1×14 “Arabian Nights”

Episode 1×14 “Arabian Nights”
Written by: Chris Coleman/Kelly Zollo
Warning: Episode contains language, strong sexual situations and content
Guest Staring: Manu Bennet (Noah Caldwell), Priyanka Chopra (Natasha Hassan)

Episode is on location in Alexandria, Egypt

This had to be the most awkward plane ride ever. Talia thought to herself as she folded her arms stepping off with her carryon Louis Vuitton bag. As she stepped off the plane Egypt was stunning. The high risers seemed to shine brightly and the Hummer limo seemed to perk everyone up. Quickly taking Dani’s hand she smirked. “This is what you’ve been waiting on and about New Years look I’m sorry I was such a bitch. I was hurt and honestly how could I be mad at my roomie. Sweetie I’m so happy for you after Lex’s bullshit you bagged a Devonshire.” She teased as she kissed her cheek. Everything seemed so lavish in Alexandria.

She watched everyone getting inside as Zerick helped all the ladies inside of the limo. “Thank-you.” She felt his hand palm her ass. Quickly turning around she looked at him with that cheeky toothy smile. Talia shot Zerick a death stare his wife was right there. How disrespectful not to say she was considering him. Leaning over she smiled then mouthed. “If you touch me again I’ll chop off your hand.” Never losing her spellbinding smile. She saw they were going downtown in Alexandria they were picking up Natasha.

Jackson wrapped his arm around Dani as he watched her amazement at all the sights she was seeing. It was fun seeing the middle east through new eyes. Picking up her hand he kissed it as he saw Chauncey staring at them. “Don’t worry we are going to nail down this deal and enjoy Egypt as a vacation. I wanted to Christen the DGI jet with your screams.” He kissed her cheek as he smiled at his brother. “I don’t know if you’ve heard Chauncey about Rory and that stripper I think we should talk to him as bros.”

Greer glibly snickered as she snuggled closer to Zerick watching Chauncey and Jackson try to play nice. “Well I think you both should help him a Devonshire with a stripper quite the controversy. It’s been all over the tabloids but it’s so nice you two are going to help him. You should do that more protect each other. Unknown threats are always around the corner.”

Dani looked at Talia and nodded her head at her yes that was what she was thinking about at New Years and well now it was entirely different. “It’s okay I was just stressed. I’m sorry too.” She said looking at Talia. She looked out the window taking in the sights and the sounds, she smiled up at Jackson when he kissed her hand and she was pretty sure she was bright red as he mentioned them on a jet. She’d been willing to try on the flight and had they not been interrupted by a knock on the bathroom she would have let him. “Room suite, much better than everyone on a plane hearing.”

Chauncey leaned back on the seat raking his eyes over Greer with her husband. She should by his side for this trip in his bed and he had every intention of wooing her there. He looked over at Jackson attempting to be cordial about Rory and a stripper. Yes he papers had been all over that but really he was pretty sure his baby brother banged his share of strippers too.

“You don’t say Rory was banging a stripper you had a few of those in your days didn’t you? Perhaps you can give him pointers on that I’ll make sure to give him the advice to run. After all certain women should just be below our class should they not?” Chauncey said with the best fake smile he could as he looked at Dani and his brother.

Zerick looked at Talia as she scolded him the games on this trip would be fun to play. Chauncey was ogling his own wife and he was going to make sure Talia played. Part of him did hate this part Talia was an easy mark but there was more to her than that, he couldn’t risk it though. “Pardon me Ms. Rose I had just assumed given the way you look at me you might of reconsidered.” He said in a whisper to her before looking over the others. “So what is on the agenda first then?”

Jackson gritted his teeth why did he even try with Chauncey? It was annoying and quite irritating that his brother always assumed the role of asshole. He was honestly worried about Rory and all Chauncey could do was throw jabs. Yasmine was trouble for his brother mark his words. As he folded his arms Jackson shook his head. “Well considering you took me to my first titty bar I assume you’d know more about it than I. I have had dalliances with lot’s of women but unlike you I never dipped into my brothers well.” He said in a cutting tone. “Glad I have the only woman I need in my life.”

Talia smiled at Dani words as she pulled out her iPad and looked at the itinerary. “It looks like we are on a tour of SandStar Oil. I hear Natasha mother is a Indian woman and her father is Egyptian man. She supposedly is rich on both sides of her family.” Looking at Zerick, Greer, and Bliss nods she had done the research now it was time to lock in this deal. As she leaned in whispering to Zerick. “I look and don’t touch you are taken Mr. Westwood and I would hope you respect me enough to back the hell off.”

“It looks like we are here.” The car pulled up to the SandStar Oil corporate building. Bliss stepped off and Natasha was standing before them in a stunning black dress. She wasn’t the wild party girl anymore she looked like a business woman. “Natasha!” She shrieked running to her best girlfriend.

Natasha Hassan waited outside the corporate building ready to have the DGI team take a tour, this deal would hopefully be beneficial to both of them. It had been in the works for months when she got wind they wanted to invest in oil overseas. So many phone calls and Skype meetings with Jackson and Dani. Not only that Bliss’s call came at the perfect time when she was hesitant to push the deal even more to everyone’s favor. She was looking forward to this par the wheeling and dealing to make sure they all got what they wanted, her father trusted her to do this. Wrapping her arms around Bliss she let out her own shriek it was so nice to see her now, the way she was. Her eyes narrowed as Greer stepped out of the car with Zerick. She shook Jackson’s hand and then Dani’s, the other woman was DGI’s new publicist Talia. Her eyes then fell on Lowell’s oldest Chauncey, he looked like a God and she couldn’t help the smile on her lips, rumor was he was once again single.

“Welcome to SandStar Oil. It is finally so nice to see you all in person was the flight good? I do hope the limo took care of you all. I figured we could start today with a quick tour afterwards transportation is provided back to the guest estate. I am sure you would all like to rest, relax or see the sight before the meetings.” Natasha said, her eyes looking at each one and then landing on Greer who was looking at Chauncey. Well that was interesting wasn’t it?

“Natasha lovely to see you again you remember Greer.” Zerick said kissing her cheek noticing the glare between the two, yes fireworks were about to be set this weekend. Exactly what he wanted.

“Of course, hello Greer.” Natasha said as she stepped closer to Chauncey and placed her hand on his shoulder, the man was mesmerized with her already. “I wouldn’t mind showing you some sights Mr. Devonshire Bliss has told me so much about your family and that awful business with Selina. You must be looking to move on?”

Chauncey had been willing to almost take another jab at his baby brother but then the car stopped and they all entered the hot sun of the middle east. The woman that greeted them though she was as gorgeous as whatever God had made her. He took her hand in his kissing her hand charming her as his eyes met Greer’s. “You are quite the creature Ms. Hassan I would love to see the sights with you. At your leisure of course.”

Greer looked at Chauncey and Natasha clearly flirting in front of the crew. Good plan handsome seduce her and get the deal before Jackson. It was when he kissed her hand she seethed a little. As she stepped forward she shook Natasha hand. “Aren’t you stunning still haven’t gotten out of the sun huh? The weather never could get used to it.” She said with a natural shade in her voice. She looked like a piece of beef jerky wrapped up in all those layers of silk. Greer couldn’t believe it she was jealous. She had started to develope emotions but she watched herself. Never would she be just cynical about this. She was caring about the obvious flirting in her face shooting daggers at Natasha and Chauncey. Then she caught herself and knew if her attitude remained it would out them. She sprawled against her husband as she looked at Talia.

Jackson stepped forth as he pulled out a slender box. Inside it were diamond bracelets that his mother said to give to her. “On behalf of DGI we present you and your father those. We are no doubt ready for this tour and to get a feel of what new energy SandStar is developing.”

Natasha looked at Greer for a moment and then took the bracelets from Jackson a good gesture, her eyes turned back to Chauncey. It was a good gesture and she secretly wanted to roll her eyes at Greer who of course was not dressed in custom attire. “Please thank your family for me. It is very beautiful. We have so many new projects that we are starting of course the oil is one. I was wondering if Chauncey could of course walk by my side for the tour.” Natasha had to grin at Greer seeing her scowl. “After all two single people should get to know one another should they not?”

“It would be my pleasure Ms. Hassan my father after all wanted me to spend the trip getting to know you to improve our relations for the future. I am sure Jackson doesn’t mind do you dear brother?” Chauncey said looking at Natasha and then over at his brother, Jackson didn’t look like he was going to object. His eyes caught Greer’s was she jealous? Good he wanted her to be mad with jealousy show her an ounce of what he felt when she returned to Zerick at night. “After all like you said two single people conversing on the tour.”

“Chauncey just got over Selina do you think it’s good to place him directly in the line fire of Natasha?” Greer said with a fake smile plastered on her face. She’d hated this bitch since boarding school. No need to pretend not to be jealous Zerick had obviously picked up on it. No woman got under her skin other than Ms. Perfect Natasha Hassan. “To the tour you two look adorable by the way.”

Jackson watched the little spat and smirked at Dani. “This is about to be good. I’m so glad your brother saved Selina from him. Look at him lapping two women fighting over him and how can’t Zerick see Chauncey is clearly fucking his wife?” He whispered as they headed into the glass building and it looked like something out of a science fiction movie.

“My guess is he knows and doesn’t care. As for Chauncey I’d rather him looking right there two women chasing him.” Dani whispered back as they were led inside. She’d rather Chauncey’s focus there and not on trying to hurt them.

“Oh yes I read about that in the papers, it was quite the fiasco I have heard. You look adorable as well Greer that is of course with your husband and not Lowell Devonshire’s son. Shall we?” Natasha said as they entered the building and she drug Chauncey away from Greer. Greer staring at her pissed she smiled as they began the tour.

“After you Ms. Hassan.” Chauncey said looking at Greer with a slight lust in his eyes before turning his attention to Natasha, she was jealous it was written all over her face. Two could play at this game she was still married and he had warned her when they began fucking he would do whatever it took for DGI even if that meant bedding Ramses daughter.

“Oh Natasha so hungry for American attention.” She broke free from Zerick embrace and choose to be just as nasty. Walking behind Chauncey and Natasha. “You aren’t married, no children and still an a heiress isn’t that illegal here or something like that. No wonder you are so desperate.” She felt Zerick yank her back. “I know my fangs are showing but I’m ready to rip that bitch apart.” Greer slowed her pace annoyed completely. “Don’t give me that look I’ve hated her since I was five years old.”


Zerick entered the massive suite that Natasha had given them perfect it gave them an excellent view and he nodded to the staff as they brought in their bags. He then turned his attention to Greer as she entered she was playing a dangerous game with everything involving them getting caught. Acting like a damn woman scorned with Natasha for batting eyelashes at Chauncey, going to her and taking her phone away he made sure their door was closed. He put the phone down so she would look at him she was being catty and no one liked a catty trap at this stage in the game. She was supposed to be seducing Chauncey and dangling carrots not acting like a scorned lover and wife.

“You need to cool it with the theatrics with Chauncey, you are acting as if you’ve fallen for him and that wasn’t part of anything. If you have that gets messy and complicated, complications that I don’t need or want on this little game.” Zerick said looking at her before he took a step back and a deep breath everything they had been working for was damn near crumbling if she didn’t stop. He didn’t care if she was fucking Chauncey he had his eyes on Talia but he was not having her flush the last few years of them working this for her to get all jealous shrew on him. “I mean it calm the fuck down or I will make calls you won’t like.”

Gritting her teeth she looked at Zerick and knew that he was correct. She had let her claws come out with Natasha. Who did that Princess Jasmine looking bitch think she was. They had never gotten along she thought she was a princess in reality. The reality of the situation was that Natasha was making her jealous. She was married to Zerick who she honestly cared a lot about. Removing her jacket and her slacks she walked to the bathroom. Turning on a shower bigger than her first apartment. Greer unfastened her bra and looked at Zerick. “Come inside I don’t trust that we might not be listened too. That’s first off and secondly.” She removed her panties. Letting her long hair get wet she let the steam cloud the room.

As she let the water run against her skin she felt a breeze and her husband was inside of the shower. She pushed him against the wall as she looked him in the eyes. Water spraying at them all over. “Listen to me very carefully you will never call my father on me. I will kill you before you make him think I’ve disappointed him. He is all I have and you have no idea what I will do. I will take a razor to your throat. This isn’t a threat this is a promise you hear me?” As she felt his hands take hers. “Stop!” She screamed at him. Her whole life she watched the Devonshire snatch so much from so many people. They were the reason her mother died and she never had a mother. All she had was her beloved father. “You have no idea how it feels to be so alone. None of us still know why you want to destroy the Devonshire’s. If anything I should be questioning your loyalties.”

Zerick looked at her as she gritted her teeth to walk into the bathroom, he was pretty certain they were not being listened too but she had a point. He took a few moments to gather his thoughts before he followed her inside and began to strip his clothes. A nice shower would do him some good perhaps uncloud both their tempers not to mention it was hot as hell here, the humidity was already sticking his shirt to him. He watched her step into the shower stripping down bare and then joined her, his eyes still raking her body. He was not jealous of Chauncey having her, they were friends and lovers, their marriage strictly done for the purpose to infiltrate DGI. When she began her tirade he grabbed her only to have her scream at him. Thankfully he hoped the walls were thick in the mansion they were in.

“I’ll call him when I see fit when you are behaving as if you have some right to Chauncey you don’t need I remind you that all this depends on our marriage? Or have you forgotten that in the fun you’ve been having in his bed? You see all he wants at the moment is a warm body in his bed while he is here you or Natasha I’m curious to see the winner.” Zerick said refusing to back down from her about this she was a fool if she couldn’t see it she was in love with Chauncey or what he could offer her. He held out some soap gathering it on a loofa for her and then pressed her into the tile washing her back as he did. “Alone? I’ve been alone all my life even now I’m alone Greer. You don’t need to know my reasons now do you that wasn’t what we agreed to when we played now was it? ”

Looking up she looked at Zerick feeling her stomach drop. When she wasn’t shopping and playing a socialite she was with Chauncey. Was he right? Had she lost her objectivity? Greer leaned her head on his chest. Letting her soapy back press against his chest. “I’m sorry. I was being rather catty to Natasha but I was playing a role.” She said lying through her teeth. “How else am I going to get Chauncey to trust me unless I show him I’m interested in him.” She said looking at him in his eyes. “We’ve always been friends but why didn’t we try for a real marriage?” Greer said wondering as she grabbed the body wash and rubbed it on a washcloth. “I have always liked when we scratched each other itch.”

