2022 Aug 19

3×15 “Who Are You?” Released!

3×15 Who Are You
Written by: Chris Coleman, Kristi Clark, Scott Andrews and Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode contains language, intense sexual situations and details.
Theme Song: Dice- Finley Quaye

Ronan sat at his desk mulling through the papers the latest Atlas Falls Chronicle spoiling that mess with Connor Hessington and designer Val Ruiz front page news, if you could call it that. The latest gang shooting placed down to the third page midsection, police had no leads on the drug deal gone bad and if it was up to him it would stay that way. He then put it down to look at the other headlines from the various papers from the New York Times to the Washington Post the stock market and local headlines and of course the nitty gritty darker side of things hidden in the pages. Rich people didn’t care about the things he was involved in they never had been, they were far too invested in the frivolous things like the celebrity scandal or the newest fad they could care less about the rest of the small people. The door opened and he saw one of his men enter handing him a piece of paper, opening it he furrowed his brow for a moment that was not a development that he saw coming. Gia was a lot of thing but he didn’t think she would have taken it upon herself to take a trip down ot Florida and worse a trip that she thought she could take and he wouldn’t find out. Someone’s little brother thought it wouldn’t get back to his sister and him.

If Gia was bold enough to go down to Florida and see someone behind his back then there was no more telling what else could happen and he needed to protect his assets normally he would have Raven do that, so on that front he would ge tin contact with their back up like Thor had warned him. He already had men watching his baby brother and Cassie but Thor didn’t need to know that he had asked to be out of the business and he would respect his brother’s wishes. He then looked at a picture of Brooke and Atticus in the paper and he simply folded the paper to not look anymore, she was safe and happy, it was what she deserved. He almost thought about calling on the pretty red head that was Dru Price but after her little outing at the Summit and all the photos that followed, he wondered if he had bit off something with her that wasn’t worth the trouble anymore. He asked around she was seeing him, Philip Montgomery, Zerick Davis and now maybe the Governor’s son, plus that pesky rumor about her and Jackson that had seemed to take off. Besides he felt like if Gia got a whiff of that he didn’t know what she would do meaning he needed to be smarter with everything including their unborn son. When the door opened again he put a file away as he saw Braden Fraiser enter the room.

“Mr. Fraiser I was a bit shocked to get your call about taking over my personal matters. I’m relieved as well of course but it did take you a few weeks to get back to me. For a second there I thought you were going to ghost me or worse use those connections you’ve built against me after our little chat.” Ronan said looking at him there was no need for him to look at the file for the casino and how they planned to wash the money there and cook the books. If Braden had taken it up on himself to visit that meant that he was here strictly as a personal legitimate business means. “Did you attend that big shindig for Lowell Devonshire too, word is your father brought those fake crocodile teas with him, it was quite moving. Lowell tried to swindle me a few times and unlike your father I read the fine print and got ahead. Honestly I don’t think Atlas Falls will be the same now that he is gone but that means that the new generation can take over. If only your father and the rest of them would move aside, it could really be fun.” Ronan finished nodding to the guard to close the door to leave them alone Braden wasn’t here to kill him.

Braden had called Ronan a few days ago before Lowell’s funeral that after he and Tamara had talked he would take Ronan on as a client at least for the legal things, he wanted someone to bail him out of jail or on murder charges he would have to find someone else. Frankly he and Tamara needed the money at the moment, he had made a lot as DA but Dylan was starting college soon, she wasn’t working after having Delilah and unlike his niece and nephew neither of his kids would be gifted something someday. He wasn’t upset at that, or maybe he was how Dani just embraced being with Jackson and the Devonshire name, and he’d been reflecting a lot on if that was why he and Selina failed so bad because he wanted to separate that with them instead of embracing it. There were other issues there too he knew that deep down but here they all were at new places in their lives and he had to provide for his family, even if that meant taking on Ronan Madden as a client. As long as it was just kept to legal things and not that dark side and if his family was never put in danger he didn’t see why it couldn’t work, that or he was desperate and too proud to take his sister’s offer of employment at DGI. When he had arrived at the warehouse it looked so normal how many times had they raided this fucking building to find nothing over his career as DA if he started counting he’d need more hands.

“I had to think about it Ronan and make sure it was the right fit for my family. Honestly I had to reconcile with myself that I’m no longer district attorney and while I had other options I needed to make my own choice this time. I think this can work as long as you don’t involve me with the other side of your business and it seemed when we spoke earlier about it you had that handled.” Braden said wondering if the chill he felt in his spine was because it felt like he was turning his back on Atlas Falls doing this or if it was the change in the weather. Part of accepting this offer was the reality that he was no longer district attorney and he couldn’t run again after that article that Greer printed that had ruined his entire career. He still had no idea who her source was for the article or how they knew that Tamara had shot Dimitri and was it really such a bad thing that she did? When Ronan asked him about the funeral he had been there who wasn’t? He almost gave him the side eye when he mentioned that the other ones like his dad should step aside. “I think my dad likes being mayor for now, that could always change. Listen you’re not paying me to come down here and cut the shit all the time. So what is so important you had me down here so early this morning.”

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  1. I’m still here and still reading even though i am anxiously waiting that second West Lake novel I can tell your focus has been on Blissful and has been for a while which is still good. What is better for me is that this feels like an amazing series of novels that I can come back to and wait for the next episodes. Still love the show and the characters.

    Love that you all still take your time to make sure every detail and scene plays on those big emotions that I see and want to feel with character that I read about. Love that I can just back in when I want a feel good romance with twists that are normal and based on great beats not plots. Can’t wait for the rest of this season and I will try to keep up more from now on and drop a line not being so silent.


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