2019 Feb 23

2×11 “Finally Home” released!

2X11 “Finally Home”
Written by: Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Theme Song:
Daughtry “Coming Home”


Jackson stood inside the room as Ophelia and Kelsey along with a team of six nurses all swooped in around Dani. His eyes got wide as they hooked her up to all the machines and started checking each baby. A nervousness ate at him what if something happened just like with Chauncey and Logan? He took his parents from his brother on the most important day of his life. He had never forgiven himself for being so selfish. Chauncey actually needed their parents and he faked an overdose. Something they had discussed recently as he felt his heart pounding. What if they were cursed and history repeated itself. Jackson stepped out of the room and walked directly into Chauncey and Rory who patted him on the back. He looked at his brother and immediately grabbed his brothers hugging them. He didn’t know what was coming over him but he was emotional. He was about to become a father and he was losing his father not to mention that he might have another sibling. As he pulled back he looked back at the room with Lauren and Dani laughing. She didn’t look worried at all and he was so afraid of what could happen.

“I’m afraid. What if what happened to Logan happens to Dani?” Jackson said looking at Chauncey. “I don’t think I’ve said sorry enough for keeping mom and dad away from you when Maddie was born. We have had the ugliest history but I love my niece and I love you, big bro. I’m just scared how do I not screw up these two little people lives? I mean mom and dad gave me everything and I was such a fuck up. How do I make them well-adjusted kids? I mean there is no manual for kids. I just want to figure out all this shit. How do I be the best dad I can be? I mean we might not get along Chauncey but the love you have for Maddie can’t be denied. I see you and if you have any weakness it’s that little girl. Man, how can I live up to dad, you, and uncle Linus? I’ve had so many good males in my life but I don’t know if I’m a role model. Look at me ex-junkie and…” He stopped as he felt the fear waving over him. “I just don’t want to screw up man. You know I don’t want to let her down or those two perfect kids about to come into the world.”

Chauncey had arrived at the hospital as fast as he could with Maddie at first he had thought about not coming till later but something told him he should be there. Once he had arrived and saw his sister and Sebastian in the waiting room he had wandered around the floor for a bit. Natasha was off somewhere he supposed making some calls to her contacts to make sure they could get back in with her suppliers about the defense contracts. When he peered down the hallway though and saw a glimpse into the room and the machines he was reminded of Logan though Logan never had that amount of staff around her. Everything with Maddie’s birth had been calm, up until it wasn’t when she refused to dilate past a seven. They had consented to the c section by then and she was wheeled back for surgery. He was there when it happened in the room saw them bring Maddie out and then Logan start crashing. The cord was wrapped around Maddie and she was duress but came out fine, Logan, on the other hand, he remembered she was pale on the table and they rushed him out something about stopping the bleeding. It took him months to find out the truth, she had developed a placenta eruption along with the cord cutting off blood supply. He watched as Jackson began to freak out and knew he didn’t have it in him to make it worse on his brother the anxiety and the worry was enough.

“Dani has an entire team surrounded by her look how many doctors and nurses are monitoring her. Ophelia is one of the best at this very hospital that has dealt with this type of stuff a lot.” Chauncey said looking at him and he knew Jackson was sorry he knew from the letter his brother had written, he had been apologizing for months for it. He saw Jackson pacing still and walked with him taking his mind off things for now or at least just giving support he figured Lauren was in there with Dani or Dani kicked him out, he remembered how mad Logan was during her labor, how nervous he was. “I think you and Dani got this Jackson what happened with Logan was entirely different she was induced, they monitored her late and sometimes God’s not forgiving when it happens. Two completely different situations at hand. Maddie was the best thing to happen that day and if for some reason that was the same outcome today your two children would be the best outcome for you too. I don’t think that’s going to happen though okay? You have to stop and breathe or whatever shit she would tell you to do, she needs to you to be calm and collected right now. They need you to do that. I’m not going to shit on you today this is a lot of stress and I know we may have had shit in the past and I’d say something to set you off but not today alright?”


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