. Dani was a lot of things but had Greer been pregnant she never would have laid a hand on her and she certainly wouldn’t have had her humiliated and arrested while she was. He heard all the whispers in the crowd and he hoped Greer knew she had no friends now in that room and it was better if she just left now. “You can go now you aren’t welcome here. Was it worth it that rush you feel for what petty revenge?”

Greer stood silently watching Dani get carted off and she waved her off. It was a show of LeClerq dominance and the power she had done this. It was petty, it was revenge and it was a show of how far she’d take this little war. If Dani wanted to play they could play but she’d lose every single time. When he called her a bitch she was a little taken back her sweetheart prince all of a sudden turned into an ugly frog. “I knew it. I knew you couldn’t handle me this was a test. A test for you Brock Fraiser to see if you could care about me at my lowest. Why give you this newly reformed Greer LeClerq or Westwood or whatever the last name I’m going by this week that benefits me. It’s all about benefiting Greer! That’s all you ever thought of me admit it. I did this not because of her it was because of you. You can’t handle me and I knew it. Sometimes I lash out because that’s me and other times I’ll give you the clothes off my back. How can I know a man is truly there for me if they don’t accept the ugly. Isn’t it funny though I see the dark in your eyes and I embrace it? It’s succulent to me and I want to devour it. You see the darkness in me and hate it because a woman is supposed to be timid and faint like Dani. Even if I am pregnant I’m never losing my power, not to my baby or a man.” She barked back as she walked right around Brock and saw everyone looking at her coldly.

“Cheers to me I’m the villain,” Greer said sipping a glass of champagne. “I’m the bad girl that you all just love to hate, aren’t I? I’m that girl you just can’t figure out. Why is she so damn mean and nasty. I’m like that because my father told me a story of all these men who let him fall for a crime he didn’t even commit. He just wanted what he put into this raggedy ass company. You all think I’m here just to be pretty and glamorous? I hate you Lowell and I hate all of you who think he’s some God or martyr he’s a monster. Who sent my father away for years while my mother rotted in the ground because of all the things you did. You are evil and I hope you die a painful death.”  Looking at Walter she cut her eyes at him. He knew the truth they let Pierre fall on the sword together. “You all look at me like I’m the monster for getting her thrown in jail. You all say why am I so sad and miserable? Why am I doing this? Ha! I’m doing this for revenge! He is evil and he raped Zerick mother! He threw my father in jail but Walter and Forbes said nothing while it happened. More than likely scared they’d be next! Oh God, I’m happy to watch Dani wither in cell and I said because it hurts doesn’t it Lowell to feel powerless and know you are to blame.” She turned to Brock. “And you the frog go to hell you pacified overfed farmers boy.”

Brock took one look in the crowd at his aunt who was bee-lining it through the crowd no doubt to give Greer the beatdown she so desperately wanted hell he’d even say deserved at this point for ruining the shower. He almost wanted to see it happen and instead realized he didn’t have it in him for a fist fight or worse between them and hauled her up on his shoulder seeing the stares in the room as he walked towards the doors more for her sake than his own.

“Put me down right now!” Greer screamed loudly.

He didn’t bother to respond to her as she beat on his back and kicked and screamed he’d had enough and he knew his aunt. She’d drag her for going after Dani like that or worse not to mention his own sister and he roughly sat her on the concrete outside the pub staring at her as his chest heaved up and down. He was torn he did like her and wanted to explore whatever she could be with him but he was also loyal as fuck to his family period. He saw Dani glaring at him in the backseat as he saw a few tears slip down her face as she and Devin drove away. He ran his hand through his hair as he heard the doors to the pub open and he stared at Jackson and Chauncey.

“I assume you two can handle this get her out of here before my aunt comes out here and drags her down the street and back. I mean it Greer don’t bother to come to the bowling alley on Friday. I’ll ride with you to the station to make sure Dani’s ok when you’re ready Jackson.” Brock said knowing it probably hurt her and he was glad for it, shaking his head at her before walking past the two Devonshire boys and heading back inside.


“That brute! He’s a cold unfeeling monster who has no right to judge me! How dare he! How dare he do that to me! I don’t believe him who does he think he is? Oh, when I get my hands on him I’m going to knock him cold!” Greer shrieked as she spun around from Jackson’s arms on her tiny shoulders. Her chest heaved up and down as she looked at him squeezing far too tightly for her liking. “Get your damn hands off of me! I mean it Jackass if you don’t turn me loose I’ll scream bloody murder! I’ll go crazy like you never believed! I’m sick of playing nice! I’m sick of people thinking that they can walk over a LeClerq! Never again will be get stomped on by a Devonshire let alone the likes of a damn Fraiser!” Greer spat ferociously as she looked at an amused Chauncey and a furious Jackson.

“Do you understand what you’ve done? You’ve taken a day that was supposed to be memorable to my entire family and ruined it. You’ve just taken months of planning and stole it from us. Why because you think you deserve some sort of retribution for a story your father told you? I don’t believe the lord of whispers Pierre and I don’t believe you. You know what you did Greer? Do you? You just made a lifelong enemy in me because every step you take I’ll be planning to destroy you. I’ll be planning to decimate every dream you have because why do you keep attacking me and mine! I’ll have my way with your carcass as I feed on your misery. You started this you spoiled stupid little bitch. I’m going to finish this.” He pushed her into Chauncey then turned around looking at her.

“You will pay for this and I promise that on my father’s head. You will pay and I’m going to make sure you are so miserable you won’t have time to strike my fiance or me anymore. This is it you viper I’m after you now so be on notice. I’m going to decapitate you with all I have.” Jackson stormed off to his limo driver. “Come on man get me to the station!” Texting Brock, Jamal, Mason, and Zach to keep the party going.

Greer stood silent for a second never thinking Jackass would have those big words in there. Gritting her teeth she threw her hands up looking at Chauncey. “What are you going to lecture me too? Are you going to make me feel like I’m a bad girl for punishing the pregnant second coming of Mary and the new twins of baby Jesus? I’m sick of her smug face and I’m sick of them thinking they are superior to everyone because they found love in a hopeless place. A junkie and a frigid bitch. No, they don’t get to not invite me! I’m Maleficent in this story I’ll place a curse on all of them!” Stomping her tiny Louboutin heel she felt Chauncey energy as she was close to him. How she wanted him to just hold her again. To tell her she was right and she wasn’t over-reacting and how he truly wasn’t marrying that awful Natasha Hassan. The Indian and Egyptian oil princess who she just couldn’t stand. “What! I’m angry and I have a right to be angry! You don’t get to judge me and you’re marrying that wretched woman!”

Chauncey had followed Greer and Brock outside as he saw Jackson following them and his brother looked pissed, livid even and he could tell most of the room did as well. Honestly, it was a dirty move to arrest Dani on her baby shower day, on the other hand, he was reveling in it on the inside, that was the Greer he knew. He admired it even if it meant that it pissed his entire family off more that was who she was which was something that apparently Brock Fraiser couldn’t handle it. He saw Jackson storm inside and then watched as Greer turned her rage at him and he had to wonder if her rage was at Dani for punching her that night or if her rage was aimed at his father for what he had done to her father. He honestly didn’t doubt her story or motivations with Pierre his father was not above that he never had been. He shook his head at her looking back inside the pub to make sure that Natasha was busy with something else before he took a few steps to her and moved some hair from her face and held her shoulders.

“I am not going to lecture you Greer one of the qualities that I have always admired about you is that you’re cold and calculating it was what drew me to you, it was the entire reason I encouraged you to leak those medical records. What destroyed us, however, was you turning your back on me in public at my father’s party I have not forgiven that at all. I don’t know if I ever will. We used each other so I know how devious you can be but you could have given me a heads up about throwing me under the bus with my family, we were supposed to rule DGI together yet you lied about who you were. Would it have been so hard to tell me who you were from the beginning.” Chauncey said looking at her he leaned in slightly smelling her perfume only to remember that Natasha could cause a scene of he acted. He saw her look at him with lust in her eyes and cautiously took a step back. “I told you at the party Brock wouldn’t be able to give you what we had just like Zerick couldn’t compete. I would be marrying you and not Natasha had you just told the truth and not stabbed me in the back but the chips didn’t fall that way did they, Greer?”

“Lies,” Greer said swiftly as she shook her head as if she was removing the illusion. “I did what I had to do because you weren’t standing up for me. I threw you under an already rolling bus and if you can’t stand that pain then you weren’t meant to be king. All kings have pressure and dance with the devil. If you can’t you don’t deserve the throne and I assure you, Chauncey, you don’t right now. Not with her on the side and yes I could have told you who I was at any moment. Then what? The moment you losing or felt yourself slipping out of favor you’d sell me out. I don’t trust you and I guess that’s our biggest flaw, not my truth. I can at least trust Zerick and the earnest Brock. Zerick lied but I know why now because he’s a Devonshire and couldn’t say a word. You I don’t trust a word you say. You’ll tell me now you wanted to marry me and then tomorrow you’ll marry her. I’m no one’s fool you would say that now after all the truth is out. I stabbed you before you stabbed me and if self-preservation is a problem then you should have never jumped in bed with me.” She purred refusing to back down. Chauncey was going to leave her for dead at that party and his fake disgust enraged her.

“No, the chips fell that I’m in love with you and I thought!” Greer screamed out of frustration. “I thought if I set your life ablaze with mine well you would step up and rise from the flames with me. You instead of hid and didn’t do what Jackson did. This was a test for you to Mr. Devonshire because I have to say I expected so much from my king I was grooming. I thought you wouldn’t fall on the sword of public opinion and I hate that you did because now you seem weak and nurtured. Castrated and less the man that I was falling for much more domesticated with that bitch. I’ll be the hellion I was destined to be. I’ll cause all the trouble I want you to know why? I don’t care what any of those people think. I could go in there and get tarred and feathered and as long as I had you it was fine! You don’t have that skin. You aren’t that strong.”

“Standing up for you? What was I supposed to do exactly Greer we had a plan oust my father as CEO and take over instead you outed the entire plan and our identity at the DGI party. I’m fine with the pain I wear it with a sense of grace and dignity you think I love Natasha have you learned nothing? You don’t step out of the way when the dark prince is taking over you make sure he feels you on his back every step of the way that includes walking down the aisle to say I do. I deserve it and I’d bet my money on my father handing it over to me still Jackson hasn’t proved himself fully yet.” Chauncey said looking at her with an amusement in his eyes she thought that he was marrying Natasha out of love? No, he was doing it so Jackson knew he was sneaking up on him just like when they were kids if he had to he’d make sure Natasha popped out a kid too just to stick it to their father. He knew what DGI needed stability and the sooner one of the Devonshire’s married and produced that image the more they shot to the front of the list for his father. “Trusting Brock Fraiser would be a mistake that is the one thing you don’t realize he’ll choose his family over you any day of the week like the just did. It’s in their DNA to do that something of an effect my father probably had on them years ago.”

“Love is for fools Greer I’m not going to marry Natasha for love I’m going to do it because it is required of me to take that mantle from Jackson. You could never do that, sit at home and be a Devonshire wife you want bigger and better things.” Chauncey said he stayed silent about the other part she didn’t need to know how sick his father was at the moment that it would be time sensitive for him to make that leap to married life. His father likely wouldn’t’ be around much longer and that killed him to even think about it but he had to convince him before he died that he was the one, not Jackson or Rory or any of the girls. It was him and his birthright and if that meant entering into a cold and calculating business marriage with Natasha to do it he would. “I actually admire that you even had the balls to do that to Dani tonight risky if anything everyone knows now that you’ll come for them. Yet you’ll have no one in your corner but me you see you’re still the woman deep in my dreams and when I think about you.” Chauncey said letting the statement hang for a moment before pinning her against the wall and leaning in kissing her and noticing she didn’t fight him or her body he made sure his hands stayed on her hips to travel to her nipples brushing lighting to see them harden and then pulled abruptly back watching her face she still wanted him. “Let’s just say it doesn’t go up for her at the moment and when you’ve caved and come back to me and apologize for doing me dirty we’ll rule again. I should get back inside.”

Greer refused to budge she wasn’t sorry for outing him to his family. If she didn’t he’d be moving full steam ahead with Natasha and having everything they built. He could say all the sweet words he wants but she didn’t trust him and fantasies were just that a fantasy. As perfect as this moment was tasting his lips against hers she felt it untrue. She’d never seen someone just turn so quickly. She asked him to oust Natasha and go public and now he was dreaming of her. He finally saw her worth but it was when she wasn’t worthy to be with him. That was the part that hurt her, and thinking that she should bow or curtsy to him? For blowing up his seat at the table and it was honestly bold he still thought that he was going to be the CEO. That he wasn’t in the fire now burning with the rest of his siblings. Wrapping her arms around herself as she walked away from him.

“I stand alone and I don’t need to rule with you. I can bring Rome and Egypt to their knees as a woman and fighter. I love you and I don’t know how to contend with that. I don’t know if you truly get it. No matter what we were doomed to know my real name or not. I think of you too all the time. I wonder what you are doing and how you are plotting to get to to the top. I let you down for the most selfish reasons. Sometimes I do things and I don’t know why. I set myself up for failure but I truly feel this was a move for us. You don’t see it right now and I have to move on if it won’t be with Brock it will be with someone else. You have me blinded to why I am here and what I want. I want it all and I told you that when you first met me. If it all comes down to me or you then I think I know who we will both choose. I chose to slow down all your progress but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you or what I did wasn’t smart. It made you look human Chauncey you were a robot to them and now they see your greed up front and you are human to your father and everyone else. Not just by throwing Selina into the flame. I shouldn’t be helping you anymore. I’m done and don’t tell me what I can do. I can change any man that family boy farm bred oaf will be eating out of my hand sooner rather than later.” Greer pointed her clutch at him. “I’m going to walk away with my head up this was a win. Just like exposing you was a win.”


Val was waiting at the bar for a refill on her glass for her and Brooke who was talking to her mother and Atticus and waved at Jamal who had joined them with Rory and Aspen. Her eyes cut to the group watching Rory side eye Khalil and Yasmine across the room that had to be fucking awkward for Aspen. They had all watched shaken as Dani herself was escorted out of the party with the police and then she felt terrible for Merci to have to scramble to then fix said party. Who pressed charges against a woman carrying twins that were likely to pop any day, Greer Westwood apparently. That would never be her she was on the pill and took it religiously don’t get her wrong her maternity line would be making the headlines thanks to the Devonshire money but that was not going to be her waddling around popping out a baby she had shit to do and places to go with her fashion line. Her eyes wandered to Brooke with some girl in the corner as she thanked the cute guy behind the counter and then nearly jumped when she came face to face with her.

“Kelsey.” Val managed to get out staring at the other woman who was wearing a killer dress and looking at her like she could kill her. She’d been faced with this type of situation before and couldn’t help it as her feet shuffled in front of her this felt so public after all they were at Kelsey’s cousins’ shower. Well technically the cousin was gone with fiancee to bail said fiancee out but still, she wanted to run away back to her friends likely discussing the drama. She saw Jamal wave at her to join them and she tried to move around her only for Kelsey to stop her. “I really need to get back to my friends. It was great running into you again.”

Kelsey shook her head and couldn’t believe Val was just going to walk away. They had been together every other night for two months now. Here she was designing dresses for Dani and not even letting her know she was going to be here? Her cousin baby shower and she thought she could just ignore her in front of her friends. “This is about Jamal, isn’t it? I care about you and you couldn’t even tell me you were going to be here or working with my cousin? Look you can’t just sleep with me every night and ghost me, Val, I am falling for the feelings you provide me. I save people day in and day out mentally and you give my mind peace. So please stop treating me like a damn booty call or a hookup. I’m not that girl and I’m not that type of woman.” Kelsey declared holding onto the champagne glass.

She saw Jamal waving at her to come over. “Let me come with you? I won’t say anything, hell what am I to say I love your kitty?” Kelsey said adjust her purse and leaned forward and wiped the side of Val’s lip. “There you are perfect again. You are always perfect but I wish you could see that girl.” Opening her purse she pulled out her compact and powdered her nose. “Plus I have to go to the hospital soon. I hope Dani gets back soon. Well, can I come over with you or no? Matter fact let’s dance! That’s how we met let’s dance.”

Val tapped her foot on the wood floors as she felt cornered and exposed with Kelsey talking to her at the Pub she had fun and she wasn’t looking for anything serious. Not to mention she hadn’t really told Jamal about her nights that she did spend with Kelsey she had given him the excuse that she was working late and knew that sooner or later he would want to know exactly why she was skipping out. Not that she didn’t love the sex between them or any of that she just had other needs that someone like Kelsey could fill and she nodded her head at the bartender who was looking at them. She didn’t think that she could take the stares if they were happening and she saw Jamal giving her an odd look as he began to walk his way over to them. Moving a piece of hair behind her ear she glared at Kelsey as the girl had the audacity to wipe at her face.

“Kelsey we had fun it wasn’t anything serious besides I’m here with Jamal you know my boyfriend and my other friends, you wouldn’t fit in there. We’re friends Kelsey and I thought that I made that really clear with us the other night.” Val said seeing Kelsey glare at her response as she took a sip from her glass, it was the truth. Kelsey was a soon to be fully certified doctor she could never blend in with high society discussing who was sleeping with who, the latest fashions and DGI business not to mention she wasn’t ready to have that other side of herself out there just yet it would put a huge kink into the launch of her lines, with Jamal she looked like the perfect newest hit fashion designer. “You have to promise you won’t say anything you know how important my line is to me. I know your family is super liberal and all about individuality but that’s not my life Kels.” She hissed for good measure and appearances.

