2×16 It’s My Party, No Truly It’s My Party

2×16 “It’s My Party, No Truly It’s My Party”
Written by: Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode may contain violence, language and strong sexual situations
Theme Song: Bad Wolves- Zombie


Yasmine stood in a black, silver, and white lace princess gown. Her hair was pulled into a chignon bun. Opening the first box her father sent her it was beautiful hair pins shaped in butterflies. She immediately saw the diamonds and her birthstone amethyst. The subtle purple looked beautiful along with the gown. As she opened the next box it was wide and velvet as she opened it she saw a Victorian era choker with diamonds all over it. Her entire face was shocked as she looked at the expensive jewels. Her hands shook as she touched it. Turning around she assumed it was her mother but looking up in the vanity mirror she felt concern. Cassandra Montgomery stood before her with the grace she couldn’t muster. As she turned her head Cassie began to place the butterfly hair clips in her hair. Looking up at her sister she began to grab her elbow length opera gloves. As she looked up at Cassie she could tell she was more poised than she could ever be. Painting her lips she felt her heart swelling wondering what sort of game this was.

“I used to sit underneath Gina for hours watching her get ready for her dates with Kendrick. Her hair, how she layered lotions and oils, perfumes and she mixed them to smell so unique, and makeup. I had a big sister and I am not aiming for another one. I was sliding up and down a pole and of course you didn’t know I was your sister but I have to question would that changed a damn thing. You would resent anyone who wasn’t born out of Forbes and Audrey bodies. You’ve been less than receptive to me yet here you are helping me announce to the world I’m Forbes Montgomery daughter. So Cassie what is this? I mean you know Forbes is married to another woman and you have two other half-siblings. What do you want Cassie? I’m about to announce myself and I don’t need any added stress.”

Cassie wore an emerald dress hand picked out by her stylist as she watched Yasmine from the doorway so enthralled with everything when it came to their father. On one hand she saw her as the enemy on the other hand it wasn’t like Yasmine asked to be Forbes’s daughter. Walking to her sister she touched her hair seeing Yasmine slightly wince a bit at the action and instead used a gentler hand sweeping the hair towards the back and slapping her sister’s hand away when she began to braid it to put it up. “You have a lovely neckline Yasmine show it off, this should help. I’m not here to replace Gina but I certainly can’t have my little sister going out there looking anything less than regal on her big day. I honestly don’t know if it would have affected anything at the club, if anything we would have used it our advantage with Kendrick. ” Cassie said finishing the french twist braid and beginning to pin it with the butterfly hair pin diamonds, no doubt a gift to buy her off from their father she saw Yasmine’s face contort when she said sister and almost rolled her eyes. “Too soon for sister’s fine. How about friends?”

She saw Yasmine relax a bit as she finished her hair and wondered if her father knew of all the people that Yasmine had invited especially the Devonshire’s. She took a breath as she helped Yasmine with the powder on her face to finish the look.  The glint of her engagement ring catching her eye and she remembered that she had bigger worries than Yasmine like making sure Skye was exposed for the snake she was with Miles. “I know I was apprehensive when my father first revealed who you were. Philip and I were both a bit unkind to you and that is not your fault it’s all his. He’s had so many women on and off over the years, fathered my other two half siblings with a woman that made him pretty much leave us here with nannies to raise in high school. You need to be careful with him Yasmine. He’s not this great savior that you seem to think that he is, he never will be. Sure he’s showering you in gifts and jewels but the moment you step out of line you need to watch your back for his wrath.”

Yasmine had heard a lot about Forbes treachery and she was well aware that whenever Forbes was done with her he’d put her on the shelf. She smiled at her reflection because of her help she felt even more elegant. “I’ve heard about my father’s more sinister side. It’s very infamous but I’m here because of what he’s doing. Tonight he launches his revitalization of Scottswood and more than anything he is showing me that he wants a relationship. Now that I’m here I know what I want. I want to help people and he is helping me do that. You know how many girls have my story or little boys with Kendrick and Khalil’s? That’s not why I’m doing this big coming out for daddy’s love? No it’s more than that. It’s about getting lives out of these ghettos and making them see that they are more than the drama of their surroundings. Now that might not be something you can understand but I do. I get that struggle more than you’ll ever know. More than I ever should know.” Yasmine licked her lips.

“Why are you doing this? I mean what do you get out of telling me.” She asked as she began to place her gloves on as she picked up the perfume her mom and she got recently. Dabbing on a little perfume on her neck as she stood the ballgown fell in place. “Every day of my life I’ve wondered who my father was. How could he walk away and now that he is here. I’m in need of my father and in need to feel wanted by him.  So if you are here to tell me how horrible he is save it. I know it but he’s my father and I think it’s time you remember that.” She leaned on the vanity. “You forgot who you are. You are a Montgomery and I think it’s time for you to return back into the fold.”

It was cute in a naive way for Cassie that Yasmine actually thought their father gave a shit about the people of Scottswood she knew better, he was doing it for Yasmine and to drag Dinah back into his bed. In a way she remembered being that naive years ago before cold and harsh reality set in that her father simply did what he wanted and when he wanted for his own gain she was simply warning her sister not to get too attached to the idea of Forbes in her corner. “You’re either dumb or naive to believe that he’s helping Scottswood out of the kindness of his heart little sister.” Cassie said looking at her seeing her wince a bit at the word sister she took a breath. “You think he’s nice now showering you with gifts and raising the people of Scottswood? Of course he is because he wants something from you and your mother, you to love and adore him and your mother back in his bed just like she was the mistress years ago while my mother was alive. Not because he actually cares about Scottswood.”

“Listen we’re family as much as we don’t like it I’m telling you this to warn you I’ve been burned so many times by him so has Philip why do you think we opted to stay here while he made his new little family down south? I’m simply trying to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Also I really need you to be in my wedding as soon as Jon and I set a date I can’t have you hating me if I want that to happen.” Cassie said looking at her as she saw Philip approaching the door to talk to Yasmine too. She had so much bigger stuff on her mind at the moment other than Yasmine and her father, like how she was going to plant the seeds she needed with Skye and Jon, how she would win Jon over with it all and walk away with her man at the end. Not to mention she was every bit as much as her father as he had instilled upon her if she was not he never would have turned her to the Miles clues to begin with. “Oh good you’re here perhaps you can talk some sense into our dear sister as well she seems to think that father actually cares about the Scottswood neighborhood.”

“I think it’s quite laughable that Yasmine believes this. I am so sorry that you assume that our father wants anything more than a child to change his diapers when we throw his ass in a nursing home. You are so woefully blind but Scottswood is fallen into the rapture of the Montgomery. It will crack the entire nature of an already fragile community. But by all means whatever this is go along with it and play his game.” Philip rolled back in his chair looking at her. This is what his games do to people. Wheelchairs and pain but you keep being paraded as his beloved newest child.” Shaking his head he rolled closer to Yasmine taking her hand. “Cassie came her at the request of me. We both know the disappointment and pain of Forbes Montgomery trust me you don’t know what’s coming. It’s unimaginable that your father could hurt you so.”

Yasmine looked at Cassie and Philip. “I thank-you both for being concerned about me. I’m a big girl and you both know what I did for a living. I’m stronger than you both think I am. I survived Kendrick and I can survive Forbes. What he’s doing could be a game a sick twisted painful game but hopefully he’ll help a girl never have to do what I had to. Never having to be a stripper, so if you don’t both excuse me I need to work on my speech. I need to work on what I am going to tell the people of Scottswood like Ms. Dinah and others out there. It’s my big event coming out party what could go wrong?” Placing her hand on her stomach she touched Cassie and Philip at the same time. “I would like to be friends and then possibly we can all be somehow the world’s most dysfunctional siblings.”

Cassie looked at her like she had done lost her mind had the girl been to parties in Atlas Falls in her life?  She then thought about it probably not given her past status in town and she looked at Philip as he left the room. “You need to get out more sis if you think this party is going to go off without a hitch when you invited the entire Devonshire family to the event.”

As she looked at Cassie, and Philip. “I invited them so they can see I’m no longer the trash. They need to see the change, hell everyone needs to see my change. This is my party and I assure you I plan for no hitches.”


Forbes stood in the foyer welcoming people from all over the country. People who would help Yasmine with her agenda to help the underprivileged of America. This was what his daughter wanted and no doubt he owed her this. As he walked through the foyer he saw Trisha speaking to the people of Scottswood. She was so much more different than she was in the past. Drugs had ravaged so many but Trisha still had a glow about her. She didn’t look used or worn as she truly was. As the old adage said black doesn’t crack. If he had met Trisha before Audrey he might have been with her. The reality was that Audrey was the one he never could shake. Even if he met Trisha first he would have been haunted by Audrey beauty. Audrey was his soulmate or at least he thought so. The truth was that he couldn’t trust Audrey and he did trust Trisha. It was a conundrum he hadn’t quite figured out. How he could love Audrey so much after she betrayed him so deeply. He had never quite recovered from her betrayal. As he approached the mayor of Atlas Falls Walter Fraiser he shook his hand. Looking at Trisha and Walter talking something sparked in him. Something that made him deeply jealous. He’d always resented Walter after all he knew that Lowell was fucking his wife. That was something he hadn’t gotten revenge for but thinking of it and knowing what he did, yes he truly had.

“Walter may I step in and speak with the enchanting Ms. Kohl?” Forbes said looking at the man and Trisha. “I would think you wouldn’t have time to come to such events considering your daughter is getting married to a Devonshire. I remember a time where you and I were on the same page about Devonshire’s. Now you seem to be drinking the Kool-Aid about them. It’s amazing what happens when you become older and feeble. But what can I expect Lowell is dying of course you’d come sniffing around. You always needed his approval but it’s a shame to see such a powerful man cower.” Forbes said extending his hand to Trisha. “Shall we?”

Walter had been talking to Trisha about the next phase of the solar panel project something that he and Hunter had been working on with DGI non stop after the wedding the panels would be in production and her building would be the first to receive them. When he heard Forbes speak he turned around reminding himself that they were in public and he was still mayor, a part of him would always be grateful for Forbes pulling Dani from that awful mangled car that night and the other part knew he was a snake. He wasn’t drinking the Kool-Aid as much as he had made the choice to have a cease fire with Lowell for the sake of Donovan and Jolene. He of course still watched them all like a raven circling to make sure that he got first dibs when needed, especially when it came to his daughter. His views had changed on that he was going to be a better father to her than he had been in the past, especially with the news about Kendall his other daughter. He had already lost two and it was time he started to not take his eldest daughter for granted.

“I was invited of course I decided to come. As for the wedding I hear it’s going to be quite beautiful the Devonshire mansion decked out in simply the best, much better than the Gothic creepy vibe here. I’ll always be grateful to you Forbes for pulling Dani from that car but that is where my courtesy simply ends.” Walter said seeing Trisha’s eyes when he mentioned the wreck and he wondered if Trisha knew about it, he even thought he saw a glimmer of hope or was it sadness in Forbes eyes at the mention of that night. He shuffled his feet for a moment it was such a dark time in his life and the town the articles that came out after Vicki’s funeral the anguish on Lauren’s mental state after. “Years ago before all the hate that brewed between everyone Forbes saved my daughter from drowning in the lake when the car flipped over who knew the great Forbes Montgomery was such a humanitarian. It was lovely to speak with you Trisha and as soon as the panels are done I will make sure that they are properly installed. I am quite curious as to why you’re so eager to help someone like Yasmine though, care to elaborate?”

“All will be revealed later on tonight.” He said looking at Trisha and Walter. “Yasmine is about to change the game. She will be apart of this solar panel project and going further she’ll assist you with the renovation of Scottswood. I think that you should have someone of her stature a community figure and someone who made it out. Maybe she should be the face of the project but tonight we are going to help move it to another stage. You’ll see.” Forbes took Trisha hand and smiled. “Oh Mr. Fraiser what I did anyone would do. Your daughter died that night I think that I failed miserably. It is my greatest regret in life that I couldn’t save Victoria right along with Dani and Lauren. I would love to speak with you after Yasmine announcement tonight and I think that you’ll appreciate what she and I have cooked up for Scottswood and the community of Atlas Falls. It’ll make you much more than a small city mayor but something revolutionary.”

Forbes closed his eyes as Trisha and he walked away. It was at this moment the sound of metal clashing with glass echoed in his mind. A baby cries slowly stop and Dani little lifeless body. Holding Lauren as she rushes to the wreckage to Victoria. It was a moment that his humanity actually caught him. Nobody should lose a child like that but Walter deserved to pay also. He was the main reason they survived that night. He however knew a part of himself died that night. He lost his humanity and never was able to recover it. “Trisha don’t ask about that night things forever changed for their marriage and my life. Watching a child perish is something you don’t forget.”

Trisha had stayed silent as Walter and Forbes had talked taking it all in she was grateful that as mayor Walter Fraiser was staying true to his word about helping the projects and Scottwood and actions obviously mattered more than words. When they talked about an accident years ago her heart went out to Walter and Lauren she knew what it was like to bury a child and she wouldn’t wish that on anyone let alone a child who had barely got to live and was an infant. She remembered the news reports about the accident how devastating the news had been to the entire town, she had been on and off drugs at the time but she remembered the night Foorbes had called her after to tell her he was the one that saw it all happen. “I didn’t ask the night it happened did I? I won’t ask now it’s terrible what happened.”

“I only ever wanted you to just do right by Yas and that is what you are doing now so that is all I can and have asked for.” Her back went rigid realizing that he was escorting her around the room showing her off like had all those years ago behind closed doors. People were staring at them soon they would know the truth about Yasmine and it would add even more fuel to the fire of people hating him. She saw the Devonshire children enter one by one with the people they were with on their arm and glared probably too long at Rory with Aspen Sinclair. She saw Forbes face and looked at him shocked. “Why would you invite them to this?”

“I didn’t.” Forbes said turning to Merci grabbing her by her arm. “Why are the Devonshire brats here?”

“First off get your filthy hands off of me and secondly Yasmine demanded that they be invited.  So ask your mysterious guest of honor.” Merci said as she rubbed her arm. She looked at Chauncey and Natasha, Jackson and Dani, Max and Sebastian, Rory and Aspen, and finally Bliss and Hunter. “I can ask them to leave.”

“No if Yasmine wanted them here but I have to ask who else is on the guest list?” He turned to the door with a frustrated expression on his face. “I can’t believe that she wanted them all here. Well her Montgomery spite and smite might be coming to play. She wants to wipe their nose in her parentage I accept.” He said seeing Trisha face as he leaned in and kissed her forehead. “This is what I wanted her to feel the power.” He laughed as his eyes narrowed. “Now let’s go mingle with the brats.”

Trisha looked at Forbes and then around the room as they walked to was so extravagant with the party for her daughter. She had to remind herself that was what they were here for her daughter to take her place as Forbes’s daughter in public and her baby girl would never have to want for anything ever again as long as she lived. No more Scottswood or depending on men like Khalil or Rory, or resorting to selling her body for drugs. The music seemed to loom as they walked and waited it was not time yet and then she bumped into Jackson and Dani, no matter how Forbes felt she knew that the girl before her had bonded to her daughter though the hate on Forbes face was clear when she spoke. “Oh my God. I’m so sorry.” Dinah said almost panicking that she had screwed up at such a fancy party.

Dani had arrived with Jackson and mingled with the guests putting on a smile when needed and worried about the twins. No that she didn’t trust Dylan and Maddie on duty for a bit until the party was over she did but they really hadn’t left them with anyone but their parents yet for anything. The party was beautifully hideous if there was such a thing, almost like Forbes had put his stamp on it and didn’t even think about Yasmine when he was planning it. She felt Jackson stroking her back while they small chatted and had to grin at him poor guy really was trying to contain himself lately. She had turned to move when she saw Bliss arrive with Hunter and she wanted to catch up only to feel someone bump into her when she saw Yasmine’s mother. “Ms. Kohl.” She said giving her a smile as she did, not her fault she slept with the devil that was Forbes. “It’s fine.” She saw Forbes looking at her with that smug ass look on his face like he affected her in any way shape and form even if he had saved her as a child. “Forbes.” She said with as much venom as publicly was allowed.

“Dani now that is no way to speak to the man who saved your life. You wouldn’t be a mother or around right now if I didn’t save your pathetic life.” He spat at her as he looked at Jackson already stewing. “Are you going to assault me again Jackson? Only Belle isn’t here to save you from jail? Oh Trisha remember when my face was all bruised up well this young man assaulted me. So that’s why I’m so concerned with them at my party. It’s almost alarming Yasmine feels like such low lives are her friends.”

Jackson had been repressed for the last few weeks. He was beginning to feel like a teapot whistling for freedom. The pressure was on because all he wanted to do was tell Dani that they deserved their own moment. He however knew that if he had any shot tonight was the night. “I mean you did curse our children and talk to my fiance like trash. I do think you intimidating my pregnant fiance would be a problem. Now I didn’t have to use my fist but you didn’t have to say what you did now did you? It seems like no matter what we all stay in the same social circle. I do have to say you won’t be at my wedding that’s the blessing the day. Your presence isn’t wanted and I honestly feel whatever you are doing to Yasmine. You better not hurt her or I swear Forbes my father is the last thing you’ll need to worry about. Ms. Kohl pardon me I don’t mean to speak so harsh in front of you but I think you need to know Forbes is a certified monster.”

Trisha looked between them all and then at Jackson he was the one that had wrecked Forbes face the point an ice pack was needed and an almost trip to the hospital. She gripped his arm trying to make sure that another fight didn’t break out. All the stories over the years and her heart was still soft towards him years later. “Everyone has their dark side Mr. Devonshire word around Club XES was you used to have yours. Your father has his too or is that something you like to forget?” Trisha said sticking up for Forbes in instinct there were girls at the Club that talked about Jackson’s past when she would visit Yasmine and his father was no saint.

“I’ll speak to you whatever the hell way I want after the vile things you said to me and my children. Just because you found it in your pitch black heart to be a human for an hour or two doesn’t mean anything to me Mr. Montgomery.” Dani hissed looking at him she would never forgive him for what he had said to her that night or the things he had said about her children. “Yasmine invited us to the event so it’s really her party and not yours now is it? Lowlife is rich coming from your mouth and you’re lucky Jackson didn’t send your ass home in an ambulance that night. We’re not going to stoop to your level of a fight tonight Mr. Montgomery.”

Forbes looked at Dani. “I should have saved Victoria.” He said spitefully as he took Trisha hand. “Your life is a waste and I know something you don’t Dani. Something that could change your family forever and I might have opened my heart seeing how protective you are of Yasmine. I respect that but now I’ll keep the secret just a little bit longer. I’ll watch your family continue to crack and crumble underneath the pressure of the weight of what happened oh so long ago. Chin up Dani no ambulances just know your smart mouth just damned your mother and father to suffer oh so much more. It’s time for me to move on now. You just keep wondering what I know about that night that you don’t.”


Sebastian held Max hand it was quite epic what Forbes had transformed his mansion into. It looked as if they were in some sort of Gothic winter wonderland. Looking at Max who seemed more elegant tonight, but she also had a face for war on. It was what he loved about her. She could be so sweet and then turn into a business shark which was absolutely fun to watch. They were only here because Chauncey and Jackson thought helping the revitalization of Scottswood would be a great way to reform the Devonshire image. After all the news had turned Lowell into the business world Harvey Winestien. It was quite disturbing to see the media work against him. What hurt him even more was Max acted if he didn’t know she was upset. Her tears late night weren’t missed by him. Her disappointment and utter devastation at the fact that her father was the monster that every said was so clear. Placing his hand on her lower back he looked in her eyes. “We present the check and get the hell away from here. I’ve never found the nightmare before Christmas look enchanting, mi amor.” As he walked through he saw fire breathers, people floating on rings, ice sculptures, and a huge podium in the middle of his staircase.

