2018 Oct 01

2×08 “Ticking Time Bomb”

2×08 “Ticking Time Bomb”
Written by: Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Warming: Episode contains language sexual situations and violence.
Theme Song: “In The Air Tonight”- Kelly Sweet


Lowell tucked in his shirt and felt like the latest rounds of tests and blood work would slow down the disease. After being alone with David he felt like his ALS was taking over. How couldn’t he his days were numbered and it felt like more and more he was growing restless with life. He could feel his soul slipping away from his body and it wasn’t as if he had no chance of stopping the illness. It was cruel to deny him a  chance to fight back. He cursed his body secretly because why couldn’t he have cancer? It was morbid to question that but this illness and disease will take him out and all he worked for would never be seen. Honestly, his mind had been on Linus deeply because of their last fight. He protected his baby brother and also kept him away from DGI America. His sins had followed him even though Linus promised he’d stop. He wondered how his mother and father would feel about their sons? It was a legit question and since time was precious he’d soon find out and that brought a chill up his spine. Walking to a water pitcher he poured him a glass of water in a crystal glass. The coldness calmed the heat on the back of his neck. Sin and secrets the two things you couldn’t hide for long. It made him feel foolish for some of the things he did.

Tonight he was reaching out to Simon to help him do his last will and testament and he’d also explain what was going on and pick his successor. Simon would be the only one who knew and that would be a secret to hold but it was what he was paid to do. Hold their secrets and protect them and this would be one of the times he desperately needed him. Walking out of the office he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Two nurses and David were trying to stop her but she looked even more ravishing than when he met her in Europe again. He was in London on business with Linus and this was what he found. Tess a grown woman and not only that but a radically stunning one. Even today when she didn’t have her signature long blonde hair and it was now a short chic cut she was striking. The feelings he still had for her were wrong and he knew it. It was horrible to love two women but they didn’t know the Tess he did. She wasn’t always so hard, so evil, and so hurt. He did that to her and he knew when a woman was scorn or fed up it was nothing you could do about it. Somehow Jackie and he had never gotten to that point and it was her grace. This Zerick lie had painted them through a dark lense and he wouldn’t wonder why she was standing by him now.

Tess saw Lowell walking out looking frail and she couldn’t help but wonder why he was in the hospital so much. She was worried, to be honest, and hadn’t even told Pierre or Forbes what her suspicion was because the thrill of something honestly being wrong with him would be legit. She might want nothing but his health to be fine. No longer willing to wait. Tess arrived at the hospital after Bliss made an offhand remark about Lowell’s appointment. Wearing a couture women’s business suit by Chanel and a Balenciaga hat with a veil covering half of her face. Standing with leather red gloves she broke free from the nurses grasps and looked at him. “We will speak immediately. We have children also Lowell shall you not forget I’m the mother of your kids also.” Tess said purposely speaking in plurals so maybe he’d catch a hint. She’d hidden Belle from the right people but Dimitri was in town, along with Pierre, and Forbes knowing the truth. That wasn’t something she wanted to get to him before she could tell him. “We need to speak immediately Lowell and I won’t take no for an answer!”

Walking to him she strutted like Gisele Bundchen knowing how much he used to love her walk. He used to say she could walk into any room and demand attention with her walk. Exhaling she touched Lowell’s face and turned to the nurses and David. “Go! We have something to discuss and I told you I’m just as important as Jackie. From now on listen to me.” Lowell let her through as she walked into the private room which was stunning. Of course, he would have a luxury private room that didn’t surprise her. She sat down on the plush leather couch and crossed her legs. “Tea please, and I don’t you think I deserve to know what is going on? You’ve lost at least twenty pounds. You look fragile and Bliss is crying about you and how she didn’t have enough time. She hung up on me after that. What the hell is going on Lowell Devonshire and don’t give me I’m not Jackie or the wife shit. I spent over thirty years as your mistress and lover. No excuses.”

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