Kelsey was shocked to hear such vitriol coming from Val about being seen in the open with her. She took a deep gulp and smiled at her. “You are right. You guys are a little younger than me and I shouldn’t be around you two. I’m sorry I just thought after we stayed up the other night. Well, I thought it meant something. Obviously, it didn’t because you are standing here pretending to be someone else. I see you through Val the bareness underneath what you think that everyone wants from you. You can be a designer and with a doctor or live your life freely but you want to hide. You’re a damn designer for God sake in fashion the gayest industry on earth. Nevermind you do what you want.” She picked up the champagne glass and smiled at Val. Reaching out and touching her shoulder. “Have a great night enjoy yourself. You have a ball and don’t call me when you are alone at night and he can’t touch you the way you truly want to be touched.” Kelsey turned around and adjusted her dress as she walked off.

Seeing her older brother she smiled as her eyes began to burn from the tears. The way Val and her talked the other night was like nothing she experienced before. She wondered if Val felt that way or was she just a total fantasy come to life. One perfect bi night while she felt like she’d finally met someone special. Biting her lip she walked to Brock and hugged him tightly. “Thank God you’re here why are women so complex. I mean I’m a damn woman and I don’t understand this shit. It’s annoying and I’m honestly trying not to cry or go over there and tell her I’m falling in love.” Kelsey said honestly to Brock. “Wait why are you back? You didn’t come back to make sure Greer is gone did you?” She had always known when Brock liked someone it was a twinkle in his eye. He liked that Greer girl and she didn’t like it but she didn’t judge him either. Look at her sleeping with Jamal Delacroix girlfriend. Who was she to judge anyone? “She’s stunning bro I have to admit that. That girl is absolutely breathtaking and that attitude that’s sexy but Dani would murder you with her bare hands.”

Brock had watched Greer leave and honestly, he was still pissed at her pretty or not and he had seen his cousin loaded into the backseat of the car. He was just waiting for Jackson to get back inside and he would go with him to the station to make sure she was alright. Braden was off making a few calls to a judge, surprisingly so was his uncle and Lowell Devonshire doing the same. No one wanted in her in jail for the night and he took a drink from his whiskey as he saw Val talking to Kelsey and then his sister waking her way over to him. He hugged her seeing that she was clearly upset about whatever happened between them. He had given up keeping track of all of his sister’s filings over the years. He looked at her knowing that she was punishing herself for falling for Val when she was clearly still sort of with Jamal and he wondered if Jamal knew that was none of his business.

“I’m waiting for Jackson I told him I’d ride down to the department and get Dani with him that way you could enjoy your evening. Hey, she is stupid Kels if she can’t just see what is in front of her face, let’s face it that boy she is with is trouble look at what he did last year. You deserve to be happy and to chase whatever dreams you have lesbian or not and don’t ever and I mean ever be ashamed of who you are we weren’t raised that way.” Brock said looking at her and pulling back from her and when she brought up Greer he shook his head at her. He did find her intriguing but after tonight he had a lot of thinking to do now over what he was going to do about Greer. For now, it seemed the best course of action was to cool whatever was or was not happening with Greer at least until after the twins were born. “I think for now me and Greer are going to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. She was fun at the fundraiser and I thought we could have something but I know what that would look like now, Dani doesn’t need the stress so don’t worry about me and Greer. Let’s focus on you who do you want Kels?”

Kelsey ran her hands through her hair feeling insecure as a kid. Honestly, she wasn’t insecure about a damn thing because she loved herself. It took a long time to get real with the woman in the mirror. Finally facing the fact that she was a lesbian was hard. Touching her glass of champagne she thought about Lucy and quickly felt her heart beating. Just thinking of that jailbird and how everyone protected Lucy made her sick. Running her hand through her hair.  “I want Val and honestly, I know she doesn’t love him like she likes me. Its something between us Brock and I know that it sounds crazy as hell but I honestly know it. She’s afraid and it honestly sucks that I think that she wants me because she can’t stop looking at me. She is just so confusing though God she’s so personal in bed and outside she’s so cold. I don’t know.” Kelsey said softly as she sat down at the bar. “I want her Brock.”

When he ended the conversation on Greer she secretly wondered was it over? Brock honestly did have a track record of going after the absolutely worse women. “I’m saying sometimes bad is fun, Brock. She’s naughty and selfish and could be delicious especially in bed.” Kelsey said smiling at his brother. Something they had that other sibling didn’t have was a bond that was unbreakable. When she came out Brock was the first who took her to Club XES and they partied all night long. It was a celebration it was harder between him and Zach for the obvious reason of toxic masculinity. For some reason, some men believed homosexuality somehow was connected to manhood. When it was simple as laws of attraction. “Either way I think you shouldn’t limit yourself, Dani didn’t when she got with Jackson and we all thought her and Jon were destined. You shouldn’t either even though she’s a cunt.”

“Then go after her,” Brock said leaning in and kissing her cheek in support before hugging her. He probably should have been following his own advice but it was hard when he knew what was at stake. His entire family was still in dysfunction due to what happened with his uncle and aunt, Dani’s pregnancy was high risk and they needed a win as a family. If that meant pushing aside his very mixed emotions and feelings for Greer LeClerq or a bit until it settled down he would. If only so they could get that win collectively and his cousin had the twins alive and healthy he took a sip of his drink and then placed the empty glass down on the bar. “I mean it Kels you want her you to go after her no one can tell you otherwise.”

“Bad can be fun you and I both know that Dani wouldn’t be with Jackson if we all went boring and stayed with people who people thought were good for us. But I also know how happy everyone is about those two kiddos and I’m not going to risk that right now.” He saw his phone buzz and then looked up as the driver that let his cousin and Jackson into the party waved at him. He took that as his cue that Jackson was ready to go pick up Dani and he looked at Kelsey knowing she wanted to talk about Greer more and they would later. “We can talk more about Greer later after the party cools down and everyone isn’t so on edge about what she did alright? Now get your ass on the dance floor and find some hot ass chick to make Val regret what she is missing. I gotta go.” He finished grinning at her and then making his way to the door.

“Aye, aye captain.” She said smiling as she grabbed another drink from the new waitresses The Pub had hired. The college-aged girls and the fresh look was really working for the place. That’s when she saw Monica her ex-lover standing alone. She walked over to her and took her hand and immediately walked her to the middle of the room. Turning her head she noticed Val watching them. It was exactly what her brother said would happen. Not only that she wasn’t about games but tonight she was going to play them. Monica was a nurse at St. Christopher and her lover for the last two years. Dani must have invited her before the last blow up which was explosive. Kelsey had a temper and Monica was sensitive. However tonight she’d taste her again and tomorrow she knew a call from Val was coming. A call of where she truly wanted to be which was in her soft silk sheets.


Chauncey sipped his whiskey on the rocks in the corner watching people mingle left and right his mind was still on the earlier encounter when Greer had stormed in and had Dani arrested. He did have to hand it to his ex-flame that was well played, well played indeed and added a bit of excitement to the party not only that he had to wonder had the roles been reversed if it would have played out the same way. The way she had just come in and taken charge of the room damned be the consequences at the moment and the occasion he had to admire that at the very least. His brother and Brock had gone to bail out Dani from jail and now he was thinking about everything that had happened the last few weeks with himself and her, his father’s illness and Zerick’s claims. Looking around the room he saw Natasha making her way to him and almost rolled his eyes though it was hardly polite he was not ready to deal with her drama and insecurities tonight after the amazing entrance and exit Greer had made. He took a sip of his whiskey smiling at her as she approached.

“Enjoying yourself so far? I see that you were talking to Atticus no doubt trying to secure SandStars part in that project Jackson is desperate to achieve. I would like to think that you conceived dear Atticus to postpone the said project until SandStar can get a little more of the credit.” Chauncey said looking at her and the rock that was on her finger, he’d marry her to secure his place and she’d be a great Devonshire wife just like his mother and he had to pause at that thought. His mother had stayed through all his father’s infidelity and affairs which they now knew were at least two there were probably more surely Natasha Hassan could do the same in the long run? “I have been meaning to ask have you picked a date? I hope that little entrance earlier hasn’t changed your mind on our mutual arrangement.”

“No, but I am wondering have you changed your mind. Just seeing her you got your panties up in a bunch and you had to say something to her. I won’t take disrespect Chauncey she is off limits. Haven’t she done enough to you? Haven’t she embarrassed you enough or is that what you stand for? Women making you look weak and pathetic? I don’t want a husband who is pathetic maybe I went after the wrong Devonshire? Jackson looks stronger and more powerful than you at the moment. Look at him working a room like your father used too. You are sitting on the sidelines and it’s not helping us. You are pouting and I’m not here for that. Do you understand? I’m not here for any of this. Do you get that soon when everyone finds out that your father is sick he’ll have to name a successor? It has to be you!” She hissed at him looking at him.

“Do you still love her? Do you want Greer because you need to tell me if you do? You must understand I won’t be second to that woman. If that’s what you are expecting with us, then you’ll regret marrying me.” Natasha slowly smiled as someone took a picture of them. “I was thinking a little after Jackson and Dani wedding. A small event nothing too large just a small ceremony which your family and mine join together.” She didn’t want to step on Jackson and Dani’s big day. “I’m thinking a winter wedding.”

Did he love Greer he supposed he was in love with her at one point but after her publicly humiliating him and outing their plans he wasn’t so sure? His listened to Natasha’s theatrics over the entire incident, of course, he talked to Greer how could he not? She had come in and owned the room and not only that probably started a long feud with Dani that would boil well into the year, she was far from done there. He did look around the room and had noticed the moves earlier when Jackson had been mingling he find it curious that she chose not to answer about the conversation with Atticus. Likely that meant that she was not going to win that argument meaning they were not going to win that for SandStar in Isla Del Cruces and he almost wanted to sneer at her because that gave his brother more credence. On the other hand, after talking to Maddie he had promised to try and he going to but he still wanted a win for him and Natasha.

“If you’re so worried about me going back to Greer you should have never agreed to marry me in the first place. I just want DGI to win and you being so petty and paranoid just let our win and SandStars slip through the folds with Atticus it would be easy to whisper in his ear and tell him to postpone whatever Jackson and Dani proposed instead you are worrying about me fucking Greer again.” Chauncey let out looking at her as he smiled for the camera a winter wedding would do good honestly most people went for the fall or the spring dead of winter would be good. But she was naive if she thought he was going to have a small and meager wedding no it would be huge and extravagant. “A winter wedding would be nice but it will be a big one the biggest Atlas Falls has ever seen I gave Jackson my word I wouldn’t ruin that wedding and I won’t but I won’t be the second son either. You see that is where you and I come into play they do something we do it better, that is of course if you are done with your Greer ranting.”

Natasha hated how he thought. Why did they have to be in competition with Jackson and Dani? Why couldn’t they be in competition with Lowell and Jackie? That was who they had to top and beat. That was who she felt the need to go against not those two. She wanted to be seen as a Jackie in this world, not a Dani. Gritting her teeth she chose to smile these were compromises because of his ego. An ego that kept getting him in trouble. Underestimating women and people under him instead of embracing those weak and holding them close. Then deploying them as the first pawns in the war. He thought like Greer burn first ask questions later and that was a foolish choice in her opinion. Cutting her eyes at Chauncey she felt the urge to slap him. Or scream at him that he was playing this all wrong but this wasn’t the place or time. Unlike Greer, she knew how to act in public. Not make a scene and be a class act.

“No, I’m far from done ranting about that woman that you still want.” She turned to the other side of him as a photographer took a photograph of them. Looking up into his eyes. “I told you I wouldn’t be second to her or any other woman and I meant it. She’s off limits you are a man of a certain taste. I know you need your back scratched and I won’t do it all the time. Have your whores but don’t let Greer LeClerq or Westwood or whatever her last name be one of them. Are we understood? Can you get that?” When she looked at him she smiled. “There is a little intelligence inside of you and you don’t think with your pants. Why do you think I was at the little meeting of the minds between Atticus and Jackson? I won’t let him jump ahead of us. Especially with the word having it rebels stormed the castle. The Caribbean people are about to wage war in that country. Jackson is talking about energy when he needs to be talking arming the government.” She adjusted Chauncey tie. “See if you actually talk to me then you may figure out something about the future of DGI and your future wife. She’s not that innocent either.”

Chauncey almost felt like throwing it in her face that moment that he and Greer had shared outside that kiss and her sexual energy but knew it was no the time of the place. People were observant and right now he needed them to be the perfect couple to the press and his parents. That was his only goal to get back in their good graces and become CEO at the end of the day that was the only thing he had left. He no longer had Greer by his side to help him manipulate the board to his whim and while he still had Maddie, he had foolishly let Selina take the fall for Cadmus and be fired to head to MontCorp meaning it was imperative that he and Natasha made it down the aisle and became married. She would then be tied to DGI forever his contacts would be at his disposal, in turn, she would have to stay to make sure SandStar was at DGI’s expense when needed to make deals happen. He already knew he was not going to be faithful to her that just wasn’t in him and he partially blamed that on his father. He never discouraged his affairs with other women with Selina he assumed it was because he knew he had his own to hide which was true.

“Greer is not my whore. You’re being neurotic I simply spoke to her tonight nothing more and nothing less. If you can’t handle even that maybe I could call her up and ask her about your past even more which I haven’t done yet out of respect for you.” Chauncey said looking at her lying right through his teeth she didn’t need to know they had kissed and almost did more for tonight she just had to believe that he was done with Greer. He’d have Greer back in his bed as soon as he had Natasha’s full and complete trust in him and she would be none the wiser. Greer’s comment had intrigued him the other day at the fundraiser but he had not looked into it further, he’d have Simon look into it the moment that the entire mess with Zerick was over with. “Now since you’re being such a good future wife shall we mingle around the room and possibly so suck up to my parents more? Or are we going to have a scene as well?”

A good wife he was sounding more like one of the men she refused to marry from home. If he thought she was foolish or stupid then that was another thing. He was still enthralled with the fireball that was Greer but he had a supernova. She refused to be another casualty of Chauncey but the new Ms. Devonshire she will be. Unlike Greer, she secured the time she put in and the last name would serve her in the future. Turning to face Chauncey she touched his face and pulled his head down to kiss his lips. Then she wiped his lips and saw picture flashes and people staring. “I couldn’t bare to kiss your parents asses anymore I think we’ve done that enough. I don’t want to seem fake or genuine like you. Nobody believes a thing you say because you are fake. Your poker face needs work Chauncey because I know when you are thinking bad things.” She said honestly as she walked with him.

“I see many investors, my beloved.” She said knowing others were listening to them. Cassie Montgomery was here and her paper was nothing but a gossip and rumor mill. She smiled perfectly for the camera good breeding would do that for anyone. “You have so many intricacies inside of your lies. You see I’ve been in this situation before. I’ve competed with her and it leads to some very bad things. You see and I’m not planning on going there again so I suggest you play nice also. I have conditions to being married to me. Did that ever come to your head? No, it couldn’t because you are used to having women throw themselves at your feet. I will not be shamed and you will help me gain complete autonomy of SandStar. I will have control of what my father birthed not your spoiled self-indulgent brother. Now shall we go introduce the new power couple of DGI?”

“Investors that I am sure will be dying to jump on board if you convince them that SandStar is where they should invest with DGI of course,” Chauncey said looking over at her and then taking her hand in his to smile at the photographers. He saw Cassie in the corner and knew for them to make it stick as a power couple they would have to impress her which in turn could lead to the front page or better spread in the local paper. Sometimes the stories ran more fodder and gossip and he admired that but he also knew that any business-related stories had subsistence and actual insider knowledge something that was invaluable given Cassie’s previous career path and position at MontCorp over the years. “I would like to think you can keep up with all my lies Natasha or not we shouldn’t even attempt this.” He finally said wondering what game she was getting at.

“For now though you did win I placed a ring on your finger not hers for the simple reason you and I have something in common we both want DGI and that precious mantle my parents have. Greer would have wanted more and at my expense so that wasn’t going to be an option for me right now. So as of right now and today you did win isn’t that enough?” He asked leaning into his ear in order to not cause a scene as he was sure his words about their arrangement stung but this was probably the most honest he had ever been with a woman in a while. In fact, years if he was being honest he could always be honest with Logan who would talk him down, he hid in lies with both Greer and Selina and he shook his head at the thought of comparing Logan to the woman beside him they didn’t compare and never could. “I think we should get the conditions out now then Natasha what are they with you? I have one you are never and I mean never allowed to send Maddie away to boarding school, she had a very interesting conversation with my brother about it and I want that clear.”

Natasha laughed with the superior haughty tone she had mastered when he spoke about boarding school. “Well, the little brat heard me? That’s what she gets for eavesdropping on my private conversations. She thought she was quite clever but I’ve always been smarter than the average. I have no intentions of sending your daughter off anywhere because I don’t plan on caring about her enough to send her anywhere. She isn’t happy with anyone but Selina and that’s fine by me because I don’t plan on being her mother or stepping on any toes with her. Now my first condition is that none of your affairs are to happen in Atlas Falls. I think your father was courteous enough to build his life with another woman in another country. I expect the same beloved.” She knew she was being cold and icy about Maddie but the lines had been obviously drawn. He showed that this was just an arrangement so she should treat it as such.

“My second and final condition is simple and very easy. Don’t lie to me or betray me or else I’ll assure you that I’m going to set everything we have here ablaze. You think what Greer and Selina did to you will be embarrassing. I’m always thinking ahead so don’t make me use plan A, B, or C on you. One last thing you have options I shall have some too. So if I get home late one night don’t question me. You have no place I have my needs just as you do. I will have a lover and no you may not question who they are and what they can do for me that you clearly will not.” Natasha said as she smiled at Blythe Sinclair walked passed them and shook Chauncey’s hand. “I’m fully assured that you don’t think that the boring sex we have is fun for me? You don’t know how to please a real woman that’s for sure. I will keep screwing you unprotected for one reason we need an heir.”

