2022 Jan 22

3×08 “Jumping the Gun” released!

3×08 Jumping The Gun
Written by: Scott Andrews, Chris Coleman, Kristi Clark, Ashley Stoddard and Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode may contain language, sex, adult themes and content.
Theme Song: Plumb- Damaged

Jon looked at Devin who had this look on his face. He wasn’t sure if it was contempt or anger but he could tell he wasn’t pleased at all. Did he think this part of his job was fun? Hell he hated it and more than anything he didn’t think any of the women he was here to arrest today were deserving. When he looked into Bliss history he felt horrible but one of the three of them killed DImitri and he wanted it over. The DA was on his back, and he had find out who was behind this murder. Point blank his job was on the line if he didn’t close this case. As he looked at his friend he bit his lip. “We had a hearing for Miles the other day. I am honestly wondering if it’s all worth it. I’ve isolated myself from all my friends and family because I’m angry and hurting. Miranda can’t even look at me. I haven’t spoken to my parents and my best friends all hate me.” Jon said, lowering his head. “I don’t know what to do.”

Getting out of the car he saw Devin almost soften toward him. “I don’t want to arrest any of them. You know this guy is the worst but I have a job to do you know?” Jon said as he walked up the stairs to Bliss and Hunter’s home. He could hear Fox running around the house and Bliss and Hunter laughing. Knocking on the door he looked at Devin. “This sucks he terrorized all three of them and if Jackie helped she was doing what any mother would and should. I feel sick to my stomach.” He looked over at Devin. “I just want this case and all of this stuff with Miles over. I just want to be a part of his life.”

Devin felt uncomfortable when they began the drive over to Hunter and Bliss’s house; it hadn’t been their decision to bring her in, that was the police chief. They would pick up Bliss, Zach and Miranda would pick up Jackie. Afterwards the chief had asked them to handle the interrogations Miranda and Zach would bring in Tamara. Hoping that one of them would roll on the other one a judge had signed off on the arrest warrants he had a badge on and a job to do, one he wasn’t sure he wanted to do today but it was something that he had to do. Looking over at Jon he paused listening to Jon talk about everything. He was still Jon’s boy but he also knew that Jon had started to burn bridges with everyone around him, his sister, Braden and he knew it was over this investigation into Dimitri and the case with Miles. His heart still felt for Jon but he had wondered from the start if that really was the best way to go about things going for custody. He could tell it was weighing on Jon; his friend had dark circles under his eyes and he knew that things with Skye were rocky at best from Merci.

“Merci let me know that it was hard for you and Skye at the courthouse, I’m sorry Jon that you are going through this. I’m sorry about all of it, you know? Miranda will come around if you let her, but you haven’t.” Devin began stopping; it wasn’t up to him to bring up everything with Jon Miranda felt sorry for everything with Miles but Jon had been an insufferable ass about it too. He and Merci had started to talk about their wedding and all he could come up with was that he wanted Jon there and his friends and she wanted Skye there meaning it was going to be a fucking mess. He looked over at Jon while they closed the door to the car and made their way up the stairs he could tell that neither of them wanted to drag Bliss Devonshrie Kincaid down to the station for murdering Dimitri given her past with the man that was dead. Who had abused and terrorized her for years. It was a political move by the current DA and chief who in his opinion was fucking awful and he wished Braden was still there. He may have drugged his feet about it with mounting international pressure from Isla Del Cruces but he would be at least fair and private about it. “It’s shit like this that makes me miss when Braden was DA he would at least be a little more understanding it sucks Jon neither of us want to do this. But we have to so lets get this shit out of the way and wait for the Devonshire’s and the Kincaid’s to rain hell down at the station, hell the Fraiser’s too.” Devin finished looking at Jon to go ahead and ring the doorbell as he took out the arrest warrant from his jacket pocket.

Jon listened to Devin basically admit to him he’d pushed his family and friends away. He thought it would feel better but at this point he felt like shit. It felt like people had taken bites of his soul. Miranda was the first and he remembered how he reacted to KC when he returned from the grave. It was anger but he wanted to protect his sister from the pain. Then Braden and he had been best friends since childhood. Now he was going to arrest his best friend’s wife. He closed his eyes feeling the stress of the situation rising. Dani who he had always held up on a pedestal literally kept the truth about his son. He’d pushed everyone away and he rode the wave of anger then it hit him. To Skye he had been the worst to her and how was he going to make this up to her? How was he going to face everyone because he was sick of feeling so alone and honestly his heart was breaking because he had nobody in his corner. He just wanted people he loved back now wouldn’t go speak with Dani intentionally no. But everyone else needed an apology from him because he was horrible. Then it hit him that it wasn’t over. If Tamara or any of these women went down he’d be in jail. He’d never be forgiven. Especially with how he was acting. At least they couldn’t place Selina in the middle of this. The witnesses only saw Tamara, Jackie, and Bliss.

Bliss had gotten up early and made chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and eggs for her men. After breakfast they all just played around the house. It was something that she was sure Fox would remember for the rest of his life. The old school music going she danced around the house. As she watched Fox and Hunter sitting together laughing at some TV show this is what she wanted her entire life. A family that loved her, a husband that loved her, and her beloved son who she loved more than the air she breathed. Shaking herself out of the peaceful daydream of how her life had evolved. Bliss was walking back in the the kitchen to finish cleaning when she heard the knock at the door. “Sit down boys I got it.” She spun around, swirling her hips to James Brown “Get Up Offa That Thing’. Bliss danced and Fox placed a pillow over his face as if he couldn’t deal. She laughed as she opened the door unexpectedly shocked to see Jon Harrison and Devin Thompson standing before her. “Hello detectives, how can I help you this morning?”

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