“Now you said last year Rory was dating the girl this event is for? Well she’s from Scottwood which is the Canada Real of Atlas Falls. Canada Real is the biggest slum and I’m sorry I couldn’t see one of my most powerful people in the country taking interest in a peasant girl. Not to say the girl is a piss ant or something like that but it’s very intriguing on why this man is placing so much emphasis on this girl.” Sebastian looked around and could see Max was thinking the exact same thing. “What are you up to? You have that mischievous glimmer in your eyes.”

Max donned a red velvet dress for the this occasion she was going to figure out what Forbes was up to even if it killed her, she hadn’t wanted to come at all only to be stiff armed by her brothers. She was still reeling from everything that happened with her father and Zerick it still made her sick to her stomach to think about it. She would cry at night sometimes and try her best to hide her tears from Sebastian something she half expected  him to pester her about. Instead while she as sure he was worried about it he let her have her space, they were going to make the donation to Yasmine’s charity and then blow it the hell on out after she mingled a bit and found out what was really going on with Yasmine’s connection to Forbes. She looked at her phone and the text from Aspen. Of course the girl was freaking out about the party tonight, Yasmine wouldn’t just let her claws go from her brother perhaps after tonight Rory would see the light and know that Yasmine was his past and a girl like Aspen was his future. Besides wasn’t Yasmine moving on to Khalil, Kendrick’s brother? They had been all over the papers and the tabloids as the new it couple in the sports world.

“Yes he was dating Yasmine if you could call it that, the girl was on a pole taking off her clothes and my brother being the kind hearted guy he was wanted to save her from it. She then tossed him away after he made a mistake yet here she is trying to sink her claws back into him? Not on my watch.” Max said looking at Sebastian he always knew what she was thinking so well about herself of course she was plotting and scheming, she was her father’s daughter. She let out a breath when he mentioned what the intrigue was with Yasmine that was the million dollar question of the night. Why would Forbes Montgomery be showing interest in an ex stripper to the point of funding her dance studio and scholarship. “We will mingle and find out what in the hell is going on with Forbes and Yasmine and hopefully letting people know that it is safe to invest in DGI again we still haven’t recovered from the Zerick news. I know this probably bores you and you need to get back to Spain and the vineyards but hopefully after the wedding we can take the time to make a trip back after DGI is stable.”

“Boring? Oh senorita this is much more interesting than my family. I want to go home but not for the reasons you think. Remember we were speaking on expanding my business ventures to America? Well I found some land in California and I would like to go see that after the wedding. I also have a little news.” Sebastian walked behind her. “Here is the first gift for the rest of our life.” He placed a beautiful diamond pendant on her neck. “My father gave it to my mother on her wedding day. She gave it to me to give to the woman who truly captures my heart and soul. Well I believe I’ve found her right here and you’ve enchanted every moment we’ve been together.” Sebastian wrapped his arms around her waist as they walked. “I want you to stay out of Rory’s business but I know you Max. You are invested and for some reason this stripper girl has vexed you. I’m smart enough to stand back and let you do what you do. I do want to warn you though, if Rory is anything like Jackson or Chauncey or you or Bliss then you are about to step in a lot of caca mi amor.”

“So I want you to come with me to California and then to the vineyard in Spain a week trip to really celebrate what I’m doing. My second gift is that I have applied for my dual visa. I will be American in the next year and I want to discuss the final gift of the night.” Sebastian looked at her with a smile on her face. Turning her around he pulled out keys to a duplex that he recently bought. “I love staying at the mansion don’t get me wrong Max. I just want us to have our own space and our home. Our own dog and Christmas tree maybe a bambino in a couple of years. Max I want to spend as much time as you want. I want to go on whatever adventure you want to. I want you to be completely happy and have your life the way you want it.”

“And how is that considering if Max had it her way she’d be married to Hunter right? Not disappointing your beloved father?” Forbes asked looking around wondering where was Lowell was at. “So Lowell and DGI sent you? I would have much rather spar with Chauncey or Jackson you know the men who actually run the show.” He said seeing her seething in rage. He knew how to push each of these little children buttons. “Oh there is Chauncey and Jackson the men finally have entered.”

Max had moved in with her parents after her divorce of course Sebastian stayed in her bed at the mansion and they had split their time between that and his hotel room. He was putting down serious roots now though and she was a little apprehensive about him buying some duplex so they could get domesticated.Not only that he was applying for US citizenship wanting to give up his status in Spain to stay here with her, of curse she hadn’t asked him too. What if for some ungodly reason they broke up what in the world was he going to do when that happened? Stay in America and pine for her? She was trying to think of something to say only to see her siblings arrive as well. She wasn’t like them okay maybe not all of them Chauncey was far from domesticated as was Rory she was very much so not made of that, hell Bliss was getting that way with Hunter and she gave Forbes and his arm candy the fakest smile she could when Forbes began to speak to her.

“Aw look Seb he actually thinks I care what he thinks? For your information the invitation stated that Yasmine was asking for donations to her foundation and well DGI is always willing to help when it comes to those less than them. Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t referring to you sweetie.” Max said seeing he horror on the woman’s face who was with Forbes. She saw her comment stung and then slipped her hair over her shoulder smiling she could play this game if he wanted. “You always under estimate the women in your life don’t you Forbes must be exhausting losing to them all the time. Let’s see Audrey couldn’t stand you so she slit her writs, your new wife obviously can’t stand you enough to even be here and your newest bag is I’m not even sure what other than an ex junkie. But then again perhaps that is where my father is twice the man you will ever be.”

“Now I didn’t bring your mobster loving gigolo into the fray but you disrespect a very noble woman for what to try to get a rise out of me? You little girl, I don’t respect you not women. You are a sad replacement for Lowell and that’s why you’ll never replace him. Lowell had more class than you. You think throwing your crass attitude makes you powerful. Little girl I warned your brother before I’m coming. I’m knocking at all of your doors and I’m going to rip you apart seam by seam. I hate to tell you this ex-junkie is so much more intriguing than you little vapid child. I’m going to enjoy Gia coming after you. You have told her about your sadistic ex-mobstress? Oh you know that she will kill to keep him? Oh I can’t wait to hear about how she mutilates your body. Little girl you are playing with the wrong one. So if I don’t come and get you then you lovers mobster ex will shut your pathetic mouth. I can’t wait which boogeyman gets you first. Me or Gia.” He said with enough menace that he felt Trisha shiver.

“You come in my home and dare to talk to one of my guests like this. Oh I know men run away from you. You the little girl who was molested by her teacher when you were a true Lolita. Hunter found you to be repulsive and when Sebastian sees you for the pathetic self-serving whore. You are told you are so much like Lowell but he’s devious you are a joke. A little self serving indulgent whore of the Devonshire family.” Forbes barked back at her. “Come at me, I dare you.”

“Mi, Amor let’s go before I beat this man to a pulp.” Sebastian said looking at Max. “You have no idea what you are talking about and you will not hurt you because we are here for charity. We have more class than you Mr. Montgomery because you disrespected my woman and I swear you won’t do it in my face again. You keep referring to Gia but you’ll see I’m no choir boy. I’ll hurt you Forbes so don’t play mental games with me. I’ll crush you.” He looked at Forbes and Trisha. “I apologize, my father had a deep addiction. He was a junkie also but like him you have overcome. I’m sorry for mi amor she is a rattlesnake, strike first think later.” He took a breath seeing Max shocked expression. She didn’t know that part of his father’s past. “Come on Max we need to go before either of get anymore ugly. The world is beautiful Mr. Montgomery but your ugliness is why there is wars, murder, and darkness. I pray for a man like you hatred consumes you.”

“You’re not really worth my time Forbes to worry about how you’re going to destroy me or my family haven’t I already destroyed yours? I mean Phillip is around no doubt sniveling about how he can’t even lift his feet or his third leg probably meaning you line pretty much dies out. Your other boy should stay away from town too who knows I might just take care of him too.” Max spat back seeing Forbes lunge for her only to be restrained by Yasmine’s mom. She felt Seb pulling her back too like she was about to start a war that he was concerned for her about getting hurt in, she would be fine she was a Devonshire after all. “You think I’m sacred of Gia of all people? Tell her to come and try to do her worst, you think I don’t know about Sebastian’s past with her? Not everyone abandons their kids, to live the high life in some other country to deal with the fact you killed their mother.” Max spat for a moment she felt like she had won and then saw Forbes spewing at them and looked around the room seeing people almost staring not even Forbes would risk a scene right now publicly at his own party.

“Little girl you are mine.” Forbes declared as he looked at Sebastian. “But I know how to get you. I declare war on you young man. I will burn every vineyard, I’ll buy every inch of land you look at, and your family well you better hide them. I’m going to dismantle his life until she sees that she should have never opened her cum guzzling mouth. My line is fully alive but you are the reason my son is in a chair and I haven’t forgotten that. Worry Max, one day your breaks will fail, or maybe Sebastian when you have your child in the car? I’m going to forever haunt you. Know that.” Trisha was pulling him away. “Carry on! It’s a party right?”

“I’m only Sebastian’s and face it the only reason you’re lashing out at me and him is because your precious Philip failed you and I moved on from him.” Max hissed at him wanting him to know she wasn’t afraid but she wasn’t sure she had started something that she couldn’t finish. Especially when it came to Forbes threatening Sebastian’s business and his family in Spain that sent a chill through her spine how far would Forbes really go to finish something when it came to her? She knew she had wrangled with the tiger a few times first with Philip and now with his father but she was always confident that she had the upper hand she wasn’t sure that she had that this time. She watched as Forbes walked away and then turned the to the shocked look on Sebastian’s face. “What?”

“That was uncalled for Max. At least for Trisha that woman didn’t say a damn word to you. It’s one thing to attack Forbes but did you need to fight with her?” Shaking his head he looked at her. “I need you to stop Max, sometimes you strike before thinking. People addictions are a jab their pain, my father was an addict and I didn’t like it. It’s nothing mi amor let’s drop it and get a drink. Cool off maybe calmer heads will prevail.”

Max looked at him she was not the little docile woman he expected and perhaps she shouldn’t of said what she said but she meant every word about it. As for the addict that was Trisha Kohl she knew what it was like to have someone on that edge too with her brother so maybe she should have been calmer. It wasn’t in her nature however to do that with Forbes or Philip Montgomery. “I’m sorry about your father addiction sucks my entire family would know, you should know that as the reason we met was I was dropping Jackson off at rehab.” Max said looking at him she knew little about his parents are family other than what he had told her. On one had she felt like a stranger with him in that regard. “Let’s move on then tonight.” She said taking her arm in his and wondering if he was right perhaps she bit like a viper more often than she should.


Dani placed her phone back in her purse, running her hand down her gold dress to smooth out the wrinkles it was the first time she and Jackson had left the kids alone with anyone other than her mother or Jackie, she was a nervous wreck over it. She had excused herself from mingling to sneak a call in to her nephew and Maddie to make sure the twins were okay and wondered when it would get easier. Every time she and Jackson tried to even have some sort of intimacy including tonight one or both of them were up to interrupt them and she thought by now they would be on some sort of better schedule. She could tell that Jackson was just as frustrated as she was even if he was being a champ about it, she turned the corner and spotted Yasmine in the hallway pacing back and forth about the party and what was going to to be announced. It wasn’t her business to judge who Yasmine’s father was, in her mind it was wrong to judge a child based on who their parents were. She knew the Yasmine that she did, the kind girl with street smarts and a really big heart who had huge dreams, someone she considered a friend enough to be the godmother to her children.

“You look beautiful.” Dani said walking to her friend and giving her a hug feeling Yasmine wrap her arms around her in return almost as if Yasmine was clinging on to her for advice or because she was nervous. She supposed that was natural Yasmine was not from this world much like she wasn’t when she began to date Jackson she had a little more training thanks to Lex and Whitney but she could tell Yasmine was nervous. Seeing a bench in the hallway she led Yasmine to the seat seeing her eyes wander around the room. “You don’t have to get up there and tell the world you are his daughter you know that right? You have the power and the choice right now, you know the truth or at least I hope it is.” Dani said looking at her wondering if it was true or not and she hated asking Yasmine like this something Jackson had asked her to do find out the truth if Yasmine was really Forbes daughter or if Forbes was simply playing the girl. “I mean Forbes is a known liar are you a hundred percent sure that he is really your father and that he’s not playing some sick game with you?”

“Unless he wants a grown ass woman for a child then I doubt it. We got our DNA test results and I’m 99 percent Forbes Montgomery’s child. I know I don’t have to tell anyone who I am but the people that matter. However he’s placed so much money in my accounts and I don’t know how he got my information. I have cars not a car but cars. I have all these things just by being his child that I feel guilty. Look at me? I have diamonds in my hair, I have a diamond choker, I have opera gloves and I now know what they are. I want to teach that to kids all over the world to use the proper forks and not feel like I did when I stepped into this world. Look as I told my big sister Cassie I have no illusions on that man. In fact this is some sick game but I’m alright with that if it means Scottswood and all of the hoods around Pennsylvania have a community center that kids can go to. What we are about to announce will change so many lives and he is helping change mine. So I guess even though Forbes is trash he’s using me as a play at revenge to get whatever he wants. I’m alright with that if another girl isn’t forced on a pole because she has no options. Now with these community centers and outreach there will always be an option.” Yasmine used a tissue to protect her makeup. “He doesn’t love me because I’m positive he doesn’t know how. So I’m another pawn just like Philip and Cassie and my other two siblings.”

Yasmine saw the shock on Dani’s face. “Make me a promise Dani, you’ll fix your relationship with your father. He’s a good man underneath all the drama and girl you white people know y’all make your parents shit y’all shit. I was trying to tell Rory that I’m nothing like Forbes but he’s shell shocked at that Forbes is my father. Can I tell you something and you won’t judge me? Dani I’m even more emotional because Rory and I kissed at the hospital. I know you aren’t the gossip type but don’t say a word not even to Jackson. Khalil has been hanging out for the last few nights all night. He’s here but my gut feeling is that I messed up so badly. I was angry and maybe needed some therapy after all I went through. I was kidnapped and not just by someone random but my big bro Kendrick. Then it came out Rory banged this old ass bitch man I couldn’t take it. I just couldn’t be that girl anymore. I couldn’t be the girl who got hurt anymore so Rory was the first and last man who would play me like that. But I just want to start over and start again and I also think Khalil has been wonderful to me. Do I just stay where I am and wonder if I missed the love of my life. Rory is special and every time I see him my heart skips a beat. Khalil I care but I don’t know if it’s that feeling. I don’t know what to do about my personal life but I know what I’m doing right now. I’m about to help people.” Yasmine said softly grabbing Dani hand.

Dani listened to Yasmine as she spoke about Forbes and what she was feeling about everything it was a dangerous game to play in her mind but it wasn’t up to her to make that decision when it came to Yasmine’s life. Forbes obviously wanted something in return especially after the kidnapping happened, he could have easily stepped into Yasmine’s life at anytime he wanted and yet he sold out his child to the streets, dealing drugs and stripping on a pole. For all the shit she gave her father over the years she would like to think that had she of gotten into trouble like that he would have done anything to help her out of it. Hell if anything he would have never let her get into that type of a situation to begin with. “I’m not going to judge you wanting a relationship with your father, I just question his timing Yasmine. Why didn’t he step in years ago when you really needed him before your mom relapsed hard again and your sister died? Why didn’t he reach out then? He surely had to have known who you were and the fact you were his and yet he never even bothered to lift  a finger. Not only that he let your siblings hire you to dance on a pole. My dad’s like not perfect and we’ve had our differences but he never would have let it get that bad for me. I’m glad you’re going into this whole Forbes thing with eyes open though Yasmine.” She did get where she was coming from a community center was a good thing no matter who paid for it in her mind.

“At least you don’t have two adorable children interrupting you making amazing and wonderful mistakes with the man you love like all the time.” Dani said in the best teasing voice she could make with Yasmine wanting to make her see that it was okay to make mistakes. She was never fully on board the Khalil hype train that Max seemed to be on she knew and experience like Yasmine had with Rory was deeper than first love it cemented you as a couple. She of all people could understand that she even got why Yasmine ditched him when she found out about Tess she would have done the same thing. “I’m not going to judge you for kissing on Rory with everything that I heard happened at the opening and then the last few weeks. I think it’s okay to love a man deeply especially when you have a past like you do with Khalil. I also think it’s okay to move on from that and take back the man you want to be with in Rory before he decides to latch himself to Aspen Sinclair for the rest of his life. It wasn’t my place to give you advice until you asked for it. Trust me I had people doing that for years and all it did was make things confusing when it came to my relationship with both Lex and Jackson.” Dani said looking at her, this is what girlfriends did in her mind they supported each other when needed but she wasn’t going to pry into Yasmine’s love life. “You’re going to be a Montgomery and I can honestly see all of Jackson’s family hating it. Even if Rory comes around so that probably complicates things too.”

“I am so conflicted.” She said looking at her friend as she smirked. “So you and Jackson can’t get it on that sucks. God I don’t want children.” As she grabbed her girls hand. “I just can’t stand that bougie fake Harvard bitch Aspen. I really can’t stand that Rory is slowly losing that man I love. She’s going to turn him into Lowell minus the rape and bastards. That woman only sees her future with Rory not what he envisions. I just know her type the girl in the hood who goes after the star basketball player is the same bitch who returns from Harvard and sinks her claws into the smartest and most loving Devonshire.” Yasmine giggled as she saw Dani giving her a bitch look considering she was marrying Jackson maybe she didn’t agree. “I just regret moving so fast in everything not facing the pain and just burying it. I didn’t just bury the pain I buried my love and now seeing him with that red head perfect girl. She’s everything I’m not. You know I heard Max is hiring her. I hear she’s fluent in multiple languages. I think she knows more about all this fashion and lifestyle stuff. Maybe I’m wrong and I’m just jealous because Rory is moving on. But that kiss is all I can think about. It was consuming and if we weren’t in a hospital room we might have ripped each others clothes off.”

“Dani can I tell you a secret? I don’t trust my father. I often think that me not knowing who my dad was could be better. But I know who he is and I know what he’s after. DGI so don’t let your family take its eye off the prize once because for some reason his plans involve Scottswood. That’s why he’s doing this Dani. I know it and I’m not here for my community being used so I have revised a couple things on the agenda to help the little girls and boys like me. So no I’m not here for the bullshit of the Devonshire versus the Montgomery’s. Screw Max and Lowell and Jackie who were horrid to me. Screw them and what they think because I love him and I don’t know if I will be able to stop loving him. He’s changed my life and I have changed as a woman. I don’t want to be just the hood girl. I don’t want to be the stripper. I just want to be more.”

Dani nodded her head at her when she asked if her and Jackson hadn’t it had been a while since before the twins came and she supposed it was life, but even she wanted to get back in the saddle. She raised her eyebrow at the kids comment Yasmine was still young and she had her whole life ahead of her to decide if she wanted children or not. “You have your whole life ahead of you Yasmine to decide if you want kids or not. For the record I think one day you will be a great mom if that is what you choose.” She said trying to reassure Yasmine and then she thought over the word regret that Yasmine kept mentioning regret. It was never like that with Lex and her, she was ready to move on at one point she had really cared for him but she didn’t love him like she did Jackson and she wasn’t sure that she would ever want to let Jackson go or ever move on. She didn’t plan on ever doing that with him regret would not be something that she would ever mention with Jackson. “Aspen is smart I can see why Max hired her. But don’t put yourself down Yasmine you’re smart too. And who cares about fashion? I don’t.” Dani said looking at her and it was true of course she wore designer stuff but she was always comfortable in her own skin and her own fashion sense too.

