Season 2 Recap

Episodes 2×1-2×27

Notable Events:

Deaths: Dimitri Kavanagh

Births: Donovan Devonshire, Jolene Devonshire

Arrests: Ronan Madden, Thor Madden, Gia Falcone, Dimitri Kavanagh

Marriages: Jackson Devonshire and Dani Fraiser, Hunter Kincaid and Bliss Devonshire, Tony Delacroix and Ophelia Cameron

Engagements: Max Devonshire and Sebastian Navarro, Atticus Kavanagh and Brooke Kincaid, Braden Fraiser and Tamara Wright

Divorces: Braden Fraiser and Selina Delacroix, Walter Fraiser and Lauren Cummings, Lowell Devonshire and Jackie Davis

Pregnancies: Tamara Wright, Max Devonshire, Val Ruiz and Gia Falcone

Season two started with a flash forward of Tamara Wright, Selina Delacroix, Jackie Devonshire, and Bliss Devonshire-Kincaid all dumping the body of Dimitri Kavanaugh. Six months earlier we find Jon Harrison fighting for his life as an officer against one of the best lawyers in the country in Elliot Duvall after the shooting of Kendrick Watkins. After an intense trial Jon was cleared of all charges and began a life with Cassie Montgomery. This would begin a period of happiness and contention due to Jon’s hunger for a family and Cassie’s uncertainty of having one. Cassie was running the Atlas Falls Chronicles newspaper and began to receive mysterious letters and information on Whitney and Ryan Hessington. This would eventually lead Cassie into finding out Skye Morgan had a child with Jon she gave up for adoption to Whitney and Ryan. Only for it to be revealed Forbes was behind sending Cassie all the information to ruin her new engagement to Jon. After child Quinn Rhodes overheard Skye and Merci talking about giving up her son and she told her mother, Jon’s sister Miranda. This led to Miranda now knowing the truth and figuring out everything. Upping the stakes Dani Fraiser also learned the truth due to her being best friends with Whitney. Jon was tipped off by Philip and on Christmas the truth was painfully revealed to him and how many people betrayed him destroyed Jon. Jon would dump Cassie and flee right back to Skye’s waiting arms to angrily confront her over Miles and then bed her.

Max Devonshire returned to Atlas Falls in a new relationship with the mysterious Sebastian Navarro. Max and Sebastian’s relationship bloomed as he made her feel safe and even ensured her that he liked her just as she is. This made Max to actually accept and form a new found bond with Bliss and Hunter. What Max didn’t know was a dark threat loomed over Sebastian due to his past relationship. Gia Falcone, a vicious and hedonistic mobstress, arrived in Atlas Falls after Ronan Madden and eventually made decisive moves against him while seducing him at the same time. Including getting Thor shot nearly killing him. Gia happened to be Sebastian’s ex-lover and he once helped her smuggle drugs into America through his wine vineyards throughout Spain. Ronan now has his half-brother’s power due to Thor wanting out of the mob. Still reeling from letting go of supermodel Brooke Kincaid because of his lifestyle he seduces her one last time completely breaking her heart. Brooke would commit completely to Prince Atticus Kavanagh. He would also enter a steamy one night stand with Dru Price. Gia would become determined to keep her connection to Sebastian and would kidnap him a few days before Jackson and Dani’s wedding. Someone mysteriously set Sebastian free in the meelay of assault of the cartel meeting which would have inducted Gia. Shockingly reunited with Max at the warehouse due to Raven’s warning. Only for Raven to be murdered by Gia. Thor and Ronan got the shock of their lives when KC Rhodes turned up with the FBI alive and arresting them both.

Dru Price arrived in Atlas Falls and immediately endeared herself to Lauren Fraiser and gets herself interwoven with the Fraiser clan. She also catches the eye of three different men. The first being Philip Montgomery who she shows her dark side to first. They formed a friendship even while he was pretending to be paralyzed in a wheelchair from the shooting. The next would be Ronan Madden who she became lovers with and finally Zerick Davis who she actually could see herself falling for. Dru would be caught by Pierre LeClerq a few times letting her frustrations out and it would be revealed Dru is the long lost daughter of Brenda Kincaid and Walter Fraiser. Bitter and furious she didn’t grow up in love and the best of life Dru is determined to destroy her family on both sides. With Pierre’s mentoring Dru she becomes even more lethal by giving Philip a picture of Steven Kincaid at a KKK rally with Hunter and Anderson as kids. Dru would also be unable to hide her true yearning for her father Walter which ended up showing up in negative ways. Dru would get close enough to Zerick to take the gun that Tamara Wright shot Dimitri with. Walter eventually lashing out at Dru and threatening her new position she acquired as Jackson and Dani’s new nanny. Dru would save Grace Fraiser who was wandering outside and it would give her new found determination to truly hurt her family.

