2018 Jul 22

2×04 “For The Man Who Has Everything” released!

2×04 “For the Man Who Has Everything”
Written by: Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode my contain language and sexual situations and content


Standing on the roof of DGI she turned furiously swirling in the bridal gown that Val had made. The photographer was capturing her beauty or so Val kept saying. Either way this was the most free she felt in a long time. Val had came to pick her up after Ronan little stunt. She told her best friend the truth and as badly as she wanted to lie, Brooke didn’t. She wondered what he was doing but how it all turned into lies between them. He didn’t love her or couldn’t because what he pulled made her feel like she was dying on the inside. She thought she was going to leave Atticus now they had this huge secret between them. Val had informed her that if she said a word about it she was a fool. How much of a hypocrite would she be if she didn’t? She broke up with Atticus when he cheated and now the tables were turned. Brooke waved her hands to show she needed a second. Two handlers helped her down off the platform and she walked to the kraft table. Picking up a bottle water and string cheese. When she turned around she smiled at Val.

“This dress is really stunning girl.” She touched her belly which was constricted by a corset. “I can barely breathe but Val your collection is going to be a hit. You are doing some real innovative things with fashion honey. I’m jealous. We have a party to attend downstairs in the ballroom. Only Lowell Devonshire has a ballroom inside of his company building. I should really go up there and finish or do we have the shot because I’m hundreds of feet in the air and spinning like a mad woman. Fashion is incredibly scary and murderous. Plus Jamal is downstairs and the event is waiting for our fashionable entrance. Did I tell you since Hunter moved out I’m so happy you are upstairs. Sometimes my mother is so dramatic. You know she came into my room hammered talking about some other daughter. I assumed it was you.” The makeup artist began to more highlighter and lipstick on her lips. “I just want to be young again and party. Have fun because I’m dumping the prince.”

Val had finished her wedding couture line over the summer and when the fabric had come in she had hand sew every single design and knew that Brooke was the model she wanted on the spread. Things had calmed down after the trial for Jamal it felt like he was at peace with what happened and they were still going strong when Brooke had called though after what Ronan did to her. She dropped her boy like a hot potato to be there for her best friend and she hated what Ronan did to Brooke on the other hand secrets like that didn’t go over well with men. Men held grudges like no other when it came to women cheating maybe even worse than women did. She didn’t judge Brooke for what she and Ronan did it happened but she knew it was something that would enrage Atticus plus looking on everything was Atticus that bad for Brooke? Ronan kept hurting her and pushing her away, Atticus could make her happy or at least she thought he could. Following Brooke over to the snacks she nodded her head at her.

“I’m glad you like it color is supposed to be big on white this year and I think that trip to Europe this summer for a few weeks inspired me. Plus you look stunning I can’t wait to start working on the fall stuff with you. Your mom is something else.” Val said she had taken the offer to move into the Kincaid estate after Hunter moved out and in with Bliss, she supposed to could have got her own place but Brooke needed her. She waved at the photographers to give them some privacy. She honestly didn’t think that it was the best sure idea to break up with Atticus if she was being honest with Brooke. He was the one that was trying to make things work with her again and the media was all about them as a couple it was small price to pay in her mind not telling him about Ronan if it meant Brooke could be happy. “Honestly do you think that dumping Atticus out of the blue is a good idea? You’ve spent the entire summer with him and suddenly dump him the press is going to eat you alive and he’s going to start digging into why you wanted to end it. I hate what Ronan did to you. Brooke it was cold and callous. I don’t like to see you keep chasing after him only to be hurt. Does Atticus make you that unhappy?”

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