2×13 “This Is What You Came For”

Episode 2×13 “This Is What You Came For”
Theme Song: The Verve Pipe- Bittersweet Symphony
Guest Starring: Laura Linney as Katie Davis
Written by:
Chris Coleman and Kelly Zollo

Jackie had been dreading this moment in her life where she was faced with the truth it was something that had been planned in secret for weeks. She had wondered if Lowell would look into the flight information on the company jet or not. Either way it was something that had to be done, he could proclaim his innocence all he wanted but soon the truth would come out. They were not speaking and she wondered how their marriage over the years had come to this, separate rooms with cold and uncaring walls. Children ripped right down the middle on their loyalty to either her or her husband. She could tell the way they looked at her some with love and adoration others with confusion and it was the same with Lowell. Wrapping her scarf over her head as she and Lauren arrived at their destination she braced herself.

Together they walked through the massive halls for the Bellview Psychiatric facility to the waiting room where she sat silently by Lauren and waited. In many ways it was odd for her to finally have this time with Lauren and their newfound friendship, it took years and pain between them to actually make that mend. So much time she had wasted and pushed aside thinking that Gloria was her best friend only to learn recently of the lies that she had told Lowell and Lauren about her and Walter. She tapped her foot on the floor and wondered how long they would have to wait if they would even be able to see Katie today or not. Her sister’s mind was often at times taken as frail and unpredictable, she had been denied before when it came to her sister and visiting. It was the last time she was here shortly after the twins were born she had been compelled to fly out and see her wanting her to know about her nephew and she had needed space from Lowell at the time. She had been so wounded from his latest betrayal with Tess with Bliss so she had come here, she was taken out of her thoughts when a man spoke.

“Mrs. Devonshire. I’m Dr. Rutherford please come with me.” The man said and she looked at him he looked so much like Simon and that is when it clicked with her that it was Julian.

“Julian? Where is Dr. McAndrews?” Jackie asked looking up at him and over at Lauren.

“Dr. Andrews passed away a few months ago I began taking over of his case files. It is nice to see you Jackie I only wish perhaps under better circumstances.” Julian replied as he watched her looking at the woman that she was with. “Unfortunately your guest will have to remain here Katie has only agreed to see me and yourself.”

“Oh.” Jackie said looking at him and then back at Lauren as she grabbed her friends hand and then let it go to follow him inside the office. It was sterile just as it had been all those years ago when she had come and tried to see Katie. A few new pictures graced the walls along with Julian’s name on the desk however made her sense the changes. She placed her purse down by her side a she looked at him. “Thank you for convincing her to see me.”

Julian looked at her and then back down at his notes as he went ahead and sent the text to the orderly to have Katie be brought down to his office. He had reached out to Katie after Jackie had called him in a panic demanding that she be allowed to speak to her sister face to face. He was cautious of the idea but he did feel that Katie had made progress enough for a face to face meeting with her sister.

“The choice was all your sister’s Ms. Devonshire she has made remarkable progress the last few months since I have been able to start treating her. Unfortunately Dr. Andrews had so many patients and I do think that he wasn’t treating Katie properly for her disease. Of course she has bi-polar disorder and I do agree with that original diagnosis but I also believe that Katie was suffering from extreme PTSD as well when she was admitted here which led to her breakdown all those years ago. She and I are currently working our way through those years that she has seemed to block out and we are making very good progress.” Julian said he saw Jackie staring off with tears in her eyes and reached over handing her a tissue. “Are you alright Mrs. Devonshire?”

Katie walked into the room in a sweatsuit and her hair pulled into a tight ponytail. She had put on makeup her big sister was so glamorous and she had to compete. Her entire life was standing into her shadow until it drove her crazy. She could never compete though, it was as if the highlife of Atlas Falls knew she didn’t belong. Looking at Jackie years of inadequacies came aching to the forefront. She looked so beautiful and just standing there she knew she wasn’t as beautiful or polished as Jackie would ever be. It was so long ago when she tried to be something more and the world chewed her up and spat her out. Immediately looking down she saw her sister looking at her. She must of looked horrible. She must have been a disappointment hiding Zerick all these years. Jackie must have hated her because she was here now. She had to hate her after all what her baby had done.

Stepping forward feeling like she was walking on tempered glass that could crack and shatter at any point. “Jackie.” She said in a whisper finally making eye contact with her sister who was crying. “Jacq what are you doing here? I know why you are here but I just don’t want to talk to you. But you came all the way from your castle in Atlas Falls to see me so.” She paused her voice broke. “So you must be here to talk about Zerick and if that’s so then you have wasted a lot of gas in that fancy plane because all of what my son is saying is true. So if that’s why you are here? Then you can go because he isn’t lying and you know it. You heard all those dirty stories about your husband and you ignored them. Now your ignorance has manifested in the ugliest way.” Digging into her pocket she pulled out a cigarette and flamed it up. Blowing smoke into her face. “So what do you want it’s not like you ever visited before.”

Jackie had been so lost in her train of thoughts that when Julian had asked if she was alright she wasn’t sure what to say to him. How was she supposed to explain to him why she was here, Dr. Rutherford my nephew is claiming to actually be the bastard of my husband and my sister? When the door opened and she saw Katie she wasn’t sure what to do but felt the tears well in her eyes she looked like their mother with their father’s eyes, she was still beautiful even in sweatpants and a bun pinned in her hair. She normally would have told her sister that smoking would kill her but who was she to judge her sister at this point. If everything was true she had no right to judge her or look down her nose at her, especially if it happened in her house, under her roof with her husband. She could feel Katie glaring at her, staring her with so much hate in her voice and she looked over at Julian who nodded his head at her. They had to start somewhere and she had come for answers not to ignore what was going on. She remembered that from Lauren on the plan that no matter what happened she would still have her friends and her children after this.

“Hello Katie.” Jackie finally managed to get out as she looked at her sister and took a step towards her sister only to stop when Katie pulled back. She gulped as she looked at her sister and her hands were shaking as she finally found the words she wanted to say. “I had to come see you Zerick is in Atlas Falls I am sure he has told you that. He is saying the most horrible things he can Katie about you and Lowell. I know we haven’t always got along and I know what I did all those years ago was wrong letting you leave but what he is saying can’t be the truth.” Jackie said looking at her sister desperate to hold onto the ideal that she had carried that it wasn’t Lowell that raped her. Desperate to believe that that man that had fucked Audrey and Tess while she staying by him wouldn’t lay his hands on her own sister and violate her in such a way. “Why would you make us such a vile lie about Lowell who was always nothing but kind to you Katie, we took you into the house all those years ago. Why? Why would you tell that poor boy that Lowell raped you?”

Katie flicked her ashes on the floor as she saw Dr. Rutherford placing a ashtray in front of her. She sat down in one of the benches across from Jackie as she looked at her sister. “It’s been so long and that’s why you came down here? For the truth?” She sucked in smoke from her cigarette blowing out the smoke. “Listen I told Zerick the truth because that is what it is. I was only twenty when it happened Jacq. I had too much liquor that night and when I woke up he was on top of me. Your precious Lowell Devonshire who you have protected. He raped me and he completely dominated my body. He didn’t stop until he was satisfied! Is that why you are here. You’re here because your husband is the big bad monster that the world thought he was. You were the only one who couldn’t see. You had child after child and my son was cast aside from the golden gates because he was the child of rape. He raped me Jackie!” She hissed as she touched her face. As she looked into the glass seeing her younger reflection staring back at herself. She’d always felt inferior to Jackie but seeing the little girl she knew she had to tell her.

“I had danced all night with Linus and everything was so magical that night. Tess and I were dancing then I felt so sick. I’d never felt the room spinning Dr. Rutherford believes that I was slipped a pill like Bill Cosby. Isn’t that something?” Clearing her throat she looked at Jackie’s tear soaked face. “I went into the study and the music was still loud I could hear Michael Jackson in the speakers. Thriller album was my favorite at the time and his voice was so loud in my ears. I could hear Billie Jean and then I heard the unfastening of a buckle. The next thing I could remember was Lowell screaming at Linus for interrupting us. I can still feel your husband breath on my neck and his hands on my skin. I laid and couldn’t even scream, Dr. Rutherford says that it’s a common victim reaction. He had to have both of us. He said it in my ear and said that he had to have both of us. I remember everything because of Dr. Rutherford and I can’t lie to my son. I can’t lie to him and tell him that Lowell isn’t his father when he fucked me and left me psychotic. I am broken and I have been putting the pieces together myself for years.” She placed the cigarette in the ashtray putting it out. “And now you are here because as a woman you finally see what your betrayal has done to me. You finally see how you leaving me for a man has done so much damage. Zerick is angry but my baby isn’t lying.”

Jackie had nothing left to do other than clutch the chair for support as her sister spoke very clearly for the first time in years about what she went through. There was no stuttering or half broken words and in jumbled sentences. She looked over at Julian and felt physically sick as Katie went into the details of Lowell violating her, she reached for the wastebasket just in time as Julian held it for her. She was sobbing as the images overcame her mind, making her physically ill as she gasped for air. She knew that Lowell liked to fuck around hell he had been fucking Audrey and Tess and she was sure others as well, but never in the back of her mind did she think that he would ever violate or go after Katie. Her husband that she birthed children with, that she helped raise those children with. The husband that she promised to love until death do them part, the husband that she stood by when he betrayed their close friends for power, the husband that she made excuses for. The husband that she turned a blind eye too she pulled back from the wastebasket and reached for a tissue to wipe her mouth. Her entire body was shaking as Julian looked at her as Katie’s own tear soaked face was staring back at her.

She was still shaking when she rose from her seat and ran towards the door tears streaming down her face as she continued to sob, she couldn’t even look at her sister without thinking about it. She walked down the hallway trying to grip the walls for support but eventually her legs began to shake even more and she collapsed on the floor a wail leaving her body as she drew her knees to her body. Her perfect hair and makeup shattered in those minutes in that office with Julian and Katie. She didn’t know how long she sat there sobbing into her knees for all the broken promises that Lowell had made her, sobbing for sister’s innocence being stolen like it was. For her children and how they idolized their father, how they adored him and thought the sun and the moon rose around him. For Zerick to have been raised like he was with Forbes because she was too weak and too blind to the truth about what happened to her sister that night she felt someone rubbing her back and looked up at Lauren and she leaned into her friend sobbing. “It’s true he raped Katie what am I going to do Lauren? How could he do this to my sister, to our family?”

Lauren grabbed Jackie as she held her into her arms she saw her friend break down and she knew all she could do was be there. Stroking her head and hair letting her know that she was there for her. As she helped her friend up she knew that Jackie was broken. This was a blow she knew that Lowell was a lothario but to be a rapist. Lauren began to cry with her because she knew how it was lose a dream of the man you loved. Taking ahold of Jackie by her shoulders she shook her slightly because she saw Katie sauntering up the hallway behind Jackie. “Listen to me your children need you. They need you to be a mother because this is so hard. They will be so crushed when they find this out. You need to pull yourself together do you hear me.” She said softly as she looked up at Katie standing over them like the greatest demon on someone back. “Honey I think she’s had enough.”

Katie paused as she pulled her lips in bawling her fist not knowing what else to do. She felt so much rage for Lowell and hate for what he did to her. She also had a slight grateful feeling because he gave her Zerick. As she reached out to her sister she looked at Lauren. “Jacq, I have forgiven you a long time ago. I’m bitter because I thought you knew. I thought you left me even after you know Jacqueline. I was always in your shadow and then this happened. I thought you knew for so long because of.” She paused as she wiped her eyes. “Seeing you like this I know you didn’t know sister. I don’t expect us to be friends but I do expect us to love each other and I love you Jacq! I’m so sorry this has kept us apart and that I let my own thoughts of what you knew keep us apart. I couldn’t and I can’t lie anymore because my recovery depends on the truth and I am saying it now. I’m sorry your husband isn’t the man you thought.”

Lauren at first thought Katie had come to hurt Jackie even more. Then when she heard her words she felt Jackie trembling in her arms. Looking at them she knew that he was a lot of love and hurt between the women. They both needed this and she wanted to continue. “Jackie it’s okay you can hug your sister. You can tell her you didn’t know honey.”

Jackie was so shell shocked that she didn’t know how to take in the information the ugly truth that she had been faced with. She clung to Lauren Fraiser of all people like her life depended on it and took in her words that she had to be strong for the children now. Children that would have to reconcile what their father had done. When she heard her sister’s voice she looked at her not sure what to say she was still sobbing how could she not believe Katie? “I didn’t know.” Jackie said quietly her voice breaking she didn’t know and if she did, the horror of it was she chose to not believe Katie over Lowell and that horrified her to her very core.

“We both didn’t know.” Katie said walking to Jackie and touching her sister shoulder. “I blamed you and you didn’t know the monster you laid with every night. I just looked into my son eyes everyday as a reminder.”


Lowell felt strong enough to walk around as he used the hospital rails as he stood he felt a beaming pride. Pulling his body along the rail his leg wobbly to it’s first step. Before he knew it his body began to cripple almost falling to the floor. As he looked up and saw a petite blonde young girl standing before him with two easels. “Help me.” He called out as he saw her charge away dropping the easels. As he completely collapsed to the floor this had whatever pride he had a few seconds ago dissipate. As two burly men arrived and they helped Lowell up to his wheelchair. The doctor looked over him and he felt his heart palpitate and he immediately waved them off. “Young lady!” He called out to the girl looking at her pale face. He’d scared her clearly and he began to feel his sympathy for the fear he placed in this girl. “Why were you here? It’s late.”

Belle had started her first day at the hospital and they had her coming in later in the night to interact with none other than Lowell Devonshire. David had informed her that she had to keep Lowell calm. Rumored had it they were thinking of sedating the man during these test and to keep him calm was the goal but she was failing miserably. As she picked up the easels and placing them in front of him as she looked into his eyes. “I came here to do art therapy it keeps your hands moving thus range of motion. So I’m here to help you put your emotions into the canvas. I have my supplies outside so get ready to paint. That’s why I am here. You are the infamous Lowell Devonshire right?” Belle asked incredulously trying the feign ignorance.

“I think you know who I am.” He laughed looking at her as he nodded at her watching her pick up the supplies. He didn’t want to lose the motion in his hands right now. Shallowly he didn’t want to look even more like a involent in a wheelchair. As he looked at her bringing in canvases and painting supplies. As Belle began to set up everything he watched her. “What makes you an art therapist? I mean you couldn’t older than what? Nineteen?”

“Twenty thank-you very much.” Belle said sassily as she poured different colors on the palette. “I was a student at the Royal College of Art. As you can see I’m not American so I think that my skills and art work got me this job. I do think that I’m quite overly qualified to speak to someone about their emotions by understanding.” She said carefully. “I understand that sometimes people can speak to perfect strangers instead of their very own family. I was in therapy from twelve to fourteen when I was sent away to boarding school in Ilsa De Cruces.” Looking at her she saw he was impressed with her pedigree. “What your children aren’t the only rich brats in the world.”

Lowell let out a hearty chuckle at her blunt attitude. “I just am shocked Ilsa De Cruces has some of the best boarding schools in the world. I wanted Chauncey to attend but his mother refused. I’m impressed your mother had the love for you to let you go. Although meeting you I can see you weren’t scared to go into the world.” He began to slowly mix the colors together. Then start to dab the dark black and green paint sludge on the canvas. “Well I will say this young lady whose name I don’t know. I am in a storm in my life. I don’t know where to turn either way if I stay in my marriage that is crumbling or fight to be happy in my last few months alive. You see young lady whose name I don’t know you aren’t ready for my life. No amount of therapy and wise British quips will fix that.”

Belle sat silent. “My mummy always says that you either grab life by the balls or are ran over. My name is Isabelle Archibald and I am so sorry you are dying and you are also facing this but your happiness is all that matters. Forget your family if they are pissing you off or hurting you. Right now you are entitled to your happiness because you have whatever little life left.” Looking at Lowell distinguished but sunk in face she began to sketch him on her canvas and then smiled looking at him. “I think you have as much life as you want inside of him. I assure you. I promise that you have people in your corner.”

Just as Bliss walked into the room with a vase of roses and balloons for her father with Hunter holding her right hand as she walked into the room. When she looked up she saw her father sitting painting and then she looked at the girl sitting on the bar stool chair. That was her she saw earlier in the month when she was in the hospital with Fox. She began to smile at Belle and looked at her daddy. “Hello, hello, hello handsome.” She said leaning down and kissing his cheek. “I heard you had a fall daddy please how many times are you going to risk hurting yourself seriously. Your bones are brittle and I won’t let you hurt yourself so you can feel twenty again young man.” She wrapped her arms around her father as she looked at Belle. “Hello Isabelle, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine Bliss you look amazing.” She said sarcastically as she looked at Hunter. “A upgrade for sure Princess for royal jackass.” Belle turned and looked at Hunter. “Isabelle Archibald, I’m Belle’s god-sister.”

Lowell watched the two women friendly but both were apprehensive of the other. Seeing Bliss eyes rolling when she introduced herself made him question their connection. “Well this is interesting now isn’t it. You’re Bliss’s god-sister which means Tess is your godmother. Which means you’ve given me some bad advice.” He teased slightly tapping Belle elbow with his own. “Hello my beautiful daughter how are you?” He grabbed her hand. “And you Hunter I have to say although you’ve been with two of my daughters I can’t see a better man for Bliss.”

Belle recoiled a little when he called Bliss his daughter only from the sheer amount of jealousy coursing through her veins. She wanted Lowell to dote on her. She wanted her father and very soon he’d be with her. It took everything in her not to scream that she was his daughter also. That she wasn’t Tess Blisston goddaughter but biological daughter with him. “I used to think that Dimitri was the man for her. Then she ran.”

“Enough Belle, you don’t get to come here and judge me matter fact this is my father’s room and I’m so not sure why you are here.” Bliss said looking at her god-sister. God this girl had always been a brat but for one moment Bliss felt something she didn’t ever feel for Belle. She reminded her of herself just the looking at her that age took her back to when she was just as a bratty and just as invested in Dimitri. “So what I’m saying is whatever rock you climbed out from underneath please go back under. And go.” Waving her hand to the door.

“God-mummy has invited you to dinner I do hope you attend. It’s going to be delicious and Mr. Devonshire I’ll be right back. Please request me if you would like to do some more art after this.” Belle packed up her things as she turned and looked at Bliss. “Oh Bliss I’ve moved to America and mummy would love a day with all three of us. I’ll be back I can get you some more colors Mr. Devonshire.” Belle eyed Bliss bitterly and purposely walked away.

Bliss flopped on the bed rolling her eyes. “She was a brat when she was a child and it hasn’t changed now that she is adult.”

Hunter looked over at Bliss and the other girl she looked like Bliss some sort of family resemblance. When the girl got a name it was nice to finally have that for him Belle Archibald. It clarified why Bliss had wanted to find her the other day for him she was Tess’s God daughter and from the looks of it no doubt they had history. Lowell looked so frail in the chair and he knew that moments like these for them would only get harder and he wished Fox was there too. He placed his hand on the small of Bliss’s back as he saw the other siblings file in with Chauncey and Rory along with Natasha. This was the right way for them to gather Rory had said the results would be in and they could put the nonsense of Zerick’s claims behind them. He saw Jackson arrive without Dani and the twins and saw Lowell’s face perk up a bit. “It was nice to meet you Belle.” He finished as Max arrived with Sebastian.

Max looked over at her siblings as she arrived they had agreed to surprise her father and spend the afternoon with him. A nice break from the hectic schedules they had all been doing the last few days and weeks. Their mother was not there she had a last minute trip she had to take and she hadn’t asked where or with who. Her parents were beyond fractured right now as a couple and the strain was large and vast for them as a family now. Perhaps this could be the first steps to fixing that or at least she hoped it would be, hope that she felt sometimes was fleeting. She looked up at Sebastian with a small smile as she looked at the young girl leaving the room. “I think we are all almost here surprise.” Max said leaning down and giving her father a hug as she watched Rory arrive.

Rory had just finished up some prep work on the app launch which would be happening in the next few weeks and he had agreed to meet his siblings to cheer up their father. Easy take him out for a walk around the grounds after his physical therapy session, surrounded by his children and grandchildren as he spent the afternoon with them. Everyone was there but his mother and he swallowed knowing how strained it was between them. How desperately he wanted to believe in his father’s claims, how much she did. Soon that would all be resolved and he felt his phone buzz and swiped at the phone seeing it was the results from the lab. He heard his siblings phones go off and knew they would get it as well, he had made sure of it when he filled out the results paperwork. His entire world stopped as his eyes glanced at the results and he felt himself gripping the phone as his eyes met his fathers and then each of his siblings in absolute horror at what they were all looking at.

Jackson walked in after dropping Dani off at Renards she was still looking for her wedding dress and other things she needed for the wedding. His cell phone buzzed and he couldn’t believe what he saw and the horror on his face as he saw it register on all of his siblings faces. It was then he saw a young blonde girl walk back in with painting supplies. “Dear God.” He said with his stomach clenching.