Slowly she turned around and smiled. “Jealous? You are? You can say what you want but it eats at me how Talia looks at you. So tell me how are you doing? You’re infatuation with Talia seems quite as intense as my dalliance with Chauncey. So no you aren’t going to call my father because when Pierre LeClerq arrives in Atlas Falls everything will crumble. Okay I see we are close and they are breaking Zerick. Don’t worry about him because I know what I have to do. Infatuation or not.” Greer looked at Zerick. “I think it’s hard for me understand why you have done this Zerick. I know you hate them as much as I but I’m your partner. I’m your wife I deserve to know what is this about for you? You searched me and my father you inserted yourself in this plan.” She said with a natural concern. “I just want to know your motive?”

“A role that you are losing your cool on, you like to think you have it under control I just however have seen otherwise. You dangle the carrot that is the the only job you are supposed to be doing. Chauncey doesn’t need more from you.” Zerick said looking at her as he began to wash his own body as he watched hers. Yes they were lovers and friends but it was never real for him and he never let it pretend to be otherwise. “This marriage was an in Greer a way for us to both get what we wanted. A partnership Greer we can still scratch each other’s itch and back I just don’t and I won’t let this be something that it is not. Just like you should be doing with Chauncey.” He paused for a moment stepping away from her to grab some of the shampoo and then applying it gently to her hair.

“Jealous? I will say the nights have been more lonely since you spend so much time with him but that is part of the con Greer. Talia looks because she is curious even after that little lie she fed me about Hunter, I know it wasn’t Hunter she had her affair with. Though she did her best to try and sell the story.” Zerick said looking at her as he worked his fingers on her scalp through her hair. He was not going to give her an answer about what he wanted from the Devonshire’s eyes always on the prize she also had made a good point about Talia. “You should rinse your hair after all I expect Chauncey to be smelling it later. As for Talia what can I say I find her quite interesting if I do say so myself honestly you two are alike in some of your tastes though I don’t think that I will have to watch my back that much with her like I do you.”

“Nice diversion.” She said looking at him. “I asked a you a question. How can I trust you when nobody knows what your true agenda is. You see I’m not foolish at all. Whatever this is your cool is always blown when you’re around Lowell.” Greer said as she looked at him. “You clench your jaw, you bawl your fist and you look like you kill. You see you’re not the only one watching and for everyone else it looks as if you’re uncomfortable with social scenes. The big galas and parties but I know when you are about burst in rage. Trust me I live in rage and party in anger so tell me why is this so important to you. At first I didn’t care but you know what he did to me and my father and my mother. My mother died because of him and he can pretend that he wasn’t to blame but Lowell killed my mother. What did he do to you.”

Greer was done and saw he was finished also. Turning to Zerick she touched his face and watched him looking away. “We are friends and I thought you cared about me.” Greer said as she started to hyperventilate. She cried as she wrapped her towel around herself. “I need you to be honest because you know why I’m here. I’m so angry with these people and I’m angry for myself for messing up today. I am angry that I’m exploding inside because every time he touches me. I gag because he is a seed of Lowell Devonshire. That man could have been my soulmate if he wasn’t Lowell’s son. I’m confused and it’s tough but you need to give me a chance to help you. To help me and we aren’t team right now. You are my friend and my best friend and I need you to be honest.”

“Diversion I would never or would I? You did ask a question one I choose not to answer at the moment have I ever betrayed you before Greer? Your father was the one that sent us on our first few cons have I ever betrayed either of you?” Zerick said washing his own body and then his hair as he watched her finishing up her end of the shower.  He was used to flying in the planes back and forth across to middle east so jet lag was something he had avoided. “I clench my jaw because the game has to be played well how do you know it is not an act Greer? Perhaps I am a better player than you are take for instance you body right now is screaming begging.”

Zerick took a few steps towards her pinning her back against the tile as his hand traced her thigh, never once giving her what she wanted. They stayed like that for a few moment glaring at each other before he spoke. ”We’re friends Greer that is what you wanted and I wanted, friends have to be good at this to play this game. I care about you.” He slid his hands up her sides to her nipples that were hard from the contact and the water. He lied easily with her, right now he needed her and if she needed to hear he cared he’d play. His thumbs played with her nipples for a moment as her eyes danced with his at one point he could have really loved her. He wasn’t wired like that though when it came to the Devonshire’s. “I’m here to help you and your father that is all you need to know. You want him don’t you? Want him sinking into you again even right now? Your soulmate Greer? Wouldn’t that require you to be in love with him? You body gives you away dear wife.”

Greer listened to him and smirked shaking her head as her body released its tense hold. He wasn’t the only one who was acting. “I do care about Chauncey but the odds aren’t in my favor right now. You see I’m getting sick of your threats and I’m more sick of us pretending to be friends. You are a liar and I don’t care why you are doing this. I just wanted to see if you were man enough to tell me. I can’t trust you. You are a riddle wrapped in an enigma and I don’t want to dare keep asking you.” She moved his hands off her body. Slowly walking through the room as she grabbed her swimsuit. “I don’t trust you but you’re my partner. So I have no choice but to trust you. I feel like you wear a mask even with but it’s fine Zerick you keep your secrets because when I find out.” Greer smirked looked at him. “You won’t be the only one with threats. That is a promise dear husband I declare a war of roses you see. I won’t be bamboozled and who is to say at the end when I’m about to snatch my glory you won’t snatch everything I’ve schemed away from me?”

She dropped her towel and slipped on her bikini. “Thanks for showing me exactly who you are Mr. Westwood and I do know your real name. It’s only a matter of before I find out who and what you are after. Mr. Westwood so don’t threaten me with my father and I won’t figure out who you are and crush you like a bug.” Greer touched her blond hair and took a whiff. “That smells great I’m sure Chauncey will love that scent.”

“Threats? Who said they were threats Greer? Who is to say I’m even a real friend? I guess that is something that you will have to come to terms with? You have your secrets and I have mine or did that get lost along the way somehow?” Zerick said[ watching her remove his hands from her body so that was how she was going to play it? He’d show her in the long run that he wasn’t to be played with anymore. “Don’t threaten me Greer it will not end well for you. I’ve let you play the game as you see fit and now it’s my turn do you understand that? You are simply falling on the wayside of our plans.”

“You’ve nearly showed our hand to the entire room today something that you haven’t even thought about in the long run. Damage control now has to be done but you were too busy in your jealousy to even consider that weren’t you?” Zerick said wrapping a towel around him he followed her out of the bathroom and back into their room. He watched her dress in her bikini and then pulled her to him grinning a little when she resisted. “Don’t you dare forget what you came here to do with me. The goal was to make sure you got Chauncey in bed, planted the seeds for the takeover, if you had to lay on your back to do it then so be it. Remember that for all intensive purposes you are still my wife.” He cautioned her before leaning down to kiss her,

Greer took the kiss hand and smiled at him.“And don’t forget it’s my father’s money that helps front this charade be careful Zerick your peacock feathers are showing. I’m not forgetting because trust me I have suffered and my tears can turn on and off. I had you ready to seduce me and I didn’t tip our hand I just helped it.” She winked at him as she looked at him. “A good con knows how to blur lines. A good con can absorb and immerse themselves in the con. Trust me I never lost sight that was a lot about Natasha and little to do with Chauncey. I have known that girl since before I was Greer Westwood when I was Greer LeClerq. The daughter of famed and powerful Pierre LeClerq also known as Paul Crandall. He’s made himself one of the Europe’s power fullest weapons brokers I haven’t forgotten. In fact it was that move that will solidify Chauncey as mine and will show I’ve planted the correct seeds.” She hissed as she looked at him.

Greer walked to the vanity in the room with his and hers vanity’s to prepare. As she started to apply light makeup on her face. “Why Zerick are you showing you care? Look you are dark and brooding and powerful maybe when this is over and all the secrets are out. Maybe we can make this work? Who knows when my daddy is done with the Devonshire’s and we have control over DGI, I’ll be normal. I won’t be this woman who isn’t motivated on deception maybe I can find love and be normal. But right now I’m in it Zerick and I just pulled Chauncey in.”

Zerick wondered how long he would have to play that part broke and he was very glad for his offshore account that neither Greer nor her father knew about. He’s played his cards right from the moment he picked them all those years ago, they had the funds and Pierre had the desire to destroy Lowell for ousting him out of DGI and a few deals. He could care less about her little beef with Natasha at the end of the day Natasha would and could appeal to Chauncey in the long run as a partner and he wanted that. Greer and her father were merely stepping stones to get what he wanted and he was not above selling them both out of their deal, meaning he would have to watch his back now more than ever.

“I am simply stating that you have a job to do uphold it and there won’t be a need to call your father will there be? I think we should wait till this is all over shouldn’t we then? I don’t think I’d like a wife that I have to pretend with in real life as much as I do in a fake one.” Zerick said wanting her to understand his words this was a con to him, they were friends but if they had a real marriage there was no way in hell he was letting his wife fuck another man. Greer wanted that in the long run she could find that with someone like Chauncey if she could snag him. Walking to the chair he touched her hair. “You’re the one clouding the lines Greer we’re friends but our marriage is just that a con. I know you you could never tame yourself for me in a real marriage you aren’t wired that way. You’re always going to have motivation with deception it is who you are. Why you are fucking him just remember that. I am going to go explore.” Stepping back from her he made his way back into the bedroom watching the shock on her face as she prepared.

“Fine I’m going to do the same the night is still I’m not losing perspective this is a job. Happiness isn’t what I’m looking for, I’m looking for revenge.” Greer said passionately as she ran her fingers through her hair. Slipping on a silk robe wrapping it around her waist. As she looked at Zerick. “You aren’t innocent either of losing perspective either though. I watched you staring at Talia the entire plane ride. She’s charming and a wicked shoe game. Don’t make me dismantle you dear friend life and mark her as the scarlet A.” She hissed at him as she slowly moving her hair.

“Careful Zerick your pearls are showing and that little vein that you say that I’m debilitating the cause. You see I’m not the only one blurring lines you remember that.” Greer hissed as she walk out the room as she wrapped her arms around herself. This was starting to crumble and it’s still so much to do. As she opened her beach bag she called her father. “Daddy I need your help. I need to see you it’s all becoming hard.”


Bliss walked through the garden wearing a silk white and gold Grecian gown. She’d showered and was ready for dinner. Natasha and her father Ramses who refused to be called The Sheik any longer. She stooped down and smelled the flowers as she looked up seeing Natasha in a blood red gown dressed to kill. She looked like a movie star and was so beautiful. She walked up and hugged her tightly. How many nights did she hide out in this very compound from Dimitri? Ramses the first time gave her back until she returned with battered face. She touched her cheek just from the thought of someone hitting her. She took her hand and walked her to the swing in the middle of the garden. Natasha’s mother was no doubt in India taking care of her parents. As she threw her hair back it was hot but not steaming like normally.

“I needed a vacation away from Atlas Falls.” She said as she looked at her. “So go ahead ask I know you want to. Dimitri hasn’t been to Atlas Falls and has finally stopped.” Playing with her gold bangles and bracelets. “I’m afraid though Natasha. That fear he instilled inside of me that isn’t gone. I see him at night and hear him when I sleep. Natasha he’s coming I can feel it. I want to run but everywhere I go he finds me. They don’t know anything and I’m feuding stupidly with my sister when I should be thinking of a way to get everything he stole from me back. He still has.” Covering her mouth she bit her lip. “He still has a piece of me and I can’t help but want him dead. I want him gone and I don’t know what to do Natasha. If he finds out I’m…” She looked at her friend. “I’m in love and I’m scared and confused.”

Natasha had gotten changed after everyone got situated in their rooms, her father was still very ill and had around the clock care something she had not disclosed over the phone to Jackson. When she had seen Bliss she was more than happy to see her, she and Bliss were old friends and she was one of the few who knew about Dimitri and what happened. Bliss had been safe here that was what she knew and she was glad that Dimitri could not hurt her here her guards and security were top notch. She sat down on the bench with Bliss in the garden taking her friends hand in hers.

“We were happy to help Bliss you know that. Even when he tried to track you here you know that we would have never allowed it in fact father made sure that he was sent packing at the airport. Was your room alright if the memories there are too much I can move you. I wasn’t sure where to put you. You deserve to he happy after everything that he did to you. Who is the new lucky guy?” Natasha said wanting Bliss’s stay to be pleasant this would be a good time for them to catch up again. She was curious about Chauncey the man looked like he was walking and talking sex God and well she couldn’t help but want to ask if there was a woman in the picture. Greer especially. “So Chauncey he is handsome in person. Between him and your other brother I am surprised no one has snatched them up. I heard Chauncey was close though at one point. How is that for you now brothers, a family your mother isn’t causing you problems is she?”

“Mother you know her. She seems to believe she was invited here that this is where she belongs.” Playing with her dress she looked at Natasha. “I can’t help but feel that she’s after something. With my grandfather death recently I think she wants his seat at DGI. I know her and this would be the perfect way to get her revenge against Jackie and father. I just hope she’s ready for the repercussions of whatever she’s up too.” Bliss said moving her hair as she grabbed Natasha hand. “How is your grandparents in India? Your mom is there now?”

Thinking about Dimitri she felt the heartbreak creeping into her soul. How much she loss at his hand she literally lost a piece of herself. As she looked at Natasha. “Can you not mention two years ago to anyone. I don’t want to think about any of it. I just want to keep that personal you know. Dimitri has what he wants a permanent tie to me and he’s going to come. I’m trying my hardest mend a broken fence with my family. My mother has gallivanted throughout Europe and I’ve heartbreakingly followed her path. I wanted the power to snatch from my siblings and I ended up losing all my power. I’m stuck in this proverbial power struggle with him. He’s everywhere when I close my eyes. I can always smell his cologne on my body and I can always see him taking from me. He took so much you know my self respect and my.” She stopped not wanting to think about it as her voice cracked. “Honey you don’t want Chauncey.” Bliss wiped her eyes to shake away those thoughts. “He’s trouble but that’s what you like. He likes women who are trouble. So you’re going after him.”

“Your mother has always been eclectic to say the least I remember when she visited you at Oxford that was quite the ordeal. I can’t remember what husband she was on then but you were so angry at her. She’s always after something, then I seem to remember her not wanting you in school instead she wanted you to find a husband.” Natasha said smiling at her the memory still fond she may of known Greer from prep school but she and Bliss truly had bonded in college. It was rare for women in her culture to really go to college but her father had always supported that much about her. “I have no doubt Tess Blisston will do fine. Yes mother is in India unfortunately I think my grandmother has taken a turn for the worst. I would have went as well but I was needed here you know how my uncle can be.”

