2×24 “A Fraction of Our Love is Consummating”

Episode 2×24 “A Fraction Of Our Love Is Consummating”
Written By:
Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Guest Starring:
Susan Lucci (Camilla Devonshire), Kimberly Elise (Captain Maureen Allegra), Ben Mendelsohn (Linus Devonshire), Gillian Anderson (Amanda Creed)
Warning: Episode may contain graphic sex and language
Theme Song: Maxwell “Fortunate”


Dani didn’t know how long the night before she laid there staring up at the damn ceiling when they got back from the Pub the night before she eventually got up and worked for a few hours regoing over the numbers her dad suggested before eventually crawling back into the empty bed. She hadn’t slept alone in a while except for when Jackson was in rehab while she was pregnant and it was weird she eventually had dozed off to sleep. She didn’t even know she had been asleep that long until she awoke and looked at the clock lucky for them they were doing a nighttime wedding and then she saw the note on her bedside table. She looked around the room how in the hell did he get in here without her noticing and more so why didn’t he at least wake her? Wasn’t he the one that said they had to be apart the night before, sitting up she threw on a robe over her pajamas before grabbing the note. She read it and followed its instructions right down to taking the bottle of water and Tylenol from the night before. Her eyes skimmed the rest; he was so bossy even on their wedding day and she had to break out in a grin as she went to the window to look out at the stables.

She looked at the clock in the room and saw it was about the time that he told her to watch and she did see Mason drag him out blindfolded holding what looked like horses. Two adult ones that she assumed where a stud and a mare and two foals for the twins and her heart fluttered. He’d taught her to ride the first few weeks they were together and she honestly found she really liked it, not to the competition level or anything like that but she enjoyed a good ride. He had built a stable into the house but they hadn’t filled it yet mainly because they both had been so busy with wedding stuff, work and the twins. She also had a fondness for crops too and she couldn’t help but grin at him. He still knew how to get her heart racing with just a memory or a sweet gesture and the twins hadn’t changed that if anything he actually expanded on that even more. She still thought it was silly he was wearing a stupid blindfold when he had snuck into her room to place a note down. But she couldn’t help the tears that flooded her eyes and threatened to fall instead she picked up her phone and her fingers flew over the keys.

They’re gorgeous thank you so much I can’t wait to ride them with you. Also you should have let me know you were here. I love you, see you in a bit. P.S. Whitney has your gift just don’t open it in front of everyone, it may send my dad into a heart attack.

She looked at the rest of the note seeing food already in a covered serving tray in the room and opened the top as she watched Mason lead him back to the stables as she picked up the bowl of strawberries and looked at the rest including coffee. Sitting down as she texted her mother asking how far away she was from the house and how the twins were. She smiled at the text back when her mom said she was a few minutes out and the twins were with Jackie still at the house. She had trusted Maddie to watch them at the mansion the night before and had wondered if she and Jackson had asked too much of their niece. She had watched Fox too. She settled into breakfast looking at the file for work and putting it away, it could wait today was about her and Jackson officially starting their lives together. She then sent a text to Val asking where she was with the dress. When the knock came on the door though she sat her phone down and went to it looking on the other side as she saw Bliss with Fox and smiled at her opening the door to let her in, the room should be big enough to hold everyone.

“Sorry I left you with Whitney last night and that me and Merci had words, aren’t you glad you and Hunter skipped over all that drama? Did you see Val out there by chance? I really just don’t want him to see the dress and he’s outside with Mason right now.” Dani hugged her and then her nephew as she pulled back looking at Bliss as Fox went to the food and helped himself. She had to laugh at the sight he was a good kid and she was so happy that Bliss and Hunter had Fox and that Dimitri for now was out of everyone’s life. “Also thanks for offering to take the twins for a few weeks while we are gone, we decided last night to take them with us. I know it’s strange but we’ve both been so busy with the wedding and work it gives us downtime as a family too. Plus instead of watching them you and Hunter can bond with Fox too and start your life with him and I’d hate to take away from that.” She finished smiling at Bliss. She really didn’t think that anything could stop her day or how happy she was or what she was feeling.

Max had videoed the entire fight and she saw Merci punching Whitney which was quite entertaining. Last night was so fun and her head was splitting as she walked to the Tylenol and popped two. “Mommy hasn’t gotten down like that in a long time.” Turning around she heard a knock at the door and the maid Lillian came and took Fox to Maddie and Dylan who were chasing Miles, and Morgan when she came in. Poor kids were going to have to deal with Miles, Morgan, Fox, and the twins. She was definitely going to slide them some money. As she looked at Dani and touched her face. “You look so pretty and you haven’t even done anything. I know that I wasn’t raised with the Devonshire’s but I want to thank-you. Jackson has been a supportive brother and really checks on me now. I know it’s hard to understand but you and him mean a lot to me. I said I wasn’t going to cry. This is the joy I’ve always wanted with my family.”

Talia opened the door with a huge pair of sunglasses on. “Why is everything so loud.” She said looking at them. “Val is behind me and I think she took in my dress a little because I refuse to believe I’ve gained a pound.” Flopping onto the couch she looked at Bliss and Dani all teary eyed. “Shit I keep screwing up you two emotional sisterly bonding. Either way David is lugging up my trunk full of shoes. Full of them because um from what I hear your shoes didn’t come in on time. Val’s kind of um scared of coming up here. But she called me duh the girl smart I have the biggest shoe collection in America so don’t worry honey we’ll find a heel that matches.”  Leaning on the couch. “Why didn’t anyone stop me from drinking so much last night?”

“We all tried.” Lauren said walking into the room with Val. As David dragged inside a huge tote with no doubt shoes. “And you might have a beer belly and bloated honey.” She teased kissing Bliss and Talia then walking to her daughter and looking into her eyes. “This is a lot. My little girl is getting married today.” She sniffled as she covered her mouth. “Now everyone can think I’m insane but I knew that Jackson and Dani would one day get married. When I was going through the roughest time in my life losing Victoria. But she’s here today, I know it. Don’t misunderstand me I’m not a psychic or anything but God, Jackie and I were at a park. I took a picture and it was of Jackson and Dani playing. They were kids but I knew.” Exhaling she fanned her face as she wiped her tears touching her daughter’s hand. “I’m so happy for you. You truly got what I didn’t have true love. You are my everything because I see a reflection of the fiery woman I used to be. You are my heart Dani. My daughter God I’m sorry.” She said, wiping her eyes as she pulled her daughter into a tight embrace. “You are my best friend other than Jackie.”

“Girl I thought you and Jackie were going to attack those strippers.” Talia said laughing as Lauren threw a pillow at her. “This is a wedding and we will not be crying all day.” As she walked to the champagne bottles that Jackson and sent for them. “He’s too cute.” Everyone looked at her shocked she was popping the champagne cork. “The hair of the dog that bit you or some shit like that.”

Whitney entered the room after dropping off Miles and Morgan with Dylan and Maddie. It was a  mad house but the teens assured her that they could handle it. She didn’t ask what was in the box the night before when Dani handed it to her and she took it to the groomsmen room dropping it off with Rory before heading up the stairs. She was so happy for her best friend to get her happy ending and at times wished she and Ryan had that. It’s not that she didn’t love Ryan she did, but they had a very different marriage than most people and honestly she felt like they would be judged for it. She smiled at Dani and then at Bliss when she entered, it was nice getting to know Bliss. “He certainly knows how to take care of you.” Whitney said looking at Dani who was glowing and then at the champagne and all the food. Hugging her best friend she kissed her cheek. “I gave it to Rory to give to him.”

Dani had grabbed her mother’s hand. She didn’t want her to cry on her day but she had a feeling a ton of water works would be shed by the end. She had to laugh at Talia going straight for the booze. Even if she wanted a drink she didn’t think she could stomach it. She smiled at Whitney when she hugged her and she pulled back; she had to grin at her. When the door opened again and she saw David dragging a tote of shoes in before he left the craziness she had to laugh he was a good soul. “Lucky for me we wear the same shoe size. Mom I haven’t even put on the dress yet you can’t cry yet.” Dani said looking at Talia and then at her mother.

Val had side stepped a nosy ass Simon on her way up the stairs, the dress in a pure black bag so no one could see anything. As her team had the bridesmaid dresses too this was going to be her first statement piece of a wedding dress next would be Brooke’s but dammit no one was taking a picture till the bride walked down the aisle. She opened the door to the bridal suite and smiled at them all as she hung the dress by the huge rack next to the mirror. “Up the stairs without so much as a care. You do realize how many times I pricked my finger on this thing right? But let me tell you it is so worth it. Shall we reveal for the ladies?” Val asked seeing Dani look at her like a beast about to pounce on its prey. she had to laugh, she was going to look stunning in it.

Jackie had made sure that Maddie and Dylan were okay with all the children and that they had Lilian as the backup, she had passed Merci and despite what was said the night before hoped she could still rely on her for parties. Things had been heated for everyone but the mansion looked spectacular when it came to the wedding and was everything that had been discussed. She had seen her son leave Dani’s room earlier that morning and had to smile at him they were so in love. She had worried he was leaving the mansion only to see him riding out in the yard and she had settled down and walked up the stairs. Most of the bridal party was there and she had reached the door at the same time as Dani’s cousin Kelsey, Miranda and Yasmine did. She smiled at the younger girls as she opened the door and went to Lauren smiling before hugging Dani.

“I am.” Dani said seeing that everyone was finally in the room she went with Val to the bag and unzipped it seeing the dress in person from her last fitting though brought tears to her eyes, happy ones. She traced the beading with her fingers and took it out of the bag looking at the button detailing on the back and she swore she heard Jackie gasp at it and had to smile. “Shall we start to get ready then so I can actually make it down the aisle on time.” She finished looking at them all ready to marry the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Talia held up her curling irons and a bag of makeup. “Dani my love you’ve never been the most glamour girl let us transform you.” Talia let out a maniacal laugh. “What? Everyone was thinking about it. We need to get those damn eyebrows.” She turned to see Max walk in and nodded.


Dimitri had took care of the detective outside of his room stupid bitch of a nurse had left some scissors next to his bedside table and he took the chance while she disappeared for more gauze his handcuffs off to take advantage of the situtation. His clothes were still int eh suite and he had got up and got dressed grimacing at the pain of putting everything on stupid bitch would pay for shooting him. It was easy to hold the man from behind open the scissors and slice from one end to the next and then exit out the back stairway. It hurt to move as he made his way silently down the stairs of the hospital and out of the hospital where he flagged down a cab that looked like he was good to take him wherever and wouldn’t ask a ton of questions. He directed them to head to the hotel that Amanda was staying out, his precious Amanda and he paused a moment thinking about her as he touched his side hoping the wound stayed shut as he got out and took out his room keycard that she had given him a few days before when she visited. He moved in the shadows of the seedy motel and up the stairs using the room key to open the door as he heard music in the bathroom. Her dress for the wedding was draped on the bed her pair of heels there as well things the crown had paid for.

He walked to the fabric touching the black velvet in his hands, luxury and elegance he remembered Bliss liked to wear things like this too. He threw the hotel room key down on the side table as he looked at the papers on the table picking them up to scan over them. He’d been willing to overlook her incompetence when it came to getting him out of the hospital and police custody, forgive her for her lack of skill but this was beyond reproach to him. Fox was everything to him and seeing the paper field in district court for full custody of his son by Bliss Kincaid and her husband Hunter his hands shook in rage at the papers. Flipping through as he saw the marriage license copy from city hall Lex Hessington and Mason Delacroix’s names as the filing attorney’s. He should have killed that faggot the moment he landed when his sister was just as worthless about everything as the woman in the tub was. He placed the papers down; he didn’t even have to wonder where that bitch would be today with his son he knew and he’d be coming for Fox as soon as he was done here. Opening up the bathroom door he saw Amanda jump and look at him.

“I’m back my love.” Dimitri said sitting down next to the tub and taking her hand in his.

“Beloved.” She said looking at him as she squeezed his hand. “I knew that you wouldn’t rot in that hospital. I have a new passport for us three. I have a plan tomorrow, I’m meeting with some local goons and they are planning on taking Fox from his home and handling Bliss and Hunter. We just have to lay low until it’s done tonight after the wedding. Go look inside of my briefcase is the passport. I have something to tell you also when you have relaxed. Care to undress and get in the tube with me? I know that I’ve disappointed you but I’m sure this will work. I’m going to get Fox back for you do you hear me? The law isn’t on our side and I went to Atticus to beg for exile to Ilsa De Cruces, he stated to me if you return to the island he’ll execute you. So I think we should go to Greece and we’ll be gone. I’ve used the last of the money to charter a private plane to Canada and we’ll then get on a connecting flight to Greece. No extradition and we are done, we are free to be together.” She remembered he was so intense the first time he took her. He didn’t ask and kept doing it day after day until she needed it. Until she needed him.

“What have I done wrong Dimitri. I want you to know I’d die to get Fox back but these Americans are biased and after you. So I can’t use my normal tricks. My goal is to hire these goons and get us away from all of them forever.” She touched his face and saw he was unhappy. “Dimitri let her go, she brought you here to America and you lost your crown. You have nothing left here. I need you to listen to me. Bliss is the reason you came and this town and you’ve lost. Beloved let’s get your son and get out of here.”

Dimitri looked at her at one time she was his everything so very long ago in some way she had taught him what it was to have a woman, really have her he still remembered her screams from that night. Then she kept those screams up. She had been filled with rage and jealousy when it came to Bliss when he married her but he had calmed those like he always did with her with more screams. She let him be powerful and she feared him, he craved that in a woman and he had tried to do that in Bliss he did to that she was so weak at one point just like he wanted until Fox was born and then she fled in the middle of the night knowing she wasn’t woman enough to be Queen let alone a mother to his son. The woman facing him in the tub though could join the list of bitches that betrayed him and the crown, could join the list of the women he buried as she had failed at the one thing he asked her not to, securing Fox was unforgivable. There was no room left for her now in his story with Fox and after tonight she would know that. He leaned in running a finger over her lips before leaning in and kissing her in the tub. He waited till the fear of the kiss had left her body like it always did before he pulled back.

“My sweet Amanda if only you were fucking worthy of me any longer.” He said looking at her before using both his hands and shoving her body into the water. He held her there not sure how long this could take or how long she could hold her breath when he saw her struggling too much he lifted her head back out of the tub seeing her shaking in fear, water dripping off her face and then backhanded her she was making far too much noise. “Dumb cunt I asked you to do one thing! I asked you to secure my son and what did you do go to my fucking brother? Did you think Atticus cared about you or I? He cares about his new title and crown you dumb whore.” He didn’t give her a chance to respond as he pushed her head back under the water feeling her nails digging into his arms and he looked down at the red claw marks.

They didn’t even phase him as he held her there, her body flaying like a fish on a hook, her breasts rising and falling in the tub, her fingers finally breaking the skin on his arm. He finally felt her go limp in his arms and released her shoulders as her eyes began to glass over and he saw the light leave her body. His arms were soaked from the water he would obviously need to change his shirt before he headed out to get Fox and make sure that Bliss paid for everything that she had done. He leaned back against the wall on the other side of the room as he stared at Amanda’s open eyes staring up into the ceiling. He thought about closing them for a few seconds before he decided against it just leaving her there in the tub so they could talk. Her plans were little compared to what he was going to do. Going to the sink he ran his hands under the water.

“Let’s start with what is really going to happen tonight shall we? I didn’t have that architect that did the remodel for the Devonshire mansion in Isla Del Cruces for a visit for anything did you think I did?” He asked looking at her body in the tub as he dried his hand on a towel and took off his soaking shirt.


Jackson was wearing no shirt and jogging pants. His hair was pulled into a ponytail and he fed Thunder a sugarcube. Taking a deep breath he knew he should be getting ready but he went riding before the ceremony. To be fair Merci was storming through the mansion making everything perfect. He knew that Dani and she had words but she was being so professional and how the house looked he was sure his mother couldn’t do this by herself. Cracking his knuckles he heard footsteps and saw Chauncey approaching him. He smiled looking at his brother picking up his t-shirt he put it on. Then walked up to Chauncey as he looked at the stables. “Remember when dad first taught us how to ride? I broke my arm trying to ride the horses by myself and you laughed and laughed. Now I can ride without injuring myself, I hear Maddie is doing pretty well in competitions. She’s getting so much bigger and all of the sudden it’s a little lady in front of me. You know what bothers me the most though? How fast it happened. All I can think is soak up every moment when they smell like babies you know because before I know it, I’ll have twin college students.” He laughed as he bit down on his lip.