Chauncey was shocked as he looked at her laying out everything for him the fact that according to her he was a poor lover hurt, Greer and he had mad sexual chemistry so maybe it was her rigid body. When she mentioned that she was trying to get pregnant though he had so sneer so she did want to compete and he’d do his duty and fuck her as much as he could to make sure it happened. It didn’t mean they had to love each other while they did when they both got what they wanted a child out of it to be in the running Maddie and a sibling would show stability. Bliss and Hunter had or would have Fox. Jackson would soon have the twins and a marriage so that meant he and Natasha had to catch up. He pulled her to him as they made their way through the crowd after shaking Blythe Sinclair’s hand and then pressed her against one of the tables in the pub leaning into her ear. “A child it is then I’ll give you an heir and a place here. I would assume you’re not taking the fucking pill for that to happen so perhaps we should fuck more to achieve that goal when you aren’t so frigid.” He said adjusting his tie and looking at her with a smile as he held out his hand. “We have a party to wow shall we?”


Simon leaned against the bar of the Pub watching the commotion in front of his people had not left the party if anything Lauren had convinced them all to stay after Jackson and Brock had gone to get Dani out of jail. He was pretty sure he had seen Lowell and Walter silently shake hands as they had come to some sort of arrangement probably both getting a mutual judge to drop the stupid charges. Greer LeClerq was long gone from the party and he made a mental note to make sure that his people kept an eye on her after her little theatrics show, she didn’t need to cause DGI or the family any more chaos. He watched Mason over with Jamal and honestly almost thought of sneering at his ex-lover and Jamal he was so full of himself now that he was out there was no problem with his sexuality. When in fact he and Mason had been the one to harbor Jamal last year offered him a place to say and ears to talk too and now they acted like they didn’t even know anything. He saw Zach making his way to him at the bar and almost rolled his eyes.

“Are you here to gloat? It’s quite an unbecoming trait for a soon to be a federal agent isn’t it?” He said as he looked over Zach and took a sip of his drink. Gloating had never become Zach Fraiser but at least Zach had never hidden who he was even on their nights they did spent together in their youth and now he had a child out there, he did feel sort of bad about that. He honestly didn’t think that Zach deserved to have his baby ripped apart from him by no doubt Forbes conspiring with Scarlett and her mother at least that was how it looked. “What can I do for you, Zach? Shouldn’t you be over there with your newly out and proud boy? Plus I don’t think Mason would want you to talk to me anyway.”

Zach wondered how Simon knew he was about to go into Quantico? That Diego had placed his name on the list of candidates and he passed his test recently. Then he thought about who he was talking about. Simon Rutherford was the quintessential town know it all without being a gossip. He knew every secret and every story in his back pocket. He just wondered honestly how in the hell was he mixing it up with Ivan Castillo? Since he’d been on the force Ivan had been a thorn in everyone side and what’s worse is he got away with no doubt with bodies. He was a killer, drug dealer, and ruthless. How did he know he was ruthless well two years ago during a domestic violence call Zach found out the truth. Money was Ivan’s lover and they got into a brutal fight. Money wanted to leave the life and Ivan didn’t. That night he preached to them both to leave the Scottswood Bois and start fresh somewhere new. Two weeks later Money was arrested and Ivan was still here. The violence between Ivan threatening other gay men in the area after a brief breakup with Money became intense. The man hated who he was and that was something he didn’t want Simon wrapped up in. Even if he couldn’t stand who Simon grew up to be.

“Simon, I’m not here to gloat about Mason man.” Zach took a deep breath. “I saw you at Vertigo with Ivan. Look it’s not my business at all but I know some shit about him. He’s dangerous and he has a really fucked up outlook on his sexuality. Simon, you’re the bravest guy I know. You came out in high school, went to college out and proud, and eventually gave us the strength to be ourselves.” Zach said referring to Mason and himself. “You were my first and Mason’s and I thank you because you were a great teacher. I just know some better guys than Ivan man. I got a couple friends and I know it would be awkward at first but maybe we can all hang. I just don’t want to see you with that guy and getting hurt after what happened with Mason.”

Simon’s ears were perked about Zach’s inside information on one Ivan Castillo and his ears listened intently to everything he said. Sometimes it was in one’s favor to pretend to care about different things like a man he was eying, in this case, it was worth it. Ivan was a puzzle and one that intrigued him since their meeting at the club he was running from something and Simon already had a good idea what that was himself, hearing it was confirmed though came as a relief of sorts. He almost felt like being petty and waved Zach off when he started speaking about how proud he was he didn’t give a shit honestly. It was never in him to hide even as a child he was always front and center something that he knew drove his mother insane half the time and had his older brother resenting him down the line. They had worked through those issues and his brother was one of the top doctors at Cedar Sinai, California suited him and he did miss him but that was not what he was going to focus on. He turned this attention to Zach as he took a sip of his drink.

“Aw, so you saw that at Vertigo jealous are you, Zach? Can’t say I blame you since you have settled so much after Dante trust me the moment Mason is back on his daddies side he’ll drop you like a hot potato for his father’s favor. You’re right though it is none of your business with Ivan in your line of work now you’re likely going to learn things about people you can’t help.” Simon said he was being catty and petty but he deserved to be after all the shit be put up with from Mason for years about hiding them and their relationship. He supposed now that Zach was going to work for the FBI soon that meant that he shouldn’t burn his bridges with him he could come in handy later when he needed something looked into. “Ivan is scared we both know that and he channels his anger in a way that is self-destructive. He has made it very clear he is not that way doesn’t mean that I can’t reach out to him. Would you suggest a day at the spa then for us and Ivan how exactly do you see that playing out in your head?”

“No, I was excluding Ivan on the day at the spa. He’s trouble and I guess I call myself looking out for you. Mason and I both assumed you were involved with Scarlett shit and I’m sorry. Mason assumed you were the one who outed him and I thought you were involved in Scarlett entire web around my life. We jumped to conclusions and I guess that’s our fault. I just want to warn you because I see you are moving on. It’s no jealousy between me or Mason. We are happy as hell and I want to say that you deserve the same and if I recall your parents weren’t too happy when you came out. Until you showed them nothing about you changed it was another facet of you. Look I know the guys on the DL and I’m telling you this because Simon you were my first and where I come from you look out for people. He isn’t shit to be involved with.”

Seeing Mason watching them now curiously he wondered exactly why he was doing this? Some misguided guilt trip he’d been on since he came back. “Simon look I was in the closet still, Mason was in the closet still, and if you move forward with Ivan it’s the same thing. I don’t want that for you. You are bitchy and catty but you are also sensitive and fun to be around. Someone deserves to get all of you in your glory and I just wanted to say I know Ivan. He’s dangerous and destructive. I know what he’s capable of and it’s not pretty. Look Jamal is helping an animal and if that animal finds someone to unleash on it could be you. He’s beaten up plenty of gay boys in Scottswood for rumors man look just be careful.”

“You were both so sure that I was what stalking Scarlett and sending her the messages enough that I was going to break into Mason’s place and light it on fire while she was inside? That is a stretch even for you detective. I was the idle waiting in the closet boyfriend for Mason for years yet you both assumed that I outed him and for what gain exactly?” Simon said finally unleashing his anger on Zach over all the foolishness that happened last year. Able to let it out how Mason tried to martyr himself on a cross while he looked like trash to the rest of the community the whispers that had been made about him and the looks that he had gotten all felt vindicated at that moment. “If either of you would have bothered to pull your mouths out each other’s dicks you would have stepped back and realized it was never me. That is in the past though, isn’t it? All that drama from last year and honestly I’m glad to be free of it and that psycho bitch that you knocked up.”

“What is going on with me and Ivan isn’t your business nor is it Mason’s and furthermore the fake concern is the best part of this little charade. You were eyeing Mason long before he was outed and blamed me for it. Everyone in our group and community rallied around you though when Dante died did you even mourn him that long?” Simon said taking a sip of his drink and then regretted the rant as soon as it came out Dante’s death had been hard on the entire community and he knew he shouldn’t be one who judged how anyone grieved. On the other hand, watching how fast Mason latched onto a relationship with Zach stung and that was even worse for him. “Sorry that was out of line he just moved on so fast to you Zach like a life preserver of some sort and after years of me being there for him, taking care of him when he was sick or ill, me drying his tears I thought I meant more to him than that. Perhaps Mr. Castillo just needs someone like me who won’t put up with his bullshit.”

“You know what? Simon, I was doing what a good person does when they are wrong, I was apologizing but damn it if anyone can apologize to you. You don’t forgive because so much of you is placed in darkness. I’m done you do what you want with Mr. Castillo and your life. I see you are the gay that I hate the lonely and bitter brigade. I’m sorry we jump to conclusions last year and it led to some unforeseen events. You think if Dante was alive I would even be with Mason? He was my world and was I afraid to commit because of what others would say? Yeah, I was. I was so afraid and it led to me cheating and screwing over a great love in my life. It’s not a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t regret it. It’s not a day that goes by that I don’t feel horrible but what I won’t do is be berated by you. I won’t be berated and talked down too because I’m trying to help. So I’ll take my guilt on and you keep being ugly and bitter.” Zach said knowing that Simon knew better than to be like that but it hurt him so badly he didn’t care anymore.

“You wonder why no man will love you in the open look no further than the mirror Simon.” He grabbed his drink. “Have a great rest of your night being alone and miserable. The only thing you are truly good at.” Zach felt horrible after saying also knowing he might have gone too far but he threw Dante in his face and that was the lowest of low blows.  “See you around or in St. Christopher when he beats you like a pinata.” Zach walked away to Mason looking at him he punched a wall in The Pub. “Fuck him, man. I tried Mase I truly did. Fuck Simon Rutherford and we don’t have shit to feel badly about. He’s just lonely and miserable.”

Mason had watched Zach approach Simon at the bar in truth it was awkward running into Simon places they hung out with how he had treated him last year. He knew he would be here because they were all friends but it was still awkward. He had seen Simon at Vertigo with a guy he recognized from signing a contract at Jamal’s label Ivan Castillo and to his knowledge, Ivan was not into men or so he had thought. He had seen him a few weeks ago with like three women all over him too and wondered what Simon was getting himself into he wanted him to be happy. So when Zach had gone over to talk to Simon he knew it came from a good place and when he saw him come back angry he agreed sometimes a tiger didn’t change their stripes Simon was one of those tigers. “Let it go Zach Simon will always be Simon you did what you could to warn him. Let’s get some ice on that hand.” Mason said placing his hand on Zach’s back to walk him into the back of the pub for some ice.

Simon watched Zach walk away and sneered at him he was so tired of people telling him who to fuck and when to fuck them afraid he would catch something or get caught up with the wrong men. He finished his drink and approached Lowell to let him know he was going home for the evening a lie and he knew he’d miss the gift opening later but fuck it. He’d stop by for a drink with Jackson later to apologize right now he wanted to get out of this God awful pub where both his exes were all lovey-dovey and unwind some much-needed steam. Probably in an unhealthy way he knew what he had to do as he waved at Hunter on his way out, find that little fine Mexican or whatever the boy was a piece of ass and show him it was okay to be who God fucking made you.


The party was in full swing and he felt out of place as he always had. Over almost forty years ago Lowell sent him and Camilla to London and they headed up the European division of DGI. Leaving behind his connections to people and friends. He gave up so much to help DGI flourish and feeling like a stranger in a room full of family and all their friends infuriated him. He sulked seeing his elder brother standing tall even while dying, he somehow mustered up grace. Some dignity he was a rapist and after all these years sins had caught up to him in the ugliest way. He wondered who turned the lone wolf that was Zerick against the Devonshire’s. He’d kill to silence that boy, he’d kill that boy honestly for DGI. It wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for the company that he lost so much over. His first wife Penelope left him and moved to Milan with his two eldest sons, Rainer and Barron. It was second wife Mariette a Jamaican-British native he married and had his youngest daughter Kimber leaving him for Jamaica four years later. He has had everything secondary to Lowell and it was the hardest feeling that his Devonshire’s were secondary. Camilla just didn’t compete, she didn’t have any children.

As he slowly walked to his brother he looked at him sipping a glass of champagne. Wondering what was his plan to fix this mess. He had two broken marriages and a lifetime of being in his brother’s shadow. Now the second generation of Devonshire’s were vying for power when it was his chance. His time to rise to prominence. It was his time and if he had to be the bad guy and ruin the already ruined party. “I must say it’s impressive the pull you have, older brother. You have everyone spooked to speak his name all but the ditzy girl who exposed Zerick. She said it earlier and then a silence came over all your children. I do hope you know the longer we drag this out the longer it will look like you are guilty. We can stabilize the company from being stabbed once but we both know what that test will say. The truth can’t come out Lowell. We can’t stabilize a split artery. ” Linus said looking at his brother and stepping back seeing his intensity rising. “Secondly I find it highly insulting that you are even thinking of giving DGI to one of your children. Have I not proven that I am all for this company. I’ve placed my life on hold and my sons have been raised by another man and my wife left me with my daughter who barely knows me. She’s in London after living in Jamaica her entire life. I deserve my moment to be the CEO of DGI!” He said raising his voice not knowing how passionate he was.

Lowell nodded his head to Linus to step to the back of The Pub where only staff remained. “Please pardon my brother and I we have to speak for a moment. Go find something to do, tell Merci I sent you.” Watching them clear out of the room he knew it was a real reason he was here. From the moment he sent Linus away to London he prayed that he would become his own man. He wanted to see a change from what he had done and been through. No, the pain remained and a trail of secrets dragged behind Linus as always. Seeing his brother sniveling and slithering showed him Linus was still power hungry and entitled as ever. He’d never get his hands on DGI because he didn’t have big enough balls to run his company. His daughters were more powerful than the man that stood before him. Just seeing him asking what he was going to do about Zerick? That was the irony of it all. Secrets that family kept for family but death had a way of no longer letting him mince his words. He wanted nothing more than to dismiss him but seeing him raving and getting loud he wanted to do this here. Did he want to ask him why he never would be CEO? Now would be the perfect time to tell him he’d never have what it took to be a CEO.

“Linus you are my firstborn son in many ways. I see a lot of you in Chauncey the entitlement is deafening. You stand before me and tell me your woes for this company? I can write a book about the time I’ve wasted building this company up. I don’t regret it but you do and that’s the difference between myself and you. You feel as if it’s your right but I took each day as a fight and you feel like you deserve this chance. You feel like you get to have a light at the end of the rainbow but I see you so much clearer. You are the personification of weakness. Coming here not because of my illness but using this as an excuse to find out why you aren’t the chosen one. Why because I know what happens in London, I know who you are behind closed doors and no man’s sins are bigger than the next but you have far too many skeletons to ever sit at the head of the company.” Lowell said looking at his brother with snarl and growl. “You are the reason DGI is in danger, not I and if I have to I’ll throw you underneath this company and let it steamroll you flat. I will with no hesitation. You are not CEO potential look at you having an overseas COO spot for years and has done nothing revolutionary. I made you the right hand to this company and you stayed basic until your son Rainer stepped up and showed more initiative than you. You aren’t even in your children league, let alone mine who are bred for greatness. Why do you think you deserve greatness who you are bound to be mediocre?”

“Mediocrity that you forced on me! I never wanted to leave America and I never wanted to be stuck in London running your business. I had my own ideas and dreams now my dream is to what you couldn’t be. Alive and the CEO showing that I can do what you’ve never been able to. I see through you Lowell you are trembling because you are a corpse walking. Your time is limited and none of those overgrown brats are ready. I have spent a lifetime not taking a risk and this is my risk. The risk to take you on you, to tell you that I’m ready and I hate to tell you but my sins are your sins. You covered things up in London and I left here because of you or shall you rewrite history? The audacity of you. Thinking your losses compared to mine? Audrey? My wife left me one night in the dark of night. I question why all the time and my second wife left me four years into my marriage. I have nothing to grasp onto but this company so I’m here to stake my claim. Don’t you dare give this company to those children! Are we understood or I will decimate them and spread your remains throughout this rotten city.”  Linus shot back as he turned around.

“Scandal after scandal!” He screamed furiously. “I watched as DGI took hit after hit because of one of your children or even you. You kept a child hidden from an entire family and the sins I’ve heard. You have more under your belt so testify under the oath of God it’s my fault we are in the place we are? You are foolish because you can’t because I know more than you would ever think I do. I know something you don’t about your precious time with so many of your whores! I won’t spoil the fun but you aren’t the only one who has dirt and I will not be denied. Not this time and all that I’ve put on the line. This company killed all of Camilla children and you didn’t even come to one service. You will honor us! You will give us our due because we deserve it! You won’t write me out of history because I’ll burn down your legacy before you have a chance to do so.” Linus threatened as he turned around and looked at his brother with burning tears in his eyes. “I never knew I could hate and mourn someone all at once until you, my dear brother. Your death will be a painful loss to your family but to so many, it will be a relief. I hate that I’m on the latter half.”

“I owe you nothing Linus and the sooner you realize that the better we will all be. Honestly, I’ve had enough of you lying to yourself. My personal affairs and scandals will be nothing of the messes I’ve cleaned up in London come out. Shall we play sin for sin? I can write down what I’ve done and rape isn’t one of them. So Zerick is misguided and you, on the other hand, aren’t. You know the culture we live in today where women are striking back against assault and being victimized. Me personally I’ve been a womanizer but I never and I mean never took what wasn’t being given. Well, I can say that with absolute honesty can you?” Lowell said walking to his brother. “You come here with pure ill-will wondering if today will be the day I die. Or how soon is my demise so you can get your hands on my company. Nobody but my children will have reign at DGI and I assure you when they are ready. I will also replace you with Rainer the nephew that I love and is doing something radical with his chance. You are pathetic and I am telling you Linus enjoy the rest of your tenure at DGI London because time is running out my dear boy. Your time at the top that you resent so much will be done.” Lowell spat back and then it hit him covering his mouth.