Dani had finally got out of the house after a doctors appointment that morning and Jackson had went back to work, both her mother and Jackie had finally left them alone. Meaning that she was going to do one thing and one thing only today, get out of the house with the twins in tow and go shopping. She was eventually going to go back to work but for now she could work from home as needed and get a sitter when they needed to both be at the office. Life was still hectic but the twins were finally settling into a schedule, Donovan had finally decided that he would sleep through the night and so were she and Jackson. Wedding planning was going fine now that they had picked a date but she did want a wardrobe refresh so what better way to do it that an outing to Renards. She pushed the double stroller through the doors and let the employees take a look honestly she preferred the twins stays her and Jackson’s just a little longer. No paparazzi to chase them around but she knew that wasn’t realistic so this was a good test run in her eyes. She pushed the stroller quietly around the infant section and grabbed a few outfits trying her best to be quiet. She turned to the women’s section and saw a few dresses that she liked and grabbed them to try them on for size and made her way to the fitting room she was stunned though when she bumped into Brenda and Brooke.

She didn’t know what came over her when she looked at Brenda but pure anger for her mother and everything that Brenda and her father had put her through. She had never not disliked Brooke or even Hunter when they were kids, she just thought they were extremely stuck up rich brats and it wasn’t like she chilled with Hunter in school. She saw Brenda looking at the twins and shot her the most snide look she ever could to keep her damn distance, just because her dad decided that he wanted to start to fuck her again did not make her anything other than a homewrecker to her. She relaxed a little when Brooke leaned over the stroller to take a peak, she couldn’t find it in her to actually hate Brooke or cast her anger onto her. “Hey Brooke.” She said looking at the younger girl and then wondering why Brooke was so at peace with Brenda anyway. “I’m actually really glad that I ran into you considering everything that happened with your mom and my dad.” She paused for a moment seeing the confusing look on her face and Brenda glaring at her.

Brooke was trying on a dress for the Governors ball that Atticus and she had been invited to by Charles Hessington and her older brother Anderson. As she looked at Dani dodge the paps she immediately felt her heart pull to the babies. For some reason she was intrigued by the story of what happened to her. Considering she was involved somewhat last year seeing something not stomped out by Kendrick reign of terror was refreshing. They were truly adorable. The girl was up and alert while the boy slept. She folded her arms when Dani said something about her mother and Walter Fraiser. She heard gossip but seeing Dani actually confront her mother sort of startled her. “Well I don’t listen to idle gossip and neither should you Dani.” She said concerned over Dani’s actual well being. She didn’t think her mother actually ripped apart Lauren and Walter did she? “I mean mother this is a perfect time to clear this up.”

Brenda stood frozen unsure of what to say at this moment. She knew Brooke, Hunter, and eventually Anderson would find out about her past misdeeds. Wrapping her arms around herself she stepped forward as she looked at Brooke and Dani. “It’s nothing to clear up dear. Sometimes gossip has some pains of truth in it. I sadly have to state that this is the truth darling. Steven and I stayed with each other for you children but neither of us loved each other Brooke. You are old enough to hear this but I carried on a passionate relationship with Walter and it’s spilled over into now. Right now. He may be very upset with me but we are in love and make no qualms about it Lauren isn’t a innocent in this story.” Brenda said embarrassed that Dani and Brooke. “I’m not here to apologize about my personal life from you little girl and you can keep your judgment to yourself. It wasn’t your place to put your nose in my personal business. I can see why that girl exposed you for your abortion fakeout.” Brenda hissed looking at Dani.

Brooke stood in shock as she looked at Dani’s shocked face. She was completely hurt at her mother’s cold and callous words. Her heart had already been shattered when she calmly and so offhandedly said father and she weren’t in love. Her lips quivered as she looked at her mother. “Wait so what’s all true?” Brooke said looking at Dani. “Are the tabloids reporting facts when they say you two had a child?”

Dani glared at Brenda her hands gripping the stroller as she threw what happened with Lex in her face well at least she didn’t have to fake an abortion or anything like that. If anything Brenda’s words hurt her and drove her even more angry at the lies that the woman had spouted over the years. Lies that had destroyed her entire family, especially her mother. She would never understand how her mother let alone Jackie did it stood by while the men in their life cheated on them, had kids with other women and held their heads up. She looked at Brenda coldly. “The only reason my father is back fucking you is because my mother had enough of his and your lies. I’m going to make this very clear to you, you will never and I mean never be welcome in my family. Let me clear up the confusion for you Brooke. Your mother got pregnant and decided that it would ruin her perfect little life with Steven so she decided to go to Florida and get rid of the child and she did. Handed it over to some nunnery without ever telling my father about it and then she came home to her perfect life with your father, Anderson and Hunter.” Dani spat looking at Brenda with so much hatred that she didn’t even know she had it in her and then looking at Brooke’s shocked face.

“I take it she didn’t tell you after the election when she stormed to the Pub to reveal it to my mother, your mother is a lying snake. I can say a lot of things about my father being that he was a pretty shitty husband to my mother and a mediocre father at best but at least he and my mother had the fucking balls to tell us instead of continuing on like normal with the lies.” Dani said Jolene started to fuss and she leaned down to place her pacifier in her mouth to soothe her as she looked at Brooke and saw the hurt on her face. It wasn’t exactly how she pictured this all coming out, her mother had told her and Braden in private and they in turn had confronted their father on it over the summer. She almost wanted to laugh it meant that Hunter had no clue either and she saw Brooke looking at her mother to deny what she had said. “If you want her to not lie about it I wouldn’t hold my breath. If you want I have the proof my dad shared it with us last week, they had a child together that she gave away a girl imagine that irony he would have gotten his precious girl with Brenda.” She said pausing for a moment realizing she was projecting onto Brooke and mixing in her feelings towards her father at the same time, something Brooke didn’t deserve.”We could have all been step siblings or some weird shit like that I thought she had told you.”

Brooke felt like her entire world was crashing. As she looked at her mother her mouth hung open listening to what Dani had to say. She couldn’t believe that her mother had a child with Walter Fraiser. Not only that she gave the baby up to keep her pristine life with father. Tears started to burn in her eyes no wonder he was having an affair with Carla Luciano. As she turned to her mother she gasped it was making sense. She wanted a perfect daughter last year because she gave up a daughter. Those words that Dani was saying to her made perfect sense. Trying her hardest to hold back tears. “No my mother much rather me hearing something like this from a practical stranger.” She said with enough vitriol to burn Renards to the ground, as she turned to her mom. “I tried to be as perfect as I could for you and you wanted me perfect because you gave away my big sister? I have to assume this child is before Hunter and I right?” Licking her lips she wiped her eyes refusing to sit and listen to this anymore. “The way you just talk about this with such ease. The way you are making it sound like you are the hopeless teenager in love that just couldn’t stop herself. You have a child with Walter Fraiser and let someone else tell me. You are insane mother and what is the worst aspect is that you think we are going to support this. Dani she was just talking about dating Walter if you didn’t tell me, I don’t know how I’d find out. You are sick mom and I honestly don’t want anything to do with you or the great douche bag Walter Fraiser. Sorry Dani, we would never be step siblings because I would never accept my mother with your father not now and not ever. I’ll get myself out of this dress and I’m going to find Hunter. Stay away from me.” Brooke stormed away as she began to run to the other side of the dressing room to get help to get out of the gown she was in.

Brenda stood covering her mouth as she watched Brooke run away and call Hunter and he’d no doubt call Anderson. Her secret was out and here she was standing weakly as she saw her daughter charging down the hallway of the dressing room. Lowering her head she didn’t know what to say. She loved Walter and Anderson was what she deserved. After years of climbing to the top against the likes of Jackie and Tess she was a somebody. She was finally someone against those bitches the first lady of Atlas Falls. She felt just as small and lonely as she had when she was a little girl. When Lauren won Walter it was a slap in her face all those years of trying to sophisticated and he went for the farmers princess? She was jealous and she couldn’t help it. Her chest heaved as she walked up to Dani slowly each step more precise than the next. Stepping in front of the younger woman she looked down at the twins and smiled. Stooping down gripping JJ’S finger she smiled at the baby and then looked up at Dani menacing.

“You have loved and lost so much haven’t you Dani? You had the perfect life laid out for you with Lex and then it was shattered. Lies and betrayals all around you and you just stood there and took it. I bet you said never again didn’t you? Yet you didn’t put yourself in my shoes have you? Your generation seems to understand that you shouldn’t wait. That’s why you and Jackson are together. We however had boundaries that kept us apart but right now little girl you’ve crossed a line that your mother never crossed. She kept my children out of it. You took the option for me to tell my children the way I wanted. I won’t forget that Dani and I will come for you when you least expect it little girl. I’m going to show you why your mother kept silent. I’m going to dismantle your happiness piece by piece. This war and what you’ve done is ignite the flame. As if a Devonshire needed another enemy. I am after you and don’t forget it.” Brenda stood up and smiled as she looked at the younger woman. “My daughter was correct you never had enough flash to be my child you basic boring little snotty bitch.”

Dani looked at her knowing that messing with Brenda right now would do no good and likely get back to both her parents. She inched the stroller back from Brenda’s grip and watched as she released JJ’s finger. “Your right you could never be my mother no wonder you were so jealous of mine over the years had to be hard to look at yourself in the mirror all those years. Now if you’ll excuse me I should be going.” She said as snidely and as rudely as she could before she walked herself and the twins away.

Stepping in front of Dani one last time Brenda glared at her then out of instinct touched her shoulder. Leaning in she kissed her cheek a society woman way of saying game on bitch. As she stepped back and looked at Dani. “Your parents were on a road of destruction long before I my dear. You blame me but your mother never satisfied your father’s most carnal urges. It’s sad to think about the truth that she just wasn’t sexy or sultry enough. She didn’t have the fire I had and maybe if she didn’t let Victoria die in a car crash she’d have her husband. Trust me little girl you’ve went up against meek rivals. I’m going to decimate your happiness. Piece by piece and when I’m done I’ll set whatever happiness you have ablaze with my fury. Have whatever is left of the good days because little girl the dark days are coming.” With that Brenda turned around and walked away no longer interested in dresses or makeup. Rolling through her phone she settled on a number she hadn’t called in years. They were once good friends but Dani would pay dearly. The line rang a few times and she finally heard a thick French accent answer.

“Pierre love I need a favor. Please get me in touch with your daughter Greer I would love to have a sit down with her. Well I’d also love a sit down with you.” She laughed as she looked at Dani. “Talk to you soon Pierre.” Her face grew into a scowl as she looked at Brooke hyperventilating down the hall. Then she made the second call which would help her destroy Dani. After one ring he answered with no hesitation. A dear friend from the past. “Charles Hessington, I hear Lex has taken a private practice? Well I just fired my attorney do you think he’d be able to commute? Fabulous I’ll be coming to visit Anderson this week. I think I should get out of town for a little while. See you soon.” Ending the call she felt like she’d already won the impending war.


Natasha got off the elevator to Greer’s penthouse. When she was little she was so intimidated by this girl and things hadn’t changed. Right now she was the only thing in the way of her getting her company back from DGI grips. As she walked down the hallway she fluffed her dark locks and looked at herself in the mirror in the hallway. She paused she loved how stunning she transformed from her awkward youth. Anytime she was around Greer that little girl who hadn’t healed from the pain disappeared. She walked to her condo door and knocked on it and held her breath. The doorman had let her up and she had a few questions because everyone around town had heard Greer was gallivanting with Brock Fraiser. She knew that  Chauncey detested any Fraiser or Montgomery and by her dating one it was enticing him to speak to her. It was drawing him in like a moth to a flame because the other night when he spotted them she felt it. She felt him pulling away and going to her. Just seeing him driving past to the airport and them laughing in a carriage. This all killed him and she truly saw him hurt that made her afraid. Afraid that Greer would be buzzing back when Chauncey did what men do and sniffed around her again. As she knocked on the door a housekeeper briskly opened the door.

Natasha stepped in and the modern penthouse made her feel like she was still on top. The LeClerq’s were naturally obscenely rich. As she sat down in a smaller room no doubt where Greer plotted and planned which the maid lead her to. When she saw Greer walking down the stairs with perfect wet hair and silk robe on. She wasn’t planning on this being a long visit good. This meant she could give her this warning and leave. As she stood she saw a smug smirk on her face. “I guess natural sunlight isn’t good for everyone.” Natasha said snidely immediately as she folded her arms. Watching the maids bring in fruits, bagels, fresh cream and butter, teas, and even mimosa. “Whatever this is with Brock Fraiser is this a scheme to get Chauncey back? If so then give it up I just secured deals you decimated government contracts. So it’s over Greer he’s mine and stay away.”

Greer laughed as walked to the tray of fruit picking up a strawberry. Taking a bite she snickered again looking at Natasha. “All that with Chauncey is history and I hate to tell you that we all don’t wake up with a face full of makeup. I mean has Chauncey ever seen you natural darling and I don’t have no strings attached to my relationship with Brock. You however are worried that I will snatch Chauncey back well thank-you for letting me know that I can. You come to my home pouting and saying stay away from Chauncey and I don’t want him. But I can take your man.” Greer said taking a bite of the strawberry. Walking by Natasha she looked at the other woman and felt all of her fear and rage. She was always such a frigid bitch and now seeing her coming to kiss the ring was funny. “So what you are basically here for is to tell me to stay away and I have no interest in him? Maybe I should go after Chauncey. Did he tell you the sex we had in Egypt when we were there. I rode him until the sun rose the next morning. Have you two had sex like that? I doubt it.”

Greer sat down at the table and she poured herself a glass of juice. “I know that this might be hard to swallow. Some people have connections and chemistry. It’s nothing Chauncey and I can do about that. He’s always going to burn for me and I will always lust after him. At this very moment though you have nothing to worry about. I’m not after your man but tell me how is he doing. Everyone is saying Lowell raped Zerick’s mother and he’s still not at the top of DGI heap. So I guess that little cheap ploy you did with the government contracts aren’t going to get him in good graces. Understand that alright? I spent months destroying Chauncey perfect image until he didn’t even care about being with me in public. Those conservatives on the board of directors surely haven’t forgot me and all my scandalous outfits. Now if this all I have a long day ahead I have a meeting at MontCorp. So enough with you Natasha.”

“You won’t dismiss me Greer!” Natasha said calmly as she folded her arms. “The same deals you ruined, I’ve fixed and made even more profitable for DGI. You will be a footnote in the history of what I am about to do not just for SandStar but DGI. I have a plan and you or nobody else will stop it. So bitch stay away from my man! I don’t know any other way to say it. You will stay away from Chauncey or I’ll ruin what you have going with Brock. Savannah was the woman who he was dating before you? What if she popped up.” Natasha said frankly as she leaned in.

Greer did the same as she looked at Natasha and smiled. “I’m not you. I’m not a replacement and I’m sorry to tell you but Savannah could never. Nor could you, but to give me competition with Chauncey, Logan would have to be dug up. I know my place and no matter what he says or you if I want him, I’ll take him. Right now I don’t want him so go. Is that the answer you wanted?” Greer asked flippantly and before she could insult this bitch again she felt a cold rush of orange juice on her face.

Natasha stood with the glass in had shocked at what she had just done. “You’ve never looked prettier Greer.”

Greer grabbed the syrup which was in a silver pitcher and threw it directly on Natasha. “And you’ve never been sweeter.”

Natasha charged at Greer grabbing her by her hair. “This is for boarding school.” Tossing her into a wall. As she heaved wiping off the syrup on her designer dress. “You are insane this will never come out you bitch!” As she quickly ducked as Greer threw marble art accessories at her. She immediately knew that this was out of hand.

“Ms. Greer!” Oliver said to her trying to defuse the situation as he looked at a shocked Brock.

“I’m going to rip every hair from the root of your follicles.” Greer ran up and grabbed Natasha not paying attention to Brock or Oliver who were watching. She slapped Natasha and felt a sting of a slap right back and before she knew she was on the floor with her robe off. Wearing nothing but her bra and panties scratching and clawing at Natasha. When Greer felt an arm around her waist she bucked wildly trying to get back to her. “I’ll destroy you!”

The butler held Natasha back and she pushed him out the way. “Get your damn hands off of me. Brock you seem like a good guy if you stay with this shrew you’ll regret it I assure you of that.” Natasha stormed out.

“Shrew? That’s you! You came all the way here to worry if I want Chauncey. Which I don’t by the way!” She screamed at her. As Brock placed her down. “She’s such a bitch! I didn’t do it and don’t look at me like that. I didn’t come after her she came after me.”

Brock had went in for his shift got off a terrible three car pile up to then shower before wanting to head over and see Greer. They had a good date the other night and he did feel that they were making leeway with each other, his fear of horses be damned that was the most frightening thing he had ever done. He walked up to the door and was let in by who he assumed was Greer’s staff and he almost rolled his eyes at the fact she had a butler. It was a reminder in many ways that they came from very different worlds he couldn’t imagine paying someone to do stuff for you. Instead he walked in and saw her fighting with Natasha Hassan and went with the butler to break up the fight. Greer was a mess with orange juice all over her face and Natasha had syrup all over what he assumed was a designer gown. He didn’t really care who started the fight but he knew what it was about Chauncey. That made him uncomfortable for the most part Greer had been under Chauncey’s skin and vice versa and part of him had to wonder if Chauncey was not going to marry Natasha for whatever reason if Greer would even want him like that. When he was sure Greer was calm and Natasha was gone he let her go.

“So you were fighting if her over Chauncey? At least it wasn’t over your breakfast.” Brock said as he handed her a towel to dry off her face, he could be an adult about this. If anything men in there family mostly took the high road other than his uncle who seemed to only pretend to take the high road. He tapped his foot for a moment watching her dry her face as he looked at her. “Do you really mean that with Chauncey that you’re completely over him? I’m not stupid Greer and I know you guys were carrying on a full blown affair including fucking wherever the needs suited each of you.” He paused it wasn’t really his business but it was rumor that he knew to be true from his cousin that she didn’t care about hurting Zerick and Chauncey didn’t care about hurting Selina with their affair. He was not going to be that guy the one that sat on the sides and just did whatever to roll with the punches. “Tell me that if Chauncey was still single and not about to marry Natasha after my cousin’s wedding that you would still be with me and not him.”

Greer paused as she wiped her face looking at Brock beginning to become infuriated. “Listen to me Brock. Chauncey told me it was over because I sabotaged his entire chance to get DGI into his clutches. Now did I love him? I don’t know because honestly Brock, I don’t know what love is? We had something that was so passionate and electric but Chauncey wasn’t what I needed. He brings out all my worst impulses and most insecure thoughts.” She said wondering why everyone seemed to believe that she wasn’t over Chauncey? Greer knew they had a fling and affair that was the talk of the town but to hear Brock talk about it for some reason stung. Sitting down on the table she looked down. “He was something special to me. For once my ambition didn’t have to be hidden nor did my sexual drive. He was amazing to me in so many ways. I never loved Zerick but I cared, to be honest I think that I did have a lot of love for Chauncey. No man has ever worshiped me like he did and that is what I always wanted.” She paused looking Brock in the eyes.

“The deal is that I’m not that girl who sits around for a man to understand that I’m special to him. He doesn’t seem to get that no matter what we had a connection. However our connection has been broken since he found out who I was. We don’t see eye to eye and he feels like I betrayed him which I did. I put him directly against his family and that was good. So right now if you ask me if I’d be with Chauncey or you then I know the answer clear as day. I wouldn’t be with him because he doesn’t or won’t treat a woman correctly if her name isn’t Logan. I am fighting a ghost and I refuse. Not only that I wasn’t the nicest at the end of the day. I wouldn’t go back to Chauncey because he doesn’t make me reach for the best he indulges my worst.”

Brock wanted to believe her that she was trying to better herself and so far he had no reason to doubt her story after the baby shower she had tried with his cousin. He wanted to believe that she was over Chauncey and their affair. He went to the stairs and went upstairs grabbing her a new robe as he came back down and wrapped it around her. He wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do but she honestly looked shocked at him. Not that he was opposed to fancy lingerie that she was wearing that clung to her perfect ass and breasts but he was not going to take advantage of her right now. He was raised better than that and it seemed like she needed him to listen to her and not take advantage of her something he wondered if Zerick and Chauncey did to get what they wanted. He took the towel and cleaned off her face as he saw the hand print and reached into the ice bucket grabbing a cloth napkin as he wrapped a few cubes up and then placed it on the side of her face. He was pretty sure she would have a split lip too maybe and he smiled at her.