Natasha wrapped her arm around Bliss no doubt her friend was reliving the horrors of Dimitri. Her father may be a sheik but never once had he been cruel or unkind and he normally would not interfere in marital affairs but when Bliss had returned beaten and bruised she remembered she had never seen him so angry. “Of course not I would never that is your secret to share Bliss not mine. I know that you wanted out and I know the sacrifices you had to make to get there, my father and I were happy to get you past him in the airport that day. His eyes while he searched for you.” Natasha said her voice trailing off, they had disguised Bliss so well in her burqa, she had seen the devil in his eyes. “I want to know about the man you are seeing now you sounded so happy about it when we last talked. As for Chauncey I would have went after the younger more troubled brother but clearly his eyes are elsewhere. You know me well you know I like my trouble.”

Bliss face grew warm with color in her cheeks as she smiled. “Well before Dimitri I was bad too and loved trouble. Me and my sister who you will no doubt meet once this deal goes through husband have been carrying on.” She lowered her head in shame from how it sounded. “My sister isn’t a innocent she’s a devil and I revel in being an only child. She revels in being the only daughter and he just happened. She’s been screwing this skeevy but hot bar owner and he’s also one of our father’s sworn enemies. It’s so crazy how I’m in love and I thought it would never happen. I thought it would never be the happy and I thought that I could never love.” She said softly as she looked at Natasha.

“Hey your father and mother are the strongest people I know they will be alright.” She knew of the rumors of Ramses health and felt horrible. The man snuck her out of Egypt and right into Europe then Atlas Falls. Dimitri had done his worst to find her before she got to her father which he knew better than trying anything with. As she shook off bad thoughts. “Hunter is the man I should have been with. He’s the man who honors and loves me. I want you to find someone Natasha Jasma Hassan. I hate we didn’t get to go to boarding school together we would have really set Europe on fire.” She laughed as she touched her hand. “So what’s new in your life other than those ungodly urges for my gross brothers.”

“Dimitri was never a man at all Bliss you and I both know that he was just a spoiled prince that his father never got into line. I sometimes wonder if there was anything remotely human about him to begin with. I think evil resides in people and he was inside of Dimitri when I saw him that day.” Natasha said looking over at Bliss so her sister Max was not as crystal clean as she would like everyone to believe that was good to know. She was partially glad that she didn’t have siblings for that reason alone. “Sounds to me she was over her husband as soon as this other man came into play. He is smart to see you for what you are. A beautiful gorgeous woman that deserves to be happy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Does he plan on leaving your sister for you?”

“My parents are strong I think that is part of what has made them last so long, did you know he could have had more than one wife? He never did though told other suitors that they could never compare to the beauty she had I want a love like that.” Natasha said knowing that Bliss probably had heard about her father’s illness it was true cancer was tearing his body apart. Her grandfather was ill back in India and her mother was sent there while she had to stay and make this deal happen, wathcing her father. “I know you probably heard the rumors he’s sick Bliss they’re giving him under a year if that. New in my life currently I am fighting my uncle for my birthright that has been an uphill battle. I sometimes wish Egypt was much more progressive in that matter. I’ve met a few men and please don’t tell my father what I’ve done with them. Culture and the world is changing. I hardly think Chauncey would be gross have you seen him? Kidding.”

“Gross he’s handsome because he’s Lowell Devonshire son. Did you see my father? He was a fox in his day. That wavy dark hair and with mom and Jackie blonde locks he made genetically perfect.” She said smiling at a dear friend holding her hand. Hearing about Ramses being ill it made her sick he didn’t deserve to die. As she hugged Natasha she exhaled thinking about him taking her into her home after she escaped the monarchy. Isla de Cruces was a island on the south of Hungary. Near Budapest and it was where she met Dimitri. Natasha and she were vacationing there and King Hugo Kavanaugh welcomed them. Dimitri wasn’t banished by the monarchy yet and he was charming. Being around Natasha brought back a time when she was truly in love with Dimitri. A time long ago Bliss was a princess and she truly was happy. Then the abuse and he stole her happiness right from grasp. “I work so hard to forget about him you know and figure a way. I refuse to believe your father will die he is immortal to me. When my brother said he was interested in SandStar. I knew I had to come here one last time.” She said looking at Natasha.

“Can I see him later? I would love to tell him he was right I should have come home earlier. I didn’t expose my father for nothing. This was a move to keep Dimitri away and I have found a home. I’m happy in Atlas Falls and my brothers are a mess. That entire family is a mess and I miss my friends sometimes.” She said taking Natasha hand. “Promise me you’ll come and visit? Oh Natasha I think my mom is going to go after my dad again. I think I’m walking down her path but I’m not going to be miserable like her. Hunter really loves me and he’s not going to be a walking away. I just wish that I had been apart of the family when I was younger.”

“Good genes are just that good genes. Your father was quite handsome back in the day I remember that old photo you had of him, your mother was pregnant in it with you. I was amazed that that was your life growing up, he was there but not you know and I always thought it daring how he had both your mother and Jackie.” Natasha said looking at Bliss it was nice to remember the happier times of their youth before everything went to hell for Bliss. She was the one that had introduced Bliss to Dimitri and years later she felt that she should have known something was off, but she failed her friend. Hugo was a business associate and friend of her father’s for years. Dimitri seemed like a true prince until the letters from Bliss started to come. “Just know that as long as you are here he can’t hurt you and back home he would be an idiot and a fool to try anything on US soil with who your father is. I am glad you came and that we were able to talk and Skype before now too.”

“I would love to take you to see him, he’d like that I am sorry I didn’t tell Jackson about his illness before now, he wanted it kept under wraps he is a proud man. He felt so guilty when he sent you back the first time and the second time he was not having it at all.” Natasha said looking at her friend, she was glad to hear that the brothers were a mess though at least. That was something she could look forward to getting the best deal she could. “Of course I will I want to meet this Hunter make sure he is treating you right. Plus I want to see DGI offices. As for your mother and father we both know they have a cycle maybe this time it will finally be broken. You are a part of the family now and that is what matters. You must tell me all about the wedding, what can I say Chauncey left quite the impression on me earlier.” Natasha finished helping her up from the bench as she walked her through the garden.

Bliss took her arm into hers as she looked at Natasha. “I know that my brother isn’t a good guy Natasha. Please be careful when you aren’t immune to a Devonshire man charm my dear. Look at my mother she is still enchanted by daddy. I think that’s the scary part of everything we put a spell on you.” She giggled as they walked into the doorway. “However maybe you can tame him I know you wouldn’t do anything. Oh it was so scandalous Natasha so he was engaged to Selina Delacroix and then she ripped him to shreds on their wedding day. Then she married her long time love.” She said playfully. “Soap opera right?”


Jackson smiled as he looked at Dani as they entered the castle and were lead to their suite. SandStar Oil was amazing and he’d have to talk about remodeling the corporate building. As he leaned against the door. “God it’s so good to be in a room.” He exhaled looking at her. “I’m so tired and jet lag. Sometimes this is overwhelming doing all of this. I feel like Chauncey is going to be my downfall. That man no matter what I do will always hate me. I don’t know why? I used adore my big brother idolize him you know. Then it changed when I um got little older I was about thirteen and he was going away to college. Man he told me that I’d never be good as him. Then as I got older father would place us in these Shakespearean fights. Two brothers fighting for the legacy of their father. I’m sure he wet himself in excitement thinking that we were going to be duking it out like we are now then. I haven’t faced this and now I’m here and he’s seducing Natasha. What if she signs with him? What if he closes my deal?” Jackson said flopping on the bed.

Jackson started to take in the fear of what was truly happening. He was about to go heads up with Chauncey. No matter what his father said this was a test. If he closed this deal he’d be one step closer to his approval. Not only that but he’d be beating Chauncey for real. He’d be the golden boy if he closed SandStar and DGI merger. Making it another company and transforming the energy division was his goal. He felt Dani massaging his neck as he grabbed her and playfully kissed her. “I’m stressed you know? It’s one thing to be Lowell’s kid it’s a complete other one to be the heir that I was always supposed to be.”

Dani was more than happy to head back to their room after the tour once inside she placed her ring back on her finger. She watched him pace as she opened up her suitcase next to the bed and took off her black blouse leaving the silk camisole on and then took off her dress pants leaving her lace panties on. The breeze finally hitting her, she did have a bit of jet lag or so she hoped. She was putting off the other thing that was on her mind with it the tiredness she had felt over the last few weeks. She listened to him about Lowell and Chauncey and then joined him on the bed working her fingers into his neck, he was tense beyond tense. She was annoyed with Chauncey but she also knew that they were better prepared than he was. She felt him finally relax a bit more under her touch before he pulled her to him and kissed her when he pulled back she looked at him.

“Try and relax alright? I mean it no stress, you’ll work yourself up into a storm this was and is our deal our time. We’ve both worked way too hard for us not to be smarter than him. I think your brother hates you because he’s scared I’ve seen it, he sees that you can beat him. He should be I know you you’re about ready to wipe the floor with him and he’ll be left alone with whatever flavor of the week he’s shacking up with.” Dani said quietly running her hands on his shirt for a moment she undid to slowly grinning at him. He was the one that said this was a vacation. She looked at him knowing she was breaking his rules, as her hand slid lower to his belt buckle undoing it but that was part of the fun with them, him punishing her getting what they both needed. “I thought we were on vacation business and pleasure would that take your mind off of it? Besides I’m still annoyed at the knock on the door from the flight.”

Jackson bit his lip as he leaned forward and kissed her passionately. Tonight he would let her play. She deserved it she’d been a good girl in the bedroom and if she wanted for one night to take control for a moment. Then who was he to argue? Growing more erect by the second he exhaled gruffly this was what he needed. To slide inside of her deeply and shoot his seed inside of her. “I want to fuck you silly. I think Talia really didn’t have to pee that badly. She did that on purpose. I know her she has that twinkle and she’s so cute but Talia is a sneaky devil.” He laughed teasing her he was glad they were talking. He could tell for the two weeks they weren’t talking it affected her. Dani needed her friends and she needed people who truly cared. From what he understood about the Lex saga Talia nearly kicked his ass when it all came undone.

His hands ran down her sides as he squeezed her ass tightly. Slowly leaning forward he kissed her neck and sucked on it to form a love mark. He pulled up her shirt to show the perfect body that she had. God how was Lex so dumb to let her go? He felt himself growing wild. Maybe he couldn’t let her control all the way. Flipping himself on top of her he quickly kissed her all over. He unbuckled his pants and smiled at her. “You are so sexy.” Jackson touched her belly as he slowly kissed her neck. “Thank-you baby for this.” He growled as slid two fingers inside of her. She was so wet already pulling out his fingers Jackson licked them passionately.

“I’d like that. I’ve been looking forward to it ever since Talia and her fake peeing.” Dani said smiling at him when he kissed her again. She leaned her head to the side moving her hair off her neck feeling his lips against her skin, his fingers digging into her ass. She felt him tug at her shirt and lifted her arms up so he could get it off, feeling the fabric brush against her breasts and her nipples. She groaned when his skin finally made contact with hers. On top of being tired there was that, her body was more sensitive and that was something that had been plaguing her mind too. She focused back at the task at hand when he flipped her over onto the bed.

She laid back on the bed and watched him undo his pants before they pooled to the floor along with his boxers anticipation running through her. She’d never grow tired of him, of the way he looked at her like he did now, she bit her lip when he finally leaned down to kiss her. Looking up at him she spread her legs when his fingers snaked into her panties and her hips arched into his hand, Her hands fisted the sheets. Wanting them tied, pinned before she even broke more of his rules and pulled her to him and when he stopped and licked his fingers she groaned. “Tell me you packed something or hell use your belt. If you don’t I may have to be bad and then you’d have to use it anyway maybe I was looking forward to that too, that leather smacking my ass.” She said teasing him looking at that lust in his eyes before she took a breath. “Then again maybe you want to wait?”

When he kissed her neck his teeth bit his lip. This was exactly what she needed. As he smiled at her this woman had changed his world. She wanted to be touched and played with. Her body was so stunning he removed her panties. She wanted to be punished he grabbed a silk pillowcase and tied her hands rolling her over and pushing her knees up to expose her ass. As he picked up his pants he removed his belt from the loops and instantly smacked her plump ass. Kissing her cheeks he smiled as he started to spank her over and over again. When her ass was pink he sucked on her ass. Spreading her legs as he buried his head between Dani’s legs. As he almost animalistically scratched her ass as he kept eating slurping up all her juices from behind. He couldn’t believe how wet she was. He knew what he had to do. Her body was starting to shiver he could feel like she was going to explode already. He wasn’t ready for her to ejaculate and come all over him. He spanked her again as he looked at her.

“Don’t you come yet.” He growled. “Do you remember your safe word?” When she nodded he kissed her from behind. As Jackson wrapped the belt around her neck. “If this becomes too tight or too much say that word and I’ll stop.” Jackson said with a darkness in his eyes. Grabbing his dick he aimed right into her hole Jackson slipped in and pulled back on the belt fucking her from behind. Her pussy was so hot and gushy his eyes rolled in the back of his head. “Say my name.” Jackson immediately started to hardbody Dani. Slamming his waist into her tight pussy as he growled. “Yes Dani!” He said as he saw his phone ringing and his father calling. “Dani!” He called out feeling her gushing already. When he pulled out he grabbed his phone.”Dad I have to call you back.”

“Jackson have you closed the deal? It’s almost midnight here and I’ve stayed up to find out.” Lowell said as he drank his scotch.

Rolling off of Dani, Jackson exhaled placing up one finger. “Dad the meeting is in two hours.”

“Jackson close this deal I sent Chauncey with you for a reason. I know my son he’s working on your deal do you hear me? I want you to succeed but this is the business world son. You can’t be asleep yet. Not until it’s over.”

Jackson knew he was right as he undid her restraints. “Dad I’m going to take a shower and then I’ll close it alright.” He rolled over and noticed Dani wrapping up in a sheet. “Thanks dad for you believing in me.”

“Jackson I have always believed in you. You are my son and your transformation has left me breathless son. I believe in you and I’m proud of you.” Lowell said stepping out of the limo. As he walked into St. Christopher. David and he had set up a late night meeting they didn’t want anyone to know about him running all these test on him. Whatever that shake was David would fix it. “Jackson I have to go.”

Jackson sat up in the bed as he lowered his head hearing his father was proud of him. Something he never thought he’d hear. Tears flooded his eyes as he tried to hold back the emotion. “Thank-you dad I won’t let you down.” He hung up as he wiped his eyes. Biting his lip he knew he had to close this deal. He had to do the unthinkable.

