2018 Jun 30

2×02 “Speaking With No Sound” Released!

Episode 2:02: Speaking With No Sound
Written by: Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Viewer discretion is advised episode may contain language and sexual situations.

(A Great Big World Ft Christina Aguilera- Say Something)


Merci stirred her drink with her straw. It had been a rough three months to be honest. She didn’t believe Jon had killed Kendrick. She honestly was still bitter about his death. Hell she was bitter about how Kendrick just wrote her out of his life. They weren’t in love but they were friends and she wished he would have just communicated he was in trouble. She’d ran away from more foster homes than she could count. She could have helped him vanish and never been seen again. Ronan Madden was alive but the black boy who had dreams for his community was gone. Another black face stolen away. At least she had amazing highlights from her depression. Her mind often drifted to the persistent Devin Thompson. He was one of those guys who didn’t give up at all. She had some nerve because she pursued him for months while he was in a relationship. Merci thought back to the first week after the shooting and riot she didn’t leave her home. Devin brought her food from La Callie and even brought Skye to help her get cleaned up. She was in a slump and now she was still lost. Would she be betraying Kendrick memory by being with Devin? Hell did he even care about her like, she cared about him? Would he be in mourning like this for her? Those questions echoed through her mind.

Olympus Bar was the new remodeled bar that Hotel LaGordia created after the riots. It was stunning and a great place to think. They had redone the entire bar and made it something special. They’d turned it into her favorite drinking hole. After a long day of listening to vapid rich people she always needed a drink. She played a role like she was this perky ass party planner when all she wanted to do was tell them to shut the hell up. Taking a sip of her rum and coke she looked up and saw Devin. God had he found Olympus Bar? One thing about talking to someone who was poor, they normally didn’t come to high level establishments. She knew she should have went to La Callie. Slowly flipping her long hair she’d gotten a banging ass weave also. She gulped down her drink. He was here to once again try to shake her mind out of that slump. He looked so damn good it pissed her off. God she wanted that man on top of her and that was the truth. He smelled good too it annoyed her even more because she did want him. Rolling her eyes at Devin she sucked her teeth showing attitude. “Good evening and I’m kicking Skye ass.” She knew her sister sent him here.

Devin had been at the station finishing up a case downtown and when he punched out he thought about going for a drive to the Scottswood neighborhood to check on things. Kendrick was gone but his presence was still there in the basketball courts, the youth program stronger than ever which was a good thing thanks to Khalil Watkins and Elliot Duvall. Men that took up the right side of Kendrick cause and he was proud of that he was also torn between doing what needed to be done for that part of himself, the black community and the other part of him, his brothers in blue. The fine line that he had to walk he couldn’t be too black in Scottswood and then he couldn’t be too much cop either, when he was at work he couldn’t be the opposite not to mention he had a choice to have Jon’s back or not. He had chosen to have Jon’s back that night and even now with his civil trial coming up that was the choice he was going to stick by Jon had done the right thing that night. That didn’t mean that he didn’t think sometimes bad cops did bad things they did, he worked for a dirty one in Gideon when everything came out but that didn’t mean all cops were bad either. The shooting had changed him and put him at the forefront of the police force on trying to heal those relations getting people in his community to see the good in cops and getting the cops to listen and act on those concerns. It had helped a little but he had backed off when he got the summons as a witness for the trial instead tonight he had gotten a call from Skye instead.

She was worried about Merci again especially with the trial coming up and in truth so was he, he still remembered that week after Kendrick was shot how desolate and broken she was. He had comforted her the best he could brought her food when she needed it made sure that a police patrol was stationed outside her place just in case someone decided to take revenge on her too. He and Skye had been polite to each other for the most part and this was the latest example of that the call that Merci was at the bar probably looking for some meaningless one night with some random stranger. So instead of going home to his bachelor pad here he was, in the words of Miranda chasing someone that could give him what she couldn’t. It was still nice that he and Miranda had been able to remain friends after their breakup, he had worried it would cause more drama to an already tough situation. He saw her at the bar in that beautiful dress that she had on and noticed her hair in the light he approved of the coloring and he took a seat next to her motioning to the bartender to pour him whatever she was having.

“You can’t blame her, she’s worried about you. So she asked me to come check on you. You shouldn’t be out here drinking by yourself and looking for what, some warm body that doesn’t even care about you to fill the void?” Devin asked looking at her and seeing her face it may of been harsh but it was something he wanted her to hear, her self worth should be something that a man would cherish not take advantage of. He didn’t know if she had that with Kendrick or if it was something else deeper they shared but he knew that losing Kendrick had changed her for a darker version of herself that he didn’t like seeing. He took a sip of his drink twirling the glass in his hand. “Since Skye has told me you are stubborn and I know that from experience that strong independent and feisty women don’t like to be bossed around or watched I have a new plan. I’ll scan all the suitors for you think of me as your wing man that way I know you’re with someone that deserves you and isn’t out to just use you for the hell of it.”


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