2016 Nov 21

1×17 Burning House released!

Episode 1×17 “Burning House”
Written by: Chris Coleman/Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode contains language, strong sexual situations and content
Guest Starring: Eva Green as Joelle Beaumont

Philip’s Condo

Philip knew avoiding her wasn’t the answer. Hell what was he supposed to say to Max right now? I believe that my ex-fiance little sister is a sociopath and killed her? At first it was just to find out what happened to Veronica. Then when he stumbled onto Scarlett’s little scheme with Mason well it made him more curious. It was exactly eight months ago when he first delivered the first letter it also happened to be the night Steven Kincaid died. Stalking Scarlett was one of the most satisfying things he’d ever done. Especially when he found Veronica’s diaries. The disturbing things that went on in that home. The Nichols looked kind the all American family but they were twisted and he thought his family was bad. In her diary Veronica revealed that she feared for her life.

A diary that constantly haunted him. How could he move forward when everything was still there eating at his entire soul. If she killed Veronica he’d get her peace. That was something he promised her no matter what. As he grabbed his keys Philip knew it was time to drive Scarlett even more crazy. He heard she thought it was Diego. He would use that to his advantage. As he grabbed his jacket he thought carefully. Kendrick had placed the club under siege exactly what was he to do with himself? For the last few years he wanted to work off his own name and became a shrewd businessman in his own right. However he was needing his father power to prove to Max he was the man for her. Walking outside he saw Jon standing there just waiting.

“Don’t you have someone else to harass Harrison? Sorry no new information today for you.” Philip pressed the elevator button on the condo.

Jon looked at Philip and folded his arms as he leaned against the wall. “I just honest feel you know a little more than you are saying.”

“Ironic, just like I begged your department into finding out if Veronica really drowned. A swimmer since the age of ten just was swept away. Well that sound like something well suspect. Now unless you have reason to be here this is private property. So I’d appreciate if you leave.” Philip said disgusted with the gall of Jon. This man really bothered him. Everything about Jon’s arrogance made him want to punch him. That night he sent Scarlett the first message. That bitch killed Veronica and stole every portion of her life. It disgusted him that he knew the truth. That the police wouldn’t even listen to him.

“Tell me Jon do you think you deserve my support when you all closed the investigation on Veronica. I didn’t see a damn thing and I can’t remember anything out of the ordinary so get the hell out of my house. I’m not playing Jon go!” Philip roared as he saw Jon wasn’t budging nowhere.

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