“I want to say thank-you. You could have made my wedding quite hard but you’ve been actually supportive this year and I know we’ve had our differences but I don’t want father’s twisted malcanations to keep us apart as brothers anymore. You’re my big brother and I know we’ve had drag out battles and fights but I want today to be about my rebirth not just with Dani but with my family. I have a lot to atone for but one of the biggest is sending my family through hell because I was on drugs. I would want nothing more than for you, Rory, and me to take on DGI together. I know he doesn’t want to now but I think together we can take on anybody. I was thinking about what you said that dad said to you. If he believes all these people are coming after us when he dies Chauncey. Then we need to be a united front and I know we’ve buried the hatchet already but I need my big brother in my life more than a partner in DGI. I want to be a part of your world too.”

Chauncey had saw a lot of fuss over a wedding before but he had moved out of Merci’s way as she stormed through the mansion checking off a list. He had seen the grand gesture from his brother to his soon to be bride and wondered why he never even thought to do it with either Logan or Selina. He had dropped Maddie off with the rest of the women to get ready and had got a glance at his soon to be sister in law covered in a robe to hide the dress underneath. Instead he had walked to the men’s fitting room which was the parlor to not find Jackson there and he told Rory he doubted he had got cold feet and he would find him. He had wandered the mansion wondering where Jackson was before he had spotted him riding and then headed down to the stables. Seeing the new horses housed there for now Arabians at that and then looked at his brother with his childhood horse he wasn’t going to fight with him today. Honestly what his father had said the night before was weighing on him but he also heard Rory mention something about Jackson cutting him out too after today. So today for everyone’s sake he wasn’t going to mention the new little competition to his little brother.

“She likes to ride and she’s doing pretty good but I think we both know your niece has ambition way beyond horse shows. They grow up fast, that is true sometimes I have to remember that Maddie will be going to college in a few years, she’ll be getting her license in a few days. How about today we not talk about DGI for once. It’ll still be there tomorrow.” Chauncey said leaning on the door to the stall and watching his brother feed the horses, it would be nice for once to just talk as brothers as he looked at the bags under Jackson’s eyes. Like did he even sleep the night before was it nerves he was feeling. “Merci says we’re all supposed to start getting ready you should have seen the look I got from Lauren when I dropped Maddie off like I was going to spoil something I couldn’t even see. Merci couldn’t find you and was freaking out Rory thought you might have bolted and judging by the bags under your eyes I have to ask, rough night? If you’re still so unsure about this I can go up and tell her the weddings off I know normally the best man does it but there it is your opportunity to run for the hills before you fully commit to Dani Fraiser.”

He nodded when his big brother said no talk of work. Today wasn’t about that he didn’t want to think about work too much. As he looked at his big brother smiling at him. “Why in the hell would I run when I proposed to her? She’s my soulmate Chauncey and I’m not going to hurt her. I just couldn’t sleep last night. I tossed and turned in excitement. I’m giddy about this and I just want to be by her side. Dani and I have made it through every struggle and I’m not thinking of bolting, I’m thinking about the rest of my life.” Jackson petted Thunder and looked at his brother. “I just needed a moment to clear my head and really enjoy my last moments alone. I bought us all horses so that um we can teach the twins to ride. When they are older of course. What if I mess this up. My entire life I hated feeling alone and now I have a family and I’m so scared that I’m going to mess it up. My entire life I’ve been the screw up and I feel like this is some sort of dream you know? Like all of the sudden everything has changed and I’m different but I swear sometimes I feel the fear creeping in. She is the sun and I orbit around her and I know I’ve kept my promises but I just don’t want to mess this up.”

Jackson actually couldn’t believe he was confessing his fears to his brother. “We’ve come a long way this year. I’m actually telling you how I feel and not insulting you. That feels good, nothing beats the high that I have with them. Not coke, sex, nothing but I’m so scared that I’ll mess it up. Chauncey I’ve messed up everything before and everything is going so well and I’m so nervous that this is going to end. Like she’ll wake up and see I’m a fraud and I’m not a new man. I know it sounds stupid but I just don’t want this feeling to end. The whole city is behind us and they love us. I don’t know how it happened but Chauncey but I don’t want to lose this. I know Merci is drill sargenting everyone waiting on me and I just feel like I don’t deserve all this. It’s stupid right?” He fed Thunder another cube of sugar. “You have been married, do these feelings go away? The nerves and my sponsor says it’s called an imposter complex. He tells me that I deserve this then why don’t feel like it?”

“I thought about it you know I told dad last night causing a scene to ruin this for you but honestly Jackson after everything that happened last year and learning about Belle and Zerick seeing you handle it all so well with Dani, I didn’t have it in me. I half expected you to relapse or something but you didn’t and then I saw the twins come and you stepped up, right by her side and I had to wonder why I didn’t have that you know? None of how Logan died was your fault and I blamed you for a while, but medically it just happened.” Chauncey said he figured since they were being honest about it all he could at least do that with him he owed him that much until their father’s new competition started and he saw Jackson look at him. He honestly didn’t know that Jackson felt so alone and isolated when they were younger it made sense now though why he and Dani bonded and he was jealous of that too, he had that with Greer but it was gone now. “I hated you were happy with her that you got it right with a woman that seems to get you inside and out and not only that didn’t leave you. I’m not proud of that, that’s why I had Greer leak her medical records I wanted you to just be as miserable as I was.”

“You’ve grown up and I don’t know that is a good thing I always thought I’d have to beat out Rory for the title of CEO or maybe Max, but here you were in the background on your dark horse. I don’t think any of us actually thought you’d get your life in order enough to challenge any of us for it but you did and not only that you did it with Dani Fraiser by your side, the irony of that is not lost on me seeing what dad did to Walter.” Chauncey said who knew that his brother and Dani would hook up, stay hooked up and then get knocked up to walk down the aisle today. In truth what shook him about it was the times that Dani cut her eyes at him or threatened him over his little brother at the hospital when she had cut eyes at him close to having the twins he had felt a chill in his spine. “I honestly don’t think you could screw it up with her and even if you did she’d fight tooth and nail for you to the fucking grave. I took Logan for granted when I had her I wasn’t faithful to her but I loved her in my own way. I think if Dani Fariser was going to run from you she would have done it by now so my advice is to enjoy it, enjoy her and the twins and just be in the moment and stop worrying so much about it.”

Jackson listened to Chauncey and took a mental note that Chauncey and Greer both sent out Dani’s medical records. He chuckled as he shook his head. His older brother was so competitive that he’d do anything. “Thank-you.” He said walking to his older brother. “You know I was jealous of you and Greer too. I never saw you like that. You were laser focused with her and she forced you to be the best also. Now you were also a asshole but you almost took over DGI and I can’t help but think that you would have if you stayed with her. I emulated you a lot when I was a child. I used to think all the time about how I could be like you. Now I know that I’m adult it’s endearing to hear you speak so highly about what I’ve done. You have no clue that I wanted to be just like you.” He smiled at Chauncey as he walked to his brother and just hugged him. Feeling his brother embrace him he exhaled him. “Thank-you.” He laughed as he looked at his brother.

“I’m about to really get married.” He wiped his eyes as he looked at his brother. “I have to go get ready right? We are having a wedding. Chauncey if you aren’t happy with Natasha, I can’t stand Greer but if she is the one to make great like this. Make you full like this then you need to not to marry Natasha and you need to figure out how to get Greer back. Look I don’t want to get the DGI spot if you aren’t at your best. I want to beat you fair square brother and I don’t feel like you’re at your greatest with Natasha. But the guy last year with Greer, that guy, I want to beat him. So put on your A-game because as you said I’m at my best with her.” Jackson pushed Chauncey and started to run ahead. “You can’t catch me.”

Chauncey had hugged Jackson back he figured it was something that their father probably would have done but judging from the night before Jacskon and he weren’t exactly speaking. He was going to marry Natasha because despite how he felt about DGI and Greer it was the right move because if he didn’t DGI was vulnerable with SandStar. He saw Jackson pull back and push him and had to grin for today they were just going to be brother’s for his little brother’s wedding they were going to put all the drama aside. All the anger and the competition and he was going to watch his baby brother get married and be tied to one woman for the rest of his life. He let Jackson get a head start as he looked at his watch they had a few minutes until Merci would be out with that stupid clipboard screaming at them to get inside and get ready before he took off after Jackson into the snow.


Jon was sitting at his desk as his eyes looked down at his invitation to the shindig of the year. He had to tell himself he was no longer fucking with the Fraisers and what was worse he isolated himself. Right now he’d never felt so alone. He’d never felt like this before so consumed in the pain of not having his son in his arms. As he tapped his pen on his desk. Devin was at the wedding or on his way. This was a horrible feeling if he didn’t talk to Devin he wouldn’t have anyone. He wanted to reach out to Braden and apologize. He needed to say sorry to Dani for being immature and ruining her dinner. Hell he knew he had to say sorry to his sister but the feeling of betrayal was powerful. He felt so angry and he wondered how he was going to forgive them all. Hell he wasn’t because how do you forget the people who let you down so deeply. As he looked up he saw Maureen Allegra the new AFPD captain.

“Harrison, get in here.” She said as she opened her door. Watching  “Earlier in the morning at twelve midnight Dimitri Kavanaugh escaped police custody from St. Christophers. We have a fellow officer Mounez is dead, his throat was slit. I need you to inform all the victims of Mr. Kavanaugh he’s on the loose. And Jon please try to refrain from going to any other parties. You’re one of our most decorated detectives and I won’t be covering for your ass again. Listen to me, the people you are attacking I’m not afraid of them but it’s going to take hell and high water to get your kid back. We both know that he was adopted into the most powerful family so play the game smart huh.”

Jon nodded shocked and the Captain had already found out about his incidents. He shook his head knowing he was out of line as he walked out his stomach turned. Picking up his phone he dialed Selina’s number and it went directly to voicemail. Jon knew that he had to get to Devin and let him know. If he was a sociopath like Dimitri he’d head right for that wedding. Grabbing his leather jacket he immediately went for his car. As Jon got inside he called Devin placing his phone on the clip in his window. He turned on his sirens and began to head to the Devonshire mansion. Selina, Tamara, Bliss were all at that wedding and he just knew that’s where Dimitri would be. The guy stalked and terrorized Bliss, sexually assaulted both Selina and Tamara. It was no way he was just going to give up. Once he heard his best friend’s voice. “Devin, Mounez was killed last night. Dimitri Kavanaugh has escaped the hospital. He’s on the loose and you know where he’s coming to. We need to get this motherfucker today. Or I think Dani and Jackson’s wedding will be way more eventful than anything before.”

Devin had been inside watching Merci work the party like her job and future had depended on it he supposed it did after last night when she told him what happened. He couldn’t fault her for wanting to help or defend Skye but Dani had a notorious temper too and was likely sick of the drama. He wasn’t even upset about the kiss that Merci had given Jackson but he could see why Dani would have been, it was what it was. He had adjusted his tie for the tenth time in the mirror as he saw the groomsmen all going in and getting ready and moved out of the way when Chauncey and Jackson had come back inside and went into the room. He had been looking for Merci and his phone was on vibrate when he felt it buzz and looked at the icon for a voicemail and seeing Jon’s number. Honestly he had only checked on Jon a few times since the rehearsal dinner but other than that he had seen him at work too. Maureen was riding them both pretty hard, Jackson and followed through on that call or Braden or Walter had called to report what had happened which was a shit show. He took a breath as he listened to the voicemail and he could swear he felt the color drain from his face at the news and he texted Jon back to turn off the sirens to not alarm the guests and he he’d meet him outside the mansion. He waited a few minutes till he saw Jon pull up.

“You have balls man to even show your face here after what you said to them all the other night. For the record Merci and I are still together just keep me out of your drama with the Devonshire’s and Skye.” Devin said looking at Jon dressed in his street clothes and he had to wonder if he even had brought a suit he also had to wonder how much security Lowell actually had at the event up until literally twelve hours ago Dimirti was in police custody. He hoped they hadn’t been lax in it he honestly didn’t want to cause more drama on Merci’s big event but he could if needed get a few more uniforms to the event if they had too then again he doubted men in uniform would blend into the back. “So how do you want to do this without disturbing the bride and groom? We do that again I’m pretty sure Merci’s gonna skin us both alive and feed us to the wolves. Like seriously this wedding doesn’t happen someone is losing a head.”

Jon laughed imagining Merci with an axe just chopping them to pieces. His humor had gotten dark since Christmas. “I’m going to go to Merci and tell her there might be a homicidal maniac about to crash her event. Then I’m going to have Merci point me in the way of the head of security so I can find out if he’s here. I mean they have cameras all over this place. If Dimitri is here we’ll find out. I’m not going in there to celebrate them, you look nice though. I’m going in there to finish a case. So I don’t care if Jackson and Dani are in the middle of their vows if I have shoot Dimitri that’s what I’m going to do.” He walked through the gates and saw Devin staring at him like he lost his mind. “Listen all isn’t forgiven both ways. I don’t want to be here. I was really enjoying actually catching up on paperwork. I don’t want you and Merci to breakup over me and Skye’s shit. You two are innocents but they aren’t. Well Braden is but he’s going to side with Dani that’s the Fraiser way. So I don’t have a reason to celebrate with these people. Devin this isn’t going to be swept under a rug and forgotten about. I lashed out and they kept my child from me. I think we are done and I’m okay with that. You know out of everybody who hurts me the most. My fucking sister, she would have killed me if I knew KC was alive and kept it from her. She did it so well I didn’t know she was lying.” Shaking his head. Nerves started to kick in because as he got closer he saw the glamour of the morning.

“This is how I’m going in because I need them to know I’m not here to say sorry and I don’t want to hear there’s. Something were said that can’t be unsaid. So let’s do our job before um we find out that he’s here and he does something to somebody here. Okay? That’s the only reason I’m showing my face here because honestly I can’t imagine being here at all. It makes me sick to be around all of them.” When he looked in the window he saw Dylan swinging Miles around and he froze. For one second he deviated from the path that he came here one. He’d sat up hours staring at pictures of Miles throughout the years. Whitney’s Facebook, Ryan’s Instagram, and even Connor’s social media apps had Miles all on there. He saw his son and he looked at Devin who looked crushed. “I could run in there and knockout Dylan quickly. I could snatch my son and be gone for the rest of our lives. I could make it in the wilderness with him you know? I just want to know him. I want know what he likes, and who he is. I held my own son in my arms and I didn’t even know it. It didn’t feel a pull like this but I looked at him and I couldn’t wait to fix the scrapes and boo-boo with my son. Not knowing I already did.”

Devin wasn’t going to begrudge Jon what he felt about everything with Miles but hearing him talk about how he wanted to take Miles was unnerving hell hearing how he would do it was even more scary. He wondered if the new chief sending Jon out to the mansion was the right move now that he was here Dimitri was of course a threat but there was no reason to be alarmed till they knew for sure that Dimitri was out and at the wedding. Who knew maybe the fucking psychopath got on a plane with some friends from his little island and left to be their problem. He knew that was the wrong thought to have he wanted Dimitri brought in just like the rest of them did and he took Jon’s shoulder’s steering him away and into the backside of the house. “Come on.” He said not even sure what else he was supposed to say to him he didn’t think Jon would really hurt Dylan like that or maybe he would now. “Let’s find Merci.”

Opening up the door he side stepped the workers who were still prepping for the wedding as he looked around the main floor of the house. He finally spotted Merci in a corner talking to her assistant and he could feel her glaring at him and Jon in his jeans and t-shirt. “Listen he isn’t here to cause trouble but we need to talk and it’s not even about Skye this time okay. We need to check all the security cameras hopefully before more and more people arrive Jon and I can watch from their room if you want. He doesn’t even have to be at the ceremony or any of it but he has a hunch that Dimitri may show his face here and do you really want that to happen? Dimitri’s on the loose he escaped the hospital early this morning. Where is the head of security? Plus I don’t think Jon actually brought a suit to this thing sorry.”

“He can go in that room.” She said as she walked with Devin. Pressing a button on her headset. “I need to see Michael and all of team A of security.” Turning to look at Jon she walked around him in a circle sniffing. “Oh he isn’t wasted! Listen yesterday I made big enemy out of Dani Devonshire in.” Checking her watch. “One hour she’ll be Dani Devonshire and I punched Whitney Hessington for you and Skye. Mmmh-mmmh.” She turned to Devin and looked at him to shut his mouth. “You will be on your best behavior and you won’t drink a drop of liquor because once you get a drop in you, all of the sudden you have courage.” Waving her finger in the security room as she looked at Jon and felt his stress. Closing the door she looked at Devin as if he lost his damn mind. “I have enough stress without a psycho ex-royal prince fucking about to ruin this. Not only that he’s public enemy number one.” Referring to Jon as she shook her head. “You have to help him find him get in there! Michael is coming to the room. That’s my control room it has all angles find him before I have to tell everyone.” She snapped as she walked away. “And these white people said we were staying out of it after last night. Gerogia where the fuck are the flowers!” She screamed into the headset.