Pillowcase, belt that was all her brain could think about when he tied her arms turned her and began his assault on her ass. She couldn’t help the moans she let out, or how wet she fucking was by him taking her, controlling her. His mouth on her was something that sent her into overdrive against the sheets, she was so fucking close to coming and she nearly did when he warned her not to come. Her ass was on fire her pussy clenching when he hauled her ass up and then wrapped the leather around her neck. She nodded her head at him before she felt him shove into her and then threw her ass back against him, she loved it from behind the way he fucked her made her come alive.

“Jackson!” She moaned out breathless feeling him fucking her and then the phone rang, her muscles clenching she was so close to coming undone and he pulled out. She glared over at him breathless, frustrated and then softened when she heard Lowell’s voice and he undid her restraints. She kissed his cheek letting him know it was alright as she wrapped the sheet around herself and gave him some privacy with his father, grabbing her purse from the floor and going into the bathroom closing the door. Her body was still on fire, she was still horny as hell she thought about getting herself off and then knew better he’d only draw it out worse next time if she did.

She leaned against the door her head still spinning, exhaustion, tenderness everywhere especially her breasts and pussy, the kicker was the slight nausea. Not to mention she was late very late well over three weeks late. Opening her purse she looked at the pregnancy test it would ease her mind. She bit her lip tears forming it wasn’t like they planned this out if it was positive and then what? She took it out and opened the box refusing to think about it either way till she knew for sure. Letting the sheet drop she sat down closing her eyes on the toilet as she took the test.


After Zerick had showered and Greer had left their room he dressed in a linen suit intent on exploring the grounds and the city intent on clearing his head. While she had made a few great points he also knew that he had to keep his head in the game and on the prize at hand. Getting in at DGI making sure Lowell paid, the other part that was worrying him was Greer was asking a lot of questions. Walking out of the mansion and the gate he began walking down the city streets when he noticed Talia in front of him, they were near a tourist location but he also kept an eye out for unwanted strangers or companions. When he saw her stop at a local vendors that were selling exquisite scarves and of course shoes he let out a smile, her and that shoe habit of hers.

“So which one is your favorite then?” Zerick asked as he approached her, he saw her jump a bit and chuckled he had surprised her. The vendor was helping another customer and he looked at the goods in the shop he figured honestly she would be resting or hanging with Bliss maybe Dani. Instead she was adventurous wandering a foreign city by herself he liked that. “So obviously shopping is on your agenda before this evening. Have you ever been to Alexandria? I’ve been a few times we are near some of the best local shops. I can show you if you’d like.”

Talia was sure everyone showered and explored the land. She stayed on the compound wearing a white bikini top with a sheer dress. She was pretty sure the men in Egypt wouldn’t appreciate her fashion. Natasha however told her she could go they understood she was a tourist. She wore a chain tiara around her head with her flared out in pure Farah Fawcett realness. As she looked at Zerick why did he follow and scare her?

When she picked up a pair of pale pink flats and sparkly heels that were too fab to pass “Never Alexandria is amazing though the people are stunning and where else can you get shoes this cheap.” As the sun was setting she looked at him and smiled. “Zerick I’ve done the whole mistress thing. I ruined Anderson life and almost tore a kids family apart… I’m not going to do that again. I’ve been a bad girl before but I’m trying to change. So whatever you want find it with someone else.”

Zerick looked at her for a moment and then over at the shop vendor who was staring at her and he looked around some of the other man were staring as well. While he liked Talia’s boldness he certainly didn’t want her harassed the entire time they were out either. Pointing to the shoes in her hand he spoke in arabic to the vendor negotiating a price and then plucked a pink and orange scarf off the shelf to match them wrapping it around her shoulders with a smile. He could feel her staring at him as he did so, ok it was more of a glare as he waved to the man and let her out of the shop.

“See much better this way we can walk and talk without a man harassing you much like the man inside running the shop. Those colors do look lovely on you and if we find something else you want to see it will be useful.” Zerick said looking over at her as he made sure they kept a good distance apart from each other. He was still married to Greer though on second thought when he moved closer to her she smiled and he relaxed again. “I wasn’t following you quite the opposite I thought I would take in the sights while Greer is more than likely fucking Chauncey.” Zerick said letting it sink in for a moment at the shock on her face. “You wouldn’t be destroying something sacred between she and I Talia nor children.”

Talia was charmed when he got the shoes and even got her scarf to match. She couldn’t help but blush a little. More than anything he was charms but that’s why she hadn’t opened up to him honestly. Slowly walking through the market she could tell some men and women were alarmed by her attire. She didn’t care she wasn’t going to change because she was in the middle east. She stopped a vendor also speaking Arabic picking up two pieces of fruit for them and tossed it at him. As she bit into mango which was so sweet.
Shocked at the response he said she wrapped her arms around herself as she looked at him. As she slowly looked at him. “I’m sorry but I’m that girl. Look I lied to you Zerick it wasn’t Hunter it was Anderson and I loved him deeply. I’m just getting over that shit and you want me to step into you and Greer’s worldwind. Look don’t I deserve shoes? What is with men? I want the Cinderella moment. When am I going to find someone to put my shoe on? Look I’m attracted and I’d be lying to myself if I say wasn’t. Zerick two stop me from going for what I want. One is that you’re married and two I don’t trust you. You have so much behind those eyes so much going on and I don’t want to be involved. I’ve seen you before it’s the same so many guys have. It’s darkness in you and I don’t want it corrupting my life. I’m happy with my shoes and all. So Zerick I can’t have half of a man when I deserve it all.”

“I figured out that it was not Hunter that you were with a long time ago but it wasn’t my place to say anything Talia. You and Hunter didn’t scream past lovers, you and Anderson though I did see him looking at you at the wedding.” Zerick said as they continued to walk down the streets, she was bold and he admired that about her, he also felt a bit better now that he was walking with her. When she mentioned Cinderella a smile tugged on his lips, the fairytales that was something that he liked about her. Greer would never think in fairy tales about their relationship or where it was going. “Glass slippers are hardly practical Talia wouldn’t you agree?”

“You’re a gorgeous woman Talia and I want you in my bed is that such a bad thing? Greer has her fun with Chauncey and I can have you. You see Greer and I have an understanding we have since we got married. Our marriage works that way.”  Zerick said looking over at her for a moment and then stopping in front of a small jewelry vendor. They had rare gems there and he was sure they were real that was something that he loved about Alexandria the culture the things you could get on the street. “Greer and I swing very open in that area of our marriage and children have never been something that we have wanted or discussed. You are involved Talia I can hardly not think about you you intrigue me. I think you deserve to be happy like your friends are.”

Talia was instantly shocked at his words. He touched a nerve and her spirit was sizzling at why she couldn’t be happy. This wasn’t the first time with Braden just one of the many in a long line. Everything she’d been through with men expired her to believe. She deserved a happy ending and a grand romance. Her eyes grew crystal clear as she shook her head. Touching her heart she paused as she looked at him. Shaking her head she looked at him as she bit her mango again. Shaking her head she looked at him. “That’s good real good Zerick and I can’t believe you are playing on my heart. Look it’s not some sad story of me not being happy, I’m very happy. I just haven’t met him and you’re bad real bad. Whatever your story is it’s interesting handsome. I want to know more but you aren’t who I want to devote my heart to. I’m not stupid you say all the right things in the perfect setting. Buying me my desires and then telling me what I want to hear. Look stay away from me because insulting my intelligence isn’t funny.” Handing him back the bag with the shoes and scarf inside it.

Turning around and started to walk back to the compound. Why wouldn’t he leave her alone? That was perfect and she’d saw too many movies. So what Greer and he were swingers she didn’t want to share. Sharing wasn’t her intention at all. Her husband and soulmate wouldn’t be with anyone else. That was for sure and wouldn’t ask her to be the side bitch. Especially knowing that Greer was hunching on Chauncey nasty butt. She’d be the other woman again. Never again Talia thought to herself. “How dare you? How dare you? You know what you’re a jerk. You are a big jerk.” She shrilly yelled at him.

Zerick followed her wondering what he had said that upset her so greatly that she would return everything to him it was a peace offering to let her know he was interested in her. He also didn’t know how to tell her otherwise without letting the truth out to her so he knew he had to play it very carefully. She had looked sad when she was considering everything, she had to of known that she would be more than just a side piece to him. He walked quickly to catch up with he and when she turned a corner and didn’t see the car coming in front of her he pulled her down the alleyway and then pressed her against the brick wall. The street had no one on it, no eyes watching them and before he knew it he leaned down to kiss her.

When she didn’t resist he pressed her harder against the wall angling his head to her lips letting it tongue slide into her mouth. He heard her sigh and kept his hands firmly against the wall, he didn’t trust himself not to explore her body. When his body could no longer take it he pulled back shopping bag in his hand as he looked at her face it was flushed still in the moment of their kiss. He took the scarf out again and placed it on her, he would walk with her back to the compound for her safety stubborn as she was. “I told you those things Talia because you deserve to hear them not because I was lying about them. I want you and I’m not going to pussy foot around it I have since we first met it is your choice now on the rest. Let me walk you back to the compound it isn’t that far, please.”

Zerick had kissed her like she’d always dreamt when she looked at him bit her lip. Never had she thought about being this woman again. When Cara found out and confronted her she knew that was the real reason they moved. Seeing Wyatt face as he saw her out and about. It was horrible Wyatt and Maddie gossiping about her sleeping with Anderson. Kids knowing and hating her. She tried to get away but she couldn’t. He melted her with those lips and those eyes. His eyes pierced her and she was sure he was telling the truth. He was interested however how was she to take this serious. She took his hand as she looked at him.

“I don’t trust you Zerick. I don’t trust this but I do want this.” She said lowering her head as tears started to fall. “I deserve to have someone to myself.” Talia mumbled as she looked at Zerick. She stepped in front of him. “I’ve been screwed over by men you promise me. You promise me right now you won’t be like the rest. You won’t hurt me and leave me looking foolish again. I don’t want to be the other woman. I don’t want to be bitter and heartbroken anymore. I want happiness and love and a future. If you can’t give me that then walk away. If you can kiss me again.”

Zerick calmed his breathing as she looked at him warning him and he knew the safe choice for now was to keep his distance from her. He was poison and he couldn’t’ tell her what she needed to hear about them, he would hurt people she cared about. She would  be hurt in the end because it had to be done not because he wanted to hurt her but because it had to be done to make them pay. He let her take a few steps ahead of him shaking his head.

“I don’t love Greer like that Talia right now I have to stay married to her I know that isn’t want you want to hear and I wish it was different but it can’t be. I’ll walk you back to the compound and keep my hands to myself I swear it. I won’t kiss you again till I can give you those things. I am sorry.” Zerick said softly for the first time in years in that moment he felt human and partial shame for using her. It was a different feeling with Talia he’d had marks before, bedded marks before but with her he knew he couldn’t. Her eyes flared up as he extended his arm back to the road. “Lowell would murder us if anything happened to his favorite old assistant and new PR director I will walk with you back.”

Talia was almost hurt that he didn’t or wouldn’t kiss her back. She walked back in silence holding the bag in her hand as they arrived back to the compound. Talia turned to him. “Thanks for the shoes Zerick and thank you for being honest. I have been hurt too many times to count and I appreciate you now. You’re human at least and I can really befriend that man. Whatever you are up too Zerick you aren’t bad. You aren’t a bad guy and I see a man who wants to be happy. A guy who wants to have a happy ending and you deserve it because just like me. You’ve been through so much just don’t forget this feeling right now. Us being like this because if we can be like this. Then I would love to explore this when Greer and you are done.” Talia said as she walked through the gates.

“See you later tonight I hope I’ll be releasing that DGI will be merging with SandStar.” She said kissing his cheek. “See you at dinner I presume you’re not all bad. Underneath that sleek exterior is someone begging to come out. When he’s ready call me.”


Natasha walked into SandStar Oil Noah behind her on the way to the conference room she hoped her guest had enjoyed their morning it was getting quite interesting now. She looked at Jackson as she took a seat from him across the table and Noah joined her. Of course the rest of the team looked just as perplexed which was what they wanted. She held out her hand as Noah slid her some of the paperwork for the oil deal of course with their amendments to it at the last minute. Her eyes met Chauncey’s again at the table, she had been informed of him at the mansion and curiosity was slowly getting the better of her with the older Devonshire. Folding her hands at the table as Noah passed out the rest of the contracts she looked at Jackson again and his face looking at her adjustments.

“I would assume that we are all to get started then? As you all can see my father and I have made a few adjustments on the profits that we would like to take. Not to mention that I really would prefer Mr. Westwood to not be a part of this merger.” Natasha looked over as Greer and Zerick looked at her and then over at Chauncey and Jackson. Noah beside her nodded his head and she could tell that the entire team was annoyed. “Mr. Westwood has been apart of many deals that fell through and deals in which he went back on his terms. Now I understand that you and I, Jackson along with Ms. Fraiser and Bliss have been working on this for the past few months but I would feel more comfortable as would my father if my amended terms were met.”

“I have no problem with that.” He cut his eyes at Zerick. “Get up and leave the table this deal is bigger than our egos.” Jackson didn’t understand why he got to come. As he looked at Dani with a smile on his face he knew. He knew that he had to assert his dominance now. Natasha was trying to change the terms of the deal and he knew that was going to happen. DGI hadn’t lowballed SandStar but it wasn’t the best deal. Jackson knew he’d have to wrestle. Taking the paperwork he looked at and scoffed the seat on the board was expected.

“Listen I’ll go a third of this price and the seat on the board was a given. Listen this deal will forever benefit you considering you are chair and on DGI board. Your family never loses full control while being a subsidiary company of DGI. You will get what your what and she gain financial gains. Not only that you will forever be apart of the legacy of transforming energy something your father Ramses was very progressive of.” Jackson declared as he looked at Chauncey almost looking impressed. “Now let’s do this. Let’s transform the energy division and revolutionize energy throughout the world.”

“I will remind you that your father requested that I be a part of these negotiations should you have a problem with that you need to call your father. Natasha I can assure you that Greer and I are simply here for back up on this deal. No need to be paranoid.” Zerick said looking at Jackson and then over at Natasha and Noah. He could tell the room was tense it was exactly what he wanted to see how things went under pressure.

Noah rose from his seat as he looked over at Natasha and then at Jackson the boy had balls he’d give him that. “A third of the price on profits surely you have to be kidding if you want this to be a merger shouldn’t it be split fifty-fifty. You are using our resources-”

“Your resources that DGI is funding, we’re taking the risk with the investment not the other way around. We already talked about this before we got on a plane. The offer was more than fair.” Dani said looking at the paperwork and over at Jackson they were the ones that were putting up the money. Bliss said she was friends with Natasha that Natasha would see this as a good business deal. “Bliss?”