“You shouldn’t trust your father Yasmine so even now I think you’re smart and cut out to be anything you want to be when it comes to your life. You want to work for DGI or MontCorp or something like that you would find a way to do it and you don’t need a Harvard education to do it. You went to college hell you are graduating soon right? You did that all on your own and you didn’t need your father to do it, your mom or money and I can tell you that Rory admires that about you.” Dani looked at her wondering if Yasmine knew that you couldn’t just forget that the feud between the Devonshire’s and the Montgomery’s was still a thing, it was her father versus Lowell for years and the only thing that had salvaged that was her and Jackson and the twins. Had she not have gotten pregnant and the twins never been born she wasn’t sure if her father and Lowell would still be at it. “I’ll forgive you for the smartest and sweetest Devonshire comment you are the god mother to my children.” She said teasing Yasmine. “I don’t think you or Rory are going to get around the feud once your paternity is out. I can tell you from first hand experience you’re going to have an uphill battle with your parents, your siblings and yourselves. Is that what you want?”

Yasmine smiled and felt that Dani was right. She had changed her life but she felt so unfulfilled right now. She knew she was about to help the community of Scottswood and other hoods around the state. “I feel like I’d go through hell and high water for Rory. I’d fight tooth and nail for him but hurting Khalil and disappointing so many people. I don’t want to do this for anyone but us. I know people think that this is going to be bad because of the Devonshire and Montgomery feud. But the love that we feel for each other I think it could set the world on fire.” She said softly as she grabbed Dani hand. “I am so scared about tonight and my future. Yeah graduation is only a few months away. I’ve been in school grinding and I just want to try to use the Montgomery name to change the world. I know that sounds stupid.” She smiled at Dani. “I know this is crazy to say but I’m so glad that I was kidnapped with you.”

“If you feel that strongly about Rory and what happened then what in the hell are you doing regretting it with me:? Go get him back Yasmine it is not too late to fight for what you want. End things with Khalil sure he may be upset and sad about it but there are plenty other girls that he could get with.” Dani said looking at her it seemed to her that Yasmine had made up her mind that she wanted Rory back and maybe she just needed that push to go after it. She stood up from the bench and hugged her friend. “Despite how sacred I was that night and how the Kendrick you knew versus the one I knew were so very different. I am glad that we found each other and decided to be friends from it.” She said pulling back as she saw Cassie appear in the hallway and squeezed Yasmine’s hand to got to her sister and stake her claim. She followed behind ready to find Jackson and enjoy the rest of the party before they headed back to reality with the twins.


Tess looked at the foyer of the mansion and was shocked to see Forbes go all out. What was his scheme or plan tonight was to be determined. As she looked to her right Lowell was feeling wonderful the past few days. She liked to think his connection with Belle was fueling him. The last few days they had been spending days together and it was enchanting to see. Not only that but Belle had gotten Lowell to walk again. They stayed in the rose garden and although he was in deep pain he wanted to come tonight. After all he kept wondering why Forbes was so intrigued with Yasmine. The stripper who Rory was so smitten with. Taking Lowell hand she knew that Belle was going to be here but where was her daughter. She had become much more flippant the last few days. Dropping subtle clues on her true identity. That irritated her so much and to be fair after tonight Lowell would know the truth. Pricking Forbes tonight with their presence would be enough to reveal the truth. Strutting through she saw Max and Sebastian looking at them as if they had two heads each.

“Forbes truly went all out and soon we will see what this is about. If you think that he’s trying to upstage you on the Scottswood deal then I assume this is what this is all for.” She said as she saw Rory and Aspen entering the party. The disdain on Rory face for both his father and her was clear. Why was he here? “Darling I think we need to get a seat before the party begins.”

“Indeed, I’m feeling tired and I think I need to sit.” Lowell said with his cane in hand. Ever since Belle had come to the mansion he felt extremely grateful. After all she was what got him up and walking again. Her drive was infectious and her smile reminded him of Max so much. It took everything in his presence to not approach his children but tonight wouldn’t be the time. As he sat down in the chair he looked at Tess who had been much more dependable. Not only that she was showing him the love and support he needed right now. By next year he’s going to be dead, that was a fact. Losing his children and Jackie made him so depressed but Belle was fresh air. She was happy and constantly had a mischievous smile. The snow was starting to fall beautifully on the mansion and soon his son would be married at New Year’s Eve. Looking around Chauncey, Jackson, Natasha, and Dani were mingling. All that was missing was Bliss for now. He was sure she’d be here with Hunter because he was running the revitalization of Scottswood.

“I need them to know that I won’t be leaving the company until the board of directors vote me out. Now that could be tomorrow or weeks from now but they won’t boot me from my company because of Zerick. Zerick isn’t my son and I need you to at least believe me. Considering the family I raised doesn’t and I even think they have Bliss thinking I’m a monster. My last little girl thinks I’m a rapist.” Lowell hung his head low. “I never thought Jackie would look at me as such. Where is she if everyone is here I’m sure she’ll be here.”

“She was invited but you two weren’t.” Forbes said sticking his hands into his pockets. “You look like you aren’t dying which is a perk. I mean I have to show you what MontCorp is going to do for this city. While you have sat back and got rich off the people of Scottswood back we will be rewarding them for their patience. While DGI will crumble and finally people will see the genius of DGI was the men you hired not you. You are nothing more than a sadistic rapist Lowell and even your children are done with you. Now look at you with your concubine and all your fault. You couldn’t resist having Kathleen and everyone knows your insatiable appetite for women. I mean you fathered a daughter and kept her secret from everyone except you. You will fall very soon and your death well that’s going to be icing on the cake.”

Tess rolled her eyes knowing Forbes meant every word but his idle threats right now wasn’t the time. She wasn’t going to have him belittle or bemoan them. “We were invited.” Tess said pulling out her invitation. “By Yasmine, she said we’d be foolish to miss this event. I think she is right. We need to be here to show DGI and the world Lowell isn’t hiding. Let alone hiding from the lies of the past. You were there that night and so was Trisha do you remember Lowell even speaking to Kathleen for more than a moment? You are truly pathetic to come down here and try to simplify this as if he’s a rapist. Enough from all those brats and that woman and you.” Tess said defiantly. “We both know the truth that Lowell is far from a rapist. Why would he need to rape when he had me and Audrey. Your beloved Audrey the woman who loved you so deeply and she loved him so much more. I mean did she even care about your children?”

“Watch your mouth you wench. You are desperate and vile Tess to take this man after he’s raped your best friend. That’s low even for a bottom feeder like yourself.” Forbes barked back at Tess as he looked at Lowell whose legs were beginning to shake. “Tell me who believes you? Tell me who trust you to not be this man when DNA tells us all otherwise? You must take your children and wife whom you are still married to as fools? You are a rapist and now everyone will understand my rage against you. For years you’ve always been the good old boy but I knew what nobody else did. You are a monster and I’ve just been the one who saw it from the very beginning.”

“I’m a monster? Are you the one who physically abandoned your children? Where were you when Philip and Cassie needed you in their formative years? Huh? Don’t judge me you pathetic want to be. Everything you have is because you want to be Lowell Devonshire. No I’m not a rapist but you enjoy slandering my name. Just because a confused psychopath think I raped her that means nothing to me. We both know men of our stature and Zerick would do anything to win. Including faking a DNA test.” Lowell noticed all his children ears perked when he said that. “I’m not sure how you and Zerick have done it but you both have made me look like I’m the bad guy but I know the truth and so do you. You know I’m not the monster you say and you are enjoying my slow death and me being cancelled. I’m not though. I’ll never be cancelled because a legend never dies. Unlike you the forgotten CEO of DGI and a fledgling company that will never be ours.” Lowell barked back as he stood. “Get away from me tonight I was invited to a party and I tend to enjoy it.”

“Careful you two please don’t cause a stir tonight. I’d hate to have to throw you out of such a monumental event. Tonight will be one for the ages I assure you of that.” Forbes said as he walked toward the foyer.

“Lowell please stay here, I’ll be back. I’m going to make sure you have a peaceful night.” Tess walked behind Forbes and ran in front of him. “You will leave me alone. We have a deal and I thought we had an understanding. Lowell can’t be stressed out and you are killing him even faster. I won’t allow your constant verbal threats and jabs to hurt what I’ve finally gotten.” She snapped at him pulling back. “I can ruin us both and survive. I have a trump card named Belle.”

Forbes smiled looking at Tess. “Desperation is not beautiful on you Tess. So strong and powerful but so afraid. I see it in your eyes the fear that you might not make it when everything comes tumbling out. Tess you fear is addictive and to see you so afraid that nothing will last. That you’ll be trumped by your trump card. Isn’t that why you haven’t revealed it. You know for certain that when everything comes out then death and fire will reign on you. I can’t wait for you to pay a deep debt to the universe. You knew the truth and what will the Devonshire’s do when they find out that you stripped so much time from them? You kept them away from their beloved Lowell? Oh they’re going to destroy you and I can’t wait for it to happen. Or it might not Tess. You might get to be the lady of the manor if you hand DGI to me when you marry Lowell. When you get everything you want. I will have everything I want. Is that clear or I’ll snatch every little bit of happiness from you.” Forbes grabbed her by her chin. “You have the castle and the beautiful ending. Don’t lose it Tess or else I’m going to rip you apart. I’m going to hand Fox over to Dimitri. I’m going sacrifice Belle and Bliss until their lives are the jokes of high society. I’m going to destroy every inch of the Blisston line if you don’t come through.”

“I told you I’m no longer your puppet.” Tess said her voice quivering because she saw the evil glistening in his eyes. “Let me go!” She growled as pushed back seeing Philip and Cassie watching on. “I have nothing left to give you and you will not threaten me. We both made a choice and we both will die on the vine of it.” Laying her hands on his chest she looked in his eyes. “I know one of your secrets Forbes. I know what you did twenty-two years ago. I know and I have proof. So if you want to threaten me I’ll dismantle you. It was the one time everyone saw you as a hero. I’ll leave you the villain and I assure you that I’d much rather the Devonshire’s after me than the Fraiser’s. They’ll destroy you and you know it.”

“How do you know?” Forbes whispered as he leaned in. “I’m going to destroy you Tess let me assure you. I’m going to destroy your happiness and leave you in ruin.”

“Much like you did Walter and Lauren’’s marriage? Ruin? Don’t test me Forbes. We both have so much to lose. I’d hate to see you lose again and again and again.” Tess broke free and started to walk back to Lowell.

“Philip, Cassandra I will need to speak to you both after the party. I need my children the strongest of my children to kill a weed that believes it’s grown into a flower.” Forbes said as he walked to his children. “I need you both. They unite and we sit divided when the sun sets I assure you they will beat us unless we do the same. Now you can sit here in that chair and pretend that you’re better than me. Or you both can unleash what I have given you. A rage and power to do whatever the fuck you want to those who oppose you. That girl put you in a chair your third leg cost you your legs.” Forbes looked at Philip with pity and that was the worst thing he could look at his son as pitiful. “Cassandra my beauty you are your mother’s daughter all the weak I see from Audrey. But I see it.” Forbes sang that part melodically as he looked at Cassie. “You both I see it take it I demand you to take what I have left you for. What I have given you both, my power take reign at the company. Cassie I’ll buy your paper and merge it into my conglomerate. You need to take over Philip a strip club is so beneath you both how dare you limit your greatness. You are Montgomery’s and remember that through and through. Our bloodline is greatness and survivors and destroyers. My grandfather survived so much and power grew we will rise above the Devonshires and I believe in you three being more than them.” Forbes turned to the door as his mouth hung open when Jackie Fucking Devonshire walked in with Zerick Westwood. “Let the games begin.”


Jackie wore a black high neck lace ballgown it seemed to help her mood as of late mourning the end of an era for her and Lowell. She had strategically asked her nephew to escort her to the party after the invitation had arrived. To make sure the world knew that she was standing with her sister, for the first time in over twenty years she was going to stand up and do what was right when it came to Kathleen. Her eyes scanned the room seeing Jackson nearly choke on his drink, Chauncey’s mouth open in horror, Max had a small smile on her face and she knew that her entrance with Zerick would be the talk of DGI going forward. Rory simply beamed at her like he was proud of her and it filled her chest knowing it was the right thing to do. People thought that she was go into a hole and hide with the scandal of what Lowell had done, she was going to prove everyone wrong. She was going to take over and make sure what happened with Kathleen revitalized DGI with her soon to be ex-husband on the outs of the empire he schemed and cheated his way to the top with. She looked over at her nephew as her eyes narrowed in on him looking at Talia Rose whose mouth was hanging open something she didn’t clear with her was bringing Zerick on her arm walking to her she held her head high as she did.

“Talia you look lovely as always, I am sorry to drop this on you so suddenly but surely you can spin this in our favor. I was worried you would be against the idea and report back to Lowell my plans to bring Zerick with me. I know you are loyal to the family Talia but I am reclaiming what was wrong all those years ago, Zerick belongs here just as much as my children and Bliss.” Jackie said seeing Lowell glaring at her as she spoke and she could feel Tess shooting daggers at her. He had run back right to Tess’s arms after all the lies he had told her about what happened with Kathleen and that shouldn’t of hurt her but it did. She kept her head held high as she looked at them both before turning her head back to Talia. “You can run with this spin it to into a win at DGI tonight. Me taking Zerick as my escort can you not?”

Zerick was nervous when Jackie told him what they were going to do he had never seen this side of his aunt before the side that was about ready to take names and hold them hostage until she got her revenge. She had insisted that he come and he agreed putting on his best tuxedo and wondered what her next move would be, she knew about his connection to Forbes but seemed to be aiming higher and bigger than that. He had dressed in a simple business suit skipping the tie and leaving his shirt slightly open his aunt looked stunning and he could feel all the eyes on them when they stepped into the party. Shock, a few gasps and glares it was the perfect thing to set the tone something that his aunt had told him she was going to do. Her goal tonight was to egg on his father to the point of an outburst that her lawyer could use against him in the pending divorce. A part of him felt bad about what his aunt was going through the other part was surprising as he was warming to her more and more. He had expected her to stick by Lowell’s side she had after all suck by him with Bliss.

“Talia.” Zerick said looking at her with Jackie on his arm she was gorgeous even now but he had picked his side and it was by his aunt he wanted his father to pay and this assured him that was the plan. She wanted him to brush everything off and forget how he was conceived, how his mother was violated and no matter what he felt for Talia he couldn’t come to terms with her terms. His mother had suffered for years over shame and guilt over what happened with Lowell it was the entire reason he was cast off to Forbes after she tried to kill him when he was younger. That was something he could never forgive and forget from Lowell Devonshire the pure destruction he had caused her by raping her and making him be born. “You look amazing. I am sure my aunt is right you can spin this to DGI’s favor maternal patriarch welcomes bastard child to the fold affirming her sister was the victim in all of this.”

Talia wearing a red lace dress with a dramatic black train felt like it was appropriate for such a gothic beautiful affair. She had been invited weeks ago along with all the Devonshire children. It was a shock to see Lowell and Tess here tonight but Jackie seemed to be the one insisting on upstaging everyone. This was one Devonshire power play she didn’t see coming and she wasn’t upset about it but spinning it as anything but war against the Montgomery’s and against each other would be a job. “Well considering we are all hemorrhaging from the reveal of Zerick being Lowell’s son we maybe shouldn’t have such a bold declaration. I think logistically it was a very amature move but I have no problem cleaning this up Jackie. I think we all might have had a family meeting but that’s fine it’s my job to continue to sweep scandal after scandal underneath the rug. What’s one more of Lowell’s wife scheming now with her step-son slash nephew on taking over DGI right from underneath the kids.” Talia said with a certain bitchiness she had never carried with the family. She loved them but this was going to be a nightmare and the night wasn’t even over because Max hasn’t even presented the check yet.

“Merci really outdid herself tonight it looks like something out of a vampire’s Victorian soap opera tonight. It’s so dark but I hear Forbes is about to do something that will force the mayors hand. But we continue to fight each other. I’m exhausted and when this is all clean and squeaky no matter who is on top I’m getting a raise and possibly new position this is out of hand.” Looking around she saw Jackie expression. “You all are fighting each other and MontCorp is gearing up to continue to derail us. I can fix this please inform Max to get the check to the mayor and Yasmine. We have to spin good press where we can. Unfortunately tonight I assume it’ll be buried the in fighting.” Talia flipped her hair letting it fall over her one eye. “What is this all about Zerick? I mean you are in the know with Forbes right?”

“I’m fighting for both my nephew and my children Talia can you not see that? Lowell can’t remain as CEO if DGI it will ruin us and run us into the ground. I would never place stock in Zerick over any of my children but he deserves a piece of DGI just as much as they do for everything that my husband has put him and my sister through. I thought of all the women to understand that it would be you.” Jackie said flatly looking at Talia like she never had before in all the years she had known her. She knew it would be a hard like at DGI with people taking sides but she though at the very least that Talia would have had hers. “Unless you’ve suddenly changed your mind about Zerick and the truth about what happened and you’re taking Lowell’s side?”

Zerick knew what it was all about but it wasn’t his place to say or get involved in Yasmine’s business, it was meant to fuel the fire with Lowell with the pawns being Yasmine and Rory in his Godfather’s new game. Regardless it was Yasmine’s choice to throw the party and he was not going to ruin her night with what he knew. He looked over at his aunt and the ferocity that she spoke towards Talia of all people even unnerved even him. Something had snapped inside of her whens he went to visit his mother he hadn’t asked what it was, but he had never imagined this. His aunt standing by his side filleting people left and right for him. “I don’t know. I know that he supports Yasmine’s cause and it makes sense she would invite all the big wigs of the town to help with that cause.” He said lying through his teeth and partly telling the truth Yasmine and asked for donations on the invitation.

“Jackie I can’t believe what people are saying about Lowell. It’s honestly deplorable, but I have to believe that you want to protect your children and nephew interest.” She seethed looking at a mentor. “Meaning that a strategic attack against Lowell tonight might not be the best thing or idea for the company whatever this is, I suggest you stop. The media will be all over this.” She looked at Simon walking toward them. “If you don’t pardon me I have to figure out how to clean this mess up.”

Lowell took Tess hand and began to walk over to Jackie and Zerick as he nodded at Talia who looked infuriated. He couldn’t help it because how dare Jackie just flaunt Zerick. She made it all look true by bringing him over here. It disgusted him as his teeth gritted he stared at Zerick. “It’s funny all my boys have golden manes but you seem to be the odd son right Zerick. I think you are even more vile using your aunts pain. Or is this your play to finally step out of my shadow. I resent that you are flaunting our failure in the world’s face. Your lack of faith in me has ruined our family not me.” Lowell said raising Tess hand and kissing it. “I however have choose not to be alone through my last few months. I hope you don’t mind.”

Zerick looked at his father basically parading his new mistress or was it his old mistress around the party and then he had the gall to kiss her in public in front of his very own wife. A power move if he had ever saw one he wanted to roll his eyes at his father, sure his siblings had blonde hair but he had seen pictures of the rest of the Devonshire’s of the past there were plenty of darker haired children and his own mother’s side had dark hair too. “You keep telling yourself that Lowell that you didn’t rape your wife’s sister because you felt you could take her when she said no. Whatever you want to tell yourself at night to sleep. I actually applaud my aunt since treating her like trash is something you are good at and have been good at for decades.”