“My God my toxic relationship with you has poisoned my sons against each other. I pitted them against each other because that’s what I thought that brothers do. I thought it made them better but God thank-you for freeing Jackson from the curse I placed in his life. He would have been just like you resenting Chauncey forever. I hate you Linus and I banished you from America because you are a monster. You will never have the privilege to attend my funeral or be apart of this company. When I die your time is up and I want you to hear me clear. Soon enough your time is up. No more of me saving your ass. No more of me having to placate you and you don’t have to lie anymore. I know why your wives truly leave you. You are twisted and I am going to enjoy stripping everything from you.” Lowell said gripping the table winded from the stress of what he was saying to his brother.

“I hate you and your death is welcomed. I swear the devil will be standing there with a welcome sign. You think you need nobody. You think you can throw away the people that made DGI a success. I kept the overseas market stable and it thrived but you don’t see that. You just keep taking that medication and let the poison seep into your soul. You will be dead and I will claim my place, will or not I’m going to fight because I have something you won’t. I’ll have time to find ways around your ironclad will and I will break you. I have all the time in the world and you have nothing. You are on the verge of death and a painful death I assure you it will be. You will know what it is to worry and suffer. You will know what it is like to feel uncertainty. The insanity that you have expiration date must be a double pain. Forbes will loom over them like a fly to shit and they will lose because youth against experience always loses out. You must know that I will pop in and out of their lives causing unthinkable chaos and when I’m done I’ll remind them that it’s your fault. I have time to think of the ways I’ll hurt my own bloodline. I will destroy each and every one of them for a chance. A chance to sit at top of the kingdom.” Linus said screaming as he saw Jackie standing before them.

“You have no chance, Linus! That’s what I am telling you! You are nothing to me and I wish I would have let you rot in a jail cell all those years ago. All that I’ve done for you! My brother and my bloodline! I held you down and I protected you from things unimaginable! The disrespect you show me today will never be forgotten, I have no brother get out! Go!” Lowell saw Jackie shocked expression. “Get him out, Jacqueline! If he doesn’t go I swear I will.”

Linus stood wiping the tears from his eyes. “You banished me to London you been lost a brother Lowell. You swept away your family in the glory of fame and to be the new Kennedy’s as Time magazine called you. You have shamed our father by betraying me like this. You are nothing to me either and when he dies Jackie. Don’t call me to remember his evil words right now. How cold and lost he truly is. You know this man he’s evil you know what he did.”

“Go!” Lowell roared at Linus.

Passing his brother he stopped and looked at him. “You look, weak brother, I wonder does the board know how sick you truly are,” Linus said knowing that the board of directors would oust his ass faster than he could say life-ending illness. He had a dark smile on his face. “I will get what’s mine. It’s my time.”

Jackie had gotten the text that Jackson and Dani were back on their way and had looked around the room for Lowell only to find him nowhere to be seen and then she heard employees talking about him being in the back. She had made a note to tell Lowell tonight she had made a decision the only way to squash Zerick’s lies and the rumors plus any doubts she had about his claim and Lowell the solution was simply to make an appointment to go see Katie in person. She should have gone years before this perhaps had her closer to home even but the torture that would have placed on her sister and the rest of the family could have been too much to bear. The scandal that could have happened if the press ever learned where she was, the lengths they would have gone to expose her illness and the things that Katie claimed. Not to mention the horror that she had been told about Katie trying to drown her own son, it would have destroyed everything that they would have worked so hard to achieve. She had stopped at the doorway listening to the conversation and looked at Linus on his way out before looking at her husband.

“They’ll be back in a bit to open gifts. Leave us.” Jackie said looking at Linus with disgust she hated him with everything in her on and off over the years the way he treated both his wives. The way he was with his very own children on and off no doubt some of that had rubbed off on her own husband over the years. When he refused to go she looked at Lowell, things had been strained between them ever since what Zerick was saying at the party, she could feel it and so could he but what other choice did she have but to get the story from Katie. “I have made a decision about Zerick’s claims and I wanted to tell you in person once my schedule clears for some meetings at the foundation and the country club I am going to see Katie. She is the only one that can put a rest to these vile rumors that Zerick is claiming. I have stayed away from my sister far too long and I am tired of trying to filter through vile claims without hearing it from her first.”

“Well, well, well brother tell me how will you protect your various secrets now? I have to say Jackie most women would have left after his first mistress you stayed after two that’s some low self-esteem. You know I recall the night she came into town after being in California with Tess. She was a wild girl so I wouldn’t take much she says without a grain of salt. She’ll tell you whatever you want to hear or least that is what she did with most of the men around her. You see she blames my brother or any man for what reason? For giving up her body? It was her choice and I hate to say it but any of the many old heads in this place could be Zerick’s daddy. He’s a bastard to the hundredth degree. I hate to tell you what will you get from that psychopath? Huh? Zerick is lost and your dumbass will be just as lost.” He said furiously as he looked at Jackie. “You are foolish to take anything she says with anything but the raving of a lunatic.”

Lowell looked at Linus with a clear disgust knowing that he was more lost than he knew. The darkness of what he even just said to Jackie. It made him disgusted to be even related to the man. To think he came from the same mother and father was almost unfathomable. “You have said enough get out Linus please go back to London.” Even though he could understand what Linus was doing but he couldn’t believe he was so cold. Years of protection and years of covering up things for Linus had made him psychopathic. He was so cold for what he just said to his wife he didn’t know what to say. “Get out please Linus just go and don’t ever come back until my funeral. I don’t want to see your face, hell at even my funeral. Don’t come back.”

“Gladly but remember my warning. I will bring DGI and you all down unless I get my time. I will be CEO of DGI.” Linus walked out and brushed past the waitstaff along with a few people. Slamming into Rory on his way out. He didn’t even turn around and say a word. Lowell was about to be vindicated and everything would fall on him. No, this time he’d make sure that his secrets stayed buried and that nobody knew the truth. With that Linus walked to his town car. “To the airport, I need to get home and prepare for my brother’s death. Call Rainer, and Barron I want them ready also. We are going to war with there American cousins.”

Walking to Jackie he touched her shoulder and knew that he couldn’t say much more. “I apologize for what he said. I hate that Katie is troubled as she is. She is and always was like a little sister to me. Go uncover the past and truth.” Lowell said feeling his chest tighten. How could Jackie forgive him when everything came out? How could she understand he was doing what she wanted to do? Protect those they love.

Jackie looked at her husband as she watched Linus leave and his words stung she didn’t have low self-esteem she stayed because she loved Lowell and yes those affairs hurt but their family was more important. Or so she had always thought and now she wasn’t so sure she wanted to believe Lowell and Katie would confirm that Zerick’s story was just that a bad bedtime story that Forbes had warped in his head. Katie had always been troubled and she nodded her head at him as she saw Rory outside the doors waiting for them .”Yes, let’s not fight tonight and go join the rest of the party to celebrate the new grandchildren that will arrive soon.” She finished as she grabbed his hand and led him back out to the party wanting this nightmare of doubts to be over.


Brooke was in Atticus arms and felt dizzy from all the spinning around she was doing. Holding up one finger to signal one second to catch her breath. She walked off the dance floor walking to the bar. All she wanted was a soda water because she had a shoot in Los Angeles tomorrow and she didn’t want to be hungover or even look dried out. Running her hands through her hair she knew she might need something new. Maybe a cut to finally cut Ronan completely out of her life. Walking to the bar she saw a pretty girl behind the bar that she didn’t know. She was a little thrown off because for some reason she felt like she knew her. Leaning over the bar she looked at her.

“Do I know you?” Brooke said smiling. “I’ve been coming here since I was sixteen my best friends snuck in with fake ID’s the night of a family fundraiser. You totally don’t care or know me. I’m sorry I just sometimes think I know people. My boyfriend… I mean my fiance absolutely hates when I do this. It’s so crazy when you think that you know someone and you don’t know them at all. You just remind me of someone I just don’t know who.” Brooke said smiling.

Dru had been serving so many people at this party she didn’t know where to begin. Meeting Braden was the first shock of the night. He was much more striking than in photographs. His eyes were sad and that threw her a loop. Then seeing Dani carted off made her secretly gleeful. How perfect was her life? She got everything and that wasn’t fair at all. Being here was doing something to her because it was Hunter next. He was so handsome and striking the nicest out of everyone she met. It actually bothered her what she had planned for him. Yet this one was the hardest. Meeting Brooke was the most pain she felt seeing Brenda doting and flaunting Brooke all over The Pub. It made her sick. She was parading her like a prized steak and that hurt more than anything because she was supposed to be. She was supposed to be someone who made her proud. The jealousy she felt at this moment wasn’t safe. Brooke recognized something familiar she saw it in all their faces. They noticed she was familiar but couldn’t put their fingers on it. They wouldn’t either because Kendall Braddock was dead and Druscilla Price remained.

“I guess I got one of those faces huh? I’m Dru and the world knows who you are honey! You’re on Victoria Secret and all that stuff. You’re Brooke Kincaid! Hey, I’m Dru and I’m new to The Pub, just happy to be getting these extra hours.” Pulling her raven hair into a ponytail. “Nothing else to drink for you and the prince?” Dru asked leaning on the bar. “One more drink won’t kill you at all. Plus you gotta show off that killer dress!”

“Isn’t it? The designer is right over there her name is Valentina and she is amazeballs. You have to see this back. Do you see this back? Stun.” Brooke said looking at her face. “Did I say something to hurt you?

“No, I’m sorry I was just thrown off you remind me of someone too. My best friend Kendall she was so amazing. She was funny and loved fashion like you. I imagine her to be tall and lean like you. I just see so much of her in you it’s just bringing back all those memories. I’m sorry.” She turned away. “I don’t have much family it’s crappy but she was a best friend and I loved her deeply. Anyway, I’m going to take a break. Can I ask a couple of fashion questions?” Dru said softly. “Everyone is so glamorous here. Where do I go to look fab as you guys without breaking the bank.”

Brooke smiled looking at Dru she was sweet and warm something The Pub needed plus they got rid of that creepy ass bartender. “Rendards is the high class but we have malls honey and trust me with your attitude you’ll meet all the right people. Like me girl, I throw out clothes all the time.” When she felt Val hand tugging her to the dance floor. This was the song they kissed in Barcelona which made her laugh the exact song Atticus came onto her on. “Dru I’ll be back.”

Dru watched as Val pulled Brooke off and her pulse had risen. It wasn’t every fucking day you meet your half-siblings on both sides of your family tree without anyone knowing. They all pissed her off but the girls before her the sister’s she didn’t know, these fucking princesses. They had it all and here she was damn near broke and had nothing. She didn’t have glamorous cupcakes when she first got pregnant. Hell, she was dragged to the abortion clinic by her adoptive mother. She’d be lucky if she got a pop tart. Looking at Dani and Brooke she felt so jealous. One was engaged to a fucking billionaire and the other was a fucking princess. How could she compete? Balling her hands into a fist she could feel her nails breaking skin in the palm of her hand and squeezed tighter. “Rude little bitch.” She mumbled underneath her breath as she looked at Dani and everyone rubbing her belly. Watching Walter kissing Dani’s stomach made her feel like she was going to vomit. When she felt someone touch her shoulder. Dru jumped out of her skin and looked at her.

Tears in her eyes seemed to dry. The resentment she felt for her sisters was equal but this was a different rage. It was something that boiled and festered every time she saw her. Brenda Kincaid the prototype of perfection. Looking at her standing before here in some designer white starched shirt and tight leather knee length skirt. Her fucking shoes must have cost more than every outfit she had her entire life. Anything she had good was stolen and she took a good drink of Brenda in. Her fucking mother was standing right by her and didn’t have a clue. Taking a deep breath all those kiddie dreams of her seeing her and knowing went out of the window immediately. She tapped her shoulder as if she was just the bartender who served her all night. When she opened her hand she felt blood trickling down her hand. She tried to calm herself but the contempt was burning inside of her. This woman was her mother and she didn’t know it. She didn’t know anything because she had no idea what she was going to do to them all.

“Your hand sweetheart,” Brenda said walking over to a booth and handed Dru a napkin. “Hello, I’m sorry this song means something to my daughter and her friends. I don’t know you but you are the bartender right? I know all the bartenders I like a drink every now and then and tonight I guess I need another drink. Your coworker told me to tell you to come back to the bar. Your break is over l think.” She said as she watched the girl focus on her and honestly the look she had on her face alarmed her. This girl was basic as all hell, and she could be like the woman who started the fan club who killed that Spanish pop star. She was so jealous of Brookie and who wouldn’t be? Her daughter was a stunning model and engaged to a prince. Steven would be proud of their girl and how she had finally left that criminal Ronan alone.

“Thanks, I was just going back Paulo has no sense of time,” Dru said walking to the bar slowly. “So what can I get you and my hand. It’s just I get nervous she’s a celebrity you know. Everyone knows her she’s like Gigi and Kendall.” Dru said going to first aid kit and wrapping her hand up.

“Kendall?” Brenda said looking at the girl shocked at what she said.

“Yeah, Kendall Jenner you know the Kardashian sister. Is it some other Kendall I don’t know who is killing it as a model?” Dru asked knowing exactly what buttons she was pressing. “Let me guess vodka, tonic water, with a splash of lime?”

Brenda covered her mouth laughing shaken from hearing her other daughter name at this baby shower. That’s what the private investigator had come up with a name and a general location after she relocated from the south. She would be finding her daughter soon and it wouldn’t be long before she had Walter Fraiser as her love. They’d all be a family and it was just what they needed to reunite them after years of being broken apart. Nodding at the girl she smiled. “You pay attention my dear tell, your mother she did wonderfully.”

“My mother is dead, she died a couple of years ago but I’m sure she can hear you. Sometimes I want to tell her how much of a horrible job she truly did on me. It sucked being raised how I was you know? Being poor isn’t fun and I’m talking seriously tragic poor. I never got a new dress for picture day poor. My style was born out of Goodwill and fabrics I created things with. I mean you have to be creative when you don’t have shit.” She laughed as she made Brenda’s drink and saw her walls lowering. “Oh don’t feel bad for me. I learned what the good shit is and I will have it one day. Am I just waiting for my time you know? I just wish my mother was here to see it when it happens.” Dru poured herself a shot. “Don’t tell my boss alright.”

“Ha, I promise I won’t say a word. More like if I do speak to Lauren Fraiser I’d be getting my ass kicked. Look, honey, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t understand poor. Little do most of my children and friends know I wasn’t the richest thing coming up. Oh, no baby these Louboutins weren’t always on my feet. You know how I got them? I stepped on everyone to get to the top. I mean I worked hard honey but if it was someone in my way kid I stomped over them. It wasn’t anything I wouldn’t have done to get to the top of the food pyramid. My mother wasn’t around for me either much. I have to say that was a crowning motivation for me to stand on my own. I wanted the pretty dresses like that bitch Jackie over there had. I would steal dresses and do some awful things to fit in with them until I was one of them. You remember that huh?” Raising her glass she looked at her. “I wasn’t rich as them but I became one of them.”

Dru raised her glass to Brenda declaring what she already knew. She was ready to step on all of them to get to the top. Did this bitch actually think she was giving someone a pep-talk? It was insane this lush was trying to preach her whorish bible verses at some unknowing girl. She thought she didn’t know what she was about. Brenda Judith Kincaid was born Brenda Judith Thorpe and she had one uncle Nicholas who lived in Hong Kong since the eighties. In high school, she would take Steven Kincaid from Jackie and it would lead to a lifelong mistake. Brenda should have gone after the man who made her happy but she greedily went after the richer man. She wanted the diamonds and the pressure of being one of the people in the mix of the elite blue blood drew her to Steven and away from Walter. Yet she couldn’t get enough of Walter and that’s how she was here. Her greed meant that she was living in a shithole in Georgia and then eventually went through hell her entire life. Having another beloved daughter named Brooke how perfect. Look at her thinking that her greed, vanity, and selfish traits made her better than the next. She wanted to strip her of all that fake beauty and she would. She would be so ugly to so many people when she was done. Her father wasn’t any better marrying his childhood sweetheart Lauren Fraiser when secretly loving Brenda Thorpe all along. She knew her history and it wasn’t a game. They all would pay. They all would suffer underneath her wrath. Especially her perfect sisters. Dani and Brooke would feel her wrath but her brothers weren’t exempt from this either. They all had a perfect life and she was here to tear them apart.

“Well, I should really get back to work,” Dru said as she looked at Brenda. “This was highly informative.” A piece of her wanted to torture her some more. Just seeing her face when she said Kendall name, her old name made her feel good. She wanted to do so much to her. Throttle her by the neck, punch her, scream at her, and declare her spot as a Kincaid or Thorpe family proper. She wanted to tell them all who she was right now but she stopped herself. “I hope you remember that being in those shoes doesn’t mean anything though. You still can get stepped on if you aren’t fast enough or quick enough to block the attack. Louboutins are no good if you are roadkill in them.” Dru walked to the back of the bar to grab some more cups and take a deep breath. She knew she had to get out of here. “Ivy? Can you find Lauren and tell her I need to go. I’m feeling so badly tonight.” Dru said calling out with tears in her eyes.

Dru walked out back of the bar throwing her purse against the trash can. Her face red from fluster. “I hate her!” She screamed kicking the garbage can. Her eyes flustered with tears her chest heaving not breathing she began to punch her fist down on the plastic lids in the dumpsters. Picking up her purse she unzipped it and dug until she found a pack of Marlboro Reds. Pulling out one cigarette she found a lighter. Running her red nails against the spark wheel and an omber blaze glowed against her porcelain skin. Taking a deep inhale she hated smoking but right now it was what calmed her. She had a few more thousand to her name and paid up her rent for a year. Why not have some fun tonight? None of these people would be at Club XES tonight and she needed a break from playing well. Licking her lips she threw the strap of her purse over her shoulder. Dru began to toss her hair throwing down the cig and quickly rubbing her eyes. Popping a mint in her mouth she sucked on it and spat it out before walking back into The Pub.

“Hey, kid Ivy said you aren’t feeling good what’s going on?” Lauren said touching Dru’s normally perfect hair. “You look, flushed honey, what’s wrong.”

