2019 Jul 19

2×14 “Turkey & Tears” released!

2×14 “Turkey & Tears”
Written By: Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Theme Song: John Legend- Ordinary People


The smell of honey baked ham with pineapples and cloves had filled the kitchen. As Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Going On’ echoed in the speakers above her head. This was the first time her father wasn’t cooking Thanksgiving and it was on her. Jamal had asked her to come to his home and cook. She wanted to see everyone because things were becoming to raw with Dimitri. Ever since the first time he assaulted her he’d become more sadistic. Just this morning he slapped her around all over the hotel room. Her lip was busted and her eye black. She’d covered it the best she could, her bang covered her eye and dark lipstick on her lip. It was still noticeable but she couldn’t help but hide it.  She was just focused on making the best Thanksgiving meal because her father wasn’t in attendance. As she walked to the oven she looked at the turkey and began to baste the turkey. Taking a bite of the dressing she knew it was done as she took it out of the oven. Exhaling she heard someone at the door and looked up at her brother and Zach walking in. Jamal was picking up some sort of surprise and his mom. She talked to him on the phone earlier.

“Hey I’m just getting the pies out right now. The turkey and ham almost done. I pulled out the dressing and the greens are still cooking. We have potato salad, deviled eggs, spaghetti, baked macaroni and cheese, I got cakes, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and all type of other type of treats and appetizers since daddy isn’t coming this year.” She hadn’t looked up at Mason or Zach as she kept going. “I just want it to be perfect because we all have so much going on you know? We don’t get to see each other. And I know you are so mad at daddy but I miss him.” Selina covered her mouth knowing that she was just compensating for the pain she was in. She was shaking and she saw Mason moving closer to her. “I’m fine Mason please just give me a moment.” Selina couldn’t help it before she knew it she collapsed to the floor and she felt Zach holding her. “I’m okay.” She said looking at Mason who was staring at her face too hard.

Jamal had Val hand as he walked into his condo kitchen. He had his father outside ready to apologize to not just Mason but them all. When he saw Selina on the floor he began to move closer to his sister and let go of Val hand. “Val go get my mom and tell her to come in the kitchen.” He watched Val rushing off to get his mom who was setting the table and setting the Mexican side of Thanksgiving. The tamales, chilaquiles, mole, and elotes were his favorite mixing soulfood and his momma Mexican cooking. When he got closer to Selina he saw her eye and lip he looked at Mason and Zach with concern in his eyes.

“Selina, sis you been throwing down in the kitchen pops would be proud.” He said looking at her crying hysterically on the floor he looked at Mason and he began to feel her pain. Stooping down by Mason and Selina he sat Indian style and looked at his beautiful big sister. “Selina your eye um sis. Your eye looks like it’s black and your lips is clearly busted. I don’t want to make any assumptions but you on the floor crying in Mason arms and you look like this. Is Dimitri? Is the motherfucker beating on you Selina?”

It all seemed to pour out of her because Mason and Jamal were mirrors she couldn’t hide from. Especially Mason the way he looked at her she knew it all had to come out. “I’m not this woman Mason. I’m not this girl who gets abused by her lover oh my God. I’m being beaten and I don’t know how to get away. He’s everywhere and I’m so scared. He’s going to kill me one day and the way he talks about Bliss and that baby. Oh my God I shouldn’t have doubted her. What kind of woman does that? What kind of woman does that? I’m Selina Delacroix how could this be happening to me? I’m not supposed to be beaten.” She began to bawl into Mason shoulder.


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