“Our failure Lowell? You should reword that to your failure, I never once broke our marriage vows when I easily could have sought another man the million times I caught you with your latest bimbo and your pants down.” Jackie asked seeing Talia looking between them all and then she saw her children approaching out of the corner of her eyes. The only one who had failed them was him with his numerous affairs and illegitimate children along the way, the worst reminder standing to her right and on her own. “I’m simply doing what I should have done the first time I caught you and Tess in the office at DGI while I was pregnant with the twins.” Jackie said shooting him daggers, she should have left him then but he had begged her only for lies upon more lies and she was certain more and more mistresses. “The only one breaking our family is you. I see you’ve slunk back to her again or should I say wheeled your way back to her. Old habits die hard I guess, I was always replaceable wasn’t I?” She spat glaring at Tess.

“Well you should know that.” Tess said coolly seeing Lowell becoming more and more enraged. “Don’t do that Lowell that’s exactly what she wants. She wants you lash out and look horrible when only thing that looks bad is that tacky formal gown.” She purred as she wrapped her hands around Lowell. “You had your shot Jackie and when you had your chance to stand next to Lowell, you run to this degenerate. Zerick you know I used to watch you with Forbes chasing behind him like a lost puppy. Now I see why because he’s using you somehow and pathetically you allow him. What is worse is that now you are being used by Jackie. Poor unfortunate soul.” She hissed as she folded his arms.

Lowell looked at Zerick and pointed his cane at him. “Listen to me very carefully I never raped your mother. I don’t want Kathleen and I never wanted her. She wasn’t my lover. Audrey yes, Tess yes but never Kathleen. Somehow you faked that DNA test somehow you failed.” He turned and looked at Rory and Aspen. “Not only that you all have made me the bad guy. I’m not Harvey Weinstien or some other rapist. No I’m a adulter but not a rapist and when you figure that out I pray I’ll be alive for you to hear you all eat crow. I’m not leaving DGI do you hear me Jackie? Chauncey I hear you are scurrying around trying to become CEO behind everyone’s back. Oh Jackson you look worn too bad you just had twins during my inevitable downfall that you all seem to want and believe. As for my beloved daughters well Max and Bliss you both believe it don’t you. And all of your significant others are watching holding onto you all. Thinking wow Lowell is a monster. I’m not leaving the company I fucking built you brats and you I can’t wait for us to be done your betrayal is too much.” He said at Jackie. “I’ll roll around and I’ll place who will take my place. Maybe my new wife Tess when we marry.”

“Enough dad.” Jackson roared as he looked at his mothers shocked face. “I love you but this is insane. DNA doesn’t lie dad and you can pretend that Zerick isn’t your son but as I said DNA doesn’t lie finito.”

Bliss looked at her mother and shook her head. “I hope I’m never as desperate as you.” She snapped at Tess. “Jackie I apologize about this, my mother is a sad excuse for a woman.”

“Desperate like you to believe you belong with Jackie’s brood of children, sorry darling daughter no matter how fake Jackie pretends to be there for you. She hates your existence Bliss you are the proof that Lowell should have never married her.” Tess hissed back at her daughter. “Saint Jackie.who has her own secrets although not physical I know about the letters Jacqueline. You aren’t such a victim.” Tess paced back and forth. “You kids don’t know your history trust me if I was around sooner I’d be your mother not her. So as unpleasant as that sounds to you all especially you Rory you were a last ditch effort to keep the marriage going. A baby born almost twelve years after their last child? So I will have my damn respect. I will! I will have my respect you nasty little spawns. I have Lowell’s best intentions at heart. I love him when you all say it’s impossible so why care?” She declared to them all. “He’s mine and if Belle and I haven’t turned our backs on him? Then don’t you dare judge us!”

“Now cry Jackie on cue after you provoke us we look like the villains.” Lowell said annoyed with the constant antics.


“They are all downstairs.” Forbes said seeing Yasmine, Cassie, and Philip all standing together. For the first time his heart thawed because as much as he abandoned his elder children they were here for Yasmine. This was a moment that he owed Yasmine but seeing Cassie and Philip here pierced him. He owed them their moments also. He’d give it to them. He’d prove all of them wrong. So he wasn’t the most emotionally available parent but he was a parent who did for his children. Yasmine would be spoiled from this moment on forward because she deserved to see that she was a Montgomery. A Montgomery was powerful and he slowly approached them. “My father survived Auschwitz and he came to America, and eventually bought a small company that would go onto move into DGI. Tonight is the first step to returning that company to our family. We will survive and thrive tonight is the Montgomery’s and welcoming her into the family.”

Yasmine felt her heart swelling when she heard that her grandfather survived Auschwitz. It was disgusting mutilation of so many people. She moved through her siblings as she looked at them. “I’m ready father.” She took her father’s hand as she turned and looked at Cassie and Philip. “Please stand with us as much as you can.”

As Forbes began to walk down the staircase everyone was in the foyer. Looking around he saw the Devonshire’s and so many people were here and he knew he had to speak. “Scottswood is and has always been a beacon of hope for many different people in this city. I owe Scottswood and I owe someone very important to me the opportunity to transform into something more. I’m going to find a way to make it up to this community. In many ways I have already. Over twenty years ago, I carried on a relationship with the lovely Trisha Khol and I had a daughter with her. Not one but two.” His voice cracked as he looked at his shocked children. “Gina Kohl and Yasmine Kohl are my daughters. I didn’t know about Gina until a few days ago we had DNA proof but both my daughters are fierce and powerful. Gina died a few years ago in violence and I want Scottswood protected and another father to never and I mean never to deal with this again.” The pain of him not knowing that Gina was his child until Trisha and he did the DNA test. She didn’t even know who was Gina father until a few days ago. “Tonight I’m here to announce my daughter Yasmine Montgomery.”

The crowd was hushed with silence and shock. The Devonshire’s faces were priceless and she loved every second of it. As she slowly descended down the staircase she felt her power rising. Taking the microphone from her father as she looked at the crowd. “Today isn’t just about me coming out as a Montgomery. Today is about opening the Kohl Community Center. The center will be for underprivileged of communities of the Pennsylvania. With MontCorp we will be providing new community centers all around Atlas Falls. Not only that but we will.” The microphone cut as she was speaking. The lights seemed to dim even lower and a spotlight moved from her to the top of the staircase. She could see Philip turning around in his chair and Cassie’s shocked face as they all were faced with Belle Archibald with Connor Hessington at the top of the staircase.

Belle looked at a smiling Connor and her eyes narrowed. Stepping down the staircase she placed the microphone to her face. “Sorry to interrupt your big news Yasmine you are a Montgomery but I think it’s time for everyone here to know exactly who I am.” Running her hands down the leather crimson red and black Oscar DeLa Renta gown. “So let’s have two coming out parties right now shall we?”

“Belle what the hell are you doing?” Forbes roared as he looked at his goddaughter. “I have to say this is disrespectful and uncalled for you’re ruining my daughters day.”

“My bad love but I couldn’t wait any longer. Today is all about us Yasmine. You are a new Montgomery and I’m a new Devonshire.” Belle said as she saw Connor’s shocked expression. She smirked as she stepped to the edge of the stairs. “Just merely two months ago my life was rocked to the core. I was living my life in Europe as a lady does and then all of the sudden Forbes Montgomery a man I hadn’t seen since I was three years old came bombarding back into my life. He in the most cruel way forced my parents. Everyone say hello to Christopher and Jane Archibald my parents they are in the back of the room.” Pointing to them and waving. “Well he forced them to tell me a deep and dark family secret. I didn’t come from Jane, I came from another woman. A woman who I loved deeply, who I respect but I’m so conflicted right now. I’m so mad at her because how dare you just throw me away. But what should I expect you sent my own full blooded sister away. Bliss how did you deal with it all these years?” She questioned as she looked at her mummy.

“Tess Blisston doesn’t have one child, I’m sorry Bliss to crack your face but you aren’t a only child. I’m the daughter of!”

“Stop!” Tess screamed as she moved through the crowd. “I demand you to stop Belle right now. I’m pleading everyone is here we can do this in private. Please Belle stop!”

“No you don’t.” Jackson declared as he looked at his siblings. “You said you’re a Devonshire tell us how. I mean we are getting used to getting a new family member every other week. So tell us how are you a Devonshire Belle?”

“I thought you’d never ask big brother.” Belle said as she looked at all the Devonshire’s who had gathered together in a unit. “I’m twenty-one years old and twenty-one years ago, Lowell stopped sleeping with Tess. My mummy and daddy broke apart but Lowell left you with one last gift didn’t he? He got Tess pregnant and she was left almost penniless but you got your due didn’t you mummy? My parents gave you a lump sum for me didn’t they? Don’t lie mummy because your cousin Jane told me the truth. You needed a little coin for them to have a child. I was stripped away from the Devonshire’s my siblings for years because you had to get what some sort of twisted revenge because you couldn’t have him?”

Tess held her breath. “I was penniless but that money wasn’t for you it was because I had nothing after Lowell walked away. I feel so sick to my stomach please Belle and everyone we can do this in private! I don’t want everyone to think I’m some gold digger.” Tess looked at a shocked Lowell as the color started to seep out of his face. “Lowell.” She whispered as she covered her mouth. As she took a deep breath she could feel everyone looking at her. Picking up her dress Tess charged out the room.

“Mummy? Where are your going?” Belle asked as she bit her lip feeling slightly bad that she outed Tess. Closing her eyes she wiped her eyes. “I love Tess but she is wrong for stripping me of my family. I’m a Devonshire not only that I’m Lowell Devonshire last child.”

Lowell looked at Bliss, Max, and Belle and his heart dropped. As he saw her face that reminded him so deeply of his eldest daughter. Those eyes , the attitude and that smile. Her fury and her voice it ate at him knowing that Tess just gave her up. He slowly walked toward the staircase as he fell to his knees. The crowd gasped he saw Chauncey and Jackson rushing to his aide. Rory was right there helping him. “This can’t be.” His lips quivered as he looked at Belle.

“Father!” Belle said rushing down the stairs as she looked at Lowell. “I’m sorry I just couldn’t hold the lie anymore.”

Bliss looked at Belle furiously. “Then why would you make a public declaration? You are very sorry Belle.”

“You know you aren’t so special anymore and it must kill you that I’m Tess and Lowell’s daughter.”

“You know what kills me you, you disgust me because this was just like Tess.” Bliss said spitting back. “DNA doesn’t make you Lowell and Tess daughter. You loved your parents and it must be killing them to see you behave like that. My God Belle what were you thinking? You took over someone else’s event to reveal this? This isn’t something you do in public!” She screamed at her little sister. “Hunter get me the hell out of here.” Bliss said grabbing his hand. “I can’t deal with any of this right now. Call me everyone if something goes wrong with father.”

“No Bliss you aren’t leaving we are going to figure this out together.” Lowell barked as he leaned on his sons.


Lowell walked down the stairs with his sons help. As he saw Tess waiting on the valet he shook his head. “No! No! You don’t leave Tess, you need to explain this to me!” He snapped at Tess as he looked at him. “I was in shock but now I can see that girl isn’t lying. You’ve kept this from me. You were going to let me die not knowing I had another child! A child that doesn’t see me like these ones. My sons think I raped a woman! My daughters can’t even look me in the eye and I had a child who truly longed for me! She’s begging for love and attention did you not see that? Now Jackie has even more leverage against me in our divorce! Tess how can I marry you and I can’t even trust you?” He screamed at her knowing that she was breaking so he calmed down and Jackson let him go he fell into Chauncey arms. “Go! Go on Jackson run to mommy it must be burning you up that she brought Zerick here didn’t it? Your no longer her favorite son. She’ll throw you away too for him remember that!” He screamed as he looked at Chauncey who had tears in his eyes. “I’m dying son and I have so little time with her. How could you do this?”

Tess held her breath as she covered her mouth looking at Lowell and Chauncey. “I was just turning thirty and I had another child. My parents had cut me off due to Jackie’s whispering in my mother and father ears. I had nothing at the time. You wanted me out of the beach house in Ibiza. I had nothing and I was pregnant and alone. All I had was Jane and Christopher who had just lost their biological child. She tried so many times and here I was with a baby I didn’t want. I loved this baby but I couldn’t do it. I truly hated to do this. Don’t you see you said you wanted nothing to do with me. I had nothing to lose or gain by keeping Belle. The Archibald had money and they could provide our daughter with a lavish life. I knew that Isabelle deserved the life that Bliss had. I hated that I couldn’t have you but this wasn’t about you. It was about her and looking at how Bliss was ignored and kept a damn secret did I want another daughter to go through that? The answer to that is no! I didn’t because I didn’t deserve how you threw me away and I was afraid that you were going to do the same to her! Bliss didn’t have you in her life what was I supposed to do but make a choice. You said you didn’t want to see me ever again and I am supposed to bring a baby to you?”


Lowell saw his driver pulling out his wheelchair and helped him sit him down. “Tell me did you ever think that this might hurt me? That this might kill me or ruin my family. Did you think about my daughter? Our daughter! It’s killing me even faster.” He seethed at Tess. “Why Tess? Why?”

“Father! Father!” Belle said rushing down the staircase of the Montgomery mansion. “I’m sorry if I hurt you! I didn’t mean to it just had to come out. Mummy I am sorry if I hurt you also. I know you didn’t want to tell anyone right now. It’s just hard for me to pretend any longer I’m so sorry. Bliss just said I could have killed you. I’m so sorry I just was being stupid and I so sorry.” She cried grabbing Lowell hand.

Tess walked up to Belle and Lowell. She grabbed her daughter and held her tightly. “Oh Belle! You are my daughter and I’m so sorry I hurt you. I’m so sorry that I ruined this Lowell.”

Lowell pulled Belle down to him as he kissed her forehead. “My God you really are mine.” He said looking into her eyes. “I am so sorry that I haven’t been here but I’m here now Belle and Tess. I walked away years ago but now I’m here. I’m here my little girl.” Lowell said as he looked at Tess. “I walked away from you years ago and this is my fault as much as yours. Belle a couple days ago I told you don’t split your heart into two. Don’t do it because of my selfish past I lost a beautiful girl who was mine. My last child damnit.” He looked at Tess and saw the relief on her face and understood her pain. He saw his children all starting to appear first Jackson returned with Max and then came Bliss and Rory. “Please kids I’m dying. I’m dying and I can’t even stand up long enough to hug my child. You all have to see I’m not this man please I need you all. I can lose my wife but I never betrayed any of you. Jackson I was wrong for treating you as if you were lesser because of addiction but I didn’t love any of you any less. Please don’t stop loving me. Please don’t leave me.”

“Lowell you don’t have to beg!” Tess said looking at them. “You have Belle and I please stop this. If they can’t see you are innocent then they don’t deserve you.”

Chauncey looked at his father as the driver put him in a wheelchair for everything he had done when it came to Zerick and his conception he had went running to him the moment he collapsed. Mainly because it seemed undignified to let his father crawl around a floor in public and because he was still his father. He and Natasha were trying to get the votes for the CEO position there wasn’t really a secret among his siblings that he wanted that spot. He looked at Belle though and felt something he hadn’t felt since Bliss came to town like was being replaced again for the newer and younger model not to mention the look on his mother’s face was hard to swallowed. She looked devastated more so than the Zerick reveal had, Tess was her Achilles heel every one of them knew that it was constantly talked about how his father had fucked Audrey as his mistress and then Tess of course there were others. But it was Tess that his father had latched onto the most after Audrey died. Tess was in many ways a thorn in his mother’s side and it was the reason that they had all turned on Bliss when she had shown up he wasn’t sure that was the right move this time.

“He should beg and you should shut your goddamn mouth as if you even have a say in this family. So what you’ll marry him and be what the woman that likes to destroy a marriage and a family getting that prize that you wanted when I was a toddler? You’re the most delusional mistress of my father I have ever met and believe me I’ve met a lot of them.” Chauncey said barking at Tess for once he was sick of his father’s transgressions always coming at the expense of him and his fucking siblings. Even worse at the expense of his poor mother who had put up with his fathers shit for years on end for him to show up here and flaunt Tess in her face and proclaim he was going to marry that woman pissed him off to no end. “I think I would have preferred you to be a Harvey Weisntein at least he was just deplorable to be deplorable. Now your just a man that constantly hurts the woman you claimed to have loved repeatedly over the course of your lifetime. You wanna know why none of us can actually commit to someone or why we fuck around on the people we actually care about look in the fucking mirror for once.”

Max looked at Chauncey she had half expected him to defend their father at all costs when it came to again another little girl here to sit on daddy’s lap instead her eyes had gotten wide as he ripped into Tess and then their father. She had gotten used to Bliss they were cordial and had an understanding hell you could call them sisters and she actually felt bad for Bliss when Belle came out only then it was replaced by glee. Now she knew exactly how she had felt when Bliss had come to town to start to raise shit with everyone and she cast the ugliest glance she could at Belle warning her just as she had Zerick you had to earn your place in this family. She looked at her father of course she was worried about his health and she knew his diagnosis was grim there was no cure but did he had to father another fucking child with Tess Blisston of all people? After all the shit that Tess had put their mom through over the years, the affair being thrown in her face left and right at DGI, Bliss as his child and now surprise when he said he stopped with Tess there was another brat of her coming out of the woodwork.

“Like mother like daughter I suppose no offense Bliss we’ve worked our shit out. Didn’t you like stalk Atticus and break apart Brooke just like your dear “mummy” did?” Max spat emphasizing the word mummy as she did at the blonde little girl that had eyes like her father as she glared at Tess. The piece of work that never seemed to be able to unlatch her claws from what she thought her daddy owed her. She watched her mother’s face fall and half expected her to unleash on her father and was more shocked when nothing came out of her and she moved into Tess’s space looking her in the eyes. “You think he owes you something like a marriage that will last a few more months maybe a year? For what laying on your back years ago to be the laughing stock of DGI let me remind you it’s still talked about how gullible you were to believe my daddy was going to leave my mother for you. Isn’t your game more generational in nature or do we all need to forget you fucked Rory as payback? I better warm Forbes to lock Philip up at this rate. As for you daddy really again to mother?”

Rory looked at his father and brothers as he led his dad to the wheelchair and then looked at Belle how fucking stupid had he been to not pick up on it? And then his eyes went to his mother and he saw something inside of her break like he didn’t when the truth about Zerick came out. He wasn’t sure how to describe it but she looked lost and like she had lost the will and the desire to fight anymore for their father for their family and that enraged him like nothing else. He saw Jackson nod his head as Chauncey ripped into Tess and his father and thought hell had froze over for Jackson to ever agree with their elder brother with anything. What should have been Yasmine’s night was derailed by his spoiled little fucking sister and he looked at her like she was the most annoying thing on the planet. He had always prided himself on being the youngest Devonshire the last of all his siblings and the last child of his father and now he didn’t even have that anymore. He saw Max then rip into everyone including Belle who for the most part was innocent in how she was traded away and knew the lines were drawn again.

“Just when I thought I couldn’t fucking hate you more than I did for fathering Zerick this comes out. I always used to believe you really loved mom and you literally just liked to fuck around because you told me that growing up when we’d ask. Mom would always cover for you when you were out with someone else and I figured you just needed something else, now I just see you’re the monster in this story.” Rory said looking at his father and then looking at Belle and Tess who were two peas in a pod in his mind. Belle had been all about her for a while even trying to upstage him a few times when she came to town and Tess was trash and a mistake he deeply regretted. “You know I could probably appreciate your game plan Belle of trying to upstage me after you came to town if you actually did it with style like Bliss but then again that’s gonna require you to be not as vapid as your mother. As for you Tess you already know what I think of you and to think you’re once again getting sloppy seconds from a dying man.”