“I just got a bad call from home and I just need to get some air Lauren, please.” She said looking at her with her eyes flooded with tears. They weren’t for some call at home, she was home in Atlas Falls among her family. The family that she hated for their perfect lives. For how wonderful and rich everything was. Her fucking father was the mayor of this great damn city. Here she was scraping by just to eat at times. Just to have clothes on her back and this bitch was marrying a billionaire? Having a billionaire baby shower full of billionaire shit. She hated them all. “I just need to leave.”

“Go kiddo, it’s okay and I’ll pay you for tonight.” Lauren leaned in and hugged Dru.

Dru hugged her back but her eyes remained opened because she had to see where the knife would go in her back. Where she would stab the woman so deeply and painfully. Where she could hurt Lauren and everyone else in the Fraiser clan. Where she could decimate the Kincaid’s because they all had to pay. Her life was a piece of shit and her parents didn’t give a damn about her. They gave her up and the adopted ones were no better. The beatings and constant belittlement from that horrible woman. No they all had to pay because she should have had the dysfunctional but lavish life they did. So she’d hurt them all because she was hurt. She’d make them suffer because she did.

“Thank-you Lauren, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Dru walked back outside the back entrance and head to the bus stop. She had a red leather dress that she’d love to wear tonight. Club XES was right off of Scottswood and tonight she felt the need to be free of her good girl image. Finally cutting loose and showing Atlas Falls what’s in store for them all.


Devin sat at his desk arms crossed as he looked at Dani in that chair no cuffs as he stared at his phone waiting for the text message to come from Braden that they had reached a judge to expedite bail or something. He then saw his phone buzz with a text from Merci and quickly replied to her again apologizing for arresting Dani at the party it was his job. The station had been oddly silent when he dragged her in and even the new captain agreed she was not going down to holding instead a very pregnant girl he had known from childhood burned daggers into him across from him in Jon’s seat at his desk. He tapped his foot down on the floor and then jumped as soon as the phone buzzed again as he looked at the text from Braden who had finally got a judge this late at night on a Saturday at home to grant her release and then he realized how in the hell was she going to get home? He looked at her hands there was a small clutch in her hands and her fingers were busy typing on her phone likely getting the same text.

“Do you want me to call someone to come get you? I could take you back to the party if you’d like.” Devin said and then did the wise thing and shut up when she shot daggers at him for even talking to her. It was bad enough her entire visit at the station had been whispers and stares as she sat silently arms crossed glaring at him. He felt bad for arresting her at the party and he would likely never hear the end of it from Merci or Jon or anyone else in that room, on the other hand, they should have been glad it was him that got the stupid ass order opposed to some cop that didn’t know her or the entire Fraiser family from Adam. “Listen if it makes you feel any better call me at any time for sitting or whatever I didn’t want to arrest you there or at all. Personally, that punch you landed on her at the party was deserved and I didn’t know better she did this to retaliate and piss you off even more.”

Dani had sat silently in Jon’s chair and stewed as people gawked sometimes even mouth open while they came in and out people she knew because Jon, Miranda, Devin, and Zach worked there. Hell, every cop in that station knew who her father and her brother were making it even more humiliating. She hadn’t been thinking clearly at the party, no strike that she probably was thinking and when she thought about what that bitch did to her last year anger is what boiled to the surface and she was more than happy to wreck that perfect nose she had in return. Had it of been reckless and childish, hell yes it had been but she considered them even afterward. However, having her arrested at the baby shower was a low period for it and then watching as Brock carried her ass out of the Pub infuriated her to no end. Which was why she had cried in the back of the car with Devin staring at her in the mirror before handing her a tissue, she had managed to get herself together enough once they reached the station and waited with him, until the text came from her brother.

“I don’t exactly have my car now, do I? I would rather die than get in the back of a squad car again where criminals likely have vomited, bleed or pissed themselves. You could have waited till it was over let me guess she showed up personally to make sure you did it though.” Dani asked and then let out a breath at him when he nodded his head. She knew it wasn’t Devin’s fault he was just doing his job but it was on now and she’d rather die than watch that bitch lure Brock into her web. She had gone to say something else only to see Jackson arrive. “Thank god Devin here just said he owes us babysitting for life. Did you get the text from Braden once we pay this ridiculous bond I’m free to go and my checkbook is at home.”

“It’s paid Brock is doing that now.” Jackson snickered looking at her as he touched her face. “You know this is going to be an amazing story to tell the kids when we are old and tired? Mom was arrested on the day of your baby shower.” Trying to make her smile he nodded at Devin. He knew it wasn’t his fault and it wasn’t his play when she got this to happen. The bitch played her cards really well and he knew that Dani wasn’t going to let this go. She was embarrassed that was no doubt and her face said it all. She was out for blood which he hated to see on her face. She didn’t need any more stress. Her pregnancy was high risk enough with her history and twins. He didn’t want anything to happen to her or the babies. Honestly, he was worried about labor because Logan he thought she would be fine. One thing he knew she was going to rip apart Greer as soon as she had the babies. The only thing he could do would be stepping back because Dani was pissed.

“I want this to be a good night alright. We have a lot of things to open and games to play. Everyone is still there and we will have a party. Is that understood? That witch didn’t do anything today but make herself look like a fool. I’m sorry she made today about her and not the babies but right now I’m telling you whatever you want. I will get and we will go back to our baby shower with smiles on our faces. To show that harpy she didn’t do anything but make herself look petty and childish. I assure you that today isn’t about that but we will be able to look back on this in a few years and laugh. We will be able to say our babies baby shower was eventful and special. Our twins came in the badasses they are destined to be. They are our kids Dani strong and defiant so don’t let her win and be defiant with me and let’s go.” Jackson knew Dani had a tendency to let these things sort of weigh her down. “I love you hear me?”

Devin looked at them both and walked away from his desk to answer his phone when Merci called this time deciding to tell her in person that he was coming back to the party, it wasn’t ruined and he’d take her out to some fancy restaurant to make up for it. Plus he felt that the couple needed their space.

“It’s still a good night I’m just embarrassed Jackson these people know most of my entire family not to mention my friends. I was so angry at her at the party and maybe I shouldn’t have hit her but she had no right to leak those records last year.” Dani said looking at him and taking his hand when he helped her up and she looked at her cousin when he finally joined them. “I’m surprised you could pry yourself away from the bitch that did this.”

Brock looked at her and knew it wasn’t worth it to fight with her when she was upset and he shoved his hands in his pockets while he looked at his cousin. He had no idea that Greer would do that at the shower, he didn’t even remember mentioning it to her in the small amounts of texting that he had done. Maybe he did but even then he didn’t think she would have told him if she was planning it. He had paid the bond when he filled out the check at the front desk wondering just how much was in the account, to begin with, but knew it wasn’t polite to ask. Yvonne Watson had grilled him about it mentioning that dating the woman that was after your family was not a good move, as one of the only firefighters in his crew he knew this was not going to blow over anytime soon. He looked at Jackson and then smiled at his cousin.

“I’m not going to argue with you right now when you’re hormonal and unreasonable. Do you really think I would have let her embarrass you and the entire family like that if she told me what she was going to do? We’ve just been talking Dani nothing more and nothing less.” He said shrugging his shoulders at her. He had meant it when he had talked to Kelsey earlier he was not going to put any more additional stress on his cousin right now, it was crunch time according to Kelsey even if things were going well. He’d seen enough preterm babies arrive in tragic outcomes and wouldn’t wish that on anyone. “You both ready I know everyone is waiting back at the pub.”

“So don’t be mad at him, he literally threw her out.” Jackson nodded watching Brock Jedi mind trick Dani because she honestly didn’t look mad at him. That was amazing those Fraiser men would have to teach him the way of calming a Fraiser woman down. He was doing a good job but that honestly was a work of art seeing him do that. “Look what do you want to go back to the baby shower? Name it baby and we’ll get it before you go back into The Pub? Huh? Come on I know my children got you craving something. You know me it’s easy to tag along and eat all the great stuff you want. Come on you haven’t eaten since earlier. What do you want I’ll order now and you can have it.” Jackson leaned against Jon’s desk. “Ice Cream you always want that ice cream. You punched that bitch and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Greer is a monster and I’m sorry she used your anger against us all today.”


Dani found it irritating that Brock was right she was upset that much was very clear and it had already been a trying evening in which she didn’t want to spoil it further. When Jackson mentioned wanting to feed her she was guilty as charged her cravings were off the wall sometimes with food but the main one being that lovely custard from downtown and he looked at the clock they were still open. She brushed past her cousin as she let the driver know where they were going seeing Jackson smirk at her and Brock grinning. Once they arrived and walked into the shop she ordered her favorite the turtle sundae and then went outside to sit on the bench they had to eat it. She took a bite, making sure that spoon stayed in her mouth as she watched Jackson eyeing her two could play at his little game from earlier. Only to stop when she noticed Forbes Montgomery approaching them with some blond girl who looked old enough to be his kid, gross if he was banging her.

Brock had no idea what to expect when they landed at a taste of Custard and he watched his cousin order and then watched as she and Jackson dug into it together. He watched them look each other up and down, watching Jackson watch her suck on the spoon and then that made him feel like a creeper, he knew how babies were created but there were certain things that one didn’t need to know about their family and he couldn’t help the smile. Sometimes bad was good apparently points for Kelsey for calling that. He had stuck with banana creme and sent out a text to his aunt to let them all know there was a delay due to a craving. He then texted his sister to tell her that they would talk about Greer later that week sometime. He felt bad for Kelsey she was always giving her heart to these girls and they all kept pushing her away or using her and his heart broke for her every time. His sister was smart, funny and gorgeous not to mention a soon to be doctor what was there not to love about her or find endearing enough to want to be with her? They had all been enjoying the treat only he saw his cousin’s eyes narrow at Forbes and he almost choked on his ice cream, Dracula was out among the living and at a custard place nonetheless.

“Interesting I heard the prized new addition of the Devonshire’s were having a baby shower tonight. That is mighty interesting indeed to see you here. But birdies talk and the beautiful pregnant Madonna Danielle you were arrested tonight.” Forbes sneered feeling a sick satisfaction. Greer that child of Pierre had balls and she was also immediately an asset because the Devonshire’s detested her. “Oh, Dani this is going to be all over when my daughter and everyone else in the country gets ahold of this. The pregnant fiance of billionaire scion arrested at her very own baby shower. You can’t make this up. However, it’s unfortunate that you bred with such low stock. Your children are bound to come out with something wrong with them. Jackson with all the drugs and you with all the pain. It’s clear you are twisted, Danielle all dark and twisted up with a lot of daddy issues to bear the fruit of the loin of a junkie. My dear, you are pathetic and those twins will not have a day of happiness when they figure out how disgusting their parents truly are. The agony and torment that must come with the impending date of those two birth. Knowing that you will fail them so utterly it must ache doesn’t it?”

Forbes said as he stepped back and saw Belle’s face. She wasn’t ready to see him like this, her godfather who she had been bonding with. She wasn’t so bad the girl was whip-smart and honestly had the potential to be quite the threat to everyone. Something he always admired about Lowell that he couldn’t do was fake it. Lowell poker face was amazing and Belle’s was also but right now she should fold because she was shocked. Well they all were and that’s what he loved. “I think you’ve already paid for your ice-cream so I can’t give you my love with that. How about this congratulation on your impending doom. By breeding with a Devonshire you have just danced with the devil. I’m going to burn your souls eternally and I’m going to take everything from you all including those babies. They can wither up and die inside of there all I care because they carry the Devonshire blood. You understand that by having those children I will have to wipe them from the face of Atlas Falls right along with his worthless ass. I curse you to know that I’m coming for all things Devonshire. Your energy division I’m going enjoy gobbling it up, Chauncey I’m going to decimate that weakling, Bliss isn’t a threat she gets beaten nothing weaker than a woman like that, Max is spareable but she’ll go down with the ship, and Rory that boy doesn’t know up from down. I’m going to get you all one by one and then Lowell. But I’m sorry that your babies will be part of the storm Dani. I didn’t save your life all those ago for you to be such a disappointment.” Forbes breathed and saw Jackson chest puffing. He, however, was focused on Belle and a fatal flaw he just made. He showed his hand far too soon in a fit of satisfaction and gloating.

Jackson had never heard something so evil. He couldn’t believe all the horrible things he said and it felt like he had no choice but to defend his family. How dare this man wish ill on his children, to tell Dani she was a disappointment, and even declare war on his siblings. He pushed Dani behind him and Brock and before his cousin-in-law could grab him he swiftly charged Forbes Montgomery. Honestly, he couldn’t believe he was doing this but he didn’t want a drug. He wanted to prove them all wrong. The voices in his own head and unfortunately Forbes added a new one. However, he wasn’t going to let his battle cry be unheard and if he wanted war here it was. Jackson drew back and punched Forbes directly into the face. Then kicked him swiftly into a table. Watching Forbes body crumble on the floor gave him a bloodlust. Jackson wanted to see this motherfucker bleed. He was in a blind rage and he didn’t feel like stopping after a punch. He heard Brock rushing toward him. Knowing he only had a few more moments before he was in the arms of a fireman with unlimited strength. He was about to start stomping when the blonde girl jumped in front of him.

Belle had watched the entire damn ordeal and was instantly alarmed by her damn godfathers’ dark speech. This very pregnant woman who was carrying her nieces or nephews. That was alarming because he said he brought her here to keep her out of the impending war for her. He told her that her mother Tess would be after her to get back at Lowell and Lowell would use her as a new accessory. He hated the Devonshire’s and she knew that but seeing how scorned he was by her new family. Well, that meant he deep down felt like that about her. However, she wasn’t going to let Jackson just stomp or beat him to a pulp. Honestly, he deserved both licks but he clearly had enough. Watching Jackson unleash however shocked her. Her new brother wasn’t a pushover and he also was protective. Seeing this made her wonder how he would treat her if he knew the truth.

“I bloody well believe that’s enough. I do understand however because he was inexcusably nasty. I apologize to you both on behalf of Mr. Montgomery.” Belle saw the other man grabbing Jackson and holding him back. “I do think that you need to get up right now and take me to the mansion. I refuse to be out here now when you’ve made a mockery of not only me but everyone. I hate public scenes and this was one of the nastiest ones I’ve seen. Honestly couldn’t you just ignore them like a normal person would? Get up I don’t want ice cream! I want to go now!” She screamed at him furious and embarrassed honestly. Belle paused looking at Jackson and Dani. She wanted to say it but for once in her life, she felt lost for words. What did she say to that? Hello, I’m your other long lost sister. Belle looked at Dani then at Jackson once more. “I do apologize for his harsh words again.”

Brock had wanted to punch Forbes in the face but he didn’t have a chance before Jackson jumped to action placing him and his cousin behind him. Sure his family had reservations with Jackson and his entire past but he did believe that men should be honorable and he certainly was when it came to his cousin. He didn’t even have time to react before Jackson had barged in and attacked. He would have done it first and instead jumped in to hold Jackson back from beating Forbes to a bloody pulp and he looked at his cousin trying to hold all her anger in. He thought about the stress it was causing and knew they just needed to leave to avoid it. “You’re a despicable human being and you ever come at my cousin again I’ll guarantee you that when someone burns your house down I’ll make sure no one answers the call.”

Dani was in shock was the best way to describe it who went off on someone like that especially when they were pregnant. She knew Forbes was a monster but she never believed he was fully evil until that moment but he had also pulled her from the accident after all.  She was so sick to her stomach as he spoke and it was infuriating after the day she had had. Who wished unborn children dead and she could feel her entire body shaking with rage at Forbes she didn’t have the chance to retaliate before Jackson’s own anger had taken over and Forbes was flying to the ground and a table. She wanted him to beat bloody and if it was Jackson’s hands so be it, she watched him almost do it only for the blonde girl with Forbes to stand between them and apologize. She latched onto Jackson’s arm holding him back for good measure and to calm him down. “Please let’s go back to the shower it’s only words we know not to be true about either one of us. He’ll end up sad and miserable like he is on his way to doing already Cassie wants nothing to do with him the rest will follow.”

Jackson body eased as he looked at Dani scared expression. He was a hot head and to be honest he was going to hurt him. He wanted to hurt Forbes and knew that he would have if that girl didn’t stop him. Looking at her he shook his head. “I don’t know who you are but get away from this man. He means no good to anyone he comes in contact with. Understand that he’s a monster and all he wants is something from you. Trust your gut and if you feel like he’s pure evil then you should run away.” With that Jackson turned away and grabbed Dani hand. Turning his neck he looked back and Forbes. “We will not fall ever at your hands. DGI will always trump MontCorp because you desperately want to be us.”


Lauren sat with Ophelia who was beaming on the front that her son had truly transformed from last year. It was sad that Jamal was so lost last year but this time it seemed he was truly doing better. It was good to hear that and when Ophelia came to her about David she laughed. It wasn’t many times your ex-lover tries to find you a new lover. Only in Atlas Falls honestly but Ophelia and David were over and she seemed like she was going back to Tony. Which shocked her because he was so ugly to Mason and everyone knew. Well, honestly she heard all about Ophelia standing up to Tony bigotry and homophobia. At the end of the day if Braden or Dani turned out to be gay she wouldn’t care because she loved them. She honestly wished for these issues with Victoria she wondered what she’d be like. Snapping back into reality she looked at Ophelia and smirked. “Okay I can help and I know just the person. She’s nursing a hurt heart because he wasn’t what she thought. But I think she open to something safe and not painful.”

She looked over at Talia laughing with Max and Bliss smirking. “She’s fun and fresh not only that Ophelia she’s extremely loyal. She has a big heart and is spunky as hell. She also will make the youngest ever chief of staff act more like a thirty-something than a damn old man. I think she could be just the thing to shake him off of Tamara and her off of Zerick. What do you think lady Ophelia you know him very well and he’s a dear friend. I know him but not like you do so could the stunning Talia be the type of girl that he wants?” Lauren said taking a swig of the Fraiser brew. “My baby is almost back and I want her to have a ball so make this fast.”