“I just wanted to know people like to talk Greer and if you’re going to be around my family well they’re going to talk and ask questions. I want to be able to answer those questions about where we stand.” Brock said looking at her, it was the only answer he had for her he would have to take her at her word about Chauncey. It wasn’t like she was out there chasing after him yet he couldn’t help it he wasn’t as fancy as Chauncey he didn’t have the money or the name to really be that person. He was the guy that worked hard and put his family first and learned to love the people and appreciate them in his life. “Not that I know we don’t have to bring it up again. I think ice should help with the swelling and if you want makeup should cover the rest now that we have that out of the way I have been meaning to ask. Dani invited everyone in the family over the Devonshire mansion for Thanksgiving this year. I would like for you to go with me you could met my parents and siblings, everyone will be fussing over the twins on her side so I don’t think any drama could happen. Unless you had plans with your father of course.” Brock said as he helped her up and led her into the kitchen to check on the wound.

Greer felt special that he was inviting her to Thanksgiving. Leaning in she touched his jacket and smiled at him. “Well Mr. Fraiser you have a date and my father detest Thanksgiving he says it’s why all Americans are so fat. I think that I will enjoy my first Thanksgiving in America that I get to celebrate with a very handsome man who is taking care of me.” She purred looking at him. He was amazing and actually sweet when he got her another robe and helped clean her up. Not only that he got her a ice compress so her face wouldn’t swell. He took care of her and she felt safe with him right now. “I think me getting to know the Fraiser will be so much fun.”


Cassie looked at the nurse outside the hospital her source for the story that she had been working on the last few weeks. Lowell’s illness which so far had been kept secret for now as soon as she verified a few more of the things that she had just learned she would be taking this to the press. If anything for her mother, so much of her life had been shaped by her mother’s choices to be the great Lowell Devonshire’s lover all those years ago to see him as some sick and frail fragile old man was satisfying. Her mother took her own life all those years ago because her father refused to divorce her and she refused to stop her affair with Lowell. Lowell that was quickly becoming something that not even she expected a rapist of the worst fashion if rumors were to be true. Her own father would never do something so vile and she reached out to the young girl handing her the two thousand dollars that was promised in exchange for the information. She put her phone back in her purse and placed it on her shoulder.

She looked down the hallway as she saw Bliss arrive with Hunter and couldn’t help the feelings she still had for Max and Bliss. Her brother was currently bound to a wheelchair the rest of his life even though he went to physical therapy twice a week to try and get his legs back working. All because of the Devonshire bitches and Max’s web of lies with Hunter. Hunter that lied to the police about what happened, Bliss stood by and covered it up and her brother had his livelihood stripped from him. Running the story on Lowell would bring her brother some sort of justice knowing that Lowell would be forever tainted by it and that Bliss and Max would have to deal with the fallout. Sometimes she wondered how she had gotten with Jon and the path they were on, she wasn’t this nice person that he always thought she should be and this would solidify that. She had no remorse about selling out Lowell’s illness and the Devonshire family secrets when it came to the news or the press. Taking out her phone she sent off the text about the story and the information with Lowell to Jon telling him she was going to run it. Looking up she saw her father standing outside the building looking at her. They hadn’t really spoke since the reveal about Yasmine being her sister, adjusting the bag on her shoulder she spoke.

“Not like you to come all the way down to the hospital and Philip doesn’t have any therapy today so I assume you are here for other reasons?” Cassie asked, she didn’t think she had to ask after all she knew the answer. He was here to see Lowell, to see it with his own eyes his enemy on his knees in his final years of life. That was why her father had come all the way down to the hospital, not for charity or for some normal check up that was why they had a private doctor growing up. “Came here to see for yourself the great Lowell Devonshire at his weakest.”

“It does me no favors with Lowell dying. No matter what they will all see a once great man falling and that will make everyone sympathetic when I snatch his company for him. I will once again be the villainous one something I’ve been good at my entire life.” Forbes said slowly strolling up on his daughter as he looked in her eyes. “You look so much like Audrey at times it scares me. I see your mother in every move you make. You are far stronger and aren’t as innocent as you seem. Tell me Cassandra what would you do with the truth? Your mother loved Lowell more than me and always did. He choose Jackie which was wise because Audrey wasn’t built for our lives. She was fragile and I’m telling you this for a reason. I’m here because I need to see that he is dying. You need to know the truth.” Forbes paced to Cassie as he leaned against the wall. “My dear how did you like that picture I sent you? I have to say that you are a strong woman so telling you this will have no connection to us. You are angry with me thinking that I’m controlling but my controlling ways have found out the truth.”

Forbes watched her face register what he was saying. He’d known for a few weeks Skye and the Hessington’s secret and if Jon went snooping then he would find out the truth. “Oh Cassandra you fell in love with that good old cop and I warned you the good ones have secrets also. I warned you that Jon Harrison wasn’t a angel my dear. You’ve set your beloved good guy on a path to find out that Skye Morgan gave up their child to Ryan and Whitney Walker.” Seeing her beautiful face emotionally crack. “Oh let me tell you when I found out I was just as shocked. History is ugly and the truth is all going to be delivered to you tomorrow but since we both are here. I’m looking at my mortality and I don’t want my daughter hating me at all and I don’t want you blindsided by this mess. It’s unraveling and you’ve given your hounddog Jon on the case then he’s going to find out so you need to know. I was going to tease you with the truth but I hate to see my blood not know the truth. Cassie, Skye had your fiances baby.”

Cassie pursed her lips as she listened to him speak about Lowell like he was some little cockroach that they would all trip over on their way to the next house. She got the text back from Jon and then looked at her father of course he would want her to not run the Devonshire piece she had been working on.  “A man falling of course but they will also finally see them for what he is a monster. No one is going to back him this time father, the evidence is far too damning in this case from what I have uncovered. Rumors are one thing, but tips that you have given me with Dr. Andrews, Zerick’s own testimony alone in the piece will cast a light on Lowell. A light that will not be some shiny bulb that has always happened. He raped a woman father and to think that mother laid with him all those years. He raped his own wife’s sister you can’t go much deeper or darker than that.” Cassie said turning she looked at him again knowing running the story would effectively end her budding relationship and future with Jon too, but she felt like she had to do it.

She looked at him when he said that he was the one that sent the picture to her of Miles Hessington and slowly it began to tick inside of her. Skye had a baby and that baby was not Jackson’s but it was Jon’s meaning little Miles Hessington was adopted into the first family of Pennsylvania without so much as an eyebrow raised. Meaning that Jon never knew that Skye betrayed him like that. Her hand slightly trembled at the information too that meant that Skye would be forever connected to Jon that he would always be tied to her while she would be what exactly? He was always asking her to settle down and marry him, which she did agree too and then to have kids with him, when he already had a son out there. “It was you who sent me the envelope, you knew that I would start asking questions. Jon loves me, he proposed to me not Skye. Skye would lie her way through anything and really father do you just expect him to what forgive her for it?” Cassie asked the wheels had already begun to run in her head at the possibility when it came to Skye Morgan how easily Thor had all but abandoned her and their friendship for her, Jon of course had been with her briefly before they got back together and now they had a child together. “How did you get Charles to even tell you about it? They don’t talk to anyone about Miles’s adoption the records are sealed.”

“What makes you think that old stubborn bastard would give me anything to hurt him? Look the adoption was legal but there is some grey in the adoption. Skye was very high during her pregnancy and she can say that they possibly coerced her. Lex has covered that Jon has a long road before getting his child back, if he ever does.” This wasn’t the reaction he wanted. He didn’t want her content he wanted her furious. He wanted her to set fire to the world. She was always so calm maybe afraid to let out that side. “I called a few attorney’s I know and if they can look as a united front. Tell a story of a tragic war hero who killed a innocent little future Isis member. The druggy starlet who is just making it. I hear she’s auditioned for a play that’s getting so much buzz. This has nasty custody battle written all over it. I’m telling you this not to hurt you. Cassandra if this was me I would be using this to my advantage. You have a leg up on Skye but she’s holding a major trump card. Even if Jon loves you so much he’ll be invested in Skye and that boy. Don’t think you are that important, than getting that baby. I hear he’s been pawing at the thought of knocking up you. But remember one thing Cassandra you are a Montgomery and if you marry Atlas Falls gold fucking boy you have power to wield unbelievable power. To sway Jon is to sway the people.” Forbes looked into her eyes. “Power we will need to sway the people when I take DGI.”

Forbes looked at his daughter. “Take reigns and get him back but what do you want Cassie? But knowing the good man Jon Harrison is he’s going to fight for this child. Are you willing to get him on board with me and I’ll do whatever to keep your perfect world together. I need you and the fact the media is destroying Lowell right along with his very own body well I couldn’t pray for anything better. Now that we both understand that this expose has to happen. What are you going to do? Tell me Cassie what do you want to do? I’m so sick of you being the punching bag of Max and now Skye Morgan that orphan bitch it won’t happen. Decimate her before she becomes the martyr in this story and the sympathy bestowed on her. I want you to be the child I have raised. They believe we are beneath them but when we rise. Philip, Yasmine, Joaquin, Mara all my children will be covered in glory soon and your names in diamonds. When DGI is gobbled up by MontCorp.” Forbes touched her hair as he looked at his daughter. “Audrey wanted us on top I can tell you that. She wanted you and Philip to be everything in Atlas Falls. Just like those Devonshire’s.” He lied with a straight face. “You’d be stupid to ignore this warning Cassie use it.”

Lawyers did things sometimes and even then it was not the best or the right thing they did instead they did and often dealt in levels of grey. She knew that Lex Hessington was one of those lawyers had been for most of his career, respected for it. Her father knew that and when he warned her about how Jon and Skye would present this whole thing to a judge she knew that he was right, Jon would leave her for Skye. Miles had parents in her mind and from all accounts he had good ones, it wasn’t like someone twisted Skye Morgan’s arm to lie to Jon about the baby or adopt him out to the Hessington’s high or not. Jon had been wanting to get married as soon as possible even though she was resisting and refusing to answer him about it. He wanted kids and the white picket fence complete with a dog and two or three more. She was not ready for those things at least not yet and she found herself listening to his advice on taking what was hers and burying Skye Morgan along the way to the point that Jon hated her. She had all the pieces to the puzzle now thanks to her father and she controlled the news in Atlas Falls meaning she could do with it as she wished now.

“I think what I want is to make sure Skye Morgan never has her claws into Jon again, I know that isn’t what you want to hear you’ve never accepted my relationship with him. You say you want me to be your daughter and to be like mother at the same time. You kept mom from Lowell for years or maybe Philip and I did and maybe this makes me completely selfish if I do the same to Jon and Skye.” Cassie said trying to rationalize it in her own head this was the way that she could fully keep Jon away from Skye. There would be no happy reunion or whatever Skye had in her mind when the truth came out, if anything she would fuel that truth to come out. Plant the seeds that she needed and she began to wrack her brain on who it could be that she could turn to, it then hit her. She could send Miranda to sniff out the pieces of the puzzle. “You have given me what I need I’m not stupid father so thank you for that. This works well to my advantage, as for the Lowell story. I’m going to run it and ruin that little legacy that he has built based on lies with Zerick.” She said looking at him not sure why him beaming at her so proudly almost made her feel guilty for doing it. “As for Yasmine what do you expect me to do go down to the ghetto and braid her hair and have a spa day where we get our nails done too?”

“What I expect is that you actually try to get to know your sister. You’ve been the one child less than receptive of her. She’s hard around the edges but no doubt she carries Montgomery blood. I’ve taught you nothing if you can’t see the importance in that. She’s your sister and she’s one if the most important people to me. Each of you were raised with me from you and Philip down to Mara and Joaquin. She deserves a shot to be apart of this family and she deserves less snarky comments from you. Don’t make her feel less than because you hated it when Max did it to you. If I recall I shook you very hard one day when you came home crying about Max. I need you to bond with her. She’s a good young lady and since you and Philip put her on a pole her trust in you two is less than none.” He said as he looked at Cassie. “I expect you to do what I never did in a lifetime be diplomatic and be human.” What he loved is watching her eyes glow with darkness. It was fire burning inside of her.

“No it’s not selfish at all my dear. You see Skye isn’t innocent and since I know her past I can tell you that she isn’t innocent nor is she good. Understand that I’m not here to condone my past but to let you infuse your common sense with that. You aren’t manipulating Jon you are fixing what could be a problem in your future. You think for one moment if I didn’t care I wouldn’t be here explaining this to you? Telling you these secrets. It’s quid pro quo kid. That’s for sure and I want you to understand that I’m not and I mean I’m not going to let Lowell rest in peace. Every breath I take until my dying breath will be to destroy this man. I’m trying to stop what has happened to me do you understand? You can’t be behind the game of life and I’m equipping you with everything. I may not like Jon but I know enough that he’ll be a fine father and man to you. He won’t harm you and that’s all I ask.” Forbes touched Cassie hair. “You deserve the world and it’s time you claim it with all it’s worth. Stop being the victim because if Skye and Merci those two little orphan whores have it their way she’ll end up with your future husband and a life you want with him so very badly.”

Cassie almost felt like rolling her eyes at the getting to know Yasmine comment she didn’t even associate with her other siblings and yet he wanted her to get to know Yasmine. She was local and they would run in the same circles from now on so that would be the sacrifice that she would have to make. She would owe him now that he had helped her with Jon and his situation with Skye, not to mention the way he was going with with Lowell. “I’ll tell you what I’ll help Yasmine to adjust now that she’s coming out to society. Philip and I will have to answer questions about her and about how she is a part of this family. Should make for some scathing articles when it comes out that we let our own sister strip on a pole because daddy dearest couldn’t tell us about her ages ago.” Cassie said looking at him for a moment as her phone buzzed and she looked at the text back from Jon that he would be at work late. She placed it back in her purse as she looked at her father and his driver while they walked to the exit of the hospital.

“I would rather die than let that bitch Skye get away with what she obviously did to Jon about lying about their child. I want him to see her for what she really is a lying whore that never cared about him or his choices in the matter. It would be even better for her to lose Thor in the middle as well, did you know that he had the audacity to sit there and side with her over me?” Forbes said as she looked at her father and she paused for a moment knowing it was all she had going for her with Jon. Her happy ending depended on Jon not only being with her but also letting Miles stay where he was something she was sure could never happen while Skye was a part of their lives or in town. It also still irked her that Thor had sided with her, she and Thor had been friends and lovers for years and she hated that Skye now had pullover their relationship to the point that Thor was in her web. “I think Jon and I could be happy if that so terrible in the long run for you? Were you and mother ever truly happy before she started to have an affair with Lowell? I’ve always tried to figure it out while we were growing up. You ran away so quickly to Angelica after mother died was the ground even dry yet?” Cassie asked when they finally reached the car.

“We were happy once.” He said honestly. “I wasn’t so jealous and she wasn’t looking for a man to be better to her than I. Cassie when I first met your mother she was the most beautiful woman and striking. We danced the entire night and then we started to shatter after Philip. It happened so fast one moment I was loving her the next she was sleeping with Lowell. After than I was sleeping with Trisha and God knows who else to get back at her. I think it was revenge at first, a way to make me hurt and it did. Then she actually fell into Lowell’s web and before I knew it my wife wasn’t my soulmate. She was another man lover and didn’t want our family anymore. Now if Audrey was here she might remember it differently but I know we did love each other. Once upon a time we did.” Forbes said gulping down the dry lump in his throat. He felt like every moment was a lie after awhile and eventually Forbes just gave up. The fighting became much more intense and eventually she just gave me. She gave up on them and her children. Out of all his wives Audrey was the one he loved the most but hated even more. The way she left them made him resent her forever and he could never admit it to his children but he hated her. His relationships with Philip and Cassie might not be that strained if she was there. She was there to say he tried at least at one point.

As he stepped into the car he saw Cassie looking at his face the pain of those years echoed into his mind. “I wasn’t always this man. I wasn’t always a monster and I did love your mother. I loved her more than I knew because to this day I haven’t forgiven her. There I said it, I don’t forgive her for leaving me with you two children and being so selfish especially not for Lowell Devonshire. That man truly didn’t deserve her and she didn’t even know it.” Forbes leaned his head back and he felt like a weight just lifted off of his soul. “I have never been the same since Audrey death and I don’t think I can ever be the same. As for Skye you will finish her off and because she doesn’t know you know, Cass you have the advantage against her. Don’t forget our pedigree and don’t forget what you want. I might not understand Jon Harrison but I know he won’t be a dog to you. I know that he won’t hurt you Cassandra and that means a lot to me. So although I don’t think he can provide the way I want, he’ll love you more than I could or any man could. I guess that’s a exchange for him being poor.”

Cassie watched him get in the car wrapping her coat around herself as he spoke about his relationship with her mother. She always thought it was volatile and when he finally confirmed that a relief came over her she and Philip hadn’t imagined that part of their childhood with the various nannies their father employed. His other words haunted her a bit that he hated her just as much as he loved her but she supposed that was what her mother’s affair even more she understood it was the fact that she took her own life opposed to staying with them. She had blamed him for so many years about her mother’s death, it was a hard subject for her and as the car pulled away for the first time in years she finally understood her father’s pain. For a split second she wondered if she was going down a path she could never come back from and realized she didn’t care as she realized what she had to do with the information she had about Miles.


KC walk back and forth as he looked at Diego, commanding officers and a new chief of police because the interim police chief was leaving. KC nearly died and Diego nursed him back to life and now he was home. He was home and couldn’t tell a lot of the most important people he was back until they got Ronan. Looking at the board of faces only one they had was Ronan on shooting them. The others were just suspected hunches and everyone connected to them died and vanished. Mavis Escobar was the murderous African-American grandmother who ruled the west coast drug and human-trafficking ring.Kelly O’Connor one of the deadliest mobsters in the country with multiple hitmen and assassins at her disposal. She runs one of the larges drugs and is the main supply to all of her other cohorts. Vladmir Stavridis a Russian refugee who rose to supremacy due to Bratva downfall in. Now he ran the midwest with a iron fist. Then there was Ronan staring at the man who shot him at point blank range and somehow he survived to take them down. Looking at the new police commissioner Paul Weston a veteran police officer. Now with Diego walking him into the room. He saw Jon, Devin, Miranda, and Zach all behind them. All the members of his task force he requested. Diego had two other FBI agents coming from Quantico this would be his dream team. Watching them all walk in and lock eyes with him he knew it was time. It was time he needed to speak to them and for them to understand the danger. Once everyone was seated he looked at them.

“Three years ago today I was shot and almost killed when I was going up against this man.” He pointed at Ronan Madden. “He shot me along with his at the time right hand man Kendrick. We all know what happened to him so I guess karma has a way of making some people pay. When I was undercover I uncovered a linked connected tissue of four main mobsters in the United States. The trickle down of these four people go to gangs, biker gangs, klansmen, and anybody we don’t want to have the drugs and weapons. Madear Mavis Escobar a cold blooded ruler of West coast she married a Colombian kingpin Francisco Escobar. She’s ruthless and her father was a black panther and she’s beloved in her community. Rumor is Mavis killed Francisco and took over everything. Kelly O’Connor mob princess turned lawyer turned mobster she’s a textbook case of darkness not power corrupts absolutely. She has a troop of assassins in her wing considerings she swallowed two other rival factions in the cartel and the triad. Vladmir Stavridis is the most dangerous man I’ve seen in a long time. He comes from old school Bravta and he’s the most sadistic out of all of them. We all know him but these four individuals have come together and are distributing eighty percent of the drugs, guns, and prostitution. They have their hands in so much illegal activity the RICO act will be the only way to get them to flip on each other. I’m here to bring this cartel down and I’m asking each of you to help me.” KC cleared his throat. “If you have any questions about any of the plan I’m about to lay out. Please let me know.”

“Recently I’ve gotten word that Giavannia Falcone is here in Atlas Falls. Not only that but she has a direct vendetta against Ronan Madden and Thor Luciano. I have a snitch on the inside and they are feeding me information. She’s aiming to become a fifth member of the cartel and kill them all taking over everything. I propose we do a mass sweep on them at a meeting when they plan to vote Gia inside or not. It’s coming up and they don’t have a certain date but if we go under RICO we can have all police for each jurisdiction, feds, and the DEA. What I’m proposing is taking back America from the hands of these people and making it seriously safe. We have corroborating evidence that they are linked.” KC pulled out the files and looked at Miranda. “We have children and some of us will have kids do you want these people still in charges behind the scene?” KC felt like he was blubbering and he paused. “Any questions so far?”

Jon sat in silence and the flashes of Kendrick reign of terror echoed in his mind. The street gangs raised him up to be the monster he became. If they cut the head the the body would fall. He heard that for years and felt KC words. Whenever he became a father he would want his children to be in a better world and taking these scumbags down would make that. Looking at each of their faces he mentally made a list to see each of them in handcuffs. He wouldn’t be satisfied until it happened. Ronan eventually manipulated everything to make it go his way last year. He didn’t suffer any consequences at the fact that he helped fuel Kendrick. As he folded his arms he raised his hand. “Our families how do we protect them during this. If you have a mole KC, then they have connections inside of this. I don’t care that you are FBI and I don’t you know you chief and I respect that. I will get to know you but I have to know my family and loved ones are safe. That’s all I can ask because I know that we aren’t safe to take on these people because no offense look at what happened to you KC.”