“Mother I have to ask and question your sanity. You hid Belle from us all and not only that you are honestly holding on some fantasy that you and father need to be together. You screwed my little brother!” She said with a sternness that had never had. “You ruined all of their lives and you stand her pretending to be what some victim. Father and you make me sick. I can never get past this from either of you. I barely have forgiven that I’m alive. I’m alive because you two hurt someone and it’s not our fault but you two have to do better. I’m so sick of pretending that I’m alright with my father being a adulter and my mother being a fucking stupid whore.” Bliss snapped as she looked at her siblings. “I wish I was Jackie’s daughter. I wish that I wasn’t your child because you are poison. You are the worst parent and Belle you are standing there looking shocked. Looking like you are a victim bitch you knew this would kill Jackie. You are vile as she is and dad wake up! Wake up, we don’t believe you and we won’t. I won’t sit here and listen to this fake sham relationship. Can you say you’d be with my mother if Jackie stood by your side for raping her sister?” Bliss asked her father and then she saw the look on his face. “I’m done with all three of you. So there you have it mom you finally have a family. I just refuse to be apart of it with that little toxic girl.”

Bliss walked up to Max and touched her back. “I have to apologize I came into town similarly and seeing this disrespectful little train wreck do the same thing. I’m sorry Max and I’m sorry to all of you especially considering how disrespectful I was to Jackie. I’m done with this and I’m so done with you.” She pointed at her mother. “You won but you lost me and Fox and everything I have in the future mother. Congrats I hope you and your insta-daughter have a wonderful life.”

“Bliss you can’t mean any of that. Since you were a girl it’s been us against the world and yes did I send you away to boarding school yes but I thought that was best. I had nannies because I wasn’t good with children back then, I just couldn’t give you the love you deserved. Don’t say those ugly things to me! Bliss you are my heart and soul my first born child and I love you unbound but you can’t understand what your father and I have.” Tess turned her face and began to weep hearing her daughter say she wished Jackie was her mother made her feel empty. “I can take them hating me but not you baby. Not my little girl.”

“Stop it mother.” Belle said stepping up refusing to stay silent any longer. Max and Bliss had shot the first shot and she wasn’t going to let either of them get her. She snickered pushing her mummy back and standing in front of her. “You all have a right to be furious but not at my mother. You can be mad at your father he broke his vowels and I understand you all might feel for your poor mother. I could care less about what happened in the past because I’m here and sadly Max I must have learned all of my whorish way from you. Didn’t you break apart a teachers life in high school honey and aren’t you the reason Philip is in a chair? Bliss didn’t you do the exact same thing last year honey to Max and all the Devs? Bitch please you all are hypocrites because your beloved Jackie is weeping? It’s comical but Rory I have to ask how could I upstage you when you lurking around dark rooms with Yasmine? Hey Aspen did you know they were all over each other at the fashion show.” She saw Max about to charge at her. Belle laughed seeing her big sister so riled up.

“Don’t touch me bitch, I know those three magical numbers nine one one. I’ll throw your ass in jail so fast TMZ wouldn’t even be able to catch me.” She looked at Chauncey and saw he wasn’t amused nor was Jackson. “Please Max, since you know so much about me let me ask you a question? Did you shoot Philip or was Bliss or Hunter which one of you did it? I mean all of you deserve to be locked up but let me see. Since I’m so much like my mother maybe I’ll taste your Spanish taco? Hello Sebastian how are you?”

Jackson stood back and shook his head. “We aren’t getting anywhere right now. Everyone stop this isn’t the time or place and I need everyone to just calm down. Emotions are high tomorrow we will deal with this. But right now Max you need to present Yasmine with a check and we need to get the hell out of here. I’m not dealing with this anymore. You are dead to me pops have your family with Tess and Belle but you can’t have us all. You can’t have everything Lowell and I know that’s the first time you heard that in your life. When you love your family you don’t treat them like this. You have failed us one to many times old man and if you have any doubt in your mind here is the proof. We are done and you are leaving DGI you are going to go. You have no choice you’re a virus infecting everything you touch.” Jackson walked up the stairs. “I’m going to party because sorry Belle you’re about two random siblings too late. You’re a non factor in our lives but enjoy yours. Shall we guys? We have a company to salvage.”

Rory looked over at Aspen as the color almost drained from his face and then it hit him Belle worked at the hospital and people liked to gossip. He saw Aspen walk off and then turned back to Belle and watched as Jackson left with Dani in tow his brother was not having this shit anymore and he wondered if he was going to as well. “You should check yourself weren’t you all over Atticus and then Connor at the same party too? Oh that’s right you’re going to be the new favorite that can do no wrong isn’t she father?” Rory said frustrated that he was again caught between Yasmine and another woman that he cared about and fed up with sibling merry go round. “Honestly guys I think Jackson has this shit right and we should just move the hell on from now on.”

“Hell has frozen over father but I agree with Jackson for once what has the world come to? Enjoy your new family with the knock off model of Bliss and Max and the downgrade from mother. You will not be in DGI after the vote I assure you of that. All my life you wanted me to fight for the company well here is me fighting to make sure that your newest little brat never gets a piece and you are banned from it. Zerick was one lost child to many if you ever really think we will share anything with that woman and her vile offspring Bliss excluded of course you’re becoming even more sicker than I could even think.” Chauncey said taking Natasha on his arm as he spotted Greer in the crowd and motioned for Max to join them in deserting their father once again.

Max looked at her father and her brothers as they all but walked away and almost did the same but instead she refused to move, he was the one that should leave with his makeshift new family. Not the other way around and she looked at Belle and almost respected her if not for the way she went about outing herself and trying to get under her skin with her past. She walked calmly up to Belle seeing Sebastian look at her like she had grown two heads and glared at Tess too. “Wouldn’t you like to know so that you could run off and tell Forbes no I don’t think I’ll be sharing that with you. I mean you are close to him right? Our father’s mortal enemy and to think I actually felt pity for you when your car was broke that day outside these very walls. Better be careful we like to protect my mother from interlopers and we band together when needed. I would hate for a gun accident to ruin that pretty dress you have on.” Max said feeling Sebastian pull her back she had meant it Belle was in over her head.

Bliss looked at Max as if she had lost her damn mind. Did she just threaten to kill Belle? Bliss snickered and couldn’t help it. Max was insane however Belle was known to rise to any challenge which meant if Max went at Belle like she did last year with her. It was going to be a bloody war. “Max and I went at each other all year but I had Rory in my corner and eventually pulled the boys around. Now you sweetie you have no one and you.” She said looking at her mother. “You are the worst thing that ever happened to me or Belle. Belle you are a pawn for “mummy” to get Lowell. That’s all sweetie you are a means to a very long end that is now beginning. You know what dad and mom you two truly deserve each other.” Together Sebastian, Max, Bliss and Hunter walked away.

“You two go home the party isn’t over and I have something else I need to do. It’s fine I can handle them if they come for me again mother and father.” Belle said turning to go back into the party. As she walked behind Max, and Bliss, Belle knew she had scared them both from the place in father’s life. Max was most insecure but Bliss wasn’t behind her. It must of been a tired old bitch on geritol convention. Watching her parents leaving as Belle turned around to face the party a little bit longer.


Jackie was still reeling from yet another slap in the face he had fathered another bastard child and not only that a child with Tess. Bliss she could swallow and deal with, Bliss she had come to terms with even when Tess had showed her pictures of her continued affair with Lowell she wanted to think that there would be no more surprises. Of course it was again a false sense of hope that had negated her back to where she was now glaring at her soon to be ex husband as he embraced Belle and their children looked on horrified yet again. How in the hell had she got here in her life over the years. She had always loved Lowell, she always would but how much was she supposed to fight for something that was clearly flaming out with lies after lies, affairs after affairs and now children after children coming out of the woodwork to claim the place that should have only belonged to her and her children. She was still reeling as the tears formed in her eyes it shouldn’t affect her still yet it did and she felt Zerick gently guiding her away from the chaos of the reveal.

She wondered over the last few weeks how she could accept Zerick in her life given how he was conceived but she had swore after her visit to Katie that she would do right by him. She had pushed aside her worry and her hatred for what happened with Katie and Lowell and her eyes were filled with tears as she looked at her nephew. She heard her children starting to rip into Lowell in the distant and wondered if she should go to them only for Zerick to continue to walk her out of the room and she saw him go through one of the doors. Before she knew it she was sitting in the foyer as Zerick went to get their coats from the coat check, people passing her staring at her with only what she could describe as pity. She was so tired of people giving her that look over the years when it came to her marriage with Lowell. Only this time it wasn’t about him doing someone dirty in business it was again about his affairs with another woman and the child that he sired with her. Another scandal and she let out a breath as she felt the coat wrap around her arms and she looked up at her nephew and Lowell’s other bastard.

“Thank you. You will go after your seat at DGI after this I will not stop till you take a percentage of what is rightfully yours.” Jackie said her voice cracking slightly and she wasn’t sure what else to say as the tears started to pour out of her body that quickly turned into sobs.

Zerick had seen his aunt crumble into a million pieces the moment that Belle had revealed herself as the bastard of Lowell and Tess and for the first time in years he felt something. He felt sorry for her and sad all at the same time, sure Forbes had taught him to be tough as nails when it came to the Devonshire’s but his aunt had easily been able to quell his humanity her and Talia were the only ones that he could ever let in. Seeing her break down while Lowell all but warmly accept Belle into his lap while he still refused to acknowledge him or his part in his conception pissed him the hell off and then it also made him want to take his aunt away from all of this. While his other siblings ranted and raved at Lowell he turned his focus to his aunt and had wondered if she knew the color had all but drained from her face, her body was shaking either in nerves or anger and before she collapsed because of the reveal he thought she had enough as he led her out of the room. He saw the tears in her eyes and had shielded her the best he could from the cameras and prying eyes on his way out of the room. Despite everything Lowell had done to his mother, as a man he wondered why Lowell never treated Jackie with respect and that hurt.

He had gently let her sit on the bench as he stepped away for a moment to the coat check to get their coats and have the valet pull their limo around. The man who had handed him the coat said it would be a while for the car and he almost rolled his eyes, apparently people had started to filter out as soon as Belle had caused her scene causing a bit of backup of traffic. He heard her statement about taking over his place at DGI and wondered if that was what was important right now only to have her collapse at the end in tears and he awkwardly wrapped his arms around his aunt. He had thought long and hard about DGI and how he was going to convince his siblings and his aunt to actually give him his due percentage and thanks to Belle he figured now it would be a swing vote to have Lowell out at the company and he would take over shares. Investors would hear about the latest scandal and want to pull out again right after launch of RePlay and the slight amount of stability it would be up and down again, another Devonshire coming out of the works was not good for business right now. He thought for a moment that perhaps he had rushed to reveal who he was too soon but last year was the goal and he had followed though accordingly.

“I hate you are going through this again.” Zerick managed to say when his aunt finally pulled away and he looked at her handing her his handkerchief. He sat quietly for a moment as she pulled herself together and wondered how many times had she ever really lost it like she was right now over the years? She had been angry and devastating at his reveal but this seemed almost crushing. “I know you despise that woman and the hold she has on him. I will make sure he pays aunt. I will make sure this is all over for you.”

Jackie looked at him and nodded her head she was so shamed at the moment and felt like there was a million eyes on her again for the hundredth time in her relationship and marriage to Lowell. Or ex marriage she felt her phone vibrate in her purse and looked at the text from Lauren and a small smile was the most she could offer anything to distract her from this nightmare that had happened. She was going to get through this as she looked over at her nephew nodding her head at him she had everything she needed now for Mason to pull the trigger on the divorce to take her claim at DGI for her children and Zerick. She took the tissue drying her eyes and then looked at him. “I am so grateful that you pulled me out. I’ve embarrassed myself so much over the years covering for him and his excuses with the children. Turning my eye to his mistresses and laughing them off and here I was thinking to myself you are Jackie Davis you are not that woman.” Jackie said with a small smile and tear filled eyes.

“Then I became that woman and now I don’t even recognize her anymore when I look in the mirror. Your mother, what happened to her my own sister.” Jackie started only to then look up and see Talia standing there and she felt even more embarrassed. She thought of Talia much like she did Bliss and Selina a part of her family for years she thought of her like a daughter too. “Talia.”

“Jackie and Zerick.” Talia said as she looked at them both with tears in her eyes. She loved Lowell but the pain that he was dragging this entire family through was too much. It made her stomach clutch as she looked Jackie face. “Tonight we are going to bury Lowell. I am going to plan DGI post Lowell Devonshire this was the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen. I will burn him and the shareholders will not have a choice but to turn against him.” As she moved swiftly in front of Jackie grabbing her hands. “I understand. I understand that this man has to be stopped he thinks he’s God. In a truly good world Lowell would be well to face all his sins but he’s dying tonight though he’s just killed himself permanently in the world of business. Zerick no more trouble you will spin this into gold. Not only that Jackie I want you to do a sitdown interview with Cassie or one of those sharks, I’m going to enjoy helping any of you become CEO of DGI!” She said with conviction. “Anyone but him.”

Jackie looked at her as Zerick helped her up from the bench and began to lead them outside, again dodging the press that was outside ready for an attack and her comment on Belle’s announcement. She actually felt bad for Yasmine on what should have been her night and Scottswood Lowell’s past mistakes came again to rain on someone’s hard work and dedication. Perhaps she had judged Yasmine too soon while she was with Rory one of her many mistakes with sticking by Lowell. When the car came around and Zerick eased her inside, followed by Talia then himself she looked over at them as she sent a text to Mason to finalize her filing. “I used to think he was a good man Talia. I was young and starry eyed, I would and did everything for him and DGI. Only to once again end up with egg on my face while the rest of the worlds laughs at the man he truly is.” Jackie said looking at them both before glancing out the window with tears streaming down her face.

Zerick clenched his fists as they walked through the crowd pushing away the press from his aunt and Talia as he led them to the car, he wasn’t sure if Talia had come with David or not but he wasn’t going to leave her there with the press to hound her. Forbes would likely call him a pushover and weak in that regard but he was not going to leave either his aunt or a woman he did care about to the wolves. Once they were inside the safety of the car he gave his aunt space sitting by Talia on the opposing seat he wasn’t sure what else to say to comfort his aunt anymore perhaps it had come to this, this was her breaking point when it came to the great Lowell Devonshire. The pivotal straw that broke the camels back was Tess Blisston and her second bastard child he looked at Talia trying to read her and spoke quietly. “Mason will be filing the divorce papers now, you should know that ahead of Lowell receiving them.”


Yasmine had Dani and Cassie both here comforting her but she had enough of being prim and proper. It was one thing to crash her party but that little bitch ruined what was supposed to be a night for Scottswood. That was selfish and incredibly a Devonshire thing to do. She was starting to believe the hype on why her family hated them. As she stood up her eyes were glassy and she felt her rage boiling as she turned to them. “I’ll be back.” She charged out of her room, as she walked down the hallway she started to unclip her hair that was held with the butterfly clips. Throwing them on the floor as she quickly removed her diamond choker also throwing it down. Yasmine kicked off her heels and began to walk down the stairs. Philip was talking to the media about tonight and she walked right past all of them. Opening the door to the foyer she saw Rory standing there watching Belle talking to Lowell. As she looked over at Rory who had a glossy glazed expression his face. She swallowed knowing what she was going to do wasn’t going to make him happy at all.

“So you aren’t the youngest anymore. She really knows how to make a scene. You know she had to do this today of all days. It was supposed to be my day and what makes it worse is she is getting all the attention because she did some stupid ass ploy. I’m so sorry your father is such a whore.” She said seeing Rory smile for a moment made her smile. “I’m also sorry I’m going to have to check your fucking newly found sister. So if you don’t excuse me it’s time the family reunion to be over. It’s time to show her you don’t crash my party fuck being a Montgomery it’s about the disrespect right now.”

Rory was still in too much shock watching his father lap it up with Belle and fucking Tess of all people and wondering where his mother had went when Yasmine’s voice came crashing back to reality for him. He had come to the party with Aspen and was going to call it off with her as soon as the party was over it was the right thing to do, he still cared about Yasmine and he really didn’t want to repeat what happened with Tess this time to Yasmine and hurt Aspen in the process. He saw that Yasmine was mad he would be too if he was her, what Belle did was petty and a dick move but it wasn’t like Belle was really his sister he didn’t even fucking know the girl very well. He had seen Khalil at the party too and he wanted to ask why she was still with him didn’t they agree to call things off with both of them to move on together? Her dress though was fucking gorgeous and he looked at her as she claimed herself to be a Montgomery something that he wasn’t actually sure she was going to embrace before now. He took a breath as he turned to her.

“I get it’s your party and what Belle did was petty as hell don’t get me wrong but can’t you let it slide tonight? My dad’s a dick whore we all know that now. Could you at least not do this and just pretend it didn’t happen today besides I thought you weren’t all about being a Montgomery the last time we spoke?” Rory asked her hoping that the drama for the evening would be over. He didn’t expect Yasmine to roll over or anything but there had been so much drama in the span of a few hours that his family had once again caused and all he wanted to do was call off his relationship with Aspen hear that Yasmine had done the same and go home to a nice long fucking drink and forget about it. “Call her ass out in the papers tomorrow or something make a huge splash about Scottswood them if you have too.” Rory said realizing it came out pretty petty when he said it like he was dismissing what happened with his own sister on the woman that he still had feelings for night.

“I think you know me better than that Rory.” She snapped as she looked at him. “Cassie said she was spilling our business. Did she say something about us? Khalil is here and so is Aspen. Considering we haven’t gotten to talk to them, I think that was foul. You really protecting her? Don’t you want to see me wring this bitch neck? You can’t hit a girl Rory but I can and I want to knock the shit out of this girl. You know Cassie is having a field day with this shit. Belle of the Ball is the headline I heard. She told me that no party in Atlas Falls ends good but I didn’t listen. This wasn’t a good idea and I’m so sorry that she did that to Jackie. I can’t lie I wanted her to see me ascend into being a Montgomery. I didn’t want to be just a stripper to Lowell or Jackie anymore. I wanted to be something more and that’s the truth. Look we both can continue pretending I’m not Forbes daughter but it is what is. If you can’t handle it then let me know. I’m about to throw away someone special so tell me.”

Yasmine held her breath wondering if Rory couldn’t handle her new life. She was a Montgomery and her DNA wouldn’t change. He loved her before he knew would he care now that the world knew who she was. “Rory you have to let me at least speak to that bitch. If you don’t want me too that’s fine but I think she deserves to at least learn to keep my name out of her mouth and stop talking about shit she has no idea of.” She touched his hand. “I’m still me. I haven’t changed Rory but I have to embrace this and what’s next for me. I got my degree without being a Mont, I got my studio, and everything I wanted now but you. But it’ll eat me alive if I don’t say something to that blonde demon waif.”