Jon looked at the arrivals and saw Whitney arrive with her family. Jon touched the screen and looked at his son. As the head of security walked in he continued to fast forward as he turned and looked at people entering into the party. “Come we need to find him.” Looking at Devin he stared into the monitor praying that he was wrong because Dimitri hurting anyone else would make AFPD look inadequate.


Tamara wore a silk wrap dress that had an elaborate train as the valet opened the door for her as she stepped out of her car. The lights of the Devonshire mansion seemed to glimmer romantically as she gasped seeing the fireworks going off immediately as guest began to come into the mansion. She turned and actually smiled at Braden who was taken aback by the show before the wedding even begin. “Now I’m not saying I want fireworks everywhere but um you are going to have to step up our wedding plans.” Tamara teased as she looked back and saw Dimitri and her body froze. Tamara dropped her purse in the snow closing her eyes as she opened her eyes and saw he was gone. That fear of seeing Dimitri and what she did eclipsed her sanity. “He’s under protective custody and in the hospital. He’s shot and not able to hurt you.” She could feel Braden leading her up the stairs and she was in shock. “I can’t keep falling apart like this. It’s not me. I see a damn shadow and I jump.” She sniffled trying to pull herself together as one of the fireworks went off and she had flashes of shooting Dimitri. Covering her mouth she looked at Braden.

“Before we get married I need to tell you something.” She said knowing she was about to have a full on panic attack. “When we first moved into Lauren’s home. I snuck out and visited Dimitri.” Looking up she saw Braden’s shock. “I took the gun from the house and I went to see him. Braden I couldn’t just let him rape me. I’ve fought my whole life for Mimi, Dylan, and now you. I fought to have this happy ending and he ripped it away. I should be so happy right now but I am so scared and I can’t breathe sometimes baby. I shot him. I shot him and I wanted him dead. I wanted him dead because he hurt us. How can I be so happy about this baby and so miserable at the same time.” She said exasperated and losing her breath. She could hear Braden saying breathe. “I don’t want to hurt the baby.” She exhaled and her breathing calmed as she looked at her fiance. “If you want to leave me again I understand.” Tamara said quietly looking at him and his bewilderment. “I’m not a fucking victim. Everyone looks at me like a victim. Just don’t take this baby from me but if you need to leave I understand.”

Braden had picked out his best suit for the event and had even taken the gift from his sister to take Tamara out to get a stunning dress for the event. Honestly he was worried about her but she had went to the bachelorette party the night before and he felt good enough about the company there to know she was safe and she seemed like she had fun when he picked her up. Only the Devonshire’s would be lighting off fireworks before they even started the wedding in the dead of winter and he had to look at Tamara their wedding was going to be beautiful in their own way definitely not as grand as this one was going to be but still them. “Noted you want a big fussy event with fireworks. Though granted from what my sister tells me these all started the night before with Merci and Whitney getting into it and then Jackson and his father.” Braden said looking at her with a grin before she dropped her purse and he swear her entire body got stiff. She was in counseling and so was he for her rape, so he knew what was going on she didn’t even have to say more as she started to panic and he helped her up and inside the mansion brushing off the staff as he led her to a bench by the stairs to sit down.

He kept brushing off the staff as they kept coming over and he looked at her when she started to speak and his mouth dropped open at her, she had shot Dimitri how in the hell did she even get downtown? He was shocked he knelt down to look at her. He wasn’t going to leave and he couldn’t even be mad at her. He did ask his sister to ask Jon to kill Dimitri. “Breathe.” Braden said repeating it over and over again as he looked at her seeing her start to calm down as he looked at her. “I’m not going to leave you do you hear me?” Braden said looking at her and already his brain aws going into overdrive trying to figure out the logistics of what had happened. She wasn’t allowed to own a gun and they had the gun at the house more for protection than anything else just like his sister and most of his cousins kept a firearm in their house and had been trained to use it. “Tamara look at me you shot him I would have done it anyone would have done it. I’m not angry about it, but where is the fucking gun?” Braden asked realizing if it got in the wrong hands he couldn’t protect her legally he couldn’t get ahead of the case. He couldn’t make sure it all went away till he knew what she did with the gun.

“Zerick Westwood got rid of it.” She said honestly looking at him. “He saw me after the shooting and helped me. He got me out of the hotel without anyone seeing and I gave him the gun. Please don’t be mad he got rid of it okay. He told me that he wished someone would have killed Lowell like this happened to his mother and he protected me. I know you don’t know him and like I don’t know him either but I want to thank him. He was kind and was strong for me when I felt like I couldn’t move he helped me. He isn’t bad Braden. Zerick Westwood is a victim of all the shit Lowell, Forbes, and everyone else did to him. I saw a kid trying to save his mom, but he saved me.” She said honestly as she touched Braden’s hand. As she exhaled she looked him in the eyes and almost started crying even worse. “I’m sorry I thought you were going to to leave me. I’m just all over the place. I’m the woman you proposed to.” She said shaking her head lowering it.

“I wish I didn’t miss his heart and I should have walked on and finished it. I should have killed him and now I’m scared. Like everywhere I turn I see him. When we are sleeping and I forget for a moment then you might touch arm or wrap up against me and smile but I think of what he did to me. I can’t get out of my own head and I’m trying to move forward Braden I swear. I want to do what Sherri is telling me to do. She’s says that I have to forgive myself first before I let go of what happened. But I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know how to fix me and I’m trying but I see him so much and I know all stress isn’t good for our baby.” Tamara looked at him and knew he was still reeling from the news. “Baby I’m sorry. I just had to get a piece of my power back.”

Braden had no idea what he was going to do or how he was going to track down that gun and maybe he didn’t have to if he was honest with himself, Zerick could just keep it. It wasn’t like he and Zerick were friends or anything like that but maybe he could convince him to give him the gun back. He was Jackson’s brother and his soon to be brother in law in a bit. He actually kinda felt bad for him about how he was conceived and he shivered at the thought. Zerick knew what it was like to get into that headspace hell he was surprised that he didn’t’ take out Lowell by now he would have known his father wanted to kill Dimitri, Tamara’s father did too as a man he wanted to take that pain away. He understood Tamara’s fear but that was all it was to him, an irrational fear the therapist had warned him about that, she would try to push him away but he wasn’t leaving her or Dylan or their unborn child not this time. He had pushed her away when he was younger and she was high on drugs but none of this was her fault. “Hey that is not going to happen okay? I told you a million times I’m not going anywhere and none of what happened was your fault okay?” Braden said looking at her and wiping her tears away as he took a deep breath.

“I wish you didn’t miss either and if that makes us bad fucking people than so be it. He is never and I mean never going to touch you again. I would never let that happen.” Braden said looking at her Dimitri was in police custody there was nothing that they had to worry about and Jackson and Lowell had more security than a small army at this wedding. He wanted nothing more than to call Jon and have him come by and reassure him and Tamara that Dimitri was still in custody that his reign of terror on Tamara, Selina and Bliss’s life was over but he knew that bridge had been burned he had to pick a side at the rehearsal dinner. He was angry as hell at Dani for not telling him about Miles and he now looked at Whitney, Ryan, Lex and even Charles differently but at the end of the day Dani was his little sister. “Baby steps remember that is what we said we had to do with the therapist.  It’ll get better and I don’t care how long it takes I’m going to be there for you, Dylan and the baby.”

“I love you.” She said holding him. “I’m sorry, I’ve just been so shaky ever since I shot him. We aren’t going to mess up Dani’s day okay? I’m okay.” She smiled trying to ease Braden’s fear as she touched his face. They hadn’t really been too intimate since her attack and the therapist told her baby steps but here she was, about to try and about to open up again. Leaning in she kissed him on his lips and passionately kissed her future husband. “I love you so much thank-you.” As a waiter arrived with a bottle of water she took it and drank a sip of water and smiled. “Come on we have wedding to watch and I want to dance tonight. I want to dance with our son and my handsome future husband  and just so you know our baby wants to dance. I don’t want you to worry tonight.” As she paused and felt a strange fluttering and started to giggling out of nowhere. “Braden!” She grabbed his hand and placed it on her belly. “He or she agreed with me. They want to dance.” Tamara laughed loudly as she looked at him.

She laughed as she looked at him brightly as she felt her stomach moving at him. “I have faith that we are going to become so much stronger from this.” Tamara looked at him. “This baby makes me so happy. I feel like God knew that I wouldn’t have survived this if I didn’t have you and Dylan and Lauren. I’m so glad I have a family now.” She sniffled as she laughed. “I just no more tears right let’s party and have fun okay? Promise me you will not bug Zerick about this. I trust him, he didn’t want to hurt me. Okay?”

Braden had been trying to be patient with her and them as best he could he knew there was no magic wand that could erase thing it wasn’t like they were in some fantasy novel where trauma went away. Every time though that he would simply hold her hand or touch erh skin she seemed to want to jump way from him recoil at him and it did hurt even though he knew it was because of what Dimitri had done to her. When she kissed him though and made that first move he was on cloud nine and never wanted to get off he wrapped his hands gently on the side of her face pulling her in sensually as they kissed. When she pulled back he smiled at her rubbing her cheek. “Today is about us as a family then no more talking about Dimitri.” Braden said looking at her and he nodded his head as the waiter gave her a glass of water and she took a drink. He had been prepared to led her into the party when she stopped though and placed his hand on her stomach.

His entire world stopped when he felt the baby kick or move it had been so long and he couldn’t even remember if that had happened with Dylan surely it had but he didn’t remember when. Then again they had been at odds at times during her pregnancy with Dylan due to her addiction and how Dylan was conceived. Knowing what he did now about his parents though he wasn’t proud of how he was the last time she was pregnant, he should have been more supportive and not focused on Selina at the same time. “Wow and here you were worried something would go wrong. I told you he or she has that Fraiser fight in them along with your side too. No one can take that from our child, shall we go enjoy a dance before my sister makes her grand entrance in a bit?” Braden said smiling at her taking her arm in his as he led her into the room and hopefully away from the memories of Dimitri Kavanagh.


Hunter had stepped out of the groomsmen room mainly cause he wanted to find Bliss and see how the bridal party was doing, Merci was tearing through the house and he was glad he and Bliss had simply avoided all of this. Not in a bad way or anything but seriously Jackie and Lauren had spared no expense when it came to one of his best friends wedding and Jackson deserved it. He had already had his his extravagant wedding to Max and it failed and he and Bliss could have done that too but if he learned anything in the last year nothing was really planned. He was so glad that he and Bliss decided to take a chance on their relationship, he was so excited that he had taken her as his wife and they were going to have Fox as their son no matter what he would never stop fighting for Fox or for them to have Fox with them. He turned the corner and saw Thor entering with Cassie, honestly he was glad when Thor had called to tell him that he was taking Cassie mainly cause if he would have showed up with Skye it would be a shit show with Jackson after what Lowell had done.

“Look at you all sharply dressed and walking around like Ronan’s shit didn’t just put a few bullets in your ass.” Hunter said walking up to him and hugging him seeing Thor with a card he had to laugh like what did you get the Devonshire’s as a wedding gift? Honestly he saw the table laid out that was already starting to get full of shit Jackson and Dani probably already had. It wasn’t like the Devonshire’s were needing the change and he looked as Cassie threw a gift card in the basket looking at her and trying not to lose it. “I think they can afford better than the Olive Garden Cassie.”

Cassie had been a little too thrilled when Thor had called her to ask her to be his date to the wedding she most certainly wouldn’t of got an invite otherwise given her last name. She had dressed in a Elie Saab mustard yellow and she had honestly no idea what to get as a gift but it wasn’t like the Fraiser’s were well off and not only that the soon to be newlyweds had two more mouths to feed. She also had assumed that had her family given them money they would have returned the check, no matter to her she was here to be Thor’s date and to get a feel for the room. After Jon’s little rant and rave the other night she was certain that only was he on the outs with everyone involved in this wedding but she was as well, if she came with Thor though that meant she was untouchable. She had signed the guest book as Hunter approached them and mentally replayed high school in her head with him, she had him first until Max had come along and decided that she needed Hunter and wanted him. Things could have been so much different if he would have just said no to her he certainly wouldn’t be onto Devonshire wife number two.

“Well Jackson obviously has money but what if it just doesn’t work out who is going to feed those kids? I mean we all know how long Devonshire marriages are lasting these days from thirty years to what like five max, less if you count poor Logan dying. Just to be on the safe side I’d hate to leave the bride trying to fin for herself should that happen and they are always running deals.” Cassie said looking at Thor glance at her boldness she was here to see what was going on and she wasn’t going to play nice about it. She as going to address the big monster in the room the great Lowell Devonshire had finally fell off his throne and her father was coming for it. Jackie was going to clean up nice in the divorce from what she had heard. “You should warn them to sign a prenup I would hate for Jackson to get taken to the cleaners one day and seeing how you did the same with Max it’s reasonable. Don’t you think?”

“Down tiger. I didn’t bring you here for world war three.” Thor said squashing all the drama he was feeling from Cassie. “I think you’re jealous though. Weren’t you supposed to be married to the renegade that is Jon Harrison. I heard about him beating his drunk chest.” Raising his eyebrows showing Cassie that Jon walked out of a private room with, Devin and Merci. “Oh awkward your ex is here. He looks so poor.” Looking at his childhood best friend he shook his head. “Well, Hunter I want to announce something to you first. I never was big fan of Jackson but it was nice of him to invite me here. I want to tell you both something.” As he touched a curl from Cassie hair. “I’m going to sell all my illegal activities to Ronan. I’m also about to start looking for opportunities in the business world. I don’t think that I will be getting shot again. It wasn’t exactly fun.” Thor resented Jon and no doubt he was fucking Skye. He’d get his revenge on Jon Harrison one day that was a promise. He couldn’t stand him.

“Well say something Hunter, I know what you want to say. But if you say I told you so I swear I’m going to fight you so don’t say and don’t mess with me.” He winked at Hunter knowing he’d be happy that he was leaving the business as he looked at Cassie. “Hopefully I’ll have something to come home to and love. Even if not I’m not built for bullet holes in my body, I’d much rather leave that to Ronan. He loves the battle scars. I’m much more a spa in Peru type of guy instead of a hired hitman is trying to kill you type guy.” Sucking his teeth he saw Cassie looking very happy when he said he was leaving. “It’s my choice and I’ll get quite a lump sum so I’ll have to redeem my image some but I don’t think the mob life is what Carla wanted for me or I even want for myself.”

Hunter was honestly not sure how Thor had even got on the wedding guest list but not his wedding and he was sure that Jackie and Lowell had their reasons or maybe just Jackie. As long as Cassie stayed in like hopefully it would all be okay by the end, he knew that Thor and Jackson weren’t exactly friends. “Yeah Jon, we should probably just best avoid that as much as possible after the other night no offense to you Cassie of course, I always thought Thor fit you a bit better. I mean really let’s think about the most perfect upstanding cop in town with Fobres’s daughter? Really, as for Ronan Thor I never wanted to see you riddled with bullet holes you know. Your brother brings the drama and the pain to Atlas Falls.” Hunter said knowing that Thor’s mother brought her fair share too but that seemed in such poor taste to bring up.

“Selling everything to Ronan means you can move on that is such a huge thing that is if he lets you. I’m going to pretend to know that is like for you guys to be in the business or whatever, ahem probably not the best place to speak about that with the DA in attendance or members of the police department but man what in the hell are you actually going to do work for MontCorp or do a start up?” Hunter asked he had wonder how awkward it would be for Thor to be around the upper echelon of society after leaving the life. Most wouldn’t even approach him for a job offer based on his connections with the mafia and Ronan others might offer him and then negate it once they did some digging. He shuffled his feet for a moment realizing that he probably should let them both know his news before they found out from someone else. “As for weddings Bliss and I tied the knot over Christmas it was pretty last minute sorry you missed out on being a groomsmen this time. After all the Max drama I just thought I’d skip that whole drama filled wedding shit this time.” Hunter finished seeing Cassie almost spit out her drink.