Jon had been looking into the Miles Hessington adoption and with a private eye he worked with once on a case that lead to Philly. He’d found out that Whitney and Ryan were in fact looking for a baby at the time but he was shocked to learn that they were in the early stages. It was then he went on YouTube and saw a video of Whitney being interviewed by Diane Sawyer about the adoption. She lied directly and not only that his contact in Philly said that Lex Hessington handled everything. This was getting interesting but this was more important Nova Padaria was still helping him. She was his inside woman and the best private eye he knew. “Tell me that Diego because you didn’t save KC and we all suffered.”

Diego let KC take the lead on speaking to the people in the room it would be an undertaking it would take time and the utmost secrecy inside the agency. It would mean that most of the agents and officers in this room would be working the case full time in order to take down all the heads he knew that for Atlas Falls that mainly meant Ronan. He was glad that the rest of the bosses were mentioned they had been trying to get both Stravidis and the O’Connor organization for years and they had lost good people in that fight. He wondered how connected it all was and who exactly was KC’s mole was something that he had even yet to figure out. KC had been deep undercover for over a year almost two working his way up in the Madden organization so it could be any of the contacts that he knew. He looked at Jon and shot the other man daggers, KC knew the risks going into the operation and as a friend he had encouraged him to let another agent handle it. KC had refused and lived his double life on and off over the time till the operation went wrong and Ronan put a few in him. It was higher ups who decided once they found his body a day later and he was in a coma that Miranda and the others needed to believe he was dead, especially Ronan.

“You know what Harrison KC knew the risks you want to have beef with him over what happened you take that shit up with him. He went in every day to work with Ronan to get what we needed to almost take him down he knew at anytime that he could be compromised. I did keep Miranda safe, Ronan never found out KC was married or had a child. Us going out publically to announce that he is not dead changes that but it is necessary now.” Diego said looking at Miranda and he meant it, they had all assumed it was best that KC stay dead according the FBI it meant that Miranda and Quinn could continue without an identity on the run. It was necessary when KC was in his coma watched under lock and key unsure if he would ever awaken it was the only way to keep them safe, especially when one of Ronan’s men had showed up to the funeral and he had made sure that the man was not able to ever clearly recognize KC’s grieving widow. KC had turned everything upside down however when he saved Miranda from getting ran over and snuck off to visit his daughter when he awoke, Miranda had went undercover as an employee at the strip club. “But to answer your question we have all the man power we can to make sure the officers and agents involved have constant surveillance on them including your sister, niece, yourself and your nosy reporter girlfriend.”

Jon felt a little more at ease. They were going after the countries most dangerous criminals and if that was the case they needed added protection on their families. He snickered at the nosy reporter quip Cassie was more than that, she was a force. If someone came after Cassie he’d worry about them. As he looked at Miranda who had the same fear in her eyes as when KC first went undercover. He didn’t want this life for Miranda but she insisted on becoming apart of law enforcement. This was her cross to carry when it came to KC he also knew KC was married already to the job. Miranda and Quinn were his heart and soul but his brain was a cop through and through. He wanted them to live some happily ever after together as a family but he also knew KC wouldn’t be at peace until Ronan was behind bars.

“That’s all I wanted to know Diego but I wasn’t asking for a reason why you kept our loved one away from us it’s clearly apparent that you didn’t give a damn about anyone else but your glory.” He saw the look that Devin was giving him along with KC. He was pissed this guy had the nerve to come to Atlas Falls and judge there department when he was keeping KC away from them all. As he looked his friends he knew that he had to stop but it was a lot of animosity in this room. That made him wonder how this was even going to work if it was so decisive already.

“What I have a question about is the vacuum of power that creates in the underground. These people falling don’t mean new ones won’t rise and who is to say that this won’t be even worse. Turf wars and lots of bloodshed over who is on top. Let’s just take Scottswood for example even with Walter Frazier’s great plant to revitalize that community Ronan being taken out plunged it into total chaos so let’s just think about what taking down Mavis, Vlad and Kelly will do to other communities.” Zach said looking at them all. “We could be creating Kendricks and all new monsters but is that the risk we are taking? I mean what do we have other than KC saying Ronan shot him and does the FBI have proof that these people are connected? I mean is this case a slam dunk because if so let’s get them if not then we have a problem?” He said looking at them. “KC or Diego explain this because RICO can get them but not without the evidence.”

“It’s not that simple you cut off one head two more take its place I agree with Jon.” Miranda said as she looked at her husband and Diego Jon was right. Once Ronan was gone Thor would take over and looking at all the pictures on the wall she knew that another would rise up in the other families either Kelly’s siblings or her daughter of she was groomed. Vlad and his children there were so many choices and she stared at Giavanni she was the last of her family other than a vegetable that she has seized control of. It was no different there once one was gone others would rise up it was the nature of the beast and their business. She saw KC looking at her about what she was going to say next and wanted to support his grand idea but knew her brother was being the practical one. One of the things that irritated her was the new captain that job should have went to Jon the moment he was cleared in Kendrick’s case. “It’s a fine ideology but you saw first hand how Ronan operates and word was he was going to marry that O’Connor woman years ago to solidify it. You have no guarantees for this plan in place it could turn ugly and ugly quick for all of us. You all have a cushy job in DC to go back too we get stuck with the pieces.”

Devin sat at his desk looking between Jon and Miranda and back at KC and Diego. She and Jon were right and he looked at Zach who was all but going into the FBI and he was sure of it. Evidence was what they needed and right now they had none other than Yasmine and she was not going to flip on Ronan after the trial. She wasn’t stupid and if anything likely feared for her life after the ordeal with Kendrick’s. His stomach churned at the idea but it came to him. Miranda had worked in the strip club she had gotten a few contacts and from what he knew Ronan had never caught on that she was a cop on the inside. “We could always send Miranda back under. Her cover was never blown by Yasmine and Kendrick never got around to telling Ronan she was undercover. I know you don’t want to hear that KC but unless you or anyone e else has an idea for actual evidence you are living in fantasy land with catching any of them without it.”

“Glad you both said that. My informant has informed me that the in a couple of weeks they’ll have their quarterly meeting. Not only will they talk about Gia entering the cartel but they’ll be informing each other about business opportunities. If we can wire that room we’ll have the conversation of each one of them. Yes we could cut off the head and five other appears is the saying but what if we wipe clean the slate? I mean under the RICO Act we can pick up all associates of these people and everyone who we know has committed crimes underneath them. That means hitmen, cousins, uncles, and hell even daughters if we have to. I put this on my life if we get those recording then we can take them down. I say we wire that place the moment we find out where the damn meeting is. Then once we do that we have them all.” KC said looking at the room. “We’ll be there and if we can get a confession then we can end this nightmare. That’s a no to Miranda going undercover and I don’t think we should discuss it further. Considering she’s my wife and if Ronan or Thor find out she’s dead. Not only that she won’t be going undercover because this is a operation that doesn’t need that. I have the informant who is willing to testify. Only if we lock them up though so that’s the first step.”

Jon looked over at Miranda and wondered exactly what she was thinking concerning this. KC clearly wasn’t here for Miranda going back undercover or being undercover in the first place. Either way it was going to be used to the police advantage again. He knew that well enough to know that if you told Miranda no about something she’d do it anyway. “She hasn’t be fingered yet so why should she now? I mean I hate to say it KC who else could get into wire that building?” He looked at them all as the silence said it all.

“I can.” KC said looking at them all. “I can break into the warehouse on the docks and then wire the entire place before anyone even knew I was inside. So I suggest that before my wife and your sister goes undercover with the man that stole almost three years away from me and all of you.”

Devin saw Miranda glaring at her husband and for once was glad that he wasn’t the one on the receiving end of the glare. Miranda Harrison, or now he supposed Rhodes again was a damn fine cop and an even better undercover one. Truth was he knew that she had worked her ass off to get on that unit and he knew that she wasn’t about ready for her own husband to steamroll her out of it. If what they were saying was true Miranda already had the connections to the meeting spot she could slip in and out and he realized for KC it was about wanting to protect her for Miranda this was such a pride issue and he leaned back in his chair shutting his mouth on the matter.

“You don’t think I can do it?” Miranda said looking at KC and then at her brother as she clenched her fist at him ever since he had come back into her life he was paranoid. Which she got it they had dangerous jobs and of course at any moment that could be taken. But he had left and she had worked her ass off day and night being a single mother to go all the way up to the undercover operations part of the precinct and she was not going to let her back from the dead gung ho has to do everything husband take that away from her. “Are you going to put on a bodysuit with tits and wig to go in?” She saw Zach and her brother snicker and KC glare at her and continued. “Yeah I didn’t think so you’d be shot on sight I already have the connections to plant the wire. I wasn’t made in the investigation to Kendrick and Yasmine never gave up my identity.”

Diego saw KC and Miranda staring each other down and he got both sides of the argument the truth of the matter was KC wasn’t going to be able to walk into a building and plant a wiretap no matter who his informant was. Everyone in the Madden organization knew who he was and what he looked like. No one knew Miranda’s identity did he like sending KC’s wife in on a whim something could happen, no. But it was their best bet. “One of you is going to have to back down, think about this practically KC.” Diego said hoping that KC saw reason and just relented if not that was going to be awkward at home.

KC knew she was one of the best damn officers in Atlas Falls. The truth was that he couldn’t deal with being a single father, or having to bury her. It was selfish but he didn’t want Miranda in the way. Miranda although had other ideas. “Fine but you do this my way. Diego and I are running the show and I won’t let what happened to me happen to you.” KC said looking at her. “I won’t let you leave me or any of us. You have to have some way of communicating with me. You also have to stay in visual of the warehouse. I know you can do it, I just can’t think of anything happening to you. I stayed hidden so nothing would happen. I’m back.”


Val parked her car inside the parking garage wondering what in the hell she was doing here Jamal was working with Ivan in the studio and while things with them were going good she felt like she was ignoring the other person in her life with Kelsey. It all seemed like so much back and forth, if she was happy didn’t that mean that she should be happy with Jamal and not still be hung up on Kelsey? Turning off the engine to the car, she double checked her phone to make sure that Kelsey was actually home and then she saw her car parked in the garage. Grabbing her coat and her purse she shut the car door locking it to walk to the elevator to take her up to the condos. She wasn’t even sure that she would be welcome here with Kelsey but she didn’t like that they weren’t even talking either. Kelsey knew what she was about when they started to screw around Jamal knew now to so it wasn’t like she was betraying either of them by wanting to be with Jamal sexually at the moment and then be with Kelsey when she felt like it too. Once she reached the door she knocked and then knocked again.

“Kelsey I know you are in there. I already called the hospital it is your day off.” Val said not sure if she was going to open the door or not. They did need to talk or at least come to an agreement about what was going with them and with Jamal. Hell maybe she could even convince Kelsey to jump on board and share. Jamal seemed open to the idea. “I know you are mad about the other night at your cousin’s baby shower but I was hoping we could I don’t know talk.”

Kelsey had hair wrapped up in a turban and her comfortable robe on. She had on SZA on the speakers and a nice bottle of wine. Plus she was planning on binge-watch whatever buzzy show so she could look like she kept up with whatever everyone else was watching. Taking down her turban she walked to the door and resisted opening the door. She was smarter than that. Why was she still entertaining a girl who clearly was lost. She knew that she should stay away and every bone in her body was saying don’t open the door. Yet it was her, Valentina the girl of her dreams. Latina and extra spicy not only that she was talented designer and woman. She was classy but not stuck-up and it all made her fall for her harder. She opened the door as she looked at Val.

“I am busy Val, I have a date.” She lied briskly as she looked at her. “This girl doesn’t have to be so confused. Look I don’t mind people being bisexual what I do mind is that people are who have no integrity doing so. Sexuality is fluid but I won’t be the girl who you fuck and screw on and then you vanish from my life. I don’t want to do it. So how about this Val we go back into we can forget about each other. You aren’t my speed and I deserve a grand love story not some joke of a relationship. This is a joke and I don’t want to be laughed at anymore.” Kelsey reached for the oor to close it.

“A date with who that floozy doctor at the hospital that is so far in the closet she doesn’t know when to come out?” Val said looking at her and pushing her way past the door and a small smile appeared on her face knowing that Kelsey didn’t even try to stop her. She didn’t think that she had vanished from Kelsey’s life, Kelsey was the one that got her panties in a bunch when she attended the shower with Jamal she knew what she was about and right now it was about wanting both her and Jamal at the same time it wasn’t like she was an open or closed book on who she wanted to be with, it didn’t make her confused. Or at least she didn’t think it did, if anything it allowed her to be herself and experiment till she was sure that she had found the one and could be with them. “Listen I showed up with Jamal to the shower because he invited me and everyone there was wearing my designs. If you wanted me to go with you all you had to do was ask, so let’s not pretend that I’m the only one putting up walls in this.” Val said placing her bag down on the counter as she looked around the condo, she’d been here so much over the last few months mainly at night for a lovemaking session she never stayed till the morning.

“Jamal is a nice guy, you’re a nice girl you say you want to accept that I’m bi but you turn into a jealous witch when I’m with him over you. I like you both why is that so hard for you to agree too, I can care for you both equally and who knows maybe if you wanted to get to know Jamal you could see he’s not all that bad either.” Val said looking at her she didn’t want to lose Kelsey but she didn’t want to pick between her and Jamal either she tapped her foot on the porcelain tile for a moment before she walked to her and leaned in kissing her lips softly. She felt Kelsey kissing her back and deepened the kiss before pulling back. “There is the woman that I love the calm and not jealous one. We have chemistry Kelsey you can’t deny that no matter how many times you go on dates with other people. So can’t we just pick up where we left off before the shower? Jamal knows about us now so I don’t have to run off and pretend with him either.”

Kelsey couldn’t help but to feel like Val was underneath her skin, or she cast some sort of spell on her. She knew that she was enthralled with her and now here she was looking doe eyed and even more in love with her. She couldn’t help it the sex and conversation was something addictive between them. Slowly licking her lips she looking at Val and touched her cheek wondering what she could do. What she could do to make it better so that she understood that she couldn’t come in and out of her life. That she couldn’t come to a baby shower for her cousin and just stand there with a man. When she already told her big brother how she felt. When her heart was so full of compassion for her situation. She was Catholic and she was honestly in a rock and a hard place. She cared for Jamal but couldn’t get enough of her and she knew it. Kelsey felt the connection and if Val truly opened up she’d see it too.

“Val I understand you are bisexual but I can’t help but wonder what you are going to do if I truly move on. Then you won’t have some woman bed to slip in and I hate how this all makes me feel. I see you with him and jealous or not you understand what you are doing to me. You are making me feel inadequate against a man.  A man I can’t help but feel like you truly care for him. Which is beside the point, I don’t want to be second choice to you or anyone else. I’m sorry so unless you can figure this out. Unless you can tell me I’ll be first choice then we are done.”

“We don’t have to think about that just yet do we Kelsey? If we did you would have actually closed the door in my face.” Val said looking at her as she moved closer to her she knew what she had to do at the moment seduce her and make her forget all about the what ifs of the world when it came to them and what was going on. She moved to Kelsey again and leaned in wrapping her arms around her waist as she looked up at Kelsey and moved some hair from her face as she leaned up and placed her lips against Kelseys for another kiss. She let her hands travel over the fabric of the robe and then her fingers finally found the tied belt and she pried it open. Pressing Kelsey against the counter as she deepened the kiss and her fingers traced the lace on her panties. “Do you want me to stop?” Val whispered, she didn’t give Kelsey a chance to respond as she placed two fingers into her heat and moved her lips down her neck.

She felt Kelsey tugging at her hair and couldn’t help the small moan that came out as her fingers began to move inside Kelsey’s heat and she took them out placing them in her mouth as she saw Kelsey watching her. She had the most gorgeous eyes and she wondered if Kelsey wanted her to finish the job or not as she pulled back slightly watching Kelsey’s skin and face blush and then her breathing relax as she leaned into her again. “I can always leave if you want but I’d much rather take these clothes off you and fuck you the rest of the night into the morning.” Val said as her hand moved back to Kelsey’s body and her thumbs flicked softly over her nipples through the fabric on her bra. She leaned down placing her lips over the fabric to suckle her nipple a bit and then tug back pulling gently as she looked up at Kelsey. “So of course it is your call but for tonight you are my number one choice not Jamal.”

“No.” She said with a bit of shame and sensuality. Kelsey couldn’t help it, she didn’t want anyone else but Val. Her lips tasted like the honey and bourbon drink she loved to drink. She gasped as her fingered her and touched her nipples. She wanted to scream no. She wanted to push her away but the more she resisted the more her body failed her. Kelsey body and mind were screaming out to Val and even though she knew it was all a ploy to shut her up. Right now she just wanted to feel her tongue on her body and wanted to explore every inch of Val. As she removed her robe letting it fall to to the floor and ripping Val shirt open. She was in love and couldn’t say it, she was angry and couldn’t express it. Every bit of her was losing this game of wills. She cupped Val breast and slowly kissed her shoulder and unfastened her pants.

“I don’t want to hear his name anymore. I like Jamal, he’s a good kid but I’m also selfish.” She said looking at Val. “Just don’t hurt me.” She said as she quivered due to Val’s hand still in her pants. “What are you doing to me?” She had sense she would never fall for a straight girl. Not only that Zach told her how Mason suffered between two worlds and she wondered if that was how Val was. She was bisexual but she wasn’t happy because she was going between Jamal and she. Either way right now she was hers and she was touching her spot so all thoughts of her anger left her mind. “Please Val slow down.” She purred still feeling herself being fingering furiously.

Val heard Kelsey’s pleas and continued her assault with her fingers she used her tongue to kiss Kelsey’s mouth working her way down her neck and then stooped down to do the same to her nipples, reaching her hand around to the strap on her bra. Undoing it she let the piece flutter to the floor and took in how beautiful she was and she leaned down taking her nipple into her mouth and sucking gently removing her hand temporarily from Kelsey’s heat as she did so. “I can slow down.” Her hands went to her hips instead to steady Kelsey against the counter as her lips traveled lower and lower finally reached her bud she moved her nose along her thighs, feeling Kelsey shudder at the action as she opened her legs to her. “You’re so fucking gorgeous I can’t wait to use you as inspiration for my new lingerie line.” Val said looking up at Kelsey’s pleading eyes she finally gave in and leaned in covering her with her mouth.

She moved her tongue slowly back and forth over her seam using her small hands to pin her in place as she felt Kelsey bucking against her mouth. She continued her assault in and out slowly relishing every taste as it flowed in her mouth. She felt Kelsey pulling on her hair and released one of her hands to reach up and grab her breasts continuing to feast on her center as she gently rubbed her left breast between her fingers, rolling her nipple till it was nice and hard. She reached over and did the same to the other one as her other hand moved back to her heat and she continued to suck and tease her. She heard Kelsey moan again and broke the contact of her mouth to look up at her as her fingers continued the steady agonizing pace. “This how you want it babe? Do you still want it nice and slow?”

“No give it me.” She gasped as she looked at her head rolling in between her legs as her eyes began rolling in the back of her head. She had her hands pinned against the wall. She couldn’t move and her eating her out was making her scream. Kelsey yelled out in pleasure not knowing what else to do. She was shivering and already and Val was only just getting started. Each touch of her skin that Val did electrified her. It was as if she had no control over this very moment or her body. Her moistness was glowing from her as her juices splashed like a raging river. She wasn’t ready to release yet. Kelsey could feel her mouth running dry and before she knew it she pushed Val back. If she didn’t she would have had a sticky surprise all over her face. She slowed her accelerated breathing.

Kelsey walked to Val and kissed her passionately tasting her own juices made this moment even sweeter. As she stepped on a button from Val’s ripped shirt from earlier she kissed her neck softly and sensually. They hadn’t broken a kiss from the moment they started. As Kelsey hands teased Val’s perky beautiful mocha breast she couldn’t help it but release from the longest kiss ever. Kelsey exhaled unfastening Val’s bra and finally tasting her milky nipples. As she sucked for dear life Val quivered in her hands. She wasn’t as aggressive as Val and was a much more sensual lover. With a fluid motion Kelsey scooped Val up and walked her to the couch. Sitting her down as if she was a piece of china delicate and priceless. As she kissed her belly letting her tongue run down her to her pulsating pussy. A small amount of juices sat in her hand and she licked up like a cat drinking milk. Kelsey brought her head down and began devouring Val’s clit. Flicking it playfully back and forth with her tongue as she slid two fingers into her. “You taste so damn good.” She said as she raised her head up then buried it between her legs again.