“Maybe if we hadn’t of been careless making out in a room at the hospital where Belle works she wouldn’t have spilled what we did to everyone. I don’t know how she found out if she was there or someone at the hospital saw us leave the room but she knew and now Aspen is all pissed about it and no doubt Khalil is going to hear about it too.” Rory said looking at her frustrated that she was still with Khalil, Aspen was pissed at hell and he had basically behaved just like his father again with Yasmine and Aspen. He looked at her and wasn’t even sure what else to say about things that were happening between them or the past. “So you’re more worried about the headline of tomorrow’s paper than you are about what we did to Khalil and Aspen? It’s not Belle’s fault that someone saw us at the hospital and told her. I shouldn’t have kissed you while I was still with someone and now I only hope Aspen understands what is going on that I never meant to hurt her in all this.” Rory said he shrugged at the comment about how is parents viewed her sometimes they got ahead of themselves especially with judgements on people but he liked to believe his mother had actually come around on Yasmine.

“You’re Forbes daughter what do you want me to say to that? Your father has always been after mine and the press is going to twist this whatever way they want, you want to be worried about the headline of Belle? The headlines will be more sinister than that over the next few weeks and with your sister being the head of the press lately I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that those headlines are going to negatively affect my family not yours.” Rory said frustrated at the entire situation not her so much but she acted like Cassie had nothing to gain by running his family int the dirt or that the Montgomery’s were so much better than his family. The Montgomery family would always try to take a dig at his whenever they could and they would likely use Yasmine now as the way to do it. “Cassie will turn this into something against my family and will use you to do it. I get it you have a family now and siblings but they’re not the lovey dovey ones I think you want.” He finished shrugging at her knowing that she was going to do what she felt necessary with Belle.

“Of course not I care about what this is going to do to both of them. I vowed my loyalty to him and I betrayed him the very same night. That ain’t me and if we doing this relationship shit were doing this right. I’m nobody’s side piece but my sister and all this wasn’t how I wanted them to find out we reconnected Rory. Now this will be everywhere and Khalil will feel played. I don’t want this but our parents have this stupid ass beefs. I’m trying so hard to be better than the stripper, and the Montgomery’s I want to change my legacy in my name. So please don’t get it twisted I’m not going to allow my father to keep coming for your family for nothing. I’m here to change and that’s what I want to do!” Yasmine declared as she looked at him. “Let me talk to Khalil and you talk to Aspen but no I’m all about respect. What she did to Jackie and what she did to me nah bro I’m not going at all.” Yasmine walked down the stairs as she looked at Belle. “Hey!”

Belle looked at Yasmine charging down the stairs at her as she rolled her eyes. What was next? She should be grateful that she made her coming out party so memorable. Placing her hand on her hip Belle smirked at the woman. “What do you want? I mean this party will be in the memory of the Atlas Falls memory we are legendary baby. I mean you were talking all that boring Scottswood stuff but I got this event really cracking don’t you see your reveal and mine will be all over the papers and press. This is even good for your big thing right?” Belle said flippantly as she looked around touching her hair unsure of what was going on? Yasmine stood their with her face scowled. “Oh you are really upset dear its infamous now.”

“You really a cruel little bitch. You flew your adopted parents to my event as investors and they didn’t even understand they were here for a bloodbath. It’s sad because you had every reason to do this with your family personal from what it seems. But you can’t do that can you? You can’t because you a fame whore. You are the reason I can see the hatred between our families continue because bitch what you did.” She could see people starting to surround her. “Did you think about the people who came here to speak about the injustices that fester in their very own communities because of the atmosphere? The look breeds even more danger because of the downtrodden communities and homes the wealth of a city is being diminished. That people are unjustly getting the short end of the stick and they were here to thank MontCorp and Atlas Falls before you turned this into a circus. They were here to show that my community center in Scottswood is the first of many in Pennsylvania. You have ruined my transformation and turned it into a damn sad day because our new proposal wasn’t heard. You have anything to say about this? Or is this all a I don’t give a fuck moment?”

Belle heard how passionate Yasmine was about the project and her transformation into Yasmine Montgomery. “Oh please your debut is a joke love, don’t be a slag about the entire thing.” She threw her long ponytail in Yasmine face. “Girl you are only a Montgomery that’s a million dollar family. I’m a fucking Devonshire and you aren’t anything compared to the billions that’s billions bitch, I am so sorry I hijacked it thought you’d need a billion reasons more to be brilliant as me, or a billion reason to be bolder than me, and bloke you could never beat me because DGI needed a win tonight. This snatched the thunder away didn’t it?” Belle said with Rory looking at her disgusted by her arrogance. “Nice opening Rory with RePlay but baby sister is here. I’m here and I think I can one up you and all of you. Belle Devonshire CEO of DGI sounds great.”

Yasmine had enough of Belle. “It’s capitalistic trash like you Belle that makes the world a horrible place.” Yasmine hauled back and punched her dead in the face. Sending Belle falling directly onto the ground outside. “That’s for disrespecting me and bitch you better be thankful Rory is your brother because I have a billion reasons to stomp you out but he’s the one reason I won’t. You are that selfish that people are suffering and I couldn’t tell the world about my plan because you were too busy turning this into a circus. I won’t stop because of your antics. But I will move forward with a new attitude. I’m going to push harder knowing that it’s people who would take the spotlight and day of the less fortunate because it was a splashy headline.” People were cheering in the background. “No my name is Yasmine Kohl not Montgomery and I am not sure I’ll ever take the name. I do know I’ll use the name for what good I can do for not just Atlas Falls but the world. I want to change and the only way to do that is stand up to bullies and bitches like you billion dollar trash as yourself. You selfish entitled little brat.”

Belle held her jaw as she sat on the cold lawn for a moment too long as people cheered on Yasmine she noticed they were recording her. That wasn’t good she was being a total bitch to Yasmine and if the media got a hold of her little tyraid. Belle quickly felt like her heart was beating hard.  “I’m sorry Yasmine.” She said as she cradled her face trying to milk the sympathy from her being sucker punched. “Please no more someone help me.”

Rory didn’t even know why he had stood there while Yasmine laid into Belle but he did it wasn’t his place to protect Belle, she was nothing to him at the moment. Nothing but a spoiled little fucking brat who thought because she was Tess’s spawn she was suddenly a part of his family with his siblings and the bond they shared. On top of that a selfish little bitch that had went out of her way to ruin Yasimine’s night when it came to the community center she had been working on for over a year and worse for attention on herself. It wasn’t done to give DGI a fucking win they had that with RePlay no this was all about upstaging Yasmine’s introduction in high society for herself.  He watched her on the ground and couldn’t even muster up enough care to help her and saw the cameras all rolling on them and knew this could go one of two ways, Devonshire or Montgomery depending on which PR team got a hold of the news first.

“Help yourself. All my life I prided and worked my way up for my dad’s approval. Yet you come walking along to try and claim my spot with him? Then you go and fouly run your mouth about shit you think happened at the hospital?” Rory said looking at her with a pure vindictiveness that even surprised him and he could tell it bothered Yasmine too. He didn’t care he was grateful that Yasmine didn’t give her the beat down she so desperately deserved in his opinion. He leaned down looking at her frustrated stuck up British face and spoke. “You’ll never be one of us a real Devonshire like your mummy you’ll be sloppy seconds at best.”


Max had seen Yasmine come into the bathroom and knew it was time for her to make sure this entire thing with her and Rory was squashed. Now was the perfect time after the way that Forbes had threatened their family tonight Rory surely had to know that there was no going back to Yasmine it simply wasn’t an option anymore. She walked into the bathroom seeing Yasmine’s heels in the stall and looked in the mirror putting on her best distraught face as she could about the ordeal with Belle there was a reason her teacher was the one that had got in trouble and not her. She was a fine actress when she needed to be to get what she wanted so many victims in her wake from Mr. Black, to Ryan, to Hunter to Philip if she wanted she could probably pull the wool over Sebastian’s eyes too when needed. Thankfully she hadn’t needed to when it came to him and their relationship. She only hoped that she didn’t have to in the future with Sebastian she waited a few moments looking at her makeup to then have the tears start falling. Wiping at her face as she did she turned around when she felt Aspen touch her shoulder.

“That little bitch tried to worm her way into my father’s heart Aspen like me and Bliss mean nothing to him. Worse was the look on Rory’s face like he was replaced as quick as day to our father for his new youngest pride and joy. Not to mention the look on my poor mother’s face. I am so sorry that you found out about Rory and Yasmine like that I have no idea what my brother is thinking half the time when it comes to that girl.” Max said making sure she raised her voice at all the right times to make sure that Yasmine heard from inside the bathroom door that was shut for the toilet. She wanted her to hear every word for her for a girl that had been so hurt to have Tess be caught with her brother she had no qualms about kissing on Rory while he was in a relationship with Aspen and was about to get a dose of humble pie served on her perfectly imperfect ghetto Montgomery face. “You can’t be too nervous about that okay my family needs a win right now after that stunt that Belle pulled tonight and Rory is not stupid enough to tank the company stocks and RePlay over some old flame that he was feeling sentimental about.”

Yasmine had just decked Belle and she just needed a moment to breathe. Most of all she wanted everyone out of the mansion. She wanted tonight over and out of this stupid dress. She closed her eyes and when she heard Max she felt her body tense. It was no secret that she hated her and she wasn’t in the mood to fight with another Devonshire. Hell she wanted to avoid Khalil because right now she just needed to breathe. When she peaked out of the crack of the bathroom stall she saw Aspen and Max. Aspen was comforting Max and it seemed she was much more freaked out about Belle than she let on. For once it was nice to see the bitch had human emotions.

Aspen slowly used the makeup brush to touch up her blush on her cheeks. Throwing it into a bag she looked at Max and knew to follow her lead. “I just don’t want to be let down Max. I don’t deserve it and this baby doesn’t either. I know I’m only a few weeks but I want this child and I want a life with Rory but I’m not your mother. I won’t be the dutiful wife only for him to leave me for her. I don’t want to be that girl who holds a man by a baby either Max.” She said touching her hand as she saw a glint in her eyes and she kept going. “I thought she was happy with Khalil why is she doing this Max? Why is he doing this am I not enough for him? How can I tell him I’m pregnant and he’s gallivanting with Yasmine?” She asked as she looked at Max.

Yasmine heart dropped hearing that Aspen is pregnant and she couldn’t breathe. She placed her hand over her mouth. As tears coated her hand she stepped back. She calmed herself and looked at the women and let them continue to speak.

Max looked at Aspen and she could have swore that she heard the door creak open just a bit and she blotted at her eyes with a tissue for dramatic affect. “Rory can be so boneheaded sometimes no wonder you haven’t told him. The worst part is how judgmental she was when Rory made a mistake last year with that old bitch Tess and here she is sneaking off into rooms mauling him when she is supposed to be in love with her new boy Khalil and knows Rory is with you at the moment. Have you been to the doctor yet? I was late once and thought I was pregnant thank God it was nothing I’m not exactly the motherly type you know?”

“Of course I have been to the doctor.” She said looking at Max. “He’s cheating with that stripper and I am supposed to be alright with that? Max I’m pregnant and Ophelia said that I’m a month along. I just didn’t notice and Rory and I have been going at it like animals. I just don’t understand why he’s doing this to us for her? She hurt him so badly and she is even more stupid Khalil is sexy and a star athlete what is wrong with her? She is a Montgomery doesn’t she get it. That’s way worse than Jackson and Dani it’s forbidden. Especially after Philip is she crazy or is he? No way is my baby being raised by that woman. God Max what if I end up just like Jackie? What if I end up just like your mother?” She said looking at Max burying her hands into her face. “I don’t want her to take him from me!”

Yasmine felt her heart swelling. She was wrong for going after Rory like this and she knew too many broken homes. So many little kids who didn’t know their fathers and she wasn’t on that with Rory. He had gotten Aspen pregnant and this was his responsibility to have a life with her and that baby. She stepped back covering her mouth knowing she heard something she shouldn’t have. That would change everything. She didn’t want a piece of Rory thinking that he had to be with her or stuck between seeing his child.

Max pulled Aspen into her arms for good measure to sell the fact that Aspen was going to be a part of the family long term, or for as long as she wanted. She rubbed the others girls back as she heard a noise behind the door hoping that those ghetto ears were wide and open when it came to listening, she didn’t like to repeat herself. “You’re not that far along and stress isn’t good for the baby right now you should focus on yourself and maybe wait a few more weeks to tell Rory. Look you don’t need to worry about Yasmine, she is in the past at this point he was white as a ghost when Belle dropped that gossip.” Max said pulling back and looking her in the eyes she continued. “Now if you’re going to want to be with my brother do what she never could in her trashy judgemental way and forgive him for whatever happened with her the other night. He looked so wracked with guilt and I saw that look before and spent all last year trying to make it up to her. She couldn’t find it in her to forgive him and then he picked you.”

“You still have the upper hand here with him Aspen you have your child inside of you and it isn’t like he slept with her or anything, he was emotional about Jamal. Who knows maybe she came onto him and Belle has her information wrong, whatever it is tell if you forgive him and you want to make this work.” Max said turning to the sink and washing her hands and then drying them as she walked towards the door and then bumped into it making sure that she was as close as she could so that Yasmine Kohl heard every word out of her mouth. “You can tell him at the wedding, what a better occasion than that. Watching our brother marry the woman of his dreams, with our new niece and nephew in tow and then you then tell him about the pregnancy. Rory would never leave you after and you aren’t trapping him into anything he’s a big boy I think he knows how babies are made. Yasmine Kohl will disappear from your life after back to the pole she came into his on.” Max finished looking at Aspen to finalize the nail in the coffin.

“You’re right Max. Once he learns that I’m pregnant then he’ll leave her alone. He won’t do that to his baby.” She grabbed Max hugging her and smiling ear to ear behind her. She felt the thrill of ruining Yasmine coursing through her body. “That girl needs to learn her place with the Devonshire’s. She’s a Montgomery now and she’ll never be accepted into this family. I don’t know why Cassie and Philip let her do that. Remember the travesty that was you and Philip I don’t have to because it was all over the tabloids. Montgomery’s and Devonshire’s just don’t mix and that girl will learn that I am breeding a superior child. This baby is loved already look at you, helping me through all of this.” She said as she took Max hand. “I love Rory and I’ll do anything to bring him to the light.” The women walked out of the bathroom and she felt satisfaction all over her. She won and Yasmine tortured past she wouldn’t dare cross that line. She knew what type of woman Yasmine was. She was virtuous and had truly good heart.

Yasmine stepped back and touched the walls of the bathroom stall. As she slid down and sat on the toilet with tears in eyes. She felt her entire body heave because she knew it was over. Rory was forever beholden to Aspen now and she’d lost. Being stubborn and not following her heart had cost her the love of her life. Yasmine began to weep as she felt the year long work she’d down with the community center went down the drain tonight. What killed her even more was her dream of reuniting with Rory was over. It was done and she knew it. Yasmine stood up and wiped her eyes as she walked out of the bathroom stall. Slowly walking to the bathroom counter she picked up her black eyeliner and began to use it to fix her makeup. Walking out of the bathroom she had to find Khalil. You see she wouldn’t be alone and the best thing to do is move on at least she could do it with some dignity.


Greer walked through the party and saw the chaos and felt exhilarated that she wasn’t in the middle of it for once. Brock was on duty tonight but she was here for her father. He had sent her some documents saying that he had business in Europe. Well considering he owned twenty percent of MontCorp it meant that she could be his proxy. She was going to tell Forbes tonight but why would she do that when all this drama was deliciously unspooling in her face. Wearing a Chanel crop-top with a floor length pencil skirt with a lavish train. Wearing chunky bangles and a single pendant on her neck. She saw Dani going into the bathroom and felt a need to speak with her. After all she really did like Brock and she wasn’t going to let Dani or any Fraiser ruin that. So she was going to try and eat humble pie for Brock sake. Opening the lavish large bathroom outside the ballroom. She saw Dani adjusting her makeup and she slowly strolled to the next mirror. She opened her clutch and pulled out her lip-gloss and began to reapply.

“Dani why I didn’t see you.” She lied with ease. “So since we both are at this travesty let’s see if we can maybe do what the Devonshire’s and Montgomery’s clearly can’t. Let’s bury the hatchet considering I’m not going anywhere. I mean Brock and I have gotten serious over the last few weeks. Am I the only one who thinks that this is crazy? I mean we hate each other but I really enjoy Brock and I won’t apologize for it nor will I be going away honey. So let’s just call a spade a spade and we’ll dislike each other but for Brock can we be grown women and let it go?” Touching her tightly pulled back ponytail she turned her neck. “Of course if you don’t want to then I have no problem telling Brock what you feel.” Greer said snidely as she touched her sapphire earrings. “I have to say being a Devonshire has truly cleaned you up. You look nice.”

Dani had decided one last trip to the bathroom and a text to Maddie and Dylan before her and Jackson left after the mess that was Belle ruining Yasmine’s event and more gossip about Lowell she was ready for it to be over. She was actually really happy to see the Devonshire siblings rally around Jackie after Belle revealed her paternity. Once she entered the bathroom she was surprised to find Greer of all people inside she actually hadn’t even of noticed that she was even at the party. She glanced over at Greer as she started spouting on about some truce that she thought was actually going to happen she was so sick of her involved in her life and her family. She almost rolled her eyes at the thought that Greer really thought that she was going to just accept her into the family let alone as part of her cousin’s life after everything that she had done. Taking out some powder from her compact she applied it to her nose before turning to look at Greer clicking the compact close as she did.

“Of course you didn’t no one cares enough to notice you so why in the world would you aim to actually matter at a party like this? It’s cute you know this good girl act you put on to save face with my family, with my cousin, with my aunt and uncle but you’re going to have to try a lot harder with me if you ever think I will ever tolerate you anywhere near my family which includes Brock.” Dani said looking at her she didn’t know what it was about Greer but she hated her and normally she wasn’t petty when it came to other women but this woman was something else. She looked at Greer and clutched her clutch in her hands she would not start a fight with her but damn if she didn’t want to rip that smug fake smile off her face. “If Thanksgiving was any indication Brock knows how I feel about you being in his life that hasn’t changed in the last few weeks. You know what the best part about that was knowing that you’ll never be a Devonshire you squandered that away. I don’t think we’re quite even for that shit you pulled while I was pregnant and my cousin isn’t here to be your savior. So I’ll say this once back off Brock and my family or I will make it my life’s mission to make your life a living hell.”

“And here I thought we could be civil.” She said laughing as Greer leaned against the sink. Dani’s superior attitude was disgusting to her. She always seemed to believe herself as some deity or something higher than everyone else. Sucking her teeth she shook her head. “Listen to me carefully Dani because I’m sure your feeble baby obsessed brain couldn’t comprehend this but I could have Chauncey back if I want it. Thus why Natasha mean mugged me all night and Chauncey just watched. I can keep a low profile sometimes it’s truly not about me, who would have thought it.” Her sarcasm was dripping off everything she said. It was always about Greer LeClerq.

“I’m going to say this once, stop trying to interfere with my relationship or else I can do the same to yours. I can mess with you and Jackson it’s easy just place a little coke in his face.” She said snidely looking at her becoming infuriated. “I have to say just dating this wonderful man is making you so mad isn’t it? You are pressed that Brock’s hands have been all over me. Touching me and tasting this forbidden fruit. No bitch I’m not giving up Brock and I won’t be doing it anytime soon. Matter fact when I leave I’ll be going to see him and giving him this.” Greer spun around with a smile. “He loves the way I taste Dani, and just ask Chauncey nobody forgets how good this is. But shouldn’t you be wondering why Lex Hessington is in town not who I’m fucking and loving? You know he told me that he was falling for me don’t you? He’s mine and once a man is mine you see Chauncey sniffing after me still.”

