2021 May 01

3×01 “The Funeral” released!

3×01 “The Funeral”
Written by: Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Theme Song: Dance With My Father- Luther Vandross
Warning: Episode may contain explicit content and language.
Guest Staring: Jeremiah Beecher (Ernie Hudson), Rebecca Nolan (Alice Eve)


There were black dresses all over the room. Her vanity covered in makeup and the Domincan girl who she hired had blown her hair out. She looked stunning and felt like she was going to be ill. Her entire body was full of tension and Selina for once had no words. It had been five months of peace and actual happiness. Her father remarried Ophelia a couple of weeks ago. Jamal actually had a career and he was doing so good. Mason and Zach were so happy it made her sick. Her brother had truly found her soulmate. Then it was her. She was uneasy every moment of the day because of Dimitri. She was truly haunted with what they did. Fear always seemed to eat at her. At first it was peaceful sleep but the fear of that body being unearthed was terrifying. Her french tipped manicured hand shook out in fear as she picked up her grandmother’s pearl necklace. Her aunt Sadie and Anita were there for her. Devin had been especially tender. Not to mention Rochelle had come from Florida she took a job in Cape Kenitrich. As she touched her perfect hair. Mason had cried, Jamal had cried, and now she wasn’t. She was the matriarch of her siblings and they needed her to be strong. As she looked at Elliot, reflection staring at her in the mirror. He’d showed her how to open her heart. Elliot was tender and always seemed to know what to say to her. It was passionate and to have a man who adored her that was life changing. This time it was real. Her daddy even approved of Elliot. Why did he do this? Why did he leave her all alone? Her father and mother weren’t here anymore.

“I’m fine baby.” She said looking at her reflection. “My father would want me to be strong. I’m so offended about his choice to just give up. I almost am confused on who raised me.” She stood up in her vintage Dior black tutu dress with a small cashmere Chanel black and pale pink bellario jacket. “I don’t know if I’m ready to do this. I’m not sure I can forget him for leaving us… Me.” She said softly as she walked to Elliot and hugged him. “Why would he do this? Why would my daddy kill himself? Lowell is still so shocked that he did this. Godfather has no idea why?” Selina picked up her nude lipstick overlaying it with a pink shade. “I’m ready to bury my father.” Walking to Elliot to adjust his bowtie, he looked so sharp. “You went to the barbershop this morning because that cut is making me want to skip this entire day.”

Elliot had been taking it slow the last months since the wedding with Selina they had went on dates, kissed a few times and then stopped and he was fine with that he wasn’t one to put pressure on a woman. Especially a woman that had been through what she had with Dimitri, she was a survivor and he was so proud of her and the other women that had come forwards after his disappearance to set the record straight about the type of monster that he was. That was what more people needed in the world and it was shocking how many different women came forward there was Selina, Bliss and Tamara and a string of others in other countries in other backgrounds that came forward. Professionally he was again at the top of his game he had so many new clients come into his office that he had to hire two more attorneys to work under him and he was getting restless as well. So much so that he had reached out to an old friend of his his a few weeks ago to inquire about running for district attorney over Braden Fraiser at the next election cycle a risky move. One that he had never considered before Selina he had been too focused on the fame and prestige but what better way to make his mark for the causes that he was passionate about than helping enforce those changes. The one thing that he hadn’t expected was Tony’s suicide in fact no one expected it.

“You look stunning I think your father would be proud of you.” Elliot said softly looking at her as she looked at her own reflection and played with the pearl necklace. Something was still bothering her and he had an inkling that it had to do with what happened at the wedding with Dimitri but he wasn’t going to press her on things when it came to that night. Dimitri was gone from their lives and that was the best for everyone in involved. Tony’s death had rocked his family to the core and he understood that it was sudden and so unexpected, he didn’t know what else to say as he took Selina in his arms and held her she was probably one of the strongest women that he had ever met and today if she wanted to be that or cry he was going to support her no matter what. “I don’t know why Selina I wish I had answers for you, Mason and Jamal but I don’t. I know that doesn’t fully help but people all over the country take their lives and sometimes there are no answers that doesn’t make it hurt any less and if you need to just let it all out and cry or whatever the hell else you need to do. Do it.” Elliot said looking at her with compassion and understanding he did want to take all the pain she was feeling but he also knew they couldn’t just leave, her family needed her for this moment to bury her father.

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