Val had been so focused in on what she was doing to Kelsey that she hadn’t really thought about pleasing herself at all so when Kelsey broke them apart she looked surprised. She stood up as Kelsey push her backwards almost tripping over the clothing that was scattered on the floor as Kelsey’s mouth collided with her skin. She threw her head back as Kelsey explored her body and she closed her eyes relishing in the feeling of her hands and lips on her body. It was different with Kelsey versus Jamal she knew at least that much when it came to sex. Jamal could do things to her as a man that Kelsey could not, meanwhile Kelsey could provide such an emotional impact on her. She threw her head back as a moan escaped her lips when Kelsey picked her up and led her to the couch. She felt the fabric of the couch on her skin and let out a hiss at the friction it caused as she threw her hips into Kelsey’s mouth eagerly. She let out deep moan as Kelsey’s fingers entered her and closed her eyes letting her mouth do the talking as she let the sensations overcome her. She began to shake at the sensations and knew she was close as she looked at Kelsey. “Touch yourself Kels come with me.” She said watching as Kelsey’s other hand when to herself and began to touch herself.

She kept watching as Kelsey’s fingers went in out of her flesh, felt her fingers scraping the inside of her walls along with her tongue. She felt so much pressure building in her as her breathing became more and more labored and soon she couldn’t help it as she let out a moan her legs clenching around Kelsey’s mouth and fingers as her orgasm coursed through her body. She kept watching Kelsey’s own hand wanting her lover to come as well as she let her body ride out the waves of her pleasure with her moans of ecstasy, she watched Kelsey stroked herself vigorously to get there and her voice was hoarse when she spoke. “Yes baby keep going you’re almost there.” Her breathing was still labored when she said it and her channel was still dripping wet and she only hoped she could last long enough to get Kelsey off as well if not she was happy to finish the job and return the favor.

Kelsey couldn’t breathe at the moment her fingers were inside of Val and herself she could feel herself nearing completion and about to burst. She could feel the weight of Val starting to press down her head to push her deeper. As she began to convulse in her arms and Kelsey immediately started to moan as she saw her squirting her love juices all over her face. She began to lap it up immediately. Then she began to tremor from the moment she was experiencing and before she knew it the heat of the fireplace shocked her back into reality. As she got up and walked to her robe she looked at Val and covered her mouth. They weren’t supposed to do that. She felt like she was under some sort of magical spell or something. She couldn’t resist Val. She knew this wasn’t going to end well if someone wasn’t mature.

“Go.” She said as she looked at her lover. “Val I can’t.” Kelsey said covering her mouth. “I can’t keep doing this because you are everything I need and want. I am falling so deeply in love with you and it all started from a drunken kiss but it’s more. It’s so much more than sex or and just pleasing you. I want to see you become a fashion star and I want you to be happy. I want so much for you. You are all I think about and I can’t do this. I can’t be a toy you place on a shelf and then take off when you want a taste of psssy. Get out.” Kelsey wiped her eyes as she turned away from Val not wanting to see her. “Jamal or I am going to get hurt beyond repair because you can’t choose. I don’t mind bisexuals but you have to have some dignity. You can’t float between us both, you have to choose. Until then get out Val.”

Val pulled herself together as she smirked at Kelsey being all dignified when she was shaking on her own hand a few moments earlier. She would have stopped if Kelsey had told her to but she didn’t and she had nothing to feel guilty about as she grabbed her panties and pants, before slipping on her bra and shirt. She walked seductively to Kelsey and leaned in grabbing her hand and licking her juices off before moving up and kissing her lips. “You liked that you wanted it just like I did. What if I were to make this a little less complicated for everyone. Come to Jamal’s showcase and let me share the both of you at the same time?” Val asked seeing the shock on Kelsey’s face she stepped back as she grabbed her purse leaving the ball in her court. She had been in a few threesomes before and from her experience it could be rewarding for all parties and if she could get both of them on board she wouldn’t have to choose they could all share. “Think about it okay? I’ll leave.” Val finished opening the door and leaving.


Talia was inside of the aerial acrobatic studio Cirque La Vie which was amazing place to learn how to use the silks. She had convinced David that this was the perfect place for their first date. He agreed which was funny because he wasn’t graceful at all. He was upside down the entire time and you’d think a doctor would be a little more agile. Once they were done with the class David wanted to go to the juice-bar down the street. She was still pumped up and hot so she turned to him and said. “Hey let’s walk to the juice-bar I want to um.” Talia looked down at her phone and gasped. She’d missed twelve calls from Simon and six from Dani. DGI no doubt but when she saw the message from Simon she gasped. Zerick was telling the truth and all she could do was feel that pain aching inside of her. She outed him and discredited him but he was telling the truth. Then Lowell made her feel even more disgusted. He was a rapist and she looked at him like a second father. A small gasp escaped her lips as she almost fell down. David was quick as she looked up at him.

“I’m sorry. I just feel like the wind as been taken out of my body.” She said as he held her close. “David, it’s true. Lowell raped Kathleen Davis and Zerick is his son.” Talia covered her mouth shocked that she let that even come out of her mouth. As the walked into the juice-bar she immediately sat down. “I need to apologize. I was certain Lowell wasn’t a man who would violate a woman. I was certain of it. Now I feel horrible because I exposed him.” Then she stopped as she looked at David. “No I don’t I’m on a date with an amazing guy who happens to be funnier than you’d think a doctor is. You are quite interesting Mr. Rhodes not to mention you’ve been quite happy lately. What’s going on you have a skip in your pace all of the sudden. I’m nosy Mr. Rhodes and I know everything doctor so what medicine got you so happy? Is it a Taliacet.”

David was a little skeptical of the aerial acrobatics class when Talia had said that she wanted to go there for there date. His idea of working out was maybe going for a run around the park and then a visit to the nearest Orange Theory once a week for something more intense. He was not a graceful person and struggled to stay upright most of the time when it came what they did, but it put a smile on Talia’s face so for him that was all that mattered at the end of the day. Talia deserved to smile and be happy, plus he really enjoyed the dates they had went on and getting to know her as they dated. She was funny and smart, loving and bubbly as well something that was infectious when it came to their relationship. He wiped his forehead as he looked over at her surprised that he was sweating so much as they walked out of the door. When she looked at the phone and saw all the messages from everyone. His eyes got big at the news of Lowell and Katie Davis, Lowell was his patient and as his doctor he had to keep confidentiality on the other hand this was horrific. He steadied her as they walked towards the juice bar and then got her settled on a chair inside.

He didn’t know Lowell that well outside of being his doctor he had no personal connection to him or anything like that, but he knew for Talia it was different. Talia had been raised around Lowell since her parents were close with Lowell and Jackie, she spent a lot of her childhood with them. So this had to be absolutely horrific for her not to mention the rest of the Devonshire family, Jackie especially and he looked at her. “This has to be terribly upsetting for you and the rest of them no doubt. I don’t think anyone wanted to believe Zerick’s rumor…his truth now.” David said looking at her and trying his best to support her not sure what else he was supposed to say about it. It shocked him too but he knew that not all men were good or honorable and there had been so many rumors about Lowell and his fidelity for years. He then had to wonder if Katie was his only victim. “Not all people are good Talia and sometimes you don’t know them as well as you think you do. I’m smiling because I love hanging out with you and seeing you.”

“You know I understand that David but he wasn’t like this. Or at least I thought he wasn’t. I remember him bringing me a diamond bracelet for my birthday. Max stole it and he forced her to give it back we were only seven or eight. He’s been a constant in my life for so many years and to know he’s this type of man well that disgust me. I just can’t imagine what the Devonshire children and Jackie are going through. I’m trying to think how this is going to change everything. She adjusted her hoodie because all she had on was a sports-bra underneath as she looked at David. Reaching out to him sometimes touching someone was the best way to anchor yourself to the reality that you were living. As she looked at him she smiled no longer wanting to think about DGI and the Devonshire’s. Come tomorrow it would be all hell breaking loose. Seeing Simon text a emergency board meeting was called before Thanksgiving vacation. Chauncey was moving fast as she shook her head.

“We have been having an amazing couple of dates which is making very happy.” Talia leaned in and kissed him on the lips in a sweet quick peck. She felt a slight spark when they kissed and that made her smile. They were becoming electric. “I just got shocked.” She laughed looking at him. “You are brightening up everything for me and sometimes that’s what a girl needs. I was in a really dark place dating Zerick and now I’m finding happiness that some guy who will wrap himself up upside down in a silk rope to impress me. Which is mighty impressive. I’m enjoying our time to David.” Her entire face dropped as she looked up and saw Zerick walking in. She immediately turned her head to not face him or even look at him. He’d made his choice and now he was alone and she was moving forward. “Ignore him. I’m sure he’s going to be on television gloating soon anyways. I was thinking my parents are coming to town and since your parents have moved away. What if we invite them up for Thanksgiving and I know you normally celebrate with Miranda and Quinn. Rest in peace KC, but I think we can invite everyone to my condo Miranda and Quinn included and hell the whole Harrison’s. I just want to be surrounded by love this holiday season. I’ve had enough of the dark and dreary.”

Zerick had been at his house before deciding that he needed a nice jog to clean his mind as he ran around the city and he ended up at some juice bar. The text had come on his phone the moment he walked through the door and he felt people staring at him as he checked the results and felt a weight lift off his shoulders, his mother was not lying. She was telling the truth the entire time and now everyone knew and he could continue with what he and Forbes had planned taking DGI and selling it off bit by bit as investors pulled out. They would have the last laugh at his dying father as his world crumbled around him, as he lost every member of his family and his precious company. His share of their profits from the plan would be to get his mother out of that hellhole she was in with her new doctor and here in Atlas Falls where he would haunt his father till the day he died. He saw Talia sitting with David and walked towards them seeing the heartbreak on her face and he hoped it was worth it to her, throwing them away when she took Lowell’s side he saw Dru Price enter and smiled at her a true friend.

“I was never lying Talia I wanted you to know that I warned you about it. I knew the truth would hurt you and I am sorry for that. Dr. Rhodes if you wouldn’t mind helping my father along to an early grave I am am sure myself and my siblings would be appreciative.” Zerick said seeing David look at him in horror and he shrugged one way or another his father would die there was no denying that if what he heard was true. His disease was progressing according to Forbes source at the hospital and soon he would be restricted to a wheelchair and lose control of all of his muscles leading him almost a vegetable. “Don’t look so shocked Dr. Rhodes he’s a rapist and should be treated as such not a pariah of virtue that the hospital should defend or take care of.”

David smiled at her as she mentioned Thanksgiving and he almost had to tell her the secret of KC being alive something she would know pretty soon. They weren’t going to be able to keep the secret forever and it was something that had been weighing on him over the last few weeks. Ronan could target anyone that he wanted and that meant his niece, Miranda hell himself and Talia for being with him. He was about to tell her that Thanksgiving at her place sounded pretty good his parents were traveling to his aunt’s in Florida and he had planned on working. When he went to speak however they had been cut off by Zerick at the table and he stared at the other man mouth open when he mentioned wanting to hurt Lowell and he saw the shock on Talia’s face too. He could never blame Zerick for the hate that he had to be feeling for Lowell and hoe he was created and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He was a doctor first and foremost meaning he had to care for the patients under his care no matter what they have or would do including murderers, rapists and racists it was an ugly part of being a doctor.

“Listen I know this has to be upsetting for you but don’t take it out on Talia she hasn’t done anything in this entire mess. As for my job it’s not so black and white I took an oath to do no harm I intend to stand by that oath. Are you ready to head out?” He said looking at Talia as he moved closer to her to make sure that Zerick got the message he and Talia were a couple now the man had ruined his chance with her by turning into Forbes Montgomery. He held back a lot of what he wanted to say like how the Devonshire siblings had done a job earlier at the hospital and if anything he felt that could lead Lowell into an earlier grave. He saw the other woman looking at them and looked at Zerick. “Maybe your friend over there could help you out and your anger issues she looks rather interested in what is going on over here. If you didn’t get the memo Talia has clearly moved on from your games and manipulations on her life and that of your half siblings and father, maybe it is time you do the same?”

“Did I hear some one suggest that I come over to the party?” Dru asked her voice dripping with sarcasm as she leaned on Zerick shoulder. “So I guess TMZ somehow got ahold of the facts and DNA test. Someone leaked that you are Lowell Devonshire son and let’s me the first to say congrats that you aren’t a liar and you know exactly what was happening to me that means you owe him an apology.” She flipped her long red hair as she eyed David up and down she didn’t like his superiority at all. That look of I’m better than you that she hated. It was exactly how the Fraiser’s and the Kincaid’s had. Her lip curled in pure defiance as she looked at Talia unsure of what to make of her. She turned down her bitch as she looked warmly at the other woman. “I’m sorry I just get protective over my friends and I make damn sure I don’t expose them when they were doing the right thing bringing down the devil we all know.” She said in a sassy tone grabbing Zerick arm looking at Talia. “Come we have to go grab our juice and celebrate. It’s a day to cheer and some victories are sweeter than others.”

Talia looked at this Dru woman and immediately took a dislike to her. She was clearly one of those groupies who’d be attached to Zerick because he was now a Devonshire. This girl had classless bitch written all over her. She rolled her eyes knowing that she wasn’t jealous of whatever this trailer-park Barbie was. “I hope you don’t get taken advantage of because I can tell the lower echelon of life will be knocking on the door for you. I thought Greer was bad but at least she had some sort of class about herself. You scream trash.” Talia grabbed David’s hand linking her fingers through them. “Let’s go we can grab some juice another time. When I might not get rabies by a wild animal on the loose.”

David nodded his head at Talia as they got up from their seat as he stared at the woman that Zerick was with and then over at Zerick. He felt for him and what he was going through and what his mother was going through but that didn’t mean that he got to be an asshole about it. The woman was gorgeous and beautiful but she was so full of herself and sticking her nose in things that were none of her business. She had no idea about the history between Zerick and Talia or what happened with Zerick when he arrived in town. “Your friend is only out for himself but you’ll soon discover that. Maybe you two are made for each other then.” David said giving them a look of disgust before escorting Talia away from the table.

Zerick looked at them walking away and perhaps he had played his hand too early with Talia on the other hand he had chosen to let her go for her own good. Forbes would never let him be happy with her and he had a mission that he had come to town to do destroy the Devonshire’s. Talia was sadly a part of that now that she worked at DGI she was apart of the problem the truth was out now and she could stand by his father or not. He looked over at Dru and smiled at her for her support she was an interesting friend that he had made since he came to town and he appreciated her feedback and having his back. “Thank you for your support. What brings you in today looking for me?” Zerick asked seeing his phone buzz as he froze at the text from his aunt as he looked at Dru’s puzzled face trying to gauge her reactions. “My aunt wants to met I am not sure I should agree to that. What would you do?”

“Go see her. Hell she didn’t rape your mom. Plus your aunt and do you really believe that she’d stay with Lowell if she knew?” Dru said looking at him. “I came here because I need a favor, I have been invited to the Fraiser turkey day celebration and I want to ruffle a few feathers. So I thought who better than the towns pariah.” Dru took his phone and immediately texted Jackie back saying he’ll meet her at his place. “This is the first step, look I know you don’t exactly want to be a Devonshire but look at it like this. You’ve won no way any of those people are going to support Lowell so you have snatched his family away. Now secure your company Zerick and auntie momma Jackie is that step. You are the first born go get what’s yours.” She grabbed his hoodie. “And afterwards I’d love to see you soon.” She smiled brightly looking at Talia still watching them. “Hold on.” She leaned in and kissed Zerick knowing Talia was watching. Pulling back she smiled turning her head Talia was gone. “Well now you’ve moved on and trust me you want to celebrate with me tonight and all night long.” Handing him back his phone she saw him smiling.


Rory looked down at his phone still staring at the DNA results as his entire body went blank it was true all of it and his stomach knotted and un knotted as he looked at his siblings. It was true their father was Zerick’s father, DNA didn’t lie he had been there he had seen the test be taken. It wasn’t like they just sent Zerick to a room and let him do it all on his own, his mother had ordered the test. Rage filled his entire body the more he thought about it, the longer that it sat that his father had pleaded with them that he was innocent. When it was all a lie and his eyes met his dad’s as he watched Chauncey digesting the news, saw Jackson’s face. He saw Dani enter with the twins and saw her check her phone to join Jackson in shock. His sister’s faces were filled with absolute horror and he looked at the blonde girl in the room, she needed to be like gone ten minutes ago.

“You need to leave, this is a family matter.” Rory said flatly looking at her gathering her things and waiting till she was gone before he finally spoke looking at his father. “You’re sick, you’re a sick bastard. You sat there and told us that you didn’t do it.” Rory spat his entire body shaking with rage as he looked at him, the worst part was he believed him. He had looked his father in the eye and blindly believed him that he wasn’t a monster. He had went after Zerick when he didn’t even stop to think that it could even be true, he betrayed his own brother for pride and belief in his father, belief in a lie. “I believed you and you just manipulated all of us into thinking that you didn’t do it.”

Belle grabbed her supplies as she looked at Rory pissed expression and looking at her siblings she didn’t know what was going on but she knew it wasn’t good. “Pardon me.” She walked out and pulled out her phone in her pocket and she began to text her mummy.

Chauncey was still staring at the irrefutable evidence that was on his phone it was a match meaning that his father was worse than the monster that the news made him out to be. Being a monster in business was one thing, people loved you for it, they envied you for it, they would do anything to be you for it. Being a monster who raped their own sister in law was something else all together. He saw Rory and Jackson losing it, saw the disgust on Max and Bliss’s faces saw the horror on Dani and Natasha’s. Saw Hunter reach out to hold both Rory and Jackson back and it felt like the ground went out from underneath him. His poor mother, his aunt not to mention Zerick. He was speechless for the first time in his life he didn’t know what to say to the man that raised him. The man that he looked up too, there wasn’t a lot to say to it. He watched as the young girl left the room and then saw Rory unleash on their already frail father.

“You said you didn’t do it.” Chauncey managed to get out not even sure what he was supposed to say to it. He got that his parents marriage was not perfect it wasn’t some hidden secret that his dad fucked around on her but to rape his aunt and have a child with her? That was beyond his comprehension it stood against everything that he believed in. Anything would be better than his father’s constant claims of denial a simple we got drunk or high and fucked would have put everything to rest. That never had happened though he didn’t say how it happened, no he looked at all of them and told them it never happened. “I want your resignation as CEO by the end of the day. You wanted me to take charge this is me taking charge, no one will touch DGI after what you have done no one.”

Max felt sick it was the only way to describe what she felt as she looked at Bliss, their father had raped their aunt and Zerick was not her cousin he was their half brother. The man that braided her hair on occasion, read stories of knight and dragons to her. Of damsels and kings and queens was nothing more than a fraud that raped her own aunt. A man that always told her when she was older it was alright to take what you wanted, that it was alright to fuck around as long as you got caught advice she had headed over the years. Advice she had taken and actually used when it came to her marriage to Hunter and she felt so much shame in that moment. She had cheated on Hunter so many times first with Ryan and then with Philip, she was sure there were others but sometimes she could barely remember their names. What happened to her aunt however from what she knew of Zerick’s account that wasn’t the case, it wasn’t consensual. Her aunt was drunk or high and her father, she shook her head not wanting to believe any of it not even able to get anything out of her mouth. She felt Sebastian’s hand on her back and looked at Chauncey knowing he was right. Tests didn’t like, black and white truth didn’t lie and now they had to deal with it. Her father could never sit as CEO now ever again, no one would invest let alone work with DGI if this was true.

“You said you didn’t daddy.” Max finally was able to get out feeling her eyes well with tears as she looked at her father and she almost laughed. His face was still in confusion like he still expected them to believe the lie that he was innocent. Her thoughts went to her poor mother and what she had to be thinking at the moment and she saw Bliss doing the same. For as much as they fought she got why her sister was going through the same emotions she was at the moment, even more form Bliss. She had been in an abusive relationship and no doubt Dimitri had maybe even done that to her, she had never asked. To know that their father did that to their own aunt though she gripped her sisters hand. “You lied daddy to all of us. How could you?”

Jackson stood in shock as he looked at his father. The words that could come out wouldn’t. The anger that threatened to explode didn’t. The disappointment and the crushing feeling of a hero dying right in front of him. He looked at Max face and she looked furious and he felt his twin anger swelling inside of him. This was the same man who looked down on him for having wild sex and he raped his aunt. He was beginning to shake when he felt Dani hand on his back. Jackson turned and gripped her as if he was clinging onto dear life. As he pulled back tears fell down his face. “You aren’t invited to my wedding and you aren’t to come near my children do you understand me. You taught us to live at a higher code that you actually did. You were right to do that and we are correct to ask for your ressignation but Chauncey I think you are incorrect in saying you will be named the CEO the board is the one with the final say. You are to leave DGI! You made us bled for that damn company and now you are the reason it’s dying! You monster!” Jackson roared as he felt Dani pulling back.

“I’m so glad you are dying because to know you would be around would disgust me.” The room grew grim as Jackson said the words out of his mouth. His lips quivered as he looked at his siblings and shook his head. “We will spend a lifetime cleaning this up and making this right but you aren’t our leader or father anymore. You are everything you told us to not be by lying again! Bliss is forgiven but this is disgusting.” He saw Max looking horrified at him and how he just unleashed at their father and Rory eyes held just as much fury. Chauncey looked at him with confliction as if the love and strength that they shared was being pulled apart by the lust of them both wanting to be CEO. “You hurt mom. You hurt us all again! Again dad?” He cried out as he looked at Bliss seemingly hurt at him comparing the situations. “I didn’t mean.”

