2016 Jan 01

Episode 1×09 “Black Widow” released!

Episode 1xo9 “Black Widow”
Written by: Chirs Coleman/Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode contains language, sexual situations and content
Guest Staring: Kelly Rutherford (Tess Blisston)

Atlas Falls Cemetery

Kendrick looked over the lawn of the Atlas Falls cemetery he figured it would rain today as he looks over at Money’s mother who is with the reverend going over the last details of the ceremony. The small crowd ha long past gone and though he knows Money deserves better than to be in the very back of the cemetery for him it is all his mother would allow. He had offered to pay for the expenses as best he could but she had refused a prideful thing. He had made sure the coffin had been upgraded at the home something he insisted upon. This life was hard and Money knew that when he signed up to work for Ronan.

He and Money had been best friends since they were toddlers their mothers made ends meet together, their fathers both absent from their lives. They looked out for each other and their respective families, there was no one he trusted more than Money and now he was gone, thanks to Thor Luciano. Ronan had promised him retribution but he had yet to actually act upon that he was too focused on cosying up to the blonde bitch at the resort. Brooke Kincaid was becoming more and more of a liability to the organization the more time his boss spent with her. His mind floated back to the grave as he hand went to Money’s mother’s shoulder as the reverend finished the prayer.

His eyes scanned the cemetery just to make sure that no one else was there to threaten the day, everyone in the organization had been on alert since the shootings. His eyes landed on the black town car as it approached and he saw Ronan get out his arm still in the sling. He saw no other cars as Ronan approached the ceremony and his boss leaned down to place a kiss on Money’s mother’s forehead. He saw Ronan move to stand by her and was grateful that the little bitch didn’t accompany him she was not of their world. She didn’t belong here and now that she was a part of it, he had every intention of telling her that.

The reverend ended the sermon and he saw Ivan walking Money’s mother away leaving him to stare at the coffin with Ronan standing next to him. “I am surprised the upper crust society bitch didn’t come with you. She’s not from our world.”

Ronan had come to pay his respects Money was a valuable member of his organization and had been loyal to him since he had been initiated. Money had been Kendrick’s best friend and confidante they were inseparable. Kendrick was hurting he could tell of course it was just a front at the end of the day in order to cover his grief. He knew Kendrick didn’t trust Brooke and Brooke didn’t trust Kendrick that would be a bigger problem than was necessary at the end of everything. He couldn’t have them at odds with each other.

“Watch yourself Kendrick. Brooke will be respected at the end of the day she has earned it. You have earned your place as my right hand. You will show Brooke the respect she deserves you respected my mother did you not?” Ronan asked seeing Moneys mother being loaded into a waiting car and then Ivan waiting at his town car. Money would have liked the service, but it was also an opportune time for Thor to strike if he wanted too. “Are we clear on Brooke or do I need to make another example?”

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