Ophelia had appreciated the invite to the shower and she took it as a meaningful and warm gesture from the couple that she was helping to deliver two healthy babies too. Despite a lot of precautions the pregnancy so far had been a breeze and everything she had done from the travel restrictions and the steroid shots were precautionary. Multiples often came early and it was better to be prepared than dealing with two sick newborns due to not paying attention. When Lauren approached her about Talia she nodded her head at her, she was a sweet girl and she knew that David was lonely. Tamara relapsing had done a number on him and put a huge strain on his relationship with the Fraiser’s especially Braden despite them knowing each other in college and being roommates and friends. She and David had an affair one that was misguided but in the storm of that they had become very good friends and she wanted them to be happy and start acting like the brilliant doctor he was in his thirties and not an old retired man he had regulated himself too. She had to let out a laugh at Lauren who she could tell was beyond excited for the twins and honestly, Lauren looked happy she supposed kicking your unable to keep it in his pants ex-husband to the curb did that to you.

“I say let’s do this then they ran into each other after Tamara was brought in and I swore from talking to him there were sparks you know? Or maybe that was him attempting to move on from the hurt but you and I both know that Tamara was not right for him in that way. He needs someone with spunk that can bring him to life.” Ophelia said taking a sip of her champagne and then nodding her head at Lauren as she looked around the pub for their other target. They needed a game plan as she watched Talia move to the dance floor with the other girls that where when it came to her Lauren could go make sure Talia stayed on the floor and she would pull David away with medical talk to lure him to Talia on the floor. “Game plan is this you go join those other ladies on the floor keep Talia there. I can drag David away with some hospital business towards the floor and we make sure they bump into each other. That way they are forced at the very least to dance to a song and maybe we can get a date out of it what do you say?”

“Sounds like a plan and good one on the fly. This isn’t my first time playing matchmaker let’s go make a match.” Lauren nodded as she walked on the dance floor and spun around in her best Stevie Nicks impression. She twirled her shawl around and ended up right by Talia. When she stopped spinning she laughed and grabbed Talia and started to dance with the young woman. She was absolutely stunning her skin and those exotic features. She looked so beautiful in the white flowing dress she was wearing. An Asian timeless beauty which was literally Talia. As she looked at her glossy eyes she began to laugh.

“How many drinks have you had? You haven’t been to many Irish events we always have open bars. It’s a tradition in my family and I absolutely love it. The trick is to know your limit or else you will be trashed. You aren’t trashed are you honey?” Lauren asked laughing as she felt Talia holding onto her.

“No I’m a big girl, I’m the one who drank Dani’s ass under a table. I’m just tipsy and having a ball, unfortunately, my bestie isn’t here. They got my girl locked up they won’t let her out. Omg, what if she like turns into Piper from Orange? That would be devastating if she comes out with tattoos and all hard and thugged out. That would be crazy right? You can so agree with me about this though men are shit. I mean I’m tempted to go make out with Kelsey but I love penis too much for that. So that doesn’t work for me. Like but Zerick is so annoying he’s all I’m mysterious, and I’m like hey I’m sexy, crazy, cool over here. Then he said my boss raped his mom! Like Lowell isn’t an evil guy, I mean he’s badass but not evil. It’s so stupid. Like I mean this is so stupid you know? I gave up the nookie and he is a jerk. Like I did expose him for the liar he was but he deserved he was working with that Greer bitch and I’m like ugh. She’s so Marilyn Monroe meets bitch you just want to punch you know?” Talia said laughing as she looked at Lauren.

“What’s up, Lauren? You have a suspicious look in your eyes. I don’t like it. When you get that look me and Dani usually run for cover.” She danced spinning to Spice Girls “Alright what is it you at the canary now spill.”

Lauren quickly spun Talia around looking for Ophelia and David. “It’s nothing honey, just a fun dance.”

Ophelia had drug David away from the cupcake table insisting that as the head of pediatrics she needed to go over some new information with him. He had agreed and then she knew he was onto her when the only thing she could ask about was bringing in a few more nurses if the budget allowed. She was able to save face as she moved him through the crowd of music insisting that they go to a quieter part of the party. She smiled at Tony through the crowd hoping that he was not getting the wrong idea and if he was he would see what she was doing as soon as they reached Lauren. David worked too much in her opinion and when KC died he had latched onto an affair with her and she would forever feel guilty for that, it destroyed her marriage and in turn while David was an excellent lover she wasn’t in love with him. She had been lonely and Selina was causing so many problems at the time that it was ripping her and Tony apart and she had faltered. She did still want him to be happy and when she finally met Lauren with Talia on the dance floor she could tell he was amused and annoyed at the same time.

“Lauren I am so glad we ran into you!” Ophelia said acting excited to see her and Talia and wondering if Talia was suspecting anything she did look like she had a few drinks. This was the perfect opportunity for David to show his David ways with chivalry and all that jazz. She turned to him narrowing her eyes for him to play along and then turned back to Talia. “I was hoping to talk to you about throwing Tony a surprise party here a good change of scenery from La Callie and then guess who I bumped into. David, Talia Rose you remember her right Lowell’s former assistant and I believe you met her with she and Braden went on that date here last year too. You two should chat for a bit.”

David had been talking to Lowell about his treatment plan, his gift had been blankets that his mother had quilted for the twins the same thing she did for Quinn and Dylan. He had spent his entire evening with Miranda and Quinn and he could tell something was bothering her not to mention Jon was avoiding him too. He wondered if it was because Jon felt guilty for Ronan being out he understood the legal system and he would wait it out eventually he would pay for murdering his brother. He had walked with Ophelia as she talked about the nursing shortage in the pediatrics wing and agreed with her that something should be done if budget allowed and then he was walking towards Lauren and Talia and he knew what was going on. They were trying to set him up the sneaky women they were, while he had an affair with Ophelia and he knew Lauren like his second mother since college he was still an adult that could snag a woman. He had actually thought about asking Talia out over the summer but then he knew she got involved with that Zerick guy so instead he spent his time in his mother’s words roaming the streets. Well not literally but still it did feel like that ever since Tamara there had been someone night stands and questionable choices in women.

“Hey, Talia. Don’t mind us, by all means, go ahead and discuss what you two needed about that party. I hear the guests of honor are on their way back.” David said looking at them both as he held his beer in his hands wondering what was going on through Talia’s own head and he wondered if she was drunk or not. Clearly, she was buzzed he had heard her on the way through the crowd and he found it super cute that she rambled and spilled secrets she probably shouldn’t when she took in her liquor. “I do remember her Lowell’s assistant and now making a name for herself and her amazing education by working public relations for DGI now. Not to mention she was able to go toe to toe with Tamara I like that in a woman spunk as everyone would call it. Plus I remember when you arrived to support Lowell at his appointment and the compassion you showed to Tamara in her time of need.” He said smoothly as he took a sip of his beer this was awkward watching them both look at them to do something with Talia. “You want to dance?”

“I was just dancing but a big old strapping man like yourself and me? I’m down it’s better than dancing with brunette Stevie Nicks.” She saw Lauren shocked face when she teased her for her old dance moves. This is why Lauren had that look on her face she was plotting and scheming. Well one thing she knew was Lauren wasn’t a good liar but she did well at this point. Taking his hand she went to the middle floor. “I guess I understand why they are doing it. Nobody wants me with Zerick hell I don’t want to be with Zerick. I’m a happy person honestly David. He’s just too dark and broody. I swear in preschool they pulled him to the side and said this is how you look evil and bad. Haven’t you had someone stable since Tamara right? Well, I think that the old bitties might be onto something. I always thought that doctors were fascinating and sometimes I wonder do you guys feel like God saving everyone? Or is it like it is on Grey’s and all of you are boinking each other? You have to be like a superstar in the medical field like you are young and chief of staff. That’s amazing feet but yeah I’m a little buzzed. But it’s nothing I can shake off with a good dance partner.” Talia said smirking as the music changed to Pink’s ‘Get The Party Started’. She slowly started to wind up until she was spinning and dancing all over David giggling all the way.

She saw a small crowd along with Lauren and Ophelia clapping along. Tony approached her and laughed as he even started clapping. David impressed her keeping up in college she’d stay on the dance floor all night. It was a nonstop dance party which she loved. “So tell me David are you open to going on a real date? And not be surrounded by baby decor?”

David grinned at her as he began to dance to the music no doubt that he probably looked like someone that should sit their butt down. But it was fun and he needed that at the end of the day to be honest and he could tell that Ophelia and Lauren had set this up perfectly for him and Talia to meet and greet each other and maybe put some of the awkwardness away from them both. He knew that Braden had taken her out once but he had assured him that he was in the clear with Talia to date her. He had always had his sights on Selina and Tamara, which he had felt bad for Talia when Braden said that. No one liked to be the odd one out and in some ways, both he and Talia were just that. He didn’t know Zerick personally but he had heard the stories and read some of the news articles it sounded like the man was unhinged not to mention the accusations he was spouting about Lowell and Jackie’s sister.

“I had Tamara for a while but deep down I knew Talia she was with me to settle because she couldn’t have Braden. I’m happy that she is clean and on the straight and narrow again but I am glad to be rid of the drama that came with that you know? As for you honestly I wanted to ask you out at the hospital when you came in earlier this summer but it hardly seemed like the best time to do that.” He said and he saw sneaky Ophelia go to the old jukebox and an old slow song came on and people began to separate and he pulled Talia too him. Most everyone at the party seemed to like the idea of them together and he didn’t know maybe she could be the one that broke barriers with him and he could be happy too. “The decorations aren’t too bad honestly I’m really happy for them and their pending children. I know you’re happy for them too. Now onto that date, Talia tell me your ideal one away from baby decorations and silly games. Who knows you tell me I may have to fulfill it and make sure you are never in the shadows again.”

“I love the decorations but not exactly my idea of the perfect date. My perfect date is simple, a park picnic and we go to a concert jazz preferably. Afterward, we walk through the park and end up at the fountain where the most perfect kiss happens. Then you take me home and before you’ve even left you’re asking me out on another date. Or you can just take me to Renards and let me go crazy with a doctor’s credit card.” Talia teased seeing his eyes growing big. She laughed playfully. Crossing her arms around her neck she stepped closer for the slow dance. “I’m happy for them but jealous also. I always thought I’d be the first one married. Here Dani is engaged and having kids. Simon was a whore always in college and out but I was supposed to be the first one. You know the irony she used to say she’d never get married and here she is knocked up and engaged. When all I want is a cute little baby and a handsome husband. Is that so hard? I seem to pick the men that aren’t available at all mentally or emotionally so if Lauren and Ophelia think we might be a match, then I see no problem exploring that.”

She saw him smiling as she looked into his eyes. “So what about you by the time that first date is over it’s on me to make your date perfect! What would you suggest we do on our second date?” Talia thought it was really cute they were planning their dates, of course, she was having fun imagining what he’d be up too. “Doc, tell me what is your perfect date with me like? Are we on the beach? Skiing at Lake Everest Ski-Resort? Or are we going to New York? OMG, I love New York. All the stores are beautiful. Like so stunning and I’m like yes this is where I belong in New York. OMG, we are going to New York for a road trip? Scratch my first idea New York so if we don’t work out you can help me shop at least.” Talia saw his smile when she teased him. “I breathe and drink couture by the way. If you don’t understand fashion you don’t understand me.”

“I like a simple park, picnic and jazz music. Not saying that is boring or anything by any means, in fact, I think that is the best way to get to know someone without the loudness around you. Allows you to really dig in and decide what is best for two people getting to know each other. Tamara and I just jumped in she liked to go out and party and I went along with it.” David said as they moved to the beat of the music slowly and he realized he was talking about Tamara when he should have been talking to Talia. It was interesting to hear about Simon and Dani and how those friendships played a role in her life, Simon, he got the man was out and proud. Dani from the little he knew from being around her and everything knew she was going to marry Lex out of obligation not love and he supposed that was the difference. “I think men that used you before like Zerick and the other one, according to rumor weren’t the right person for you.”

“I’m not saying I’m perfect by any means I made a huge mistake when I first came out of residency with Ophelia and ruined her life, looking back even if that marriage was falling apart I never should have acted on it. I want you to know that upfront I learned from my mistakes with her and while we’re good friends we haven’t been like that in years.” He said wanting to make sure she understood that rumors were that at the hospital if she heard them. He had heard whispers about her and a married man and while knew others judged her for it behind her back especially as one of the nurses she went to school with he never did. He had assumed she made a mistake like he had, nothing more and nothing less. “Perfect date with you? Let’s see maybe a weekend trip to New York to see the sights catch an off cool play that is hip. Dinner and fine dining, we’d stay overnight of course maybe even share a room and I wouldn’t let you go home till you agreed to another date like that picnic you wanted. I can stand shopping I probably won’t know what you are buying but I can learn especially when it comes to getting to know what you love.”

When he said yes to the New York trip for the first time Talia felt something that was simple. It wasn’t complex as Zerick and it was sweet. For once she might have to hug Lauren and not scream at her. Over the summer she tried to set her up with Brock which was an utter failure. They laughed and joked through the date eventually seeing that they were good friends. When he brought up the past with Ophelia she saw her dancing with Tony. So she was absolutely sure they weren’t together and who was she to judge his mistake? Did she make plenty of her own Anderson Kincaid anyone? Brenda still gave her dirty looks because she almost ruined his perfect marriage, either way, she wasn’t in the mood to be that girl again. Hell, it wasn’t in her to be secondary. Nodding her head she bit down on her lip. Touching the stubble on his chin she smirked. “I would love to see Mean Girls in NYC because honestly, that’s my favorite. David like why are you so obsessed with me?” Seeing him laugh she did the same.

“This is easy and I’m not used to that but I could get used to it.” Biting down on her bottom lip she knew that she was going to thank both Ophelia and Lauren. “So I have a weekend free next week. If you would like I would love to go to that hip musical ie Mean girls. I would love to shop and I can totally teach you all the labels to know. I would love to already agree to a second date. You see you have already asked. So I accept already because I see some potential in you, Rhodes. A lot of potential kid you are going somewhere. Right beside me and no Mr. Rhodes, we won’t be sharing a room. I’m not that easy but you’ll figure that out.” As the lights glowed different colors on his face. He was so handsome and to make matters better he wasn’t twisted up in pain. “I think I could get used to this.”


Simon had left the party as soon as he could to just drive for what seemed like hours in reality it wasn’t that much time but he had driven through the upper crest where he was born and raised all the way back down to Scottswood and back to a little apartment complex that had been cleaned up but was still on the edge. This time stopping outside of the apartment complex, the address he had gotten from DGI records under Jamal’s label. Zach had known what buttons to push and this was one of them so what Ivan had a mean streak so did he just went about it in a more dignified way than Ivan did. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and took out his wallet making sure he had protection just in case things went the way he hoped they would. Once he knew he was good to go he exited out of his Maybach locking the doors behind him and walking up to the building and going inside. It was clean so that was a plus and whoever had done the renovations had done a good job and he took the elevator up to the floor and then walked down the hallway and knocked on the apartment number.

He heard footsteps on the other side of the door and was happy that someone was home according to him Ivan lived alone and as much of a front as he put on he knew there was no woman there. Once the door flung open he leaned against the door jamb staring at the half-naked man around him that towel placed perfectly on his hips. He felt himself getting around and made sure to shift his legs so that Ivan got the full idea and the view in his own pants his eyes traveled down from his eyes to his chest and he stopped at the towel gently lifting it to the side to see Ivan reacting to him..”So are you going to invite me in or are we going to do this in the hallway where someone can see? Not that I mind I’ve had it in the back of alleys when I want it.”

Water glistened off of Ivan’s bronze body as he smiled at Simon’s boldness. Shorty was wild and he liked that. He was saucy and he did make his dick hard. Looking at him biting his lip Ivan moved aside and closed the door. The husky voice of Erykah Badu echoed through his fully furnished apartment. Jamal had done his thing getting him out of Scottswood he’d be even experimenting with his rap style. Peace of mind did something for the creative mind. This was the first time he had anyone over. Hell, not even some bitch who sucked his dick. Walking to the bar he picked up the bottle of Hennessy letting his hands run down his smooth Cesar cut. Looking at him in the eyes he sat on a barstool letting him see his heavy nine inches. Licking his lips he took a deep swig of his bottle.

“I got rules shorty and I think you don’t play by the rules. Number one, no lovey-dovey shit in public, if you see me with a bitch you can’t be mad because you knew what was up from the beginning. Number two, you deny until you die because I don’t let my business get out there. Shit, we all know faggots talk but I’m known to be no punk and I won’t be one. So if somehow this shit gets out then you deny or you could end up dead or worse. The final rule is simple I’m the only motherfucker that gets that chulo. No other amigos because I’m the only Papi pinga that can be getting up in them cakes. Oh and one more thing, I’m a strict top.” Ivan took another gulp of his Hennessy and placed it on the counter and removed his towel. “Now here I was thinking you were the pizza man. But it looks like I got dessert.” Biting his lip he smiled looking at Simon. “So do you agree or am I standing here like this for nothing?” Grabbing his thickness he shook it to emphasize how ready he truly was.

Simon had gone into the apartment taking in the furnishings and wondered if Ivan knew exactly how much money the furniture alone was worth. Jamal didn’t just get him nice digs he had spent a nice amount of cash on the furnishings too. The amount of money spent on that rug alone was probably an entire months salary he got paid at DGI and he was paid handsomely. He listened to Ivan’s speech about all the things he would require from him and honestly wondered why he was so scared to be gay and a rapper or hip-hop artist, Atlas Falls was pretty liberal there were more conservative parts of the city but who one slept with wasn’t really anyone else’s business. He walked slowly to the stool leaning in to get the cologne in his nostrils as his hand traveled up Ivan’s thighs and he saw him shiver or tense and leaned into his ear. “Just relax no one can see us,” Simon whispered as his hand worked his way up to that massive thick dick and he took it in his hands.

