2021 Jul 15

3×04 “Father of Mine” released!

3×04 “Father Of Mine”
Written by: Chris Coleman, Kristi Clark and Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode may contain sexual situations, language and graphic sex
Theme Song:
Father of Mine- Everclear


Gia was meeting Ronan at the hospital for the first prenatal appointment since he’d been released. She’d arranged for the previous sonogram results to be removed from her file. Couldn’t have the doctor letting it slip that Gia learned they were having a son while Ronan wallowed in a prison cell. When the elevator doors opened, Gia’s eyes were immediately drawn to Sebastian. She smiled to herself, forgetting about Hector who had accompanied her. She heard his voice but his words didn’t register as she watched Seb. She hadn’t seen him since being forced to abandon him at the warehouse the night of the raid. It was driving her mad not knowing how he’d gotten free. Who found him and how? An image from that night flashed through her mind. Seeing him trussed up and at her mercy was intoxicating. Did he have a scar where she’d slashed his chest with the knife? If the blood flowing from the wound was any indicator, he did. One that would mark him as hers and always remind him of their connection. Why was he always fighting against fate? They were destined to be together. If it wasn’t for all that Catholic guilt, maybe he could see it, too.

Her mind flashed back to an earlier time with Seb, when he had begun to question the morality of their business partnership. He’d probably been at his church, speaking with Father Garza, the priest who always looked down his nose at her when she walked in the door. She’d accompanied Seb to mass far too many times for her liking early in their relationship but he ate that shit up and so it had been worth the annoyance. And the way Hector looked like he’d rather die than be there offered some amusement. Eventually she’d managed to keep Seb too busy to attend. It was nearly perfect until they’d run into that nosy priest who wasted no time implying Gia was a bad influence, right there in front of her. In that moment, the preachy bastard had sealed his fate. Two nights later, Hector burned the church down. She’d roofied Seb that night and watched Hector do it while Seb slept off the effects of the drug at home. And the icing on the cake: the preacher had been inside, a fact they’d realized after the news reports started coming in. Clearly the stars had aligned in her favor. Seb had insisted on visiting the old man in the hospital once and as they entered his hospital room she saw the terror in his eyes; he knew she’d been behind the fire. When she smiled at the priest it was for that reason; the empathetic words that tumbled out of her mouth were for Seb’s benefit. The priest had been rendered unable to speak or use his hands by the fire, putting an end to any thoughts he might be harboring about denouncing her for a second time. Now that was divine justice. After that, there was no question she was a force of nature and that force would bring her and Sebastian back together. Not now, obviously; there was Ronan. But, one day. In the meantime, she was content with the fact that he couldn’t escape her orbit.

Gia approached him. “I’m really sad our meeting in the warehouse was cut short,” she said, looking him up and down, thinking about the things she could be doing to him. “I thought it was a productive conversation and I’m certain we could have reached an agreement if you hadn’t left. I’m ready to resume negotiations whenever you are,” she told him, not about to let him off the hook from shipping her contraband. At the moment this was the only connection she could have with him.

Sebastian’s life had been renewed since being freed from that warehouse. He knew that Max didn’t understand why he wouldn’t name Gia as his kidnapper. That would only enrage that mad woman. In her mind she’d made them up to be some epic love story but she manipulated every moment they shared so how was it real. It took time and a lot of energy but Sebastian got away and got his family out of her drug business. Since his freedom and escape from death he had been celebrating life. Max was the crankiest pregnant woman he knew but she was so beautiful every morning. He would get her pills, her freshly squeezed orange juice, and dry croissants. This baby was going to be big as a house his genes and Max bread obsession. It was like she permitted herself to have whatever she wanted and he loved it. She wasn’t happy it was happening this fast and he knew it but he could tell Max was growing to love the idea of her own family. Call it the Lowell Devonshire effect because she was crying more often about her father, she thought he didn’t know. Max could deny it all she wanted but she wanted and needed this family.

As he folded his arms he looked at Gia, his face scrunched up unable to speak. A few months ago she was slicing him up because he refused to continue to push drugs through his vineyards. In so many ways she meant so much to him. Then he took a deep breath, Max was with Ophelia who was leaving but promised to be back for her birth. Kelsey would be a decent replacement for now until Ophelia returned. “Negotiations are null and void because I’ve told you I will no longer help you. It’s over and I’m happy and so are you. You are with another man and I just can’t understand why you are so fascinated with me and my life. I am grasping at straws. We aren’t together and we aren’t lovers anymore. I am asking you to stop it. Stop following me and popping up where I am. I’m going to ask you to stay away from my fiance and stay away from me. You see it doesn’t matter how I got away. I am finally free of you Gia and that means so much more to me.”

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