Lauren Fraiser has finally moved on from Walter and started anew completely including a new relationship with Randall Sinclair. She quickly finds herself taken with how special she feels with Randall versus what she did with Walter. This made Lauren feel new and for once she wasn’t fighting against someone and just being happy. Meanwhile Walter was befriending a sickly Lowell Devonshire and reuniting with Brenda Kincaid. After years of not being able to be together they were able to express openly they love each other. Brenda however is desperate to get her power back and calls Governor Charles Hessington to Atlas Falls. This would be a mistake because unknown to her she was being double crossed by the Governor and most of her financial holdings would end up wrapped up in Charles. Not only that, the Kincaid family was shamed when Steven’s shocking past was revealed as a member of the KKK. Lauren and Jackie Devonshire would rekindle their friendship through their children’s Jackson and Dani relationship. As friends again the women remembered how important they were to each other and Lauren was the catalyst of Jackie looking at life after Lowell Devonshire possibly with the dashing Irish lawyer Julian O’Sullivan.

Jackie Devonshire’s life spiraled throughout the six months. She would come to accept Bliss Devonshire-Kincaid into her family due to hearing about her abuse and leaving her child in Isla De Cruces. As Jackie and Lowell adjust to the new truth of what he did behind her back Jackie and Lowell are haunted by Tess. Not only that but Tess and Forbes had another trick up their sleeve. Tess Blisston had another child she gave to her cousins to raise by the name of Belle Archibald. Spoiled and self-serving Belle arrives in Atlas Falls at the request of Forbes and stays in his mansion under his watchful eye. Waiting to use Belle to explode the rest of Lowell’s life. Becoming more ill Lowell Devonshire faced his mortality in the face. It would eventually be without Jackie because Zerick Westwood would be revealed to be Lowell and her mentally ill sister Kathleen’s son. This was uncertain due to Lowell’s denial and Zerick’s insistence. DNA would eventually prove that Zerick was indeed Lowell’s and what’s worse Belle revealed herself shortly after. This destroyed Jackie and she filed for divorce against Lowell and kicked him out of the mansion. Lowell would move in with Tess and Belle making a new quasi-family full of deceit. At Jackson’s and Dani’s wedding Lowell finally revealed the truth that Linus was Zerick’s father not him. This further destroyed Jackie due to all the lies. Jackie proudly watched her son get married and eventually helped Tamara Wright, Selina Delacroix, and Bliss Devonshire-Kincaid in the burying of Dimitri Kavanaugh. The women have a pact to protect each other and keep the secret of Dimitri’s death sunk to the bottom of Lake Everestt.

Jackson and Dani’s relationship only improved after he returned from rehab. At first they were uncertain how parenthood would change them. Together they faced any obstacle and nervousness about being parents. While both facing demons of their respective past. Jackson had to tackle his unbridled rage against his father Lowell for breaking the family apart. Dani on the other hand faced off against never feeling completely enough for her father Walter. Dani even worried Jackson would stop their BDSM life but he promised her once the pregnancy was over they’d continue which they did. Jackson and Dani secured the Isla De Cruces deal and eventually the Scottswood revitalization project. This caused Jackson and Dani to be a formidable threat to not just his brother who he was in competition with Chauncey Devonshire but Tess Blisston also. As front runner in the race to be CEO of DGI Jackson becomes determined to take over the company. At the same time Dani gives birth to the twins Jolene Jacqueline and Donovan Devonshire bridging the gap between the Devonshire and Fraiser family. On New Year Eve Jackson and Dani would married in a lavish wedding and vacationed in the Kavanaugh castle.

Chauncey would become even more determined to be CEO in his war against Jackson. Knowing he was unable to just treat Jackson as a junkie he began a concerted effort to rehab his image with his parents and DGI. Leaving Greer LeClerq behind he settled on Natasha Hassan. In a bold move to control the energy division he offered Natasha a marriage of convenience. Promising a fifty-one percent ownership of her family company SandStar if she marries him, Natasha agreed only for a seat on DGI board also. Together they began to try to get DGI to see they were fit to be the CEO while Chauncey secretly still wanted Greer. Greer quickly moved on to Brock Fraiser and after a rocky courtship they would fall in love. This would drive Chauncey crazy that she was with a Fraiser and that she was no longer his. Natasha would also be mysteriously hinting at a lover and would oftentimes not be at play. She would reveal her pregnancy to Chauncey which made him feel like he was on equal footing with Jackson and Dani. Greer would be crushed to find out Natasha was pregnant with Chauncey’s child. Greer would in turn and rage would blackmail the ownership of the Atlas Falls Chronicle from Cassie Montgomery. At Jackson and Dani’s wedding someone pushed Natasha down the stairs and she lost her child. Chauncey would comforted by Greer and when he pushes her away she leaves with Brock completely devoted to him.