He gently wrapped his fingers around his cock and tugged gently while his lips moved on Ivan’s neck he had wanted to this from the moment they met at the club but Ivan had been too scared. He increased his tempo just slightly as he felt Ivan reaching for his belt loop and shifted just slightly to not allow him too. His lips worked his way to his ear and he leaned in. “Not so fast you see I don’t play little games. I don’t fuck around on someone I’m fucking I don’t really care what you do on stage or in the studio. You start eating and fucking pussy though boy we’re going to have a problem do you understand me?” Simon said pulling a little harder feeling Ivan jerk and then he looked into Ivan’s eyes. “I can concede to bottoming for now.” He finished before running his lips on his neck stopping at his nipples and then lowering his mouth over his hard cock as his knees hit the hardwood floor.

“That’s right.” Ivan moaned as he ran his hand through Simon’s thick blonde hair. He loved the sound of someone slurping on his hardness. He didn’t have to have a bitch in his real life just in public because honestly, he didn’t want anybody assuming shit about him. He was about to enter the world of hip-hop and honestly, the game was respectful of homosexuals. Just google last gay and hip-hop and all the homophobic shit came up. That’s why he’d never come out because they used that shit against you. Somehow he was less of a man because he loved to fuck men. Nah he was all man and he was about to have Simon face down and ass up. The positions he was about to have him in that was all he could think about. Ivan let out a hiss as he watched him gobble up his dick. Damn, he was a savage on sucking dick a straight professional because he was better than any dude or bitch he’d had. He’d let quite a few people taste the pinga and tonight he was happy Simon was on his knees blessing the God.

He grabbed his head and made him deep throat his entire piece. Holding it there for a few seconds he saw Simon was hanging on. He wasn’t pushing away he was relaxed his fucking throat was relaxed. That shit turned him on, even more, he wasn’t dealing with a rookie. This motherfucker was a soldier and that turned him on. Pulling his head back he stood Simon up and tongue kissed him. “I like tasting my own juice.” Turning him around he bent his back then bent down and stuck his entire head between, Simon ass. He started to slurp and eat his ass like groceries. Biting his ass cheeks and sucking hickies on each cheek before he buried his head inside of his ass. “Say my name!” Ivan sucked on his right cheek as he stuck his tongue back into his hot rosebud. “Say it, Simon!” He wanted him begging for the dick but first, he had to get that hole loose and wet.

There was something definitely erotic about giving good head and he didn’t do it for every man in his bed or life but he could sway both ways when he wanted something and he wanted Ivan for some unknown reason. So instead he latched onto Ivan’s ass placing it firmly in his hands and sucked and swirled on him like no other. He watched through heavy lids as Ivan’s face contorted back and forth with every single stroke and he couldn’t help himself and he felt himself aching and throbbing through his own pants. He relaxed his jaw when Ivan pressed his head down an old trick and one that he had gotten better at over the years and he felt his cock hitting the back of his throat by the time Ivan stopped him he could taste the precum in his mouth and then returned Ivan’s kiss with his own. Their tongues swirling as he worked to discard his pants and then was put to the torture of Ivan’s mouth on him.

Being bent over wasn’t a new experience for him but it was the raw passion that Ivan did it with that was such a turn on for him, he’d seen that in the studio when he was denying who he was. He knew better and this proved it and his hands fisted the granite counter in front of him as Ivan’s tongue worked around his body and he felt himself loosening up and relaxing. When Ivan asked him to say his name he complied. “Ivan fuck.” He purred out as he felt himself growing more and more erect to the point it hurt his hand left the counter to tangle in Ivan’s hair urging him on he heard his phone ringing likely asking where he was for the party. He ignored it keeping his hand fisted around the base of Ivan’s neck while his breathing became labored and he gently pulled Ivan’s mouth back. “I have a rubber in my pocket are you going to use it finally big man or just play fucking games all night.”

Stand up towering over this little crazy ass white boy. He had a nice little bubble ass and his hair was perfect for pulling. He was going to dick him down and he couldn’t wait. Ivan grabbed Simon’s pants and smirked widely. At least he knew he was coming to get some good dick, the golden wrapper let him know. So he thought he was bad huh? He thought he was going to come into his house and put it down. No Simon you weren’t about to be loved, he was about to be fucked like no other. “Don’t be running from the dick either. You wanted it and came over here for it. Stay in that position don’t move either.” Ivan walked to the Mac desktop computer where he had the lube sat. Ivan ripped open the condom with his teeth and rolled it on his rock hard nine inches. Biting his lip he grinded up on Simon and kissed his neck. “Estoy a punto de complacerte. ¿Estás listo para este pinga?”

Squeezing the ice cold lube in between his ass cheeks. Slipping his finger inside of the slippery wetness. He spat to get it even moister. Positioning himself directly behind Simon he teased him just pushing his head inside his warm ass, swiftly pulling out and repeating. As he grabbed ahold of Simon’s hips he pushed himself inside of Simon inch by inch until he filled him with his cock. He felt Simon tightness on his dick and he hadn’t been fucked in a long time. It was so tight and wet. Ivan knew he had found a winner immediately because the ass was on fire. He started slowly not wanting to have him running up a wall. He felt Simon pulling away though Ivan grinned. Grabbing him by his hair pulling his head back he started to long dick him. “Don’t run now. You came over here for the dick right?” As he started to pound his tight ass. “Fuck this shit good.”

Simon looked back over his shoulder enjoying the view as Ivan had reached down to grab the condom from the pocket honestly that was one of his only rules when it came to fucking. They had to use something and he was firm on that. He didn’t know what he would have done if Ivan was not alright with that and thankfully he didn’t have to find out as he saw him rip open the condom and then grab some lube that was nearby. He folded his hands on the couch in front of him annoyed that it was taking so long anticipating what was going to happen next and then he felt the cool gel on his ass and closed his eyes ready for that moment. He’d taken Spanish thank god and was fairly fluent, and nodded his head at Ivan his body burning and aching as he felt him slide against his skin. Yes, he was ready to be pleased. He felt the finger slide in and arched backward to greet it gritting his teeth and then felt him put his head in.

He couldn’t help the moan that came out at the action, his ass clenching wanting him to shove it in and get the show started. He knew better though that Ivan would take his time it was better that way and he let out a pant at the repeated action. He pulled forward a bit to reposition himself and felt Ivan tug him backward, another secret Ivan was giving away. He liked intimacy even though he insisted that he didn’t. He shook his head yes he had come here for this and let out another moan when he slid all the way inside and he gripped the couch for support at how good it felt. “Fuck.” Simon moaned out as he felt him gliding in and out of him and he felt his body relax and pushed back as hard as he could, yes he felt amazing he’d taken big before but he wondered at that moment if Ivan was the biggest, his right hand went to his own cock grabbing it and moving it along with Ivan’s thrusts seeing the other man look at him clearly turned on. “Give it to me Ivan.”

Ivan’s eyes were rolling in the back of his head. He couldn’t believe his luck. Shit the last dude he wasn’t this tight and Simon was perfectly rosebud winking at him. He could tell because he wasn’t used to not being in control. For him not to be a bottom he was throwing that ass like a pro. Then for some reason, he slowed down he normally would be thrusting until he heard them bust and he did the same. However, he was savoring this ass. It was good and sometimes you wanted loose but right now he was in heaven. The tension of his ass squeezing against his powerful thrusts made him near his peak. Seeing Simon stroking his dick he removed his hand and started to stroke it for him. Then is pace picked up he felt the precum oozing on his fingers. Simon was near his peak. He also knew that he was tapping his G-spot.

Ivan pulled out and flipped Simon quickly and grabbed him in his arms. He wrapped Simon’s legs around him, positioning his dick right in the hole. He heard Simon cry out in pleasure and started to go crazy holding him in the air while he fucked him wildly. He felt his balls swelling and the pressure mounting as he started to cry out. He felt a pool of cum splashing on his chest. That’s what he wanted to see he clearly was wearing Simon ass out and seeing him cum was all the sign he needed. Between Simon passionate but soft cries of pleasure, it sent him over the edge and quickly felt himself growling and grunting until his legs buckled and he fell on the couch with Simon on his arms. He was shaking feverishly as he kissed Simon’s neck passionately. They were face to face eye to eye. Looking into his green eyes he leaned in and kissed him. As he cupped Simon ass he felt himself slip out of Simon and he just took a deep breath. Removing Simon from his lap he stood up and grabbed his hand and walked to the bedroom.

Once in the room, he walked Simon to the shower turning the warm water on he helped him inside. Before he knew it they were kissing and soapy as hell. The steam made everything heightened. He was exhausted, to be honest, he wanted to go another round but he was rapping for twelve hours in the studio nonstop. Jamal was a beast today and honestly, people thought being an artist was easy. Hell, he did until Jamal. Grabbing a towel he wrapped Simon in it and he stayed wet as hell until Simon was dry. After that, he lotioned down his body. He treated his boys good and Simon would be around from now on that was a bet. As he led him to the bed he grabbed a hold of Simon and just held him. For some reason, they didn’t really talk this was all they had to say to each other. After not even five minutes Ivan was out cold with Simon wrapped up in his arms. A small amount of drool dripped down his cheek.


The car ride back the party had been made in mostly silence and her and Jackson leaning on each other. She was grateful Brock had been there earlier if not it would have meant Jackson would be in jail because she did think he would have nearly killed him. She’d waited a few moments while Brock had got out first to kiss Jackson to reassure him she was ok the twins were okay as well. His vulnerability with her was something she was pretty sure she would never tire of and she knew Forbes had scared him with his words. Once she was sure he would be alright they exited the limo to head back into the party. Merci had greeted them happily and looking at how late it was she knew it was time to wind it down and she had agreed to start the present opening part of the party. Merci had set them up in a booth at the pub with chairs lined up in front and she smiled at Jackson as she took his hand and Merci handed them the first gift from her father. She opened up the paper and she couldn’t help but be overwhelmed at the custom matching blankets with the embroidered family crest she took it out and that is when she noticed the second crest on the other side and her eyes couldn’t help but pool in tears it was the Devonshire crest too there were too Claddagh bangles as well in the box and she looked over at Jackson.

“Wow, I used to have one of these I remember I slept with it forever I may even still have it in storage. You and mom had my name put on it along with Braden and Vicky’s too. Mine didn’t have two crests though thank you.” Dani said looking at her father and she could tell that Lowell was looking at him like he had grown two heads as well. The fact that he put the Devonshire crest on there too was so overwhelming to her seeing how much they had fought over Jackson and her entire relationship with him. She watched as he had walked up to her hugging her and whispered your welcome and it was the right thing to do, before returning back. She wiped at her eyes happy tears as she looked at Jackson too who was a bit overwhelmed too and she saw Merci hand them another bag. “You open that one.”

Jackson was shaken still by Forbes and what he had said to his fiance. He wanted to speak with his father and when the entered the party again, those feeling depleted from his body. He exhaled as walked to the booth and everyone surrounded them with love. Something Forbes would never win was the love and heart of Atlas Falls as his father had. When he looked at Walter’s gift he felt his heart swelling and the nod the man gave him. He mouthed I promise to Walter. As if knew what he was promising Walter placed his hand on his chest. He nodded his head telling him all he had to know. He promised to protect his wife, to protect his children and make them happy. That was what he could give Walter and seeing him finally accept Dani and him was enough to make him tear up.

“See I told you to invite him.” Jackson looked at Dani package and saw it was from his mother and father. “Wonder what this is?” He shook the box like Christmas time and everyone laughed. “Clinking its jewelry or broken glass.” Unfastening the box with the wrapping his eyes got big and so did the rest of the core four. Bliss wouldn’t know what this was but his parents had given him grandfather’s pocket-watch and Jackie’s mother’s pearl and diamond necklace. “Maddie has the matching bracelet when she was born. It’s a tradition in my mother’s side of the family to pass down the jewelry to a newborn and this is the first heirloom of my grandfather’s that dad has given up. Thank-you.” He said looking at his father wiping his eyes as he grabbed Dani’s hand. “Okay, we aren’t going to be up here crying this is a celebration anyone got a fun gift?” He said laughing as he kissed Dani face. “If I scared you earlier I’m sorry.” He whispered to her.

Dani looked at the gift and saw the beautiful necklace and the watch and she couldn’t help it as she smiled and felt herself tear up at the gift. Another family heirloom and tradition that came from Jackson’s side of the family. She wondered if that was the same when Maddie was born with the Jensens she knew that with Dylan not a lot of Tamara’s family had come and she felt bad for her now. She had been a complete brat to her and knew she could do better now that she understood Tamara a bit better now it was strange to not have Selina there too though. Instead, she pushed those thoughts away as she smiled at Jackie who was beaming with excitement and Lowell with pride as she agreed with Jackson onto the funnier gifts. She had assumed her parents and Jackson’s were more on the sentimental side. She looked at the bag that was handed to her and opened it pulling out a lovely sarong, bikini, swim trunks and a picture of a gorgeous beach them both from Max and Sebastian raising her eyebrows. “Interesting.” She said looking at Jackson as she took out the card and read the inside about a private getaway for them when they wanted a break and the gift card to the boutique. “You all realize I am not popping out another right after they’re born right?” She teased Max and Sebastian.

Max had been eagerly awaiting this part of the evening while others had gotten cute baby gifts she and Sebastian had talked a lot about what they were going to give them. Sebastian had thought of it first a vacation after the twins were old enough at his private estate in Spain beachside and romantic. Everyone in the family could help with the twins but she really wanted it to be her and Sebastian for the two weeks they had gotten them. It was the perfect gift in her mind for her brother and Dani to get away together when they wanted a break for them and the twins, she had included a gift card for the twins inside to spoil too at that cute little custom boutique in town but Sebastian had insisted that children needed happy parents too and sometimes after having kids that got lost. “It was Sebastian’s idea a two-week vacation when you guys choose to go we watch the kids. What can I say I snagged someone that is a hopeless romantic and besides that way, I can spoil them rotten while you are gone right Sebastian?”

“Spoiled isn’t the word it’s more like indulge them with whatever they want. Plus uncle Sebastian will do anything for senorita Danielle.” That’s when it hit him he called himself uncle Sebastian and seeing Max face glowing from what he said. He didn’t know when it happened but he was sure they were in love. He was finding he was more than enough for Max. It was something special between them and he grabbed her hand. “Another round for everyone in my family we toast the babies. Please give Dani a sparkling champagne or something we need to toast those gemelos that’s twins, everyone? Salud!” He cheers clinking his glass with Max and everyone raised their glasses to the twins. As he looked over at Max he grabbed her and kissed her. “You are my world, you know that beautiful woman?” Kissing her hand.

Jackson watched Max all girly which was unlike her. He was very close to Hunter but he wasn’t the alpha in their relationship. Max was and that was the biggest problem. However, seeing how calm she was with Sebastian made him like the already likable Sebastian a lot. He winked at his twin and smiled at her. “Well, uncle Sebastian let me tell you. Thank-you very much Spain is a beautiful country and we are so going to take you two up on that. You’ll regret it when you see my sister in action with two babies.” He laughed at Max and how she would pass Maddie as soon as possible to the maid or nanny. “I think she might have gotten over her annoyance with bambinos.”

“Ahhh! Did you hear him Maximilla? He said bambinos I’m rubbing off on your brother no?” Sebastian said.

Talia walked up waving off Max and Sebastian. She laughed when Sebastian acted as if he was hurt. He was adorable and he calmed the dragon lady Max down. “Out of my way I want to give my gift duh. Okay beyond the couture because those will be the best-dressed babies like every I got you two something. This is a gift card to my favorite beauty bar it’s disgustingly great. I’m giving you two both gift cards. Most parents don’t take care of themselves and I refuse to have a Devonshire walking around looking a fool. Call it the PR in me but you two need to look like the all American perfect family that you are. So with that please keep up appearances. Beyonce snapped back in a week honey you got that long.” Talia said teasing as she looked at them. “In the bag is a few beauty gifts I picked up moisturizers, oils, and sunscreen that keeps me looking twenty.”

“Yeah right.” Jamal snickered.

“I’ll beat you boy,” Talia said throwing the death stare at him. “Anyway, that’s all next!”

Chauncey had been enjoying the gift opening more than he thought he would to the point that he felt like it was time to make his statement. While he and Maddie had shopped for the twins a gift together he wanted to get them something more personal. It required him to think long and hard about what he and Jackson talked about at the hospital and when he had stopped at one of the toy stores in the mall and he saw them he knew what he was going to get a peace offering. Long before they had played with Erector sets on their father’s floor inside DGI and would build those stupid towers because daddy wanted them too, they did play together before that. He remembered the big piles of Megablocks that he Jackson and Max would build within the playroom. Sure they may have built stuff as tall as he was and if Max or Jackson knocked it down he remembered laughing with them and rebuilding it. He shared back then and secretly wondered if his mother had got those and the wooden blocks in the toy room for that purpose to teach him to share and he took the two massive bags that carried two sets of each to the table and sat them down.

“Don’t call me sentimental okay this took a while on my own mind you incognito at the local mall to find these. I didn’t even have my assistant order them.” He said nodding his head at them to open the bag and he saw Dani’s face lit up at the wooden blocks and he swore Jackson was holding back tears at the wood blocks.

“Holy cow Braden do you remember these things? I used to chuck them at your head when you’d piss me off and steal them and mom would yell at you for taking it from me! This is awesome!” Dani said looking at her brother who was grinning ear to ear and she saw Tamara looking at him mortified. “Tell her I had a temper even as a kid and you wouldn’t believe the amount of times mom had to yell at him over it. Plus you got a pink and purple set too. Thank you.”