Chauncey leaned back in his chair impressed with how Jackson asserted himself but his eyes were glued to Natasha she wanted more on her legacy and the deal. He wondered if his baby brother had balls to play with her or not, his father did set a cap on what the company could invest and spend. He looked over at Greer as he and Zerick stared eachother down and then looked at Bliss. “Yes dear sister please share your thoughts?”

“Natasha you are changing the game for a better profit and Noah you aren’t involved in this and haven’t been since the beginning. This is a family deal Natasha we aren’t trying to take this from you. Your company is yours but we are trying to move SandStar from oil and into another market clean energy that will be the future.” She said looking at her friend. “I say go for a half Jackson just to make this deal because at the end of the day I think the future is more important that profits now.”

Jackson shook his head as he looked at his sister. “Bliss you are right we are all here as family.” He looked at Natasha as he leaned into her. “I’m however either going to give you a third or the asking price originally now as ugly as that might sound. I wish I could offer more but I can offer this creative liberties on the patent.” He saw Dani and Chauncey’s faces change. “I am willing to have SandStar own the patent and DGI market the liquid that will turn into our clean energy.”

“I trust Noah and his advice completely Mr. Westwood I still remember you and Greer screwing over those investors in Europe don’t think it has gone by the wayside. My father wants more full asking price on what I drew up this is my legacy something you should understand as Lowell’s son should you not?” Natasha said as she considered Jackson’s offer on the patent it was lucrative and honestly that wasn’t want she wanted. This was a test her father made her do, see how honorable the Devonshire’s really were as a team to work with. So many rumors over past deals being swindled by them. “We could go half on the numbers and still have the patent.”

Dani glared at her was she serious? She then looked at Jackson who she knew well his body was stiff he didn’t like this the games Natasha was playing with them and more she was pissed he was even thinking about giving them the patent. She saw Chauncey was looking at them shocked too. Bliss looked like she didn’t even know who Natasha was.

“This is insanity I just offered you the patent that DGI is developing not SandStar. Then offered you a third now I won’t budge. I would hate to walk away from you and your uncle takes over the company now. Now Noah we aren’t dumb this is for security for you Natasha. Your family isn’t floundering but I know one thing you won’t come here and demand all these things and DGI just leaves with nothing. Wrong Natasha I will offer you this now. A third of the profits and half the rights to the patent now.” Jackson said with a forcefulness.

Bliss had never seen Jackson so sure. It was amazing to witness these two literally tearing into each other. As she bit her lip looking at Dani. “The patent will give you just as much as you are asking for. Listen this is very rash Natasha you aren’t thinking straight and my brother is asking you for your business and a lifelong partnership.”

Natasha knew that tempers were heated and looked over at Noah as she rose from her seat this was the play she wanted to get the best deal to present to her father. She looked at Bliss though they were friends this was her legacy her father’s legacy hanging in the balance. “I think for now we all should take a break. I want the best offers submitted to me in a few hours and then we can go from there. I am letting you all know now I will not take an offer with Zerick’s name attached to it.”

Noah followed suit as he looked at the DGI team members, “Mr. Hassan gave us very clear instructions on what we were and were not supposed to do. I look forward to reviewing all the options that are presented to us in the next few hours.” He placed his hand on her back as he led Natasha out of the room. “Did we play it right?”

“Look at them Jackson and Chauncey are about to go head to head what my father wanted to see which one was more trustworthy. We played it perfectly Noah.” Natasha said looking over at him as they walked away down the hallway.

Chauncey watched her get up and go from the table his mind was already whirling. He could move some finances around the company to make it work take from Max’s project or Rory’s to give her what she wanted. While he was at it he saw his brother’s name on the contract he could replace it with his own. His father did say to close the deal by whatever means necessary. He rose from his seat looking at his brother.

“May the best offer forward win. I had hoped your friend would be more agreeable sister.” Chauncey said stopping in front of Zerick and Greer. “My brother is right about this please remove yourself from an offer and the rest of these negotiations.” Stepping back he walked out of the room with a grin on his face.

“Natasha is playing hardball.” Zerick said looking at Greer knowing from here on out was gravy for them it was being played exactly like they wanted. He rose from his seat as he helped Greer out of the room.

Dani looked at the door as it closed and then over at Jackson who looked like he was about to kill Natasha and his brother. Taking out the thumb drive from her purse she slid to to him, she’d played dirty just in case even though he told her not too a few days ago. “Look at the pictures on there and decide what you want to do with them. I am not letting that bitch try and fuck you over for your brother.”

Jackson stood above and looked at Bliss. “Look I know Natasha is your friend and if you want no part in this I understand. I however will be using this to close the deal.” He looked at his fiancée “Don’t worry let’s eat dinner and then we will go for the jugular and if she thinks she’ll screw me over because Chauncey’s dick is hard. That’s another story Bliss your friend is out of line and her hormones are guiding her into a wrong choice.” He leaned over Dani.

Bliss looked at Jackson and Dani. “I expect that you two will get this deal no matter what. Don’t let him win and Natasha isn’t thinking with her hormones she’s thinking like a Hassan. Ramses has always been shrewd and he is known for doing this.” Bliss stood up grabbing her purse. “Get her and I don’t even want to see what’s on the computer.” Walking out the room she saw Hunter calling her on Skype. “I’m going to my room okay where my computer is.”


Wearing a classic red Baywatch esque swimsuit Greer dipped inside of the water swimming immediately to the shallow end. When she came up Chauncey was standing above her in his swimming trunks. A part of her wanted to give him attitude for clearly flirting in her face. The other half didn’t give a damn. It was a odd situation to find Chauncey so similar to her. He was this man who saw her for every salacious thing she was going to do and doing. As she swam to the middle of the pool she looked at him. “The water is perfect you should join me. It feels amazing inside of the pool.” She purred splashing him. “So you and Natasha were awfully friendly. You know I’ve known of her since I was in prep school.”

As she looked at him stepping into the pool she bit her lip he was so sex to her. “We went to the same boarding school. Never hung in the same circles she was far too popular. I wasn’t at the time.” It wasn’t a lie Natasha didn’t even remember her. When her father first arrived in Paris he didn’t have any money times had changed. Somehow he slickly got her enrolled in one of the most prestigious boarding school in Berlin. She swam to him. “I want you to be mine all mine and I don’t want to be jealous anymore you understand? You’re mine.” She said in a hiss. “None of this is what I wanted but you are a unexpected surprise.”

Chauncey had returned back to the mansion after the foiled meeting that Natasha threw at them and then complied up his best offer to her. He wanted complete control of the energy projects that SandStar would give to DGI and then in return she could have her profits, he did think she was being a bit greedy on the profits. Jackson had been more than fair given the money DGI was going to invest in his offer but he couldn’t stop thinking about her exotic eyes and spending more time with her. Then again having Greer so close to him in the mansion knowing that perhaps Zerick was fucking her was enough to make him angry as well.

He had tried his best to get the thoughts of Greer moaning Zerick’s name out of his head only that seemed to make it worse as he sent the contract he drafted up over to Natasha. Something his father warned him not to do, the problem was his father was not here. That was the kicker he thought that he would just fall in line while he sent Jackson here to mess with the company’s money he would prove to his father he deserved that seat more. Deciding he had enough brooding he put on his swimming trunks and made his way down to the pool as he watched Greer get into the water, licking his lips.

“I think I will join you then.” He said getting into the water with her it was perfect given the heat between them and of course the weather they were in. He let himself unwind in the pool with her his eyes looking at her as she told him about Natasha. “You’re jealous? Natasha is a free woman to see whomever she fits you on the other hand are still very much so married Greer. I thought we were having just a bit of fun correct you help me out in getting the company and play wife. We fuck when we need to, no harm no foul. I will say you trying to mark me this morning was entertaining though.”

Greer swam to him and grabbed his face. “No this isn’t just a fuck.” She seethed looking at him. “I won’t lose you to Natasha. For years I spent wondering if Zerick loved me and I truly know he doesn’t.” The truth stung a little bit. When she was younger she thought Zerick and she would fall in love. That was before her father told her what the full plan was. Her father loved her but what he asked her to do. She thought Zerick loved her once upon a time. She lost her chance at being normal when Lowell betrayed everyone. She knew that her daddy wasn’t going to stop but she knew to stop it she was going to have to snatch power. She touched his chest and looked at him. “Nevermind I don’t want you either you want her.” She swam away knowing the game she was playing.

As she dived underwater she felt Chauncey pulling her up. “Listen go touch her because she’s what you want. Exotic isn’t she? A rare flower the Princess Jasmine of the elite. I can’t stand her and if you touch her I swear I’ll never touch you again. Now get your damn hands off of me you are just like him and to think I was going to tell you what my husband was really up too. You aren’t worth it.” She hissed knowing that she was going to intrigue Chauncey even more. “Get away from me.”

“It’s not just a fuck?  I’m not going to Natasha Greer I’m playing a part for her, she wants a man to rescue her and her father’s company nothing more. Zerick never screamed the warm and fuzzy type to me with you if you want to know.” Chauncey said he did soften to her for a moment she had a sadness in her voice he wasn’t a complete asshole all the time. He wasn’t wired to be lovey dovey like his mother was but he knew a thing or two about keeping a woman satisfied at home you had to at least give a fuck about them. “He’s an idiot I didn’t want to give us away to her or the rest of them. Honestly though they probably already know Greer so if you wanted to keep this all the way under-wraps it’s not anymore.”

He watched her try to swim away under the water and playfully pulled her up he wasn’t going to make it that easy for her. She had been ignoring him the whole trip, he moved them to the back corner of the pool, his head dipped down to her neck as he began kissing her. He bit on her earlobe. “I want you Greer but you are with him, Natasha is beautiful but do you know what is more beautiful? You moaning my name when I fuck you that is what I want right now? Don’t you? Tell me you don’t and I’ll let you go.” Chauncey said his hand sliding up her thighs as his fingers traced her bikini his fingers lightly grazing her pussy lips, with the water this would be good it would be a mental game while they fucked.

Greer would be damned if this man was giving her something more than any other man. He did everything that she wanted Zerick to do. Sometimes she felt like her body was going to explode. They sexually were so intense and the way he looked at her. No man had done that. It was a look of lust and amazement. As she exhaled her chest heaving up as she looked into his eyes. For the first time in many years she felt like someone understood not just her body but her mind. Chauncey enjoyed her duplicitous nature and she knew that he wouldn’t forgive her for her betrayal down the line. She knew that it was only momentary sliver of happiness she knew that he was going to want her head. When she snatched DGI from him after she helped him take it from Lowell.

As she leaned up and kissed him passionately as she swiftly removed her bikini. She dug into his trunks knowing she wasn’t interested in just being a fuck buddy. Maybe she could change the game. She was ready to lose this passion. She wasn’t ready to give it up. As she moaned his name in his ear with a sensual exhale. “Chauncey.” She whispered feeling his fingers press against her hot pussy. As she released a moan she quickly looked into his eyes. “Don’t you dare hurt me you hear me? I am trust you with walking away from a institution. I am scared.”

Chauncey looked at her as she removed her top and he let out a groan this was bad so very bad but it was also so very good. This was what he liked about her she was this wild, just as devious as he was and he watched the water tease her nipples to perk points. He watched her body react to the wave, his hands moved down her waist to undo her bikini strings letting it float to the top of water. His fingers sunk into her, she was still wet in the water while they kissed, he felt her hand wrap around him and he pressed her against the back of the pool. He moved some hair out of her face as he worked his fingers on her.

“Fuck Greer.” Chauncey said his hips bucking up into her hand he slowed his pace he was not going to let her win this round. She would only scream his name when he said she could and he was not a teenager about to come apart in her hands. He hooked her leg over his hip as he guided her to the edge of the pool seating them both letting her slide down on him, his mouth finally closing around her breast while he sucked her nipple to a point. “Tell me he’s not me Greer, does he do this to you? Does he want you to be nice all the time? Or is this what you want a man who can be what you need and really want?”

“Never.” She called out in the wilds of passion. “I don’t want him and I’ve said it a million times you are it. You know it.” She said in a rush of her sexual energy releasing out of her. She new that her body was going to be pleased at this moment. The candles illuminated around the pool as she cried out in the throws of passion calling out his name.  As she started to shiver when he pressed inside of her body she cried out as her breaths became heavy. He didn’t know what he was doing to her. As she started to grab his back as her nails clawed into his back. Crying out in pleasure she couldn’t believe she was this addicted to man.

As she started to feel him pushing deeper it was as if he had to know he was the only one. He had to know he was the only thing that mattered. Was that a sign that he was feeling the exact same way as her? That the underpinning of this wasn’t sex but a honest connection. Clenching her pussy on his thick girth she knew that his balls were starting to swell. Squeezing as tight as she could she felt her pussy throbbing in pleasure. He was already hitting her clit and she knew there bodies were in tune together. “God Chauncey fuck me!”

Chauncey grinned up at her hearing her screams as he moved his lips to her other breast and then shoved her hips roughly down on him. She was so fucking tight and in the water it made it even more intense the rawness of their bodies. It made her feel dry only she wasn’t, it made him feel like a fucking animal as he leaned back in the water shoving his hips into her channel making sure he was hitting her just right. He opened his eyes as he saw Natasha watching them, grinning at her he stood in the water leading Greer to the ledge as he pulled out of her spinning her around and pulling on her hair.

“She’s watching you like that don’t you? You can show her how much you hate her as you scream my name to her. I’m going to fuck you now.” Chauncey whispered in her ear as he spread her legs and pulled her hair slamming back into her. His hips moved as fast as they could the water blurring the lines on how close she was and he loved that. Not knowing when she would come knowing she had that control over him at the moment. He leaned on her back. “Fuck baby how in the hell are you this good?”

Greer looked up and saw Natasha watching them it almost looked like she was about to start to touch herself. Poor sexually repressed bitch. When she felt his ball sack swelling after he flipped her and started fucking her even more intensely. She couldn’t breath he was pulling her hair and she knew her pussy was throbbing. She cried out in pleasure. “Chauncey fuck me! Oh my God yeah you are hitting my spot.” Greer started to begin to squeeze and clench tightly around the shaft of his penis. Gripping the banister trying to not come this time she couldn’t help it.

Giving it her all she threw her ass back bouncing up and down passionately she couldn’t breathe. As she began to release she looked at him and then Natasha and cried out his name. “Chauncey!” In a powerful crescendo of moans and cries of sexual pleasure. She didn’t know what to say because speaking wasn’t it.