“Ah so the mighty Devonshrie princess has fallen to low and you just go pick up another one why Hunter I honestly expected more? Not only that you simply didn’t even think to call Thor and tell him about it or invite him.” Cassie said looking at Hunter and mentally filing the information, information she would have had first hand knowledge too if she still owned the papers and she shot Greer a nasty look across the room she’d have her revenge one day on the french bitch. No one screwed with her family and got away with it or made a fool of them and she’d learn her lesson when the time was right. “Well think about it this way you have the perfect made family just waiting in the wings now Hunter, we all know Max was never going to give you a child she was too busy spreading her legs for my brother. And other more prominent men in the political circuit.” Cassie said picking up a glass of champagne as she spoke and shooting a look at Charles and his whole brood around him.

“As for Thor he knows that he simply just has to ask if he wants I can make a few calls and put out a few feelers in the area and I am sure my father would be delighted to hire him before he goes somewhere for the competition. We can’t have DGI taking all the most brilliant minds afterall the mayor and the entire city council has to be DGI’s pockets at this rate.” Cassie said Walter’s daughter was marrying into the company, Hunter was now married to Bliss and that meant that DGI had vested interest in how the city ran and operated meaning that MontCorp had to be on its toes or they had to fight dirty. She wasn’t opposed to either option it was something she knew might come. “Oh silly me I forgot to tell you I’m back on the board for MontCorp, the paper and media really wasn’t my thing after all. I’ll be reporting all unfair activity I see between the city council and DGI to my heart’s content. Things have gotten a little complacent at the moment. I mean you all did just allow DGI to swoop in on the Scottswood project without so much as a statement or bid from MontCorp that can’t go unchecked now can it?”

“To be honest I don’t know what I am going to do and my brother will be letting me go because I’m going to make him guilty as hell that I was riddled with bullets.” Raising his eyebrows smirking at Hunter and Cassie. When she went off on her nasty fucking tangent on one of his best friends his charming smile curtled and his teeth gritted. Shaking his head he looked at her like she lost her damn mind. “Listen Cassie, I asked you keep it fucking cool today. I don’t give a damn about Forbes or Lowell. Or the whole Devonshire versus Montgomery shit. What you won’t do is be disrespectful to Hunter because he didn’t bone you in highschool. Now are you going to continue to be a nasty cunt to everyone we speak to? I’m not trying to argue with you but I’m not here for a battle, or even a fucking game. So if you’re here to fuck over anyone or make Jon jealous or you are jealous the Montgomery’s aren’t the Devonshire’s. I’m here to have a good time and I invited you because I like sniping at these assholes. But if you are going to be so miserable today I might as well called Skye.” Thor said bored at her dramatic act. “So either we enjoy the evening or you can go home and mope in that lonely ass house with Forbes.”

Thor saw Hunter grinning and he knew it wasn’t many men who could put Cassie in her place but her eyes softened. “I just got fucking shot I don’t want deal with all the drama okay? I just want a normal night and to feel normal again. Not like a mobster so I invited you here and I’m just asking can we have fun. Can I just be me again for one night without all the chaos and drama please. Look, at me I’m alive and I really want to explore us so if you can’t put your vendetta down for a couple hours then um go home. Go because I need to not think about being target practice for a fucking assassin. Or your family’s blood feud.”

Cassie looked at Thor and she knew that she was on thin ice with him when it came to the Devonshire’s but if he wanted a woman that wasn’t going to speak her mind he may was well crawl back to the junkie. Instead she knew that for tonight she could bite her tongue for the rest of their evening honestly maybe it was a good thing now that she thought about it. It showed that Hunter was possibly their in at DGI if it came to that she could convince Thor that was the path he should take to help MontCorp.  Even if he didn’t know it he hated the Devonshire’s deep down too no matter Hunter’s connection to them or not he would eventually see that. She cut her eyes away from him over to the rest of the guests scoping out the room she saw who she needed to talk to the planning commission of course and then if she could Atticus Kavanagh himself. She took a champagne flute from a passing waiter as she plastered on a smile. “Well to your rebirth and the bride and groom then. I do see some people I need to say hello too.” Cassie said taking a drink as she watched Thor and Hunter do the same she leaned in and kissing Thor’s cheek before she walked away into the crowd.

Hunter wasn’t all that bothered by Cassie’s snippy attitude it was actually one of the qualities back in high school that he found attractive but she had just festered it into bitchiness. He had married into the Devonshire’s now twice and he had no hand int he blood feud between Lowell and Forbes but he knew that Audrey’s suicide had forever changed her and Philip they were never the same afterwards and neither was Forbes. If anything it fueled things even more for Forbes to go after Lowell and Lowell would go after him twice as hard and anyone else in the middle was just collateral. Looking over Thor who looked halfway amused and irritated he had to let out a laugh at him he was in for a wild ride. “Enjoy the wedding if anything I’ve never seen her shut up so fast in my life, meaning she at least respects you. Enjoy I really should be getting back and making sure Jackson’s okay.” Hunter said smiling at him before he waved taking his champagne glass and walking back towards the groomsmen room.


Selina walked up the stairs of the Devonshire mansion with Eli on her arm. Her natural curls on full display and the silver and swarovski crystal gown she had on was weighing her down. She felt heavy but she looked amazing as she turned to him with a smile on her face. “Mr. Duvall one you aren’t to engage if there is argument generally at one of these events someone gets into it. It’s like preplanning.” She giggled as she looked at him. “Thank-you for attending with me. I just didn’t want to be alone tonight. Or solo because.” Selina eyes met with Braden who had a smile on his face and he mingled with other guests. She saw Tamara who was absolutely glowing and honestly she couldn’t have children, and knew Braden wanted more. This was good for him as she saw Bliss and Hunter. “Let me introduce you to the newlyweds.” Selina tapped Hunter’s shoulder and hugged him. People didn’t know it but dating a Devonshire was an exclusive clique. You stick together because they are so insane. Hunter and she had plenty of laughs about Chauncey and Max. Bliss seemed to fit him like a glove. Seeing Bliss in her bridal gown made her excited to see what Dani would look like.

“I hear congratulations are in order for you both. I’m so very happy for you Hunter you finally got a Devonshire woman who isn’t so stubborn. That’s the best way to describe Max. You two are a stunning couple by the way. Hunter, Bliss you do my friend Elliot Duvall.” She said softly as she wrapped her arm around him. “Hunter, tell me you are working with the Scottswood revitalization project, what’s new because Eli is staying and I’m trying to convince him that buying a house in Scottswood might be an investment. I know that some people are protesting the gentrification of that neighborhood but it needs a transformation for the community.”

Bliss had come downstairs to find Merci to get how much time they had left and Hunter had pulled her into a dance. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was with him. He was charming and quite dashing. “No business talk today Selina please. We are enjoying this moment and I’m enjoying what Merci did. My God transformed the entire mansion before our eyes. It’s freaking amazing. Wait to you all see the back of the mansion where the tent are it’s stunning. Like she has heaters it doesn’t even feel like winter in there. I’m impressed and slightly jealous that I had a small wedding. So thank-you for your congrats Selina. I do recall at Jon Harrison’s trial you were quite the lawyer. Baby if we ever need a lawyer and Mason not available he’s good.”

Bliss turned and saw Tamara and Braden rolling her eyes at them. She would never speak to that insufferable bitch again. She blamed her for what Dimitri did to her and that was unforgivable in her eyes. Pain or not she was a victim also and for her to lash out at her. She felt like Tess walking away that day and didn’t like that one bit. She made her want to do something ugly and that just wasn’t Bliss. “Has anyone seen Merci?”

Hunter was still a little unnerved about his conversation that he had with Cassie and Thor wondering if Cassie was right or not was the city becoming too corrupt when it came to who they were giving contracts too. Walter had pushed through the solar plan for the Scottswood neighborhood without so much a second bid, but there hadn’t been one either and it had the governor’s okay as well. “Well as part of the city planning commission I can say that the solar project in Scottswood was something that needed to happen it actually increases resale value for all the homes and apartment complexes, in fact I can see it transforming into an up and coming neighborhood. If Kendrick’s death taught us anything it was that we really needed to listen to our constituents there more and actually help them than pushing it back and back. I’m not proud that, my father’s time as mayor only festered those problems and even now they’re still a lot of work to be done but we have to start somewhere right?” Hunter said looking at Bliss he had no desire to run just yet he wanted to see how Walter’s first few years went but maybe one day.

“Thank you Bliss and I decided to keep it to a small and intimate ceremony and we’re really excited Selina and none offense taken I think Max and I just figured things out too late. Sometimes the person that you think you should be with isn’t the right fit and that is okay, Max is actually on really great terms with us.” Hunter said smiling at them both as he saw Bliss cut eyes at Tamara this was all so awkward seeing how Tamara had spoke to her after what happened with Dimitri. He got she was angry and hurting at the time but it had deeply hurt Bliss and had haunted her quite a bit since it happened. They were all basically family now though and Bliss was close to Dani so that had to have been even more awkward at the bachelorette party, not that Jackson’s was any better so much drama with Lowell. “Bliss was the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen the day we got married now granted I’m pretty sure each groom says that. Also if I had to guess Merci is off yelling at someone to make this entire wedding go off without so much of a peep or disturbance, didn’t she like get into it with Dani at the bachelorette party?” Hunter asked he had heard Merci’s assistant say something about it in passing and was curious what had went down.

Elliot had been a little too thrilled when Selina had called him to ask him to be her date to the wedding honestly he was not a big Devonshire fan but if it meant he got to see her he could suck it up for the rest of night. He had to work for everything that he ever got when it came to money and his own to feet standing in society to to rub it in with the rich and elite was not something he was used to. Selina of course had looked gorgeous in her dress and most of the ride over all he had thought about was their almost kiss at Christmas where he got to attend the rather impromptu wedding of Tony and Ophelia. He listened to Hunter and wanted to believe that he was impassioned about Scottswood as he was saying and yeah it was a start with what the current mayor was doing. He knew that change had to happen which was why he was actually considering running for district attorney too, not that Braden Fraiser was a bad one or anything like that he was a fine lawyer, he just felt that it was his time. He was always running his mouth about wanting to fix things and Mason had somewhat inspired him after Kendrick’s trial in a way. He had a loud mouth but his actions had severely lacked that drive over the last few years.

“I was actually looking at buying a house in that district for a rental or maybe even moving there I like the condo I’m in now but I’d like to still be involved down in that neighborhood if I can. I like helping out with the youth basketball team for Kendrick and the police outreach unit that the city started. My biggest questions lately have been about the solar panels.” Elliot said he still wasn’t sure long term that it would help Scottswood but maybe it would or maybe he was a cynic when it came to the rich helping the poor he had to doubt that DGI wasn’t making a huge profit on the deal which they probably were. No one gave technology away for free least of all the Devonshire’s and he saw Selina looking at him he wasn’t going to start drama he was just honestly looking out for the people of Scottswood that had been forgotten and screwed over to much. “I understand the basic concepts behind it that DGI and the city helps put up the panels and then the panels pay back to the power company, thus lowering the bills in Scottswood for people that need it. I guess my question to you and Selina is what else is the city and DGI going to do to help Scottswood other than lowering a few bills?”

“In the next year I plan on rolling out an effective plan to restructure the community housing projects to remodel and transform them into substantial housing. When I was younger and my cousin Devin lived in those apartments with his mother, father, and little sister it was barely substantial enough for them until they got their house. I want to build housing projects that are not only comparable to the condos of the elite but somewhere that men and women who are in need can be proud to live. I truly believe that what we could be doing will be replicated with other powerful companies merging with the government. Not only that people like Yasmine Kohl or Montgomery or whatever her last name is, shows the talent and authenticity of that community. We have uplifted Scottswood and DGI is showing that clean energy is the way to go. Once we show Pennsylvania that clean energy is the way not only here but in Isla De Cruces then the world will follow.” Selina said enthusiastically.

“I truly believe that this is the next step to making sure that we have clean energy in the future. As for the bachelorette party I popped in and out giving Dani my love and gift. I missed it but everyone is buzzing Merci punched Whitney Hessington about the scandal that was in the paper for the last few days. I feel very badly for Jon but his behavior recently has been deplorable. I do think that Merci and Skye have always gotten the shorter end of the stick. But as a woman who has had fertility issues I think it’s deplorable to try and snatch Miles away as Greer LeClerq’s paper is stating.” Everyone had heard Greer and Cassie were in battle.

Tamara held Braden’s hand as she glided across the room. She was a bit nervous because she remembered ripping the younger woman apart. As she approached Bliss, Hunter, Elliot, and Selina she felt like all eyes were on them. Taking a deep breath she felt this is what she needed. Earlier in the night Braden asked her if she was sure and she knew it was right. She paused as she leaned in to Selina for the most awkward hug she ever hugged. Then she shook Elliot’s hand. As she turned to Bliss she tried to smile but the younger woman cut her eyes away from her. Instead she seemed to be looking at Braden, her eyes slicing them up. Reaching her hand out to Hunter she shook it and saw everyone trying to figure out what was about to happen and what she was about to say.

“I want to first say to you Bliss, I apologize and I’m so sorry for ever blaming you for what Dimitri did to you. In therapy I am told that’s called transference. I was so enraged that I blamed you and I don’t mean to bring any of this up tonight. But I’d be less of a woman if I didn’t do this or didn’t apologize right now. I feel sick that I attacked you and it isn’t the baby.” She said as her eyes met with Selina’s now staring at her belly. It wasn’t to hurt her and she instantly regretted saying it so cavalier or not letting someone sort of break it to her in private. She used to scream at Braden that Selina wasn’t Dylan’s mother and she couldn’t have babies so she wasn’t stealing hers. It was ugly but this wasn’t about the past. “I just want your forgiveness and if you can’t do that because I know your story now Bliss and I am so sorry. I just couldn’t deal with it at that moment. That’s all I wanted to say. I just wanted to say I’m so so very sorry for being so nasty to you when you were only trying to help.”

Bliss eyes blurred with tears as she threw her head back sticking her nose up in the air. “You are forgiven. I don’t think I would like to be friends with you but you are forgiven. Women have to stick together and I am sticking by your side. You didn’t deserve what happened to you and I hope whoever tried to kill him does it again and again. When he dies it will not be a day too soon. So Tamara I understand but I don’t do disrespect I’m fucking Kincaid.” She said with all the might she could muster. “So you are forgiven but this isn’t a bonding exercise it’s my brother’s wedding and I no longer care to talk to you or about it.”

Selina wrapped her hand into Elliot’s as she looked at Tamara’s belly. No doubt that ex-junkie did that on purpose. It didn’t hurt like it used to but she saw her clutch her baby so maternally when she said she was pregnant. Taking a glass of champagne as a waiter passed her she exhaled as she shook her head. “Dimitri Kavanaugh is not on the table tonight. I refuse to have him in my digestive system. I assure you if he is the topic of conversation, Elliot and I can go. Oh and congratulations are in order to both of you a baby is a blessing.” Sipping her champagne she rolled her eyes. “I think Jamal is somewhere around here with the DJ Willow, Elliot shall we?”

“Actually I think we shall.” Elliot said that turned awkward quick and he was sure all the men there were thinking it. He looked over at Braden nodding his head at him and then at Hunter ashe glided Selina away. He had seen her face with the news of the pregnancy there was some unanswered questions about that but he’d wait for a more private time. Instead he spotted Jamal in the crowd next to Willow and waved hoping to get Selina’s mind off all of it.

Braden looked at Tamara and then at Bliss and shuffled his feet. This was a bit off his sister was close with Bliss now which was good and she was marrying Jackson. Meaning they were going to bump into each other a lot. He would never make Tamara and Bliss become friends but he was glad to see that they understood where each had been coming from. “To Jackson and my sister.” Braden finally said breaking the ice the best he could as he raised his glass and took a drink seeing Hunter to do the same and then Tamara with her water. “Well we really should go find my mom and nana, and make sure Dylan and Maddie are alright with all the kids.” Braden finished shaking Hunter’s hand as he him and Tamara walked away.


Dru walked to the front door of Lauren’t cabin after hearing a knock at the door and someone driving off. When she arrived at the door she laughed seeing a black box with a large red bow on it. Picking up the box she walked to the table placing it down. She figured it was a gift for Jackson and Dani and got pissed off. Everyone was celebrating that bitch Dani. She had the perfect life hell so did her other sister and that’s why she fucked Ronan. Let’s be real Brooke was devasted when Ronan left her and Atticus was a nice rebound. She’d figure out how to break his ass soon to. She would either fuck him too or fuck up their marriage. She wouldn’t be the princess bride and get a lavish happy ending. Fuck that and her mother would be just the same. She wouldn’t get Walter and be happy. Picking up the card she was quickly shocked when she saw who it was from.