Jackson stood up and was uneasy he didn’t know how to say how happy he was with the gift. He just leaned in and hugged his brother tightly. As he felt himself releasing tears he couldn’t help it. This was his last happy memory they truly had. Honestly, they had laughed at their parents trying to be hip or something with Maddie. This was special to them it was memories that he had when they weren’t hating each other. “Thank-you, I appreciate this.” Jackson picked up a block and touched it. “Remember when we convinced Rory to eat one of these? He almost did until Max stopped us.” They were older and the feud was in full effect but that day they were united to terrorize him. Sitting down he looked around the room. “Next.”

Jamal walked up looking at Mason standing with Zach. He hadn’t been around these many people who cared about him. Not some fake version of himself that he put on. He was happy to just be Jamal and honestly being around the Devonshire’s was home. He felt a few people looking at him like what is he about to give him. No, he didn’t deal drugs anymore he thought snickering to himself. “Well, last year was a shit show for us all. However, I can say we all came through like champs. I wanted to show you, Jackson, that the Delacroix got you and us in that coupon book. However, I reached out to my mother and I created this.” Turning around the lights dimmed. Then the sound of the babies heartbeats pumping through the speakers. Then the voices of family members all saying loving words. He reached out to every fucking Fraiser and Devonshire he could get in contact with. The smooth voice of the lead singer of Glory Road started singing a lullaby. Seeing Dani and Jackson’s face was worth a million dollars. Jamal turned around and the slideshow started. The transformation from a peanut in her gut into the beautiful 3D ultrasound where it showed the babies. Looking back he saw Lauren and Braden hugging she was crying. Jackie was being handed tissue by someone and Ophelia and Tony threw up the thumbs up. When the lights came on Dani was wiping her face and so was Jackson.

“Come on Y’all soft!” Jamal said playfully as he looked at Jackson. “That lullaby is called Gemini twins. So it was made just for the kids. That’s all I got.”

Dani didn’t know what else to do but wipe at her eyes and then she got out from the table and hugged Jamal seeing Jackson do the same. She wasn’t sure what was the best one they all meant something different to her and Jackson and then she saw her mother approach with a wrapped canvas and her eyes got wide. Her mother had painted for years but more as a side project though she knew she had taken it back up when the divorce happened and she looked at the two wrapped canvas and looked at the picture of the park by the lake and she was pretty sure it was her sitting on a swing she was little about eight. There was a boy next to her on the swing holding her hand and she looked at Jackie’s face and it hit her it was Jackson in the picture. The other was blank and she realized her mom wanted to paint them after they were born and she couldn’t help the tears that sprang to her eyes.

“Lauren, you remembered?” Jackie said looking at her shocked it had been a rare day in the summer she had taken the kids to the park. Lowell was off in Europe likely seeing Bliss now that she had thought about it. Jackson had moped over to the swings and in innocent kid fashion she had allowed him to swing with Dani she on one bench Lauren on the other. They never said a word to each other Lauren she thought had a camera. The moment didn’t last long a few minutes and she had wondered if things had been different had she and Lowell never screwed Lauren and Walter over for everyone. “I can’t believe you remembered.”

Lauren stood looking at Jackson and Dani amazed faces. She knew they barely remembered this they were only children. How many times had she taken them to the park? Nothing special was about those million of times she took them to the park. However she remembered this moment, it was the moment that she figured it would be a problem in high school. It however took a couple of years after that for it to happen. Sometimes two people fit and honestly she saw it years ago. How attentive he was of Dani and how he followed her around like a lost puppy. Years ago Dani enraptured Jackson and now she was about to be a grandma again. She thought it was perfect way to show love finds.

“Of course I remembered it was when I knew we would have a problem on our hands with Jackson and Dani. He was so attentive of her and they were so cute. I had to take a picture and this is what I captured. I painted it a few weeks ago. You know how hard it is to hide something from Dani? She is nosy as hell. Like seriously my kid is nosy and I’m shocked she didn’t look at the canvas considering I left them in the living room.” Lauren laughed as she reached over to Jackie who she saw was apologetic. It read all over her face. “We can’t blame ourselves for what these men have done huh? Plus I’m not with Walter anymore I have no beef with the Devonshire’s. Do I think you all are excessive hell yes but are you bad people no not at all.” She rubbed Jackie’s back. “And if you want to talk about anything let me know. I’ve been there trust me you aren’t alone.” The affairs and secrets killed her marriage and rumor had it was crumbling the most stable relationship in Atlas Falls, Lowell and Jackie.

Jackson watched as his moms chit chatted and he was happy that they got along he saw a sad look on Dani face. He didn’t know where it came from. “What’s wrong baby? We just found out we were soulmates when we were eight years old shouldn’t that make you laugh in irony that we are here engaged to be married?”

Dani was overwhelmed looking at the picture and the meaning behind it she didn’t even remember if she remembered that day but her mom did. She had a thing for Jackson in middle and high school but it never came to anything till that night at the club. People started to chat left and right and she knew most of the gift opening was done then and then it struck her she left that poor girl alone with evil Forbes Montgomery. She looked at him grabbing his hand and nodding her head at him she was happy about the picture it was ironic and the fact her mother wanted to paint the twins for them too. “I am the irony is not lost on me who knew right? I’m just I don’t know how to explain it sad I guess not about any of this. Forbes made us both so angry at him and I was so worried you’d fucking kill him and you were wanting to get me away from him we left her there. We didn’t even get her number to make sure she’d be okay. That’s all I think we should call it a night.” She finished nodding her head at Merci through the crowd that she was beat and ready to wrap it up.


It was smokey and smell like cheap perfume. She felt almost at home considering her adopted mother was a stripper and her dad was a bouncer. One thing she always knew was the strip clubs always had the best fun in any city. Dru was raised around strippers and women in control over their bodies. Never afraid of a man controlling them. Slowly tussling her hair she ran her down the red leather dress. It wasn’t designer but hell she knew how to wear it. She didn’t have the money those rich bitches her half-sister did but she would. She would get it all and they’d choke on the fact she was just as rich as them. Dru didn’t need couture to be sexy a cheap dress did her just fine. Paying for a VIP pass she walked to a booth, where a free bottle of champagne sat. She waved over a blonde stunning woman. Her body was stacked and honestly, she wasn’t sure what race she was. Slapping her ass she tipped the girl a fifty and watched her dance. Opening her purse she pulled out a cigar and bit it. Taking out her lighter she sat back taking a puff of the cigar as the dancer rolled her hips. She saw a tall slender guy cheering with a man who looked amused. That’s when she saw him, that was Ronan Madden. Interesting her sister’s ex-boyfriend as she bit down on her lip.

“What you haven’t seen a woman enjoy your services? Half of you men talk a good game but couldn’t handle two women if you had the opportunity.” She barked out as she grabbed a hold of the beauty and let her grind on her. “Me on the other hand maybe looking for a man who can handle my tastes.” Twirling the dancer’s hair in her fingers. “I mean you seem to be enjoying it the most so maybe you might want to join.” Lifting up the dancer she poured another glass as she saw the other man pushing him. No doubt that must be Thor Luciano, Ronan’s half-brother. She learned almost all she could about them it wasn’t much. Ronan was sexy in person. Pouring him a glass of the complimentary champagne. “And bartender two tequila shots lime and salt, please. Patron silver please.”

Ronan had arrived at the club for some entertainment for the evening not to mention he wanted things perfect for when Gia arrived for their business meeting. In truth, the little mob princess up north had intrigued him enough to entertain her for an evening but he was also looking for fun, Brooke was off having hers with the prince he should be allowed to do the same. He had watched the woman in front of him from the moment she entered the club a stunning redhead  Thor had pointed her out after he had seen the flash of leather and he watched her as she entered the club to a private table and decided to own it along with the girl that she had decided to tip into a dance. He nodded to the topless waitress to bring her the bottle as he leaned in and told her to be discrete and not disturb them for the rest of the night unless he said so. He then slid into the booth next to her watching her touch the girl’s hair and waving at Thor to leave them too if his brother was single they all could have had some fun but with Skye, he knew that wasn’t going to happen. He took the glass from her and brought it to his lips admiring how her tits looked in that tight leather while he took a drink.

“I don’t believe we have met Ronan Madden.” He said leaning over and gently taking her hand in his smelling her perfume and then nodding at the stripper to continue to dance he wasn’t opposed to a show and conversation, possibly more with the woman. “I haven’t seen you in before so what brings you down here to my club? So what are you in the mood for blonde that you have here on the floor? Something more intimate? It’s not every day that a woman comes in ready to grind with another all while eyeing me up and down on her way from the bar to the booth you’re in some women would shy away from that.” He finished something about her was drawing and he couldn’t’ quite pin that down or he hadn’t been laid in ages and was dying for that companionship ever since he had tossed Brooke out.

“Some women weren’t raised in strip clubs and their mother wasn’t a stripper,” Dru admitted sharing a little of her past. Not too much because the mystery clearly was working for her favor. As she slapped the dancer ass again she leaned back. Nodding her head to signal her to go dance on the small stage in front of her. As she turned to Ronan the waitress returned with two shot glasses of Patron. Dru shot the first back and sucked the lime at the end then repeated the second shot just as fast. Shaking her head she let out a small welp. Smiling as she looked up at Ronan clearly amused at how she was taking down the shots in front of her. Resting her tongue in the front of her teeth as she seductively looked at him. “Dru Price and I just moved here actually. Scottswood isn’t as dangerous as everyone says but it’s cheap and I need cheap right now.” Pouring him another glass of champagne she sucked her teeth.

“I mean I would love to go into a private room with you and her. My pockets just were hurting but I love an audience when I do what I do.” Dru slithered her finger to a come-hither motion and the dancer stooped down, she kissed her directly on the lips. Looking directly into Ronan’s eyes she leaned back. “Trust me, Ronan, you don’t care about what is going on in my life. I know what a man like you is looking for. I know that if you can put your money where your mouth is, possibly then you can get what you are paying for.” Picking up the cigar she took another puff and passed it to Ronan. “Now let’s just say I knew that for certain that I could get what I’m looking for Mr. Madden. I’ve been bottled up for a long time and I’m looking to explode can you make me explode?”

“Follow me both of you,” Ronan said willing to take her challenge as he picked up the bottle and waved off his security detail. The stripper followed them to the door and he opened it for her. “Yalena go ahead and continue I want the full show.”

He then watched as she walked to the stage she was gorgeous but the only stripper he liked to share a bed with was Mercedes. Mainly due to knowing he connections in town and a certain knowledge about her. The room was dimly lit like all the other private rooms with the lovely sofas inside and the nice stage complete with a pole, other customers had been creative in the past, he didn’t exactly run a brothel that was, of course, illegal in Pennsylvania but should a girl want to engage with a man in that way he had no complaints about that. As long as the girls were on board with the request and he saw Dru watching Yalena intently, she was one of the better dancers and had taken it upon himself to make sure she became the star with Mercedes when they had to turn the business more legitimate opposed to running the drugs. Letting Yasmine go in that way had hurt, but he had soon learned that the other girls had stepped up.

Leaning into her ear he smelled her perfume as he watched her watch Yalena she was quite different maybe even a little fun and dangerous he needed that after Brooke, someone to take the edge off. Brooke had moved on and in that case, so did he, it was what was better for the both of them especially with Gia coming for a visit and the rest of the cartel looking to him to make sure Gia stayed in line. He ran his hands down her bare shoulder to her hands and then back up appreciating the view from the back, those lovely tits barely staying in that tight little dress. When she didn’t push him away he loved his hands lover to the skirt of her dress, rubbing the sides and then to the front and he couldn’t help it feeling how warm she was through the fabric and couldn’t help himself as he lifted the skirt and pressed two fingers inside her soaking wet lips. His lips went to her neck as he placed soft kisses she had told him to make her explode, he was good at that.

“Do you want me to stop?” Ronan asked wanting to make sure there were no mixed signals.

Opening her mouth as Ronan felt up her entire body. She could feel herself starting to get wet and her mouth opened as she let out a soft moan. “Did I tell you to stop? Or you?” She said looking at Yelena who was shocked almost at what was transpiring right before her eyes. Licking her lips she leaned in and kissed him hungrily. Then Dru grabbed Ronan hand as she pushed his fingers deeper inside of her. Slowly rolling her hips on his fingers, closing her eyes sensually. Before she knew it she was unfastening the restraining dress she was wearing. Standing up she watched Yelena rolling her body to the left she slowly did the same thing. Then she rolled to the right on cue and beat with Yelena. Her eyes were seductive as she rolled down the leather dress. Stepping out of it she was in her most free form. She was naked and honestly, it was what she loved. You see since she was fourteen sex was a weapon and at some points, it was a release. Tonight it was a release and she wanted to ride her sisters’ beloved ex-boyfriend. Strutting to Ronan she unfastened his belt.

She didn’t want any foreplay that was too intimate right now all she wanted was to be was fucked. No time for a condom and no time to wait. She wanted Ronan right now she rubbed her dripping wet pussy and used it as lube for his bulging cock. She sat right on his lap and started to buck her hips up and down. Rolling her hips she quickly threw her hair back and smiled as Yelena was playing with herself as she stopped dancing and was watching them. She cried out knowing that Ronan was enjoying it the look on his face said it all. Leaning down to his ear she whispered. “Don’t worry I’m on the pill.” Grabbing his face she roughly tongue kissed him furiously. Panting for taking his thickness she slapped Ronan roughly as his eyes drifted to Yelena. “Only look at me. She’s for me.”

Ronan was too turned on to think clearly when she pressed his hand in place and fucked herself with his fingers and he could see Yalena getting turned on too. When she turned to take off her dress any thoughts of Brooke, the mistake he made in letting her go and if she was fucking Atticus had gone out the window as he stared at her rock hard body that was made to fuck. He took a seat on the plush leather couch when she undid his pants and then he grabbed her hips as she took him entirely with one feel motion with his hips and he groaned out when her went canal slid onto him. She felt fucking amazing and his mind had wondered too if she was on anything and he was grateful that she said she was and then bucked his hips upwards feeling her grip on him. His eyes wandered back to Yalena who was leaning against the pool fucking herself with her own hand and his cock twitched only to be brought out by Dru kissing him and then slapping him. It took him a moment to gain his composure before he snapped and grabbed her hips thrusting into her and lifting her off the couch as he rammed into her heat.

He watched her face as he fucked her on that leather sofa and he swore to god she was getting wetter by the minute probably from watching Yalena join them while she watched. He lifted her off the couch continuing to move in her while he moved her to one of the side tables in the room. Giving her the best view of Yalena and him the view to her pretty little clit and her nipples that were rock hard. He thrust into her like a madman lifting her legs to change his angle as he leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth sucking, feeling her hands fist his hair as he repeated the action. His hand went to her clit circling it with his fingers to punch it feeling her quiver as his lips went back to her neck as he leaned into her ear. “You feel so fucking good. You like this? Tell me how is she doing? How wet is she?” He asked again with a wicked grin as he pulled out to ram back into her while his thumb brushed over her clit again seeing her shake again.

Dru could see why her half-sister went crazy over him the sex was already incredible. Not only that but he was a madman in the sheet. The pleasure was intense and she threw her head back watching Yalena pleasuring herself she moaned feeling herself getting wetter and wetter. As they kissed she cried out in pleasure he was so deep inside of her she almost started to release right now. However, she chose to wait because she wanted everyone on the same page. “Oh, she’s dripping wet.” Dru closed her eyes when his fingers brushed against her clit she quivered shaking passionately. Refusing to let him just get the best of her. She also refused for this to be just a one night stand. She had to have him coming back for more. So she did something she reserved only for a man she cared about.

Using her Kegels she squeezed every time he went in for a stroke inside of her. Before she knew it she saw Ronan face contorting. See something she was sure Dani and Brooke never had on her was sex. Since she was fourteen she’d been fucking and it was something she was so good at. He wasn’t ready for that that she’d be able to stop his ass in his track. The power of pussy because he became more determined to get deeper but she squeezed. “I know I feel good but how does that feel.” She squeezed so passionately that she heard him moaning. A wicked smile etched on her face. Looking back she saw Yalena shaking feverishly but she was still rubbing her clit like she wanted a second one. She’d request Yalena from now on out the girl was a freak and she liked that she liked what the three of them were doing. Seeing her literally turn on someone while being fucked she loved it. “Fuck!” Dru cried out knowing Ronan had finally gotten back into the thrill. She relaxed as he started to plow her harder.

Ronan couldn’t help it as he groaned out when she used those muscles to clench on his cock and then he lost it plowing into repeatedly feeling her tighten and clinch only to stop and tighten again. He couldn’t even lie the sex was explosive and it was something that he needed and before he knew it he felt himself swelling and then groaning as he came inside of her and he felt her clench down on him after and shaking. His lips feasted on her nipples as he came inside of her over and over again emptying himself in her, he heard her groaning and screaming as she released and he was pretty sure he heard Yalena moan in the background too. He eventually went still on top of her and then pulled out of her resting his hands on the wall as he looked down at her pussy and watching himself ooze out of her he felt satisfied. The knock on the door disturbed his thoughts and he peeked out for one of the bouncers to let him know a high paying client wanted the room, he nodded his head as he tucked himself back in and saw Yalena dressing and then looked at Dru doing the same.

“I think you should come into the club for a release more often and I would like to think I got you off well enough to do the job,” Ronan said leaning into her and kissing her softly on the lips as he walked to Yalena taking her fingers in his mouth and tasting her juices as he leaned into her ear. Telling her to see Thor for her large payment for the evening and afterward, she was free to go for the evening. He walked back to Dru as Yalena left and ran his hand through her hair deciding if this was a road he wanted to venture down. “Stop and see my brother on your way out we could do this again if you’d like her or at the club. He can provide you with my personal number and my address I had an enjoyable evening one that I would not mind to do again. That is of course if you are wanting as well. I have to get back out to the floor.” He finished before leaving the choice up to her with a smirk as he walked out with the guard realizing the badass that he was and had been was officially back.