“You walked into my baby shower and had me arrested and humiliated and you thought we were going to be civil? And here everyone in town thought Jackson was the one that was high all the time.” Dani said looking at Greer leaning on the counter like she had grown two heads all the false bravado that she was putting on about not wanting Chauncey back when she actively kept fighting for him against Natasha every time they were around each other was annoying. Her cousin was being stubborn at the moment about his idea that Greer could change and she’d ride it out but at this point she dare said the girl protesteth too much about the entire ordeal. “I would say you may have Brock fooled but if you were as over Chauncey as you say you are, you wouldn’t have went after Natasha now would you? No I think you’re playing a long con again since your other one fell through with Chauncey and my cousin is in the crossfire.” Dani said looking at her.

“Am I jealous of my cousin touching you, ew God no but I’m more worried about the clap or an STD you may give him cause Lord knows you went between Zerick and Chauncey for a year.” Dani said looking at her and then she had no idea what came over her when she mentioned placing coke in front of Jackson she lost her shit raising her hand and connecting it as hard as she could on the side of Greer’s face. “You’re vile and desperate for attention that’s why you latched on to Brock and he’s gonna be disgusted when I tell him the depth you just said you’d go through with my life. I’m not pregnant anymore Greer and I’m not afraid of you so pack it up and get the hell out of my family.” She wasn’t sure going after Greer was the smartest choice at the moment but right now she was tired of Greer and her shit.

“For once you raging narcissist this isn’t about you. In fact that is your problem the Fraiser’s are buzzing about Brock and I and you are so disgusted and jealous. You are so jealous that you aren’t the talk with your sad little twins and your pathetic husband. He’s going to disappoint you and you’re jealous that I’m happy with your very own cousin. I went between two men but what about you didn’t you string on Jon for years. Bitch your judgement is laughable considering your prudish behavior is what lost Lex. Let’s tell the truth you are being dominated now but you wouldn’t do it with Lex would you? You wouldn’t get as freaky as you have with Jackson and that’s why he left you. Eventually Jackson a world class whore will get bored with the non sexuality and vanilla lifestyle you live. You wish you could enchant men the way I do but the truth of the matter Dani is you can’t. You see men get with you because you are an ideal. A perfect piece of All-American but men lust and long for me because I’m foreign. I’m so different and miles ahead of you it isn’t funny. So you keep making your tired slut shaming jokes and try to make me feel badly because I am getting some of the best sex of my life with Brock.” Greer purred unbothered by Dani.

“You are so transparent I see through you Dani. You are marrying Jackson because Lex and you didn’t work and you got knocked up by him. It’s sad to think about the strippers that Jackson will eventually fuck on a drug fueled binder and the clap you’ll get from him. He’s failed once and I assure you he’ll do it again. You were kidnapped in fact because of his many shortcomings. Its okay though that’s alright your future husband is a junkie and he’ll ruin your precious perfect life. I for one am sadly sorry to see you end up as roadkill because did you see that out there. Bitch you are going to be trampled over for a mad dash of chaos but Dani you really do look good. See what happens when you actually get a stylist. Remember you are everything I’m not. You are what men think they want but I’m actually what they need. You keep being the fantasy because it suits you just fine.” Greer laughed in Dani face. “Oh I heard Lex is in town he’s supposed to be bringing my father’s documents. I wonder if he’ll stop this sham of a wedding?”

Dani glared at her did she really think her family her own flesh and blood would ever turn on her for the likes of her? Sure she had Brock fooled but the rest of everyone like her parents, her brother and her cousins they all agreed the bitch had to go. She never thought the word dominated would rile her up either but it did especially when it came to what she and Jackson had it was so much more than what Greer’s mind could muster. “Not that I owe you or anyone else anything about what goes on with me and Jackson behind closed doors. Maybe Lex wasn’t good enough to be my dominate did your brain ever stop to think about that. Not that you would have any clue whatsoever what kind of a relationship I have with Jackson, you wouldn’t make a good submissive you see you have to be unselfish to do it, to trust your partner completely and let’s face it the only person you really care about is yourself. You know what screw pleasantries at this point.” Dani spat placing her clutch down on the counter and looking at her.  She didn’t know what came over her but she lunged at Greer pushing her into the wall behind her and pinning her there.

Her hand raised and slapped her again for good measure and then she felt Greer push her back and return the favor. It stung and maybe it was because she was pent up and frustrated with everything the last few months but she slapped Greer again backhanded wiping at her face as she did so feeling the sting on her own cheek and then lunged again and before she knew it she was rolling around on the floor with Greer kicking and scratching and pulling. She didn’t care if she upset her parents with the scuffle or her cousin she was so sick of Greer all the time in her face in her life and then to question who she was and what she did the bedroom was enough for her. She was confident in what she and Jackson had the type of relationship they had and she wasn’t going to apologize for it to anyone especially Greer fucking LeClerq.

When Dani attacked her Greer felt the rush of satisfaction. It made her feel like she pushed the blushing bitch bride to the limit. As they rolled on the floor she kicked her way to freedom slamming her foot into her stomach. Scratching her way away from her she looked at the expensive hand-cream in the jar. Opening the jar she quickly threw it on Dani and she laughed. As she turned the water spraying it on Dani and when she climbed her like a cat. The water sprayed on her she screamed loudly as she cried out getting soaked. Dani got a blush and it was all over her dress and her arms. She was disgusting due to her couture gown being ruined.

“You bitch! You bitch!” That’s when she saw Natasha walking in and calling for Jackson and others for help. Greer rushed to Dani grabbing a head full of hair as she felt a gut punch to her stomach. She quickly kneed Dani back as she separated from her again as she grabbed a bottle of expensive perfume and tossed it at Dani. The glass shattering everywhere she felt something flying past her head and shattering. When she saw Jackson and Chauncey appearing out of nowhere. She saw Jackson swooping in on Dani and Chauncey grabbing her. “Get your damn hands off of me. I swear to God if you ever touch me again I’ll tear more of those fancy new clothes apart. You can take the tracks out of the girl but she’ll forever be from the wrong side. You are jealous because I am with your cousin and maybe you carry some sick incestuous flame for him. But you could never do what I do for him. All night long.” Seeing Chauncey’s face was worth the crack at Dani.

Dani knew the best way to hurt a girl like Greer was with the material possessions they craved so when she saw the blush on the counter she had no reservations about ruining it and smearing it all over her dress. She let out a yelp a bit when Greer grabbed her hair in return and did the next best thing a punch to the stomach a look of satisfaction on her face and then she felt Greer knee her in the ribs. It didn’t stop there as she saw the glass bottle of perfume flew over her head shattering on the wall behind her. She grabbed what she assumed was a glass vase probably Ming dynasty or some shit like that and tossed it back at Greer before she felt arms around her waist holding her back and looked up at Jackson. Her dress was soaked in water and hand cream and she almost wanted to say it was satisfying seeing pretty Greer with a bloody nose and a ruined dress on the other side of the room.

“Let me go. I’m sick of her. I’m fucking tired of playing nice with her all the time after what she did to me.” Dani said huffing at Jackson and she decided it wasn’t worth it to fight him when he didn’t relent. She saw Natasha look at her almost with pity like she was less than the proper breeding that she and Greer came from. She wanted to roll her eyes at Greer’s side remarks. “At least I know who the fuck I am do you even know who you are this week? LeClerq today, Westwood tomorrow fantasizing about Devonshire the next. That wrong side of the tracks you like to speak of they raised my cousin too and guess what once he sees you for what you really are you’ll never be a Frasier either. You wanted a war with me you got it.”

Chauncey had gone to the restroom with his brother when Natasha had come out to tell them Dani looked like she was going to murder Greer. they both looked like they’d given as well as they had got and he couldn’t help the snideness that happened on his face at Greer’s remarks about Dani. In truth it was their fathers fault the Frasier’s even grew up on that side like they did and had Dani never gotten pregnant  he had to wonder if his father would have ever semi buried the hatchet with the Fraiser’s. He released Greer giving her space as he felt Natasha staring at him. Almost like she was jealous he was holding Greer back from lunging at Dani again. Then again the thought of Greer off fucking Brock annoyed him to no end and made him jealous when he shouldn’t be. “Ladies is this really the time or the place should we rent out a ring?”

“She is insufferable and to make matters worse she attacked me! So I wish any of you would call the authorities on me. I know what you’re thinking it was my fault. No I tried to literally try to bury the hatchet.” She screamed at them all. “No this doesn’t even matter because nobody will listen to me. Everyone will think Dani didn’t do this but honey the dry cleaning bill and the bill for my couture will be in the invoice. I don’t like getting my designer digs ruined.” She said walking past Natasha and Dani. “Dani this isn’t over and you.” She looked at Natasha. “You could have broken this up I won’t forget that.” She charged away from the scene as she saw people staring at her. “This is absurd!” She screamed loudly as she looked at Dani. “This isn’t over bitch!”


Belle stood waiting on a UBER because she told Connor to leave her earlier. He was shocked and she promised to call him. When she saw the older woman she knew who she was instantly saw as a stunning older woman. She didn’t have all the work done that her mummy did but she had the sophistication that was visible. She was walking with the fraud child. Belle held her jaw still feeling the sting of Yasmine punch on her face. Stepping in front of Zerick and Jackie she looked at them up and down. “Well hello, I don’t think we’ve formally met Ms. Jackie right you’re his aunt supposedly and his mom is your sister sounds like something off they telly. It’s quite dramatic right?  This entire night everyone has been so considerate with your feelings. I have to ask you must resent my very being but I have to tell you it’s pathetic. You’re a distraction to the bigger picture.” She said looking at Zerick. “You’ve been chasing being a Devonshire so long and what are you going to do when you find out you’re not? You’re not a Devonshire and you will need to go on an apology tour. Both of you will or I swear I’ll sue you for slander and defamation of character. You aren’t Lowell’s son you sick little man.”

Flipping her hair she looked at Jackie shaking in fury. As she poked the woman more. “I thought everyone should know especially you and when I heard Yasmine had invited you all here I knew. I knew that this was my event to introduce myself to the world. You are so bitter and your children you tell them to get the hell off my back or I’ll continue to show why I’m superior breeding. Poor Jackie poor old lady and not the bastard son. You both are pathetic.” Belle sneered at them as she folded her arms. “I hate to say it but you should have given up because my mother played a long game and you lost Jackie. You lost Lowell and your place as the grand dame of Atlas Falls.”

The car had stopped engine trouble for whatever reason and Zerick had gotten Talia another ride home. Instead she and Zerick had waited till someone came to replace the battery, waited inside the small study of the Montgomery estate that her nephew had opened. Once a new limo had arrived they had been walking out when Belle came into her view and then had the audacity to demand an audience with her. She could tolerate Bliss who over the last year had won her over but this little brat? Once hell froze over maybe she held up her hand to tell Zerick to back off and raised it as hard as she could striking the girl across the cheek for good measure no one got to downplay the pain her sister went through. Especially her soon to be ex husband’s new bastard.

“Superior breeding? Your mother laid on her back and took a married man to bed and then she discarded you. Like you didn’t even matter then again that seems to be a pattern with her Bliss then you. You may of been raised an Archibald but you certainly aren’t one of them and you most certainly aren’t a Devonshire either. That must kill you doesn’t it?” Jackie seethed seeing the cameras flashing on them good they needed to see that this was her now she was not some meek little wife anymore. “As for my nephew hold your vile viperous tongue how dare you speak to him like that or about my sister. I actually plan on telling my children to go after you and go after you hard.”

Touching her stinging cheek Belle glared at Jackie furiously. “Stop playing with yourself you wanker. Your children are pathetic, my siblings have had a king as their father and what do  they show of it? A playboy who is too busy screwing to notice the bitch he’s screwing is trying to takeover the family company. Let’s not skip over the drug induced son who got his very pregnant girlfriend and now fiance kidnapped. Let’s not forget Atlas Falls Lolita your first born daughter and not only that didn’t she shoot Philip? Oh and let’s not start in on my big brother who can’t keep it in the pants between the stripper and the bland redhead. And you the spawn that spawned a scandal. You aren’t a Devonshire and you can say what you want about my genetics. I have to say Bliss and myself look stunning considering we are full blooded sisters. Tell them Jackie and I will continue to breathe. I’ll continue to be Lowell’s last child while you walk around with a fraud thinking he’s your nephew slash stepson. Sad you didn’t trust your love but you did trust your crazed sister and delusional nephew.” Rubbing her hot cheek she smirked again this time she knew how to hurt her.

“Putting your hands on me must have made you feel better? I mean I would feel less than if I kept finding out my husband cheated on me. Here is the curious case of Jacqueline Devonshire. You stayed affair after affair. He clearly didn’t want you and you know that because you purposely got knocked with Rory as my mummy said. Lowell was going to leave you before Rory and you trapped him. You claim to be altruistic and all pure about your love with Lowell but I know the truth. I know that you didn’t want to lose your status as a fucking celebrity. You were obsessed with Lowell not leaving you because who would you be?” Letting the silence eat at Jackie she let that damn bomb drop in her lap. “I can tell you who will be, his Ivana Trump to my mother’s Melania Trump. Now it’s Melania turn sad right bitch.” This time Belle caught Jackie razor sharp hand because she was about slap her again. Zerick stepped between them and she smiled at her. “You are sad because you’ve wrapped your life up in a man who cheated on you again and again. Now you are suffering because you ignored the signs! That’s your fault not mine and I for once think someone needs to call you out love. You stayed and you got a luxurious life. Jackie you were well off not rich and now you have everything you could want. So let’s get this straight before you keep calling my mummy a gold digger and all other names. Remember you stayed with him so all that pain is yours. Not anyone else because those were your choices. Your children and nephew and so many others are in pain because you choose to stay not because of my mother. Take responsibility please.”

Zerick had never seen his aunt so enraged but maybe this was a good look for her it was better than her falling apart about an hour ago inside the party and having to be escorted out he had no idea what changed though. She had sat silently in the car with him and Talia staring out the window at nothing until the driver informed them that something wasn’t working he had gotten out to look and assumed the battery was dead. Of course the richest fucking people in town wouldn’t dare have jumper cables in their overpriced limo so they were forced to wait.  He was not going to have either Talia or his aunt wait in the snow and cold so he simply led them back inside the mansion to an office that was available he was pretty sure it was Audrey’s old one Forbes seldom went inside it. So they waited when Talia’s Uber had shown up and he escorted her to the car rejoining his aunt as soon as the car had arrived and on the way out running into Belle of all people. The slap that the press had snapped was a long time coming in his opinion with Belle who he was fucking annoyed with for months. He made sure his aunt didn’t have a chance to react and hit the spiteful brat by stepping in front.

“I do wonder what is worse your poor adopted parents looking on in horror at your antics when you clearly never loved them and the home you gave them or taking up for a rapist as the pope in your eyes? Had everything you could ever want in parents that adopted you to treat them like trash and go after the woman that your mother had an affair with her husband with, bravo Belle. You have firmly cemented your place in Atlas Falls society as the outcast among everyone.” Zerick said looking her up and down he didn’t believe her about the other part DNA didn’t lie and his mother had no reason to lie about her encounter anyway with Lowell. His aunt had arranged the test it was him, Rory and the technician that were in the room when it was conducted. “No one trusts a viper like you or your mother Belle that is your place not mine or any of my siblings. Your mother has no claim to DGI right now and if my aunt has any say in it you and her never will.”

Jackie sneered at Belle such a sharp tongue for a delusional girl that actually thought that she cared what she thought about her. “I loved him your mother simply warmed his bed from time to time, I wouldn’t put it past her to make sure that she trapped him with Bliss or attempted you. You seem to think you know everything about history so let me give you a little lesson of your own with your mother. She wormed her way into DGI because her parents were desperate for her to leave the house so Lowell agreed. She flirted with a married man and bedded him so let’s not pretend that your mother is some innocent victim in my marriage and the creation of you or your sister. She then left when Lowell would not leave me for her and passed your sister off to nannies and boarding schools. You were much worse as she tossed you aside for trash instead of actually telling Bliss or Lowell about you. Such an upstanding women though I see how you two compare. I did hear about that ruckus with Atticus it must burn you doesn’t it that even he didn’t want you and wanted Brooke Kincaid after lowering yourself into his bed and foolishly gave your only claim to anything in Europe away in your virginity. I won’t speak ill about the poor people that adopted you, you’ve done enough of that this evening.”

She leaned into Belle’s face as she spoke the next part wanting to make things crystal clear. She was not going to let Tess or her new little brat take over DGI she would die before that would happen she had worked to hard and too long. Been the dutiful wife that was her children’s legacy. “I’ve come to terms with what Lowell did and is. I’ve come to terms with what happened with him and my sister. The only ones living in some fantasy about it are you, him and your god awful mother. You will never have a piece of DGI I assure you that not to mention you’ll never take over either. I’m entitled to half when the ink is dry, half of Lowell’s assets and the company I have a very good lawyer and I can assure you I’ll tie this up in court for years if I have to to make sure that my children and Zerick are taken care of and your sister who I happen to respect and adore are taken care of. You and your mother on the other hand can go back to that hideous god awful estate she used to call home and stay there pinning away for something that you will never have. I doubt you’ll be welcome at home in England anymore you buried that hatchet tonight my dear.”

Looking at Jane and Christopher talking to Forbes and what looked like Walter. They were friends of people in the Atlas Falls community. She gritted her teeth and was infuriated they didn’t get it. Her parents had lied for years and purposely hid the truth from her. That pissed her off so much and it made her feel even more enraged. She hurt Tess just as much as Jane. No doubt Christopher and Lowell were ashamed of her actions equally. She hadn’t talked to her parents yet but they were in town for the next week. She would be the talk of the papers and that’s what she wanted. Not only that she wanted to notoriety because she deserved it. She wasn’t going to let them win tonight and she wasn’t going to lose this battle with either of them. She needed some time to cool off. Pointing her clutch at Jackie she smirked with so much knowledge.

“I overheard something very interesting while I was staying at this very creepy mansion. I’m holding the cards Jackie and when you see you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life. I’ll be there to gloat and tell you I told you so. I’m going to get a piece of DGI because Lowell’s living will states all his children get equal shares in the company. So no matter what you want Jackie I am deserving of it just like you say you deserve half. I have to question why is that though? You did none of the work you just made an amazing mansion. As for my parents don’t act like you know my damn relationship. You think the people who raised me would ever stop loving me? No Jackie and Zerick you are wrong. However Zerick have you ever seen a copy of your original birth certificate? Or have you always been Zerick Davis? Westwood? Devonshire? Damn I thought I had a lot of names. That’s my Uber but your son is a tech genius not a DNA cop. Remember the people who profits the most from Zerick being Lowell son?” Belle waved her hand up to the top of the staircase at the mansion where Forbes stood looking on. “Right on cue. My Uber is here but Jackie we should do this again. I don’t think my opinion of you will be changing and you clearly have no taste so yours won’t be either.” Belle walked off smiling knowing that she just placed a hell of seed in their head.

Zerick looked at Belle as she walked away and then looked at his aunt yes he had something to gain with the news of who he was that wasn’t a huge secret but the way she lingered on Forbes made him uncomfortable he trusted Forbes. As the man that had a hand in raising him surely he would always have his best interests at heart. The part about Rory peaked his interest as well his brother was some sort of hacker genius type but to falsify a test seemed extreme when it did nothing but destroy his own family. No he was going to go with the option he knew was right Lowell had raped his mother and he was conceived. “Ignore her aunt she is a naive girl who was spoiled rotten nothing more.” He said seeing their car approach as he led her to it.