I think this will fit you, I’ll be there in an hour to pick you up. 


Closing the card she pulled up the box and saw a black leather mermaid couture gown and when she saw the price tag she nearly shit herself. No way Zerick paid fucking five thousand dollars for a damn dress. Azzedine Alaia she remember that designer from fucking Clueless now she was wearing a custom dress by the designer. A smile slid on her face and she spun around holding the dress up to her flesh. Rushing upstairs she began to get ready after a quick shower she heard someone at the door and she was shocked he was early. Slipping her robe on she rushed down the stairs and saw Philip in his wheelchair at her door. When was he going to reveal he could walk? It was old. As she walked to the glass door she smiled at him. “Hello Philip.”

“Why are you already getting ready? Perfect I need a date for tonight and I think that you’d be the perfect person for me to get some much needed revenge. Tonight is the night Dru that little picture you slipped me. Well let’s say I paid someone handsomely that Jackson and Dani picture montage will get photo-bombed. It’s a shame right? How we are going to start to already throw some fire on their happy night and take down some similar enemies no?” Philip said rolling in as he stood up and walked to her and pinned Dru to the wall as he began kissing her. Touching the hair behind her ear it was wet and she smelled like roses. “You know I can’t get you out of my mind. I was thinking after tonight maybe we can see each other more.” Philip looked back at the wheelchair. “I won’t be needing that after tonight. And I will be opening my club soon. My new club will be the toast of this community and when you get all you want don’t you want a throne you can rule over?” Philip looked at Dru as he stuck his tongue in her mouth exploring her plump and succulent lips. His hands swiftly moving to unrobe Dru.

“Philip wait!” Dru said effortless to stop him. To be fair she needed a little relief and it wasn’t like he didn’t know how to give it. All her men were maximum lovers. Ronan satisfied her carnal urges as a wild woman. Zerick gave her intensity and sometime sex she could fall in love with. Philip gave her passion and that passion was so intense. She gasped as he sucked on her nipples and slowly went down to her belly button. She could feel his tongue circling over her belly button. She moaned as he picked up a thigh and placed it on his shoulder and began eating her pussy. Dru cried out as she looked at him feasting on her. “Fuck Philip.” She said as quivered.

Philip tongue began to work feverishly inside of her as he swirled and slurped on her juices running down his mouth. His tongue furiously twirled and flickered against her clit. He pushed her leg down and immediately turned Dru around. Wrapping his hand in her wet hair and slamming inside of her he began fucking Dru from the back.

Dru cried out as he entered her it was something different about the way they were having sex. Every time they fucked before Philip seemed demure but it was a beast inside of him. She wasn’t having it though. He wasn’t going to come over here and just fuck her like she was going to be his. She was no man’s and Dru was going to show him that throwing her ass back she began to feel his balls tighten up. They hadn’t had sex since earlier in the winter but if it was like this she would have been told him to walk again. Dru felt him starting to thrash into her tight pussy faster. “Yes fuck me Philip.”

Philip grabbed her waist and began to go to town as he felt himself digging deeper and he felt her whole body quiver in his hand as she began to scream out. Philip started to moan louder and kept fucking her while she was coming and and the purr of her crying out for him as he kept thrusting feverishly. He busted deep inside and slammed his hand on the kitchen table. He never thought he’d be in Lauren Fraiser’s house fucking some mysterious girl but here he was. His chest heaved up and down as he looked at Dru. “I’ll wait down here.” He pulled up his pants and walked to the closest bathroom.

That was unexpected and just what she needed some good dick and sex. Dru ran upstairs jumping into the shower again. She had even less time and two dates for the damn wedding. How was she going to explain this? Then she smiled in the mirror. Why should she have to? Slicking her hair back into a tight bun. She got in her dress and went into Lauren’s room taking her leather and snakeskin opera gloves and a veiled fascinator hat. Pinning the hat to her head Dru looked absolutely stunning as she splashed a red coral lipstick on her lips and heard the knock at the door. She slipped on the shoes that came in the box and was ready. No Lauren left her grandmother’s earrings here and she thought what a way to shock the bitch but to wear her granny’s shit. Well Dani that is. She’d be alarmed to see her in her great grandmothers pearl earrings. “Philip, can you get the door? I do hope you are in your chair.”

Philip was in his wheelchair but he wonder who the fuck was at the door as he rolled to the door. He saw Zerick standing there with a single red rose. Classy. “Well if it isn’t the bastard Devonshire? What are you doing here?”

Zerick had decided to take Dru as his date more like she had invited herself as his date to his brother’s wedding and well he wasn’t going to back down on that now. Instead he had spent an enormous amount of money on a gown that he felt she would like and had it delivered to her. He had prepared to attend the event and confront Belle about her lies there was no more playing nice when it came to his vile half sister, he was done with her. He had been trying to be nice about it but after his visit with his aunt the day before he knew he needed to confront her and make her realize she needed to shut the fuck up about all of it. Either he was a naive little spoiled rich British bitch or she liked to spread vile lies about what happened to his mother, either way he was tired of her and her antics with the man that raped his mother.

“Hello Philip.” Zerick said looking at the other man darkly as he entered Lauren Fraiser’s home wondering what in the hell he was doing here with his date for the wedding and how he even knew Dru. He wasn’t an idiot Dru was free to see who she wanted and do what she wanted but seeing Philip wasn’t going to be an option if she planned anything with them long term he simply didn’t share when it came to the weakling in the wheelchair that he hated. “I didn’t know that you were close to the Fraiser’s or that you were even welcome here, so that means you must be here for Dru.” Zerick bit out as he looked at his watch holding the rose in his hands as he looked at him and then up the stairs. “Desperate much I am pretty sure Dru much prefers my company and bed at the moment over someone who shall we say can’t exactly perform like they used too.”

Philip looked at Zerick clearly jealous of what was happening between Dru and he. When he saw him all dressed up and here for his woman. Dru would be his and he had all but claimed her a few moments earlier. He know the sex was fire between them and whatever Dru had with Zerick would end. Or he’d end it. “Desperate interesting words from Lowell’s bastard who is begging for his approval and attention. You’ve hurt plenty of people in the quest for revenge. The irony is not lost on me that my father raised you and you’re a dirty Devonshire. However I think you don’t know Dru that well if you think she prefers your company. I think she’s a much more complex woman than you give her credit for. Even if I can’t please her in the bedroom I assure you our connection runs so much more deeper. You are always the odd one out.” Philip laughed as he heard her descending down the stairs and he touched his chest.

“A vision and I can’t believe you’ll be with this fool tonight. Oh Dru you’re going to remind the entire wedding of my mother. Another red head who has fallen in line with a Devonshire. Sadly you’ve fallen with the most pathetic of the lot. The mutt of the litter of purebreds. I’m a fool for tragedies Shakespere is one of my favorites but this is comedy of epic proportions. Remember I’m Forbes real son Zerick boy. I know all your dirty secrets wish Rachel and Gideon a happy wedding. Oh wait.” Philip laughed as he saw Zerick’s shock. “I should really go. I wasn’t invited to the event. Good to see you Dru and Zerick as always a pleasure.”

Dru listened to the pissing match between Zerick and Philip and instantly felt a rush. Dru between a Devonshire and a Montgomery two rival families. Not only that but both held access to the kingdoms she needed. She would use both to destroy everyone who had wronged her and she didn’t want to think about it too much. Both would soon want her time solely and she wasn’t ready for a relationship. Hell could anyone love someone so damaged. Sex was because honestly she hated feeling so alone and for a few moments she was desired. She was loved for her body and Dru knew that but she needed some form of human contact. Some exertion of all the stress and pain bottled up. Her mother and step-father hated how much she was known for her sexual prowess as a youth. Ever since she was a little girl Dru had never felt normal. She wanted to be more, and turns out she was. She was fucking Brenda Kincaid and Walter Fraiser child. One filthy rich and the other well off enough to own a business a successful one. The swamps and coastal Florida islands weren’t her style. She knew she was destined for New York, City or Hollywood, or Vegas. Just seeing the opportunities allotted to Braden, Dani, Brooke, Anderson, and Hunter was disgusting and she never would have had that in Florida.

Dru smiled as all her thoughts shook out of her mind. “Well have you two finished measuring your dicks? Philip I will be attending the wedding with Zerick but I can’t wait to see you later tonight.” She saw Zerick’s interest peak as she walked down to him joining him. “It was wonderful to see you this evening, I’ll definitely be contacting you shortly about your proposal. I enjoyed it immensely.” Dru purred as she wrapped up in Zerick’s arms. “We should truly be leaving.”

Zerick wasn’t about to tell a woman like Dru what to do but he found it mildly entertaining that Philip thought he had some claim over her. If Philip wanted to whip it out they could though from what he remembered as a child it was small on his end. Instead he had ignored him in that chair like he normally did at most things and smiled at Dru. He did cock his head to the side a bit as she informed him that she would be seeing Philip later. That meant that he had tonight to impress her even more if she wanted and showing her off at the wedding was the perfect time to do that. “Well I do think we should be going I’d hate to show up so late to my brother’s wedding and miss all the love.” Zerick said flatly as he pulled Dru close to him and leaned in kissing her lips seeing her respond to him before pulling back looking at Philip’s pissed off face and escorting her out the door. There was no way he was losing a woman like her to a man in a chair.


As her limo pulled up Belle took a deep breath. Opened her compact and looked at her perfect makeup. She’d flown James Charles from LA to come here and do her face. Today was the wedding of the year and there was no way she was missing. Taking a couple of pics for her social media and especially RePlay she felt she was ready. “Don’t open the door until I knock on the window.” She commanded knowing people were waiting in line to get into the event. She reapplied her lip gloss, posted a few pics, and placed a video up. After three minutes and a few honks later she was ready. Knocking on the window the driver opened the door and she stepped out and threw her ponytail back. The camera flashes made her feel like she was at a photoshoot. She was wearing a Pamella Roland champagne pink crystal and sequined feathered cocktail dress. Belle absolutely knew she was stealing the show in a whole other way. As she prepared to walk up the long stairs to the mansion she heard a whistle and turned around to see her father.

“Daddy!” She called out as she waited on him to walk to her. “I must say for a man that everyone is saying is dying, you look absolutely debonair. I can see where this family receives their looks.” Earlier today she had left for Hotel LaGordia and got ready with James Charles so her father looking so spry made her giddy with excitement. “Tell me tonight will this be what everyone is saying. The tabloids are outside the gates and everyone is trying to get a picture. Maybe I should leak it. It would serve Dani right for speaking to me like that. You know they all jumped me and took turns trying to tell how horrid I was. Father I hate my siblings especially my sisters. They are cruel and I’m trying.” She looked at Lowell who had an amused look on his face. “I am, sort of. They aren’t welcoming me and no offense it’s not my fault you can’t keep your tallywacker in your pants. I didn’t ask to come into this world although I do think I fit I’m the missing piece.”

Lowell looked at Belle and was tickled. Did she really think she was fooling him? He saw through the innocent princess bit because he had two older daughters. Not only that he had dealt with Hurricane Maximilla and once you’d dealt with Max, Bliss and Isabelle seemed far easier. He went through a affair with a high school teacher, a college professor, a marriage and affair with Max. He was absolutely sure her bratty highness wouldn’t be as bad. The difference between his girls were just as wide as his boys. Max was tough and often cold, Bliss was maternal and lashes out when scared, and Belle thought the world revolved around Belle. “Isabelle, you aren’t the odd one out. Nor do your siblings hate you. Bliss had quite the adjustment also but I thinks yours is going to be harder because of you. I don’t want you to change at all Belle but you might need to grow up if you want to have relationships with them huh?”

Walking into the mansion his breath was taken away and it reminded him of the night he married Jackie. He wondered if Merci purposely evoked that imagery because he felt like he stepped into a time warp but in a whole new way. As he took a deep breath. “You see that over there? Let me show you some of your lineage. This house is yours also. It’s bequeathed to my children and Jacqueline. The oldest records of Devonshire’s in this town were near the civil war. We migrated from London, and we were against the southerns doing what they were doing to so many people. Well this house once belonged to a slave owner and my great-great-great grandfather charmed the daughter of this home. He convinced her to help free the very slaves on the estate and eventually she got her father to see that it was wrong. They would help slaves escape through tunnels that are still inside this very house. Your history is rich my child. I want you to know it.”

“It’s so beautiful here.” Belle said looking around touching the walls. “I wish I would have grown up here. Although Christopher and Jane wouldn’t have had me and I think that would be a shame. They were and are amazing parents. So even when you’re gone I’ll still have a daddy too. I have to get to know you. I have to get to know everything about you because when you leave me I’ll have the least memories of you. I’ll never get for you to walk me down the aisle. Or see my children so I have soak up every memory and every moment so they’ll know their grandfather was amazing.” Belle said as her eyes teared up. “They said the only reason you’re holding onto to me so hard is because you can’t have them.”

Lowell froze as her pain trickled inside of him questioning himself was he using her? No and yes all at once. They were right that he clung to Belle because none of his children even could look at him. She had stars in her eyes when she looked at him. No because he wanted to soak in every moment and he took a breath and walked to his daughter. “You are just as special as they are to me. Do you hear me Belle?” Pulling her into an embrace by her tiny little shoulders he saw something he hadn’t seen in this child before a vulnerability . He heard her sniffing and she was silently crying. “It can’t be easy to be away from everyone you know sweetheart. If you need to go to London away from all this then we can for a couple of days. I’ll go with you.”

Zerick wasn’t even sure if he was actually going to arrive or not for the wedding after his visit from his aunt but then had sent Drua  gown and picked her up and seeing the look on Philip’s face was worth whatever happened tonight. The gimp in the wheelchair actually thought he had a shot with a woman like Dru was his adopted brother blind? Dru was ambitious and power hungry not to mention had secrets that he wanted to know he had led her inside the mansion before he saw his little fucking sister arrive and headed out following her and Lowell. Of course the little british bitch was turning his aunt against him as Lowell’s newest little spy and game and he was going to set the record straight. He had called Forbes the night before who had assured him that Belle was spreading nothing but lies to him and his aunt and it had to  stop. Lowell had to pay for what he had done to his mother, maybe not legally the limitations had expired on that years ago but in the media and to the rest of his siblings it was still alive and well. Lowell Devonshire was a rapist and he would die alone if he had anything to say about it or with Tess and Belle by his side if that is what they both wanted.

“Just as special as the rest of them? You mean my older brother that is a carbon copy of you? My other older brother that is a recovering addict? I could mention his town sister that is a version of you too. Then of course there is the daughter that you didn’t even care enough to help when she married a prince that turned out to be a rapist. Then again maybe that is the bar you want to set for everyone.” Zerick said looking at Lowell and then at Belle as he stepped out of the shadows Lowell’s face showed anger and he was actually happy for that. Maybe he could lead him into an early grave or another attack, it would be worth the fallout. He saw Belle sticking her fuckign nose up at him and he wasn’t going to hold back because she was young. “You’re such a vile little bitch spreading lies to enable him after everything he has done. Home life must have been so horrible with those parents that gave you everything. But look at you  here defending a rapist they must be so proud dear sister. Leave my aunt alone and stop with all these lies you like to tell to defend him.”

“Father cover your ears while I deal with this miscreant.” Belle said as she placed down her sparkling rose gold clutch. “I am not bothering Jackie for the record, I could honestly care quite less. I do think you’re only here for one reason. Your dear aunt Jackie. You’re unwanted and unloved. Unlike me you are the most pathetic thing I can imagine a child of delusion and child of rape. It’s disgusting that you came into this world made of hate so that’s why you spew so easily. Keep your venom to yourself dear Zerick, we don’t want it kind of like how Kathleen threw you away to Forbes. He told me all about how he raised a Devonshire but he also said how he was manipulating you. How you were his puppet oh I heard Godfather saying such things about you Mr. Zerick Westwood. You aren’t important in the scheme of things you aren’t my father’s son. I know and he knows and that’s why he’s denied since you made those disgust claims. I just can’t figure how David let someone mess up those DNA results. You aren’t a Devonshire and I can’t wait for it to be exposed.” Belle said, seeing Zerick’s fury rise. He wanted to hit below the belt she could too.

