2021 Jun 24

3×03 “Flying High” released!

3×03 “Flying High”
Written by: Kristi Clark, Chris Coleman, Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode may contain graphic content, sexual situations and language
Theme Song: Black Velvet- Alannah Myles


Gia took a long hot shower, still trying to wash away the memory of that disgusting jail cell even after all this time. It must have been the thought of picking up Ronan that brought those memories to the surface. Her thoughts wandered as she felt her muscles start to relax under the hot water.

She thought of Ronan, waiting there behind bars. Her handsome Ronan didn’t deserve to be there anymore than she did. The attorneys would get him out but it wouldn’t kill him to spend a bit longer in there. He might be all the more grateful. Then she thought of his idiot brother, Thor, and her mood soured. She remembered him blubbering about how he was so sure he’d killed that cop – ‘I don’t know what happened,’ she said aloud, mocking him. She knew what happened, he was a worthless, inept, moron that didn’t deserve to stand at Ronan’s side. Too bad they couldn’t leave him there to rot but maybe it was better this way. She couldn’t make him suffer behind bars. She couldn’t take everything away from him. She decided she’d make her revenge a little sweeter; to make it worth the effort of putting up with him. She was sure he was whispering in Ronan’s ear about how awful she was. She’d pegged him as being behind that bitch attorney, Raven, digging up dirt on her. Hector had hidden that bag somewhere before everything went down and they’d all ended up in prison. She’d need to get that back to see what exactly Raven had found. “You will not come between us, Thor,” she muttered to herself.

She stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around herself as she picked up her cellphone to speak to her attorney. Once she had confirmation that Ronan and Thor’s release was under way, she got dressed and headed to the limo waiting outside. It disgusted her to know she was going to share the limo ride with Thor.

Gia stroked her stomach as the car pulled out onto the road. The baby let loose with a few quick movements and she smiled down at her quickly expanding stomach. She hadn’t truly  been prepared for the feelings of pure joy and love for this little person growing inside of her. Feelings that grew stronger each day. Getting released earlier than the others had been in part due to the pregnancy. Her attorney had played up that angle to a sympathetic judge. Pregnant woman, wrong place, wrong time. She and the baby already had an incredible bond. It was them against the world. She wasn’t sure where Ronan fit into all this yet. How far would he be willing to go for them? A thought struck her, maybe she would take him back after she’d had her revenge. Maybe she didn’t have to destroy him completely. Once he’d learned his lesson and had paid penance for her father’s death, she could accept that. She could forgive him, then. They could start again and wouldn’t it be even better? This sparked a glimmer of hope for a different future than the one she’d imagined when she first set her sights on Ronan. After all, they had a baby on the way – maybe that justified reassessing the situation.

The limo pulled up outside the jail and parked along the sidewalk. She opened a bottle of water and took several sips as she waited. She immediately smiled when she saw him headed towards them, holding the door open. She felt relieved to finally have him close again. She’d saved him. No one else could have made this happen. “Ronan, I’m so happy to see you,” she said. She made eye contact with Thor who wasn’t far behind and pulled the door closed after Ronan got in but she was too slow and Thor was able to open it before it could be locked. “Oh, Thor. I didn’t see you there,” she muttered, her stomach clenched but she forced a smile. She would have to be careful not to show her feelings for Thor in front of Ronan. No sense in giving him any ammunition to use against her.

Thor couldn’t believe that bitch. After months of being locked up because of the mistakes of others. Ronan said that KC Rhodes was dead and now he was alive all of the sudden. All he wanted was to get the hell out of the business. Cassie surprisingly was there for him during this entire ordeal. She hired a great lawyer named Iris McDowell and she was handling his case with Ronan and Gia’s lawyer. Together they amassed a dream team when Kelly O’Connor offered her legal skills. She also was being investigated but the irony was Kelly and Vlad were let go due to a technicality. They however were looking at a RICO charge and everything that the Madden organization had built was in danger. Mainly because Ronan dick wouldn’t stop getting hard from this psycho. He could say not to blame Gia but he did. He blamed her for all of this. If he was with Brooke this wouldn’t be happening. Hell he hadn’t been right since Brooke was out of his life in his eyes. Hunter was one of his best friends and it was clear Brooke was done being lovelorn for his brother.

“I’m sure you didn’t see me there.” Thor said sarcastically as he sat down and gritted his teeth. “You know that child is my niece or nephew and I want nothing for it’s safety so why don’t you do something productive Gia and give up the power that you’ve amassed to Ronan. We could use some more since we have to be damn careful. I think you are pregnant and running a crime empire isn’t productive for a baby.” He said with a sly smile he’d been thinking how to nail this bitch and this might be it. “Tell me do you plan on holding a beretta when you’re breastfeeding?”

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