2020 Jun 07

2×19 “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” Part 1 released!

2×19 “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” Part 1
Written by: Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Theme Song: Everybody Wants To Rule The World- Tears for Fears
Guest Starring: Harvey LeClerq (Sean Bean), Charles Hessington (Don Johnson), Lex Hessington (Adam Driver), Julian O’Sullivan (Pierce Brosnan), Amanda Creed (Gillian Anderson) and Ivanka Rezinkov (Rebecca Furgerson)

Greer dusted her cheeks in her vanity with blush. Today was her big day and her father had told her that this was her second chance to help the LeClerq family. After all Harvey and daddy had done they could after the Devonshire’s and everyone betrayed them. They were left out in the cold. Not only that but her father went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Her uncle had raised her for a period and she wouldn’t forgive what they did to their family. Revenge was so close. This scandal would be enough for MontCorp stock to dive. That was exactly what they needed. Her uncle had a dummy company that MontCorp would buy and from there they’d take over. If they had enough stock from the stockholders from this scandal. Forbes was about to partner with a rapist and if she could take them down while seeming like she’s helping. Greer heard keys in her condo door and her father was back. Walking to her robe she slipped it on to tighten it around her tiny waist. Strolling down the stairs she saw her handsome father and she rushed into his arms. She kissed his cheeks as he raised her off the ground. “Father.”

Greer looked into his eyes and knew he wasn’t happy with her. She wasn’t about to compromise her relationship with Brock to take down the Devonshire’s. She however knew that he was what he wanted last time she was sure he was about to declare her relationship with Brock over. She was ready for it. As her eyes narrowed seeing someone extend their arm out with flowers. Her favorite flower white roses. Whomever this was knew her and she let go of her father and took the flowers from the mysterious arm and gasped when her uncle stepped out. Before Greer knew it she began to become emotional just seeing her uncle in America. He swore off the country after they railroaded her father. As she kissed his cheeks holding Harvey tightly in her arms. “Oncle Harvey, qu’est-ce que tu fais ici?”

“Well I am here to talk to you about what your father thought you should be doing. We just had quite the conversation. I explained that you aren’t a weapon to be constantly used.” Harvey said sternly looking at his brother then turning on the charm. “I’m here to meet with an old friend but that isn’t to be discussed. I’m here to explain if you don’t want to go after Chauncey Devonshire ever again, we both support you. I however do think you are better than a Fraiser but I digress.” Harvey walked to the couch and looked at the skyline of Atlas Falls and felt his heart swelling. “I haven’t been in this city in a long time. My thinking is much more cerebral than your father. He swings the axe of vengeance, I prefer a much more different tactic. Do I believe Forbes and Lowell deserve to pay absolutely and do I want them to hurt badly deeply. I don’t think you should have to carry our burdens. So I’m here to ask you Greer if you want to continue. If you don’t then I assure you that I or your father will go meet with Forbes and the Montgomery’s today.” Harvey crossed his arms “Cher frère, dis ce que tu dois penser. Vous ne pouvez pas croire que c’est sain pour Greer?”

Pierre has been prepared to tell Greer to go back into the Devonshire fold at the moment they were winning and as much as his little agreement with Forbes had worked for now, it was time to cut their losses and get back on track with revenge against Lowell. He was tired of waiting around and playing games with Forbes and watching as Tess Blisston got her happy ending with Lowell while all the hard work and planning had been for nothing when it came to Zerick and Greer. It was also the reason he had moved on to his revenge on Walter too everyone was so focused on Forbes and the drama with Dimtiri it made his new alliance with Dru, an alliance that his brother nor Greer needed to know about. His brother simply because old wounds were hard to ignore when it came to Harvey and his love hate relationship with Altas Falls and seeing how he still carried a torch for an older but still vibrant certain brunette in town well he wasn’t going to take his chances. His plan with Dru would make sure that his attention was not just on Lowell but on the other man that had testified against him Walter everyone forgot that little part of their past in town that it was Walter who had confessed on the stand that he embezzled and for a time it was the one thing that broke apart his brother and that ungrateful bitch that was Walter’s wife. He was not so quick to forget or maybe Harvey had went soft whatever the case he wanted to make sure that both Walter and Lowell got what was coming to them.

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