“You called me a vile bitch but I would think that would be dear old Kathleen. Such nasty things I’ve heard she said about not just father but a lot of people. She’d demented in the head. So her fractured reality shouldn’t be what’s real to you. I know we are supposed to believe every woman but when they are a little nuts then I doubt she is the most reliable narrator. You are an imposter and you badly want to fit in somewhere but the fact of the matter is you are nothing. So take your fake last name and your even more faker claims and stick right up your arse. You don’t talk to me like that and I refuse to allow you to talk to my father like that. Now go along.” Belle waved him away. “Your presence disturbs me.”

“Isabelle!” Lowell screamed as he heard her unleash on Zerick in a way he was sure nobody had yet. “Enough!”

“You’re such a naive little nitwit you know that right Belle? You think that because Tess willingly spread her legs for him and conceived you that it just absolves him of what he did to my mother? You’ve been brainwashed by him just as much as I was about everything as a child but unlike you bitch I don’t make excuses for it.” Zerick spat looking at her and then when she started to speak about his poor mother he had no idea what overcame him as he took a few steps towards her seeing her back up. She should back up the little vile british bitch he would have no problems squeezing the life out of her useless little mouth. “You’re too big for your own britches you bitch when you brought a woman that can’t be here to defend herself into this.” He snarled and before he knew what he was doing he lunged at her picking her up by her shoulder at first and then his hand wrapping around her neck.

“You see little girl unlike our other siblings I have no qualms about making sure that the virus you bring into our lives or my aunt’s is squashed out as you have said I have nothing to lose as I’m unwanted and unloved, born in darkness and despair by the man standing over there too weak and to frail to help you.” He squeezed her neck just slightly. She was such a small frail thing it would be easy to just keep going if he wanted and he almost wanted. He kept going seeing her starting to gasp for air just a little bit and he leaned into her face close so she knew he wasn’t playing. “Keep running your mouth about my mother who was raped by the man standing here, as he tortured her taking her virginity and conceiving me that night. I dare you as you have said I have nothing to lose and Forbes well let’s just say he made me keenly aware of how to handle people and things that are in my fucking way.”

“Get your damn hands off of her.” Lowell screamed as he moved as fast as he could to Zerick. Raising his cane he looked at the boy.

Belle was gasping for air as she slapped his hands trying to weaken her grip on her neck. She’d never had a man place their hands on her so it was an immediate shock as she cried. Taking he nails to his skin she began to scratch at his hands to free her.

Dru had turned away for one second and her he was choking the life out of Belle Archibald the newest Devonshire bastard. She almost wanted to let him kill her. Lowell was partially the reason she was placed up for adoption. She couldn’t very well go after a dying man; she wasn’t that evil. Jackson and Dani would pay for Lowell’s sin and that was a fucking promise. She however wouldn’t look like the good nanny if she didn’t prevent him from choking out his half-sister. Even though the little bitch was a fool to go up against Zerick. She saw killers before after all she was from Florida. She told everyone partial lies and partial truths. She did live at a trailer park once but it wasn’t in Pittsburgh. Moving swiftly she snatched Zerick back almost shaking him out a dark trance. “Look at me this isn’t what you want to do. This man is dying and about to attack you with his cane. She is going to pass out and I just saw a lot of police here. She isn’t worth it Zerick.” Taking his hand which had scratches all over them from her claw like nails.

Belle gasped as she stumbled back into Lowell’s arms. Coughing and wrapping her hands around her throat as she looked at him with menace. Her tears fell down her face. “You are demented as your freak mother. I’m calling the authorities, you are going to jail for assaulting me you monster!”

Lowell held his daughter and looked at this young woman before him. “I suggest you leave my sight Zerick. I promise tonight I’ll show you how much Forbes showed you and how much he cared for you. You will hate me but I don’t think I’ll be the focus of your misguided hatred. You are quite pathetic and you look down on me. I’ve never assaulted a woman sexually or physically can you say the same. I’m a horrible motherfucker, true Zerick but I am not what you think. Nor could I make something as evil as you.” Lowell looked at Zerick and shook his head as he saw the Bentley town car he sent for his siblings and mother pulling up. “I’ve had enough of this meet me in my damn office in twenty minutes. You want the truth you’re getting one way or another you sick little bastard. Belle let’s go get your belongings.” Lowell commanded.

Dru stepped in front of Zerick unsure if he’d hit Lowell or Belle as she watched her scamper across the room in her heels. She laughed on the outside. “Mr. Devonshire please don’t call the authorities please whatever you do. Zerick needs to hear whatever you are about to tell him.”

“I suggest you leave my sight Zerick. Shut the hell up Lowell if she wouldn’t run her mouth about things she as no clue about then she wouldn’t of tangled with me to begin with.” Zerick said mocking Lowell as he let out a laugh at the man with a cane looking his nose down on him for his anger when the little bitch kept going after his mother with the man that raped her. He looked at Dru asking Lowell to not press charges or call the police honestly maybe he should then he could tell them all about how he raped his mother and how he was conceived at his brother’s wedding. He could just imagine the looks that Belle would then get from the bride and groom that his father would get. “Do call the them to press charges and have me arrested at Jackson’s wedding I’m sure that will go down as one of your greatest achievements. I’ll be there if only to hear you make more pathetic excuses and try to paint the man that took me in when my own mother tried to kill me and herself because of what you done.”

Zerick cast one more look at Lowell and Belle watching her shaking and struggling and he felt maybe he should feel remorse for what he had done if he had any. He wasn’t wired like that though call it almost having his own mother kills him or the years he spent with Forbes who had toughened him up in business and his personal life but he couldn’t feel those emotions. Lowell’s fake indignation was something else though and he almost laughed out loud at it still a denier maybe he was mentally gone too or high that night not that it mattered to him, he was still rapist one way or the other. He looked at Dru before turning with her and walking back into the house Belle could call the police if she wished she could even find a few here more than likely, that is if she really wanted to cause a scene at their brother’s wedding and even be more of an outcast more than she was it was up to her.


Dani didn’t know how long she had sat on that stool while her cousin meticulously braided her hair though Kelsey was nicer about it than her mother was when she was younger. She had decided she would wear her hair up for the event mainly to show off that detailing that Val had spent months on. She felt her cousin tug on her head as she was wrapping the braids up and around for the bun and playfully glared at her. Her cousin simply had smirked and placed a few bobby pins in place to pin it there and she had to laugh. Her entire family had worn braids for their wedding and she had taken some inspiration from her grandmother who had arrived into the room for a moment with her aunt Helen to drop off the comb and the veil. She had gotten all emotional seeing her grandmother tear up and actually recognize her as Dani instead of herself and if today could pull her grandmother’s fading memory out even for a few hours she knew she could be happy. Her mother had went to escort her grandmother back down stairs and she looked up at Kelsey again as she jabbed another bobby pin in there.

“Kelsey I love you but can you please stop stabbing my head it’s not like I need brain surgery or anything. Also thanks for braiding it lord knows I can’t braid my own to save my life. Did Willow get all those song requests?” Dani asked looking up at her cousin as she continued to pull and twist and pin lucky for her the makeup phase was over and she’d slip the dress on as soon as her hair was done. She actually had been debating about chopping it all off but thought better of it Jackson liked it long way too much and in turn she liked it back even if the twins pulled on it all the time. The bouquet had yet to arrive gardenia’s with poinsettias and roses. “Nana looked better today I’m really glad she could come and she seems in good spirits who knows maybe she’s still somewhat there. So you and Willow like is it serious?”

Kelsey looked at Dani and smiled. “You’re lucky I didn’t send Yasmine in here. She’s from Scottswood and she braids really rough.” She laughed looking at her making a joke about Merci’s I’m from Scottwood speech. “Nana will have good days and some days will be harder for us all to see her like that. But today is good and that’s the best part.” She looked at her cousin in the mirror and saw how beautiful she looked. “You look like a movie star. You know I used to wanna be you so bad. You had the best hair until Lucy came and um she called this morning. She was a wreck on the phone saying she wants to come home. I miss my sister and I’m glad to have you my best big cousin because you used to let me steal all your sweaters.” Kelsey laughed as she hugged her cousin wiping a happy tear. “You are going to be such a perfect bride. I mean the dress, the hair, and all of this. Fireworks are going off girl? Did you think your wedding would be like this?”

When she asked how serious Willow and she were she looked over at Val. “I have made the choice to let go of my childhood wants and follow something that wants me. Just me, and that’s all I’ll say about my love life. Willow is amazing and she’s so funny. She makes me smile and not feel insecure. I know she wants only me and Val wants me and Jamal. It doesn’t work like that though. You can’t make a couple out of three people. A couple literally means two. So exploring happily with Ms. LeClerq. The best part is she isn’t evil like Greer, she’s so full of life. I like her a lot. And she’s professional so yes every song you texted me I gave her.” She placed the comb in her hair and began to attach the veil. “Girls she’s ready.”

Dani looked at Val realizing she was missing something in the way that Val scurried off and she actually felt bad getting up from the stool she slipped into her dress seeing Kelsey doing up the buttons in the back. She had bit her lip at Lucy she did wish she was here for today but she was really close to the end of her sentence and she’d be out soon maybe in time for another Fraiser wedding. If she had one regret about today it was that Lucy wasn’t there to see this to give her shit for marrying Jackson and smile and joke with her and Kelsey, Vicky too but Lucy was alive and breathing her sister wasn’t. “I just want you to be happy for once Kels and if that is with Willow despite who her cousin is then I am happy for you plus Zach told me all about your little experiment and here I thought I was the only one with secrets.” Dani said looking at her cousin and seeing her face turn red she had to laugh before hugging her. “Lucy is here in spirit like could you imagine the fit she would throw about a bridesmaid dress?”

Dani saw Kelsey smile at her and then looked at her mom who had come back into the room and she saw her tearing up. She was not going to cry just yet that was not happening as she turned in the dress seeing her mother take it all in. “So?” She still searched for her mom’s approval on everything even on her wedding day just like she would her father’s and it felt so weird. Her mother had always been there for her letting her make her own choices and she was so glad she let her make the one to be with Jackson. More so had told her that she wouldn’t stand in the way despite all her parents reservations she was sure about him. “Mom don’t start crying because if you do then I will. Then Talia will have to come back in here and reapply my makeup and I really just want to get dad and start. Besides I have a feeling I’m saving all my tears for Jackson.”

“I can’t breathe.” Lauren said looking at her daughter. “You are so beautiful.” Lauren walked to her daughter as she nodded looking at her. As she handed her the bouquet. “That broach that’s holding the flowers together is the same broach that your great-great-great grandmother. I wanted a piece of our legacy with you as you walk down the aisle. The Cummings women weren’t always the most sane but we were fierce and our men loved.” She laughed as she looked at her. If only she would have went with her gut, then she would have married Harvey. But she didn’t regret it because she had Braden and Dani. Her two beautiful children as she walked to the mirror she felt her stomach clutch. “We are not going to cry right Jackie? Right Bliss?”

Bliss nodded trying to not get choked up. “Mmm-hmm.” She grabbed Max hand as she looked at her sister and approached Dani. “Well I didn’t share a womb with Jackson but she did and I called her and asked her to go half on these with me.” Bliss opened a small velvet wrapped box and showed her the diamond cuff bracelet handing it to Dani. “Max do you have anything to say to the woman you’re giving your twin to?”

Max had tried not to think about where Sebastian was he said he was still delayed at home meaning he was going to miss her brother’s wedding. She was irritated at it and had been out of sorts about it for most of the pre wedding prep including putting on her bridesmaid dress on the other hand she was glad Dani bent the rules and said different styles were okay just same colors. When Bliss had asked her to go in on the bracelet she had went shopping with her for it and looking at it now it would really bring out the look. In high school she had disliked Dani enough to tease her and make her life a living hell most of the time, she was a complete bitch to her. She’d grown up since then though and knew from the moment she tracked Jackson down at the guesthouse things were changing between them as twins. He had Dani now, they were still connected but Dani and the twins came first and at times that was hard for her to swallow.

“I didn’t think back in high school we’d be standing here I gave you a lot of shit for liking him back then. You know me I’m not big on the whole bonding thing or big speeches but I’m really glad you didn’t quit on him when you could have, even when he was confused about what was going on with you guys. You love him and that showed me that maybe it was time I opened up too. Plus you did kinda have the cutest twins on the planet with him.” Max said looking at Dani and then she leaned in hugging her as she helped Dani put the bracelet on. “You and the twins mean the world to him just remember that.” Max finished as the door opened and she looked at her mother.

Jackie had went to check on the party with Merci who assured her that everything was still on time to start and she had went to visit Jackson and her son looked so excited. She had went to Lowell’s office and got the earrings out of the safe she had decided over Christmas that she would like Dani to wear them if she would just like she and just like Max did when she married Hutner. It of course didn’t go at all with the color scheme for the day or anything like that but she wanted to have that part of her family in the event too. When she walked in the earrings in one hand and she had to stop and take in the bride, the dress was stunning on the hanger but on her soon to be daughter in law her son was an idiot if he ever strayed from her. Not that she was worried about that with Esme and Skye maybe she would be but with Dani not so much, she called it a feeling she had Jackson had truly changed for her.

“You look breathtaking, I think is the appropriate word. The men are nearly ready but before you to walk down the aisle and dedicate your entire life here on out to my son even more so than you already do. I wanted to see if you’d wear these. They were my mother’s I wore them at my wedding, Max wore them at hers. I would have let you wear them too Bliss. Plus I think they fit borrowed and blue box for today. I’d like to maybe give the Zerick for safe keeping after.” Jackie said teasing Bliss and walking to Dani and showing her the earrings. She had meant that about Bliss had she known her and Hunter were getting married over Christmas she would have offered them to her too. “He loves you so much even when he breaks tradition to see you and you love him, just like I told you the night before you may not believe it. But you did change something in him to be the man he is today. I would be very honored if you’d wear them today.”

Dani had looked at Max and Bliss a little stunned at the gift like how many was she going to get today and then she had to smile probably a lot but these seemed more special than other ones. She actually really loved that her mother and tracked down the brooch she had too on the flowers crazy side of the family or not, she had always admired her mother. She had went to say something else when Jackie came in and handed her the prettiest blue sapphire studs she’d ever seen. It was all so grand and that was something she and Jackson had talked about the night before was it really them? Probably not but on the other hand she truly only planned on getting married once to him and him to her they decided. Meaning all the splurging and all the extravagantness of it was a once in a lifetime memory they could keep. “I think I’d like that very much thank you.” She said having her mother come help her put them on.

Jackie helped Dani with the other ear as Lauren did the opposite side as she smiled at her, they used to discuss Braden and Selina getting married when they were babies when things where good before Jackson or Dani were even born. Looking back though maybe they should have bet on this pairing instead since the other one ended in complete disaster the year before. She looked outside and saw Zerick arriving and knew that she needed to speak to him before the wedding to explain that she was not taking Lowell’s side over her sister’s make him understand that she was just confused about everything that was going on. “I think I will go let my son know he’s soon to be wife is ready and go greet a few guests.” Jackie said giving Dani a final hug before she left the room.

Dani watched her go and wasn’t really sure what to say about everything with Zerick honestly she didn’t want it to ruin the mood or the wedding. She saw Max and Bliss leave too after hugging them both leaving just her and her mother in the room. She had been looking forward to this part or dreading it she wasn’t sure which she had never once done anything that ever made her father proud of her.  It sounded like he had tried the night before with Jackson and it was a start and in her office the day before, but even on her wedding day she wasn’t sure she could live up to his expectations. “Can I have a few minutes mom? Just go tell dad I’m ready. I’ll be in here.”

Lauren looked at Dani and nodded her head. “Dani, no matter what I’m so proud of the woman you are today. You and Braden make me feel like all the tears that I shed with your father was beyond worth it. I adore you my love now let me go talk to that man.” She giggled as she walked to the door. “Danielle this is it. This is what you’ve always wanted, your happy ending and nobody taking that away you hear me?”


“Do I need more cologne?” He looked around the room seeing all the men dressed and looking perfect in their black tuxedos. “I can’t believe that in about thirty minutes I’m marrying my soulmate.” He exhaled as he felt a little dizzy and lightheaded. It was amazing and everyone was here for him and Dani. “I feel like all these butterflies and my stomach is so tight. Like I just to be here you know? You guys remember what Christmas felt like as a kid. That’s how this feels now but worse.” Jackson sat down biting his nail. “Oh shit did you get my cufflinks from my house Rory? Man, I don’t have any cufflinks. Tell Merci it’s a cufflink emergency if she has to snatch something off a random guy I need some cufflinks. I can’t walk down the aisle like this. Shit Rory! Everyone keeps stopping in and saying she is beautiful and I can’t disappoint her.” As he felt Mason rubbing his back and Hunter walked up with a drink. “Cufflink aren’t a big emergency is it?” He laughed as he shook his head. “What’s wrong with me? I’ve never been nervous about anything in my life. Hell when woke up in hospital OD I wasn’t this nervous, hungover but not this nervous.” He heard Simon cackle in the background. “By the way thank you Simon and Mason for not making this awkward if everyone else could have taken your path then I wouldn’t feel so nervous.” Jackson gulped down his drink and heard a knock at the door seeing Tony, Walter, and Jamal walk into the room.