Jackie held her head high as she watched Belle walk away casting a glance in the direction of Forbes with the Archibalds and Walter. Such a delusional little girl to think that Tess was above her that she and her sister were above her very own children and that believed in the lie that Lowell was still telling. DNA didn’t lie that was factual something that couldn’t be changed and as much as it had killed her to run that test she wanted to know the truth once and for all. She wanted that stain off her children and off her family only now it was a stark reminder that even when one wanted to hold out hope. Sometimes the truth was a hard pill to swallow, a pill she had swallowed and then vowed to make right. She nodded her head at Zerick, Belle was delusional if she actually thought she would ruin her life and marriage to have Rory implicate Lowell as a rapist. No that would not be how this story would play out when it was all said and done as she walked to the car with Zerick getting in and leaving.


“Now coming to the ring weighing a buck twenty soaking wet Dani Don’t Turn Your Back Fraiser!” Placing his hand over his mouth pretending to be someone else. “Oh buddy I hear it’s Dani The Demolisher Devonshire. Either way you don’t mess with Dani because she’ll tear you apart.” He seriously saw her smirking like a kid who won a school yard fight. “Although Natasha said Greer gave as good as she got. I feel like she needed that ass kicking. Seriously Dani the woman leaked your medical records. I think her getting a bloody nose is better than I expected and more than she thought was going to happen.” Biting his lip he saw her face change when she noticed they missed the turn back to the house. No they weren’t going to their estate today they were going to a custom suite in Hotel LaGordia. Earlier today he filled them toys that not just he could use on Dani but she had some things to try on him. He wanted her to have fun and tonight was about keeping the spice. When he told his mother that he and Dani hadn’t rekindled the flame she insisted that Lauren and she would watch the twins. He however got a text that Jackie wasn’t coming and Lauren was watching them. “So I heard that the twins are sleeping and Dylan and Maddie are on their way home.” He was smirking because Dani looked freaked out.

“We aren’t going to the mansion to pick them up. Tonight we are going to sleep at Hotel LaGordia in the Presidential penthouse. Not only that we are going to make love all night and all day because Dani we deserve it. We’ve been dealing with your father’s secret baby and now my dad gets two new kids in the matter of a month. No we aren’t going home to the Devonshire mansion were going to enjoy each others company without a little person vomiting as cute as JJ is vomiting. Or a little person shitting on us or pissing on us because as you know Donovan’s aim is amazing. It’s like spray you directly in the face.” Jackson laughed as he grabbed her hand. “Your mother has them and Kelsey is there tonight. They got the twins I can’t think of them in any better hands than Kelsey and your mom. Max is there and so is Seb, Rory, and mom. Even though she is having a rough night. But we as a team were having a parents need a vacation night. We need to be intimate again. I want to sleep with me inside of you.” He said in a low growl. “I’ve been fantasizing about all the things we will do tonight. Dani I’m going to put you in the most pleasure and pain you ever felt.”

Dani had been sitting in the limo seat stewing out the window who did Greer think she was her mind on getting back to the twins. Instead she smiled at Jackson trying to male light of her fight with Greer she knew she looked like a hot mess now but Greer deserved everything She had got and then some. She looked out the window and leaned forward craning her neck as they passed the private drive to their house and pulled out her phone. Only to realize it wasn’t there and her eyes shot at Jackson sneaky bastard not that she minded. She had been glued to it all night and checking on the twins but wasn’t that the job now being a mother to them. The constant worry that came with that she leaned back eyeing him up and down as he spoke about a night out for them. she tried to not let what Greer say to her in the bathroom get to her as she did.

“You sure you want to take little scruffy me from the other side of the tracks to a secluded hotel room? Even when I have ruined a likely thousand dollar gown with water and have hand cream all over it?” Dani said looking at him and inching towards him in the seat she couldn’t help but lean over and kiss his neck her finger dragging down his shirt and stopping at the waistband of his pants. She looked up at him and wondered how bad she truly looked but she had a feeling he really didn’t care. “Here I thought you might hold out a few more weeks. After all it had been so fun torturing you. Then again maybe not.” She said cupping him through his pants watching his face as she bit his ear pulling back. “Fine you win lead the way.”

“Don’t touch me.” He laughed teasing her pulling her into his arms ruining his Armani suit in the process. “It’s not about waiting and teasing this time. I think we have become those people, I used to hate. I pull Donovan’s picture and tell everyone everything about Jolene. She is utterly the most incredible kid like it’s scary how perfect I believe she is. My son is me but without all the doubt and pain. I love them so much and you gave them to me so I love you even more. My love for my family is unwavering and unlimited but I also know momma and poppa deserve to have their time.” He touched her face as he smiled at her. “Our lives were so overtaken with drama and pain last year. Now this year it’s all baby vomit and baby yoga. We’ve changed for the better but we also have to realize to keep us right along with those kids. So tonight isn’t about JJ or Dono it’s about us.” Jackson said as they pulled up to Hotel LaGordia. The driver opened the door and he wrapped his jacket around Dani. As she got out he quickly scooped her in his arms cradling her. “It’s practice for the honeymoon.” He laughed smiling at her.

Jackson walked to the elevator as the driver checked them in. He turned Dani so that she could press the button and a few moments later a ding clicked opened the glass elevator doors. The driver returned with their keycard and he walked on the elevator tipping the man fifty dollars. As they rode to the top floor Jackson kissed her again. Using the keycard he unlocked the door and carried her through the threshold. Walking immediately to the bathroom he placed Dani down and leaned in kissing her lips playfully as a rose bath was waiting on her. Taking off his jacket and undoing her couture dress that was fully ruined. “You know mom is going to kill you when she sees this dress. She might laugh though to know you kicked Greer’s ass.” He walked her to the bathtub and placed her inside. It was so many rose petals in the water it covered her body. He picked up the loofah and soaping it up with a rose scented soap from black baccara roses in Paris. Running his hands down her back he took his time beginning to clean her from head to toe. “What are you thinking about?” He asked removing his shirt and pants stepping inside the bath and just holding Dani. “What’s going on in that head?”

Dani laughed with him relaxing on the car ride to the hotel she knew he was right they needed to take time for them too and they hadn’t but she didn’t want to feel like she had to choose between that and sometimes she did. She was pretty sure people were staring at them her ruined dress as he picked her up and led her to the elevator and then pressed the button to the floor. When he kissed her and she couldn’t help the low moan that came out it had been so long since it was just them sure they had lightly kissed but kissed like that it had been a while. Only to be stopped when he handed her the key to the suite and she took the sight in the new toys he had brought and raised her eyes at him no one could ever fault him for wanting to keep her on edge and she enjoyed that with him. One of the parts that made her nervous was her body now her breasts were so much larger than they were before. The way he looked her though sent a shiver down her spine when he lifted her into the tub and she saw the crumpled ruined dress on the floor it was just fabric to her replaceable. She leaned back relaxing in the tub when he began to wash her.

“Greer had it coming tell your mom I’ll make it up to her, give her more twin time or maybe I’ll help her with that hospital thing she’s been begging me to do for a few months.” Dani said looking up at him as he washed her it was nice to sit in the water and not think about which twin was going to be up waiting to be held, fed, changed or played with for once in the last few months. She closed her eyes again thinking about what he was asking her there was a lot of things on her mind at the moment mostly how he had time with DGI, wedding stuff, helping at home and other stuff to arrange this for them. Her hand lazily glided along his thigh feeling him grow against her back and she couldn’t help but grin at the sensation that it caused her. “Half an hour ago all the ways I could torture Greer. Life’s been so crazy in a good way but crazy it has been like months since we actually had time to ourselves don’t get me wrong I love them dearly but mommy has missed daddy commanding her and fucking her raw. Currently thinking about what is all in that other room and when you had time to actually pull this all off?”

“Well my mom helped not with the toys but the planning. Plus I thought after seeing dad tonight I knew I’d need some stress relief. Well I guess it was a couple of days ago I screamed when Donovan started to cry.” Jackson laughed looking at Dani. “You were exhausted and sleeping so was I and I just wanted a night for us. Mom saw that and said enough we deserved a break.” Touching her hair he kissed her neck. “That’s the guillotine a device where I strap you down. Lock your head down and everything. You can’t move and you’re stuck dealing with pleasure and pain. I have the leather straps with soft ties so that it won’t leave a mark.” He laughed looking at her remembering the first time he tied her up. “You were so nervous when I tied you up for the first time but you trusted me. I swear I still don’t know why you trust me but I thank you.” His hands ran over her swollen breast and smiled boldly. “You are so sexy, I don’t know why you’ve been wearing that robe but your body looks so delicious to me”

He stepped out of the bath and helped her out of the tub. He quickly grabbed a towel and dried Dani off then himself. Jackson walked her to the guillotine. Laying her on her back he smirked widely as he looked into her eyes. “I have to ask you again if you are scared or nervous tell me and we will stop.” Jackson finally locked the guillotine and started to tie her legs up. So he had a perfect shot of her hot and warm pussy. Jackson got on his knees as he looked into her eyes. “You are about to be torture in pleasure.” Walking over her he let his dick hang right over her face. Then he leaned down and tongue kissed her as he tongue ran across her lips. Jackson walked over and placed some clips on her nipples. As he began to feast on her juices.

Dani looked up at him as he spoke about having Jackie help him with all of this and wanted to ask how the hotel staff took to his new little contraption. She had been sound asleep but had felt him through the sheets as they had attempted to have sex only for Donovan to start screaming and she had mentally sighed it was sweet of Jackie and her mom though she thought to give them a night off. She almost frowned at him she quite preferred the slight marks and maybe that was a little twisted of her but she liked that they were hers and only he knew where he put them she leaned back against him arching her back as he ran his hands down her body. “I was nervous cause I’d never done something like that, now though not so much.” Her nipples still sensitive from nursing she watched his face light up the moment he brushed them in the water, she had been so self conscious about her body ever since the twins were born and wondered if it would even function the same way with them. “It felt weird to not wear it, I don’t know how to explain that like they’re fuller and I don’t know. I wasn’t sure you’d still find that attractive or not.” Dani said looking at his face and seeing that he was definitely still attracted she felt silly.

When they got out of the water and he dried her, she let him watching the fabric brush her body watching him react to it and she couldn’t help be turned on by it. Walking into the room with the guillotine all set up her eyes got a bit wide in curiosity when he laid her down on it her fingers running up the wood and leather. “I’ll tell you if it’s too much.” She said looking up at him as he did the lock around her neck and hands pinning her there in place. This was where trust between them came into play and this was something that Greer could probably never comprehend and that thrilled her. When he spread her legs and tied her and her body hit that warm leather she couldn’t help but feel vulnerable. He moved in front of her and she looked at his thick dick that was hard erect for her like this and felt herself get wildly wet. She strained her neck desperate and then saw him smirk when he pulled away. She felt the nipples clamp and her back arched and she let out a moan trying to cross her legs only she couldn’t and then his mouth was on her hard and fast and she let out a gasp her head thrown back. “Jackson.” She managed to get out in a strangled low moan.

“Say my name!” He commanded furiously flicking his tongue on clit slurping on her pussy. He couldn’t believe she was this luscious it was as if she was a virgin. She was correct her body had changed into a more voluptuous but still just as stunning. She bore twins out her body and looked like she could still wear a swimsuit. What women saw when they looked in the mirror was confusing to Jackson but he saw a fucking goddess that needed to be feasted on. Sticking his tongue in and swirling it around. He saw she was getting off and he didn’t want her to be pleased that fast. Pulling out a briefcase opening he had three distinctive crop whips. The biggest a black leather one he pulled out. Spanking both thighs he looked at her like a carnivore about to eat it’s first ever pray in the jungle. “Did I say cum? You were about to fucking cum. No Danielle not tonight. It’s not that easy.” Jackson growled spanking both thighs again and then he tightened her nipples clamps. Biting down on his lip he walked back in front of her and stuffed his dick in her hungry mouth. “Eat it swallow daddies dick. That’s it Dani good girl.”

Jackson rocked his hips back and forth in Dani’s mouth as he threw his head back knowing that she was enjoying this show of dominance that he was having. She had been such a good girl. She had waited patiently and now he was ready to give her exactly what she craved. As he slid his dick out of her mouth he swooped in tongue kissing her. He walked directly over and slid inside of her hot pussy and feeling her gripping against him he was falling deeper in her ocean. He cried out in pleasure moaning loudly as he gripped the guillotine and started long stroking her as he threw his head back. “Fuck Dani did you get tighter? Fuck baby I missed this pussy!” He leaned in gripping her neck as he deep dicked her thrusting his hips deeper and harder inside of Dani. “I love you.”

Dani couldn’t help but close her eyes as his tongue began to move in and out and closed her eyes letting the sensation of his mouth and tongue feasting on her drive her up a wall. She opened her mouth to speak and only gasps and moans escaped her lips while her hips bucked against his mouth. Eventually she found her voice when he started to assault her clit and her hips arched upwards hungry for more as he did. “Jackson.” She said and then she repeated it over and over again, she felt her body tighten and was about to release when he stopped and she tried to glare at him over the contraption that was not fair. When he spoke about his rules, she almost wanted to push him a bit and then decided whatever punishment he gave her would be worth it. “Not entirely fair when I can’t move.” She said seeing him eye her she felt the lash against her thighs letting out a moan. Her eyes rolled when he tightened the clamps and she bit her lip from screaming in pleasure not sure how sound proof the walls were. When he faced her though and shoved that thick cock into her mouth she relaxed her jaw devouring it. Letting her teeth glide just ever so lightly on it watching his face contort he was the one that was close now and she had to smirk when he pulled back. “You were saying something about cuming?”

Her mouth met his when he leaned down and then she felt him slide into her and let out deep moan her hips rising to met his off the leather as her feet were still planted on the ground. She wasn’t sure if she was tighter or not since having the twins but she felt raw in a good way like she had not ever been before even as a virgin. She sucked in her breath trying to suppress another scream and bit on her lip when he began to move in and out and she felt herself let out in another moan. “More, please more. Don’t stop.” She said her voice groaning it out as she did trying her best to turn her neck to get a view of him annoyed when she couldn’t and she felt him increasing his tempo and then slowing it down giving her exactly what she wanted. She felt his hand reach around and grip her neck and she thrust her hips wildly into his wanting to drive him just as insane as he was her and she then squeezed around him feeling him seize he was close and she repeated the action again not cuming yet, feeling his grip tighten and loosen. “I love you too baby can you feel how much?”

Jackson knew her body was being pushed to its sexual limits. She was moaning into a crescendo of pleasured cries of passion. With no mercy he pulled out knowing her left leg was shaking meaning she was once again close to climaxing. He wasn’t going to keep her tied up any longer instead he removed the head of the guillotine letting her catch her breath he could tell her body was shivering from keep getting right to the edge and stopping. Walking to the other side of the room Jackson cracked open a bottle of Ciroc vodka. Taking a gulp directly from the bottle he looked at her body and his dick throbbed it was time to make her come and him also. As he walked to Dani he picked her up this wrapping her legs around his waist. Sliding inside of her he walked to the balcony. Clicking on the lights he could feel her sliding up and down his shaft. His breaths quickened her pussy had him in a trance nobody did this to him like Dani. Only woman who came close was his first fiance Esme but Dani snatched his soul.

Outside had heating lamps making it feel seventy degrees. In the middle of winter, which only made it look even more dramatic on top of Hotel LaGordia in the Presidential Penthouse. What sat in the middle though was even more important. “I thought that we couldn’t have all our toys inside of our home. With your mom, my family, your family eventually the twins. So I bought this suite Dani. It’s ours and anytime we want to get away it’s our vacation right in Atlas Falls.” He pressed a button on the remote. A swing came down from the ceiling and he smirked. “You have given me so much Dani and I’ve been so hard on you. Teasing you and pinching those beautiful titties and for once I’m going to give you something I’ve never given anyone. I want you to tie me up and put me in the swing. I want you to ride my dick until we both explode but I don’t want control. For this one time and one time only I want you to control and dominate me. And that’s an order. Or how about this every time we have a child you get this pleasure.”

Dani was still catching her breath hen he pulled out and went to take a drink and she looked at him eyeing his body up and down he was close too. When he finally undid all the restraints she let out a sigh and then a gasp when he picked her up placing himself inside of her again as they went to the balcony. She had never really considered herself an exhibitionist but the idea turned her on like no other while she glided on him feeling his hands on her guiding her. She saw him reach for the remote and her eyes went wide when the swing came down. Sure they’d played on it before once or twice and she almost had to laugh that he moved everything out of the house to actually buying a penthouse suite to put it in. He also rarely gave her control which she liked, she liked that he controlled her in that way she could just release and not worry about everything else. She bit her lip at him as he sat her down and told her to tie him up and she touched the leather of the swing. “Alright.” She said looking at him as she gently pushed him back on the swing letting him sit. She placed his hand on the straps on the side tying them lightly so he could still hold her weight, as she did making sure to place herself right over him watching his face contort. “Don’t drop me I don’t want to explain that to anyone.” She said leaning in and kissing him.

She ran her hand down his chest while she lowered herself onto him watching his face as she did so, the way his lips curved the breath he let out and she let out a low moan inching her way down. She resisted engulfing him fully as she leaned back a bit feeling his tied hands grip her in place and then she crashed her hips down on him hearing him growl as she cried out at the action. She leaned down looking at him as she moved her hips against his her hands on his chest for support feeling his hips arching to her hips. She increased her tempo leaning down to kiss him letting her tongue collide in his mouth feeling him swell even more, she felt he was close and stopped moving slowing her pace down he wasn’t the only one that could drag it out. Pulling her mouth back she hovered over him nice and slow as she did. “I love you.” She said looking at him before leaning back and reaching for his hands to almost release them deciding against it. Throwing her head back she felt his hands on her hips and closed her eyes moving up and down nice and slow and she felt her body clench. “Jackson.” She said crying out his name as she came shaking around his shaft and then she couldn’t help it feeling him explode inside of her she quickened her pace feeling herself come again as she leaned back down gasping out.

Jackson didn’t like to be vulnerable but at the moment she tied him up he felt electricity flowing through him. When she slid down on him he felt his entire body shivering because her ass raised down and slammed into his pelvis. The way she was riding him and he was swinging freely he completely felt his entire body going to another realm of pleasure. As his cock swelled and he could feel her juices flowing onto his body. When he began to moan and growl out in pleasure. As he burst inside of Dani and he could feel her tightening around his cock and he closed his eyes. Rocking back and forth with Dani he looked at her glazed out eyes. “You are amazing.” He commented as he shook the shackles on his wrist. “Can I be let out my dear?” He smiled at her. “Considering this has been the most connection we’ve had since the babies were born. I say mom and pop still got it, Dani we can’t be apart this long again you understand? We deserve our type of love and don’t let anyone shame you in it. We are happy and content couple who likes kink. It’s okay. Now let me out.”

Dani rested her chest against his as they rode out the last of the mutual pleasure, listening to his heartbeat mixed with hers and closing her eyes taking in the city lights, snow on the banister. This was her oasis the place where she really felt invincible most of the time like she could do anything, where she felt safe too and she looked up at him when he shook his wrists asking to be let out. It was tempting to keep him locked up like this forever but she relented reaching down to let them free as she felt his arms wrap around her tracing her spine. She thought over what he said it was alright they were this type of a couple but she agreed they needed to make time for this too and couldn’t just be all about the twins all the time. “I think you’re right we need to make more time for this heck quickies while they sleep if we have too. I don’t want to be the couple that stops just because we have kids now too. I just thought it’d be easier to balance heck maybe we can even look into a nanny eventually too.” Dani said leaning up and kissing him gently before pulling back. “For now though let’s recoup and make the most of this wonderful night preferably inside before those titties you love freeze off.”