Chauncey looked up at their audience as he plowed into her her begging did something to him. He pulled her hips down on him as he let loose touching her till he was buried deep inside of her. He paused when she began to shake and the continued when she cried out he didn’t even care if it was his name she cried as long as she ducking came. He leaning over the edge of her shoulder biting her as he poured his seed into her finally pumping into her while he climaxed and she squeezed him.

He didn’t pull out till their bodies had gone still and he watched as Natasha licked her fingers fuck had she touch herself? Greer was still pinned as he slid back as slid up his trunks what in the hell was he doing? “Leave him Greer you know you want too he can’t do this for you.”

Moving out of the water she grabbed her silk robe she looked at him breathlessly. “I’ll meet you in your room in a hour and I’ll leave him if you promise me something. That when I give you everything? You give me a ring.” Greer waved at Natasha who walked off and picked up her bathing suit out the pool. “See you soon.”


Hunter leaned on his kitchen counter in the now empty house that he used to share with Max. He was in his pajama bottoms, no shirt looking at Bliss on the other side, his fork in the takeout box in front of him. It was late there in Atlas Falls but he did have the following day off. More than that he really missed Bliss they still had been partially sneaking around with her at the resort they had nearly been caught the day of Ronan’s arrest. Thankfully his sister made such a fuss with the arrest they were able to avoid the press before her trip to Alexandria. He smiled as she finally sat down in front of him though she looked exhausted he could only imagine what this was like for her to go back to a place that had so many bad memories.

“So tell me everything so far how is the trip going Chauncey and Jackson haven’t killed each other have they? How as the meeting with Natasha?” Hunter said shooting her a smile as he looked at her it had to be getting late there too he could see the sun setting in the background. He did want to talk to her about the resort though it made no sense for her to continue to live in it or rent it if she was going to stay in town. After the house sold he would of course have to move out too. “I was thinking too with us nearly getting caught the other day maybe it’s time you got a real place now? I like the resort don’t get me wrong but a condo or something would be more practical. We can figure out where I go as soon as the damn house sells.”

“I think that I saw a villa on the edge of town when I first arrived for sell.” Bliss said smiling. “I miss you this trip is wonderful but it’s bringing back good memories. I was young when I first came to the Hassan mansion in Alexandria. It’s still beautiful but Natasha is trying to hardball more money. I think it’s pointless when Jackson even gave up the patent rights. It’s amazing how she’s getting so shrewd in business if it didn’t affect Jackson I’d be proud.” She said honestly wondering if this could send him into another drug binge. She looked at him and she touched her necklace moving the charm back and forth. “Surprisingly they haven’t murdered each other but that business meeting was tense. It was very tense.”

As she looked at him touching the screen. “Hunter there is something I have to tell you.” She said clearing her throat. “Dimitri was a monster but it wasn’t always like that. I really loved him and he really loved where I was at. Then it changed after.” She heard a knock at the door. “Hunter someone is at my door sweetheart I’ll call you back in a few moments. Okay?” She said preparing to hang up. “I love you. One moment please.”

“Very funny we are not moving to some country where women are treated like pets I’d go crazy. I miss you too though I should be grateful Max is going to be served by the time you get back so that is a good thing. I’m glad Jackson at least kept his cool in the meeting I know Dani probably is going to keep an eye on him but can you help her too?” Hunter said knowing she was probably concerned like eh was with Jackson relapsing. Pressure and him always seemed to be a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. Then again Jackson seemed to be serious about being clean after their talk when he knocked Lex out. “He’s my best friend and I worry about him too. Chauncey knows how to push his buttons.”

Hunter watched her talk about Dimitri he was still working on tracking the fucking prince down the man had enough tape he figured it would be a while. They hadn’t talked a lot about the asshole and he wasn’t going to pressure her to talk about it but when she did he wished he was there to wrap his arms around her, make sure she knew it was going to be alright. “Hey we don’t have to talk about him tonight. I’ll let you go I love you too. I should probably get some sleep as well. Have a good time alright? I mean it you are supposed to be on vacation we can figure everything out when you get back.”

“I promise we’ll figure out everything.” Maybe Hunter knowing everything would lead to her getting everything back. As she hung up on him she walked to the door and was startled to see Noah standing there. It had been a long time since they’d been around each other and it was even more painful when she saw how he was looking at her. Ever since she arrived in the compound years ago Noah had a sweet spot for her. A year ago she heard that Noah and Natasha were seen in Amsterdam canoodling. Whatever flirtation they shared it was over, she only had one friend in life Natasha was it. As she leaned against the doorway she looked at Noah.

“And how can I help you?” She asked moving out the way walking to the teapot she had gotten from the kitchen. Pouring them both a cup she placed his on a saucer and then placed the tea in front of him. “I was talking to my boyfriend.” Immediately cutting the thought that must be running through his head. Bliss knew that Noah had always wanted her but she wasn’t ruining a friendship for a one night. Not only that she was in love with Hunter as she sipped her tea. “I’ve missed being here Noah I don’t appreciate being the last to know about you and Natasha. I hope you two are happy.”

Noah had wandered through the house the last few hours after Natasha threw the gauntlet down wondering what the DGI boys would do now he and Natasha agreed Bliss may have Intel on what they needed. He loved Natasha they were lovers and if it was ever revealed it would destroy Ramses and any potential husband in Egypt. He also knew in the long run Ramses as much as he loved her would never sign off on them together, his family had status back in France but other than that money was not something he came from. They had come to terms with that what they had was fun but when it came time to move on they both would clearly she was looking at Chauncey now.

“I just came by to say hello that is all it seems like we haven’t had time to talk in forever, boyfriend? You know how Ramses is Bliss even if Natasha and I wanted he would never give his approval.” Noah said he did feel that about Bliss, she and Natasha were friends. Bliss knew about their culture Natasha was ruined for a man in Egypt and his name didn’t have what Ramses would approve of. “We were happy it’s over now. Her uncle is moving in on her as you know so right now her attention has moved on. You’re beautiful you always have been.”

As she removed her oversized sweater she wore a midriff and and a pair of slacks. Her hair was slicked back into a bun. Her diamond jewelry sparkled on her hand as she took a sip of tea. “Look I am happy that you two connected and your friendship is back. I know she would hate to lose one of the best international lawyer. Yes I was going to talk to you about a few things about my time in the Ilsa de Cruces. I want to make sure that everything is legally done.” She walked to the briefcase she pulled out some paperwork. “Handle this for me please I can’t serve Hugo or Dimitri if I do, I won’t return from that Island. Hugo loves me but Dimitri would kill to keep this all buried. To make it look like everything is right.”

She took another sip of her tea as she looked at Noah. “You’ve always been a friend what are my chances? Do you think I’ll ever see him again?” Bliss asked with so much fear in his what Noah’s response would be. She knew that with these papers she could legally bury Dimitri she also knew Dimitri was about to come after her. “I have to end this you know I want to go and get what is mine. My father doesn’t know and nobody does. My mother thinks she can use Dimitri and his dirty deeds to keep me in line.” She lowered her head as she wiped away her tears. “I’m going to be okay, I just have to fix this for me and Hunter and you know.”

“It will be an uphill battle Bliss. I will have to make a few calls to my firm. I can’t make you any more promises other than this you know how that country is ran better than anyone. I could lie and tell you that I have this in the bag but I won’t do that to you. Even given your father’s last name you are literally going against a monarchy.” Noah said he saw her shaking and knew it wasn’t what she wanted to hear but he wasn’t one to play games when something this big was on the line. She was a survivor of everything that Dimitri had done to her and this was the final step in his mind for her to own her freedom. He put his cup and saucer down as he moved closer to her wrapping his arm around her. “You will be alright. How much does Hunter know?”

As she looked down wondering how was she going to fight Hugo Kavanaugh without her father’s help. As she looked at Noah she touched his hand knowing he was telling the truth. How could she do it? How could she beat them without revealing her darkest secrets. As she grabbed ahold of his hand. “I just want to say thank-you if you can’t help me then I have no choice. I’ll go to my father to get Fox.” She said touching her chain. Nobody had noticed she wore this locket every day. Sometimes it was a bracelet and sometimes it was a necklace but she kept the charm. As she lowered her head. “I don’t believe that I messed up like this. That I just left and ran here. I didn’t know what to do though I was trapped on that Island.”

Bliss finally stood wrapping her arms around herself. “I can still smell him and my arms are so empty now. He was a baby when I left I just want to see my son.” She said turning around and Noah was right there. “Time has passed but what I won’t give for one moment with my baby. He has my baby and I’m dying Noah. I’m dying without him and nobody knows I’m married this is a mess and secret is unleashed.” She touched her belly as she thought about her beautiful baby boy. William Foxworth Kavanaugh was her son she gave birth too almost two years ago. He wasn’t even two years yet and her heart ached for her baby. “This pain doesn’t end Noah. I just want my baby.” She said walking to him hugging him as he stood. “I just want Fox with us.”

“You had no options Bliss you barely made it here before he tracked you down having your son with your would have been that much harder. I will do everything in my power to help you all of us were and still are friends Bliss and if I had known I would have hunted him down before you even got put in this situation.” Noah said watching her break down he had come to put the moves on her he had always liked Bliss that way was curious about her in that way. He couldn’t do it though watching her relive leaving her son behind was painful even for him. Natasha had begged him to get the boy only they were both let down when Dimitri disappeared with him.

He wrapped his arms around her hugging her knowing it was what she needed the shame she was probably feeling for how it all played out. He knew Lowell hadn’t spoken to her the last few years thanks to Tess so he had no clue what was going on. He wanted her to know she was safe with him and Natasha and he only hoped this new guy Hunter Kincaid, her sister’s husband was made of steel Bliss deserved that this time. “I will do everything in my power to get Fox back with you I swear to God I will. You have support in this this time, I will take Hugo off his crown if I have too.”

“We might have too. The scary part is this girl Brooke was dating Atticus and I wondered did she know? Does she know how dangerous it was to date a Kavanaugh? Now I’m so scared to tell father. I’m so nervous to reveal all my shame. How he beat me over and over again. I’m so disgusted on how I stayed with him.” She said exhaling all her shame. “Thank God for you and Natasha and Pasha and Ramses. God I am so scared for what is coming. He’s trying to figure a way to get me. I know it but I made such a splash I’m going to get him back. I’m going to get my son back and I’m going be happy with Hunter. We are going to be a family I know it.” She said looking into Noah’s eyes.

Bliss turned away as she pulled out another phone from her bag. “This is my old cellphone. I’m going to turn it on. I turn it on every morning and send a picture of Fox. He’s cruel and he punishes me. He keeps it on and knows I’m reading because it’s in iMessage. It’s sick but I have to look because I’m forgetting his face. Mom kept me from dad during the abuse she is a nasty piece of work and I can’t tell anyone I don’t know what to do. Noah just hold me.” Bliss said she cried into his shoulder. “I want my baby.” She sobbed into his jacket. “I gotta get my baby.”


Zerick had went back to the mansion seeing everything going exactly how he and Greer wanted it the trip was proving to be worth it. Thanks to Greer’s connections along with Bliss they were right where they needed to be with turning Chauncey against their father. That to him was the irony of it all the most level headed of all of Lowell’s children when it came to business and the apple of his eye was falling by the wayside and he couldn’t even see it. It was all thanks to how the seduction had been played, Greer the lonely but rich housewife looking for a lover. Him pretending to be a bastard husband. Chauncey’s ego bruised and wounded from the non wedding to Selina.

When he turned the corner in the garden he sat down on one of the outdoor sofa’s next to Noah watching the pool. He folded his hand coolly in his lap knowing what happened earlier in it. Greer fucking Chauncey while Natasha watched it was going to be quite the scandal. He waited a few seconds watching Noah send off a text before he spoke. “Is everything in order?”

Noah looked over the pool to the other side of the mansion Natasha in the living room on the phone to her father, with Chauncey’s latest offer. He was impressed at the move by the eldest brother wanting sole ownership of the oil deal and forging even more of DGI’s percentage. Of course it will would all have to go through Ramses but he expected this to be perfectly played. He sent the text on his phone to Natasha to wait before he turned his attention to Zerick. Zerick and he had known each other for years no one needed to know that outside of them though, he wondered if Greer even knew and he gave Zerick mad props about that he had balls.

“Everything is in order as we speak Chauncey did exactly what you said he would he drew up a new deal and of course sent it to Natasha and I to review. He is quite the entitled little bastard isn’t he? Thinking he can just impede on other people’s deals, writing himself into power of said deal and then of course fucking your wife.” Noah said a small and tight grin forming on his face everyone in Europe and their circle knew Zerick and Greer had a less than traditional marriage. They both had other lovers throughout he admired that about them it made them dangerous to play games with. “Don’t look so sour old friend Natasha is of course looking at him.”

“Good so her eyes are on Chauncey, the fool thinks he is so brilliant that is the kicker is it not Noah? As for him fucking Greer you and I know Greer and I have an arrangement. I needed her to be fucking him just like his father he has a thing for blondes with short skirts.” Zerick said eyeing Noah there was no need to insult Greer and perhaps he was jealous just a tad but he pushed it aside. This was a game a game he and Greer had played many times over the last few years. “How is Ramses, you are close to him and I want to know if Natasha is looking at Chauncey perhaps for other reasons. While we all know Ramses loves his little girl he also has to abide by tradition.”

Zerick wanted to know about what Ramses was planning to do with his fortune, he had a brother still living and his marriage had only produced one child beautiful Natasha. Many suitors over the years had called on her only to be turned away by Ramses as being not wealthy enough for his little girl or high enough in society for her. “Rumor has it that he doesn’t have a lot of time left something about cancer now again that is just a vicious rumor. A man like Chauncey though global power behind his name that might entice both her and her father?”

“Natasha likes to keep all her options open of course. Yes Lowell did have quite the appetite back in the day didn’t he then again rumors being what they are I don’t think it was ever just Bliss’s mother.” Noah said reading the text back so they were in agreement this was about to get even more interesting as he turned his attention back to Zerick. Chauncey was going to be quite the player in their little game he realized no matter who he was screwing. “Ramses loves Natasha you and I both know that but we also know he has a brother that has been trying to take SandStar for a while. Unfortunately the law being what it is here should she not decide soon I’m afraid her heart will break.”