“I understand what you are saying.” Bliss said wiping her face. “But we’ve all been.” Her voice quivered as she looked at her siblings. “So horrible to Zerick and he’s our brother too. Just like me but the way he came into this world was so disgusting. You swore you said you didn’t and you did. You raped Jackie’s sister dad! I hate you so much because I’m a victim of a man who tormented me. I ran to you Lowell Devonshire the great king of Atlas Falls to protect me and he’s just as evil as Dimitri. You raped a woman! You forced yourself on her and she’s had a psychotic break! What are we to do but remove him. What are we to say but he’s our father! He’s dying Jackson and no matter what he gave us life! So don’t say that to him!” Bliss turned and buried her head into Hunter’s shoulder as she looked up at them.

“My God.” She said as she broke down and cried again. “All those summers you visited me and I saw you be this great father to me and man to my mother. You loved us and you were and are a monster. You are a monster dad no!” She said crying into Hunter and holding him tightly. As she looked at Max and saw Sebastian holding her tightly. “I can’t do this Hunter. I can’t I have to go get Fox from Dimitri and I need to be alone please can you get me out of here! I can’t do this! I can’t!” She cried as she grabbed her purse prepared to walk out.

Lowell sat in silence listen to them all stew and he wondered how this could happen? How could they all not believe in the man that he was. He never raped Katie and in many ways he always admired and liked the girl. He never thought of her like that though. She wasn’t mysterious enough or enigmatic like Tess, Jackie, and Audrey. The three women who defined him as a man. The three women who gave him so much love that he almost ruined the great love of his life Jackie. It was always Jackie but what must she think? They all thought he was guilt but that test wasn’t right. It wasn’t and he knew that something was wrong. He never raped Katie in fact he knew who did rape Katie. The way they all took turns bashing him he felt like he needed to hear them. To hear the hate his very own children spewed at him was the thing that truly would kill him. Chauncey was right he needed to step down and it was his health more importantly not this faulty DNA test. Hearing how it all sounded so perfect who would want his downfall this badly? Forbes was behind this he knew it and he had to prove it. His breathing began to get labored but he needed them all to hear what he was about to say.

“You hate me. I’ve disappointed you? How dare you five ungrateful little bastards tell me I’m a monster. I’ve been a monster every day from the moment the doctor spanked your spoiled ass Chauncey. I knew that I had to take what wasn’t mine because I wasn’t the smartest. I knew that I had to break friendships and alliances because it would make me richer. I took a small company and my ego and will to never lose transformed it into a multi billion dollar conglomerate! Don’t bore me with your disappointment when death is staring me!” He croaked as he looked at them all. “In the face! Take another test! I don’t care what any of you believe anymore. I’m done being the man you love because I was never him. I didn’t rape Katie but I was never that man. I’ve always been the monster and you all don’t get to hate me for it when it’s gotten you everything you ever had. Nepotism to the fullest you little fucks! You are all nothing without the foundation this monster has laid for you! How dare you! How dare I?” He gasped almost losing my voice. “How dare I sit here and listen to this. You want DGI fine take it I will give it up. I don’t have the will to fight two cancers. I already have the one that ravaged my body you take the one that ravaged my soul. So hate me I’m no longer the king, no longer your father get the fuck out my room. Go! All of you go!” Lowell screeched at them.

When he saw they were stuck and not moving. “Nurse! Nurse! Nurse!” Lowell pressed the call light. As he looked at all of them. “Get out! Or I will have security remove you all. You win! You all win I’m the monster you hate me and I’m the bad guy you win. I don’t want another test if you all say Zerick’s my son he is because I’m tired and I’m dying and I don’t want to fight anymore and I don’t want see any of you anymore.” Lowell wept as he covered his mouth. “You are all dead to me.” He cried as he let out an animalistic roar. “My pride and joy.”

“We’re the monsters? Are you serious right now you are the one that fathered a child with Aunt Katie. You held her down and what had your way with her?” Rory spat looking at his siblings and his father as he pressed the nurses button. His hand was shaking and then it hit him, his poor mother. “Jesus mom. I can’t even look at you right now I agree with Chauncey and Jackson. You’re done at DGI.” Rory said refusing to listen to his father any longer on the matter he looked at his siblings before stepping out of the room.

Dani looked at Jackson and then at Lowell and then over at the twins who were still sleeping how could she allow Lowell near them? The truth of the matter was that as much as she wanted to believe otherwise as a mother she couldn’t. Evidence to her was a strong thing Rory had done the tests he knew they were real and she gripped Jackson’s hand. “Let’s go please.” She whispered not sure what else to say on it, she would support his decision no matter what when it came to this he was entitled to feel the way he did.

Max was shaking as her father unleashed on them but she had felt Jackson’s words and knew that for her dad and him nothing would ever be the same. She also looked at Bliss as Hunter held her and felt Seb rubbing her back. All her siblings were in tears and in shock and she felt herself hiding in a flood of tears. She could only imagine what Bliss was going through at the moment the trauma that she was reliving no doubt in wake of the news. She saw Rory make his scathing threat and walk out and reached over for Bliss. “Let’s get you out of here and back to Fox for now.” Max said looking at Hunter who had already got the door for them as some nurses came in. She couldn’t even look at her father as they started to walk out.

Chauncey looked at his father wondering what type of a man he was. Everyone always told him that he was just like his father but rape he could never imagine that. He saw Jackson was still raging and he had already saw Rory walk away due to his own anger. He looked at his brother and Dani. “You remember when we used to fight when we were kids over little shit that he would push us into? For once I’m not going to disagree with you on this what he did is something you and I or hell even Rory could never do.” Chauncey said looking at him for the first time with compassion. “Think about the twins the only reason I haven’t hit him is because of Maddie and his current state. You should do the same. Let’s follow Rory’s lead and go.”

Jackson turned around with tears in his eyes and for a moment as Chauncey led him outside of his room. For a moment he clung to his brother with dear life. His father was a monster and how could he just sit here and lie to them. Not only that the years that he pitted Chauncey and him against each other was meant for what? He didn’t live by the moral compass that he set forth for them. He looked at Dani and saw how sympathetic she was being. “We will get him out of the company and may the best man for the job win.” Jackson didn’t want to be around anyone right now. He just wanted his children and future wife. “Dani let’s go.” Taking her hand he walked away with a fury he’d never felt before. A family was broken and never would be the same, and that was his family.


Jackie had ridden home on the plane in silence and five hours later when she touched down and dropped Lauren off she had the driver take her around the city. She remembered the better times when she was young and had met Lowell, how they had fallen in love rather quickly according to her parents, how charming he was. They had been ecstatic when she was pregnant with Chauncey and then something changed, the power began to take over the husband that she knew. He began to cut out their close friends like Walter and worse his eye began to wander to Audrey Montgomery of all people and before she knew it he was full on fucking her behind her back. She had turned a blind eye to it and thought about leaving but he had convinced her to stay. She had been so stupid and of course the rumors didn’t stop there and the drugs, it was recreational of course but her husband had lost his way back then. When the night of Katie’s rape happened, she had been so naive Tess was hanging on him and he was still with Audrey, he could have any woman he wanted by why did it have to be her sister. Worse as she looked at the results was the fact that he forced Katie, her own flesh and blood. She motioned for the driver to stop as she looked at the mansion before telling him to take her to the hospital.

She had stayed silent for so many years about all of it, from kicking out Walter, Forbes, Pierre and Harvey to his many affairs behind her back. No wonder Forbes had wanted revenge her own husband started an affair with his wife, he wanted the power from Walter to run DGI alone and along the way the LeClerq brothers got caught up in the mess. She stayed silent while he kept going back to bed with Audrey when he began an affair with Tess at the office. Stayed silent while he fathered Bliss and had another life with her but the thing she would not stay silent on was her sister and nephew. Katie deserved more than that and tonight she was going to show Lowell Devonshire that Jackie Davis was no longer his meek wife that nodded her head and said yes to all his transgressions. She got out of the car and made her way into the hospital and up to the wing where his room was she looked through the glass before not even bothering to knock as she went into the room.

“What did you fucking do to Katie?” Jackie seethed looking at him she had the results in her hand had went and heard from Katie herself. Year of lies had spilled over in the last few years shame and guilt on her end for not protecting her baby sister from the monster she lay beside all those years. Guilt for not trying to amend things with Katie before hand, for not visiting more and shipping her off. Her biggest regret was not taking Zerick with her when she had the chance and letting Forbes walk off with him in the middle of the night to raise her nephew. “I can’t believe you had the nerve to lie to me about this. That you took advantage of my sister and for what a fuck in the sheets with her?” She seethed looking at him with pure disgust.

Lowell looked at Jackie and felt the hate radiating over her. As he looked at his wife he felt it was over and all the years of pain he cause her. He cheated over and over again this meant the trust was broken. All he could think about was who would benefit over this? Who would do this to him? The only person who hated him this much was Forbes and since he was connected to Zerick it made perfect sense. Rolling to the window he watched Max, Sebastian, Rory and Chauncey. “You think I screwed your mentally disturbed little sister? When Zerick arrived I sensed he was trouble and didn’t like him. I’m exhausted with defending myself so you want a divorce just tell me. If you hate me yell at me just like the rest of them. I can tell you one thing Katie isn’t telling the truth and neither are those results. My children hate me and so do you now huh? Get out Jackie.”

Lowell saw she wasn’t budging and his heartbroke knowing that his wife thought so less of him. As he looked at Jackie he bit his lip. “I was there afterwards Jackie. I don’t think you’ll ever be okay with what I did. But I didn’t rape her Jackie. I saw how broken she was afterwards and I don’t think that it will ever be right. I never thought that this would be what destroys us. I cheated and broke us but I never thought what happened years ago and the choices I made. I made a bad choice Jackie but it wasn’t hitting the sheets with your damn sister.” He growled. “My children hate me and then think I did this but please I’m begging you Jackie don’t believe it.”

“Tests don’t lie and I didn’t even have Simon do it I had Rory do it because I trusted him. So he went both Zerick and had it done I ordered the test because I had to know. You’ve fucked everything and nearly everyone in the past why not Katie?” Jackie said her voice rising at him as she shook her head at him he was till denying it even when evidence proved otherwise. She was so sick of the lies from him and she looked at him she heard it from her own sister’s mouth Katie had no reason to lie about what happened to her, her therapist had no reason to lie about what happened to her. She refused to leave as she dig her feet into the tile not until he admitted it to her face that he held her sister down and violated her. “I will not be dismissed this time you will answer me what did you do to her? She told me that is where I was this morning having her relive the moment with her. So spare me more of your lies this time, divorce you? Trust me this marriage is over we can’t come back from this. I can handle Audrey and Tess but Katie?”

“You looked your nose down at our son’s addiction to fucking and drugs when you did the exact same thing only worse. At least he’s admitted when he made mistakes you just lie and bury them more. Did Katie climb on herself that night and rape herself to get pregnant? Were you high and now you can’t tell the truth so you make the excuse that you found her like that? You held my sister down on a bed and fucked her against her will just say it for the love of God just admit it!” Jackie said screaming at him as she saw some nurses stop outside the door and saw her children peek their heads into the room. She had barely seen that they were inside she had thought they had all went home. Her hand was shaking as she looked at him with so much fury she didn’t know she had inside of her. “I’m surprised you didn’t give the boys pointers on how to rape as well as cheat and lie thank God they aren’t the monster you are. I have no choice but to believe it Lowell the tests don’t lie, Katie had no reason to lie to me today.” She spat at him he wanted to hide behind the facade that he didn’t rape Katie that was fine the proof was on the test and in her nephew.

Lowell sat stunned hearing Jackie actually went to see Katie. It was alarming and shocking to even think what her demented brain had told her. He wasn’t the monster that they all seemed to think he was. He wasn’t that man and soon it would be proved false. He needed help but who would help him? Lowell body was decaying but his mind was still sharp and he wasn’t about to sit here and argue something that was a lie. He saw who raped Katie and promised to protect them. Did it end good for Katie of course it didn’t but that didn’t make him a monster and he wasn’t crazy. He knew this was a set up and that was clear from the moment that those bogus results came back. He loved them all but today showed him they only saw the bad him in. They only saw the darkness and he wasn’t about to admit something he didn’t do. For years he protect this secret and he’d die with it. He’d die because of a promise that was made. He only had his word and he promised someone so long ago that he’d protect this person. Now somehow sins were being placed on him and his wife believed them. Hell Katie the victim believed him and that chilled him to the bone. That someone had done this to Katie.

“Get out Jackie if you refuse to listen then just get out. I won’t be berated by you or those children. You are killing me more than any illness in my body. Don’t you see that this isn’t me? Don’t you know I would never force myself on a woman. What I did to Chauncey and Jackson haunts me because I ruined their body as brothers. But I won’t and I mean won’t apologize or pretend that I am a rapist to make your ego feel better. Jackie I am not that man and if you ever loved me, if you ever trusted me then you’ll know. You’ll know that I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t be that man that you think. I don’t know how or why this is happening but I didn’t rape your sister you have to believe me.” Lowell pleaded one last time. “I need you, I can’t die alone and not like this. I’ve done so much but please don’t let this be how I die and it ends.”

Jackie almost wanted to laugh at him when she said that he was dying and she was the one that was killing him. She didn’t have it in her to actually want him dead till just now when it escaped his lips and she finally broke as she looked at him letting out a laugh. He was still claiming his innocence when it came to Katie when the proof was staring them right in the face, she had no choice but to believe her sister. She didn’t know what to believe but she knew that the evidence was enough for her right now Katie had been raped, the details that she had given made sense and even now he still denied that the test that she had done was true. Walking to him in that chair she didn’t know what overcame her as she raised her hand and opened it to have it collide as hard as it could over his face. She could hear footsteps behind her as she saw Bliss, Max, Rory and Chauncey enter the room. “You’re a liar and a monster even now you sit there and lie to me when the results are staring you right in the face.”

“My ego? My sister is broken into a million little pieces and has been for years because of you, Zerick went to Forbes instead of me because of you. Yet you sit here and lie to me over and over again about what happened to her like I’m stupid, that I would ever forgive you for this.” Jackie spat as she felt her sons dragging her back a bit as she looked over at them and then at her husband. She would not be silent this time she would not stand by him this time, she couldn’t bear the thought about that when Katie was still healing. Her dear younger and fragile sister that she loved with everything in her, the sister that she promised her parents that she would look after. “You and I are over and I mean it this time. There is no fixing you raping my sister and fathering a child with her. I could handle Audrey, I could handle Tess and you having Bliss. But I refuse to stand by your side after what you did to my sister and what it cost this family. DGI be damned.”

“Then go.” He boomed as he looked into her eyes with fury he’d never felt for Jackie. “Leave and I don’t want to see you either. Matter fact all of you leave! I thought you all were gone! Go! I’m sick of defending myself and I can’t do this anymore. I’m shaking and the pain I feel.” Lowell said as he looked at her. “I’ll sign whatever you want, you want half of the estate take it. I’m sick of it. Tell them they can have DGI and but Jackie if I ever meant anything. Tell them don’t keep my grandchildren away. I failed all of them but I have a chance to love them the way they deserve. Please if you loved me ever don’t do this Jackie. Don’t walk away from me. Don’t let me die like this. Please.” He watched as Rory, Jackson, and Chauncey held a furious Jackie back. He could see Hunter, Bliss, Max, Sebastian, and Dani all standing horrified at the ugliness. “I swear I’m not this man.” Lowell openly wept as he looked at them. “I’m not this man. I’m not this monster.” He said as he reached out his hand for his family. Begging for one of them to just see him as who he truly was. When he saw none of them moved he lowered his hand to them.

His lip quivered as tears continued to fall down his face. “DGI is meaningless if I don’t have you all. I’ve done everything for you all. I’ve done so much wrong but this isn’t me. Please! Please Max! I know what I just said children but I need you. I don’t want to die alone! You are my peace please all of you! Bliss? Rory? Jackson? Chauncey? Any of you please one of you couldn’t believe this? Test be damned if any of you love me say something! Please all of you couldn’t think this of me! I know I’ve been hard on all you but my love is more than everything. My love is infinite for my children and wife. I understand I hurt you Jackie but think about this. I would never hurt Katie. I wouldn’t.” He said looking at them. “Please someone believe me.”

Rory pulled at his mother dragging her away from his father after what he was sure was the slap that was heard around the world and he looked over at Chauncey and Jackson who looked back at him. He saw his father pleading with them to stop and go back to him but his feet were planted if this was his moment he had made his choice. He was with his mother on this.

Max had stormed into the room with her siblings and watched as her mother unleashed an amount of anger she had never seen before. She had seen her mother angry at one of them for one of their stupid mistakes over the years had seen her disappointed but she never saw her this angry. She watched as her brothers drug her out and looked at her father torn and then using all her might walked away to join them waiting for Bliss to join her at the door as she did.

Chauncey wasn’t sure how a woman so small like his mother had so much strength in her as she fought against him and his siblings to drag her out of the room. He had watched the entire exchange from the moment his mother had stormed in not even looking at them. He saw his father pleading and looked over at his siblings who all seemed to be rooted where they were and then looked at Jackson. “Make the call to the board members we can have a vote on this as early as after Thanksgiving.”

Bliss grabbed Max hand and before she knew it she was crying again. She saw how distraught her older sister was. This was something she wasn’t used too. Not to mention how was she to look at Lowell. They all were mad but at the end of the day that isn’t her aunt. Nor did she think turning her back on a dying man was right even if he raped someone. He was still there father and no matter how furious they all were they’d regret if they turned away. “I don’t know what to do Max I love him so much.”

Jackson looked over at Chauncey and he nodded as he looked at his momma. He walked to her and just held Jackie as she wept in his arms. “Mom we got you.” He whispered in her ear as Max turned away. She never liked emotions and he looked at Rory standing right by Jackie. He was protective over mother just like him. He could tell this was killing them all. “Come on we’ve aired out our issues all over this hospital. I want everyone to know!” Jackson said in a booming voice. “If word is leaked to the press I assure I’ll spend life hunting you down and demolishing you. Trust me I have money to do it.” Jackson looked into the room at Lowell one last time. “Come on we are leaving.” He said to everyone as he handed Jackie to Rory he took his fiance hand. “I need you to hold me up.” Jackson whispered in Dani’s ear.

Lowell rolled to the doorway watching his children and family all walk away. Ever since he met Hunter he knew that boy would marry his daughter he just was shocked he was now with his other daughter. Sebastian was tough and he had a big heart that made him happy that Max had found love. Dani was her mother’s daughter and father’s daughter through and through. She had Walter’s stubborn streak and her love for Jackson healed his son. He worried about Chauncey and Rory both had great loves once in their lives. For his eldest boy Logan being gone destroyed him and he was also the blame. Rory he pushed that girl away with his bougie nature. He should have let him be happy. If he would have known he was sick he would have let him be so happy. Lowell sniffled as he couldn’t breathe because his family had just walked away.

“I made a promise Jacqueline. I promised.” He wept into his own hands as he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder. Wiping his eyes he looked up and it was that young girl right along with Tess. “What are you doing here? I thought Rory told you to leave little girl?” Lowell asked Belle as he looked at Tess. She had so much pity in her eyes as she looked at him. “I just would like to be alone.”

Belle heard the ugliness that spewed from her siblings and Jackie mouth. She called her mother the moment she saw it all going down. This moment would be perfect for them to bond again. “I just saw you didn’t have anyone in your corner mate. Mr. Devonshire you didn’t deserve that. Not all of them attacking you like that.” She saw him lower his head and begin to cry again.

“I do.” He said looking at the girl. “I do deserve it because I have been keeping so many secrets.”

“But raping Katie wasn’t one of them ” Tess approached Lowell and cupped his hollow face. “I know you Lowell. I know you aren’t a rapist and I know you aren’t a monster. I know you are a good man. I know they don’t understand how messed up Katie truly is. I visited her a lot and I love her she was my best friend but she could be remembering incorrectly. You are the man that I’ve loved since childhood, I could never think you are a rapist or any of that. I love you and I’m here. If you want to leave that awful mansion, I’m here. If you want a friend and family we are here.” Grabbing Belle’s hand and she looked at him. “When the time is right I will tell you all my secrets.” She kissed Belle hand. “And if you let me, I promise to take care of you.”