“Jamal, don’t be in my wedding acting a fool.” Jackson teased as he looked at Jamal already dancing. “Lord this party isn’t going to end tonight is it?” Jamal was shaking his head and dancing all around and clicked on some rap music. Jackson got up and nodded his head feeling the ease and calm washing over him. Rory’s face wasn’t looking to hot when he saw who it was he snickered. IMoney wasn’t on Rory’s RePlay profile at all. In fact he wondered if Ivan had ruined rap for Rory.  “But for real everyone I need some cufflinks. Wait Walter why are you here? You should be downstairs with Dani? What’s going on? Is something wrong God I knew something was going to go wrong.”

“We still have some time I promised Bliss I’d step out and check on Fox one more time. I now know what it is like to be such a nervous parent wreck. See you’re already rubbing off on me with parenting skills.” Hunter said looking at Jackson with a smile and wondering how he and Dani did it with two at the same time. “I’m taking Mason with me and Simon let’s give these guys a moment alone for a bit.” Hunter said looking at Mason and Simon to follow his lead, honestly the brothers needed to have a moment after the Lowell drama.

“Hunter’s right I should go check on Selina make sure that the new guys she’s seeing is not scared out of his mind at her. He’s actually pretty chill once you beat around the entire asshole lawyer thing.” Mason said patting Jackson’s back and seeing Simon just slip out like the ninja he was and he saw Zach do the same and followed him. He saw Hunter follow after leaving the brothers, Jamal, Tony and Walter in the room.

Chauncey was sure of one thing as he looked around the chaos of pants and shirts as they were all getting ready his brother didn’t need more cologne unless he wanted to have the guests and Dani talking about it the rest of the night. He honestly had brought their grandfather’s handcuffs just in case Jackson had forgotten his as backup as instructed by their father, his brother didn’t need to know that. He let Jackson freak out for a moment around he was nervous and he almost wanted to give him shit for it, based on their conversation earlier at the stables he was just scared of failing at this whole marriage to Dani he could tell. He wasn’t the best person to offer Jackson advice neither was their father or Hunter. Jackson would have to navigate it with just Dani and he supposed that was the difference, his brother and Dani really seemed to actually work on their relationship they could navigate this too if his brother just literally took a moment to himself to calm down he’d actually see that. He walked over to Jackson as he touched his shoulder handing him the cufflinks.

“I think no more cologne and you need to just do whatever zen shit they taught you in rehab, you’re worried about nothing, Dani’s going to walk down the aisle say I do like you guys have been planning for the next few months. Go on a nice honeymoon and come back and propel the energy division even more, let’s be real she is not going to get cold feet and say no at the last minute.” Chauncey asked he was honestly trying to be a supportive groomsmen and a good brother at least for today, after he could put his game face back on at DGI and his division but for today he was going to do what Jackson needed support him at the wedding. He saw Rory looking around the room for some extra cufflinks and then he saw Rory come over with a box, Dani’s handwriting on the envelope. “Lucky for you I brought these just in case. What else could you possibly be worried about?”

Rory had been looking at his phone most of the morning he had of course arrived to get ready with the rest of the party after helping Apsen into her seat and then had met with Merci to as that she change his walking partner. After sleeping with Yasmine the only thing that was on her mind was her and it was fuckign weird to be walking down the aisle next to her not to mention the looks Aspen would give him for it. Merci had refused to budge meaning no doubt he was bound for drama with Aspen and Yasmine later, drama that he didn’t think he needed to deal with. When Jackson had started to freak the hell out about his cufflinks and he began to search the room in case he had an extra pair and that was when he had remembered the fucking box that Whitney had dropped off. He honestly felt bad about giving it to Jackson so late and wondered if he even knew about it, probably but then again it was so chaotic he forgot. He knew it was Dani’s gift though and he didn’t want to be on the recieving end of that if his brother didn’t fucking open it especially after his huge grand gesture to her with horses. He saw Chauncey hand him the cufflinks and let out a breath see everything would be fine well maybe except Yasmine and Aspen.

“Thanks Chauncey you are way more together than I am at the moment. Also I was like supposed to give this you a while ago sorry it got lost in the mess and chaos. I should be more focused on today with you sorry bro. Whitney was really insistent that you had to open it and I just spaced it I have a lot on my mind.” Rory said not wanting to get all into the Yasmine and Aspen stuff at the exact moment for now though it was nice to just be in the room with his brothers and he actually missed his father being there too. He wondered if Chauncey and Jackson felt the same but he wasn’t going to bring it up it wasn’t a secret what happened at the bachelor party between his father and Jackson. “You know for once it’s nice to just be brothers and be celebrating you getting married without DGI drama of who is going to take over what and everything.”

Walter had went upstairs to see Dani when she let him know that she was ready they still had time but he had sat with her for a while and for the first time in over thirty hears he actually cried seeing her in her wedding dress. Regret had seeped in that he had let the years slip through his fingers with her, she was no longer a little girl and he had spent so many years pushing her away. They hadn’t actually said much but she’d been very clear in her message this was his second chance to be there as she started her life with Jackson he could either accept it or take the high road the same message that Jackson had given him the night before. He had taken it to heart and to his own shock had apologized about everything since she had come home from Pittsburgh to which she simply nodded, it no longer phased her. He had walked into the party and Lowell had asked him to go check on his boys so he had agreed.

“Everything is fine. Dani’s fine actually as calm as a cucumber, I don’t think my daughter has ever been more sure about anything in her life. Ok maybe going home with you the first time but everything is fine and on schedule. I actually thought I would just stop in and say hello before I go see my mother. My advice before you walk out and take your place is to take a moment to yourself it calms the nerves without everyone around.” Walter said as he saw Chauncey helping Jackson put on his cufflinks he had caught the conversations from the brothers and had to smile a bit Chauncey had always been competitive as a child. Over the yars he had to have wondered if he would have stayed at DGI as an equal partner if in fact it would be Chauncey vs Braden fighting for it or later the twins and Dani. Those memories were old and fading at times but also somewhat real when he would go visit DGI to see Dani they crept in even in this house memories crept in at times. “You were always competitive even as a child Chauncey no matter the competition.” Walter said seeing them all stop and stare at him and he looked over at Tony who simply nodded his head it was time they learned the truth. “Did you really think I wasn’t a part of your life the first few years I was your godfather not Tony.”

Jackson smiled at Walter and revealed he was Chauncey’s original Godfather. He smiled at Chauncey’s mortified expression. He couldn’t help but to burst out laughing seeing Rory doing the same. “I thank you for the cufflinks and no more cologne. I appreciate it bros. Walter can you give us three a moment. I want to give my brothers something. I appreciate you coming here. I have the plate on the mantle behind the altar. She isn’t the only one certain about today and our lives. Someone made me see earlier that we’ve shaped our own destinies and that means Dani and I can do anything. I know that I wasn’t what you saw for your daughter but I promise she’s going to be the happiest Devonshire woman. I promise you sir that my nerves are about being the best for her. I want her to have everything no offense you didn’t give Lauren or my father didn’t give Jackie. She’s that important to me.” Jackson shook Walter hand and then they awkwardly hugged as the older man walked out.

“Hey Chauncey you should respect your godfather.” Jackson and Rory laughed again looking at Chauncey’s irritated face. “I got one for all my groomsmen. I know we all haven’t always gotten along. Me and Chauncey more than anyone but you two are my rocks. Just like my other brothers Mason, Simon, Hunter and even Zach as strange as that sounds. You’re my brothers and I love both of you very much. Rory you brilliant man and I don’t know how you’re doing it but you’re better than me and him. And to my big bro no matter what Zerick says you’re my big brother. You’re the only big brother I see because without you pushing me to be better. I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Even though you tried to clip me Chauncey I need you just like I need Rory. We are Devonshire’s and we need to reclaim what it means to be a Devonshire man. Our father failed us but we won’t pass on this rotted legacy to them. Not to Maddie, not to JJ, not Donovan and not your future kids Rory and Fox! We are going to give them something better than what we got. We are the Devonshire’s and dad thinks we should be scared of what they are going to do when he dies. I think they should be scared of what we are going to do when he dies.” Jackson handed them small black boxes for the Audemars Piguet watches. Jackson went to the scotch and poured them all a shot of scotch. “Cheers brothers.”

“Who knew Walter Fraiser haunted our family in more ways than just snatching up his daughter? I feel ill now.” Chauncey said teasing Jackson as he watched Walter leave. He had about choked on a blueberry he had eaten when Walter just walked in and made his little announcement he would have never guessed that or maybe he should have. It was actually quite odd to see Jackson get so calm when Walter had come in but it was a good thing. He actually liked what Jackson had told them when he spoke if it was a little dream for today as much as he wanted to get along all the time he knew they’d still scrap and not only that their father was planning that run off between them. He picked up his scotch clinking his glass with Rory and Jackson before downing the liquid. “Cheers, now I’m going to take Walter’s advice and go make sure that Merci is all ready for us to start and leave you alone to give you a moment alone. Not to mention I’m going to go make sure Natasha isn’t out pouching people for SandStar over DGI. For the record I’m glad we’re all starting to move on in different ways Jackson, dad’t not going to be around forever and that means it’ll just be us.” Chauncey finished as he looked at Rory before placing the glass down and headed out.

Rory had to do a double take at Walter and then was glad when he had left the man was kinda an asshole even worse than their dad. He listened to Jackson’s speech and had taken the glass from him and clinked it when Chauncey did too he agreed about the entire part about banding together but he honestly wasn’t sure about him benign better he was turning exactly into their father with what he was doing with Yasmine and Aspen, he was honestly ashamed of it but didn’t know how to pick or choose or to call it off. “Cheers to us then dad should be worried I mean if anything with this whole Zerick thing has showed us is we can band together when we need too. Chauncey’s right dad’s not going to be around forever you know and you’re right too we all need to get along if we want anything to pass on when it all settles. I’m really happy for you and Dani.” Rory said hugging his brother as he looked at him holding the box. “I’m going to go check on Aspen see you out there.” He smiled at him before leaving knowing he needed to break to Aspen he was going to walk with Yasmine and hope for the best before it got even more messy.

Jackson sat in the room alone for a moment and smiled as he looked in the mirror. Picking up his grandfather’s cufflinks. He knew nana would be here and everything he felt so extreme today. His love on display with Dani he felt everyone’s energy was so positive. There wasn’t anything anyone could do. He was about to marry Dani Fraiser and not only that he was going to be the best man he could be. He promised himself no affairs, no lies, and all the truth she could handle. At times they wouldn’t be up but right now it was hard to deny that they were soulmates. They completed each other’s story and it felt too good to ever mess up. Maybe he was being sentimental but right now nothing could hurt him, nothing could waver what he was about to do. Only a few more minutes and seconds he’d be at the altar and marrying the woman of his dreams. “I got my brothers, I have my bride, and have my children. Soon Jackson you’ll have DGI and everything will be complete.”


Lowell had Simon rally all the Devonshire’s to his office when he saw Jackie downstairs he knew it was his place to do this. As he walked up to her he felt his heart beating. Beads of sweat were already forming because the last time he saw her she was threatening to burn down his entire life. He understood and she deserved something more than what he could give her right now. He however could finally give her the truth. Belle and Zerick fight showed him that this secret couldn’t stay buried and just as he thought the results were proper. Walter texted him this morning and told him the truth. Now that he had proof and he was able to reveal what happened over thirty-five years ago. It was so long but here he was riding out into a new year. His eyes on Jackie as he marveled at her beauty. She still made him nervous and his heart ached at familiarity seeing her in a beautiful gown. Just looking timeless and he still loved her so much. He’d done too much, not protected her and other women by doing what he thought was right. His mother was being seated and he knew Camilla and Linus were now here. SImon had given them orders to come to the office as soon as mother was situated.

“Jackie.” He said looking at her in her eyes. “I know you have no reason to speak with me. I know you have no reason to talk to me. I just hope that you can find a piece of love to listen to what I have to say today. Tony and Walter are also upstairs waiting along with all the kids. I even have Jackson and the wedding won’t begin until he hears this. I hope to change his mind because last night he cut me out of his life. I know you don’t have to come upstairs with me. I know it but if you give me one more monocle of your trust and just believe me for one moment. You will finally get your answers so please if you.” He paused when he saw Pierre LeClerq and Tess walking into the wedding. He’d be damned but it was good she was here. She was apart of this but crashing this wedding was beyond trashy and she knew she wasn’t welcome. “No, don’t get mad yet. She needs to be here, she is a part of the truth. I will assure you after this all is done she’ll be leaving the wedding. I’m over her antics and she won’t upset our son anymore.”

Tess looked at Lowell and Jackie standing together and her stomach dropped. She knew that commitment wasn’t sure with Lowell due to him not claiming her. Coming here without her was a huge slap to her face. She understood it was his wedding but this showed he wasn’t broken from his past life. How could he just go here with no regard to her feelings. She wasn’t in the mood to be second anymore. How he continuously hurt her was a problem and maybe she wasn’t done fighting for Lowell but in her heart she truly felt it was her turn. It felt good to have him to herself and to lose him in a flash. It was like he had to come to this wedding. He had to do whatever he was planning. She heard him whispering on the phone to Tony and even fucking Walter Fraiser. Whatever the reason Tess wasn’t here for it.

Looking stunning in a backless Dolce & Gabbana ball gown. “Follow my lead, Pierre.” She leaned in whispering to him as if she confided the most intriguing secret to him. As she slowly made her way to Lowell and Jackie purposely making eye contact with everyone who thought she shouldn’t be here. As she wrapped her arm around Pierre she looked at Lowell. “Well my friend asked me to the wedding and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to wish the newlyweds a happy day. It’s quite beautiful here sad that you didn’t give Jackson’s father any say in this. My daughters are here and I shall be too. At least that’s what Pierre thought.”

Jackie had been watching the guests arrive left and right making sure the wedding was going as planned, she hadn’t even had a chance to talk to Zerick yet about the earrings or the night before she would after the vows were said. She and Lauren were getting long fabulously and it was nice to Grace Fraiser as well her eyes had narrowed when Belle had shown up that was not her choice to make it was her son’s and Dani’s so she would respect it and she had also avoided bumping into Lowell as well so far. She stood at the top of the staircase looking down as Lowell had approached her and honestly she didn’t care to hear about his excuses when it came to everything with Katie any longer, she had failed her as a sister for the last time and he simply left her for Tess so there wasn’t a lot else for her to say. She had never asked Jackson to disown him or to cut him out of his life, that was his won doing to what he had done to their son but she did have to cut her eyes at him at the audacity to actually postpone the wedding due to his own claims of innocence on their son’s wedding day. She had wanted to tell him to go to hell and her eyes narrowed as she saw Tess enter on Pierre’s arm much to Merci’s horror.

“Only you would twist the entire family into knots for another one of your innocent claims on our son’s fucking wedding. Of course you would want to take away from his moment but if I must if only to pick up the broken battered pieces that I’ve been doing for the last thirty years well to everyone else including the bride be damned I guess. Of course you would let her just show up to his wedding not even checking your mistresses anymore I see at least when we pretended you actually handled Audrey.” Jackie said looking at him and almost marching down the stairs but thought better of it people were already gossiping. She looked at him and shook her head at him don’t get mad was he serious right now their son had made it very clear he didn’t want Tess here. “Of course you’d take her side just like you did the other day at her house. I’m actually tried of the excuses Lowell and I refuse to make them anymore for our children. Get her the hell out of my house.”

Pierre had called Tess over Christmas as soon as they learned that she wasn’t invited to the wedding he had simply gotten a media pass to the event as he wasn’t invited, but that was the perks of owing one. Instead he had told Tess to dress to the nines for the event he wanted her to look stunning and for people to be talking about her for the rest of the evening not the bride or the groom. Not to mention they both needed to be here for what he knew was coming Lowell was not a stupid man and eventually the game would be up where Zerick was concerned and that meant that they needed to make sure that Tess’s place was still in tact that Forbes held up his end of the bargain. He had smiled as they approached Jackie and Lowell at the top of the staircase as he saw the wedding planner rush off not doubt Lowell’s little announcement had delayed things sucked to be a Fraiser as always. He pulled Tess to him daring Jackie to just push her and him or do something drastic but instead he saw she wasn’t going to which was predictable when it came to Jackie and the class she always had. He had hoped for a fight of sorts.