“A business and personal merger with DGI would be in both parties best interests you will be pleased to know as expected that Jackson and Ms. Fraiser have just requested an exclusive meeting with Natasha. She has agreed to entertain them at the company.” Noah said he watched as the staff began preparing for the evening the sun was about to set should Natasha accept Jackson’s terms well there would be no need for another big meeting. He uncrossed his legs for a moment as he watched Zerick’s jaw. “You’re jealous aren’t you? Does Greer even know what you are doing to her? You know she won’t like this moving your puzzle pieces into place without her knowing.”

“Perhaps you can encourage her to look and call upon Chauncey in the future after our trip here? You and I both know Lowell feeds his lies as he sees fit. DGI and SandStar have quite the nice ring to it on paper and in marriage would you not agree?” Zerick said leaning against the bench one of the staff members approached them with drinks that he has asked be delivered. Taking the scotches for them both and passing a glass to Noah. “From his private collection or so I have heard. I don’t want Natasha out of the game just yet in fact I very much so want her part of the future.”

“I am glad to see Jackson following it is just what I wanted to hear the man is smart and unlike his brother knows how to keep his head in the game. I know you and Natasha will do the right thing as far as the two Devonshire boys and put that target right where I want it. You see Natasha hates Greer and Greer hates her.” Zerick said lifting the glass to his lips as he let out a chuckle of course he was about to put Greer right back into what they came here to do. Despite her claims she was jealous as hell at another woman in Chauncey’s orbit and he was about to be sure that in the end the only one Chauncey would entertain down the line was Natasha. “Greer has strayed a bit too far from our game this time. Now that we have that out of the way and you have both been playing your part I want you to do one more thing for me to seal all of this.”

Noah let out a laugh at everything that Zerick was saying he had balls he always had and when it came to business he didn’t fuck around. Lifting the glass to his lips he took a drink as they watched the sunset. “And what would that be exactly then?”

“I want you to cut Chauncey completely out of the paperwork on the SandStar and DGI merger. Force that hand of his if you will. I want Natasha to sign Jackson’s deal I am sure the boy has thought his way out of this to show he is trustworthy.” Zerick said looking at his old friend for a moment as he saw Noah considering what he was saying.

“You want Chauncey out so when Natasha arrives in the states for meetings at DGI she and Chauncey are forced to see each other just out of reach. Thus it will kick Natasha into competition with Greer for his affections, your fucking cold Westwood.” Noah said quietly as he considered the offer. A dangerous one at that Greer was not a woman to be crossed. “What is in it for me?”

“For you dear friend your parents won’t know of all the shameful things you have done here working for Ramses. Your good name will still stand with them and of course there will be a hefty sum deposited into your offshore account by the time we leave. I was thinking along the lines of a nice million.” Zerick said looking over at Noah as he took another drink of his stotch. Noah was considering his options a wise choice. “I know how much your father’s estate back in France means to you Noah and your mother being so high born well if they learned-”

“I get it you’ll sell me out. Done. I do hope you enjoy your stay and I would hate to see what the rest of the Devonshire’s have lined up if they are keeping you around further. You are not a man that I would like to cross.” Noah said finishing his scotch as he rose from the sofa and looked at Natasha again through the glass. He walked off taking a look at Zerick looking out at the water and the sunset.

Zerick watched as Noah left his eyes fixated on the sunset and the pool, the clear blue water casting his reflection back at him. He knew another man would feel guilty for this selling their wife out, well wife and friend yet he felt none. All he felt was the need to destroy DGI piece by piece until it was near shambles ready for the picking and the plucking. He was still debating what to do with it when he got it keep it for himself or sell it off chunk by chunk. That was not a decision he could come to tonight. Lifting the glass to his lips he rose from the sofa handing the glass back to the staff member.

Turning around he looked up on the far end of the balcony rooms and his eyes met Talia’s from where she was staying he knew she couldn’t of overheard the conversation. He and Noah had not exchanged anything other than words and an agreement, he smiled up at her. They had a lovely day in the city and he could swear he still felt her lips on his own even now. Something was different about Talia and he could honestly say using her was starting to be the only thing he was going to regret out of all of this.

Talia wrapped her hands around the rails of the balcony. That kiss was spellbinding but what she knows was her gut. It told her when to go to DGI, it told her when to stop sleeping with Anderson, and it told her that she and Braden would never be anything but associates. Her gut told her to run away. To stay away from Zerick but her heart was another thing. It was powerful and always out weighed her gut. She wanted Zerick and now it was a game of figuring him out before he broke her heart. Waving at him she pulled out her phone. “Simon hey? I know you’re going through alot right now. I need you to tell Lowell I need a business trip to DGI Europe. Then I need you to come with me. Look we are going to find out what is the truth with Zerick Westwood and bimbette wife. He’s after something okay don’t tell Lowell or anyone else.This our deal.” Talia hung up and exhaled. He told her he was in Wales his entire childhood. Pulling out her computer she typed in Westwood Wales and nothing came up. Texting Simon really quick.

Pull his personnel file and find out where it says his last employee was along with residence. It’s time to uncover why he’s really here.

Talia touched her chest as she walked off the balcony. Not only that was it worth it to deal with him.


“Okay go I have Natasha you just go visit Rameses now okay?” He requested from Dani knowing she was nervous that he’d be alone with Natasha and Noah. However he knew exactly what to do. Dani was going to get a text message and if she received one word she was to show Ramses the pictures of Noah and Natasha. Thus forfeiting any claim to her inheritance and it made him sick how dirty he was about to play. Natasha however had left him truly with no choice. “I’ll text you if Natasha chooses to sign the contract to excuse yourself from the sheik and come back I just need you with him.” Jackson leaned over and kissed Dani it was now or never because he had to close this. Natasha was foaming at the mouth for Chauncey and he would neuter the bitch very soon. She seemed to think that she had big balls. No longer would he have a group he was man enough to tackle this alone and he watched Dani go upstairs to Rameses room.

As he walked into Noah and Natasha meeting he choose to not even pardon himself as he sat down and placed his feet on the table. “Let’s do business Ms. Hassan no longer will I be sitting here and pretending that I’m here for nothing more than to ensure that DGI get’s what it wants. My original deal is in play once again Noah and Natasha. A third of the profits and you will have half of the patent. Now I know what you’re saying this must be the dumbest bastard. However I’m more than that.” He leaned in and slid his phone over to them. “I’m sure your uncle Kahlil would be very interested to know his niece isn’t the angelic little girl that is trying to take over daddy’s business.”

Dani looked at him when he asked her to go to Rameses he trusted her and that meant the world to her it also would give her time to let it sink in with them. She was still digesting it and as much as she worried about the meeting with Natasha and Noah she needed some time to herself. He had this she knew he did and as much as she knew it was killing him to be his father in this moment, how far it may push him she knew he needed to do it too. She’d be there when it was all over she nodded her head at him before kissing him and walking up the stairs. Exhaling as she looked at the text from Kelsey. Did you tell him? She nodded at the guards at the door and then replied back to her cousin. No, I just need some time first. Walking into the room she sat in the chair by Rameses thinking how ironic it was he was dying and she was starting a life.

Natasha watched as Dani walked up the stairs to the mansion had Jackson gotten wind of something, honestly his offer of the meeting being urgent had intrigued her. She was even more surprised when he came back with the original offer. Noah had warned her about playing hardball with the Devonshire’s was Lowell’s youngest son going to try to seduce her? Chauncey’s offer as much as he intrigued her showed his true colors when he tried to undercut his own flesh and blood she looked at the phone and then up at Jackson. Her uncle was a foolish old man who was so stuck in ancient ways it infuriated her, she wished that Egypt was more progressive and she looked at Jackson raising her eyebrow. The only thing he could know was about Noah and they had been very discrete.

“My father wanted the best deal available do you know why he did that earlier to see how Lowell’s sons would behave. You see he wants to do business with someone that has integrity and hold the same values as he does. Family means the world to my father. Hence why when your brother drew this up.” Natasha said sliding the underhanded deal over to Jackson and watched the anger on his face. The original deal was good she knew that but she also was curious to what was on his phone that he had. “He has rejected your brother’s offer what type of a business undercuts their own? Fifty and fifty and I doubt you know anything about my personal life that you could possibly tell my dear uncle.”

Noah looked over at her and then at Jackson he would give him that he had balls. Natasha knew the deal though and he wanted her to play nice on the matter, not to mention he needed the money from Zerick. Cutting out Chauncey out of anything related to the deal on the table would not affect SandStar in the least, so she didn’t need to know about that. Her father had already agreed he only wanted Jackson and his original team on the contract at the moment. He shot her a look to not play chicken with the company.

“Yes please do share what you think you know about my clients? You think you can attempt to seduce her too? Your brother just did and as you can see it was rejected.” Noah said watching Jackson wanting to know how far he would really go for this deal.

“No I don’t want her I don’t go after what my brother wants. You see you’ll find out Natasha all about Chauncey since you are so very enamored with him. I am going to say this once this is the last deal or I will expose you two. Your client that’s rich considering this.” Jackson picked up his phone and swiped through pictures of Natasha and Noah. “That is sad Natasha that your uncle will become owner of your family business. You aren’t ready to get married but if your daddy sees this your pristine record would be dismantled. Then you would get what not a quarter of what you are supposed to get if that? He’ll rewrite his will out of disappointment and anger. Tell me are you willing to play hard ball with me? I have been fair and you are anxious to help my brother beat me. I see through you Natasha but Chauncey isn’t getting this deal. I will offer you this one more time or I’ll send a text to my fiancee who is visiting your father upstairs.”

Jackson leaned in as he looked at Noah. “So I will add something major for you our board of directors has two seats vacant. I am willing to make you apart of our board of directors and you’ll have direct input in SandStar. Now I’m not trying to blackmail you I’ve just given you something more than my father or Chauncey would. I trust you are a smart woman and will take this deal to have a firm control still in SandStar and you have our deal. Now either you take this or I’ll deal with your uncle in a couple of weeks.”

Natasha could feel her face fall as he showed her pictures of her and Noah in the states at a dinner they had attended politically. How in the hell did he get those then there were more of them making love in various hallways at hotels. Her hand refused to shake she had given Noah her virginity a rarity in their culture as an unmarried woman and she knew if it got back to her father he would do exactly what Jackson said he would give everything to her uncle. She nearly texted her father’s room only Noah took her phone and she understood the signal to play nice.

“How in the hell did you get these?” Natasha said angrily tossing Jackson back the phone. Private pictures from political dinners she and Noah had attended on SandStar meant one thing their political friends weren’t above selling them out. “I want to know how in the hell you got those and then maybe I’ll sign.”

“Natasha…” Noah warned only to be cut off when she looked at him and then at Jackson.

“I mean it how in the hell did you get those?” She seethed feeling Noah rubbing her back, it was all a mess now and she knew she should take the deal along with the two seats he was offering.

“Once you are on the board member you’ll have access to Simon, he’s what you call DGI fixer. He is the best and I assure you that my fixer can hide and bury this however I want you sign and I want you to be apart of the future of our company. I can trust that you are ready to sign this paperwork or I can send this text message to my fiancee.” Jackson said leaning back in the chair. “Now I’ve showed you that this isn’t a game and I don’t plan on losing to Chauncey so either you sign or I’ll bury you.”

He looked at Noah and Natasha both in their eyes. “It’s now or never.” He started to text Dani. “So what do you say Ms. Hassan.”

“Call her off. I’ll sign when she is here.” Natasha said looking at him and then at Noah knowing when her bluff had been called.

“You heard my client Mr. Devonshire call off Ms. Fraiser.” Noah said still watching the events unfold.

“Now since the unpleasantries are off.” Texting Dani A Whole New World it was over. He turned around and waited for Dani’s triumphant entrance. When he saw her she looked like a million bucks. He stood up and pulled out her chair. “Now don’t get this twisted I can still have your father get those pictures anytime and anyplace. I don’t want to be ugly but you are siding with the wrong brother. Now shall we sign the contracts and let me make you a heiress and your future powerful as you so want it.” Jackson had seen his father dismantle people and even him so he knew how to do it expertly. Call it a Devonshire move but he was playing to keep.

“Or shall I be going to visit Khalil and letting him know exactly how profitable this deal is. And how foolish you’d be to walk away because you’re scared to work with the junkie.” Jackson couldn’t believe he said it. He had to though. As his heart dropped he looked at Dani what was she thinking? “I have no qualms about my past but rest assured my future is what you should be worried about.”

Dani walked back down the stairs grateful that she didn’t have to show Ramses the pictures of Natasha and Noah. She sat at the table and watched as Natasha read over the contracts and Jackson mentioned he was still a junkie. Yes he was, that part was still on her mind and given the pregnancy she was trying really hard to not let it linger. He was doing so good in the therapy and sessions he had. Her eyes focused in on him taking his hand in hers, she smiled it was just a thought.

Natasha read over the contracts looking that Noah or Jackson had amended it to cut Chauncey completely out that was risky but she knew her father finding out about her and Noah was riskier. She picked up the pen on the table scrawling her name on the line and then passed it to Noah for his signature. She then tossed the pen to Dani as she watched her sign. Getting up from the table as she saw Jackson pick up the pen she spoke.

“You passed my father’s test. He wanted to know which brother would stick by their word the best and not try to seduce me to their bed. Would be honorable when it came to a woman he claimed to love.” Natasha said quietly that was the only reason her father liked Jackson’s deal better. She did turn around to look at him knowing her words may haunt him “He’ll die soon and he will never know the truth you had no honor when it came to me. But I do now, I know when push came to shove you are no better than your father when it comes to playing dirty and that is something I think you didn’t realize until tonight. Are we done here Mr. Devonshire?”

“I think you are wrong Ms. Hassan you see Simon has done his research in depth and I understand you need to get married. Listen I don’t dislike you Natasha I actually find you charming and I’m warning you whatever your true game is because that noble facade isn’t for you. That uppity attitude isn’t for you I see you as a down and dirty fighter. The board members have to be a little more cut throat. You’ll see you Noah you’ll let your client get ate up.” Jackson stood up and took Dani hand. “Get these to Talia!” He clapped his hands together.

“We did it.” He said smiling walking out the room. “We did it!” Jackson cheered loudly.


Chauncey adjusted his shirt one more time in the mirror has he looked at his reflection he knew Natasha would come to her senses and take his offer. He had yet to hear about the meeting being cancelled. He took his cuff-links putting them on as he looked out over the pool, he had Greer their earlier while Natasha watched. Maybe she knew what she was missing and that was why she hadn’t cancelled either way he was sure he had this locked down. Jackson thought he was so smart playing good business had he learned nothing from his father about seducing a contract even if you had a loving partner? He chuckled a bit victory in his reach as he heard his door open, he turned thinking it was a staff member only to see Greer there.