Rory Devonshire was still very hung up on his first true love Yasmine Kohl. It wasn’t until he spotted Yasmine at Jamal Delacroix reopening of Club Vertigo did he move on. Rory began a relationship with the newly returning Aspen Sinclair. Aspen was daughter of DGI executive Blythe Sinclair and novelist Randall Sinclair. Aspen befriended Max Devonshire and they schemed to keep Rory and Yasmine apart due to it being revealed that Yasmine was Forbes Montgomery’s daughter. Yasmine and Rory’s relationship wasn’t over by a long shot even though they’d moved on. Jamal Delacroix however had his own problems when Val revealed to be bisexual. He found himself in competition with Kelsey Fraiser. They had a threesome and for a while toyed with the idea of a three way relationship. However Jamal won out and Val stayed with him. Only for Val to reveal she stayed with him because she was pregnant to Kelsey and she aborted the baby. Which Belle Archibald Devonshire overheard at Jackson and Dani’s wedding. Belle however made a splash with all the men in town. She caught the eye of Connor Hessington who she flirted with shamelessly. She had a past relationship with Prince Atticus Kavanaugh who took her virginity. Jamal mentioned if he wasn’t taken he’d try to be with Belle. While rebounding David Rhodes would leave to St. Croix with Belle winning the arms race for the newest Devonshire heart. Aspen and Max scheming with Khalil Watkins paid off as Rory and Yasmine officially broke apart when she revealed she was pregnant.

Forbes spent his year potting and planning with Pierre LeClerq and Tess Blisston. Together they used Zerick’s secret paternity along with Belle Devonshire. Forbes became determined to destroy Lowell while he was alive and could see it. This caused him to make moves such as bringing Belle into town and literally keeping everyone from finding out Tess truly did know who Zerick was. Forbes has become much more invested in his children’s lives. Hating the idea of Cassie being with Jon Harrison. Forbes began to drop clues on Jon past relationship with Skye Morgan including the secret of her giving up his child. Intentionally ruining her engagement to the officer. He also chastised his son who was in a wheelchair due to being shot. Forbes purposely made Philip feel less than but didn’t know his son was faking the entire time. Forbes relationship with Trisha also took a major hit after he used Yasmine’s charity and Youth Center in Scottswood as a tool to get away from the Dimitri Kavanaugh scandal.

Bliss Devonshire fearful of her ex-husband Prince Dimitri Kavanaugh of Isla De Cruces. Revealed to all she had a son and she was once a princess. Together Hunter and Bliss fought to get the young Prince Foxworth Lowell Kavanaugh from Dimitri’s sinister clutches. After divorcing Braden Fraiser Selina Delacroix returned with Dimitri on her arm to Atlas Falls gunning for DGI who fired her at the end of season one. Selina didn’t believe Bliss warnings at first about Dimitri. Tamara Wright taking a break from medicine took at job at MontCorp working with Philip and working the Isla De Cruces account thus working with Dimitri first hand. Dimitri became obsessed with Tamara because of her scrappiness and because she somewhat reminded him of Bliss. It was on a business trip where Selina would get a taste of Dimitri nastiness and he would sexually assualt her but not rape her. Next he’d watch Tamara and stalk Bliss to which Chauncey would stop him from hurting her. Selina would get away and start to move forward with Elliot DuVall. It was at the MontCorp press conference which DGI ruined and took over where Tamara was raped by Dimitri after losing his title as Prince regent and diplomatic immunity. Tamara would find out she’s pregnant and become obsessed with revenge and would eventually shoot Dimitri who was freed from jail. Braden and Tamara however were relieved to find out the baby was there child. At Jackson and Dani’s wedding Dimitri broke into the Devonshire mansion. He kidnapped Tamara, Selina, and Bliss and planned to kill them all. Only for Bliss to turn the tables and kill Dimitri. Jackie found the women and helped them cover up the crime.

Talia heartbroken Zerick didn’t want her. This would lead to David Rhodes in a brief fling and relationship. Talia who was still in love with Zerick would leave David at Jackson and Dani’s wedding to help and go back to Zerick who shot his father Linus. Simon would have a intense new relationship with Jamal’s recording artist Ivan “IMoney” Castillo. Ivan refused to come out and would explain the hip-hop lifestyle doesn’t support gays. Ivan and Simon’s relationship was tested by Simon’s need for validation and Ivan’s own fear of coming out. KC Rhodes would return from the grave and reclaim his family after a year of watching them. Miranda and KC didn’t start off happily ever after in fact she wasn’t sure she could be with him. KC disagreed and fought for his marriage and eventually Miranda opened up again. Leading to them together taking down Ronan Madden’s organization finally.

Season two ends with a fisherman and the police pulling up ex-Prince Dimitri Kavanaugh body from Lake Everest.