“Well I personally thought it was abhorrent that the mother of the sisters of the groom wasn’t invited so I thought I would at least let Tess come. I mean really Jackie do we all need to rehash that you just weren’t doing it for Lowell your entire marriage that he felt the need to cheat? To wrap Audrey and Tess up in his lies and deception?” Pierre said looking at Lowell raging at him he looked at him seeing the cane what was he going to do beat him to death. He leaned in kissing Tess’s cheek for good measure as he saw the door to Lowell’s office open and Camilla at the top of the stairs and a chill went down his spine. “Shall we or should we all stand here and have the rest of the guests gawk and wonder if the bride is actually going to walk or not, who knows I do remember Lauren’s half of the family be a bit demented wasn’t it? Who knows maybe Jackson got a bad draw Dani’s always going after Greer.” Pierre finished looking at Lowell to lead the way or to get the fuck out of his so they could move on to the next phase of what he had planned he was tired of the little games.

Lowell snarled as he walked down the hallway shaking his head knowing that Jackie was furious. As he opened the door he saw his baby sister Camilla standing, his brother Linus also standing by Camilla. All his children were standing around. He saw Belle sitting in a corner alone away from everyone. She still looked shaken up. Zerick stood with Dru Price but she calmed him. He might kill Linus so it was best she was near. Somehow she tamed his insatiable rage. Chauncey, Rory, Bliss, Max, and Jackson stared at him furiously. Looking back he saw the door close with Simon, Tony, and Walter standing nodding at him. Tess, Pierre, and Jackie also were in the room and he knew that this was what he had to do. Zerick had attacked Belle over the truth and he wasn’t able to protect his daughter that was shameful.

“What the hell is this father? Listen I asked you not to bring this bitch here. She’s disrespected my mother too many times. I’m not sorry Bliss or Belle your mother is the most disgusting and low woman I’ve ever seen. Scavenging for scraps of a fragile and broken man. I’m not here for this shit on my day! On my wedding what is the father and if you say you’re not fucking Zerick father I’m going to scream. He’s our half brother and I hate to tell you DNA doesn’t lie and it’s time for you to face the music matter of fact get the hell out of my wedding. You can’t lie and say your dying all the time. You can’t do that. I won’t allow it because I’m sick of your emotional manipulation. No more dad no more get out!” Jackson roared slamming his hand on the desk.

“You listen you ungrateful little brat you won’t talk to my brother that way after he’s given you the life you clearly are so custom to. Now you will show him respect Jackson I don’t care if you are getting married he gave you life and I’ll lay your ass on your back. If you ever speak to Lowell that way again.” Linus spat looking at his brother as Lowell eyes looked at him with death. He felt like he may have overstepped but the disrespect that he just saw was unforgivable. “What is the matter brother.”

“Don’t call me that.” Lowell said looking at Linus. “You are the reason my children hate me. You are the poison I left in DGI to rot right along with me stealing this company from Walter. You are toxic and I sent you away years ago because of what you did now either you tell my family the truth or else I will. Matter of fact Walter! Tony tell them about our DNA test we ran.”

Walter was honestly shocked when he had come out of the groomsmen room and got the call from the labtech with the results and he had texted Lowell. What they had been suspicious of had been confirmed all along but he was even more irritated when Lowell decided to do it right before the ceremony. His daughter was going to be pissed if she wasn’t already, he got that Lowell wanted the truth out but this was not the best time to do it. Perhaps after would have been and he instead nodded at him as he opened the door for David to enter to read the real results. “Well after the little show that happened at the DGI party I of course was skeptical about your claims Zerick not what you know to be the truth as Forbes lies but of the real truth. The other day I visited Dani and stopped by your office I wanted to make sure after having a private conversation with Tony and Lowell.” Walter said looking at Zerick who looked utterly confused and then looked at David. “David  Rhodes is the chief of staff at the hospital he personally ran the second DNA test under lock and key with his lab technician and two uniformed officers last night.”

David had no idea how turning up as a guest actually had him in a room with the entire Devonshire family especially the groom shooting daggers at him but here he was. He had been shocked and relieved at the results when the tech had called him and he went to the lab to confirm the results. “Yes the sample that was taken from Zerick’s office was ran against a sealed sample that Walter gathered from Lowell a week before kept in a safe. You are related. But not in the way the original results were said to have been Zerick is Lowell’s blood relative he is actually his nephew. DNA markers match that now this could have been a simple misinterpretation of the results or they could have possibly tested the wrong sample or labeled the sample wrong as well. I have no clue what happened but I do apologize to all of you, I haves started an internal investigation at the hospital to find out what happened.” He stopped seeing Walter nod at him as he opened the door and helped him out.

Camilla had been holding her scotch in her hand as she saw that bitch enter with Pierre and fluffed her hair a bit Pierre was fun in the sheets but he was always partial to her brother’s leftovers with Tess for some unknown reason. She actually felt bad for Jacqueline to put up with it over the years she had threw her first and only husband’s mistress out in the nude at their flat in London and annulled their marriage twelve hours later. She didn’t say anything as her nephew lashed out at her brother for this it really wasn’t her style but when he started to speak she had took a long drink from the glass memories of her daddy flashing in her head. She had always liked Walter though the greed had got to her when Lowell had stripped them all that night and handed things to her and Linus and she supposed they all lost their way and she sat her now empty glass down on the table. “Well now that that is out of the way can we address what we really know Lowell about Linus? About the lies that you’ve been keeping for him. Tess pick up your damned face your poker face is not that good.”

“You see I seem to remember when you came to London crying with Katie when she showed up at my flat telling me that you saw everything that happened that night. So if you saw everything then how could you possibly get the brother wrong? I mean you were flirting with Lowell under Jackie’s nose while he was fucking Audrey surely you had to know what Lowell looked like right?” Camilla said getting up from her seat as she looked at the horror on Belle and Bliss’s face good they needed to know who their mother truly was and she saw Jackie still in shock, Jackie was always too nice to put the bitch in her place she wasn’t. She looked at Pierre to move and was happy when he did as she looked at Tess before her hand raised and collided as hard as it could against her face. “You used a broken girl to come to me and tell me that Lowell raped her. I paid you money to get her into a hospital for help, I was disgusted at my brother and low and behold Forbes checked her out a few weeks later. Years later you’re fucking him and having his children? I figured out your game a while ago you’re not fooling anyone in this room.”

It seemed the entirety of her plan was falling apart as Camilla revealed how Kathleen arrived at her doorstep on her flat. “I trusted Kathleen and at first she said Linus and then she said Lowell. I was drunk that night at the party. I was child myself who saw a rape and yes I flirted with Lowell back then but I didn’t know what I saw. I was intoxicated myself more than likely drugged also we shared drinks all that night. Katie went back and forth and by the time she got to your flat it was Lowell. When we were with Steven and Forbes she said Linus and Lowell and when I saw Zerick so angry with Lowell and then Lowell denying raping Katie well. I put two and two together long ago but it wasn’t my place. If Lowell wasn’t going to rat out Linus why would I? So you see Jackie that’s what I meant when we had our little fight and I’m sure that’s what Belle overheard a while ago Zerick. I trusted Lowell wasn’t a rapist and Jackie didn’t and you shun me for what reason? I’m not the great Jacqueline Davis or pick for your brother? You bitch are mad because I came with your ex-lover.” She rubbed Pierre’s chest. “Did I know that Linus was the father? No but I knew it was a possibility and the worst part is that so did all of you. You all should have known Lowell wasn’t a monster but you all turned your backs on him and I won’t be punished because I am the one who saw through Forbes lies.” Tess knew she masterfully worked her way out of that mess but people would always be suspicious now. “If I would have known Forbes was turning you against your family. I wouldn’t have left you there. I love Katie.”

Lowell listened to Tess and understood. He could see them that night laughing and dancing drinking out of the same glass. It was true they were inseparable at that time. Seeing Jackie’s fury raising knowing that Tess knew and kept silent also infuriated him. She had a inkling of the truth why didn’t she tell everyone from the roof. He understood she felt like it was her time but did his reputation and relationships with his children mean nothing? Either way he and Jackie were done. After all they’d been through why didn’t she heal all the pain that they had. “Jackson I never meant for this to come out today but after Zerick attacked Belle I had to say something. I had to let the truth be free and so you all know I’m not a rapist. I’m a monster because I kept silent and I’m asking every man in this room not to do what I did. If a man hurts a woman don’t bury it or bury your head in the sand because it came back to haunt me. In the worst ways because Katie wasn’t the only woman was she Linus?”

Jackson wiped his eyes as he looked at the devastation that was around the room. Chauncey was relieved but hurt that the core four as the group chat Rory created for them called them. Jackie’s children were gutted. He protected their uncle who they knew nothing of truly and left their mother to keep this secret. It felt like a slap in the face because not only was Zerick a victim but everyone in this room was also even one who wasn’t. “What about Katie? What about fucking Katie? Did anyone think about her? You are sick Linus to sit there and watch us scream and yell at our father you are a piece of shit man. If nana wasn’t downstairs waiting on your pathetic ass. I’d kick you out but I think that would break her heart. Zerick I’ve never liked you but I’m so sorry that you have this nothing ass bastard as a father. You watched our company burn when you knew it was you! You knew it! We’ve been fighting for DGI for months and you just let it burn both of you. Dad you aren’t off the hook with me. You enjoy today and remember what I said last night. I’m done. If you are in my fucking wedding let’s go.” Turning to look at Linus, he shook his head. “And you were trying to reprimand me?” Jackson stormed out of the room and wasn’t waiting for anyone else to say a word.

Linus looked at Camilla who was staring at him disgusted as he felt his whole stomach boiling. “I thought she wanted me. I swear Zerick. You are my son and the eldest Devonshire grandson, you are the first of my family. You have two brothers Rainer and Barron, also a little sister named Kimber. She’s delightful and you’d enjoy her much more than that tart Belle.” Linus felt people looking at him. “They all ask for it. All women say no but mean yes. It’s something that I’ve known for a long time. Things were different back then people weren’t so politically correct and everyone did drugs. I placed something in her drink that freed her and all those other women wanted me too. I’m Linus Devonshire one of Europe’s most powerful fucking business men. I don’t rape, I took what I wanted and that’s what you taught me Lowell. You taught me to take it and I took Katie, but all those other women wanted me. They wanted me and they wanted my power so don’t question. Don’t question it boy you are here as a Devonshire man and I’m here to welcome you my son. My golden boy that was taken from me. Come to my arms Zerick.” Linus said opening his arms to Zerick.

“I think I’m going to be sick.” Bliss charged out of the room. She felt Belle rushing behind her and saw Max coming with her. This was too sick and she didn’t have time today was about Jackson and Dani.

Chauncey had been in shock when Walter made his announcement with David and then let it sink in then he heard all the excuses in the room and while he was happy his father wasn’t a rapist. What kind of a man played along to hurt their own kids and his wife over the secret, not to mention it only came out because of Belle. He shoot Tess a nasty as glare he frankly didn’t believe her little story and wouldn’t till he knew the real truth. He wa still processing when Jackson stormed out and knew that for now he was going to refocus on all this after the vows were said and Jackson was down the aisle with Dani and married. He didn’t say anything as he left the room.

Rory was relieved that his father wasn’t a rapist of course he was but all this trouble and hassle for an uncle that they barely knew? He still couldn’t believe it and he actually rolled his eyes that his dad only came forward because of Belle. Of course he did because she was his new prized possession even though she was a spoiled rotten little bitch. He didn’t know what else to say to any of it and his poor mother looked about ready to crumble and have a few words with their father and he simply followed his brothers out the door, they all had a wedding to finish.

Max had been wanting to tell everyone that Seb was still gone and had almost done so a few times today in fact that was what she was planning on doing until Waler came in with David. She cut her eyes at her father, he chose today to let it out over his precious little Belle? Not when he was in the hospital the first time? Not when their mother pleaded for the truth? Not when they all begged him for the truth not when her twin cut him out over it? But for Belle? “Un fucking believable father, hou know when would have been a good time anytime before today. The saddest part you only came out about it for Belle laughable really when you think about it.” Max spat following the rest of the wedding party out.

Jackie felt sick as Walter had David come in and read the results of a second test that they had run, why would he do this? Why would he perpetuate this lie about him raping Katie and why protect Linus for years on end? Why wouldn’t he confide in her the truth what did he think she would not support him in his decision? Surely she could have helped Katie, helped Lowell go against Linus, protect their children and DGI but he deceived all them including her own nephew for his own selfish reasons. She was baffled to be honest but when he lamented on and on about how he had to finally telly eh truth for Belle Archibald she was beyond angry at him, what about her children and the hurt this caused them? Honestly a part of her died when he said that Belle had been put above DGI and her own children in a way and to her that was not forgivable.

“You knew the entire time that you didn’t rape Katie that you were innocent and instead of telling me and confiding in me, you pushed me away made me believe the worst in you and came clean for Tess’s child? Thirty years I spent loving you, defending you, lying for you and you couldn’t even look me in the eye and tell me the truth, wow.” Jackie said, looking at Lowell and shaking as she looked at Zerick who looked like his entire world had been crumbled into a mess and it had been. She looked at her children storming out and looked at Lowell and Tess, Tess may have won at the moment but she at least had her dignity in tact the same couldn’t be said for the woman standing next to the man she thought loved her more than anything. “Even now so quick to believe her lies Lowell you must be desperate to salvage your last relationships with her and Belle. You must be so proud you at least have them left and at the cost of what exactly?” Jackie said shaking her head at him sadly as she felt Camilla come to her and helped support her.

“I should have come forward Jackie years ago when Tess and Katie showed up. I caught on much later but it wasn’t the first time I’ve heard the stories about Linus. Lowell always paid someone, I signed off on it and at first I thought it was rumors. I at least can own my mistakes unlike other people in this room.” Camilla said looking at Tess with daggers, she was playing innocent now and some of her story made sense but she still had a lot of questions about everything. Why have her child be Forbes’s goddaughter if she hated him so much? “I think your son would actually like to say I do sometime today and perhaps we should all talk more after, give everyone a little bit to digest.” Camilla said finally pulling out a chair for Jackie to sit on as she eyed Zerick across the room.

Zerick looked at David Rhodes as he began speaking and it felt like the entire rug was pulled out from under him, Lowell wasn’t his father but his uncle? So Linus was the one that had attacked her that night? What kind of a man covered for a man that liked to rape and drug women? Clearly the man that was standing with Tess Blsiston and his eyes bore into her, she was such a lying bitch he remembered every time she came to visit. How Forbes and she were close over the years, how she and his mother were close and yet his uncle wanted to believe her sudden lapsing and confused memory about that night fuck the both of them. He looked at the man that conceived him from across the room and felt sick, that was the man that made him and his entire body was shaking in rage and he wasn’t sure what he was going to do. Hell he had attacked Belle because Lowell was too chicken shit to tell everyone in the truth months ago and he actually felt awful about it now, she still shouldn’t have been talking about his mother like that. She had no right but Lowell should have said something months ago and he never would have done it, his anger would have been directed at the right person. When it came to Froebs though the man he trusted with his entire life and the man that raised him he had to wonder if he really knew. He had so much hate inside of him for the family he was a part of because of Forbes and knew now that to be misguided.He let out maniacal laugh at it all seeing everyone staring at him and pushed Dru away as she reached out to grasp him.

“You’re all fucking sick, not you aunt. But you are a fucking coward probably the biggest one I’ve ever fucking met in my life and that is saying a lot.” Zerick said not even realizing that tears were springing to his eyes as he looked at Lowell shaking his head. He ran his hand through his hair for a moment as he looked at Tess coldly. “I hope you get everything you fucking deserve you cunt. You were never my mother’s real friend so drop the fucking act you bitch.” He told her his tone clipped as he did so he had no idea what game she was playing he didn’t even bother to look at the man that conceived him as he stormed out of the room looking for a bathroom anywhere where he could calm the burning rage he felt inside of him not even listening as he heard his aunt calling for him to come back.

Lowell stood in a empty room as he looked around with just Tess, Walter, Pierre, Tony, Camilla, and Linus standing there looking at each other. “Maybe I was crazy for keep this secret but I did what my father needed.” Looking at Tess he walked past her and walked out with his sister and softly began to weep as he walked away with his sister.