Cassie parked her car in the middle of the block up about five houses from Miranda’s not even sure why she came here. She had told Jon that she was going to not look into the matter of Miles Hessington but when a lead was fresh she was going to run with it. Meaning that she didn’t want Jon to blame her for it so she had formed a plan after talking with her father. Turn to the only other woman that she knew that hated Skye Morgan more than her Miranda. She could easily turn Miranda to start investigating and then have her come to the conclusion that she already knew. She could still run the news story when she saw fit with her name in the clear, it was her job after all and Skye and Miles would never be in her life. Jon would have to be delusional if he thought that the Hessington’s would ever give Miles back to him because of Skye’s lies on the matter. She locked the door on her car as she made her way up the street and finally knocked on the door waiting for a few minutes as Miranda opened it.

“Cassie?” Miranda asked seeing her standing on the porch.

She had been in the middle of making dinner for and Quinn while KC pulled a shift to help with an operation preparing for the statement from the FBI that KC was alive. Quinn was up in her room playing and she opened the door for Cassie to step inside. She assumed that her brother was at the station as well or at least she was sure he was. He would be taking on a bigger responsibility there they all would as they began to try and work the case to get everyone where they needed to be in order to take down all the part of the mob that were connected in the city and she held open the door so Cassie could come in wondering what was going on. It wasn’t like she was super close to Cassie but she made Jon happy and that was all that she and the rest of their family wanted for her brother he had been through a lot. With the war in Iraq and what it did to him, dealing with his PTSD and then that entire mess with Skye. She still was trying to put everything together that Quinn had told her the other day about what she overhead with Merci and Skye.

She knew that if she was going to catch Skye in the web of lies she would need real proof and not just her daughter’s word when it came to the story. Better yet where was the child that infuriated her to no end that Skye was so callous and cold to never even tell her brother that she was pregnant, unless maybe she was lying about that too and it was Jackson’s. Maybe Quinn had mis overhead the trail end of the conversation and was confused. Either way she wanted to find out if there was any truth in the matter when it came to what Quinn had heard and she saw Cassie staring at one of the pictures on her mantle. It was of her wedding to KC her parents, his parents, all her siblings, bridesmaids and groomsmen there along with her grandparents. “Jon is covering an all nighter new assignment, what’s going on?” Miranda asked her seeing Cassie clearly breaking from her thoughts.

Cassie wasn’t quite sure what she was going to say to Miranda once she arrived but it started to form in her mind about how she could spin this and reaching into her purse she pulled out the envelope that her father had sent and handed it to Miranda. She watched as Miranda opened it and looked at the photo and the eerie message, she already knew that Miranda knew Whitney they shared a friend in common with Dani. “This arrived at the office the other night and I began to start to look into the adoption and looking at all the options when it arrived I mentioned it to Jon. He got pretty upset when I mentioned the Hessington’s and told me not to find out what the message meant. He then said that he would start to look into it for me but with everything I know that he is working on at the station I really didn’t want to bog him down with another case that isn’t even for the police to handle. So I had a visit with my father today.” Cassie said looking at her and seeing the wheels already turning and she knew that if she could win anyone to her side it would be Miranda and then Miranda would be the fall guy going forward, she could do all the legwork and expose Skye’s lies and she would be in the clear.

“My father let me know that when Skye was in town last time she left and I was floored Miranda when he made the claim that the baby in the picture was her child. He wouldn’t say much else about it to me but he and Charles have been friends for years and he thought that I might want to know seeing how serious Jon and I have got over the last few months.” Cassie said lying about the information that her father had provided for her that Miles was in fact Jon’s son she knew about the name and knew as soon as she mentioned it Miranda would run with the information. She saw Miranda looking back at her and she had a feeling that Miranda already knew the truth and she silently high fived herself and wanted to know how Miranda had figured it out. “His name is Miles and I had to think about it but wasn’t your grandfather’s name that? Why in the world would the Hessington’s name their child such a basic and dated name that doesn’t even run in their family? What is it Miranda do you know something?” Cassie asked leaning in and looking over her shoulder at the picture.

Miranda looked at the picture and then looked at the little boy in the photo and realized that Quinn was telling the truth about what she overheard and her blood boiled. The boy, her nephew definitely had the Harrison eyes and she was pretty sure he had the same nose too and she listened to Cassie. The Hessington’s she knew who they were Dani was good friends with Whitney and Jon knew them as well from a few parties they all attended hell they would likely be in town after the holidays in a few weeks for Dani’s wedding. She had mentioned that Ryan and Whitney’s son would be the ring bearer she wondered if Dani knew and she figured probably not that wouldn’t be something her best friend would keep from her or Jon. Plus Dani came home right after Ryan and Whitney’s wedding and from the looks of it they didn’t adopt Miles till after that she was so angry at Skye and she looked over at Cassie who was already clearly putting the pieces together as well. She opened her mouth to speak not sure what she would say and then it call came spilling out what she knew from Quinn at the spa the other day.

“Quinn overheard something the other day at the La Callie she had wandered off from me she caught Merci and Skye talking. She told me in the car that Skye and Jon had a baby together, I thought she was confused at first because if my brother had a child he would not have let Skye just run off with it. I didn’t want to believe it at first.” Miranda said looking at Cassie and then looking at the picture before taking a breath and exhaling. This would destroy her brother, her parents hell she was so fucking livid at this if it was true. They all had a right to know her nephew, Jon should have had a chance to actually be a father it wasn’t like he would have sent her down to the clinic for an abortion. Jon would have stepped up to the plate no matter how toxic she felt like the relationship with Skye was he would have done the honorable thing and married her or at the very least raised their child together. “Miles was my grandfather’s name. He looks just like Jon when he was a baby. Have you told Jon yet? I didn’t want to bring it up to him especially if Quinn just misunderstood?”

“Children are so inquisitive Quinn especially I can’t see her lying to you about what she heard. I don’t really want to go to Jon to verify this he has so much going on so I was hoping maybe you could verify this and then we could go to him about it. Maybe Skye lied to them about the father there are so many possibilities.” Cassie said looking at Miranda knowing that she could get to the bottom of what she already knew was true. She paused for a moment deciding to twist things a bit more. “You are friends with Dani that little boy is supposed to be coming to the wedding if he isn’t Jon’s son you know that he is Jackson’s do you really want your best friend to find that out on her like wedding day?”

Miranda looked at Cassie and then back at the picture taking this to Jon would no doubt send him directly to Skye and Cassie had a good point about her. Skye would lie about anything to snag her brother and maybe Miles was actually Jackson’s it would make sense how Skye started to try and chase after him when she came back to town. “I’ll make a few calls but Cassie this has to stay between us for now until we know the truth and then we can go to Jon or Jackson with it. I don’t want Dani to find out on her wedding day and Jon is so wrapped up in Ronan’s case I know that is where his head needs to be.” Miranda said looking at her as she handed back the picture and walked Cassie to the door opening it so she could leave. “Thanks for bringing this to me instead of Jon.”

“No problem like I said I wasn’t sure what to do and wanted to pick your brain about it. I’ll see you for Thanksgiving.” Cassie said wrapping her coat around her as she walked out and saw Miranda shut the door behind her. For a moment she closed her eyes all the lies catching up with her and then opened them knowing she set what she needed in motion to get rid of Skye from her life and still hold into who she wanted the most.


Ronan was in his study going over various reports from his captains about the organization the business with Gia going batter then he had expected honestly. She was still in town and he looked at the picture in the paper of Brooke at some concert or play of some sort with Atticus and then flipped the paper over. It was better for him to not think about her anymore things were getting dangerous. There was trouble in Florida and Chicago trouble that he had warned his men he didn’t want to happen to Atlas Falls they couldn’t afford that right now. The Feds were still on his case and a little bird had told him that someone was not so dead KC Rhodes, he refused to believe it he had placed three firmly in his chest and sailed him down a river to die. They had held a funeral for him and buried him, his biggest business threat in the past was letting KC rise up in the ranks as only second to himself and Kendrick. When one of the men arrived in his office to tell him that Gia was there he nodded to him to let her into his office and then glanced at his phone and the text from Dru. He had been wanting to see her again their encounter at the club fresh on his mind as he looked up at Gia in her leather trench coat.

“Gia so good to see you again I see you have adjusted to Atlas Falls’ particular weather patterns and upgraded your coat.” Ronan said as he nodded to the man to shut the door and he moved from his desk pouring herself and him a brandy on the rocks. He had wanted to see her and discuss their arrangement again, he wanted to know how long she would be staying in town and he wanted to update her about what was going on down south seeing how much she hated the O’Connor’s, she seemed neutral on Vladmir and that surprised him. “Everything is going as it needs to be at the warehouse you saw so yourself the other night. Do you plan on staying in town much longer?” He asked handing her the brandy she was a gorgeous woman with a body to kill for and he was sure many men had he took a drink and then looked at her. “There is trouble in Florida strife if you will with a mutual friend of ours and her petulant sister. I have it on good authority that we both should avoid a vacation there until the dust settles.”

“I never liked that part of Florida, Miami was always my speed if I visited that state.” She purred looking at him as she took the drink and took a sip.Taking a seat she crossed her legs and swirled the drink in her hand. It smelled rich and fruity she watched his lusty eyes lock in on her body. What he didn’t know was men always fell to her feet because of their dicks. “If I didn’t know any better I would say you didn’t want me around. Ronan I’m here because I’m alone, I came here no security or guards. I planned to stay as long as it takes you to see that your the king to my queen.” Gia gulped down the rest of the drink as she placed it down the crystal glass as she stood up and dropped her leather trench coat and was wearing Carine Gilson satin and silk corset, La Pearla panties and a pair of red Louboutin heels. Touching her hand over the fabric as she looked at him in his eyes. “If you want me like you look at me then we’ll be a even more powerful team understand that I’m here if you want more than a business partnership. I’m offering my body and power to you.” She said walking to him and pressing herself on him. His hungry eyes were devouring her.

“Don’t just stand there Ronan you’ve wanted me from the first moment you saw me. I’ve wanted you from the first moment that I saw you. My husband is a vegetable and I’m lonely. You are a God in this business Ronan. You’ve always been man and a little girl or some random fuck aren’t good enough for you. They’ll never understand this lifestyle like me. They’ll never be ready to see you kill or do anything too dark. You are alone and I can complete you. Your father dated Carla because she understood his world. Don’t you see that? If she had the opportunity I assure you she’d be with you.” Touching his chest she looked into his eyes. “We could be the king and queen of the cartel.” Leaning in she kissed his lips knowing she was seducing him. “Please me, Ronan please my body it’s been so long.”

Florida wasn’t her style she would never be seen in the Cape he knew that much the feeling was mutual with his other friend but he admired her flair. He watched as she got up from the couch with the glass in her hand and slinked to him dropping her coat. She was gorgeous that Italian sun kissed skin coming through the fabric and he was already hard as she walked towards him. His eyes wandered over her curves as she pressed herself against him and her eyes were simply intoxicating when she looked at him like that they could be a power couple. He shifted himself in his pants as he saw her looking down at him, it was forbidden to fuck another Don’s wife frowned upon in their circle but it wasn’t like her husband could please her he was a vegetable. His father would have never crossed that line but he wasn’t his father and he had to remind himself about that he was also not married.

“Your men could talk.” He said looking at her as he leaned down and pressed his lips against hers, she tasted like the brandy from the glass. He knew in the back of his head it was wrong she was married this could cause an uproar in the cartel alliances could be broken but he wanted to get back into the swing of things of fucking just to fuck. He had achieved hat the other night with Dru and Yalena at the club and maybe he just needed that to forget about the last year and Brooke. Who was clearly doing what was best for herself and her safety by being with Atticus. “I won’t tell if you won’t I’d be a dead man walking.” Ronan said when he broke his lips apart and his hand traveled from her face down her sides admiring her breasts through the fabric as his hands brushed hEr nipples a few times seeing them perk at the action as his hand traveled lower to her panties and he lightly stroked the fabric never actually placing his fingers inside watching her writhe against the action and he couldn’t help the smirk that came out. “How long exactly?” He asked huskily against her ear.

Gia body shivered in pleasure as she bite down on her lip in anticipation of what he’d feel like inside of her. “I make my own rules that’s why I became a criminal.” Gia said looking into his eyes wondering if he was serious. She made her husband a fucking mental retard and if she wanted him. “I don’t have time to adhere to the old tired rules of the made men. I plan on being the first made woman and I have no problem telling them that they will let me in that all.” She gasped feeling another finger insert inside of her. Instead of just standing there letting him please her she wanted him to understand she choose him. That this was her choice and she wanted him badly. She dug immediately in his pants feeling his manhood stiffen even harder.

She began to stroke his heavy monster in her hand and she felt the precum drizzling on her fingers. Gia began to shiver as she looked at him with a passionate look in her eyes. She wasn’t backing down at all. Nor did she want that foreplay all she wanted was some dick without any conversation. Taking her hand off his thickness she playfully pushed him into the couch. As she immediately jumped into his lap and with a fluid motion, undid his pants and exposed him through his boxers and then she sat directly on his dick. Gia hissed her tightness was fighting against his girth. It was enough to make her shiver as her ass began to bounce up and down on his slippery pole. “God yes I’ve been needing this.” Gia cried out to him.

Ronan had been all about the foreplay with her while he rubbed and teased her through her panties as he saw her breath quicken and then release while he teased her. He knew that she was powerful in her own right the rumors about her were wide and known. She had risen up from daughter of a boss to marrying a powerful man and becoming his wife all the way to that man ending up a vegetable. Rumor was that she beyond dangerous but maybe he needed that instead of docile like he was with Brooke and he gave over to instincts with her when she started to stroke him groaning into her ear and grabbing her ass with his free hand. He closed his eyes for a moment while she stroked and he ripped her panties off, shoving three fingers into her heat and hearing her moan. He leaned down almost kissing her lips only to avoid that area and he began to suck on her neck matching the intensity with his fingers with his lips. He had been ready to lift her to the desk only to be surprised when she pushed him backwards and he felt his knees hit the couch.

He looked up at her as she all but took control of the situation when she sat on his lap and eagerly undid his pants and he sprang free his hands eagerly reached for her hips as she mounted herself onto him. He let out a groan and a growl when her flesh finally came into contact with his own and bucked upwards into her heat feeling a bit of resistance at first. He had to smirk when he looked at her and saw her face reacting to his length as he pulled out and slammed back into her this time with no resistance. His hands went to her corset teasing her breast through the fabric as his lips continued to mark her neck at the same time while she moved on him. She felt so good and he couldn’t help the moan that came out of his mouth and then he bent down letting his tongue flick over her nipples through the fabric seeing her skin prickle and shiver a bit and he pinned her hips in place. “Mmm you haven’t been fucked in a while have you?” He managed to say looking up at her face while he repeated the action intent on driving her insane while he pinned her with his hands and began to plow into her.

Her entire body hadn’t been pleased like this in a long time. All of the sudden her body was reacting. She’d seduced men before but something about the way he was fucking her made her a little more enthralled with the Ronan. The way he held her hips forcing her further up and bouncing harder down on his thickness. She could feel her entire body tightening from how thick he was and she was shocked at how rough he was being. It was something more aggressive  about the way they were were having sex. Gia raised her head up as she let out a low moan. Her husky voice crying out for what he did to her. As she looked in his eyes she leaned in and kissed him again. This time she bit his lips until she slipped her tongue into his mouth and it swirled around. He was so powerful and the way he was fucking her made her body almost convulse in fury.

As she leaned over and kissed his neck as she started to throw her ass up and down. He’d teased her with that pleasure stick now she was going to punish him. She loved to make me pudding in her hand. As she started to throw her ass back feverishly as she looked at him. She knew that he was going crazy because her ass and hips began to go at a rapid speed. “God Ronan more.” She cried out as her nails clawed his back.

Ronan couldn’t help the moans that came out of his mouth as he looked up at her keeping the pace going. He didn’t stop and he increased the speed as much as he was able crying out as she  moved her hips tighter on him. He laid back against the pillows a bit increasing the angle as he released her hips and let her have free reign watching her nipples harden and seeing her bud starting to be exposed and it only drove him more mad. He felt her starting to shiver and was not able to control himself as he felt himself swelling and then jerk into her spilling himself into her as he felt her quaking at the action. He kept up the motions through her convulsions as he came again with a groan resting his head against her breast taking it into his mouth suckling as her cries filled his office. Once he was soft he looked up at her. “That was fucking amazing.”

He pulled himself out of her as he leaned back on the couch watching her adjust her clothes and wondered what he had got himself into not sure what was going on fully between them. She would eat him alive if he was not careful but there was something dangerous about her that was drawing him to her in ways that he wasn’t sure he could control either. His father had married for love and look at what it cost him, his wife died in a terrible assassination attempt. He had loved two women Brooke and that girl in Spain years ago and both were gone. He used the bar rag to clean himself off as he tucked himself into his pants watching her still glowing at him. “You could just divorce your husband and then be free Gia there is no sense in keeping up appearances anymore. Your men respect you they would follow you. So why do you keep it up if you know that what we just did is what you really want to be fucked like a mare? He clearly can’t do that for you anymore.” Ronan asked as he got up off the couch as his phone buzzed and he checked the message.

Gia knew that he’d be back after that marathon sex session. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him suggesting she divorced her husband. A made man and don she nodded wondering if at this point he was correct. She’d taken so many precautions but would the godfathers back in Rome even consider a divorce. She wasn’t a made man and had overstepped her bounds. She didn’t want to be killed before her prime. Taking over the cartel was the plan and destroying the invincible and oh so untouchable Ronan Madden. She slipped on her panties as fastened her coat and she turned looking at him. “Let me finesse my connections in Italy and see if a divorce is possible. Due to his state.” She licked her lips as she turned around. As she ran her hands through her hair as she pulled her hair back into a bun. Gia looked at him as she walked to Ronan.

“Look at me. I’m going to help you become the stuff of legends do you hear me? And if I can get all the power with you then I will. I assure you of that.” Gia walked to the door. “As for when I leave, I thought my stay could be semi-permanent basis just until I find out if I’m a cartel member and even if I don’t join maybe what just happened could join a lot more families.” Gia said with a seductive glance as she exited the room making sure to place the bug on the bottom of his desk on her way out.


Jackie arrived at the Westwood estate after the hospital and being led out of the room by her children to walk the halls of the hospital till they were faint and blurry behind her. She had then snuck out the backdoor to the waiting limo and security team that were waiting. A team she wasn’t sure she would have now if she didn’t act fast, acting now though felt so far away for her. She was still reeling from seeing her sister in California earlier in the day and then confronting Lowell in the hospital. It was all such a blur and so painful so she sunk back into the seat of the limo by herself and waved at her driver to just drive. She needed the peace and the quiet of the ride to calm her nerves and decide what she was going to do from there. She shut off her phone as the kids began to call and text and instead told the driver to pull over by the lake as she looked at the massive mansion.

A house that Lowell had built her that was full of so many memories both good and bad, a house that she had raised their children in with him and then it hit her a house that was full of lies. She took a breath as she rolled up the window the winter chill in the air finally catching up with her and she leaned back in the seat it was almost time. She had sent one text before heading to the hospital it was only for her nephew or her stepson she wasn’t sure what to call him anymore. She placed her phone in her hand as she sent him a text telling him she was on her way, and looked out the window one more time. The grounds would be lovely in the winter with the lights and the wedding inside the grand ballroom of the mansion. One decent thing still going for her family was the twins and the upcoming wedding someone had some sort of happiness. Max was happy with Sebastian, Rory was making his own way at the company. Chauncey was acting finally like an adult. Bliss was something that she could live with and helping her with her happiness she would be happy to do that too when the time was right. The car stopped again and the driver opened the door as she arrived at the Westwood estate and she wondered if now that the truth was out if he would instead call it the Davis estate. When the butler let her in she looked around foyer when Zerick came into view.

“I don’t know what to say to you.” Jackie managed to whisper as she looked at her nephew for the first time in what seemed like forever. When he just stared at her she looked up at the picture of him on the wall with Greer what she assumed was his wedding day to her Forbes standing behind the happy couple and Pierre in the picture with her and she had to wonder if that could have all been avoided. If she would have taken his hand all those years ago and never let go and never let him walk away with Forbes. “I wanted to badly to believe it wasn’t true that ignored all the signs in front of me and now here we are.” She said quietly.

Zerick looked over at her he had returned home from the juice bar and waited up in his office looking over everything he knew from his birth certificate on. He then made a call to the hospital for his mother and was shocked when she took the car. Informing him of his aunt’s visit and how it went and he felt a chill in his bones it was the first time that he had felt his mother was really there in years. The details that she was remembering alone made him feel something he wasn’t used to with his mother affection for her he was young but remembered how it was before she went away. He remembered her outbursts and that time in the bathroom that he had tried to block out of his memory with other memories to replace it. When the phone call ended he had sent out a text to Dru thanking her for her advice at the juicery and waited upstairs for his aunt to arrive. The news was already running with the story about his paternity being proved right and his phone kept buzzing with interview requests even his email was flooded with messages he could only imagine the chaos at DGI at the moment with his half siblings.