“I thought you’d be with Zerick for the rest of the evening? How was your day after the pool?” Chauncey asked stepping towards her and placing a kiss against her lips, she tried for more and he pulled back. He wondered if she would ever leave Zerick for him he wasn’t playing around about that earlier he wanted her to himself. Zerick didn’t understand what he had in her and if she couldn’t leave Zerick he was going to keep his options open. “Have you considered my offer yet to leave him because if not Greer as you can see I have a meeting to close. A meeting with a woman who is very much so available.”

“I have and I will leave Zerick after I reveal that he’s trying to rob your family blind. I have to do this properly to rip my money. No matter how much money you have I would like to walk away with Zerick with more than I came in with. He’s ruined my reputation in London not to mention I have no time for your games. Using that girl as a way to make me jealous I love it because it works. Let me help you take over DGI. Together we will be unstoppable, what I’ve noticed is your women are all docile. None of them take you as the God you are. I see you for the leader and powerful man you’ll become when Lowell hands over the ranks of DGI to you. Let me be by your side.” She purred looking at him.

She slipped off her silk dress to reveal sizzling bra and panties set that looked like fire. Her friends in Europe designed lingerie. “Now I don’t want you to get mad on my way here. I saw Jackson and Dani and it’s been released.” She walked to his IPad. “They have closed to deal with Natasha she won’t be taking your offer. I told you not to trust that bitch.”

“Zerick trying to rob us blind? My father would never let that happen.” He wondered about her reputation before people were talking about her. His mother said she was unimpressed which didn’t surprise him no one was ever good enough for him when it came to women, that or his mother knew how he could be. Natasha’s display of power earlier in the boardroom was something that had intrigued him. “By my side when Greer during the night when you return to him during the day wearing your ring faking to be happy to everyone around you?”

He paused what he was doing as he watched her robe fall to the floor and then saw her pick up the iPad, shaking his head he refused to believe this. He had the better offer he was sure of it, snatching the iPad from her he looked at the contract. His brother’s handwriting along with Natasha’s on the bottom line, not to mention it was the contract Jackson originally went to bat with what the fuck was going on? He scrolled through the contracts, he’d fucking done and then he looked over at Greer his chest heaving. She had told him not to trust her.

“How in the fuck did he do this?” Chauncey said he was certain he was seething he had Natasha where he wanted her thinking about fucking him. He was sure about it, what had Jackson offered her that was better than that? “You saw them and you didn’t text me to warn me?”

“I didn’t know until I got my text message alerts Talia announced it over social media. That’s how I found out I do apologize about that. I’m not trying to take you down. Trust me Chauncey let him get the win. You had the government contracts from DGI, it’s time to get them back. You want back in on your father’s good grace there is a company called BioTech Electronics that are creating electric weapons. It’s time to go back to what you know not try to steal Jackson project. It’s time to get your own now if you want to be angry right now and pout then fine. I think this is the start of your comeback. Let him fail and if he doesn’t we will make him. Plus you said your brother is a junkie. All junkies I know always relapse and.” She knocked over a glass on the floor. “Everyone needs a push.”

She wickedly smiled as she looked at him. “Think about it. You can ruin him if you ruin Dani. Or the relationship you haven’t figured it out? She’s saving him from the drugs and the messiness of DGI. I’m assuring you if we separate them he falls and you will rise. Stop worrying it doesn’t look good on God.” Greer said slowly leaning forward and kissing him with a lustful look in her eyes. “Are you willing to push Jackson off the sober wagon.”

Chauncey felt his phone buzz and looked at the company Twitter alerts and the Facebook alerts, it was released done. His mind was still whirling as he looked at everyone congratulating the deal and his brother, then he knew what came next his father’s praise. So many years he had put Jackson down knowing that he was better than him and he was the apple of his father’s eye. It was what made him get away with things opposed to his siblings, he fucked Esme he took what he wanted and always knew he had his father’s adoration but this? His junkie of a brother winning at something stung his pride. He looked at his phone Greer’s words still in his head as he saw his father calling. He thought about ignoring it only he knew he had to face his father on this.

“Hello father.” Chauncey said walking to the wet bar in the room as he poured himself a glass no doubt ready for the beatdown his father was going to give him. Pushing Jackson over the edge he had tried already, tried to ruin him with Dani and that didn’t work unless Greer knew of another way. “If you give me more time I can go back to Natasha he gave her two seats. I doubt you wanted that.”

Lowell had been getting exhausting tests done on him. As he saw that Jackson had closed the deal he was shocked. Normally Chauncey would have beat him to it. He was caught up in the rush because Jackson had just showed them all he was active threat. Nothing made him prouder than to see his son now being the man he knew him to be. As he bit down on his lip he looked at the nurse taking his blood. He waved her out of the private room.

“Chauncey unfortunately you lose and here I was sending you to Egypt to see if you had the edge still. I would have loved to see you not concerned with childish vendettas with your baby brother. While he on the other hand has now somehow surpassed you in money and revenue for our company. I can’t tell you how disappointed you didn’t fight harder or saw what was coming. I know you don’t want to hear this but you are on thin ice.”

Greer acted as if she wasn’t listening to Lowell verbally dismantle Chauncey. His voice was clear as crystal. Slowly she strutted behind him and started to give him a massage on his neck.  She kissed head as she looked at him in his eyes. Seeing that he was the failure this time ate at him. She knew exactly how to make him fall in line. She waited patiently as she listened to Lowell berate his son.

“Do you have anything else to say for yourself other than why didn’t you fight him harder? Trust me I didn’t want you to undermine your brother but I expected you to do something.” Lowell said into the phone.

“I was working her father she was basically wrapped around my dick and then he went off and did God knows what? What exactly did he do to close this deal did he even tell you? You can still trust me father.” Chauncey said seething into the phone he still couldn’t believe this was happening. He had Natasha wrapped around him, the flirting she looked turned on when he fucked Greer and she did this to him? “He’s still a fucking junkie you think because he’s what applying himself now he won’t fuck up look at his track record father. I’ve done everything you’ve ever asked of me. You were the one that wanted me to go to war with him!”

“Yes I did but did I ask you to destroy him? Oh Chauncey you’re green son and your zest to destroy your own blood sickens me. You have to work with Jackson and now the junkie bested you. Now applying himself or not that junkie just closed a billion dollar deal. Think about it the optics the reformed son taking over. That’s a story not the son who everyone hates.” Lowell said as he folded his arms. “Think about it son who will be on your side when they can’t trust you.” With that Lowell hung up the phone.

Greer saw the color drain from his face as he looked at Chauncey. She saw his confidence wavering and she immediately snatched his face. “Look at me. You are powerful and you are Chauncey Devonshire your father is testing you. Now are you going fail because Jackson closed a deal? Chauncey pull it together you won’t win like this. You are mine and I’m yours let me help take Jackson and Dani down. You lost a partner now you need it.” Greer looked at him. “Silently let me rip them apart.”

Chauncey’s hand was shaking as he hung up with his father and then his hand crashed into the wet at sending the glass everywhere. His junkie brother closed a billion dollar deal and he was getting looked over now? He felt Greer behind him his father was turning on him and it felt like she was the only one he could trust now. No more playing Mr. Nice Guy he was down with it he wanted DGI as his own for the taking.

“How do we get in touch with the electronics company? I want to know everything you know or can know about my brother. You’re on my side Greer and if you betray me…well that is for you to find out isn’t it?” Chauncey said pulling her to him as his hand slid down her body.


Walking back to the room after closing the deal with Natasha Dani closed the door behind them as Jackson finished up talking to his father on the phone. Positive, her mind was still on that digital test the dates it gave her. She looked at her ring and then over at the man she loved knowing she should tell him but part of her was holding back. She’d been shocked and then an ease came when she let it sink in, she was happy about it. She was scared too, sure they had lightly talked about it when he proposed but she knew things were a lot different when reality came to having a baby.

What if something happened? What if she lost it? What if he was mad at her, Jesus what if he relapsed? He was under so much pressure to be Lowell’s heir, she looked at the bed and her hand went to her stomach lightly earlier the way he nearly made love to her coming to mind. Everything was so much simpler a few hours ago. She closed her eyes taking a few calming breaths nerves were nearly getting the best of her and Kelsey was right she could see the doctor or get the prenatals as soon as they got back. Then figure out how in the hell she was going to tell Jackson, she had already decided she was keeping it period. Her hands went to the back zipper on her dress as she let it pool to the floor. She then removed her bra and panties going into the bathroom. A nice shower would maybe help calm her down, she went to move only to feel his arm wrap around her,

“Everything alright?” She asked quietly knowing how proud Lowell was that he closed the deal finally that DGI got what they wanted out of it. She closed her eyes willing herself not to cry what if he didn’t want it? She felt herself calm down and turned to him looking into his eyes she did love him and tonight she didn’t want him to worry too. “I’m so happy for you and proud of you.”

Jackson air pumped as he looked at her winking. “You are my h20 what I breathe because of you young lady my father has said he’s proud of me twice in one day. Sometimes I feel like I found you and you’re my angel in disguise. I enjoy you sense of humor and I think you smell the best every time you get out of the shower. I love when you are relaxed without makeup and your hair is wild. Dani my heart beats for you and when it stops I’ll still be beating for you. I don’t think you understand what my father said to me.” Jackson took off his shirt as he followed her to the bathroom. He watched her turn on the shower and knew he was going to fuck her senseless in that huge shower.

He turned around removing his pants as he picked up the homemade soaps and shampoos. They had another day in Egypt now that the deal was over. He wanted to enjoy Alexandria and truly get a feel for this foreign land. As he followed her into the shower he saw she looked stressed. “Hey I know it was stressful today but don’t cry we won. I have you and that’s all that matters Dani. One day we’re going to have kids and tell them their mom was a bad ass today in Egypt.” He slowly picked Dani up and looked her in the eye. “I don’t want to whip you tonight can I make love to you?”

Dani had removed her makeup and started the shower as they walked inside and he talked, Lowell was proud of him and she wanted him to celebrate that. It was selfish of her and she knew that but she wanted to make sure everything was alright before she told him, she wanted him to enjoy the trip. When he picked her up and asked about making love to her that was another worry that he’d go all vanilla on her if he knew, that she couldn’t please him that way anymore or worse he wouldn’t want her too. Her body relaxed enough against him, even while her mind raced as the water ran over them.

Leaning into him she kissed him letting her hands fist his hair, letting them trace his jaw she wanted him. She wanted tonight to be how they were earlier rough and raw with each other, pulling back she looked at him. “Don’t be gentle with me. I need to know that you won’t treat me like some breakable china doll or wilting flower. Please that’s what I need tonight. Even if you think I was badass earlier.”

Jackson thought he had to be vanilla every once and awhile his fantasies and fetishes were intense. Seeing her yearn for him to punish her he couldn’t help it he became brick hard. As he pressed her against the wall. The intensity was there as he looked her in the eyes. He didn’t say anything else he felt savage. Pushing himself inside of of Dani he started to long stroke her deeply. With her legs wrapped around him his hand went to her hip to settle her into position. He used his free hand and wrapped it around her neck. Jackson plowed into her as he squeezed around her neck.

“Say my name.” He growled looking at her in the eyes. “Look at me!” Jackson demanded he said as he started to push deeper. Gasping for air this was so intense. All he could do as he plowed her was be selfish as he yanked her hair. “Say it! Say my name baby!”

Dani watched him the intensity he needed it too and she felt her back stiffen on the wall before he slammed into her and she cried out. She wasn’t ready and it took him a few strokes to get her there but once she was she was lost in him. His hand went to her neck and she arched back closing her eyes to his touch just the right amount of pressure while her hips tried to pull him in deeper. Her legs hooked around him and her eyes snapped open when he demanded she watch him.

Jackson!” She cried out looking at him moving her hips down onto him trying to pull him in deeper the torture he was giving her, he was refusing to touch her clit and the only thing she could do was gasp. Hoping he fucked her harder as hard as he could while she showed him she could take it and be enough. “Jackson, harder.”

The shower seemed to pour against his skin he felt the heat and the pressure to make him almost want to burst. He knew that she was ready for the intensity that the love between them had. She wanted to celebrate by being punished. He started to go berserk as he thrashed her pussy. What he loved about Dani was no matter what he did sexually her pussy was always so tight. Some other whores he had been with was loose but Dani stayed tight. He slowed down finally long stroking her to tap her clit. It was as if there bodies were so in sync with each other.

“Dani come for me. I want you to control it when I say come I want you to fucking come. I need it extra wet.” He growled as he looked at his fiancee. He couldn’t do anything else but start to punish her pussy. Jackson started to plow deeper and deeper as he pulled out and slammed his hips deeper inside. “Bust it for me. Make it flow like a waterfall.”

She felt him touch her clit once and then twice by the time he did it a third time and he told her to come she screamed. Her nails digging into his back thoughts of the baby far from her mind, the only thought in her mind was then and there in this moment, being his. Her body was shaking while she came, her breath heavy while she waited for him to fuck her through it. Her hands went to his neck to pull him to her. Her body tightening again for him to release.

“Don’t stop I’m going to again…fuck Jackson!” She managed to get out shaking again at the force of the second orgasm. She was glad the water masked her tears when she did knowing she should tell him

Jackson lost it as he screamed out primal as he slammed his hand into the wall thrusting into her full force, her orgasms clenching on him driving him insane. He couldn’t breathe as he felt himself clenching he felt himself swelling. As he started to gasp and cry out he popped a powerful explosion he felt him shooting three times. Jackson started to shake as their weight almost gave out because he became weak from the intensity. Placing Dani down he kissed her neck. Then he kissed her lips and tongue kissed her deeply.

“I couldn’t do it without you Dani. I fucking love you girl. I can’t wait to marry you. When I’m clean a hundred percent clean. I will marry you baby you hear me?” He said kissing her deeply again as he looked at her beautiful eyes. She looked sad and relieved all at the same time. “Are you alright baby?” He helped her slip on a robe. Then pulled on the guys robe. “I love you.”

Dani kissed him back feeling him filling himself inside of her and her mind wandered. She knew she should trust him on this, tell him but she also couldn’t ruin this perfect moment between them she didn’t want too. She wanted to pretend just a little while longer that everything was alright. That he’d still want her afterwards she didn’t even realize she was so upset till he asked her. Her eyes met his as she pulled the robe around her looking at him and a pit forming in her stomach where their baby was, as she lied to him.

“I’m fine it was just intense and it’s been a long day that’s all.” She said quietly the lie seeping in with her gnawing at her. She just needed time she’d tell him as soon as she knew everything was alright.