2019 Jan 26

2×10 “I Got Your Heart Racing Don’t I?” released!

2×09 “I Got Your Heart Racing Don’t I”
Written by: Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Episode Theme Song: 
Sia ft. The Weeknd- Elastic Heart
Warning: Episode may contain violence, sexual situations and language. Episode contains graphic violence.


Yasmine lotioned up her legs in Khalil’s basketball jersey and nothing else. Yesterday was a mess and somehow she got roped into showing her Godsister, Belle the city. She didn’t know what to think about her new siblings. Cassie was cold and distant while Philip was sarcastic and bitter. Not exactly the type of people you’d want to be related too. She could hear Khalil stepping out the shower. She just wanted him to hold her after all the bullshit of her first meeting with Cassie and Philip. Not to mention the wine toss heard around the world. It was epic to see her mother act so buck but damn it was also painful. Her entire life she dreamed of what her daddy was like and now to have him was scary. He was a perfect ideal in her mind but Cassie warning echoed in her mind. From what she googled about Forbes he wasn’t to be played with. That was no doubt where she got her to take no prisoners attitude from. Laying back in the bed she closed her eyes and saw Khalil standing over her in a robe. He was so sexy with his big head ass.

“You’ve been so sweet since the dinner from hell.” She said pouting looking at him. “Why couldn’t I get two nicer siblings. I can’t stand Cassie icy ass and Philip was just an asshole. I don’t know how I am going to connect to him. The rich and have had everything that I never did. I don’t know what to talk about with them Khalil. Oh, how were the private schools you attended? How was your momma doing the opera singer who killed herself? Or how about how my big brother had me twerking in his strip club. I’m just lost for what I should do. How I should approach them because I don’t want it to be like this between us. Like if it keeps this way it’ll be Audrey kids vs Trisha kid vs Angelica kids. I just think we shouldn’t be beefing for shit our parents did. I didn’t have shit to do with their parents splitting up. I’ve been on my own. Not only that did you hear my moms? She was on her boss shit because she was like you should have sent them away! I was like mom really!” Yasmine said jumping up hyped up. “I just want it to be cool between us all you know?”

Khalil had woken up that morning after the night from hell and realized he only wanted to do one thing take Yasmine’s mind off all her family shit. He had decided maybe a trip to the dance studio was in order but then when he stepped into the main room and saw her in his jersey his mind went elsewhere. Her naked silk chocolate legs catching his eyes as he walked towards the bed and put her legs in his lap massaging her foot listening to her talk about her mom and her new siblings. He had sat silently through the dinner it was not his place to judge anyone and if he had been Cassie, Philip or Yasmine he was certain he may have had the same reaction that they did. He gently took the tablet from her as he heard some beats on the radio playing and reached for the remote to turn it up. Gently flipping her on her belly he moved the shirt up to expose her back and took his hands and some nearby oil kneading them into her back.

“Your family is fucked up that is for sure but Yasmine you’ve waited your whole life to met your father and get to know him. It’s not your fault or theirs that he never told anyone that shit is on them and maybe they’ll come around in a few weeks. You have so much good stuff to focus on right now getting to know him and the upcoming dance studio first performance.” Khalil said seeing her raise her arms to the bedpost he gently took the shirt off. Her back was smooth as silk as his hands worked lower and lower to her hips, she was humming to the music and he lowered his lips to her neck kissing her from behind while his hands moved on her ass, gently rolling her over he looked at her. “I want you. I know you haven’t been ready but baby you’re killing me” He said looking down at her wanting to know why she was holding out with him and only hoping it wasn’t because of fucking Devonshire of all people. He hoped they were past that shit he wanted to make love to her. “I did say I was going to take your mind off family drama today I want to be able to do that.”

Yasmine laughed as she looked at him pleading. She knew she was wrong for keeping this boy waiting this long. He was her first and she’d learned quite a few tricks since they last were together. Pulling him into the bed by his towel which fell off and she saw his perfect ass. She smirked. “I want you too.” She said softly leaning in and kissing him. She truly hadn’t opened up since she was betrayed by Rory. It was horrible how one man could fuck up your trust in all men. She saw that Kendrick was riding for her at one point and so was Rory but both of them let her down and to make matters worse Khalil hadn’t. He was honest and always providing her with feelings she wasn’t ready for yet. She didn’t want to be the girl who couldn’t let go of the past. That wasn’t her motivation.

Touching his chest she leaned in and kissed him. “I know I haven’t been the best girlfriend. I have been distant and I just haven’t been available to you enough. But today I want you to make me yours. I want you to make love to me all day and night until the sunset and rises because we deserve this. We deserve a shot at being normal and happy. Rolling on top of him she smirked as she kissed him again. “So am I a WAG now? Like I heard the Knicks were sniffing around you at a tryout. I’m sorry I don’t think I can just be one of those girls who lives her life for a man. So if you expect me to put my dreams on hold that’s not going to happen alright?” Yasmine declared passionately. “Now what’s up boo.” She could feel him stiffening underneath her.

Khalil felt himself stiffening when she was speaking to him being this close to her was agony sometimes and when she said she was okay with moving forward he felt like relief flooded him. Leaning down he kissed her deeply his hands moving along her sides and over her breasts. He took his time savoring the moment and making the kiss last long as he broke his lips from hers and began to move down her body. He felt her hands go to his hair and looked up at her as he took her breast gently in his mouth kissing and biting, sucking on her chocolate nub. His eyes never left hers as he continued to please her with his mouth. His hands moved to her ass gently squeezing as he moved his lips to her other breast and repeated the action seeing her biting her lip and enjoying what he was giving her. He let go of her nipple watching as it stood erect in the temperature of the room he lowered his head to her belly laying a gentle kiss there. “Hell, no baby you my boo. I got you this time and I’m not about to look screw this the fuck up by looking at someone else. Not to mention you love to dance I’d never and I mean never take that away from you.”

He lowered his mouth on her stomach again as he gently spread her legs with his hand and then pressed two fingers into her heat, he was going to please her show her how much he loved her. Show her that she was the only one that he wanted and that was the truth sure other bitches hung around the court but the only eyes he had were on her. He saw her hips squirming and watching her on the bed he lowered his head to her pussy. Licking along one wall then the next as he began to suck on her, feast on those folds of chocolate in his mouth watching her cream on his lips and tongue. “I love you, Yasmine, I always have.” He said gently as he moaned seeing her getting wetter, his hands went to her nipples squeezing gently feeling her buck and he couldn’t help the smile that came out against her heat. He let the music set the pace as he continued to drive her wild intent on having her begging for him.


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