None of them had reached out to him after the news and that only enraged him more as he thought about it no doubt they were all cowering in their self pity and blame. He would rise to the occasion and take his place at DGI and then a little text came through that intrigued him his half brothers had decided that a vote was in order a vote to rid their father of DGI and his power. Slowly the tide would turn as Forbes had told him from the very beginning. When his aunt started to speak he looked at her partly saddened by her delusional state about the man that fathered him he was out fucking other women did she really think it was that out of the realm of possibility? “You didn’t want to believe it you wanted it not to be true because that would validate you and him and he people you all trampled on along the way my mother included.” He said coldly realizing after he said it how it effected her by the look on her face. He wanted to hate her too but she was still his aunt and he instead saw her looking at the picture of him and Greer. “My plan with Greer was to infiltrate DGI longer make sure that she destroyed you all from the inside out but then well things got off kilter when instead Forbes moved up the timeline. He’s everything that your husband can never be to me.”

“He’s a madman that is out to destroy your siblings or does that not matter at all to you?” Jackie spat at her nephew and the brother to all her children. Forbes was out for blood he he’d been out for blood ever since the affair with Audrey all those years ago and she knew that the only reason Forbes was even involved with Zerick was because he knew it would hurt her and Lowell. “know you hate what your father did and so do I now that I know the truth I can never look at him the same way after what he did to your mother. But your siblings are innocent do you honestly think that I wanted you to go away and be raised by Forbes Montgomery of all people? That I didn’t ask myself at night sometimes why I wasn’t quick enough to snatch you away in London?” Jackie spat at him the feelings over the last few weeks and days roaring their head as she raised her voice at him.

Zerick looked at her wanting to believe her words he barely remembered the memory that she was referring too when his mother tried to kill him with her own bare hands. He had tried to forget about it when it happened and blocked it out until he got older and then it became his fuel. His reason for doing everything that he did up until that point with Forbes, his own mother wanted him wiped from existence due to how he was created and conceived. That meant that he was meant for a life of darkness he had embraced that but could it have been all avoided. He remained silent and then a thought overcame him if she was serious and sincere she would turn on Lowell completely and he realized he had all the power to make sure that happened when he opened his mouth.

“All words aunt. Prove it, prove that you want to make it right. Take him out of DGI and your life and maybe then you and I can have a relationship. Prove that for now what my mother went through matters more than your false life with a rapist. That I matter more than the spoiled entitled children that were raised under him.” He saw her hesitate and knew that he had her right where he and Forbes wanted her. “You can’t do it because you are that woman that stays with that man out of fear.”

Jackie looked at him he was so full of hate for her and all her children and she understood where that hate likely stemmed from her husband. She didn’t know how to fix it or how to make sure that the past between them all began to heal she had ideas but they were just that. When he mentioned that she was that woman that would stay with a man through everything though her blood boiled at him, she had no idea up until recently that Lowell raped Katie. She always knew that he was a cad at times and yes she tolerated the affairs even though they broke her at times especially Audrey and later knowing about Bliss was even worse. She would never pick her nephew over her children but she could led the charge when it came to making sure everyone’s legacy was in tact when all the dust settled. Once this got out in the public DGI would be on it’s way to ruin no matter what but she would try and preserve what was left of her family and company and she would start with helping Zerick and her children rid DGI of her husband. Taking out her phone she dialed a number exhaling when the voicemail came on.

“Mason this is Jackie Devonshire I need you to call me back immediately. I want to petition for a divorce from Lowell as quickly as possibly of course maintaining my assets at DGI and the house. I also need your assistance in adding in another equal board member among my children, my nephew Zerick, again this is an urgent matter please call me back as soon as possible.” Jackie said watching his face and the surprise that seemed to pass over it as she spoke almost as if he didn’t expect her to turn on Lowell, she was many things but she was not that woman. What he did to Katie was unforgivable to her and she would not sit idly by him this time and wait while he spun more lies and tired desperately to state that it was untrue when a test proved otherwise. She hung up and looked at him. “Does that satisfy you for now? I am not that woman. I will never be that woman, you would have had a much different life if Forbes had not snatched you in the middle of the night and I promise to do right by you, if anything for my sister. I’ll see myself out and be in touch as soon as my lawyer gets back to me.”

Zerick looked at her as she put her phone back in her purse held her head up and walked to the door watched as the butler opened it and let her out. He was then left alone inside his mansion with the picture of him and Greer on the wall and wondered if his aunt was right. Wondered if it was really what his mother wanted all those years ago for him to go with Forbes, clearly it sounded like Jackie would have taken him in had she been given the choice. He wondered if he could ever come to accept his half siblings and as he poured himself a drink he knew that would have to wait for another day, one where he was actually in the mood to consider it and give a fuck as he took a drink from the cup.


Hunter had to go to City-hall for a emergency meeting with Walter about the remodeling of Scottswood. As Bliss placed her key in the door she just needed to cry for a moment. Alone without Fox as she unlocked the door and she walked in clicking on the light. Then kicked off her heels as she walked toward the back of the house. She saw a light on somehow Hunter must have gotten home before her. She just wanted to be alone but today was her day with Fox. When she heard her son’s familiar laugh somehow he’d gotten Fox. That was just what she needed as she walked into Hunter den she saw the chair turned around and dark hair. As she picked up Fox out of his playpen she walked over. “And how did you get him?” She jumped back when she saw who was sitting in the chair. How did he even get into her home? So many questions instantly went through her mind. She held Fox closer to her as she looked at Dimitri eyes fixated at her. It was the look he had when he was hungry for her body and even if she didn’t want it she gave it to him in the past. Stepping back she looked at Dimitri as he spun around in Hunter’s chair.

“That’s Hunter’s father’s chair and desk. I need you to leave now thank-you for bringing Fox home but I want you out. Hunter will be home any minute and I won’t let you beat me in front of my son. Or whatever you are here for because my son will never be anything like you. You gotta understand that. He’ll never rape and victimize women because he won’t be that man. I’ve had quite enough of the men of my life who have disappointed me so get the hell out Dimitri! Go please before I call Jon Harrison over here. Or even worse I’ll call police and make a international incident. Get out!” She screamed at him fury overtaking her. “You are a monster! You are evil! You need to leave my house because I never let you in and I never gave you permission to be in my home.” Bliss held Fox closer and immediately began to walk to his room. Whatever this was Fox didn’t need to see it. “Mommy will be right back.” As she slowly walked down the stairs she saw him standing at the bottom of the landing. “Please go.” Her voice barely above a whisper.

Dimitri had went to the house and got Fox knowing that it was something that would drive Bliss crazy and then he had his spies at the hospital. The Devonshire’s had been emotionally destroyed by the news on Lowell and he snidely smiled to himself. Only an idiot didn’t wear a rubber when they fucked the unwilling something he had never been stupid about. Her was always smart enough to wrap it up so there was no DNA to get off when a woman went to the police. There was the one woman he fathered a bastard with but she had been easily paid off and ever since then he refused to fuck without one. Bliss was the exception she was his and he owned her, meaning he could fuck her as often as he wanted even when she cried or protested her job was to simply provide him heirs. He had snuck into her new little home with Hunter and sat in his chair swirling back and forth thinking about everything that he was going to do when he took Bliss home. She would not get her happy ending with Hunter in the fantasy she was in and when he heard the door open he smiled over at Fox, the perfect bait.

“Paranoid much? I have my ways I thought you would want to see our son after today.” Dimitri said watching her grab Fox and cower as he looked at her. Raking his eyes over her body as he did so, she was always so warm and wet for her back then and the thought alone sent him into memories of them and her screams he calmed himself as he looked at her. She was so afraid of him as she walked up the stairs to place Fox in the nursery. He saw her coming back down the stairs and stared at her in all her righteous indignation about how he was such a monster. “I did hear the news how is that to know that your father is not the savior that you thought he was, raping women? You used to have so much hatred for me when I needed my needs filled and yet your father did the same thing that must sting doesn’t it? I thought it be time that we talk about your situation that you are in.” Dimitri said sensing her fear as he took a step onto the steps. “I have been generous since I’ve been back in town and I simply can’t have my son around his rapist of a grandfather. So I am going to make you an offer.”

When he spoke about her father Bliss sniffled as she looked at Dimitri. He was once everything she ever wanted. She was going to be a princess and the memories of all the abuse and violence disturbed her. His fist pushing into her face and she cowered a little as she grabbed the rail walking down the stairs. As she walked past him her heart was beating so fast, it was as if it was about to jump out of her body. As she walked to the bar she poured herself a shot of brandy as she turned around he was moving closer to her. “Dimitri stop. Stay right where you are because I don’t want you to be near me. Are we clear? As for a offer, you have my son and that’s the only thing I want. I left him because I couldn’t do it anymore. You say you love me but Dimitri you beat me and you’ve forced yourself on me. That’s not love it’s control and whatever you are doing with Selina stop. Stop it she is beloved in this town and everyone will go after you. Do you get that? Just leave Fox with me because we both know you have no love for him. You didn’t want a child until you found out it was a boy. So please Dimitri just go home and leave my son with me. We can work out something but a offer? I don’t want it. I don’t want anything from you. I’m scared so deeply because how you move and operate.” Bliss said as she touched her chest.

“I’m a person. You treated me like a animal, I’m more afraid of the good more than evil. I didn’t understand why Hunter was so nice to me and I wasn’t even nice to myself. I couldn’t understand why he loved me and now I have the confidence to move forward with a man who loves me. He loves me so much and I don’t want to lose that. You could never love me like this. I see light now and no more darkness Dimitri. You can’t do this to me. You can’t just come into my world again after all you’ve done. It’s over and whatever reason you are here you need to leave. Leave Fox with his mother because honestly do you believe you love him. No you only tolerate Fox because of me, you know that’s a way to get me back. I love him so much and I thank-you Dimitri because I wouldn’t have my little boy. But whatever it is you want you aren’t going to get it. My father rapist or not will always be better than you.”

“Selina knows her place something you could never comprehend or understand you wanted just the title not the duties that came with it. You wanted it everytime or don’t you remember how we met and you begged me to fuck you before the wedding?” Dimitri said his voice low at her as he remembered their first encounter in the tower against the old walls where they had snuck off and he lifted her skirt while she pleaded him to fuck her. He was pretty sure it was when she had seen pictures of her sister marrying Hunter on TMZ, he fucked her on the staircase while she screamed his name over and over again and knew when they were done that he was never going to let her go. Walking to her he ignored her pleas as he reached out and gently touched her hair moving it just a bit as he saw her skin crawl. “I remember that do you? You took my hand asked me to help you forget how much your daddy wasn’t there and you screamed in pleasure every time I slammed into you. Do you remember what I told you I was never going to let you go after, I meant that.”

“You’re a replacement for Max with Hunter you keep telling yourself otherwise he married her first and fucked her first, just like your daddy loved her first and more than you always. I can do whatever I want I’m the crown prince of Isla Del Cruces on US soil no one can touch me you know that, I simply thought it was time that you saw Fox and what you were missing back home. Give up this fantasy of a life here with Hunter and Fox it will never happen I will never allow it to happen.” Dimitri hissed as he looked at her she would never have his son and raise him with Hunter that was never going to be an option for her. He knew the next part would be the worst for her to hear and a game that he had to play with her. “I’m returning home in a month or two after the New Year Selina and I are having a spring wedding. Fox will be joining us and once we return to the island she will be adopting him. Since you refuse to come back this is the only course of action that you are making me take.” He spat looking at her and seeing the horror on her face that he was going to take Fox from her and give him to Selina something he could do as prince on his own island.

“No you aren’t. I’ll wrap you up in so many fucking court cases here in America that you’d never get back to Isla De Cruces.” She walked to the kitchen and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She began to laugh out loud as she poured herself a drink she needed it today. Taking a deep sip she turned to him and shook her head. “I’ll go on Oprah, I’ll go to GMA, Today, People Magazine, Page 6 and ever reputable source and expose you. I’ll reveal every horrible thing that you did to me. Don’t turn around the first time we had sex on me. I was in love with the gentleman who I thought had a pure heart. Then you hit me for the first time and I thought it was a one time thing. Then the sex became progressively more aggressive. I made it look so good when you were placing your damn hands on me. More make-up Bliss, maybe if you don’t do this Bliss he won’t punch your lights out, and do you understand I thought pain was love? You had me so messed up in the head. You aren’t taking my son I’ll kill you before he leaves me again. If it’s me or you Dimitri you better believe I’m choosing me and my son.” She hissed as she looked at him with such fury.

“All the rantings, all the screaming, and all the abuse I took. You can never find a woman who loved you like me. Am I supposed to believe that I should go back to you? You’ve cornered me already? So you are a Prince so what? Hunter loves me and you seem to think your ugly words hurt me. What you are mad at Dimitri is that Hunter doesn’t fuck me, he makes love to my entire body. I have had the best sex of my life with him and you are something I just lay in the bed and laugh at. You are pathetic as a man, as a prince, and as someone who I’ve grown above. So threaten someone else. I’m sick of it and my momma told me that she had something on you. That Atticus had to hold you back? I’m going to have her use whatever it is. What judge would award a monster like you custody. I have pictures and I’m not about to sit here and be tormented by you. Get out! Go I have my son and I don’t want anything else to do with you. My lawyer will be in touch go.” When she noticed he thought she was playing. Bliss dug into her pocket and began to dial Jon Harrison number. Dani and Hunter gave it to her after the first time Dimitri cornered her. “This is detective Jon Harrison I’m calling he’s itching to lock your ass up.”

Dimitri looked at her as she said she would go to the press and he wanted to laugh at her no one would believe her the evidence was stacked against her. She he fled in the middle of the night leaving her son behind, to head to America and start to seduce her brother in law that she was now going to marry. Meanwhile he was an exemplary father to their son and no one would say otherwise at Isla Del Cruces. “Who would believe you Bliss? Cassie Montgomery and her little paper that likes to expose things like Zerick’s paternity. Oh that’s right you didn’t even want to believe that your father was such a monster but it’s true. I’ll place gag orders on anyone you go to and we all know that the crown doesn’t play when it comes to it’s heirs. I can see how the palace would spin this. Fox’s mother abandoned him in the middle of the night to start an affair with his uncle, who is more scandalous now?” Dimitri mocked as he followed her into the room and watched her outrage as she poured herself a drink. His eyes got dark when he realized she wasn’t going to be that threatened so easily.

When she began to question his manhood as being a bad lover for her or that Hunter was better he became enraged as she looked at her. Tess was a problem that would have to go away now and that was the sad thing for Bliss she would lose yet something else because she didn’t know what was good for her like her bitch of a mother keeping quiet. “You’ll shut your fucking mouth or I’ll shut it for you and that bitch of a mother of yours too. Then again maybe you can start calling her mummy too. You’re just as weak and pathetic as she is.” Dimitri muttered making his way to her and grabbing the phone from her hand as he threw it on the ground and then looked at her slapping her backhanded across the face. He saw the shock on her face and looked at her his sadistic smile coming out as he shoved her backwards into the wall seeing her sink on the ground. “She’s going after your father right now just like you went after Hunter maybe when I’m done here I’ll go pay her a visit next would you like that?” He hissed as he looked at her horrified face and his hands moved down her bare shoulders to her shirt brushing his hands over her bra.

Bliss felt his hand impact against her face and her body crumple against wall as he pushed her. She could feel his breath on her and when she felt his hand on her breast she immediately began to stiffen. Then she heard the words of Yasmine in her ears. She kept saying she wish a motherfucker would. He had physically, emotionally, and spiritually assaulted her for the last time and Bliss had enough. It was fight or flight and she choose to fight for the first time in her life. She’d slapped girls but she knew what she was up against and he was viciously strong. As she saw him reaching for his pants to unbutton them. She moved her knee up so fast she slammed it into his crotch and the sound that he made gave her a boost. He was in pain and it wasn’t enough. For the first time it was as if Bliss was moving without knowing what she was doing. It was almost a out of body experience because all she could do is look around swiftly. A cast iron pan hung above her head. She immediately whacked him with it on the back of his back.

The next few moments she began to swing feverishly and with so much rage she didn’t know she had inside of her. “I hate you!” She screamed furiously. One hit into the back, one impacted his arm, then she got his head one good time. She slipped back as she began to turn around and grab a knife. “This is going to end today! You want me you got me!” She screamed charging at him jumping on Dimitri as she saw him clutching his head she immediately placed the knife to his neck. “I should slit your throat! I should just stab you for every time you cut my soul.” Pressing it into his neck until she saw a drop of blood. “I should kill you and bury your body in my garden. I’ll go to jail knowing that my sister and family has Fox and you are gone. I’ll call Jon myself after it’s done but this feels so good.” She screamed in his face. “You aren’t leaving Atlas Falls with my son, do you hear me?” Bliss hand became steady as she looked at the fear in his eyes. “I like seeing you scared. You thought I was going to just sit here and let you rape me again? Beat on me? No prince I’ll fucking go to jail before that happens.”

Hunter had returned back from his last minute meeting at City Hall it was annoying but had to be done for the Scottswood project going forward a project that he would have to call Anderson about. The investment company from the Hessington’s pulling out threw a wrench in the plans and now he and Walter had to scramble to find yet another backer. Not to mention everything with Lowell that had happened he was shaken and so were the rest of the Devonshire’s, he  asked Walter if he believed it. Walter had told him it didn’t matter what he thought the evidence was the evidence which had shocked him he thought if anyone could make any sense of it all it would be Walter. When Walter had left he then made his way to his car and then to head home to Bliss ready to draw her a bath and ease her mind about Lowell. It still shocked him that Lowell was the type of man to rape Jackie’s sister the results had shocked him and he wondered if his parents knew. Rumor was that his parents were close with Kathleen and his father was devastated by what happened to her and as he opened the door he heard Fox upstairs and then looked into the kitchen when he heard Bliss’s raised voice and screams, he dropped his briefcase as he ran to the noise.

What he saw shocked him but in a surprised good way Bliss with a knife to Dimitri’s throat and his face and body showing the bruising of a fight. Hell he could even swear that he saw blood trickle from the knife and for a split second he wanted her to finish him off right there in the kitchen for what he had done to her. But then he heard Fox’s cries and instinct kicked in as he rushed forward and grabbed Bliss’s hand shoving it back and then kicking Dimitri back into the counter hearing his body hit with a thud. It seemed like Dimitri was in shock and he then checked Bliss for injury her shirt torn open and he placed his body in front of hers when she lunged for Dimitri. “No you are not that type of a woman you are not a monster you are not him.” Hunter said hearing Dimitri getting his feet about him and he pleaded with Bliss one more time and spoke. “Think about Fox who would he feel about that?” Hunter balled his fists and then pinned Dimitri to the counter as he grabbed his head before dragging him to the door. “Get the hell out of my house you sadistic asshole or I swear to God I will have no problem finishing what she just started only worse.” He tossed him down the steps before slamming the door behind him and locking the lock before looking at Bliss who was staring at him. “What in the hell happened?”

Bliss stood with the knife and a sore cheek her hair was a mess and she knew she looked horrible. As she walked to downstairs bathroom she grabbed her robe and finally placed down the knife. For a few moments she stared at the blood on the tip of the blade. If Hunter hadn’t come in at that very moment she would slid that knife right inside of his neck. She heard Fox cries subside and calm down. She ran her hands through her hair as she looked at Hunter she started to hyperventilate as she touched Hunter’s face. “He was going to rape me. He told me I have until New Years and then he’s taking Fox. I’m sure he’s beating or doing something to Selina. I’m so scared he’s going to take my baby and I’ll never see him again. Fox is my son and I love him so much but if you didn’t come in today then I swear I would have killed him. He was going to rape me and Lowell raped Katie. I just couldn’t be a victim today. I couldn’t let a man violate my body like that. I refuse to let anyone hurt me or take my son Hunter. He isn’t going back with Dimitri and if I have to leave on DGI private jet tonight I’m not allowing him to have my child.” Bliss held onto Hunter as she looked in his eyes.

“I have to go and I have to take Fox. I don’t care what the optics look like I have people who will testify against him. I have people who will go after him and I’m a heiress of a billion dollar fortune I should be able to go up against a prince from a second world country. He’s not that powerful and I assure you I need to be able to destroy him. If I don’t I’m going to kill him and take my son. But that little boy isn’t going back with that man. He just slapped me and tried to rape me and it all happened so fast. How did he even get inside our home? I don’t even want to stay here I’m not safe anywhere. He’s going to kill me Hunter. If he can’t have me he’s going to kill me and I know it and it’s going to be me or him. I see it because he won’t rape me again. He won’t beat me again. He won’t do it anymore and I won’t allow it do you understand? We have to take Fox now and go. Don’t you see? He won’t stop fucking coming for me.”

Hunter followed her to the bathroom and watched as she washed her hands frantically and then she started to speak to him about what happened, his blood boiled. He was glad that she was able to fight back and fight him off after New Year’s meaning that he was going to be there until after Jackson’s wedding to Dani. Hunter knew that he would have to contact some connections to make sure that Dimtiri never left the country with Fox and better yet that he never was allowed to come near Bliss and his son ever again.